Sitters A-Z


(Hugo) Alvar Henrik Aalto (1898-1976), Architect. 1 Portrait

Richard Ithamar Aaron (1901-1987), Professor of Philosophy. 1 Portrait

Reverend Aaron (circa 1698-1745), First Indian preacher. 2 Portraits

Ruth Hughes Aarons (1910-1980), Table tennis champion. 3 Portraits

Sir Carl Douglas Aarvold (1907-1991), Judge and Recorder of London. 3 Portraits

A.F. Abaza. 1 Portrait

Abbas II (1874-1944), Khedive of Egypt and Sudan, 1892-1914. 1 Portrait

James Abbe (1883-1973), Photographer. 4 Portraits

Michael Abbensetts (1938-2016), Playwright and television screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Lady Ursula Helen Abbey (née Cairns) (1899-1988), Dog breeder and croquet player; wife of John Roland Abbey; daughter of 4th Earl of Cairns. 4 Portraits

Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911), Illustrator and painter. 5 Portraits

Sir George Abbiss (1884-1966), Police commissioner. 6 Portraits

Dame Elsie Myrtle Abbot (1907-1983), Third Secretary, HM Treasury. 1 Portrait

George Abbot (1562-1633), Archbishop of Canterbury. 22 Portraits

Mordecai Abbot (1657-1700), Receiver General of the customs. 1 Portrait

Robert Abbot (1560-1617), Bishop of Salisbury. 14 Portraits

Russ Abbot (Russell Roberts) (1947-), Comedian. 1 Portrait

William Abbot, of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

William Abbot (1789-1843), Actor. 5 Portraits

Hon. Charles Stuart Anthony Rowland Abbott (1909-1928), Son of 4th Baron Tenterden. 2 Portraits

David Abbott (1938-2014), Advertising agency director. 1 Portrait

Diane Julie Abbott (1953-), Labour politician; MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. 5 Portraits

Edwin Abbott Abbott (1838-1926), Teacher and scholar. 3 Portraits

Eric Symes Abbott (1906-1983), Dean of Westminster. 4 Portraits

Sir Frederick Abbott (1805-1892), Army officer in the East India Company. 1 Portrait

Henry Pryor Almon Abbott (1881-1945), Anglican Bishop of Lexington, Kentucky. 1 Portrait

Herbert Edward Stacy Abbott (1855-1939), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Sir James Abbott (1807-1896), General. 1 Portrait

Lemuel Francis Abbott (circa 1760-1802), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

William Abbott (1891-1963), Mechanical engineer. 1 Portrait

Elva Abbott-Watt (née Clare-Gibson) (circa 1917-1977), Wife of Samuel Abbott-Watt. 6 Portraits

Ibrahim Abboud (1900-1983), Sudanese army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

Jaurar Ben Abdallah (active mid 17th century), Lord Chamberlain, privy seal and Prime Minister to the Emperor of Morocco. 1 Portrait

Abdülaziz (1830-1876), Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. 7 Portraits

Abdul Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1842-1918), Reigned 1876-1909. 5 Portraits

Sultan Abdul Khaliq (1782-1806), Son of Tipu, Sultan of Mysore. 1 Portrait

Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (1955-), Model. 2 Portraits

Abdülmecid I, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1823-1861), Reigned 1839-61. 1 Portrait

Abdur Rahman Khan, Emir of Afghanistan (died 1901), Reigned 1880-1901. 1 Portrait

Diana (née Bridgeman), Lady Abdy (1907-1967), Fashion leader; wife of Sir Robert Henry Abdy; daughter of 5th Earl of Bradford. 15 Portraits

Hariot (née Alston), Lady Abdy (1819-1877), Wife of Sir Thomas Neville Abdy, 1st Bt; daughter of Rowland Alston. 2 Portraits

Iya (née de Gay), Lady Abdy (1897-1993), Socialite; first wife of Sir Robert Abdy, 5th Bt; daughter of George de Gay. 5 Portraits

Arthur William à Beckett (1844-1909), Humorist. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Abbott à Beckett (1811-1856), Comic writer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lawrence Abel (1895-1978), Consulting surgeon. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Augustus Abel, 1st Bt (1827-1902), Chemist and explosives expert. 8 Portraits

Karl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787), Composer and concert impresario. 5 Portraits

Robert ('Bobby') Abel (1857-1936), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Eduardo Abela (1892-1965), Cuban painter and caricaturist. 1 Portrait

Sir George Edmond Brackenbury Abell (1904-1989), First civil service commissioner. 1 Portrait

Sir Westcott Stile Abell (1877-1961), Naval architect and surveyor. 2 Portraits

William Abell (1584-circa 1655), English vintner; Alderman of London. 5 Portraits

Lady May Helen Emma Abel Smith (née Cambridge) (1906-1994), Wife of Sir Henry Abel Smith; daughter of 1st Earl of Athlone and Princess Alice of Albany; great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 36 Portraits

Desmond Abel Smith (1892-1974), Major and director. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward Michael Conolly Abel Smith (1899-1985), Vice-Admiral. 10 Portraits

Sir Henry Abel Smith (1900-1993), Army officer and colonial administrator. 7 Portraits

Reginald Henry Macaulay Abel Smith (1890-1964), Captain and High Sheriff of Hertfordshire. 1 Portrait

Charles Benjamin Bright McLaren, 1st Baron Aberconway (1850-1934), Barrister, industrialist and politician. 10 Portraits

Christabel Mary Melville (née Macnaghten), Lady Aberconway (1890-1974), Art collector; wife of 2nd Baron Aberconway. 1 Portrait

Charles Melville McLaren, 3rd Baron Aberconway (1913-2003), Barrister and company director. 19 Portraits

Ann Lindsay (née Aymer), Lady Aberconway (1924-2019), Second wife of 3rd Baron Aberconway; former wife of Robert Lee Bullard III. 3 Portraits

James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercorn (1811-1885), Landowner and politician; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 13 Portraits

Louisa Jane (née Russell), Duchess of Abercorn (1812-1905), Wife of 1st Duke of Abercorn; daughter of 6th Duke of Bedford. 6 Portraits

James Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Abercorn (1838-1913), Diplomat and politician; MP for County Donegal. 5 Portraits

James Albert Edward Hamilton, 3rd Duke of Abercorn (1869-1953), Soldier and politician, Governor of Northern Ireland. 14 Portraits

James Edward Hamilton, 4th Duke of Abercorn (1904-1979), Army officer and Member of Government of Northern Ireland. 8 Portraits

Mary Kathleen (née Crichton), Duchess of Abercorn (1905-1990), Mistress of the Robes to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; wife of 4th Duke of Abercorn; daughter of Henry William Crichton, Viscount Crichton. 3 Portraits

George Francis Abercrombie (1896-1978), Surgeon-Captain. 2 Portraits

John Abercrombie (1780-1844), Physician. 1 Portrait

Lascelles Abercrombie (1881-1938), Poet and critic. 2 Portraits

Nigel James Abercrombie (1908-1986), Freelance writer and Professor of French. 1 Portrait

Sir (Leslie) Patrick Abercrombie (1879-1957), Architect and town planner. 6 Portraits

John Abercromby, 5th Baron Abercromby (1841-1924), Archaeologist. 1 Portrait

Alexander Abercromby, Lord Abercromby (1745-1795), Lord Commissioner of Justiciary for Scotland. 1 Portrait

Hon. Diamond Evelyn Violet Abercromby (née Hardinge) (1900-1927), Daughter of 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst. 6 Portraits

Sir George Abercromby Abercromby, 4th Bt (1750-1831), Advocate. 1 Portrait

Sir John Abercromby (1772-1817), General. 4 Portraits

Sir Ralph Abercromby (1734-1801), General. 15 Portraits

Miss Abercromby (active early 1860s). 1 Portrait

Henry Austin Bruce, 1st Baron Aberdare (1815-1895), Politician, Home Secretary and Lord President of the Council; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 12 Portraits

Henry Campbell Bruce, 2nd Baron Aberdare (1851-1929), Academic. 3 Portraits

Constance Mary (née Beckett), Lady Aberdare (1855-1932), Wife of 2nd Baron Aberdare; daughter of Hamilton Beckett. 1 Portrait

Clarence Napier Bruce, 3rd Baron Aberdare (1885-1957), Military officer, cricketer, tennis player and member of the International Olympics Committee. 12 Portraits

Morys George Lyndhurst Bruce, 4th Baron Aberdare (1919-2005), Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords. 1 Portrait

Maud Helen Sarah Bruce (née Dashwood), Lady Aberdare (1924-2007), Wife of 4th Baron Aberdare; daughter of Sir John Dashwood, 10th Bt. 1 Portrait

George Hamilton Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen (1784-1860), Prime Minister. 57 Portraits

Catherine Elizabeth Gordon (née Hamilton), Countess of Aberdeen (1784-1812), Wife of 4th Earl of Aberdeen. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Baillie), Countess of Aberdeen (1814-1900), Daughter of George Baillie; wife of 5th Earl of Aberdeen. 3 Portraits

John Campbell Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (1847-1934), Statesman. 23 Portraits

Ishbel Maria (née Marjoribanks), Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair (1857-1939), Promoter and patron of social service enterprises. 17 Portraits

George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (1879-1965), Businessman and Justice of the Peace. 10 Portraits

Mary Florence Gordon (née Clixby), Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair (1857-1937), Former wife of Edward Shepherd Cockayne, and later wife of 2nd Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair; daughter of Joseph Clixby. 8 Portraits

Dudley Gladstone Gordon, 3rd Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair (1883-1972), Engineer. 11 Portraits

William Nevill, 1st Marquess of Abergavenny (1826-1915), Statesman. 9 Portraits

Caroline (née Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone), Marchioness of Abergavenny (1826-1892), Wife of 1st Marquess of Abergavenny; daughter of Sir John Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill, 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny (1854-1938), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Mary Frances (née Nevill), Marchioness of Abergavenny (1869-1954), Former wife of 3rd Viscount Hardinge, and later wife of 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny; daughter of Hon. Ralph Nevill. 2 Portraits

Isabel Nellie Larnach-Nevill (née Larnach), Marchioness of Abergavenny (died 1953), Daughter of James Walker Larnach; wife of 4th Marquess of Abergavenny. 1 Portrait

John Henry Guy Nevill, 5th Marquess Abergavenny (1914-2000), Company director. 1 Portrait

Henry Nevill, 2nd Earl of Abergavenny (1755-1843), Secretary to the Treasury and politician; MP for Seaford and Monmouthshire. 2 Portraits

Caroline (née Leeke), Countess of Abergavenny (died 1873), Wife of 4th Earl of Abergavenny; daughter of Ralph Leeke. 1 Portrait

John Abernethy (1680-1740), Dissenting minister. 3 Portraits

John Abernethy (1764-1831), Surgeon and teacher. 10 Portraits

Charles Coupar Barrie, 1st Baron Abertay (1875-1940), Politician and businessman. 2 Portraits

Ola Abidogun (1993-), Sprinter; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Montague Bertie, 6th Earl of Abingdon (1808-1884), Politician; MP for Oxfordshire. 1 Portrait

Montagu Arthur Bertie, 7th Earl of Abingdon (1836-1928). 1 Portrait

James Scarlett, 1st Baron Abinger (1769-1844), Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 39 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Steere), Lady Abinger (circa 1802-1886), Former wife of Henry John Ridley, and later second wife of 1st Baron Abinger; daughter of Lee Steere Steere. 1 Portrait

William Frederick Scarlett, 3rd Baron Abinger (1826-1892), Army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

Helen (née Magruder), Lady Abinger (died 1915), Wife of 3rd Baron Abinger; daughter of George Allan Magruder. 1 Portrait

Lila Lucy Catherine Mary (née White), Lady Abinger (died 1941), Former wife of Kammerherr C.E. de Geijer, and later wife of 5th Baron Abinger; daughter of Sir William A. White. 7 Portraits

Jean Marguerite (née Japy), Lady Abinger (1869-1954), Former wife of Adolphe Steinheil, and later wife of 6th Baron Abinger; daughter of Edouard Japy. 2 Portraits

Hugh Richard Scarlett, 7th Baron Abinger (1878-1943), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

James Richard Scarlett, 8th Baron Abinger (1914-2002), Lieutenant-Colonel. 8 Portraits

Frances Abington (née Barton) (1737-1815), Actress. 18 Portraits

Hayward Seller Ablewhite (1887-1964), Anglican Bishop of Marquette, Michigan. 1 Portrait

Sir William de Wiveleslie Abney (1843-1920), Photographic scientist and education official. 5 Portraits

Baron Kiyokazu Abo (1870-1940), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Adwoa Aboah (1992-), Fashion model. 3 Portraits

Edmond François Valentin About (1828-1885), Novelist, publicist and journalist. 3 Portraits

Charles John Abraham (1814-1903), Bishop of Wellington, New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Charles Thomas Abraham (1857-1945), Bishop Suffragan of Derby. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Penley Abraham (1913-1999), Biochemist. 2 Portraits

Fahrid Murray Abraham (1939-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Gerald Ernest Heal Abraham (1904-1988), Musicologist. 1 Portrait

James Johnston Abraham (1876-1963), Surgeon and writer. 9 Portraits

Sir John Bradley Abraham (1881-1945), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Juliet Jane Margaretta Abraham (née Moynihan) (1934-), Wife of Thomas Edwin Bidwell Abraham; daughter of 2nd Baron Moynihan. 1 Portrait

Philip Selwyn Abraham (1897-1955), Bishop of Newfoundland. 1 Portrait

William Abraham (1840-1915), Irish politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Sir William Ernest Victor Abraham (1897-1980), Major-General. 11 Portraits

Sir Adolphe Abrahams (1883-1967), Consulting physician. 7 Portraits

George Abrahams (circa 1800-1867), Pastor of Providence Chapel, City Road, London. 1 Portrait

Gerald Abrahams (1907-1980), Barrister, lecturer and author. 6 Portraits

Harold Maurice Abrahams (1899-1978), Sprinter; Olympian. 5 Portraits

Ivor Abrahams (1935-2015), Artist. 4 Portraits

Sir Lionel Abrahams (1869-1919), Financial secretary. 1 Portrait

Sir Sidney Solomon Abrahams (1885-1957), Colonial judicial administrator and long jumper; Olympian. 12 Portraits

Sir Martin Arnold Abrahamson (1870-1962), Director. 1 Portrait

Sir George Stewart Abram (1866-1928), Physician; Mayor of Reading. 4 Portraits

Mark Alexander Abrams (Max Alexander Abramowitz) (1906-1994), Social scientist. 1 Portrait

Dannie Abse (1923-2014), Poet; doctor; author and playwright. 3 Portraits

Leo Abse (1917-2008), Lawyer, writer and Labour politician; MP for Pontypool and Torfaen. 11 Portraits

Abu Bakar, Sultan of Johore (1833-1895), Sultan of Johore. 1 Portrait

Sultan Abu Bakar of Pahang (1904-1974), Son of Sultan Abdullah Al-Mutassim Billah Shah. 7 Portraits

Frederick Christian Accum (1769-1838), Chemist. 2 Portraits

King Achaius of Scotland (died 819), Reigned 787-819. 1 Portrait

Andreas Achenbach (1815-1910), Landscape and marine painter; Brother of Oswald Achenbach. 1 Portrait

Oswald Achenbach (1827-1905), Landscape painter; Brother of Andreas Achenbach. 1 Portrait

Archibald Brabazon Sparrow Acheson, 4th Earl of Gosford (1841-1922), Vice-Chamberlain to Queen Alexandra. 1 Portrait

Dean Acheson (1893-1971), Lawyer. 6 Portraits

Sir Donald Acheson (1926-2010), Chief Medical Officer. 1 Portrait

Edward Campion Acheson (1858-1934), Bishop of Connecticut. 2 Portraits

Sir James Glasgow Acheson (1889-1973), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Johnson Hamilton Acheson, Rector, All Souls, Langham Place. 8 Portraits

Janet Achurch (1864-1916), Actress. 1 Portrait

Kathy Acker (née Lehman) (1944?-1997), Writer and performance artist. 2 Portraits

Joe Randolph ('J.R.') Ackerley (1896-1967), Writer and editor. 7 Portraits

Rudolph Ackermann (1764-1834), Publisher. 1 Portrait

Rodney Ackland (Norman Ackland Bernstein) (1908-1991), Actor and playwright. 16 Portraits

Roger Ackling (1947-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Desmond James Conrad Ackner, Baron Ackner (1920-2006), Judge. 1 Portrait

Dame (Dorothy) Elizabeth ('Betty') Ackroyd (1910-1987), Civil servant and consumer rights campaigner. 6 Portraits

Sir Cuthbert Lowell Ackroyd, 1st Bt (1892-1973), Lord Mayor of London. 4 Portraits

Norman Ackroyd (1938-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Peter Ackroyd (1949-), Novelist, biographer and critic. 1 Portrait

Aino Ackté (1876-1944), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Anne Stella (née Alford), Lady Acland (1914-1992), Architect and wife of Sir Richard Thomas Dyke Acland, 15th Bt. 3 Portraits

Arthur Henry Dyke Acland (1811-1857), Son of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 10th Bt. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland, 13th Bt (1847-1926), Politician and educational reformer. 2 Portraits

Audrey Acland, Actress. 1 Portrait

Hon. Beatrice Danvers Acland (née Smith) (1864-1942), Wife of Alfred Dyke Acland; daughter of William Henry Smith and 1st Viscountess Hambleden. 3 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Thomas Dyke Acland, 12th Bt (1842-1919). 3 Portraits

Gertrude (née Walrond), Lady Acland (1853-1920), Wife of Sir (Charles) Thomas Dyke Acland, 12th Bt; daughter of Sir John Walrond Walrond, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Lady Christian Henrietta Caroline ('Harriet') Acland (née Fox, Fox-Strangways) (1750-1815), Diarist. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Wentworth Acland, 1st Bt (1815-1900), Physician. 7 Portraits

John Dyke Acland (1746-1778), Soldier and politician. 2 Portraits

John Dyke Acland (1863-1944), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Lawford Acland (1811-1898), Solicitor and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Lawford Maclean Acland (1852?-1932), Civil engineer; son of Lawford Acland. 2 Portraits

Mary Acland. 1 Portrait

Peter Bevil Edward Acland (1902-1993), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Richard Dyke Acland (1881-1954), Bishop of Bombay. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Thomas Dyke Acland, 15th Bt (1906-1990), Politician; founding member of the British Common Wealth Party. 12 Portraits

Robina Jemima Acland (circa 1825-1913), Wife of Lawford Acland. 1 Portrait

Sarah Angelina Acland (1849-1930), Photographer; daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth Acland, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 10th Bt (1787-1871), Philanthropist. 6 Portraits

Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 11th Bt (1809-1898), Politician and educational reformer. 6 Portraits

Acland. 1 Portrait

Reginald Henry Dyke Acland-Troyte (1851-1932), Licentiate, Dioceses of Bath; Chaplain of St. Andrew's Church, Pau, France. 1 Portrait

Thomas Acocks (active 1844). 1 Portrait

Jacapo Aconcio (Jacopus Acontius) (circa 1520-1566 or 1567), Theologian and military engineer. 1 Portrait

Carlos Acosta (1973-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Simon Acosta (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Neeomi ('Speedy') Acquaye (1931-1993), Percussionist. 1 Portrait

Louis Victor Arthur des Acres, 6th Marquis de l'Aigle of Porte (1809-1893), Husband of Eliza Sartoris. 1 Portrait

John Acton, 1st Baron Acton (1834-1902), Historian and moralist. 3 Portraits

Richard Maximilian Dalberg-Acton, 2nd Baron Acton (1870-1924), Diplomat. 7 Portraits

Alfredo Acton (1867-1934), Chief of General Staff of Italian Navy Fleet and Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Acton (1865-1945), Judge. 2 Portraits

Francis Elizabeth Acton (1784-1879), Wife of Edward Acton Acton; daughter of John Grove Spurgeon. 2 Portraits

Sir Harold Mario Mitchell Acton (1904-1994), Author. 5 Portraits

Sir John Francis Edward Acton, 6th Bt (1736-1811), Prime Minister of Naples. 2 Portraits

Mary Anne (née Acton), Lady Acton (1786-1873), Wife of Sir John Francis Edward Acton, 6th Bt; daughter of Joseph Edward Acton. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Acton (née Charlton) (1917-1997), Wife of Hampden Antony Greer Acton; daughter of Sir Edward Francis Benedict Charlton. 1 Portrait

Miss Acton, Daughter of 2nd Baron Acton. 4 Portraits

Sir Keith Courtney Acutt (1909-1986), Businessman; Deputy Chair of Anglo-American. 5 Portraits

Bernard Acworth (1885-1963), Captain. 3 Portraits

Donald George Acworth (1902-1971), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Mitchell Acworth (1850-1925), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Alexander Adair (1743-1834). 2 Portraits

Sir Allan Henry Shafto Adair (1897-1988), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Allan Shafto Adair (1836-1902), Army officer and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Arthur Robin Adair (1913-1981), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

James Adair (died 1798), Recorder of London, Chief Justice of Chester, politician and King's Sergeant. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Adair (1763-1855), Diplomat. 7 Portraits

William Adair. 1 Portrait

Prince Adalbert of Prussia (1884-1948), Naval officer; son of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Lady Antonia Lillian Adam (née Maude) (1864-1927), Daughter of Earl de Montalt of Dundrum and Clementina, Viscountess Hawarden; wife of William Augustus Adam. 1 Portrait

Alexander Adam (1741-1809), Rector of High School in Edinburgh; writer. 1 Portrait

A.W. Adam (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Adam (1790-1853), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Elphinstone Adam, 1st Bt (1859-1922), Landowner, barrister; Lord Lieutenant of Kinross-shire and army officer. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Brydone), Lady Adam (died 1871), Wife of Sir Charles Adam; daughter of Patrick Brydone. 1 Portrait

Emily Eliza Adam (née Wyllie) (1838-1906), Wife of William Patrick Adam; daughter of Sir William Wyllie. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Forbes Adam, 1st Bt (1846-1926), Industrialist. 4 Portraits

Sir Frederick Adam (1781-1853), General. 1 Portrait

(David Stuart) Gordon Adam (1927-1995), Director of Barclay's Bank Ltd. 1 Portrait

Hon. Irene Constance Adam (née Lawley) (1889-1976), Wife of Colin Gurdon Forbes Adam; daughter of 3rd Baron Wenlock. 1 Portrait

John Adam (1721-1792), Architect; eldest of the Adam brothers. 1 Portrait

Sir Ken Adam (1921-2016), Film production designer. 1 Portrait

Neil Kensington Adam (1891-1973), Professor of chemistry. 4 Portraits

Robert Adam (1728-1792), Architect. 2 Portraits

Sir Ronald Forbes Adam, 2nd Bt (1885-1982), Army officer; Director-General of the British Council and President of the United Nations Association. 9 Portraits

William Adam (1796-1881), Baptist minister, missionary, professor and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

William Adam (1751-1839), Barrister, politician and judge. 6 Portraits

William Patrick Adam (1823-1881), Politician and administrator in India. 5 Portraits

John George Adami (1862-1926), Pathologist. 3 Portraits

John Jackson Adams, 1st Baron Adams (1890-1960), Industrialist. 3 Portraits

Abigail Brown Adams (née Brooks) (1808-1889), Wife of Charles Francis Adams, Sr; daughter of Peter Chardon Brooks. 1 Portrait

Aileen Kirkpatrick Adams (1923-), Anaesthetist. 6 Portraits

Alison Rose Adams (née Bradford) (1939-), Wife of James Ronald Creigton Adams; daughter of Sir Edward Bradford, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Annie Adams (born 1847), Wife of (Arthur) Walton Adams. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Robert Adams (1861-1937), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Bernard Adams (1884-1965), Painter. 1 Portrait

Bob Adams (active circa 1900-1925), Music hall entertainer; one of The Two Bobs. 1 Portrait

Caroline Adams (died 1889), Actress and dancer. 2 Portraits

Charles Francis Adams Sr (1807-1886), Lawyer, politician, diplomat and writer. 3 Portraits

Charles Kingsley Adams (1899-1971), Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Christopher Adams (born 1866), Miniature painter; son of (Arthur) Walton Adams. 1 Portrait

Daniel Adams, Secretary, Society for Constitutional Information. 1 Portrait

David Morgan Adams (1875-1942), Politician and soldier. 8 Portraits

Diana Adams (1926-1993), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Donald Adams (1928-1996), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Douglas Noel Adams (1952-2001), Writer. 1 Portrait

Edward Hamlyn Adams (1777-1842), Politician; MP for Carmarthenshire. 1 Portrait

Eileen Adams, Model. 2 Portraits

Elsie Adams (born circa 1864), Daughter of (Arthur) Walton Adams. 1 Portrait

Ena Adams, Huntswoman; daughter of Norman Adams. 4 Portraits

Sir Ernest Charles Adams (1886-1974), Politician. 7 Portraits

Fiona Adams (1935-2020), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Gerry Adams (1948-), Politician; President of Sinn Féin. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Adams (1906-1996), Photographer and artist. 11 Portraits

Henry George Homer Adams (1879-1960), Captain. 4 Portraits

Ida Adams (circa 1888-1960), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Ivy Adams (born 1880), Daughter of (Arthur) Walton Adams. 1 Portrait

John ('Jack') Adams (active 17th century), Professor of celestial Sciences. 1 Portrait

James Adams (1910-1986), Golfer. 2 Portraits

James Edward Adams (active 1865-1887), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

James W.R. Adams (died 1969), President of Town Planning Institute. 1 Portrait

John Adams (1735-1826), President of the United States; signatory of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

John Adams (circa 1758-1804), Lieutenant and riding master. 1 Portrait

John Couch Adams (1819-1892), Astronomer and mathematician. 3 Portraits

John Harold Adams (1918-2008), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Adams (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Lawrence Adams (1936-2003), Dancer. 1 Portrait

Lilian Adams (born 1871), Miniature painter; daughter of (Arthur) Walton Adams. 1 Portrait

Lily Maud Adams (née Farr) (born 1882), Wife of Marcus Adams. 3 Portraits

Marcus Adams (1875-1959), Photographer. 33 Portraits

Sir Maurice Edward Adams (1901-1982), Civil engineer in Chief of the Admiralty. 2 Portraits

Sir Maurice Henry Adams (1908-1992), Surgeon Major and Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

(Adrian) Neil Adams (1958-), Judoka; Olympian and Judo coach. 1 Portrait

Nicola Virginia Adams (1982-), Boxer; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Norah Adams (born circa 1878), Daughter of (Arthur) Walton Adams. 1 Portrait

Norman Adams, Huntsman. 3 Portraits

(Harold) Richard Adams (1912-1978), Politician and management consultant. 5 Portraits

Richard George Adams (1920-2016), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Robert Adams (1906-1965), Actor; wrestler; barrister; founder member of the League of Coloured Peoples. 1 Portrait

Samuel Adams (1722-1803), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Samuel Trerice Adams (1858-1936), Vicar of St Sepulchre and Honorary Canon of Ely and Cambridge Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Sarah Flower Adams (1805-1848), Poet and hymn writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Theodore Samuel Adams (1885-1961), Colonial civil servant. 3 Portraits

T.J.B. Adams, Chairman of Hope Brothers and Hector Power. 2 Portraits

Tony Alexander Adams (1966-), Footballer and football manager. 2 Portraits

Victor Adams (1872-1935), Son of (Arthur) Walton Adams. 1 Portrait

(Samuel) Vyvyan Trerice Adams (1900-1951), Major and Politician. 7 Portraits

Sir Walter Adams (1906-1975), University administrator. 6 Portraits

Walter Robert Adams (1877-1957), Archbishop of Yukon. 1 Portrait

(Arthur) Walton Adams (1842-1934), Photographer. 3 Portraits

Wes Adams, Cabaret dancer. 1 Portrait

William Adams (1748-1831), Potter. 1 Portrait

William Adams (1772-1851), Lawyer and diplomatist. 3 Portraits

William Adams (1814-1848), Church of England clergyman and author. 1 Portrait

William Adams (1820-1900), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Davenport Adams (1851-1904), Journalist and compiler of reference works. 1 Portrait

William George Stewart Adams (1874-1966), Political scientist and college head. 1 Portrait

William Leslie Graham Adams (1901-1963), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Judge Adams (active 1683), Judge. 3 Portraits

Harry George Adams-Connor (1859-1939), Captain; son of G.H. Connor. 3 Portraits

Alexander Adamson (1814-1888), Brother of Robert Adamson. 1 Portrait

Mrs Alexander Adamson. 1 Portrait

Estelle Inez Ommanney Adamson (1910-1990), Director of Nursing, St Thomas' Hospital. 1 Portrait

Horation George Adamson (1865-1955), Dermatologist. 1 Portrait

James Wilfred Adamson (died 1970), Businessman, founder of the British Paints Organisation. 1 Portrait

Jennie Laurel Adamson (née Johnston) (1882-1962), Politician; MP for Dartford and Bexley. 1 Portrait

John Adamson (1810-1870), Chemist; brother of Robert Adamson. 1 Portrait

John Adamson (1886-1969), Chartered accountant. 1 Portrait

Joy Adamson (1910-1980), Naturalist. 5 Portraits

Melville Adamson (born 1825), Sister of Robert Adamson. 1 Portrait

Robert Adamson (1821-1848), Pioneer photographer. 3 Portraits

Robert Adamson (active 1850s), Head-gardener at Balcarres Estate, Fife. 1 Portrait

William Adamson (1863-1936), Politician, Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party and Secretary of State for Scotland. 14 Portraits

William Murdoch Adamson (1881-1945), Politician; MP for Cannock. 1 Portrait

Fleur Adcock (1934-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Ezra Adcock (1886-1968), Historian of Greece and Rome. 6 Portraits

(Arthur) St John Adcock (1864-1930), Literary critic. 2 Portraits

Ferdinando d'Adda (1649-1719), Cardinal and Papal Legate. 3 Portraits

(Victoria) Dawn Addams (1930-1985), Actress. 3 Portraits

Hon. James Granville Adderley (1861-1942), Rector of St Edmund's the King with St Nicholas. 4 Portraits

