Sitters A-Z


Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889), Painter. 2 Portraits

Mr Cabassol (active 1849), Connected with French peace conference of 1849. 1 Portrait

Miss Cabben. 3 Portraits

Edward Robert Cabell-Warrens, Major. 2 Portraits

Ernest Cable, 1st Baron Cable (1859-1927), High Sheriff of Devonshire. 4 Portraits

Stuart Cable (1970-2010), Drummer; drummer for Stereophonics. 1 Portrait

Susan Cable (1965-), Plumber apprentice; member of London 2012 Olympic Park construction teams. 1 Portrait

(John) Vincent Cable (1943-), Politician; Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. 1 Portrait

Richard George Caborn (1943-), Politician; MP for Sheffield. 1 Portrait

Sir Daniel Alfred Edmond Cabot (died 1974), Chief Veterinary Officer. 5 Portraits

Guillermo Cabrera Infante (1929-2005), Cuban novelist, essayist, translator and critic. 3 Portraits

Fernand Cabrol (1855-1937), Prior of St Michael's, Farnborough. 1 Portrait

André Anzon, Baron Caccamisi, Husband of Blanche Marchesi. 1 Portrait

Jerome Caccamisi, Son of Blanche Marchesi and Baron André Anzon Caccamisi. 1 Portrait

Harold Anthony Caccia, Baron Caccia of Abernant (1905-1990), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Anthony Mario Felix Caccia (1869-1962), Major; father of Lord Harold Caccia. 1 Portrait

Edoardo Cacciatore (1912-1996), Italian poet. 1 Portrait

Demetrius Caclamanos (1872-1949), Greek envoy and minister. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury (1929-2015), Chairman of Cadbury Schweppes and rower; Olympian. 5 Portraits

Barrow Cadbury (1862-1958), Chairman of Cadbury Brothers Ltd. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Adlington Cadbury (1892-1987), Botanist and board member of the of Managing Directors of Cadbury. 1 Portrait

Egbert Cadbury (1893-1967), Managing director of Cadbury Brothers Ltd. 14 Portraits

Dame Elizabeth Mary Cadbury (1858-1951), President of National Council of Women; wife of George Cadbury. 2 Portraits

George Cadbury Jr (1878-1954), Chairman of Cadbury Brothers Ltd. 7 Portraits

Dame Geraldine Southall Cadbury (née Southall) (1865-1941), Welfare worker; wife of Barrow Cadbury; daughter of Alfred Southall. 1 Portrait

Joyce Cadbury (née Mathews) (1905-1988), Wife of Laurence John Cadbury. 3 Portraits

Julian Cadbury (1926-1950), Son of Laurence John Cadbury. 4 Portraits

Laurence John Cadbury (1889-1982), Managing Director of Cadbury Bros. Ltd. 5 Portraits

Tapper Cadbury (1768-1860), Birmingham manufacturer and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Henry Thomas Cadbury-Brown (1913-2009), Architect. 6 Portraits

Adrian Caddy (1879-1966), Consulting surgeon and Lieutenant-Colonel in Indian Army. 2 Portraits

Alan Caddy (1940-2000), Musician; founder member of The Tornados. 3 Portraits

Margaret Hester (née Agate), Lady Cade (1887-1951), Wife of Sir Stanford Cade. 4 Portraits

Sir Stanford Cade (1895-1973), Surgeon and physician. 8 Portraits

Charles Alexander Elliott Cadell (1888-1951), Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Jean Cadell (1884-1967), Actress. 4 Portraits

Sir Patrick Robert Cadell (1871-1961), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Robert Cadell (1788-1849), Publisher. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cadell the Elder (1742-1802), Publisher and bookseller. 3 Portraits

William Cadge (1823-1903), Surgeon, anatomist and benefactor. 1 Portrait

Francisco de Paula, Duke of Cadiz (1794-1865), Son of Charles IV, King of Spain. 1 Portrait

Nina Cadiz, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sybil Ann Cadle (1901-1971). 1 Portrait

John Cadman, 1st Baron Cadman (1877-1941), Mining engineer and industrialist. 10 Portraits

Lilian Julia (née Harrigan), Lady Cadman (died 1963), Wife of 1st Baron Cadman; daughter of John Harrigan. 3 Portraits

Ethel Cadman (born 1886), Actress. 9 Portraits

William Cadman, Rector, Holy Trinity, Marylebone. 1 Portrait

William Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan (1675-1726), General. 7 Portraits

Honoria Louisa (née Blake), Countess Cadogan (died 1845), Wife of 3rd Earl Cadogan. 2 Portraits

Mary Sarah (née Wellesley), Countess Cadogan (1808-1873), Wife of 4th Earl Cadogan; daughter of Gerald Valerian Wellesley. 2 Portraits

Beatrix Jane (née Craven), Countess Cadogan (1844-1907), Society hostess and philanthropist; first wife of 5th Earl Cadogan; daughter of 2nd Earl of Craven. 7 Portraits

William Gerald Charles Cadogan, 7th Earl Cadogan (1914-1997), Lieutenant-Colonel and Mayor of Chelsea. 1 Portrait

Charles Sloane Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan (1728-1807), Politician; MP for Cambridge. 1 Portrait

George Cadogan, 3rd Earl Cadogan (1783-1864), Naval captain. 4 Portraits

Henry Charles Cadogan, 4th Earl Cadogan (1812-1873), Politician; Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard. 1 Portrait

George Henry Cadogan, 5th Earl Cadogan (1840-1915), Politician; MP for Bath. 17 Portraits

Gerald Oakley Cadogan, 6th Earl Cadogan (1869-1933), Trustee of British Museum and Chairman of British Olympic Council. 4 Portraits

Lady Adelaide Cadogan (née Paget) (1820-1890), Wife of Hon. Frederick William Cadogan; daughter of 1st Marquess of Anglesey. 2 Portraits

Lady Augusta Sarah Cadogan (1811-1882), Lady-in-waiting to the Duchess of Cambridge; daughter of 3rd Earl of Cadogan. 1 Portrait

Lady Honoria Louisa Cadogan (1813-1904), Daughter of 3rd Earl of Cadogan. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander George Montagu Cadogan (1884-1968), Diplomat. 6 Portraits

Hon. Arthur Charles Lewin Cadogan (1841-1918), Army and naval officer; son of 4th Earl Cadogan. 1 Portrait

Cadogan Hodgson Cadogan (1826-1888), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Hon. Charles George Henry Cadogan (1850-1901), Army officer; son of 4th Earl Cadogan. 2 Portraits

Edward Cadogan (circa 1833-1890), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Cecil George Cadogan (1880-1962), Barrister-at-Law and politician. 2 Portraits

Emily Cadogan (née Ashworth) (died 1891), Second wife of Sir George Cadogan. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frances Cadogan (née Bromley) (died 1768), First wife of 1st Earl Cadogan; daughter of 1st Baron Montfort. 1 Portrait

William Bromley Cadogan (1751-1797), Religious writer. 1 Portrait

Chevalier Carlo Cadorna, Italian statesman. 2 Portraits

Luigi Cadorna (1850-1928), Italian Field Marshal, chief of staff of the Italian army during World War I. 1 Portrait

Anthony Douglass Caesar (1924-), Domestic Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Caesar (1590-1624), Judge. 2 Portraits

Charles Caesar of Gransden (1636-1707). 1 Portrait

Henry Adelmare Caesar (1564 or 1565-1636), Dean of Ely. 1 Portrait

Jane Caesar (née Barkham), Lady Caesar (died 1661), Daughter of Sir Edward Barkham; second wife of Sir Charles Caesar. 2 Portraits

Sir John Caesar (1597-1647), Landowner; second son of Sir Julius Caesar. 1 Portrait

Sir Julius Caesar (1558-1636), Judge. 4 Portraits

Jamie Caffery (1919-1972), Landscape gardener; Jefferson Caffery's nephew. 1 Portrait

Alessandro, Count of Cagliostro (Giuseppe Balsamo) (1743-1795), Italian adventurer and magician. 2 Portraits

Neil Cagney (1987-), Lecturer. 1 Portrait

Sienna Cagney (2019-). 1 Portrait

Daniel William Cahill (1796-1864), Catholic lecturer and preacher. 1 Portrait

Sir Julien Cahn, 1st Bt (1882-1944), Sportsman and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Phyllis Muriel (née Wolfe), Lady Cahn, Daughter of A. Wolfe; wife of Sir Julien Cahn, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Sammy Cahn (1913-1993), Lyric writer. 1 Portrait

Eliza Frances (née Hanham), Lady Caillard (1859-1926), Voluntary aid worker; wife of Sir Vincent Henry Penalver Caillard; daughter of John Hanham. 3 Portraits

Léonce Albert Caillard (active 1905), Admiral of the French Navy. 1 Portrait

Sir Vincent Henry Penalver Caillard (1856-1930), Financier. 3 Portraits

Sir Derwent Hall Caine (1891-1971), Actor, publisher; founder of 'Reader's Library' and Labour politician; MP for Liverpool Everton. 4 Portraits

Sir (Thomas Henry) Hall Caine (1853-1931), Novelist. 27 Portraits

Lily Hall Caine (1869-1914), Actress and singer; wife of George David Day. 2 Portraits

Marti Caine (1944-1995), Comedian, actress, singer and dancer. 1 Portrait

Mary Alice (née Chandler), Lady Caine (1863-1932), Wife of Sir (Thomas) Hall Caine. 3 Portraits

Sir Michael Caine (1933-), Actor. 46 Portraits

Sir Sydney Caine (1902-1991), Director of London School of Economics. 7 Portraits

William Sproston Caine (1842-1903), Politician and temperance advocate. 2 Portraits

Michael Caines (1969-), Chef. 1 Portrait

Colin Stewart Caird (1826-1912), Merchant and shipowner. 1 Portrait

Edward Caird (1835-1908), Philosopher and Master of Balliol College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

Sir James Caird (1816-1892), Agricultural writer and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir James Caird, 1st Bt (1864-1954), Shipowner. 1 Portrait

Jane H. Caird (née Paterson) (born 1825?), Wife of Colin Stewart Caird; daughter of Samuel Paterson. 1 Portrait

John Caird (1820-1898), Church of Scotland minister, theologian and principal of University of Glasgow. 3 Portraits

Robert Henryson Caird (1850-1917?), Justice of the Peace and Head of the London Homeopathic Hospital. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Kirkland Cairncross (1911-1998), Economist. 1 Portrait

Dame Frances Anne Cairncross (1944-), Journalist; writer on economics and Management Editor of The Economist. 2 Portraits

Hugh McCalmont Cairns, 1st Earl Cairns (1819-1885), Lord Chancellor and philanthropist. 20 Portraits

Arthur William Cairns, 2nd Earl Cairns (1861-1890), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Dallas Cairns, 4th Earl Cairns (1865-1946), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

David Charles Cairns, 5th Earl Cairns (1909-1989), Rear-Admiral. 9 Portraits

Barbara Jeanne Harrison (née Burgess), Countess Cairns (circa 1917-2000), Wife of 5th Earl Cairns; daughter of Sydney H. Burgess. 5 Portraits

Lady Constance Anne Cairns (née Montagu-Douglas-Scott) (1877-1970), Wife of Hon. Douglas Halyburton Cairns; daughter of 6th Duke of Buccleuch. 1 Portrait

Alexander Cairns. 2 Portraits

Sir David Arnold Scott Cairns (1902-1987), Lord Justice of Appeal. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh William Bell Cairns (1896-1952), Neurosurgeon. 4 Portraits

John Arthur Robert Cairns (1874-1933), Metropolitan Police magistrate. 1 Portrait

James Sinclair, 14th Earl of Caithness (1821-1881), Scientist. 2 Portraits

John Caius (1510-1573), Scholar and physician. 6 Portraits

I. Cakes? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Etuate Tui-Vanuavou Tugi Cakobau (1908-1973), Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji. 8 Portraits

Mrs Thomas Jenkins, Baroness de Calabrella, Wife of Lady Blessington's first protector. 1 Portrait

Elsie (née Boulter), Marchesa Calabrini (died 1942), Wife of Marchese Calabrini; daughter of Stanley Carr Boulter. 2 Portraits

Marchese Calabrini. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Calamy (1642-1686), Anglican divine. 4 Portraits

Edmund Calamy (1600-1666), Clergyman and ejected minister. 14 Portraits

Edmund Calamy (1671-1732), Presbyterian minister and historian. 5 Portraits

Miss Calash. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry George Calcraft (1836-1896), Permanent Secretary of the Board of Trade. 2 Portraits

John Calcraft the Elder (1726-1772), Politician and army agent. 1 Portrait

John Calcraft the Younger (1765-1831), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

John Hales Calcraft (1796-1880), Conservative politician; MP for Wareham. 1 Portrait

Thomas Inskip, 1st Viscount Caldecote (1876-1947), Lawyer and statesman. 8 Portraits

Augusta Helen Elizabeth (née Boyle), Viscountess Caldecote (1876-1967), Former wife of Charles Orr-Ewing, and later wife of 1st Viscount Caldecote; daughter of 7th Earl of Glasgow. 8 Portraits

Robert Andrew ('Robin') Inskip, 2nd Viscount Caldecote (1917-1999), Engineer and industrialist. 2 Portraits

Jean Hamilla (née Hamilton), Viscountess Caldecote, Wife of 2nd Viscount Caldecote; daughter of H. D. Hamilton. 8 Portraits

Sir Andrew Caldecott (1884-1951), Colonial Governor of Ceylon and Hong Kong. 12 Portraits

(John) Andrew Caldecott (1924-1990), Solicitor and businessman. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Susan Caldecott (née Des Voeux) (1944-), Daughter of Sir (William) Richard Des Voeux, 9th Bt; wife of John David Caldecott. 5 Portraits

Olive Mary (née Innes), Lady Caldecott (died 1943), First wife of Sir Andrew Caldecott; daughter of John Robert Innes. 3 Portraits

Miss Caldecott, Daughter of Sir Andrew Caldecott. 2 Portraits

Marcus Caldeira (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Alexander Calder (1898-1976), Sculptor and painter. 1 Portrait

James Alexander Calder (1868-1956), Canadian politician. 6 Portraits

Sir James Charles Calder (1869-1962), Chairman of Calders Ltd. 4 Portraits

Sir John Alexander Calder (1889-1974), Senior Crown Agent for the Colonies. 9 Portraits

Marion Judith Calder (née Moody-Stuart), Wife of Ian Holmes Calder. 2 Portraits

Phoebe (née Stewart), Lady Calder (died 1964), First wife of Sir John Alexander Calder; daughter of Murdoch Stewart. 6 Portraits

Ralph Calder, Minister and author. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Calder (1744 or 1745-1818), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir William Moir Calder (1881-1960), Professor of Greek. 2 Portraits

Arthur Calder-Marshall (1908-1992), Writer, biographer, novelist and essayist. 9 Portraits

Philip Hermogenes Calderon (1833-1898), Historical and genre painter. 12 Portraits

(William) Frank Calderon (1865-1943), Artist. 1 Portrait

Charles Jackson Calderwood (died 1977), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Colin Calderwood (1965-), Footballer and football manager. 1 Portrait

Lilian Caldicot (born 1895), Child model; wife of Captain Russel Myles Thompson. 2 Portraits

Norah Caldicot (1895-1973), Child model. 2 Portraits

Abraham Caldicott (active 1792). 1 Portrait

Sir Benjamin Caldwell (1737?-1820), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Eric Dick Caldwell (1907-2000), Surgeon Rear Admiral. 1 Portrait

James Caldwell (1839-1925), Scottish politician; MP for Glasgow and Lanarkshire. 1 Portrait

James Caldwell (born 1882), Justice of the Peace and army Major. 5 Portraits

Jeanne Baptiste (née Maillard), Lady Caldwell (born 1758), Wife of Sir James Lillyman Caldwell. 1 Portrait

John Caldwell (John Fenwick) (1628-1679), Jesuit. 5 Portraits

William John Somerville Caldwell, Vicar, Bradwell, Gloucestershire. 1 Portrait

Zoe Caldwell (1933-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Colonel Caldwell, Army officer. 1 Portrait

Major Cale. 1 Portrait

Du Pré Alexander, 2nd Earl of Caledon (1777-1839), Politician and colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Jane Frederica Harriot Mary (née Grimston), Countess of Caledon (1825-1888), Royal courtier and amateur photographer; wife of 3rd Earl of Caledon; daughter of 1st Earl of Verulam. 1 Portrait

Erik James Desmond Alexander, 5th Earl of Caledon (1885-1968), Army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

John Caley (circa 1760-1834), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Calhoun (1862-1957), Actress. 2 Portraits

Baron Heinrich von Calice (1831-1912), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir John Call (1732-1801), Military engineer and politician. 1 Portrait

James Callaghan, Baron Callaghan of Cardiff (1912-2005), Prime Minister. 22 Portraits

Audrey Elizabeth Callaghan (née Mouton), Lady Callaghan (1915-2005), Campaigner and fundraiser for children's health and welfare. 1 Portrait

Desmond Noble Callaghan (1915-2000), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir George Astley Callaghan (1852-1920), Admiral of the Fleet. 7 Portraits

James Livingstone, 1st Earl of Callander (circa 1590-1674), General. 4 Portraits

Sir Colin Bishop Callander (1897-1979), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Maria Callas (1923-1977), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

William Bertram Callaway (1889-1974), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Sir Augustus Wall Callcott (1779-1844), Landscape painter. 4 Portraits

John Wall Callcott (1766-1821), Composer. 2 Portraits

Maria, Lady Callcott (1785-1842), Writer; former wife of Thomas Graham, and later wife of Sir Augustus Wall Callcott. 1 Portrait

C.B. Callender (active 1947), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Ernest Raymond Callender (1897-1980), President, British Veterinary Association. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Arthur Romaine Callender (1875-1946), Professor of History and English and Director of the National Maritime Museum. 3 Portraits

George William Callender (1830-1878), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Simon Callery (1960-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Charles Pleydell Calley (1856-1932), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Dame Carmen Callil (1938-2022), Writer and publisher; co-founder of Virago Press. 3 Portraits

Mary Callinack (Kelynack) (1766-after 1851), Fisherwoman. 2 Portraits

Hon. Aedgyth Bertha Frances Callinicos (née Lyon-Dalberg-Acton) (1920-1995), Wife of John Alexander Callinicos; daughter of 2nd Baron Acton. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wright Callis, Headmaster, Bury St Edmunds Grammar School. 4 Portraits

John Callow (1822-1878), Marine painter and drawing-master. 2 Portraits

Simon Phillip Hugh Callow (1949-), Actor and director. 3 Portraits

William Callow (1812-1908), Watercolour painter. 6 Portraits

Cab Calloway (1907-1994), Jazz singer and bandleader. 1 Portrait

Mr Calloway (active 1843). 2 Portraits

Mel Calman (1931-1994), Artist, writer and cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Emilie Calmette (née de la Salle) (1853-1956), Wife of Léon Charles Albert Calmette. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Calmettes, Daughter of Leon Charles Albert Calmettes. 1 Portrait

Charles Dermod Calnan (1917-2012), Dermatologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Roy Yorke Calne (1930-2024), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Charles Alexandre de Calonne (1734-1802), French statesman. 1 Portrait

George Gough-Calthorpe, 3rd Baron Calthorpe (1787-1851). 1 Portrait

Frederick Henry William Gough-Calthorpe, 5th Baron Calthorpe (1836-1893), Landowner, member of the Jockey Club and one of the Carlton House set. 1 Portrait

Augustus Cholmondeley Gough-Calthorpe, 6th Baron Calthorpe (1829-1910), Agriculturist. 1 Portrait

Somerset John Gough-Calthorpe, 7th Baron Calthorpe (1831-1912), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Somerset Frederick Gough-Calthorpe, 8th Baron Calthorpe (1862-1940), Captain of the 5th Bt. Royal Fusiliers. 6 Portraits

James Calthorpe (1604-1652), Sheriff of Norfolk. 3 Portraits

John Calthorpe. 1 Portrait

Sir Somerset Arthur Gough Calthorpe (1864-1937), Admiral of the Fleet. 11 Portraits

Dion Clayton Calthrop (1878-1937), Artist and writer. 11 Portraits

Gladys Calthrop (1894-1980), Artist and stage designer. 16 Portraits

Emma Calvé (1858 or 1864-1942), Operatic soprano. 1 Portrait

Alfred E. Calver, Actor. 1 Portrait

Edward Calver. 4 Portraits

George Muff, 1st Baron Calverley (1877-1955), Politician; MP for Hull. 5 Portraits

Charles Stuart Calverley (1831-1884), Poet. 1 Portrait

Henry Calverley Calverley (1826-1916), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Louisa Mary Calverley (née Henniker) (died 1946), President of Royal Agricultural Association; wife of Horace Calverley; daughter of Sir Bridges Henniker. 1 Portrait

Albert Frederick Calvert (circa 1872-1946), Traveller and author. 1 Portrait

Archibald Motteux Calvert (1827-1900), Soldier; huntsman. 1 Portrait

Bernie Calvert (1942-), Musician; member of The Hollies. 1 Portrait

Charles Calvert (1768-1832), Politician and brewer. 2 Portraits

Albert Edward ('Eddie') Calvert (1922-1978), Trumpeter. 2 Portraits

Felix Calvert (1790-1857), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Frederick Calvert (1806-1891), Barrister, politician and writer. 2 Portraits

George Reginald Calvert (1900-1976), Bishop of Calgary, Canada. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Calvert, 1st Bt (1763-1826), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Hunter Calvert (1816-1882), British Vice-Consul at Alexandria. 1 Portrait

Leon Calvert (1927-), Trumpeter. 1 Portrait

Louis Calvert (1859-1923), Actor. 1 Portrait

Margaret Calvert (1936-), Typographer and graphic designer. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Calvert (1915-2002), Actress. 47 Portraits

Thomas Calvert (1775-1840), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Frederick Parker Calvert (1883-1938), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Dominic Nathaniel Calvert-Lewin (1997-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Percy George Calvert-Jones (1894-1977), Major-General. 3 Portraits

John Calvin (1509-1564), French theologian. 9 Portraits

Hon. Barbara Dorothy Calvocoressi (née Eden) (1915-2005), Wife of Peter John Ambrose Calvocoressi; daughter of 6th Baron Henley. 4 Portraits

Richard Edward Ion Calvocoressi (1951-), Art historian and museum director. 1 Portrait

Arthur Augustus Calwell (1896-1973), Politician. 2 Portraits

Joe Calzaghe (1972-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Pestonjee Hormusjee Cama, Parsi businessman. 1 Portrait

Jean Jacques Régis de Cambacérès (1753-1824), Second Consul of the Republic. 2 Portraits

Sir James Cambell (circa 1570-1642), Merchant; Lord Mayor of London. 4 Portraits

Ernest Frederick Cambier (1842-1910), Colonel, Royal Artillery. 1 Portrait

Paul Cambon (1843-1924), French Ambassador. 11 Portraits

George Francis Hugh Cambridge, 2nd Marquess of Cambridge (1895-1981), Lieutenant and Royal Trustee of the The British Museum. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Isabel Westenra Cambridge (née Hastings), Marchioness of Cambridge (1899-1988), Wife of 2nd Marquess of Cambridge; daughter of Osmond W.T.W. Hastings. 8 Portraits

Lord Frederick Charles Edward Cambridge (1907-1940), Captain of Coldstream Guards; son of 1st Duke of Cambridge. 6 Portraits

Ada Cambridge (1844-1926), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Charles Owen Cambridge, Vice-President, Gloucester General Infirmary. 1 Portrait

Richard Owen Cambridge (1717-1802), Poet. 2 Portraits

John Jeffreys Pratt, 1st Marquess Camden (1759-1840), Politician; MP for Bath and Lord President of the Council. 10 Portraits

George Charles Pratt, 2nd Marquess Camden (1799-1866), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

John Charles Pratt, 3rd Marquess Camden (1840-1872), Politician and army officer. 3 Portraits

Clementine Augusta (née Spencer-Churchill), Marchioness of Camden (later Lady Green) (1848-1886), Former wife of 3rd Marquess of Camden, and later wife of Philip Green; daughter of 6th Duke of Marlborough. 2 Portraits

John Charles Pratt, 4th Marquess Camden (1872-1943), Major and landowner. 7 Portraits

Joan Marion (née Nevill), Marchioness of Camden (1877-1952), Wife of 4th Marquess Camden; daughter of 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny. 14 Portraits

John Charles Henry Pratt, 5th Marquess Camden (1899-1983), Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

David George Edward Henry Pratt, 6th Marquess Camden (1930-), Lieutenant; son of John Charles Henry Pratt, 5th Marquess Camden. 1 Portrait

Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden (1714-1794), Lord Chancellor. 30 Portraits

Archibald Lewis ('Archie') Camden (1888-1979), Master Bassoonist and conductor. 1 Portrait

William Camden (1551-1623), Antiquary and historian. 25 Portraits

Thomas Pitt, 2nd Baron Camelford (1775-1804). 5 Portraits

Robert Camell (died 1732), Rector of Bradwell, Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Lady Marian Ileene Mabel Cameron (née Hastings, later Bridges) (1895-1947), Former wife of Patrick Keith Cameron, and later wife of John Walter Wilson Bridges; daughter of 15th Earl of Huntingdon. 4 Portraits

Alexander Cameron (1747-1828), Vicar apostolic of the lowland district. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Maurice Cameron (1898-1986), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Annie Cameron (née Chinery) (1851-1925), Daughter of Edward Chinery; wife of Ewen Wrottesley Hay Cameron. 3 Portraits

Sir Archibald Rice Cameron (1870-1944), General. 9 Portraits

Audrey Cameron (née Godowski) (1923-1994), Actress; wife of Earl Cameron. 1 Portrait

(George) Basil Cameron (1884-1975), Conductor. 11 Portraits

Sir Charles Cameron, 1st Bt (1841-1924), Newspaper editor and Liberal politician; MP for Glasgow. 5 Portraits

Charles Hay Cameron (1795-1880), Jurist; husband of Julia Margaret Cameron. 2 Portraits

Charles ('Charlie') Hay Cameron (1849-1891), Son of Julia Margaret Cameron. 1 Portrait

David William Donald Cameron (1966-), Prime Minister. 4 Portraits

Sir David Young Cameron (1865-1945), Painter and etcher. 1 Portrait

Don Cameron (1939-), Balloonist and balloon designer. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Cameron (1877-1962), Mayor of Dunedin, New Zealand. 3 Portraits

Sir Donald Charles Cameron (1872-1948), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Earlston Jewitt ('Earl') Cameron (1917-2020), Actor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elizabeth Katherine Mary Cameron (née Southwell) (1904-1980), Daughter of 5th Viscount Southwell; wife of Donald Robert Grant Cameron. 2 Portraits

Eugene Hay Cameron (1840-1885), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of Julia Margaret Cameron. 1 Portrait

Evan Percival Cameron (1880-1950), Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel (1629-1719), Clan chief. 2 Portraits

Ewen Wrottesley Hay Cameron (1843-1888), Businessman; son of Julia Margaret Cameron. 2 Portraits

Sir Gordon Roy Cameron (1899-1966), Pathologist. 4 Portraits

Hardinge Hay Cameron (1846-1911), Civil servant; son of Julia Margaret Cameron. 3 Portraits

Henry Herschel Hay Cameron (1852-1911), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Iris (née Henry), Lady Cameron (1914-2009), Former wife of Lambert C. Shepherd, and later wife of Sir John, Lord Cameron (1900-1996). 4 Portraits

Isla Cameron (1930-1980), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Sir James Clark Cameron (1905-1991), General practitioner and medical administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir James Davidson Stuart Cameron (1900-1969), Consulting physician. 1 Portrait

(Mark) James Walter Cameron (1911-1985), Journalist and author. 1 Portrait

Jenny Cameron (1700?-1790), Supporter of the Young Pretender. 1 Portrait

Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879), Pioneer photographer. 9 Portraits

Mary Agnes Cameron (1839-1909), Actress; wife of Joachim Hayward Stocqueler (J.H. Siddons). 1 Portrait

Sir Maurice Alexander Cameron (1855-1936), Major. 3 Portraits

Nigel Ewen Archibald Gun Cameron, Major. 2 Portraits

Robert Cameron (1825-1913), Politician; School headmaster and lecturer on literature and science. 1 Portrait

Roderic Duncan Cameron (1893-1975), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Serena Cameron (1961-), Daughter of Earl and Audrey Cameron. 1 Portrait

Simon Cameron (1958-), Son of Earl and Audrey Cameron. 1 Portrait

Verney Lovett Cameron (1844-1894), Explorer in Africa. 5 Portraits

Violet Cameron (Violet Lydia Thompson) (1862-1919), Actress. 10 Portraits

William Mouat Cameron (1854-1915), Coadjutor Bishop of Capetown. 1 Portrait

Mrs Cameron. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Hamish Cameron of Lochiel (1910-2004), Colonel and chartered accountant. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Walter Cameron of Lochiel (1876-1951), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Ada Christina (née Lucy), Lady Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy (1866-1943), Wife of Sir Henry William Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, 3rd Bt; daughter of Henry Spencer Lucy. 3 Portraits

Sir Brian Fulke Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, 5th Bt (1898-1974), Army officer, racehorse breeder and children’s book writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Edmund John William Hugh Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, 6th Bt (1945-2020), Artist; painter. 7 Portraits

Ewen Aymer Robert Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy (1899-1969), Captain. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry William Cameron-Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, 3rd Bt (1870-1944), Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Charles Edward Camidge (1838-1911), Bishop of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. 1 Portrait

Camilla, Queen Consort (1947-), Consort of Charles III. 5 Portraits

Camillo Massimo, Prince of Arsoli (1803-1873), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

Emile Cammaerts (1878-1953), Scholar, poet, Belgian patriot and translator. 3 Portraits

Edith A. Cammell (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Florence M. Cammell (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Francis Robert Stonor, 4th Baron Camoys (1856-1897), Lord-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria and army officer. 1 Portrait

Ralph Robert Watts Sherman Stonor, 6th Baron Camoys (1913-1976), Land manager and businessman. 1 Portrait

(Mary) Jeanne Stonor (née Stourton), Lady Camoys (1913-1987), Wife of 6th Baron Camoys. 9 Portraits

Jeffery Camp (1923-2020), Artist and teacher. 3 Portraits

Vincent de Camp (1777-1839), Actor. 1 Portrait

Jeanne Louise Henriette Campan (1752-1822), French author. 1 Portrait

Giuseppe Maria Campanella (born circa 1813), Singer and professor of singing. 1 Portrait

Italio Campanini (1845-1896), Italian opera singer. 1 Portrait

Estella Campavias (1918-1990), Ceramicist. 1 Portrait

Gordon Thomas Calthrop Campbell, Baron Campbell of Croy (1921-2005), Politician; Secretary of State for Scotland. 2 Portraits

John ('Jock') Middleton Campbell, Baron Campbell of Eskan (1912-1994), Businessman; instrumental in founding The Booker Prize. 1 Portrait

John Campbell, 1st Baron Campbell of St Andrews (1779-1861), Lord Chancellor. 17 Portraits

Lady Angela Mary Alice Campbell (née Ryder) (1863-1939), Daughter of 4th Earl of Harrowby; wife of 1st Baron Colgrain. 2 Portraits

Lord Archibald Campbell (1846-1913), Banker, Justice of the Peace and writer; son of 8th Duke of Argyll. 1 Portrait

Lord Colin Campbell (1853-1895), City director and politician; son of 8th Duke of Argyll. 1 Portrait

Lord Frederick Campbell (1729-1816), Lord Clerk Register of Scotland. 5 Portraits

Georgia Ariana ('Georgie') (née Ziadie), Lady Colin Campbell (1949-), Writer and socialite; former wife of Lord Colin Ivar Campbell; daughter of Michael Ziadie. 1 Portrait

Lady Jeanne Louise Campbell (later Lady Mailer, later Lady Cram) (1928-2007), Journalist; former wife of Norman Mailer, and later wife of John Sergeant Cram; daughter of 11th Duke of Argyll. 4 Portraits

Lady Margaret Elizabeth Diana Campbell (née Agar) (1863-1941), Wife of Hon. Ivan Campbell, son of 6th Earl of Breadalbane; daughter of 3rd Earl of Normanton. 3 Portraits

Lord Walter Campbell (1848-1889), Son of 8th Duke of Argyll. 1 Portrait

Alastair John Campbell (1957-), Journalist, political aide and writer; Director of Communications and Strategy (1997-2003). 7 Portraits

Sir Alexander Campbell, 6th Bt (1841-1914), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Campbell (1892-1963), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Alfred Edward Campbell (1901-1973), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Alistair ('Ali') Campbell (1959-), Musician; singer of UB40. 2 Portraits

Hon. Alice Louisa Campbell (née Barrington) (1846-1928), Wife of George Augustus Campbell; daughter of 8th Viscount of Barrington. 2 Portraits

Hon. Angus Dudley Campbell (1895-1967), Company director; son of 1st Baron Colgrain. 1 Portrait

Anne Campbell (née Lucas) (1940-), Statistician and politician. 1 Portrait

Annette Campbell (active 1860s), of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Ava Campbell, 3rd Bt (1844-1913), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Archibald Ean Campbell (1856-1921), Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway. 2 Portraits

Sir Archibald Henry Campbell (1870-1948), Chairman of Stock Exchange. 7 Portraits

Archibald Montgomery Campbell (1790-1859), Rector of Little Steeping, Lincs, and perpetual curate of Paddington. 1 Portrait

Archie Campbell. 1 Portrait

Audrey Campbell, Actress; Ellen Terry's understudy and friend. 2 Portraits

Miss A. Campbell (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Mrs Patrick Campbell (Beatrice Stella Campbell (née Tanner)) (1865-1940), Actress; former wife of Patrick Campbell, and later wife of George Frederick Myddleton Cornwallis-West. 26 Portraits

(Keith) Bruce Campbell (1916-1990), Politician, lawyer and judge. 1 Portrait

Lady Caroline Campbell (active 1838), Lady-in-waiting to Princess Augusta Wilhelmina Louisa, Duchess of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Cecil Arthur Campbell (1869-1932), Second son of 3rd Baron Stratheden. 4 Portraits

Charles Campbell (active 1850s), Queen Victoria's gillie. 1 Portrait

Charmian Campbell (née Montagu Douglas Scott) (1942-2009), Society beauty and artist; former wife of Archie Stirling, and later wife of Colin Campbell; daughter of Molly Bishop and Lord George Montagu Douglas Scott. 4 Portraits

Sir Colin Campbell (1776-1847), Army officer and colonial governor. 4 Portraits

Sir Colin Campbell (active 2008), Lawyer and Vice Chancellor of Nottingham University. 1 Portrait

Sir Colin Charles Campbell (1891-1979), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Darren Andrew Campbell (1973-), Sprinter; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sir David Campbell (1889-1978), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir David Callender Campbell (1891-1963), Politician and colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Diana Susan Campbell (née Sursham) (1922-1999), Wife of Ian Niall MacArthur Campbell; daughter of Ernest A. Sursham. 2 Portraits

Dobo Campbell. 1 Portrait

Donald Campbell of Sonachan (1735-1808), Lieutenant and agriculturist. 1 Portrait

Donald Malcolm Campbell (1921-1967), Land and water speed record holder. 6 Portraits

Dorothy Emily Evelyn (née Whittall), Lady Campbell (1894-1981), Wife of Sir Malcolm Campbell; daughter of William Whittall. 14 Portraits

Sir (Alexander) Douglas Campbell (1899-1980), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Douglas Campbell (1922-2009), Actor and director. 1 Portrait

Douglas Graham Campbell (1867-1918), General. 1 Portrait

Duncan Campbell (circa 1680-1730), Soothsayer. 3 Portraits

Lady Edith Campbell. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Taswell Campbell, 1st Bt (1879-1945), Politician and businessman. 15 Portraits

Eldridge Houston Campbell (1901-1956), Neurosurgeon; college runner. 2 Portraits

Hon. Fiona Campbell (1932-), Daughter of 4th Baron Stratheden of Cupar and Campbell of St Andrews. 1 Portrait

Florence Evelyne Campbell (née Willey), Wife of Duncan Elidor Campbell; daughter of 1st Baron Barnby. 4 Portraits

George Campbell (1719-1796), Presbyterian minister. 1 Portrait

Sir George Campbell (1824-1892), Author and administrator in India. 1 Portrait

George A. Campbell, Director, Finance and Establishment Department of Festival of Britain. 1 Portrait

Sir George Riddoch Campbell (1887-1965), Shipping and public servant, India. 5 Portraits

Georgina ('Gina') Dorothy Campbell (1949-), Power boat racer. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Campbell (1879-1964), Director-General of British Information Services, New York. 13 Portraits

Gertrude Elizabeth (née Blood), Lady Colin Campbell (1857-1911), Art critic, journalist and socialite. 3 Portraits

Gordon Campbell (1886-1953), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Hamish Manus Campbell (1905-1993), Major-General and priest. 15 Portraits

Hatty Campbell (born circa 1852). 5 Portraits

Henrietta ('Nina') Sylvia Campbell (1945-), Interior designer. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Campbell (1856-1924), Town Clerk of Dublin. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Hervey Campbell (1865-1933), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Hon. Henry Walter Campbell (1835-1910), Third son of 1st Earl Cawder and soldier. 3 Portraits

Herbert Campbell (Herbert Edward Story) (1844-1904), Actor and comedian. 17 Portraits

Hilda May Campbell (1891-1935), Daughter of Reginald John Campbell. 1 Portrait

Colonel H. Campbell (active 1806), Aide-de-camp to King George III. 1 Portrait

H. Campbell. 2 Portraits

Ian Campbell (1933-2012), Musician; singer for The Ian Campbell Group. 1 Portrait

(Ian) Lorne Campbell (1946-), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Sir Ian Murray Robertson Campbell (1898-1980), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Lady Augusta Campbell (1723-1806), Wife of Henry Mordaunt Clavering. 1 Portrait

Sir Ilay Campbell, 1st Bt (1734-1823), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Ivan Campbell (1859-1925), General Staff Officer. 1 Portrait

Miss I. Campbell (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Sir James Campbell, Bt (1763-1819), General; governor of the Ionian Islands. 1 Portrait

Sir James Campbell (1842-1925), Land agent. 2 Portraits

James Alexander Campbell (1886-1964), Army officer. 3 Portraits

James Argyll Campbell (1884-1944), Professor of Physiology. 1 Portrait

James Colquhoun Campbell (1813-1895), Bishop of Bangor. 4 Portraits

Sir James Livingstone Campbell, Bt, of Ardkinglass (circa 1719-1788), Lieutenant-Colonel and Governor of Stirling Castle. 2 Portraits

Janey Sevilla (née Callander), Lady Archibald Campbell (1846-1923), Theatre producer; wife of Lord Archibald Campbell; daughter of James Henry Callander. 1 Portrait

Joan Esther Sybella Campbell (née Pakenham) (1904-1998), Justice of the Peace; wife of Hon. Angus Dudley Campbell; daughter of Arthur Pakenham. 4 Portraits

Joseph Washington Morton ('Joe') Campbell (1936-), Composer and musical arranger for film, radio, television and advertising commercials. 1 Portrait

John Campbell (1766-1840), Minister of Kingsland Chapel and missionary in South Africa. 2 Portraits

John Campbell of Blythswood (1756-1794), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Campbell (died 1795), Music teacher and precentor of Canongate Church, Edinburgh. 2 Portraits

John Campbell (1795-1867), Congregational minister and journal editor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Campbell, Bt (1807-1855), Soldier. 1 Portrait

John Campbell (1817-1904), Army surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir John Campbell (1874-1944), Under-Secretary to the Government of India. 1 Portrait

John Alan Campbell (1899-1939), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

John Davies Campbell (1921-2015), HM Diplomatic Service. 1 Portrait

John Edward Campbell (1862-1924), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

John Francis Campbell of Islay (1821?-1885), Folklorist. 2 Portraits

John Gordon Drummond Campbell (1864-1935), Barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

John McLeod Campbell (1800-1872), Church of Scotland minister and theologian. 1 Portrait

John McLeod Campbell (circa 1885-1961), Master of Charterhouse and Chaplain to the Speaker. 1 Portrait

John Vaughan Campbell (1876-1944), Brigadier-General and recipient of the Victoria Cross. 2 Portraits

Josephine Theodora Campbell (née Williams) (1880-1932), Tennis player; former wife of William Dixon; later wife of Hon. Cecil Arthur Campbell. 2 Portraits

J. Campbell (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Hon. Kenneth Hallyburton Campbell (1871-1947), Son of 3rd Baron Stratheden and Campbell. 5 Portraits

Kenneth John Campbell of Strachur (1878-1965), Army officer and 23rd Chief of McArthur Campbell's of Strachur. 2 Portraits

Lewis Campbell (1830-1908), Classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Lorna Campbell, Singer, member of 'The Ian Campbell Group'. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Campbell (1885-1948), Racing motorist; holder of land and water speed records. 11 Portraits

Margaret Campbell (1894-1968), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Marjorie Campbell, Actress. 3 Portraits

Mary Campbell (née Bellenden) (baptised 1685-1736), Courtier. 2 Portraits

Mary Campbell ('Highland Mary') (circa 1763-circa 1786), Courted by Robert Burns. 2 Portraits

Michael McNeil Campbell, Captain and businessman; son of Keith McNeil Campbell-Walter. 2 Portraits

M. Campbell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Naomi Campbell (1970-), Fashion model. 5 Portraits

Nigel Campbell (1916-1993), Lloyd's underwriter; husband of Barbara Goalen. 1 Portrait

Sir Nigel Leslie Campbell (died 1948), Deputy Chairman of Stewarts and Lloyds Ltd. 2 Portraits

Peter Colin Drummond Campbell (1927-), Commander, Royal Navy; son of Sir Alexander Douglas Campbell. 2 Portraits

Miss P. Campbell, Actress. 1 Portrait

P. Vere Campbell, Dancer. 6 Portraits

Reginald John Campbell (1867-1956), Congregational minister and Church of England clergyman. 21 Portraits

Mr R.K.R. Campbell. 1 Portrait

Robert Campbell (1814-1868), Advocate; translator of hymns. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Neil Campbell (1854-1928), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Robin Campbell (1955-), Musician; guitarist of UB40. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Hugh Campbell (1883-1953), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Ian Campbell (1890-1983), Egyptian ambassador. 5 Portraits

Rosie Campbell, Actress and singer. 15 Portraits

Ignatius Royston Dunnachie ('Roy') Campbell (1901-1957), Poet and translator. 12 Portraits

Roy Weil Campbell, Major in Indian Army and Headmaster, Mount School, Plymouth. 1 Portrait

R.F. Boyd Campbell, Headmaster, John Lyon School, Harrow-on-the-Hill. 4 Portraits

Sulzeer Jeremiah ('Sol') Campbell (1974-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Stella Patrick Campbell (1886-1975), Actress; wife of Mervyn Howard Beech; daughter of Mrs Patrick Campbell. 30 Portraits

Susanna Campbell (née Lewis) (active 1755), Wife of Col John Campbell. 5 Portraits

Sybil Campbell (1889-1977), Metropolitan Police magistrate. 1 Portrait

Thomas Campbell (1777-1844), Poet. 20 Portraits

Thomas P. Campbell (1962-), Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1 Portrait

Thomas ('Tom') Campbell (1882-1924), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Violet Averil Margaret Campbell (1871-1943), Wife of Colonel Douglas Campbell; daughter of 1st Baron Swansea. 8 Portraits

Sir Walter Campbell (1864-1936), Lieutenant-general. 10 Portraits

Sir Walter Douglas Somerset Campbell (1853-1919), Captain and royal courtier. 3 Portraits

Wilburn Camrock Campbell (circa 1911-1997), Bishop of West Virginia. 1 Portrait

William Tait Campbell (1912-1999), Major-General. 1 Portrait

W.H. Campbell. 1 Portrait

Major Campbell (died circa 1800), Major. 2 Portraits

Mr Campbell (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Lady Campbell (active 1856), Artist. 1 Portrait

Miss Campbell (active 1868). 1 Portrait

Mrs Campbell (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Mrs Campbell (active 1915). 1 Portrait

William Frederick Campbell, 2nd Baron Stratheden, 2nd Baron Campbell (1824-1893), Landowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1836-1908), Prime Minister. 29 Portraits

Mrs Campbell-Douglas. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ian Douglas Campbell-Gray (1901-1946), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of 22nd Baroness Gray. 1 Portrait

Lady Moyra Kathleen Campbell-Grove (née Hamilton) (1930-), Wife of Peter Colin Drummond Campbell-Grove; daughter of 4th Duke of Abercorn. 6 Portraits

Alan Colin Campbell-Orde (1898-1992), Pilot and aviation consultant. 5 Portraits

Dame Frances Olivia Campbell-Preston (née Grenfell) (1918-2022), Lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; daughter of Arthur Morton Grenfell and Hilda Margaret Lyttelton; wife of (George) Patrick Campbell-Preston. 1 Portrait

L. Campbell Rowe. 1 Portrait

Dale Norman Campbell-Savours, Baron Campbell-Savours (1943-), Politician; MP for Workington. 1 Portrait

Sheila Campbell-Scott, Daughter of John Roxburgh-Scott. 3 Portraits

Frances Henriette Campbell-Walter (née Campbell), Wife of Keith McNeil Campbell-Walter; daughter of Sir Edward Taswell Campbell. 1 Portrait

Keith McNeil Campbell-Walter (1904-1976), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Robert Dundas Duncan-Haldane, 1st Earl of Camperdown (1785-1859). 1 Portrait

Juliana Cavendish Duncan-Haldane (née Philips) Countess of Camperdown (1821-1898), Wife of 2nd Earl of Camperdown. 1 Portrait

Robert Adam Philips Haldane Haldane-Duncan, 3rd Earl of Camperdown (1841-1918), Landowner and Liberal politician. 1 Portrait

Wilhelm Camphausen (1818-1885), History and battle painter. 1 Portrait

Edmundus Campianus (died 1581), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Massimo Campigli (né Max Ihlenfeld) (1895-1971), Painter and journalist. 9 Portraits

Lady Isabel Juliana de Sousa e Holstein Beck Campilho (1925-2015), Daughter of Duke Palmela. 3 Portraits

Gilbert Francis Montriou Campion, Baron Campion (1882-1958), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Bernard Campion (1871-1952), Metropolitan Magistrate. 2 Portraits

Edmund Campion (1540-1581), Jesuit; taught in Prague. 8 Portraits

(Serena) Fay Campion (née James) (1929-2002), Former wife of Colin Griffith Campion; daughter of Hon. Robert James and granddaughter of 10th Earl of Scarbrough. 6 Portraits

Sir Harry Campion (1905-1996), Statistician. 1 Portrait

Sir Wiliam Robert Campion (1870-1951), Governor of Western Australia. 2 Portraits

William John Campion (1804-1869), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Alfredo Campoli (1906-1991), Violinist. 3 Portraits

Princess of Camporeale (née Laura Acton) (1829-1915), Former wife of Prince of Camporeale, and later wife of Marco Minghetti; daughter of Charles Acton. 2 Portraits

Harriet Camption (née Kemp), Daughter of Thomas Road Kemp; wife of William John Campion. 1 Portrait

William Ewert Berry, 1st Viscount Camrose (1879-1954), Newspaper proprietor. 22 Portraits

Adrian Michael Berry, 4th Viscount Camrose (1937-2016), Journalist and author. 1 Portrait

Marie d'Assigny, Madame de Canaples (1502-1558), Wife of Jean de Crequi, sire de Canaples. 1 Portrait

Chan Canasta (né Chananel Mifelew) (1920-1999), Pioneer of mental magic. 2 Portraits

Dennis Andrew Canavan (1942-), Politician; MP for Falkirk West and West Stirlingshire. 1 Portrait

Robert Smith Candlish (1806-1873), Free Church of Scotland minister and theologian. 6 Portraits

Angelique Marianne Henriette Candy (1851-1867), Daughter of Charles Candy. 1 Portrait

Christian Candy (1974-), Property developer. 1 Portrait

Henry Augustus Candy (1842-1911), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Hugh Charles Herbert Candy (1859-1935), Chemist and consulting analyst to London Hospital. 1 Portrait

Margaret Candy (née Papineau) (1818-1897), Wife of Charles Candy; daughter of William Michael Papineau. 1 Portrait

Nicholas ('Nick') Candy (1973-), Property developer. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Percy Frank Candy (1839-1868), Son of Charles Candy. 2 Portraits

Virginia Marjorie Candy (née Longmore) (1945-), Granddaughter of 2nd Baron Forres; wife of Henry Candy. 6 Portraits

Leonard Buckell Cane (1882-1956), Physician and army officer. 5 Portraits

M?.E. Morris Cane. 1 Portrait

Elias Canetti (1905-1994), Writer. 2 Portraits

Ralph Canham (active 1949), Cast member of Britten's 'Let's Make an Opera'. 1 Portrait

Sir David Nicholas Cannadine (1950-), Historian; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Charles Cannan (1858-1919), Aristotelian scholar and university publisher. 1 Portrait

Edwin Cannan (1861-1935), Economist. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Cannan (1884-1955), Novelist and playwright. 1 Portrait

Joanna Cannan (1898-1961), Author. 6 Portraits

Charles John Canning, Earl Canning (1812-1862), Governor-General and first viceroy of India. 12 Portraits

Charlotte Canning (née Stuart), Countess Canning (1817-1861), Wife of 1st Earl Canning. 3 Portraits

Albert Canning (1861-1960), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Hon. Albert Stratford George Canning (1832-1916), Landowner and writer. 1 Portrait

Charles Fox Canning (1782-1815), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Canning (1734-1773), Imposter. 1 Portrait

Hon. Emmeline Rosabella Canning (1828-1898), Daughter of 1st Baron Garvagh. 1 Portrait

George Canning (1770-1827), Prime Minister. 64 Portraits

Heather Canning (1933-1996), Actress. 1 Portrait

H. Canning (active circa 1907). 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Canning (née Costello, later Hunn) (circa 1747-1827), Actress; mother of George Canning. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Canning (1823-1908), Civil engineer and pioneer of submarine telegraphy. 1 Portrait

Victor Canning (1911-1986), Author. 10 Portraits

Duchess of Cannizzaro (1785-1841), Society hostess. 1 Portrait

Robert Cann Cann-Lippincott (1841-1917). 1 Portrait

Herbert Graham Cannon (1897-1963), Zoologist. 4 Portraits

Herbert Mornington ('Morny') Cannon (1873-1962), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Leslie William Cannon (1904-1986), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Richard Cannon (1779-1865), Civil servant and military historian. 1 Portrait

Scarlett Cannon, Artist, model, Reiki therapist and gardener. 1 Portrait

Thomas ('Tom') Cannon Sr (1846-1917), Jockey and racehorse trainer. 4 Portraits

Thomas ('Tom') Cannon Jr (1872-1945), Jockey. 3 Portraits

Dr Cannon (active 1835). 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Bain Canny (1881-1954), Chairman of London and South-Eastern Regional Board for Industry. 8 Portraits

Antonio Canova (1757-1822), Italian sculptor and painter. 8 Portraits

Paul Canoville (1962-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

François Certain Canrobert (1809-1895), Marshal of France. 2 Portraits

Cyril Cansdale, Major-General. 5 Portraits

Andrew Cant, Piper. 1 Portrait

Robert Bowen Cant (1915-1997), Politician and university lecturer. 3 Portraits

Princess Balasa Marie Blanche Cantacuzène (1899-1976), Daughter of Prince Leon Cantacuzène. 3 Portraits

Princess Helene Cantacuzène, Daughter of Prince Leon Cantacuzène. 3 Portraits

April Cantelo (1928-), Singer. 1 Portrait

George John Frederick Sackville-West, Viscount Cantelupe (1814-1850), Soldier and Conservative politician; MP for Helston and Lewes; son of 5th Earl De La Warr. 2 Portraits

Charles Manners Sutton, 1st Viscount Canterbury (1780-1845), Speaker of the House of Commons. 22 Portraits

Ellen Manners-Sutton (née Power), Viscountess Canterbury (1791?-1845), Wife of 1st Viscount Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Thomas de Cantilupe (circa 1220-1282), Bishop of Hereford. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Donaldson Cantley (1910-1993), Judge. 1 Portrait

Charles Edgar Cantlie (1965-), Son of Hugh Cantlie. 1 Portrait

Sir James Cantlie (1851-1926), Consulting surgeon. 6 Portraits

Sir Neil Cantlie (1892-1975), Lieutenant-General. 8 Portraits

John Canton (1718-1772), Electrician, experimental philosopher, schoolmaster. 1 Portrait

William Canton (1845-1926), Poet and journalist. 1 Portrait

Eric Cantona (1966-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Canute or Cnut 'the Great' (994?-1035), King of Denmark and of Norway, King of England 1018-1035. 8 Portraits

William Canynge (1399?-1474), Merchant and monk. 2 Portraits

Abraham Capadose (1795-1874), Physician and Calvinist writer. 3 Portraits

Peter Capaldi (1958-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Thomas Cape (1868-1947), Politician and General Secretary of the Cumberland Miners' Association. 1 Portrait

Arthur Capel, 1st Baron Capel (1604-1649), Writer, royalist and politician; MP for Hertfordshire. 21 Portraits

Henry Capel, Baron Capel of Tewkesbury (1638-1696), Establisher of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, politician and government official; son of 1st Baron Capel. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth, Lady Capel (died 1661), Wife of 1st Baron Capel. 1 Portrait

Bury Capel (1825-1915), Chaplain of Abergavenny Union. 1 Portrait

Charles Capel (died 1656 or 1657), Son of 1st Baron Capel. 1 Portrait

Mary Eliza Capel (née Fazakerley) (1837-1911), Wife of Hon. Reginald Algernon Capel; daughter of John Nicholas Fazakerley. 1 Portrait

Hon. Reginald Algernon Capel (1830-1906), Justice of the Peace; son of 6th Earl of Essex. 1 Portrait

Thomas John Capel (1836-1911), Roman Catholic priest. 7 Portraits

General Capel (active 1835), General. 1 Portrait

Benjamin ('Ben') Capell (1859-1919), Huntsman of the Belvoir hunt. 1 Portrait

Edward Capell (1713-1781), Shakespearian commentator. 1 Portrait

Ally Capellino (Alison Lloyd) (1956-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Ellison Capers (1837-1908), Bishop of South Carolina, college administrator, school teacher and army general. 1 Portrait

Bernard Capes (1854-1918), Writer. 1 Portrait

Geoff Capes (1949-), Strongman and shot putter; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Isador Caplan (1912-1995), Solicitor and campaigner. 1 Portrait

Leonard Caplan (1909-2001), Barrister; Queen's Council. 3 Portraits

Jean François Isidore Caplin (circa 1790-circa 1872), Physician specialising in cures of deformities of the spine; husband of Roxey Ann Caplin. 8 Portraits

Elizabeth Capot (née Hancock, later Austen), Comtesse de Feuillide (1761-1813), Daughter of Tysoe Saul Hancock; former wife of Jean-François Capot de Feuillide; later wife of Henry Austen. 1 Portrait

Sir Albert James Leppoc Cappel (1836-1924), Director General of Indian Telegraphs. 1 Portrait

Louis Cappel (Ludovicus Capellus) (1585-1658), French Huguenot theologian and Hebrew scholar. 1 Portrait

Charles Francis Capper (1902-1964), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir John Edward Capper (1861-1955), Major-General. 10 Portraits

Joseph Capper (1726-1804), Eccentric. 1 Portrait

Rosamund Dorothy Capper (née Howes), First wife of Charles Francis Capper. 1 Portrait

Gino Marquis Capponi (1792-1876), Italian writer. 1 Portrait

Frank Russell Capra (Francesco Rosario Capra) (1897-1991), Film director and producer. 1 Portrait

Captains, Junior officer of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Captains, Junior officer of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Captains, Junior officer of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Captains, Junior officer of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Capucine (Germaine Lefebvre) (1933-1990). 1 Portrait

Dorothy Cara, Actress. 5 Portraits

Rudolf Caracciola (1901-1959), German racing driver. 1 Portrait

Hugh Mackintosh Foot, Baron Caradon (1907-1990), Colonial administrator and diplomat. 6 Portraits

Maria Caterina Rosalbina Caradori-Allan (1800-1865), Vocalist. 3 Portraits

Lady Georgiana Jocelyn Caranci (née Pelham) (1942-), Wife of Helios Alberto Caranci; daughter of 8th Earl of Chichester. 6 Portraits

José Carberry (née Metcalfe), Lady Carberry (later Bebb), Former wife of 10th Baron Carbery, and later wife of Basil Bebb; daughter of Evelyn James Metcalf. 2 Portraits

John Vaughan, 3rd Earl of Carbery (1639-1713), Governor of Jamaica and courtier. 7 Portraits

Victoria (née Cecil), Lady Carbery (1843-1932), Wife of 8th Baron Carbery; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Exeter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cornelius Carbery (1931-2013), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Madams Stella Carcano (née De Morra), Wife of Miguel Angel Carcano. 2 Portraits

Jerome Cardan (1501-1576), Italian physician, mathematician and astrologer. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Henry Walter Carden, 3rd Bt (1873-1966), Son of Sir Frederick Walter Carden, 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

Sir Herbert Carden (1867-1941), Solicitor and Mayor of Brighton. 4 Portraits

Lady Isabel Georgette Carden (née de Hart) (died 2007), Wife of Sir John Craven Carden, 7th Bt; daughter of Robert de Hart. 1 Portrait

Sir John Craven Carden, 7th Bt (1926-2008), Son of Sir John Valentine Carden, 6th Bt. 1 Portrait

Pamela Elizabeth Edith (née Andrews), Lady Carden (died 1874), Wife of Sir Robert Walter Carden, 1st Bt; daughter of William Smith Andrews. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Walter Carden, 1st Bt (1801-1888), Lord Mayor of London, banker and politician; MP for Gloucester and Barnstaple. 3 Portraits

Sir Sackville Hamilton Carden (1857-1930), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Winifred Mary (née Wroughton), Lady Carden (died 1974), Wife of Sir Frederick Henry Walter Carden; daughter of Philip Wroughton. 4 Portraits

Sir Alexander Gordon Cardew (1861-1937), Member of Madras Legislative Council. 1 Portrait

Christopher Cardew (born 1894), Son of Arthur Cardew and Xie Cardew (née Kitchin). 1 Portrait

Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981), Experimental music composer, and co-founder of the Scratch Orchestra. 1 Portrait

Frederick Campbell Cardew (1829-1907), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

George Ambrose Cardew (died 1941), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

George Jameson Cardew (1912-1995), Son of Henry Jameson Cardew. 2 Portraits

Michael Cardew (1901-1983), Studio potter; son of Arthur Cardew and Xie Cardew (née Kitchin). 4 Portraits

Peter Haig Cardew (1914-1994), Son of Henry Jameson Cardew. 2 Portraits

Philip Francis Haydon Cardew (1903-1960), Clarinettist; son of Arthur Cardew and Xie Cardew (née Kitchin). 1 Portrait

Richard Cardew (1898-1918), Son of Arthur Cardew and Xie Cardew (née Kitchin). 1 Portrait

Alexandra Rhoda ('Xie') Cardew (née Kitchin) (1864-1925), Photographic model for Lewis Carroll; wife of Arthur Cardew; daughter of George William Kitchin. 2 Portraits

Eleanor Mary Cardiff (née Boyle) (1921-2016), Former wife of 3rd Baron Rowallan, and later wife of Richard Derek Cardiff; daughter of George Frederick Boyle. 5 Portraits

Jack Cardiff (1914-2009), Film director and cameraman. 3 Portraits

Margaret Evelyn Cardiff (née Pope) (1908-1999), Wife of Ereld Boteler Wingfield Cardiff; daughter of Maurice Pope. 2 Portraits

James Brudenell, 5th Earl of Cardigan (1725-1811), Governor of Windsor Castle and keeper of the privy purse. 4 Portraits

James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan (1797-1868), General. 11 Portraits

Adeline Louisa Maria (née de Horsey), Countess of Cardigan and Lancastre (1824-1915), Former second wife of 7th Earl Cardigan, and later wife of Count de Lancaster. 2 Portraits

Claudia Cardinale (1938-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Raymond Cardmael (1875-1950), Chief Engineer of Great Western Railways. 3 Portraits

John Cardmaker (circa 1496-1555), Clergyman and protestant martyr. 2 Portraits

Charles Edward Cardo (died 1932), Vicar, St Peter's Church, Colchester. 1 Portrait

David Erskine, 2nd Lord Cardross (baptised 1627-1671), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

Edward Cardwell, Viscount Cardwell (1813-1886), Politician; MP for several constituencies and Secretary of State for War. 24 Portraits

Edward Cardwell (1787-1861), Ecclesiastical historian. 1 Portrait

George Cardwell (1882-1962), Director of Thomas Tilling Ltd. 3 Portraits

Giovanni Carestini (1705-1759), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Robert Shapland Carew, 1st Baron Carew (1787-1856). 1 Portrait

Robert Shapland, 2nd Baron Carew (1818-1881), Politician; MP for County Waterford. 1 Portrait

Robert Shapland George Julian Carew, 3rd Baron Carew (1860-1923), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Julia Mary (née Lethbridge), Lady Carew (circa 1864-1922), Wife of 3rd Baron Carew; daughter of Albert Lethbridge. 6 Portraits

George Patrick John Carew, 4th Baron Carew (1863-1926), Second son of 2nd Baron Carew. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Gwendoline Eva (née Maitland), Baroness Carew (1913-1991), Wife of 6th Baron Carew; daughter of 15th Earl of Laudersdale. 6 Portraits

Patrick Thomas Conolly-Carew, 7th Baron Carew (1938-), Captain, Royal Horse Guards and international Show Jumping Rider. 6 Portraits

Anthea Rosemary Carew (née Gamble) (1906-1960), Daughter of Henry Reginald Gamble; wife of Dudley Charles Carew. 3 Portraits

Bampfylde Moore Carew (1693-circa 1770), Impostor, known as 'King of the Gypsies'. 3 Portraits

Sir Benjamin Hallowell Carew (1760-1834), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Ann Carew (née Black) (1808-1887), Daughter of William Black; wife of Gerald Carew. 1 Portrait

Hon. Gavin George Carew (1906-1997), Major; son of 5th Baron Carew. 1 Portrait

James Carew (1876-1938), Actor; third husband of Ellen Terry. 4 Portraits

James Laurence Carew (1853-1903), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 2 Portraits

Margaret Felicité Anne Carew (born 1799), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mary Carew (circa 1722-1774). 1 Portrait

Mary Carew (née Cornewall) (active 1854), Wife of Francis Carew. 1 Portrait

Sir Nicholas Carew (before 1497-1539), Diplomat and courtier. 3 Portraits

Phyllis Evelyn (née Mayman), Lady Carew (born 1899), Second wife of Sir Thomas Palk Carew, 10th Bt; daughter of (Benjamin) Neville Mayman. 6 Portraits

Sir Rivers Verain Carew, 11th Bt (1935-), Journalist. 2 Portraits

Ruth Carew (née Chamberlain) (1908-1983), Wife of Peter Gawen Carew; daughter of Arthur Chamberlain. 2 Portraits

Thomas Carew (1595?-1639?), Poet. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Palk Carew, 10th Bt (1890-1976), Army officer and landowner. 3 Portraits

Alban Majendie Carey (1906-2008), RAF pilot; company chairman. 1 Portrait

Amelia Carey (born circa 1836), Daughter of Peter Carey, the Bailiff of Gurnsey. 1 Portrait

Amelia Carey (born circa 1840), Daughter of Peter Carey, Rector of St Saviour's. 1 Portrait

Charles William Carey (1862-1943), Keeper, Picture Gallery and Head of Art Department, Royal Holloway College. 1 Portrait

Eila Carey (née Reynolds) (died 1932), First wife of Gordon Vero Carey. 6 Portraits

Florence Margaret Carey (née Stock), Mayor of Windsor; wife of Carteret Carey. 1 Portrait

Gareth Wells Fuller Carey (died 1940), Pilot officer. 4 Portraits

George Leonard Carey (1935-), Archbishop of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Gordon Vero Carey (1886-1969), Schoolmaster and soldier. 4 Portraits

Henry Carey (1687-1743), Musician and poet. 2 Portraits

Hugh Francis Gordon Carey (1923-1984), Army officer; son of Gordon Vero Carey. 3 Portraits

Hon. Ivy Felicia Carey (née Somerset) (1897-1986), Second wife of Raymond Marwood-Elton Carey; daughter of 3rd Baron Raglan. 2 Portraits

