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- subject matching 'Mirrors and reflections'

A selection of portraits depicting mirrors or any type of reflection. See also: 'Water' and 'Known interiors' (Theme).

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Algy Cluff, by Brian Griffin - NPG P406

Algy Cluff

by Brian Griffin
bromide print, 1977
NPG P406

Sir Huw Wheldon, by Paul Joyce - NPG P320

Sir Huw Wheldon

by Paul Joyce
bromide print, May 1977
NPG P320

Sir Colin Rex Davis, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1160

Sir Colin Rex Davis

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, 10 June 1977
NPG P1160

John Gielgud, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1173

John Gielgud

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, 1 May 1977
NPG P1173

(Norman) Harold Lever, Baron Lever, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1198

(Norman) Harold Lever, Baron Lever

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, 12 May 1977
NPG P1198

Dame Moura Lympany, by Bern Schwartz - NPG P1199

Dame Moura Lympany

by Bern Schwartz
dye transfer print, October 1978
NPG P1199

Jean Muir, by David Remfry - NPG 6556

Jean Muir

by David Remfry
watercolour, 1981
NPG 6556

Sir Clive Sinclair, by Simon Lewis - NPG P365

Sir Clive Sinclair

by Simon Lewis
bromide print, 1985
NPG P365

Edward Bawden, by Edward Bawden - NPG 5929a

Edward Bawden

by Edward Bawden
pencil and watercolour, 1986
NPG 5929a

Helen Chadwick ('Vanitas II'), by Helen Chadwick - NPG P874

Helen Chadwick ('Vanitas II')

by Helen Chadwick
cibachrome print, 1986
NPG P874

Princess Anne, by John Stanton Ward - NPG 5992

Princess Anne

by John Stanton Ward
oil on canvas, 1987-1988
NPG 5992

André (Andre) Deutsch, by Leonard Rosoman - NPG 6535

André (Andre) Deutsch

by Leonard Rosoman
oil on canvas, 1987
NPG 6535

John Le Carré, by Lord Snowdon - NPG P822

John Le Carré

by Lord Snowdon
vintage bromide print, 1 March 1989
NPG P822

Sir Roger de Grey, by Sir Roger de Grey - NPG 6246

Sir Roger de Grey

by Sir Roger de Grey
oil on canvas, 1990
NPG 6246

Sir Emmanuel Kaye, by Paul Brason - NPG 6158

Sir Emmanuel Kaye

by Paul Brason
oil on canvas, 1991
NPG 6158

Alan Bennett, by Derry Moore, 12th Earl of Drogheda - NPG P525

Alan Bennett

by Derry Moore, 12th Earl of Drogheda
colour print, 1992
On display in rooms at Beningbrough Hall
NPG P525

Alan Bennett, by Tom Wood - NPG 6186

Alan Bennett

by Tom Wood
oil on canvas laid on panel, 1993
NPG 6186