William Forrester Addie (1851-1921), Mayor of Welshpool. 4 Portraits

John Gellibrand Hubbard, 1st Baron Addington (1805-1889), Politician, merchant and fiscal reformer; Director of Bank of England. 4 Portraits

Egerton Hubbard Addington, 2nd Baron Addington (1842-1915), Politician and merchant. 5 Portraits

John Gellibrand Hubbard, 3rd Baron Addington (1883-1966), Mayor of Buckingham. 5 Portraits

Hon. Charles John Addington (1832-1903), Army officer; son of 2nd Viscount Sidmouth. 1 Portrait

John Hiley Addington (1759-1818), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 2 Portraits

Rupert Hiley Priaulx Addington (1898-1989), Major. 3 Portraits

Sir William Addington (1728-1811), Magistrate at Bow Street. 4 Portraits

John Nares Addinsell (1908-1991), Aviator and RAF flying instructor. 1 Portrait

Richard Addinsell (1904-1977), Composer. 5 Portraits

Trevor Addinsell, Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Stewart Addis (1861-1945), Banker and government adviser; Director of the Bank of England. 10 Portraits

Sir William Addis (1901-1978), Colonial administrator. 4 Portraits

Christopher Addison, 1st Viscount Addison (1869-1951), Statesman. 20 Portraits

Christopher Addison, 2nd Viscount Addison (1904-1976), Director. 4 Portraits

Michael Addison, 3rd Viscount Addison (1914-1992), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Kathleen Addison (née Wand), Viscountess Addison, Wife of 3rd Viscount Addison. 4 Portraits

William Matthew Wand Addison, 4th Viscount Addison (1945-), Son of 3rd Viscount Addison. 2 Portraits

Sir Albert Percy Addison (1875-1952), Admiral and Director of Admiralty dock yards. 4 Portraits

Carlotta Addison (Mrs Charles La Trobe) (1849-1914), Actress. 7 Portraits

Charlotte Addison (née Myddelton, formerly Charlotte Rich, Countess of Warwick and Holland) (1680-1731), Former wife of 6th Earl of Warwick, and later wife of Joseph Addison. 3 Portraits

D'Arcy Wentworth Addison (1872-1955), Tasmanian civil servant. 1 Portrait

Edward Barker Addison (1898-1987), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Jacqueline Faith Addison (1944-), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Addison. 3 Portraits

John Addison (1920-1998), Composer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Addison (1672-1719), Essayist and poet. 24 Portraits

Lancelot Addison (1632-1703), Dean of Lichfield. 1 Portrait

Laura Addison (née Wilmshurst) (1822-1852), Actress. 1 Portrait

Hon. Paul Wand Addison. 1 Portrait

Sarah Louise Addison (1971-). 1 Portrait

William Addy (baptised 1618?-1695?), Stenographer and writing-master. 3 Portraits

Michael Edward Adeane, Baron Adeane (1910-1984), Private secretary to Queen Elizabeth II. 3 Portraits

Lady Edith Isabella Adeane (née Dalzell) (1843-1909), Wife of Edward Stanley Adeane; daughter of 10th Earl of Carnwath. 1 Portrait

Charles Robert Whorwood Adeane (1863-1943), Justice of the Peace and Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire. 4 Portraits

Kathleen Hamet (née Dunn), Lady Adeane (died 1956), Former wife of Peter Higgins, and later second wife of Sir Robert Adeane. 1 Portrait

Madeline Pamela Constance Blanche Adeane (née Wyndham) (1871-1941), Daughter of Hon. Percy Scawen Wyndham; wife of Charles Adeane. 6 Portraits

Sir Robert Philip Wyndham Adeane (1905-1979), Businessman and art collector. 9 Portraits

Victor Olufemi Adebowale, Baron Adebowale (1962-), Politician and Chief Executive of Turning Point. 1 Portrait

Ambrose Adekoya Campbell (1919-2006), Singer, guitarist, percussionist, composer and bandleader. 1 Portrait

Queen Adelaide (Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen) (1792-1849), Queen of William IV. 40 Portraits

Omolola Talia Adelakun (2007-). 1 Portrait

Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins) (1988-), Singer and songwriter. 2 Portraits

Princess Adelheid of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Duchess of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (1835-1900), Wife of Frederick VIII, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg; daughter of Ernst, 4th Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. 5 Portraits

Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967), Federal German Chancellor. 1 Portrait

Walter Frederick Adeney (1849-1920), Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Church History. 1 Portrait

Julie Adenuga (1988-), Radio presenter. 1 Portrait

Adedoyin ('Ade') Adepitan (1973-), Television presenter and wheelchair basketball player; Paralympian and London 2012 Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Maggie Aderin-Pocock (1968-), Scientist and mechanical engineer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Joseph Edmund Adès (1971-), Composer. 3 Portraits

Edward Adey (1799-1876), Baptist minister and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

(Arthur) Victor Adey (1912-1990), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Kathryn ('Kate') Adie (1945-), Chief News Correspondent, BBC; writer. 3 Portraits

Michael Edgar Adie (1929-), Archdeacon of Lincoln. 1 Portrait

Sir David Adjaye (1966-), Architect. 3 Portraits

Thomas Adkin (active early 19th century). 2 Portraits

Nellie Adkins (circa 1908-active 1931), Actress; wife of Ras Prince Monolulu. 2 Portraits

Hermann Adler (1839-1911), Chief Rabbi. 3 Portraits

Jankel Adler (1895-1949), Painter, printmaker and teacher. 1 Portrait

Kurt Adler (1902-1958), German chemist. 1 Portrait

Lawrence Cecil ('Larry') Adler (1914-2001), Mouth organist. 9 Portraits

Nancy J. Adler (1931-), Daughter of Julius Ochs Adler. 6 Portraits

Nathan Marcus Adler (1803-1890), Chief Rabbi. 2 Portraits

Dr Adler. 1 Portrait

Rodolph Ladeveze Adlercron (1873-1966), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Rebecca Adlington (1989-), Swimmer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Adolf, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (1526-1586). 1 Portrait

Princess Adolf of Schaumburg-Lippe (née Princess Victoria of Prussia) (1866-1929), Daughter of Frederick III, Emperor of Germany and Princess Victoria. 14 Portraits

Bernard Adolf (1904-1979), Air-Commodore. 3 Portraits

Prince Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge (1774-1850), Seventh son of George III. 17 Portraits

Prince Adolphus, Duke of Teck and Marquess of Cambridge (1868-1927), Army officer; brother of Queen Mary. 18 Portraits

John Adolphus (1768-1845), Barrister and historian. 1 Portrait

Renée Adorée (1898-1933), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Adriaan (1921-2014), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Pope Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear) (circa 1100-1159), Pope 1154-1159. 1 Portrait

Pope Adrian V (Ottobuono de' Fieschi) (circa 1205-1276), Pope 1276. 1 Portrait

Edgar Douglas Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian (1889-1977), Physiologist and chancellor of Cambridge University. 20 Portraits

Max Adrian (né Bor) (1903-1973), Actor. 3 Portraits

Cora Adriana (active 1870s), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Stanley Davenport Adshead (1868-1946), Architect and professor of town planning. 1 Portrait

Amishadai Larson Adu (born 1914), Assistant District Commissioner, Kumasi. 1 Portrait

Clara Joan (née Williams), Lady Adye (1874-1929), Wife of Sir John Adye; daughter of S.C. Evans Williams. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Adye (née Ross) (active 1861), Wife of Willett Lawrence Adye. 1 Portrait

Sir John Adye (1857-1930), Major-General. 12 Portraits

Sir John Miller Adye (1819-1900), General. 2 Portraits

Stephen Galway Adye (1773-1838), Major-General, Royal Artillery. 1 Portrait

Willett Lawrence Adye (1818-1878), Landowner, biblical scholar, musicologist and writer. 1 Portrait

William John Patrick Adye-Curran (1876-1923), Army officer and surgeon. 1 Portrait

Mrs Aely. 1 Portrait

Aesop of Eton (active early 18th century). 1 Portrait

Lady Selina Marguerite Hughes D'Aeth (née Gathorne-Hardy) (1869-1934), Wife of Reginald Hughes D'Aeth; daughter of 2nd Earl of Cranbrook. 2 Portraits

Sir James Affleck, Bt (1759-1833), General. 2 Portraits

Philip Affleck (1729-1799), Admiral. 2 Portraits

E. Afford (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Hubert Alafuro Ibibama Afonya (active 1950s), Assistant Bishop of the Niger Delta. 1 Portrait

Nana Aforo Kwaw II (1935-2015), Chief of Sefwi Debiso. 1 Portrait

Adam Afriyie (1965-), Conservative politician; MP for Windsor. 1 Portrait

Haleh Afshar, Baroness Afshar (1944-2022), Professor of Politics; life peer. 1 Portrait

Richard Afton (1911-1985), Producer, director and writer. 1 Portrait

Grigory Gareginovich Agababyan (1911-1977), Architect. 1 Portrait

Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan III (née Yvette Labrousse) (1906-2000), Philanthropist, model and sculptor. 4 Portraits

Princess Salimah Aga Khan IV (née Sarah Croker Poole) (1940-), Fashion model and former wife of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV. 1 Portrait

Aga Khan III (Mohammed Shah) (1877-1957), Leader of the Ismailis and racehorse owner. 20 Portraits

Lady Caroline Amy Cora Agar (1899-1989), Daughter of 4th Earl of Normanton. 4 Portraits

Lady Georgina Mary Elizabeth Agar (1896-1967), Daughter of 4th Earl of Normanton. 3 Portraits

Lady Mary Beatrice Agar (1859-1943), Daughter of 3rd Earl of Normanton. 5 Portraits

Dan Agar (1881-1950), Actor. 8 Portraits

Eileen Agar (1899-1991), Painter. 6 Portraits

Sir Francis Agar (1859-1934), Sheriff of London; Lieutenant of the City of London; Deputy Alderman. 2 Portraits

Hon. Francis William Arthur ('Frank') Agar (1873-1936), Soldier; son of 3rd Earl of Normanton. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Augustus Bernard Agar (1870-1885), Son of 3rd Earl of Normanton. 2 Portraits

Herbert Sebastian Agar (1897-1980), Author and publisher. 15 Portraits

John Samuel Agar (1773-1858), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Eade Agar (1882-1951), Emeritus Professor of Zoology. 1 Portrait

John Agard (1949-), Poet, playwright, performer and anthologist. 1 Portrait

George Agar-Ellis, 1st Baron Dover (1797-1833), A founder of the National Gallery. 10 Portraits

Isidore Agasse (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

(Jean) Louis Rodolphe Agassiz (1807-1873), Zoologist, glaciologist and geologist. 1 Portrait

James Evershed Agate (1877-1947), Drama critic. 21 Portraits

Tony Ageh (1959-), Controller of Archive Development, BBC. 1 Portrait

Francesco Agello (1902-1942), Italian test pilot. 1 Portrait

Tom Aggar (1984-), Rower; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Lucy Aggs (1789?-1853), Quaker philanthropist. 4 Portraits

Thanassis Aghnides (1889-1984), Greek Ambassador to London, 1942-47. 14 Portraits

Gaby Agis (1960-), Dancer and choreographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Arthur Aglen (1869-1932), Inspector-General Maritime Customs, China. 3 Portraits

Henry Aglionby Aglionby (1790-1854), Barrister and politician: MP for Cockermouth. 1 Portrait

John Orfeur Aglionby (1884-1963), Anglican Bishop of Accra. 1 Portrait

Lady (Mary Arabella) Louisa Agnew (née Noel) (1822-1883), Wife of Sir Andrew Agnew, 8th Bt; daughter of 1st Earl of Gainsborough. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Agnew, 7th Bt (1793-1849), Sabbatarian. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Agnew, 8th Bt (1818-1892), Politician; MP to Wigtownshire. 1 Portrait

Andrew Quentin Agnew (1917-1944), Major, Royal Scots Fusiliers. 5 Portraits

Hon. Clare Rosalind Agnew (née Dixon) (1937-), Second wife of Rudolph Ion Joseph Agnew (later Sir R. Agnew); daughter of 2nd Baron Glentoran. 6 Portraits

Colin Agnew (1922-1975), Art dealer. 1 Portrait

Doreen Maud Agnew (née Jessel) (1909-1990), War-time administrative assistant; wife of Geoffrey William Gerald Agnew; daughter of 1st Baron Jessel. 4 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey William Gerald Agnew (1908-1986), Art dealer. 2 Portraits

Sir George William Agnew, 2nd Bt (1852-1941), Art publisher. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Godfrey Agnew (1913-1995), Clerk of the Privy Council. 2 Portraits

Hugh Agnew (1894-1975), Art dealer. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Morland Agnew (1855-1931), Art dealer. 1 Portrait

Sir Patrick Dalreagle Agnew (1868-1925), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

Sir Peter Garnett Agnew, 1st Bt (1900-1990), Naval officer and Conservative politician; MP for Camborne and South Worcestershire. 3 Portraits

Ruth Mary Agnew (née Moore) (1919-1962), Daughter of Lady Dorothie Mary Evelyn Moore (née Feilding). 2 Portraits

Sir William Agnew, 1st Bt (1825-1910), Art dealer. 4 Portraits

Sir William Gladstone Agnew (1898-1960), Vice-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535), Magician, occult writer, astrologer and alchemist. 3 Portraits

Mimi Aguglia-Ferrau (1884-1970), Actress. 6 Portraits

Jennifer Ann ('Jenny') Agutter (1952-), Actress. 3 Portraits

Jacqueline ('Jacqui') Agyepong (1969-), 100 metre hurdler; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Ah Ah Shaw We Ke Shick ('Crossing Sky') (died 1863), Chief of Rabbit Lake Chippewas. 1 Portrait

Timothy Michael Richard Ahern (1908-1980), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Caroline Aherne (1963-2016), Comedian and actress. 2 Portraits

Pat Aherne (1901-1970), Actor. 1 Portrait

Countess Ingegerd Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1900-1986), Painter; daughter of Count Preben Ahlefeldt-Laurvigen, Danish Minister to London. 6 Portraits

Anny Ahlers (1907-1933), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Ahmad Tajuddin, Sultan of Brunei (1913-1950), Sultan of Brunei. 5 Portraits

Riz Ahmed (1982-), Actor and rapper. 2 Portraits

Shami Ahmed (1962-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Mrs Ahok (born 1850), Preacher. 1 Portrait

Ah-pe-ma-za, Sioux Indian. 1 Portrait

Peter Ahrends (1933-), Architect; co-founder of Ahrend, Burton and Koralek. 1 Portrait

Francis Aickin (circa 1735-1812), Actor. 1 Portrait

James Aickin (circa 1736-1803), Actor. 1 Portrait

Robert Fordyce Aickman (1914-1981), Short-story writer, editor, author, novelist. 4 Portraits

Georgina Aïdá (née Collier) (died 1875), Mother of (Charles) Hamilton Aidé. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Hamilton Aidé (1826-1906), Novelist and poet. 2 Portraits

Comte de l'Aigle. 1 Portrait

Anthony Aikenhead (1953-), Engineer; member of London 2012 Olympic Park Stadium team. 1 Portrait

Robert Charles Aikenhead, Major; son of D.F. Aikenhead. 2 Portraits

Tom Aikens (1970-), Chef. 2 Portraits

Arthur Aikin (1773-1854), Chemist and geologist. 1 Portrait

John Aikin (1747-1822), Physician and author. 3 Portraits

Sir Alexander Aikman (1886-1968), Chartered accountant. 5 Portraits

Frederick Robertson Aikman (1828-1888), Army officer; member of the jury in 'Tichborne v Lushington'. 4 Portraits

J.M. Ambrey? Ailes (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 1st Marquess of Ailesbury (1773-1856), Peer and politician. 1 Portrait

Maria Elizabeth (née Tollemache), Marchioness of Ailesbury (1809-1895), Artist and second wife of 1st Marquess of Ailesbury. 3 Portraits

George William Frederick Brudenell-Bruce, 2nd Marquess of Ailesbury (1804-1878), Politician and royal courtier. 5 Portraits

Mary Caroline (née Herbert), Marchioness of Ailesbury (1813-1892), Wife of 2nd Marquess of Ailesbury; daughter of 11th Earl of Pembroke. 4 Portraits

Ernest Augustus Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 3rd Marquess of Ailesbury (1811-1886), Courtier and politician: MP for Marlborough. 3 Portraits

George William Thomas Brudenell-Bruce, 4th Marquess of Ailesbury (1863-1894), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Chandos Sydney Cedric Brudenell-Bruce, 7th Marquess of Ailesbury (1904-1974), Major and Justice of the Peace. 8 Portraits

Joan Houlton (née Salter), Marchioness of Ailesbury (1901-1937), Wife of 7th Marquess of Ailesbury; daughter of Stephen Salter. 7 Portraits

Joyce Frances (née Warwick-Evans), Countess of Cardigan (1917-2000), Former wife of Peter Quennell, and second wife of Earl of Cardigan (later 7th Marquess of Ailesbury). 8 Portraits

Michael Sydney Cedric Brudenell-Bruce, 8th Marquess of Ailesbury (1926-), Landowner and Member of the London Stock Exchange. 5 Portraits

Juliet Adrienne Lethbridge (née Kingsford), Marchioness of Ailesbury (1932-), Second wife of 8th Marquess of Ailesbury; daughter of Edward Hilary Lethbridge Kingsford. 5 Portraits

Robert Bruce, 1st Earl of Ailesbury and 2nd Earl of Elgin (circa 1626-1685), Lord Chamberlain. 7 Portraits

Thomas Bruce, 2nd Earl of Ailesbury (1655-1747), Jacobite and courtier. 1 Portrait

Thomas Brudenell-Bruce, 1st Earl of Ailesbury (1729-1814), Courtier. 2 Portraits

Archibald Kennedy, 3rd Marquess of Ailsa (1847-1938), Lord Lieutenant and yachtsman. 2 Portraits

Archibald Kennedy, 4th Marquess of Ailsa (1872-1943), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Frances Emily (née Stewart), Marchioness of Ailsa (died 1949), Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland; wife of 4th Marquess of Ailsa; daughter of Sir Mark John MacTaggart Stewart, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Angus Kennedy, 6th Marquess of Ailsa (1882-1957), Naval architect. 7 Portraits

Gertrude Millicent (née Cooper), Marchioness of Ailsa (1902-1957), Wife of 6th Marquess of Ailsa; daughter of Gervas Weir Cooper. 2 Portraits

Ailwyn Edward Fellowes, 1st Baron Ailwyn (1855-1924), Politician and landowner. 24 Portraits

Agatha Eleanor Augusta Fellowes (née Jolliffe), Lady Ailwyn (1863-1938), Wife of 1st Baron Ailwyn; daughter of 2nd Baron Hylton. 3 Portraits

Mildred (née King), Lady Ailwyn, Wife of 2nd Baron Ailwyn; daughter of Lorraine King. 4 Portraits

Eric William Edward Fellowes, 3rd Baron Ailwyn (1887-1976), Member of House of Lords 1957-72; Deputy Chairman of Committees and Deputy Speaker. 9 Portraits

J. Aime? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Anouk Aimée (1932-), Actress. 3 Portraits

Aina (Sarah Forbes Bonetta (later Davies)) (1843-1880), Goddaughter of Queen Victoria. 4 Portraits

Alfred Ainger (1837-1904), Writer, humorist and divine. 2 Portraits

Alfred Campbell Ainger (1841-1919), Eton schoolmaster. 1 Portrait

D.A.F. Ainger? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Kate Ainger (1971-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Warwick Ainger (1972-), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

William Ainger, Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Beatrice Ainley (died 1939), Actress. 1 Portrait

Henry Hinchliffe Ainley (1879-1945), Actor. 19 Portraits

Richard Ainley (1910-1967), Actor. 11 Portraits

Ernest William Ainley-Walker (1871-1955), Pathologist. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Martland Ainscough (1886-1976), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Hon. Mabel Nancy Mercer Ainscow (née Siddlely) (1904-1963), Wife of John Arthur Ainscow; daughter of 1st Baron Kenilworth. 4 Portraits

Sir Ben Ainslie (1977-), Sailor; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Wenger), Lady Ainslie (died 1868), Wife of Sir Robert Sharpe Ainslie, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Esther Ainslie. 1 Portrait

George Ainslie (1803-1875), Secretary of the Church Building Society; son of Sir Robert Sharpe Ainslie, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Michael Frederic Roberts Ainslie (1913-1987), Commander, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Ainslie (1729-1802), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Charles Ainsworth (1874-1956), Politician and Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Harrison Ainsworth (1888-1965), Newspaper editor. 8 Portraits

Sir John Stirling Ainsworth, 1st Bt (1844-1923), Industrialist, banker and Liberal politician; MP for Argyllshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Bignell Ainsworth (1875-1952), Major-General. 5 Portraits

William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882), Novelist. 10 Portraits

Henry Airay (1559-1616), Provost of Queen's College, Oxford. 2 Portraits

Lady Priscilla Aird (née Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby) (1909-2002), Wife of Sir John Renton Aird; daughter of 2nd Earl of Ancaster. 2 Portraits

Barbara Aird, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir John Aird, 1st Bt (1833-1911), Civil engineering contractor. 5 Portraits

Sir (George) John Aird, 4th Bt (1940-), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Sir John Renton Aird, 3rd Bt (1898-1973), Extra Equerry to Queen Elizabeth II (formerly Extra Equerry to King George VI). 5 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth Aird (née Des Voeux) (1940-), Daughter of Sir (William) Richard Des Voeux, 9th Bt; wife of Jeremy John Aird. 5 Portraits

Susan Priscilla Aird (1942-), Daughter of Sir John Renton Aird. 2 Portraits

James Kitson, 1st Baron Airedale (1835-1911), Locomotive manufacturer and politician. 1 Portrait

Albert Ernest Kitson, 2nd Baron Airedale of Gledhow (1863-1944), Director of Midland Bank. 1 Portrait

Roland Dudley Kitson, 3rd Baron Airedale of Gledhow (1882-1958), High Sheriff of London. 1 Portrait

Richard Airey, 1st Baron Airey (1803-1881), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Harriett Mary Everard (née Talbot), Lady Airey (died 1881), Wife of 1st Baron Airey; daughter of 3rd Baron Talbot of Malahide. 2 Portraits

Barbara Airey (1942-). 1 Portrait

Bridget Georgiana (née Vesey), Lady Airey (1915-2005), Wife of Sir Terence Sydney Airey; daughter of Hon. Thomas Eustace Vesey. 3 Portraits

Richard Ryder Airey (1902-1941), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Robert Berkeley Airey (1874-1933), Cricketer. 6 Portraits

Sir Terrence Sydney Airey (1900-1983), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

David Graham Drummond Ogilvy, 5th Earl of Airlie (1826-1881), Representative peer and Lord High Commissioner to the Church of Scotland. 3 Portraits

Henrietta Blanche (née Stanley), Countess of Airlie (1830-1921), Wife of 5th Earl of Airlie; daughter of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. 5 Portraits

Mabell Frances Elizabeth (née Gore), Countess of Airlie (1866-1956), Royal courtier; wife of 6th Earl of Airlie; daughter of 5th Earl of Arran. 7 Portraits

David William Stanley Ogilvy, 8th Earl of Airlie (1856-1900), Landowner and army officer. 4 Portraits

David Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, 12th Earl of Airlie (1893-1968), Lord Chamberlain; banker; soldier. 13 Portraits

David George Coke Patrick Ogilvy, 13th Earl of Airlie (1926-2023), Lord Chamberlain. 3 Portraits

Anna Airy (1882-1964), Artist. 2 Portraits

Anna Airy (née Listing) (circa 1849-1882), Wife of Wilfrid Airy. 1 Portrait

Annot Airy (1843-1924), Artist; daughter of Sir George Biddell Airy. 3 Portraits

A. Airy (active 1861), Relation of Sir George Biddell Airy. 1 Portrait

Christabel Airy (1842-1917), Artist; daughter of Sir George Biddell Airy. 2 Portraits

Emily Josephine Airy (née Miller) (1848-1948), Wife of Osmund Airy. 3 Portraits

Sir George Biddell Airy (1801-1892), Astronomer Royal. 24 Portraits

Hubert Airy (1838-1903), Physician and government medical inspector; son of George Biddell Airy. 4 Portraits

Osmund Airy (1845-1928), Historian; son of Sir George Biddell Airy. 3 Portraits

Richarda (née Smith), Lady Airy (1804-1875), Wife of Sir George Biddell Airy. 3 Portraits

Susan Cecilia Airy (née Langton) (1837-1924), Wife of Hubert Airy. 3 Portraits

Wilfrid Airy (1836-1925), Civil engineer; son of George Biddell Airy. 4 Portraits

Sir Owen Arthur Aisher (1900-1993), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Aiskew, Clerk assistant, House of Commons. 4 Portraits

Benjamin Aislabie (1774-1842), Secretary of Marylebone Cricket Club. 1 Portrait

John Aislabie (1670-1742), Whig politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison (1832-1896), Administrator in India. 1 Portrait

Craigie Aitchison (1926-2009), Artist. 5 Portraits

George Aitchison (1825-1910), Architect. 1 Portrait

James Aitchison (1899-1968), Professor of Dental Surgery. 1 Portrait

Alexander Craig Aitken (1895-1967), Professor of Mathematics. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Percival Hay ('Peter') Aitken (1905-1984), Chairman of Norwich Union Insurance Group. 2 Portraits

Carolina Mary (née Lobb), Lady Aitken, Wife of Sir Robert AItken; daughter of Theophilus Lobb. 4 Portraits

Charles Aitken (1869-1936), Director of the Tate Gallery. 3 Portraits

Constance Aitken (née Drake), Wife of John Aitken. 4 Portraits

Ian Levack Aitken (1927-2018), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Janet Ruth Murrenne Aitken (née Macneil), First wife of Hon. Peter Rudyard Aitken; daughter of Murray Macneil. 2 Portraits

John Aitken. 3 Portraits

Sir John William Maxwell ('Max') Aitken, 2nd Bt (1910-1985), Newspaper publisher; President of Express Newspapers; son of 1st Baron Beaverbrook. 5 Portraits

Jonathan William Patrick Aitken (1942-), Company director, politician and newspaper columnist and writer. 2 Portraits

Lorenzo ('Laurel') Aitken (Oliver Anthony Stephens) (1927-2005), Singer, songwriter and record producer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Peter Rudyard Aitken (1912-1947), Second son of 1st Baron Beaverbrook and Army captain. 3 Portraits

Robert Aubrey Aitken (1870-1941), Vicar of Great Yarmouth and Honorary Canon of Norwich Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Stevenson Aitken (1901-1997), Professor of Medicine; Vice-Chancellor of Birmingham University. 1 Portrait

(Robert) Stanley Aitken (1896-1982), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Ursula (née Wales), Lady Aitken, Wife of Sir Arthur Percival Hay ('Peter') Aitken; daughter of Herbert Wales. 2 Portraits

John Aldam Aizlewood (1895-1990), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Mark Akenside (1721-1770), Poet and physician. 4 Portraits

Sir Wallace Alan Akers (1888-1954), Research Director of ICI. 3 Portraits

Hon. Aretas Akers-Douglas (1905-1940), Son of 2nd Viscount Chilston. 4 Portraits

Daphne Akhurst (Mrs R. Cozens) (1903-1933), Lawn tennis player. 1 Portrait

Ebenezer Ako-Adjei (1916-2002), Ghanaian politician; Minister for Foreign Affairs. 2 Portraits

John Akomfrah (1957-), Artist, writer, film director, screenwriter, theorist and curator. 3 Portraits

Bayly N. Akroyd. 1 Portrait

Edward Akroyd (1810-1887), Industrialist, philanthropist and politician. 1 Portrait

Brian John Akroyd-Hunt (1940-1984), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Edward Akufo-Addo (1906-1979), President of Ghana. 1 Portrait

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (1944-), President of Ghana. 1 Portrait

William Alabaster (1568-1640), Church of England clergyman and writer. 2 Portraits

Prince (Dejatch) Alamayou of Abyssinia (Prince Alemayehu Tewodros of Ethiopia) (1861-1879), Son of King Theodore of Abyssinia (Ethiopia). 4 Portraits

Henry Fitz Alan (Alwine) (circa 1135-1212), First Lord Mayor of London, 1189-1212. 3 Portraits

Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke (1883-1963), Field Marshal. 32 Portraits

Benita Brooke (née Pelly), Viscountess Alanbrooke (1892-1968), Wife of 1st Viscount Alanbrooke. 8 Portraits

Alan Victor Harold Brooke, 3rd Viscount Alanbrooke (1932-), Son of 1st Viscount Alanbrooke. 4 Portraits

Kyra Alanova (1902-1965), Dancer. 6 Portraits

John à Lasco (1499-1560), Evangelical reformer. 3 Portraits

Alastair Arthur, 2nd Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (1914-1943), Son of Prince Arthur; great-grandson of Queen Victoria. 7 Portraits

Hanan Alattar, Opera Singer. 1 Portrait

Don Miguel Ricardo de Alava (1771-1843), Spanish ambassador. 1 Portrait

St Alban (died circa 303?), Christian martyr in Roman Britain. 1 Portrait

Licia Albanese (1913-2014), Italian soprano opera singer. 1 Portrait

Meggie Albanesi (1899-1923), Actress. 1 Portrait

Dame Marie Louise Cecilie Emma Albani (née Lajeunesse) (1847-1930), Soprano. 12 Portraits

Princess Helen, Duchess of Albany (1861-1922), Wife of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; daughter of Prince George Victor of Waldeck-Pyrmont. 23 Portraits

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1853-1884), Fourth and youngest son of Queen Victoria. 61 Portraits

Louisa, Countess of Albany (1752-1824), Wife of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. 3 Portraits

Céleste Albaret (1892-1984), Housekeeper for Marcel Proust. 1 Portrait

Damon Albarn (1968-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Blur' and co-founder of 'Gorillaz'. 5 Portraits

Pat Albeck (1930-2017), Textile designer. 2 Portraits

George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle (1608-1670), Soldier and statesman. 49 Portraits

