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Sir Gerald Nunes Nabarro (1913-1973), Businessman and politician. 8 Portraits

Maharani of Nabha. 3 Portraits

Tivadar Nachez (1859-1930), Hungarian violinist and composer. 1 Portrait

Princess Nadine Romanovskya (née Nadine Sylvia Ada McDougall) (1908-2000), Daughter of Herbert McDougall; second wife of Andrei Aleksandrovich Romanov, Prince of Russia. 6 Portraits

Mlle Naero (née Pauline Elizabeth Stafford) (1891-1960), Dancer. 8 Portraits

Mrs Nafarwar. 4 Portraits

Paul Jacob Naftel (1817-1891), Watercolour painter and art teacher. 2 Portraits

Ikeda Nagaoki (1837-1879), Japanese ambassador and leader of the Second Japanese Embassy to Europe. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Nagle (1757-1830), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Nano or Honora Nagle (1728-1784), Foundress of the Ursuline convent at Cork. 1 Portrait

Daljit Nagra (1966-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Parminder Kaur Nagra (1975-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Miss Nailer (Naylor) (active 1736-1744), Actress and dancer. 5 Portraits

Sardar Mohammad Naim, Afghan Minister in London. 4 Portraits

Robert Nainby (1869-1948), Actor and comedian. 6 Portraits

Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad ('V.S.') Naipaul (1932-2018), Novelist. 5 Portraits

Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair (1857-1934), President of Indian National Congress and judge. 10 Portraits

Robert Laurence Nairac (1948-1977), Army officer. 8 Portraits

Sir (Michael) George Nairn, 3rd Bt (1911-1984), Major and banker. 2 Portraits

John Arbuthnot Nairn (1874-1957), Headmaster, Merchant Taylor's School and classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Edward Spencer Hoare Nairne (1869-1959), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Sandy Robert Nairne (1953-), Former director of the National Portrait Gallery. 5 Portraits

George Oswald Naish (1904-1960), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Eva Najman (1923-), Illustrator, painter and printmaker. 1 Portrait

Marquis Nakanomikado. 7 Portraits

Marchioness Nakanomikado. 8 Portraits

Reginald Francis Heaton Nalder (1895-1978), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Giuseppe Naldi (1770-1820), Italian singer, pianist and cellist. 1 Portrait

Halima Nalecz (Halima Maria Krzywicz-Nowohonska) (1914-2008), Artist; co-founder of the New Vision Gallery and Director of the Drian Gallery. 5 Portraits

Edith Elizabeth (née Franklin), Lady Nall (1886-1963), Wife of Sir Joseph Nall. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Josephine Nall (1920-2004), Daughter of Sir Joseph Nall, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Nall, 1st Bt (1887-1958), Soldier, transport director and Conservative politician; MP for Manchester Hulme. 4 Portraits

Sir Michael Joseph Nall, 2nd Bt (1921-2001), Son of Sir Joseph Nall, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Hon. Ronald Charles Manus Nall-Cain (1928-1961), Eldest son of 2nd Baron Brocket. 4 Portraits

James Nalton (1600?-1662), Protestant minister, 'the weeping prophet'. 6 Portraits

Sir Lewis Bernstein Namier (1888-1960), Historian. 4 Portraits

Nam Phuong, Empress of Vietnam (1914-1963), Wife of Bao Dai, Emperor of Vietnam. 1 Portrait

Nan of Yorkshire (active early 18th century). 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Stanley Nance (1860-1938), Surgeon and Naval Captain. 1 Portrait

Lisa Eva Nandy (1979-), Labour politician; MP for Wigan. 1 Portrait

Nanini, Servant of Sir Edwin Landseer. 1 Portrait

Sir Rex de Charambac Nan Kivell (1898-1977), Director of Redfern Art Gallery. 4 Portraits

Joseph Patrick Nannetti (1851-1915), Politician and Lord Mayor of Dublin. 4 Portraits

Eva Helene Nansen (née Sars) (1858-1907), Mezzosoprano singer and pioneer of women's skiing; wife of Fridtjof Nansen. 1 Portrait

Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), Explorer, oceanographer, statesman and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. 2 Portraits

Daniel Nantes (1795-1877), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Constance Nantier-Didiée (1831-1867), French mezzo-soprano. 1 Portrait

Ethel Constance (née Clark), Lady Nanton (1873-1942), Second wife of Sir Augustus Meredith Nanton; daughter of Thomas Clark. 4 Portraits

Herbert Colbourne Nanton (1863-1935), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Dadabhai Naoroji (1825-1917), President of Indian National Congress and politician; MP for Finsbury. 4 Portraits

Furdoonji Naoroji (1817-1885), Indian civil servant and writer. 1 Portrait

Ella Louise Naper (née Champion) (1886-1972), Artist and artists' model. 1 Portrait

Robert Cornelis Napier, 1st Baron Napier of Magdala (1810-1890), Field Marshal. 27 Portraits

Archibald Napier, 2nd Lord Napier of Merchistoun (circa 1624-1658), Royalist nobleman. 1 Portrait

James Pearse Napier, 3rd Baron Napier of Magdala (1849-1935), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Francis Napier, 8th Lord Napier of Merchistoun (1758-1823), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 1 Portrait

William Francis Cyril Napier, 13th Lord Napier and 4th Baron Ettrick (1900-1954), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 1 Portrait

Violet Muir Napier (née Newson), Baroness Napier and Ettrick (1909-1992), President of Young Womens' Christian Association of Scotland; wife of 13th Baron Napier. 2 Portraits

Francis Nigel Napier, 14th Lord Napier and 5th Baron Ettrick (1930-2012), Soldier and Courtier. 24 Portraits

Delia Napier (née Pearson), Baroness Napier and Ettrick (1933-), Wife of 14th Baron Napier and Ettrick; daughter of A. Pearson. 17 Portraits

Lady Sarah Napier (née Lennox, formerly Bunbury) (1745-1826), Noblewoman and society beauty; former wife of Sir Charles Bunbury, 6th Bt, and later wife of Hon. George Napier. 3 Portraits

Sir Albert Edward Alexander Napier (1881-1973), Civil servant son of Lord Napier of Magdala. 2 Portraits

Alexander Napier (1851-1928), Physician. 3 Portraits

Andrew Napier. 1 Portrait

Andrew Patrick Forbes Napier (1932-), Major. 3 Portraits

Anne Salisbury Meliora (née Adlercron), Lady Napier (died 1902), Wife of Sir Robert John Milliken Napier, 9th Bt; daughter of John Ladeveze Adlercron. 1 Portrait

Arthur Francis Scott Napier (1890-1971), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Arthur Henry Gurney Napier (1900-1978), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Arthur J. S. Napier (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Caroline Napier (née Bennett) (1806-1836), Wife of Captain Henry Edward Napier. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Napier, 2nd Bt (circa 1673-1743), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Napier (1786-1860), Admiral. 12 Portraits

Sir Charles James Napier (1782-1853), Army officer and Conqueror of Sind. 11 Portraits

Charles Scott Napier (1899-1946), Colonel. 5 Portraits

Charlotte Louise (née Austin), Lady Napier (died 1962), Chief Justice Bahamas; second wife of Sir Archibald Lennox Milliken Napier, 10th Bt. 2 Portraits

Diana Napier (1904-1982), Actress; wife of Richard Tauber. 3 Portraits

Eileen Napier (née Thorne) (died 1965), First wife of Hon. Neville Archibald John Napier; daughter of Hubert Prangley Thorne. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Napier (née Greenway) (died 1779), Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. Francis Napier. 5 Portraits

Frieda Napier (née Lewis, later Mason) (1897-1979), Former wife of Ian Patrick Napier, and later wife of Cecil Warde Mason; daughter of Sir Frederick Lewis,1st Baron Essendon. 4 Portraits

George Napier (1751-1804), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Dundas Napier (1864-1941), Army officer; son of 1st Baron Napier of Magdala. 2 Portraits

Ian Frederick Malcolm Napier (baptised 1927-1982), Son of Ian Patrick Napier. 1 Portrait

(Muriel) Iris Napier (née George) (1894-1973), Sister of Wyn George. 1 Portrait

James Napier (circa 1807-1872), Merchant and shipowner. 1 Portrait

Hon. Jean Napier (née Astley) (1917-2000), Served in World War II; daughter of 21st Baron Hastings; wife of Mark Napier. 2 Portraits

