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A selection of portraits where the sitter's back is the main focus of the composition. See also: 'In profile' (Genre).

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Henry Moore, by Henry Moore - NPG 5694

Henry Moore

by Henry Moore
charcoal, black biro, brown pastel, carbon line and gouache, 1982
NPG 5694

Samuel Beckett, by Tom Phillips - NPG 6467

Samuel Beckett

by Tom Phillips
coloured lithograph, 1984
NPG 6467

Sir Emmanuel Kaye, by Paul Brason - NPG 6158

Sir Emmanuel Kaye

by Paul Brason
oil on canvas, 1991
NPG 6158

Unknown man, by Harry Furniss - NPG 6251(72)

Unknown man

by Harry Furniss
pen and ink
NPG 6251(72)

Probably Lady Scott, attributed to Edwin Landseer - NPG 2895

Probably Lady Scott

attributed to Edwin Landseer
NPG 2895

Mary Ruthven (née Campbell), Lady Ruthven, after David Octavius Hill, and  Robert Adamson - NPG Ax29519

Mary Ruthven (née Campbell), Lady Ruthven

after David Octavius Hill, and Robert Adamson
carbon print, 1843-1848; published 1928
NPG Ax29519

Fanny Stirling; Fanny Stirling, by Heath & Beau - NPG x38852

Fanny Stirling; Fanny Stirling

by Heath & Beau
hand-coloured albumen carte-de-visite, early-mid 1860s
NPG x38852

Lady Sarah Isabella Spencer, by Robert Jefferson Bingham - NPG x132246

Lady Sarah Isabella Spencer

by Robert Jefferson Bingham
albumen carte-de-visite, 1860s
NPG x132246

Louisa Albertina Carnegie (née Hope), by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax54303

Louisa Albertina Carnegie (née Hope)

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, 10 June 1861
NPG Ax54303

Miss Arabin, by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax52155

Miss Arabin

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, 28 March 1861
NPG Ax52155

Mrs Alcan, by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax53151

Mrs Alcan

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, 20 May 1861
NPG Ax53151

H.C. Hodge, by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax55132

H.C. Hodge

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, 22 July 1861
NPG Ax55132

Mrs Rahn, by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax53323

Mrs Rahn

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, 17 November 1861
NPG Ax53323

Alice Hall; Mrs Hall, by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax59088

Alice Hall; Mrs Hall

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, circa 1862
NPG Ax59088

Probably Elizabeth Mary Baldock (née Corbet), by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax61985

Probably Elizabeth Mary Baldock (née Corbet)

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, 10 December 1862
NPG Ax61985

Mrs Talbot, by Camille Silvy - NPG Ax60913

Mrs Talbot

by Camille Silvy
albumen print, 11 August 1862
NPG Ax60913