Anne Monck (née Clarges), Duchess of Albemarle (1619-1670), Wife of 1st Duke of Albemarle. 10 Portraits

Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle (1652-1688), Soldier and governor of Jamaica. 11 Portraits

Elizabeth Monck (née Cavendish), Duchess of Albemarle (1654-1734), Wife of Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle. 1 Portrait

Arnold Joost van Keppel, 1st Earl of Albemarle (1669-1718), General. 5 Portraits

William Anne Keppel, 2nd Earl of Albemarle (1702-1754), General and diplomat. 5 Portraits

George Keppel, 3rd Earl of Albemarle (1724-1772), General. 6 Portraits

William Charles Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle (1772-1849), Master of the Horse. 4 Portraits

George Thomas Keppel, 6th Earl of Albemarle (1799-1891), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Susan (née Trotter), Countess of Albemarle (circa 1806-1885), Wife of 6th Earl of Albemarle; daughter of Sir Coutts Trotter, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

William Coutts Keppel, 7th Earl of Albemarle (1832-1894), Soldier, politician and Under-Secretary for War. 2 Portraits

Sophia Mary (née MacNab), Countess of Albemarle (1832-1917), Wife of 7th Earl of Albemarle; daughter of Sir Allan Napier MacNab, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Arnold Allan Keppel, 8th Earl of Albemarle (1858-1942), Lord-in-Waiting to the King, 1922-24. 21 Portraits

Gertrude Lucia (née Egerton), Countess of Albemarle (1861-1943), Wife of 8th Earl of Albemarle; daughter of 1st Earl Egerton of Tatton. 7 Portraits

Walter Egerton George Lucian Keppel, 9th Earl of Albemarle (1882-1979), Soldier, Aide-de-camp to colonial governors and London County Councillor. 11 Portraits

Diana Cicely (née Grove), Countess of Albemarle (1909-2013), Second wife of 9th Earl of Albemarle; daughter of John Archibald Grove. 11 Portraits

Hans Albers (1891-1960), Actor and producer. 1 Portrait

Henri Albers (1866-1925), Dutch opera singer. 1 Portrait

Albert II of Germany (1397-1439), King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia, King-elect of Germany and Archduke of Austria. 1 Portrait

Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1819-1861), Prince Consort of Queen Victoria. 208 Portraits

King Albert I of Saxony (1828-1902), Son of King John I. 3 Portraits

Albert I, Prince of Monaco (1848-1922), Prince of Monaco. 1 Portrait

Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein (1869-1931), Second eldest child of Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. 5 Portraits

King Albert I of Belgium (1875-1934), Reigned 1909-34. 11 Portraits

King Albert II of the Belgians (1934-), Son of Queen Astrid of Belgium. 5 Portraits

Dorothy Albert (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Fred Albert (1844-1886), Music hall singer and songwriter. 2 Portraits

St Albert ('the Great') (circa 1193-1280), Philosopher and theologian. 1 Portrait

Emma Albertazzi (née Howson) (1813-1847), Singer. 4 Portraits

Guglielmo Degli Alberti. 1 Portrait

Viviane ('Viv') Albertine (1955-), Musician; guitarist for the band The Slits. 1 Portrait

Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale (1864-1892), Eldest son of Edward VII. 117 Portraits

Sir Bronson James Albery (1881-1971), Theatre director. 16 Portraits

Sir Donald Arthur Rolleston Albery (1914-1988), Chairman and Managing Director, The Wyndham Theatres, Donmar Productions and Piccadilly Theatre Ltd; Director, Anglia Television. 7 Portraits

Ian Bronson Albery (1936-), Chief Executive of Sadler’s Wells, Peacock and Lilian Baylis Theatres. 6 Portraits

Sir James Irving Albery (1879-1967), Conservative politician; MP for Gravesend. 1 Portrait

James ('Jim') Albery (1838-1889), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Robert James Albery (circa 1850-1934), Journalist for Daily Express (Dublin). 1 Portrait

Marietta Alboni, Countess Pepoli (née Maria Anna Marzia) (1823-1894), Opera singer. 8 Portraits

Monsieur Albony (active 1891), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Albrecht, Archduke of Austria (1817-1895). 2 Portraits

Giambattista Albrizzi (1698-1777), Italian publisher and journalist. 1 Portrait

Austen Harry Albu (1903-1994), Engineer and politician. 6 Portraits

Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour, 1st Baron Alcester (1821-1895), Naval officer. 5 Portraits

Henry Campbell Alchorne (died 1939), Magistrate. 2 Portraits

Alfred William Alcock (1859-1933), Zoologist. 2 Portraits

Amanda Alcock (active 2011), Subscriptions Manager for Private Eye. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Alcock (née Stuart) (born circa 1811), Wife of Thomas Alcock; daughter of Henry Stuart. 1 Portrait

John Alcock (1430-1500), Bishop of Ely. 7 Portraits

John Alcock (1715-1806), Organist of Lichfield Cathedral. 2 Portraits

Sir John William Alcock (1892-1919), Aviator and RAF Captain; pilot of the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Rutherford Alcock (1809-1897), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Thomas Alcock (1801-1866), Politician; MP for several constituencies and traveller. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Galpin Alcock (1861-1947), Organist and composer. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Alcocke (active 1541-died 1550), Surgeon to King Edward VI. 1 Portrait

Yamilé Aldama (1972-), Triple jumper; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Bob Alden (active circa 1900-1925), Music hall entertainer; one of The Two Bobs. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Alden (1865-1944), Politician, writer and social reformer. 11 Portraits

Henry Hucks Gibbs, 1st Baron Aldenham (1819-1907), Merchant and merchant banker; Director of Bank of England; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 4 Portraits

Alban George Henry Gibbs, 2nd Baron Aldenham (1846-1936), Politician; MP for London. 5 Portraits

Gerald Henry Beresford Gibbs, 3rd Baron Aldenham (1879-1939), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Antony Durant Gibbs, 5th Baron Aldenham (1922-1986), Son of Walter Durant Gibbs, 4th Baron Aldenham. 3 Portraits

Daniel Alder (active 1823), Indigo broker. 3 Portraits

G. Alder. 1 Portrait

John Alder (active early 18th century), Turkish Prisoner in the Fleet 127. 1 Portrait

Joshua Alder (1792-1867), Zoologist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frederick Charles Alderdice (1871-1936), Prime Minister of Newfoundland. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Hall Alderson (1787-1857), Baron of the Exchequer. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Hall Alderson (1864-1951), Barrister; Clerk Assistant of the Parliaments. 5 Portraits

Sir Edwin Alfred Hervey Alderson (1859-1927), Lieutenant-General. 8 Portraits

James Alderson (1742-1825), Physician; father of Amelia Opie. 1 Portrait

Sir James Alderson (1794-1882), Physician. 1 Portrait

Robert Alderson (1752-1833), Recorder of Ipswich, Yarmouth and Norwich. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Alderson (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Winifred Alderson (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Mr Alderson. 1 Portrait

Catherine B.Alderton (née Robinson) (1869-1951), Mayor of Colchester; wife of Archibald Alderton; daughter of T.Robinson. 1 Portrait

John Alderton (1940-), Actor. 3 Portraits

Mary A. Aldham (active 1910s), Suffragette. 1 Portrait

Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin (1870-1935), Artist and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Austin Richard William ('Toby') Low, 1st Baron Aldington (1914-2000), Soldier and politician. 16 Portraits

John Norman Aldington (1905-1987), Chairman of Royal Worcester Ltd. 1 Portrait

(Edward Godfree) Richard Aldington (1892-1962), Poet, critic and novelist. 9 Portraits

Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834), Italian experimental philosopher and writer. 1 Portrait

Brian Wilson Aldiss (1925-2017), Writer and critic. 4 Portraits

Noel Massey Aldous (died 1942), Reverend, Chaplain to the South African Forces and amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Thomas Aldredge (1928-2011), Actor. 1 Portrait

Henry Aldrich (1647-1710), Dean of Christ Church. 6 Portraits

Richard Stoddard Aldrich (1902-1986), Theatre producer; lieutenant-commander USNR; husband of Gertrude Lawrence. 2 Portraits

William Aldrich (1737-1797), Lord Mayor of Dublin. 2 Portraits

Winthrop Williams Aldrich (1885-1974), Banker, lawyer and American ambassador in London. 2 Portraits

Dame Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake (1865-1925), Surgeon; first British woman to obtain the degree of Master of Surgery; daughter of Frederick James Aldrich-Blake. 3 Portraits

Alan Aldridge (1943-2017), Artist, graphic designer and illustrator. 2 Portraits

Albert E. Aldridge, Director, Ever Ready Trust Co. Ltd. 1 Portrait

Ira Frederick Aldridge (1807-1867), Actor. 4 Portraits

John Aldridge (1832-1888), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

John Arthur Malcolm Aldridge (1905-1983), Painter and illustrator. 2 Portraits

Rodney ('Rod') Aldridge (1947-), Executive Chairman, The Capita Group plc. 1 Portrait

William Aldridge (1584-1698), Centenarian. 1 Portrait

Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605), Italian naturalist, collector and writer. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Catherine Henrietta Aldworth (née Bernard) (1837-1920), Wife of Richard William Aldworth; daughter of 3rd Earl of Bandon. 1 Portrait

Frank Aldworth (active 1933). 1 Portrait

Igor Aleksander (1937-), Head of Intelligent and Interactive Systems at Imperial College. 1 Portrait

Jean le Rond d'Alembert (1717-1783), Encyclopaedist. 1 Portrait

Sophie, Duchess of Alençon (1847-1897), Wife of Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Alençon; daughter of Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria. 1 Portrait

Nigel Clinton Alers-Hankey (1912-1941), Pilot officer; son of Eric Alers-Hankey. 1 Portrait

Pope Alexander III (Rolando Bandinelli) (circa 1105-1181), Pope 1159-1181. 1 Portrait

Alexander I, Tsar of Russia (1777-1825), Reigned 1801-25. 6 Portraits

Alexander II, Emperor of Russia (1818-1881), Reigned 1855-81. 9 Portraits

Alexander III, Emperor of Russia (1845-1894), Reigned 1881-94. 11 Portraits

Alexander, Prince of Bulgaria (1857-1893), Army commander; son of Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine. 1 Portrait

Prince Alexander Cambridge, Earl of Athlone (1874-1957), Army officer and Governor-General of South Africa and of Canada. 38 Portraits

Alexander I, King of Serbia (1876-1903), Reigned 1889-1903. 1 Portrait

Alexander, King of Greece (1893-1920), Reigned 1917-20. 2 Portraits

King Alexander of Yugoslavia (1900-1934), Ruler of Yugoslavia and Crown Prince of Serbia. 1 Portrait

Prince Alexander Obolensky (1916-1940), Rugby player; Acting Pilot Officer in the Royal Auxiliary Air Forece; son of Prince Serge Obolensky. 9 Portraits

Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia (1945-), Son of King Peter II of Yugoslavia and Queen Alexandra. 1 Portrait

Albert Victor Alexander, Earl Alexander of Hillsborough (1885-1965), Labour and Co-operative politician, First Lord of the Admiralty and Minister of Defence. 31 Portraits

Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis (1891-1969), Field Marshal. 47 Portraits

Lady Margaret Diana (née Bingham), Countess Alexander of Tunis (1905-1977), Justice of the Peace; wife of 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis; daughter of 5th Earl of Lucan. 2 Portraits

Shane William Desmond Alexander, 2nd Earl Alexander of Tunis (1935-), Lieutenant and businessman. 2 Portraits

Davina Mary Alexander (née Woodhouse), Countess Alexander of Tunis (1955-), Lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret and second wife of 2nd Earl Alexander of Tunis. 7 Portraits

Robert Scott Alexander, Baron Alexander of Weedon (1936-2005), Barrister, banker and politician. 8 Portraits

Lady Emily Harriet Catherine Alexander (née St Lawrence) (1854-1931), Wife of James Dalison Alexander; daughter of 9th Earl Cork and Orrery. 5 Portraits

Lady Mary Beatrice Alexander (née Thynne) (1903-1974), Royal courtier; former wife of 3rd Baron Nunburnholme, and later wife of Sir (James) Ulick Francis Canning Alexander; daughter of 5th Marquess of Bath. 21 Portraits

Alexander Alexander (active 1830), Scottish traveller. 2 Portraits

Archibald Alexander (1812-1883), Army surgeon and Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals for Scotland. 1 Portrait

Mrs Alexander, Possibly wife of Archibald Alexander (1812-1883). 1 Portrait

Bill Alexander (1910-2000), Committee member of the International Brigade Association; Chemist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Brian James Alexander (1939-), Son of 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis. 2 Portraits

Daniel Asher Alexander (1768-1846), Architect. 1 Portrait

Denis James Alexander (1920-1980), Major. 2 Portraits

Douglas Garven Alexander (1967-), Politician; MP and Shadow Foreign Secretary. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Alexander (1702-1806), Centenarian. 2 Portraits

Elsa Mary (née Collett), Lady Alexander (1894-1959), Daughter of Sir Charles Collett, 1st Bt; wife of Sir Frank (Samuel) Alexander, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Florence Jane (née Théleur), Lady Alexander (1857 or 1858-1946), Wife of actor Sir George Alexander; daughter of Edward Théleur. 10 Portraits

Sir Frank Samuel Alexander, 1st Bt (1881-1959), Shipbroker and shipowner. 13 Portraits

Fyfe Alexander (active early 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Georg Alexander (1888-1945), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir George Alexander (George Samson) (1858-1918), Actor and theatre manager. 60 Portraits

George William Alexander (1802-1890), Financier and philanthropist; Treasurer of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society. 4 Portraits

Gordon Alexander, Stuntman. 1 Portrait

Dame Helen Alexander (1957-2017), Chairman of UBM plc and President of CBI. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Alexander (1875-1940), Lord Provost of Aberdeen and free press editor. 2 Portraits

Henry Templer Alexander (1911-1977), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Hon. Herbrand Charles Alexander (1888-1965), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of 4th Earl of Caledon. 4 Portraits

James Edward Alexander (1803-1885), Soldier and author. 1 Portrait

Janet Alexander (1880-1961), Actress. 9 Portraits

John Alexander (1792-1868), Minister of Prince's St Chapel, Norwich. 2 Portraits

John Alexander (active 1830). 2 Portraits

John Henry Alexander. 1 Portrait

J. Alexander (active 1830). 2 Portraits

Margaret Katharine Alexander (née Grimston) (1858-1929), Wife of Hon. Walter Philip Alexander; daughter of Hon. Francis Sylvester Grimston. 1 Portrait

Maurice Alexander (1889-1945), Canadian barrister, soldier and English politician and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Pat Alexander, Tavern keeper. 1 Portrait

Peter Alexander (died 1969), Regius Professor of English Language and Literature. 1 Portrait

Robert Alexander (1795-1854), Editor and newspaper proprietor. 3 Portraits

Robert Alexander (1840-1923), Scottish painter of dogs and horses. 2 Portraits

Robert Love Alexander (1913-1993), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

(Robert) McNeill Alexander (1934-2016), Professor of Zoology, University of Leeds. 1 Portrait

Sally Alexander (1943-), Feminist activist and historian. 1 Portrait

Samuel Alexander (1859-1938), Philosopher. 5 Portraits

Sarah Alexander (1971-), Television presenter and actress. 1 Portrait

Sidney Arthur Alexander (1866-1948), Canon and Treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral. 3 Portraits

Stanley Walter Alexander (1895-1980), Financial journalist and editor. 6 Portraits

Steve Alexander (1962-), Drummer; member of Brother Beyond. 1 Portrait

Sir Ulick Alexander (1889-1973), Extra Equerry to the Queen. 3 Portraits

Mrs Walter Alexander, Wife of Walter Alexander. 2 Portraits

Sir William Alexander (1874-1954), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

William Alexander (1824-1911), Anglican Archbishop of Armagh. 5 Portraits

Sir William Alexander (active 1950s-1960s). 1 Portrait

William Lindsay Alexander (1808-1884), Congregational minister. 2 Portraits

Mrs Alexander (Annie Hector (née French)) (1825-1902), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Trent John Alexander-Arnold (1998-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Prince Alexander Peter Galitzine (1945-), Son of Prince George Galitzine. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwyn Sinclair Alexander-Sinclair (1865-1945), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Altenburg (Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna of Russia) (1830-1911), Wife of Grand Duke Constantine Nikolaevich of Russia; daughter of Joseph Georg Friedrich Ernst Karl, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg. 1 Portrait

Queen Alexandra (1844-1925), Queen of Edward VII. 478 Portraits

Alexandra, Empress of Russia (née Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine) (1872-1918), Consort of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia; daughter of Princess Alice and granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 18 Portraits

Princess Alexandra of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1878-1942), Red Cross nurse; daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh; wife of Prince Ernst of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. 17 Portraits

Princess Alexandra of Hanover and Cumberland (later Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin) (1882-1963), Wife of Frederick Francis IV, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin; daughter of Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover and 3rd Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale. 2 Portraits

Princess Alexandra, Princess Arthur of Connaught (1891-1959), Wife of Prince Arthur of Connaught; daughter of Princess Louise, Duchess of Fife. 28 Portraits

Alexandra, Queen of Yugoslavia (1921-1993), Wife of Peter II, King of Yugoslavia. 1 Portrait

Princess Alexandra, Lady Ogilvy (1936-), Cousin of Queen Elizabeth II; wife of Sir Angus Ogilvy. 75 Portraits

Princess Alexandra Pavlovna Galitzine (1905-2006), Previous wife of Rostislav Alexandrovich Romanov; daughter of Prince Paul Pavlovitch Galitzine. 5 Portraits

Queen Alexandrine of Denmark (née Crown Princess Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin) (1879-1952), Consort of King Christian X of Denmark. 5 Portraits

George Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia (1871-1899), Son of Alexander III, Emperor of Russia. 2 Portraits

Michael Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia (1878-1918), Soldier; son of Alexander III, Emperor of Russia. 2 Portraits

Madame Olga Alexeeva, Russian Dancer. 7 Portraits

Alexei Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia (1850-1908), Naval commander; son of Alexander II, Emperor of Russia. 3 Portraits

Alexei, Tsarevich and Grand Duke of Russia (1904-1918), Heir apparent; son of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia. 7 Portraits

Prince Alexis Obolensky (1883-1942), Singer. 3 Portraits

R.A. Alexis. 5 Portraits

Frederick John Alfieri (1892-1961), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Vittorio Alfieri (1749-1803), Poet. 3 Portraits

Alfonso XII, King of Spain (1857-1885), Reigned 1874-85. 2 Portraits

Alfonso XIII, King of Spain (1886-1941), Reigned 1886-1931. 22 Portraits

Alfonso, Prince of Asturias (1907-1938), Count of Covadonga; son of Alfonso XIII. 7 Portraits

Marianne Margaret Egerton (née Compton), Viscountess Alford ('Lady Marian Alford') (1817-1888), Art patron and writer on needlework; first wife of John Hume Cust, Viscount Alford; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Northampton. 9 Portraits

(Brian Henry) John Alford (1939-), Musician; member of The Allisons. 1 Portrait

Charles Richard Alford (1816-1898), Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong. 1 Portrait

Henry Alford (1810-1871), Dean of Canterbury and biblical scholar. 6 Portraits

Ian Francis Onslow Alford (1921-2008), Commander, Royal Navy; son of F.R. Alford. 2 Portraits

(Edward) John Gregory Alford (1890-1960), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Edmund Alford (1904-1979), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

King Alfred ('The Great') (849-899), King of the West Saxons. 13 Portraits

Prince Alfred (1780-1782), Son of George III. 4 Portraits

Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1844-1900), Naval officer; second son of Queen Victoria. 79 Portraits

Prince Alfred of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1874-1899), Only son of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh. 8 Portraits

Alfred, Count D'Orsay (1801-1852), Amateur artist and man of fashion. 13 Portraits

Youly Algaroff (1918-1995), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Prince Ali Khan. 1 Portrait

Abdullah Yusuf Ali (1872-1953), Barrister and lecturer. 2 Portraits

Hoda Ali, Nurse and human rights activist. 1 Portrait

Mohammed Ali (1909-1963), Prime Minister of Pakistan. 4 Portraits

Monica Ali (1967-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Muhammad Ali (1942-2016), Boxer; heavyweight champion and Olympian. 4 Portraits

Pasha Mehemet Ali (1769-1849), Egyptian ruler. 2 Portraits

Saiyid Ameer Ali (1849-1928), Judge and Muslim leader in India. 5 Portraits

Tariq Ali (1943-), Student activist; writer and film producer. 3 Portraits

Lady Allia Abbas Ali Baig (born circa 1881), Daughter of Shaikh Ali Abdulla, Uncle of the Sultan of Bahrain; wife of Sir Mirza Abbas Ali Baig. 1 Portrait

Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse (1843-1878), Third child of Queen Victoria; wife of Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine. 112 Portraits

Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (1883-1981), Granddaughter of Queen Victoria and diplomatic service wife; Commandant-in-Chief, First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY). 30 Portraits

Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark (1885-1969), Wife of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark; mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 26 Portraits

Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester (1901-2004), Wife of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester; daughter of 7th Duke of Buccleuch and 9th Duke of Queensberry. 137 Portraits

Prince Naseem (Naseem Salom Ali Hamed) (1974-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Nawab Nasim Mansur Ali Khan of Bengal (1830-1884), Nawab Nizam of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. 1 Portrait

Artem Alikhanian (1908-1978), Physicist and first director of the Yerevan Physics Institute. 1 Portrait

Marina Alikhanian, Wife of Artem Alikhanian. 1 Portrait

Henry Gerard Sturt, 1st Baron Alington (1825-1904), Politician, sportsman and landowner. 3 Portraits

Augusta Sturt (née Lady Bingham), Baroness Alington of Criche (1832-1888), First wife of 1st Baron Alington; daughter of 3rd Earl of Lucan. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Henrietta (née Leigh), Lady Alington (1858-1939), Second wife of 1st Baron Alington; daughter of Henry Blundell Leigh. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Napier Sturt, 2nd Baron Alington (1859-1919), Landowner and Conservative politician; MP for East Dorset. 1 Portrait

Mary Sibell Sturt (née Ashley-Cooper), Lady Alington (1902-1936), Socialite; wife of 3rd Baron Alington; daughter of 9th Earl of Shaftesbury. 7 Portraits

Adrian Richard Alington (1895-1958), Author. 3 Portraits

Cyril Argentine Alington (1872-1955), Headmaster and dean of Durham. 3 Portraits

Sir Giles Alington (1572-1638), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Julius Alington (1836-1905), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Alington. 4 Portraits

Archibald Alison (1757-1839), Prebendary of Salisbury Cathedral; author of 'Essays on Taste'. 3 Portraits

Sir Archibald Alison, 1st Bt (1792-1867), Historian and lawyer. 8 Portraits

Sir Archibald Alison, 2nd Bt (1826-1907), General. 2 Portraits

(Sarah) Georgina (née Campbell), Lady Alison (died 1939), Wife of Sir Archibald Alison, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Michael James Hugh Alison (1926-2004), Politician; MP for Barkston Ash and Selby. 9 Portraits

William Pulteney Alison (1790-1859), Physician. 4 Portraits

Lady Ali Khan Zulfikar (1881-1974), Wife of Sir Ali Khan Zulfikar. 2 Portraits

Ahmad Pasha al-Jazzar ('Jazzar or Djezzar Pasha') (circa 1720s-1804), Governor in the Ottoman Empire. 2 Portraits

Ali Al-Karim, Sultan of Lahej (born circa 1922), Deposed Sultan of Lahej (Yemen) 1952-58. 1 Portrait

Jim Al-Khalili (1962-), Theoretical Nuclear Physicist. 1 Portrait

Risk Allah Bey, Soldier and medical officer. 1 Portrait

John Hillary Allaire (died 1866), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Robert Alexander Allan, Baron Allan of Kilmahew (1914-1979), Politician and shipowner. 4 Portraits

Ann Allan (née Nicholson) (1741-1787), First wife of George Allan. 1 Portrait

Anthony David ('Tony') Allan (1964-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Charles Allan (1852-1911), Actor. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Allan (1910-1990), Actress. 5 Portraits

George Allan (1736-1800), Antiquary and topographer. 2 Portraits

Lizzie Kincaid Allan (née Greenhorne) (1854-1937), Daughter of Alexander Greenhorne and Jane Allan. 1 Portrait

Maud Allan (1873-1956), Dancer. 26 Portraits

Mrs Robert Allan, Wife of Robert Allan. 1 Portrait

Sir William Allan (1782-1850), Painter and engraver; President of the Royal Scottish Academy. 7 Portraits

Sir William Allan (1837-1903), Engineer and politician. 2 Portraits

Christopher Gibson Allanby (1836-1917), Archdeacon. 1 Portrait

Eric Allandale (Eric Allandale Dubuisson) (1936-2001), Musician; trombonist, songwriter and bandleader. 1 Portrait

John Valentine Allanson-Winn (1904-1972), Fourth son of Rowland George Allanson Allanson-Winn, 5th Baron Headley. 6 Portraits

Robert Barclay Allardice (1779-1854), Pedestrian. 5 Portraits

Elsie Elizabeth (née Stewart, later Goodfellow), Lady Allardyce (1878-1962), Former wife of Adam Goodfellow; later wife of Sir William Lamond Allardyce; daughter of James Stewart. 5 Portraits

Sir William Lamond Allardyce (1861-1930), Commissioner and colonial secretary. 2 Portraits

James Harry Allason (1912-2011), Lieutenant-Colonel, sportsman and Conservative politician; MP for Hemel Hempstead. 6 Portraits

Theodore Edward le Bouthillier ('Ted') Allbeury (1917-2005), Spy novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt (1836-1925), Professor of Physic, University of Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Cuthbert Allchin (1895-1968), Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Eric Allden (1886-1949), Traveller, cultural attaché and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Eve Allderidge (née Collyer) (1935-), Student at New Hall College, Cambridge; wife of Michael Allderidge. 1 Portrait

Maddalena Allegranti (1755-1829), Italian soprano. 2 Portraits

Marc Allégret (1900-1973), Film director. 2 Portraits

Joshua William Allen, 6th Viscount Allen (1791-1845), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Philip Allen, Baron Allen of Abbeydale (1912-2007), Second Secretary to HM Treasury. 1 Portrait

(Reginald) Clifford Allen, 1st Baron Allen of Hurtwood (1889-1939), Politician, pacifist and Chairman of the No-Conscription Fellowship in the Great War. 5 Portraits

Lady Phyllis Edith Allen (née King) (1897-1947), Wife of William Edward David Allen; daughter of 3rd Earl of Lovelace. 8 Portraits

Abigail Mary Allen (née Naylor) (active 1807-1829), Housemaid; wife of James Allen (1787-1829). 1 Portrait

Ada Rosalie Elizabeth Allen (née Mason), Lady Brookes (1862-1933), Wife of Sir Harry Brookes Allen; daughter of Henry Mason. 3 Portraits

Adrianne Allen (Adrianne Massey) (1907-1993), Actress; second wife of Raymond Massey; daughter of John Allen. 15 Portraits

Agnes Allen (died 1959), Author and illustrator. 3 Portraits

Angela Allen (1929-), Film script supervisor. 1 Portrait

Archibald J.Allen, Mayor of Kensington. 2 Portraits

Arthur Acland Allen (1868-1939), Politician; MP for Christchurch and Dunbartonshire. 2 Portraits

Sir Bertram Cowles Allen (1875-1957), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Brian Allen (1952-), Chairman, Hazlitt, Gooden & Fox. 1 Portrait

Sir Carleton Kemp Allen (1887-1966), Legal scholar; author of 'Democracy and the Individual'. 4 Portraits

Charles Peter Allen (1861-1930), Politician, newspaper proprietor and barrister-at-law. 2 Portraits

Clive John Allen (1926-2016), Owner of Rood's Jewellers. 1 Portrait

Dave Allen (David Tynan O'Mahoney) (1936-2005), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Denis Allen (1910-1987), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Richard Allen (1894-1983), Clerk to Trustees of London Parochial Charities. 2 Portraits

Edgar Johnson Allen (1866-1942), Marine biologist. 2 Portraits

Elias Allen (circa 1588-1653), Mathematical instrument maker. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Raymond Allen, 2nd Bt (1910-1939), Son of Sir Frederick Charles Allen. 3 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Allen (1928-), Chemist and academic. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Francis Allen (1902-1982), Bishop of Derby and Bishop of Egypt. 14 Portraits

Sir (Albert) George Allen (1888-1956), Private Solicitor to King Edward VIII. 1 Portrait

George Cyril Allen (1900-1982), Economist, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy. 8 Portraits

Sir George Vance Allen (1894-1970), Bacteriologist. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Grant Blairfindie Allen (1848-1899), Writer on science and novelist. 4 Portraits

Sir George Oswald Browning ('Gubby') Allen (1902-1989), Cricketer and cricket administrator. 6 Portraits

Harold Gwynne Allen (1874-1960), Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff, Bedfordshire. 1 Portrait

Herbert Stanley Allen (1873-1954), Professor of Natural Philosophy. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Percy Allen (1869-1946), Musicologist and conductor. 11 Portraits

James Allen (1787-1829), Groom, labourer and female husband of Abigail Mary Allen (née Naylor). 1 Portrait

Sir James Allen (1855-1942), New Zealand statesman. 6 Portraits

John Allen (1771-1843), Historian and resident physician at Holland House. 1 Portrait

John Frank Allen (1908-2001), Physicist. 4 Portraits

John Samuel Allen (1945-), Musician; guitarist for The Nashville Teens. 1 Portrait

Sir John Sandeman Allen (1865-1935), Conservative politician; MP for Liverpool West Derby. 3 Portraits

John William Allen (1853-1937), of Messrs Longmans, Green & Company. 1 Portrait

Keith Philip George Allen (1953-), Actor, comedian, songwriter and singer. 1 Portrait

Kitty Allen, Actress. 1 Portrait

Lancelot Baugh Allen (1775-1845), Master of Dulwich College, London Police Magistrate. 2 Portraits

Lily Allen (1985-), Singer and songwriter. 2 Portraits

Mary Hope Allen (1898-2001), Journalist and Producer for BBC Radio, Drama and Features department. 1 Portrait