Jahleel Brenton Carey (1847-1883), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Johnny Carey (1919-1995), Footballer. 7 Portraits

Joyce Carey (1898-1993), Actress; daughter of Gerald Lawrence and Lilian Braithwaite. 5 Portraits

Laurence Francis de Vic Carey (1904-1972), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Michael Sausmarez Carey (1913-1985), Dean of Ely. 1 Portrait

Patrick Joseph Carey (1904-1983), Sheet metal engineer; husband of Mercedes Gleitze. 3 Portraits

Ronald Clive Adrian Carey (1921-), Clergyman; son of Gordon Vero Carey. 3 Portraits

Rosa Nouchette Carey (1840-1909), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Carey (1597-1634), Younger son of 1st Earl of Monmouth. 1 Portrait

Thomas Carey (1777-1824), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Tupper Carey (1823-1897), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Walter Carteret Carey (1853-1932), Governor of Military Knights of Windsor and acting Governor of Windsor Castle. 1 Portrait

Walter Julius Carey (1875-1955), Bishop of Bloemfontein and missionary in Kenya. 1 Portrait

William Carey (1761-1834), Orientalist and missionary. 4 Portraits

William Carey (1769-1846), Headmaster and bishop of Exeter and St Asaph. 2 Portraits

Zee Carey (Mrs Henry Thomas), Wife of Dr Henry M. Thomas. 1 Portrait

Lady Olwen Carey-Evans (née Lloyd George) (1892-1990), Wife of Sir Thomas John Carey Evans; daughter of 1st Earl Lloyd-George. 4 Portraits

Ann Cargill (née Brown) (circa 1760-1784), Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

Dame Helen Wilson Cargill (1896-1969), Air Commandant. 3 Portraits

Sir John Traill Cargill, 1st Bt (1867-1954), Director of oil companies and Justice of the Peace. 4 Portraits

William David James Cargill Thompson (1930-1978), Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of London. 1 Portrait

John Hildred Carhill (1925-2015), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Norah Carhill (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Kodendera Madappa Cariappa (1900-1993), Commander-in-Chief, Indian Army. 4 Portraits

Cariboldi, Musician. 1 Portrait

Edith Carington (née Horsfall) (died 1908), Daughter of John Horsfall of New South Wales; wife of Rupert Carington. 2 Portraits

Sir William Henry Peregrine Carington (1845-1914), Army officer, politician and courtier. 2 Portraits

Alexander Albert Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Carisbrooke (1886-1960), Army officer and businessman; son of Prince Henry of Battenberg and grandson of Queen Victoria. 39 Portraits

Irene Frances Adza Mountbatten (née Denison), Marchioness of Carisbrooke (1890-1956), Daughter of William Francis Henry Denison, 2nd Earl of Londesborough and Lady Grace Adelaide; wife of 1st Marquess of Carisbrooke. 1 Portrait

Carita (active 1939), Ballet dancer. 5 Portraits

William Carkeek (1878-1937), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Carlebach (1873-1949), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Christopher Carleill (1551?-1593), Naval and military commander. 4 Portraits

Hugh Carleton, Viscount Carleton (1739-1826), Judge. 3 Portraits

Henry Boyle, Baron Carleton (1669-1725), Politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Treasurer of Ireland. 5 Portraits

Anne, Lady Carleton (1585?-1627), Art connoisseur; wife of Sir Dudley Carleton. 1 Portrait

Billie Carleton (née Florence Lenora Stewart) (1896-1918), Actress. 3 Portraits

Dorothy Carleton (active 1900), Niece of Hon Mrs Percy Wyndham, friend of Wilfrid Blunt. 1 Portrait

George Carleton (1559-1628), Bishop of Chichester. 7 Portraits

Mary Carleton (née Moders) (1634 or 1642-1673), Imposter known as 'the German princess'. 8 Portraits

William Carleton (1794-1869), Irish novelist. 2 Portraits

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Emich, 3rd Prince of Leiningen (1804-1856), German Prime Minister; brother of Queen Victoria. 2 Portraits

Edmond William Wace Carlier (1861-1940), Professor of Physiology. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward) Hildred Carlile, 1st Bt (1852-1942), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

James Carlile (1805-1864), Clergyman. 4 Portraits

John Charles Carlile (circa 1861-1941), Baptist minister, social reformer and editor of the 'Baptist Times'. 1 Portrait

Marie Louise Carlile (active 1932), Member of the Church Army movement; sister of Wilson Carlile. 4 Portraits

Richard Carlile (1790-1843), Radical publisher and writer. 3 Portraits

Sir (William) Walter Carlile, 1st Bt (1862-1950), Politician; MP for Buckingham. 1 Portrait

Wilson Carlile (1847-1942), Founder of the Church Army, Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral. 26 Portraits

Sir Stephen Hope Carlill (1902-1996), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Mr Carlin (active 1773), Comedian. 3 Portraits

Richard Carline (1896-1980), Painter, writer and administrator. 1 Portrait

Allan Frederick Reynolds Carling (1907-2004), Chairman of the Northern General Transport Company and on the board of the British Electric Traction Company. 1 Portrait

A. Carling (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Rock Carling (1877-1960), Surgeon and radiologist. 3 Portraits

William Carling (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Chichester Samuel Parkinson-Fortescue, Baron Carlingford and 2nd Baron Clermont (1823-1898), Politician; MP for County Louth; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 18 Portraits

Agostino Carlini (circa 1718-1790), Sculptor. 5 Portraits

James Hay, 1st Earl of Carlisle (circa 1580-1636), Courtier; favourite of James I and Charles I. 5 Portraits

Lucy Hay (née Percy), Countess of Carlisle (1599-1660), Courtier and beauty; second wife of 1st Earl of Carlisle. 12 Portraits

Anne Howard (née Capel), Countess of Carlisle (circa 1675-1752), Wife of 3rd Earl of Carlisle. 1 Portrait

Margaret Caroline (née Leveson-Gower), Countess of Carlisle (1753-1824), Wife of 5th Earl of Carlisle; daughter of 1st Marquess of Stafford. 3 Portraits

Georgiana Dorothy (née Cavendish), Countess of Carlisle (1783-1858), Wife of 6th Earl of Carlisle; daughter of 5th Duke of Devonshire. 4 Portraits

Rosalind Frances (née Stanley), Countess of Carlisle (1845-1921), Promoter of women's political rights and of temperance reform; wife of 9th Earl of Carlisle; daughter of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. 5 Portraits

Hon. Ela Hilda Aline (née Beaumont), Countess of Carlisle (1925-2002), Chatelaine of Naworth; daughter of 2nd Viscount Allendale; wife of 12th Earl of Carlisle. 3 Portraits

Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle (1628-1685), Army officer and politician. 6 Portraits

Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle (1669-1738), Statesman. 4 Portraits

Henry Howard, 4th Earl of Carlisle (1684-1758), Politician; MP for Morpeth. 1 Portrait

Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle (1748-1825), Politician and diplomat. 26 Portraits

George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle (1773-1848), Politician; Lord Privy Seal. 5 Portraits

George William Frederick Howard, 7th Earl of Carlisle (1802-1864), Viceroy of Ireland. 79 Portraits

George James Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle (1843-1911), Artist, politician and trustee of the National Gallery. 9 Portraits

Charles James Stanley Howard, 10th Earl of Carlisle (1867-1912), Captain in the Second Boer War and politician; MP for Birmingham South. 6 Portraits

Charles James Ruthven Howard, 12th Earl of Carlisle (1923-1994), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Mark Carlisle, Baron Carlisle of Bucklow (1929-2005), Politician; Secretary of State for Education and Science. 1 Portrait

Alexander Montgomery Carlisle (1854-1926), Shipbuilder and Chairman of Managing Directors at Harland and Wolff. 3 Portraits

Alexandra Carlisle (1886-1936), Actress. 21 Portraits

Sir Anthony Carlisle (1768-1840), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Arthur Carlisle (1881-1943), Bishop of Montreal. 1 Portrait

Elsie Carlisle (1896-1977), Singer and actress. 4 Portraits

Frank Scott Carlisle (1882-1941), Engineer Rear Admiral. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Carlisle (1771-1847), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Peggy Carlisle (born 1904), Actress. 4 Portraits

Sybil Carlisle (1871-1951), Actress; sister of Mary Helen Carlisle. 4 Portraits

Miss Carlisle (Marie Othilie Amélie Mariot De Beauvoisin) (1848-1884), Actress. 2 Portraits

Phoebe Carlo (active 1880s-1890s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Don Carlos (1848-1909), Pretender to the Spanish throne as Carlos VII. 4 Portraits

King Carlos I of Portugal (1863-1908), Reigned 1889-1908; son of King Louis and Maria Pia. 4 Portraits

William Carlos (Careless) (died 1689), Royalist soldier. 4 Portraits

Carlota of Spain (1775-1830), Queen consort of John VI, King of Portugal. 1 Portrait

Carlota (née Charlotte of Belgium), Empress of Mexico (1840-1927), Empress consort of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico; daughter of King Leopold I of Belgium. 4 Portraits

Blanche Carlow (active 1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

Miss Carlow. 1 Portrait

Richard Carlson (1912-1977), Actor, director and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Erik Carlsson (1929-2015), Rally car driver; husband of Pat Moss. 3 Portraits

Antonio Carluccio (1937-2017), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Alexander Carlyle (1722-1805), Divine. 3 Portraits

Alexander James Carlyle (1861-1943), Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History. 2 Portraits

Gavin Carlyle (circa 1828-1919), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Isabel Jane (née Barton), Lady Carlyle (died 1976), Wife of Sir Robert Warrand Carlyle; daughter of James Barton. 4 Portraits

Jane Baillie Carlyle (née Welsh) (1801-1866), Letter writer; wife of Thomas Carlyle. 12 Portraits

Robert Carlyle (1961-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Warrand Carlyle (1859-1934), Indian civil servant and scholar. 3 Portraits

Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), Historian and essayist; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 94 Portraits

Audrey Carlyon, Dancer. 5 Portraits

James Walmsley Frederic Carman (active 1950s), Coadjutor Bishop of Oregon. 1 Portrait

Pamela Carme (1902-1995), Actress; daughter of 7th Viscount Falmouth. 2 Portraits

Maria Carmi (Princess Norina Matchabelli) (1880-1957), Actress; former wife of Karl Vollmöller and later wife of Prince Georges Matchabelli. 9 Portraits

Thomas David Gibson Carmichael, 1st Baron Carmichael (1859-1926), Colonial administrator and art collector. 1 Portrait

Celia MacDonald (née Edwards), Lady Carmichael, Wife of Sir John Carmichael. 1 Portrait

Sir George Carmichael (1866-1936), Member of Executive Council, Bombay. 1 Portrait

Ian Carmichael (1920-2010), Actor. 5 Portraits

Sir James Carmichael (1858-1934), Director-General of Housing in England and Wales. 1 Portrait

James Carmichael (1838-1908), Bishop of Montreal. 1 Portrait

Sir James Forrest Halkett Carmichael (1868-1934), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir John Carmichael (1910-1996), Financial secretary and advisor. 4 Portraits

John Wilson Carmichael (1799-1868), Artist. 1 Portrait

Ludovich Montefiore Carmichael (1837-1885), Major, 5th Royal Irish Lancers. 1 Portrait

Sir (Windham) Frederick Carmichael-Anstruther, 10th Bt (1902-1928), Son of Sir Windham Robert Carmichael-Anstruther, 9th Bt. 3 Portraits

Janet ('Jessie') (née Dewar), Lady Carmichael-Anstruther (circa 1797-1881), Former wife of Sir John Carmichael-Anstruther, and later wife of Robert Bullock Marsham; daughter of David Dewar. 1 Portrait

Tullio Carminati (1894-1971), Film actor. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Carnac (née Rivett) (1752-1780), Wife of Brigadier-General John Carnac. 2 Portraits

Sir James Rivett Carnac, 1st Bt (1785-1846), Governor of Bombay. 3 Portraits

John Carnac (1721-1800), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Robert Dormer, 1st Earl of Carnarvon (1610?-1643), Courtier and royalist. 18 Portraits

Anne Sophia Dormer (née Herbert), Countess of Carnarvon (died 1694 or 1695), Wife of 1st Earl of Carnarvon. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Dormer (née Capel), Countess of Carnarvon (1633-1678), Wife of Charles Dormer, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon; daughter of 1st Baron Capel. 1 Portrait

Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon (1831-1890), Politician; Secretary of State for the Colonies and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 11 Portraits

Evelyn Herbert (née Stanhope), Countess of Carnarvon (1834-1875), Wife of 4th Earl of Carnarvon. 1 Portrait

George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon (1866-1923), Sportsman, egyptologist and photographer. 2 Portraits

Almina Victoria (née Wombwell), Countess of Carnarvon (1876-1969), Wife of 5th Earl of Carnarvon. 2 Portraits

Henry George Alfred Marius Victor Francis Herbert, 6th Earl of Carnarvon (1898-1987), Soldier, landowner and horse breeder. 11 Portraits

Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert, 7th Earl of Carnarvon (1924-2001), Racing Manager to Queen Elizabeth II. 1 Portrait

Henry Herbert, 1st Earl of Carnarvon (1741-1811), Whig politician; Master of the Horse. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Herbert (née Wyndham), Countess of Carnarvon (1752-1826), Wife of 1st Earl of Carnarvon; daughter of 2nd Earl of Egremont. 1 Portrait

Henry George Herbert, 2nd Earl of Carnarvon (1772-1833), Major, peer and Whig politician; MP for Cricklade. 10 Portraits

John James Carne (1824-1868), Vicar of Merther, Cornwall and author. 1 Portrait

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), Steelmaker and philanthropist. 4 Portraits

David Vaughan Carnegie (1897-1964), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Sir Lancelot Douglas Carnegie (1861-1933), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Louisa Albertina Carnegie (née Hope) (active 1858-1872), Wife of Hon. Swynfen Thomas Carnegie; daughter of Adrian John Hope; granddaughter of Count Rapp. 4 Portraits

Margaret Jean Carnegie (née Johnstone-Douglas) (1872-1960), Wife of Hon. Douglas George Carnegie; daughter of Arthur Johnstone-Douglas. 6 Portraits

Hon. Susan Ottilia Carnegie (née Rodakowski-Rivers) (active 1923-died 1968), Wife of Hon. Alexander Bannerman Carnegie; daughter of Ernest Rodakowski-Rivers. 2 Portraits

William Hartley Carnegie (1860-1936), Rector of St Margaret and Canon of Westminster, Sub-dean of Westminster Abbey and writer. 6 Portraits

Patrick Alexander Watson Carnegy (1836-1914), Soldier; sportsman. 2 Portraits

Primo Carnera (1906-1967), Heavyweight boxer. 6 Portraits

George Carney (1887-1947), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Nicolson, 1st Baron Carnock (1849-1928), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Frederick Archibald Nicolson, 2nd Baron Carnock (1883-1952), Soldier and barrister. 1 Portrait

Adam Nicolson, 5th Baron Carnock (1957-), Writer; son of Nigel Nicolson. 2 Portraits

Lazare Nicolas Marguerite Carnot (1753-1823), French mathematician and politician. 1 Portrait

Marie François Sadi Carnot (1837-1894), President of France. 4 Portraits

Harry Burrard Dalzell, 10th Earl of Carnwath (1804-1887), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Emily Sulivan (née Hippisley), Countess of Carnwath (1853-1889), Wife of 11th Earl of Carnwath; daughter of Henry Hippisley. 1 Portrait

Maud Maitland (née Savil), Countess of Carnwath (active 1910), Wife of 12th Earl of Carnwath; daughter of John Eden Savile. 4 Portraits

Sir Anthony Alfred Caro (1924-2013), Sculptor. 11 Portraits

Alban Douglas Rendall Caroe (1904-1991), Architect. 2 Portraits

William Douglas ('W.D.') Caröe (1857-1938), Architect. 2 Portraits

Carol I, King of Romania (1839-1914), Reigned 1881-1914. 1 Portrait

Carol II, King of Romania (1893-1953), Reigned 1930-40. 1 Portrait

Stella Carol, Actress. 1 Portrait

Turlough Carolan (1670-1738), Blind Irish bard. 1 Portrait

Caroline Wilhelmina of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1683-1737), Queen of George II. 38 Portraits

Princess Caroline Elizabeth (1713-1757), Third daughter of George II. 12 Portraits

Princess Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1768-1821), Queen of George IV. 101 Portraits

Queen Caroline of Saxony (1833-1907), Wife of King Albert I of Saxony. 2 Portraits

Princess Caroline Marie Galitzine (1944-), Daughter of Prince George Galitzine; wife of Jonathan Hazell. 1 Portrait

Caroline Matilda, Queen of Denmark (1751-1775), Queen of Christian VII; daughter of Frederick, Prince of Wales. 2 Portraits

Leslie Caron (1931-), Actress. 21 Portraits

Signora Carona. 1 Portrait

Horace John Carpenéer (1887-1965), Archdeacon of Salop. 1 Portrait

George Carpenter, Baron Carpenter (1657-1732), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter (1881-1955), Vice-Admiral; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 12 Portraits

Lady Almeria Carpenter (1752-1809), Daughter of George, Earl of Tyrconnel. 2 Portraits

Charles Colcock Jones Carpenter (1899-1969), Bishop of Alabama. 1 Portrait

Constance Emmeline Primrose Carpenter (1904-1992), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Edith Carpenter (later Mrs Bond Thomas) (born 1863), Author. 3 Portraits

Edith Elizabeth Mary (née Sansom), Lady Carpenter, Wife of Sir Eric Carpenter; daughter of William Sansom. 17 Portraits

Edward Carpenter (1844-1929), Writer on social subjects. 8 Portraits

Edward Frederick Carpenter (1910-1998), Dean of Westminster and historian. 2 Portraits

Sir Eric Ashton Carpenter (1896-1973), Banker. 13 Portraits

G. Carpenter, Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Sir H. C. Harold Carpenter (1875-1940), Scientist and engineer. 3 Portraits

Harry Carpenter (1925-2010), Sports commentator. 1 Portrait

Harry James Carpenter (1901-1993), Bishop of Oxford. 2 Portraits

Humphrey William Bouverie Carpenter (1946-2005), Author, broadcaster, musician. 1 Portrait

Lant Carpenter (1780-1840), Unitarian minister. 1 Portrait

Margaret Sarah Carpenter (née Geddes) (1793-1872), Painter. 1 Portrait

Percy Carpenter (1820-1895), Painter; son of William Hookham Carpenter and Margaret Sarah Carpenter; friend of Sir George Scharf. 4 Portraits

Richard Carpenter (1604 or 1605-1670?), Priest and apostate. 9 Portraits

Spencer Cecil Carpenter (1877-1959), Dean of Exeter. 4 Portraits

Thelma Carpenter (1911-1998), British Ladies Billiard Champion. 2 Portraits

William Benjamin Carpenter (1813-1885), Naturalist and university administrator. 12 Portraits

William Hookham Carpenter (1792-1866), Connoisseur of prints; Keeper of Prints and Drawings, British Museum; Publisher; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Mr Carpenter, Member of staff of the Kelmscott Press. 1 Portrait

Miss Carpenter (active 1803). 1 Portrait

Mark Rodolph Carpenter-Garnier (1881-1969), Bishop of Colombo. 1 Portrait

Alejo Carpentier Valmont (1904-1980), Novelist, critic, journalist, musicologist, essay writer and diplomat. 3 Portraits

Joseph Constantine Carpue (1764-1846), Surgeon and anatomist. 1 Portrait

(Leonard) Robert Carr, Baron Carr of Hadley (1916-2012), Politician and business executive. 10 Portraits

(Arthur) Wesley Carr (1941-2017), Dean of Westminster. 1 Portrait

Sir (Frederick) Bernard Carr (1893-1981), Chief Commander, Eastern Provinces, Nigeria. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Thomas Carr (1878-1966), Lawyer. 6 Portraits

Charles Lisle Carr (1871-1942), Bishop of Coventry and Hereford. 6 Portraits

David Carr (1944-1965), Son of (Leonard) Robert Carr, Baron Carr of Hadley and Joan Kathleen Twining. 3 Portraits

David Carr (1943-2011), Musician; keyboard player for the Fortunes. 1 Portrait

Edward Hallett Carr (1892-1982), Historian, diplomat, journalist and essayist. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Emsley Carr (1867-1941), Newspaper proprietor and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Erica Fortescue Carr (née Moresby) (1904-1975), Wife of Cuthbert James Carr; daughter of Walter H. Moresby. 1 Portrait

George Carr (1705-1776), Episcopalian minister. 1 Portrait

Henry Marvell Carr (1894-1970), Painter. 1 Portrait

Herbert Carr, Second husband of Lallie Charles (née Charlotte Elizabeth Martin). 2 Portraits

Howard Carr (1863-1944), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Howard Carr (1880-1960), Composer and operatic conductor. 4 Portraits

James Gouinlock Carr (1911-1978), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

James Lloyd Carr (1912-1994), Novelist and publisher. 1 Portrait

Jimmy Carr (1972-), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Joan Kathleen (née Twining), Lady Carr, Wife of Baron Carr. 2 Portraits

John Carr (1723-1807), Architect. 4 Portraits

John Carr (1732-1807), Translator. 1 Portrait

Sir John Carr (1772-1832), Traveller. 1 Portrait

John Carr (1786-1833), Professor of mathematics at Durham. 1 Portrait

John Dickson Carr (1906-1977), Author. 7 Portraits

John Walter Carr (1862-1942), Consulting physician. 1 Portrait

Joseph William Comyns Carr (1849-1916), Critic and dramatist, gallery director and theatre manager. 6 Portraits

Laura A. Carr, Singer; member of the Fisk Jubilee Trio. 1 Portrait

Laurence Carr (1886-1954), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Lila Louella Carr (1893-1953), Nurse; daughter of Howard Carr. 1 Portrait

Matthew Carr (1953-2011), Artist. 3 Portraits

Norman Alexander Carr (1899-1970), Judge and committee chairman. 4 Portraits

Mrs Philip Carr, Wife of Philip William Carr. 2 Portraits

Phyllis Carr, Actress. 4 Portraits

Robert James Carr (1774-1841), Bishop of Worcester. 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Roderick Carr (1891-1971), Air Marshal. 8 Portraits

(William) Theodore Carr (1866-1931), Chairman of Directors of 'Carr and Co Ltd' and politician. 6 Portraits

Thomas Carr (1788-1859), Bishop of Bombay. 1 Portrait

Sir William Carr (1912-1977), Chairman, News of the World Organisation. 1 Portrait

William ('Bill') Compton Carr (1918-2000), Politician; Conservative MP for Baron's Court and solicitor. 1 Portrait

Mr Carr. 1 Portrait

Annibale Carracci (1560-1609), Artist. 3 Portraits

John Carradine (1906-1988), Actor. 1 Portrait

Bartholomew Carranza (1503-1576), Archbishop of Toledo. 1 Portrait

Robert ('Rob') Carr-Archer, Head of Trading, National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Arthur Augustus Carré (circa 1853-1921), Vicar; cousin of Eveleen Myers. 2 Portraits

Fanny Carré (née Tennant), Sister of Charles Tennant. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Harry Carr-Ellison (1925-2014), Lord-Lieutenant of Tyne and Wear and chairman of Tyne-Tees Television. 15 Portraits

Joseph Carreras (died 1732), Poet and chaplain to Catherine of Braganza. 2 Portraits

Francis Eardley Carr-Gomm (1924-2009), Son of M.C. Carr-Gomm. 6 Portraits

Hubert William Culling Carr-Gomm (1877-1939), Politician and publisher. 2 Portraits

(Ellen) Rosamond Mary (née Lindsay), Countess of Carrick (1870-1946), Wife of 7th Earl of Carrick; daughter of Henry Gore Lindsay. 3 Portraits

Theobald Walter Somerset Henry Butler, 8th Earl of Carrick (1903-1957), Landowner. 7 Portraits

Sir David Carrick Robert Carrick-Buchanan (1825-1904), Colonel and huntmaster. 1 Portrait

Robert Carrier (1923-2006), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757), Artist. 1 Portrait

Robert Smith, 1st Baron Carrington (1752-1838), Banker and politician; MP for Nottingham. 1 Portrait

Robert John Carington (né Smith), 2nd Baron Carrington (1796-1868), Politician; MP for Wendover, Buckinghamshire and Wycombe; son of 1st Baron Carrington. 4 Portraits

Peter Alexander Rupert Carington, 6th Baron Carrington (1919-2018), Politician; 6th Secretary General of NATO. 14 Portraits

Iona (née MacClean), Lady Carrington (died 2009), Wife of 6th Baron Carrington; daughter of Sir Francis McClean. 3 Portraits

Dora Carrington (1893-1932), Artist. 20 Portraits

Dorothy Carrington (Frederica Dorothy Violet Rose, Lady Rose) (1910-2002), Travel writer; second wife of Sir Francis Rose; daughter of Sir Frederick Carrington. 7 Portraits

Ethel Carrington (1889-1962), Actress; wife of Murray Carrington; daughter of George McDowall. 2 Portraits

Eva Carrington (Evelyn Victoria Anne, Lady de Clifford (née Chandler, later Mrs Tate)) (1887-1979), Actress and model; former wife of 25th Baron de Clifford and of Arthur Stock, and later wife of George Vernon Tate; daughter of Walter Robert Chandler. 12 Portraits

Sir Frederick Carrington (1844-1913), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Gladys Carrington (Gladys Winifred Tancred, née Chandler) (1889-1940), Actress and artist's model; wife of Lieutenant Christopher Humphrey Tancred. 3 Portraits

Sir (Robert) Harold Carrington (1882-1964), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

James Carrington (died 1794), Chancellor of the Diocese of Exeter. 1 Portrait

Joanna Carrington (1931-2003), Artist. 1 Portrait

John Walsh Carrington (1879-1964), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Leonora Carrington (1917-2011), Painter and writer. 2 Portraits

Mary-Anne (née Capel), Lady Carrington (died after 1849), Wife of Sir Codrington Edmund Carrington. 1 Portrait

Murray Carrington (1885-1941), Actor. 2 Portraits

Noel Thomas Carrington (1777-1830), Poet. 1 Portrait

Philip Carrington (1892-1975), Archbishop of Quebec and Metropolitan of the Province of Canada. 4 Portraits

Sir William Carrington (1904-1975), Partner, Whinney Murray & Co., Chartered Accountants. 7 Portraits

Edgar Frederick Carritt (1876-1964), Professor of Philosophy. 4 Portraits

Constance Carrodus (1894-1989), Singer; companion of Winifred Radford. 3 Portraits

Belinda Carroll. 1 Portrait

Charles Carroll (1737-1832), United States Senator; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Sir George Carroll (1783 or 1784-1860), Stockbroker; Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

James Rawson Carroll (1830-1911), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir John Anthony Carroll (1899-1974), Professor of Natural Philosophy. 2 Portraits

Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) (1832-1898), Photographer and author of 'Alice in Wonderland'. 9 Portraits

Lucy Carroll (née Park) (active 1860s), Wife of Herbert Alexander Carroll; daughter of Alexander Atherton Park. 3 Portraits

Madeleine Carroll (1906-1987), Actress. 15 Portraits

William John Carron, Baron Carron (1902-1969), Trade union official AEU. 3 Portraits

Sir Alexander Morris Carr-Saunders (1886-1966), Sociologist and academic administrator. 6 Portraits

William Standish Carr-Standish (1835-1878), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Alexander Norman Carruthers, Mayor of Paddington. 1 Portrait

Robert Carruthers (1799-1878), Literary critic and biographer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Neely Carruthers (1900-1960), Bishop of South Carolina. 1 Portrait

William Carruthers (1830-1922), Botanist. 2 Portraits

Sir William Carruthers (1858-1936), Director of Barclays Bank. 1 Portrait

Charles Ian Carr-Walker (1915-1987), Son of Herbert Carr-Walker. 2 Portraits

David Robert Carry (1981-), Swimmer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sir Bryan Victor Carsberg (1939-), Chairman, Pensions Compensation Board and first Director-General, Oftel. 1 Portrait

Verner Duncan Carse (1913-2004), Polar explorer; radio broadcaster and actor. 1 Portrait

Brownie Carslake (1886-1941), Jockey. 6 Portraits

Edward Henry Carson, 1st Baron Carson (1854-1935), Ulster leader and advocate. 20 Portraits

Ruby Carson (née Frewen), Lady Carson (died 1966), Second wife of Edward Henry Carson, Baron Carson. 5 Portraits

Agnes Carson (active 1863), Daughter of James Carson. 1 Portrait

Caroline Carson, Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles Carson (1885-1977), Actor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward Carson (1920-1987), Lieutenant and Conservative politician; MP for Isle of Thanet; younger son of Baron Carson. 6 Portraits

Harry Roberts Carson (died 1948), Bishop of Haiti. 1 Portrait

Heather Carson (née Sclater) (1927-), Wife of Hon. Edward Carson; daughter of Frank Sclater. 11 Portraits

Kate Carson (1839?-1916), Actress and burlesque performer. 1 Portrait

Marriott Simpson Carson (1853-1877), Son of James Carson. 1 Portrait

Murray Carson (1865-1917), Actor and dramatist. 1 Portrait

Sarah Marriott Carson (circa 1821-1899), Wife of James Carson. 1 Portrait

Willie Carson (1942-), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Miss Carson, Daughter of Hon. Edward Carson and Heather Carson (née Sclater). 8 Portraits

Charles Young Carstairs (1910-1993), Clerk to Select Committee on Commodity Prices. 1 Portrait

John Paddy Carstairs (1910-1970), Film director, writer and artist. 5 Portraits

Marion Barbara ('Joe') Carstairs (1900-1993), Motor-boat racing driver; daughter of Albert Joseph Carstairs. 4 Portraits

Don Pablo Morillo, Comte de Cartagena (1777-1838), Spanish Major-General. 3 Portraits

Richard D'Oyly Carte (1844-1901), Music impresario and theatre owner. 1 Portrait

Audrey Carten (1900-1977), Actress and playwright. 7 Portraits

Angela Carter (Angela Olive Carter (née Stalker, later Carter-Pearce)) (1940-1992), Novelist and screenwriter. 5 Portraits

Sir (Richard Henry) Archibald Carter (1887-1958), Statesman. 4 Portraits

A.G. Carter (active 1882-1937), Head Waiter at Simpsons in the Strand. 1 Portrait

Mrs B. Carter. 1 Portrait

Brenda Ruby Carter (née Pearson) (1912-1993), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Cowdray; former wife of Paul Willert, and later wife of Hugh Carter. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Carter (1919-2002), Founding Vice-Chancellor of Lancaster University. 1 Portrait

Charles Herbert Philip Carter (1864-1943), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Claude Pagdett Carter (1881-1952), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

'Cyclone' Danny Carter (active 1930s), Stunt rider. 1 Portrait

Sir Douglas Julien Carter (1908-1988), Farmer and politician. 1 Portrait

Edward Julian Carter (1902-1982), Librarian and editor. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Carter (1717-1806), Scholar and writer. 9 Portraits

Ernestine Marie Carter (1906-1983), Associate editor of 'The Sunday Times'. 1 Portrait

Sir Evan Eyare Carter (1866-1933), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Francis Carter (1741-1783), Traveller and antiquary. 2 Portraits

Frederick William Carter (1870-1952), Electrical engineer. 4 Portraits

Geoffrey Carter (active 1937), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Francis Carter (1881-1959), Barrister-at-law. 3 Portraits

G.W. Carter? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Harry Carter, Colonel. 1 Portrait

Harry Graham Carter (1901-1982), Archivist to the Oxford University Press. 1 Portrait

Henry Carter (1874-1951), Wesleyan Minister in Bristol, Harrow and Birmingham; General Secretary of Social Welfare Department of Methodist Church. 1 Portrait

Henry Child Carter (1875-1954), Minister of Emmanuel Church, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Howard Carter (1874-1939), Artist and archaeologist. 1 Portrait

John Carter (1554-1635), Puritan and rector. 3 Portraits

John Carter (1861-1944), Vicar and Mayor of Oxford. 1 Portrait

John Carter (1942-), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

John Carter (1804-1878), Sheriff of London, Lord Mayor of London and Chronometer maker. 1 Portrait

John Corrie Carter (1840-1927), Railwayman and oarsman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Thomas Carter (1855-1939), Major-General. 3 Portraits

John Waynflete Carter (1905-1975), Bibliographer and antiquarian bookseller. 1 Portrait

J. Carter, Clergyman. 2 Portraits

K. Carter (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Lawrence Carter (1668-1745), Judge. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Carter (née Baring) (died 1906), Second wife of John Bonham Carter; daughter of 1st Baron Northbrook. 1 Portrait

Octavius Cyril Carter (1893-1964), Consultant anaesthetist. 2 Portraits

Robert Brudenell Carter (1828-1918), Ophthalmic surgeon. 3 Portraits

Samuel John Carter (1835-1892), Animal and sporting painter. 2 Portraits

Stephen Andrew Carter (1964-), Chief Executive Officer, Office of Communications (Ofcom). 1 Portrait

Sydney Bertram Carter (1915-2004), Poet, songwriter and musician. 1 Portrait

Thomas Carter (circa 1690-1763), Secretary of State for Ireland. 1 Portrait

Thomas Thellusson Carter (1808-1901), Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

Sir Walker Kelly Carter (1899-1985), Judge. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Carter (1912-1999), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Wilfred George Carter (1889-1969), Aircraft engineer and chief designer at Glosters. 1 Portrait

William Henry Carter (1868-1944), Assistant Director of Naval Construction. 4 Portraits

William Marlborough Carter (1850-1941), Archbishop of Cape Town. 2 Portraits

Reverend Carter (active mid 19th century), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Mrs Carter (active 1706). 4 Portraits

Mr Carter (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Frances Carteret (née Worsley), Lady Carteret (1693 or 1694-1743), First wife of John Carteret, Baron Carteret, later 2nd Earl Granville. 8 Portraits

John Thynne, 3rd Baron Carteret of Hawnes (1772-1849), Peer and politician; MP for Bath. 3 Portraits

Anna Carteret (née Wilkinson) (1942-), Actress. 1 Portrait

George Frederick Cecil de Carteret (1886-1932), Assistant Bishop of Leicester. 6 Portraits

P. Carteret. 1 Portrait

Jacques Cartier (1907-2001), Dancer. 3 Portraits

Dame Barbara Hamilton Cartland (1901-2000), Novelist and playwright. 15 Portraits

Katrin Cartlidge (1961-2002), Actress. 2 Portraits

Claude Carton (Richard Claude Critchett) (1856-1928), Actor and playwright. 2 Portraits

Airmine Cartwright (née Crew) (died 1728), Wife of Thomas Cartwright; daughter of 2nd Baron Crew of Steine. 3 Portraits

Sir Channcy Cartwright (1853-1933), Foreign Office official. 1 Portrait

Charles Cartwright (1855-1918), Actor. 1 Portrait

Charles Cartwright (1753-1825), Accountant to the East India Company. 1 Portrait

Edmund Cartwright (1743-1823), Inventor. 4 Portraits

Sir Fairfax Leighton Cartwright (1857-1928), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Flora Cartwright (née Garnier) (1838-1900), Wife of Robert Norton Cartwright; daughter of Henry Garnier. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Cartwright (1594-1668). 3 Portraits

James Lawrence Cartwright (1889-1978), Residentiary Canon and Chancellor of Peterborough Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Jim Cartwright (1958-), Playwright. 2 Portraits

John Cartwright (1740-1824), Political reformer. 6 Portraits

John Cartwright (active 1778-1808), Painter. 1 Portrait

Justin Cartwright (1933-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Maria Elizabeth Augusta ('Lili'), Lady Cartwright (1805-1902), Wife of Sir Thomas Cartwright; daughter of Count von Sandizell of Bavaria. 1 Portrait

Dame Mary Lucy Cartwright (1900-1998), Mathematician. 5 Portraits

Richard Fairfax William Cartwright (1903-1954), Justice of the Peace; son of Sir Fairfax Leighton Cartwright. 10 Portraits

Richard Fox Cartwright (1913-2010), Bishop of Plymouth. 8 Portraits

Samuel Cartwright (1789-1864), Dentist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cartwright (1535-1603), Puritan divine. 2 Portraits

Thomas Cartwright (1634-1689), Bishop of Chester. 4 Portraits

William Cartwright (active circa 1615), Actor; father of William Cartwright, 1606-1686. 1 Portrait

William Cartwright (1611-1643), Divine and dramatist. 4 Portraits

William Cartwright (died 1687), Actor, poet and playwright. 5 Portraits

William Cornwallis Cartwright (1825-1915), Art collector, author and Liberal politician; MP for Oxfordshire. 1 Portrait

William Ralph Cartwright (1771-1847), Conservative politician; MP for South Northamptonshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Cartwright Cartwright-Taylor (1911-1969), General. 3 Portraits

Enrico Caruso (1873-1921), Italian opera singer. 3 Portraits

Joao José Xavier, Conde de Carvalhal ('Count di Funchal') (1778-1837), Portuguese nobleman; supporter of Maria II of Portugal. 2 Portraits

Didacus Carvalius (died 1571), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Carvalius (died 1568), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Thomas Carve (Carue, Carew) (1590-1672?), Chaplain, traveller and historian. 4 Portraits

(Richard) Michael Carver, Baron Carver (1915-2001), Field Marshal. 12 Portraits

William Henton Carver (1868-1961), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Henry Holgate Carwardine (1779-1867), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Doreen Mary Carwithen (1922-2003), Composer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Byron Godfrey Plantagenet Cary (1908-1971), Lieutenant; son of 13th Viscount Falkland. 3 Portraits

Daphne Helen Cary (née King) (1911-1997), Wife of Hon. Byron Godfrey Plantagenet Cary; daughter of Edward Westcott King. 6 Portraits

Francis Stephen Cary (1808-1880), Painter and teacher of art. 1 Portrait

Joyce Cary (1888-1957), Novelist and poet. 4 Portraits

Max Cary (1881-1958), Professor of Ancient History. 3 Portraits

Sir (Arthur Lucius) Michael Cary (1917-1976), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Hon. Richard Lorenzo Plantagenet Cary (1915-1991), Son of 13th Viscount Falkland. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Archibald Cary, 1st Bt (1898-1979), Soldier and politician; Secretary of State for India and Burma and Leader of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Sally Cary (1935-), Daughter of Hon. Byron Godfrey Plantagenet Cary. 4 Portraits

Rupert Tristram Oliver Cary (1896-1980), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Joseph Caryl (1602-1673), Clergyman and ejected minister. 5 Portraits

John Joshua Proby, 1st Earl of Carysfort (1751-1828), Judge, diplomat, politician and poet. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Osborne), Countess of Carysfort (died 1783), First wife of 1st Earl of Carysfort. 1 Portrait

Granville Leveson Proby, 4th Earl of Carysfort (1825-1872), Politician; Comptroller of the Household. 1 Portrait

Augusta Maria (née Hare), Countess of Carysfort (1832-1881), Wife of 4th Earl of Carysfort; daughter of 2nd Earl of Listowel. 1 Portrait

William Proby, 5th Earl of Carysfort (1836-1909), Politician; Lord Lieutenant of Wicklow. 1 Portrait

Pablo Casals (né Pau Casals Defilló) (1876-1973), Cellist, composer and conductor. 1 Portrait

Marchesa Casanova (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Rowland William Casasola (1893-1971), Trade unionist and Labour candidate. 1 Portrait

Isaac Casaubon (1559-1614), Classical scholar and theologian. 2 Portraits

Meric Casaubon (1599-1671), Classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Lady ('Dona') Ana, Countess of Casa Valencia (active 1897), Wife of 3rd Count of Casa Valencia. 1 Portrait

Albert Avion Case (1916-1990), Air Vice-Marshal. 8 Portraits

John Case (circa 1660-1700), Astrologer and Quack. 1 Portrait

R. G. ('Dicky') Case (active 1930s), Motorcycle speedway racer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Case (baptised 1598-1682), Clergyman and ejected minister. 4 Portraits

Charlie Casely-Hayford (1986-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Joe Casely-Hayford (1956-2019), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Francis Casement (1881-1967), Major-General. 5 Portraits

John Moore Casement (1877-1952), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Roger David Casement (1864-1916), Diplomatist and Irish rebel. 2 Portraits

Richard Gavin Gardiner Casey, Baron Casey (1890-1976), Politician in Australia, diplomat and imperial proconsul. 9 Portraits

Anna Clare Caroline Casey (1936-1972), Daughter of Alan Stewart Casey. 2 Portraits

Hon. Diana Sybil Casey (née Monsell) (1907-1985), Daughter of 1st Viscount Monsell; wife of Alan Stewart Casey. 1 Portrait

Major Casey, Major. 1 Portrait

Margaret Agnes Casey (née Jones), Wife of B.A. Casey. 3 Portraits

Thomas Worrall Casey (1869-1949), Politician and trade union leader. 2 Portraits

Dave Cash (David Charles Wish) (1942-2016), Radio presenter. 1 Portrait

Patrick ('Pat') Hart Cash (1965-), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Philip ('Phil') Cash (1947-), Rhythm guitarist for The Applejacks. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas James Cash (1888-1978), Politician. 4 Portraits

Sir William Cash (1891-1964), Accountant. 3 Portraits

William Wilson Cash (1880-1955), Bishop of Worcester. 12 Portraits

Eli Cashdan (1905-1998), Rabbi, lecturer and barrister. 1 Portrait

Michael Maurice Cashman, Baron Cashman (1950-), Actor and writer; gay rights activist and member of the European Parliament. 1 Portrait

Thomas Herbert Cashmore (1892-1984), Suffragan Bishop of Dunwich. 5 Portraits

Jean Paul Pierre Casimir-Perier (1847-1907), President of the French Republic. 3 Portraits

Clifford Caslon (1896-1973), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Caslon (née Cartlich) (1730-1795), Type founder; wife of William Caslon junior. 1 Portrait

William Caslon the Elder (1692-1766), Type founder; designer of the Caslon typeface. 2 Portraits

C.C. Casnochan (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Dorothy J. Cass. 1 Portrait

Jeannette Cass (1926-), Founder and trustee of the Cass Sculpture Foundation; wife of Wilfred Cass. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Cass (1924-), Founder and trustee of the Cass Sculpture Foundation. 1 Portrait

Stephen Hyde Cassan (1789-1841), Ecclesiastical biographer. 1 Portrait

Mario Cassandro (1920-2011), Restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Barbara Ann Cassani (1960-), Chairman, London 2012 Olympic Bid. 1 Portrait

Euterpe Cassavetti (circa 1828-1904), Wife of Alexander Cassavetti. 2 Portraits

John Cassavetti (born 1852), Son of Alexander and Euterpe Cassavetti. 2 Portraits

Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel (1852-1921), Financier and philanthropist. 7 Portraits

Sir Felix Maximilian Schoenbrunn Cassel, 1st Bt (1869-1953), Lawyer. 4 Portraits

Sir Francis Edward Cassel (1912-1969), Son of Sir Felix Maximilian Schoenbrunn Cassel, 1st Bt. 4 Portraits

Karl Gustav Cassel (1866-1945), Economist and professor at the University of Stockholm. 1 Portrait

Sir (Archibald) James Cassels (1907-1996), Field Marshal. 2 Portraits

Sir James Dale Cassels (1877-1972), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Archibald Cassels (1876-1959), General. 2 Portraits

William Wharton Cassels (1858-1932), Bishop of West China. 1 Portrait

Lady Rosemary Wilma Cassidy (née Bootle-Wilbraham, later Bird) (1903-1968), Former wife of Vincent Francis Cassidy, and later wife of T. H. Bird; daughter of 2nd Earl of Lathom. 4 Portraits

John Reginald Cassidy, Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Sir Maurice Alan Cassidy (1880-1949), Physician to King George VI. 2 Portraits

Stuart Cassidy, Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Miss Cassidy, Model. 1 Portrait

(William) Fisher Cassie (1905-1985), Civil engineer and university professor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Kennedy, 9th Earl of Cassillis (1726-1775), Smuggler and landowner; Master of Culzean Castle. 1 Portrait

Ann Casson (1915-1990), Actress; daughter of Sir Lewis Casson and Dame Sybil Thorndike; wife of Douglas Campbell. 3 Portraits

Hugh Gilbert Casson (1866-1951), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh Maxwell Casson (1910-1999), Architect and President of the Royal Academy. 16 Portraits

Jessica Casson, Photographer's assistant. 1 Portrait

Sir Lewis Thomas Casson (1875-1969), Actor. 9 Portraits

Mary Casson (1914-2009), Actress; daughter of Sir Lewis Casson and Dame Sybil Thorndike. 10 Portraits

Winifred Casson (1908-1969), Photographer. 3 Portraits

Alicia, Lady Cassy (died before 1401), Wife of Sir John Cassy. 1 Portrait

Sir John Cassy (died 1400), Knight and Chief baron of the exchequer. 1 Portrait

Jean Castaner, Dancer. 5 Portraits

Paolo Ruffo di Bagnaria, Prince of Castelcicala (1791-1866), Neapolitan ambassador. 1 Portrait

Edmund Castell (circa 1606-1686), Semitic scholar. 5 Portraits

Emily Castellain (née Saunders) (1839-1913), Wife of Alfred Castellain; daughter of Charles Saunders, merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir Aldo Castellani (1877-1971), Bacteriologist. 6 Portraits

Josephine (née Stead), Lady Castellani, Wife of Sir Aldo Castellani; daughter of George Ambler Stead. 1 Portrait

Maria Di Castellani. 1 Portrait

Emilia Arciniegas Castilla (1900-1970), Wife of Darío Echandía Olaya, Colombian Ambassador to London. 1 Portrait

Blanche of Castille (1188-1252), Wife of Louis VIII of France; niece of King John I of England. 1 Portrait

Don Juan, 2nd Marqés de los Castillejos (1830-1870). 1 Portrait

Barbara Anne Castle, Baroness Castle (1910-2002), Labour politician; MP for Blackburn and First Secretary of State. 12 Portraits

A.H. Castle (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Dora Castle (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Egerton Castle (1858-1920), Author and championship fencer. 4 Portraits

Frederick John Castle (active early 1860s), Captain, 48th (The Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot. 1 Portrait

John Castle (1940-), Actor. 1 Portrait

John Edward Castle, Mayor of Queenborough. 3 Portraits

Margaret Emmeline Castle (née Hinds) (1841-1915), Wife of Charles Castle; daughter of John Thomas Hinds. 1 Portrait

William Castle (1833-1911), Engineer, inventor. 1 Portrait

Eva Castle Britton (née Skytte Birkefeldt) (1922-2008), Sculptor and member of Danish resistance movement; wife of Tony Britton. 1 Portrait

Mervyn Touchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven (1593-1631), Justice of the Peace and Politician. 4 Portraits

Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemaine (1634-1705), Diplomat and author. 13 Portraits

Richard Handcock, 4th Baron Castlemaine (1826-1892), Representative peer. 1 Portrait

Louisa Matilda (née Harris), Lady Castlemaine (1836-1892), Wife of 4th Baron Castlemaine; daughter of 2nd Baron Harris. 1 Portrait

Annie Evelyn Handcock (née Barrington), Lady Castlemaine (1873-1955), Wife of 5th Baron Castlemaine; daughter of Joseph Thomas Barrington. 1 Portrait

Charles Castleman (1807-1876), Lawyer and Chairman of the London & South Western Railway. 1 Portrait

George Castleman (1838-1902), Huntsman of the Atherstone Hunt. 1 Portrait

Isabel Castleman (née Swinburne) (died 1880), Wife of Charles Castleman. 1 Portrait

Arthur Stuart, 7th Earl Castle Stewart (1889-1961), Son of Andrew John Stuart, 6th Earl Castle Stewart. 9 Portraits

Eleanor May Stuart (née Guggenheim), Countess Castle Stewart (1896-1992), Wife of 7th Earl Castle Stewart; daughter of Solomon R. Guggenheim. 7 Portraits

Sir Bernard Barnaby Edward Fitzpatrick, 2nd Baron Castletown (1848-1937), Politician and Chancellor of the Royal University of Ireland. 2 Portraits

Josefina Castro de Linares Porto, Model. 1 Portrait

Edward Caswall (1814-1878), Known as 'Scriblerus Redivivus'; Roman Catholic priest, poet and hymn writer. 2 Portraits

Florence Caswell, Actress. 5 Portraits

Angelica Catalani (1780-1849), Soprano. 16 Portraits

Cassandra Catalani (née Musurus) (born 1850), Wife of Thomas Catalani; daughter of Constantine Musurus. 2 Portraits

Margaret Catchpole (1762-1841), Convict and writer. 1 Portrait

Egerton St John Pettifor Catchpool (1890-1971), Member Workers Travel Association Management Committee. 1 Portrait

Sir John James Cater (1885-1962), Chief Inspector of Taxes, Inland Revenue. 3 Portraits

Margaret Pears Cater (née Etherington-Smith) (1881-1956), Wife of Alexander Scott Cater; daughter of John Henry Etherington-Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir (Alexander) Norman Ley Cater (1880-1957), Administrator in British India and army captain. 1 Portrait

William Leist Readwin Cates (1821-1895), Chronologist. 1 Portrait

Robert Catesby (1573-1605), Leader of the Gunpowder plot. 8 Portraits

William Schaw Cathcart, 1st Earl Cathcart (1755-1843), General and diplomat. 8 Portraits

Alan Frederick Cathcart, 3rd Earl Cathcart (1828-1905), Soldier and agriculturalist. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Mary (née Crompton), Countess Cathcart (1831-1902), Wife of 3rd Earl Cathcart; daughter of Sir Samuel Crompton, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Charles Cathcart, 8th Baron Cathcart (1686?-1740), General and ambassador. 1 Portrait

Charles Cathcart, 9th Baron Cathcart (1721-1776), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Jean Cathcart (née Hamilton), Lady Cathcart (1726-1771), Wife of 9th Baron Cathcart. 4 Portraits

Edward Provan Cathcart (1877-1954), Professor of Physiology. 1 Portrait

Miss Cathcart. 1 Portrait

Owen Cathcart-Jones (1901-1985), Aviator. 1 Portrait

Joanne Catherall (1962-), Musician; singer for The Human League. 1 Portrait

Catherine of Valois (1401-1437), Queen of Henry V. 5 Portraits

Catherine Howard (circa 1518-1542), Fifth Queen Consort of Henry VIII. 12 Portraits

Catherine de' Medici (1519-1589), Queen consort of France 1547-1559. 1 Portrait

Catherine of Braganza (1638-1705), Queen of Charles II. 64 Portraits

Catherine I, Empress of Russia (1684-1727), Second wife of Peter the Great. 1 Portrait

Catherine II, Empress of Russia (1729-1796), Known as 'The Great', reigned 1762-96. 5 Portraits

Baroness (Marie Rose Antoinette) Catherine d'Erlanger (née de Robert d'Aqueria) (1874-1959), Society hostess; wife of Baron Emile d'Erlanger. 119 Portraits

Princess Catherine ('Katya') Galitzine (1964-), Daughter of Prince George Galitzine and Jean Dawnay. 4 Portraits

Catherine, Princess of Wales (1982-), Princess of Wales; wife of William, Prince of Wales. 20 Portraits

Ann Catley (1745-1789), Actress and singer; later known as Mrs Lascelles. 5 Portraits

Andrew Catlin (1960-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Edward Gordon Catlin (1896-1979), Political scientist and philosopher. 9 Portraits

Brian Catling (1948-2022), Artist, novelist and poet; Professor of Fine Art. 1 Portrait

Peter Stucley Catmur (died 1974), Managing director. 1 Portrait

Agnes Catnach (1891-1979), Headmistress. 1 Portrait

Lauderic Caton (1910-1999), Guitarist; member of the Goon Show quartet. 1 Portrait

Signor Catoni, Actor. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Caton-Thompson (1888-1985), Archaeologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Edmund Cator (1884-1973), Colonial administration service. 3 Portraits

John Thomas Cator. 1 Portrait

Jacob Cats (1577-1660), Dutch poet, humorist, jurist and politician. 3 Portraits

Albert Stephen Catt (1865-1946), Policeman. 1 Portrait

Helen Cattanach (1920-1994), Brigadier; Director of Army Nursing Services. 7 Portraits

Georges Cattaui (1896-1974), Author. 3 Portraits

Arthur Catterall (1883-1943), Violinist; leader of the BBC Symphony Orchestra. 1 Portrait

Robert B. Catterall (circa 1860-circa 1915), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Charles Cattermole (1832-1900), Painter. 2 Portraits

George Cattermole (1800-1868), Watercolour painter and illustrator. 3 Portraits

Robert Sidney Catterson-Smith (1853-1938), Art school headmaster, silversmith, painter and illustrator; member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

Clem Cattini (1937-), Musician; drummer for The Tornados. 3 Portraits

Thomas Sivewright Catto, 1st Baron Catto of Cairncatto (1879-1959), Governor of the Bank of England. 9 Portraits

Stephen Gordon Catto, 2nd Baron Catto (1923-2001), Merchant banker. 1 Portrait

Charles Catton the Elder (1728-1798), Painter. 7 Portraits

Sir John Caulcutt (1876-1943), Director of Barclays Bank Ltd. 2 Portraits

James William Caulfeild, Viscount Caulfeild (1803-1823), Son of Francis William Caulfeild, 2nd Earl of Charlemont. 2 Portraits

Lady Emily Caulfeild (1808-1829). 1 Portrait

Francis Wade Caulfeild (1872-1947), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

James Edward Wilmot Smyth Caulfield (1850-1925), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Anne Louisa Caulfield (née Francklin) (born circa 1820), Wife of Henry Cope Caulfield. 2 Portraits

Gweneth Caulfield (née Morris), Wife of Jack Harley Morris; daughter of A.H. Morris. 1 Portrait

Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005), Artist. 4 Portraits

William Caulfield (died 1780?), Son of Captain James Caulfield. 1 Portrait

James Eales Caunter (1859-1937), Soldier. 1 Portrait

G?.W.W. Caus. 1 Portrait

John Causebrook (1933-), Engineer. 1 Portrait

Charles Causley (1917-2003), Poet. 3 Portraits

Thomas Henry Causton (1800-1854), Rector of Highgate. 1 Portrait

Laurence Cautley (died 1899), Actor. 1 Portrait

Louis Cauvin (circa 1754-1825), French teacher and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Mercy Emma (née Graves), Lady Cavagnari (died 1934), Wife of Sir Pierre Louis Napoleon Cavagnari; daughter of Henry Graves. 1 Portrait

Sir Pierre Louis Napoleon Cavagnari (1841-1879), Soldier and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Éléonore-Louis Godefroi Cavaignac (1801-1845), French politician and editor. 2 Portraits

Lina Cavalieri (1874-1944), Soprano, actress and monologist. 1 Portrait

Pietro Cavallini (circa 1250-circa 1330), Artist. 1 Portrait

Tiberius Cavallo (1749-1809), Scientist and inventor. 4 Portraits

Cavalry, Branch of the British Army that fought on horseback. 1 Portrait

Richard Ford William Lambart, 7th Earl of Cavan (1763-1836), General. 2 Portraits

Frederick Edward Gould Lambart, 9th Earl of Cavan (1839-1900), Liberal politician; MP for South Somerset. 1 Portrait

Mary Sneade (née Olive), Countess of Cavan (1846-1905), Wife of 9th Earl of Cavan; daughter of John Olive. 1 Portrait

(Frederic) Rudolph Lambart, 10th Earl of Cavan (1865-1946), Army commander. 22 Portraits

Lady Hester Joan Lambart, 10th Countess of the County of Cavan (1888-1976), Second wife of 10th Earl of Cavan. 1 Portrait

Michael Edward Oliver Lambart, 12th Earl of Cavan (1911-1988), Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Salop. 4 Portraits

Mr Cavan. 2 Portraits

John Bryan Cavanagh (1914-2004), Fashion designer. 3 Portraits

Peter Cavanagh (1914-1981), Radio entertainer. 3 Portraits

George Cave, Viscount Cave (1856-1928), Lawyer and statesman. 7 Portraits

Sir Ambrose Cave (circa 1503-1568). 1 Portrait

Sir Basil Shillito Cave (1865-1931), Consul. 2 Portraits

Edward Cave (1691-1754), Printer and founder of Gentleman's Magazine. 4 Portraits

Joseph Arnold Cave (1823-1912), Actor, dramatist and theatre manager. 1 Portrait

Sir Lewis William Cave (1832-1897), Judge. 3 Portraits

Nick Cave (1957-), Musician and author; founding member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; singer for The Birthday Party. 1 Portrait

Sir Stephen Cave (1820-1880), Politician, lawyer and writer. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Sturmy Cave (1846-1936), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Bryan William Cave-Browne-Cave (1915-1980), Head of North Regional Programmes, BBC. 2 Portraits

Gertrude Eva Cave-Ashton (née Holman Andrews) (born 1855), Soprano. 1 Portrait

Cecil Beckwith Cave-Brown-Cave (1871-1953). 5 Portraits

William Cave-Browne (1884-1967), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Henry Meyrick Cave-Browne-Cave (1887-1965), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Ambrose Cave-Browne-Cave, Bt (1860-1930), Naval captain. 12 Portraits

Thomas Reginald Cave-Browne-Cave (1885-1969), Wing Commander. 3 Portraits

Edith Cavell (1865-1915), Nurse. 8 Portraits

Mr Caveller (active 1740), Dancing master. 1 Portrait

Francis Alexander Cavenagh (1884-1946), Professor of Education. 2 Portraits

Richard Hugh Cavendish, Baron Cavendish (1941-), Company chairman, landowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Lord Charles Arthur Francis Cavendish (1905-1944), Lieutenant; son of 9th Duke of Devonshire; husband of Adele Astaire. 2 Portraits

Lord Edward Cavendish (1838-1891), Politician; son of 7th Duke of Devonshire. 2 Portraits

Lady Emily Augusta Cavendish (née Lambton) (1823-1886), Wife of William Henry Frederick Cavendish; daughter of 1st Earl of Durham. 1 Portrait

Lord Frederick Charles Cavendish (1836-1882), Chief secretary for Ireland. 6 Portraits

Lord George Henry Cavendish (1810-1880), Politician; MP for North Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

Lady Gweneth Frida Cavendish (née Ponsonby) (1888-1984), Former wife of Windham Baring, and later wife of Ralph Henry Cavendish; daughter of 8th Earl of Bessborough. 2 Portraits

Lord John Cavendish (1732-1796), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 11 Portraits

Lady Moyra de Vere Cavendish (née Beauclerk) (1876-1942), Wife of Lord Richard Frederick Cavendish; daughter of 10th Duke of St Albans. 1 Portrait

Lord Richard Cavendish (1812-1873), Son of Hon. William Cavendish; brother of 7th Duke of Devonshire. 1 Portrait

Lord Richard Cavendish (1752-1781), Son of 4th Duke of Devonshire. 4 Portraits

Lord Richard Frederick Cavendish (1871-1946), Politician; brother of 9th Duke of Devonshire. 3 Portraits

Ada Cavendish (later Marshall) (1839?-1895), Actress. 14 Portraits

Alfred Edward John Cavendish (1859-1943), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

(Phyllis) Constance Cavendish (born circa 1891), Actress. 2 Portraits

Henry Cavendish (1731-1810), Physicist. 4 Portraits

Jean Cavendish, Actress. 8 Portraits

Louié Cavendish (née Cockburn), Wife of Charles Cavendish. 1 Portrait

Mark Cavendish (1985-), Road and track cyclist; Olympian. 1 Portrait

R. Cavendish. 1 Portrait

S. Cavendish (active 1897). 1 Portrait

Thomas Cavendish (1560-1592), Circumnavigator. 9 Portraits

William Cavendish (1783-1812), Politician; MP for Aylesbury and Derby; father of William Cavendish, 7th Duke of Devonshire. 2 Portraits

Miss Cavendish. 1 Portrait

Lady (Alexandra Margaret) Anne Cavendish-Bentinck (1916-2008), Daughter of 7th Duke of Portland. 6 Portraits

Lord Charles Cavendish-Bentinck (1868-1956), Lieutenant-Colonel and half-brother of 6th Duke of Portland. 10 Portraits

Lord Francis Morven Dallas Cavendish-Bentinck (1900-1950), Businessman; son of 6th Duke of Portland. 5 Portraits

Lord Henry Cavendish-Bentinck (1863-1931), Conservative politician; MP for Norfolk North West and South Nottingham. 21 Portraits

Lady Olivia Caroline Amelia Cavendish Bentinck (née Taylour) (1869-1939), Wife of Henry Cavendish, Lord Bentinck; daughter of Thomas Taylour, Earl of Bective; granddaughter of 3rd Marquess of Headfort. 1 Portrait

Lord William Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck (1865-1903), Major-General; half-brother of 6th Duke of Portland. 2 Portraits

Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck (1819-1877), Lieutenant-General; former husband of Elizabeth St Vincent Hawkins Whitshed, and later husband of Augusta Browne, later Baroness Bolsover. 4 Portraits

George Cavendish-Bentinck. 1 Portrait

George Augustus Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck (1821-1891), Politician. 2 Portraits

Olivia (née Taylour), Lady Cavendish-Bentinck (died 1939), Wife of Lord Henry Cavendish-Bentinck. 8 Portraits

G. Caveny? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, Count of Cavour (1810-1861), First Prime Minister of Italy. 4 Portraits

F. Cavrot, Belgian delegate of the International Miners' Congress. 1 Portrait

Anne Cawarden (died circa 1592), Wife of Thomas Cawarden. 1 Portrait

David Cawarden (died 1557), Husband of Maude Cawarden. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Cawarden (née Massey) (died 1480), Wife of John Cawarden. 1 Portrait

John Cawarden (circa 1421-1477). 1 Portrait

John Cawarden (active 15th century), Husband of Elizabeth Cawarden. 1 Portrait

Maude (or Matilda) Cawarden (née Westcote) (died 1595), Former wife of David Cawarden, and later wife of Henry Cholmeley. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cawarden (died 1592), Son of David and Maude Cawarden. 1 Portrait

John Frederick Campbell, 1st Earl Cawdor (1790-1860). 3 Portraits

Frederick Campbell, 3rd Earl Cawdor (1847-1911), Politician and railway administrator; First Lord of the Admiralty. 4 Portraits

Angelica Campbell (née Lazansky von Bukowa), Countess Cawdor (active late 20th century-2013), Proponent of organic farming and gardener; second wife of 6th Earl Cawdor. 1 Portrait

Isabella Caroline Campbell (née Howard), Lady Cawdor of Castlemartin (1771-1848), Wife of 1st Baron Cawdor of Castlemartin. 5 Portraits

Frederick Cawley, 1st Baron Cawley of Prestwich (1850-1937), Politician and landowner. 3 Portraits

Robert Hugh Cawley, 2nd Baron Cawley of Prestwich (1877-1954), Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Mills Cawley (1907-2000), Chief Scientist, Ministry of Power. 1 Portrait

Mary Edith Cawley-Way (née Birdwood) (1903-1985), Wife of Joseph Cawley-Way; daughter of G.T. Birdwood. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Cawood (1907-1967), Chief Scientist, Ministry of Aviation. 1 Portrait

John Cawse (1778-1862), Artist. 1 Portrait

Mary Giovanna Cawse (1808-1850), Singer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Westerman Cawston (1859-1927), Deputy Master and Comptroller of the Royal Mint. 4 Portraits

Sir Terence Edward Cawthorne (1902-1970), Aural surgeon. 1 Portrait

Arthur James Cawthra (1911-2005), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Jack J. Cawthra (born 1879), Sportsman. 2 Portraits

Thomas Cawton the Elder (1605-1659), Puritan divine. 6 Portraits

William Caxton (1415-1492), Printer, merchant and diplomat. 7 Portraits

Dame Florence Evelyn Cayford (1897-1987), Politician; Chairman of London County Council and Mayor of the London Borough of Camden. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Susan Cayley (née Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie) (1861-1941), Wife of Sir George Everard Arthur Cayley, 9th Bt; daughter of Hon. Francis Dudley Montagu-Stuart-Wortley. 2 Portraits

Arthur Cayley (1821-1895), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Cornelius Cayley (1727-1779), Religious writer. 1 Portrait

Douglas Edward Cayley (1870-1951), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Edward Stillingfleet Cayley (1802-1862), Liberal politician; MP for North Riding of Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

Sir George Cayley, 6th Bt (1773-1857), Pioneer of aviation. 2 Portraits

George John Cayley (1826-1878), Barrister. 1 Portrait

(William) Nicholas, Baron Cayzer (1910-1999), Shipping company chairman. 11 Portraits