John Napier (active mid 18th century), Master of St Andrew's Workhouse, Holborn. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Napier, 1st Bt (1804-1882), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph William Lennox Napier, 4th Bt (1895-1986), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Malcolm Napier. 1 Portrait

Margaret Napier. 1 Portrait

Mark Napier (1798-1879), Historian. 2 Portraits

Hon. Neville Archibald John Napier (1904-1970), Son of 12th Lord Napier. 3 Portraits

Richard Henry Napier (1836-1903), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert John Milliken Napier, 9th Bt (1818-1884), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Trevylyan Napier (1867-1920), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir William Francis Patrick Napier (1785-1860), General and historian. 5 Portraits

William John Napier (1863-1925), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Noel Warren Napier-Clavering (1888-1964), Major-General. 3 Portraits

John Napier of Merchiston (1550-1617), Mathematician. 4 Portraits

Sir David Napley (1915-1994), Solicitor and President of the Law Society. 1 Portrait

Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-14. 91 Portraits

Napoléon III, Emperor of France (1808-1873), Reigned 1852-70. 42 Portraits

Napoléon II, Duke of Reichstadt (1811-1832), Son of Napoleon Bonaparte and Marie Louise. 1 Portrait

Prince Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte (1822-1891), Son of Jérôme Bonaparte and Catharina of Württemberg; cousin of Napoleon III; husband of Clotilde of Savoy. 7 Portraits

Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte, Prince Imperial (1856-1879), Lieutenant; son of Napoléon III. 30 Portraits

H.R. Napp (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Napper (1916-2001), Painter. 2 Portraits

John Harper Narbeth (1863-1944), Naval architect. 1 Portrait

Louis Marie Jacques Amalric, comte de Narbonne-Lara (1755-1813), French soldier and diplomat. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Dudley Vaughan Narborough (1895-1966), Bishop of Colchester. 2 Portraits

Daniela Nardini (1967-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Nares (née Spencer) (1769-1802), Third daughter of 4th Duke of Marlborough; wife of Edward Nares. 1 Portrait

David Owen Nares (1914-1980), Businessman; son of Owen Ramsay Nares. 1 Portrait

Eric Paytherus Nares (1892-1947), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir George Nares (1716-1786), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir George Strong Nares (1831-1915), Vice-Admiral and Arctic explorer. 5 Portraits

James Nares (1715-1783), Composer. 1 Portrait

Owen Ramsay Nares (1888-1943), Actor and producer. 8 Portraits

Robert Nares (1753-1829), Philologist. 1 Portrait

William Owen Nares (1859-1928), Army coach. 1 Portrait

John Narrien (1782-1860), Astronomical writer. 1 Portrait

Princess Prabhavasiddh Narumala (1885-1963), Wife of Prince Purachatra Jayakar; daughter of Prince Chaturanta Rasmi. 3 Portraits

Richard ('Beau') Nash (1674-1762), Man of fashion. 4 Portraits

David John Nash (1945-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Eveleigh Nash (1873-1956), Publisher. 2 Portraits

Frederick Nash (1782-1856), Painter of architectural subjects. 1 Portrait

Glendinning Nash (died 1915), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Graham Nash (1942-), Musician; member of The Hollies. 16 Portraits

James Okey Nash (1862-1943), Coadjutor Bishop of Capetown. 1 Portrait

John Nash (1590-1662), Alderman of Worcester. 1 Portrait

John Nash (1752-1835), Architect. 4 Portraits

John Northcote Nash (1893-1977), Painter and printmaker. 27 Portraits

Joseph Nash (1809-1878), Architectural painter and lithographer. 2 Portraits

Margaret Nash (née Odeh) (1887?-1960), Writer and suffragette; wife of Paul Nash; daughter of N. Odeh. 3 Portraits

Mary Nash (1885-1976), Actress. 7 Portraits

Nasher Nash (Brian Nash) (1963-), Musician; guitarist for Frankie Goes To Hollywood. 3 Portraits

N.B. Nash (active 1950s), Anglican priest. 1 Portrait

Paul Nash (1889-1946), Artist. 32 Portraits

Sir Philip Arthur Manley Nash (1875-1936), Major-General and mechanical engineer. 10 Portraits

Thomas Nash (1567-1601), Author. 3 Portraits

Treadway Russell Nash (1725-1811), Church of England clergyman and antiquary. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter Nash (1882-1968), Prime Minister of New Zealand. 3 Portraits

Alexander Nasmyth (1758-1840), Painter and scientist. 3 Portraits

James Hall Nasmyth (1808-1890), Mechanical engineer; son of Alexander Nasmyth. 6 Portraits

Louisa Brown Nasmyth (circa 1841-1926), Daughter of Robert Nasmyth. 1 Portrait

Patrick Nasmyth (1787-1831), Landscape painter; son of Alexander Nasmyth. 1 Portrait

Georges N. Nasos (died 1934), Director of the Conservatoire of Music at Athens; husband of Hon. Edla Louisa Montagu (née Abercromby). 1 Portrait

Nassalin, Secretary to William V, Prince of Orange. 2 Portraits

Ernst Casimir, Count of Nassau (1573-1632), Field marshal and Stadtholder of Friesland. 1 Portrait

John VII, Count of Nassau (1561-1617), Count of Nassau and Siegen. 1 Portrait

William Louis, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg (1560-1620), Count of Nassau-Dillenburg. 1 Portrait

Nasser al-Din, Shah of Persia (1831-1896), Reigned 1848-96. 13 Portraits

Michael Nassif (died 1893), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Nat (active 1970s). 1 Portrait

Harry Louis Nathan, 1st Baron Nathan (1889-1963), Lawyer. 18 Portraits

Roger Carol Michael Nathan, 2nd Baron Nathan (1922-2007), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Eleanor Joan Clara (née Stettauer), Lady Nathan, Wife of 1st Baron Nathan. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederic Lewis Nathan (1861-1933), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir Matthew Nathan (1862-1939), Soldier and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Munguldas Nathoobhoy, Businessman and administrator. 1 Portrait

John James Henry Nation (1874-1946), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Sir John Louis Nation (1825-1906), General, Indian Army. 1 Portrait

Kate Nation (1970-), Experimental psychologist. 1 Portrait

Admiral Natysu, Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sigmund Natzler (1862-1913), Actor and operetta singer. 1 Portrait

W.C. Naudé, South African politician. 3 Portraits

Emilio Naudin (1823-1890), Singer. 1 Portrait

(Alexander) James Naughtie (1951-), Journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

William John Francis ('Bill') Naughton (1910-1992), Writer. 1 Portrait

Charlie Naughton (1887-1976), Comedian; member of The Crazy Gang. 1 Portrait

Erna Naughton (née Pirolt) (1929-2014), Nurse; Patron of Kenny/Naughton School, Aghamore; wife of Bill Naughton. 1 Portrait

Hermann Naumann (1930-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Naunton (1563-1635), Secretary of State. 5 Portraits

Jeanne d'Albret, Queen of Navarre. 1 Portrait

Antonio Fernando de Navarro (circa 1861-1932), Barrister; husband of Mary Anderson. 4 Portraits

Nellie Navette (1865-1936), Music hall dancer and singer. 3 Portraits

Old Navvy. 1 Portrait

Naw Gaw-nab ('The Foremost Sitter'), Orator and Second Chief of Wisconsin Chippewas. 1 Portrait

James Nayler (1618-1660), Quaker preacher and writer. 11 Portraits

Richard ('Dickey') Naylor (died 1873), The last York City Bellman. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Naylor (1912-1974), Actress and singer. 3 Portraits

Richard Christopher Naylor (1814-1899), Banker, landowner and racehorse breeder. 1 Portrait

Robert Francis Brydges Naylor (1889-1971), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sidney Naylor (1841-1893), Pianist, conductor and composer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Ellis Naylor (1868-1958), Politician, journalist, editor and compositor. 2 Portraits

Thomas Humphrey Naylor (1890-1966), Director of Royal Insurance. 1 Portrait

Michael James Nazir-Ali (1949-), Bishop of Rochester. 1 Portrait

Dame Anna Neagle (Florence Marjorie Wilcox (née Robertson)) (1904-1986), Actress and film producer. 42 Portraits

Paul Neagu (1938-2004), Sculptor and painter. 1 Portrait

Arthur Neal (1862-1933), Politician; MP for Sheffield Hillsborough. 5 Portraits

Bernard George Neal (1922-2016), Professor of Engineering. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Vise (née Beatley), Lady Neal (died 1936), Wife of Sir Phené Neal, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Harold Neal (1897-1972), Politician and Vice-President of the Derbyshire Miners' Association. 5 Portraits

