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- subject matching 'Mirrors and reflections'

A selection of portraits depicting mirrors or any type of reflection. See also: 'Water' and 'Known interiors' (Theme).

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Men of Science Living in 1807-8, by Sir John Gilbert, and  Frederick John Skill, and  William Walker, and  Elizabeth Walker (née Reynolds) - NPG 1075

Men of Science Living in 1807-8

by Sir John Gilbert, and Frederick John Skill, and William Walker, and Elizabeth Walker (née Reynolds)
pencil and wash, 1858-1862
NPG 1075

Unknown child, by Oscar Gustav Rejlander - NPG P2011(11)

Unknown child

by Oscar Gustav Rejlander
albumen print, 1860-1866
NPG P2011(11)

Lady Antonia Lillian Adam (née Maude), by Oscar Gustav Rejlander - NPG P2011(67)

Lady Antonia Lillian Adam (née Maude)

by Oscar Gustav Rejlander
albumen print, circa 1866
NPG P2011(67)

Edward Carpenter, by Roger Fry - NPG 2447

Edward Carpenter

by Roger Fry
oil on canvas, 1894
On display in Room 28 at the National Portrait Gallery
NPG 2447

William Orpen, by Sir William Orpen - NPG 2638

William Orpen

by Sir William Orpen
pencil and wash, 1910
NPG 2638

Dame Gladys Cooper, by Curtis Moffat - NPG P430

Dame Gladys Cooper

by Curtis Moffat
chlorobromide print, 1925
NPG P430

Ben Nicholson, by Humphrey Spender - NPG P42

Ben Nicholson

by Humphrey Spender
bromide print, circa 1935

Tom Harnett Harrisson, by Humphrey Spender - NPG P960

Tom Harnett Harrisson

by Humphrey Spender
modern archival bromide print, 1937
NPG P960

Frances Day, by Angus McBean - NPG P917

Frances Day

by Angus McBean
bromide print, 1938
NPG P917

Dorothy Dickson, by Angus McBean - NPG P1701

Dorothy Dickson

by Angus McBean
gelatin silver print, 1938
NPG P1701

Cyril Connolly, by Henri Cartier-Bresson - NPG P722

Cyril Connolly

by Henri Cartier-Bresson
bromide print, 1939
NPG P722

Dame Margaret Isabel Cole, by Stella Bowen - NPG 5936

Dame Margaret Isabel Cole

by Stella Bowen
oil on board, circa 1944-1945
NPG 5936

Sir Alec Guinness, by Lee Miller - NPG P1079

Sir Alec Guinness

by Lee Miller
modern archival-toned gelatin silver print from original negative, 1947
NPG P1079

Nina Hamnett, by Daniel Farson - NPG P288

Nina Hamnett

by Daniel Farson
bromide print, 1952
NPG P288

Queen Elizabeth II, by Baron Studios - NPG P1436

Queen Elizabeth II

by Baron Studios
bromide print, 1953
NPG P1436

Angus McBean, by Angus McBean - NPG P938

Angus McBean

by Angus McBean
bromide print, 1961
NPG P938

Michael James Andrews, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P797(1)

Michael James Andrews

by Lord Snowdon
bromide print, 7 December 1962
NPG P797(1)

Peter Cecil Wilson, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P797(52)

Peter Cecil Wilson

by Lord Snowdon
bromide print, 5 November 1963
NPG P797(52)

Sir Edward Heath, by Eve Arnold - NPG P521

Sir Edward Heath

by Eve Arnold
bromide print, 1965
NPG P521

Queen Elizabeth II, by Yousuf Karsh - NPG P338

Queen Elizabeth II

by Yousuf Karsh
cibachrome print, 1966
NPG P338

Queen Elizabeth II, by Cecil Beaton - NPG P1489

Queen Elizabeth II

by Cecil Beaton
bromide print, October 1968
NPG P1489

Margot Fonteyn; John Cyril Cranko, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P1865

Margot Fonteyn; John Cyril Cranko

by Lord Snowdon
gelatin silver print, 4 January 1972
NPG P1865

Queen, by Mick Rock - NPG P756


by Mick Rock
C-type colour print, 1974
NPG P756

Sir Hardy Amies, by Brian Griffin - NPG P405

Sir Hardy Amies

by Brian Griffin
bromide print, 1976
NPG P405

Merle Park, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1232

Merle Park

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, 11 November 1976
NPG P1232