(Michael) Anthony Rathbone Cayzer (1920-1990), Second son of 1st Baron Rotherwick. 5 Portraits

Sir August Bernard Tellefsen Cayzer, 1st Bt (1876-1943), Lieutenant-Commander. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Eileen (née Meakin), Lady Cayzer (1896-1981), Wife of Sir Charles William Cayzer, 3rd Bt; daugther of James Meakin. 2 Portraits

Bernard Gilbert Stancomb Cayzer (1914-1981), Major; Second son of Sir August Cayzer, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles William Cayzer, 1st Bt (1843-1916), Shipowner, businessman and politician. 10 Portraits

Hon. Patricia Helen Cayzer (née Browne) (1926-1981), Wife of Hon. (Michael) Anthony Rathborne Cayzer; daughter of 4th Baron Oranmore and Browne. 16 Portraits

Miss Cayzer, Daughter of Sir Charles Cayzer, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Camilla Jane (née Gage), Lady Cazalet (1937-), Wife of Sir Edward Stephen Cazalet; daughter of 6th Viscount Gage. 4 Portraits

Edward Cazalet (1894-1916), Son of Maud Lucia Cazalet. 1 Portrait

Jane Jennifer (née Rew), Lady Cazalet (1932-), Wife of Sir Peter Grenville Cazalet; daughter of Charles Rew. 5 Portraits

Maud Lucia Cazalet (née Heron-Maxwell) (died 1952), Wife of William Marshall Cazalet. 1 Portrait

Peter Cazalet (1907-1973), Racehorse trainer. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Grenville Lyon Cazalet (1899-1982), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Victor Alexander Cazalet (1896-1943), Politician and Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Thelma Cazalet-Keir (1899-1989), Feminist and politician; MP for Islington East. 2 Portraits

Arnold de Lerisson Cazenove (1898-1969), Brigadier. 8 Portraits

Bernard Michael de Lerisson Cazenove (1947-), Captain and businessman. 1 Portrait

Mr. J. Cearter? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood (1864-1958), Statesman; a creator of the League of Nations. 31 Portraits

Eleanor (née Lambton), Viscountess Cecil of Chelwood (1868-1959), Wife of 1st Viscount Cecil of Chelwood; daughter of 2nd Earl of Durham. 1 Portrait

Lord David Cecil (1902-1986), Scholar, teacher and writer. 74 Portraits

Lady Florence Mary Cecil (née Bootle-Wilbraham) (1863-1944), Wife of William Gascoyne Cecil; daughter of 1st Earl Lathom. 3 Portraits

Lady Gwendolen Cecil (1860-1945), Daughter of 3rd Marquess of Salisbury. 1 Portrait

Lord William Cecil (1854-1943), Army officer and royal courtier. 1 Portrait

Algernon Cecil (1879-1953), Barrister-at-law, author and historian. 1 Portrait

Arthur Cecil (Arthur Cecil Blunt) (1843-1896), Actor. 11 Portraits

Charles Cecil (circa 1683-1726), Third son of John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter; MP for Stamford. 3 Portraits

Hon. Charles Evelyn Cecil (1936-), Son of 2nd Baron Rockley. 4 Portraits

Ellaine Cecil (Hon. Helen Scott Montagu) (1890-1969), Actress; daughter of 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. 5 Portraits

Gladys Cecil (née Baggallay), Lady Amherst of Hackney (died 1947), Wife of William Amherst Cecil; daughter of Henry Charles Baggallay. 9 Portraits

Hon. Henry Mitford Amherst Cecil (1893-1962), Naval Commander; son of Baroness Amherst of Hackney. 4 Portraits

Hon. John Francis Amherst Cecil (1890-1954), Diplomat and 3rd son of 2nd Baroness Amherst of Hackney. 3 Portraits

John William Edward Cecil (1933-1934), Son of 6th Marquess of Exeter. 2 Portraits

J.C. Cecil. 2 Portraits

Rachel (née MacCarthy), Lady David Cecil (1909-1982), Wife of Lord David Cecil; daughter of Desmond MacCarthy. 7 Portraits

Richard Cecil (1748-1810), Evangelical divine. 1 Portrait

Robert Cecil (died 1716), Politician; MP for Wotton Basset; son of 3rd Earl of Salisbury. 3 Portraits

Robert Arthur Cecil (1921-1994), Senior Assistant Keeper at the Wallace Collection. 3 Portraits

Sylvia Cecil (circa 1898-circa1983), Actress and singer. 5 Portraits

William Cecil, 2nd son of John, 5th Earl of Exeter. 9 Portraits

Lady Cecil. 3 Portraits

John Patrick Cecil-Wright (died 1992), Group Captain and Chairman of Warne Wright and Rowland. 4 Portraits

Cecile, German Crown Princess and Crown Princess of Prussia (1886-1954), Wife of Wilhelm, German Crown Prince and Crown Prince of Prussia; daughter of Frederick Francis III, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. 2 Portraits

Gaby Cecile, Actress. 5 Portraits

Princess Cecilia of Sweden (1540-1627), Princess of Sweden, daughter to King Gustav I. 1 Portrait

Princess Cecilie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine (1911-1937), Wife of Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse; daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark; sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 4 Portraits

Princess Cecilie Viktoria Anastasia Harris (née Princess Cecilie of Prussia) (1917-1975), Wife of Clyde Kenneth Harris; daughter of William, German Crown Prince. 8 Portraits

Thomas Cecill (active 1628-1635), Engraver and draughtsman. 4 Portraits

Sir John Lias Cecil Cecil-Williams (1892-1964), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Rolf, Baron Cederström (1870-1947), Swedish baron. 2 Portraits

Giuditta Celega (active 1877), Italian opera singer. 1 Portrait

Madame Céleste (Céline Céleste) (1815-1882), Actress, dancer and theatre manager. 6 Portraits

Faith Celli (Dorothy Faith Standing) (1888-1942), Actress; former wife of Reginald Phipps Lamb, and later wife of 3rd Viscount Elibank; daughter of Francis H. Standing. 6 Portraits

Frank Cellier (1872-1948), Actor-manager. 3 Portraits

Blaise Cendrars (né Frédéric Louis Sauser) (1887-1961), Writer. 5 Portraits

John Cennick (1718-1755), Lay preacher and Moravian minister. 5 Portraits

Susanna Centlivre (née Freeman) (1669?-1723), Playwright and actress. 3 Portraits

Hon. Anne Catherine Centner (née Leathers) (1944-), Wife of Arthur Sydney Centner; daughter of 2nd Viscount Leathers. 1 Portrait

Francesca ('Fanny') Cerrito (1817-1909), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

James Cervetto (1747-1837), Cellist and composer. 2 Portraits

David Cesarani (1956-2015), Historian and writer; research professor in history, Royal Holloway, University of London. 1 Portrait

Giacinta Conti Cesi (1650-1728), Wife of Giuseppe Angelo Cesi, duca d'Acquasparta. 1 Portrait

Cetshwayo ka Mpande (circa 1826-1884), King of the Zulu. 4 Portraits

Philippe de Chabot, Seigneur de Brion (circa 1492-1543), Grand Admiral of France. 1 Portrait

François Chabot (1756-1794), French revolutionary. 1 Portrait

Sir Bernard Albert Chacksfield (1913-1999), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

George William Chad (1781 or 1784-1849), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Emily Chadbourne. 3 Portraits

Maud Mary Chadburn (1868-1957), Surgeon; co-founder of the South London Hospital for Women and Children. 1 Portrait

H.L. Chadder, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

William Chaderton (1540?-1608), Academic and Bishop of Lincoln and Chester. 1 Portrait

Gurinder Chadha (1960-), Film director and journalist. 2 Portraits

Arthur Ernest Chadwell (1892-1967), Assistant Bishop in Korea. 1 Portrait

Æira Helen Chadwick (née Williams-Bulkeley) (1891-1964), Daughter of Sir Richard Henry Williams-Bulkeley, 12th Bt; wife of John Chadwick. 1 Portrait

(Charlotte) Ann Chadwick (née Secord) (circa 1923-1997), Poet; first wife of Lynn Russell Chadwick. 1 Portrait

Charles Chadwick (1815-1886), Physician to the Leeds Royal Infirmary. 1 Portrait

Daniel Chadwick (1965-), Artist; son of Lynn Chadwick. 1 Portrait

Sir David Thomas Chadwick (1876-1954), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Sir Edwin Chadwick (1801-1890), Sanitary reformer. 2 Portraits

George Alexander Chadwick (1840-1923), Bishop of Derry and Raphoe. 1 Portrait

Helen Chadwick (1953-1996), Artist. 3 Portraits

Henry Chadwick (1920-2008), Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Oxford University. 2 Portraits

Sir James Chadwick (1891-1974), Nuclear physicist. 2 Portraits

Sir John Edward Chadwick (1911-1987), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Les Chadwick (1943-), Musician; member of Gerry and the Pacemakers. 1 Portrait

Lynn Russell Chadwick (1914-2003), Sculptor. 17 Portraits

(William) Owen Chadwick (1916-2015), Ecclesiastical historian, university teacher and administrator and writer; Chairman of Trustees of the National Portrait Gallery. 5 Portraits

Simon Chadwick (1943-2018), Son of Lynn Chadwick. 6 Portraits

Sir Thomas Chadwick (1888-1969), Accountant. 1 Portrait

Tom Chadwick (1912-1942), Artist. 11 Portraits

William Frank Percival Chadwick (1905-1991), Bishop of Barking. 3 Portraits

Angela Mary (née Metson), Lady Chadwyck-Healey, Project-Coordinator, 'Inside Out Trust'; wife of Sir Charles Edward Chadwyck-Healey, 5th Bt; daughter of John Metson. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Edward Chadwyck-Healey, 5th Bt (1940-), Art collector and publisher. 1 Portrait

Marc Chagall (1887-1985), Artist. 2 Portraits

Shri Mohomedali Currim Chagla (1900-1981), Lawyer and administrator. 1 Portrait

Paul Belloni du Chaillu (1835-1903), Traveller and anthropologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Ernst Chain (1906-1979), Biochemist. 9 Portraits

Maria Henrietta Sophia Chaine (née Phipps) (1838?-1915), Former wife of Frederick Sayer, and later wife of William Chaine; daughter of Sir Charles Beaumont Phipps. 1 Portrait

William Chaine (1838-1916), Lieutenant-Colonel and royal courtier. 1 Portrait

Sharmishta ('Shami') Chakrabarti, Baroness Chakrabarti (1969-), Lawyer and human rights campaigner; director of Liberty; life peer. 4 Portraits

Hussein Chalayan (1970-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Alan Arthur Gwynne Jones Chalfont, Baron Chalfont (1919-2020), Politician, journalist and soldier. 2 Portraits

Fedor Ivanovitch Chaliapin (1873-1938), Russian singer and actor. 20 Portraits

Sir James Jell Chalk (1803-1878), Secretary to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. 1 Portrait

J.A. Chalk (active 1925). 1 Portrait

M. Chalk (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Lynda Chalker, Baroness Chalker of Wallasey (1942-), Politician; MP for Wallasey and Minister for Overseas Development. 1 Portrait

Cyril John Baron Chalkley (died 1986), Naval officer; served at Bletchley Park during World War II. 1 Portrait

Sir (Harry) Owen Chalkley (1882-1958), Consul. 3 Portraits

Mr. Challans? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles Challen (1894-1960), Barrister and Conservative politician; MP for Hampstead. 6 Portraits

Janey Challen (née Roy) (active 1926), Wife of John Challen. 1 Portrait

John Challen (active 1926). 1 Portrait

John Bernard Challen (1906-2001), Lieutenant-Colonel. 11 Portraits

John Challenge (died 1990), Model. 2 Portraits

Edith Challis (died 1883), Actress. 1 Portrait

Thomas Challis (1794-1874), Skin broker; Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

Richard Challoner (1691-1781), Roman Catholic Bishop of Debra. 2 Portraits

Yourke Challoner (active 1923), Actor. 1 Portrait

Mrs Challoner (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Mrs Challoner (active 1914). 1 Portrait

Robert Chalmers, 1st Baron Chalmers of Northiam (1858-1938), Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Alexander Chalmers (1759-1834), Biographer and literary editor. 2 Portraits

Euphemia ('Effie') Chalmers (née Gray), Lady Millais (1828-1897), Former wife of John Ruskin, and later wife of Sir John Everett Millais. 3 Portraits

George Chalmers (1742-1825), Scottish antiquary. 2 Portraits

George Paul Chalmers (1836-1878), Painter. 1 Portrait

Grace Chalmers, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Iain Geoffrey Chalmers (1943-), Physician and health services researcher; Co-Founder of the Cochrane Collaboration. 1 Portrait

James Chalmers (active 1925). 1 Portrait

John Chalmers (died 1800), Principal of King's College, Aberdeen. 1 Portrait

John-James ('J.J.') Chalmers (1986-), Scottish television presenter and Invictus Games medallist. 1 Portrait

Mrs John Chalmers. 1 Portrait

Letitia Chalmers (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Sir Mackenzie Dalzell Chalmers (1847-1927), Judge and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847), First Moderator of the Free Church. 10 Portraits

William Chalmers (1746-1792), Professor of Medicine. 1 Portrait

William Chalmers (died 1902), Bishop of Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. 1 Portrait

William Scott Chalmers (1888-1971), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Reverend Chalmers (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Alfred Edward Chalon (1780-1860), Portrait and subject painter. 1 Portrait

John James Chalon (1778-1854), Landscape and genre painter. 1 Portrait

Angela Mary Chaloner (1925-2003), Daughter of Lady Gisborough and 2nd Baron Gisborough. 1 Portrait

Hon. Margaret Bruce Esmé Chaloner (1889-1958), Daughter of 1st Baron Gisborough. 1 Portrait

Richard Chaloner (1606-1643), Royalist conspirator. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Chaloner (1521-1565), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Chaloner the Younger (1563 or 1564-1615), Chemist and courtier. 2 Portraits

Thomas Chaloner (1595-1660), Politician and regicide. 4 Portraits

Thomas ('Tom') Chaloner (1839-1886), Jockey and racehorse trainer. 1 Portrait

Tom Chaloner (1866-1943), Jockey. 2 Portraits

Hon. Ursula Violet Chaloner (1894-1986), Section Officer in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force; daughter of 1st Baron Gisborough. 2 Portraits

Ann Chamberlain, Daughter of Arthur Chamberlain. 1 Portrait

Anne Vere Chamberlain (née Cole) (1883-1967), Wife of (Arthur) Neville Chamberlain; daughter of William Utting Cole. 33 Portraits

Sir (Joseph) Austen Chamberlain (1863-1937), Politician; recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize; son of Joseph Chamberlain. 55 Portraits

Chris Chamberlain (1957-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Diana Chamberlain. 1 Portrait

George Philip Chamberlain (1905-1995), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Harriet (née Mullen), Lady Chamberlain (died 1866), Wife of Sir Henry Chamberlain, 2nd Bt; daughter of J. Mullen. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Chamberlain (1824-1892), Brother of Agnes Turner. 1 Portrait

Ivy Muriel (née Dundas), Lady Chamberlain (1878-1941), Wife of Sir (Joseph) Austen Chamberlain; daughter of Henry Lawrence Dundas. 12 Portraits

Joseph ('Joe') Chamberlain (1836-1914), Industrialist and politician; MP for Birmingham. 106 Portraits

Joseph Chamberlain (1778-1856), Minister of Salem Chapel, Leicester. 1 Portrait

Joseph Chamberlain (1907-1979), Son of Sir (Joseph) Austen Chamberlain. 1 Portrait

Marion (née Wilson), Lady Chamberlain (circa 1835-1871), Wife of Sir Henry Orlando Robert Chamberlain. 1 Portrait

(Arthur) Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940), Prime Minister; son of Joseph Chamberlain. 48 Portraits

Sir Neville Francis Fitzgerald Chamberlain (1856-1944), Colonel. 3 Portraits

(Frank) Noel Chamberlain (1900-1975), Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago. 1 Portrait

Robert Chamberlain (1632?-1696), Merchant and mathematician. 2 Portraits

Ronald Chamberlain (1901-1987), Politician, lecturer and housing consultant. 10 Portraits

Thomas Chamberlain (1810-1892), Honorary Canon of Christ Church, Oxford. 1 Portrait

William Richard Frank Chamberlain (1925-2004), Chairman and company director; cricketer. 1 Portrait

Elsie Dorothea Chamberlain-Garrington (1910-1991), Congretional Minister; Religious BBC broadcaster; Chairman of Congregational Federation Council. 1 Portrait

Thomas Chamberlayne (1805-1876), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

William Chamberlayne (1619-1689), Poet and physician. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Chamberleyn, Soldier. 1 Portrait

Mason Chamberlin (1722-1787), Portrait painter. 4 Portraits

Alida Chambers. 1 Portrait

Anne Chambers (Owena Anne Chambers (née Newton)) (1920-2016), LACW in WWII and fashion model. 4 Portraits

Bertram Mordaunt Chambers (1866-1945), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Catherine (née More), Lady Chambers (circa 1730-1798), Wife of Sir William Chambers. 2 Portraits

Sir Cornelius Chambers (1862-1941), Chairman of Gaskell and Chambers Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Kerchever Chambers (1866-1954), English scholar. 2 Portraits

Emily Charlotte Chambers (1791-1809), Daughter of Sir Samuel Chambers. 1 Portrait

George Alexander Chambers (1877-1963), Bishop of Tanganyika. 1 Portrait

Guy Chambers (1963-), Songwriter, Musician, Producer. 1 Portrait

Hester Chambers, Musician; member of Wet Leg. 1 Portrait

Montagu Chambers (1800-1885), Queen's Counsel, lawyer and Liberal politician; MP for Greenwich. 1 Portrait

Nicola Chambers, Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Paul Chambers (1904-1981), Economist and Chairman of ICI. 2 Portraits

Raymond Wilson Chambers (1874-1942), Professor of English Language and Literature. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Chambers (1737-1803), Indian judge. 1 Portrait

Robert Chambers (1803-1871), Author and publisher. 2 Portraits

R.C. Chambers. 6 Portraits

Stephen Chambers (1960-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Theodore Gervase Chambers (1871-1957), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Chambers (1814-1891), Politician and Recorder of London. 2 Portraits

Thomas Chambers (1780-1847), Prime Warden of the Dyers' Company. 1 Portrait

Thomas King Chambers (1817-1889), Physician to Edward VII. 1 Portrait

Sir William Chambers (1722-1796), Architect. 16 Portraits

William Frederick Chambers (1786-1855), Physician. 1 Portrait

Miss Chambers, Courtesan. 1 Portrait

Henri d'Artois, Count of Chambord (1820-1883), French prince. 3 Portraits

Sir Alan Chambré (1739-1823), Judge. 1 Portrait

John Chambre (Chamber, Chambers) (1470-1549), Physician and cleric. 3 Portraits

Anthony Chamier (1725-1780), Financier and government official. 1 Portrait

Francis Chamier (George James Francis Bruce Norton) (1851-1952), Actor. 1 Portrait

Frederic Chamier (1796-1870), Historical writer and novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Adrian Chamier (1883-1974), Air Commodore. 3 Portraits

Elspeth Champcommunal (1888-1976), Fashion designer and first editor of British Vogue; wife of Joseph Champcommunal. 2 Portraits

Arthur Joseph Champion, Baron Champion (1897-1985), Justice of the Peace; Deputy Speaker and Deputy Chairman of Committees, House of Lords. 7 Portraits

Anthony Champion (1725-1801), Poet and politician. 1 Portrait

Arthur Champion (active 1930s), Plumber. 1 Portrait

George Champion (1825-1903), Huntsman. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry George Champion (1891-1979), Conservator of Forests. 1 Portrait

Joseph Champion (1709-circa 1768), Writing master and accountant. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Stuart Champion (1895-1982), Civil servant and vicar. 4 Portraits

Rose Evelyn Champion Feast (née Wheeler) (1910-1998). 1 Portrait

Will Champion (1978-), Musician; drummer for Coldplay. 1 Portrait

Barbara Helen Gallop (née Dobb), Lady Champion de Crespigny, Wife of Sir Vivian Tyrell Champion de Crespigny, 8th Bt; daughter of Robert Dobb. 1 Portrait

Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, 4th Bt (1847-1935), Military adventurer and sportsman. 3 Portraits

Sir Claude Raul Champion De Crespigny, 5th Bt (1878-1941), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Hugh Vivian Champion de Crespigny (1897-1969), Air Vice-Marshal. 6 Portraits

Basil Champneys (1842-1935), Architect and author. 1 Portrait

(Susan) Edith Champneys (1863-1928), Chief Inspector of the Women's Auxiliary Service; daughter of Hugh Champneys. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Henry Champneys, 1st Bt (1848-1930), Gynaecologist. 3 Portraits

Justinian Champneys (died 1754), One of the five 'Kentish Petitioners', 1701. 1 Portrait

(William) Weldon Champneys (1807-1875), Dean of Lichfield. 3 Portraits

Venetia Alma Mary Champniss (née Jolly) (1940-), Wife of Laurence John Champniss; granddaughter of 5th Earl of Clancarthy. 2 Portraits

Michael Chew Koon Chan, Baron Chan (1940-2006), Paediatrician; Government Advisor on Ethnic Health and Consultant on Cultural Awareness and Communication for the Merseyside Police. 1 Portrait

Gemma Chan (1982-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Jacqui Chan, Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Hilda) Ava Fiona Nancy Chance (née Baird) (1919-2001), Wife of Ronald Fulton Lucas Chance; daughter of 1st Viscount Stonehaven. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Chance (1852-1932), Politician; MP for Carlisle. 4 Portraits

Ivan Oswald Chance (1910-1984), Chairman of Christie's International. 2 Portraits

Nicholas John Lucas Chance (1946-), Private Secretary to the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent; son of Ronald Fulton Chance. 3 Portraits

Oswald Kesteven Chance (1880-1935), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Christopher Chance (1883-1960), Textile manufacturer and High Sheriff of Cumberland. 3 Portraits

Rosemary Chance (née Gregory-Hood) (1913-1983), Model. 13 Portraits

Walter Lucas Chance (1880-1963), Justice of the Peace and Chairman of Chance Bros. Ltd. 4 Portraits

Betty Chancellor (1910-1984), Actress; second wife of Denis Johnston. 3 Portraits

Cecilia Chancellor (1966-), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Chancellor (1904-1989), Journalist and administrator. 4 Portraits

Edwin Beresford Chancellor (1868-1937), Historian. 2 Portraits

Henry George Chancellor (1863-1945), Politician; MP for Haggerston. 2 Portraits

Sir John Robert Chancellor (1870-1952), Army officer and colonial governor. 3 Portraits

Evan Robert Chancellor-Maddison (1905-1968), Accountant and auditor. 3 Portraits

Alice Chandler. 1 Portrait

Arthur Chandler (1860-1939), Bishop of Bloemfontein. 1 Portrait

A.J. Chandler. 1 Portrait

Bryan James ('Chas') Chandler (1938-1996), Musician, music manager and record producer. 4 Portraits

Edward Chandler (1668-1750), Bishop of Durham. 2 Portraits

John Chandler (1806-1876), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Pamela Chandler (1928-1993), Photographer. 6 Portraits

Raymond Thornton Chandler (1888-1959), Writer. 1 Portrait

Samuel Chandler (1693-1766), Dissenting minister and theologian. 1 Portrait

William Chandler, Doorkeeper, House of Lords. 2 Portraits

James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos (1674-1744), Patron of the arts. 3 Portraits

Mary Lake, Duchess of Chandos (circa 1666-1712), Sister of Sir Bibye Lake. 1 Portrait

Oliver Lyttelton, 1st Viscount Chandos (1893-1972), Businessman and politician; MP for Aldershot. 26 Portraits

John Brydges, 1st Baron Chandos of Sudeley (circa 1492-1557), Lieutenant of the Tower of London and courtier. 1 Portrait

Lady Anna Carolina Chandos-Pole (née Stanhope) (1832-1913), Wife of Edward Sacheverell Chandos-Pole; daughter of 5th Earl of Harrington. 2 Portraits

Edward Sacheverell Chandos-Pole (1792-1863), Sheriff of Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

Reginald Walkelyne Chandos-Pole (1853-1930), Soldier; sportsman. 3 Portraits

Gabrielle ('Coco') Chanel (1883-1971), Fashion designer. 8 Portraits

Henry James Chaney (1842-1906), Civil servant and metrologist. 1 Portrait

James E. Chaney (1885-1967), Major-General. 9 Portraits

Jung Chang (1952-), Writer. 2 Portraits

Chang Ta-jen (active 1902), Chinese ambassador to England. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Moseley Channell (1838-1928), Judge. 2 Portraits

Francis Allston Channing, 1st Baron Channing of Wellingborough (1841-1926), Agriculturalist and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry ('Chips') Channon (1897-1958), Diarist and Conservative politician; MP for Southend-on-Sea. 9 Portraits

Harold John Channon (1897-1979), Biochemist. 2 Portraits

Hilda Alice Channon (née Bond) (died 1979), Member of Commission on Higher Education in Malaya; wife of Harold John Channon. 6 Portraits

Laura Ormiston Chant (née Dibbin) (1848-1923), Author and political activist. 1 Portrait

John Frederick Chanter (1854-1939), Reverend, Exmouth. 1 Portrait

Sir Cyril Chantler (1939-), Paediatric nephrologist and health care administrator; Chairman, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children NHS Trust. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey (1781-1841), Sculptor. 11 Portraits

Guy M. Chantrey, Underwriter of Lloyds. 1 Portrait

Sarah Chantrey (née Leggatt) (1745 or 1746-1826), Mother of Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey. 2 Portraits

Antoine Eugène Alfred Chanzy (1823-1883), French General; Governor of Algeria. 1 Portrait

Hon. Deirdre Jane Frances Chapin (née O'Brien) (1924-), Wife of Horace Beecher Chapin; daughter of 16th Baron Inchiquin. 6 Portraits

Chaplains of the Tower, Anglican ministers of the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower of London. 1 Portrait

Henry Chaplin, 1st Viscount Chaplin (1840-1923), Landowner, racehorse owner and conservative politician; MP for several constituencies. 27 Portraits

Eric Chaplin, 2nd Viscount Chaplin (1877-1949), Vice-Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Anthony Freskyn Charles Hamby Chaplin, 3rd Viscount Chaplin (1906-1981), Amateur zoologist and composer. 4 Portraits

Babette Jean ('Betty') Chaplin (née Davies) (1915-), Wife of Michael Christopher Chaplin; daughter of Harold O. Davies. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles ('Charlie') Chaplin (1889-1977), Film actor and director. 25 Portraits

Sir (Francis) Drummond (Percy) Chaplin (1866-1933), Newspaper correspondent and administrator of Rhodesia. 9 Portraits

Ernest Chaplin (1831-1902), Barrister; son of William James Chaplin. 1 Portrait

Eugene Anthony Chaplin (1953-), Recording engineer and documentary film-maker; son of Charlie Chaplin. 6 Portraits

Frederick William Chaplin (1833-1916), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir George Frederick Chaplin (1900-1975), Chairman of Essex County Council. 1 Portrait

Geraldine Leigh Chaplin (1944-), Actress; wife of Patricio Castilla; daughter of Charlie Chaplin. 14 Portraits

John Worthy Chaplin (1840-1920), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Josephine Hannah ('Josie') Chaplin (1949-2023), Actress; daughter of Charlie Chaplin. 14 Portraits

Michael John Chaplin (1946-), Actor, writer and producer; son of Charlie Chaplin. 12 Portraits

Oona (née O'Neill), Lady Chaplin (1925-1991), Wife of Charlie Chaplin; daughter of Eugene O'Neill and Agnes Boulton. 20 Portraits

Sophy (Sophie) Jane Chaplin (née Elmhirst) (1844-1928), Wife of Ernest Chaplin; daughter of Edward Elmhirst. 2 Portraits

Victoria Chaplin (1951-), Circus performer; wife of Jean-Baptiste Thierrée; daughter of Charlie Chaplin. 16 Portraits

William James Chaplin (1787-1859), Transport entrepreneur. 2 Portraits

William Knight Chaplin (1863-1951), Methodist preacher, newspaper editor and Hon. Secretary of the British National Christian Endeavour Union. 2 Portraits

Norman Charles Chapling (1903-1986), Managing Director of Cable and Wireless Ltd. 2 Portraits

Adeline Mary Chapman (née Chapman) (died 1931), Suffragette; former wife of Arthur Edward Guest, and later wife of Cecil Maurice Chapman; daughter of David Barclay Chapman. 2 Portraits

Alfred Chaston Chapman (1869-1932), Chemist. 3 Portraits

Allan Chapman (1897-1966), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for Scotland. 7 Portraits

Anne Chapman (active 1863), of Boston, Massachusetts. 1 Portrait

Archibald John Chapman (1862-1950), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Arthur Percy Frank Chapman (1900-1961), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Chapman (1798-1871), Vicar of Leatherhead, Surrey. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Jane Chapman (1762-1805), Actor; singer. 1 Portrait

(Anthony) Colin Bruce Chapman (1928-1982), Engineer; founder of Lotus Cars. 2 Portraits

Dinos Chapman (1962-), Artist. 4 Portraits

Dora Marguerite Chapman (circa 1850-1921), Daughter of Sir Benjamin James Chapman, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Chapman (née Osborn) (1905-1986), Wife of Gordon Chapman; daughter of Sir Algernon Kerr Butler Osborn, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

Edward Chapman (1839-1906), Politician, railway chairman, art collector and landowner. 4 Portraits

Edward Chapman (1901-1977), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Francis Chapman (1840-1926), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Miss E. Chapman. 2 Portraits

Francis Vansittart Chapman (1849-1915). 1 Portrait

Frederick Spencer Chapman (1907-1971), Explorer, mountaineer, jungle warfare expert and author. 11 Portraits

George Chapman (1559?-1634), Poet. 5 Portraits

Graham Chapman (1941-1989), Comedian and actor. 1 Portrait

Guy Patterson Chapman (1889-1972), Book publisher and professor of Modern History. 3 Portraits

Herbert Chapman (1875-1934), Football manager. 1 Portrait

Hubert Huntlea Chapman (1910-1972), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Jake Chapman (1966-), Artist. 6 Portraits

James Chapman (1799-1879), Anglican Bishop of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 2 Portraits

Jane Chapman (1961-), Harpsichord player. 1 Portrait

Joseph John Chapman (1837-1913), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Caroline Margaret ('Lina') (née Chapman), Lady Chapman (circa 1848-1920), Wife of Sir Montagu Richard Chapman, 5th Bt; daughter of William Chapman; aunt of T.E. Lawrence. 2 Portraits

Mabel Gwendoline (née Mordey), Lady Chapman (died 1958), Daughter of T.H. Mordey; wife of Sir Sydney Chapman. 3 Portraits

Maria Chapman (née Chatfield) (died 1881), Second wife of David Barclay Chapman; daughter of Robert Chatfield. 1 Portrait

Max Chapman (1911-1999), Artist, critic and poet. 2 Portraits

M. Chapman (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Robert William Chapman (1881-1960), Literary scholar and publisher. 3 Portraits

Ronald George Chapman (1917-1994), Librarian and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Stephen Chapman (1907-1991), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sydney Chapman (1888-1970), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney John Chapman (1871-1951), Economist and civil servant. 17 Portraits

Thomas Alfred Chapman (1867-1949), Bishop of Colchester. 1 Portrait

V.P. Chapman (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Wilfrid Hubert Chapman (1879-1915), Sportsman. 1 Portrait

William Chapman (1749-1832), Civil engineer. 2 Portraits

William Dobson Chapman, President, Royal Town Planning Institute. 2 Portraits

Sir Edwin Arthur Chapman-Andrews (1903-1980), Diplomat. 7 Portraits

Sadie Barbara (née Nixon), Lady Chapman-Andrews, Wife of Sir Edwin Arthur Chapman-Andrews; daughter of F.A. Nixon. 3 Portraits

Mark Chapman-Walker (1914-1982), Managing Director, News of the World Organisation. 1 Portrait

Hester Chapone (née Mulso) (1727-1801), Writer. 4 Portraits

Samuel Chappel (active early 18th century), Eccentric character at Oxford. 1 Portrait

Arthur Chappell. 1 Portrait

(Frederick William) Connery Chappell (1908-1984), Editor and writer. 10 Portraits

G.R. Chappell (active 1845). 1 Portrait

H. Chappell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

William ('Billy') Evelyn Chappell (1907-1994), Dancer, designer and director. 2 Portraits

Eric Chappelow (1890-1957), Poet. 2 Portraits

Sir John Henry George Chapple (1859-1925), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Stanley Chapple (1900-1987), Pianist, conductor and educationist. 1 Portrait

William Allan Chapple (1864-1936), Major and surgeon. 2 Portraits

Anne Irvine Chapple-Gill (née Medlicott) (1914-1961), Former wife of Hon. John Yarburgh Cunliffe-Lister, and later wife of Donald Phillott Chapple-Gill; daughter of Robert Sumner Medlicott. 3 Portraits

Sirdar Charanjit Singh of Kapurthala (1883-1970), Cousin of Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala. 1 Portrait

Janmeja Charanjiva (1908-1971), Indian tennis player. 2 Portraits

John Rouse Merriott Chard (1847-1897), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Marjorie Chard (1887-1964), Actress. 1 Portrait

O. Chard, Actress. 4 Portraits

Sir John Chardin (1643-1712), Diamond merchant and travel writer. 5 Portraits

Pierre Jean Baptiste Chardin (1731-1768), Artist; son of Jean Baptiste Siméon Chardin. 2 Portraits

Erik Charell (1894-1974), Theatre and film director, dancer and actor. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Charke (née Cibber) (1713-1760), Actress, playwright, novelist, autobiographer, and noted transvestite. 4 Portraits

James Caulfeild, 1st Earl of Charlemont (1728-1799), Irish statesman. 11 Portraits

Francis William Caulfeild, 2nd Earl of Charlemont (1775-1863), Representative Peer. 2 Portraits

Anne Caulfeild (née Bermingham), Countess of Charlemont (1779 or 1780-1876), Wife of 2nd Earl of Charlemont. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Jane (née Somerville), Countess of Charlemont (died 1882), First wife of 3rd Earl of Charlemont. 1 Portrait

James Edward Caulfeild, 8th Viscount Charlemont (1880-1949), Politician; Leader of the Senate of Northern Ireland. 1 Portrait

Hildegarde (née Slock-Cotell), Viscountess Charlemont (died 1969), Second wife of 8th Viscount Charlemont; daughter of Rudolphe Sloc-Cotell. 1 Portrait

Charles Callis Western, Baron Western (1767-1844), Politician; MP for Essex. 2 Portraits

King Charles I (1600-1649), Reigned 1625-49. 335 Portraits

King Charles II (1630-1685), Reigned 1660-85. 295 Portraits

King Charles III (1948-), King regnant. 170 Portraits

Charles V, King of France (1338-1380), King of France 1364-1380. 1 Portrait

Charles VIII ('the Affable'), King of France (1470-1498), King of France 1483-1498. 1 Portrait

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1500-1558), King of Spain 1516-56; Holy Roman Emperor 1519-58. 15 Portraits

Charles IX, King of France (1550-1574), King of France 1560-1574. 4 Portraits

Charles X, King of Sweden (1622-1660), Reigned 1654-60. 1 Portrait

Prince Charles (1629-1629), First son of Charles I. 3 Portraits

Charles XI, King of Sweden (1655-1697), Reigned 1660-97. 6 Portraits

Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond and Lennox (1672-1723), Courtier; son of King Charles II. 10 Portraits

Charles XII, King of Sweden (1682-1718), Reigned 1697-1718. 2 Portraits

Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor (1685-1740), Holy Roman Emperor 1711-1740; Charles III, King of Spain; Archduke of Austria. 2 Portraits

Charles III, King of Spain (1716-1788), Reigned 1759-88. 1 Portrait

Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788), Grandson of James II; 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'. 41 Portraits

Charles IV, King of Spain (1748-1819), Reigned 1788-1808. 2 Portraits

Charles X, King of France (1757-1836), King of France 1824-1830. 14 Portraits

Charles, Archduke of Austria (1771-1847), Field marshal and military theoretician; son of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor. 1 Portrait

Prince Charles of Prussia (1801-1883), Son of Frederick William III, King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Charles XV, King of Sweden and Norway (1826-1872), Reigned 1859-72. 4 Portraits

Prince Charles of Belgium, Count of Flanders (1903-1983), Second son of King Albert I; Prince Regent of Belgium 1944-50. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Charles (1839-1921), High Court Judge and Principal of the Court of Arches. 1 Portrait

Basil Charles. 1 Portrait

Caroline Charles (1942-), Fashion designer. 4 Portraits

Craig Charles (1964-), Actor and presenter. 1 Portrait

Eliza Charles (active 1838), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Bruce Charles (1871-1950), Judge. 1 Portrait

Frank Charles (1908-1939), Motorcycle speedway racer. 1 Portrait

Fred Charles (1829-1904), Actor. 1 Portrait

Hilary Charles, Actress. 3 Portraits

Sir James Thomas Walter Charles (1865-1928), Commodore. 3 Portraits

Sir John Alexander Charles (died 1971), Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health. 1 Portrait

Lallie Charles (née Charlotte Elizabeth Martin) (1869-1919), Photographer. 10 Portraits

Noel Charles. 1 Portrait

Sir Noel Hughes Havelock Charles (1891-1975), Diplomat; Ambassador to Turkey and Ambassador to Brazil. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Havelock Charles, 1st Bt (1858-1934), Major-General; royal surgeon and physician. 1 Portrait

Sir (James) Ronald Edmondston Charles (1875-1955), Lieutenant-General. 8 Portraits

Prince Charles Edward, 2nd Duke of Albany and Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1884-1954), Son of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany. 8 Portraits

Lewis Mervyn Charles-Edwards (1902-1983), Bishop of Worcester. 7 Portraits

Charles Frederick, Prince of Germany (1828-1885), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Prince Charles George Augustus of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1766-1806), Son of Princess Augusta Charlotte, Duchess of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttell. 1 Portrait

Charles XIV John, King of Sweden (Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte) (1763-1844), Marshal of the French Empire; ruled Sweden 1818-1844. 1 Portrait

Charles Lewis (Louis), Elector Palatine (1618-1680), Second son of Frederick V, Elector Palatine and King of Bohemia and Elizabeth of Bohemia. 21 Portraits

Archduke Charles Louis of Austria (1833-1896), Father of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. 1 Portrait

Ian Charleson (1949-1990), Actor. 5 Portraits

John Charlesworth (1893-1957), Judge. 1 Portrait

Kate Charlesworth (1950-), Cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Martin Percival Charlesworth (1895-1950), Reverend and historian. 2 Portraits

Winifred Charlesworth, Golden Retriever breader. 1 Portrait

Henry Charles Charleton (1870-1959), Politician, train driver and trade unionist. 1 Portrait

Walter Charleton (1619-1707), Physician. 5 Portraits

Charles William Bury, 2nd Earl of Charleville (1801-1851), Conservative politician; MP for Carlow Borough and Penryn and Falmouth. 3 Portraits

Harriet Charlotte Beaujolois (née Campbell), Countess of Charleville (1801-1848), Wife of 2nd Earl of Charleville. 2 Portraits

Emily Frances (née Wood), Countess of Charleville (died 1911), Wife of 5th Earl of Charleville; daughter of Sir William Wood. 1 Portrait

André Eugene Maurice Charlot (1882-1956), Impresario and actor. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Augusta Matilda, Princess Royal (1766-1828), Eldest daughter of George III; Queen of Württemberg. 19 Portraits

Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales (1796-1817), Daughter of George IV. 49 Portraits

Princess Charlotte of Prussia, Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen (1860-1919), Second wife of Bernhard III, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen; daughter of Frederick III, Emperor of Germany and granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 12 Portraits

Princess Charlotte of Wales (2015-), Daughter of William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales. 2 Portraits

Charlotte, Dancer, Raymond's Revuebar Theatre. 1 Portrait

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818), Queen consort of George III. 85 Portraits

Sir Robert ('Bobby') Charlton (1937-2023), Footballer. 3 Portraits

Charlotte Charlton (née Paine) (1751-1814), Daughter of James Paine; wife of St John Charlton. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Francis Benedict Charlton (1865-1937), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Frances M. Charlton, Daughter of W.H. Charlton. 1 Portrait

Frank Charlton (died 1965), Shipping magnate; Chairman, Furness, Withy & co. 1 Portrait

John ('Jack') Charlton (1935-2020), Footballer, manager and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Lionel Evelyn Oswald Charlton (1878-1958), Air Commodore and writer. 14 Portraits

Lucy Charlton. 1 Portrait

Margaret Jane Charlton (née Bellasis) (1837-1914), Second wife of Edward Charlton. 4 Portraits

Sheila Charlton (née Ross) (active 1923), Wife of the playwright and actor Theophilus Charlton. 1 Portrait

Theophilus Charlton (active 1923), Playwright and actor. 1 Portrait

Valerie Charlton (1941-), Feminist activist; special effects model maker and costume supervisor for film, lecturer and writer. 1 Portrait

Walter Charlton (1620-1707), Physician and natural philosopher. 2 Portraits

Miss Charmion (active 1898), Trapeze artist. 1 Portrait

John Godfrey Worsley Charnaud (1912-2007), Businessman. 1 Portrait

John Charnock (1756-1807), Naval biographer. 1 Portrait

Robert Charnock (1663-1696), Jacobite Conspirator. 1 Portrait

Stephen Charnock (1628-1680), Nonconformist minister. 3 Portraits

Godfrey Rathbone Benson, 1st Baron Charnwood (1864-1945), Liberal politician and writer. 3 Portraits

Dorothea Mary Roby (née Thorpe), Lady Charnwood (1876-1942), Author; wife of 1st Baron Charnwood; daughter of Roby Thorpe. 3 Portraits

John Roby Benson, 2nd Baron Charnwood (1901-1955), Lieutenant; Consulting optician and author of several papers on vision. 7 Portraits

Siegfried Joseph Charoux (1896-1967), Sculptor and political cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Gustave Charpentier (1860-1956), Composer. 1 Portrait

Cecil Ernest Wells Charrington (1885-1962), Chairman of Charrington and Co. Ltd. 3 Portraits

Sir John Charrington (1886-1977), Businessman. 2 Portraits

John Charrington (1739-1815). 1 Portrait

John Arthur Pepys Charrington (1905-1979), President of Bass Charrington Ltd. 3 Portraits

Spencer Charrington (1818-1904), Politician and brewer. 1 Portrait

Sydney Herbert Charrington (1878-1954), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Martin Michael Charles Charteris, Baron Charteris of Amisfield (1913-1999), Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II. 2 Portraits

Lady Dorothy Margaret Charteris (née Browne) (1888-1961), Former wife of Lord Edward A. Grosvenor, and later wife of Sir Evan Edward Charteris; daughter of 5th Earl of Kenmare. 5 Portraits

Lady Louisa Charteris (née Keppel) (1836-1930), Wife of Hon. Frederick William Charteris; daughter of 6th Earl of Albemarle. 1 Portrait

Sir Evan Charteris (1864-1940), Barrister; Chairman of Trustees of the National Portrait Gallery. 8 Portraits

Francis Charteris (1675-1732), Styled 'Colonel'; gambler and criminal. 3 Portraits

Hope Charteris, Actress. 10 Portraits

Hugo Francis Guy Charteris (1922-1970), Writer; son of Hon. Guy Lawrence Charteris. 1 Portrait

John Charteris (1877-1946), Army officer and politician. 7 Portraits

Matthew Charteris (1840-1897), Professor of Medicine, University of Glasgow. 1 Portrait

Virginia Mary Charteris (née Forbes Adam) (1922-2012), Wife of Hugo Francis Charteris; daughter of Colin Gurdon Forbes Adam. 1 Portrait

Mr Charteris (died 1798), Actor. 2 Portraits

Vincent Chas. 3 Portraits

Frederic Henry Chase (1853-1925), Bishop of Ely. 1 Portrait

George Armitage Chase (1886-1971), Bishop of Ripon. 7 Portraits

Ilka Chase (1905-1978), Actress, radio host and author. 6 Portraits

Pauline Chase (1885-1962), Actress and dancer. 52 Portraits

Philander Chase (1775-1852), Episcopal Church Bishop in Ohio. 1 Portrait

Samuel Chase (1741-1811), Lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

M. Chassin (active 1892), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher John Chataway (1931-2014), Politician; MP for Lewisham North and Chichester, television broadcaster and middle and long distance runner; Olympian. 17 Portraits

François Auguste René, vicomte de Chateaubriand (1768-1848), French writer and statesman. 2 Portraits

Pierre de Bocosel de Chatelard or Chastelard (1540-1562), Poet, romantic associate of Mary, Queen of Scots. 2 Portraits

Gabrielle Émilie, Marquise du Châtelet (1706-1749), French mathematician and physicist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Reginald Chater (1896-1979), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Duchess de Chaterault (formerly Mademoiselle de Richelieu), Wife of Gabriel, Duke de Chaterault. 2 Portraits

Alfred Chatfield, 1st Baron Chatfield (1873-1967), Admiral of the Fleet. 5 Portraits

Lillian Emma (née Matthews), Lady Chatfield (circa 1889-1977), Wife of 1st Baron Chatfield; daughter of George L. Matthews. 9 Portraits

Charles Kyrle Chatfield (1836-1906), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Chatfield (active 1832-1852), British Diplomat in Central America, 1832-1852. 1 Portrait

William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham (1708-1778), Prime Minister. 33 Portraits

John Pitt, 2nd Earl of Chatham (1756-1835), General. 7 Portraits

Joan Pitt Chatham, Actress. 1 Portrait

Claude Louis, duc de la Châtre (1745-1824), French soldier and politician. 1 Portrait

John Brown ('Barri') Chatt (1907-1971), Dancer, comedian and drag artiste. 2 Portraits

Frederick Daniel Chattaway (1860-1944), Governor of University of Birmingham. 2 Portraits

Mary Margaret Chattaway (1899-1997), Botanist. 2 Portraits

Lady Gladys Mary Chatterjee (née Broughton) (died 1969), Barrister; wife of Sir Atul Chandra Chatterjee; daughter of William Barnard Broughton. 7 Portraits

Sir Atul Chandra Chatterjee (1874-1955), Indian civil servant. 11 Portraits

Chatteron. 1 Portrait

Eyre Chatterton (1863-1950), Bishop of Nagpur and Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Frederick Chatterton (1814-1894), Harpist. 1 Portrait

Frederick Balsir Chatterton (1834-1886), Theatre manager. 3 Portraits

Sir James Charles Chatterton, 3rd Bt (1792 or 1794-1874), Army officer, politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

John Balsir Chatterton (1804-1871), Harpist. 2 Portraits

Ruth Chatterton (1893-1961), Actress. 4 Portraits

Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770), Poet. 11 Portraits

Victoria Jessamine Chatterton (née Merchant) (1893-1982), Actress. 2 Portraits

William Brass, Baron Chattisham (1886-1945), Soldier and Conservative politician; MP for Clitheroe. 3 Portraits

Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Chatto (née Armstrong-Jones) (1964-), Daughter of Princess Margaret Rose and 1st Earl of Snowdon. 11 Portraits

Beth Chatto (née Little) (1923-2018), Garden designer and writer; Creator and Managing Director of The Beth Chatto Gardens. 3 Portraits

Habib Chatty (1916-1991), Tunisian politician and diplomat. 3 Portraits

A.E. Chatwin (born 1880), Director of the Canadian Legion Educational Service. 2 Portraits

Bruce Chatwin (1940-1989), Writer. 2 Portraits

E. Chatwin (active 1923). 1 Portrait

E.F.? Chatwin (active 1923). 1 Portrait

H. Chatwin (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?-1400), Poet. 23 Portraits

Count Jean-Baptiste de Chaudordy (1826-1899), Diplomat and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Maynard Des Champs Chaumier (1866-1945), Judge. 1 Portrait

chef de bataillon Chaunac (active 1815), French army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Chauncy (1632-1719), Lawyer and antiquary. 2 Portraits

Nathaniel Chauncy (1717-1790), Antiquary and virtuoso. 1 Portrait

Pierre Claude Nivelle de la Chaussee (1692-1754), French dramatist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Robinson Chauvel, Rector. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry George Chauvel (1865-1945), General. 1 Portrait

Jean Michel Henri (1897-1979), French ambassador in London. 1 Portrait

Bernard François Chauvelin, Marquis de Chauvelin (1766-1832), Politician; Ambassador for France to England. 2 Portraits

Beatrice Chavasse (née Willink) (died 1977), Wife of the Christopher Chavasse; daughter of William Willink. 1 Portrait

Christopher Maude Chavasse (1884-1962), Bishop of Rochester. 18 Portraits

Christopher Patrick Grant Chavasse (1928-2013), Honorary Steward of Westminster Abbey. 1 Portrait

Claude Lionel Chavasse (1897-1983), Prebendary of Blackrath and Tullomagimma. 1 Portrait

Francis James Chavasse (1846-1928), Bishop of Liverpool. 2 Portraits

Noel Godfrey Chavasse (1884-1917), Army medical officer; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 2 Portraits

Paul Morrison Bushe Chavasse (1908-1994), Captain, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Princess Marina Chavchavadze (1905-1994), Step-daughter of Prince Troubetzkoy. 1 Portrait

Sir Benjamin Chave (1870-1954), Captain. 1 Portrait

Eric Chavot (1969-), Chef. 1 Portrait

John Chaworth, 2nd Viscount Chaworth (circa 1605-1644). 3 Portraits

Hon. Mary Victoria Chaworth-Musters (née Monckton-Arundell) (1924-2010), Former wife of David Henry Fetherstonhaugh, and later second wife of Robert Patricius Chaworth-Musters; daughter of 8th Viscount Galway. 9 Portraits

Sir Edward Walter Clervaux Chaytor (1868-1939), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Henry John Chaytor (1871-1954), Lecturer in modern languages. 1 Portrait

Isobel (née Scott), Lady Chaytor (died 1968), Former wife of Sir Edmund Chaytor, 6th Bt, and later wife of Edwin Burton Fiske; daughter of Thomas Scott. 3 Portraits

Louisa Jane (née Collins), Lady Chaytor (1862-1948), Wife of Sir Edward Walter Clervaux Chaytor; daughter of Charles Sweeney Collins. 2 Portraits

Ronald Hugh Blair Ismay Cheape, Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Clara Denman (née Jopp), Lady Cheatle (died 1942), Wife of Sir (George) Lenthal Cheatle; daughter of Keith Jopp. 6 Portraits

Sir (George) Lenthal Cheatle (1865-1951), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Mary Cheatle, Daughter of Sir (George) Lenthal Cheatle. 1 Portrait

Zelda Cheatle, Photography Curator, lecturer, consultant and editor. 2 Portraits

Sir Michael Checkland (1936-), Administrator; Director-General of the BBC. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Alexandra) Louvima Elizabeth Checkley (née Knollys) (circa 1888-1958), Former wife of Allan Keith MacKenzie, and later wife of Richard Henry Spencer Checkley; daughter of 1st Viscount Knollys. 3 Portraits

Lilian Checkley (1912-1967), Assistant to Dorothy Wilding. 3 Portraits

Dorothy Cheeke (née Sidney), Wife of Thomas Cheeke; daughter of 3rd Earl of Leicester. 4 Portraits

Dame Bobbie Cheema-Grubb (1966-), High Court Judge. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cheesman (1760-circa 1834), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Lady Mabel Kathleen Cheetham (née Jocelyn) (1915-1985), Daughter of 8th Earl of Roden; former wife of Sir Richard Brooke, 10th Bt, and later wife of Sir Nicholas Cheetham. 2 Portraits

Alfred Buchanan Cheetham (1868-1918), Seaman and explorer on Antarctic expeditions. 1 Portrait

Anastasia (née Mouravieff), Lady Cheetham (later Law), Former first wife of Sir Milne Cheetham and later wife of Nigel Law; daughter of M.N. Mouravieff. 2 Portraits

Charles Ernest Cheetham (born 1879), Captain. 1 Portrait

Henry Cheetham (1827-1899), Bishop of Sierra Leone. 1 Portrait

Sir Nicolas John Alexander Cheetham (1910-2002), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

George Q. Chei, Official Referee, Supreme Court of Judicature. 1 Portrait

Dudley John Cheke (1912-1993), Consul. 1 Portrait

Sir John Cheke (1514-1557), Greek scholar. 6 Portraits

Eric Cyril Boyd Edwards, Baron Chelmer of Margaretting (1914-1997), Political advisor. 1 Portrait

Frederic John Napier Thesiger, 1st Viscount Chelmsford (1868-1933), Viceroy of India and First Lord of the Admiralty. 5 Portraits

Frances Charlotte (née Guest), Viscountess Chelmsford (1869-1957), Wife of 1st Viscount Chelmsford; daughter of 1st Baron Wimborne. 2 Portraits

Andrew Charles Gerald Thesiger, 2nd Viscount Chelmsford (1903-1970), Lieutenant. 6 Portraits

Gillian Thesiger (née Lubbock), Viscountess Chelmsford (1906-1978), Wife of Andrew Charles Gerald Thesiger, 2nd Viscount Chelmsford. 5 Portraits

Frederick Jan Thesiger, 3rd Viscount Chelmsford (1931-1999), Son of 2nd Earl Chelmsford. 4 Portraits

Frederick Thesiger, 1st Baron Chelmsford (1794-1878), Lord Chancellor. 15 Portraits

Anna Maria (née Tinling), Lady Chelmsford (1799-1875), Wife of 1st Baron Chelmsford; daughter of William Tinling. 1 Portrait

Frederic Augustus Thesiger, 2nd Baron Chelmsford (1827-1905), General and courtier. 5 Portraits

Chelsea Pensioners, In-pensioners at the Royal Hospital Chelsea for former members of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Henry Arthur Cadogan, Viscount Chelsea (1868-1908), Politician, army officer and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Mary Chelsum (née Ward) (born 1702), Boarding-house keeper and mother of James Chelsum. 4 Portraits

Tufton Victor Hamilton Beamish, Baron Chelwood (1917-1989), Army officer and politician. 9 Portraits

Chen Laoyi (active 1808), Language teacher. 1 Portrait

Marthe Chenal (1881-1947), Soprano. 2 Portraits

Thomas Chenery (1826-1884), Newspaper editor. 2 Portraits

Richard Chenevix (1774-1830), Chemist and mineralogist. 1 Portrait

Anthony Chenevix-Trench (1919-1979), Headmaster of Bradfield, Eton and Fettes. 6 Portraits

Christopher Robert Cheney (1906-1987), Historian. 1 Portrait

Dorothy ('Dodo') Cheney (née Bundy) (1916-2014), Tennis player; daughter of Thomas Bundy and May Sutton. 2 Portraits

Edward Cheney (1803-1884), Art collector and watercolour painter. 1 Portrait

Futting Tien-Hsi Cheng (1884-1970), Lawyer; Chinese ambassador to London. 7 Portraits

Ying-Wan Cheng, Daughter of Futting Tien-Hsi Cheng. 1 Portrait

Monsieur Chéreau. 5 Portraits

George Cherer. 1 Portrait

Rose Chéri (Rose-Marie Cizos) (1824-1861), French actress. 2 Portraits

Louis Cheron (1660-1713?), French painter and engraver. 1 Portrait

Angela Cherrill (née Churcher) (1942-), Wife of Richard Cherrill; daughter of John Bryan Churcher. 2 Portraits

Cecil Arthur Cherrington (died 1930), Lord Bishop of Waikato. 1 Portrait

John Cherrington (1909-1988), Farmer; agricultural journalist and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Andrew Cherry (1762-1812), Actor and playwright. 1 Portrait

Corise Helen Margaret Cherry (née Rankin, later Shaw) (1911-1967), Amateur aviator; former wife of John Cherry, and later wife of Richard Shaw; daughter of Sir Robert Rankin. 1 Portrait

Helen Cherry (1915-2001), Actress. 3 Portraits

James Cherry (active 1854), Mayor of Yarmouth. 1 Portrait

John Conrad Hazlehurst Cherry (1914-1943), Naval Lieutenant and rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Malcolm Cherry (1878-1925), Actor. 1 Portrait

Neneh Cherry (1964-), Singer. 1 Portrait

Richard Robert Cherry (1859-1923), Politician and judge. 4 Portraits

Thomas Cherry (1748-1822), Headmaster of Merchant Taylors' School. 1 Portrait

Apsley George Benet Cherry-Garrard (1886-1959), Polar explorer. 1 Portrait

William Cheselden (1688-1752), Surgeon and anatomist. 1 Portrait

Charles Compton Cavendish, 1st Baron Chesham (1793-1863), Liberal politician; MP for East Sussex and Buckinghamshire. 1 Portrait

Charles Compton William Cavendish, 3rd Baron Chesham (1850-1907), Army officer and landowner. 2 Portraits

John Compton Cavendish, 4th Baron Chesham (1894-1952), Captain in the service of the 10th Hussars. 1 Portrait

Margot Cavendish (née Mills), Lady Chesham (died 1985), Daughter of John Layton Mills; former first wife of 4th Baron Chesham, and later wife of Francis Lorne. 1 Portrait

John Charles Compton Cavendish, 5th Baron Chesham (1916-1989), Lord-in-Waiting to HM The Queen. 11 Portraits

Mary Edmunds (née Marshall), Lady Chesham (1917-2007), Wife of 5th Baron Chesham; daughter of David Gregory Marshall. 16 Portraits

(Geoffrey) Leonard Cheshire, Baron Cheshire (1917-1992), World War II hero and founder of Homes for the Disabled. 15 Portraits

Geoffrey Chevalier Cheshire (1886-1978), Barrister. 5 Portraits

John Cheshire (1839-1910), Harpist and composer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Blount Cheshire (1850-1932), Bishop of North Carolina. 1 Portrait

Mrs Cheshire, Actress. 6 Portraits

Francis Rawdon Chesney (1789-1872), General and explorer. 2 Portraits

Sir George Tomkyns Chesney (1830-1895), Indian Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Chesney (1899-1976), Modern languages scholar, Tutor, Fellow and later Vice-Principal, St Hilda's College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Macfarlane Chesser (née Sloan) (1877-1940), Physician and journalist. 5 Portraits

Eustace Chesser (1902-1973), Lecturer and Consulting Psychiatrist. 1 Portrait

Shirley Chesser. 2 Portraits

Neville Henry Layard Chesshyre (died 1985), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Hugh d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester (circa 1047-1101), Magnate and founder of Chester Abbey. 1 Portrait

Betty Chester (1895-1943), Actress. 13 Portraits

Cecil Harry Chester (1900-1964), Chairman of South Western Gas Board. 3 Portraits

Cecil Victor ('Charlie') Chester (1914-1997), Comedian and singer. 11 Portraits

Dorita Chester (née Langley) (1915-1992), Wife of Charlie Chester. 1 Portrait

Eliza Chester (1799-1859), Actress. 6 Portraits

Fred Chester (born 1896), Cricketer and cricket umpire. 1 Portrait

Sir George Chester (1886-1949), Trade unionist. 8 Portraits

Harold Guylee Chester (1887-1973), Philanthropist and Methodist leader. 2 Portraits

Harry Chester (1806-1868), Civil servant and educationist. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Chester (born circa 1834), Wife of Count Djon Benckendorff. 1 Portrait

Leslie Chester, Actress. 1 Portrait

R.W. Chester. 1 Portrait

Mr Chester. 1 Portrait

Philip Stanhope, 2nd Earl of Chesterfeld (1633-1714), Courtier and politician. 2 Portraits

Katherine Stanhope (née Wotton), Countess of Chesterfield (baptised 1609-1667), Courtier. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Stanhope (née Butler), Countess of Chesterfield (1640-1665), Second wife of 2nd Earl of Chesterfield. 8 Portraits

Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773), Statesman. 15 Portraits

Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl of Chesterfield (1755-1815), Privy councillor. 4 Portraits

Anne Stanhope (née Thistlethwaite), Countess of Chesterfield (1759-1798), First wife of 5th Earl of Chesterfield. 2 Portraits

George Stanhope, 6th Earl of Chesterfield (1805-1866), Conservative politician and race horse owner. 2 Portraits

Anne Elizabeth Stanhope (née Forester), Countess of Chesterfield (1802-1885), Political confidante; wife of 6th Earl of Chesterfield. 1 Portrait

George Philip Cecil Arthur Stanhope, 7th Earl of Chesterfield (1831-1871), Soldier, cricketer and Conservative politician; MP for Nottingham South. 2 Portraits

Edwyn Francis Scudamore-Stanhope, 10th Earl of Chesterfield (1854-1933). 2 Portraits

Enid Edith Scudamore-Stanhope (née Wilson), Countess of Chesterfield (1878-1957), Wife of 10th Earl of Chesterfield. 1 Portrait

Arthur D. Chesterfield (1905-1991), Chief General Manager of Westminster Bank. 1 Portrait

Sir Clement Clapton Chesterman (1894-1983), Medical missionary and specialist in tropical diseases. 9 Portraits

Frances Alice Chesterton (née Blogg) (1870 or 1871-1938), Wife of G K Chesterton. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Keith ('G.K.') Chesterton (1874-1936), Poet, novelist and critic. 75 Portraits

Humphrey Chetham (1580-1653), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Warren Chetham-Strode (1896-1974), Author and playwright. 2 Portraits

Philomena Thumboo Chetty (1927-), Indian Violinist. 3 Portraits

Sir Shanmukham Chetty (1892-1953), Minister for Finance, India. 1 Portrait

Mrs Thumboo Chetty. 1 Portrait

Sir T. Thumboo Chetty (1877-1952), Government official; Huzur Secretary. 4 Portraits

Philip Walhouse Chetwode, 1st Baron Chetwode (1869-1950), Field Marshal. 28 Portraits

Alice Hester Camilla (née Cotton), Lady Chetwode (1871-1946), Wife of 1st Baron Chetwode; daughter of Hon. Richard Cotton. 11 Portraits

Philip Chetwode, 2nd Baron Chetwode (1937-), Son of Hon. Roger Charles George Chetwode. 4 Portraits

Lady Willa Chetwode (née Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound) (1924-2010), Daughter of 5th Earl of Minto; wife of (George) David Chetwode. 8 Portraits

(George) David Chetwode (1914-1999), Major; son of Sir George Knightley Chetwode. 1 Portrait

Sir George Knightley Chetwode (1877-1957), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Hon. Patricia Chetwode (née Berry, later Lady Sherwood, later Lady Cotterell) (1915-1995), Former wife of Hon. Roger Chetwode and of 1st Baron Sherwood, and later wife of Sir Richard Cotterell, 5th Bt. 7 Portraits

Roger Charles George Chetwode (1906-1940), Son of 1st Baron Chetwode. 2 Portraits

Richard Chetwynd, 5th Viscount Chetwynd (1757-1821). 1 Portrait

Richard Walter Chetwynd, 6th Viscount Chetwynd (1800-1879), Son of 5th Viscount Chetwynd. 1 Portrait

Godfrey John Boyle Chetwynd, 8th Viscount Chetwynd (1863-1936), Managing Director of National Shell Filling Factory. 6 Portraits

Adam Duncan Chetwynd, 9th Viscount Chetwynd (1904-1965), Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief Governmental Officer, Schleswig-Holstein. 2 Portraits

Sir George Chetwynd, 4th Bt (1849-1917), Racehorse owner and gambler. 2 Portraits

Sir George Roland Chetwynd (1916-1982), Politician, lecturer and public servant. 10 Portraits

Helene Chetwynd (née de Bosmelet) (1940-), Wife of Tom Wentworth Guy Chetwynd; daughter of Baron Pierre Soyer de Bosmelet. 1 Portrait

John Chetwynd (1643-1702). 1 Portrait

Hon. John Julian Chetwynd (1906-1966), Secretary, British Embassy, Washington and 2nd son of 8th Viscount Chetwynd. 2 Portraits

Margaret Agnes Chetwynd (née Sutton), Wife of Hon. John Julian Chetwynd. 8 Portraits

Hon. Mary Diana Eve Chetwynd (1908-1997), Daughter of 8th Viscount Chetwynd. 3 Portraits

Walter Chetwynd (1633-1693), County historian. 1 Portrait

William Fawkener Chetwynd (1788-1873), Politician; MP for Stafford. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Biscoe Chetwynd-Stapylton (née Tritton) (1832-1893), Daughter of Reverend Robert Tritton; wife of Reverend William Chetwynd-Stapylton. 1 Portrait