Patricia Neal (1926-2010), Actress. 3 Portraits

Sir William Phené Neal, 1st Bt (1860-1942), Lord Mayor of London and businessman. 1 Portrait

Mr Neal (active 1909), Fiddler and dancing master. 2 Portraits

Charles Neale (active 1860s), Steward of Welbeck Abbey. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Burrard Neale, 2nd Bt (1765-1840), Naval officer and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ernest Neale (1890-1975), Historian. 15 Portraits

John Mason Neale (1818-1866), Church of England clergyman, ecclesiologist, writer and hymn writer. 2 Portraits

John Robert Geoffrey Neale (1926-), Hon. Assistant Bishop, Dioceses of Bath and Wells, and of Bristol. 2 Portraits

Thomas Neale (died circa 1643), Travel writer. 5 Portraits

Arthur Laurence Cecil Neame (1883-1948), Lieutenant-Colonel and High Sheriff of Kent. 3 Portraits

Austin Hardwicke Neame (1867-1936), Bank manager. 1 Portrait

Douglas Mortimer Lewes Neame (1901-1988), Naval captain and hurdler; Olympian. 3 Portraits

Sir Philip Neame (1888-1978), Lieutenant-General; recipient of the Victoria Cross and sport shooter; Olympian. 5 Portraits

Ronald Elwin Neame (1911-2010), Producer, director and cinematographer. 1 Portrait

Edwin Awdas Neatby (1858-1933), Consulting physician for diseases of women. 1 Portrait

Horace Richard Neate (1891-1966), Mayor of Bedford. 2 Portraits

Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave (1916-1979), Politician and intelligence officer. 4 Portraits

Sir Arundell Thomas Clifton Neave, 6th Bt (1916-1992), Major; son of Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes Neave, 5th Bt. 13 Portraits

Dorina Lockhart (née Clifton), Lady Neave (1880-1955), Author of books on Turkey; wife of Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes Neave, 5th Bt; daughter of George Henry Clifton. 11 Portraits

Everard Strangways Neave (1844-1896), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Harriet Neave (née Ralli) (1859-1947), Wife of Arthur Thomas Digby Neave; daughter of Pantaleone Constantine Ralli. 1 Portrait

Kenelm Digby Neave (1921-2007), Served in World War II; son of Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes Neave, 5th Bt. 4 Portraits

Sheffield Airey Neave (1879-1961), Naturalist, entomologist, Secretary of the Zoological Society of London. 7 Portraits

Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes Neave, 5th Bt (1874-1940), Major. 2 Portraits

Kaja (Kaia or Keay) Nebbe (active 17th century), Ambassador to England from the Sultan of Bantam in 1682. 2 Portraits

Jacques Necker (1732-1804), French financier and statesman. 4 Portraits

Suzanne Necker (née Curchod) (1739-1794), Author; wife of Jacques Necker; mother of Madame de Staël-Hollstein. 1 Portrait

Bernard Nedell (1898-1972), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Wilfred Neden (1893-1978), Lieutenant and civil servant at the Ministry of Labour. 6 Portraits

Dorothy Mary Moyle Needham (née Moyle) (1896-1987), Biochemist; wife of Joseph Needham; daughter of John Moyle. 5 Portraits

John Turberville Needham (1713-1781), Roman Catholic divine and man of science. 1 Portrait

Joseph Needham (1900-1995), Scientist and sinologist. 8 Portraits

Sir Raymond Walter Needham (died 1965), Queen's Counsel and Master Treasurer, Middle Temple. 1 Portrait

Peter Needs, Teacher. 1 Portrait

(Louis) Boyd Neel (1905-1981), Conductor and medical practitioner. 5 Portraits

Abram Rupert Neelands (1881-1971), Chairman of Cementation Co. Ltd; mining engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir Audley Dallas Neeld, 3rd Bt (1849-1941), Lieutenant-Colonel and landowner. 3 Portraits

Hon. Edith Neeld (née Vivian) (died 1926), Wife of Audley Dallas Neeld, 3rd Bt; daughter of 2nd Baron Vivian. 1 Portrait

Eliza Harriet (née Dickson), Lady Neeld (died 1901), Wife of Sir John Neeld, 1st Bt; daughter of William Dickson. 1 Portrait

Sir John Neeld, 1st Bt (1805-1891), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Joseph Neeld (1789-1856), Conservative politician; MP for Gatton and Chippenham. 3 Portraits

Henry Adams Neely (1830-1899), Bishop of Maine. 1 Portrait

Yevgeny Neff, Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Ann Caroline Negretti (née Eden) (1923-2017), Wife of Peter Noel Negretti; daughter of Sir Timothy Calvert Eden, 8th Bt. 6 Portraits

Ethel Negretti (1879-circa 1918), Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

P.A. Negretti. 6 Portraits

Pola Negri (1897-1987), Actress. 16 Portraits

Sir Victor Ewings Negus (1887-1974), Laryngologist. 2 Portraits

Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964), First Prime Minister of India; son of Pandit Motilal Nehru. 18 Portraits

Andrew Ferguson Neil (1949-), Publisher, editor, writer, broadcaster and media consultant. 2 Portraits

Thomas Neil (circa 1729-1799), Wright, precentor and singer. 1 Portrait

Brendan Robert Neiland (1941-), Artist; Keeper of the Royal Academy Schools. 1 Portrait

Alison Roberta Noble Neilans (1884-1942), Suffragette. 1 Portrait

James Neild (1744-1814), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

William Neild (died 1786), Saddler. 3 Portraits

Richard Neile (1562-1640), Archbishop of York. 1 Portrait

Alexander Sutherland Neill (1883-1973), Child psychologist and writer. 2 Portraits

Enid Eyre Godson Neill (née Bartholomew) (died 1995), Wife of Ivan Delacherois Neill. 2 Portraits

Ivan Delacherois Neill (1912-2001), Provost of Sheffield Cathedral, Chaplain to the Forces and Chaplain to the Queen. 10 Portraits

Margaret ('Madge') Neill Fraser (1880-1915), Golf captain, volunteer nurse and chauffeur. 1 Portrait

Norman Neill-Fraser (1912-2003), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Adelaide Neilson (1848-1880), Actress. 18 Portraits

Julia Emilie Neilson (1868-1957), Actress and theatre manager. 30 Portraits

Perlita Neilson (Margaret Phillipa Sowden) (1933-2014), Actress. 1 Portrait

Ross Neilson, Musician, member of 'Lulu & The Luvvers'. 2 Portraits

Samuel Neilson (1761-1803), United Irishman. 1 Portrait

Dennis Neilson-Terry (1895-1932), Actor. 10 Portraits

Phyllis Neilson-Terry (1892-1977), Actress, niece of Ellen Terry. 28 Portraits

Sir Charles Henry Lawrence Neish (1857-1934), Private Secretary to Lord Chancellor (Earl Loreburn). 3 Portraits

Ernst Neizvestny (1925-2016), Sculptor. 4 Portraits

Gwendoline Neligan (1905-1972), Fencer. 3 Portraits

Moore Richard Neligan (1863-1922), Bishop of Auckland. 1 Portrait

Paul Nelke (1860-1925), Stockbroker and racehorse owner. 2 Portraits

Kate Nelligan (1950-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Judith Nelmes, Actress and singer. 10 Portraits

William Nelson, 1st Earl Nelson (1757-1835), Brother of Lord Nelson. 2 Portraits

Horatio Nelson, 3rd Earl Nelson (1823-1913), Commissioner of the Royal Patriotic Fund. 3 Portraits

Horatio Nelson, Viscount Nelson (1758-1805), Vice-Admiral and victor of Trafalgar. 86 Portraits

George Horatio Nelson, 1st Baron Nelson of Stafford (1887-1962), Industrialist and electrical engineer. 6 Portraits

(Henry) George Nelson, 2nd Baron Nelson of Stafford (1917-1995), Engineer and businessman. 1 Portrait

Lady (Margaret) Jane Nelson (née Fitzroy) (died 1995), Wife of Sir (Eustace) John Blois Nelson; daughter of Viscount Ipswich. 15 Portraits

Sir Amos Nelson (1860-1947), Cotton manufacturer. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Edward Nelson (1875-1950), Colonial administrator, India. 1 Portrait