Mary Sophia Allen (1878-1964), Founder and Commandant of Women Police in London. 2 Portraits

Nicky Allen (Lady Pamela Dorothy Allen Tuck, née Nicholson) (active 1960s), Model; wife of Sir Bruce Adolph Reginald Tuck, 3rd Bt; daughter of Alfred Michael Nicholson. 1 Portrait

Percy B. Allen (1913-1992), Farmer and politician. 1 Portrait

Percy Stafford Allen (1869-1933), President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 10 Portraits

Ralph Allen (1693-1764), Philanthropist; known as 'The Man of Bath'. 5 Portraits

Ralph Shuttleworth Allen (1817-1887), Politician and Major. 1 Portrait

Richard Allen (1787-1873), Draper, philanthropist and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Richard Allen (1933-1999), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Hugh Sedley Allen (1903-1996), British ambassador to Burma. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard William Allen (1867-1955), Chairman of W. H. Allen, Sons & Co. 1 Portrait

Richard John Cyril ('Rick') Allen (1963-), Drummer; member of Def Leppard. 1 Portrait

Rod Allen (Rodney Bainbridge) (1944-2008), Musician; lead singer and bass guitarist for The Fortunes. 1 Portrait

Sir Roger Allen (1909-1972), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Wilberforce Allen (1889-1936), Politician and lawyer. 3 Portraits

Sir Roy George Douglas Allen (1906-1983), Professor of Statistics. 1 Portrait

Stafford Allen (1806-1889), Industrialist and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sydney Scholefield Allen (1898-1974), Politician, soldier and barrister. 3 Portraits

Sylvia Allen (née Wingate-Saul) (1908-1951), Wife of Peter Allen. 2 Portraits

Tamba Allen (1941-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Thomas Allen (1540?-1632), Mathematician and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Allen (1944-), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas William Allen (1862-1950), Fellow of the British Academy. 1 Portrait

Violet Mary Stella Allen (née Aldsworth), Second wife of A.J. Whitacre Allen. 1 Portrait

Walter Ernest Allen (1911-1995), Author, journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Walter Godfrey Allen (1891-1986), Architect. 4 Portraits

Sir Walter Macarthur Allen (1870-1943), Commandant-in-Chief Metropolitan Special Constabulary. 5 Portraits

Sir William Allen (1866-1947), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 3 Portraits

William Allen (1793-1864), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

William Allen (1770-1843), Chemist and philanthropist. 9 Portraits

William Allen (1532-1594), Cardinal. 6 Portraits

William Gilbert Allen (1892-1970), Chartered accountant. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Kenneth Gwynne Allen (1907-2000), Engineer and president of the British Engineers Association. 2 Portraits

William Philip Allen (1888-1958), British Transport Commission. 1 Portrait

Woody Allen (1935-), Actor, writer and film director. 1 Portrait

W. Allen. 1 Portrait

Allen (active 1788), Referee for a prize fight. 4 Portraits

Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby (1861-1936), Field Marshal. 38 Portraits

Adelaide Mabel Allenby (née Chapman), Viscountess Allenby of Megiddo (died 1942), Wife of 1st Viscount Allenby of Megiddo. 9 Portraits

Gertrude Mary Lethbridge (née Champneys), Viscountess Allenby (active 1930-1949), First wife of 2nd Viscount Allenby. 5 Portraits

Frederick Claude Hynman Allenby (1864-1934), Royal Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Michael Jaffray Hynman Allenby (1931-), Soldier. 5 Portraits

(David Howard) Nicholas Allenby (1909-1995), Bishop. 3 Portraits

Alexandrina Louisa Maud (née Vane-Tempest-Stewart), Viscountess Allendale (1863-1945), Wife of 1st Viscount Allendale; daughter of 5th Marquess of Londonderry. 4 Portraits

Wentworth Henry Canning Beaumont, 2nd Viscount Allendale (1890-1956), British peer; Lord Lieutenant of Northumberland; army captain. 1 Portrait

G. Mander Allender. 1 Portrait

Lizzie Allen Harker (née Watson) (1863-1933), Novelist and playwright; wife of James Allen Harker. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur John Allen-Williams (1869-1949), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

William Lawies Jackson, 1st Baron Allerton (1840-1917), Politician and businessman. 4 Portraits

C. Allesham or Alleston (active 1830s). 1 Portrait

Richard Allestree (1619-1681), Royalist divine and provost of Eton College. 5 Portraits

Edward Alleyn (1566-1626), Actor and founder of Dulwich College. 4 Portraits

Alice Violet (née Campbell), Lady Alleyne (died 1985), Wife of Sir John Meynell Alleyne, 4th Bt; daughter of James Campbell. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Allgood (née Clayton) (died 1874), Wife of George Allgood; daughter of Richard Clayton. 1 Portrait

George Allgood (1827-1907), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Lancelot John Hunter Allgood (1823-1885), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Claudia Violet Allhusen (née Betterton) (1917-2009), Wife of Derek Swithin Allhusen; daughter of 1st and last Baron Rushcliffe. 15 Portraits

Derek Swithin Allhusen (1914-2000), Farmer, soldier and equestrian; Olympian. 12 Portraits

Henry Christian Allhusen (1835-1871), Chemical manufacturer and Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Michael Christian Allhusen (1938-1960), Son of Derek Swithin Allhusen. 12 Portraits

O. Allhusen. 3 Portraits

Timothy Frederick Allhusen (1942-), Son of Derek Swithin Allhusen. 12 Portraits

Waheed Alli, Baron Alli (1964-), Television producer and politician. 2 Portraits

Thomas Edward Allibone (1903-2003), Professor of Electrical Engineering. 1 Portrait

Edward Hall Allies (1841-1899), Engineer. 1 Portrait

Mr Allies. 1 Portrait

Frederic Allin (active 1845), Dissenting minister. 2 Portraits

G.E. Allin. 2 Portraits

Rose Allin (Allyn) (circa 1537-1557), Martyr; daughter of Alyce Mount. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Allin, 1st Bt (baptised 1612-1685), Naval officer. 3 Portraits

Henry William Allingham (1896-2009), Aircraft mechanic and car designer; World War I veteran and centenarian. 1 Portrait

Joyce Allingham (1913-2001), Photographer, publishing secretary and business manager; daughter of Herbert John Allingham; sister of Margery Allingham. 1 Portrait

Margery Louise Allingham (1904-1966), Crime writer and novelist. 48 Portraits

William Allingham (1824-1889), Poet. 3 Portraits

Hilderband Allington, 3rd Lord Allington of Killard (1641-1723), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

William Allington, Lord Allington, Landowner. 1 Portrait

Edward Allington (1951-2017), Artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Richard Allinson (1858-1918), Dietitian and businessman. 1 Portrait

Percy Allis (1897-1975), Golfer. 3 Portraits

Christopher John Allison (1962-), Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police; National Olympic Security Co-ordinator, London 2012. 1 Portrait

George Frederick Allison (1883-1957), Football manager, journalist and broadcaster. 8 Portraits

Oliver Claude Allison (1908-1989), Bishop of Sudan. 1 Portrait

Philip Rowland Allison (1907-1974), Consulting surgeon. 16 Portraits

Sir Richard John Allison (1869-1958), Architect. 1 Portrait

Richard Sydney Allison (1899-1978), Neurologist. 6 Portraits

Sherard Falkner Allison (1907-1993), Bishop of Winchester. 3 Portraits

Wilmer Lawson Allison (1904-1977), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Percy Alliss (1897-1975), Golfer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Prat Alliston (1832-1912), Alderman of the City of London. 6 Portraits

John Alliston (1781-1855). 2 Portraits

Charles Allix (1787-1862), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Hon. Hilda Allix (née Strutt) (1879-1923), Wife of Charles Israel Loraine Allix; daughter of 2nd Baron Belper. 2 Portraits

George James Allman (1812-1898), Botanist and zoologist. 4 Portraits

Hannah Louisa Allman (née Shaen) (died 1890), Wife of George James Allman; daughter of Samuel Shaen. 1 Portrait

Arthur John Allmand (1885-1951), Professor of Chemistry. 3 Portraits

Gillian Allnutt (1949-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Carrick Allom (1865-1947), Architect. 2 Portraits

Henry Allon (1818-1892), Congregational minister and leader. 5 Portraits

Eric Newmarch Allott (1899-1980), Consultant Adviser in Chemical Pathology, Ministry of Health. 7 Portraits

Lawrence Alloway (1926-1990), Gallerist and critic. 1 Portrait

Mr Alloway (active 1860), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Peter Allpress (died 1968), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alfred Percy Allsop (1861-1929), Soldier, politician and Mayor of Worcester; 7th son of 1st Baron Hindlip. 5 Portraits

George Allsop (1864-1927), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

Hon. George Higginson Allsopp (1846-1907), Politician and company director; son of 1st Baron Hindlip. 8 Portraits

Hon. Norah Hyacinthe Allsopp (née Littleton) (1899-1997), Wife of Samuel Ranulph Allsopp; daughter of 4th Baron Hatherton. 5 Portraits

Dacia (Dacia Allwood) (born 1902), Actress and dancer. 1 Portrait

Margaret Allworthy, Model. 2 Portraits

Antonio ('Tony') Ally (1973-), Diver; Olympian. 1 Portrait

William Almack (1741-1781), Founder of Almack's Ballroom. 1 Portrait

Laura Theresa (née Epps), Lady Alma-Tadema (1852-1909), Painter; second wife of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema; daughter of George Napoleon Epps. 4 Portraits

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912), Painter. 40 Portraits

Edith Martha ('E.M.') Almedingen (Marta Aleksandrovna Almedingen) (1898-1971), Novelist, biographer and children's author. 7 Portraits

Magda Almo, Actress and operetta singer. 3 Portraits

Darren Almond (1971-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Eleanora Mary Almond, Classical lecturer, Westfield College, London. 2 Portraits

Marc Almond (1957-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Soft Cell'. 3 Portraits

Robert Munro, 1st Baron Alness (1868-1955), Judge and Liberal politician; Secretary for Scotland. 20 Portraits

Olga Marie Munro (née Grumler), Lady Alness (1897-1981), Second wife of Robert Munro, Baron Alness. 6 Portraits

Prince Aloys Alexander ('Louis') von Schonburg-Hartenstein (1906-1998), Son of Prince Johannes Aloys Otto von Schönburg-Hartenstein. 5 Portraits

Frank Theodore Alpe (died 1952), Lawyer, judge and Recorder of Borough of Great Yarmouth. 2 Portraits

Prince Alphonse de Chimay (1899-1973), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Cuthbert James McCall ('Cub') Alport, Baron Alport (1912-1998), Politician; MP for Colchester. 12 Portraits

Rachel Cecilia (née Bingham), Lady Alport (1917-1983), Wife of Baron Alport; daughter of Ralph Charles Bingham; granddaughter of 4th Earl of Lucan. 11 Portraits

Mulai Al-Rashid (1631-1672), 'The Great Tafiletta'; Sultan of Morocco, 1664-1672. 2 Portraits

Thomas Massa Alsager (1779-1846), Journalist and musician. 2 Portraits

Sayyid Sir Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Said (1910-1963), Sultan of Zanzibar. 3 Portraits

Carlton Alsop (1900-1979), Radio producer. 1 Portrait

George Alsop (1638-1673), Writer. 5 Portraits

Robert Alsop (died 1785), Alderman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Alsop (active 1540s-died 1557), Apothecary to King Henry VIII. 1 Portrait

William Allen Alsop (1947-2018), Architect. 5 Portraits

Annie Alstead (née Deakin), Wife of Robert Alstead. 3 Portraits

Robert Alstead (1873-1946), Politician and Mayor of Wigan. 2 Portraits

Stanley Alstead (1905-1992), Physician; President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 7 Portraits

Arthur Fawssett Alston (1872-1954), Archdeacon of Hastings. 1 Portrait

Sir Beilby Francis Alston (1868-1929), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Cedric Rowland Alston (died 1963), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Beilby Alston (1820-1905), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Francis George Alston (1878-1961), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Alten, Count von Alten (1764-1840), Hanoverian general. 3 Portraits

Margaret (née Baring), Viscountess Althorp (1868-1906), Wife of Viscount Althorp (later 6th Earl Spencer); daughter of 1st Baron Revelstoke. 1 Portrait

Gerald ('Gerry') Altmann (1960-), Psychologist; expert in the psychology of language; professor. 1 Portrait

Peter Altmeier (1899-1977), German politician. 1 Portrait

David Patrick Alton, Baron Alton of Liverpool (1951-), Politician; Liberal Chief Whip. 1 Portrait

Bindo AltovitI (1491-1556), Banker. 1 Portrait

Edward William Macleay Grigg, 1st Baron Altrincham (1879-1955), Colonial administrator, politician and editor of the 'National Review'. 14 Portraits

Joan Alice Katherine (née Dickson-Poynder), Lady Altrincham (1897-1987), Wife of 1st Baron Altrincham; daughter of 1st Baron Islington. 2 Portraits

John Edward Poynder Grigg, 2nd Baron Altrincham (1924-2001), Journalist and historian. 3 Portraits

Jeannette Altwegg (1930-2021), Ice skater; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Richard Pepper Arden, 1st Baron Alvanley (1744-1804), Judge. 14 Portraits

William Arden, 2nd Baron Alvanley (1789-1849), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Vincenti Alvar (died 1606), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Alfred ('Al') Alvarez (1929-2019), Poet, critic and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Alvarus (died 1571), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Emmanuel Alvarus (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Ferdinandus Alvarus (died 1571), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Franciscus Alvarus (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Gaspar Alvarus (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Richard Everard Webster, Viscount Alverstone (1842-1915), Lord Chief Justice. 17 Portraits

Juliette Louise Alvin (1897-1982), Cellist, viola da gamba player and music therapist. 3 Portraits

Robert Daniel Thwaites Yerburgh, 1st Baron Alvingham (1889-1955), Politician and Captain. 3 Portraits

Olive Alwyn (née Pull), Wife of William Alwyn. 5 Portraits

William Alwyn (1905-1985), Composer. 6 Portraits

Amadeo I, King of Spain (1845-1890), Elected King of Spain 1870-1873. 1 Portrait

Princess (Marie Louise Francesca) Amalie of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Bavaria (1848-1894), Wife of Duke Maximilian Emanuel in Bavaria; daughter of Prince August of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. 2 Portraits

Amba (active 1823), Active in the Demerera Uprising of 1823; enslaved Guyanese woman. 1 Portrait

John Russell, Viscount Amberley (1842-1876), Politician and writer; eldest son of 1st Earl Russell. 2 Portraits

Katherine Louisa (née Stanley), Viscountess Amberley (1842-1874), Suffragist; wife of John Russell Amberley, Viscount Amberley; daughter of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. 1 Portrait

Eric Clifford Ambler (1909-1998), Novelist. 5 Portraits

Geoffrey Hill Ambler (1904-1978), Inventor, air force officer and amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Emilie Ambre (died 1898), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

(Benjamin Baruch ('Bert')) Ambrose (1896-1971), Violinist and bandleader. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Baruch ('Bert') Ambrose (1896-1971), Bandleader and violinist. 1 Portrait

David ('Dave') Ambrose (1945-), Musician; bassist. 1 Portrait

Isaac Ambrose (baptised 1604-1664), Puritan divine. 1 Portrait

Marsha Ambrosius (1976-), Singer, songwriter and member of 'Floetry'. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne (née Clementson), Lady Amcotts-Ingilby (circa 1817-1902), Second wife of Sir William Amcotts-Ingilby, 2nd Bt; daughter of John Clementson. 1 Portrait

Sir William Amcotts-Ingilby, 2nd Bt (1784-1854), Liberal politician; MP for Lincolnshire. 4 Portraits

Princess Amelia Sophia Eleanora (1711-1786), Second daughter of George II. 7 Portraits

Princess Amelia (1783-1810), Sixth daughter of George III. 9 Portraits

(Harold) Julian Amery, Baron Amery of Lustleigh (1919-1996), Politician; Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and RAF captain. 23 Portraits

Colin Robert Amery (1944-), Architectural writer, critic and historian; former Director of the World Monuments Fund in Britain. 2 Portraits

(Adeliza) Florence Amery (née Hamar Greenwood) (1881-1975), Chair of the Indian Comforts Fund; wife of Leopold Stennett Amery; daughter of John Hamar Greenwood. 1 Portrait

John Amery (1912-1945), Film director; son of politician Leopold Amery. 4 Portraits

Leopold Stennett Amery (1873-1955), Politician; Secretary of State for India and writer. 29 Portraits

Sir Herbert Ames (1863-1954), Businessman, philanthropist and politician. 1 Portrait

Joseph Ames (1689-1759), Antiquary. 3 Portraits

Leslie Ethelbert George ('Les') Ames (1905-1990), Cricketer. 3 Portraits

Lionel Ames (1809-1873), Landowner, Justice of the Peace and Captain. 1 Portrait

Oswald Henry Ames (1862-1927), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Percy W. Ames (1853-1919), Secretary of Royal Society of Literature. 1 Portrait

Victor Charles Ames (1859-1934), Zoologist and painter. 1 Portrait

William Ames (1576-1633), Puritan divine. 4 Portraits

Charles Dundas, Baron Amesbury (1751-1832), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Christopher ('Chris') Amey (1945-), Head of Visitor Services and Security, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Ian ('Tich') Amey (1944-2024), Musician; member of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. 5 Portraits

Clara Amfo (1984-), Radio broadcaster, television presenter, podcast host and voice-over artist.. 1 Portrait

Amha Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia (1916-1997), Foreign dignitary; son of Haile Selassie I. 4 Portraits

William Pitt Amherst, 1st Earl Amherst of Arracan (1773-1857), Statesman; Governor-General of India. 6 Portraits

William Pitt Amherst, 2nd Earl Amherst of Arracan (1805-1886), Politician; MP for East Grinstead. 1 Portrait

William Archer Amherst, 3rd Earl Amherst (1836-1910), Politician and freemason. 4 Portraits

Eleanor Clementina (née St Aubyn), Countess Amherst (1869-1960), Wife of 4th Earl Amherst; daughter of 1st Lord St Levan. 1 Portrait

Jeffery John Archer Amherst, 5th Earl Amherst (1896-1993), Pilot, businessman, journalist and author. 1 Portrait

Jeffrey Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst (1717-1797), Field Marshal. 7 Portraits

Mary Rothes Margaret Cecil, Baroness Amherst of Hackney (1857-1919), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Hon. Humphrey William Amherst (1903-1974), District Commissioner, Gold Coast and farmer; second son of 4th Earl Amherst. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Amhurst (1697-1742), Poet and political writer; 'Caleb D'Anvers'. 2 Portraits

Barbara Amiel (1940-), Journalist and writer. 1 Portrait

Bishop of Amiens, Bishop of Amiens. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edwin) Hardy Amies (1909-2003), Couturier; dressmaker for Queen Elizabeth II; Head of Special Operations Executive in Belgium during World War II. 21 Portraits

Peter Emanuel Amigo (1864-1949), Archbishop of Southwark. 8 Portraits

Zori Amini (1960 or 1961-), Granddaughter of Leonard Whitley; daughter of Mahmoud Amini. 1 Portrait

Rechavam Amir, Israel Consul-General to London. 1 Portrait

John Preston Amis (1922-2013), Broadcaster, critic and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Kingsley William Amis (1922-1995), Novelist. 32 Portraits

Martin Louis Amis (1949-2023), Novelist; son of Sir Kingsley Amis. 22 Portraits

Philip Amis (1948-), Graphic designer and artist. 1 Portrait

Sally Myfanwy Amis (1954-2000), Daughter of Sir Kingsley Amis. 1 Portrait

J.F. Van Ammel, Captain. 3 Portraits

Charles George Ammon, 1st Baron Ammon (1873-1960), Trade unionist and politician. 23 Portraits

Ada Ellen (née May), Lady Ammon (died 1958), Wife of 1st Baron Ammon. 3 Portraits

Charles Amoah, Brother-in-law of Sir Samuel Quashie-Idun. 1 Portrait

Marquis Salina Amorini. 1 Portrait

Derick Heathcoat Amory, 1st Viscount Amory (1899-1981), Industrialist, politician and Chancellor of the Exchequer. 13 Portraits

Gordon Amory (1930-2010), Daily Express photographer. 1 Portrait

Valerie Ann Amos, Baroness Amos of Brondesbury (1954-), Chief Executive of the Equal Opportunities Commission; Government Whip, House of Lords. 2 Portraits

Sir Maurice Sheldon Amos (1872-1940), Judge in Egypt. 1 Portrait

François Claude Amour, Marquis de Bouillé (1739-1800), French statesman. 1 Portrait

André Marie Ampère (1775-1836), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Edward Greenhill Amphlett (1853-1930), Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard Paul Amphlett (1809-1883), Judge. 2 Portraits

Odo William Leopold Russell, 1st Baron Ampthill (1829-1884), Diplomat. 6 Portraits

Emily Theresa (née Villiers), Lady Ampthill (1843-1927), Royal courtier; wife of 1st Baron Ampthill; daughter of 4th Earl of Clarendon. 5 Portraits

(Arthur) Oliver Villiers Russell, 2nd Baron Ampthill (1869-1935), Lieutenant-Colonel, administrator in India; governor of Madras and rower. 19 Portraits

Margaret (née Lygon), Lady Ampthill (1874-1957), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary; wife of 2nd Baron Ampthill; daughter of 6th Earl Beauchamp. 9 Portraits

Leopold Oliver Ampthill (1907-1988), Director-General of Cement and Concrete Association. 2 Portraits

Joseph Amritanand (1917-1994), Bishop of Assam, India. 1 Portrait

Albert Maurice Amsler (1877-1952), Physician. 1 Portrait

Jan van Amstel (circa 1500-1542), Artist. 1 Portrait

William Warrender MacKenzie, 1st Baron Amulree (1860-1942), Lawyer and industrial arbitrator. 2 Portraits

Basil William Shotto Mackenzie, 2nd Baron Amulree (1900-1983), Physician and geriatrician. 12 Portraits

Frederick Montague, 1st Baron Amwell of Islington (1876-1966), Labour politician; MP for Islington. 15 Portraits

Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004), Writer and critic. 2 Portraits

Anastasia, Grand Duchess of Russia (1901-1918), Daughter of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia. 8 Portraits

Peregrine Bertie, 3rd Duke of Ancaster (1714-1793). 2 Portraits

Mary (née Panton), Duchess of Ancaster (died 1793), Mistress of the Robes to Queen Charlotte; second wife of 3rd Duke of Ancaster. 12 Portraits

Gilbert Henry Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 1st Earl of Ancaster (1830-1910), Politician; MP for Boston and Rutland. 9 Portraits

Evelyn Elizabeth (née Gordon), Countess of Ancaster (1846-1921), Wife of 1st Earl of Ancaster; daughter of 10th Marquess of Huntly. 3 Portraits

Gilbert Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 2nd Earl of Ancaster (1867-1951), Politician; MP for Horncastle. 12 Portraits

Gilbert James Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 3rd Earl of Ancaster (1907-1983), Lord-Lieutenant of County of Lincoln, 1950-75. 1 Portrait

Nancy Phyllis Louise Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby (née Astor), Countess of Ancaster (1909-1975), Wife of 3rd Earl of Ancaster; daughter of 2nd Viscount Astor. 2 Portraits

Robert Bertie, 4th Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven (1756-1779), Politician; Lord Great Chamberlain. 2 Portraits

Henry Ancell (1802-1863), Surgeon, traveller and writer. 2 Portraits

Ronni Ancona (1968-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Robert Ker, 1st Earl of Ancram (1578-1654), Courtier and politician. 1 Portrait

Anne Ker (née Stanley), Countess of Ancram (died 1657), Second wife of Robert Ker, Earl of Ancram; daughter of 6th Earl of Derby. 2 Portraits

Aloys Ander (1821-1864), Singer with the Royal Italian Opera. 2 Portraits

Wladyslaw Anders (1892-1970), Polish army general and politician. 3 Portraits

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875), Writer. 2 Portraits

Nancy Andersen, Singer of indie pop band Babeheaven. 1 Portrait

Donald Anderson, Baron Anderson of Swansea (1939-), Barrister; politician. 6 Portraits

Lady Flavia Joan Lucy Anderson (née Giffard) (1910-1998), Wife of James Alasdair Anderson; daughter of 2nd Earl of Halsbury. 4 Portraits

Lady Gillian Mary Anderson (née Drummond) (1920-2002), Wife of John Murray Anderson; daughter of 16th Earl of Perth. 3 Portraits

Dame Adelaide Mary Anderson (1863-1936), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Alan Garrett Anderson (1877-1952), Shipowner and public servant. 4 Portraits

Sir Alexander James Anderson (1879-1965), Vice-Chairman of Commissioners for the Port of Rangoon. 3 Portraits

Alexander Robert Fordyce Anderson (1906-1963), Architect and President of the Architectural Association. 1 Portrait

Alexander Vass Anderson (1895-1963), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Alfred Anderson (1896-2005), Sergeant; later a city council clerk. 1 Portrait

Angela Anderson (née Wellesley-Colley) (1942-), Wife of David Campbell Anderson; daughter of Anthony Wellesley-Colley. 3 Portraits

Arthur Anderson (1873-1942), Librettist, lyricist and adapter. 1 Portrait

Sir Athol Lancelot Anderson (1875-1955), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Austin Thomas Anderson (1868-1949), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Carol Anderson, Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Hon. Cecilia Claribel Anderson (née Cavendish) (1903-1997), Wife of James Mitchell Anderson; daughter of 6th Baron Waterpark. 18 Portraits

Sir Charles Henry John Anderson, 9th Bt (1804-1891), Landowner and Sheriff of Lincolnshire. 2 Portraits

Charles Palmerston Anderson (1865-1930), Bishop of Chicago; Presiding Bishop of United States of America Episcopal Church. 1 Portrait

Clive Stuart Anderson (1952-), Comedian, radio and television writer and presenter. 2 Portraits

Sir Colin Skelton Anderson (1904-1980), Director of Midland Bank and museum trustee. 1 Portrait

Cyril Wilfred Anderson (1898-1978), Farmer. 1 Portrait

Sir David Anderson (1880-1953), Lawyer and civil engineer. 2 Portraits

David Anderson (1814-1885), Bishop of Rupert's Land, Canada. 2 Portraits

David Anderson. 1 Portrait

David Colville Anderson (1916-1995), Lecturer in Scots Law, Edinburgh University and politician. 2 Portraits

David Dick Anderson (1889-1980), HM Chief Inspector of Schools. 2 Portraits

Sir Desmond Francis Anderson (1885-1967), Lieutenant-General. 7 Portraits

Donald Clive Anderson (1897-1957), Historian and Chief Press Officer for the Festival of Britain. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Forsyth Anderson (1906-1973), Director of National Westminster Bank Ltd. 3 Portraits

Sir Duncan Law Anderson (1901-1980), Consulting civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Anderson (1530?-1605), Lord Chief Justice. 6 Portraits

Edward William Anderson (1901-1981), Professor of Psychiatry. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth D'Arcy Anderson (née Walker) (active 1937), Wife of Sir John D'Arcy Anderson. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (1836-1917), Physician. 7 Portraits

Emma (née Foljambe), Lady Anderson (circa 1804-1870), Daughter of John Saville Foljambe. 1 Portrait

Emma Anderson. 1 Portrait

Emma Theodosia Anderson (1835-1912), Daughter of Sir Charles Henry John Anderson, 9th Bt. 3 Portraits

Sir (William) Eric Anderson (1936-2020), Educator; Headmaster then Provost of Eton College; Chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund. 1 Portrait

Francis Anderson (active 1802), Writer to the Signet. 1 Portrait

Francis Foljambe Anderson (1841-1881), Eldest son of Sir Charles Anderson, 6th Bt. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis James Anderson (1888-1920), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Frederick Ingall Anderson (1874-1961), Chaplain. 1 Portrait

Sir George Anderson (1845-1923), Treasurer, Bank of Scotland. 8 Portraits

George Cranston Anderson (1879-1944), Secretary of British Medical Association. 1 Portrait

George David Anderson (1913-1983), HM Diplomatic Service. 1 Portrait

Gerry Anderson (1929-2012), Film producer, director and writer; creator of 'Thunderbirds'. 1 Portrait

Gwendoline Victoria Mary Anderson (née Jones) (1897-1957), First wife of William Louis Anderson. 1 Portrait

Hedli Anderson (Antoinette Millicent Hedley MacNeice (née Anderson)) (1907-1990), Actress and singer; former wife of (Frederick) Louis MacNeice. 1 Portrait

Helena Anderson. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Percy Anderson (1831-1896), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Ian Anderson (1947-), Musician; singer for Jethro Tull. 1 Portrait

James Anderson (1738-1809), Botanist, agriculturalist and physician in India. 7 Portraits

James Anderson (1739-1808), Economist. 1 Portrait

James Anderson (1802-1888), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir James Anderson (1824-1893), Telegraphic engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir James Drummond Anderson (1886-1968), Indian civil servant. 2 Portraits

James George Skelton Anderson (1838-1907), Managing Director, Orient Steamship Co.; husband of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. 1 Portrait

James Robertson Anderson (1811-1895), Actor and theatre manager. 1 Portrait

James Stuart Murray Anderson (1800-1869), Clergyman. 4 Portraits

Jane Anderson. 1 Portrait

Janet Anderson (1949-2023), Labour politician; MP for Rossendale and Darwen. 1 Portrait

Jim Anderson (1937-), Editor of Oz magazine. 1 Portrait

James Michael ('Jimmy') Anderson (1982-), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

John Anderson (circa 1750-1833), Falconer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Anderson (1858-1918), Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Ceylon. 2 Portraits

John Anderson (1921-2006), Footballer. 7 Portraits

Sir John D'Arcy Anderson (1908-1988), General and Director-General of Military Training. 31 Portraits

John Ford Anderson (1840-1933), Physician. 1 Portrait

John George Anderson (1866-1943), Anglican Archbishop of Moosonee, Ontario. 1 Portrait

