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Peter Gabriel, by The Douglas Brothers - NPG P2001

Peter Gabriel

by The Douglas Brothers
lith print, March 1989
NPG P2001

John Sales, by Tessa Traeger - NPG P1026(38)

John Sales

by Tessa Traeger
gelatin silver print, 2000
NPG P1026(38)

Anne Dunham, by Anderson & Low - NPG P1793

Anne Dunham

by Anderson & Low
archival pigment print, 7 November 2011
NPG P1793

'Salisbury Cathedral', by Unknown photographer - NPG Ax137897

'Salisbury Cathedral'

by Unknown photographer
albumen print, 1860s
NPG Ax137897

'The Chapter House, Salisbury', by Unknown photographer - NPG Ax137921

'The Chapter House, Salisbury'

by Unknown photographer
albumen print, 1860s
NPG Ax137921

Henry William Pullen, by Edmund Rogers - NPG x12774

Henry William Pullen

by Edmund Rogers
albumen carte-de-visite, 1870s
NPG x12774

Gilbert George Dalziel, by William Griffith Honey - NPG x132852

Gilbert George Dalziel

by William Griffith Honey
ferrotype (tintype), 1880s
NPG x132852

William Booth, by Herbert F. Joyce - NPG x1538

William Booth

by Herbert F. Joyce
platinum print, August 1906
NPG x1538

Lytton Strachey; Dora Carrington, by Unknown photographer - NPG Ax24020

Lytton Strachey; Dora Carrington

by Unknown photographer
vintage snapshot print, 1920s
NPG Ax24020

(Charles Harold) St John Hornby, by Unknown photographer - NPG x3738

(Charles Harold) St John Hornby

by Unknown photographer
snapshot print, 1920s?
NPG x3738

Lytton Strachey, by Unknown photographer - NPG x38576

Lytton Strachey

by Unknown photographer
vintage snapshot print, mid 1920s
NPG x38576

Lytton Strachey, possibly by Dora Carrington - NPG x38575

Lytton Strachey

possibly by Dora Carrington
film negative, mid 1920s
NPG x38575

Ham Spray House (sitting room), by Unknown photographer - NPG Ax13035

Ham Spray House (sitting room)

by Unknown photographer
bromide snapshot print, mid-late 1920s
NPG Ax13035

Henrietta Bingham; Stephen Tomlin, possibly by Dora Carrington - NPG Ax131210

Henrietta Bingham; Stephen Tomlin

possibly by Dora Carrington
vintage snapshot print, mid 1920s
NPG Ax131210

Lytton Strachey, by Kyrle Leng - NPG x13082

Lytton Strachey

by Kyrle Leng
bromide snapshot print, circa 1924
NPG x13082