Betty Nelson, Actress. 2 Portraits

Campbell Louis Nelson (1910-1991), Accountant and company chairman. 1 Portrait

Carrie Nelson (1836-1916), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Cleland Kinloch Nelson (1852-1917), Bishop of Atlanta and Bishop of Georgia. 1 Portrait

David Nelson (1886-1918), Major; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 3 Portraits

Edward W. Nelson (1883-1923), Biologist; member of British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth-Ann Beril Nelson (née Cary) (1927-), Wife of William Vernon Hope Nelson; daughter of 14th Viscount Falkland. 2 Portraits

Sir Frank Nelson (1883-1966), Intelligence officer. 3 Portraits

Geoffrey Nelson (1893-1943), Artist. 3 Portraits

Harold Nelson (active 1926). 1 Portrait

Harold H. Nelson (died 1954). 7 Portraits

Jean (née Montgomerie), Lady Nelson (died 1952), First wife of Sir Frank Nelson; daughter of Patrick Montgomerie. 2 Portraits

John Nelson (1758-1826), Methodist minister. 1 Portrait

John Nelson (1830-1879), Actor; husband of Carlotta Leclercq. 3 Portraits

Sir (Eustace) John Blois Nelson (1912-1993), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Lady Nelson, Possibly the wife of Sir Frank Nelson (née Jean Montgomeries). 1 Portrait

Reverend Nelson, Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir (Sidney) Richard Carlyle Nelson (1907-2001), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Richard Henry Nelson (1859-1931), Bishop of Albany. 1 Portrait

Robert Frederick William Robertson Nelson (1888-1932), Politician. 1 Portrait

Robert Nelson (1656-1715), Religious writer. 5 Portraits

Sarah Nelson (active 1860-1862), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Nelson (1738-1789), Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Governor of Virginia. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas James Nelson (1826-1885), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Tracy Nelson (1963-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Trevor Nelson (1964-), Disc jockey and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Sir William Nelson, 1st Bt (1851-1922), Chairman of Nelson Line Ltd of Liverpool and the Nelson Steam Navigation Company. 1 Portrait

Wolfred Nelson (1791-1863), Doctor and rebel in Canada. 1 Portrait

Mrs Nelson (active 1930s), Acrobat and chimney sweep. 1 Portrait

Frances (née Anderson), Lady Nelthorpe (born 1809), Daughter of Sir C. Anderson; wife of Sir John Nelthorpe, 8th Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir John Nelthorpe, 8th Bt (1814-1865), High Sheriff of Lincolnshire. 1 Portrait

Vera Nemchinova (Nemtchinova) (1899-1984), Ballet dancer and teacher. 2 Portraits

Oscar Nemon (1906-1985), Sculptor. 8 Portraits

Falcon Nemon-Stuart (1941-2002), Photographer; son of Oscar Nemon. 1 Portrait

Patricia Frances Mary Fielden Nemon-Stuart (née Villiers-Stuart) (1910-1998), Wife of Oscar Nemon; daughter of Patrick Villiers-Stuart. 2 Portraits

Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess de Nemours (1822-1857), First cousin of Queen Victoria, daughter of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. 2 Portraits

Pietro Nenni (1891-1980), Italian socialist leader. 1 Portrait

Neophytus VI of Constantinople (active 1728-died 1747), Patriarch of Constantinople. 1 Portrait

Prince of Nepal. 1 Portrait

Isabel (née Geils), Lady Nepean (died 1895), Wife of Sir Molyneux Hyde Nepean, 3rd Bt; daughter of Colonel Geils. 1 Portrait

Mary Winifred (née Swayne), Lady Nepean (circa 1870-1958), Wife of Charles Evan Molyneux Yorke Nepean, 5th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Molyneux Hyde Nepean, 3rd Bt (1814-1895), Major and High Sheriff. 1 Portrait

Olivia Nepean (1906-1985), First officer in the Women's Royal Naval Service. 3 Portraits

George Nepia (1905-1986), New Zealand rugby player. 1 Portrait

Nadia Nerina (1927-2008), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Vrej Nersessian (1948-), Priest of the Armenian Church and curator of the Christian Middle East Section, British Library. 1 Portrait

James ('Jimmy') Nervo (1897-1975), Comedian; member of The Crazy Gang. 3 Portraits

Edith ('E.') Nesbit (later Bland) (1858-1924), Writer and co-founder of the Fabian Society. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Nesbit (1884-1967), Artist's model and chorus girl; former wife of Harry Kendall Thaw. 1 Portrait

Cathleen Mary Nesbitt (1888-1982), Actress. 10 Portraits

John Nesbitt (1661-1727), Nonconformist minister. 3 Portraits

Nellie Nesbitt (active 1860s-1870s), Burlesque actress. 1 Portrait

Randolph Cosby Nesbitt (1867-1956), Major; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Robert Nesbitt (1906-1995), Theatrical producer and impresario. 1 Portrait

Robert Chancellor Nesbitt (1868-1944), Solicitor and unionist politician. 1 Portrait

John Collinson Nesfield (circa 1837-1919), Curate of St Michael's, Highgate, Middlesex and Director of Education, Government of India. 1 Portrait

William Eden Nesfield (1835-1888), Architect. 2 Portraits

Christopher Ness (1621-1705), Independent minister. 1 Portrait

Juliette Nesville (1869 or 1870-1900), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Olga Isabel Nethersole (1870-1951), Actress. 11 Portraits

James Turner, 1st Baron Netherthorpe (1908-1980), Chairman of Lloyds Bank Ltd. 10 Portraits

Caspar Netscher (1639-1684), Dutch artist. 2 Portraits

Henry Nettleship (1839-1893), Latin scholar and Oxford professor. 1 Portrait

Betty Isobel Nettleton (née Havelock) (1920-), Section Officer in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force; wife of Squadron Leader John Dering Nettleton. 2 Portraits

Margaret ('Maggie') Netto (1962-), Assistant to the International director, GB Rowing, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Albert Neuberger (1908-1996), Professor of Chemical Pathology and Emeritus Professor. 3 Portraits

Dame Julia Babette Sarah Neuberger (1950-), Rabbi. 1 Portrait

Theophilus Neuberger (1593-1656), Court preacher and minister. 1 Portrait

Charles Neufeld (1856-1918), Merchant and writer. 2 Portraits

Anna Allegra (née Hakim), Lady Neumann (died 1951), Daughter of Jacques Hakim; wife of Sir Sigmund Neumann, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Ella Julie Neumann (died 1925), Daughter of Sir Sigmund Neumann, 1st Bt and Lady Anna Allegra Neumann (née Hakim) (later Lady Newman). 2 Portraits

Ludwig Neumann (1859-1934), Son of Gustav Neumann; brother of Sir Sigismund Neumann (later Newman), 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Eva Urvasi Neurath (née Itzig) (1908-1999), Publisher. 1 Portrait

Margaret Ann Neve (née Harvey) (1792-1903), Centenarian. 1 Portrait

Louise Nevelson (1900-1988), Sculptor. 6 Portraits

Sir Basil Hamilton Hebden Neven-Spence (1888-1974), Colonel and politician. 2 Portraits

Sir Sydney Oswald Nevile (1873-1969), Brewer and businessman. 3 Portraits

Lady Caroline Emily Nevill (1829-1887), Photographer; daughter of 4th Earl of Abergavenny. 1 Portrait

Lady Dorothy Fanny Nevill (née Walpole) (1826-1913), Hostess and horticulturalist; wife of Reginald Henry Nevill; daughter of 3rd Earl of Orford. 7 Portraits

Lord Rupert Charles Montacute Nevill (1923-1982), Private Secretary to the Duke of Edinburgh. 18 Portraits

Amanda Nevill (1957-), Arts administrator; Director of the British Film Institute. 1 Portrait

Arthur de Terrotte Nevill (1899-1985), Air Vice-Marshal; Commander of the Royal New Zealand Air Force HQ in London. 6 Portraits

H.N. Nevill. 1 Portrait

M.T. Nevill. 1 Portrait

Samuel Tarratt Nevill (1837-1921), Bishop of Dunedin and Primate of New Zealand. 1 Portrait

S. Nevill, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Thomas Seymour Nevill (1901-1980), Priest and Headmaster of Wellingborough School. 1 Portrait

Violet (née Streatfeild), Lady Henry Nevill (1855-1880), Wife of Lord Henry Gilbert Ralph Nevill (later 3rd Marquess of Abergavenny); daughter of Henry Dorrien Streatfeild. 1 Portrait