Granville Brian Chetwynd-Stapylton (1887-1964), Member of London Stock Exchange. 1 Portrait

William Chetwynd-Stapylton (1825-1919), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Wellington Patrick Manvers Chetwynd-Talbot (1817-1898), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Maggie Cheung (1964-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Albert Chevalier (1861-1923), Comedian. 3 Portraits

Etienne Chevalier (circa 1410-1474), French Ambassador to England in 1445 and treasurer to Charles VII. 2 Portraits

Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972), French comedian, singer and actor. 13 Portraits

Michel Chevalier (1806-1879), Engineer, politician, economist and free market liberal. 5 Portraits

Tracy Chevalier (1962-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Louise Chevallier-Boutell (1920-1999), Daughter of Charles Henry Chevallier-Boutell. 1 Portrait

Frederick George Chevassut (1889-1932), Canon of Blackburn. 1 Portrait

Marie de Rohan-Montbazon, duchesse de Chevreuse (1600-1679), French aristocrat. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Mary Chew (1900-1950), Former wife of Sir Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant, and later wife of Frank Derek Chew. 3 Portraits

William Frederick, Viscount Chewton (1816-1854), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Henry William Eaton, 1st Baron Cheylesmore (1816-1891), Politician and silk trader. 4 Portraits

William Meriton Eaton, 2nd Baron Cheylesmore (1843-1902), Mezzotint collector. 1 Portrait

Herbert Francis Eaton, 3rd Baron Cheylesmore (1848-1925), Army officer. 6 Portraits

Margaret (née Smith), Lady Cheyne (died 1922), Second wife of Sir William Watson Cheyne, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Cheyne (died before 1369), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Watson Cheyne, 1st Bt (1852-1932), Bacteriologist and surgeon. 1 Portrait

A Knight of the Cheyne family (died circa 1360), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Peter Cheyney (Major Reginald Evelyn Peter Stouthouse-Cheyney) (1896-1951), Crime novelist. 31 Portraits

Nawab Sir Muhammad Ahmad Said Khan Chhatari (1888-1982), Lieutenant-Colonel; Governor of the United Provinces. 2 Portraits

Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975), President of the Republic of China. 1 Portrait

Albert Charles Chibnall (1894-1988), Biochemist. 3 Portraits

Henry Chichele (circa 1362-1443), Administrator and Archbishop of Canterbury. 15 Portraits

Sir John Chicheley (circa 1640-1691), Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Thomas Pelham, 2nd Earl of Chichester (1756-1826), Statesman. 4 Portraits

Henry Thomas Pelham, 3rd Earl of Chichester (1804-1886), Head of church estates committee. 2 Portraits

Walter John Pelham, 4th Earl of Chichester (1838-1902), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Mary Pelham (née Bligh), Countess of Chichester (1837-1911), Wife of 4th Earl of Chichester; daughter of Sir John Duncan Bligh. 1 Portrait

Jocelyn Brudenell Pelham, 6th Earl of Chichester (1871-1926), Public works loans commissioner; Captain. 2 Portraits

Ursula Pelham (née von Pannwitz), Countess of Chichester (died 1989), Former wife of 8th Earl of Chichester, and later wife of Ralph Gunning-Henderson. 6 Portraits

John Nicholas Pelham, 9th Earl Chichester (1944-), Succeeded 1944. 8 Portraits

Arthur Chichester, Baron Chichester (1563-1625), Army officer and administrator. 2 Portraits

Lord Hamilton Francis Chichester (1810-1854), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Alan George Chichester (1857-1947), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Anne Rachel Pearl (née Douglas-Scott-Montagu), Lady Chichester (1921-2015), Auxiliary nurse and magistrate; former wife of Howel Moore-Gwyn, and later wife of Sir John Chichester, 11th Bt. 26 Portraits

Charles Manners Sutton Chichester (1831-1887), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Ernest William Chichester (1858-1917), Son of Hon. Frederick Arthur Henry Chichester. 4 Portraits

Sir Francis Chichester (1901-1972), Yachtsman. 1 Portrait

Hon. Francis Algernon James Chichester (1829-1885), Justice of the Peace; son of 1st Baron Templemore. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Henry Crofton Chichester (1886-1939), Second son of 3rd Baron Templeton. 3 Portraits

Sir John Chichester, 5th Bt (1721-1784), High Sheriff of Devon. 1 Portrait

Kathleen (née Liversedge), Lady Chichester (1888-1961), Wife of Sir Arlington Chichester. 2 Portraits

Madeline Herschel Chichester (née Whately) (1891-1977), Wife of Shane Randolph Chichester. 1 Portrait

Moira Faith Lilian (née de Yarburgh-Bateson), Lady Chichester (1898-1982), Former wife of John R. R. Fullerton, and later second wife of Sir Edward Chichester, 10th Bt; daughter of 3rd Baron Deramore. 12 Portraits

Emma Chichester Clark (1955-), Illustrator. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert ('Robin') Chichester-Clark (1928-2016), Politician; MP for Londonderry. 1 Portrait

Gladys Consuelo Chichester-Constable (née Hanly) (died 1954), Wife of Raleigh Charles Joseph Chichester-Constable; daughter of Edward Hanly. 6 Portraits

Lady Henrietta Caroline Chichester-Nagle (1798-1880), Wife of Joseph Chichester-Nagle; daughter of 4th Earl of Portsmouth. 1 Portrait

Dame Harriette Chick (1875-1977), Biochemist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Alfred) Louis Chick (1904-1972), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sheikh Chidda, Indian servant to Queen Victoria. 2 Portraits

Bernard Chidworth. 1 Portrait

Gaositwe Keagakwa Tibe Chiepe (1926-), Politician and diplomat; Foreign Minister of Botswana. 6 Portraits

Mary Tibaldi Chiesa (1896-1968), Italian writer and politician. 2 Portraits

Thomas Chiffinch (1600-1666), Keeper of the Privy Closet and the King's Jewels to Charles II. 1 Portrait

William Chiffinch (1602-1691), Keeper of the Privy Closet and the King's Jewels to Charles II; brother of Thomas Chiffinch. 3 Portraits

Samuel Chiffney (1753?-1807), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Samuel Chiffney (1786-1854), Jockey and racehorse trainer. 1 Portrait

Princess Chigi. 3 Portraits

Barbara Chilcott (1923-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Warden Stanley Chilcott (1871-1942), Politician and Lieutenant-Commander. 2 Portraits

Barbara (née Villiers), Lady Child (died 1972), Wife of Sir (Smith) Hill Chilrd; daughter of Ernest Villiers. 9 Portraits

Sir (Smith) Hill Child, 2nd Bt (1880-1958), Brigadier-General, politician and royal courtier. 13 Portraits

Sir Josiah Child, Bt (1630-1699), Governor of the East India Company and writer on trade. 2 Portraits

Lauren Child (1967-), Illustrator. 1 Portrait

Sheila (née Mathewson), Lady Child (died 1964), Wife of Sir John Child, 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

Teresa Child (1927-), Daughter of Sir (Smith) Hill Child. 8 Portraits

William Child (1606?-1697), Musician and chorister. 1 Portrait

(Vere) Gordon Childe (1892-1957), Prehistorian and labour theorist. 5 Portraits

Roland Ivo Lacon Childe (1898-1944), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Hugh Culling Eardley Childers (1827-1896), Statesman. 19 Portraits

Emily Maria Eardley ('Milly') Childers (1866-1922), Painter; daughter of Hugh Culling Eardley Childers. 3 Portraits

Billy Childish (Steven John Hamper) (1959-), Artist, writer and musician. 1 Portrait

George Children (1742-1818), Banker. 1 Portrait

John George Children (1777-1852), Chemist, mineralogist and natural scientist; only son of George Children. 1 Portrait

Joseph ('Joe') Childs (1884-1958), Jockey. 11 Portraits

Reg Childs, Photographer. 1 Portrait

William MacBride Childs (1869-1939), Historian. 2 Portraits

Hon. Frederick William Child-Villiers (1815-1871), Captain and Conservative politician; MP for Weymouth; son of George Child-Villiers, 5th Earl of Jersey. 3 Portraits

(Edward) John Mansel Hugh Frampton Child-Villiers (1935-), Son of Hon. (Edward) Mansel Child-Villiers. 7 Portraits

Hon. (Edward) Mansel Child-Villiers (1913-1980), Son of 8th Earl of Jersey. 3 Portraits

Mary Barbara Child-Villiers (née Frampton) (died 1991), First wife of Hon. (Edward) Mansel Child-Villiers; daughter of William John Goulburn Shipden Frampton. 12 Portraits

William Chillingworth (1602-1644), Theologian. 4 Portraits

Aretas Akers-Douglas, 1st Viscount Chilston (1851-1926), Politician; Home Secretary and MP for Kent. 9 Portraits

Aretas Akers-Douglas, 2nd Viscount Chilston (1876-1947), Statesman. 2 Portraits

Allenby C. Chilton (1918-1996), Footballer and football manager. 7 Portraits

Denis Francis Chilton (died 1974), Royal Navy Captain. 3 Portraits

Francis George Gillilan Chilton (1879-1964), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Getty Chilton (1877-1954), Diplomat. 10 Portraits

John Chilton (1932-2016), Jazz trumpeter, music historian and bandleader of the Feetwarmers. 4 Portraits

Katharine (née O'Brien), Lady Chilton, Wife of Sir Henry Getty Chilton. 5 Portraits

Sir Maurice Somerville Chilton (1898-1956), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

(Amos) Henry Chilver, Baron Chilver (1926-2012), Engineer; politician. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Millicent ('Sally') Chilver (1914-2014), Political scientist and anthropologist. 3 Portraits

Harry Tydeman Chilvers (1872-1963), President, Spurgeon's Orphanage and Pastor of Metropolitan (Spurgeon's) Tabernacle. 8 Portraits

Benjamin James Chilwell (1996-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Chimnabai II, Maharani of Baroda (1872-1958), Author; wife of Sir Sayaji Rao III, Maharaja of Baroda. 12 Portraits

Tsai Chin (1937-), Actress. 3 Portraits

Count Sutemi Chinda (1856-1929), Japanese ambassador to London. 1 Portrait

James Ching (1900-1961), Pianist, teacher and author. 4 Portraits

Wilfred Henry Chinn (1901-1970), Social welfare adviser for Colonial Countries. 1 Portrait

Ellis Haldane Chinnery (1874-1957), Justice of the Peace and Honorary Lieutenant, Oxfordshire Hussars. 5 Portraits

George Chinnery (1774-1852), Painter. 2 Portraits

George Robert Chinnery (1791-1825), Secretary of embassy to Portugal. 1 Portrait

Mrs Chinnery. 1 Portrait

James Robert Alexander Chinnery-Haldane (1842-1906), Bishop of Argyll and the Isles. 2 Portraits

Emilia Chiomi (active 1877), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Leo George Chiozza Money (1870-1944), Politician and author; son of Giuseppi Antonio Chiozza. 4 Portraits

Jonathan Chippendale (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Mary J. Chippendale (née Snowdon) (1832-1888), Actress. 2 Portraits

William Henry Chippendale (1801-1888), Actor. 7 Portraits

Sir David Alan Chipperfield (1953-), Architect and designer. 1 Portrait

Mary Chipperfield (1938-2014), Animal trainer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Margaret Ruth Chippindale (née Ritchie) (1913-1994), Wife of William Arthur Martin Chippindale; daughter of 2nd Baron Ritchie of Dundee. 2 Portraits

Arthur Mitchell Chirgwin (1885-1966), General Secretary of the London Missionary Society and author. 2 Portraits

Sir (Mary) Valentine Ignatius Chirol (1852-1929), Traveller, journalist and writer. 1 Portrait

Chirumba (Mark Augustine Mackenzie Meller) (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Edward Chisenhale (circa 1619-1654), Soldier and religious controversialist. 5 Portraits

Anthony Guy Swaine Chisenhale-Marsh (1940-), Son of Hugo Atherton Chisenhale-Marsh. 7 Portraits

Hugo Atherton Chisenhale-Marsh (1915-1996). 6 Portraits

Miss Chisenhale-Marsh, Daughter of Doris Mary and Hugo Atherton Chisenhale-Marsh. 1 Portrait

Hon. Annabel Jane Chisholm (née Hennessy) (1937-), Wife of Ian Duncan Chisholm; daughter of 2nd Baron Windlesham. 2 Portraits

Caroline Chisholm (née Jones) (1808-1877), Philanthropist and founder of the 'Family Colonisation Loan Society'. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Chisholm (1900-1981), Industrial consultant and director of various public companies. 2 Portraits

Mairi Chisholm (1896-1981), Motorcycle ambulance driver, nurse and photographer. 5 Portraits

Melanie Chisholm (1974-), Singer; member of Spice Girls. 3 Portraits

Chitqua (Tan-Che-Qua) (circa 1728-1796), Chinese artist. 3 Portraits

Caroline Isabella Grantham Chittenden (née Faithfull) (1822-1882), Wife of Charles Grant Chittenden. 1 Portrait

Charles Grant Chittenden (1824-1895), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Alicia Mary Julia Chitty (née Perreau) (1903-1976), Former wife of Roger Chitty and later wife of Hon. Peter John Sackville Tufton; daughter of Arthur Perreau. 2 Portraits

Anthony Merlott Chitty (1907-1976), Architect. 4 Portraits

Herbert Chitty (1863-1949), Archivist, Winchester College. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph William Chitty (1828-1899), Judge. 6 Portraits

Roger Chitty, Husband of Alicia Chitty. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Willes Chitty, 1st Bt (1855-1930), Barrister. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Willes Chitty, 3rd Bt (1926-2014), Author; wrote as 'Thomas Hinde'. 1 Portrait

Lady Chitty (active 1919). 2 Portraits

Mrs Chitty (active 1852). 1 Portrait

Miranda Chiu (active 1960s). 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Chiverton (active 1657), Lord Mayor of London. 4 Portraits

Joseph Hodges Choate (1832-1917), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (1726-1801), German artist. 1 Portrait

Adam Chodzko (1965-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Charles Choimet (born 1851?), Jeweller; son of Alexander Choimet. 1 Portrait

Duc de Choiseul. 1 Portrait

Lady Georgiana Cholmeley (née Beauclerk) (1809-1880), Wife of Sir Montague John Cholmeley, 2nd Bt; daughter of 8th Duke of St Albans. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Cholmeley, 5th Bt (1906-1964), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Juliet Auriol Sally (née Nelson), Lady Cholmeley (1940-1998), Wife of Sir Montague John Cholmeley, 6th Bt; daughter of Sir Eustace John Blois Nelson. 9 Portraits

Melesina Mary Cholmeley (née Trench) (1834-1918), Daughter of Richard Chenevix Trench; wife of Cholmeley Austen-Leigh. 1 Portrait

Sir Montague Aubrey Rowey Cholmeley, 4th Bt (1876-1914), Captain. 2 Portraits

William Cholmeley (1823-1896), Physician and editor. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Catherine Cholmley (née Croft) (1738-1769), Wife of Nathaniel Cholmley. 1 Portrait

John Cholmley (died 1693), Brother of Nathaniel Cholmley, merchant of London. 1 Portrait

George James Cholmondeley, 1st Marquess of Cholmondeley (1749-1827), Chamberlain to the Prince of Wales. 16 Portraits

Georgiana Charlotte (née Bertie), Marchioness of Cholmondeley (died 1838), Wife of 1st Marquess of Cholmondeley; daughter of 3rd Duke of Ancaster. 1 Portrait

William Henry Cholmondeley, 3rd Marquess of Cholmondeley (1800-1884). 1 Portrait

Marcia Emma Georgiana (née Arbuthnot), Marchioness of Cholmondeley (1804-1878), Wife of 3rd Marquess of Cholmondeley; daughter of Hon. Charles Arbuthnot. 1 Portrait

George Henry Hugh Cholmondeley, 4th Marquess of Cholmondeley (1858-1923), Lord Chamberlain. 3 Portraits

George Horatio Charles Cholmondeley, 5th Marquess of Cholmondeley (1883-1968), Lord Great Chamberlain, peer and Captain. 14 Portraits

Sybil Rachel Betty (née Sassoon), Marchioness of Cholmondeley (1894-1989), Superintendent of the Women's Royal Naval Service; wife of 5th Marquess of Cholmondeley; daughter of Sir Edward Sassoon. 4 Portraits

Lord George Hugo Cholmondeley (1887-1958), Lieutenant-Colonel. 6 Portraits

Lady Caroline Cholmondeley. 1 Portrait

George James Cholmondeley (1752-1830), Receiver-general of excise. 2 Portraits

Mary Cholmondeley (1859-1925), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Pamela Yolanda Cholnley (née Darley) (died 1982), Former wife of Hon. George Arthur Egerton, and later wife of George Cholnley; daughter of Henry Darley. 8 Portraits

Charles Henry Chomley (1868-1942), Barrister, author and journalist. 2 Portraits

Jimmy Choo (1948-), Shoe designer. 2 Portraits

Richard Robert Chope (1830-1928), Vicar, musician and editor. 1 Portrait

Frederic Chopin (1810-1849), Composer. 1 Portrait

Richard Wasey Chopping (1917-2008), Artist, teacher and writer; partner of Denis Wirth-Miller. 4 Portraits

Iqbal Chand Chopra (1896-1976), Lawyer and businessman. 2 Portraits

Katharine Campbell Chorley (née Hopkinson), Lady Chorley (died 1986), Author; wife of 1st Baron Chorley. 2 Portraits

Roger Richard Edward Chorley, 2nd Baron Chorley (1930-), Accountant. 1 Portrait

Henry Fothergill Chorley (1808-1872), Music critic. 2 Portraits

Christopher Chouler (1787-1883), Park and Game Keeper at Althorp. 1 Portrait

Michael Chow (1939-), Restaurateur and actor. 2 Portraits

Amelia Chowdhury (1986-), Pharmacy Technician. 1 Portrait

Charles Chree (1860-1928), Physicist. 2 Portraits

Helena Christensen (1968-), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Christian IV, King of Denmark and Norway (1577-1648), Reigned 1588-1648. 13 Portraits

Christian VII, King of Denmark and Norway (1749-1808), Reigned 1766-1808. 2 Portraits

Christian IX, King of Denmark (1818-1906), Reigned 1863-1906; father of Queen Alexandra. 18 Portraits

Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (1831-1917), Husband of Princess Helena. 30 Portraits

Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein (1867-1900), Soldier; eldest child of Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein. 14 Portraits

Christian X, King of Denmark (1870-1947), Reigned 1912-47. 12 Portraits

Prince Christian of Hanover (1885-1901), Son of Ernest Augustus, Crown Prince of Hanover and 3rd Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale. 1 Portrait

Prince Christian of Hesse (1887-1971), Prince of Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld and naval officer. 3 Portraits

Arthur Henry Christian (1863-1926), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Cheyenne Christian, Model. 1 Portrait

Ewan Christian (1814-1895), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Cloberry Christian (1747-1798), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Neil Christian (Christopher Tidmarsh) (1943-2010), Singer. 3 Portraits

Arthur Christiansen (1904-1963), Newspaper editor and Director, Independent Television News. 1 Portrait

Sophie Margaret Christiansen (1987-), Equestrian; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie (née Miller) (1890-1976), Writer; former wife of Archibald Christie, and later wife of Sir Max Mallowan. 28 Portraits

(Grace) Audrey Laura St John-Mildmay Christie (1900-1953), Opera singer; wife of John Christie. 22 Portraits

Cecil Marguerite Christie (née Bailey) (1895-1962), Civil servant; wife of William Francis Christie. 1 Portrait

Deborah ('Debbie') Christie, Television producer, 'World in Action'. 1 Portrait

Sir George William Langham Christie (1934-2014), Arts administrator; Chairman of Glyndebourne Productions. 9 Portraits

Gwendoline Christie (1978-), Actress and model. 1 Portrait

Herbert Willie Andrew Christie (1868-1946), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Hugh Christie, Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

James Christie (1730-1803), Auctioneer. 3 Portraits

John Christie (1882-1962), Founder of Glyndebourne Opera. 4 Portraits

John Traill Christie (1899-1980), Headmaster and college principal. 10 Portraits

Julie Frances Christie (1941-), Actress. 17 Portraits

Linford Christie (1960-), Sprinter; Olympian. 8 Portraits

Madeleine Christie (1904-1996), Actress. 1 Portrait

(Patricia) Mary (née Nicholson), Lady Christie (1937-2020), Chatelaine of Glyndebourne; wife of Sir George Christie. 1 Portrait

Morven Christie (1979-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Peter Christie, Musician, member of 'Instant Sunshine'. 3 Portraits

Rosamund Agnes Hay Christie (1933-1988), Daughter of John Christie and (Grace) Audrey Laura St-John-Mildmay Christie. 7 Portraits

Samuel Hunter Christie (1784-1865), Experimental philosopher and scientific administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir William Christie (1896-1983), Director of Thomas Tilling Ltd. 3 Portraits

William Dougal Christie (1816-1874), Diplomat and author. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Mahoney Christie (1845-1922), Astronomer. 3 Portraits

Christina, Queen of Sweden (1626-1689), Reigned 1632-54. 10 Portraits

Sir (Alexander Frank) Philip Christison, 4th Bt (1893-1993), General. 9 Portraits

Sir Robert Christison, 1st Bt (1797-1882), Toxicologist and physician. 4 Portraits

M.R. Christmas (active 18th century), Painter. 2 Portraits

John Christoforou (1921-2014), Painter. 4 Portraits

Eugénie Christophe, Wife of Camille Bombois. 3 Portraits

Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark (1888-1940), Son of King George I of Greece. 1 Portrait

Sir George Perrin Christopher (1890-1977), Member of Council, Chamber of Shipping. 7 Portraits

Sir (Samual) Rickard Christophers (1873-1978), Professor of Malarial Studies, University of London. 4 Portraits

Hon. Griselda Etheldreda Clodagh Christopherson (née O'Brien) (1906-1994), Wife of David Christopherson; daughter of 15th Baron Inchiquin. 1 Portrait

John Brian Christopherson (1868-1955), Surgeon and expert on tropical diseases. 1 Portrait

Noel Charles Christopherson (1890-1968), Dean of Peterborough. 7 Portraits

Stanley Christopherson (1861-1949), Chairman of Midland Bank Ltd. 2 Portraits

Alexander Christy. 1 Portrait

Nancy Alice Priscilla Christy (née Deneys) (1921-1991), Daughter of Frank Leopold Faure Deneys; wife of Hector Christy. 1 Portrait

Mrs W.M. Christy. 1 Portrait

Sir George William Chrystal (1880-1944), Civil servant and writer. 8 Portraits

Belle Chrystall (1910-2003), Actress. 2 Portraits

Chia-Jui Chu (née Chang) (born circa 1910), Wife of Wen-Hsiung Chu; sister of Kia Ngau Chang. 6 Portraits

Wen-Hsiung Chu (born 1910), Husband of Chia-Jiu Chang. 4 Portraits

Ted Swee-Boon Chua, Barrister. 2 Portraits

Harry Emory Chubb (1880-1960), Businessman. 4 Portraits

Thomas Chubb (1679-1747), Theologian and philosopher. 3 Portraits

Robert Roland Chudnick (1927-1994), Jazz trumpeter. 6 Portraits

Prince Chula Chakrabongse (1908-1963), of Thailand; son of Prince Chakrabongse Bhuvanadh. 6 Portraits

Mikhail Ivanovich Chulaki (1908-1989), Composer; arts administrator. 1 Portrait

Chulalongkorn, King of Siam (1853-1910), Reigned 1868-1910. 2 Portraits

Alexa Chung (1983-), Television presenter and model. 1 Portrait

Stephen S. Churakov, Paintings restorer. 2 Portraits

Alfred Church (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Archibald George Church (1886-1954), Major, author and civil servant. 2 Portraits

Arthur Harry Church (1865-1937), Lecturer and illustrator in Botany at University of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Church (1986-), Soprano. 2 Portraits

Doris Louise Cleghorn Church (née Somerville) (circa 1891-1917), Writer, artist and dancer; first wife of Geoffrey Selby Church (later 2nd Bt); daughter of Sir William Somerville. 3 Portraits

Jonathan Church (1967-), Theatre director. 1 Portrait

Richard Thomas Church (1893-1972), Poet, critic and novelist. 20 Portraits

Richard William Church (1815-1890), Dean of St Paul's. 6 Portraits

Ronald Church (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir William Selby Church, 1st Bt (1837-1928), Physician. 2 Portraits

W. Church. 1 Portrait

John Bryan Churcher (1905-1997), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Walter G. Churcher (1859-1934), Artist and amateur entertainer. 1 Portrait

Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer, 1st Viscount Churchill (1864-1934), Lord-in-Waiting; President of the Great Western Railway, P&O, British Indian Steamship Co and Grand Union Canal. 11 Portraits

Verena Maud (née Lowther), Viscountess Churchill (1865-1938), Wife of 1st Viscount Churchill; daughter of 3rd Earl of Lonsdale. 1 Portrait

Victor Alex Spencer, 2nd Viscount Churchill (1890-1973), Son of 1st Viscount Churchill. 4 Portraits

Victor George Spencer Spencer, 3rd Viscount Churchill (1934-2017), Banker. 1 Portrait

Francis George Spencer, 2nd Baron Churchill (1802-1886), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill (1849-1895), Politician; Secretary of State for India and MP for Woodstock and Paddington South. 36 Portraits

Angela Mary Churchill (née Culme Seymour) (1912-2012), First wife of John George Spencer Churchill; former wife of Patrick John Balfour, 3rd Baron Kinross. 1 Portrait

Arabella Churchill (1949-2007), Festival and charity founder; daughter of Randolph Churchill and June Osborne. 3 Portraits

Caryl Churchill (1938-), Playwright. 3 Portraits

Charles Churchill (1720-1812), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Charles Churchill (1731-1764), Satirist. 8 Portraits

Diana Churchill (Mrs Bailey, later Mrs Sandys) (1909-1963), Former wife of John Milner Bailey (later 2nd Bt), and later wife of Edwin Duncan Sandys (later Baron Duncan-Sandys); daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. 2 Portraits

Diana Josephine Churchill (1913-1994), Actress. 5 Portraits

James Churchill (circa 1766-1849), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Jeanette ('Jennie') Churchill (née Jerome), Lady Randolph Churchill (1854-1921), Society hostess and writer. 25 Portraits

John George Spencer Churchill (1909-1992), Artist. 5 Portraits

John Henry Churchill (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Mary Caroline ('Minnie') Churchill (née d'Erlanger) (1940-), Wife of Winston Spencer Churchill; daughter of Sir Gerard John Regis Leo d'Erlanger. 2 Portraits

Peter Morland Churchill (1909-1972), Secret Agent and writer. 1 Portrait

Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer Churchill (1911-1968), Journalist and Conservative politician: MP for Preston. 21 Portraits

Sarah Churchill (1914-1982), Actress and dancer; daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. 27 Portraits

Smith Wild Churchill, Headmaster, Atherstone School. 4 Portraits

Stella Churchill (née Myers) (1883-1954), Medical psychologist and psychotherapist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Bell Lindsay Churchill (1907-1990), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965), Prime Minister. 224 Portraits

Winston Spencer Churchill (1940-2010), Politician, author and journalist. 6 Portraits

Christine Spencer (née Sinclair), Viscountess Churchill of Wychwood, later Isham, later Lady Oliphant (1895-1972), Second wife of 1st Viscount Churchill of Wychwood. 1 Portrait

John Yarde-Buller, 1st Baron Churston (1799-1871), Politician; MP for South Devon. 1 Portrait

Barbara (née Yelverton), Lady Churston (1849-1924), Wife of 2nd Baron Churston; daughter of Sir Hastings Reginald Yelverton. 5 Portraits

John Yarde-Buller, 2nd Baron Churston (1846-1910), Landowner and Captain. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Mary Yarde-Buller (née Du Pre), Lady Churston (1910-1951), Daughter of William Baring Du Pre; first wife of 4th Baron Churston. 9 Portraits

John Francis Yarde-Buller, 5th Baron Churston (1934-), Son of 4th Baron Churston. 4 Portraits

Edward Churton (1800-1874), Theologian. 1 Portrait

Henry Norris Churton (1843-1904), Bishop of Nassau. 1 Portrait

Margaret Chute, Actress. 15 Portraits

James Chuter, Baron Chuter-Ede (1882-1965), Politician; Home Secretary. 13 Portraits

John Baptist Ciabatta (circa 1822-1872), Singer and Professor of Singing. 2 Portraits

Enrico Cialdini (1811-1892), Italian soldier. 1 Portrait

Giuseppe Ciampi (1832-1892), Opera singer. 2 Portraits

Marcel Ciampi (1891-1980), Pianist and music teacher of the Menuhin family. 2 Portraits

Cian Ciaran (1976-), Musician; keyboards and electronica for Super Furry Animals. 1 Portrait

Caius Gabriel Cibber (1630-1700), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Colley Cibber (1671-1757), Dramatist and actor. 9 Portraits

Susannah Maria Cibber (née Arne) (1714-1766), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

Melchior Cibinensis, Alchemist. 1 Portrait

Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC-43 BC), Roman orator, statesman and man of letters. 2 Portraits

Countess Anna Maria Cicogna. 1 Portrait

Countess de Cigala. 1 Portrait

James Purdon Lewes Thomas, 1st Viscount Cilcennin (1903-1960), Politician; First Lord of the Admiralty. 15 Portraits

Diane Cilento (1933-2011), Actress. 2 Portraits

Ricardo Cinalli (1948-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Paul Cinquevalli (1859-1918), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Daniel Jerome ('Danny') Cipriani (1987-), Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Giovanni Battista Cipriani (1727-1785), Painter and engraver. 6 Portraits

Lorenzo Cipriani (active 18th century), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Toni Cistone (active 1956-1960), Singer; member of The Poni-Tails. 1 Portrait

Walter McLennan Citrine, 1st Baron Citrine (1887-1983), Trade union leader and electrician. 47 Portraits

Dorothy Helen ('Doris') (née Slade), Lady Citrine (1892-1973), Wife of Walter McLennan Citrine, 1st Baron Citrine; daughter of Edgar Slade. 1 Portrait

Norman Arthur Citrine, 2nd Baron Citrine (1914-1997), Legal adviser to the TUC. 2 Portraits

City Marshal, Officer with powers to maintain order within the City of London. 1 Portrait

Norman H. Clackson (active 1930). 1 Portrait

Randolph Royall Claiborne (1906-1986), Bishop of Atlanta. 1 Portrait

René Clair (1898-1981), French film director. 1 Portrait

Attalie Claire (active 1890-1897), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Imogen Claire (1943-2005), Actress, dancer and choreographer. 2 Portraits

Ina Claire (1893-1985), Actress. 1 Portrait

Selina (née Meade), Countess Clam-Martinics (1797-1872), Daughter of 2nd Earl of Clanwilliam; wife of Karl Johann, Count Clam-Martinics. 4 Portraits

Isabel Maude Penrice ('Belle') Le-Poer-Trench (née Bilton), Countess of Clancarty (1867-1906), Music hall entertainer; wife of 5th Earl of Clancarty; daughter of John George Bilton. 34 Portraits

Mary Gwatkin Le-Poer-Trench (née Ellis), Countess of Clancarty (died 1974), Second wife of 5th Earl of Clancarty. 8 Portraits

Richard Le Poer Trench, 2nd Earl of Clancarty (1767-1837), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Richard Somerset Le-Poer-Trench, 4th Earl of Clancarty (1834-1891), Army commander and landowner. 2 Portraits

William Frederick Le-Poer-Trench, 5th Earl of Clancarty (1868-1929). 3 Portraits

Richard Frederick John Donough Le-Poer-Trench, 6th Earl of Clancarty (1891-1971), Son of 5th Earl of Clancarty. 5 Portraits

Cora Maria Edith (née Spooner), Countess of Clancarty (1892-1993), Second wife of 6th Earl of Clancarty; daughter of H. H. Spooner. 1 Portrait

John Joseph Clancy (1847-1928), Politician and newspaper editor. 6 Portraits

'Tommy' Clancy, Actress. 4 Portraits

Mrs Clanfield. 2 Portraits

Eileen Clanford, Actress. 2 Portraits

John Charles Robert Bingham, 4th Baron Clanmorris (1826-1876), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Sarah Selina (née Persse), Lady Clanmorris (1826-1907), Wife of 4th Baron Clanmorris; daughter of Burton Persse. 2 Portraits

Arthur Maurice Robert Bingham, 6th Baron Clanmorris (1879-1960), Page of Honour to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 6 Portraits

John Michael Ward Bingham, 7th Baron Clanmorris (1908-1988), Novelist. 6 Portraits

Madeleine Mary (née Ebel), Lady Clanmorris (1912-1988), Writer and playwright; wife of 7th Baron Clanmorris; daughter of Clement Ebel. 5 Portraits

Simon John Ward Bingham, 8th Baron Clanmorris (1937-), Accountant. 5 Portraits

Hubert George de Burgh Canning, 2nd Marquess of Clanricarde (1832-1916), Landowner and politician; MP for County Galway. 1 Portrait

Ulick de Burgh, 1st Marquess of Clanricarde (1604-1657), Irish nobleman. 6 Portraits

Harriet de Burgh (née Canning), Marchioness of Clanricarde (1804-1876), Wife of 1st Marquess of Clanricarde; daughter of Viscountess Canning of Kilbrahan. 1 Portrait

Ulick de Burgh, 1st Marquess of Clanricarde (1802-1874), Statesman. 5 Portraits

Richard Meade, 3rd Earl of Clanwilliam (1795-1879), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Herbert), Countess of Clanwilliam (1809-1858), Wife of 3rd Earl of Clanwilliam; daughter of 11th Earl of Pembroke. 3 Portraits

Richard James Meade, 4th Earl of Clanwilliam (1832-1907), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Henrietta (née Kennedy), Countess of Clanwilliam (died 1925), Wife of 4th Earl of Clanwilliam; daughter of Sir Arthur Edward Kennedy. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred William Clapham (1883-1950), Architectural historian. 3 Portraits

Brian Ralph Clapham (1913-1998), Barrister and circuit judge. 3 Portraits

Charles Clapham (1894-1959), Comedian; member of comedy duo Clapham and Dwyer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Harold Clapham (1873-1946), Professor of Economic History, Cambridge. 6 Portraits

Patrick John Eldred Clapham (1907-1990), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

William Charles Clapham (1894-1959), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Hugh Clapperton (1788-1827), African explorer. 1 Portrait

Eric Patrick Clapton (1945-), Musician, guitarist, singer, songwriter and member of 'Cream' and 'Yardbirds'. 10 Portraits

John Holles, 1st Earl of Clare (circa 1565-1637), Landowner and politician. 4 Portraits

John Fitzgibbon, 1st Earl of Clare (1749-1802), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 4 Portraits

John Fitzgibbon, 2nd Earl of Clare (1792-1851), Governor of Bombay. 2 Portraits

Richard Hobart Fitzgibbon, 3rd Earl of Clare (1793-1864), Politician; MP for County Limerick. 1 Portrait

D.M. Clare (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Clare (1793-1864), Poet. 4 Portraits

Mary Clare (Georgina Moore) (1814-1874), Reverend mother. 3 Portraits

Mary Clare (circa 1892-1970), Actress. 13 Portraits

Oliver Cecil Clare (1881-1933), Soldier and businessman. 4 Portraits

Peter Clare (1781-1851), Slavery abolitionist; secretary of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester. 6 Portraits

Sir Ralph Clare (circa 1587-1670), Royalist landowner. 1 Portrait

Isabel (née Neville), Duchess of Clarence (1451-1477), Wife of George, Duke of Clarence; daughter of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. 1 Portrait

Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon (1609-1674), Statesman. 23 Portraits

Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon (1638-1709), Politician; Lord Privy Seal. 3 Portraits

Thomas Villiers, 1st Earl of Clarendon (1709-1786), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Thomas Villiers, 2nd Earl of Clarendon (1753-1824). 2 Portraits

Adeline Verena Ishbel Villiers (née Cocks), Countess of Clarendon (1886-1963), Daughter of Herbert Haldane Somers Cocks; wife of 6th Earl of Clarendon. 3 Portraits

George William Frederick Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon (1800-1870), Diplomat and politician; Foreign Secretary and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. 16 Portraits

Catherine Villiers (née Grimston), Countess of Clarendon (1810-1874), Former wife of John Foster Barham, and later wife of 4th Earl of Clarendon; daughter of 1st Earl of Verulam. 1 Portrait

Edward Hyde Villiers, 5th Earl of Clarendon (1846-1914), Politician; Lord Chamberlain of the Household. 5 Portraits

Caroline Elizabeth (née Agar), Countess of Clarendon (1857-1894), Wife of 5th Earl Clarendon; daughter of 3rd Earl of Normanton. 6 Portraits

George Herbert Hyde Villiers, 6th Earl of Clarendon (1877-1955), Public servant and courtier; Chairman of BBC. 21 Portraits

Hon. Fabienne José Claridge (née Carbery), Former wife of John Dudley Finnemore Dowse-Finnemor, and later wife of Philip Claridge; daughter of 10th Baron Carbery. 5 Portraits

Clarinda (active 1772-died circa 1780), Domestic servant to the family of Tysoe Saul Hancock. 1 Portrait

Princess Clarissa of Hesse (1944-), Daughter of Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark and niece of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 2 Portraits

Kenneth Clark, Baron Clark (1903-1983), Art historian and museum director. 29 Portraits

William Gibson Clark, Baron Clark of Kempston (1917-2004), Politician and major. 2 Portraits

David George Clark, Baron Clark of Windermere (1939-), Politician; MP for Colne Valley and South Shields. 1 Portrait

Abraham Clark (1726-1794), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Adeline Francis Harriet (née Derviche-Jones), Lady Clark (died 1979), Second wife of Sir Andrew Edmund James Clark, 3rd Bt. 4 Portraits

Alan Kenneth MacKenzie Clark (1928-1999), Politician and diarist. 11 Portraits

Albert Curtis Clark (1859-1937), Classical scholar. 6 Portraits

Alfred Joseph Clark (1885-1941), Pharmacologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Clark, 1st Bt (1826-1893), Physician. 4 Portraits

Hon. Anna Vavasseur Clark (née Fisher), Wife of Thomas William Clark; daughter of 2nd Baron Fisher. 4 Portraits

Anne Elizabeth (née Monsell), Lady Clark (1880-1946), Former wife of William Bennett Pike; later wife of Sir William Henry Clark. 2 Portraits

Annette Clark, Actress. 6 Portraits

Barbara Clark, Petula Clark's sister. 1 Portrait

Caryll Stafford Clark (1917-1983), Theatrical producer. 1 Portrait

Cecil Horace Clark (1880-1958), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Christine Clark (née Asquith) (1926-), Wife of John Hatch Clark; daughter of Arthur Melland Asquith. 4 Portraits

(John) Cosmo Clark (1897-1967), Painter. 1 Portrait

Dave Clark (1942-), Singer; leader of the Dave Clark Five. 9 Portraits

Don Clark, Musician. 1 Portrait

Doris Clark. 1 Portrait

Edward Clark (active 1871-1872), Member of the jury in 'Tichborne v Lushington'. 1 Portrait

Edwin Clark (1814-1894), Engineer. 1 Portrait

Edwin Kitson Clark (1866-1943), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Diana Clark (1915-), Daughter of Sir William Henry Clark. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Clark (1864-1951), Governor of Tasmania. 1 Portrait

Ernest Holman Clark (1864-1925), Barrister and actor. 1 Portrait

E. C. Clark (active 1930s), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Francis Clark (1841-1895), Queen Victoria's Highland servant. 3 Portraits

Frederick Le Gros Clark (1811-1892), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Gavin Brown Clark (1846-1930), Politician and Honorary Secretary of the Transvaal Independence Committee. 1 Portrait

George Clark (1971-), Son of Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell. 1 Portrait

George Clark (active 1961), Activist; Member of Committee of 100. 1 Portrait

Sir George Norman Clark (1890-1979), President of British Academy. 4 Portraits

Sir George Smith Clark, 1st Bt (1861-1935), Scottish businessman and politician in Northern Ireland. 2 Portraits

Gillian Margaret Clark (1961-), Badminton player; Olympian and sports commentator. 2 Portraits

Sir (John) Grahame Douglas Clark (1907-1995), Archaeologist and prehistorian. 2 Portraits

Guy Wyndham Nial Hamilton Clark (1944-), Lord-Lieutenant, Renfrewshire and Managing Director. 1 Portrait

Henri Clark (active 1884), Singer. 1 Portrait

Henry Maitland Clark (1929-2012), Politician and colonial administrator. 7 Portraits

Howard Hewlett Clark (1903-1983), Metropolitan and Archbishop of Rupert’s Land and Archbishop of Edmonton. 1 Portrait

H.S.S. Clark, Major. 3 Portraits

Sir James Clark, 1st Bt (1788-1870), Physician. 3 Portraits

James Clark (born 1889), Jockey. 4 Portraits

J F Clark ('Judge' Clark) (circa 1818-1898), Horseracing judge. 1 Portrait

Sir John Allen Clark (1926-2001), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

John Francis Clark (1816-1898), Architect; racing judge. 2 Portraits

John Gilchrist Clark (1830-1881), Advocate. 1 Portrait

John Lower Clark (1813?-1880), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

John Willis Clark (1833-1910), Academic and antiquarian. 1 Portrait

Joseph Clark (died 1696), Contortionist, known as 'the wandering tumour’. 1 Portrait

Latimer Clark (1822-1898), Engineer. 1 Portrait

Michael Clark (1954-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Michael Clark (1962-), Dancer and choreographer. 2 Portraits

Raymond ('Ossie') Clark (1942-1996), Fashion designer. 6 Portraits

Petula Clark (1932-), Actress and singer. 25 Portraits

Richard Clark (1739-1831), Attorney and Chamberlain of London. 7 Portraits

Roger George Clark (1943-), Broadcaster; photographer and journalist. 1 Portrait

Roy Clark (born 1894), General Manager Advertiser's Weekly. 4 Portraits

Samuel Clark (active late 20th century-2013), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Stephen Maynard ('Steve') Clark (1960-1991), Guitarist and songwriter for Def Leppard. 1 Portrait

Thomas Clark (1737-1816), Merchant. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Fife Clark (1907-1985), Director-General, Central Office of Information. 1 Portrait

Thomas March Clark (1812-1903), Bishop of Rhode Island. 3 Portraits

Thomas Williams Clark (1912-2005), Son of Percy Hamilton Clark. 1 Portrait

Tom Clark (1941-), Poet, critic and biographer. 1 Portrait

Tony Clark (1954-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Wilfred Edward Le Gros Clark (1895-1971), Professor of Anatomy. 5 Portraits

William Clark (1916-1985), Journalist, broadcaster and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Arthur Clark (1908-1967), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Clark (1876-1952), Civil servant and diplomat. 10 Portraits

Mr Clark (active mid 18th century), Printseller. 1 Portrait

Adam Clarke (1762?-1832), Theologian. 6 Portraits

Aimée Mary (née Cumming), Lady Rupert Clarke (1866-1958), Wife of Sir Rupert Clarke, 2nd Bt; daughter of Thomas Cumming. 2 Portraits

Albert Clarke (active 1950s), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Alexander Ross Clarke (1828-1914), Geodesist. 1 Portrait

Allan Clarke (1942-), Musician; member of The Hollies. 16 Portraits

Alured Clarke (1696-1742), Dean of Exeter. 2 Portraits

Noel Clarke (1975-), Actor and film director. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke (1917-2008), Scientist, writer and author of science fiction. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Wellesley Clarke (1857-1932), Captain. 4 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Ashley Clarke (1903-1994), Diplomat. 17 Portraits

Sir Basil Clarke (1879-1947), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Bob Carlos Clarke (1950-2006), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Brian Clarke (1953-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke (1846-1911), Museum director and architect; Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 4 Portraits

Catherine Clarke (née Overton) (died 1671), Wife of Reverend Samuel Clarke. 3 Portraits

Charles Clarke, Curate, Calne, Wiltshire. 1 Portrait

Charles Cowden Clarke (1787-1877), Writer and lecturer. 2 Portraits

Charles Cyril Clarke (1882-1968), Chairman. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederick Carlos Clarke (1853-1931), Stockjobber. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke, 1st Bt (1782-1857), Obstetrician. 4 Portraits

Charles Philip Stewart Clarke (1871-1947), Archdeacon of Chichester. 6 Portraits

Charles Rodway Clarke (1950-), Politician; Home Secretary. 4 Portraits

Christopher Clarke (1697-1742), Archdeacon of Norwich and Canon of Ely cathedral. 3 Portraits

Sir Cyril Astley Clarke (1907-2000), Physician and medical scientist. 1 Portrait

C?. Clarke. 1 Portrait

Dennis Waddington Clarke (1912-1955), 2nd Lieutenant and journalist; son of Tom Clarke. 1 Portrait

Denzil Robert Noble Clarke (1908-1985), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Desmond Alexander Bruce Clarke (1912-1986), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Diana Clarke. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Clarke. 1 Portrait

Edward Daniel Clarke (1769-1822), Mineralogist. 7 Portraits

Sir Edward George Clarke (1841-1931), Barrister and politician. 21 Portraits

Hon. Eleanor Geraldine Clarke (née de Courcy) (1919-1994), Wife of John Campbell Clarke; daughter of 34th Baron Kingsale. 3 Portraits

Sir Ernest Michael Clarke (1868-1956), Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. 4 Portraits

Eveleen ('Eve') Clarke (née Myers) (1910-1993), Musician; daughter of Elsie and Leopold Myers. 13 Portraits

Frances Susannah (née Collins), Lady Clarke, Wife of Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke; daughter of Charles Collins. 1 Portrait

Frank Clarke (1956-), Film writer and director. 1 Portrait

Frank Edward Clarke (1886-1938), Politician; MP for Dartford. 2 Portraits

Sir Fred Clarke (1880-1952), Educationalist. 7 Portraits

Sir Frederick William Alfred Clarke (1857-1927), Accountant and comptroller-general of HM Customs and Excise. 7 Portraits

Geoffrey Clarke (1924-2014), Artist and sculptor. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Rothe Knight Clarke (1871-1950), Civil servant in British India and company director. 4 Portraits

George H. Clarke (1840-1906?), Actor. 1 Portrait

Graham Clarke (1941-), Author, illustrator and humorist. 1 Portrait

Harold George Clarke (born 1884), President of Newspaper Society. 1 Portrait

Henri Jacques Guillaume Clarke, duc de Feltre (1765-1818), French statesman. 2 Portraits

Henry Clarke (active 1739), Jerquer in the customs. 4 Portraits

Henry Lowther Clarke (1850-1926), First Archbishop of Melbourne. 3 Portraits

Henry Savile Clarke (1841-1893), Dramatist and critic. 1 Portrait

Sylvia ('Joan') Clarke (1918-1994), Wife of Carl Giles. 1 Portrait

John Clarke (1828-1879), Actor. 7 Portraits

John Louis Justice Clarke (1870-1944), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

John Sleeper Clarke (1833-1899), Actor. 7 Portraits

John Smith Clarke (1885-1959), Politician; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

June Clarke, Fashion model. 3 Portraits

J.B. Clarke. 4 Portraits

J.Q.M. Clarke. 2 Portraits

Katherine Clarke (1961-), Architect and artist; partner of 'muf'. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Clarke (1940-), Conservative politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Catherine ('Kitty') Clarke (née Hunter) (1740-1795), Wife of Sir Alured Clarke. 8 Portraits

Lillias Clarke (née Bruce) (circa 1808-1892), Wife of William Wilcox Clarke; daughter of Alexander Bruce. 1 Portrait

Louis Colville Gray Clarke (1881-1960), Archaeologist; Curator and Museum Director. 1 Portrait

Margi Clarke (1954-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Marshal Llewelyn Clarke (1887-1959), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Mary Clarke, Wife of Adam Clarke. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne Clarke (née Thompson) (1776-1852), Mistress of the Duke of York. 8 Portraits

Mary Christina Clarke, Resident Medical Officer, Jenny Lind Hospital for Children, Norwich. 1 Portrait

Mary Temple (née Rose), Lady Clarke (died 1913), Wife of Sir Stanley de Astel Calvert Clarke; daughter of Sir John Rose, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Mary Victoria Cowden Clarke (née Novello) (1809-1898), Literary scholar and writer. 3 Portraits

Matthew Clarke (1664-1726), Independent minister. 2 Portraits

Neville Richard Clarke (born 1910), Suffragan Bishop of James Bay and Bishop of Moosonee. 1 Portrait

Nicky Clarke (1958-), Hairdresser. 1 Portrait

Norman Harry Clarke (1892-1974), Bishop of Plymouth. 2 Portraits

Sir Percival Clarke (1872-1936), Lieutenant and Chairman of County of London Sessions. 4 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Philip Clarke (1898-1966), Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir Ralph Stephenson Clarke (1892-1970), Colonel. 8 Portraits

Sir Reginald Clarke (1876-1956), Commissioner of Police, Calcutta. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard William Barnes Clarke (1910-1975), Journalist and civil servant. 2 Portraits

Robert Clarke (active 1844-1852), Poet and grammarian. 1 Portrait

Sally Clarke (1954-), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Samuel Clarke (1599-1683), Nonconformist divine and religious biographer. 26 Portraits

Samuel Clarke (1626-1701), Nonconformist minister and biblical scholar. 2 Portraits

Samuel Clarke (1675-1729), Metaphysician. 24 Portraits

Stanley Clarke, Colonel and equerry. 1 Portrait

Sir Stanley de Astel Calvert Clarke (1837-1911), Army officer and Paymaster to the King. 1 Portrait

Terence Hugh Clarke (1904-1992), Brigadier and politician. 4 Portraits

Theophilus Clarke (1776?-1832), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cecil Arthur Clarke (1898-1979), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Sir Travers Edwards Clarke (1871-1962), Lieutenant-General. 11 Portraits

Vince Clarke (1960-), Pop musician and songwriter; musician for 'Erasure'. 1 Portrait

Sir William Clarke (died 1644), Soldier. 3 Portraits

William Fairlie Clarke (1833-1884), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Kemp Lowther Clarke (1879-1968), Canon Residentiary of Chichester Cathedral. 2 Portraits

William Wilcox Clarke (1808-1881), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Mrs Clarke (active 1850). 2 Portraits

Denis Clarke Hall (1910-2006), Architect. 1 Portrait

William Capel Clarke-Thornhill (né Clarke) (1832-1898), Army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Kennedy Clark-Kennedy (1782-1864), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Archibald Edmund Clark-Kennedy (1893-1985), Physician. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Isabella Clark-Kennedy (née Cust) (circa 1828-1914), Wife of John Clark-Kennedy; daughter of Hon. Peregrine Francis Cust. 1 Portrait

John Clark-Kennedy (1817-1867), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Barnard Clarkson (1801 or 1802-1830), Banker. 1 Portrait

Charles Francis Clarkson (1881-1959), South African politician; Minister for Home Affairs. 5 Portraits

David Clarkson (1622-1682), Divine and controversialist. 3 Portraits

Ella Clarkson (circa 1874-1964), Actress. 1 Portrait

Joan Rosaline Clarkson (1904-1982), Actress; wife of Jack Dennis. 5 Portraits

Mabel Maria Clarkson (1875-1950), Mayor of Norwich and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Mary Clarkson (active 1840), Daughter-in-law of Thomas Clarkson. 4 Portraits

Peter Clarkson (1871-1936), Reverend and Moderator of the Free Church of Scotland. 1 Portrait

Thomas Clarkson (1760-1846), Slavery abolitionist. 11 Portraits

Thomas Clarkson (active 1840), Grandson of Thomas Clarkson. 4 Portraits

Willy Clarkson (1865-1934), Wigmaker and costumier. 6 Portraits

Major Clarkson (died 1811 or 1812), Major. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ruth Isabel Clarkson Webb (née Wakefield) (1932-active 2003), Daughter of 1st Baron Wakefield of Kendal; wife of Nigel James Clarkson Webb. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Clarry (1882-1945), Politician and engineer. 4 Portraits

Julian Peter McDonald Clary (1959-), Comedian and entertainer. 2 Portraits

Mademoiselle M. Clary (active early 1870s), Performer. 1 Portrait

Prince Siegfried von Clary-Aldringen (1848-1929), Austro-Hungarian diplomat. 1 Portrait

Thérèse (née Kinsky), Countess Clary-Aldringen (1867-1943), Wife of Prince Siegfried von Clary-Aldringen. 1 Portrait

Hon. Andrew Joseph Clasen (1906-1984), Luxembourg Ambassador to London. 6 Portraits

Robert Clatworthy (1928-2015), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Claude Edouard Philippe, Baron Mounier (1784-1843), Napoleon Bonaparte's secretary. 1 Portrait

Angelina Claude (active 1870s), Actress. 4 Portraits

Bertram John Antoine Claudet (1893-1952), Naval officer; dealer and restorer. 1 Portrait

Violet Mary Claudet (née Hollis) (1898-1977). 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Claughten (1882-1969), Vice-Chairman, Universities Bureau of British Empire. 1 Portrait

Sir Gilbert Henry Claughton, 1st Bt (1856-1921), Company director. 1 Portrait

Hon. Julia Susannah Claughton (née Ward) (1818-1902), Wife of Thomas Legh Claughton; daughter of 10th Baron Ward. 3 Portraits

Lucy Eleanor Claughton (1852-1939), Youngest daughter of Bishop of St Albans. 1 Portrait

Thomas Legh Claughton (1808-1892), Bishop of St Albans and writer. 12 Portraits

Prince Claus of the Netherlands (né Claus Georg Wilhelm Otto Friedrich Gert von Amsberg) (1926-2002), Diplomat; husband of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. 1 Portrait

Sir George Clausen (1852-1944), Painter. 6 Portraits

Sir Gerard Leslie Makins Clauson (1891-1974), Civil servant, businessman and Turkish scholar. 3 Portraits

John Clavel (1601-1643), Highwayman and writer. 3 Portraits

Sir Albert Clavering (1887-1972), Company director and Member of the London County Council. 6 Portraits

Charles Clavering. 1 Portrait

Charles Warren Napier Clavering (1858-1931), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Henry Mordaunt Clavering (1759-1850), General. 1 Portrait

May Muriel (née Harris), Lady Clavering (died 1989), Wife of Sir Albert Clavering. 5 Portraits

Michael Clavering, Son of Sir Albert Clavering. 5 Portraits

Captain Claxton (active mid 19th century), Nautical engineering specialist. 1 Portrait

Charles Robert Claxton (1903-1992), Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Exeter and Bishop of Blackburn. 11 Portraits

Patrick Fisher Claxton (1915-2000), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Travis Clay (1885-1978), Librarian at the House of Lords. 5 Portraits

Frederic Emes Clay (1838-1889), Composer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Felix Neville Clay, 5th Bt (1871-1941), Architect. 1 Portrait

Harold Ewart Clay (1886-1961), Chairman of the London Labour Party and trade unionist. 7 Portraits

Harriet (née Dickason), Lady Clay (died 1867), Wife of Sir William Clay, 1st Bt; daughter of Thomas Dickason. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Clay (1883-1954), Economist. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Felix Clay, 6th Bt (1909-1985), Engineer; son of Sir George Felix Clay. 1 Portrait

Henry Hastings Clay (1864-1943), Justice of the Peace and Sheriff of Monmouthshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Miles Clay (1881-1949), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Langdon Clay (1949-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Margaret (née Barclay), Lady Clay (died 1915), Wife of Sir Arthur Clay, 4th Bt; daughter of Arthur Kett Barclay. 1 Portrait

Rachel (née Hobhouse), Lady Clay (1883-1981), Wife of Sir George Felix Clay, 5th Bt; eldest daughter of Henry Hobhouse. 1 Portrait

Sir William Clay, 1st Bt (1791-1869), Liberal politician; MP for Tower Hamlets. 2 Portraits

G. Clayden. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Claye (1896-1977), Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology. 1 Portrait

Frances Constance ('Fanny') Clayfield-Ireland (1840-1928), Daughter of James Ireland Clayfield-Ireland. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Claypole (née Cromwell) (1629-1658), Daughter of Oliver Cromwell. 7 Portraits

John Claypole (1625-1688), Parliamentarian; husband of Cromwell's daughter, Elizabeth. 3 Portraits

Miss Claypole, Nurse. 2 Portraits

Sir Eric Maurice Clayson (1908-1989), Chartered accountant and businessman; Chairman of the Birmingham Post and Mail. 1 Portrait

Adam Charles Clayton (1960-), Musician; bassist for U2. 1 Portrait

Aimée Gertrude (née Mackenzie), Lady Clayton (1854 or 1855-1930), Daughter of Edward Mackenzie; wife of Sir William Robert Clayton, 6th Bt.. 1 Portrait

Annie Blanch (née Nepean), Lady Clayton (died 1947), Wife of Sir Hugh Byard Clayton. 3 Portraits

Dame Barbara Clayton (1922-2011), Pathologist. 1 Portrait

Bessie Clayton (1870-1948), Vaudevillian dancer and actress. 8 Portraits

Sir (George) Christopher Clayton (1869-1945), Politician, scientist and industrialist. 8 Portraits

Colin Clayton (1895-1975), Barrister-at-Law. 4 Portraits

Elsie Margaret Clayton (née Ames) (1894-1989), Wife of Edward Robert Clayton; daughter of W.H. Ames. 3 Portraits

Enid Caroline Clayton (née Thorowgood), Wife of Sir Gilbert Falkingham. 1 Portrait

Frederick George Hugh Clayton (1873-1970), Banker. 1 Portrait

Sir Gareth Thomas Butler Clayton (1914-1992), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Hare Clayton (1884-1957), Bishop of Johannesburg. 1 Portrait

George Clayton (1783-1862), Minister of Walworth Chapel. 4 Portraits

Sir Gilbert Falkingham Clayton (1875-1929), Intelligence officer; colonial administrator. 6 Portraits

Jack Clayton (1921-1995), Film director. 1 Portrait

John Clayton (1754-1843), Minister of Weigh House Chapel. 3 Portraits

John Clayton (1780-1865), Minister of Poultry Chapel. 4 Portraits

John Clayton (John Alfred Calthrop) (1843-1888), Actor. 7 Portraits

John Richard Clayton (1827-1913), Stained-glass painter; partner in the firm 'Clayton & Bell'. 1 Portrait

Lewis Clayton (1838-1917), Bishop of Leicester. 1 Portrait

(Frances) Mildred Clayton (1833-1868), Daughter of William Clayton and Mary Gorst. 1 Portrait

Nancy Stuart Byard Clayton (1918-2012), Social worker and served in Women's Auxiliary Service in Burma; daughter of Sir Hugh Byard Clayton. 3 Portraits

Sir Oscar Clayton (1816-1892), Surgeon and socialite. 2 Portraits

Rice Richard Clayton (1797-1879), Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and politician; MP for Aylesbury. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Clayton (circa 1703-1770), Sergeant-at-law and Lord Chief Justice of the common pleas in Ireland; uncle of Sir Richard Clayton, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Clayton (1629-1707), Lord Mayor of London. 5 Portraits

Mrs Robert Clayton, Wife of Robert Clayton, Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Philip Thomas Byard ('Tubby') Clayton (1885-1972), Founder of the Toc H movement. 16 Portraits

William Clayton (William George Grant) (circa 1868-1928), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir William Robert Clayton, 5th Bt (1786-1866), Politician; MP for Great Marlow. 1 Portrait

Frances Louise Helen (née Colquhoun), Lady Clayton-East (died 1950), Wife of Sir George Frederick Lancelot Clayton-East, 8th Bt; daughter of James Colquhoun. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Mary (née Durrant), Lady Clayton East Clayton (1906-1933), Sculptor; wife of Sir Robert Alan Clayton East Clayton, 9th Bt. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Alan Clayton East Clayton, 9th Bt (1908-1932), Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. 3 Portraits

Sir William Castle Cleary (1886-1971), Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Education. 3 Portraits

Sir Anthony Cleasby (1804-1879), Judge. 8 Portraits

Arthur Valentine Cleaver (1917-1977), Special Products Engineer, De Havilland Aircraft. 1 Portrait

Leonard Harry Cleaver (1909-1993), Politician; MP for Birmingham Yardley. 1 Portrait

William Cleaver (1742-1815), Bishop of St Asaph. 5 Portraits

Cledwyn Hughes, Baron Cledwyn of Penrhos (1916-2001), Politician; Secretary of State for Wales. 7 Portraits

John Cleese (1939-), Comedian and actor. 9 Portraits

Sir Cuthbert Barwick Clegg (1904-1986), Director of Barclays Bank. 1 Portrait

Edith Clegg, Actress. 10 Portraits

Hugh Anthony Clegg (1900-1983), Medical journal editor. 4 Portraits

Hugh Armstrong Clegg (1920-1995), Professor of industrial relations. 1 Portrait

Nicholas William Peter ('Nick') Clegg (1967-), Deputy Prime Minister. 2 Portraits

Robert Joseph Clegg (1852-1933), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Simon Paul Clegg (1959-), Sports adminstrator; CEO of British Olympic Authority. 1 Portrait

Sir William Edwin Clegg (1852-1932), Lord Mayor of Sheffield. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Cleghorn (née Cockburn), Daughter of Lord Henry Cockburn. 7 Portraits

Hugh Francis Clarke Cleghorn (1820-1895), Surgeon, botanist. 1 Portrait

John Cleland (1835-1924), Professor of Anatomy. 1 Portrait

Georges Eugene Benjamin Clemenceau (1841-1929), French statesman. 8 Portraits

Pope Clement VII (Giulio de' Medici) (1478-1534), Pope 1523-34. 6 Portraits

Dr Clement, Chief Assistant, Electro-Therapy Department, St Thomas' Hospital. 1 Portrait

Jack Clemente (1926-1974), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Clementi (1875-1947), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

John Muzio Clementi (1819-1870), Son of Muzio Clementi. 1 Portrait

Muzio Clementi (1752-1832), Composer and pianist. 2 Portraits

Princess Victor Napoléon (née Princess Clementine Albertine Marie Leopoldine of Belgium) (1872-1955), Wife of Prince Victor Napoleon; daughter of King Leopold II. 7 Portraits

Sir Cecil Clementi-Smith (1840-1916), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Lady Anne Clements (born 1802), Daughter of Lord Leitrim. 1 Portrait

Effie Clements (active 1881-1894), Soprano. 1 Portrait

Jacob Clements (1820-1898), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

John Clements (circa 1740-circa 1820), Physician; President of the Royal College of Physicians; descended from John Clements. 4 Portraits

Sir John Selby Clements (1910-1988), Actor-manager and producer. 2 Portraits

Kenneth John Clements (1905-1992), Bishop of Grafton, Australia. 1 Portrait

Margaret Clements (née Giggs) (1508-1570), Adopted daughter of Sir Thomas More. 6 Portraits

Nathaniel Clements (1705-1777), Treasury official and property developer. 1 Portrait

William Clements. 1 Portrait

John Clementson (1792-1851), Deputy Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Michael von Clemm (1935-1997), Financier. 1 Portrait

Eveline Clemo (née Polmounter) (1894-1977), Mother of Jack Clemo. 1 Portrait

George Roger Clemo (1889-1983), Professor of Organic Chemistry. 2 Portraits

Jack Clemo (1916-1994), Poet. 3 Portraits

Ruth Clemo (née Peaty) (1923-2007), Wife of Jack Clemo. 1 Portrait

William Fletcher Clemson (1866-1946), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Sir John Clench (circa 1535-1607), Judge. 2 Portraits

B. Clerc, Child actor and dancer. 6 Portraits

François Sébastien Charles Joseph de Croix, Comte de Clerfayt (1733-1798), Austrian Field Marshal. 1 Portrait

Sir Dugald Clerk (1854-1932), Mechanical engineer. 6 Portraits

Sir George Clerk, 6th Bt (1787-1867), Scottish politician; MP for several constituencies. 2 Portraits

Sir George Russell Clerk (1874-1951), Clerk in Foreign Office; First Minister Czechoslovakia Republic; British Ambassador in Turkey. 5 Portraits

Honor Elizabeth Clerk (1957-), Curator. 4 Portraits

Isabella Clerk, Daughter of Sir George Clerk. 2 Portraits

Sir James Clerk, 7th Bt (1812-1870), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir John Dutton Clerk, 10th Bt (1917-2002), Commander. 6 Portraits

Mabel Honor (née Dutton), Lady Clerk (1880-1974), Wife of Sir George James Robert Clerk, 9th Bt; daughter of Hon. Charles Dutton. 3 Portraits

