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A selection of portraits that depict art being made. See also: 'Art in art' (Accessory) and 'Artists and their studios' (Theme).

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Cecil Gordon Lawson, by Francis Wilfrid Lawson - NPG 2797

Cecil Gordon Lawson

by Francis Wilfrid Lawson
pencil with traces of Chinese white, circa 1865-1866
NPG 2797

George Frederic Watts, by Julia Margaret Cameron - NPG P125

George Frederic Watts

by Julia Margaret Cameron
albumen print, circa 1865-1869
NPG P125

Sir Francis Grant, by John Ballantyne - NPG 5239

Sir Francis Grant

by John Ballantyne
oil on canvas, 1866
NPG 5239

Ferdinand Pickering, by Charles West Cope - NPG 3182(16)

Ferdinand Pickering

by Charles West Cope
charcoal, 1867
NPG 3182(16)

Sir George Scharf, by Sir George Scharf - NPG 4053(5)

Sir George Scharf

by Sir George Scharf
pencil and watercolour, late 1870s?
NPG 4053(5)

Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bt, by Carlo Pellegrini - NPG 2626

Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Bt

by Carlo Pellegrini
pencil, watercolour and gouache, published in Vanity Fair 13 May 1871
NPG 2626

Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, 1st Bt, by Theodore Blake Wirgman - NPG 5414

Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, 1st Bt

by Theodore Blake Wirgman
pen and ink and pencil, circa 1882
NPG 5414

'Miss Beatrice Potter' (Beatrice Webb), after Paul Hermann Naumann - NPG P1292(9)

'Miss Beatrice Potter' (Beatrice Webb)

after Paul Hermann Naumann
glossy vintage print, circa 1890
NPG P1292(9)

Charles Green, by (William) Walker Hodgson - NPG 7086

Charles Green

by (William) Walker Hodgson
monochrome ink wash over pencil on artboard, 1892
NPG 7086

Primrose Hill School, by Unknown artist - NPG 4405

Primrose Hill School

by Unknown artist
charcoal and white chalk on paper, 1893
NPG 4405

Phil May, by Phil May - NPG 3038

Phil May

by Phil May
pen, brush and pencil on paper, 1894
NPG 3038

William Rothenstein, by John Singer Sargent - NPG 4414

William Rothenstein

by John Singer Sargent
lithograph, 1897
NPG 4414

Henry Tonks, by Henry Tonks - NPG 3072(5)

Henry Tonks

by Henry Tonks
pencil, 1900-1925
NPG 3072(5)

Sir Thomas Brock, by Sir Leslie Ward - NPG 5393

Sir Thomas Brock

by Sir Leslie Ward
pencil, watercolour and gouache, 1905
NPG 5393

William Strang, by James Craig Annan - NPG P357

William Strang

by James Craig Annan
photogravure, published 1907
NPG P357

William Orpen, by Sir William Orpen - NPG 2638

William Orpen

by Sir William Orpen
pencil and wash, 1910
NPG 2638

Edward Adrian Wilson, by Herbert George Ponting - NPG P1366

Edward Adrian Wilson

by Herbert George Ponting
gelatin silver print, 19 May 1911
NPG P1366

William Nicholson; Ben Nicholson, by Unknown artist - NPG 6379

William Nicholson; Ben Nicholson

by Unknown artist
ink and wash, circa 1916
NPG 6379

Sir Edwin Lutyens, by Bernard Partridge - NPG 5429

Sir Edwin Lutyens

by Bernard Partridge
pencil, pen and ink, heightened with white, circa 1927
NPG 5429

Sir (Samuel Henry) William Llewellyn, by Bernard Partridge - NPG 5064

Sir (Samuel Henry) William Llewellyn

by Bernard Partridge
chalk, published in Punch 19 December 1928
NPG 5064

Oriel Ross, by Oriel Ross - NPG 6578

Oriel Ross

by Oriel Ross
pen and ink, circa 1928-1931
NPG 6578

Arthur Hayward, by Arthur Hayward - NPG 5825

Arthur Hayward

by Arthur Hayward
oil on canvas, 1933
NPG 5825

Sir William Reid Dick, by Philippe Ledoux - NPG 4809

Sir William Reid Dick

by Philippe Ledoux
oil on canvas, exhibited 1934
NPG 4809

Sir Charles John Holmes, by George Herbert Buckingham Holland - NPG 3549

Sir Charles John Holmes

by George Herbert Buckingham Holland
oil on canvas, 1934
NPG 3549

Ernest Procter; Dod Procter, by Felix H. Man - NPG P866

Ernest Procter; Dod Procter

by Felix H. Man
vintage fibre-based print mounted on card, 1934
NPG P866

Charles Laughton, by Anthony Wysard - NPG 6121

Charles Laughton

by Anthony Wysard
pencil and gouache, 1936
NPG 6121

Anna Zinkeisen, by Madame Yevonde - NPG P1839

Anna Zinkeisen

by Madame Yevonde
Vivex colour print, January 1936
NPG P1839

Doris Zinkeisen, by Madame Yevonde - NPG P1838

Doris Zinkeisen

by Madame Yevonde
Vivex colour print, January 1936
NPG P1838

Vivien Leigh; Angus McBean, by Angus McBean, by  John Vickers - NPG P901

Vivien Leigh; Angus McBean

by Angus McBean, by John Vickers
bromide print, 1938
NPG P901

Hewlett Johnson; Jacob Epstein, by Felix H. Man - NPG P15

Hewlett Johnson; Jacob Epstein

by Felix H. Man
bromide print, 1943

Henry Moore, by Lee Miller - NPG P1083

Henry Moore

by Lee Miller
modern archival-toned gelatin silver print from original negative, 1943
NPG P1083

Graham Sutherland, by Lee Miller - NPG P1086

Graham Sutherland

by Lee Miller
modern archival-toned gelatin silver print from original negative, 1943
NPG P1086

Sir Ralph Richardson, by Angus McBean - NPG P66

Sir Ralph Richardson

by Angus McBean
bromide print, 1947

Sir Alfred James Munnings, by Sir Alfred James Munnings - NPG 4136

Sir Alfred James Munnings

by Sir Alfred James Munnings
black ink, circa 1950
NPG 4136

Oskar Kokoschka, by Lee Miller - NPG P1080

Oskar Kokoschka

by Lee Miller
modern archival-toned gelatin silver print from original negative, 1950
NPG P1080

John Minton, by Rollie McKenna - NPG P1677

John Minton

by Rollie McKenna
bromide print, 1951
NPG P1677

Augustus John, by Alfred Eisenstaedt - NPG P2029

Augustus John

by Alfred Eisenstaedt
bromide print, 1951
NPG P2029

Peter Lanyon, by Gilbert Adams - NPG P461

Peter Lanyon

by Gilbert Adams
vintage bromide print, 1952
NPG P461

Frederic Henri Kay Henrion, by Wolfgang Suschitzky - NPG P559

Frederic Henri Kay Henrion

by Wolfgang Suschitzky
gelatin silver print, 1955
NPG P559