Mrs Nevill. 1 Portrait

Alexander Neville (1544-1614), Author. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alice Mirabel Cornwallis Neville (1869-1937), Daughter of 6th Baron Braybrooke. 4 Portraits

Eric Harold Neville (1889-1961), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Gary Neville (1975-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

George Neville. 1 Portrait

Hon. George Robert Latimer Neville (1920-1941), Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy; son of 7th Baron Braybrooke. 1 Portrait

Glastonbury Neville. 1 Portrait

Grey Neville (1681-1723), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 3 Portraits

Henry Neville (1561 or 1562-1615), Diplomat and courtier. 2 Portraits

(Thomas) Henry Gartside Neville (1837-1910), Actor. 16 Portraits

John Neville (1925-2011), Stage and film actor. 2 Portraits

Katherine Neville (née Grey), Wife of Richard Neville. 2 Portraits

Philip Neville (1977-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Richard Neville (1615-1676), Soldier. 5 Portraits

Richard Neville (1941-2016), Writer, editor and journalist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Neville (Nevile) (circa 1548-1615), College head and Dean of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Vera Neville (active 1908-1919), Actress and understudy to Gabrielle Ray. 3 Portraits

Ralph Neville-Grenville (1817-1886), Politician and landowner; MP for East and Mid Somerset. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Neville-Rolfe (1904-1976), Founder of the London House of Citizenship. 2 Portraits

Edward Fawcett Neville-Rolfe (1821-1883), Canon of Gibraltar. 1 Portrait

Strickland Charles Edward Neville-Rolfe (1789-1852), Vicar of Heacham, Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson (1889-1946), Artist. 14 Portraits

Henry Woodd Nevinson (1856-1941), Journalist and war correspondent; father of C.R.W. Nevinson. 9 Portraits

John Lea Nevinson (1904-1985), Costume historian. 3 Portraits

John Basil Nevitt (1894-1971), Master of Worshipful Company of Gunmakers. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey New, Mayor of Evesham. 2 Portraits

Henry Harcourt Gilbert New (1874-1961), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Reginald New (1902-1958), Theatre organist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Cyril Louis Norton Newall, 1st Baron Newall (1886-1963), Air force officer. 12 Portraits

Olive Tennyson (née Foster), Lady Newall (died 1988), Second wife of 1st Baron Newall. 4 Portraits

Dame Bertha Surtees Newall (née Phillpotts) (1877-1932), Educationalist and Scandinavian scholar. 2 Portraits

Hugh Frank Newall (1857-1944), Astrophysicist and educational benefactor. 2 Portraits

Charles Evelyn Pierrepont, Viscount Newark (1805-1850), Poet and politician: MP for East Retford. 1 Portrait

David Lesley, 1st Baron Newark (1601-1682), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Henry James Newbery (1791-1866), Divine; son of Edward Newbery. 1 Portrait

Sir William Newbigging (1772-1852), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Douglas Newbold (1894-1945), Civil Secretary, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. 2 Portraits

(John Turner) Walton Newbold (1888-1943), Communist politician and member of the Fabian Society. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis George Newbolt (1863-1940), Lawyer and lecturer. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry John Newbolt (1862-1938), Poet. 15 Portraits

Rachel Newbolt (1917-2010), Daughter of Rev. Michael Robert Newbolt. 1 Portrait

William Charles Edmund Newbolt (1844-1930), Canon of St Paul's Cathedral. 9 Portraits

William Robert Newbolt (1801 or 1802-1857), Vicar of Somerton. 1 Portrait

Maria Stella Wynn (née Chiappini), Lady Newborough (later Baroness Ungern-Sternberg) (1773-1843), Former second wife of Thomas Wynn, 1st Baron Newborough, and later wife of Baron Edward Ungern-Sternberg. 1 Portrait

B. Newbould (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Frank Newbould (1887-1951), Poster designer. 3 Portraits

Frances (née Brudenell), Countess of Newburgh (circa 1677-1735), Socialite; former wife of 2nd Earl of Newburgh, and later wife of 3rd Baron Bellew. 2 Portraits

Prince Sigismund Nicholas Venantius-Gaetano-Francis Giustiniani Bandini, 8th Earl of Newburgh (1818-1908), Italian prince; son of 4th Marquis Bandini and Countess of Newburgh. 1 Portrait

Katherine Livingston (née Howard), Viscountess Newburgh (1620-1650), Royalist conspirator; former wife of George Stuart, and later wife of James Livingston, Viscount Newburgh. 9 Portraits

Sir Henry Bellasis, Lord Newburgh (1555-1624), Politician; High Sheriff of Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

George Newburn, Actor. 1 Portrait

B. Newbury, Royal Naval volunteer. 6 Portraits

Charles Newby (died 1750), Sportsman. 3 Portraits

(George) Eric Newby (1919-2006), Travel writer. 1 Portrait

(Percy) Howard Newby (1918-1997), Writer and broadcasting administrator. 1 Portrait

Peter Newby. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Pelham-Holles (née Godolphin), Duchess of Newcastle (died 1776), Whig hostess; wife of 1st Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Newcastle-under-Lyme. 2 Portraits

Henrietta Adela Pelham-Clinton (née Hope), Duchess of Newcastle (1843-1913), Former wife of 6th Duke of Newcastle, and later wife of Thomas Theobald Hohler; daughter of Henry Thomas Hope. 5 Portraits

Diana Pelham-Clinton (née Montagu-Stuart-Wortley), Duchess of Newcastle (1920-1997), Wife of 9th Duke of Newcastle; daughter of 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe. 7 Portraits

Henry Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1720-1794), Cofferer of the Household and nephew of 1st Duke of Newcastle. 3 Portraits

Kathleen Florence May (née Candy), Duchess of Newcastle (1872-1955), Wife of 7th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme; daughter of Henry Augustus Candy. 10 Portraits

Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1693-1768), Prime Minister. 17 Portraits

Catherine (née Pelham), Duchess of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1727-1760), Wife of 2nd Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne. 2 Portraits

Anna Maria Pelham-Clinton (née Stanhope), Duchess of Newcastle (1760-1834), Wife of Thomas Pelham Clinton, 3rd Duke of Newcastle; later wife of Sir Charles Gregan Craufurd. 1 Portrait

Henry Pelham Pelham-Clinton, 4th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1785-1851), Nobleman and politician. 23 Portraits

Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1811-1864), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 17 Portraits

Henry Pelham Alexander Pelham-Clinton, 6th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1834-1879), Landowner. 4 Portraits

Henry Pelham Archibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton, 7th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1864-1928), Master Forester of Dartmoor. 2 Portraits

(Henry) Francis Hope Pelham-Clinton-Hope, 8th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne (1866-1941), Lieutenant; High Sheriff of County Monaghan and landowner. 3 Portraits

William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (baptised 1593-1676), Writer, diplomat, courtier, royalist army officer and politician. 37 Portraits

Margaret Cavendish (née Lucas), Duchess of Newcastle upon Tyne (1623?-1674), Writer and second wife of William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 20 Portraits

Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1630-1691), Politician, Master of the Robes and Governor of Berwick-upon-Tweed. 5 Portraits

John Holles, Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1662-1711), Landowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Frances Cavendish (née Pierrepont), Countess of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (1629 or 1630-1695), Wife of 2nd Duke of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. 2 Portraits

Cluff Newcomb. 1 Portrait

Mary Newcomb (1893-1966), Actress. 1 Portrait

Francis Newcombe (active 1830s-1840s), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Luxmoore Newcombe (1880-1952), Librarian. 1 Portrait

Stewart Francis Newcombe (1878-1956), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Henry Newcome (1627-1695), Nonconformist minister. 2 Portraits

Henry William Newcome (1875-1963), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Richard Newcome (1779-1857), Warden of Ruthin and Archdeacon of Merioneth. 1 Portrait

William Newcome (1729-1800), Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh and theologian. 1 Portrait

Matthew Newcomen (circa 1610-1669), Clergyman, ejected minister and religious controversialist. 3 Portraits

Richard Newcourt (died 1716), Notary public and author. 3 Portraits

Anne Emily (née Garnier), Lady Newdegate (1837-1924), Wife of Sir Edward Newdigate Newdegate; daughter of Thomas Garnier and Lady Caroline Elizabeth Keppel. 1 Portrait

Charles Newdigate Newdegate (1816-1887), Politician; MP for North Warwickshire. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Newdigate Newdegate (1825-1902), Army officer and landowner. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Alexander Newdigate Newdegate (1862-1936), Governor of Tasmania and Western Australia. 6 Portraits

