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Political Sketches by H.B. Volume II

132 Portraits in set

683 lithographs of political sketches by HB (John Doyle, 1797-1868), published by Thomas McLean, 1829-1841. Collection contained in 5 volumes (vol. 1: 1829-30; vol 2: 1831-2; vol. 3: 1833-4; vol. 4: 1835-7; vol. 5: 1837-41). Vols. 1-2 are bound; vols. 3-5 have been disbound. John Doyle was born in Dublin and moved to London in 1822 where he initially worked as a portrait lithographer. In 1827 Doyle began publishing political prints anonymously. From 1829-1851 Doyle published his well-known Political Sketches series, signing his work with the initials "HB" to hide his identity.