John George Clark Anderson (1870-1952), Camden Professor of Ancient History, University of Oxford and Brasenose College Fellow. 3 Portraits

Joseph Anderson (1801-1875), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Dame Frances Margaret ('Judith') Anderson (1898-1992), Actress. 1 Portrait

Julian Anderson (1967-), Composer. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Anderson (1906-1992), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Arthur Noel Anderson (1891-1959), General. 7 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Skelton Anderson, 1st Bt (1866-1942), Manager and Director of Shipping Company. 5 Portraits

Dame Kitty Anderson (1903-1979), Headmistress. 4 Portraits

Lawrence Anderson (1893-1939). 5 Portraits

Lea Anderson (1959-), Dancer and choreographer. 1 Portrait

Lindsay Gordon Anderson (1923-1994), Film, television and stage director. 9 Portraits

Louisa Garrett Anderson (1873-1943), Surgeon and founder of hospitals. 2 Portraits

Lucy Anderson (née Philpot) (1790-1878), Music teacher to Queen Victoria. 4 Portraits

Mala Anderson. 1 Portrait

Margaret (née Milligan), Lady Anderson, Second wife of Sir James Anderson; daughter of Thomas Milligan. 1 Portrait

Marian Anderson (1897-1993), Contralto singer. 1 Portrait

Mary Anderson (Mrs de Navarro) (1859-1940), Actress. 53 Portraits

Muriel Ivy (née Duncan), Lady Anderson (1884-1971), Wife of Sir Alan Garrett Anderson; daughter of G.W. Duncan. 1 Portrait

Sir (David) Murray Anderson (1874-1936), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Nelson Graham Anderson (1875-1945), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Neville Anderson (1881-1963), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Nicol Keith Anderson (1882-1953), Clergyman. 5 Portraits

Noel Robert Anderson (1838-1868), Clerk in the Admiralty, Whitehall. 1 Portrait

Mrs Rex Anderson, Society portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Richard Henry Anderson (1821-1879), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Neville Anderson (1907-1979), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Robert Anderson (1792-1843), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918), Spymaster, detective chief and author. 1 Portrait

Robert Geoffrey William Anderson (1944-), Director of the British Museum. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Murray McCheyne Anderson (1867-1940), Brigadier-General and businessman. 1 Portrait

Rona Anderson (1925-2013), Actress. 2 Portraits

Ronald Kinloch Anderson (1911-1984), Pianist and Artistic Director at EMI Records. 1 Portrait

Hon. Rosamond Anderson (née Tufton) (1877-1957), Wife of Stuart Gordon Anderson; daughter of Henry James Tufton, 1st Baron Hothfield. 2 Portraits

Samuel Anderson (1982-), Actor. 1 Portrait

(Alfred Charles) Stanley Anderson (1884-1966), Engraver, etcher and watercolour painter. 8 Portraits

Stuart Milligan Anderson (1879-1954), Brigadier-General, journalist and Director of the Exchange Telegraph news agency. 4 Portraits

Thomas Anderson (1819-1874), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Vivian Alexander ('Viv') Anderson (1956-), Footballer and coach. 1 Portrait

Walter Anderson, Tenor. 1 Portrait

Sir Warren Hastings Anderson (1872-1930), Lieutenant-General. 10 Portraits

William Anderson (1799-1873), Minister of the United Presbyterian church. 1 Portrait

William Allan Campbell Anderson (1911-1972), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

William Louis Anderson (1892-1972), Bishop of Portsmouth and of Salisbury. 9 Portraits

Miss Anderson. 1 Portrait

Miss Anderson. 1 Portrait

Mr Anderson (active 1850), Member of The Lancashire Central Short Time Committee for Obtaining the Ten Hours Bill. 1 Portrait

Professor Anderson (active 1855). 1 Portrait

Miss Anderson (active 1861). 1 Portrait

Captain Anderson (active 1930). 1 Portrait

Lady Anderson (active 1942). 2 Portraits

Hon. Evelyn Cornwallis Anderson-Pelham (1851-1908), Son of 2nd Earl of Yarborough. 4 Portraits

Sven Olof Morgan Andersson (1910-1987), Swedish politician. 1 Portrait

Lady Emma Frances Mary Anderton (née Plunkett) (1826-1866), First wife of William Michael Ince Anderton; daughter of 9th Earl of Fingall. 1 Portrait

Darren Robert Anderton (1972-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Sir (Cyril) James Anderton (1932-2022), Chief Constable of the Greater Manchester Police Force. 3 Portraits

William Michael Ince Anderton (1825-1884), Landowner and army officer. 1 Portrait

Mary Howard (née Finch), Viscountess Andover (1717-1803), Wife of William, Viscount Andover. 3 Portraits

Monsieur Andra (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Didacus Andrada (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Edward Neville da Costa Andrade (1887-1971), Physicist. 10 Portraits

Count Gyula Andrassy (1823-1890), Hungarian statesman. 2 Portraits

James Richard Glencoe Andre (1899-1981), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

John André (1751-1780), Adjutant-General of British Forces in America and silhouettist. 1 Portrait

André, Marquis de Verdières (born circa 1892). 3 Portraits

Monsieur Andre. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lewis André, Bt (1760-1802), Captain, Royal Fusiliers. 1 Portrait

Edward Philip Andreae (died 1975), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Princess Andrée Aga Khan (née Andrée Joséphine Carron) (circa 1898-1976), Third wife of Aga Khan III. 1 Portrait

Constantine ('Costas') Andreou (1917-2007), Artist. 5 Portraits

Bjørn Andresen (1955-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Prince Andrew of Greece (1882-1944), Father of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 8 Portraits

Prince Andrew Alexandrovitch of Russia (1897-1981), Grandson of Tsar Nicholas I. 14 Portraits

Prince Andrew, Duke of York (1960-), Second son of Queen Elizabeth II. 38 Portraits

Hon. Gwyneth Margaret Andrew (née Bruce) (1928-), Wife of Robin McCheyne Andrew; daughter of 3rd Baron Aberdare. 5 Portraits

Sir (George) Herbert Andrew (1910-1985), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

James Andrew (1829?-1897), Physician. 1 Portrait

John Harold Andrew (1887-1961), Professor of Metallurgy. 3 Portraits

Maud Andrew, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Howard Andrewes (1896-1988), Deputy Director, National Institute for Medical Research. 5 Portraits

Sir Frederick William Andrewes (1859-1932), Pathologist. 3 Portraits

Gerrard Thomas Andrewes (1795-1851), Clergyman; chaplain to the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626), Bishop of Winchester. 28 Portraits

Sir William Gerrard Andrewes (1899-1974), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Albert Andrew Andrews (1896-1976), Captain. 1 Portrait

Anthony Andrews (1948-), Actor. 1 Portrait

A. Andrews, Messenger, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Charles Andrews (active circa 1823). 1 Portrait

Charles Freer Andrews (1871-1940), Writer on India. 12 Portraits

Charles William Andrews (1866-1924), Assistant Keeper in the Geological Department of the British Museum. 2 Portraits

Eamonn Andrews (1922-1987), Television compere, broadcaster and writer. 4 Portraits

Edward Andrews, Minister of Beresford Chapel, Walworth. 1 Portrait

Enid Margaret Seymour Andrews (1922-), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Eusebius Andrews (died 1650), Royalist and barrister. 1 Portrait

Frank Maxwell Andrews (1884-1943), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Henry Stewart Fleetwood ('Harry') Andrews (1910-1989), Actor. 2 Portraits

Iris Andrews (circa 1987-), Peace activist. 1 Portrait

Jennifer Andrews (circa 1935-), Artist. 3 Portraits

(Arthur) John Francis Andrews (1906-1984), Chairman of Clark Equipment Ltd. 1 Portrait

John Miller Andrews (1871-1956), Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. 1 Portrait

Julian Andrews (1934-2010), Arts Envoy for the British Council. 1 Portrait

Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews (1935-), Actress. 8 Portraits

Maidie Andrews (1893-1986), Actress. 1 Portrait

Michael James Andrews (1928-1995), Painter. 24 Portraits

Miles Peter Andrews (1742-1814), Dramatist, gunpowder manufacturer and politician. 1 Portrait

Richard Andrews (1613-1618), Son of Richard Andrews (died 1634). 1 Portrait

Walter Andrews (1852-1932), Anglican Bishop of Hokkaido, Japan. 1 Portrait

Yuri Andropov (1914-1984), Leader of the Soviet Union. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Andrus (Mrs Burke) (1908-1989), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Horace Andy (1951-), Reggae songwriter and singer. 1 Portrait

Betty Lydia Jeanette Angel (née van Damm) (1915-1999), Sister of Sheila van Damm. 3 Portraits

Dave Angel (1966-), Disc Jockey. 1 Portrait

Heather Angel (1909-1986), Actress. 2 Portraits

Jane Angel (1947-). 3 Portraits

Susan Natalie Angel (1946-2015), Theatrical agent. 3 Portraits

Pier Angeli (1932-1971), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ralph) Norman Angell (né Ralph Norman Angell Lane) (1872-1967), Peace campaigner and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; journalist; author; lecturer; Labour politician; MP for Bradford North. 20 Portraits

Henry Charles Angelo (1806-1866), Fencing master; son of Henry Angelo; grandson of Henry Charles William Angelo. 1 Portrait

Henry Charles William Angelo (1756-1835), Fencing master. 3 Portraits

Amelia M.A. Angerstein (1847?-1866), Daughter of William Angerstein. 1 Portrait

Anne Angerstein (née Muilman) (died 1783), First wife of John Julius Angerstein. 1 Portrait

John Angerstein (1773-1858), Politician; MP for Camelford and Greenwich; son of John Julius Angerstein. 2 Portraits

John Julius Angerstein (circa 1732-1823), Merchant and picture collector. 7 Portraits

Juliana Angerstein (later Madame Sabloukoff) (1772-1846), Daughter of John Julius Angerstein; wife of General Nikolai Sabloukoff. 3 Portraits

Mary Ann Angerstein (née Nettleship) (1824-1887), Wife of William Angerstein. 1 Portrait

William Angerstein (1811-1897), Politician; MP for Greenwich. 3 Portraits

Lilian Maud (née Routledge), Lady Angier (died 1956), Wife of Sir Theodore Vivian Samuel Angier; daughter of Edmund Routledge. 2 Portraits

Bernard John Angle (1853-1932), Athlete and stockbroker. 1 Portrait

Henry William Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey (1768-1854), Field Marshal and Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 33 Portraits

Henry Paget, 2nd Marquess of Anglesey (1797-1869), Politician; Lord Chamberlain of the Household. 5 Portraits

Henry William George Paget, 3rd Marquess of Anglesey (1821-1880), Politician and Grenadier Guard. 3 Portraits

Henry Paget, 4th Marquess of Anglesey (1835-1898), Sportsman. 5 Portraits

Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey (1875-1905), 'The Dancing Marquess'. 1 Portrait

Lilian Florence Maud Paget (née Chetwynd), Marchioness of Anglesey (later Gilliat) (1876-1962), Wife of 5th Marquess of Anglesey, daughter of Sir George Chetwynd. 12 Portraits

Charles Henry Alexander Paget, 6th Marquess of Anglesey (1885-1947), Lord Chamberlain to Queen Mary. 3 Portraits

Victoria Marjorie Harriet Paget (née Manners), Marchioness of Anglesey (1883-1946), Writer and artist; wife of 6th Marquess of Anglesey; daughter of 8th Duke of Rutland. 16 Portraits

George Charles Henry Victor Paget, 7th Marquess of Anglesey (1922-2013), Lord Lieutenant of Gwynedd. 3 Portraits

Christopher Villiers, 1st Earl of Anglesey (circa 1593-1630), Courtier and 3rd son of Sir George Villiers. 1 Portrait

Arthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Anglesey (1614-1686), Book collector and politician; MP for Dublin City, Radnorshire and Carmarthen. 5 Portraits

Francis Alexander Anglin (1865-1933), Judge. 3 Portraits

Marie Thérèse Charlotte, duchesse d'Angoulême (1778-1851), Daughter of Louis XVI. 5 Portraits

Miss Anguish (active 1803). 1 Portrait

Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus (1489?-1557), Second husband of Margaret Tudor, Queen of James IV of Scotland. 2 Portraits

Edmund Graham Angus (1889-1983), Company president. 6 Portraits

Joseph Angus (1816-1902), Baptist minister and educationist. 3 Portraits

Margaret MacGregor ('Peggy') Angus (1904-1993), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Stanley Angwin (1883-1959), Engineer. 7 Portraits

Father Anieur (Anineur), Priest of the Church of Rome. 3 Portraits

Dame Elizabeth Nneka Anionwu (née Elizabeth Mary Furlong) (1947-), Sickle-cell and thalassemia nurse specialist and Professor of Nursing. 1 Portrait

Betty Anker (active 1923). 1 Portrait

David Ross, Lord Ankerville (1727-1805), Judge. 1 Portrait

Anna Jane Harris (1836-1900), Daughter of Alfred Harris. 1 Portrait

Anna Pavlovna of Russia (1795-1865), Queen consort of William II of Holland. 1 Portrait

Princess Anna of Battenberg (1874-1971), Daughter of Danilo I, King of Montenegro; wife of Prince Francis Joseph of Battenberg. 1 Portrait

Annabella (Suzanne Charpentier) (1907 or 1909-1996), Film actress. 2 Portraits

Kenneth Cooper ('Ken') Annakin (1914-2009), Film director. 1 Portrait

Ellen (née Dempster), Baroness Annaly of Annaly and Rathcline (died 1868), Wife of 1st Baron Annaly; daughter of William Soper Dempster. 1 Portrait

Luke White, 3rd Baron Annaly (1857-1922), Lord in Waiting to the King. 2 Portraits

Luke Henry White, 4th Baron Annaly (1885-1970), Major. 3 Portraits

Lavinia Emily White (née Spencer), Lady Annaly (1899-1955), Extra Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (when Duchess of York); wife of 4th Baron Annaly; daughter of 6th Earl Spencer. 13 Portraits

Luke Robert White, 5th Baron Annaly (1927-1990), Stockbroker. 9 Portraits

Noel Gilroy Annan, Baron Annan (1916-2000), Administrator and writer. 9 Portraits

James Craig Annan (1864-1946), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Richard Wallace Annand (1914-2004), Captain; recipient of the first Army Victoria Cross of World War II; founder Member of British Assoc. of Hard of Hearing. 7 Portraits

Thomas Annandale (1838-1907), Professor of Surgery; writer. 1 Portrait

Queen Anne (1665-1714), Reigned 1702-14. 74 Portraits

Anne of Bohemia (1366-1394), Queen of Richard II. 6 Portraits

Anne Neville, Queen of England (1456-1485), Consort of King Richard III. 5 Portraits

Anne, Queen of Hungary (1503-1547), Wife of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor. 4 Portraits

Anne Boleyn (circa 1500-1536), Second Queen of Henry VIII. 28 Portraits

Anne of Cleves (1515-1557), Fourth Queen of Henry VIII. 14 Portraits

Anne of Denmark (1574-1619), Queen of James I. 49 Portraits

Princess Anne (1637-1640), Third daughter of Charles I. 7 Portraits

Anne Hyde, Duchess of York (1637-1671), First wife of James II; mother of Mary II and Queen Anne. 16 Portraits

Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange (1709-1759), Daughter of King George II; wife of William Charles Henry Friso, Prince of Orange. 24 Portraits

Princess Anne of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (née Lady Anne Savile) (1864-1927), Socialite, aviation patron and aviator; wife of Prince Ludwig Karl of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg; daughter of 4th Earl of Mexborough. 8 Portraits

Princess Anne (1950-), Equestrian; Olympian; Princess Royal and daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. 129 Portraits

Anne Law, Lady Ellenborough (1761-1843), Wife of 1st Baron Ellenborough. 1 Portrait

Princess Anne Blanche Alice Singh (née Coventry) (1874-1956), Wife of Prince Victor Albert Duleep Singh; daughter of 9th Earl of Coventry. 1 Portrait

Princess Anne Marie Galitzine (née Slatin, later Ponsonby) (1916-2007), Former wife of Prince George Galitzine, and later second wife of Arthur Ponsonby (later 11th Earl of Bessborough); daughter of Baron von Slatin. 8 Portraits

Anne-Marie of the Hellenes (née Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark) (1946-), Wife of Constantine II of the Hellenes; daughter of King Frederick IX of Denmark. 2 Portraits

Walter Hubert Annenberg (1908-2002), Businessman and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Richard Annesley, 2nd Earl Annesley (1745-1824), Commissioner of the revenue of Ireland. 1 Portrait

Hugh Annesley, 5th Earl Annesley (1831-1908). 3 Portraits

Priscilla Cecilia (née Moore), Countess Annesley (1870-1941), Second wife of 5th Earl of Annesley; daughter of William Armitage Moore. 48 Portraits

Francis Annesley, 6th Earl Annesley (1884-1914), Sub-Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Maud Fleming Annesley (née Higginson), Countess Annesley (died 1923), First wife of 7th Earl Annesley; daughter of Haynes Bingham Higginson. 1 Portrait

Beresford Cecil Bingham Annesley, 8th Earl Annesley (1894-1957), Lieutenant. 4 Portraits

Edith Constance Annesley (née Rawlinson), Countess Annesley (died 1950), Former wife of 6th Earl of Clancarty, and later wife of 8th Earl of Annesley; daughter of Albemarle Alexander Rawlinson. 7 Portraits

William Richard Annesley, 4th Earl Annesley (1830-1874), Politician; MP for Great Grimsby. 1 Portrait

Robert Annesley, 9th Earl Annesley (1900-1979), Civil servant. 7 Portraits

Lady Clare Annesley (1893-1980), Pacifist and activist; daughter of 5th Earl Annesley. 11 Portraits

Sir Francis Annesley (1734-1812), Politician; MP for Reading. 1 Portrait

Hon. Hilda Cecil Annesley (1889-1972), Daughter of 11th Viscount Valentia. 2 Portraits

James Annesley (1715-1760), Peerage claimant. 1 Portrait

J.C. Annesley? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Marian Emily Annesley (née Dicker) (1849-1877), Second wife of Francis Charles Annesley; daughter of John Campbell Dicker. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Millicent Annett (née de Wend-Fenton) (1919-1997), Wife of Niall Annett. 1 Portrait

Anna Annigoni (née Maggini) (died 1969), First wife of Pietro Annigoni. 1 Portrait

Benedetto Annigoni (1939-), Son of Pietro Annigoni. 1 Portrait

Maria Ricciarda Annigoni (1948-), Daughter of Pietro Annigoni. 1 Portrait

Pietro Annigoni (1910-1988), Painter. 32 Portraits

Mary Anning (1799-1847), Palaeontologist and fossil dealer. 1 Portrait

Francesca Annis (1944-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Archduchess Annunciata of Austria (1843-1871), Abbess of the Theresia Convent. 1 Portrait

Mrs Anny. 4 Portraits

ANOHNI (1971-), Artist and musician. 1 Portrait

Nonso Anozie (1978-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Alda von Anrep (died 1974), Assistant librarian at Villa i Tatti. 1 Portrait

Boris von Anrep (1883-1969), Mosaicist. 4 Portraits

Helen von Anrep (née Maitland) (1885-1965), Wife of Boris von Anrep. 2 Portraits

Junia von Anrep (née Yuniya Khitrovo), First wife of Boris von Anrep. 3 Portraits

Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret Anscombe (1919-2001), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Richard Ansdell (1815-1885), Animal painter. 12 Portraits

Gertrude Mary Ansell (1861-1932), Suffragette and member of the Fabian Women's Group. 2 Portraits

Mary Ansell (1862-1950), Actress; wife of Sir James Matthew ('J.M.') Barrie, Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Michael Picton Ansell (1905-1994), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

St Anselm (circa 1033-1109), Abbot of Bec and Archbishop of Canterbury. 3 Portraits

Ernest Ansermet (1883-1969), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Anne Ferelith Anson (née Bowes-Lyon), Viscountess Anson (1917-1980), Former wife of Viscount Anson, and later wife of Prince George of Denmark. 2 Portraits

George Anson, 1st Baron Anson (1697-1762), Admiral. 10 Portraits

Lady Clodagh Anson (née Beresford) (1879-1957), Wife of Hon. Claud Anson; daughter of 5th Marquess of Waterford. 7 Portraits

Hon. Adela Anson (née Vernon), Daughter of Baron Vernon; wife of Algeron Horation Anson. 1 Portrait

Adelbert John Robert Anson (1840-1909), Bishop of Qu'Appelle, Canada and Master of St John's Hospital, Lichfield. 1 Portrait

Hon. Augustus Henry Archibald Anson (1835-1877), Army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross; Liberal MP for Lichfield and Bewdley. 2 Portraits

Charles Eustace Anson (1859-1940), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Clodaugh Anson (1902-1992), Granddaughter of Thomas George, 2nd Earl of Lichfield. 4 Portraits

Sir George Anson (1769-1849), General and politician; MP for Lichfield. 1 Portrait

George Anson (1797-1857), General. 3 Portraits

Harold Anson (1867-1954), Master of the Temple and Canon of Southwark. 11 Portraits

Hon. Isabella Elizabeth Annabella Anson (née Forester) (1805-1858), Wife of Hon. George Anson. 2 Portraits

Marion Emma Ruthven ('Mollie') Anson (née Halliday) (1891-1965), Wife of Hon. Rupert Anson; daughter of James Halliday. 1 Portrait

Peter Frederick Anson (né Frederick Charles Anson) (1889-1975), Writer on religion and on the sea; monk; artist. 9 Portraits

R.N. Anson, Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Wilfred Anson (1893-1974), Director of Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd. 2 Portraits

Sir William Anson, 1st Bt (1772-1847), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir William Reynell Anson, 3rd Bt (1843-1914), Politician and warden of All Souls College, Oxford. 6 Portraits

Captain Anson (active 1900s), Naval captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Cecil Ansorge (1887-1977), Fellow, Ancient Monuments Society; Indian Civil Service. 2 Portraits

David Thomas Ansted (1814-1880), Geologist. 6 Portraits

Dame Margaret Joan Anstee (1926-2016), Diplomat and writer; Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations. 1 Portrait

Lady Evelyn Frances Anstey (née Courtenay) (1908-1985), Wife of Thomas Anstey; daughter of 16th Earl of Devon. 4 Portraits

Arthur Henry Anstey (1872-1955), Archbishop of the West Indies and Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago. 1 Portrait

Christopher Anstey (1724-1805), Poet. 4 Portraits

Mary Ann Anstey (1763-1829), Eldest daughter of Christopher Anstey. 1 Portrait

Vera Anstey (1889-1976), Economist. 1 Portrait

Professor Anstey. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant Anstey (active 1865), Lieutenant, Royal Engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Anstice (1899-1979), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Francis Edmund Anstie (1833-1874), Physician. 1 Portrait

John Anstis (1669-1744), Garter king-of-arms and heraldic writer. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederick St. Clair Anstruther (né Anstruther Thomson) (1855-1925), Lieutenant-Colonel of the 2nd Life Guards. 1 Portrait

Dame Eva Isabella Henrietta Anstruther (1869-1935), Honorary Director of the Camps Library. 2 Portraits

Henry Torrens Anstruther (1860-1926), Politician; MP for St Andrews. 11 Portraits

Sir John Anstruther (1753-1811), Politician and Anglo-Indian judge. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph Abercromby Anstruther, 4th Bt (1804-1863), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Robert Anstruther (1768-1809), General. 4 Portraits

Sir Wyndham Carmichael Anstruther, 7th Bt (1793-1869). 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Hamilton Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (1908-1985), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

William Anstruther-Gray (1859-1938), Politician; Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Hugo Anstruther of that Ilk, 12th Bt (1921-2002), Major and equerry to the Queen Mother. 2 Portraits

Adam Ant (Stuart Leslie Goddard) (1954-), Musician and singer. 2 Portraits

François Paul Anthoine (1860-1944), French General. 1 Portrait

Eve Anthony, Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Anthony (Evelyn Bridget Patricia Ward-Thomas (née Stephens)) (1926-2018), Writer. 2 Portraits

Gordon Anthony (1902-1989), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Herbert Douglas Anthony (1892-1968), Extra-Mural lecturer. 1 Portrait

Hilda Anthony (Hilda Antonietti) (1886-1962), Actress. 1 Portrait

Hubert Lawrence ('Larry') Anthony (1897-1957), Politician. 1 Portrait

Ivor Jones Anthony (1883-1959), Racehorse trainer and jockey. 2 Portraits

John Randolph ('Jack') Anthony (1890-1954), Horse trainer. 5 Portraits

John Anthony (1585-1655), Physician. 2 Portraits

Marc Anthony, Nightclub pianist and entertainer. 1 Portrait

William Samuel Anthony (1874-1943), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Antoine de Bourbon, King of Navarre (1518-1562), King of Navarre; father of Henry IV, King of France. 1 Portrait

Prince Antoine Bibesco (1878-1951), Romanian Minister to Madrid, lawyer and writer; husband of Elizabeth Asquith. 1 Portrait

Antoine (Antoni Cierplikowski) (1884-1976), Hairdresser. 3 Portraits

Giacomo Antonelli (1806-1876), Cardinal. 3 Portraits

Infanta Antonia of Portugal, Princess of Hohenzollern (1845-1913), Wife of Leopold, Prince of Hohenzollern; daughter of Fernando II, King of Portugal. 1 Portrait

Princess Antonia of Luxembourg (1899-1954), Wife of Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria; daughter of William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. 1 Portrait

Yvonne G. Antoniade, Secretary of the Royal Rumanian Legation in Madrid; wife of Georges Antoniade. 1 Portrait

Antonio (died circa 1782), Venetian sailor, robbed at Kinsale. 1 Portrait

Aleksei Innokentievich Antonov (1896-1962), General, Soviet Army. 1 Portrait

Laura Cecilia (née Parker), Countess of Antrim (1809-1883), Wife of 4th Earl of Antrim; daughter of 5th Earl of Macclesfield. 2 Portraits

Louisa Jane (née Grey), Countess of Antrim (1855-1949), Lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra; wife of 6th Earl of Antrim; daughter of Hon. Charles Grey. 3 Portraits

Randal Mark Kerr McDonnell, 12th Earl of Antrim (1878-1932), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Randal John Somerled McDonnell, 13th Earl of Antrim (1911-1977), Chairman of National Trust. 1 Portrait

Philip Coutts, 7th Baron Antrobus (1908-1995). 1 Portrait

Anne (née Lindsay), Lady Antrobus (1800-1885), Wife of Sir Edmund Antrobus, 2nd Bt; daughter of Hon. Hugh Lindsay. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Antrobus, 1st Bt (died 1826), Fellow of the Royal Society. 1 Portrait

Edmund Edward Antrobus (1807?-1886), Magistrate, tea merchant and writer. 1 Portrait

George Antrobus (circa 1818-1872), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Gibbs Crawfurd Antrobus (1793-1861), Diplomat and Conservative politician: MP for Aldborough and Plympton Erle. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Antrobus (circa 1826-1904), Wife of George Antrobus. 1 Portrait

Hugh Lindsay Antrobus (1823-1899), Banker; son of Sir Edmund Antrobus, 2nd Bt. 2 Portraits

John Antrobus (1933-), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Mary Antrobus (née Adam) (died 1900), Wife of Hugh Lindsay Antrobus; daughter of Sir Charles Adam. 2 Portraits

Mary Caroline Antrobus (née Shakerley) (circa 1836-1872), Wife of John Coutts Antrobus; daughter of Geoffrey Joseph Shakerley. 1 Portrait

Mary Egidia Antrobus (née Lindsay) (1851-1911), Wife of John Coutts Antrobus; youngest daughter of Sir James Lindsay and Lady Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay (née Savile). 2 Portraits

Philip Reginald Antrobus (1898-1968), Captain; son of Sir Reginald Antrobus. 5 Portraits

Sir Reginald Laurence Antrobus (1853-1942), Colonial administrator. 5 Portraits

Sir Apcar Alexander Apcar (1851-1913). 1 Portrait

Master Apcar. 1 Portrait

Maude Aplin, Former wife of James Bruce Mackay, and later wife of Hugh Douglas Aplin. 1 Portrait

Alexander Dharma Rama Apotantreygay (born circa 1792), Sri Lankan Buddhist priest, baptised by Adam Clarke. 1 Portrait

Karel Christian Appel (1921-2006), Artist. 3 Portraits

Machteld Appel (née van der Groen) (died 1970), Fashion model for Balenciaga; wife of Karel Appel. 1 Portrait

Charles James Apperley (1778-1843), Sports writer; 'Nimrod'. 2 Portraits

Herbert Apperly (died 1932), Consulting dental surgeon to Elizabeth Garnett Anderson Hospital. 2 Portraits

Constance Mary Katherine Applebee (1873-1981), Sportswoman and founder of the American Field Hockey Association. 2 Portraits

Charles Bernard Appleby (1905-1975), First director of the National Army Museum; Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Joan Appleby, Model. 3 Portraits

Robert Appleby (1913-1996), Chairman, Black & Decker Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Victor Appleton (1892-1965), Physicist and Nobel Prize winner. 10 Portraits

Ernest Robert Appleton (1891-1964), Broadcaster and religious author. 1 Portrait

George Appleton (1902-1993), Lord Archbishop of Perth, Australia. 12 Portraits

Natalie Appleton (1973-), Singer; member of All Saints. 1 Portrait

Nicole Appleton (1974-), Singer; member of All Saints. 1 Portrait

Peter Appleton. 1 Portrait

Charles H. Applewhaite, Tennis player and coach. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Mary Appleyard (1863-1864), Daughter of Richard Hall Appleyard. 1 Portrait

Frances Margaret Appleyard (1815-1874), Daughter of Robert Langley Appleyard. 1 Portrait

Kenelm Charles Appleyard (1894-1967), Major-General in Royal Engineers. 3 Portraits

Louisa Suzanna Appleyard (1818-1907), Daughter of Robert Langley Appleyard. 1 Portrait

Rollo Appleyard (1867-1943), Consulting engineer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Applin (1873-1949), Actor, playwright and novelist. 5 Portraits