Maria Newdegate (née Boucherett) (active early 19th century), Wife of Charles Newdegate of Harefield. 1 Portrait

Francis William Newdigate (1822-1893), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Richard Legge Newdigate (1832-1908), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Arabella Phillis (née Denton), Lady Newdigate-Ludford-Chetwode (died 1873), Former wife of James Reade, and later second wife of Sir John Newdigate-Ludford-Chetwode, 5th Bt; daughter of Samuel Denton. 2 Portraits

Adrian Leonard Newell (1898-1963), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Arthur Newell, Professor. 3 Portraits

Arthur Franklin Newell (1885-1976), Professor of International Relations. 1 Portrait

John Philip Peter Newell (1911-1980), Chaplain to the Queen. 9 Portraits

Hon. Louisa Jane Newenham (née Edwardes) (1839-1929), Wife of William Henry Newenham; daughter of 3rd Baron Kensington. 3 Portraits

Piper Newgate. 1 Portrait

Charles Cheyne, 1st Viscount Newhaven (1625-1698), Politician and government official. 3 Portraits

Jane Cheyne (née Cavendish), Viscountess Newhaven (1620 or 1621-1669), Poet, playwright and royalist noblewoman. 2 Portraits

William Newhouse (1853-1885), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Edward Joseph Newill (1877-1954), Archdeacon of Dorking. 1 Portrait

Margaret Holgate Newington (née Foster) (1857-1939), Wife of Campbell Newington; daughter of George Holgate Foster. 1 Portrait

Dudley Maurice Newitt (1894-1980), Chemical engineer. 4 Portraits

Sir Foster Reuss Newland (1862-1943), Major-General. 4 Portraits

William Wallace Hozier, 1st Baron Newlands (1825-1906), Vice-Lieutenant of Lanarkshire, businessman and member of the Four-in-Hand Driving Club. 2 Portraits

James Henry Cecil Hozier, 2nd Baron Newlands (1851-1929), Politician; MP for South Lancashire. 5 Portraits

Anthony Newlands (1926-1995), Actor. 1 Portrait

Harry Scott Newlands (1884-1933), Colonial governor; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Barbados. 1 Portrait

Anthony Newley (1931-1999), Actor. 3 Portraits

(Alfred) John Newling (1896-1957), Under-Secretary, Ministry of Defence. 1 Portrait

Andy ('Thunderclap') Newman (1942-2016), Musician; member of Thunderclap Newman. 1 Portrait

Arnold Newman (1918-2006), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wellesley Newman (born 1895), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Bernard Newman (1897-1968), Author and Lecturer. 1 Portrait

Cecil Hugh Grimston Newman (1924-1928), Son of Sir Cecil Gustavus Jacques Newman (née Neumann), 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

Charles Edward Kingsley Newman (1900-1989), Physician and medical school administrator. 2 Portraits

Francis William Newman (1805-1897), Classical scholar and writer. 5 Portraits

Sir George Newman (1870-1948), Scientist and lecturer; first Chief Medical Officer to the Ministry of Health. 3 Portraits

Hubert Thomas Newman (1895-1965), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Jack Newman (died 2011), Band leader. 1 Portrait

Joan Florence Mary (née Grimston), Lady Newman (died 1969), President of North Hertfordshire Division Conservative Association; wife of Sir Cecil Gustavus Newman, 2nd Bt; daughter of Robert Grimston. 7 Portraits

John Francis Newman (1930-), Son of Sir Cecil Gustavus Jacques Newman, 2nd Bt. 3 Portraits

John Henry Newman (1801-1890), Cardinal, theologian and saint; canonised 2019. 37 Portraits

Sir John Robert Pretyman Newman (1871-1947), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

Judith Newman (née Prendergast) (active 1987), Publications Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir Lydston Newman, 3rd Bt (1823-1892), Soldier and racehorse breeder. 1 Portrait

Maxwell Herman Alexander ('Max') Newman (Neumann) (1897-1984), Mathematician and codebreaker. 1 Portrait

Nanette Newman (1934-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Nick Newman (1958-), Cartoonist. 4 Portraits

Paul Leonard Newman (1925-2008), Actor. 1 Portrait

Rosie Violet Nina Millicent Newman (née Neumann), Daughter of Sir Sigmund Neumann, 1st Bt and Lady Anna Allegra Neumann (née Hakim) (later Lady Newman). 2 Portraits

Stanley Newman (active 1931), Actor. 9 Portraits

Thomas Newman (1692-1758), Dissenting minister. 1 Portrait

Thomas Newman (1955-), Composer. 1 Portrait

Tom Newman (1894-1943), Billiards player. 1 Portrait

William Newman (1773-1835), Nonconformist divine. 1 Portrait

Miss Newman (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Miss Newman (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Miss Newman (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Rosa Harriet Newmarch (née Jeafferson) (1857-1940), Writer on music. 3 Portraits

Emmeline Augusta Louisa (née de Rutzen), Lady Newnes (1873-1939), Lady of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem; first wife of Sir Frank Hillyard Newnes, 2nd Bt; daughter of Sir Albert de Rutzen. 7 Portraits

Sir Frank Hillyard Newnes, 2nd Bt (1876-1955), Publisher. 6 Portraits

Sir George Newnes, 1st Bt (1851-1910), Newspaper proprietor and politician. 4 Portraits

C.C. Newnham, Army officer. 2 Portraits

Jervois Arthur Newnham (1852-1941), Bishop of Moosonee and Bishop of Saskatchewan. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Newnham (circa 1710-1780), Merchant; father of Nathaniel Newnham. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Newnham (circa 1741-1809), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Newnham-Davis (1854-1917), Food critic; Lieutenant-Colonel; Journalist. 1 Portrait

Mountjoy Blount, 1st Earl of Newport (1597-1665), Royalist. 10 Portraits

Sir John Newport, 1st Bt (1756-1843), Irish Whig politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 4 Portraits

Sir Frank Aubrey Newsam (1893-1964), Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Home Office. 7 Portraits

Sir Arthur Newsholme (1857-1943), Expert in public health. 3 Portraits

Sir John Hubert Newsom (1910-1971), Educationalist. 2 Portraits

George Newson (1932-), Composer and photographer. 2 Portraits

Lloyd Newson (1957-), Dancer. 1 Portrait

Marc Newson (1963-), Designer. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Wilson Newson, 1st Bt (1874-1950), Politician, banker and jute merchant. 7 Portraits

Sir Frank Edwin Newson-Smith, 1st Bt (1879-1971), Lord Mayor of London. 14 Portraits

Sir John Kenneth Newson-Smith, 2nd Bt (1911-1997), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Peter Henry Newson-Smith (1914-1944), Captain; son of Sir Frank Edwin Newson-Smith, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Robert Newstead (1859-1947), Entomologist. 4 Portraits

John Newte (1656-1716), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Samuel Newth (1821-1898), College head. 5 Portraits

William John Legh, 1st Baron Newton (1828-1898), Politician, army officer and landowner. 3 Portraits

Anthony Harold ('Tony') Newton, Baron Newton of Braintree (1937-2012), Politician and economist. 5 Portraits

Emily Jane Legh (née Wodehouse), Lady Newton (circa 1829-1901), Wife of 1st Baron Newton; daughter of Charles Nourse Wodehouse. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wodehouse Legh, 2nd Baron Newton (1857-1942), Diplomatist and politician. 6 Portraits

Helen Winifred Legh (née Meysey-Thompson), Lady Newton (1889-1958), Wife of 3rd Baron Newton; daughter of 1st Baron Knaresborough. 1 Portrait

Peter Richard Legh, 4th Baron Newton (1915-1992), Conservative politician. 6 Portraits

Priscilla (née Egerton-Warburton), Lady Newton (later Fryer) (1915-2010), Former wife of Viscount Wolmer and of 4th Baron Newton, and later wife of Frederick Charles Horace Fryer; daughter of John Egerton-Warburton. 6 Portraits

Charles Hay, Lord Newton (1747-1811), Judge. 2 Portraits

Alfred Pizzey Newton (1830-1883), Watercolourist. 1 Portrait

Algernon Newton (1880-1968), Painter. 3 Portraits

Ann Mary Newton (née Severn) (1832-1866), Portrait painter; daughter of Joseph Severn. 1 Portrait