Maria Ann Clerk (née Law) (1788-1866), Wife of Sir George Clerk. 2 Portraits

Robert Clerk (1738-1810), Book seller and publisher. 1 Portrait

Charles Carr Clerke (1799-1877), Archdeacon of Oxford. 4 Portraits

Mrs Charles Carr Clerke, Wife of the Archdeacon of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Shadwell Clerke (1792-1849), Army officer and military journalist. 3 Portraits

John Clerk of Eldin (1728-1812), Amateur etcher, naval author, geologist and landowner. 1 Portrait

William Henry Fortescue, Earl of Clermont (1722-1806), Irish politician; MP for Louth and Monaghan. 4 Portraits

Frances Fortescue (née Murray), Countess of Clermont (1724-1820), Wife of 1st Earl of Clermont. 1 Portrait

Thomas Fortescue, 1st Baron Clermont (1815-1887), Politician; MP for County Louth. 3 Portraits

Louisa Grace Fortescue (née Butler), Lady Clermont (1816-1896), Daughter of James Butler, 1st Marquess of Ormonde; wife of Thomas Fortescue, Baron Clermont. 3 Portraits

Sir Cornelius Francis Clery (1838-1926), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Jean Baptiste Cléry (1759-1809), Valet to Louis XVI. 1 Portrait

Charles FitzRoy, Duke of Cleveland (1662-1730), Illegitimate son of Charles II. 2 Portraits

Barbara Palmer (née Villiers), Duchess of Cleveland (1640-1709), Mistress of Charles II. 35 Portraits

Grace Caroline Vane (née Lowther), Duchess of Cleveland (1792-1883), Duchess. 1 Portrait

Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina Powlett (née Stanhope), Duchess of Cleveland (1819-1901), Wife of Harry George Powlett (né Vane), 4th Duke of Cleveland. 5 Portraits

William Harry Vane, 1st Duke of Cleveland (1766-1842), Sportsman and patron of the turf. 3 Portraits

Henry Vane, 2nd Duke of Cleveland (1788-1864), Army officer and Conservative politician; MP for South Shropshire. 1 Portrait

Harry George Powlett (né Vane), 4th Duke of Cleveland (1803-1891), Statesman. 5 Portraits

John Cleveland (1613-1658), Cavalier poet. 12 Portraits

Mary Kathleen (née Hogg), Lady Cleveland, Wife of Sir Charles Raitt Cleveland; daughter of T. W. Hogg. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Cleveland (1591-1667), Son of Anne (Hopton), Lady Pope and Henry Wentworth, 3rd Lord Wentworth. 1 Portrait

Robert Cleveley (1747-1809), Marine painter. 1 Portrait

Christopher John Cleverly (1967-), Barrister, entrepreneur and television presenter. 1 Portrait

Sir Osmund Somers Cleverly (1891-1966), Private Secretary to the Prime Minister. 2 Portraits

Donald Clewer (1892-1945), Dentist and army officer. 4 Portraits

Tony Clewes (active 1975). 1 Portrait

John Alexander Clezy (1901-1972), Bank manager. 1 Portrait

Henry Welbore Agar-Ellis, 2nd Viscount Clifden (1761-1836). 2 Portraits

Lady Caroline Agar-Ellis (née Spencer), Viscountess Clifden (1763-1813), Wife of 2nd Viscount Clifden; daughter of 4th Duke of Marlborough. 4 Portraits

Henry Agar-Ellis, 3rd Viscount Clifden (1825-1866), Royal courtier and race horse owner. 2 Portraits

Eliza Horatia Frederica (née Seymour), Viscountess Clifden (later Lady Stirling) (1833-1896), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria; former wife of 3rd Viscount Clifden, and later wife of Sir Walter George Stirling, 3rd Bt. 3 Portraits

Hon. Francis Gerald Agar-Robartes, 7th Viscount Clifden (1883-1966), Counsellor of Embassy Diplomatic Service. 1 Portrait

(Arthur) Victor Agar-Robartes, 8th Viscount Clifden (1887-1974), Major. 9 Portraits

Carina Cliff, Actress. 6 Portraits

Janet Cliff (née McCulloch-Brown, later Cliff-McCulloch) (1852-1911), Wife of Edward Adam Cliff (later Cliff-McCulloch); daughter of John Gordon Brown. 1 Portrait

Joan Cliff (née Bradley) (active 1929), Wife of Stephen Cliff. 2 Portraits

Stephen Cliff (active 1929). 2 Portraits

Lady Douglas Harnham Cliffe. 2 Portraits

Henry Cooper Cliffe (1862-1939), Actor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (1630-1673), Statesman. 7 Portraits

Charles Clifford, 6th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (1759-1831), Brother of 5th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh. 2 Portraits

Charles Hugh Clifford, 8th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (1819-1880), Son of 7th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh. 1 Portrait

Lewis Henry Hugh Clifford, 9th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (1851-1916), Barrister, volunteer Aide-de-camp to Edward VII and liberal Unionist politician. 6 Portraits

Mabel Ann (née Towneley), Lady Clifford of Chudleigh (died 1921), Wife of 9th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh; daughter of John Towneley. 1 Portrait

William Hugh Clifford, 10th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (1858-1943), Radiologist and scientist. 3 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth (née Knox), Lady Clifford of Chudleigh (1926-circa 1980), Second wife of 12th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh; daughter of Sir Adrian Knox. 5 Portraits

(Lewis) Hugh Clifford, 13th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (1916-1988), Major. 5 Portraits

Katharine Vavasseur (née Fisher), Lady Clifford of Chudleigh (1919-1999), Wife of 13th Baron Clifford; daughter of 2nd Baron Fisher. 10 Portraits

Alfred Clifford (1849-1931), Bishop of Lucknow. 2 Portraits

Alice Devin (née Gundry), Lady Clifford (died 1980), Wife of Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford; daughter of John Murton Gundry. 7 Portraits

Sir Augustus William James Clifford, 1st Bt (1788-1877), Naval officer and Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. 5 Portraits

Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford (1890-1969), Captain and colonial Governor. 3 Portraits

Camille Clifford (Camilla Antoinette Clifford) (1888-1970), Actress; former wife of Hon. Henry Lyndhurst Bruce, and later wife of John Meredith Evans. 34 Portraits

Sir Charles Cavendish Clifford, 4th Bt (1821-1895), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Edward Clifford (1844-1907), Illustrator and figure painter. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle (née Bonham), Lady Clifford (formerly Mrs Henry de la Pasture) (1866-1945), Novelist and dramatist; former wife of Henry Philip Duracel de la Pasture, and later wife of Sir Hugh Clifford. 7 Portraits

Sir Eric George Anderson Clifford (1900-1964), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Fiona Margaret Clifford (née Todd) (1956-), Daughter of Richard Todd; wife of Hon. Rollo Hugh Clifford. 1 Portrait

Georgie Crawford Clifford (1926-), Model. 2 Portraits

Henry Clifford (1768-1813), Barrister and legal writer. 5 Portraits

Henry Frederick Hugh Clifford (1867-1916), Brigadier-General. 7 Portraits

Sir Henry Hugh Clifford (1826-1883), Army officer; son of 7th Baron Clifford. 1 Portrait

Hugh Gilbert Francis Clifford (1897-1916), Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh Charles Clifford (1866-1941), Colonial administrator. 22 Portraits

J.M. Clifford. 1 Portrait

John Clifford (1836-1923), Minister of the New Connexion of General Baptists. 5 Portraits

Josephine Elizabeth (née Anstice), Lady Clifford (1826-1913), Wife of Sir Henry Hugh Clifford; daughter of Joseph Anstice. 1 Portrait

Louise Marie Gilberte Clifford (née Phillips) (active 1930), Wife of Esmond Humphrey Miller Clifford. 1 Portrait

Lucy Lane Clifford (1846-1929), Playwright and author. 2 Portraits

Martin Clifford (circa 1624-1677), Headmaster and author. 1 Portrait

Max Clifford (1943-2017), Publicist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Geoffrey) Miles Clifford (1897-1986), Anthropologist and Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Falkland Islands. 15 Portraits

Rosamund Clifford (before 1140?-1175 or 1176), Mistress of Henry II. 2 Portraits

Sir Timothy Peter Plint Clifford (1946-), Art historian; Director of the National Galleries of Scotland. 1 Portrait

William Joseph Hugh Clifford (1823-1893), Roman Catholic Bishop of Clifton. 1 Portrait

William Kingdon Clifford (1845-1879), Mathematician and metaphysician. 1 Portrait

Mr Clifford. 1 Portrait

Montgomery Clift (1920-1966), Actor. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Adeline Mary Bligh, Baroness Clifton (1900-1937), Barrister; daughter of 7th Earl of Darnley. 3 Portraits

Ada Clifton, Performer. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Clifton (1772-1869), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

'Baby' Clifton, Actress. 1 Portrait

Lady Eleanor Cecily Clifton (née Lowther) (1822-1894), Wife of John Talbot Clifton. 1 Portrait

John Talbot Clifton (1819-1882), Justice of the Peace, High Sheriff of Lancashire and Conservative politician; MP for North Lancashire. 1 Portrait

Edward Clifton Clifton-Brown (1870-1944), Director of Westminster Bank. 1 Portrait

Robert Climie (1868-1929), Scottish trade unionist politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Skipton Hill Climo (1868-1937), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Laurence Clinch (active 1768-1785), Actor. 1 Portrait

Henry Cline (1750-1827), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Madeline Clinkard. 7 Portraits

George Clint (1770-1854), Portrait painter and engraver. 4 Portraits

Robert St John Trefusis, 18th Baron Clinton (1787-1832). 1 Portrait

Charles Rodolph Trefusis, 19th Baron Clinton (1791-1866), Politician and commissioner of excise. 4 Portraits

Charles Henry Rolle Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, 20th Baron Clinton (1834-1904), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for India. 1 Portrait

Charles John Robert Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, 21st Baron Clinton (1863-1957), Forestry Commissioner. 6 Portraits

George Clinton (1739-1812), Vice-President of the United States. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Clinton (1730-1795), Politician and army general. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Clinton (1771-1829), Army Officer. 3 Portraits

Louisa Dorothea Clinton (née Holroyd) (died 1854), Daughter of 1st Earl of Sheffield, wife of Sir William Henry Clinton. 1 Portrait

Adelaide Clissold (née Hickman) (circa 1832-1869), Wife of Henry Bayley Clissold; daughter of William Hickman. 1 Portrait

Henry Clissold (1795-1867), Clergyman; Rector of Stockwell Chapel, Lambeth and of Chelmondiston, Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Henry Bayley Clissold (1827-1879), Clergyman; Rector of St Saviour's, Bath. 1 Portrait

Ralph Assheton, 1st Baron Clitheroe (1901-1984), Politician and businessman. 8 Portraits

James Clitherow (1766-1841), Army officer; Chairman of the Committee of Visiting Justices for the County Lunatic Asylum at Hanwell. 1 Portrait

John Christie Clitherow (1809-1865), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Margaret Clitherow (née Middleton) (1552 or 1553-1586), Roman Catholic martyr. 1 Portrait

Richard George Clitherow (1909-1988), Bishop of Stafford. 2 Portraits

Robert Clive, 1st Baron Clive (1725-1774), Governor of Bengal. 9 Portraits

Lady Mary Katharine Clive (née Pakenham) (1907-2010), Writer; wife of Meysey George Dallas Clive; daughter of 5th Earl of Longford. 1 Portrait

Catherine ('Kitty') Clive (née Raftor) (1711-1785), Actress. 10 Portraits

Colin Clive (1900-1937), Actor. 1 Portrait

Edward Bolton Clive (1765-1845), Politician; MP for Hereford. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Franklin Clive (1851-1924), Singer. 1 Portrait

George Clive (1730-1797?), Politician; MP for Bishop's Castle; First cousin of Clive of India. 1 Portrait

Lady Kathleen Elizabeth Mary Julia Clive (née Feilding) (1842-1882), Sixth daughter of 7th Earl of Denbigh; wife of Charles Meysey Bolton Clive. 1 Portrait

Magdalen (née Muir-Mackenzie), Lady Clive (1884-1971), Wife of Sir Robert Henry Clive. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Henry Clive (1877-1948), Ambassador in Brussels. 2 Portraits

Robert Henry Clive (1789-1854), Conservative politician; MP for South Shropshire. 2 Portraits

Sidney Clive (née Bolton) (1740-1814), Wife of George Clive. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Sidney Clive (1874-1959), Lieutenant-General. 7 Portraits

Sir John Cloberry (circa 1620-1687), Aide-de-camp to General Monk. 1 Portrait

Robert Glynn Clobery (1719-1800), Physician. 1 Portrait

Edward Clodd (1840-1930), Banker and writer. 2 Portraits

Charles Mathew Clode (1818-1893), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Dame (Emma) Frances Heather Clode (1903-1994), Chairman, Women's Royal Voluntary Service. 1 Portrait

(Frank) Bertram Clogg (1884-1955), Theologian professor. 1 Portrait

David Cloke (died 2006), Royal Navy Captain and Elder Brother of Trinity House. 1 Portrait

Anne Scott (née de Burgh), Countess of Clonmell (1818-1872), Wife of 3rd Earl of Clonmell; daughter of 2nd Baron Downes of Aghanville. 1 Portrait

John Henry Reginald Scott, 4th Earl of Clonmell (1839-1891), Representative peer. 5 Portraits

Boothby Clopton (active 1790s-died 1800), Eccentric. 2 Portraits

J?.K. Cloran. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Clore (1904-1979), Financier. 3 Portraits

C. Clore. 4 Portraits

M. Clore. 4 Portraits

Francis Close (1797-1882), Dean of Carlisle. 5 Portraits

Gay Close (née Martin-Jenkins), Wife of Peter Close; daughter of Alan Albert Martin-Jenkins. 1 Portrait

Ivy Close (1890-1968), Actress. 1 Portrait

Louise Closser (1872-1933), Actress, playwright and novelist. 1 Portrait

Princess (Marie Adelheid Amalie) Clotilde of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Archduchess of Austria (1846-1927), Wife of Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria; daughter of Prince August of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. 2 Portraits

Anne Jemima Clough (1820-1892), Educationalist and Principal, Newnham College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hugh Clough (1819-1861), Poet. 2 Portraits

Blanche Athena Clough (1861-1960), Educator; Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge; daughter of Arthur Hugh Clough. 2 Portraits

Brian Howard Clough (1935-2004), Footballer and football manager. 1 Portrait

Richard Clough (circa 1530-1570), Merchant. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Clough (1873-1965), Politician; MP for Keighley. 5 Portraits

Walter Owen Clough (1846-1922), Politician and accountant. 1 Portrait

William Clough (1862-1937), Politician; MP for Skipton. 2 Portraits

Robert Cloughen (1889-1930), Sprinter; Olympian. 5 Portraits

Lady Mary Clough-Taylor (née Stuart) (1870-1967), Second wife of Edward Harrison Clough-Taylor; daughter of 5th Earl of Castlestuart. 2 Portraits

(Cara) Prunella Clough-Taylor (1919-1999), Painter. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edmond Clouston (1908-1984), Air Commodore. 4 Portraits

Peter Clouston (1807-1888), Insurance broker and Lord Provost of Glasgow. 2 Portraits

Sir Brett Mackay Cloutman (1891-1971), Lieutenant-Colonel; recipient of the Victoria Cross; Lawyer. 9 Portraits

Geoffrey William Cloutman (1920-2000), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Frederick Sherwood Clover (1894-1962), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Andrew Gourlay Clow (1890-1957), Politician; Governor of Assam. 1 Portrait

John Clow (active 1840), Liverpool merchant. 1 Portrait

Lady Rose Clowes (née Nevill) (1950-), Bridesmaid to Princess Margaret; wife of George Mark Somerset Clowes; daughter of 5th Marquess of Abergavenny. 1 Portrait

Alice Ada Clowes (1845-1930), Daughter of George Clowes. 1 Portrait

Butler Clowes (died 1782), Engraver and printseller. 1 Portrait

George Clowes (1840-1918), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Clowes (1911-1993), Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Clowes (1743-1831), Church of England clergyman and Swedenborgian preacher. 1 Portrait

Legh Algernon Clowes (1901-1987), Lord of the Manor and Patron of the Living of Norbury. 3 Portraits

Norman Clowes (1893-1980), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Samuel Clowes (1864-1928), Labour politician; MP for Stoke-on-Trent. 2 Portraits

Algy Cluff (1940-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Alexander de Moro Sherriff ('Alec') Clunes (1912-1970), Actor and theatre manager. 2 Portraits

Martin Clunes (1961-), Actor. 2 Portraits

William Sampson Cluse (1875-1955), Politician; MP for Islington. 3 Portraits

Gustave Paul Cluseret (1823-1900), French soldier. 1 Portrait

Conleth ('Con') Cluskey (1941-2022), Musician; founding member of The Bachelors. 1 Portrait

Declan ('Dec') Cluskey (1942-), Musician; member of The Bachelors. 1 Portrait

Sir (Peter) Alexander Clutterbuck (1897-1975), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir David Granville Clutterbuck (1913-2008), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Edmund Harry Michael Clutterbuck (1920-1991), Brewer and Brewery Directory. 1 Portrait

Henry Clutterbuck (1767-1856), Physician and medical writer. 3 Portraits

James Hulton Clutterbuck (1835-1854), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Richard Lewis Clutterbuck (1917-1998), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Robert Clutterbuck (1772-1831), Topographer. 4 Portraits

Walter Edmond Clutterbuck (1894-1987), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Lady Sarah Margaret Clutton (née Fitzalan-Howard) (1941-), Wife of Nigel Hugh Clutton; daughter of 16th Duke of Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Clutton (née Smith) (1809-1888), Daughter of George Spencer Smith; wife of John Clutton. 1 Portrait

Sir George Lisle Clutton (1909-1970), Ambassador to the Philippines and Poland. 5 Portraits

W.E. Clutton. 1 Portrait

Arthur Clutton-Brock (1868-1924), Essayist, critic and journalist. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Alice Clutton-Brock (née Vernon-Harcourt) (1876-1964), Wife of Arthur Clutton-Brock; daughter of Leveson Francis Vernon-Harcourt. 1 Portrait

Helen Clutton-Brock (born 1894). 1 Portrait

Philipp Clüver (1580-1623), German geographer and historian. 3 Portraits

John Herbert Roberts, 1st Baron Clwyd (1863-1955), Politician; MP for Denbighshire. 3 Portraits

Colin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde (1792-1863), Field Marshal. 28 Portraits

James Avon Clyde, Lord Clyde (1863-1944), Judge; Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland. 3 Portraits

James Latham Mcdiarmid Clyde, Lord Clyde (1898-1975), Lord Justice General of Scotland and politician; MP for North Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

(Michael) Jeremy Thomas Clyde (1941-), Actor; pop singer; son of Lady Elizabeth Clyde. 1 Portrait

(David) John Colville, 1st Baron Clydesmuir (1894-1954), Colonial administrator, General, industrialist and Scottish Unionist politician; MP for Midlothian and Peebles Northern. 10 Portraits

George Clymer (1739-1813), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

John Robert ('J.R.') Clynes (1869-1949), Politician; Home Secretary and Trade unionist. 13 Portraits

Mary Clynes (née Harper), Wife of John Robert Clynes. 1 Portrait

Basil Aubrey Coad (1906-1980), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Samuel Coad (1882-1965), Canon Residentiary, Chester Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Conor David Coady (1993-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Ronald Edward Coaker (1917-1983), Major-General. 3 Portraits

John Flavell Coales (1907-1999), Professor of Engineering. 8 Portraits

Mary Coate (1886-1972), Historian and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Raymond Douglas Coate (1908-1983), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Albert Coates (1882-1953), Conductor and composer. 1 Portrait

David Wilson Coates (1886-1968), Chartered accountant. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Feetham Coates, 1st Bt (1853-1921), Soldier and politician. 1 Portrait

Eric Coates (1886-1957), Composer and conductor. 5 Portraits

Sir Eric Thomas Coates (1897-1968), Chairman of Delhi Engineering College Trust. 4 Portraits

Frederick Coates (active 1850s-1860s), Captain. 1 Portrait

James Coates (1816-1905), Stockbroker, justice of the peace and sportsman. 1 Portrait

John Coates (1865-1941), Tenor. 1 Portrait

Joseph Edward Coates (1883-1973), Professor of Chemistry. 3 Portraits

Joseph Gordon Coates (1878-1943), Prime Minister of New Zealand. 4 Portraits

Nigel Martin Coates (1949-), Architect; Professor of Architectural Design, Royal College of Art. 2 Portraits

Reginald Charles Coates (1920-2004), Civil engineer; professor; 114th president of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 6 Portraits

Robert Coates (1772-1848), Actor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Seymour Coates (1879-1954), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Wells Wintemute Coates (1895-1958), Architect. 12 Portraits

Sir William Coates (1860-1962), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir William Frederick Coates, 1st Bt (1866-1932), Lord Mayor of Belfast and stockbroker. 8 Portraits

Sir William Henry Coates (1882-1963), Deputy Chairman of Westminster Bank Ltd. 11 Portraits

A. Coats. 2 Portraits

Jervis Coats, Member of Glasgow University Liberal Committee. 1 Portrait

Peter Daniel Coats (1910-1990), Horticultural writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Stuart Auchincloss Coats, 2nd Bt (1868-1959), Politician; MP for Wimbledon and Surrey. 4 Portraits

Sir Cyril Stephen Cobb (1861-1938), Lawyer and politician. 5 Portraits

Edwyn Harland Wolstenholme Cobb (1902-1955), Major-General. 3 Portraits

James Cobb (1756-1818), Playwright. 7 Portraits

John Rhodes Cobb (1899-1952), Holder of land and water speed records. 3 Portraits

Monica Geike Cobb. 1 Portrait

Richard Charles Cobb (1917-1996), Historian. 2 Portraits

William James Cobb (1980-), Lecturer in anatomy and physiology; son of Richard Charles Cobb. 1 Portrait

Ada Florence Cobbett (née Sells) (died 1932), Wife of Walter Willson Cobbett. 2 Portraits

Walter Willson Cobbett (1847-1937), Businessman, amateur violinist and author of Cobbett's Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music. 1 Portrait

William Cobbett (1763-1835), Journalist, agriculturalist and politician; MP for Oldham. 57 Portraits

Cameron Fromanteel Cobbold, 1st Baron Cobbold (1904-1987), Governor of the Bank of England. 7 Portraits

(Margaret) Hermione (née Bulwer-Lytton), Lady Cobbold (1905-2004), Wife of 1st Baron Cobbold; daughter of 2nd Earl of Lytton. 11 Portraits

Ann Rosemary Cobbold (née Trevor) (1925-1997), Wife of David Cobbold. 1 Portrait

(Michael) David (Nevill) Cobbold (1919-1994), Solicitor and Mayor of Westminster. 2 Portraits

Richard Cobden (1804-1865), Politician; MP for several constituencies, manufacturer and free trade campaigner. 50 Portraits

(Julia Sarah) Anne Cobden-Sanderson (1866-1926), Socialist and suffragette. 8 Portraits

Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson (1840-1922), Bookbinder and printer; member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 4 Portraits

(Emma) Jane Catherine Cobden Unwin (1851-1947), Suffragist and radical. 5 Portraits

Richard Temple, 1st Viscount Cobham (1675-1749), Field Marshal and politician; MP for Buckinghamshire. 8 Portraits

Violet Yolande Lyttelton (née Leonard), Viscountess Cobham (died 1966), Daughter of Charles Leonard; wife of 9th Viscount Cobham. 3 Portraits

Charles George Lyttelton, 8th Viscount Cobham (1842-1922), Cricketer and Liberal politician; MP for East Worcestershire; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

John Cavendish Lyttelton, 9th Viscount Cobham (1881-1949), Lieutenant-Colonel. 9 Portraits

Charles John Lyttleton, 10th Viscount Cobham (1909-1977), Governor-General, New Zealand. 15 Portraits

Elizabeth Alison (née Makeig-Jones), Viscountess Cobham (died 1986), Wife of 10th Viscount Cobham; daughter of John Reeder Makeig-Jones. 1 Portrait

John Oldcastle, Baron Cobham (died 1417), Soldier, heretic and rebel. 5 Portraits

Maud Cobham (née de Moreville), Lady Cobham (active 1285-1304), Wife of 1st Baron Cobham of Cobham. 1 Portrait

Joan Cobham (née Beauchamp), Lady Cobham (active 1314-1343), Wife of 2nd Baron Cobham. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan John Cobham (1894-1973), Pioneer aviator. 29 Portraits

Gladys Lloyd Cobham (1894-1962), Actress; wife of Sir Alan John Cobham. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Brooke Cobham (1538-1605). 2 Portraits

Katya Cobham (née Bebb) (1966-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Michael Cobham (1927-2006), Chairman and life president of Cobham plc; son of Sir Alan J. Cobham and Gladys Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cobham (1779-1842), Actor. 2 Portraits

Chris Cobin (1954-), Restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Charles Colin Whitton McCallum Coborn (1852-1945), Comedian. 2 Portraits

Alvin Langdon Coburn (1882-1966), Photographer. 2 Portraits

James Harrison Coburn (1928-2002), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir (Marmaduke) Robert Coburn (1885-1966), Civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

Vera Coburn (active 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Blake Cochran (1872-1951), Impresario. 23 Portraits

Evelyn Alice Dade, Lady Cochran (1885-1960), Wife of Sir Charles Cochran. 1 Portrait

Mary Cochran. 3 Portraits

William Cochran (1922-2003), Professor of Natural Philosophy and Professor of Physics. 1 Portrait

Thomas Horatio Arthur Ernest Cochrane, 1st Baron Cochrane of Cults (1857-1951), Politician and army officer. 4 Portraits

Thomas George Frederick Cochrane, 2nd Baron Cochrane of Cults (1883-1968), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Forrester Inglis Cochrane (1758-1832), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Archibald Cochrane (1874-1952), Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir Archibald Douglas Cochrane (1885-1958), Governor of Burma. 10 Portraits

Sir Arthur William Steuart Cochrane (1872-1954), Clarenceux King of Arms. 14 Portraits

Hon. Basil Cochrane (died 1788), Commissioner of Excise; brother of 8th Earl of Dundonald. 1 Portrait

Charles Cochrane (1807-1855), Social reformer, travelling player and diarist. 1 Portrait

Douglas Fiennes Cochrane (1928-2007), Son of Sir Archibald Douglas Cochrane. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Owen Cochrane (1881-1972), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ernest Grey Lambton Cochrane (1834-1911), Naval officer; son of 10th Earl of Dundonald. 4 Portraits

Flora (née Sandstrom), Lady Cochrane (later Wainwright) (1904-1979), Writer; former third wife of Sir Ernest Cecil Cochrane, 2nd Bt, and later wife of Richard B. Wainwright; daughter of Fritz Arnold Sandstrom. 4 Portraits

Gavin Cochrane, Colonel. 1 Portrait

Julia Dorothy (née Cornwallis), Lady Cochrane (1887-1974), Daughter of 1st Baron Cornwallis; wife of Sir Archibald Douglas Cochrane. 9 Portraits

Peggy Cochrane (1902-1988), Violinist, composer, pianist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

(John) Peter Warren Cochrane (1913-2004), Art dealer and collector. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph Alexander Cochrane (1895-1977), Air Chief Marshal. 9 Portraits

Robert Greenhill Cochrane (1899-1985), Doctor and expert in leprosy. 1 Portrait

Sir Neil James Kennedy Cochran-Patrick (1866-1958), Captain of the 4th Royal Scots Fusiliers and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Alfred Cock (1851-1898), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

Anna Cock (née Pollock) (1838?-1926), Wife of Charles Richard Cock; daughter of Sir Frederick Pollock, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Edward Cock (1805?-1892), Surgeon and lecturer. 3 Portraits

Thomas Astley Cock (circa 1811-1885), Deacon and Professor of Mathematics. 1 Portrait

Sir Aston Cockayne, Bt (1608-1684), Poet and playwright. 1 Portrait

Thomas Oswald Cockayne (circa 1809-1873), Philologist and teacher. 1 Portrait

Miss Cockayne (active 1839). 1 Portrait

Henry Cockburn, Lord Cockburn (1779-1854), Judge. 7 Portraits

Sir Alexander James Edmund Cockburn, 12th Bt (1802-1880), Judge. 12 Portraits

Archibald Cockburn (active 1722), Church of England clergyman and writer. 2 Portraits

Archibald Cockburn, Barrister; son of Henry Cockburn. 1 Portrait

Archibald William Cockburn (1887-1969), Judge. 1 Portrait

Augusta Anne (née Aycough), Lady Cockburn (1748 or 1749-1837), Second wife of Sir James Cockburn, 8th Bt. 3 Portraits

Catharine Cockburn (Trotter) (1679-1749), Dramatist and philosophical writer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Cockburn (née MacDowall), Wife of Lord Cockburn. 4 Portraits

Francis Claud Cockburn (1904-1981), Writer and journalist. 3 Portraits

Sir George Cockburn, 10th Bt (1772-1853), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Henry Cockburn (1921-2004), Footballer and Coach. 7 Portraits

Sir James Cockburn, 7th Bt (1771-1852), Major-General. 4 Portraits

James Hutchison Cockburn (1882-1973), Chaplain to King George VI. 1 Portrait

James ('Jim') Cockburn, Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir John Alexander Cockburn (1850-1929), Politician; Premier of South Australia. 2 Portraits

Marjorie Enid Cockburn (née Wallington) (1903-1993), Wife of Reginald Stapylton Cockburn; daughter of Charles Wallington. 1 Portrait

Reginald Stapylton Cockburn (1889-1971), Son of Henry Cockburn. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Cockburn (1909-1994), Scientist and engineer. 2 Portraits

Sir William Cockburn, 9th Bt (1773-1858), Dean of York. 3 Portraits

Sir William Robert Marshall Cockburn (1891-1957), Director of Chartered Bank. 2 Portraits

Miss Cockburn, Daughter of Lord Cockburn. 2 Portraits

Sir John Douglas Cockcroft (1897-1967), Physicist and Nobel Prize winner. 16 Portraits

John Hoyle Cockcroft (1934-), Politician, author and journalist. 6 Portraits

Edward Cocker (1631-1675), Pedagogue. 10 Portraits

Jarvis Branson Cocker (1963-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Pulp'. 5 Portraits

John Cocker, Letter-carrier in Lynn. 1 Portrait

J. Cocker. 1 Portrait

Lady Harriet Cockerell (née Rushout) (died 1851), Wife of Sir Charles Cockerell of Sezincot; daughter of 1st Earl Northwick. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Cockerell, 1st Bt (1755-1837), Banker. 4 Portraits

Charles Robert Cockerell (1788-1863), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Cockerell (1910-1999), Scientist and inventor of the hovercraft. 4 Portraits

Douglas Bennett Cockerell (1870-1945), Bookbinder and printer. 1 Portrait

Samuel Pepys Cockerell (1754-1827), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Cockerell (1867-1962), Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and book collector. 14 Portraits

Mrs Sydney C. Cockerell (née Kingsford) (died 1949). 1 Portrait

Margaret Cockerell. 1 Portrait

Sir George Kynaston Cockerill (1867-1957), Army officer, politician and writer. 14 Portraits

Mildred (née Jowers), Lady Cockerill (died 1935), Wife of Sir George Kynaston Cockerill; daughter of Frederick W. Jowers. 1 Portrait

Francis Arthur Cockfield (1916-2007), Commissioner of Inland Revenue. 1 Portrait

Frederic Arthur Cockin (1888-1969), Bishop of Bristol. 5 Portraits

Petronilla Cockin (née Rous) (1943-), Wife of Thomas Cockin; daughter of P.J.M. Rous. 6 Portraits

Frederick William Cocking (1867-1935), Brick manufacturer; Mayor of Doncaster and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Maurice Cockrill (1935-2013), Artist. 3 Portraits

Anna Gwenllian Somers Cocks (1950-), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas George) Barnett Cocks (1907-1989), Clerk of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Cocks (née Eliot) (1739-1771), Wife of Charles Cocks, later 1st Baron Somers. 2 Portraits

Francis William Cocks (1913-1998), Bishop Suffragan of Shrewsbury and Honorary Canon of Lichfield Cathedral. 2 Portraits

(Frederick) Seymour Cocks (1882-1953), Politician; MP for Broxtowe. 6 Portraits

Harry Francis Lovell Cocks (1894-1983), United Reformed minister and theologian. 2 Portraits

John Cockshutt (1639-1669), Member of the Inner Temple. 1 Portrait

Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), Poet, playwright and film-director; Artist. 11 Portraits

John George Codd, Captain. 2 Portraits

Aimée Josephine (née Barber-Starkey), Lady Coddington (1878-1930), Second wife of Sir William Coddington, 1st Bt; daughter of W.J.S. Barber-Starkey. 4 Portraits

Grace Coddington (1941-), Model; Creative Director of American Vogue. 4 Portraits

Sir William Richard Codling (1879-1947), Controller, HM stationery office. 8 Portraits

Maurice Frederick Codner (1888-1958), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Edward Codrington (1854-1945), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Christopher Codrington (1668-1710), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Codrington (1770-1851), Admiral. 11 Portraits

Edward Codrington (1803-1819), Brother of Sir William John Codrington. 1 Portrait

Flora Codrington, Missionary and survivor of the Kucheng Massacre. 1 Portrait

Kenneth De Burgh Codrington (1899-1986), Professor Emeritus of Indian Archaeology. 2 Portraits

Mary (née Ames), Lady Codrington (circa 1815-1898), Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria; wife of Sir William John Codrington; daughter of Levi Ames. 2 Portraits

Sir William John Codrington (1804-1884), General. 5 Portraits

Sir Michael Codron (1930-), Theatre producer and manager. 4 Portraits

Samuel Franklin Cody (1867-1913), Aviator. 7 Portraits

Sebastian Coe, Baron Coe (1956-), Middle distance runner; Olympian, Conservative politician and President, International Association of Athletics Federations. 5 Portraits

Sergeant Coe (active 1940s), Soldier in Royal Corps of Signals, 1945. 1 Portrait

Michaela Coel (1987-), Actor, filmmaker, singer and composer. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward de Coetlogon (baptised 1747-1820), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Christo Coetzee (1929-2000), Artist. 1 Portrait

F?.B. Cofes. 1 Portrait

William Coffey (1851-1937), Lord Mayor of Dublin. 5 Portraits

Albert Isaiah Coffin (1790 or 1791-1866), Medical botanist. 1 Portrait

Charles Hayden Coffin (1862-1935), Actor and singer. 19 Portraits

Clifford Coffin (1870-1959), Major-General; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 6 Portraits

Alma Cogan (1932-1966), Singer. 15 Portraits

Eliezer Cogan (1762-1855), Presbyterian minister, schoolmaster and classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cogan (1736-1818), Physician and philosopher. 1 Portrait

Frederick Donald Coggan, Baron Coggan (1909-2000), Archbishop of Canterbury. 11 Portraits

Jean (née Strain), Lady Coggan (1908-2005), Wife of Frederick Donald Coggan, Baron Coggan; daughter of William Loudon Strain. 2 Portraits

F. Coggins. 2 Portraits

Douglas Harry Coghill (1855-1928), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Nevill Coghill (1899-1980), Scholar, university teacher, writer and theatre producer. 10 Portraits

Nevill Josiah Aylmer Coghill (1852-1879), Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Charles Francis Coghlan (1842-1899), Actor. 2 Portraits

Rose Coghlan (1851-1932), Actress. 3 Portraits

Miss Coghlan (active 1770s). 1 Portrait

Georgette Cohan (1900-1988), Actress; daughter of Ethel Levey and George M. Cohan. 3 Portraits

Lionel Leonard Cohen, Baron Cohen (1888-1973), Judge. 18 Portraits

Adelaide (née Spielmann), Baroness Cohen (1895-1961), Wife of Baron Cohen; daughter of Sir Isidore Spielmann. 10 Portraits

Alexander H. Cohen (1920-2000), Theatrical producer. 1 Portrait

Alice Waley (née Beddington), Lady Cohen, Wife of Sir Robert Cohen. 1 Portrait

Andrew Cohen (active 1823), Coffee speculator. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Cohen (1909-1968), Politician; Governor of Uganda. 2 Portraits

Arthur Cohen (1829-1914), Barrister and diplomatic counsel. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Arthur Cohen (1862-1942), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Benjamin Louis Cohen, 1st Bt (1844-1909), Politician and Jewish communal leader. 1 Portrait

Bernard Cohen (1933-), Painter and teacher. 3 Portraits

Sir Bernard Nathaniel Waley-Cohen, 1st Bt (1914-1991), Public servant and businessman. 21 Portraits

Sir (Jack Benn) Brunel Cohen (1886-1965), Major, treasurer for the British Legion and Conservative politician; MP for Liverpool Fairfield. 5 Portraits

Sarah ('Cissie') (née Fox), Lady Cohen, Philanthropist; wife of Sir John Edward ('Jack') Cohen; daughter of Benjamin Fox. 1 Portrait

Sir Edgar Abraham Cohen (1908-1973), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Elsie Cohen (1895-1972), Cinema manager; founder of the Academy cinema; journalist. 1 Portrait

Hannah Mildred ('Nina') (née Behrens), Lady Cohen (died 1963), Wife of Sir Herbert Benjamin Cohen, 2nd Bt; daughter of Henry Behrens. 5 Portraits

Harold Cohen (1928-2016), Painter. 1 Portrait

Harold Edward Cohen (1881-1946), Solicitor and Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Harriet Cohen (1895-1967), Pianist. 89 Portraits

Henry Cohen (active 1861). 2 Portraits

Henry Cohen (active 1970s), Bouncer at Ronnie Scott's. 4 Portraits

Henry ('Harry') Cohen. 1 Portrait

Mrs Henry Cohen (active 1861), Wife of Henry Cohen. 2 Portraits

Israel Cohen (1879-1961), Author and lecturer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Edward ('Jack') Cohen (1898-1979), Grocer and philanthropist; creator of Tesco stores. 2 Portraits

Julius Berend Cohen (1859-1935), Professor of organic chemistry. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Herman Salaman Cohen (1900-1984), Royal Navy Commander and Senior Secret Intelligence Service Officer (MI6). 3 Portraits

Leonard Cohen (1934-2016), Singer, songwriter and author. 1 Portrait

Levi Barent Cohen (1740-1808), Father-in-law of Nathan Meyer Rothschild. 3 Portraits

Levy Emanuel Cohen (1796-1860), Founder and editor of the Brighton Guardian. 1 Portrait

Lionel Louis Cohen (circa 1832-1887), Financier, charity administrator and Conservative politician; MP for Paddington North. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Louis Cohen (1846-1913), Philanthropist and pioneer of the Labour Exchange movement. 1 Portrait

Nigel Benjamin Cohen (1908-1931). 2 Portraits

Sir Rex Arthur Louis Cohen (1906-1988), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Waley Cohen (1877-1952), Oil industrialist; Managing Director of Shell Transport. 10 Portraits

Rosemary Cohen. 1 Portrait

Ruth Louisa Cohen (1906-1991), Economist, lecturer in Economics, Cambridge University and Councillor. 1 Portrait

Stephen Behrens Cohen (1911-1943), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Antoine Coiffier-Ruzé, Marquis d'Effiat (1581-1632), Marshal of France. 5 Portraits

Phyllis Coish. 1 Portrait

Lady Katherine Coke (née Egerton) (1835-1920), Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary; wife of Hon. Henry John Coke; daughter of 2nd Earl of Wilton of Wilton Castle. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Coke (née Campbell) (1727-1811), Letter writer and noblewoman. 2 Portraits

Anne Coke. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Henry Coke (1854-1945), Admiral. 7 Portraits

Daniel Parker Coke (1745-1825), Politician; MP for Derby and Nottingham. 1 Portrait

Hon. Diana Wentworth Coke (née Agar-Ellis) (1832-1890), Daughter of Baron Dover. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634), Lawyer, legal writer and politician. 39 Portraits

Edward Sacheverell D'Ewes Coke (1872-1941), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward Keppel Wentworth Coke (1824-1889), Sheriff of Derbyshire, soldier and politician; MP for West Norfolk. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Vera Catherine Alice Coke (née de Beaumont) (1898-1998), Second wife of Hon. Richard Coke; daughter of Louis Leopold Martial Baynard de Beaumont. 5 Portraits

Gerald Edward Coke (1907-1990), Director of Royal Academy of Music. 1 Portrait

Sir John Coke (1563-1644), Secretary of State to Charles I. 9 Portraits

Hon. Lovel William Coke (1893-1966), Commander, Royal Navy; son of 2nd Earl of Leicester. 3 Portraits

Peter Coke (1913-2008), Actor, writer and artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Coke (1747-1814), Methodist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Wenman Clarence Walpole Coke (1828-1907), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

William Coke (before 1739-1819), Bookseller. 1 Portrait

Ernest George Coker (1869-1946), Engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Coker (1621-1681), Royalist. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Coker (1952-1985). 2 Portraits

Peter Coker (1926-2004), Artist. 1 Portrait

Stella Colas (1843-1913), Actress. 2 Portraits

Erik Andreas Colban (1876-1956), Norwegian ambassador. 5 Portraits

Karen Marie Colban (née Holter), Wife of Erik Andreas Colban. 5 Portraits

David Frank Turquand Colbeck (died 1995), Colonel; son of Paul Colbeck. 2 Portraits

Edmund Henry Colbeck (1865-1942), Physician and Consultant Doctor of Medicine. 5 Portraits

F.R. Colbert. 1 Portrait

Jean Baptiste Colbert (1619-1683), French Minister of Finance under Louis XIV. 3 Portraits

Nicholas William Ridley-Colborne, 1st Baron Colborne (1779-1854), Statesman and financier. 5 Portraits

Hon. Francis Lionel Lydstone Colborne (1855-1924), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Richard Colburn (1970-), Musician, member of 'Belle and Sebastian'. 1 Portrait

Zerah Colburn (1832-1870), Locomotive designer. 1 Portrait

Flick Colby (1946-2011), Modern dance choreographer. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Francis Taylor Colby (1901-1958), Governor of Nyasaland. 1 Portrait

Thomas Frederick Colby (1784-1852), Director of the Ordnance Survey. 1 Portrait

Charles Abbot, 1st Baron Colchester (1757-1829), Speaker of the House of Commons. 10 Portraits

Charles Abbot, 2nd Baron Colchester (1798-1867), Naval commander and Conservative politician. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Susan (née Law), Lady Colchester (1799-1883), Wife of 2nd Baron Colchester; daughter of 1st Baron Ellenborough. 2 Portraits

Reginald Charles Edward Abbot, 3rd Baron Colchester (1842-1919), Barrister. 3 Portraits

George Colchester (active 1930), Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

William de Colchester (died 1420), Abbot of Westminster. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Colchester-Wemys (1872-1954), Justice of the Peace, soldier and High Sheriff. 2 Portraits

George Anson Probyn Coldstream (1899-1970), Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir George Phillips Coldstream (1907-2004), Clerk of the Crown in Chancery and Permanent Secretary to the Lord Chancellor. 1 Portrait

William Menzies Coldstream (1869-1943), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir William Menzies Coldstream (1908-1987), Painter. 21 Portraits

George James Cole, Baron Cole of Blackfriars (1906-1979), Chairman of Unilever Ltd. 2 Portraits

Lady Frances Cole (née Harris) (1784-1847), Wife of Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole; daugther of 1st Earl of Malmesbury. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Lucy Cole (née Fox-Strangways) (1776-1855), Widow of Thomas Mansel Talbot, and later wife of Sir Christopher Cole; daughter of 2nd Earl of Ilchester. 1 Portrait

Abdiah Cole (1610-1670), Physician. 3 Portraits

Alfred Clayton Cole (1854-1920), Director of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Arthur Henry Cole (1780-1844), Politician; MP for Enniskillen. 1 Portrait

Belle Cole (1845-1904), Singer. 2 Portraits

Blanche Cole (1851-1888), Singer. 3 Portraits

Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini (née Tweedy, formerly Cole) (1983-), Singer; member of Girls Aloud. 1 Portrait

Clarence Alfred Cole (died 1963), Bishop of Upper South Carolina. 1 Portrait

Daniel R. Cole (active 1923), Employee of Vickers Ltd, Sheffield. 1 Portrait

Edgar D. Cole (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Edith Cole (1869 or 1870-1927), Actress. 1 Portrait

Edward Maule Cole (died 1911), Clergyman at Wetwang, Yorkshire and geological writer. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Cole. 2 Portraits

Eric Stuart Cole (1906-1992), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Florence Mary Georgina Cole (1817-1888), Daughter of Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole. 1 Portrait

Francis Joseph Cole (1872-1959), Zoologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole (1772-1842), General. 6 Portraits

George Cole (1925-2015), Actor. 2 Portraits

George Douglas Howard Cole (1889-1959), University teacher, writer and socialist. 12 Portraits

Sir George Sinclair Cole (1911-1973), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

George Vicat Cole (1833-1893), Landscape painter. 5 Portraits

G.D. Cole, Major-General. 1 Portrait

Mrs G.D. Cole. 3 Portraits

Harold Cole, President, Royal Photographic Society. 1 Portrait

Henry Cole (1504 or 1505-1579 or 1580), Religious controversialist; dean of St Paul's. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Cole (1808-1882), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

Henry A Cole (active 1931), Alderman of the City of London. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Arthur Cole (1809-1890), Politician and army officer; son of 2nd Earl of Enniskillen. 4 Portraits

Joseph John ('Joe') Cole (1981-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

John Morrison Cole (1927-2013), Political Editor for the BBC; Journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Joseph Cole (active 1790), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Leslie Barrett Cole (1898-1983), Physician and Dean of Post Graduate Medical School, University of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Lily Cole (1987-), Fashion model. 6 Portraits

Lottie Cole, Events Manager, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Lowry Arthur Casamajor Cole (1878-1955), Businessman and private secretary. 2 Portraits

Dame Margaret Isabel Cole (1893-1980), Writer on socialism; wife of George Douglas Howard Cole. 7 Portraits

Martina Cole (1959-), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Percival Paisley Cole (1878-1948), Consulting surgeon. 2 Portraits

Percy Frederick Cole (1882-1968), Parliamentary journalist. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Cole (baptised 1629-1704), Painter and patron of the arts. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cole (circa 1730-1796), Divine. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cole (1628-1697), Clergyman and Independent minister. 1 Portrait

Valerie Cole (active 1946-1947), Actress. 7 Portraits

William Cole (1635-1716), Physician. 4 Portraits

(William) Horace De Vere Cole (1881-1936), Practical joker and participant in Dreadnought Hoax. 1 Portrait

Sir Hal Pateshall Colebatch (1872-1953), Politician. 4 Portraits

Leonard Colebrook (1883-1967), Doctor and Member of the Scientific Staff of the Medical Research Council. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Edward Colebrooke, 4th Bt (1813-1890), Politician; MP for Lanarkshire. 4 Portraits

Edward Arthur Colebrooke, 1st Baron Colebrooke (1861-1939), Courtier. 5 Portraits

Alexandra Harriet (née Paget), Lady Colebrooke (1865-1944), Wife of 1st Baron Colebrooke; daughter of Lord Alfred Henry Paget. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Margaret Colebrooke (née Richardson), Lady Colebrooke (1823-1896), Wife of Sir Thomas Edward Colebrooke, 4th Bt; daughter of John Richardson. 1 Portrait

Henry Thomas Colebrooke (1765-1837), Sanskrit scholar and founder of the Royal Asiatic Society. 1 Portrait

Mary Colebrooke (née Gaynor), Lady Colebrooke (1739-1818), Wife of Sir George Colebrooke, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

B.G. Colecroft. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Colefax (1866-1936), Politician and patent lawyer. 3 Portraits

Michael Arthur Colefax (1906-1989), Banker and Chairman of Kayser Bondor. 1 Portrait

Sibyl (née Halsey), Lady Colefax (1874-1950), Society hostess and Co-founder of Colefax & Fowler; wife of Sir Arthur Colefax; daughter of W. S. Halsey. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Colegate (1884-1956), Conservative politician; MP for The Wrekin and Burton. 5 Portraits

Isabel Colegate (1931-2023), Novelist and literary agent. 1 Portrait

Claud George Cole-Hamilton (1869-1957), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Beresford Cole-Hamilton (1894-1945), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Lucy Charlewood Cole-Hamilton (née Thorold) (1869-1951), Wife of Claud George Cole-Hamilton; daughter of Reginald Henry Thorold. 1 Portrait

Alys Cole-Kemsley (née Rowe) (active 1926), Wife of Ivan Nicholas Cole-Kemsley; daughter of W.J. Rowe. 1 Portrait

Ivan Nicholas Cole-Kemsley (active 1926), Son of E.B. Cole-Kemsley. 1 Portrait

Basil Coleman (1916-2013), Actor and theatre, opera and television director. 1 Portrait

Sir (Cyril Frederick) Charles Coleman (1903-1974), Lieutenant-General and Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey. 1 Portrait

Fanny Coleman (1840-1919), Actress. 1 Portrait

Frederic Abernethy Coleman (died 1931), Writer and military historian. 1 Portrait

James Coleman (1749 or 1750-1852). 1 Portrait

John Coleman (1940-), Psychologist. 1 Portrait

Leighton Coleman (1837-1907), Bishop of Delaware. 1 Portrait

Michael Edward Coleman (1902-1969), Bishop of Qu’Appelle, Canada. 1 Portrait

Nick Coleman (circa 1960-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Rex Coleman, Photographer. 1 Portrait

Roger Coleman (1930-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Walter Coleman (Christopher Colman) (1600-1645), Franciscan friar and poet. 4 Portraits

William ('Bill') Johnson Coleman (1904-1981), Jazz trumpeter. 4 Portraits

Mr Coleman (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John William Colenso (1814-1883), Bishop of Natal. 13 Portraits

John Colepeper, 1st Baron Colepeper (circa 1600-1660), Politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Colepeper, 3rd Bt (circa 1656-1723), Politician; one of the five 'Kentish Petitioners', 1701. 1 Portrait

William Colepeper (1664-1726), Politician; one of the five 'Kentish Petitioners', 1701 and poet. 1 Portrait

Richard Kidston Law, 1st Baron Coleraine (1901-1980), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 17 Portraits

Henry Hare, 2nd Baron Coleraine (1636-1708), Antiquary, architect and author. 8 Portraits

Constantia Hare (née Lucy), Lady Coleraine (died 1680), First wife of 2nd Baron Coleraine. 2 Portraits

George Hanger, 4th Baron Coleraine (1751?-1824), Eccentric. 20 Portraits

John Duke Coleridge, 1st Baron Coleridge (1820-1894), Judge. 11 Portraits

Bernard John Seymour Coleridge, 2nd Baron Coleridge (1851-1927), Judge. 6 Portraits

Mary MacKarness, Baroness Coleridge (died 1940), Daughter of Bishop of Oxford; wife of 2nd Baron Coleridge. 1 Portrait

(Cecilia) Rosamund (née Fisher), Lady Coleridge (1909-1991), Wife of 4th Baron Coleridge; daughter of Sir William Wordsworth Fisher. 3 Portraits

William Duke Coleridge, 5th Baron Coleridge (1937-), Army officer and businessman. 2 Portraits

Lady (Marguerite) Georgina Christine Coleridge (née Hay) (1916-2003), Journalist, editor and magazine Director; wife of Arthur Nicholas Coleridge; daughter of 11th Marquess of Tweeddale. 2 Portraits

Charles Coleridge. 1 Portrait

Derwent Coleridge (1800-1883), Writer, linguist and educationalist. 3 Portraits

Edward Coleridge (1800-1883), Fellow of Eton and Vicar of Mapledurham. 3 Portraits

Ernest Hartley Coleridge (1846-1920), Literary scholar and poet; son of Derwent Coleridge and grandson of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 1 Portrait

Everild Tania Coleridge (née Hambrough), Daughter of Lt-Col Beauchamp Hambrough; first wife of 5th Baron Coleridge. 9 Portraits

Hon. Gilbert James Duke Coleridge (1859-1953), Sculptor and writer; son of Lord Chief Justice. 1 Portrait

(David) Hartley Coleridge (1796-1849), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Francis Stanhope Duke Coleridge (1878-1951), General. 4 Portraits

Sir John Taylor Coleridge (1790-1876), Judge. 3 Portraits

Mary Coleridge (née Pridham) (1807-1887), Wife of Derwent Coleridge. 2 Portraits

Nicholas David Coleridge (1957-), Journalist and magazine editor. 1 Portrait

(Cecilia) Rosamund (née Fisher), Lady Coleridge (active 1920). 2 Portraits

Hon. Samuel John Taylor Coleridge (1942-), Brigadier; son of 4th Baron Coleridge. 2 Portraits

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), Poet. 10 Portraits

Sara Coleridge (1802-1852), Writer; daughter of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 2 Portraits

Stephen William Buchanan Coleridge (1854-1936), Author and anti-vivisectionist. 1 Portrait

Susan Coleridge (née Senior), Daughter of Ronald Henry Senior. 4 Portraits

William Hart Coleridge (1789-1849), Bishop of Barbados. 1 Portrait

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), Composer. 6 Portraits

Aeddan Cicely Coles (née Green) (1904-1952), Wife of Nicolas Robert Coles; daughter of Sir Frederick Green. 1 Portrait

Cowper Phipps Coles (1819-1870), Naval officer and engineer. 1 Portrait

Dorothy L. Coles (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Kynne? D. Coles (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sadie Coles (1963-), Owner and director of Sadie Coles HQ. 1 Portrait

Sir William Coles (1913-1979), Air Marshal and Director of Argyle Building Society. 1 Portrait

John Colet (1467?-1519), Founder of St Paul's School. 16 Portraits

Henry Coley (1633-1704), Astrologer and mathematician. 2 Portraits

Sir (William) Philip Colfox, 1st Bt (1888-1966), Politician and army officer. 4 Portraits

Colin Frederick Campbell, 1st Baron Colgrain (1866-1954), Justice of the Peace and bank president. 18 Portraits

Hendrikus Colijn (1869-1944), Soldier, businessman and Prime Minister of the Netherlands. 3 Portraits

Sid Colin (1920-1989), Scriptwriter. 3 Portraits

Albert Sydney Collard (1876-1938), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Collard (1772-1860), Piano manufacturer. 1 Portrait

John Collard, Writer on logic. 1 Portrait

Alice ('Ninnie') Collard, Nanny to the Beaton family. 2 Portraits

Richard Charles Marler Collard (1911-1962), Group Captain; Conservative MP for Central Norfok. 1 Portrait

William Frederick Collard (1776-1866), Piano manufacturer and poet. 1 Portrait

(Magdalena) Cecilia Colledge (1920-2008), Figure skater; Olympian. 15 Portraits

Maule Colledge (died 1943), Flight Lieutenant; son of Lionel Colledge; brother of Cecilia Colledge. 2 Portraits

Stephen College (circa 1635-1681), 'The protestant joiner', executed for treason. 3 Portraits

Sir Edwin Henry Hayter Collen (1843-1911), Major-General and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Philip Kenneth ('Phil') Collen (1957-), Musician; guitarist for Def Leppard. 1 Portrait

Baptista Colleredo (1617-1645), Conjoined twin. 3 Portraits

Lazarus Colleredo (1617-1645), Conjoined twin. 3 Portraits

Sir Dudley Colles (1889-1976), Extra Equerry to The Queen. 4 Portraits

Joseph Collet (1673-1725), Merchant and administrator in Sumatra and Madras. 1 Portrait

Sir Mark Wilks Collet, 1st Bt (1816-1905), Director of the Bank of England. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Henry Collett, 1st Bt (1864-1938), Lord Mayor of London. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Catherine Collett (née Sibbald Scott) (1919-1968), Daughter of Sir Francis Montagu Sibbald Scott, 5th Bt; wife of Charles Trusson Collett. 1 Portrait

Lilian Louisa (née Ionn), Lady Collett (1869-1935), Wife of Sir Charles Henry Collett, 1st Bt; daughter of Seymour Ionn. 5 Portraits

Roger Collett (1909-1972), Son of Sir Charles Henry Collett, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

William Rickford Collett (1810-1882), Mine owner and politician; MP for Lincoln. 2 Portraits

Charles Collette (1842-1924), Composer and actor. 1 Portrait

Mary Collette (active 1883-1901), Actress. 1 Portrait

Toni Collette (1972-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Fred Colley (active 1924), Actor. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Colley (1937-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Linda Colley (1949-), Historian; wife of Sir David Nicholas Cannadine. 2 Portraits

Percy Henry Collick (1899-1984), Politician and trade union official. 6 Portraits

Jessie (née Edgar), Lady Collie (died 1928), Wife of Sir (Robert) John Collie. 1 Portrait

Sir John Collie (1860-1935), Chief Medical Officer, Metropolitan Water Board. 3 Portraits

Sir Alfred Conrad Collier (1895-1986), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Anna Collier (née Legge), Wife of William Collier. 2 Portraits

Annie Collier (née Rolt) (1831-1915), Wife of Clarence Augustus Collier. 1 Portrait

Christiana Collier (née Gwyn) (1749-active 1772), Wife of Admiral Sir George Collier. 4 Portraits

Clarence Augustus Collier (1830-1921), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Clarence Sinclair Collier (1860-1879), Son of Clarence Augustus Collier. 1 Portrait

Constance Collier (1878-1955), Actress. 43 Portraits

Edward Collier (circa 1642-1708), Painter. 1 Portrait

Ernest Victor Collier (1878-1964), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Frank Simon Collier (1900-1964), Chief Conservator of Forests, Nigeria. 1 Portrait

Henry Theodosius Brown Collier (1791-1872), Admiral; father of Gertrude Barbara Rich Tennant (née Collier). 2 Portraits

Jane Collier (active circa 1730s-1750s). 2 Portraits

Jeremy Collier (1650-1726), Anti-theatrical polemicist and bishop of the nonjuring Church of England. 7 Portraits

John Collier (1850-1934), Portrait painter and writer on art. 7 Portraits

Sir Laurence Collier (1890-1976), British ambassador to the Norwegian Government. 3 Portraits

Lesley Collier (1947-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Lorna Evelyn Collier (1915-1997), Daughter of 3rd Baron Monkswell. 3 Portraits

Marian Collier (née Huxley) (1859-1887), Painter; first wife of John Collier. 1 Portrait

Marie Collier (1927-1971), Singer. 1 Portrait

William Collier (1856-1935), President of British Medical Association. 7 Portraits

Mr Collier (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

John Clifford Colligan (1906-1999), Director-General, Royal Institute for the Blind. 1 Portrait

Lady Clarissa Collin (née Duncombe) (1938-2021), Magistrate; wife of Nicholas Spencer Compton Collin; daughter of 3rd Earl of Feversham of Ryedale. 2 Portraits

Frank Collindridge (1891-1951), Politician; MP for Barnsley. 10 Portraits

Charles Colling (1751-1836), Stockbreeder. 1 Portrait

Mary Maria Colling (1804-1853), Poet and domestic servant. 1 Portrait

R.J. Colling. 2 Portraits

Florence Eliza Collingbourne (1880-1946), Actress. 4 Portraits

John Collinges (1623 or 1624-1691), Clergyman and ejected minister. 1 Portrait

Mr C.F. Collings (active 1903), Actor. 1 Portrait

Herbert J. Collings (1883-1958), Magician and co-founder of the Magic Circle. 1 Portrait

Jesse Collings (1831-1920), Politician and educationist. 16 Portraits

Matthew Collings (1955-), Art critic, writer, broadcaster and artist. 1 Portrait

Cuthbert Collingwood, Baron Collingwood (1748-1810), Admiral. 13 Portraits

Arthur Collingwood (1879-1952), Lecturer in Music. 1 Portrait

Clennell William Collingwood (1873-1960), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Foyle Collingwood (1900-1970), Mathematician and medical administrator. 5 Portraits

George Collingwood (circa 1679-1716), Jacobite insurgent. 1 Portrait

Sir (Richard) George Collingwood (1903-1986), Lieutenant-General. 6 Portraits

Robin George Collingwood (1889-1943), Philosopher and historian. 3 Portraits

William Collingwood (1819-1903), Watercolourist. 1 Portrait

Richard Henn Collins, Baron Collins (1842-1911), Judge. 1 Portrait

Lady Evelyn Anne Collins (née Innes-Ker) (1882-1957), Justice of the Peace; wife of William Fellowes Collins; daughter of 7th Duke of Roxburghe. 4 Portraits

Adèle Collins. 1 Portrait

Arthur Collins (1845-1911), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Arthur Pelham Collins (1863-1932), Theatre manager and producer. 1 Portrait

William Alexander Roy ('Billy') Collins (1900-1976), Publisher; Chairman of Collins. 2 Portraits

Bob Collins (1924-2002), Photographer. 5 Portraits

Brenda Marion Collins (née Kenworthy) (1946-), Wife of Geoffrey Collins; granddaughter of 10th Baron Strabolgi. 5 Portraits

Cecil James Henry Collins (1908-1989), Artist. 4 Portraits

Charles Allston Collins (1828-1873), Painter and writer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Douglas Collins (1940-), Company chairman; amateur steeplechase jockey. 1 Portrait

C.R. Collins, Smoke Room Attendant, House of Commons. 2 Portraits

David Collins (1756-1810), Colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Dennis Collins (died 1834), Naval officer, convicted of High Treason for throwing a Stone at King William IV at Ascot Races, 19th of June 1832. 1 Portrait

Dennis Joseph Collins (died 1939), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Dominic Collins (1566-1602), Irish Jesuit lay brother and soldier. 3 Portraits

Douglas Collins (1912-1972), Seedsman and farmer; perfumer; Founder and Chairman of Goya Ltd, cosmetics company. 2 Portraits

Dudley Stuart Collins (1881-1951), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Edward Archibald Collins (1831-1909), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Emanuel Collins, Clergyman. 4 Portraits

Ernest Collins (1851-1914), Water supply engineer of the New River Company. 1 Portrait

Faith (née Henderson), Lady Collins, Wife of Sir Godfrey Pattison Collins; daughter of J.C.A. Henderson. 3 Portraits

Frank Collins (1878-1957), Stage director, actor and producer. 1 Portrait

F. Collins, Member of staff of the Kelmscott Press. 1 Portrait

F. Collins (active 1909), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Godfrey Ferdinando Stratford Collins (1888-1952), Senior civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

Sir Godfrey Pattison Collins (1875-1936), Politician; Secretary of State for Scotland. 7 Portraits

Jacqueline Jill ('Jackie') Collins (1937-2015), Novelist; sister of Joan Collins. 6 Portraits

James Richard Collins (1869-1934), Director of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. 2 Portraits

Dame Joan Henrietta Collins (1933-), Actress. 17 Portraits

John Collins (1632?-1687), Congregational minister. 5 Portraits

John Collins (active early 19th century), Joint author of 'Chartism: A New Organisation of the People'. 2 Portraits

John Collins (died 1874), Comic actor. 1 Portrait

John Alford Kingswell Collins (1920-2013), Major and businessman. 1 Portrait

John Angus Paul Collins (1968-), Footballer and football manager. 1 Portrait

Sir John Augustine Collins (1899-1989), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Josephine Charlotte ('José') Collins (1887-1958), Actress. 11 Portraits

J.A.S. Collins, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

J.B. Collins, Amateur rower. 3 Portraits

(Kathleen Mary) Lalage Collins (née Lysaght) (1905-1976), Cousin of Julian Vinogradoff (née Morrell); wife of John St Barbe Collins. 8 Portraits

Kenneth St Barbe Collins (1904-1982), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

King Collins (active 1792), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Lewis John Collins (1905-1982), Church of England clergyman, writer and social reformer. 8 Portraits

Lottie Collins (Charlotte Louisa Collins, later Cooney, later Tate) (1865-1910), Music hall entertainer; mother of Jose Collins. 2 Portraits

Michael Collins (1890-1922), Irish revolutionary leader. 1 Portrait

(Edward James) Mortimer Collins (1827-1876), Novelist and journalist. 1 Portrait

Norman Richard Collins (1907-1982), Television administrator and writer. 25 Portraits

Patrick Collins (1859-1943), Outdoor amusement caterer, theatre and cinema proprietor and politician. 3 Portraits

Pauline Collins (1940-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Peter Collins (1560-1646), Soldier and historian. 2 Portraits

Philip David Charles ('Phil') Collins (1951-), Singer, musician, songwriter and member of 'Genesis'. 3 Portraits

Reginald Lakeman Collins, Reverend, St Luke's Training College, Exeter. 1 Portrait