Albert, Count Apponyi (1846-1933), Hungarian politician. 2 Portraits

Rudolf, Count Apponyi (1812-1876), Austrian ambassador to London. 2 Portraits

Countess Apponyi, Wife of Rudolf, Count Apponyi. 1 Portrait

Felix Aprahamian (1914-2005), Music critic. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Hussey Apreece, Bt (1744-1833), Sportsman; promoter of prize-fights. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Edward Ap Rhys Pryce (1874-1950), General. 3 Portraits

Michael David Apted (1941-2021), Director and producer. 1 Portrait

Rodulphus Aquiviva (died 1583), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Michael Arabian, Playwright. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Mary Arabin (née Meux) (died 1880), Wife of Richard Arabin; daughter of Sir Henry Meux, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Richard Arabin (1811-1865), Landowner. 1 Portrait

William John Arabin (1750-1828), General; amateur actor. 1 Portrait

Diego (Alberto) Aracena (Aguilar) (1891-1972), Chilean diplomat and Air Force general. 1 Portrait

Maria de Aracena (born 1900), Wife of Diego Aracena, Chilean diplomat. 3 Portraits

Ron Arad (1951-), Architect, furniture and product designer. 2 Portraits

Riccardo Aragno (1915-2003), Writer. 2 Portraits

Maiorica Aragonensis (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Michael Aragonus (died 1571), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

E. Arakie. 2 Portraits

Eugene Aram (1704-1759), Criminal. 1 Portrait

Antonio Aramburo (1840-1912), Spanish tenor. 1 Portrait

Don Francisco Linares Aranda, Guatemalan ambassador to London. 3 Portraits

Franciscus Aranea (died 1583), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Bunny Arango. 1 Portrait

Tevfic Rustu Aras (1883-1972), Turkish ambassador to London. 10 Portraits

Stella Arbenina (1887-1976), Russian actress. 1 Portrait

Agnes Arber (née Robertson) (1879-1960), Botanist; wife of Edward Alexander Newell Arber; daughter of Henry Robert Robertson. 2 Portraits

Edward Alexander Newell Arber (1870-1918), Palaeobotanist. 1 Portrait

Arthur John Arberry (1905-1969), Orientalist. 3 Portraits

V. Arberthurst? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir William Forbes Arbuckle (1902-1966), Secretary of Scottish Education Department. 1 Portrait

Caroline Ramsay Arbuthnot (née Hay) (1820-1911), Daughter of James Hay and Lady Mary Ramsay; second wife of George Clerk Arbuthnot. 1 Portrait

Charles Arbuthnot (1767-1850), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles George Arbuthnot (1824-1899), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Schomberg Arbuthnot (1885-1957), Admiral. 7 Portraits

Gerald Archibald Arbuthnot (1872-1916), Politician and Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Harriet Arbuthnot (née Fane) (1793-1834), Diarist and friend of Wellington. 3 Portraits

Hugh Arbuthnot (1780-1868), Politician; MP for Kincardineshire. 1 Portrait

John Alves Arbuthnot (1802-1875), Businessman; son of Sir William Arbuthnot, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir John Sinclair-Wemyss Arbuthnot, 1st Bt (1912-1992), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Marcia Mary Anne Arbuthnot (née Lisle) (1774-1806), First wife of Charles Arbuthnot. 1 Portrait

Margaret Jean (née Duff), Lady Arbuthnot (1919-2023), Wife of Sir John Sinclair-Wemyss Arbuthnot, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Mary Arbuthnot (1840-1930), Daughter of John Alves Arbuthnot. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot, 4th Bt (1864-1916), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Master Arbuthnot (active early 19th century), Son of Charles Arbuthnot. 1 Portrait

John Ogilvy Arbuthnott, 14th Viscount Arbuthnott (1882-1960), Lord Lieutenant of Kincardineshire. 1 Portrait

St Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) (circa 1412-1431), French patriot and martyr. 1 Portrait

St John Desmond Arcedeckne-Butler (1896-1959), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Joseph Arch (1826-1919), Trade unionist and politician. 3 Portraits

Father Archangel (1564-1631), Capucin preacher. 1 Portrait

Jenny Archbold, Paintings Conservator, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Gladys Violet Archbutt (1889-1968), Actress. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward Mervyn Archdale (1853-1943), Politician; Minister of Agriculture and Commerce. 4 Portraits

Eyre William Preston Archdale (1871-1955), Canon of Killaloe. 3 Portraits

Helen Alexander Archdale (née Russell) (1876-1949), Journalist; Suffragette. 1 Portrait

Henry Kingsley Archdall (1886-1976), Canon Emeritus and Chancellor, St David's Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Mervyn Archdall (1833-1913), Bishop of Killaloe, County Clare. 1 Portrait

Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-Super-Mare (1940-), Politician, author and playwright. 2 Portraits

Mary Doreen Archer (née Weeden), Baroness Archer (1944-), Scientist. 1 Portrait

Sarah Archer (née West), Lady Archer (1741-1801), Wife of Andrew, 2nd Lord Archer. 8 Portraits

Catherine Archer (née O'Malley), Wife of Gilbert Thomas Archer. 2 Portraits

Charles Edward Archer (1858-1922), Jockey; son of William Archer, jockey. 1 Portrait

Fred Archer (active 1930s), Living wax model. 1 Portrait

Frederick Archer (1857-1886), Jockey. 13 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Francis Archer (1882-1964), Governor-General of the Sudan. 13 Portraits

Gilbert Thomas Archer (1903-1986), Major-General and pathologist. 2 Portraits

Master G. Archer. 1 Portrait

G.S. Archer. 1 Portrait

James Archer (1751-1834), Chaplain to the Bavarian Minister. 2 Portraits

Jennifer ('Jenny') Archer (1944-), Paralympic athletics coach. 1 Portrait

John Archer (active 1660-died 1684), Physician to Charles II. 1 Portrait

Sir John Archer (1860-1949), Vice-President of Boy Scouts Association. 3 Portraits

John Wykenham Archer (1806-1864), Watercolour painter and printmaker. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ruth Evelyn Archer (née Pease) (1900-1982), Wife of Norman Ernest Archer; daughter of 1st Baron Daryngton. 1 Portrait

Simon Archer (1973-), Badminton player; Olympian. 1 Portrait

William Archer (1856-1924), Critic and journalist. 10 Portraits

Miss Archer. 1 Portrait

Lady Alice Frances Archer-Houblon (née Lindsay) (1849-1915), Wife of George Bramston Archer-Houblon; daughter of 25th Earl of Crawford. 2 Portraits

Frances (née Pell), Lady Archer-Shee, Wife of Sir Martin Archer-Shee; daughter of Alfred Pell. 4 Portraits

Sir Alistair Maurice Archibald, 3rd Bt (1922-1995). 3 Portraits

Juan Arcocha (1927-2010), Cuban writer. 5 Portraits

Sir John Charles Ardagh (1840-1907), Major-General and engineer. 3 Portraits

Charles George Perceval, 2nd Baron Arden (1756-1840), Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Lieutenant of Surrey and Conservative politician; MP for Launceston and Totnes. 5 Portraits

Margaretta Elizabeth Perceval (née Wilson), Lady Arden (1768-1851), Wife of 2nd Baron Arden. 1 Portrait

John Arden (1930-2012), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Mary Arden (née Finney) (died 1880), Second wife of Richard Edward Arden; daughter of John Finney. 2 Portraits

Richard Edward Arden (1804-1894), Landowner, magistrate and barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke (1898-1962), Lieutenant-Colonel and governor. 8 Portraits

Sir Charles Frederick Arden-Close (1865-1952), Geographer. 10 Portraits

Shirley Ardener, Social anthropologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Arderne (died 1467), Judge and Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 1 Portrait

Richard Arderne. 1 Portrait

Thomas John Arderne. 1 Portrait

Lady Arderne. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edward Guinness, Baron Ardilaun (1840-1915), Politician and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Luigi Arditi (1822-1903), Italian violinist, composer and conductor. 2 Portraits

Edward Jeffrey Irving Ardizzone (1900-1979), Artist and illustrator. 6 Portraits

Neil Richard Ardley (1937-2004), Composer, musician and writer. 1 Portrait

Charles de Ligne, Count of Aremberg (1550-1616), Delegate at the Somerset House Conference. 1 Portrait

Albert, Count of Arenberg (1600-1670), Spanish military officer. 3 Portraits

Pietro Aretino (1492-1556), Writer; poet, dramatist and satirist. 1 Portrait

Godfrey Argent (1937-2006), Photographer. 3 Portraits

Rodney Terence ('Rod') Argent (1945-), Musician; founding member of The Zombies and Argent. 1 Portrait

Alexandra Helen Argenti (née Schilizzi) (1904-1988), Wife of Philip Pandely Argenti; daughter of Stephen Schilizzi. 3 Portraits

Ambrose Argenti (1804-1871), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Fanny Sybil Argenti (1930-), Daughter of Philip Pandely Argenti. 1 Portrait

Oriettou ('Henrietta') Argenti (née Scaramanga) (1820-1903), Wife of Ambrose Argenti. 1 Portrait

Philip Pandely Argenti (1891-d 1974), Greek diplomat and writer; son of Pandely Leonidas Argenti. 2 Portraits

Frank Atkinson Argles (1816-1885), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Gerard Marsham Argles (1901-1979), Stockbroker; son of Cecil George Argles. 1 Portrait

Susanna (Susannah) Argles (née Atkinson) (circa 1825-1895), Wife of Frank Atkinson Argles; daughter of Tobias Atkinson. 1 Portrait

Miranda Argyle, Artist. 1 Portrait

Pearl Argyle (1910-1947), Dancer and actress. 4 Portraits

Sir Stanley Seymour Argyle (1867-1940), Politician. 3 Portraits

Violet Ellen Jessie (née Lewis), Lady Argyle (1870-1963), Wife of Sir Stanley Seymour Argyle. 3 Portraits

Archibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll (1658-1703), Scottish politician and Captain and Colonel of the Scots Troop of Horse Guards. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Campbell (née Tollemache), Duchess of Argyll (1659-1735), Wife of 1st Duke of Argyll. 3 Portraits

John Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll and Greenwich (1680-1743), Field Marshal and statesman. 12 Portraits

Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll (1682-1761), Statesman. 5 Portraits

John Campbell, 4th Duke of Argyll (1694-1770), Colonel, peer and politician; MP for Bute, Elgin and Dumbarton. 2 Portraits

John Campbell, 5th Duke of Argyll (1723-1806), Field Marshal. 3 Portraits

George William Campbell, 6th Duke of Argyll (1768-1839), Lord Steward of the Household and politician; MP for St Germans. 7 Portraits

John Campbell, 7th Duke of Argyll (1777-1847), Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, Lieutenant-Colonel and politician; MP for Argyllshire. 3 Portraits

Anne Campbell (née Colquhoun), Duchess of Argyll (1801-1874), Third wife of 7th Duke of Argyll. 1 Portrait

George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll (1823-1900), Politician, Lord Privy Seal and Secretary of State for India and writer on science, religion, and politics. 32 Portraits

Elizabeth Georgiana (née Sutherland-Leveson-Gower), Duchess of Argyll (1824-1878), First wife of 8th Duke of Argyll; daughter of 2nd Duke of Sutherland. 8 Portraits

Amelia Maria (née Claughton), Duchess of Argyll (1843-1894), Former wife of Hon. Archibald Henry Augustus Anson, and later wife of 8th Duke Argyll; daughter of Thomas Legh Claughton. 2 Portraits

John George Edward Henry Douglas Sutherland Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll (1845-1914), Governor-General of Canada. 33 Portraits

Niall Diarmid Campbell, 10th Duke of Argyll (1872-1949), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll (1903-1973), Chief of Clan Campbell. 8 Portraits

(Ethel) Margaret Campbell (née Whigham), Duchess of Argyll (1912-1993), Former wife of Charles Sweeny, and later third wife of Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll; daughter of George Hay Whigham. 63 Portraits

Mathilda Coster Campbell (née Mortimer), Duchess of Argyll (1925-1997), Fourth wife of 11th Duke of Argyll. 1 Portrait

Iona Mary Campbell (née Colquhoun), Duchess of Argyll (1945-), Daughter of Sir Ivar Colquhoun of Luss, 8th Bt; wife of 12th Duke of Argyll. 9 Portraits

Archibald Campbell, 1st Marquess of Argyll (1598-1661), Statesman. 13 Portraits

Anne Cornwallis, Countess of Argyll (died 1635), Roman Catholic benefactor and supposed author; wife of 7th Earl of Argyll. 2 Portraits

Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (1629-1685), Statesman. 8 Portraits

Lady Anne (née Mackenzie), Countess of Argyll (1621-1707), Governess to Prince William of Orange; former wife of 1st Earl of Balcarres, and later second wife of 9th Earl of Argyll. 1 Portrait

Ariadne, Daughter of Minos and Pasiphaë in Greek mythology. 3 Portraits

Rita Arias, Wife of Hugo Consuegra Sosa. 2 Portraits

Prince Aribert of Anhalt (1864-1933), Husband of Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein. 2 Portraits

Ludovico Ariosto (1474-1533), Composer. 1 Portrait

Brian Aris (1946-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Ernest Alfred Aris (1882-1963), Fellow of the Zoological Society; artist and illustrator. 5 Portraits

Prince Arisugawa Takehito (1862-1913), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Ari-Up (Arianna Forster) (1962-2010), Singer; member of The Slits. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Arkell (born 1900), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Noel Arkell (1893-1981), Captain. 1 Portrait

Reginald Arkell (1872-1959), Author and dramatist. 4 Portraits

William Joscelyn Arkell (1904-1958), Geologist. 2 Portraits

Margaret Arkley (née McCandlish). 2 Portraits

Mrs Arkley (active circa 1830). 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Caroline Charlotte Arkwright (née Byng) (1838-1933), Wife of Richard Arkwright; daughter of 2nd Earl of Strafford. 1 Portrait

Augustus Peter Arkwright (1821-1887), Naval officer and Conservative politician. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Lucy Arkwright (née Davenport) (1840-1904), Wife of John Hungerford Arkwright; daughter of John Davenport. 1 Portrait

George Arkwright (1836-1877), Rector of Pencombe, Herefordshire. 1 Portrait

Sir John Stanhope Arkwright (1872-1954), Politician; MP for Hereford. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Arthur Arkwright (1864-1944), Bacteriologist. 11 Portraits

Louisa Elizabeth Jane Arkwright (née Milbank) (died 1873), First wife of Francis Arkwright; daughter of Henry John Milbank. 1 Portrait

Peter Arkwright (1784-1866), Sheriff of Derbyshire. 3 Portraits

Peter Arkwright (active circa 1957), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of R.A. Akrwright. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Arkwright (1732-1792), Engineer and inventor. 2 Portraits

Richard Arkwright (1755-1843), Mill-owner. 1 Portrait

Richard Arkwright (1835-1918), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

Ruth (née Wilson), Lady Arkwright (died 1950), Daughter of Joseph W. Wilson; wife of Sir Joseph Arthur Arkwright. 2 Portraits

Mrs Arkwright (active 1849). 3 Portraits

Miss Arkwright (born circa 1812). 1 Portrait

Michael Arlen (1895-1956), Novelist. 16 Portraits

John Thomas Arlidge (1822-1899), Physician. 1 Portrait

Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington (1618-1685), Politician, Lord Chamberlain. 19 Portraits

Isabella (née de Nassau), Countess of Arlington (1631-1718), Wife of 1st Earl of Arlington. 3 Portraits

Jennifer Jane Forwood (née Nelson), 11th Baroness Arlington (1939-), Wife of Rodney Simon Dudley Forwood; daughter of Sir Eustace John Blois Nelson. 9 Portraits

George Arliss (Augustus George Andrews) (1868-1946), Actor. 7 Portraits

Stephen Harry Tolson Arliss (1895-1954), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Arcolano Armafrodito. 1 Portrait

John Brownlee Lonsdale, 1st Baron Armaghdale (1850-1924), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Kwesi Armah (died 2006), Ghanian High Commissioner to United Kingdom and Minister for Overseas Trade. 2 Portraits

Pablo Armando Fernández (1930-), Cuban writer. 5 Portraits

Joan Armatrading (1950-), Singer. 6 Portraits

Violet Caroline Josephine Jeanne Rosa Armbruster (Mrs Willis) (1871-1937), Actress; wife of Robert Willis; daughter of Carl Herbert Joseph Armbruster. 1 Portrait

Sir (Isaac) Frederick Armer (1891-1982), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Veronica Armfelt (née Ramsay), Wife of Count Carl Armfelt; daughter of Baron Ramsay of Finland. 3 Portraits

Robert Armin (circa 1568-1615), Actor and dramatist. 2 Portraits

Mary Armine (née Talbot), Lady Armine (1594-1676), Benefactor. 3 Portraits

Jacobus Arminius (Jacob Hermans (Harmans)) (1560-1609), Dutch Reformed theologian. 2 Portraits

Hon. Serena Helen Christian Armit (née Inskip) (1943-), Wife of John Andrew Brodie Armit; daughter of 2nd Viscount Caldecote. 8 Portraits

Lady Katharine Jane Elizabeth Armitage (née Carnegie) (1904-1949), Former wife of William Bridgeman Manley, and later wife of Edward Armitage; daughter of 10th Earl of Northesk. 5 Portraits

Sir Arthur Armitage (1916-1984), Professor of Common Law, Vice-Chancellor, Victoria University of Manchester and President of Queens' College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir (Stephen) Cecil Armitage (1889-1962), Army officer and Justice of the Peace. 8 Portraits

Sir Cecil Hamilton Armitage (1869-1933), Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Clement Armitage (1881-1973), General. 3 Portraits

Cyril Moxon Armitage (1900-1966), Dean of Guild of St Bride. 1 Portrait

Edward Armitage (1817-1896), History painter. 7 Portraits

Sir Elkanah Armitage (1794-1876), Manufacturer; Mayor. 1 Portrait

(William) Kenneth Armitage (1916-2002), Sculptor. 12 Portraits

Robert Armitage (1866-1944), Politician and Lord Mayor of Leeds. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Perceval Armitage (1906-1990), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Robert Selby Armitage (1905-1982), Lieutenant-Commander. 3 Portraits

Simon Armitage (1963-), Poet Laureate, playwright, librettist and author. 1 Portrait

Valentine Leathley Armitage (1888-1964), Headmaster, Bloxham School, Oxfordshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Armitage Armitage-Smith (1876-1932), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

George Armitstead, 1st Baron Armitstead (1824-1915), Businessman and Liberal politician. 1 Portrait

John Richard Armitstead (1829-1918), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Alexander Armitt (1946-), Civil engineer; Chair, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

Marie Anne Charlotte Corday d'Armont (1768-1793), Assassin of Jean Paul Marat. 2 Portraits

A.M. Armour. 1 Portrait

Thomas Makinson Armour (1890-1963), Bishop of Wangaratta, Australia. 1 Portrait

Henry Hugh Armstead (1828-1905), Sculptor and illustrator. 3 Portraits

William Armstrong, 1st Baron Armstrong of Sanderstead (1915-1980), Head of Home Civil Service. 5 Portraits

William George Armstrong, Baron Armstrong (1810-1900), Armaments manufacturer and industrialist. 7 Portraits

Robert Armstrong, Baron Armstrong of Ilminster (1927-2020), Secretary of the Cabinet and Head of Home Civil Service. 2 Portraits

William Henry Armstrong Fitzpatrick Watson-Armstrong, 1st Baron Armstrong (1863-1941), Major; Justice of the Peace. 8 Portraits

Winifreda Jane Watson-Armstrong (née Adye), Baroness Armstrong (1860-1914), First wife of 1st Baron Armstrong. 3 Portraits

William John Montagu Watson-Armstrong, 2nd Baron Armstrong (1892-1972), Soldier. 6 Portraits

Zaida Cecile Watson-Armstrong (née Drummond-Wolff), Lady Armstrong (died 1978), Wife of 2nd Baron Armstrong; daughter of Cecil Drummond-Wolff. 8 Portraits

Ada Howard Armstrong (née Randle) (born 1897), Wife of Richard Robins Armstrong; daughter of Howard Randle. 1 Portrait

Alexander Armstrong (1970-), Comedian and actor. 1 Portrait

Alun Armstrong (1946-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Archibald Armstrong (died 1672), Court Fool. 2 Portraits

Charles Armstrong (1750-1815), Physician. 1 Portrait

Claude Blakeley Armstrong (1889-1982), Canon Residentiary of Worcester and Canon Emeritus. 1 Portrait

Edward Armstrong (1846-1928), Historian and teacher. 1 Portrait

Edward Frankland Armstrong (1878-1948), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Effie Brook Armstrong (born circa 1877), Daughter of Charles and Julia Armstrong, niece of Frederick and Mary Ann Hollyer (née Armstrong). 2 Portraits

Ernest Armstrong (1915-1996), Politician and headmaster. 4 Portraits

Sir George Carlyon Hughes Armstrong, 1st Bt (1836-1907), Newspaper proprietor. 1 Portrait

Sir George Elliot Armstrong, 2nd Bt Armstrong (1866-1940), Commander of the Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Georgy Armstrong. 1 Portrait

Sir (Harry) Gloster Armstrong (1861-1938), Commercial Adviser to the Manchester Ship Canal Company. 4 Portraits

Henry Bruce Armstrong (1844-1943), Northern Irish barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

James Robert Bargrave Armstrong (1893-1980), High Sheriff of County Armagh, soldier, barrister and Civil Affairs Officer in Somalia. 1 Portrait

James Wells Armstrong (1823-1880), Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Armstrong (1674-1742), Major-General; Surveyor General of ordnance and chief engineer. 2 Portraits

John Armstrong (1709-1779), Physician and poet. 5 Portraits

John Armstrong (1893-1973), Painter and soldier. 4 Portraits

John Armstrong (1905-1992), Army Chaplain and Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Exeter. 5 Portraits

Karen Andersen Armstrong (1944-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Katherine Fairlie Armstrong (1892-1969), Nurse. 3 Portraits

Louis ('Satchmo') Armstrong (1900-1971), Jazz musician. 2 Portraits

Mary Ann Armstrong (born circa 1811), Wife of Thomas Armstrong. 4 Portraits

Mervyn Armstrong (1906-1984), Bishop of Jarrow and Advisor on Industry to Archbishop of York. 4 Portraits

Norman Foster Armstrong (1892-1990), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Patrick Armstrong, Clerk to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on World Government. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Harold Armstrong (1874-1950), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Robert Baynes Armstrong (1785-1869), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

St George Bewes Armstrong (1871-1956), General. 1 Portrait

Sheila Ann Armstrong (1942-), Soprano. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Armstrong (1624?-1684), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Thomas Armstrong (circa 1808-1881), Upholsterer; father of Mary Anne Hollyer (née Armstrong). 6 Portraits

Thomas Henry Armstrong (1857-1930), Bishop of Wangaratta, Australia. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Henry Wait Armstrong (1898-1994), Musician and Principal of the Royal Academy of Music. 3 Portraits

Margaret Elizabeth (née Roberts), Lady Armstrong-Jones (died 1943), Wife of Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones, daughter of Sir Owen Roberts. 4 Portraits

Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones (1857-1943), Lecturer on mental diseases. 2 Portraits

Ronald Owen Lloyd Armstrong-Jones (1899-1966), Judge and army officer; father of Earl of Snowdon. 4 Portraits

Fenella Fitzhardinge Armytage (née Berkeley) (1835-1903), Author; wife of Henry Armytage. 1 Portrait

Sir George Ayscough Armytage, 7th Bt (1872-1953), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Grace Armytage (died 1907), Actress; wife of Campbell Bradley. 1 Portrait

Reginald William Armytage (1903-1984), Rear-Admiral; President of The Naval Ordnance Board. 6 Portraits

Sylvia Beatrice Armytage (née Staveley) (died 1996), Wife of Reginald William Armytage; daughter of Charles Russell Staveley. 1 Portrait

Mrs Armytage (active 1860). 1 Portrait

George Arnald (1763-1841), Marine and landscape painter. 2 Portraits

Lady (Cynthia) Anne Arnander (née Lindsay, later Lady Fummi) (1904-1997), Former wife of Per Erik Folke Arnander, and later wife of Giovannia Fummi; daughter of 27th Earl of Crawford and 10th Earl of Balcarres. 2 Portraits

Brenda Arnau (1941-1989), Singer and actor. 1 Portrait

Yvonne Arnaud (1890-1958), Actress. 80 Portraits

(Alice) Maud Mary Arncliffe Sennett (née Sparagnapane) (1862-1936), Women's suffrage activist. 1 Portrait

Peter Arne (Peter Randolph Michael Albrecht) (1918-1983), Actor. 2 Portraits

Thomas Augustine Arne (1710-1778), Composer. 5 Portraits

Richard Anthony Sayer Arnell (1917-2009), Conductor and composer. 4 Portraits

Joseph Calasanza, Ritter von Arneth (1791-1863), Numismatist and archaeologist; father of Alfred, Ritter von Arneth. 1 Portrait

Rudolf Arnheim (1904-2007), Author, art and film theorist and psychologist. 2 Portraits

Sydney Arnold, 1st Baron Arnold (1878-1945), Politician; Paymaster-General. 5 Portraits

Sir Alfred Arnold (1835-1908), Politician; MP for Halifax. 1 Portrait

Allan Cholmondeley Arnold (1893-1962), Major-General. 11 Portraits

Denis Midgely Arnold (1926-1986), Professor of Music, University of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwin Arnold (1832-1904), Poet and journalist. 5 Portraits

Frances Lucy ('Flu') Arnold (née Wightman) (1825-1901), Wife of Matthew Arnold. 1 Portrait

Helen Breen Arnold (née Moore), Theatrical manager; wife of Tom Arnold. 12 Portraits

John Oliver Arnold (1858-1930), Dean of Metallurgy. 3 Portraits

Lydia Arnold (circa 1989-), Scientist and inventor. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Henry Arnold (1921-2006), Composer. 6 Portraits

Matthew Arnold (1822-1888), Poet, writer and inspector of schools. 18 Portraits

Ralph Crispian Marshall Arnold (1906-1970), Author and publisher. 1 Portrait

Reg Arnold (1919-1962), Trumpeter. 1 Portrait

Ronald Nathan Arnold (1908-1963), Engineer and Professor. 2 Portraits

Samuel Arnold (1740-1802), Composer. 4 Portraits

Thomas Arnold (1795-1842), Headmaster of Rugby School. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas A. Arnold (1864-1930), Academic. 2 Portraits

Thomas Charles ('Tom') Arnold (circa 1897-1969), Theatre manager. 14 Portraits

Sir Thomas Richard ('Tom') Arnold (1947-), Theatre producer, publisher and consultant in Middle East affairs; son of Thomas Charles ('Tom') Arnold. 9 Portraits

Sir William Henry Arnold (1903-1973), Bailiff of Guernsey. 1 Portrait

William John Arnold (born 1895), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster (1855-1909), Politician, Secretary of State for War and MP for Belfast West and Croydon and author. 5 Portraits

Hugo Arnot (1749-1786), Writer and advocate. 6 Portraits

William Arnot (1808-1875), Free Church of Scotland minister. 1 Portrait

Jake Arnott (1961-), Author. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Melville Arnott (1909-1999), Physician and Emeritus Professor of Medicine. 6 Portraits

Neil Arnott (1788-1874), Physician and natural philosopher. 1 Portrait

Stanley Arnott (1888-1972), Major-General. 11 Portraits

Barbara Helen Seton Arnould (née Dury), Wife of Francis Graham Arnould. 1 Portrait

Jeanne Sylvanie Arnould-Plessy (1819-1897), French actress. 4 Portraits

Bronis Arnowska, Actress and operetta singer. 3 Portraits

Sonia Arova (1927-2001), Ballet dancer. 2 Portraits

Jean Arp (1886-1966), Sculptor, painter, collagist, printmaker and poet. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Butler (née Crew), Countess of Arran (circa 1679-1756), Wife of 1st Earl of Arran; daughter of 2nd Baron Crew of Steine. 3 Portraits

James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran (circa 1519-1575), Magnate and Governor of Scotland. 4 Portraits

James Hamilton, 3rd Earl of Arran (1537 or 1538?-1609), Magnate, soldier and suitor of Mary, Queen of Scots. 3 Portraits

Philip Yorke Gore, 4th Earl of Arran (1801-1884), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Marianne (née Napier), Countess of Arran (died 1899), Wife of 4th Earl of Arran; daughter of Sir William Francis Patrick Napier. 1 Portrait

Arthur Saunders William Charles Fox Gore, 5th Earl of Arran (1839-1901), Landowner and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Winifred Ellen Gore (née Reilly), Countess of Arran (died 1921), Lady-in-waiting to Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein; second wife of 5th Earl of Arran. 3 Portraits

Arthur Jocelyn Charles Gore, 6th Earl of Arran (1868-1958), Lord Lieutenant. 5 Portraits

Arthur Paul Gore, 7th Earl of Arran (1903-1958), Author and translator. 8 Portraits

Arthur Gore, 8th Earl of Arran (1910-1983), Conservative politician. 1 Portrait

Carl Arrindell (1961-), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Gillian Arrindell (1959-), NGO Coordinator. 1 Portrait

Mark Arrindell (1962-). 1 Portrait

Steve Arrindell (1963-). 1 Portrait

Count Arrivabene. 1 Portrait

Sir William Arrol (1839-1913), Civil engineer and politician. 2 Portraits

Gilbert John Arrow (1873-1948), Deputy Keeper Entomology, British Museum. 1 Portrait

Aaron Arrowsmith (1750-1823), Geographer. 1 Portrait

Edmund Arrowsmith (1585-1628), Jesuit. 2 Portraits

Sir Edwin Porter Arrowsmith (1909-1992), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Pat Arrowsmith (1930-2023), Peace campaigner, anti-nuclear activist, author and social worker. 1 Portrait

Antoine François Marie Artaud (1767-1838), Painter and illustrator; Archaeologist. 1 Portrait