Arthur John Edward Newton (1860-1930), Solicitor in criminal practice. 1 Portrait

Sir Basil Cochrane Newton (1889-1965), Diplomat; Ambassador to Iraq. 3 Portraits

Benjamin Newton (1677-1735), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Henry Newton (1882-1973), Director of LNER Railways. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Thomas Newton (1816-1894), Archaeologist. 2 Portraits

Chris Newton (1973-), Cyclist; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Sir Edgar Henry Newton, 2nd Bt (1893-1971), Solicitor. 7 Portraits

Eric Newton (1893-1965), Artist, art historian and critic. 1 Portrait

Ernest Newton (1856-1922), Architect. 3 Portraits

Fanny Anne Newton. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis James Newton (1857-1948), Barrister; High Commissioner for Southern Rhodesia. 7 Portraits

Francis Milner Newton (1720-1794), Portrait painter. 4 Portraits

Frank Newton. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Stuart Newton (1794-1835), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir (Leslie) Gordon Newton (1907-1998), Editor of The Financial Times. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Kottingham Newton, 2nd Bt (1875-1951), Barrister. 4 Portraits

Helen Newton (née Fitzroy) (1857-1935), Daughter of Francis Horatio Fitzroy. 1 Portrait

Helmut Newton (1920-2004), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Henrietta S. (née Cloete), Lady Newton (died 1930), Wife of Sir Francis James Newton; daughter of D. Cloete. 3 Portraits

Henry Newton (1866-1947), Bishop of New Guinea and Bishop of Carpentaria. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry William Newton (1842-1914), Surgeon and Mayor of Newcastle. 2 Portraits

Sir Hubert Newton (1904-1989), President of Britannia Building Society. 2 Portraits

Hugo Rowland Barnwell Newton, Royal Navy Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), Mathematical scientist. 46 Portraits

Ivor Newton (1892-1981), Pianist and accompanist. 16 Portraits

James Newton (circa 1664-1750), Physician and botanist. 1 Portrait

John Newton (1621-1678), Mathematician, astronomer and advocate of educational reform. 3 Portraits

John Newton (1725-1807), Trader of enslaved people; clergyman; friend of the poet William Cowper. 7 Portraits

Kenneth Garnar Newton (1918-2008), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

(Constance) Lavinia Newton (née Aitken) (1932-2016), Trustee of The Not Forgotten Association; wife of Barry Hamilton Newton; daughter of John James Aitken. 4 Portraits

Lily Newton (1893-1981), Professor of Botany. 7 Portraits

Sir Louis Arthur Newton (1867-1945), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Mary Newton (née Harrison), Wife of Thomas Banner Newton; daughter of James Harrison. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Newton, 4th Bt (1695?-1743). 1 Portrait

Sir (Harry) Michael Rex Newton, 3rd Bt (1923-2008), Soldier; Baronet of The Wood and Kottingham House. 1 Portrait

(Cyril) Ramon Newton (1892-1962), Singer, violinist and band leader. 1 Portrait

Richard Newton (1676-1753), Educational reformer. 1 Portrait

Robert Newton (1780-1854), Wesleyan Methodist Minister. 2 Portraits

Robert Newton (1905-1956), Actor. 3 Portraits

S. Charles Newton (active late 19th century), Master of Foxhounds. 1 Portrait

Melanie Thandiwe Newton Parker (1972-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Thomas Newton (1704-1782), Bishop of Bristol. 3 Portraits

Thomas Banner Newton (1837-1917), Actuary. 1 Portrait

Major Newton. 1 Portrait

Harriet Mary Sheila Newton-Clare (née Nye) (1945-2003), Daughter of Sir Archibald Edward Nye. 7 Portraits

Dame Olivia Newton-John (1948-2022), Actress and singer; campaigner for animal rights and cancer research. 1 Portrait

Marie Ney (1895-1981), Actress. 8 Portraits

Mama Ngina (Ngina Kenyatta) (1933-), First lady of Kenya; wife of Jomo Kenyatta. 1 Portrait

Hanna Ngyuen. 1 Portrait

Victoria Christina Niarchos (née Guinness) (1960-), Daughter of Patrick Benjamin Guinness and Dolores Guinness. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Nias (1793-1879), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Albert P. Niblack (1859-1929), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

John Daniel Thomas Niblett (1809-1883), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Cameron Nichol (1987-), Rower. 1 Portrait

John Nichol (1833-1894), Literary scholar and writer. 2 Portraits

Maurice Nichol (1904-1934), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

T.L. Nichol, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Canon Nichol, Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia (1796-1855), Emperor of Russia 1816-55. 13 Portraits

Nicholas Nikolaevich, Grand Duke of Russia (1831-1891), Army commander; son of Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia. 1 Portrait

King Nicholas I of Montenegro (1841-1921), King of Montenegro. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Alexandrovich, Tsarevich of Russia (1843-1865), Eldest son and heir apparent to Alexander II, Emperor of Russia. 4 Portraits

Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia (1868-1918), Reigned 1894-1917. 24 Portraits

Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark (1872-1938), Foreign dignitary; son of George I, King of Greece; father of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. 5 Portraits

Prince Nicholas Troubetzkoy. 1 Portrait

Prince Nicholas of Romania (1903-1978), Second son of King Ferdinand I; great-grandson of Queen Victoria and Head of the Council of Regency. 9 Portraits

Abraham Nicholas (1692-circa 1744), Writing Master. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Nicholas (1593-1669), Secretary of State. 10 Portraits

Joanne Nicholas (née Wright) (1977-), Badminton player; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Nico Nicholas, Finance Manager, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Major William Nicholas (1758-1812), Major in the Royal Engineers. 1 Portrait

Sir Gilbert Edward Nicholetts (1902-1983), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Angus Dacres Nicholl (1896-1977), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Charles Iltid Nicholl (circa 1821-1869), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Iltyd Nicholl (died 1867), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Nicholl (1759-1838), Judge. 3 Portraits

John Nicholl (1797-1853), Judge and Conservative politician: MP for Cardiff. 1 Portrait

Agnes Nicholls (later Lady Harty) (1877-1959), Singer; wife of Sir Hamilton Harty; daughter of Albert Chapman Nicholls. 1 Portrait

A. Nicholls (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Frank Nicholls (1699-1778), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir George Nicholls (1781-1865), Poor Law reformer and administrator. 1 Portrait

George Nicholls (active 1930s), London Zoo storekeeper. 1 Portrait

Harry Nicholls (1852-1926), Actor. 7 Portraits

Sir Henry Nicholls (circa 1758-1830), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Herbert Nicholls (1868-1940), Chief Justice of Tasmania. 2 Portraits

John Nicholls (1745?-1832), Politician; MP for Bletchingley and Tregony. 20 Portraits

Sir John Walter Nicholls (1909-1970), Diplomat; Ambassador to Yugoslavia and Ambassador to South Africa. 1 Portrait

Sir Leslie Burtonshaw Nicholls (1895-1975), Major-General. 12 Portraits

Margaret Nicholls (active before 1710). 2 Portraits

Paul Nicholls (1979-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Percival Thomas Nicholls (1877-1959), Naval officer and surgeon. 9 Portraits

Phoebe Nicholls (1957-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir William Edgar Nicholls (1858-1932), Director of Barclays Bank. 2 Portraits

Betty Marie Pamela Nichols (1919-), Appointed first woman bank manager for the National Westminster Bank, 1967. 1 Portrait

(John) Beverley Nichols (1898-1983), Author, composer and playwright. 54 Portraits

George Herbert Fosdike Nichols (1881-1933), Journalist; used pseudonym 'Quex' when writing for The Evening News. 1 Portrait

Grace Nichols (1950-), Children's poet and writer. 1 Portrait

John Nichols (1745-1826), Printer and writer. 4 Portraits

John Bowyer Nichols (1779-1863), Printer and antiquary. 1 Portrait

John Sebastian Nichols (1896-1954), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

J.W. Nichols (1919-). 3 Portraits

Mary Ann Nichols (1813-1870), Artist. 1 Portrait

Morris Stanley Nichols (1900-1961), Cricketer. 2 Portraits

Peter Richard Nichols (1927-2019), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Bouverie Bowyer Nichols (1894-1962), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Phyllis (née Spender-Clay), Lady Nichols (1905-1972), Wife of Sir Philip Bouverie Bowyer Nichols. 13 Portraits