Richard Collins (born 1642), Excise Officer at Bristol. 2 Portraits

Robert John Collins (1880-1950), Army officer, author and editor. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Muirhead Collins (1852-1927), Naval commander and colonial administrator in Australia. 1 Portrait

Rufus Collins (1935-), Actor and director. 1 Portrait

Samuel Collins (circa 1618-1710), Anatomist and physician. 2 Portraits

Shirley Elizabeth Collins (1935-), Singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Stephen Collins (1847-1925), Liberal politician; MP for Lambeth. 4 Portraits

Thomas Collins (1775-1806), Actor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Collins (1825-1884), Politician. 1 Portrait

(William) Wilkie Collins (1824-1889), Novelist. 25 Portraits

William Collins (1721-1759), Poet. 1 Portrait

William Collins (1788-1847), Landscape and genre painter. 3 Portraits

Winnie Collins (born 1896), Actress and singer. 5 Portraits

W. Collins, Member of staff of the Kelmscott Press. 1 Portrait

Mr Collins. 2 Portraits

Mr Collins. 1 Portrait

Lionel Henry Collins? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Ethel Margaret Harker ('Margot') Collinson (1896-1957), History teacher. 1 Portrait

Peter Collinson (1694-1768), Naturalist and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Collinson (1811-1883), Naval officer and explorer. 4 Portraits

Robert Collinson (1832-1898), Painter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Bernard Collinson (1822-1902), Officer in the Royal Engineers. 2 Portraits

Mrs Collinson (active 1865). 1 Portrait

James Bertram Collip (1892-1965), Professor of Medical Research. 1 Portrait

John Stewart Collis (1900-1984), Author and philosopher. 1 Portrait

Louise Collis, Author. 2 Portraits

Maurice Collis (1889-1973), Historian, biographer, novelist and critic. 2 Portraits

Robert Henry Collis (1874-1930), Captain and sportsman. 2 Portraits

Mat Collishaw (1966-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Harold Francis Collison, Baron Collison of Cheshunt (1909-1995), Chairman of the Supplementary Benefits Commission. 9 Portraits

Master B. Collister, Child model. 3 Portraits

Edward Collister. 3 Portraits

Jean Marie Collot d'Herbois (1750-1796), French revolutionary. 1 Portrait

Edith Gwendolen (née Tritton), Lady Colman (1902-1980), Daughter of Sir Alfred Ernest Tritton, 2nd Bt; wife of Sir Jeremiah Colman, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Edward Colman (Coleman) (1636-1678), Courtier. 3 Portraits

Edward Colman (circa 1734-1815), Serjeant-at-Arms. 7 Portraits

George Colman the Elder (1732-1794), Playwright. 10 Portraits

George Colman the Younger (1762-1836), Dramatist. 6 Portraits

Grace Mary Colman (1892-1971), Labour politician: MP for Tynemouth. 1 Portrait

Sir Jeremiah Colman, 1st Bt (1859-1942), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

Olivia Colman (1974-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Ronald Charles Colman (1891-1958), Actor and soldier. 8 Portraits

Hon. Victoria Helen Colman (née Loder) (1899-1979), Daughter of Gerald Loder, 1st Baron Wakehurst; wife of Alan Colman. 5 Portraits

Mr Colman, Methodist preacher. 2 Portraits

Joseph Grose Colmer (1856-1937), Canadian civil servant. 1 Portrait

Charles Blayney Colmore (died 1950), Bishop of Puerto Rico. 1 Portrait

Dominic Charles Colnaghi (1790-1879), Art dealer; partner in P. & D. Colnaghi, Scott & Co. 2 Portraits

Humphrey Edward Gregory Atkins, Baron Colnbrook (1922-1996), Politician; Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. 12 Portraits

(Adela) Margaret ('Maggie') (née Spencer-Nairn), Lady Colnbrook (1924-2012), Wife of Baron Colnbrook; daughter of Sir Robert Spencer-Nairn, 1st Bt. 4 Portraits

Catherine Colomb (Marie-Louise ('Marion') Reymond (née Colomb)) (1892-1965), French Swiss writer; wife of Jean Reymond. 18 Portraits

Sir John Charles Ready Colomb (1838-1909), Defence strategist and advocate of imperial federation. 6 Portraits

Duncan McNeill, Baron Colonsay and Oronsay (1793-1874), Judge. 3 Portraits

Sir John Colpoys (circa 1742-1821), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Archibald Campbell Colquhoun (circa 1754-1820), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

Brian Hugh Colquhoun (1902-1977), Engineer. 3 Portraits

Charlotte Mary Douglas (née Monro), Lady Colquhoun (circa 1848-1902), First wife of Sir James Colquhoun, 5th Bt; daughter of Major William Monro. 1 Portrait

Sir Cyril Harry Colquhoun (1903-1996), Major-General. 1 Portrait

(Margaret) Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988), Painter and writer. 5 Portraits

Janet (née Sinclair), Lady Colquhoun (1781-1846), Religious writer; wife of Sir James Colquhoun, Bt. 1 Portrait

John Colquhoun (1748-1827), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Maureen Morfydd Colquhoun (1928-2021), Politician and local councillor; Labour Member of Parliament for Northampton North. 1 Portrait

Patrick Colquhoun (1745-1820), Police magistrate and statistical writer. 2 Portraits

Robert Colquhoun (1914-1962), Painter. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Gilmour Colquhoun (1803-1870), Diplomat and British Agent and Consul-General in Egypt. 1 Portrait

Francis Tovey Colson (1858-1929), Canon of Christchurch, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry St Clair Colson (1887-1968), Surgeon Vice-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Blampied Colston (1891-1969), Chairman of Hoover Ltd. 4 Portraits

Edward Colston (1636-1721), Trader of enslaved people; merchant and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

William Colston (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

James Milne Coltart (1903-1986), Managing Director and company chairman. 1 Portrait

Ellen Rebecca Colthurst (1838-1913), Daughter of John Colthurst. 2 Portraits

Henry Colthurst. 2 Portraits

John Colthurst (1810-1895), Surgeon, General Practitioner, Landowner. 2 Portraits

Anna (née Duckworth), Lady Coltman (born 1799), Wife of Sir Thomas Coltman; daughter of George Duckworth. 1 Portrait

William Robert Colton (1867-1921), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Helen Colton-Fox (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Pamela Colton-Fox (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Robbie Coltrane (1950-2022), Actor and director. 3 Portraits

Ann Columbine (née Master) (active mid 18th century), Wife of General Francis Columbine. 1 Portrait

Francis Columbine (died 1746), Lieutenant-general. 1 Portrait

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), Italian navigator and explorer. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Colver (1794-1870), Baptist minister and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Andrew John Wedderburn Colvile (1859-1876), Son of Sir James William Colvile. 5 Portraits

(Frances) Elinor (née Grant), Lady Colvile (1838-1919), Daughter of John Peter Grant; wife of Sir James Colvile. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Edward Colvile (1852-1907), Army officer and writer. 4 Portraits

Sir James William Colvile (1810-1880), Judge in India. 2 Portraits

Charles John Colville, 1st Viscount Colville (1818-1903), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Charles Robert Wiliam Colville, 2nd Viscount Colville of Culross (1854-1928), Major. 3 Portraits

John Colville, 10th Baron Colville (1768-1849). 2 Portraits

Lady (Helen) Cynthia Colville (née Crewe-Milnes) (1884-1968), Courtier and social worker; wife of Hon. George Colville; daughter of 1st Marquess of Crewe. 7 Portraits

Lady Joan Colville (née Child-Villiers) (1911-2010), Daughter of 8th Earl of Jersey; wife of David Richard Colville. 10 Portraits

Lady Margaret ('Meg') Colville (née Egerton) (1918-2004), Royal courtier; wife of Sir John Rupert Colville; daughter of 4th Earl of Ellesmere. 3 Portraits

Alice Rosa Colville (née Daly) (died 1882), First wife of Henry Edward Colville (later KCMG); daughter of Hon. Robert Daly. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Colville (1770-1843), Army Officer. 2 Portraits

Charles Robert Colville (1815-1886), Sheriff of Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

David Colville (born 1906), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Dorothy Colville (née Birdwood) (1907-1972), Wife of Richard Colville; daughter of Halhed Birdwood. 1 Portrait

Helen Colville. 1 Portrait

Sir John Rupert Colville (1915-1987), Diplomat, civil servant and banker. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Colville (1907-1975), Naval officer and equerry to Queen. 1 Portrait

Sir Stanley Cecil James Colville (1861-1939), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir Auckland Colvin (1838-1908), Administrator in India and Egypt. 1 Portrait

Calum Colvin (1961-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Cecil Hodgson Colvin (1858-1938), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Elliot Graham Colvin (1861-1940), Colonial civil servant. 3 Portraits

Herbert Wybault Colvin (1858-1882), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Howard Montagu Colvin (1919-2007), Architectural historian. 2 Portraits

James Colvin (1768-1847), Merchant. 3 Portraits

John Colvin (1794-1871), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Marie Colvin (1956-2012), Journalist and award-winning foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times. 1 Portrait

Sir Ragnar Musgrave Colvin (1882-1954), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Beale Colvin (1856-1936), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Sidney Colvin (1845-1927), Art and literary scholar and museum administrator. 7 Portraits

Mr Colvin. 1 Portrait

Daniel Colwall (died 1690), Treasurer of the Royal Society and founder of its museum. 5 Portraits

Catherine Edith Mary Colwell (née Law) (died 1992), Wife of Kent Colwell; daughter of A. Bonar Law. 1 Portrait

Kent Galbraith Colwell (1898-1990), Son of J.C. Colwell. 1 Portrait

Frederick Henry Smith, 1st Baron Colwyn (1859-1946), Rubber and cotton manufacturer. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Ann (née Savage), Lady Colwyn (died 1945), Wife of 1st Baron Colwyn; daughter of Hamilton Savage. 3 Portraits

Douglas Colyer (1893-1978), Air Marshal. 14 Portraits

Sir (James) Frank Colyer (1866-1954), Dental surgeon and museum curator. 5 Portraits

Mary Freda (née Cohen), Lady Colyer-Fergusson (circa 1872-1964), Second wife of Sir Thomas Colyer Colyer-Fergusson; daughter of Hon. Arthur Cohen. 2 Portraits

Signora Comanetti. 1 Portrait

Lady Moira Estelle Norah Frances Combe (née Scott) (1902-1964), Charity worker; wife of Henry Combe; daughter of 7th Earl of Clonmell. 1 Portrait

Cecilia Combe (née Siddons) (1794-1868), Wife of George Combe; daughter of Sarah Siddons. 2 Portraits

George Combe (1788-1858), Phrenologist and Scholar. 2 Portraits

Harvey Christian Combe (1752-1818), Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

John Frederick Boyle Combe (1895-1967), Major. 4 Portraits

Mary Combe, Fisherwoman. 2 Portraits

Sheila Galbraith Combe (née Macdonald) (born 1905), Mountaineer; wife of Harold Percy Combe; daughter of Claude Macdonald. 1 Portrait

Simon Harvey Combe (1903-1965), Chairman of Watney Mann Ltd. 2 Portraits

Taylor Combe (1774-1826), Numismatist and archaeologist. 1 Portrait

William Combe (1741-1823), Author of 'Doctor Syntax'. 2 Portraits

H.J. Comber, Chief Officer, Labour for the LMS railway. 1 Portrait

William Comber (1726-1810), Vicar of Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

Stapleton Cotton, 1st Viscount Combermere (1773-1865), Field Marshal. 9 Portraits

Mary Woolley (née Gibbings), Viscountess Combermere (died 1889), Third wife of 1st Viscount Combermere; daughter of Robert Gibbings. 1 Portrait

Wellington Henry Stapleton-Cotton, 2nd Viscount Combermere (1818-1891), Soldier and landowner. 2 Portraits

Francis Lynch Wellington-Stapleton-Cotton, 4th Viscount Combermere (1887-1969). 3 Portraits

John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), Moravian Bishop and educational reformer. 2 Portraits

Alexander Comfort (1920-2000), Novelist and poet. 5 Portraits

Jane Comfort, Actress. 7 Portraits

M. Comins (active 1920), Captain of the St Hilda's Hall (later College) Hockey Team. 1 Portrait

Commander of the Royal Artillery, Commander of the Royal Artillery. 1 Portrait

Charles van Commenee (1958-), Head Coach, UK Athletics. 1 Portrait

Sir John Edmund Commerell (1829-1901), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Percy Ryan Conway Commings (1880-1958), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Andrew Commins (1829-1916), Barrister and politician; MP for Roscommon. 1 Portrait

Sir (Lawrence) Andrew Common (1889-1953), Shipping company director. 3 Portraits

Companions of the Order of the Bath. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Ninian Comper (1864-1960), Church architect. 4 Portraits

Mr Compergill (active 1846). 1 Portrait

Herbert Fuller Compston (1866-1931), Writer, cleric and reverend. 1 Portrait

Charles John Spencer Compton, Earl Compton (1849-1887), Son of 4th Marquess of Northampton. 3 Portraits

Lord Alwyne Compton (1825-1906), Bishop of Ely. 6 Portraits

Lord Alwyne Frederick Compton (1855-1911), Politician and army officer; son of 4th Marquess of Northampton. 6 Portraits

Alice Elizabeth Compton (1854-1862), Daughter of 4th Marquess of Northampton. 4 Portraits

Charles William Compton (1869-1933), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Denis Compton (1918-1997), Cricketer. 3 Portraits

Sir Edmund Gerald Compton (1906-1994), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Fay Compton (née Virginia Lilian Emmeline Compton-Mackenzie) (1894-1978), Actress and singer. 41 Portraits

Florence Caroline (née Anderson), Lady Alwyne Compton (1829-1918), Wife of Lord Alwyne Compton; daughter of Robert Anderson. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Compton (1629-1716), Fifth son of Spencer Compton, 2nd Earl of Northampton. 1 Portrait

Henry Compton (Charles Mackenzie) (1805-1877), Comedy actor. 9 Portraits

Henry Compton (1632-1713), Bishop of London. 14 Portraits

Sir Henry Compton (circa 1584-circa 1649), Politician; MP for East Grinstead; son of 1st Baron Compton. 2 Portraits

James Compton, Botanist and plant collector. 1 Portrait

Juliette Compton (1899-1989), Actress. 9 Portraits

Sydney Compton (active 1923), Actor manager. 1 Portrait

Sir William Compton (1625-1663), Royalist Commander. 1 Portrait

William Cookworthy Compton (1854-1936), Preacher and schoolmaster. 3 Portraits

Willis Compton. 1 Portrait

Mr Compton (active circa 1800). 1 Portrait

Miss Compton (active 1863). 2 Portraits

Dame Ivy Compton-Burnett (1884-1969), Novelist. 12 Portraits

Sir Joseph Compton-Rickett (1847-1919), Politician, company chairman and author. 6 Portraits

Sir Anthony John Compton-Thornhill, 2nd Bt (1885-1949), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Leslie John Comrie (1893-1950), Astronomer and computational mathematician. 2 Portraits

Andrée Comte. 1 Portrait

Sir John Comyns (circa 1667-1740), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Strettell Comyns Carr (1882-1965), Barrister, politician and president of the Film Industries Co-operative Society. 1 Portrait

Adrian Conan Doyle (1910-1970), Son of Arthur Conan Doyle. 1 Portrait

Anna Conan Doyle (née Andersen) (1910 or 1911-1991), Wife of Adrian Conan Doyle. 1 Portrait

Denis Percy Stewart Conan Doyle (1909-1955), Racing driver; son of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 3 Portraits

Dame (Lena Annette) Jean Bromet (née Conan Doyle) (1912-1997), Director of the Women's Royal Air Force; daughter of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; wife of Sir Geoffrey Rhodes Bromet. 5 Portraits

John Conant (1608-1694), College head. 1 Portrait

Mrs Concannon (active 1797). 2 Portraits

Charles Condell Jr (circa 1846-1868), Son of Charles Condell; friend of Sir George Scharf. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Conder (1868-1909), Painter. 8 Portraits

Edward Conder, Prominent freemason. 1 Portrait

John Conder (1714-1781), Congregational minister. 3 Portraits

Josiah Conder (1789-1855), Bookseller. 4 Portraits

Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, Marquis de Condorcet (1743-1794), French politician and mathematician. 1 Portrait

Conductors. 1 Portrait

George Condy (circa 1787-1841), Lawyer; journalist; political reformer. 1 Portrait

Henry George Strauss, 1st Baron Conesford of Chelsea (1892-1974), Lawyer and politician. 8 Portraits

Frederick William Coneybeer (1859-1950), Speaker of the House of Assembly, South Australia. 2 Portraits

A.P. Confe? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Henry Brooke Parnell, 1st Baron Congleton (1776-1842), Irish writer and politician; Paymaster-General. 1 Portrait

Henry William Parnell, 3rd Baron Congleton (1809-1896), Landowner. 1 Portrait

William Jared Parnell, 7th Baron Congleton (1925-1967), Lieutenant, Royal Navy. 5 Portraits

Ambrose Congreve (1832-1901), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Pamela Cynthia Congreve (née Maude) (1893-1975), Wife of William Latouche Congreve; daughter of Cyril Maude. 2 Portraits

William Congreve (1670-1729), Dramatist. 18 Portraits

Sir William Congreve, 2nd Bt (1772-1828), Military inventor. 4 Portraits

Jean Conil (1917-2003), Chef. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Coningham (1895-1948), Air Marshal. 10 Portraits

William Coningham (1815-1884), Politician and art collector. 2 Portraits

Thomas Coningsby, Earl of Coningsby (1657-1729), Politician; MP for Leominster. 2 Portraits

Margaret Coningsby, Countess of Coningsby (1709-1761), Wife of Sir Michael Newton, 4th Bt; daughter of 1st Earl of Coningsby. 2 Portraits

Frances Coningsby (née Jones), Lady Coningsby (1672-1715), Wife of Thomas Coningsby, Earl Coningsby; daughter of 3rd Viscount and 1st Earl of Ranelagh. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Coningsby (1550-1625), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Philip Connard (1875-1958), Painter. 7 Portraits

Princess Louise, Duchess of Connaught (née Princess of Prussia) (1860-1917), Daughter of Prince Frederick of Prussia; wife of Arthur, Duke of Connaught. 37 Portraits

Sir Charles Gibson Connell (1899-1985), President of Scottish Wildlife Trust. 1 Portrait

John Connell (John Henry Robertson) (1909-1965), Biographer and journalist. 10 Portraits

John Connell (1957-2007), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Rolls Connell, Apprentice to Dorothy Wilding during 1930s. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Lowden Connell (1867-1936), Shipowner. 1 Portrait

Vivian Connell (1903-1981), Writer and playwright. 4 Portraits

Miss Connell. 1 Portrait

Marc Connelly (1890-1980), Playwright, journalist, teacher, actor and director. 2 Portraits

Robert Bourke, 1st Baron Connemara (1827-1902), Governor of Madras and Conservative politician; MP for King's Lynn and privy councillor. 7 Portraits

G.F. Conner, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Helen Conner, Fashion model. 3 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Sean Connery (1930-2020), Actor. 7 Portraits

Sir William ('Billy') Connolly (1942-), Comedian and actor. 3 Portraits

Catherine Charlotte (née Edwards), Lady Connolly (died 1948), Wife of Sir James Daniel Connolly; daughter of J. Edwards. 4 Portraits

Cyril Connolly (1903-1974), Writer and journalist. 7 Portraits

James Connolly (1868-1916), Co-founder of the Irish Labour Party. 1 Portrait

Sir James Daniel Connolly (1869-1962), Politician and Agent-General. 3 Portraits

Joan Connolly, Daughter of Sir James Connolly. 1 Portrait

Molly Connolly, Actress. 3 Portraits

Hon. Perdita Caroline Connolly (née Buchan) (1940-), Writer; wife of Edward Connolly; daughter of 3rd Baron Tweedsmuir. 9 Portraits

Sir William Francis Connolly-Carew, 6th Bt (1905-1994), Aide-de-camp to Govenor and Commander in Chief of Bermuda. 2 Portraits

Charles Connor (1788-1826), Irish comedy actor. 2 Portraits

Edric Esclus Connor (1913-1968), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Frank Connor, Photographer. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Connor (1918-1993), Radio and television comedian. 2 Portraits

Tommy Connor (active 1923), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir William Neil Connor ('Cassandra') (1909-1967), 'Daily Mirror' columnist. 7 Portraits

Dorothy May Connor (1897-1994), Retoucher for Dorothy Wilding. 3 Portraits

Fabiana Connors, Care Worker. 1 Portrait

Robert Conny (1645?-1713), Physician. 1 Portrait

Father Connyers. 1 Portrait

Arthur Conolly (1807-1842), Asiatic traveller. 1 Portrait

Edward Michael Conolly (1786-1848), Politician; MP for County Donegal. 1 Portrait

John Conolly (1794-1866), Physician and alienist. 1 Portrait

Miss M. Conolly. 6 Portraits

George Augustus Conquest (né Oliver) (1837-1901), Actor and playwright. 4 Portraits

Laura Conquest (active 1860s-1870s), Dancer. 3 Portraits

Conquest. 1 Portrait

Jessie Conrad (née George) (1873-1936), Author; wife of Joseph Conrad. 1 Portrait

John Conrad (1906-1982), Author; son of Joseph Conrad. 2 Portraits

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924), Novelist. 23 Portraits

Peter Conrad (1948-), Author and academic. 2 Portraits

Caroline (née Herbert), Lady Conran (1940-), Writer and journalist; former third wife of Sir Terence Conran. 1 Portrait

Jasper Alexander Thirlby Conran (1959-), Fashion designer; son of Sir Terence Conran. 4 Portraits

Sir Terence Conran (1931-2020), Businessman, designer and restaurateur; founder of the Design Museum. 14 Portraits

Sir Eric Conran-Smith (1890-1960), Secretary to the Government of India. 1 Portrait

Sir Diarmaid Conroy (1913-1978), President of Industrial Tribunals for England and Wales. 1 Portrait

Sir John Conroy, 1st Bt (1786-1854), Man of fashion. 5 Portraits

Stephen Conroy (1964-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Emma Cons (1838-1912), Social reformer and theatre manager. 1 Portrait

Patrick ('Paddy') Considine (1973-), Actor and film director. 1 Portrait

Henry Constable (1854-1881), Jockey. 1 Portrait

John Constable (1776-1837), Landscape painter. 6 Portraits

John Constable. 1 Portrait

Maria Louise ('Minna') Constable (1819-1885), Daughter of John Constable. 1 Portrait

Minnie Constable. 3 Portraits

Miss Constable, Sister of John and Minnie Constable. 2 Portraits

William George Constable (1887-1976), Art historian; Director of the Courtauld Institute of Art. 1 Portrait

Constable. 1 Portrait

Agnes Constable-Maxwell (1843-1929), Nun; daughter of Hon. Henry Constable-Maxwell-Stuart, 16th of Traquair. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Constable-Maxwell-Stuart (né Constable-Maxwell) (1809-1890), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Laura Mary Constable-Maxwell-Stuart (1841-1864), Daughter of Hon. Henry Constable-Maxwell-Stuart, 16th of Traquair. 1 Portrait

Hon. Eleanor Mary Constable-Maxwell (1842-1922), Nun; daughter of 10th Baron Herries. 1 Portrait

Hon. Emily Josephine Constable-Maxwell (died 1925), Nun; daughter of 10th Baron Herries. 3 Portraits

Juliana Constable-Maxwell (née Middleton, later Constable-Maxwell-Stuart) (died 1904), Wife of Hon. Henry Constable-Maxwell; daughter of Peter Middleton. 2 Portraits

Hon. Marcia Constable-Maxwell (1839-1917), Daughter of 10th Baron Herries. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Agnes Constable-Maxwell (1840-1925), Nun; daughter of 10th Baron Herries. 2 Portraits

Mabel Constanduros (née Tilling) (1880-1957), Comedian and writer. 1 Portrait

Hayne Constant (1904-1968), Chief scientist, Royal Air Force. 3 Portraits

Constantine I ('The Great') (272 or 273-337), Roman Emperor. 1 Portrait

Constantine I, King of Greece (1868-1923), Reigned 1913-17 and 1920-27. 3 Portraits

Constantine II of the Hellenes (1940-), King of the Hellenes, 1964-74. 1 Portrait

Learie Nicholas Constantine, Baron Constantine (1901-1971), West Indian cricketer, lawyer and politician; High Commissioner for Trinidad. 3 Portraits

Elaine Constantine (1965-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Alex Constantine (1908-1992), Air Chief Marshal. 6 Portraits

Hugo Consuegra Sosa (1929-2003), Artist. 2 Portraits

Aloysius Contareno, Ambassador from Venice to James I. 1 Portrait

Domenico II Contarini (1585-1675), Doge of Venice. 1 Portrait

John Conteh (1951-), Boxer. 4 Portraits

Gioacchino Conti ('Gizziello') (1714-1761), Italian castrato opera singer. 1 Portrait

Tom Conti (1942-), Actor and director. 3 Portraits

(William) Martin Conway, 1st Baron Conway of Allington (1856-1937), Mountaineer and art historian. 12 Portraits

Mary Seymour-Conway (née Hyde), Lady Conway (1669-1708 or 1709), First wife of 1st Baron Conway of Ragley; daughter of 1st Earl of Rochester. 3 Portraits

Lord George Seymour Conway (1763-1848), Son of 1st Marquess of Hertford. 4 Portraits

(Clement William) Walter Sydney Conway (1910-1940). 1 Portrait

Edith Maud ('Betty') Conway (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edward Conway (active late 1700s), Canon of Christchurch; fourth son of 1st Marquess of Hertford. 1 Portrait

Edward Joseph Conway (1894-1968), Professor of Biochemistry and Pharmacology. 4 Portraits

General Conway. 1 Portrait

Harry B. Conway (Harry Blenkinsopp Coulson) (1850-1909), Actor. 5 Portraits

Henry Seymour Conway (1719-1795), Field Marshal. 6 Portraits

Hugh Ryan ('Jack') Conway (1887-1952), Film director. 1 Portrait

James Patrick ('Jimmy') Conway (1946-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Robert Seymour Conway (1864-1933), Classical scholar and comparative philologist. 2 Portraits

Russ Conway (Trevor Herbert Stanford) (1925-2000), Pianist. 2 Portraits

Suk Conway (active 1812), Courtesan. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Haleman Conwell (née Lawrance) (active 1856-1862), Wife of Eugene Alfred Conwell. 1 Portrait

Eugene Alfred Conwell (1819?-1877), Archaeologist. 1 Portrait

Dorothea Conybeare. 1 Portrait

Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare (1856-1924), Scholar. 2 Portraits

Henry Conyngham, 1st Marquess Conyngham (1766-1832), Husband of Lady Conyngham, mistress to George IV. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Conyngham (née Denison), Marchioness Conyngham (1769-1861), Mistress of George IV; wife of Henry Conyngham, 1st Marquess of Conyngham. 34 Portraits

Francis Nathaniel Conyngham, 2nd Marquess Conyngham (1797-1876), Soldier, politician and courtier. 13 Portraits

George Henry Conyngham, 3rd Marquess Conyngham (1825-1882), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Jane St Maur Blanche Conyngham (née Stanhope), Marchioness Conyngham (1835-1907), Wife of 3rd Marquess Conyngham; daughter of 4th Earl of Harrington. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Burton Conyngham, 6th Marquess Conyngham (1890-1974), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Antoinette Winifred Conyngham (née Thompson), Marchioness Conyngham (died 1966), Second wife of 6th Marquess Conyngham. 6 Portraits

Lord John Victor Albert Blosse Conyngham (1926-1963), Second son of 6th Marquess Conyngham. 4 Portraits

Lord Conyngham (active 1774). 1 Portrait

William Burton Conyngham (1733-1796), Politician and improver. 1 Portrait

Mrs Conyngham (active 1840s). 1 Portrait

Princess Sudhira of Cooch Behar (1894-1968). 24 Portraits

Maharani of Cooch Behar. 1 Portrait

Sir Bernard Henry Coode (1887-1962), Senior Clerk, of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Steve Coogan (1965-), Comedian and actor. 3 Portraits

Aaron Arthur Cook (1991-), Taekwondo athlete; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Alastair Nathan Cook (1984-), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

(Alfred) Melville Cook (1912-1993), Organist and choirmaster. 4 Portraits

Anne Vivian Cook (née Somerset) (1919-1946), Wife of Andrew Hugh Payne Cook; daughter of Hon. Wellesley FitzRoy Somerset. 2 Portraits

Arthur Herbert Cook (1911-1988), Director of Brewing Industry Research Foundation. 5 Portraits

Arthur Malcolm Cook (1883-1964), Canon of Lincoln Cathedral. 2 Portraits

Beryl Frances Cook (1926-2008), Painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Archer Cook (1849-1934), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Christine Ann Cook (1966-), Social Care Assessor, London 2012; mother of Aaron Cook. 1 Portrait

Derek Cook, Tennis player. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Tyas Cook (1857-1919), Journalist. 2 Portraits

Eliza Cook (1812-1889), Poet and journalist. 10 Portraits

Sir Ernest Henry Cook (1855-1945), Chairman of Education Committee and Lord Mayor of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Frederick Charles Cook (1804-1889), Clergyman and biblical scholar. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Lucas Cook, 2nd Bt (1844-1920), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

George Cook (1772-1845), Scottish church leader. 1 Portrait

George Cook (1898-1943), Australian boxer. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Cook (1885-1951), Engineer. 5 Portraits

James Cook (1728-1779), Circumnavigator. 15 Portraits

Sir James Wilfred Cook (1900-1975), Organic chemist and educationist. 5 Portraits

John Cook (1608-1660), First Solicitor General of the English Commonwealth and regicide. 5 Portraits

Sir Joseph Cook (1860-1947), Prime Minister of Australia. 7 Portraits

Lin Cook (née Chong) (1945-2016), Third wife of Peter Cook. 1 Portrait

Luke Ashley Cook (1989-), Brother of Aaron Cook; taekwondo assistant, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Nigel Ronald Cook (1962-), Carpenter, London 2012; father of Aaron Cook. 1 Portrait

Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) (1963-), Musician and DJ; member of The Housemartins and Beats International. 2 Portraits

Paul Cook (1956-), Musician; drummer for Sex Pistols. 2 Portraits

Peter Edward Cook (1937-1995), Comedian. 25 Portraits

Sir Peter Frederic Chester Cook (1936-), Architect. 2 Portraits

Philip Cook (1875-1938), Bishop of Delaware. 1 Portrait

Robert Finlayson ('Robin') Cook (1946-2005), Politician; Foreign Secretary. 3 Portraits

Robin Cook (1931-), Author. 1 Portrait

Roger James Cook (1943-), Investigative journalist and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Russell Cook (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Stanley Arthur Cook (1873-1949), Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Religion. 1 Portrait

Stephanie Cook (1972-), Rower and pentathlete; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Thomas Fotheringham Cook (1908-1952), Politician. 14 Portraits

Sir Thomas Russell Albert Mason Cook (1902-1970), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 4 Portraits

Thomas William Cook (1866-1928), Archdeacon of Hastings. 1 Portrait

William Cook (active 1688), Soldier; one of the 'Portsmouth Captains' cashiered in 1688. 2 Portraits

William Cook, Member of Glasgow University Liberal Committee. 1 Portrait

Sir William Richard Joseph Cook (1905-1987), Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Defence. 1 Portrait

Mrs Cook (active 1839). 1 Portrait

Miss Cook (active before June 1839). 1 Portrait

Mrs Cook (active before June 1839). 1 Portrait

Mr Cook. 1 Portrait

Lady Helena Caroline Davies Cooke (née King) (died 1871), Wife of Philip Davies Cooke; daughter of 3rd Earl of Kingston. 1 Portrait

Alistair Cooke (1908-2004), Journalist and broadcaster. 4 Portraits

Anne (née Fitzwilliam), Lady Cooke (died 1553), Wife of Sir Anthony Cooke. 1 Portrait

Anthony Cooke (1534-1613). 1 Portrait

A.V. Cooke, Rower. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Cooke (1734-1793), Musician. 1 Portrait

(Roland) Cecil Cooke (1899-1991), Director of Exhibitions, Central Office of Information and Director of Exhibitions Department, Festival of Britain. 1 Portrait

Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe Cooke (1840-1911), Politician, barrister, author, landowner and promoter of cider making. 2 Portraits

Sir Cyril Bertrum Cooke (1895-1972), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Edward Cooke (1873-1946), Chairman of John Grooms. 1 Portrait

Edward Cooke (1755-1820), Government official and political pamphleteer. 1 Portrait

Edward William Cooke (1811-1880), Marine painter and gardener. 1 Portrait

George Frederick Cooke (1756-1811), Actor. 13 Portraits

George Robert Davies Cooke (1836-1910), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Henry Cooke (1788-1868), Irish presbyterian leader. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Frederick Cooke (1784 or 1785-1837), General. 4 Portraits

James Cooke (1614-1693), Physician and Surgeon at Warwick. 3 Portraits

Jean Esme Oregon Cooke (1927-2008), Painter. 2 Portraits

Joan Cooke (née Chichester), Wife of R.B.B.B. Cook. 1 Portrait

John Cooke (1734-1823), President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. 2 Portraits

John George Cooke. 3 Portraits

J. Cooke, Justice of the Peace, Newcastle on Tyne. 1 Portrait

Sir Leonard Cooke (1901-1976), President of the Co-operative Wholesale Society. 1 Portrait

Leslie Edward Cooke (1908-1967), Priest and General Secretary of the World Council of Churches. 2 Portraits

Mick Cooke (1973-), Musician, member of 'Belle and Sebastian'. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Sarah) Myfida Mary Cooke (née Tyrell-Kenyon) (1917-1999), Wife of Desmond Aubrey Robert Bancroft Cooke; daughter of 4th Baron Kenyon. 2 Portraits

Roger Gresham Cooke (1907-1970), Politician; MP for Twickenham. 1 Portrait

Ronald Basil Bowen Bancroft Cooke (1899-1971), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir Samuel Cooke, Bt (died 1758), Lord Mayor of Dublin. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ernest George) Stenson Cooke (1874-1942), Motorist; secretary, The Automobile Association and fencer; Olympian. 44 Portraits

S.C.S. Cooke. 1 Portrait

Thomas Potter Cooke (1786-1864), Actor. 15 Portraits

Thomas Simpson Cooke (1782-1848), Singer and composer. 6 Portraits

William Cooke (1711-1797), Dean of Ely and provost of King's College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir William Bryan Cooke, 8th Bt (1782-1851), Sheriff of Doncaster. 1 Portrait

Sir William Ridley Charles Cooke, 9th Bt (1827-1894), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Reginald Joseph Cooke Hurle (1904-1975), Lieutenant-Colonel; Under-Sheriff of the City of London. 1 Portrait

George Cooke-Yarborough (1876-1938), Chairman of West Riding Quarter Sessions. 1 Portrait

Cookie, Lady Ottoline Morrell's maid. 2 Portraits

Anthony Victor Cookman (1894-1962), Drama critic and journalist. 6 Portraits

Dame Catherine Ann Cookson (1906-1998), Author. 1 Portrait

Georgina Cookson (1918-2011), Actress. 3 Portraits

Mr S.E. Cookson (active 1903), Actor. 1 Portrait

Richard Cooling (died 1697), Clerk of the Privy Council. 1 Portrait

Alice Coomaraswamy (Ratan Devi) (1889-1958), Singer. 1 Portrait

Carol Gwendoline Alice Coombe (1911-1966), Actress. 6 Portraits

G.A. Coombe, Chartered surveyor. 1 Portrait

Gareth Michael ('Gaz') Coombes (1976-), Musician; singer and guitarist for Supergrass. 1 Portrait

Alexander John Serocold Coombe-Tennant (1919-2003), Son of Charles Coombe-Tennant. 1 Portrait

(Augustus) Henry Serocold Coombe-Tennant (1913-1989), Son of Charles Coombe-Tennant. 2 Portraits

Winifred Margaret Coombe Tennant (née Pearce-Serocold) (1874-1956), 'Mrs Willett'; suffragist and spiritualist medium; wife of Charles Coombe Tennant. 3 Portraits

Herbert Cole Coombs (1906-1997), Director-General of Post-War Reconstruction in Australia. 3 Portraits

John Addison Coombs (active 1839), Congregational minister at Salford. 1 Portrait

Robert Coombs (active 1860s), Music hall singer and song-writer. 1 Portrait

Caroline Coon (1945-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Charles William Coop (1867-1926), Financial advertiser. 1 Portrait

Eric Coop, Photographer. 1 Portrait

Franco Coop (1891-1962), Actor. 3 Portraits

Thomas Mackay Cooper, 1st Baron Cooper of Culross (1892-1955), Lord Justice General of Scotland. 3 Portraits

John Cooper, Baron Cooper of Stockton Heath (1908-1988), Politician and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Lady Maureen Isabel Cooper (née Le-Poer-Trench) (1923-2016), Wife of Christopher Colin Cooper; daughter of 6th Earl of Clancarty. 7 Portraits

Abraham Cooper (1787-1868), Painter. 9 Portraits

Adam Cooper (1971-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Alan Swainston Cooper (1931-2007), Musician, member of 'The Temperance Seven'. 2 Portraits

Albert Cecil Cooper (died 1964), Bishop of Corea. 1 Portrait

Albert Edward Cooper (1910-1986), Squadron leader, alderman and Conservative politician; MP for Ilford South. 1 Portrait

Albina (née Genepri), Lady Cooper (died 2008), Wife of Sir Henry Cooper. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Cooper (1838-1908), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Allan Cooper, East India Company Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1st Bt (1768-1841), Surgeon. 7 Portraits

Austin Edwin Cooper (1890-1964), Poster designer and abstract artist. 11 Portraits

Charles Edward Cooper, Headmaster, St John's College, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex and reverend. 4 Portraits

Charlotte Leonora (née Crampton), Lady Cooper (1853-1932), Leading member of the Red Cross; wife of Sir Edward Ernest Cooper; daughter of Thomas Crampton. 4 Portraits

C.J. Cooper (active 1935). 1 Portrait

Daley Cooper, Actor. 4 Portraits

Sir Daniel Cooper, 1st Bt (1821-1902), Merchant and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Sir Daniel Cooper, 2nd Bt (1848-1909), Racehorse owner and breeder. 1 Portrait

Derek Macdonald Cooper (1925-2014), Food writer and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Dominic Cooper (1978-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Doris Cooper, Actress. 2 Portraits

Douglas Cooper (1911-1984), Art critic. 1 Portrait

Edward Cooper (died 1725), Printseller. 3 Portraits

Edward Cooper (1770-1833), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Ernest Cooper (1848-1922), Underwriter and Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Edward Henry Cooper (1827-1902), Landowner, Lieutenant-Colonel, Grenadier Guards; and Conservative politician; MP for County Sligo. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Edwin Cooper (1874-1942), Architect. 4 Portraits

Eileen Cooper (1953-), Painter and printmaker. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Cooper, Possibly daughter of Edward Cooper. 4 Portraits

Emmanuel Cooper (1938-2012), Potter and writer on arts and crafts. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Herbert Cooper (1877-1962), Director of Gillette Industries Limited. 3 Portraits

E. Cooper. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis D'Arcy Cooper, 1st Bt (1882-1949), Chairman of Unilever Ltd and accountant. 1 Portrait

Frank Kemble Cooper (1857-1918), Actor. 2 Portraits

F.L. Cooper. 4 Portraits

Georgina Cooper, Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Gerald Melbourne Cooper (1892-1947), Actor, musicologist and director of the Torch Theatre. 9 Portraits

Dame Gladys Cooper (1888-1971), Actress. 174 Portraits

Sir Grey Cooper (circa 1726-1801), Politician; Secretary to the Treasury. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Cooper (1934-2011), Boxer; heavyweight champion and Olympian. 7 Portraits

Henry Edward Cooper (1845-1916), Bishop of Armidale, Australia. 2 Portraits

Henry Marco Cooper, Son of Sir Henry Cooper. 1 Portrait

Isolde Frances (née Borthwick), Lady Cooper (1903-1953), Wife of Sir George James Robertson Cooper, 2nd Bt; daughter of 17th Baron Borthwick. 1 Portrait

Sir James Alexander Cooper (1868-1936), Businessman. 3 Portraits

James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Janet Cooper (née Lyle) (1944-), Co-founder of Annacat boutique. 1 Portrait

Jilly Cooper (1937-), Writer. 3 Portraits

John Cooper (active circa 1690), Son of printseller Edward Cooper. 1 Portrait

John Cooper (1793-1870), Actor. 4 Portraits

John Cooper, Head of Education Department, National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Sir John Hutton Cooper, Bt (1765-1828), Lieutenant-Colonel, doctor, Groom of bedchamber and politician. 1 Portrait

John Wilbye Cooper (1825?-1885), Vocalist and composer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Cooper (1800-1881), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Joyce Cooper (1909-2002), Swimmer. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Christie Cooper (1905-1981), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Lady Cooper. 3 Portraits

Leonard ('Leo') Cooper (1934-2013), Publisher; husband of Jilly Cooper. 1 Portrait

Lettice Margaret (née Long), Lady Cooper (1885-1950), Wife of Sir (William George) Daniel Cooper, 4th Bt; daughter of 1st Viscount Long of Wraxall. 8 Portraits

Lucy Cooper, Courtesan. 3 Portraits

Malcolm Edward Cooper (1907-1977), Allied Suppliers Groups and solicitor. 2 Portraits

Malcolm McGregor Cooper (1910-1989), Agriculturalist; professor. 1 Portrait

Margaret Gernon Cooper (1877-1922), Music hall pianist and singer. 7 Portraits

Margery Georgina (née Layng), Lady Cooper (died 1960), Wife of Sir James A. Cooper; daughter of W.F. Layng. 5 Portraits

Nadir Ardi Cooper (circa 1890-1948), Vice-President of the Barnes Conservative Association and Independent Conservative candidate. 1 Portrait

Neville Cooper. 1 Portrait

Pamela Cooper, Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Patrick Ashley Cooper (1887-1961), Director of Aaron Electricity Meter Ltd. 5 Portraits

Priscilla Cooper, Possibly daughter of Edward Cooper. 5 Portraits

Ray Cooper (1927-2018), Drummer. 1 Portrait

Robert Bransby Cooper (1762-1845), Conservative politician; MP for Gloucester. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Cooper, Editor of Vogue Export. 1 Portrait

R.H. Cooper. 5 Portraits

Samuel Cooper (1608?-1672), Miniature painter. 4 Portraits

Sidney Cooper. 1 Portrait

Sir Simon Cooper (1936-), Major-General; son of Kenneth Christie Cooper. 1 Portrait

Sir (Harold) Stanford Cooper (1889-1976), Vice-Chairman of Ford Motor Company. 4 Portraits

Susan Cooper (née Keenlyside) (1935-), Wife of Edgar Cooper. 1 Portrait

Susan Vera ('Susie') Cooper (1902-1995), Ceramic designer and factory owner. 5 Portraits

Tarnya Cooper, Chief Curator and 16th Century Curator, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cooper (1759-1839), Political activist, chemist and writer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cooper (active 1842), Highwayman. 2 Portraits

Thomas Sidney Cooper (1803-1902), Animal painter. 8 Portraits

Thomas Frederick ('Tommy') Cooper (1921-1984), Comedian. 7 Portraits

William Cooper (1910-2002), Novelist. 2 Portraits

William Charles Cooper (1906-1984), Air-Commodore. 5 Portraits

William Heaton Cooper (1903-1995), Painter. 1 Portrait

William Henry Cooper (1818-1878), Sportsman and coachman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Herbert Cooper, 3rd Bt (1901-1970), Chairman of Cooper McDougall and Robertson Ltd. 6 Portraits

William White Cooper (1816-1886), Occulist. 2 Portraits

Yvette Cooper (1969-), Labour politician; MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford and Shadow Home Secretary. 2 Portraits

Cooper, Artist. 1 Portrait

Master Cooper, Son of William White Cooper. 1 Portrait

Lady Cooper (active 1960s). 1 Portrait

Adrian Astley Vere Cooper-Key (1942-1963), Grandson of 2nd Viscount Rothermere. 8 Portraits

Sir Edmund McNeill Cooper-Key (later Sir Neill Cooper-Key) (1907-1981), Director of companies and politician. 16 Portraits

(Kevin) Esmond Peter Cooper-Key (1943-1985), Grandson of 2nd Viscount Rothermere. 10 Portraits

Lorna Peggy Vyvyan (née Harmsworth), Lady Cooper-Key (1920-2014), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Rothermere; wife of Sir Edmund McNeill Cooper-Key. 19 Portraits

Bert Coote (1868-1949), Actor and manager. 2 Portraits

Carrie Coote (Caroline Eva, Lady Pearce) (1870-1907), Actress; wife of Sir William George Pearce, 2nd Bt; daughter of Robert Coote. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Henry Coote, 9th Bt (1794-1864), Politician; MP for Queen's County. 1 Portrait

Sir Colin Reith Coote (1893-1979), Newspaper editor and politician. 1 Portrait

Denis Ivor Coote (1908-1985), RAF Captain and Reverend. 2 Portraits

Sir Eyre Coote (1726-1783), General. 1 Portrait

Eyre Coote (1759-1823), Army officer and colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

George Coote (1881-1961), Canon of Westminster Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ralph Coote, 14th Bt (1905-1978), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Robert Coote (1909-1982), Actor. 1 Portrait

Roderic Norman Coote (1915-2000), Bishop Suffragan of Fulham. 2 Portraits

William Coote (1863-1924), Politician; MP for South Tyrone. 2 Portraits

William Cope, Baron Cope (1870-1946), Politician, Major and sportsman. 7 Portraits

John Ambrose Cope, Baron Cope of Berkeley (1937-), Politician; Treasurer of the Household and Paymaster General. 6 Portraits

Annabel Margaret Cope (née Rhodes) (1952-), Bridesmaid to Princess Margaret; former wife of Christopher J. Strickland-Skailes, and later wife of G. V. Charles Cope; daughter of Denys Gravenor Rhodes. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Stockdale Cope (1857-1940), Artist. 7 Portraits

Charles West Cope (1811-1890), History painter. 6 Portraits

Edith Norah Florence Cope (née Robinson) (1893-1947), Wife of John Lachlan Cope; daughter of 2nd Baron Rosmead. 7 Portraits

Edna Frances (née Hilton), Lady Cope, Daughter of Edward B. Hilton; wife of Sir Denzil Cope, 14th Bt. 7 Portraits

Henry Cope (died 1806), Eccentric, known as 'The Green Man of Brighton'. 2 Portraits

Jacob George Cope (active 1844). 1 Portrait

Sir John Cope(?) (1690-1760), Military commander. 2 Portraits

Jonathan Cope (1963-), Ballet dancer. 2 Portraits

Julian Cope (1957-), Musician, producer, songwriter and member of 'The Teardrop Explodes'. 2 Portraits

Kenneth Cope (1931-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Marianne (née Garnett), Lady Cope (died 1862), First wife of Sir William Henry Cope, 12th Bt; daughter of Henry Garnett. 1 Portrait

Peter Hercules Cope (1922-1980), Son of John Lachlan Cope. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Cope (1862-1949), Chief Accountant, Great Western Railway. 2 Portraits

Wendy Mary Cope (1945-), Teacher, writer and poet. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Cope, 12th Bt (1811-1892), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir (Vincent) Zachary Cope (1881-1974), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Ida Copeland (née Fenzi) (1876-1964), Politician; MP for Stoke-on-Trent; wife of Richard Ronald Copeland; daughter of Cav. Camillo Fenzi. 2 Portraits

Stewart Copeland (1952-), Musician; drummer for The Police. 1 Portrait

Sir Nicholas Alfred Copeman (1906-1969), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sydney Arthur Monckton Copeman (1862-1947), Medical officer, Ministry of Health. 4 Portraits

William Sydney Charles Copeman (1900-1970), Emeritus Physician. 1 Portrait

Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), Polish astronomer. 1 Portrait

Sir Alcon Charles Copisarow (1920-2017), Scientist and chairman of various companies. 2 Portraits

Aaron Copland (1900-1990), Composer. 1 Portrait

Robert Copland (active 1505-1547), Printer and translator. 2 Portraits

Frederic Pearson Copland Simmons (1902-1978), Presbyterian Minister; Writer. 3 Portraits

Edward Copleston (1776-1849), Bishop of Llandaff. 2 Portraits

Reginald Stephen Copleston (1845-1925), Bishop of Calcutta, India. 9 Portraits

Lady Charlotte Copley (née Anderson-Pelham) (1810-1875), Wife of Sir Joseph Copley; daughter of 1st Earl of Yarborough. 1 Portrait

A.G. Copley (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Catherine Copley (née Purcell), Lady Copley (1657-1699), Noted Beauty and first wife of Sir Godfrey Copley, 2nd Bt. 5 Portraits

Edward Copley (formerly Wolley or Woolley) (1755-1813), of Nether Hall, Doncaster. 1 Portrait

Elinor (Eleanor) Copley, Daughter of Sir Godfrey Copley, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

John Copley (1875-1950), Printmaker; founder member of the Senefelder Club. 1 Portrait

John Singleton Copley (1738-1815), Painter. 5 Portraits

Peter Copley (1915-2008), Actor. 3 Portraits

(Edward) Bainbridge Copnall (1903-1973), Artist and sculptor. 1 Portrait

Alfred Edgar Coppard (1878-1957), Short story writer and poet. 16 Portraits

Wilfred ('Wilf') Copping (1909-1980), Footballer. 3 Portraits

Stephen Coppinger (before 1815-1858), Member of the Catholic Association. 1 Portrait

John Terence Coppock (1921-2000), Professor of Geography. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Coppock (1885-1971), Trade unionist. 11 Portraits

Jenifer Copsey (née Healey) (1948-), School teacher; daughter of Denis Healey, Baron Healey. 1 Portrait

Benoît Constant Coquelin ('Coquelin aîné') (1841-1909), French actor. 4 Portraits

Ernest Alexandre Honoré Coquelin ('Coquelin cadet') (1848-1909), French actor. 2 Portraits

Athanase Laurent Charles Coquerel (1795-1868), Protestant minister and theologian. 2 Portraits

Marquess de Coquilla. 4 Portraits

Sir John Harold Corah (1884-1978), High Sheriff of Leicestershire. 1 Portrait

Hilda Coral (active early 1900s), Actress. 3 Portraits

Thomas Coram (1668?-1751), Philanthropist. 7 Portraits

Edward John Corbally (1909-1981), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Alfred Corbet. 1 Portrait

Andrew George Corbet (1824-1900), Army officer; son of Sir Andrew Vincent Corbet, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Anna Mary Elizabeth Corbet (née Grey-Egerton) (1835?-1927), Wife of Henry Reginald Corbet; daughter of Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton, 10th Bt. 2 Portraits

Beatrice Augusta Corbet (1861-1926), Daughter of Sir Vincent Rowland Corbet, 3rd Bt. 4 Portraits

Freda Kunzlen Corbet (née Mansell, later Campbell) (1900-1993), Politician; MP for Peckham and Camberwell North West. 10 Portraits

Sir Gerald Vincent Corbet, 6th Bt (1868-1955), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Henry Reginald Corbet (1832-1902), Landowner and Master of the Cheshire Hounds. 2 Portraits

Matthew Ridley Corbet (1850-1902), Painter. 1 Portrait

Reginald Corbet (1857-1945), Landowner and Master of the South Cheshire Hunt. 1 Portrait

William Corbet (1779-1842), Irish rebel and French general. 1 Portrait

Mr Corbet. 1 Portrait

Mrs Corbet. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederick Corbett (1867-1955), Admiral. 1 Portrait

David Corbett (circa 1947-), Son of Harry Corbett. 1 Portrait

Eileen Corbett, Script and continuity assistant to Alexander Korda. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Latham Corbett (1881-1937), Adviser to Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Egypt. 2 Portraits

Harry Corbett (1918-1989), Entertainer; creator of 'Sooty'. 8 Portraits

Joseph Corbett (1759-1838), Archdeacon of Salop. 1 Portrait

Katharine Constance Corbett (née Hurst) (1948-), Wife of Donald Corbett; granddaughter of 27th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. 3 Portraits

Leo Corbett (2017-). 1 Portrait

Leonora Corbett (1908-1960), Actress. 4 Portraits

Matthew Corbett (Peter Graham Corbett) (1948-), Television personality; son of Harry Corbett. 1 Portrait

Miles Corbett (1594 or 1595-1662), Politician and regicide. 3 Portraits

Richard Corbett (1582-1635), Bishop of Oxford and of Norwich and poet. 2 Portraits

Richard Corbett (1804-1877), of Adderley Hall, Shropshire. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert John Swan Corbett (1940-), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Ronald Balfour ('Ronnie') Corbett (1930-2016), Actor and comedian. 4 Portraits

Rowland Corbett, Minister and religious writer. 1 Portrait

Uvedale Corbett (1909-2005), Politician and Lieutenant-Colonel. 13 Portraits

Sir Vincent Edwin Henry Corbett (1861-1936), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Mr Corbett. 1 Portrait

Francisco Corbetta (Francisque Corbette) (circa 1615-1681), Musician, composer and teacher. 1 Portrait

Dame Margery Irene Corbett-Ashby (1882-1981), Feminist and internationalist. 3 Portraits

Alfred Chantrey Corbould (1852-1920), Painter and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Chris Corbould (1958-), Special effects coordinator. 1 Portrait

Edward Henry Corbould (1815-1905), Watercolour painter. 1 Portrait

Richard Corbould (1757-1831), Landscape painter; Book illustrator. 2 Portraits

Sir (Frederick) Brian Corby (1929-2009), Company president and chairman. 1 Portrait

Jeremy Corbyn (1949-), Labour politician; MP for Islington North and Leader of the Labour Party. 4 Portraits

Sir John Corcoran (1862-1932), Assistant Under-Secretary of State, War Office and Director of the National Union of Manufacturers. 1 Portrait

John Kyme Cordeaux (1902-1982), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 2 Portraits

Daisy Cordell (1885-1959), Actress. 8 Portraits

Magda Cordell McHale (née Lustigova) (1921-2008), Artist. 1 Portrait

James Corden (1978-), Actor, comedian, writer and producer. 1 Portrait

William Corder (1803-1828), Murderer. 1 Portrait

John Corderoy (born 1883). 1 Portrait

Evelyn Cordery, Racing driver; sister of Violette Cordery. 2 Portraits

Violette Cordery (Violette Hindmarsh) (1900-1983), Racing driver; wife of John Stuart Hindmarsh. 4 Portraits

Hélène Cordet (Mrs Boisot, née Foufounis) (1917-1996), Actress; wife of Marcel H. Boisot. 1 Portrait

Louise Cordet (née Boisot) (1945-), Singer and actress; daughter of Marcel H. Boisot and Hélène Cordet; god-daughter of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Sir John Walter Cordingley (1890-1977), Air Vice-Marshal. 5 Portraits

E. Cordle (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Howard Cordle (1912-2004), Politician; MP for Bournemouth. 12 Portraits

Miranda Mary Cordle (née Marling) (1941-), Eldest daughter of Sir John Marling 4th Bt; wife of Anthony Cordle. 1 Portrait

W.J. Cordy (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Carmaine Chitty Corea, Wife of Sir George Claude Stanley Corea. 2 Portraits

Sir (George) Claude Stanley Corea (1894-1962), Ambassador of Ceylon in the United States. 2 Portraits

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713), Musician, violinist and composer. 2 Portraits

Alan Coren (1938-2007), Writer and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Divonie Coren, Actress. 7 Portraits

Charles William Corfe (1814-1883), Organist at Christ Church, Oxford and composer. 1 Portrait

Bernard Conyngham Corfield (1890-1965), Bishop of Travancore and Cochin, South India. 4 Portraits

Sir Conrad Lawrence Corfield (1893-1980), Indian politician. 5 Portraits

Sir Frederick Vernon Corfield (1915-2005), Politician; MP for South Gloucestershire. 3 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Corfield (1924-2016), Buinessman and Chairman of Standard Telephones & Cables plc. 2 Portraits

Mary Burns Corfield (1908-1998), Daughter of Claud Evelyn Corfield. 3 Portraits

Hon. Mary Hay Corfield (née Burns) (1871-1965), Alderman and Mayor of Wokingham; wife of Claud Evelyn Corfield; daughter of 1st Baron Inverclyde. 3 Portraits

Priscilla Crystal Frances Blundell Coriat (née Weigall, formerly Viscountess Curzon) (circa 1914-1996), Former wife of Viscount Curzon (later 6th Earl Howe), and later wife of Harold Isaac Coriat; daughter of Sir Archibald Weigall, 1st Bt. 9 Portraits

Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork (1566-1643), Irish statesman. 2 Portraits

Anne Boyle (née Courtenay), Countess of Cork and Orrery (1742-1785), First wife of 7th Earl of Cork and Orrery. 3 Portraits

Mary Boyle (née Monckton), Countess of Cork and Orrery (1746-1840), Literary hostess. 3 Portraits

William Henry Dudley Boyle, 12th Earl of Cork and 12th Earl of Orrery (1873-1967), Admiral of the Fleet. 9 Portraits

Florence Cecilia Boyle (née Keppel), Countess of Cork and Orrery (1871-1963), Daughter of 7th Earl of Abemarle; wife of 12th Earl of Cork and Orrery. 6 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Cork (1913-1991), Insolvency accountant. 1 Portrait

John Boyle, 5th Earl of Cork and Orrery (1707-1762), Man of letters. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Boyle (née Hamilton), Countess of Cork and Orrery (died 1732), First wife of 5th Earl of Orrery; daughter of 1st Earl of Orkney. 1 Portrait

Edmund Boyle, 7th Earl of Cork and Orrery (1742-1798). 1 Portrait

Richard Edmund St Lawrence Boyle, 9th Earl of Cork and Orrery (1829-1904), Representative peer. 3 Portraits

Charles Spencer Canning Boyle, 10th Earl of Cork and Orrery (1861-1925), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

James Corker (Maurus) (1636-1715), Abbot of Lambspring. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Edward Corkran (1872-1939), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Corlett (1841-1915), Editor of the 'Sporting Times'. 1 Portrait

Gerard Thomas Corley Smith (1909-1998), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

(Gwendoline Rita) Jean Cormack (née Davies) (1929-2011), Youngest daughter of 1st Baron Davies; wife of John McRae Cormack. 3 Portraits

Sir John Rose Cormack (1815-1882), Medical editor and physician. 1 Portrait

Gina Cormani, Actress. 29 Portraits

Catarina Cornara. 1 Portrait

Francesco Cornaro (active 1705-1709), Ambassador. 2 Portraits

Giovanni Cornaro II (1647-1722), Doge of Venice, 1709-22. 1 Portrait

Pierre Corneille (1606-1684), French dramatist. 1 Portrait

John Cornelius (circa 1557-1594), Roman Catholic priest. 2 Portraits

Peter von Cornelius (1783-1867), Painter. 1 Portrait

Vivian Emery Cornelius (1902-1964), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

A.R. Cornell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

M.C. Cornell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

(Anna Maria) Teresa Cornelys (née Imer) (1723?-1797), Singer and impresario. 1 Portrait

Folliott Herbert Walker Cornewall (1754-1831), Bishop of Worcester. 3 Portraits

James Cornewall (1698-1744), Naval captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Velters Cornewall, 4th Bt (1824-1868), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Frances Cornford (née Darwin) (1886-1960), Poet. 1 Portrait

Francis Macdonald Cornford (1874-1943), Professor of Ancient Philosophy. 1 Portrait

John Cornford (1915-1936), Poet. 1 Portrait

Fanny Cornforth (née Sarah Cox) (1835-circa 1909), Artist's model and intimate companion of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1 Portrait

Sir John Cornforth (1917-2013), Chemist. 1 Portrait

John Cornforth (1937-2004), Architectural historian and writer. 1 Portrait

Glenn Cornick (1947-2014), Original bassist with Jethro Tull, and later founder of the band Wild Turkey. 1 Portrait

Louis Frederick Cornillie (1916-1972). 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Cornish (1842-1936), Bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa. 1 Portrait

Constance Eliza Cornish (née Barham) (1842-1918), Wife of John Rundle Cornish; daughter of Charles Foster Barham. 1 Portrait

Diana Margaret Cornish (née Burne), Wife of Francis John Cornish; daughter of T.W.H. Burne. 1 Portrait

E.F. Cornish (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Henry Cornish (died 1685), Alderman and merchant. 3 Portraits

Joe Cornish (1968-), Comedian, film director, radio presenter, actor and writer. 1 Portrait

John Rundle Cornish (1837-1918), Bishop of St Germans. 1 Portrait

Vera Cornish, Actress. 15 Portraits

Tullie Cornthwaite (circa 1807-1878), Botanist and clergyman. 1 Portrait

Edmund of Almain, 2nd Earl of Cornwall (1249-1300), Magnate. 1 Portrait

Alan Whitmore Cornwall (1858-1932), Archdeacon of Cheltenham. 2 Portraits

Charles Wolfran Cornwall (1735-1789), Speaker of the House of Commons. 7 Portraits

Ellen Mary (née Day), Lady Cornwall (1857-1929), Wife of Sir Edwin Cornwall, 1st Bt; daughter of John Day. 5 Portraits

Ernest Cornwall (1875-1966), Director of National Provincial Bank. 2 Portraits

Gustavus Charles Cornwall (later Cornwall-Dalyell) (died 1903), Secretary of the General Post Office, Ireland. 1 Portrait

Nigel Edmund Cornwall (1903-1984), Bishop of Borneo. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Grace Cornwall-Dalyell (née Dalyell) (died 1913), Wife of Gustavus Charles Cornwall (later Cornwall-Dalyell); daughter of Sir William Cunningham Dalyell, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis (1738-1805), General and diplomat. 15 Portraits

Jemima Tulikens Cornwallis (née Jones), Marchioness Cornwallis (1747-1779), Wife of Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis. 2 Portraits

Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Marquess Cornwallis (1774-1823), Sportsman. 1 Portrait

Louisa Cornwallis (née Gordon), Marchioness of Cornwallis (1776-1850), Wife of Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Marquess of Cornwallis, daughter of 4th Duke of Gordon. 2 Portraits

James Cornwallis, 4th Earl Cornwallis (1743-1824), Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Cornwallis, 1st Baron Cornwallis of Eye (1610-circa 1662), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

Agnes Jean (née Landale), Lady Cornwallis (died 2001), Second wife of 3rd Baron Cornwallis. 2 Portraits

Charles Cornwallis, 4th Baron Cornwallis (1675-1722), Whig politician; MP for Eye and Postmaster-General. 3 Portraits

Fiennes Stanley Wykeham Cornwallis, 1st Baron Cornwallis (1864-1935), Colonel; Chairman of Kent County Council. 2 Portraits

Mabel (née Leigh), Lady Cornwallis (circa 1866-1957), Wife of 1st Baron Cornwallis; daughter of Oswald Peter Leigh. 5 Portraits

Wykeham Stanley, 2nd Baron Cornwallis (1892-1982), Director of Royal Insurance Co. 12 Portraits

Esmé Ethel Alice (née d'Beaumont), Lady Cornwallis (died 1969), Former wife of Sir Robert James Milo Walker, 4th Bt, and later second wife of 2nd Baron Cornwallis. 4 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Cornwallis (active 1837), Daughter of 2nd Marquess Cornwallis. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Cornwallis (circa 1555-1629), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Fiennes Cornwallis (1831-1867), Army officer; father of 1st Baron Cornwallis. 1 Portrait

Frederick Cornwallis (1713-1783), Archbishop of Canterbury. 5 Portraits

Judith Lacy Cornwallis (née Scott), First wife of Hon. Fiennes Neil Wykeham Cornwallis (later 3rd Baron Cornwallis); daughter of Geoffrey Lacy Scott. 3 Portraits

Sir Kinahan Cornwallis (1883-1959), Administrator and diplomat. 13 Portraits

Lady Louisa Cornwallis (active 1837), Daughter of Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Marquess Cornwallis. 2 Portraits

Hon. Patrick Wykeham David Cornwallis (1952-), Son of 3rd Baron Cornwallis. 2 Portraits

Hon. Venetia Jane Cornwallis (née Digby) (1900-1956), Wife of Hon. Oswald Wykeham Cornwallis; daughter of 10th Baron Digby. 3 Portraits

Sir William Cornwallis (1744-1819), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Cornwallis the Younger (circa 1579-1614), Essayist. 2 Portraits