William Artaud (1763-1823), Portrait painter. 2 Portraits

Madame Artaud. 1 Portrait

Gemma Arterton (1986-), Actress. 1 Portrait

King Arthur (active circa 6th century), Legendary warrior and supposed king of Britain. 1 Portrait

Arthur, Prince of Wales (1486-1502), Eldest son of Henry VII. 6 Portraits

Prince Arthur, 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (1850-1942), Field Marshal, Governor General of Canada; son of Queen Victoria. 160 Portraits

Prince Arthur of Connaught (1883-1938), Governor-General of South Africa; son of 1st Duke of Connaught and grandson of Queen Victoria. 44 Portraits

Sir Charles Gordon Arthur (1884-1953), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey George Arthur (1920-1984), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir George Arthur, 1st Bt (1784-1854), Colonial official. 1 Portrait

Sir George Compton Archibald Arthur, 3rd Bt (1860-1946), Soldier and courtier. 1 Portrait

Harold Frank Milton Arthur (1908-1972), Motorcycle speedway rider. 1 Portrait

Julia Arthur (née Ida Lewis, later Cheney) (1868 or 1869-1950), Stage and film actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Norman Stewart Arthur (1931-2023), Lieutenant-General; Olympic equestrian. 7 Portraits

Winifred Arthur-Jones (active 1902-1927), Actress; wife of Leslie Faber. 1 Portrait

Paul ('Bonehead') Arthurs (1965-), Musician; rhythm guitarist for Oasis. 3 Portraits

Artillery, Combat arm of the British Army. 1 Portrait

M.I.A (Mathangi ('Maya') Arulpragasam) (1975-), Singer and artist. 2 Portraits

Grace Arundale (née Kelly) (1874-1967), Actress and singer; sister of Sybil Arundale. 1 Portrait

Sybil Arundale (née Rosa Maria Kelly) (1882-1965), Actress and singer; sister of Grace Arundale. 6 Portraits

Aletheia (née Talbot), Countess of Arundel and Surrey (circa 1590-1654), Heiress and patron of art; wife of Thomas Howard. 33 Portraits

Richard Fitzalan, 3rd Earl of Arundel and 8th Earl of Surrey (circa 1313-1376), Soldier, diplomat, and royal councillor, known as 'Copped Hat'. 2 Portraits

Thomas Fitzalan, 5th Earl of Arundel and 10th Earl of Surrey (1381-1415), Knight. 1 Portrait

John Fitzalan, 7th Earl of Arundel (1408-1434), Knight. 1 Portrait

William Fitzalan, 9th Earl of Arundel (1417-1487), Knight, Constable of Dover, Warden of the Cinque Ports. 1 Portrait

Eleanor, Countess of Arundel (1318-1372), Lady-in-waiting; former wife of 2nd Baron Beaumont, and later second wife of 10th Earl of Arundel; daughter of 3rd Earl of Lancaster. 2 Portraits

William Fitzalan, 11th Earl of Arundel (circa 1476-1544), Magnate. 1 Portrait

Henry Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel (1511?-1580), Soldier and courtier. 6 Portraits

Beatrice, Countess of Arundel and Surrey (circa 1386-1439), Illegitimate daughter of John I of Portugal; wife of Thomas Fitzalan, 5th Earl of Arundel and 10th Earl of Surrey. 1 Portrait

Philip Howard, 13th Earl of Arundel (1557-1595), Nobleman and Catholic martyr. 3 Portraits

Anne Howard (née Dacre), Countess of Arundel (1557-1630), Noblewoman and priest harbourer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Howard, 14th Earl of Arundel, 4th Earl of Surrey and 1st Earl of Norfolk (1585-1646), Patron of art and collector. 68 Portraits

Henry Frederick Howard, 15th Earl of Arundel, 5th Earl of Surrey and 2nd Earl of Norfolk (1608-1652), Royalist soldier and politician; MP for Arundel and Callan. 11 Portraits

Joan Neville, Countess of Arundel (circa 1423-1462), Daughter of 5th Earl of Salisbury; wife of 16th Earl of Arundel. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Stuart), Countess of Arundel and Surrey (1610-1673 or 1674), Wife of 22nd Earl of Arundel; daughter of 3rd Duke of Lennox. 7 Portraits

John Arundel (1777-1848), Congregational minister and Home Secretary of the London Missionary Society. 1 Portrait

Thomas Arundel (1353-1414), Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor. 2 Portraits

Thomas Arundell, 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour (1560-1639), Soldier of fortune. 3 Portraits

Thomas Arundell, 2nd Baron Arundell of Wardour (1584-1643). 2 Portraits

Blanche Arundell (née Somerset), Lady Arundell of Wardour (1583-1649), Royalist noblewoman. 2 Portraits

Henry Arundell, 3rd Baron Arundell of Wardour (circa 1608-1694), Royalist army officer and politician. 2 Portraits

Cicely Arundell (née Compton), Lady Arundell of Wardour (1609 or 1610-1676), Wife of 3rd Baron Arundell of Wardour. 1 Portrait

Theresa (née Stourton), Lady Arundell of Wardour (1812-1878), Third wife of 11th Baron Arundell of Wardour; daughter of 18th Baron Stourton. 1 Portrait

Gerald Arthur Arundell, 15th Baron Arundell of Wardour (1861-1939), Third son of Theodore Arundell. 12 Portraits

Ivy Florence Mary (née Segrave), Lady Arundell of Wardour (1875-1960), Wife of 15th Baron Arundell of Wardour; daughter of W.F. Segrave. 13 Portraits

John Francis Arundell, 16th Baron Arundell of Wardour (1907-1944), Soldier. 9 Portraits

Barbara Arundell (née Clarke), Lady Wood, Wife of Sir John Stuart Page Wood, 6th Bt; daughter of Arundell Clarke. 3 Portraits

Francis Vyvyan Jago Arundell (1780-1846), Traveller and antiquary. 1 Portrait

John Arundell, Son of Sir Robert Duncan Harris Arundell. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Duncan Harris Arundell (1904-1989), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Miss Arundell (active 1860), Daughter of 11th Baron Arundell of Wardour. 2 Portraits

Frederick Arup, Businessman; uncle of Sir Ove Arup. 1 Portrait

Sir Ove Arup (1895-1988), Civil engineer. 4 Portraits

Sarkis Arutchian, Armenian painter. 3 Portraits

Arwyn Randall Arwyn, Baron Arwyn (1897-1978), Chartered Mining Engineer, businessman and company director. 2 Portraits

Beatrix Emily Bassett (née Organ), Lady Arwyn (1914-2008), Office clerk; second wife of Baron Arwyn; daughter of Captain F.H. Organ. 3 Portraits

Asaf-ud-Daula, Nawab Wazir of Oudh (1748-1797), State ruler; Nawab Wazir of Oudh. 1 Portrait

H.E.H. Asaf Jah, Nizam of Hyderabad (1886-1967), State ruler and 'Faithful Ally of the British Government'. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Okyere Asafu-Adjaye (1903-1976), Lawyer and Ghana's first High Commissioner to London. 4 Portraits

Kwame Frimpong Asafu-Adjaye. 1 Portrait

Mrs F. Asafu Adjaye. 1 Portrait

Koichiro Asakai (died 1995), Japanese Charge' d'Affaires. 2 Portraits

Khadambi Asalache (1935-2006), Poet, novelist, philosopher of mathematics and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Amma Asante (1969-), Writer and film director. 4 Portraits

Bishop of St Asaph (active 1741), Bishop. 2 Portraits

Anthony Ascham (baptised 1614-1650), Diplomat and pamphleteer. 1 Portrait

Roger Ascham (1515-1568), Author and tutor to Elizabeth I (when Princess Elizabeth). 4 Portraits

(Thomas Stange Heiss) Oscar Asche (1871-1936), Actor and theatre producer. 16 Portraits

Lida Ascher (1910-1983), Textile designer; wife of Zika Ascher. 6 Portraits

Zika Ascher (1910-1992), Textile designer and supplier. 5 Portraits

Frank David Ascoli (1883-1958), Rubber expert and Indian civil servant. 3 Portraits

H.E. Ascoli, Lieutenant-Commander. 1 Portrait

Roy Ascott (1934-), Artist and teacher. 1 Portrait

Robert Ascroft (1847-1899), Politician and solicitor. 1 Portrait

Manola Asensio (1946-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Hannah, Princess Asfa Yilma (Mrs Algernon Holland) (died 1945), Princess of Ethiopia, linguist and author. 4 Portraits

Ásgeir Ásgeirsson (1894-1972), President of Iceland 1952-1968. 3 Portraits

Fortescue Leo Ash (1882-1956), Bishop of Rockhampton, Australia. 1 Portrait

Harold Garton Ash (died 1962), Chartered accountant. 2 Portraits

Hon. Irene Evelyn Beatrice Ash (née Molesworth) (1895-1949), Former wife of Charles Donovan Rowley, and later wife of Francis Henry Ash; daughter of 9th Viscount Molesworth. 2 Portraits

James Ash (active mid 17th century), Politician; MP for Bath in 1640. 1 Portrait

Maie Ash (1888-1923), Actress. 6 Portraits

Russell Ash (1946-2010), Writer. 1 Portrait

Walter William Hector Ash (1906-1998), Rear-Admiral and electrical engineer. 7 Portraits

Edward Gibson, 1st Baron Ashbourne (1837-1913), Lawyer and politician, Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 12 Portraits

William Gibson, 2nd Baron Ashbourne (1868-1942), Justice of the Peace. 10 Portraits

Edward Russell Gibson, 3rd Baron Ashbourne (1901-1983), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Reta Frances Manning (née Hazeland), Lady Ashbourne (died 1996), Wife of Edward Russell Gibson; daughter of E.M. Hazeland. 1 Portrait

Sir Noel Ashbridge (1889-1975), Engineer and broadcasting pioneer. 1 Portrait

Ashbridge (active 1787), Musician. 2 Portraits

Emily Theophila (née Metcalfe), Viscountess Ashbrook (1790-1885), Second wife of 4th Viscount Ashbrook; daughter of Sir Thomas Metcalfe, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Mrs Ashburn (active 1866). 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Constable Ashburner (1798-1867), Daughter of William Ashburner; half-sister of Sir Charles Forbes, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

George Ashburnham, 3rd Earl of Ashburnham (1760-1830). 1 Portrait

Charlotte Ashburnham (née Percy), Countess of Ashburnham (1766-1862), Second wife of George, 3rd Earl of Ashburnham; daughter of Algernon Percy, 1st Earl of Beverley. 3 Portraits

Bertram Ashburnham, 5th Earl of Ashburnham (1840-1913), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Sophia Ashburnham (1786-1879), Daughter of 3rd Earl of Ashburnham. 1 Portrait

Bertram Ashburnham (died 1066), Constable of Dover Castle and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. 2 Portraits

Sir Cromer Ashburnham (1831-1917), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Ashburnham (née Kenn) (1593-1663), Former wife of 1st Baron Poulett, and later wife of John Ashburnham. 1 Portrait

Frances Ashburnham (née Holland) (circa 1614-circa 1651), First wife of John Ashburnham. 1 Portrait

John Ashburnham (1603-1671), Courtier, diplomat, royalist and politician; MP for Hastings and Sussex. 3 Portraits

John Dunning, 1st Baron Ashburton (1731-1783), Solicitor-General. 15 Portraits

Elizabeth Dunning (née Baring), Lady Ashburton (1744-1809), Wife of John Dunning, 1st Baron Ashburton. 1 Portrait

Alexander Baring, 1st Baron Ashburton (1773-1848), Financier. 11 Portraits

(William) Bingham Baring, 2nd Baron Ashburton (1799-1864), Statesman. 3 Portraits

Alexander Hugh Baring, 4th Baron Ashburton (1835-1899), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Leonora Caroline Baring (née Digby), Lady Ashburton (1844-1930), Wife of 4th Baron Ashburton. 1 Portrait

Francis Denzil Edward Baring, 5th Baron Ashburton (1866-1938), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Mabel Edith (née Hood), Lady Ashburton (1866-1904), Wife of 5th Baron Ashburton; daughter of 4th Viscount Hood. 1 Portrait

Alexander Francis St Vincent Baring, 6th Baron Ashburton (1898-1991), Receiver-General to the Duchy of Cornwall. 12 Portraits

John Francis Harcourt Baring, 7th Baron Ashburton (1928-2020), Merchant banker and patron of the arts. 1 Portrait

Susan Mary Baring (née Renwick), Lady Ashburton (1930-), Daughter of 1st Baron Renwick of Coombe; first wife of John Francis Harcourt Baring, 7th Baron Ashburton. 2 Portraits

Sarah Cornelia (née Spencer-Churchill), Lady Ashburton (1935-), Former wife of John Colin Crewe, and later second wife of 7th Baron Ashburton; daugther of John George Spencer-Churchill. 1 Portrait

James Lloyd Ashbury (1834-1895), Yachtsman and Conservative politician; MP for Brighton. 2 Portraits

Eric Ashby, 1st Baron Ashby (1904-1992), Chancellor of Queen's University, Belfast. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wilfred Ashby (1886-1953), Economist. 4 Portraits

Carole Ashby (1955-), Actress and producer. 1 Portrait

Edward Quenby Ashby (1805-1871), Reverend; Rector of Dunton, Buckinghamshire. 1 Portrait

Harold Ashby (1925-2003), Jazz saxophonist. 1 Portrait

Jennifer Susan Ashby (née Buckman) (1944-), Wife of John Jellis Ashby. 4 Portraits

Robert Ashby (1774-1843), Writing engraver. 1 Portrait

Thomas Ashby (1874-1931), Archaeologist. 2 Portraits

Joseph Ashby-Sterry (circa 1835-1917), Painter, novelist and poet. 1 Portrait

Henry Cubitt, 2nd Baron Ashcombe (1867-1947), Politician; MP for Reigate. 8 Portraits

Jean (née Garland), Lady Ashcombe, Third wife of 3rd Baron Ashcombe; daughter of Charles Tuller Garland. 1 Portrait

Dame Frances Mary Ashcroft (1952-), Professor of Physiology. 1 Portrait

Dame Edith Margaret Emily ('Peggy') Ashcroft (1907-1991), Actress. 43 Portraits

Richard Ashcroft (1971-), Musician; singer and guitarist for The Verve. 1 Portrait

Hugh Edward Ashdown (1904-1977), Bishop of Newcastle. 2 Portraits

A. Ashdowne. 1 Portrait

Patrick Ashe (1955-1980), Son of Diana Melly and Michael H. St George Ashe. 2 Portraits

Simeon Ashe (died 1662), Nonconformist divine. 5 Portraits

E. Asher (active 1923). 1 Portrait

H. Asher (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Jack? Asher? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Jane Asher (1946-), Actress and writer. 6 Portraits

Peter Asher (1944-), Guitarist, singer, manager and record producer. 4 Portraits

Dr Peter Asher, Husband of Amy Shuard. 1 Portrait

Dina Asher-Smith (1995-), Sprinter. 1 Portrait

(Dorothy) Renée Asherson (née Ascherson) (1915-2014), Actress; wife of Robert Donat. 1 Portrait

Albert Henry Stanley, Baron Ashfield (1874-1948), Chairman of London Passenger Transport Board. 15 Portraits

Grace Lowrey (née Woodruff), Lady Ashfield (1878-1962), Wife of 1st Baron Ashfield; daughter of Edward Lowrey Woodruff. 9 Portraits

Sir Cyril Ernest Ashford (1867-1951), Headmaster. 1 Portrait

Margaret Mary Julia ('Daisy') Ashford (1881-1972), Child author. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Ashhurst (1784-1857), Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sir William Ashhurst (1647-1720), Lord Mayor of London, banker and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Ashhurst (1725-1807), Judge. 2 Portraits

Jack Ashley, Baron Ashley of Stoke (1922-2012), Labour politician; MP for Stoke-on-Trent. 2 Portraits

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Lord Ashley (1900-1947), Army officer. 13 Portraits

Françoise (née Soulier), Lady Ashley (later Goussault) (died 1999), Second wife of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Lord Ashley, and later wife of François Goussault; daughter of Georges Soulier. 11 Portraits

April Ashley (1935-2021), Model, dancer, socialite and campaigner for transgender rights. 1 Portrait

Eve Ashley. 1 Portrait

(Anthony) Evelyn Melbourne Ashley (1836-1907), Politician and biographer. 2 Portraits

Laura Ashley (1925-1985), Designer. 3 Portraits

(Anthony) Lionel George Ashley (1838-1914), Deputy Lieutenant for Dorset; son of 7th Earl of Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

Maria Anne Ashley (née Baillie), Wife of Anthony William Ashley. 3 Portraits

Mary Ashley (née Wickstead), formerly Mrs Worlidge (circa 1720-circa 1790), Pastellist, needlework artist and publisher; second wife of Thomas Worlidge. 2 Portraits

Maude Ashley, Wife of Evelyn Ashley. 1 Portrait

Minnie Ashley (1875-1945), Actress, singer and dancer; wife of William Astor Chanler. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Walter Llewellyn Ashley (1876-1945), Vice-President of British Standards Institution. 3 Portraits

Sylvia (née Hawkes), Lady Ashley (1904-1977), Actress and society beauty; former wife of Lord Ashley and of Douglas Fairbanks Sr and of 6th Baron Stanley of Alderley and of Clark Gable, and later wife of Prince Dimitri Djordjadze. 10 Portraits

Sir William Ashley (1860-1927), Economic historian. 1 Portrait

Lady Frances Mary Elizabeth Ashley-Cooper (1940-), Daughter of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Lord Ashley and sister of 10th Earl of Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

Lady Lettice Mildred Mary Ashley-Cooper (1911-1990), Flight Officer W.A.A.F. and author; daughter of 9th Earl of Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

Anthony Henry Ashley-Cooper (1807-1858), Politician; MP for Dorchester. 1 Portrait

Maurice Ashley-Cooper (1675-1726), Classical scholar; younger brother of 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

Henry Ashley-Scarlett (1886-1976), Lieutenant-Colonel, school manager and Mayor of Hampstead. 2 Portraits

Matthew Ashman (1960-1995), Musician; member of Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow. 1 Portrait

Mickey Ashman (1927-2015), Musician, bassist for the 'Humphrey Lyttelton Band'. 1 Portrait

Sir Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett (1849-1902), Politician; MP for Eye and Sheffield Ecclesall. 9 Portraits

Bernard Ashmole (1894-1988), Archaeologist and art historian. 8 Portraits

Elias Ashmole (1617-1692), Antiquary. 6 Portraits

Edward Bailey Ashmore (1872-1953), Major-General; founder of Royal Observer Corps.. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward Beckwith Ashmore (1919-2016), Admiral of the Fleet. 23 Portraits

Sir Peter William Beckwith Ashmore (1921-2002), Equerry to King George VI. 3 Portraits

Philip George Ashmore (1916-2002), Professor of Physical Chemistry and Director of Studies of Natural Sciences, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Thomas Gair Ashton, 1st Baron Ashton-of-Hyde (1855-1933), Politician and Justice of the Peace. 7 Portraits

Thomas Henry Raymond Ashton, 2nd Baron Ashton of Hyde (1901-1983), Major, Justice of the Peace and Master of the Heythrop Hounds. 1 Portrait

Antoinette Ashton (active early 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles Ashton (1665-1752), Divine. 1 Portrait

Edward Ashton (died 1658), Royalist colonel and conspirator. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick William Mallandaine Ashton (1904-1988), Ballet dancer; founder-choreographer and Director of the Royal Ballet. 31 Portraits

Sir Hubert Ashton (1898-1979), Politician and director of public companies. 4 Portraits

John Ashton (died 1691), Courtier and Jacobite conspirator. 2 Portraits

John Ashton, Son of Nicholas Ashton of Liverpool. 1 Portrait

John William Ashton (1866-1964), Bishop of Grafton. 1 Portrait

Joseph Philip Ashton (née Assenheim) (1919-2009), Electrical Engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Leigh Bolland Ashton (1897-1983), Director of the Victoria & Albert Museum. 5 Portraits

Norman Henry Ashton (1913-2000), Pathologist. 2 Portraits

S.B. Ashton (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Thomas Ashton (1716-1775), Clergyman. 6 Portraits

Thomas Ashton (1775-1845), Cotton manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Southcliffe Ashton (1889-1968), Economic historian. 1 Portrait

Miss Ashton (active 1918), Dancer. 2 Portraits

David Ashton Ashton-Bostock (1930-2002), Son of John Bostock. 1 Portrait

Robert Power Trench, 4th Baron Ashtown (1897-1966), Lieutenant. 6 Portraits

Dudley Oliver Trench, 5th Baron Ashtown (1901-1979), Lieutenant-Colonel and Assistant Chief Constable, War Department Constabulary. 2 Portraits

Charles Ashurst (active 1807), Major. 3 Portraits

William Henry Ashurst (1792-1855), Solicitor and undersheriff of London. 3 Portraits

William Henry Ashurst (1819-1879), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Lena Ashwell (née Lena Margaret Pocock, later Lady Simson) (1872-1957), Actress, theatre manager, producer and writer; wife of Sir Henry John Forbes Simson; daughter of Charles Ashwell Boteler Pocock. 19 Portraits

Henry Ashworth (1794-1880), Founder of Anti-Corn Law League; friend of Cobden. 1 Portrait

James Hartley Ashworth (1874-1936), Professor of Zoology. 1 Portrait

John Michael Ashworth (1938-), Chairman of the Board of the British Library. 2 Portraits

Dame Veronica Margaret Ashworth (1910-1977), Air Commandant-Matron-in-Chief. 1 Portrait

George Edward Asker, Vicar, St Andrews, Lambeth. 4 Portraits

Lady Susan Alice Askew (née Egerton) (1913-2010), Former wife of John Majoribanks Askew; daughter of 4th Earl of Ellesmere. 3 Portraits

Anthony Askew (1722-1774), Physician and scholar. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Askew (1775-1847), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Anthea Shirley Askey (1933-1999), Actress. 1 Portrait

Anthony Askey (died 1982), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Arthur Askey (1900-1982), Actor and entertainer. 4 Portraits

George Ranken Askwith, Baron Askwith (1861-1942), Industrial arbitrator and civil servant. 17 Portraits

Ellen (née Peel), Lady Askwith (died 1962), Writer, sub-editor and war worker; former wife of Henry Graham, and later wife of 1st Baron Askwith; daughter of Archibald Peel. 4 Portraits

Hon. Betty Ellen Askwith (1909-1995), Writer; daughter of 1st Baron Askwith. 15 Portraits

Wilfred Marcus Askwith (1890-1962), Bishop of Blackburn and of Gloucester. 8 Portraits

Grégoire Aslan (1908-1982), Actor. 1 Portrait

Charles Herbert Aslin (1893-1959), Architect. 2 Portraits

James Asperne (1757-1820), Bookseller and proprietor of the 'European Magazine'. 1 Portrait

Lady Sarah Maguerite ('Sally') Aspinall (née Curzon) (1945-), Former wife of Piers Raymond Courage, and later wife of John Victor Aspinall; daughter of 5th Earl Howe. 7 Portraits

Sir Algernon Edward Aspinall (1871-1952), Consultant, Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture. 7 Portraits

John Ralph Aspinall (1878-1946), Major. 1 Portrait

Sir John Audley Frederick Aspinall (1851-1937), Railway engineer. 1 Portrait

John Bridge Aspinall (1877-1932), City Remembrancer. 2 Portraits

John Victor Aspinall (1926-2000), Gambler and zoo owner. 1 Portrait

Kathleen (née Mason), Lady Aspinall, Wife of Sir Algernon Edward Aspinall; daughter of William Augustus Mason. 6 Portraits

Muriel Aspinall (née Lawson Johnston), Second wife of John Ralph Aspinall; daughter of John Lawson Johnston. 1 Portrait

Neil Aspinall (1942-2008), Assistant and road manager for The Beatles. 1 Portrait

Robert Augustus Aspinall (active 1860s), Magistrate; father of Sir Algernon Edward Aspinall and Lt-Col Robert Lowndes Aspinall. 2 Portraits

Cecil Faber Aspinall-Oglander (1878-1959), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Henry Aspinwall (active 1797). 2 Portraits

Cyril Asquith, Baron Asquith of Bishopstone (1890-1954), Judge; son of 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith. 12 Portraits

(Helen) Violet Bonham Carter (née Asquith), Baroness Asquith of Yarnbury (1887-1969), President of the Liberal Party Organisation; wife of Sir Maurice Bonham Carter; daughter of Herbert Asquith. 31 Portraits

Lady Cynthia Mary Evelyn Asquith (née Charteris) (1887-1960), Author and Private Secretary to JM Barrie; wife of Herbert Asquith; daughter of 11th Earl of Wemyss and March. 8 Portraits

Lady Helen Frances Asquith (1908-2000), Teacher; daughter of Raymond Asquith. 6 Portraits

Anthony Asquith (1902-1968), Film director. 31 Portraits

Arthur Melland Asquith (1883-1939), Brigadier-General and civil servant in Sudan; recipient of the Distinguished Service Order. 4 Portraits

Hon. Betty Constance Asquith (née Manners) (1889-1962), Wife of Hon. Arthur Melland Asquith. 10 Portraits

Cyril Edward Asquith (1902-1967), Author. 4 Portraits

Diana Eveline Montagu Asquith (née Battye) (1915-2005), First wife of Michael Henry Asquith; daughter of Perceval Lawrence Montagu Battye. 8 Portraits

Katharine Frances Asquith (née Horner) (1885-1976), Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse and patron of the arts; daughter of Sir John and Lady Horner; wife of Raymond Asquith. 10 Portraits

Paul Asquith (1927-1984), Younger son of Baron Asquith of Bishopton. 2 Portraits

Raymond Asquith (1878-1916), Scholar and army officer; son of Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith. 2 Portraits

Stephen Andrew Romilly Michael Asquith (1944-), Son of Michael Henry Asquith. 2 Portraits

Lilah Assanti (née O'Brien) (1884-1968), Former wife of Hon. Coulson Churchill Fellowes, and later wife of Nobile Riccardo Assanti; daughter of 14th Baron Inchiquin. 3 Portraits

Ann Asser (active 1930s-1940s), Daughter of Sir John Asser. 1 Portrait

Sir (Joseph) John Asser (1867-1949), General. 4 Portraits

Jacqueline Jill Assheton (née Harris) (1939-), Wife of Hon. Nicholas Assheton; daughter of Sir Arthur Travers Harris. 3 Portraits

Mildred Estelle Sybella Assheton, Wife of Sir Ralph Cockayne Assheton, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Nicholas Assheton (1934-2012), Treasurer and Extra Equerry to the Queen Mother; son of 1st Baron Clitheroe. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Cockayne Assheton, 1st Bt (1860-1955), Aristocrat and public official. 1 Portrait

Miss Assheton Smith. 1 Portrait

Peter St. Clair Assinder (1922-2008), Actor. 1 Portrait

Assistant Adjutant General, Administrative officer in the British Army. 1 Portrait

Assistant Quartermaster General, Officer in charge of supplies for the British Army. 1 Portrait

Serafima Astafieva (1876-1934), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Adèle Astaire (Lady Charles Cavendish) (1898-1981), Actress and dancer; sister of Fred Astaire. 14 Portraits

Fred Astaire (1899-1987), Dancer, actor and choreographer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Meir Astbury (1860-1939), Judge. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Astbury (1898-1961), Physicist, crystallographer and molecular biologist. 5 Portraits

William Astell (1774-1847), Chairman of the East India Company. 3 Portraits

Nils Asther (1897-1981), Actor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Astle (1735-1803), Keeper of the Records, antiquary and palaeographer. 2 Portraits

Jacob Astley, Baron Astley (1579-1652), Soldier and royalist commander; Major-General of the infantry. 4 Portraits

Sir Bernard Astley (died 1645), Royalist; son of Jacob Astley, Baron Astley. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Astley, 4th Bt (1729-1802), Collector and politician; MP for Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Astley (died 1645), Royalist soldier; son of Sir Jacob Astley. 2 Portraits

Edward Evelyn Astley (1842-1921), Son of Henry Nicholas Astley. 1 Portrait

Hon. Evelyn Vere Astley (née Strover) (1879-1969), Wife of Hon. Charles Melton Astley; daughter of George Augustus Strover. 3 Portraits

Henrietta Susanna Astley (née Hanbury-Tracy) (1847-1926), Wife of Thurlow Augustus Astley; daughter of Hon. Henry Hanbury-Tracy. 1 Portrait

John Astley (circa 1507-1596), Courtier. 1 Portrait

John Astley (1724-1787), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

John Astley (1768-1821), Equestrian performer; son of Philip Astley. 1 Portrait

John Astley. 1 Portrait

Sir John Dugdale Astley, 3rd Bt (1828-1894), Sportsman. 6 Portraits

Philip Astley (1742-1814), Equestrian performer. 4 Portraits

Rhoda (née Delaval), Lady Astley (1725-1757), Pastellist. 3 Portraits

Hon. Simon Nevill Astley (1919-1946), Major; son of 21st Baron Hastings. 5 Portraits

Colonel Astley, Colonel. 1 Portrait

Walter Aston, 2nd Baron Aston (1584-1639), Ambassador. 3 Portraits

Francis William Aston (1877-1945), Experimental physicist. 15 Portraits

Sir George Grey Aston (1861-1938), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Harvey Aston (1815-1839). 1 Portrait

Henry Hervey (Harvey) Aston (1759-1798), Cricketer; boxing promoter; soldier. 2 Portraits

Maude Aston (active mid 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Aston (1530-1589), Sheriff of Staffordshire and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

William George Aston (1841-1911), Japanese scholar. 1 Portrait

John Aston Sr (1921-2003), Footballer. 7 Portraits

Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor (1879-1952), Newspaper proprietor. 13 Portraits

Nancy Witcher Astor (née Langhorne), Viscountess Astor (1879-1964), Conservative politician; MP for Plymouth Sutton; former wife of R.G. Shaw, and later wife of 2nd Viscount Astor; daughter of Chiswell Dabney Langhorne. 39 Portraits

William Waldorf Astor, 3rd Viscount Astor (1907-1966), Politician and businessman. 15 Portraits

