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James Gillray etchings, 1777-1811 (1790-94)

99 Portraits in set

The Heinz Archive holds a significant collection of James Gillray prints, bound in 8 folio volumes, including an 'outsize' album containing some of the artist's largest and most impressive caricatures. The volumes, purchased in 1947 from the print/book dealer Thomas Thorp, came from the collections of Ralph Clutton and John Roland Abbey (1894-1969), whose bookplates appear within each volume. The 846 prints represent approximately 90% of Gillray's entire oeuvre and include many of his most ambitious creations, such as 'Titianus Redivivus' (1797) and 'Shakespeare Sacrificed' (1789) as well as a number of his less familiar non-satirical items such as the engraving of William Pitt (1789). The prints are invariably in excellent condition and the hand-colouring retains its original vibrancy.