George Frederick Myddleton Cornwallis-West (1874-1951), Army officer, landowner and playwright; former husband of Jennie Jerome (later Lady Randolph Churchill); later husband of Beatrice Stella Tanner (later Mrs Patrick Campbell). 5 Portraits

Mary ('Patsy') Cornwallis-West (née Fitzpatrick) (1858-1920), Beauty and socialite; wife of William Cornwallis-West; daughter of Frederick Fitzpatrick. 13 Portraits

William Cornwallis-West (1835-1917), Politician; MP for Denbighshire West. 1 Portrait

Arthur Thomas Cornwall-Jones (1900-1980), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Alice Ann Cornwell (later Mrs Stannard Robinson) (1852-1932), Goldmining industrialist and newspaper proprietor. 3 Portraits

John Travers Cornwell (1900-1916), Sailor; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Calliope Despina Coronio (1856-1906), Daughter of Theodore John Coronio and Aglaia Coronio (née Ionides). 1 Portrait

Elen Corr, Actress. 1 Portrait

Frederick Snowden Corrance (1822-1906), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

Salvador Corratgé Ferrera (1928-2014), Cuban Artist. 2 Portraits

Cora Corré (1997-), Granddaughter of Vivienne Westwood. 2 Portraits

Joseph Corré (1967-), Businessman; son of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. 1 Portrait

Antonius Correa (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

João Arthur de Souza Corrêa (circa 1840-1900), Brazilian diplomat to the Court of St James. 1 Portrait

Ludovicus Correa (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Mañuel Correa, Store Keeper, Houses of Parliament. 1 Portrait

Pietro Correa (died 1554), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Chevalier de Souza Corrêa (active 1897), Brazilian diplomat. 1 Portrait

Adrienne Corri (1931-2016), Actress. 1 Portrait

Domenico Corri (1746-1825), Musical composer. 1 Portrait

Eugene Corri (circa 1857-1933), Boxing referee; son of Haydn Corrie. 4 Portraits

Daniel Corrie (1777-1837), Bishop of Madras. 1 Portrait

George Elwes Corrie (1793-1885), Anglican divine and theologian. 2 Portraits

Sir Owen Cecil Kirkpatrick Corrie (1882-1965), Judge. 1 Portrait

William Francis Taylor Corrie (1869-1954), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir Dominic John Corrigan, 1st Bt (1802-1880), Physician. 1 Portrait

Dame (Kathleen) Felicitas Corrigan (1909-2003), Benedictine nun and humanitarian; author. 1 Portrait

Richard Corrigan (1964-), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Mairead Corrigan-Maguire (1944-), Co-Founder, Northern Ireland Peace Movement, later Community of the Peace People; recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. 3 Portraits

Armar Lowry Corry (circa 1793-1855), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Corry. 1 Portrait

Cynthia (née Mahony), Lady Corry, Former wife of David Polson, and later wife of Sir James Perowne Ivo Myles Corry; daughter of F.H. Mahony. 1 Portrait

E. Corry. 1 Portrait

Henry Thomas Lowry Corry (1803-1873), First Lord of the Admiralty and politician; MP for Tyrone. 3 Portraits

James Corry (1772-1848), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir James Porter Corry, 1st Bt (1826-1891), Politician; MP for Belfast and Mid Armagh. 2 Portraits

M. Corry. 1 Portrait

N. Corry. 1 Portrait

Mr Corstons. 1 Portrait

Luigi, Count Corti (1823-1888), Diplomat and politician. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Cortis-Stanford (1874-1933), Naval and air force medical officer. 2 Portraits

Alfred Cortot (1877-1962), Musician, pianist and conductor. 4 Portraits

Bob Cory, Performer. 5 Portraits

Sir (Herbert George) Donald Cory, 2nd Bt (1879-1935), Son of Sir James Herbert Cory, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Evan James Trevor Cory (1863-1957), Lieutenant-Colonel and surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir George Norton Cory (1874-1968), Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Gertrude (née Box), Lady Cory, Wife of Sir Herbert Donald Cory, 2nd Bt; daughter of Henry Thomas Box. 4 Portraits

Robert Francis Preston Cory (1885-1961), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Winifred Cory (née Graham) (died 1950), Novelist; wife of Theodore J. Cory. 14 Portraits

Thomas Coryate (1577?-1617), Traveller. 5 Portraits

Sir (William) Alec Coryton (1895-1981), Air Chief Marshal. 10 Portraits

Elizabeth Coryton (née Chiverton), Wife of Sir John Coryton, Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Cory-White (1879-1951), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Lady Jane Katherine Cory-Wright (née Douglas) (1926-2007), Wife of David Arthur Cory-Wright; daughter of 11th Marquess of Queensberry. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Cory-Wright, 2nd Bt (1869-1951), High Sheriff of Hertfordshire. 2 Portraits

Felicity Cory-Wright (née Tree) (1895-1978), Wife of Sir Geoffrey Cory-Wright; daughter of Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree. 5 Portraits

W? H. Cosens (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Lawrence Vincent Moore Cosgrave (1890-1971), Soldier and diplomat for Canada. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Cosgrave (1880-1965), President of the executive council of the Irish Free State. 3 Portraits

Gerri Cosgrove, Engineer. 1 Portrait

Dame Gertrude Ann Cosgrove (née Geappen) (1882-1962), Wife of Hon Sir Robert Cosgrove. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Cosgrove (1884-1969), Prime Minister of Tasmania. 2 Portraits

Nicola Cosimo (1660-1724), Musician and composer. 1 Portrait

John Cosin (1594-1672), Bishop of Durham. 4 Portraits

Milein Cosman (1921-2017), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Neil Cossons (1939-), Chairman of English Heritage. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Andrew Angus Costa (né Michele Andrea Agniello) (1808-1884), Composer and conductor. 16 Portraits

Samuel Gabriel ('Sam') Costa (1910-1981), Singer. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Rylandes Costain (1902-1966), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

Martin Costard (1965-). 1 Portrait

J. Coste. 1 Portrait

Danny Costello (1975-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Edmund William Costello (1873-1949), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Elvis Costello (Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus) (1954-), Musician and composer. 3 Portraits

Sir Leonard Wilfred James Costello (1881-1972), Politician, barrister, lecturer and colonial judge. 7 Portraits

Louisa Stuart Costello (1799-1870), Artist and author. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Francis Conn ('Frank') Costelloe (1855-1899), Barrister and political reformer; first husband of Mary Berenson (née Smith). 16 Portraits

Marianne Costelloe (née Conn) (born circa 1823), Wife of Martin R. Costelloe; mother of Benjamin Francis Conn ('Frank') Costelloe. 1 Portrait

Martin Costelloe, Father of Frank Costelloe. 1 Portrait

Mary Conn Costelloe, Mother of Frank Costelloe. 1 Portrait

Paul Costelloe (1945-), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Claud Coster (died before 1756), Tripe-seller. 1 Portrait

Howard Coster (1885-1959), Photographer. 5 Portraits

(Charles) Ian Dillwyn Coster (1903-1955), Royal Marine, writer, theatre critic and journalist. 7 Portraits

Jane Coster (died before 1756), Wife of Claud Coster. 1 Portrait

Joan Coster (née Burr) (1903-1974), Wife and partner of Howard Coster. 3 Portraits

Simon Costin (1962-), Artist. 1 Portrait

William Contad Costin (1893-1970), Historian and Fellow of St John's College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

Harold Costley-White (1878-1966), Headmaster and Dean. 2 Portraits

Harriot Cosway (circa 1813-1898), Wife of Samuel Cosway. 1 Portrait

Maria Louisa Catherine Cecilia Cosway (née Hadfield) (1760-1838), Miniature painter; pioneer of girls' education. 7 Portraits

Richard Cosway (1742-1821), Miniature painter. 16 Portraits

Samuel Cosway (1810-1880), Clergyman; Vicar of Chute, Wiltshire. 1 Portrait

Lady Louisa Harriet Cotes (née Jenkinson) (1814-1887), Wife of John Cotes; daughter of 3rd Earl of Liverpool. 1 Portrait

Charles Cecil Cotes (1846-1898), Liberal politician; MP for Shrewsbury. 1 Portrait

Francis Cotes (1726-1770), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Digby Cotes-Preedy (1875-1942), Judge. 2 Portraits

John Sell Cotman (1782-1842), Landscape painter. 2 Portraits

Adam Cottam (died 1838), Benefactor. 1 Portrait

Algernon Edward Cottam (1893-1964), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Thomas Cottam (1549-1582), English Catholic priest and martyr. 3 Portraits

Charles Pepys, 1st Earl of Cottenham (1781-1851), Lord Chancellor. 14 Portraits

Caroline Elizabeth Pepys (née Wingfield), Countess of Cottenham (1802-1868), Wife of 1st Earl of Cottenham; daughter of William Wingfield. 1 Portrait

Kenelm Charles Edward Pepys, 4th Earl of Cottenham (1874-1919), Son of 3rd Earl of Cottenham. 4 Portraits

Rose Pepys (née Nevill), Countess of Cottenham (1866-1913), Former wife of John Blundell Leigh, and later wife of 4th Earl of Cottenham; daughter of 1st Marquess of Abergavenny. 8 Portraits

Patricia Pepys (née Burke), Countess of Cottenham (died 1962), Second wife of 4th Earl of Cottenham; daughter of John Humphrey Burke. 4 Portraits

Kenelm Charles Edward Pepys, 5th Earl of Cottenham (1901-1922), Landowner. 7 Portraits

Mark Pepys, 6th Earl of Cottenham (1903-1943), Motor race driver. 4 Portraits

John Digby Thomas Pepys, 7th Earl of Cottenham (1907-1968), Third son of 4th Earl of Cottenham. 11 Portraits

Angela Isabel Nellie Pepys (née Nevill), Countess of Cottenham (1910-1980), Daughter of 4th Marquess of Abergavenny. 9 Portraits

George Sackville Cotter (died 1878), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Ian Cotter (active 1937), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Patrick Cotter (Patrick O'Brien) (1760 or 1761-1806), Irish giant. 3 Portraits

Lady Lettice Cotterell (née Lygon) (1906-1973), Wife of Sir Richard Charles Geers Cotterell, 5th Bt; daughter of 7th Earl Beauchamp. 8 Portraits

(Vanda) Alexandra Clare (née Bridgewater), Lady Cotterell (1940-2005), Wife of Sir John Henry Geers Cotterell, 6th Bt; daughter of Philip Alexander Clement Bridgewater. 1 Portrait

(John) Anthony Cotterell (1916-1944), Army officer and writer. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Cotterell (1612?-1702), Courtier. 4 Portraits

Sir Geers Henry Cotterell, 3rd Bt (1834-1900), High Sheriff, Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace for Herefordshire. 3 Portraits

Sir John Geers Cotterell, 1st Bt (1757-1845), Conservative politician; MP for Hereford. 2 Portraits

Sir John Richard Geers Cotterell (1866-1937), Alderman. 1 Portrait

Katherine Margaret (née Airey), Lady Cotterell (1843-1896), Wife of Sir Geers Henry Cotterell, 3rd Bt; daughter of 1st Baron Airey. 2 Portraits

Henry Cotterill (1812-1886), Bishop of Grahamstown and Bishop of Edinburgh. 3 Portraits

Sir (Joseph) Montagu Cotterill (1851-1933), Surgeon. 5 Portraits

Thomas Francis Fremantle, 1st Baron Cottesloe (1798-1890), Chief Secretary for Ireland and Conservative politician; MP for Buckinghamshire. 5 Portraits

Augusta Henrietta (née Scott), Lady Cottesloe (1836-1906), Wife of 2nd Baron Cottesloe; daughter of 2nd Earl of Eldon. 1 Portrait

Thomas Francis Fremantle, 3rd Baron Cottesloe (1862-1956), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

John Walgrave Halford Fremantle, 4th Baron Cottesloe (1900-1994), Chairman of the Arts Council and South Bank Theatre Board. 10 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Harris, later Berwick), Lady Cottesloe (1906-1983), Former wife of 4th Baron Cottesloe, and later wife of Edward Walter Hall Berwick; daughter of 5th Earl of Malmesbury. 1 Portrait

Gloria Jean Irene Dunn (née Hill), Lady Cottesloe, Second wife of 4th Baron Cottesloe. 10 Portraits

Charles Cottet (1863-1925), French painter. 4 Portraits

Francis Cottington, 1st Baron Cottington (1578-1652), Lord High treasurer, Chancellor of the Exchequer and ambassador to Spain. 15 Portraits

Anne Cottington (née Meredith), Lady Cottington (died 1634), Former wife of Sir Robert Brett, and later wife of 1st Baron Cottington. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Daisy Cottington-Taylor (née Gale) (died 1944), Director of Good HouseKeeping Institute; former wife of T.H. Cottington-Taylor, and later wife of Albert E. Mash. 1 Portrait

Mademoiselle Cottino (active 1874-1880), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Amos Simon Cottle (1766-1800), Translator and poet. 1 Portrait

Joseph Cottle (1770-1853), Author and bookseller. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton (1803-1899), General and irrigation engineer. 1 Portrait

William Edward ('Billy') Cotton (1899-1969), Bandleader and radio and television broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Charles Cotton (1630-1687), Poet and translator. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Cotton (1753-1812), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir (Harry) Evan Auguste Cotton (1868-1939), Barrister, politician, journalist and author. 2 Portraits

Frederic Conyers Cotton (1807-1901), Army officer. 2 Portraits

George Edward Lynch Cotton (1813-1866), Bishop of Calcutta and pioneer educator. 1 Portrait

Gerald W. Brookes Cotton (1920-1975), Librarian. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Cotton (1821-1892), Judge. 10 Portraits

(Thomas) Henry Cotton (1907-1987), Golfer. 5 Portraits

Hugh Benjamin Cotton (1871-1895), Oarsman. 1 Portrait

Jack Cotton (1903-1964), Property entrepreneur. 3 Portraits

Sir James Temple Cotton (1879-1965), Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Aircraft Production. 3 Portraits

James Henry Cotton (1781-1862), Dean of Bangor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Cotton, 3rd Bt (1621-1702), Politician; MP for Huntingdon. 2 Portraits

Joseph Cotton (1745-1825), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Mary Cotton (née Cunliffe) (died 1896), Wife of Frederic Conyers Cotton; daughter of Brooke Cunliffe. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Cotton (1705-1788), Poet and physician. 1 Portrait

Philadelphia (née Rowley), Lady Cotton, Wife of Sir Charles Cotton, 5th Bt; daughter of Sir Joshua Rowley, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Richard Lynch Cotton (1794-1880), Provost of Worcester College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

Richard Payne Cotton (1820-1877), Physician and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Cotton, 1st Bt (1635-1715). 4 Portraits

Sir Robert Bruce Cotton, 1st Bt (1571-1631), Antiquary. 13 Portraits

Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton, Bt (1695-1748), Politician; MP for Cheshire and Lostwithiel. 1 Portrait

Stapleton Lynch Cotton (1860-1928), Army colonel. 2 Portraits

William Cotton (1786-1866), Rope manufacturer and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Sir William Cotton (1822-1902), Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

William Francis Cotton (1847-1917), Politician; MP for South County Dublin. 1 Portrait

Sir Willoughby Cotton (1783-1860), General. 2 Portraits

Captain Cotton (born circa 1760), Captain. 1 Portrait

Miss Cotton. 1 Portrait

Cotton. 1 Portrait

Adeline Cottrell (1840-1866), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Alan Howard Cottrell (1919-2012), Master of Jesus College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Arthur Foulkes Baglietto Cottrell (1891-1962), Brigadier; Councillor, East Ashford Rural District. 6 Portraits

Robert Charles Cottrell-Hill (1903-1965), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir (William) Campbell Mitchell-Cotts, 2nd Bt (1902-1964), Writer, journalist and publisher. 19 Portraits

Sir William Dingwall Mitchell Cotts (1871-1932), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Jane Couch (1968-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Couch (1817-1905), Judge. 3 Portraits

Alfred Edwin Reneson Coucher (1893-1955), Deputy Chairman, London County Council. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Thomas Couchman (1905-1981), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Émile Coué (1857-1926), French physician. 2 Portraits

Eugène Germain Coulon (died 1891), Professor of Dancing. 2 Portraits

Dame (Mary) Frances Coulshed (1904-1998), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Charles Alfred Coulson (1910-1974), Professor of Theoretical Chemistry. 2 Portraits

Francis Coulson (1919-1998), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

John Byron Blenkinsop Coulson (1835-1906), Captain, Rifle Brigade. 1 Portrait

Sir John Eltringham Coulson (1909-1997), Ambassador to Sweden. 3 Portraits

Lancelot Coulson (Colson) (1627-circa 1687), Astrologer and medical practitioner. 1 Portrait

Thomas Coulson (1645-1713), Conservative politician; MP for Totnes. 3 Portraits

Walter Coulson (1795-1860), Newspaper editor and barrister. 2 Portraits

A.H. Coult (active 1923). 1 Portrait

C. Coult (active 1923). 1 Portrait

H. Coult (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Ursula Helen Coulter (1901-1991), Actress; daughter of Evelyn Millard (Mrs Coulter). 5 Portraits

David Coulthard (1971-), Formula 1 racing driver and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

David Coulthard, M&E Operations Manager, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Henry William Coulthurst (1753-1817), Vicar of Halifax. 1 Portrait

George Gordon Coulton (1858-1947), Historian. 2 Portraits

Lilian Sophia Counsell (died 1921), Teacher at Cheltenham Ladies College. 1 Portrait

Leslie Couper (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Victor Arthur Couper (1859-1938), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Coupland (1829-1899), Huntsman. 2 Portraits

Louisa Frances Alice Coupland (née Calder) (1835-1874), Former wife of Charles Fox Webster, and later wife of John Coupland; daughter of Sir Henry Roddam Calder, 5th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Coupland (1884-1952), Historian of the British Empire and Commonwealth. 13 Portraits

Sidney Coupland (1849-1930), Physician. 2 Portraits

Anthony Courage (1875-1944), Brigadier-General. 9 Portraits

Frank Courage (1838-1918), Merchant. 1 Portrait

N.A. Courage, Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Rafe Edward Courage (1902-1960), Royal Navy officer. 1 Portrait

Cicely Irene ('Stella') Courage (née Villiers) (1914-1994), Daughter of Charles Hyde Villiers; wife of Archibald Dennis Courage. 2 Portraits

(Jean Désiré) Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), Painter. 2 Portraits

Hon. Michael John Rance de Courcy (1907-1940), Lieutenant-Commander; son of 34th Baron Kingsale. 4 Portraits

Courjon (died 1866), Child of Achille Courjon. 1 Portrait

John Cournos (1881-1966), Writer. 3 Portraits

Hazel Court (1926-2008), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Roylance Court (1852-1917), Barrister, volunteer major and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Theresa Frances Courtauld (née Kelsey) (1875-1931), Wife of Samuel Courtauld. 3 Portraits

Samuel Courtauld (1876-1947), Industrialist and patron of the arts. 3 Portraits

Courtauld Greenwood Courtauld-Thomson, 1st Baron Courtauld-Thomson (1865-1954), Chairman of King Edward VII Sanatorium. 4 Portraits

William Courtenay, 2nd Viscount Courtenay (1742-1788), Son of William Courtenay 7th de jure Earl of Devon. 2 Portraits

Lady Camilla Gabrielle Courtenay (1913-2010), Daughter of 16th Earl of Devon. 3 Portraits

Lady Caroline Margaret Courtenay (née Cocks) (1817-1894), Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria; wife of Hon. Charles Leslie Courtenay; daughter of 2nd Earl Somers. 3 Portraits

Lady Evelyn Courtenay (née Pepys) (1839-1910), Wife of Henry Reginald Courtenay, Lord Courtenay; daughter of 1st Earl of Cottenham. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Elizabeth Courtenay (1910-2000), Nurse; daughter of 16th Earl of Devon. 3 Portraits

Hon. Charles Leslie Courtenay (1816-1888), Chaplain to Queen Victoria; son of 10th Earl of Devon. 4 Portraits

John Courtenay (1738-1816), Politician and army officer. 14 Portraits

Sir John Irving Courtenay (1837-1912), Managing Director of the Electrical Power Storage Company. 1 Portrait

Marie Courtenay (1888-1967), Daughter of Marie Lloyd and Percy Charles Courtenay. 1 Portrait

Reginald Courtenay (1813-1906), Bishop of Jamaica. 1 Portrait

Sheila Courtenay, Actress. 6 Portraits

Thomas Peregrine Courtenay (1782-1841), Politician and writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Tom Courtenay (1937-), Actor. 7 Portraits

Monsieur Courtès (active 1891-1897), Actor and singer. 2 Portraits

George Loyd Courthope, 1st Baron Courthope of Whiligh (1877-1955), Barrister and Conservative politician; MP for Rye. 17 Portraits

Jane Courthope (active 1824), Actress. 1 Portrait

James George Courtice (died 1939), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir John Wesley Courtis (1859-1939), Stockbroker and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Dame (Esmerelda) Cicely Courtneidge (1893-1980), Actress. 90 Portraits

Rosaline Courtneidge (1903-1926), Actress. 3 Portraits

William R. ('Bill') Courtnell (active 1930s), Photographer; 'Street Smudger'. 1 Portrait

Leonard Henry Courtney, 1st Baron Courtney of Penwith (1832-1918), Politician, Chairman of Ways and Means, professor and man of letters. 14 Portraits

Catherine ('Kate') Courtney (née Potter), Lady Courtney of Penwith (1847-1929), Social worker; wife of Baron Courtney of Penwith; daughter of Richard Potter. 2 Portraits

Anthony Tosswill Courtney (1908-1988), Export consultant, writer, lecturer, broadcaster, politician and Commander. 6 Portraits

Sir Christopher Lloyd Courtney (1890-1976), Air Chief-Marshal. 9 Portraits

Eliza Courtney (born circa 1822), Wife of Charles Barker Courtney, coach-maker. 1 Portrait

Elsie Courtney, Actress. 3 Portraits

Frederick Courtney (1837-1918), Bishop of Nova Scotia. 3 Portraits

Frederick Harold Courtney (1875-1937), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Courtney, Actress. 5 Portraits

Dame Kathleen D'Olier Courtney (1878-1974), Suffragist and peace campaigner and Joint President of United Nations Association. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Courtney (1944-). 1 Portrait

William Leonard Courtney (1850-1928), Philosopher and journalist. 2 Portraits

Mary (née Powys), Countess of Courtown (died 1810), Wife of 2nd Earl of Courtown. 1 Portrait

James George Stopford, 3rd Earl of Courtown (1765-1835), Politician; MP for Great Bedwyn. 1 Portrait

James George Henry Stopford, 5th Earl of Courtown (1823-1914), Irish landowner. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Frances (née Milles), Countess of Courtown (1827-1894), Wife of 5th Earl of Courtown; daughter of 4th Baron Sondes. 1 Portrait

James Richard Neville Stopford, 7th Earl of Courtown (1877-1957), Landowner. 1 Portrait

James Montagu Burgoyne Stopford, 8th Earl of Courtown (1908-1975), Army officer and on staff of Imperial Chemical Industries. 3 Portraits

David Courts, Jewellery designer. 1 Portrait

Lotte Courts (1945-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Victor Cousin (1792-1867), Philosopher, educational reformer and historian. 1 Portrait

Frank Cousins (1904-1986), Trade unionist. 4 Portraits

Peter Cousins (active 1949), Cast member of Britten's 'Let's Make an Opera'. 1 Portrait

Samuel Cousins (1801-1887), Engraver. 7 Portraits

George Kein Hayward Coussmaker (1759-1801), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Charlie Coutts, Queen Victoria's gillie. 2 Portraits

John Coutts (1699-1751), Lord Provost of Edinburgh. 2 Portraits

Laura Coutts (1982-), Photographs Intern, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Thomas Coutts (1735-1822), Banker. 3 Portraits

Sir Walter Fleming Coutts (1912-1988), Governor of Uganda and businessman. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Coutts-Smith (1929-1981), Painter and writer on art. 1 Portrait

Jean Baptiste Louvet de Couvray (1760-1797), French politician and writer. 1 Portrait

John Malcolm Couzins (1948-2009), Photographer and assistant to Ida Kar. 11 Portraits

Martin Couzins, Brother of John Couzins. 1 Portrait

Thomas Coventry, 3rd Earl of Coventry (1702-1711 or 1712). 1 Portrait

George William Coventry, 6th Earl of Coventry (1722-1809), Politician; MP for Bridport and Worcestershire. 3 Portraits

Maria (née Gunning), Countess of Coventry (1733-1760), Famous beauty, society hostess and first wife of 6th Earl of Coventry. 15 Portraits

Barbara (née St John), Countess of Coventry (active 1764-died 1804), Second wife of 6th Earl of Coventry; daughter of 11th Baron St John of Bletso. 3 Portraits

George William Coventry, 7th Earl of Coventry (1758-1831). 1 Portrait

George William Coventry, 8th Earl of Coventry (1784-1843), Conservative politician; MP for Worcester. 4 Portraits

George William Coventry, 9th Earl of Coventry (1838-1930), Racehorse owner and administrator. 4 Portraits

Blanche (née Craven), Countess of Coventry (1842-1930), Wife of 9th Earl of Coventry; daughter of 2nd Earl of Craven. 4 Portraits

George William Reginald Victor Coventry, 10th Earl of Coventry (1900-1940), Justice of the Peace and lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Nesta Donne (née Philipps), Countess of Coventry (later Fisher-Hoch) (1903-1997), Former wife of 10th Earl of Coventry, and later wife of Terrance Vincent Fisher-Hoch; daughter of 1st Baron Kylsant. 8 Portraits

Thomas Coventry, 1st Baron Coventry (1578-1640), Lord Keeper. 12 Portraits

Lady Alexina Coventry (née Duff) (1851-1882), Wife of Henry Aubrey Coventry; daughter of 5th Earl Fife. 1 Portrait

Lady Anne Donne Coventry (1922-2002), Daughter of 10th Earl of Coventry. 4 Portraits

Arthur Coventry (1852-1925), Jockey. 3 Portraits

Arthur Reginald Coventry (1919-1989), Lieutenant; son of Reginald William Coventry. 3 Portraits

(Henry) Aubrey Coventry (circa 1846-1909), Secretary of the Orleans Club. 1 Portrait

Gwenllian Pascoe (née Morgan), Lady Coventry (1876-1925), Wife of Sir Reginald William Coventry; daughter of Edward Vaughan Morgan. 2 Portraits

Henry Coventry (1617 or 1618-1686), Politician; British ambassador to Sweden. 1 Portrait

Sir John Coventry (circa 1636-1685), Politician; MP for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis. 1 Portrait

Keith Coventry (1958-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Lily Coventry (née Whitehouse) (active 1900-died 1970), Wife of Hon. Charles John Coventry; daughter of William Fitzhugh Whitehouse. 2 Portraits

Thomas Henry Coventry (1792-1869), Parson; third son of 7th Earl of Coventry. 1 Portrait

Sir William Coventry (1627-1686), Politician; MP for Great Yarmouth. 2 Portraits

Ronald Cove-Smith (1899-1988), Rugby player and physician; Vice-president of the British Medical Association. 1 Portrait

William Henry Covey (1804-1878), Physician. 1 Portrait

Peter Coviello (1930-2006), Painter, potter and teacher. 1 Portrait

Bryce William Cowan (1866-1945), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Carolyn Cowan (active 1960s), Model. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Henry Cowan (1862-1932), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 2 Portraits

Henry Vivian Cowan (1854-1918), Colonel. 2 Portraits

John Cowan (1929-1979), Photographer. 2 Portraits

John Black Cowan (1828-1896), Physician; Regius Professor of Materia Medica, University of Glasgow. 1 Portrait

Samuel ('Sam') Cowan (1901-1964), Footballer, coach and manager. 2 Portraits

Theo Cowan (1918-1991), Publicity agent. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Henry Cowan, 1st Bt (1871-1956), Admiral. 8 Portraits

Winifrede (née Smith), Lady Cowan (died 1935), Founder of Empire Shopping Week; wife of Sir Henry Cowan; daughter of Daniel Smith. 5 Portraits

Sir John Steven Cowans (1862-1921), Quartermaster-General to the Forces. 7 Portraits

Beebee Cowar, Visitor Services Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

James Baird Coward (1915-2012), Air Commodore. 1 Portrait

Sir Noël Coward (1899-1973), Actor, playwright and composer. 117 Portraits

Cyril Conrad Cowderoy (1905-1976), Archbishop of Southwark. 22 Portraits

Weetman Dickinson Pearson, 1st Viscount Cowdray (1856-1927), Engineer and oil industrialist; owner of the Pearson conglomerate. 6 Portraits

Annie Pearson (née Cass), Viscountess Cowdray (1860-1932), High Steward of Colchester; wife of 1st Viscount Cowdray; daughter of Sir John Cass. 4 Portraits

Weetman John Churchill Pearson, 3rd Viscount Cowdray (1910-1995), Businessman and landowner. 3 Portraits

Anne Pamela (née Bridgeman), Viscountess Cowdray (1913-2009), First wife of 3rd Viscount Cowdray; daughter of 5th Earl of Bradford. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth ('Betty') Cowell (1911-1998), Broadcaster. 19 Portraits

Sir Ernest Marshall Cowell (1886-1971), Major-General. 3 Portraits

George Cowell (1836-1927), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Lallie Charles Cowell (née Martin) (1914-2005), Niece of Lallie Charles. 14 Portraits

Marjorie Cowell, Model. 2 Portraits

Philip Herbert Cowell (1870-1949), Astronomer. 4 Portraits

Simon Cowell (1959-), Record producer and music company executive, broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cowell. 1 Portrait

William Cowell, Justice of the Peace, Newcastle on Tyne. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederic Hymen Cowen (1852-1935), Composer and conductor. 17 Portraits

Joseph Cowen (1829-1900), Politician and journalist. 4 Portraits

Charles Henry Cowie (1861-1941), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Laura Cowie (1892-1969), Actress. 9 Portraits

William Garden Cowie (1831-1902), Bishop of Auckland. 2 Portraits

William Geoffrey Cowland (1895-1966), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

J.D. Cowles? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Mrs Cowles (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Fleur Cowles Meyer (1915-2009), Magazine editor. 1 Portrait

Henry Richard Charles Wellesley, 1st Earl Cowley (1804-1884), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Olivia Cecilia (née FitzGerald-de Ros), Countess Cowley (1807-1885), Wife of 1st Earl Cowley; daughter of Lord Henry FitzGerald and Charlotte Boyle, Baroness de Ros of Helmsley. 1 Portrait

Henry Arthur Mornington Wellesley, 3rd Earl Cowley (1866-1919), Landowner, soldier and ambassador to France. 1 Portrait

Clare Florence Mary (née Stapleton), Countess Cowley (1879-1949), Former wife of Geoffrey Charles Buxton, and later third wife of 3rd Earl Cowley; daughter of Sir Francis George Stapleton, 8th Bt. 13 Portraits

Christian Arthur Wellesley, 4th Earl Cowley (1890-1962), Actor. 3 Portraits

Richard Francis Wellesley, 6th Earl Cowley (1946-1975), Politician; Lord-in-Waiting. 4 Portraits

Maria Della Wellesley (née Buenaño), Countess Crowley (later Mrs Bullock-Webster), Former wife of 6th Earl Cowley, and later wife of Major Robin James Stirling Bullock-Webster. 2 Portraits

Abraham Cowley (1618-1667), Poet. 37 Portraits

Sir Arthur Ernest Cowley (1861-1931), Orientalist and Bodley's Librarian. 2 Portraits

Dora Cowley? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Hannah Cowley (née Parkhouse) (1743-1809), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Guise Cowley (1905-1993), Lieutenant-General. 15 Portraits

Nellie Cowley Fenley (née Goode) (1903-1979). 1 Portrait

Thomas George Cowling (1906-1990), Mathematician, Professor of Applied Mathematics. 2 Portraits

William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper (1665-1723), Lord Chancellor. 4 Portraits

Peter Nassau Cowper, 5th Earl Cowper (1778-1837), Fellow of the Royal Society. 1 Portrait

Anne Florence (née de Grey), Countess Cowper (1806-1880), Wife of Frederick Cowper, 6th Earl Cowper. 1 Portrait

Francis Thomas de Grey Cowper, 7th Earl Cowper (1834-1905), Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 4 Portraits

Katrine Cecilia (née Compton), Countess Cowper (1845-1913), Wife of 7th Earl Cowper; daughter of 4th Marquess of Northampton. 6 Portraits

Charles Spencer Cowper (1816-1879), Son of 5th Earl Cowper. 2 Portraits

Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877-1958), Painter. 9 Portraits

Henry Cowper (1758-1840), Lawyer. 4 Portraits

John Cowper (1737-1770), Fellow of Benet College, Cambridge; brother of William Cowper. 1 Portrait

John Curtis Cowper (1827-1885), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Cowper (Cooper) (1666-1709), Surgeon. 5 Portraits

William Cowper (1731-1800), Poet. 7 Portraits

Godfrey A. Cowry (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Frank Cuninghame Cowtan (1888-1950), Air Vice-Marshal. 6 Portraits

Frank Willoughby John Cowtan (1920-2010), Major-General. 12 Portraits

D. Cowton. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Cox (née Green), Actress. 1 Portrait

Alex Cox (1954-), Film director and actor. 1 Portrait

Alfred Cox (1866-1954), Vice-President of British Medical association. 3 Portraits

Alfred William Cox (1857-1919), Silver mine proprietor and racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

Andy Cox (1956-), Musician; member of Fine Young Cannibals. 1 Portrait

Anthony ('Tony') Cox (active 20th century), Film producer and art promoter; husband of Yoko Ono. 1 Portrait

Brian Cox (1946-), Actor. 3 Portraits

Brian Cox (1968-), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Cox (active 1811-died 1892), Under-Secretary of State in the Colonial Office and Chancellor of the Order of St Michael and St George. 2 Portraits

Charles Frederick Cox (1863-1947), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher William Machell Cox (1899-1982), Educational advisor. 4 Portraits

David Cox (1783-1859), Landscape painter. 6 Portraits

David Cox Jr (1809-1885), Watercolour painter; son of David Cox. 3 Portraits

Edwin Charles Cox (1868-1958), Chief Superintendent of Southern Railway. 3 Portraits

Elijah Albert Cox (1876-1955), Mural painter and poster artist. 9 Portraits

Ethel Cox (active 1910s), Suffragette. 1 Portrait

Francis Augustus Cox (1783-1853), Baptist preacher. 5 Portraits

Fred Cox (1827-1910), Huntsman to Lord Rothschild. 1 Portrait

Frederic Robert Cox (1905-1985), Singer, composer and Professor of Singing. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ernest) Gordon Cox (1906-1996), Physicist; pioneer of X-ray crystallography and Secretary of the Agricultural Research Council; son of Ernest Henry Cox. 2 Portraits

Harding Edward De Fonblanque Cox (1854-1944), Publisher. 1 Portrait

Harold Cox (1859-1936), Economist and journalist. 2 Portraits

H. Cox (active 1920s), Brighton holiday maker. 1 Portrait

Sir H. Vaughan Cox (1860-1923), General. 5 Portraits

Ian Cox (active 1951), Director of Science Department, Festival of Britain. 1 Portrait

Sir Ivor Richard Cox (1891-1964), Deputy Chairman of Association of Electrical Industries overseas Ltd. 1 Portrait

James Middleton Cox (1870-1957), Governor of Ohio, United States. 1 Portrait

Jane Cannon Cox (died 1913), Housekeeper to Charles Bravo and suspect in the Bravo case. 2 Portraits

Joan Cox, Infant school teacher. 1 Portrait

Joseph Lovell ('Joe') Cox (1886-1971), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

John Cox, Assistant to Ida Kar. 4 Portraits

Joseph Cox (1904-1986), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Joseph Richard Cox (1852-1934), Politician; MP for East Clare. 1 Portrait

Leslie Reginald Cox (1897-1965), Palaeontologist and malacologist. 4 Portraits

Lionel Howard Cox (1893-1949), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Louisa Belle (née Hamilton), Lady Cox (died 1956), Wife of Sir Percy Zachariah Cox; youngest daughter of J.Butler Hamilton. 5 Portraits

Patrick Cox (1963-), Shoe designer. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Zachariah Cox (1864-1937), Soldier, colonial administrator and diplomat. 9 Portraits

Richard Cox (circa 1500-1581), Bishop of Ely. 2 Portraits

Robert Cox (1845-1899), Politician and manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Sara Cox (1974-), Television and radio presenter. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Trenchard Cox (1905-1995), Director and Secretary of the Victoria and Albert Museum. 2 Portraits

Valerie Cox, Model. 2 Portraits

William Cox (died 1773), Thief. 2 Portraits

William Reginald Cox (1905-1988), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Cox (active 1864), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Master Cox, Possibly son of Peter Coxe. 1 Portrait

Mr Cox (active circa 1808). 1 Portrait

Peter Coxe (1753?-1844), Poet and writer. 1 Portrait

William Coxe (1748-1828), Historian, Church of England Clergyman and publisher. 7 Portraits

Kathleen Alice (née Doncaster), Lady Coxen (died 1997), Wife of Sir William George Coxen, 1st Bt; daughter of Edward Doncaster. 1 Portrait

Sir William George Coxen, 1st Bt (1867-1946), Lord Mayor of London. 5 Portraits

Harold Scott Macdonald Coxeter (1907-2003), Mathematician. 2 Portraits

George Lowen ('Lol') Coxhill (1932-2012), Saxophonist and raconteur. 1 Portrait

Florence Ada Coxon (née Neale) (1886-1951), First woman Mayor of Kings Lynn; barrister-at-Law. 2 Portraits

Graham Coxon (1969-), Guitarist; member of Blur. 3 Portraits

Stephen Arthur Thomas Coxon (1859-1935), Mayor of Kings Lynn 1923-1924. 2 Portraits

Charles Blake Coxwell (1889-1967), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Henry Tracey Coxwell (1819-1900), Balloonist and meteorologist. 2 Portraits

Norman Annesley Coxwell-Rogers (1896-1985), Major-General, Royal Engineers. 6 Portraits

Richard Annesley Coxwell-Rogers (1932-), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Bernadette Coyle (1980-), Designer. 1 Portrait

Eddie Coyle, Visitor Services Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Francis Coyle (2016-). 1 Portrait

Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle (1985-), Singer; member of Girls Aloud. 1 Portrait

Fred Coyne (1845-1886), Music hall singer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Coyne (1869-1941), Actor. 11 Portraits

Joseph Stirling Coyne (1803-1868), Dramatist and journalist. 2 Portraits

Dame (Florence) Barbara Cozens (1906-1995), Nurse and nursing administrator. 2 Portraits

Constance Gertrude Lilian (née Everett), Lady Cozens-Hardy (1872-1957), Wife of William Hepburn, 2nd Baron Cozens-Hardy; daughter of Sir William Everett. 9 Portraits

Edward Herbert Cozens-Hardy, 3rd Baron Cozens-Hardy (1873-1956), Vice-President of Royal Automobile Club. 7 Portraits

Herbert Arthur Cozens-Hardy, 4th Baron Cozens-Hardy (1907-1975), Justice of the Peace; Businessman (Director of Pilkington Brothers Ltd, glass manufacturers, St Helens). 17 Portraits

Lord Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy, 1st Bt (1838-1920), Master of the Rolls. 7 Portraits

Hon. Beryl Gladys Cozens-Hardy (1911-2011), Justice of the Peace and Chief Commander of Girl Guides Association; eldest daughter of 3rd Baron Cozens-Hardy. 1 Portrait

Hon. Helen Rosemary Cozens-Hardy (1918-2003), Wife of Douglas Vandeleur Phelps; daughter of 3rd Baron Cozens-Hardy. 1 Portrait

Roger Crab (1621-1680), Hermit. 4 Portraits

A.E. Crabb (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Crabbe (1898-1971), Banker. 8 Portraits

George Crabbe (1754-1832), Poet. 6 Portraits

Reginald Percy Crabbe (1883-1964), Bishop of Mombassa. 2 Portraits

Charles H.L. Crabtree (1880-1966), Chairman of RW Crabtree and Sons Ltd. 1 Portrait

John Oldfield Crabtree (1914-1960), Chairman of RW Crabtree and Sons Ltd. 1 Portrait

W. Crabtree (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Jim Crace (1946-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Clayton Mordaunt Cracherode (1730-1799), Bibliophile. 1 Portrait

Dayrell Montague Crackanthorpe (1871-1950), Diplomat to Belgrade, Athens, Madrid and Guatemala City. 1 Portrait

Hubert Montague Crackanthorpe (1870-1895), Editor, short-story writer and barrister. 1 Portrait

Stephen Cracknall (circa 1819-1884), Barrister. 1 Portrait

James Cracknell (1972-), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elizabeth Catherine Cracroft (née Lane-Fox) (died 1879), Wife of Robert Wentworth Cracroft; daughter of Sackville Walter Lane-Fox; sister of 12th Baron Conyers. 1 Portrait

Peter Dicken Cracroft (1907-2003), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Sir (George) Beresford Craddock (1898-1976), Barrister. 5 Portraits

Fanny Craddock (née Phyllis Primrose-Pechey) (1909-1994), Television cook. 1 Portrait

George Craddock (1897-1974), Politician; MP for Bradford South. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Henry Craddock (1864-1937), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter Merry Craddock (1883-1972), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir Christopher Cradock (1862-1914), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Samuel Cradock (circa 1621-1706), Congregational divine. 3 Portraits

Sheldon William Keith Cradock (1858-1922), Soldier, huntsman and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Edward Cradock-Hartopp, 5th Bt (1858-1929), Soldier and landowner. 2 Portraits

Sir John Edmund Cradock-Hartopp, 9th Bt (1912-1996), Major and Company Director. 1 Portrait

Millicent Florence Eleanor (née Wilson), Lady Cradock-Hartopp (later Countess Cowley and Mrs Duberly) (1872-1952), Former wife of Sir Charles Cradock-Hartopp, 5th Bt, and of 3rd Earl Cowley, and later wife of Grey William Duberly; daughter of 1st Baron Nunburnholme. 1 Portrait

John Edgecombe Cradock-Watson (1927-2011), Doctor. 2 Portraits

Ellen Craft (1826-1891), Abolitionist who escaped from slavery in the United States. 1 Portrait

Ian Logan Craft (1937-2019), Fertility expert; Director, London Fertility and Gynaecology Centre. 1 Portrait

James Birkett Cragg (1910-1996), Professor of Environmental Science. 8 Portraits

(Albert) Kenneth Cragg (1913-2012), Assistant Bishop of Jerusalem; Honorary Canon of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Tony Cragg (1949-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

James Craggs the Elder (1657-1721), Financier. 3 Portraits

James Craggs the Younger (1686-1721), Secretary of State. 5 Portraits

Richard Berthold Craggs (1903-1962), Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

William Craig, Lord Craig (1745-1813), Judge. 1 Portrait

Archibald Maxwell Craig (1895-1953), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Audrée Craig (circa 1925-), Illustrator. 1 Portrait

Cecil Mary (née Tupper), Lady Craig, Wife of Sir James Craig, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Daniel Craig (1968-), Actor. 1 Portrait

David Craig, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

Edith Ailsa Geraldine Craig (1869-1947), Actress, theatre director, producer and set and costume designer; daughter of Ellen Terry. 4 Portraits

Edward Stewart Craig (1865-1939), Registrar of University of Oxford and President of Somerville College. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Gordon Craig (1891-1966), Director of British Movietone News. 1 Portrait

(Edward Henry) Gordon Craig (1872-1966), Theatre director, designer and wood-engraver, son of Ellen Terry. 24 Portraits

David ('Jaff') Craig (1982-), Musician, member of 'The Futureheads'. 1 Portrait

Sir John Craig (1874-1957), President of Iron and Steel Institute. 6 Portraits

John Craig (active 1935). 2 Portraits

Sir John Herbert McCutcheon Craig (1885-1977), Deputy Master and Comptroller of the Royal Mint and writer. 4 Portraits

Mikey Craig (1960-), Musician; bassist for Culture Club and DJ. 2 Portraits

Norman Carlyle Craig (1868-1919), Politician and Lieutenant-Commander in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. 2 Portraits

Peter Craig (active 1782), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Robert Craig of Riccarton (1730-1823), Judge. 1 Portrait

Robert Hunter Craig (1839-1913), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Rosemary ('Rosie') Nell Ann Craig (1894-1976), Eldest daughter of Edward Gordon Craig and May Gibson; granddaughter of Ellen Terry. 1 Portrait

Thomas Craig (1538?-1608), Lawyer and jurist. 1 Portrait

James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon (1871-1940), Prime Minister of Northern Ireland. 9 Portraits

Cecil Mary Nowell Dering Craig (née Tupper), Viscountess Craigavon (died 1960), President of the Ulster Women's Unionist Council; wife of 1st Viscount Craigavon; daughter of Sir Daniel Tupper. 2 Portraits

James Craig, 2nd Viscount Craigavon (1906-1974), Son of 1st Viscount Craigavon. 3 Portraits

James Craigie (1899-1978), Professor of bacteriology. 3 Portraits

Jessie Kinmond (née Hutchen), Lady Craigie (1864 or 1865-1947), Writer; wife of Sir William Craigie; daughter of William Hutchen. 2 Portraits

Jill Craigie (1914-1999), Film-maker and author. 3 Portraits

Sir William Alexander Craigie (1867-1957), Philologist and lexicographer. 6 Portraits

Michael Craig-Martin (1941-), Artist. 5 Portraits

Thomas Shaw, 1st Baron Craigmyle (1850-1937), Lawyer and politician. 7 Portraits

Alexander Shaw, 2nd Baron Craigmyle (1883-1944), Captain, Royal Naval Reserve. 4 Portraits

Margaret Shaw (née Cargill Mackay), Lady Craigmyle (1884-1958), Wife of 2nd Baron Craigmyle. 6 Portraits

Thomas Donald MacKay Shaw, 3rd Baron Craigmyle (1923-1998), Philanthropist and chairman. 9 Portraits

Jack Nixon Browne, Baron Craigton (1904-1993), Politician; MP for Glasgow. 2 Portraits

Dinah Maria Craik (née Mulock) (1826-1887), Novelist. 7 Portraits

Sir Henry Craik, 1st Bt (1846-1927), Civil servant, politician and author. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Duffield Craik (1876-1955), Indian civil servant. 1 Portrait

Mary Frances (née Lyttleton), Lady Craik (1895-1982), Daughter of Alfred Lyttelton; wife of Sir George Lillie Craik, 2nd Bt. 6 Portraits

Thomas Edward Craik, Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Craik-Henderson (1890-1971), Conservative politician; MP for Leeds North East. 2 Portraits

James Kerr Crain (1879-1972), Major-General. 2 Portraits

John Pares Craine (1911-1977), Bishop Coadjutor of Indianapolis. 1 Portrait

Leonard Thomas Crainford (1903-1982), Theatre producer; Secretary of the Festival of Britain. 1 Portrait

Edward Neville Crake (circa 1827-1909), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Jane Crake (née Wood) (born circa 1827), Wife of William Hamilton Crake; daughter of George Wood. 1 Portrait

William Hamilton Crake (1824-1883), East India Company merchant; foreman of the jury in 'Tichborne v Lushington'. 3 Portraits

W.P. Crake. 1 Portrait

Stephen ('Steve') Cram (1960-), Middle distance runner; Olympian, athletics presenter and commentator. 2 Portraits

Count Guy de Cramayel. 2 Portraits

Baron Cramer. 3 Portraits

Franz or François Cramer (1772-1848), Violinist. 2 Portraits

Johann Baptist Cramer (1771-1858), Pianist and composer. 2 Portraits

John Anthony Cramer (1793-1848), Historian. 1 Portrait

Wilhelm Cramer (1746-1799), Violinist. 2 Portraits

Harold Crammond (1910-2000), Editor of the Beano. 1 Portrait

Fiennes Henry Crampton (1862-1938), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Philip Cecil Crampton (1783-1862), Solicitor-General for Ireland and politician; MP for Milborne Port. 1 Portrait

Victoire, Lady Crampton (1837-1871), Soprano. 1 Portrait

David Herbert Somerset Cranage (1866-1957), Dean of Norwich. 1 Portrait

Charles Cranborne (died 1696), Jacobite Conspirator. 1 Portrait

James Emilius Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount Cranbourne (1821-1865), Traveller, historian and children's writer. 1 Portrait

Angela Cranbourne, Actress. 5 Portraits

Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 1st Earl of Cranbrook (1814-1906), Politician, Home Secretary and Secretary of State for War; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 29 Portraits

John David Gathorne-Hardy, 4th Earl of Cranbrook (1900-1978), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Fidelity (née Seebohm), Countess of Cranbrook (1912-2009), Second wife of 4th Earl of Cranbrook; daughter of Hugh Exton Sebohm. 9 Portraits

Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 5th Earl of Cranbrook (1933-), Chairman of the Institute for European Environmental Policy and author. 2 Portraits

Hubert Trench Crane (1903-1979), Major. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Helen Christina) Joanna Crane (née Douglas) (1909-1965), Granddaughter of 19th Earl of Morton; wife of Hubert Trench Crane. 9 Portraits

Mary Frances Crane (née Andrews) (1846-1914), Embroider; author; wife of Walter Crane. 1 Portrait

Morley Benjamin Crane (1890-1983), Horticulturalist. 3 Portraits

Peter Crane (1954-), Director Designate, Kew Gardens. 1 Portrait

Tony Crane (1945-), Musician; vocalist and guitarist for The Merseybeats. 1 Portrait

Walter Crane (1845-1915), Illustrator, designer, painter and socialist. 17 Portraits

Mr Crane. 1 Portrait

John Cyril Cranko (1927-1973), Ballet dancer, choreographer and director of the Stuttgart Ballet. 3 Portraits

Sir Eric Norman Spencer Crankshaw (1885-1966), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cranley (circa 1337-1417), Archbishop of London. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556), Archbishop of Canterbury. 47 Portraits

Alfred Molyneux Cranmer-Byng (1840-1906), Landowner and army officer. 1 Portrait

Kate Cranston (Catherine Cranston) (1849-1934), Patron of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret MacDonald. 2 Portraits

Thelma Cranston (active 1950s), Model. 1 Portrait

William Patrick Cranston (1913-1967), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

George ('Geordie') Cranstoun (active 1784), Dwarf, singer and beggar. 3 Portraits

Geoffrey Franceys Cranswick (1894-1978), Bishop of Tasmania. 1 Portrait

George Harvard Cranswick (1882-1954), Bishop of Gippsland. 1 Portrait

Robert Monsey Rolfe, Baron Cranworth (1790-1868), Judge. 14 Portraits

Laura Rolfe (née Carr), Lady Cranworth (1807-1868), Wife of 1st Baron Cranworth. 1 Portrait

Bertram Francis Gurdon, 2nd Baron Cranworth (1877-1964), Vice-Lieutenant of County of Suffolk. 2 Portraits

Vera Emily (née Ridley), Lady Cranworth (1885-1966), Wife of 2nd Baron Cranworth; daughter of Arthur William Ridley. 5 Portraits

Frederick William Thomas Craske (1901-1971), Bishop of Gibraltar. 2 Portraits

Margaret Craske (1898-1990), Dancer. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Craske, Actress. 5 Portraits

Sir (Herbert Henry) Edmund Craster (1879-1959), Historian and librarian. 4 Portraits

Sir John Montagu Craster (1901-1975), Chairman, Association of Sea Fisheries Committees for England and Wales. 6 Portraits

Shafto Longfield Craster (1862-1943), Indian railway engineer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Lionel Dugdale, 1st Baron Crathorne (1897-1977), Politician; Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries. 6 Portraits

Nancy Dugdale (née Tennant), Lady Crathorne (1904-1969), Former wife of Sylvester Gates, and later wife of 1st Baron Crathorne; daughter of Sir Charles Tennant. 3 Portraits

Edward Henry John Craufurd (1816-1887), Barrister, politician and writer. 1 Portrait

Gibbs Craufurd (Crawfurd) (circa 1732-1793), Politician; MP for Queenborough. 2 Portraits

John ('Fish') Craufurd (circa 1742-1814), Politician; MP for Old Sarum, Renfrewshire and Glasgow Burghs. 1 Portrait

William Craven, 1st Earl of Craven (1606-1697), Soldier, Royalist and Privy Councillor. 15 Portraits

Louisa (née Brunton), Countess of Craven (1782-1860), Actress; wife of 1st Earl of Craven. 3 Portraits

Emily Mary (née Grimston), Countess of Craven (1815-1901), Wife of 2nd Earl of Craven; daughter of 1st Earl of Verulam. 6 Portraits

Cornelia (née Martin), Countess of Craven (1877-1961), Wife of 4th Earl of Craven; daughter of Bradley Martin. 2 Portraits

William Craven, 1st Earl of Craven (1770-1825), Soldier; Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire. 1 Portrait

William Craven, 2nd Earl of Craven (1809-1866), Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire; landowner and racehorse owner. 6 Portraits

George Grimston Craven, 3rd Earl of Craven (1841-1883), Landowner. 3 Portraits

William George Bradley Craven, 5th Earl of Craven (1897-1932), Lieutenant. 6 Portraits

William Craven, 3rd Baron Craven (1700-1739), Founding Governor of the the Foundling Hospital. 4 Portraits

Evelyn Laura (née Barrington), Countess of Craven (1848-1924), Wife of 3rd Earl of Craven; second daughter of 7th Viscount Barrington. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Catherine Craven (née Yorke) (1837-1890), Wife of William George Craven; daughter of 4th Earl of Hardwicke. 12 Portraits

Amalia Craven (née Kolowratek) (died 1950), Wife of Hon. Charles Eric Craven. 1 Portrait

Augustus William Craven (1858-1929), Eldest son of William Craven. 2 Portraits

Caryl Walter Craven (1860-1942), Son of William George Craven and Lady Mary Catherine Yorke. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Worthington Craven, 1st Bt (1884-1944), Commander of the Royal Navy and businessman. 6 Portraits

Edith Craven (née Sartoris) (1852-1938), Wife of Alfred Eugene Craven; daughter of Frederick Urban Sartoris. 2 Portraits

Elise Craven (née Elise Barbara Alleyne Barrett) (1898-1983), Child actress and dancer. 12 Portraits

Elizabeth Craven (née Berkeley), Margravine of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Bayreuth (1750-1828), Dramatist; author; traveller. 5 Portraits

Hon. Frederick Keppel Craven (1812-1864), Third son of 1st Earl Craven. 2 Portraits

Fulwar Craven (1782-1860), Racehorse owner. 3 Portraits

Henry Thornton Craven (né Henry Thornton) (1818-1905), Playwright and actor. 1 Portrait

John Albert Craven (1840-1893), Huntmaster and racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

Keppel Richard Craven (1779-1851), Traveller. 7 Portraits

Marjorie Eadon Craven (1895-1983), Matron-in-Chief of British Red Cross Society. 1 Portrait

Hon. Osbert William Craven (1848-1923), Army officer and Member of the Berkshire County Council; son of 2nd Earl of Craven. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Edward Craven (1916-2003), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Hon. Robert Walter Craven (1850-1866), Naval officer; son of 2nd Earl of Craven. 2 Portraits

William George Craven (1835-1906), Landowner and racing administrator; grandson of 1st Earl of Craven. 7 Portraits

Grace Craven-Ellis (née Stanley), Wife of William Craven-Ellis. 1 Portrait

William Craven-Ellis (1880-1959), Politician; MP for Southampton. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Hewat Craw (1882-1964), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

John Lindsay, 20th Earl of Crawford (1702-1749), General and politician. 2 Portraits

James Lindsay, 24th Earl of Crawford and 7th Earl of Balcarres (1783-1869), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Alexander William Crawford Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford and 8th Earl of Balcarres (1812-1880), Book collector and writer on art. 6 Portraits

Margaret (née Lindsay), Countess of Crawford and Countess of Balcarres (1824-1909), Wife of 25th Earl of Crawford and 8th Earl of Balcarres. 5 Portraits

James Ludovic Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford and 9th Earl of Balcarres (1847-1913), Astronomer and book collector. 7 Portraits

David Alexander Edward Lindsay, 27th Earl of Crawford and 10th Earl of Balcarres (1871-1940), Politician, Lord Privy Seal and art connoisseur; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 25 Portraits

David Robert Alexander Lindsay, 28th Earl of Crawford and 11th Earl of Balcarres (1900-1975), Politician, art connoisseur and Deputy Governor of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Chairman of the National Trust from 1944-1965. 6 Portraits

Alice Crawford (1882-1931), Actress; wife of Valentine Williams. 15 Portraits

Anne Crawford (née Street) (1734-1801), Actress. 1 Portrait

Anne Crawford (Imelda Crawford) (1920-1956), Actress. 1 Portrait

Archibald Crawford (1882-1960), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Sir Douglas Inglis Crawford (1904-1981), Company executive and civil servant. 17 Portraits

Sir (Walter) Ferguson Crawford (1894-1978), Director-General of the Middle East Association. 1 Portrait

Francis Marion Crawford (1854-1909), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Crawford (1906-1978), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Crawford (1950-2017), Press Secretary to The Queen. 1 Portrait

George Oswald Crawford (1902-1994), Major-General. 1 Portrait

G.H. Crawford, Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

John ('Jack') Crawford (1775-1831), Sailor. 3 Portraits

Jack Crawford (1908-1991), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

James Crawford (1896-1982), Member of National Coal Board. 1 Portrait

Joan Crawford (1905-1977), Actress. 2 Portraits

John Dawson Crawford (1861-1946), Judge. 5 Portraits

John Scott Crawford (1889-1978), Major-General. 7 Portraits

J.B. Crawford (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Noel Crawford (1895-1961), Army officer and engineer. 5 Portraits

Lionel Vivian Crawford (1932-), Scientist; cancer expert and Principal Scientist, Imperial Cancer Research Fund Tumour Virus Group. 1 Portrait

Marion Crawford (1909-1988), Governess of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. 1 Portrait

Michael Crawford (Michael Patrick Dumbell-Smith) (1942-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Myrtle Crawford (Lady Acland) (1928-2013), Fashion Model; wife of Major-General Sir John Acland. 2 Portraits

Neil Crawford (active 1930s-1940s), Actor. 11 Portraits

Miss N. Crawford (1929-). 1 Portrait

Robert Crawford (1959-), Poet, scholar and critic; Professor of Modern Scottish Literature and Bishop Wardlaw Professor of Poetry, School of English, University of St Andrews. 1 Portrait

Robert Duncan Crawford (died 1936), Assistant Director of Artillery, War Office. 2 Portraits

Robert Wigram Crawford (1813-1889), Director of the Bank of England; railway chairman and politician. 2 Portraits

Sir (Robert) Stewart Crawford (1913-2002), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

William Sharman Crawford (1781-1861), Politician and landlord in Ireland. 3 Portraits

Sir William Smith Crawford (1878-1950), Director of advertising agency. 12 Portraits

Colonel Crawford. 1 Portrait

Miss Crawford (active 1784), Daughter of Sir Hew Crawford. 1 Portrait

Robert Alexander Lindsay, 29th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres (1927-2023), Conservative politician and Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. 3 Portraits

Lily Crawforth (born circa 1890), Soprano singer. 1 Portrait

Lady Irene Helen Crawfurd (née Pratt) (1906-1976), Former wife of Archibald Cubitt and of James Clarkand, and later wife of Charles Crawfurd; daughter of 4th Marquess of Camden. 4 Portraits

Sir Hew Crawfurd, Bt, Captain. 1 Portrait

Horace Evelyn Crawfurd (1882-1958), Major and Liberal politician; MP Walthamstow West. 6 Portraits

John Crawfurd (1783-1868), Orientalist and colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Lionel Payne Crawfurd (1864-1934), Bishop of Stafford. 4 Portraits

Robina Lockhart Crawfurd (died 1837), Daughter of Sir Hew Crawfurd; sister of Captain Craufurd. 1 Portrait

William Crawfurd-Stirling-Stuart (circa 1850-1938), Horseman and member of the Turf Club. 1 Portrait

Aidan Merivale Crawley (1908-1993), Politician, editor and television executive. 12 Portraits

Charles Lambart Crawley (1908-1935), Cricketer and golfer. 2 Portraits

Charles William Crawley (1899-1992), Historian and Senior Tutor of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 3 Portraits

George Abraham Crawley (1864-1926), Artist and designer; son of George Baden Crawley. 1 Portrait

(Mary) Pamela Crawley (née Vickers) (circa 1917-1962). 1 Portrait

Felicia Mary Muriel Crawshaw (née Munro) (1905-1985?), Niece of Hector Hugh Munro. 1 Portrait

Marcella Crawshay (née Thompson), Wife of C.E. Crawshay. 3 Portraits

Eliot Crawshay-Williams (1879-1962), Politician and author. 4 Portraits

(Harold) Antony Craxton (1918-1999), Television producer and director. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) Harold Hunt Craxton (1885-1971), Pianist and teacher. 1 Portrait

John Craxton (1922-2009), Painter, set designer and Royal Academician. 4 Portraits

William Cray (active 1680), of Newcastle. 1 Portrait

William John ('Jack') Crayston (1910-1992), Footballer and football manager. 3 Portraits

Herbert Pearson Creagh-Osborne (1875-1947), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Ettrick William Creak (1835-1920), Superintendent of Compasses, Admiralty. 3 Portraits

Henry Hope Crealock (1831-1891), Soldier, artist and writer. 3 Portraits

John North Crealock (1837-1895), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy (1812-1878), Historian. 2 Portraits

Sir George Elvey Creasy (1895-1972), Admiral of the Fleet. 5 Portraits

Sir Gerald Hallen Creasy (1897-1983), Governor of Malta. 10 Portraits

Lawrence H. Creasy (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Prosper Jolyot de Crebillon (1674-1762), Poet. 1 Portrait

Gerald Cree (1862-1932), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Patricia Cree (1933-2001), Actress. 1 Portrait

Thomas Creech (1659-1700), Translator and classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Charles Creed (1906-1966), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

John Martin Creed (1889-1940), Ely Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge and Canon of Ely. 1 Portrait

Martin Creed (1968-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Patricia Creed (née Cunningham) (1921-2007), Fashion Editor, Vogue 1951-63 and model. 1 Portrait

Richard Creed (active mid 19th century), Secretary of the London and Birmingham Railway. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Percival Creed (1897-1969), Principal, Queen Mary College, University of London. 6 Portraits

Sir Herbert James Creedy (1878-1973), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Mr Cregeen (active 1929). 1 Portrait

Harold Digby Fitzgerald Creighton (1927-2003), Businessman and magazine owner. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenelm Everard Lane Creighton (1883-1963), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Louise Creighton (1850-1936), Historian. 1 Portrait

Mandell Creighton (1843-1901), Bishop of London and historian; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 9 Portraits

S. Crellin. 1 Portrait

John Cremer (died 1610?). 1 Portrait

Sir William Randal Cremer (1828-1908), Politician and peace campaigner. 2 Portraits

Cornelius Christopher Cremin (1908-1987), Irish diplomat; Irish Ambassador to Britain. 1 Portrait

Thomas Dawson, 1st Viscount Cremorne (1725-1813), Banker. 3 Portraits

Charles Crerar (active 1824-1843), Head Keeper to the 4th Duke of Atholl. 1 Portrait

Henry Duncan Graham Crerar (1888-1965), General. 4 Portraits

John Crerar (died 1843), Head Keeper to the 4th Duke of Atholl. 1 Portrait

Pilar Crespi, Model. 4 Portraits

Hon. Charlotte Cresswell (née Calthorpe) (1824-1870), Daughter of 4th Baron Calthorpe. 1 Portrait

Cyril Leonard Cresswell (1890-1974), Chaplain of The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Cresswell (circa 1625-circa 1698), Courtesan and procuress. 2 Portraits

Walter D'Arcy Cresswell (1896-1960), Poet, writer and journalist. 4 Portraits

Grace Cressye (née Johnson) (died 1571), Wife of William Cressye. 1 Portrait

William Cressye (1495-1558), Husband of Grace Cressye (née Johnson). 1 Portrait

Violet Olivia Cressy-Marcks (née Rutley, later Fisher) (1895-1970), Explorer. 7 Portraits

George Hector Creswell (1889-1967), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Thomas Creswick (1811-1869), Landscape painter. 3 Portraits

William Creswick (1813-1888), Actor. 6 Portraits

Helen Duff (née Jacomb), Lady Cresy, Wife of Sir Gerald Hallen Creasy; daughter of Reginald Jacomb. 3 Portraits