Sarah Katharine Elinor Astor (née Norton), Viscountess Astor (later Baring) (1920-2013), Socialite and war worker; former wife of 3rd Viscount Astor, and later wife of Thomas Baring; daughter of 6th Baron Grantley. 7 Portraits

(Janet) Bronwen (née Alun Pugh), Viscountess Astor (1930-2017), Fashion model; third wife of 3rd Viscount Astor. 3 Portraits

John Jacob Astor, 1st Baron Astor of Hever (1886-1971), Newspaper proprietor. 9 Portraits

Violet Mary (née Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound), Lady Astor of Hever (1889-1965), Former wife of Lord Charles George Francis Mercer-Nairne, and later wife of 1st Baron Astor of Hever; daughter of 4th Earl of Minto. 3 Portraits

Gavin Astor, 2nd Baron Astor of Hever (1918-1984), Newspaper proprietor. 4 Portraits

Lady Irene Violet Freesia Janet Augusta Astor of Hever (née Haig) (1919-2001), Wife of 2nd Baron Astor of Hever; daughter of 1st Earl Haig. 6 Portraits

(Ava) Alice (Muriel) Astor (later Obolensky, later von Hofmannsthal, later Pleydell-Bouverie) (1902-1956), Socialite and patron of the arts; daughter of John Jacob Astor IV; former wife of Prince Sergei Obolensky and of Raimund von Hofmannsthal, and later wife of David Pleydell-Bouverie. 1 Portrait

Ana Inez Astor (née Carcano y Morra) (1918-1992), First wife of Sir John Jacob Astor; daughter of Don Miguel Angel Carcano. 10 Portraits

(Francis) David Langhorne Astor (1912-2001), Newspaper editor and philanthropist. 6 Portraits

David Waldorf Astor (1943-), Businessman; eldest son of Hon. Michael Langhorne Astor. 7 Portraits

Sir John Jacob Astor (1918-2000), Politician and jockey. 5 Portraits

Hon. Michael Langhorne Astor (1916-1980), Politician. 12 Portraits

Michael Ramon Langhorne Astor (1946-), Eldest son of Sir John Jacob Astor. 10 Portraits

Stella Inez Astor (1949-), Granddaughter of 2nd Viscount Astor; former wife of Martin Wilkinson. 11 Portraits

Astrid, Queen of the Belgians (1905-1935), Wife of Leopold III, King of the Belgians; daughter of Prince Carl of Sweden. 12 Portraits

Astro (Terence Wilson) (1957-2021), Musician; percussionist and trumpeter of UB40. 1 Portrait

David Francis William Atcherley (1904-1952), Air Vice-Marshal. 8 Portraits

Llewellyn William Atcherley (1871-1954), Colonel. 8 Portraits

Sir Roger Llewellyn Atcherley (1904-1970), Air Marshal. 8 Portraits

Jane Atfield (1964-), Furniture designer. 1 Portrait

Edward Athawes (active late 1780s), Virginia merchant. 1 Portrait

King Athelstan (Aethelstan) (895-940), King of the Anglo-Saxons. 3 Portraits

Francis Henry Atherley (1831-1897), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sydney Kerr Buller Atherley (1837-1878), Son of Rev. Arthur Atherley. 2 Portraits

Llewellyn Archer Atherley-Jones (1851-1929), Judge, politician and writer. 5 Portraits

Alice Atherton (1854-1899), Actress; wife of Willie Edouin. 3 Portraits

Andrew Atherton (1975-), Gymnast. 1 Portrait

Charles Atherton. 1 Portrait

Effie Atherton (née Euphemia Walker Anderson, later Landau, later Hoare) (1907-2005), Actress, singer and dancer; former wife of Leslie L. Landau and later wife of Theodore H. Hoare. 1 Portrait

John Atherton (1598-1640), Irish bishop. 1 Portrait

Kevin Atherton (1975-), Gymnast. 1 Portrait

Mike Atherton (1968-), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Rachel Laura Atherton (1987-), Mountain bike racer. 1 Portrait

T.R. Atherton, Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir William Atherton (1806-1864), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

Diana Athill (1917-2019), Writer and editor. 2 Portraits

Godard van Reede-Ginckel, 1st Earl of Athlone (1644-1703), General. 12 Portraits

James Herbert Gustavus Meredyth Somerville, 2nd Baron Athlumney (1865-1929), Army officer; Assistant Provost Marshall of London. 6 Portraits

Lady Amelia-Anna-Sophia (née Stanley), Countess of Athol, Wife of 2nd Earl and 1st Marquis of Athol; daughter of 7th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

James Murray, 2nd Duke of Atholl (1690-1764), Privy Councillor and politician; MP of Perthshire. 1 Portrait

John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl (1755-1830), Scottish Peer. 3 Portraits

George Augustus Frederick John Murray, 6th Duke of Atholl (1814-1864), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Anne, Duchess of Atholl (1814-1897), Wife of 6th Duke of Atholl. 4 Portraits

John James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray, 7th Duke of Atholl (1840-1917), Landowner. 5 Portraits

Louisa (née Montcrieffe), Duchess of Atholl (1844-1902), Wife of 7th Duke Atholl; daughter of Sir Thomas Moncreiffe of that Ilk, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

John George Stewart-Murray, 8th Duke of Atholl (1871-1942), Soldier and politician; MP for Perthshire West. 6 Portraits

Katharine Marjory Stewart-Murray (née Ramsay), Duchess of Atholl (1874-1960), Public servant and politician; MP for Kinross and West Perthshire; wife of 8th Duke of Atholl; daughter of Sir James Henry Ramsay. 8 Portraits

George Iain Murray, 10th Duke of Atholl (1931-1996), Landowner; Scottish peer. 2 Portraits

John Murray, 1st Marquess of Atholl (1631-1703), Hereditary Sheriff of Fife, Captain General of the Royal Company of Archers. 1 Portrait

Hugh Graham, 1st Baron Atholstan (1848-1938), Newspaper proprietor. 4 Portraits

Annie Beekman Atholstan (née Hamilton), Lady Atholstan, Wife of 1st Baron Atholstan; daughter of Edward Hamilton. 3 Portraits

Georgia Atienza, Assistant Curator, Photographs, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Sir Michael Francis Atiyah (1929-2019), Mathematician; Director of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge. 3 Portraits

Sir Albert Reuben Atkey (1867-1947), Politician; MP for Nottingham Central. 1 Portrait

Edward Atkins (1818-1883), Actor. 1 Portrait

Dame Eileen June Atkins (1934-), Actress. 1 Portrait

G. M. Atkins (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Sir Hedley John Barnard Atkins (1905-1983), Professor of Surgery. 1 Portrait

Sir Ivor Algernon Atkins (1869-1953), Organist and choirmaster. 5 Portraits

Sir John Atkins (1875-1963), Deputy Director of Army Medical Services; physician-in-ordinary to Duke of Connaught. 5 Portraits

Will Atkins, Singer. 1 Portrait

William Atkins (active 17th century), Empiric. 4 Portraits

William Ringrose Gelston Atkins (1884-1959), Professor of Chemistry. 4 Portraits

Mrs Atkins (active circa 1805), Actress. 1 Portrait

Henry Atkins-Bowyer (1805-1871), Lieutenant-Colonel, 1st Oxford University Rifle Volunteers. 2 Portraits

John Atkinson, Baron Atkinson (1844-1932), Judge, politician and life peer. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Joseph Atkinson (1864-1959), Major. 5 Portraits

Christopher Atkinson (circa 1738-1819), Politician and merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir Cyril Atkinson (1874-1967), Politician and Judge of High Court of Justice. 8 Portraits

David Anthony Atkinson (1940-2012), Politician; MP for Bournemouth East. 6 Portraits

Sir Edward Hale Tindal Atkinson (1878-1957), Lawyer. 6 Portraits

Edward Leicester Atkinson (1882-1929), Surgeon; member of British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913. 2 Portraits

Sir Edwin Henry de Vere Atkinson (1867-1947), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Fenton Atkinson (1906-1980), Lord Justice of Appeal. 1 Portrait

George Dixon Atkinson (later Atkinson-Clark) (1836-1921), Barrister and county councillor. 2 Portraits

Helen Georgina Atkinson (née Brown) (1856-1927), Third wife of John Christopher Atkinson; daughter of Douglas Brown. 1 Portrait

James Atkinson (1780-1852), Army surgeon and Oriental scholar. 1 Portrait

James Henry Atkinson (died 1916), Actor. 1 Portrait

John Atkinson (1937-), Gymnastic consultant. 1 Portrait

Sir John Nathaniel Atkinson (1857-1931), Member Executive Council, Madras. 3 Portraits

Sir Leonard Henry Atkinson (1910-1990), Major-General and Chairman of Engineering companies. 2 Portraits

Miles Atkinson (1741-1811), Vicar of Kippax and Minister of St Pauls, Leeds. 2 Portraits

Norman Atkinson (1923-2013), Labour Politician. 2 Portraits

Paul Ashley Warren Atkinson (1946-2004), Musician; member of The Zombies. 1 Portrait

Richard Atkinson (1738-1785), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (1955-), Actor and writer. 4 Portraits

R.B. Atkinson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Thomas Atkinson (1759-1838), Builder and Alderman of Salisbury. 1 Portrait

Thomas Atkinson (1807-1881), Bishop of North Carolina. 3 Portraits

William Christopher Atkinson (1902-1992), Professor of Hispanic studies. 7 Portraits

Sir William Nicholas Atkinson (1850-1930), Divisional Inspector of Mines. 2 Portraits

Sir George Atkinson-Wallis, Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Alice (née Mort), Lady Atkinson-Willes (1856-1938), Wife of Sir George Lambart Atkinson-Willes; daughter of Thomas Sutcliffe Mort. 4 Portraits

Richard Atkyns (1615-1677), Army officer and writer on printing. 1 Portrait

James Atlay (1817-1894), Bishop of Hereford. 5 Portraits

Daniel Deng Atong (1912-1976), Assistant Bishop in Sudan. 1 Portrait

Nana Sir Ofori Atta (1881-1943), Member of Executive Council of Gold Coast (Ghana). 9 Portraits

Naim Ibrahim Attallah (1931-2021), Book publisher, magazine proprietor and writer, producer of plays, films and television documentaries. 2 Portraits

Richard Samuel Attenborough, Baron Attenborough (1923-2014), Actor, producer and director; brother of Sir David Attenborough. 10 Portraits

Sir David Attenborough (1926-), Naturalist and broadcaster. 8 Portraits

Sheila (née Sim), Lady Attenborough (1922-2016), Actress; wife of Sir Richard Attenborough. 6 Portraits

Francis Atterbury (1662-1732), Bishop of Rochester. 17 Portraits

Sir Frederick Atterbury (1853-1919), Barrister and accountant. 5 Portraits

Humphrey Cooper Attewell (1894-1972), Labour politician; MP for Harborough. 7 Portraits

John Attfield (1835-1911), Pharmacologist; chemistry professor. 1 Portrait

Clement Richard Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee (1883-1967), Prime Minister. 49 Portraits

Violet Helen (née Millar), Countess Attlee (1895-1964), British Red Cross commandant; wife of 1st Earl Attlee. 14 Portraits

Christopher Sebastian Bravery Attlee (1915-1987), Prospective Labour candidate; nephew of 1st Earl Attlee. 4 Portraits

Clarinda Campbell Attlee (née Allen) (1915-1977), Wife of Christopher Attlee; nephew of Clement Attlee. 2 Portraits

C.M. Attlee, Professor. 6 Portraits

Mabel Lucie Attwell (1879-1964), Illustrator. 1 Portrait

Matthias Attwood (1779-1851), Banker and Conservative politician; MP for Whitehaven. 1 Portrait

Thomas Attwood (1783-1856), Political reformer. 4 Portraits

Harriett Caroline Attye (circa 1812-1901), Landowner; daughter of Robert Middleton Attye. 1 Portrait

Hayley Atwell (1982-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Winifred Atwell (1914-1983), Pianist. 5 Portraits

Edward Robert Atwill (1840-1911), Bishop of West Missouri. 1 Portrait

Lionel Atwill (1885-1946), Actor. 2 Portraits

Julius Walter Atwood (1857-1945), Bishop of Arizona. 1 Portrait

Thomas Stephen Atwood (1759-1826), Rector of Buckworth and Morborne, Hants; minister of Hammersmith. 2 Portraits

Ludwig Aub (1862-1926), Writer. 1 Portrait

L?. Aubens. 1 Portrait

Daniel François Esprit Auber (1782-1871), Composer. 3 Portraits

Philippe Marie Joseph Raymond Auboyneau (1899-1961), French naval commander and admiral. 12 Portraits

John Aubrey (1626-1697), Antiquary. 3 Portraits

Sir John Aubrey, 6th Bt (1740-1826), Conservative politician; MP for Wallingford, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Clitheroe, Steyning, Horsham and Aldeborough. 2 Portraits

Melbourn Evans Aubrey (1885-1957), Baptist minister and ecumenist. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Digby Aubrey, 7th Bt (1782-1856), Sheriff. 1 Portrait

William Aubrey (1529-1595), Master in Chancery. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, 4th Bt (1835-1910), Politician and army officer. 3 Portraits

Thomas Ralph Auchincloss (1923-2005), Company director. 1 Portrait

Sir Claude Auchinleck (1884-1981), Field Marshal. 24 Portraits

Arthur Auchmuty (active 1792), Colonel. 1 Portrait

George Eden, Earl of Auckland (1784-1849), Governor-General of India. 8 Portraits

William Eden, 1st Baron Auckland (1744-1814), Statesman. 8 Portraits

Robert John Eden, 3rd Baron Auckland (1799-1870), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 7 Portraits

Mary (née Hurt), Lady Auckland (1807-1872), Wife of 3rd Baron Auckland; daughter of Francis Edward Hurt. 1 Portrait

William Morton Eden, 5th Baron Auckland (1859-1917), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Colvin George Eden, 6th Baron Auckland (1895-1941), Associate of the Institution of Naval Architects; pilot and wartime flying instructor; assistant to the Air Attaché, Paris. 1 Portrait

Bernard Auden (1900-1978), Farmer. 1 Portrait

John Bicknell Auden (1903-1991), Geologist and explorer; brother of W.H. Auden. 2 Portraits

Wystan Hugh ('W.H.') Auden (1907-1973), Poet. 44 Portraits

Thomas Audley, Baron Audley of Walden (1487 or 1488-1544), Lord Chancellor and Speaker of the House of Commons. 3 Portraits

Thomas Percy Henry Touchet Tuchet-Jesson, 23rd Baron Audley (1913-1963). 7 Portraits

Lucy Audley (née James) (1705-1774), Wife of Thomas Audley. 2 Portraits

Maxine Audley (1923-1992), Actress. 1 Portrait

John James Audubon (1785-1851), Ornithologist, author and artist. 1 Portrait

James Audus (1781-1867), Amateur architect and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Frank Auerbach (1931-), Painter. 37 Portraits

Jake Auerbach (1958-), Film director; son of Frank Auerbach. 1 Portrait

Julia Auerbach (née Wolstenholme), Wife of Frank Auerbach. 3 Portraits

Israel Antoine Aufrere (1667-1758), Minister of the French Church in London. 1 Portrait

Pearl Aufrere, Actress. 11 Portraits

Adrienne Augarde (1882-1913), Actress; daughter of Frank Augarde. 29 Portraits

Amy Augarde (1868-1959), Actress. 1 Portrait

Brian Auger (1939-), Musician. 2 Portraits

(Guillaume Victor) Émile Augier (1820-1889), Dramatist. 2 Portraits

Roy August, Dancer. 6 Portraits

Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess of Wales (1719-1772), Mother of George III. 15 Portraits

Princess Augusta Charlotte, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttell (1737-1813), Daughter of Frederick Prince of Wales, eldest sister of George III. 11 Portraits

Princess Augusta Wilhelmina Louisa, Duchess of Cambridge (1797-1889), Wife of Prince Adolphus Frederick, 1st Duke of Cambridge. 20 Portraits

Princess Augusta Katherine Saxe-Weimar (1827-1904), Wife of Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar; daughter of 5th Duke of Richmond. 4 Portraits

Augusta (née Bailey), Lady Curre (died 1956), Head of the Curre Hunt; wife of Sir Edward Curre, 1st Bt; daughter of Crawshay Bailey. 1 Portrait

Princess Augusta Caroline, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1822-1916), Daughter of Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge. 4 Portraits

Augusta Victoria, Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia (1858-1921), Consort of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 11 Portraits

St Augustine (died 604), Benedictine monk and Archbishop of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

King Augustus III of Poland (1696-1763), Elector of Saxony, 1733-1763; King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, 1733-1763. 1 Portrait

Herbert Ernest Augustus (1874-1945), Author and art critic; Editor of 'Apollo', 'Arts and Crafts' and 'The Woodcut'. 1 Portrait

Augustus George, Margrave of Baden (1706-1771). 1 Portrait

Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia (1887-1949), Son of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

David Auld. 1 Portrait

Fernanda Moreno de la Serna y Zuleta de Reales, Marquesa de Aulencia, Wife of César Pérez de Guzmán y Spreca, 1st Marqués de Aulencia. 4 Portraits

Marie Ault (1870-1951), Actress. 1 Portrait

Norman Ault (1880-1950), Author and artist. 5 Portraits

Stacy Aumonier (1877-1928), Writer. 13 Portraits

Aurélie (née Soubiran), Princess Ghika (1820-1904), French writer; wife of Prince Grigore Ghika of Wallachia. 1 Portrait

Abraham Aurelius (1574 or 1576-1631), Reformed minister. 3 Portraits

Marcus Aurelius (121-180), Roman emperor. 1 Portrait

Georges Auric (1899-1983), Composer. 1 Portrait

Cäcilia (Cilly) Edith Aussem (Contessa Della Corta Brae) (1909-1963), German tennis player; wife of Earl Fermo Murari Della Corta Brae). 1 Portrait

Henry Morland Austen (died 1904), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Jane Austen (1775-1817), Novelist. 6 Portraits

Primrose Austen (1941-2019), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Sarah (née Richardson), Lady Austen (died 1802), Wife of Sir Robert Austen, 7th Bt; friend of the poet William Cowper. 1 Portrait

Miss Austen, Model. 3 Portraits

Edward Compton Austen-Leigh (1839-1916), Schoolmaster at Eton. 1 Portrait

Richard Arthur Austen-Leigh (1872-1961), Printer and scholar. 1 Portrait

Herbert Austin, Baron Austin (1866-1941), Motor manufacturer and philanthropist. 3 Portraits

Alfred Austin (1835-1913), Poet Laureate. 10 Portraits

Arthur Bramston Austin (1893-1967), Major-General. 9 Portraits

Henry Wilfred ('Bunny') Austin (1906-2000), Tennis player and evangelist. 18 Portraits

David Charles Henshaw Austin (1926-2018), Farmer and rose nurseryman. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Murray Austin (1881-1953), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Frederic Austin (1872-1952), Singer and composer. 2 Portraits

Sir Horatio Thomas Austin (1801-1865), Admiral and explorer. 1 Portrait

Iris Austin. 3 Portraits

Joan W. Austin. 1 Portrait

John Gardiner Austin (1871-1956), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

John Southgate Austin (1813-1890), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Louis Frederic Austin (1852-1905), Drama critic and playwright. 1 Portrait

Michael Austin (1855-1916), Politician; MP for Limerick West. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Murray Austin (1921-2005), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Richard Austin (1903-1989), Conductor. 11 Portraits

Robert Sargent Austin (1895-1973), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sarah Austin (née Taylor) (1793-1867), Translator. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Austin (1887-1976), Prime Minister of Kolhapur State. 1 Portrait

William Austin (circa 1587-1634), Author. 3 Portraits

William Austin (1627 or 1628-before 1677), Classical scholar and verse writer. 3 Portraits

William Austin (1721-1820), Drawing master and engraver. 1 Portrait

William Austin (1802-1857), Adopted son of Queen Caroline. 8 Portraits

William Percy Austin (1807-1892), Lord Bishop of Guiana, Primate of West Indies and South America. 1 Portrait

Archduchess Marie of Austria (1825-1915), Wife of Archduke Rainer. 1 Portrait

John of Austria (1547-1578), Military leader and illegitimate son of King Charles I of Spain. 1 Portrait

Maximilian Franz, Archduke of Austria (1756-1801), Archibishop Elector of Cologne; son of Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor. 2 Portraits

Archduke Viktor of Austria (1842-1919), Archduke of Austria. 1 Portrait

Isabella (née van Aerssen van Sommelsdijck), Countess of Auverquerque (1639-1720), Wife of Henry Nassau, Count of Auverquerque and Lord Overkirk. 2 Portraits

Henry Nassau, Count of Auverquerque (1641-1708), Master of the Horse to William III. 2 Portraits

Archibald James Leofric Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Earl of Ava (1863-1900), Lieutenant and war correspondent; son of 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava. 1 Portrait

John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury (1834-1913), Banker, scientist, writer and politician; MP for Maidstone and London University. 24 Portraits

Alice Augusta Laurentia Lane (née Fox-Pitt-Rivers), Lady Avebury (circa 1862-1947), Second wife of 1st Baron Avebury; daughter of Augustus Fox-Pitt-Rivers. 7 Portraits

John Lubbock, 3rd Baron Avebury (1915-1971). 4 Portraits

Eric Reginald Lubbock, 4th Baron Avebury (1928-2016), Human rights campaigner and Liberal politician; MP for Orpington. 2 Portraits

Richard Avedon (1923-2004), Fashion photographer. 2 Portraits

Gilbert John Heathcote, 1st Baron Aveland (1795-1867), Politician; MP for Boston, Lincolnshire South and Rutland. 3 Portraits

Thomas William Baxter Aveling (1815-1884), Congregational minister. 1 Portrait

William Richard Avens (1936-2023), Soldier; lieutenant colonel in the Coldstream Guards. 1 Portrait

Alfred Walter Averill (1865-1957), Primate of New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Helen Mary Avery (née Reeves) (1873-1944), Wife of Leonard Avery; daughter of Thomas James Reeves. 1 Portrait

John Avery (1807-1855), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Lizzie Avery, Actress, dancer and singer. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Avery (1926-2016), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Avery Jones (1910-1998), Physician and gastroenterologist. 1 Portrait

Denis Avey (1919-2015), Author and soldier. 1 Portrait

Avicenna (circa 980-1037), Physician, philosopher and a scientist. 1 Portrait

Alexander Nicolas Avierino (1838-1914), Merchant. 2 Portraits

Cleopatra Avierino (née Ralli) (1843-1891), Wife of Alexander Nicolas Avierino; daughter of Antonio Michael Ralli. 1 Portrait

Mademoiselle Avigliana (active 1877-1885), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Arsène Avignon (active 1930s), Maitre-chef at the Ritz, Piccadilly. 1 Portrait

Rona Yakovlevna Avinezar, Translator; wife of Tigran Petrosian. 1 Portrait

Juliette Avis, Education Officer, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

(Robert) Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon (1897-1977), Prime Minister. 44 Portraits

Clarissa Eden (née Spencer-Churchill), Countess of Avon (1920-2021), Memoirist; second wife of 1st Earl of Avon; daughter of John Spencer-Churchill and Lady Gwendoline Spencer-Churchill. 4 Portraits

Ian Hamilton Shearer, Lord Avonside (1914-1996), Lawyer and judge. 1 Portrait

Janet Sutherland (née Murray), Lady Avonside (1917-2008), Scottish Governor of the BBC; wife of Ian Shearer, Lord Avonside. 9 Portraits

Sir Horace Edmund Avory (1851-1935), Judge. 5 Portraits

Mick Avory (1944-), Musician; drummer for The Kinks. 14 Portraits

Edward Raymond ('Ted') Avory (1909-1995), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Stanley Stephen Awbery (1888-1969), Politician and Justice of the Peace. 6 Portraits

A. Awdry, Royal Engineers Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Christopher Awdry (1940-), Author; son of Wilbert Vere ('W.V.') Awdry. 1 Portrait

Wilbert Vere ('W.V.') Awdry (1911-1997), Clergyman; author of 'Thomas the Tank Engine' series. 1 Portrait

William Awdry (1842-1910), Bishop of South Tokyo. 2 Portraits

Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo (née Adelana) (1918-2015), Public servant; wife of Obafemi Awolowo. 11 Portraits

Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987), Nigerian politician, nationalist and writer. 13 Portraits

David Oyewole Awosika (active 1950s), Assistant Bishop of Ondo-Benin. 1 Portrait

Prince Axel of Denmark (1888-1964), Foreign dignitary; cousin of King George V. 3 Portraits

A.C. Axtell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Daniel Axtell (1622-1660), Captain of the Parliamentary Guard and regicide. 1 Portrait

M.A.? Axtell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Henry Stuart ('Harry') Axton (1923-2002), Businessman; Chairman of Brixton Estate. 2 Portraits

Sami Ayad (1989-), Doctoral Student. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan Ayckbourn (1939-), Playwright; Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough. 4 Portraits

Sir Alfred Jules Ayer (1910-1989), Philosopher. 13 Portraits

Sir William Miles Aykroyd, 3rd Bt (1923-2007), Soldier; Director of Hardy Amies Ltd.. 1 Portrait

Charles Arthur William Aylen (1882-1972), Bishop of St Helena. 1 Portrait

Walter Henry Ayles (1879-1953), Conscientious objector and Labour politician; MP for Bristol North, Southall and Hayes and Harlington. 9 Portraits

Sir Thomas Aylesbury, Bt (1576-1657), Patron of mathematical learning. 1 Portrait

Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Aylesford (1647?-1719), Lord Chancellor. 11 Portraits

Louisa (née Thynne), Countess of Aylesford (1760-1832), Wife of 4th Earl of Aylesford; daughter of 1st Marquess of Bath. 3 Portraits

Heneage Finch, 5th Earl of Aylesford (1786-1859). 2 Portraits

Charles Wightwick Finch, 8th Earl of Aylesford (1851-1924), Peer. 1 Portrait

Charles Ian Finch-Knightley, 11th Earl Aylesford (1918-2008), Lord Lieutenant of the West-Midlands. 2 Portraits

Marcella Araminta Victoria ('Ella') (née Ross), Countess of Aylesford (died 1930), Second wife of 8th Earl of Aylesford. 4 Portraits

Herbert William ('Bert') Bowden, Baron Aylestone (1905-1994), Politician; MP for Leicester South. 11 Portraits

Robert Aylett (1583-1655?), Religious poet. 5 Portraits

Sir John Ayliffe (Aylef) (circa 1490-1556), Surgeon to King Henry VIII. 1 Portrait

Frank Ayling (active 1911). 1 Portrait

Joan Eleanor Ayling (later Rees) (1904-1993), Artist; etcher and painter of miniatures. 1 Portrait

Richard Cecil Ayling (1916-1995), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Rose Ayling-Ellis (1994-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Matthew Aylmer, 5th Baron Aylmer (1775-1850), Army officer; Governor General of British North America. 2 Portraits

Sir Felix Edward Aylmer (1889-1979), Actor. 3 Portraits

Sir Fenton John Aylmer (1862-1935), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Henry Gerald Aylmer (1896-1978), Major. 3 Portraits

John Aylmer (1521-1594), Bishop of London. 4 Portraits

Mary Aylmer (active 2011), Editorial Assistant, Private Eye. 2 Portraits

Nancy Aylmer (née Hollick) (died 1991), Wife of Henry Aylmer; daughter of Drake Hollick. 4 Portraits

W. Aylmer (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Madame Aylmer (active 1920s). 3 Portraits

Madelaine Hope Aylward (née Woolley), Wife of Anthony Case Aylward. 2 Portraits

Roger Aylward, Administration and Establishment Officer, National Portrait Gallery. 6 Portraits

Sir George Aylwen, 1st Bt (1880-1967), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Jean Aylwin (1885-1964), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Allan Aynesworth (Edward Abbot-Anderson) (1864-1959), Actor. 5 Portraits

Sir Amos Lowrey Ayre (1885-1952), Shipbuilder. 6 Portraits

Sir Wilfred Ayre (1890-1971), Naval architect. 1 Portrait

Gillian Ayres (1930-2018), Painter, mural artist and teacher. 5 Portraits

John Ayres (active 1680-1700), Writing Master. 5 Portraits

Ruby Mildred Ayres (1883-1955), Romantic novelist. 15 Portraits

Acton Smee Ayrton (1816-1886), Barrister and Liberal politician; MP for Tower Hamlets. 7 Portraits

(Phoebe) Sarah ('Hertha') Ayrton (née Marks) (1854-1923), Electrical engineer, mathematician and suffragette. 1 Portrait

Michael Ayrton (1921-1975), Artist. 8 Portraits

William Edward Ayrton (1847-1908), Electrical engineer and physicist. 1 Portrait

Barbara Ayrton-Gould (1888-1950), Labour politician; MP for Hendon North. 5 Portraits

Francis Ayscough (1700-1763), Dean of Bristol; tutor to George III. 1 Portrait

Samuel Ayscough (1745-1804), Librarian and index maker. 1 Portrait

Sir George Ayscue (circa 1615-1672), Naval officer. 6 Portraits

Chris Ayton, Scaffolder. 1 Portrait

Richard Ayton (1786-1823), Dramatist and miscellaneous writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Ayton (1570-1638), Poet and courtier. 1 Portrait

Miss Ayton (active 1860). 1 Portrait

James Aytoun (1797-1881), Advocate and manufacturer. 2 Portraits

James Aytoun (1830-1889), Major, 7th Hussars. 1 Portrait

William Edmondstoune Aytoun (1813-1865), Poet. 3 Portraits

Vedanayakam Samuel Azariah (1874-1945), First Indian bishop of an Anglican diocese. 6 Portraits

Victor Emmanuel Taparelli, Marchesi d'Azeglio (1816-1890), Piedmontese ambassador. 6 Portraits

Ignatius Azevedo (1527-1570), Jesuit Missionary and Martyr. 1 Portrait

Sir Khan Bahadur Azizul Huque (1892-1947), High Commissioner for India in UK. 5 Portraits

Shin Azumi (1965-), Furniture and product designer. 1 Portrait

Tomoko Azumi (1966-), Furniture and product designer. 1 Portrait