Hon. Catherine Anne Cretton (née Vesey) (1953-), Bridesmaid to Princess Margaret; wife of Bruno Cretton; daughter of 6th Viscount de Vesci of Abbey Leix. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Crew, 3rd Baron Crew (1633-1721), Bishop of Durham. 14 Portraits

Francis Albert Eley Crew (1886-1973), Geneticist. 3 Portraits

Isaac Crewdson (1780-1844), Writer. 5 Portraits

Roy Crewdson (1941-), Musician; guitarist for Freddie and the Dreamers. 1 Portrait

Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe-Milnes, 1st Marquess of Crewe (1858-1945), Leader of the Liberal Party and writer. 22 Portraits

Margaret Etienne Hannah ('Peggy') Crewe-Milnes (née Primrose), Marchioness of Crewe (1881-1967), Political hostess; second wife of 1st and last Marquess of Crewe; daughter of 5th Earl of Rosebery. 3 Portraits

John Crewe, 1st Baron Crewe (1742-1829), Politician; MP for Cheshire and Stafford. 4 Portraits

Frances Anne Crewe (née Greville), Lady Crewe (baptised 1748-1818), Political hostess. 12 Portraits

John Crewe, 2nd Baron Crewe (1772-1835). 3 Portraits

Hungerford Crewe, 3rd Baron Crewe (1812-1894), Landowner and antiquarian. 2 Portraits

Alfred Godley Crewe (circa 1831-1894), Physician and surgeon. 1 Portrait

Emma Crewe, Sister of John Crewe. 3 Portraits

Sir Randolph Crewe (Crew) (baptised 1559-1646), Judge and Speaker of the House of Commons. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Crewe (Crew) (1566-1634), Lawyer and Speaker of the House of Commons; brother of Sir Randolph Crewe. 1 Portrait

Anne Creyke (1785-1877), Seventh daughter of Ralph Creyke of Marton, Yorkshire. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Creyke (1781-1875), Sixth daughter of Ralph Creyke of Marton, Yorkshire. 2 Portraits

Jane Creyke (1777-1868), Fourth daughter of Ralph Creyke. 2 Portraits

Stephen Creyke (1796-1883), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Mrs N. Cribb (active circa 1862). 1 Portrait

Tom Cribb (1781-1848), Champion boxer. 4 Portraits

Sir (Wilfrid Charles) George Cribbett (1897-1964), Director, BOAC Associated Companies. 3 Portraits

Lady Louisa Anne Catherine Crichton (1838-1866), Daughter of 3rd Earl of Erne. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Augusta Crichton (née Dawson) (1887-1961), Wife of Sir George Arthur Charles Crichton; daughter of 2nd Earl of Dartrey. 4 Portraits

Sir Andrew Maitland-Makgill-Crichton (1910-1995), Businessman; Chairman of Overseas Containers Ltd; Director, P&O. 1 Portrait

Charles Ainslie Crichton (1910-1999), Film director. 2 Portraits

David Maitland Makgill Crichton (1801-1851), Landowner; a lay leader of the Free Church. 1 Portrait

Henry Lumsden Crichton (1890-1952), Squadron Leader and later Air Commodore, Royal Air Force. 2 Portraits

Hugh Crichton (circa 1799-1871), Doctor of Divinity; Minister of Mount Pleasant United Presbyterian Church, Liverpool. 1 Portrait

James Crichton (1560-1582), Rhetorician and soldier. 2 Portraits

Madge Crichton (1879-1951), Actress. 5 Portraits

Mark Edward Makgill Crichton (1882-1972), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Patrick Crichton (1762-1823), Colonel and coachbuilder. 1 Portrait

Jean Crichton-Stuart (1908-1995), Daughter of 4th Marquess of Bute; wife of Hon. James Bertie. 1 Portrait

Harold Crichton-Browne (1866-1937), Lieutenant-Colonel, explorer and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir James Crichton-Browne (1840-1938), Physician. 3 Portraits

Lord Colum Edmund Crichton-Stuart (1886-1957), Politician; son of 3rd Marquess of Bute. 1 Portrait

Ismay Lucretia Mary (née Preston), Lady Ninian Crichton-Stuart (1882-1955), Daughter of 14th Viscount Gormanston; former wife of Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart, and later wife of Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay. 4 Portraits

Lady Janet Egidia Crichton-Stuart (née Montgomerie) (1911-1999), Daughter of 16th Earl of Eglinton; wife of Lord Robert Crichton-Stuart. 2 Portraits

Lord Patrick Crichton-Stuart (1913-1956), Son of 4th Marquess of Bute. 2 Portraits

Lord Rhidian Crichton-Stuart (1917-1969), Captain; son of 4th Marquess of the County of Bute. 4 Portraits

Charles Patrick Colum Henry Crichton-Stuart (1939-), Pilot and racing driver; son of Lord Patrick Crichton-Stuart. 3 Portraits

James Frederick Dudley Crichton-Stuart (1824-1891), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

Jane (née von Bahr), Lady Patrick Crichton-Stuart (died 1944), First wife of Lord Patrick Crichton-Stuart; daughter of Captain von Bahr. 3 Portraits

Lord Ninian Edward Crichton-Stuart (1883-1915), Soldier and Conservative politician; MP for Cardiff. 1 Portrait

Sir Berhard Crick (1929-2008), Professor of Politics, Birkbeck College, University of London. 1 Portrait

Douglas Henry Crick (1885-1973), Bishop of Chester. 13 Portraits

Francis Harry Compton Crick (1916-2004), Molecular biologist. 10 Portraits

Odile Crick (née Speed) (1920-2007), Artist; wife of Francis Harry Compton Crick. 1 Portrait

Paul Mingaye Douglas Crick (1921-2001). 2 Portraits

Philip Charles Thurlow Crick (1882-1937), Bishop of Rockhampton and Bishop of Ballarat; Assistant Bishop of Derby. 1 Portrait

Thomas Crick (1885-1970), Royal Chaplain and Dean of Rochester. 3 Portraits

Nicholas Edwards, Baron Crickhowell (1934-2018), Politician; Secretary of State for Wales. 1 Portrait

Walter Crickmer (1900-1958), Club Secretary and Manager of Manchester United Football Club. 5 Portraits

Mary Ann Criddle (née Alabaster) (1805-1880), Painter. 1 Portrait

Crillon (active 1789), French politician. 1 Portrait

Daniel Crilly (1857-1923), Politician, journalist and reviewer. 1 Portrait

Anthony Criminali (1520-1549), First martyr of the Society of Jesus. 1 Portrait

John Rider Crimp (1847-1926), House of Commons Library clerk. 1 Portrait

Martin Crimp (1956-), Playwright. 1 Portrait

David Cripps (1938-2013), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Stewart Cripps. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Stewart Cripps (1885-1955), Senior government broker. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Anne Millward Cripps (née Shennan), Wife of Michael Leonard Seddon Cripps. 7 Portraits

Sir John Stafford Cripps (1912-1993), Chairman of the Countryside Commission. 8 Portraits

Joseph Cripps (1765-1847), Politician; MP for Cirencester. 1 Portrait

Leonard Harrison Cripps (1887-1959), Major; son of 1st Baron Parmoor. 2 Portraits

Michael Leonard Seddon Cripps (1942-), Judge. 7 Portraits

Sir (Richard) Stafford Cripps (1889-1952), Statesman. 42 Portraits

Theresa Cripps (née Potter) (1852-1893), First wife of Charles Arthur Cripps (later 1st Baron Parmoor); daughter of Richard Potter; sister of Beatrice Webb. 1 Portrait

William Joseph Crisham (1906-1987), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Crisp, 1st Bt (1843-1919), Lawyer and officer of the Royal Microscopical Society. 1 Portrait

Fred Crisp (1849-1905), Shire horse breeder and retail draper. 1 Portrait

John Simon Crisp (1937-1997), Major; son of Raymond John Crisp. 4 Portraits

Sir Nicholas Crisp, Bt (1599?-1666), Merchant, royalist and politician; MP for Winchelsea. 4 Portraits

Quentin Crisp (Dennis Charles Pratt) (1908-1999), Writer. 21 Portraits

Tobias Crisp (1600-1643), Antinomian. 7 Portraits

Sir John Crispe, 3rd Bt (circa 1676-1728), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Ida Crispi (active 1900s), Actress and singer. 31 Portraits

(Robert) Bruce Montgomery ('Edmund Crispin') (1921-1978), Composer and detective novelist. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Cyril William Crispin (1877-1968), Naval captain. 2 Portraits

Joshua Cristall (1767-1847), Painter and watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

George Critchett (1817-1882), Ophthalmic surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Anderson Critchett, 1st Bt (1845-1925), Ophthalmic surgeon. 4 Portraits

Innes (née Wiehe), Lady Critchett (1895-1982), Wife of Sir (George) Montague Critchett, 2nd Bt; daughter of Francis George Archibald Wiehe. 2 Portraits

Sir (George) Montague Critchett, 2nd Bt (1884-1941), Son of Sir George Anderson Critchett, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Agnes Anne ('Nita') (née Dunphie), Lady Critchett (died 1943), Daughter of Charles Dunphie; wife of Sir George Anderson Critchett, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Alfred Cecil Critchley (1890-1963), Air Commodore. 4 Portraits

Sir Julian Michael Gordon Critchley (1930-2000), Politician, writer, journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Macdonald Critchley (1900-1997), Neurologist. 6 Portraits

Francis Henry Crittall (1860-1935), Metal window frame manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Andrew Critten. 5 Portraits

William Crittenden (active 1950s), Bishop of Erie, Pennsylvania. 1 Portrait

Sir John Tredinnick Crocker (1896-1963), General. 19 Portraits

(William Ernest Crocker (died 1951), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Samuel Rutherford Crockett (formerly Samuel Crocket) (1859-1914), Free Church of Scotland minister and novelist. 2 Portraits

Allen Lepard Crockford (1897-1992), Physician and brigadier. 5 Portraits

Susan ('Sue') Crockford (1943-2019), Film-maker. 2 Portraits

William Crockford (1775-1844), Proprietor of Crockford's gambling club. 3 Portraits

Henry Page Croft, 1st Baron Croft (1881-1947), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for War. 18 Portraits

Michael Henry Glendower Page Croft, 2nd Baron Croft (1916-1997), Company director. 7 Portraits

Sir Alfred Woodley Croft (1841-1925), Indian educationalist. 3 Portraits

Annabel Croft (1966-), Tennis player and television presenter. 2 Portraits

Annie Croft (1896-1959), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

George Arthur Hutton Croft (1829-1889), Justice of the Peace and army officer; son of Thomas Hutton Croft. 1 Portrait

H.E.P. Croft. 3 Portraits

Sir James Herbert Croft, 11th Bt (1907-1941), Amateur rower. 2 Portraits

John Croft (1833-1905), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Robert Croft (1756-1831), Canon of York. 1 Portrait

Stephen Croft (1712-1798), of Stillington Hall, Yorkshire. 2 Portraits

Thomas Hutton Croft (1800-1873), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

William Croft (1678-1727), Musician and composer. 2 Portraits

Sir William Dawson Croft (1892-1964), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

William Denman Croft (1879-1968), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Edward Crofton, 2nd Baron Crofton (1806-1869), Conservative politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Edward Henry Churchill Crofton, 3rd Baron Crofton (1834-1911), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Edward Blaise Crofton, 5th Baron Crofton (1926-1974), Landowner. 6 Portraits

Ann (née Tighe), Lady Crofton, First wife of 5th Baron Crofton; daughter of Charles Herbert Tighe. 6 Portraits

Sir (Malby Richard) Henry Crofton, 4th Bt (1881-1962), Major. 4 Portraits

Hugh Denis Crofton (1937-), Son of Sir Morgan George Crofton, 6th Bt. 5 Portraits

Sir John Crofton (1912-2009), Physician and Professor of respiratory diseases and tuberculosis. 1 Portrait

Katharine Beatrix (née Pollard), Lady Crofton (died 1961), Daughter of George Sturges Pollard; wife of Sir (Malby Richard) Henry Crofton, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Malby Sturges Crofton, 5th Bt (1923-2002), Businessman; son of Sir (Malby Richard) Henry Crofton, 4th Bt. 5 Portraits

Margaret Amelia (née Dallett), Lady Crofton, Third wife of Sir Morgan George Crofton, 6th Bt; daughter of Morris Dallett. 9 Portraits

Sir Morgan George Crofton, 6th Bt (1879-1958), Member of Hampshire County Council; landowner; Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Peter Crofton-Sleigh. 1 Portrait

William Crofts, Baron Crofts (1611?-1677). 1 Portrait

Ernest Crofts (1847-1911), History painter. 2 Portraits

Freeman Wills Crofts (1879-1957), Novelist. 4 Portraits

Thomas Crofts (1722-1782), Priest, traveller and bibliophile. 1 Portrait

Nita Croger, Actress. 1 Portrait

Douglas Albert Vivian Allen, Baron Croham (1917-2011), Chairman of Guinness Peat Group, Head of the Home Civil Service and Permanent Secretary, Civil Service Department. 2 Portraits

Sir George Croke (1560-1642), Judge and law reporter. 10 Portraits

Sir John Croke (circa 1553-1620), Judge; Speaker of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Edward James O'Brien Croker (1881-1960), Engineer Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

John Wilson Croker (1780-1857), Essayist and politician, Secretary to the Admiralty and MP for several constituencies. 19 Portraits

Thomas Crofton Croker (1798-1854), Irish antiquary. 3 Portraits

Hugh Bernard Crole-Rees, Managing Director, Benn Bros. Ltd. 5 Portraits

Alexander Angus Croll (1811-1887), Sheriff of London and civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Scott Crolla (1955-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

George Croly (1780-1860), Writer and divine. 1 Portrait

Hon. Lilian Janet (née Macdonald), Countess of Cromartie (1856-1926), Daughter of 4th Baron MacDonald; wife of 2nd Earl of Cromartie. 5 Portraits

Sibel Lilian Mackenzie, Countess of Cromartie (1878-1926), Writer. 13 Portraits

Isabel Mackenzie (née Gordon), Countess of Cromartie (circa 1706-1769), Wife of 3rd Earl of Cromartie. 2 Portraits

Roderick Grant Francis Mackenzie, 4th Earl Cromartie (1904-1989), Major and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Lilias Janet Garvie Mackenzie (née Macleod), Countess of Cromartie (1918-2013), Doctor; president of NADFAS. 1 Portrait

George Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Cromarty (1630-1714), Statesman. 2 Portraits

Alexander Crombie (1760-1840), Schoolmaster, theologian and philosophical writer. 2 Portraits

Bessy Crombie, Fisherwoman. 2 Portraits

Sir James Ian Cormack Crombie (1902-1969), Chairman of HM Board of Customs and Excise. 5 Portraits

John Harvey Forbes Crombie (1900-1972), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

John William Crombie (1858-1908), Politician and company director. 1 Portrait

Neil Crombie (1964-), Television producer and director. 1 Portrait

Richard Dennis Crombie (1916-1991), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

John Crome (1768-1821), Landscape painter and founder of the Norwich School. 4 Portraits

John Bernay Crome (1794-1842), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Leonard ('Len') Crome (né Lazar Krom) (1909-2001), Committee member of the International Brigade Association and physician. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl of Cromer (1841-1917), Consul-General in Egypt. 35 Portraits

Ethel (née Errington), Countess of Cromer (died 1898), First wife of 1st Earl of Cromer; daughter of Sir Rowland Stanley Errington, 11th Bt. 1 Portrait

Katherine Georgiana Louisa (née Thynne), Countess of Cromer (1865-1933), Second wife of 1st Earl of Cromer. 7 Portraits

Rowland Thomas Baring, 2nd Earl of Cromer (1877-1953), Courtier; Aide-de-Camp to the viceroy of India 1915 to 1916. 9 Portraits

Ruby Florence Mary (née Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound), Countess of Cromer (1886-1961), Wife of 2nd Earl of Cromer; daughter of 4th Earl of Minto. 2 Portraits

George Rowland Stanley Baring, 3rd Earl of Cromer (1918-1991), Governor of the Bank of England and British Ambassador to the United States. 1 Portrait

Esmé (née Harmsworth), Countess of Cromer (1922-2011), Wife of 3rd Earl of Cromer; daughter of 2nd Viscount Rothermere. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Rowland Esmond Baring, 4th Earl of Cromer (1946-), Businessman and company director. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles John Crompton (1797-1865), Judge. 1 Portrait

Hugh Crompton (active 1652-1658), Poet. 4 Portraits

Jack Crompton (1921-2013), Footballer. 7 Portraits

Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton (1845-1940), Engineer. 2 Portraits

Samuel Crompton (1753-1827), Inventor. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Crompton (1558-1609), Civil lawyer. 3 Portraits

Virginia Clementine Crompton (née Keyes) (1950-), Daughter of 2nd Baron Keyes. 1 Portrait

Robert Godfrey Wolseley Bewicke-Copley, 5th Baron Cromwell (1893-1966), Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire. 7 Portraits

Freda Constance Bewicke-Copley (née Cripps), Lady Cromwell, Daughter of Sir Frederick William Beresford Cripps; wife of 5th Baron Cromwell. 5 Portraits

David Godfrey Bewicke-Copley, 6th Baron Cromwell (1929-1982), Senior Government Broker. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Southwell (née Cromwell), Lady Cromwell (1674-1709), Daughter of 7th Baron Cromwell and 4th Earl of Ardglass; wife of Edward Southwell. 7 Portraits

Cecil Cromwell (died 1913), Actress. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Cromwell (née Maijor) (1627-1676), Wife of Richard Cromwell. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Cromwell (née Steward) (died 1654), Mother of Oliver Cromwell. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Cromwell (née Bourchier) (1598-1665), Wife of Oliver Cromwell. 3 Portraits

Henry Cromwell (1628-1674), Son of Oliver Cromwell and statesman. 13 Portraits

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), Lord Protector of England. 224 Portraits

Richard Cromwell (1626-1712), Lord Protector of England. 22 Portraits

Robert Cromwell (died 1617), Father of Oliver Cromwell. 1 Portrait

Desmond Roe Crone (1900-1974), Senior Lecturer in Surveying and colonel. 4 Portraits

Agnes Mary Cronin (née Gibson) (1898-1981), Physician. 10 Portraits

Andrew Cronin (1937-), Son of Archibald Joseph Cronin. 7 Portraits

Anthony Cronin (1928-2017), Poet. 1 Portrait

Archibald Joseph ('A.J.') Cronin (1896-1981), Physician and novelist. 27 Portraits

Henry Francis Cronin (1894-1977), Chief engineer. 1 Portrait

John Desmond Cronin (1916-1986), Consultant surgeon. 1 Portrait

Monsignor Michael Cronin (1871-1943), Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of Dublin. 1 Portrait

(Robert Francis) Patrick Cronin (1926-2007), Physician; son of A.J. Cronin. 10 Portraits

Vincent Archibald Patrick Cronin (1924-2010), Author; son of A.J. Cronin. 8 Portraits

Pieter Arnoldus Cronjé (1836-1911), Boer General. 1 Portrait

Samuel Cron Cronwright-Schreiner (1863-1936), South African writer and Politician. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Cronyn (1802-1871), First Anglican Bishop of Huron. 4 Portraits

Hume Blake Cronyn (1911-2003), Comedian and actor. 1 Portrait

Reginald Douglas Crook, 1st Baron Crook (1901-1989), Civil servant and United Nations official. 3 Portraits

Sir Douglas Edwin Crook, 2nd Bt (1926-2001), Civil Engineer; son of Reginald Douglas Crook, 1st Baron Crook. 5 Portraits

Kenneth Roy Crook (1920-2012), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

(Paul) Mackenzie Crook (1971-), Actor and comedian. 1 Portrait

Thomas Mewburn Crook (1869-1949), Artist, sculptor. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Crooke (née Parry) (1753-1845), Wife of John Crosse Crooke. 2 Portraits

John Crosse Crooke (1754-1829). 2 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Ralph Crooke (1875-1952), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Sir (John) Smedley Crooke (1861-1951), Politician; MP for Birmingham Deritend. 8 Portraits

Henry Crookenden (1912-1972), Army officer; brother of Sir Napier Crookenden. 2 Portraits

Sir Napier Crookenden (1915-2002), Lieutenant-General. 7 Portraits

Joy Crookes (1998-), Singer-songwriter. 1 Portrait

Sir William Crookes (1832-1919), Chemist and science journalist. 8 Portraits

Elizabeth Crooks (née Lake, later Coulter) (1854-1932), Nurse and social reformer; wife of William ('Will') Crooks MP. 1 Portrait

Sir James Crooks (1858-1940), President of the St Helens Conservative and Unionist Association. 3 Portraits

James Crooks (1901-1980), Consulting surgeon. 2 Portraits

William ('Will') Crooks (1852-1921), Trade unionist, member of the Fabian Society and Labour politician; MP for Woolwich. 13 Portraits

Harry Frederick Comfort Crookshank, 1st Viscount Crookshank of Gainsborough (1893-1961), Politician; Lord Privy Seal. 11 Portraits

Chichester de Windt Crookshank (1868-1958), Colonel and politician; son of A. C. W. Crookshank. 3 Portraits

Sir Sydney D'Aguilar Crookshank (1870-1941), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Powell Croom-Johnson (1879-1957), Judge and politician. 8 Portraits

Edward Cropper (1799-1877), Merchant; Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Edward Denman Cropper (1854-1901), Major; son of Edward Cropper. 1 Portrait

John Cropper (1797-1876), Philanthropist and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Peter Cropper (1945-2015), Violinist; member of The Lindsay String Quartet. 1 Portrait

Agnes Crosby (died 1466), First wife of Sir John Crosby. 2 Portraits

Brass Crosby (1725-1793), Lord Mayor of London. 3 Portraits

Sir John Crosby (died 1476), Merchant and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir Josiah Crosby (1880-1958), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Theo Crosby (1925-1994), Architect. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Boor Crosby (circa 1831-1916), Doctor and Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

John Crosdill (1751-1825), Cellist. 2 Portraits

Ann Crosfield (1823-1894), Daughter of Joseph Crosfield. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Henry Crosfield, 1st Bt (1865-1938), Politician and Chairman of National Playing Fields Association. 5 Portraits

(Lliad) Domini (née Elliadi), Lady Crosfield (1884-1963), Politician and tennis player; wife of Sir Arthur Henry Crosfield, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Jane Crosfield (1836-1894), Daughter of Joseph Crosfield. 1 Portrait

Sarah Crosfield (1825-1900), Daughter of Joseph Crosfield. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Anthony Raven Crosland (1918-1977), Politician and writer. 24 Portraits

Harold Powell Crosland (1893-1973), Brigadier and London Metal Exchange. 2 Portraits

Hilary Anne Crosland (née Sarson, later Hilary Fillery) (1929-), Former wife of Anthony Crosland, and later wife of Richard Fillery; daughter of Henry Sarson. 4 Portraits

Susan Barnes Crosland (1927-2011), Journalist and writer; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Thomas William Hodgson Crosland (1865-1924), Editor, poet and writer. 2 Portraits

Helene Crosmond (Mrs Turner) (died 1888), Opera singer; daughter of Madame Rachel. 1 Portrait

Richard Assheton Cross, 1st Viscount Cross (1823-1914), Politician; Home Secretary. 28 Portraits

Richard Assheton Cross, 2nd Viscount Cross (1882-1932), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Maud Evelyn Inigo (née Jones), Viscountess Cross (1889-1976), Former wife of 2nd Viscount Cross, and later wife of Guy Hope Coldwell. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Cross, 1st Bt (1847-1914), Politician and director in several industrial concerns. 2 Portraits

Carlton Cross (1859-1930), Justice of the Peace and Sheriff of Dorset. 1 Portrait

Chris Cross (Christopher Allen) (1952-), Musician; guitarist for Ultravox. 1 Portrait

Edward Makin Cross, Bishop of Spokane, United States. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Valerie Cross (née Eaton) (1922-2000), Daughter of Hon. Herbert Edward Eaton; wife of Edward John Kynaston Cross. 4 Portraits

Joan Annie Cross (1900-1993), Opera singer and teacher. 1 Portrait

John Keir Cross (1914-1967), Author. 1 Portrait

John Walter Cross (1840-1924), Banker; husband of George Elliot. 1 Portrait

Joy Clara Cross (née Rumford) (1901-1976), Wife of Claude Harold Cross; daughter of Robert Henry Kennerley Rumford and Dame Clara Butt. 13 Portraits

Mrs J.B. Cross (active 1939). 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Brian Boyd Cross (1911-2003), Air Chief Marshal. 3 Portraits

Louise Marion (née Emmott), Lady Cross (1896-1975), Wife of Sir Ronald Cross; daughter of Walter Emmott. 2 Portraits

Mrs Maurice Cross, Wife of Maurice Cross. 1 Portrait

Paul Cross, Steel erector. 1 Portrait

Richard James Cross (1845-1917), Banker. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Hibbert Cross (1896-1968), Politician and Governor of Tasmania. 13 Portraits

Thomas Cross (active 1812). 1 Portrait

Ulric Cross (1917-2013), Sqaudron Leader; wartime Navigator; Judge; Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Victoria Cross. 3 Portraits

Major Cross, Major, 46th Regiment. 1 Portrait

Mrs Cross (active 1697-1700), Actress. 5 Portraits

Lady Mary Crosse (née Stewart) (1838-1903), Wife of Thomas Richard Crosse; daughter of 4th Earl Castle Stewart. 1 Portrait

Arthur John William Crosse (1857-1948), Vicar of St Augustine's, Wisbech. 1 Portrait

Charles Kenrick Crosse (1832-1909), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Charles Robert Crosse (circa 1852-1921), Soldier and Secretary of the National Rifle Association. 1 Portrait

Ernest Courtenay Crosse (1887-1955), Vicar of Glynde with Firle. 1 Portrait

John Green Crosse (1790-1850), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

B. Crossley Meates (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Ada Crossley (1874-1929), Singer. 20 Portraits

Arthur William Crossley (1869-1927), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis ('Frank') Crossley, 1st Bt (1817-1872), Carpet manufacturer, philanthropist and politician. 3 Portraits

Janet Crossley, Model. 1 Portrait

Sir Julian Stanley Crossley (1899-1971), Banker. 1 Portrait

Martha Eliza (née Brinton), Lady Crossley (1821-1891), Wife of Sir Francis ('Frank') Crossley, 1st Bt; daughter of Henry Brinton. 1 Portrait

Owen Thomas Lloyd Crossley (1860-1926), Bishop of Auckland. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Stafford Crossman (1870-1941), Judge; son of Edward Crossman. 2 Portraits

Francis Geach Crossman (1787-1858), Clergyman. 3 Portraits

Francis Lindisfarne Morley Crossman (1888-1947), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Richard Crossman (1907-1974), Labour politician, diarist and editor of the New Statesman. 13 Portraits

Robert Crossman (1803-1883), Brewer and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Hon. Rose Maureen Crossman (née Alexander) (1932-), Wife of Humphrey Crossman; daughter of 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis. 2 Portraits

Joan Ira Crosswaite? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Timothy Leland Crosthwait (1915-2006), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Ivor John Crosthwaite (1915-2000), Captain. 3 Portraits

Robert Jarratt Crosthwaite (1837-1925), Bishop of Beverley. 2 Portraits

Sir William Henry Crosthwaite (1880-1968), French consular agent. 1 Portrait

Sir Oliver Crosthwaite-Eyre (1913-1978), Politician and colonel. 4 Portraits

William Crotch (1775-1847), Musician. 4 Portraits

Mr Croton. 1 Portrait

Horace Crotty (1886-1952), Bishop of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. 1 Portrait

Anna Maria Crouch (1763-1805), Singer and actress. 3 Portraits

A.G. Crouch. 1 Portrait

B. Crouch. 1 Portrait

Sir David Lance Crouch (1919-1998), Politician and marketing and public relations consultant. 1 Portrait

George Stanton Crouch (1878-1952), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

John Crouch (active 1936), Jockey. 3 Portraits

Peter James Crouch (1981-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

William Crouch (died after 1725), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Augustus George Crousaz (1884-1977), Naval officer and engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Alwyn Douglas Crow (1894-1965), Physicist. 4 Portraits

Graham Crowden (1922-2010), Actor. 1 Portrait

Guy Pascoe Crowden (1894-1966), Professor of Applied Physiology. 6 Portraits

Sally Crowden, Secretary, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Frederick Petre Crowder (1919-1999), Politician and Barrister. 9 Portraits

Henry Crowder (1890-1955), Jazz musician. 1 Portrait

Patricia Winifred Mary Crowder (née Stourton) (1924-2007), Daughter of 25th Baron Mowbray; wife of Frederick Petre Crowder. 16 Portraits

Isabel Crowdy (died 1941), Information Officer, Orient Line. 1 Portrait

Dame Rachel Eleanor Crowdy (1884-1964), Social reformer. 4 Portraits

Sir Colin Tradescant Crowe (1913-1989), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Thomas Frederick Crowe (1877-1960), Public servant; Director of Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. 3 Portraits

Eyre Crowe (1824-1910), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Crowe, Soldier, Worcestershire Regiment. 2 Portraits

John Charles Crowe (died 1811). 4 Portraits

John James Crowe (circa 1875-1965), Lieutenant; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Archer Crowe (1825-1896), Journalist and art critic. 1 Portrait

Mitford Crowe (1669-1719), Governor of Barbados, merchant, politician and diplomat. 3 Portraits

Simon Crowe (1948-), Musician; drummer for The Boomtown Rats. 1 Portrait

Dame Sylvia Crowe (1901-1997), Landscape architect. 1 Portrait

William Crowe (1745-1829), Poet and divine. 4 Portraits

William Henchman Crowfoot (1780-1849), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Dave Crowley (1910-1974), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Edward Alexander ('Aleister') Crowley (1875-1947), Writer, mountaineer and occultist; British intelligence Service. 2 Portraits

George Clement Crowley (1916-1999), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Graham Neil Crowley (1950-), Artist; Professor of Painting, Royal College of Art. 1 Portrait

Sir Denis Crowley-Milling (1919-1996), Air Marshal. 7 Portraits

A. Crowly (active 1923). 1 Portrait

C.H. Crowly (active 1923). 1 Portrait

F. Crowly (active 1923). 1 Portrait

M. A. Crowly (active 1923). 1 Portrait

P. Crowly (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Crown Equerry, Operational head of the Royal Mews of the Royal Household of the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Crowther, Baron Crowther (1907-1972), Chairman and editor of the 'Economist'. 16 Portraits

Edward Crowther (1897-1979), Chairman of Northern Gas Board. 1 Portrait

James Arnold Crowther (1883-1950), Lecturer in Physics and Radiology. 1 Portrait

James Gerald Crowther (1899-1983), Science journalist and administrator. 2 Portraits

Leslie Douglas Sargent Crowther (1933-1996), Entertainer. 1 Portrait

Samuel Crowther (1769-1829), Vicar of Christ Church, Newgate Street and St Leonards, Foster Lane. 2 Portraits

Samuel Ajayi Crowther (circa 1807-1891), Bishop of Western Africa and linguistic scholar. 4 Portraits

Samuel Croxall (circa 1690-1752), Poet, literary editor, churchman and translator. 3 Portraits

Mary Gwendoline Charlotte Croysdale (née Hillman, later Lady Whinney) (1898-1985), Former wife of Sir Herbert James Gunn and second wife of Sir Arthur Whinney, and later wife of Thomas Perceval Croysdale; daughter of H.E. Hillman. 2 Portraits

Adam Alexander Crozier (1964-), Chief Executive, Royal Mail Group plc. 1 Portrait

Eric John Crozier (1914-1994), Writer and theatrical producer. 10 Portraits

Frank Percy Crozier (1879-1937), Brigadier-General and writer. 8 Portraits

John Baptist Crozier (1853-1920), Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland. 1 Portrait

John Winthrop Crozier (1879-1966), Bishop of Tuam, Killala and Achonry. 1 Portrait

Audrey Cruddas (1912-1979), Costume and scene designer, painter and potter. 1 Portrait

Ralph Cyril Cruddas (1900-1979), Army officer. 1 Portrait

William Donaldson Cruddas (1831-1912), Politician and company chairman. 1 Portrait

Alexander Cruden (1701-1770), Author of the 'Biblical Concordances'. 2 Portraits

Adrian Francis Cruft (1921-1987), Composer and musician. 3 Portraits

Emma Isabel Cruft (née Hartshorn) (1866 or 1867-1950), Wife of Charles Alfred Cruft, daughter of Samuel Hartshorn. 1 Portrait

Eugene Cruft (1887-1976), Double bass player. 1 Portrait

Dan Cruickshank (1949-), Architectural historian. 2 Portraits

Ernest William Henderson Cruickshank (1888-1964), Professor of Physiology. 2 Portraits

Dame Joanna Margaret Cruickshank (1875-1958), Matron-in-Chief of British Red Cross Society; founder of the Royal Air Force Nursing Service. 5 Portraits

Margot Cruickshank (1916-2013). 5 Portraits

William Cruickshank (died 1858), Army medical officer. 3 Portraits

Andrew Cruikshank (1907-1988), Scottish actor. 1 Portrait

Eliza Cruikshank (née Widdison) (1807-1890), Second wife of George Cruikshank. 1 Portrait

Eliza Cruikshank (1807-1825), Illustrator and sister of George and Isaac Robert Cruikshank. 1 Portrait

George Cruikshank (1792-1878), Caricaturist and illustrator. 34 Portraits

(Isaac) Robert Cruikshank (1789-1856), Caricaturist and miniature painter. 2 Portraits

Robert James Cruikshank (1898-1956), Journalist. 8 Portraits

William Cumberland Cruikshank (1745-1800), Anatomist. 1 Portrait

Sir William Dickson Cruikshank (1845-1929), Authority on Indian banking and currency. 1 Portrait

Margery Barbara (née Woollcombe-Boyce), Lady Cruise, Wife of Sir Richard Cruise; daughter of Hugh Woollcombe-Boyce. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard Robert Cruise (1876-1946), Surgeon oculist to Queen Mary. 8 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Graham Crum (1840-1923), Daughter of Walter Crum; wife of Sir William Henry Houldsworth. 1 Portrait

Jessie Graham Crum (1835-1912), Daughter of Walter Crum. 1 Portrait

Walter Erskine Crum (1874-1944), Oarsman; President of the Oxford University Boat Club. 1 Portrait

Walter Ewing Crum (1865-1944), Coptic scholar. 1 Portrait

Henry John Crump (1803-1849), Dissenting minister. 1 Portrait

T. Crumpton, Rector, Cranworth. 1 Portrait

John Cruso (circa 1790-1867), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Mary Cruso (born circa 1796), Wife of John Cruso. 1 Portrait

Timothy Cruso (baptised 1657-1697), Presbyterian minister. 1 Portrait

Peter Crutch (died 2002), Interior designer. 1 Portrait

Brooke Crutchley (1907-2003), Cambridge university printer. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Crutchley (1856-1920), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Doris Crutchley, Actress and singer. 3 Portraits

Ernest Tristram Crutchley (1878-1940), Director of Public Relations at the Home Office and Ministry of Home Security; Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Rosalie Crutchley (1921-1997), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Victor Alexander Charles Crutchley (1893-1986), Naval officer; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 4 Portraits

Charles Robert Mowbray Fraser Cruttwell (1887-1941), Historian; Principal of Hertford College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sophie Johanne Charlotte Crüwell (Sophie Cruvelli) (1826-1907), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Sarah Jane Cruwys (née Goodson) (1947-), Wife of Guy Arthur Louis Cruwys; daughter of Hugh Lassam Goodson. 3 Portraits

Harold Lewis Cryer (1910-1978), Captain, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Thomas Crymes (Graham) (born 1640), Poet. 2 Portraits

Sir George Crystal. 3 Portraits

Marianna Csaky-Szell (1880-1940), Czech violinist. 1 Portrait

Michael Csaplar (1934-). 1 Portrait

Julia Mary Sheridan (née Cassavetti) (1848-1922), Daughter of Alexander and Euterpe Cassavetti. 3 Portraits

Rosa Csillag (1832-1892), Opera singer. 2 Portraits

Najib Atallah Cuba'in (active 1957-1967), Bishop in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. 1 Portrait

V. Cubbitt. 1 Portrait

John Hamilton Cubbon (1911-1997), Major-General. 11 Portraits

Sir Mark Cubbon (1784-1861), Army officer in the East India Company; Commissioner of Mysore. 4 Portraits

Charlotte Anne Cubitt (née Kennard) (1836-1926), Wife of Lewis Cubitt; daughter of Robert William Kennard. 2 Portraits

Eustace Cubitt (1889-1917). 1 Portrait

James Cubitt (1914-1983), Architect. 2 Portraits

Lavinia Marie Cubitt (née French) (1928-), Daughter of Hon. Bertram Leo French; wife of Michael Francis Cubitt. 2 Portraits

Lewis Cubitt (1799-1883), Architect. 1 Portrait

Olive (née Wood), Lady Cubitt (1878-1947), Founder of The Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association; former wife of Bernard Salwey Grissell, and later wife of Sir Thomas Astley Cubitt; daughter of Henry Wood. 5 Portraits

Thomas Cubitt (1788-1855), Builder. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Astley Cubitt (1871-1939), Army officer and colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir William Cubitt (1785-1861), Civil engineer. 4 Portraits

William Cubitt (1791-1863), Building contractor and politician. 1 Portrait

Mr Cubitt (active 1850s-1860s), Paymaster. 1 Portrait

Ernest John Cuckney (1896-1965), Air force officer and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Roch-Ambroise Cucurron, Abbé Sicard (1742-1822), French writer and educator. 1 Portrait

Edward William Cudd (1862-1957), Actor. 1 Portrait

Velma Myra Cuddeback (née Roberts) (1889-1962), New York City Actress. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Cuddeback (1875-1946), New York Business Owner. 1 Portrait

Bernard Cuddon (1862-1938), Hospital chairman. 3 Portraits

Mr Cuddon. 1 Portrait

Mrs Cuddon (active 1840), Wife of Mr Cuddon. 1 Portrait

Hugh Cudlipp, Baron Cudlipp (1913-1998), Newspaper editor and writer. 10 Portraits

Percy Cudlipp (1905-1962), Journalist. 13 Portraits

Ralph Cudworth (1617-1688), Philosopher and theologian. 1 Portrait

Javier Perez de Cuéllar (1920-2020), Secretary-General of the UN. 1 Portrait

William Charles ('Will') Cuff (1868-1949), Everton FC Chairman. 4 Portraits

William Cuffay (1788-1870), London Chartist leader. 1 Portrait

John Cuffley (1939-), Drummer for Emile Ford and The Checkmates. 2 Portraits

Ottobah Cugoano (John Stuart) (circa 1757-after 1791), Slavery abolitionist and writer. 1 Portrait

Frances Cuka (1936-2020), Actress. 2 Portraits

George Dewey Cukor (1899-1983), Film director. 1 Portrait

Ely Culbertson (1891-1955), Authority on contract bridge; pacifist. 5 Portraits

Robert Culbertson (1765-1823), Scottish divine. 2 Portraits

Len Culhane (1937-), Professor of Physics, Director of MSSL and Head, UCL Department of Space & Climate Physics. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Giffard Stebbing Cull (1891-1962), Naval officer. 3 Portraits

Mr Cullan. 1 Portrait

Robert Cullen, Baron Cullen (1742-1810), Judge and essayist. 1 Portrait

Brien Cokayne, 1st Baron Cullen of Ashbourne (1864-1932), Governor of the Bank of England. 2 Portraits

Charles Borlase Marsham Cockayne, 2nd Baron Cullen of Ashbourne (1912-2000), Lord in Waiting. 4 Portraits

Alice Cullen (née McLaughlin) (1891-1969), Labour politician; MP for Glasgow Gorbals. 1 Portrait

Archibald Howard Cullen (1887-1968), Bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa. 3 Portraits

Paul Cullen (1803-1878), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin. 1 Portrait

Rose Cullen (died 1888), Actress; wife of Albert Tuck. 2 Portraits

William Cullen (1710-1790), Physician; President of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (1747-1749). 7 Portraits

Edmund Cullimore (1850-1941), Founder of the Thornbury Saw Mills and Brick Yards; Justice of the Peace in Gloucestershire. 2 Portraits

Edward Horder Cullinan (1931-), Architect. 2 Portraits

John Cullinan (1857-1920), Politician and journalist. 4 Portraits

Nicholas Cullinan (1977-), Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

John Chislett Culling (1858-1938), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Michael Fowler Cullis (1914-2004), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Winifred Clara Cullis (1875-1956), Physiologist. 13 Portraits

Fred Cullum, Clerk of Works Messenger. 1 Portrait

George Gery Milner-Gibson Cullum (1857-1921), Genealogist. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Cullum, Bt (1587-1664), Alderman and Sheriff of London. 1 Portrait

Franchesca Cully. 1 Portrait

Florence Agnes Louisa (née Nugent), Lady Culme-Seymour (1870-1956), Wife of Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, 4th Bt; daughter of Albert Llewellyn Nugent. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, 3rd Bt (1836-1920), Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom. 7 Portraits

Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, 4th Bt (1867-1925), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Michael Culme-Seymour, 5th Bt (1909-1999), Naval officer, farmer, landowner; husband of Lady Faith Nesbitt (née Montagu). 7 Portraits

Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654), Herbalist and astrologer. 19 Portraits

Ewart Gladstone Culpin (1877-1946), Architect. 1 Portrait

John Culshaw (1924-1980), Classical music producer. 1 Portrait

Roland Joseph Culver (1900-1984), Actor. 9 Portraits

A.F. Culverwell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Cyril Tom Culverwell (1895-1963), Conservative politician; MP for Bristol. 6 Portraits

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (1976-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Anne (née Luttrell), Duchess of Cumberland and Strathearn (1743-1808), Wife of Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn. 5 Portraits

Eleanor Clifford (née Brandon), Countess of Cumberland (1519-1547), Wife of 2nd Earl of Cumberland; niece of Henry VIII. 1 Portrait

George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland (1558-1605), Naval commander. 21 Portraits

Margaret, Countess of Cumberland (1560?-1616), Wife of 3rd Earl of Cumberland. 4 Portraits

Lady Albinia Cumberland, Daughter of George Hobart, 3rd Earl of Buckinghamshire. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Cumberland (née Ridge) (died 1801), Wife of Richard Cumberland. 2 Portraits

George Cumberland (1754-1847), Writer on art. 1 Portrait

Richard Cumberland (1631-1718), Bishop of Peterborough. 4 Portraits

Richard Cumberland (1732-1811), Playwright. 6 Portraits

Vera Gladys Cumberlege (née Gibbons) (1908-1999), Justice of the Peace; wife of Geoffrey Fenwick Jocelyn Cumberlege; daughter of Sir Alexander Gibbons, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

Christine Veronica Helen Cuming (née Robertson) (1927-1997), Daughter of 1st Baron Robertson of Oakridge; wife of Robert Hugh Cuming. 2 Portraits

Hugh Cuming (1791-1865), Naturalist. 3 Portraits

Robert Stevenson Dalton Cuming (1852-1940), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Alan Cumming (1965-), Actor. 2 Portraits

George Cumming. 1 Portrait

James Cumming (died 1827), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Mrs James Cumming (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

John Cumming (1807-1881), Minister of the Presbyterian Church of England. 10 Portraits

Sir John Ghest Cumming (1868-1958), Civil servant and writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Ronald Stuart Cumming (1900-1982), Lieutenant-Colonel and Chairman, Distillers Company Ltd. 2 Portraits

Roualeyn George Gordon Cumming (1820-1866), African lion-hunter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Cumming (died 1774), Quaker merchant. 1 Portrait

Lady (Anne) Sarah Alethea Marjorie Cumming-Bruce (née Savile) (1919-1991), Wife of Sir James Roualeyn Cumming-Bruce; daughter of 6th Earl of Mexborough. 9 Portraits

Charles Lennox Cumming-Bruce (1790-1875), Conservative politician; MP for Inverness. 1 Portrait

Arthur John Cummings (1882-1957), Journalist and political editor. 2 Portraits

Constance Cummings (1910-2005), Actress. 10 Portraits

Mary Cummings (active 1879-1881), Singer. 2 Portraits

Violet Cummings, Housekeeper and cook to Ian Fleming. 2 Portraits

William Hayman Cummings (1831-1915), Singer and musical antiquary; Principal of the Guildhall School of Music. 4 Portraits

John Ildefonsus Cummins (1850-1938), Abbot of York. 1 Portrait

Stevenson Lyle Cummins (1873-1949), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Mr Cummins. 1 Portrait

Peter Cunæus, Professor of Politics, author of ''De Republica Hebraeorum''. 1 Portrait

Sir Bache Edward Cunard, Bt (1851-1925), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Maud Alice (née Burke), Lady Cunard (1892-1948), Socialite, Wife Sir Bache Edward Cunard, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Nancy Clara Cunard (1896-1965), Poet and political activist. 6 Portraits

Charles Cundall (1890-1971), Painter and printmaker. 3 Portraits

Henry John Cundall (1919-2001), Group Captain, RAF. 2 Portraits

Joseph Cundall (1818-1895), Publisher and photographer. 2 Portraits

Edric Cundell (1893-1961), Composer and conductor. 12 Portraits

Terence Cuneo (1907-1996), Artist. 5 Portraits

Cunigunde of Luxembourg (circa 975-1039), Daughter of King Canute; wife of St Henry II Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. 1 Portrait

Charles Cuningham (active 1839). 3 Portraits

Philip Cuningham (Philip Harold Boosey) (1865-1928), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Cuningham (circa 1531-1586), Physician and cartographer. 3 Portraits

David Cuninghame (active 1937), Associated with the film industry. 1 Portrait

Richard Dunning Barré Cuninghame (1836-1916), Landowner and army officer. 1 Portrait

Alison Cuninghame of Craigends (née Pearson) (1871-1959), Daughter of Alexander L. Pearson; wife of John Charles Cuninghame, 17th Laird of Craigends. 4 Portraits

Rolf Cunliffe, 2nd Baron Cunliffe of Headley (1899-1963), Chairman of Board for Guy’s Hospital. 3 Portraits

Roger Cunliffe, 3rd Baron Cunliffe (1932-), Architect, landowner and writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Barrington Windsor ('Barry') Cunliffe (1939-), Archaeologist and Professor of Archaeology. 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert) Ellis Cunliffe (1858-1927), Solicitor and Chairman of the Kensington, Fulham and Chelsea General Hospital. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mary Betty Cunliffe (1898-1990), Eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Cunliffe; wife of Captain Otho Stuart Irwin Northcote. 4 Portraits

Hon. Patrick Sidney Cunliffe (née Frend) (died 1940), Wife of Hon. Geoffrey Cunliffe; daughter of Robert Frend. 1 Portrait

Robert George Cunliffe (1923-1945), Flight Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Whit Cunliffe (1876-1966), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Hubert Cunliffe-Jones (1905-1991), Professor of Theology and college principal. 6 Portraits

Hon. John Yarburgh Cunliffe-Lister (1913-1943), Major; son of 1st Earl of Swinton. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mrs Cunliffe-Lister. 2 Portraits

Agnes Cunliffe-Owen (née Cubitt, later Mrs Willington), Former wife of Henry Charles Cunliffe-Owen, and later wife of Henry Edward Willington; daughter of Lewis Cubitt. 1 Portrait

Charles Cunliffe-Owen (1863-1932), Brigadier-General. 12 Portraits

Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe-Owen (1828-1894), Museum director and exhibition organiser. 7 Portraits

Henry Charles Cunliffe-Owen (1821-1867), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen, 1st Bt (1870-1947), Businessman. 9 Portraits

Mary Maud (née Redgrave), Lady Cunliffe-Owen (1927-1956), Wife of Sir Dudley Herbert Cunliffe-Owen, 2nd Bt; daughter of Robin Roy Redgrave; niece of Sir Michael Redgrave. 1 Portrait

Mauricia Martha (née Shaw), Lady Cunliffe-Owen (1896-active 1946), Second wife of Sir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen, 1st Bt; daughter of Herbert Shaw. 2 Portraits

Sidney Patrick Charles Cunliffe-Owen (1904-1960), Biographer and writer. 12 Portraits

Cunne Shote (active 1762), Cherokee chief. 1 Portrait

Andrew Browne Cunningham, Viscount Cunningham (1883-1963), Admiral of the Fleet. 12 Portraits

Sir Alan Gordon Cunningham (1887-1983), General. 8 Portraits

Allan Cunningham (1784-1842), Writer. 4 Portraits

Bertram Keir Cunningham (1871-1944), Principal of the Clergy Training School, Westcott House, Cambridge; Chaplain to King George V and King George VI. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Banks Cunningham (1884-1967), Inspector-General of Police, Madras Presidency. 6 Portraits

Charles Thornton Cunningham (1810-1847), Lieutenant-Governor of the Leeward Islands. 2 Portraits

Colonel Cunningham (active 1835), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Ebenezer Cunningham (1881-1977), Lecturer in Mathematics, St John's College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Francis Cunningham, Coldstream Guards Captain. 1 Portrait

F.S. Cunningham (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Sir George Cunningham (1888-1963), Colonial civil servant; Governor of North West Frontier Province. 10 Portraits

Sir Graham Cunningham (1892-1978), Director of Claims, War Damage Commission. 4 Portraits

Isabella Cunningham (née Sharp) (active circa 1679), Daughter of James Sharp; wife of John Cunningham of Barns. 1 Portrait

John ('Cats Eyes') Cunningham (1917-2002), Executive Director of British Aerospace; de Havilland test pilot. 15 Portraits

John Edward Greig Cunningham (1878-1954), Vice Admiral, Engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Henry Dacres Cunningham (1885-1962), Admiral. 11 Portraits

Sir (Samuel) Knox Cunningham, 1st Bt (1909-1976), Politician, barrister and businessman. 1 Portrait

Mary Cunningham (née Calvert) (1800-1849), Wife of Rev. John William Cunningham. 1 Portrait

Peter Cunningham (1816-1869), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Sean Cunningham (1963-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

William Cunningham (1805-1861), Church leader and theological writer. 2 Portraits

William Cunningham (1849-1919), Archdeacon and Professor of Economics. 5 Portraits

Mr Cunninghame. 1 Portrait

Sir Angus Edward Malise Bontine Cunninghame Graham (1893-1981), Naval officer. 3 Portraits

Alec Stratford Cunningham-Reid (1895-1977), Politician and Great War flying ace. 6 Portraits

Noel Robert Cunningham-Reid (1931-), Son of Alec Stratford Cunningham-Reid. 3 Portraits

William Cunnington (1754-1810), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Cunnison (1879-1959), Civil servant. 7 Portraits

Ian Francis Rowland Selwyn Cunynghame (1910-1988), Son of Sir Francis Percy Cunynghame, 10th Bt. 2 Portraits

Maud Albinia Margaret (née Selwyn-Payne), Lady Cunynghame (circa 1875-1948), Daughter of John Selwyn-Payne; wife of Sir Francis Percy Cunynghame, 10th Bt. 3 Portraits

Cupid, Roman god of erotic love. 1 Portrait

Carlo Cura, Child actor. 1 Portrait

Edward Capel Cure (1828-1890), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

William Cureton (1808-1864), Syriac scholar. 1 Portrait

Eve Curie (1904-2007), Writer and journalist. 3 Portraits

Marie Curie (née Maria Sklodowska) (1867-1934), Physicist and chemist; Nobel Prize winner. 2 Portraits

Paul Francis Curie (1799-1853), Homeopathist. 1 Portrait

Pierre Curie (1859-1906), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Noel Ormiston Curle (1915-1997), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Thomas Blizard Curling (1811-1888), Surgeon. 4 Portraits

Walter Curll (1575-1647), Bishop of Winchester. 1 Portrait

Alfred James Curnick (1862-1936), Sportsman. 1 Portrait

Charles Curran (1903-1972), Politician; MP for Uxbridge and journalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles John Curran (1921-1980), Television executive; Director-General of the BBC. 2 Portraits

Desmond Curran (1903-1985), Consulting psychiatrist. 1 Portrait

John Philpot Curran (1750-1817), Judge. 7 Portraits

Sir Samuel Crowe Curran (1912-1998), Principal and Vice-Chancellor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Bartholomew Curran (1870-1929), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Currey (1786-1848), Clerk. 1 Portrait

Harry Philip Currey (1902-1979), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Henry Currey (1820-1900), Architect and surveyor. 1 Portrait

Lady Charlotte Georgiana Mary Currie (née Cadogan) (1843-1908), Wife of Maynard Wodehouse Currie; daughter of 4th Earl Cadogan. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur William Currie (1875-1933), General. 1 Portrait

Bertram Wodehouse Currie (1827-1896), Banker. 1 Portrait

Caroline Louisa Currie (née Young) (1836 or 1837-1902), Wife of Bertram Wodehouse Currie; daughter of Sir William Lawrence Young, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Claud Currie. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Currie (1825-1909), Shipowner. 3 Portraits

Edwina Currie (née Cohen, later Currie Jones) (1946-), Politician; MP for South Derbyshire and writer. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Currie (née Close) (died 1856), Wife of Mark Currie. 2 Portraits

E.C. Currie. 1 Portrait

George Welsh Currie (1870-1950), Politician and church commissioner. 3 Portraits

Jane Currie (née Wood) (circa 1798-1876), Diarist and painter; wife of Mark John Currie; daughter of Charles Boynton Wood. 1 Portrait

Laurence Currie, Justice of the Peace and Member of Council of India. 1 Portrait

Mark John Currie (1795-1874), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Mary Emily (née Payter), Lady Currie, Wife of Sir James Thomson Currie. 1 Portrait

Philip Henry Wodehouse Currie (1834-1906), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Robert Alexander Currie (1905-1995), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Crawford Currie (1884-1961), Shipowner; Director of Peninsula & Oriental/ British India Steam Navigation Companies. 7 Portraits

William Wallace Currie (1784-1840), First Mayor of Liverpool. 2 Portraits

John Currin (1962-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Helen Jane M. Curror. 1 Portrait

Aaron Charlton Curry (1887-1957), Alderman of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne City Council. 2 Portraits

John Curry (1949-1994), Figure skater; Olympian. 3 Portraits

Timothy James ('Tim') Curry (1946-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Helen Frances Alice Curry Towneley-O'Hagan (1912-2004), Wife of Ian Desmond Curry Towneley-O'Hagan; daughter of 3rd Baron O'Hagan. 2 Portraits

Manockjee Cursetjee (1808-1887), Parsee merchant; judge and sheriff of Bombay. 1 Portrait

Stanley Cursiter (1887-1976), Painter. 1 Portrait

Norman Sharpe Cursley (1898-1972), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Curson. 2 Portraits

George Cursons (1872-1936), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Ian Bayley Curteis (1935-2021), Television dramatist, theatre actor and director. 1 Portrait

Jeremiah John Curtin (1907-1988), Priest Director and Ecclesiastical Adviser, Universe Enquiry Bureau. 8 Portraits

Alfred Cyril Curtis (1894-1971), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Chris Curtis (Christopher Crummey) (1941-2005), Musician; vocalist and drummer for The Searchers. 5 Portraits

Clem Curtis (Curtis Clements) (1940-2017), Musician; vocalist for The Foundations. 2 Portraits

Francis Cockburn Curtis (1898-1986), Brigadier and Fellow and Bursar of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 10 Portraits

Sir George Curtis. 2 Portraits

Ian Curtis (1956-1980), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Joy Division'. 1 Portrait

James Curtis (1750-1835). 2 Portraits

Joan Margaret (née Nicholson), Lady Curtis (1912-2006), Daughter of Reginald and Louisa Nicholson; wife of Sir Peter Curtis, 6th Bt. 1 Portrait

John Curtis (1791-1862), Entomologist. 4 Portraits

Lionel George Curtis (1872-1955), Writer and public servant. 5 Portraits

Margaret Helena Marie Curtis (née Candy) (1856-1932), Wife of Philip Julian Curtis; daughter of Charles Candy. 2 Portraits

Marjorie Lillian Curtis (née Sharp) (died 1993), Wife of Philip Curtis. 4 Portraits

Dame Myra Curtis (1886-1971), Civil servant and college head. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Curtis, 6th Bt (1907-1976). 1 Portrait

Reginald Salmond Curtis (1863-1922), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis (1956-), Screenwriter and film producer. 3 Portraits

Sir Roger Curtis, 1st Bt (1746-1816), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Tony Curtis (1925-2010), Actor. 1 Portrait

Violet Curtis, Dancer. 2 Portraits

Walter John Brice Curtis (1888-1973), Air force officer. 3 Portraits

Wilfred Austin Curtis (1893-1977), Air Marshal. 4 Portraits

William Curtis (1746-1799), Botanist and entomologist. 8 Portraits

Sir William Curtis, 1st Bt (1752-1829), Lord Mayor of London. 10 Portraits

William Edward Curtis (1889-1969), Professor of Physics. 7 Portraits

William P.S. Curtis (active 1927), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Mr Curtis, Banker. 1 Portrait

Dorothy (née Anderson), Lady Curtis-Bennett (died 1979), Former wife of Alfred C. Montagu, and later second wife of Sir (Francis) Noel Curtis-Bennett. 8 Portraits

Frederick Henry Derek Curtis-Bennett (1904-1956), Lawyer. 3 Portraits

Sir (Francis) Noel Curtis-Bennett (1882-1950), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Paul Charles Montagu Curtis-Bennett (died 1986), Son of Sir (Francis) Noel Curtis-Bennett. 6 Portraits

Julius Curtius (1877-1948), German Foreign Minister. 1 Portrait

Sir William Curtius, 1st Bt (1599-1678), Diplomat; Fellow of the Royal Society. 4 Portraits

Charles Ernest Edward Curtoys (1863-1940), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Brian Curvis (1937-2012), Boxer. 1 Portrait

M. Curwell? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Curwen (1816-1880), Writer on music. 1 Portrait

John Christian Curwen (1756-1828), Agriculturalist and politician. 5 Portraits

Dame (Anne) May Curwen (1889-1973), President, British Council for Aid to Refugees. 6 Portraits

George Nathaniel Curzon, Marquess Curzon of Kedleston (1859-1925), Politician, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, traveller and viceroy of India. 35 Portraits

Mary Victoria (née Leiter), Lady Curzon of Kedleston (1870-1906), Vicereine of India; first wife of Lord Curzon of Kedleston (later 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston). 10 Portraits

Grace Elvina Curzon (née Hinds), Marchioness Curzon of Kedleston (1877-1958), Former wife of Alfred Duggan, and later second wife of 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston. 5 Portraits

Assheton Curzon, 1st Viscount Curzon (1730-1820), Conservative politician; MP for Clitheroe. 2 Portraits

Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Anne Curzon (1948-), Daughter of 6th Earl Curzon. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon (1947-), Former wife of Esmond Cooper-Key and of John Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe and of Jeffrey Bonas, and later wife of Christopher Shaw; daughter of 6th Earl Howe. 2 Portraits

Augusta Latham Curzon (née Halifax) (circa 1835-1917), Wife of Hon. Ernest George Curzon; daughter of Brigadier General Halifax. 2 Portraits

Charles Edward Curzon (1878-1954), Bishop of Exeter. 7 Portraits

Clare Curzon (1922-2010), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Clifford Michael Curzon (1907-1982), Pianist. 8 Portraits

Hon. Diana Giraline Curzon (1934-), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Scarsdale. 2 Portraits

Hon. Ernest George Curzon (1828-1885), Army officer; son of 1st Earl Howe. 1 Portrait

Frank Curzon (1868-1927), Actor and theatre manager. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frederick Emmanuel Hippolyte Curzon (active 1861), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

George Curzon (1898-1976), Actor. 1 Portrait

John Curzon (1759-1794), Naval officer. 6 Portraits

(Winifred) Phyllis Curzon (née Combe) (1891-1961), Former wife of Robert Lambert Dunville, and later wife of Hon. Francis Nathaniel Curzon; daughter of Christian Combe and Lady Jane Seymour Conyngham. 1 Portrait

R. Curzon, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Captain Curzon, Captain. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mrs Curzon (active 1861). 1 Portrait

Cyril James Cusack (1910-1993), Actor, director and playwright. 3 Portraits

Niamh Cusack (1959-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Vincent Cusack (1916-1978), Judge of the High Court of Justice. 7 Portraits

Sir (William Robert) Dermot Joshua Cusack-Smith, 6th Bt (1907-1970), Son of Sir Berry Cusack-Smith, 5th Bt. 3 Portraits

Sir George Cuscaden (1857-1933), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sidney Edward Thomas Cusdin (circa 1908-2005), Architect and President of the Architectural Association. 1 Portrait

Ronald John McNeill, Baron Cushendun (1861-1934), Politician; Financial Secretary to the Treasury. 2 Portraits

Peter Cushing (1913-1994), Actor. 3 Portraits

Alfred C. Cushion (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir William Boston Cushion (1891-1978), Air force officer. 3 Portraits

Charlotte Saunders Cushman (1816-1876), Actress. 7 Portraits

Susan Cushman (1822-1859), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mr J. Cushny, Chief engineer. 1 Portrait

Peter Cusick (active 1950s), Film producer. 1 Portrait

Sir William George Cusins (1833-1893), Pianist and conductor. 3 Portraits

Rachel Cusk (1967-), Writer. 1 Portrait

John Edwin Cussans (1837-1899), Antiquary and author. 3 Portraits

Arthur Perceval Purey-Cust (1828-1916), Dean of York. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward Cust, 1st Bt (1794-1878), Army officer, historian and politician. 3 Portraits

Henry John Cockayne ('Harry') Cust (1861-1917), Politician and journalist. 6 Portraits

Henry Francis Cockayne Cust (1819-1884), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir John Cust, 3rd Bt (1718-1770), Speaker of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Sir Lionel Henry Cust (1859-1929), Art historian; Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Mary Anne (née Boode), Lady Cust (1799-1882), Naturalist, scientific illustrator and author; daughter of Lewis William Boode. 1 Portrait

Emmeline Mary Elizabeth ('Nina') Cust (née Welby-Gregory) (1867-1955), Sculptor, wife of Harry Cust. 3 Portraits

Hon. Peregrine Francis Cust (1791-1873), Army officer. 1 Portrait

P. Cust, Captain. 1 Portrait

Hon. Richard Cust (1785-1864), Clergyman; son of 1st Baron Brownlow. 2 Portraits

Sophia Cust (née Newnham) (circa 1790-1884), Wife of Honorable William Cust; daughter of Thomas Newnham. 1 Portrait

Lady E. Cust. 1 Portrait

Henry Custance (1842-1908), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Neville Custance (1884-1939), Naval officer. 6 Portraits

John Cutbush (1949-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Cutforth. 2 Portraits

Sir Lancelot Eric Cutforth (1899-1980), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Reynolds ('René') Cutforth (1909-1984), Broadcaster and writer. 1 Portrait

Isaac Cuthbert (active 1805-1810). 2 Portraits

Sir John Wilson Cuthbert (1902-1987), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

William Nicolson Cuthbert (1890-1960), Banker, politician and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Clive Cuthbertson (1863-1943), Indian civil servant and Staff-Sergeant. 1 Portrait

Edward Cutler. 1 Portrait

Ivor Cutler (1923-2006), Poet, comedian, musician and children's writer. 1 Portrait

Kate Cutler (Mrs Sydney Ellison) (1870-1955), Actress and singer. 19 Portraits

James Albert ('Jim') Cutmore (1898-1985), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Solomon (Solomon Cutner) (1902-1988), Pianist. 3 Portraits

Cut-Nose, Sioux Indian. 1 Portrait

Bernard Van Cutsem (1916-1975), Horsebreeder and racehorse trainer. 2 Portraits

Colin Cuttell (1908-1992), Vicar. 5 Portraits

Andrew Cutting, Actor. 1 Portrait

John Cutts, Baron Cutts (1660 or 1661-1707), Soldier. 8 Portraits

Elizabeth Cutts (née Pickering), Lady Cutts of Gowran (died 1698), Wife of John Cutts, Baron Cutts of Gowran; daughter of Sir Henry Pickering. 2 Portraits

Francesca Cuzzoni (1696-1778), Singer. 3 Portraits

Frank Cvitanovich (1927-1995), Film producer and director. 2 Portraits

'Cyphers' (active 1940s), Soldier in Royal Corps of Signals, 1945. 1 Portrait

Cyrus the Great, King of the Persians (circa 600 BC-529 BC), Founder of the Persian Empire. 1 Portrait

Count Ottokar Czernin (1872-1932), Austrian statesman. 1 Portrait

Charles, Baron Czoernig von Czernhausen (1804-1889), Civil servant and statistician. 1 Portrait