Robert Malise Bowyer Nichols (1893-1944), Poet. 5 Portraits

Shirley Hall Nichols (died 1964), Bishop of Kyoto. 1 Portrait

William Ford Nichols (1849-1924), Bishop of California. 1 Portrait

Mrs Nichols. 1 Portrait

William Gustavus Nicholson, Baron Nicholson (1845-1918), Army officer. 6 Portraits

Sir Arthur William Nicholson (1852-1932), Clerk Assistant, House of Commons. 3 Portraits

Ben Nicholson (1894-1982), Artist; son of Sir William Nicholson. 6 Portraits

Mr B. Nicholson. 1 Portrait

Sir Cameron Gordon Graham Nicholson (1898-1979), General. 10 Portraits

Sir Cecil Lothian Nicholson (1865-1933), Major-General; son of Sir Lothian Nicholson. 2 Portraits

Charles Nicholson (1795-1837), Flautist and composer. 1 Portrait

Charles Ernest Nicholson (1868-1954), Yacht designer. 1 Portrait

Charles Hepworth Nicholson (1891-1966), Rear-Admiral. 7 Portraits

Sir Douglas Romilly Lothian Nicholson (1867-1948), Admiral; son of Sir Lothian Nicholson. 2 Portraits

Elisabeth Nicholson (née Bramwell), Wife of Otho William Nicholson; daughter of Frederick C. Bramwell. 3 Portraits

Elsie Queen ('E.Q.') Nicholson (née Myers) (1908-1992), Designer and painter; daughter of Elsie and Leopold Myers. 14 Portraits

Francis Nicholson (1753-1844), Watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

Francis Lothian Nicholson (1884-1953), Major-General; son of Sir Lothian Nicholson. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Nicholson. 2 Portraits

George Harvey Nicholson (1862-1942), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Sir (Randolph Stewart) Gresham Nicholson (1892-1975), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Isaac Lea Nicholson (1844-1906), Bishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1 Portrait

John Nicholson (1730-1796), Bookseller. 2 Portraits

John Nicholson (1821-1857), Soldier and administrator. 4 Portraits

Sir John Gibb Nicholson (1879-1959), Company director. 4 Portraits

John Henry Nicholson (1889-1972), Educationist. 3 Portraits

Sir John Norris Nicholson, 2nd Bt (1911-1993), Grandson of Sir Charles Norris Nicholson, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

John Whitall Nicholson (active 1878), Son of William and Sarah Nicholson. 1 Portrait

Joseph Shield Nicholson (1850-1927), Economist. 5 Portraits

Katharine Constance Nicholson (née Lindsay) (1912-1972), Wife of Godfrey Nicholson; daughter of 27th Earl of Crawford. 4 Portraits

Margaret Nicholson (1750?-1828), Assailant of George III. 6 Portraits

Margaret N. Nicholson (active 1878), Daughter of William and Sarah Nicholson. 1 Portrait

Octavius Henry Lothian Nicholson (1877-1938), Major-General; son of Sir Lothian Nicholson. 1 Portrait

Otho William Nicholson (1891-1978), Politician and Mayor of Finsbury, London. 2 Portraits

Peter Nicholson (1765-1844), Mathematician and architect. 4 Portraits

Reginald Nicholson (1869-1946), Politician; MP for Doncaster. 3 Portraits

Reynold Alleyne Nicholson (1868-1945), Professor of Arabic. 7 Portraits

Richard Lindsay Nicholson (1882-1940), Captain. 4 Portraits

Ronald Arran Graham Nicholson (1904-1986), Brigadier. 6 Portraits

Sarah Nicholson (née Whitall) (1833-1880), Sister of Hannah Smith (née Whitall) (Mrs Pearsall Smith). 1 Portrait

Stuart Nicholson (1865-1936), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Sydney Hugo Nicholson (1875-1947), Organist, choir director and composer. 3 Portraits

Sir Walter Frederick Nicholson (1876-1946), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

William Nicholson (1753-1815), Scientist. 2 Portraits

William Coldingham Masters Nicholson (1863-1932), Admiral. 3 Portraits

William Hopkins Nicholson (active 1890s), Husband of Sarah Whitall. 1 Portrait

Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson (1872-1949), Artist. 8 Portraits

Willie Nicholson (active 1880s), Son of Bessie M. Nicholson. 1 Portrait

Winifred Nicholson (1893-1981), Painter. 1 Portrait

Guy Nickalls (1866-1935), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Guy Oliver Nickalls (1899-1974), Rower; Olympian; son of Guy Nickalls. 1 Portrait

Thomas ('Tom') Nickalls (1827-1899), Stockjobber and sportsman. Founder member of the London Rowing Club, and Master of the Surrey Stag Hounds. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Nickerson (1914-1990), Agriculturalist. 1 Portrait

William Henry Snyder Nickerson (1875-1954), Major-General. 2 Portraits

George Nickson (1864-1949), Bishop of Bristol and Bishop-Suffragan of Jarrow. 1 Portrait

Graham Nickson (1946-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Everlyn Nicodemus (1954-), Artist, writer and curator. 1 Portrait

Andrew Nicol (died 1817), 'Muck Andrew'; linen weaver and litigant. 4 Portraits

Donald Ninian Nicol (1843-1903), Politician; Landowner. 1 Portrait

Erskine Nicol (1825-1904), Painter. 8 Portraits

John Nicol (1755-1825), Seaman and author. 1 Portrait

William Nicol (1770-1851), Geologist and scientific lecturer. 1 Portrait

Constantia Nicolaides (1979-), Assistant Curator, Photographs, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Jean Nicoll (Mrs Bostock) (1922-1965), Tennis player; wife of Edward W.A. Bostock; daughter of Alexander Campbell Nicoll. 12 Portraits

John Nicoll (1684-1765), Headmaster of Westminster School. 1 Portrait

Sir John Fearns Nicoll (1899-1981), Colonial officer and Governor of Singapore. 5 Portraits

John Ramsay Allardyce Nicoll (1894-1976), Drama historian. 6 Portraits

Patrick John Smith Nicoll (1864-1926), Physician and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Richard Phillip Nicoll (1977-2016), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Robert ('Bob') Nicoll, Brother of Jean Nicoll. 1 Portrait

Samuel John Luke Nicoll (1814-1896), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir William Robertson Nicoll (1851-1923), Journalist and man of letters. 3 Portraits

Sir Basil Edward Nicolls (1893-1965), Acting Director-General of the BBC. 1 Portrait

Edmund Gustavus Nicolls (1858-1932), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Benedict Nicolson (1914-1978), Art historian. 3 Portraits

Eric James Brindley Nicolson (1917-1945), Air force officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold George Nicolson (1886-1968), Diplomat and writer; husband of Vita Sackville-West. 21 Portraits

Sir John William Nicolson (1895-1965), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Nigel Nicolson (1917-2004), Publisher, editor, author and politician. 3 Portraits

Dr M. Niederle. 6 Portraits

Lady Ada Marian Nield (née Maitland) (died 1971), Former wife of Sir Ralph Wilmot, 6th Bt, and later wife of Arnold Nield; daughter of 13th Earl of Lauderdale. 3 Portraits

Sir Basil Edward Nield (1903-1996), Politician and judge. 7 Portraits

Sir Herbert Nield (1862-1932), Politician; MP for Ealing and Privy Councillor. 4 Portraits

Asta Nielson (1883-1972), Silent film actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Otto Ernest Niemeyer (1883-1971), Director of the Bank of England. 3 Portraits

William Nieupoort (active 1650s), Dutch ambassador. 3 Portraits

Emanuel Niger (died 1603), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Annie Nightingale (1940-), Radio presenter. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Florence Margaret Winifred Nightingale (née Gardner, formerly Waugh) (1903-1994), Former wife of Evelyn Waugh and of John Heygate, and later wife of Ronald Nightingale; daughter of 1st Baron Burghclere. 4 Portraits

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), Reformer of hospital nursing and of the Army Medical Services. 36 Portraits

William Francis ('Bill') Nighy (1949-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Count Constantino Nigra (1828-1907), Italian diplomat. 2 Portraits

Bronislava Nijinska (1891-1972), Dancer and choreographer. 1 Portrait

Vaslav Nijinsky (1889-1950), Ballet dancer. 4 Portraits

Arthur Nikisch (1855-1922), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Nikogos Nikogosyan (1918-after 1952), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich of Russia (1856-1929), Russian General. 1 Portrait

Nikolaus Wilhelm, Prince of Nassau (1832-1905), Son of William, Duke of Nassau. 1 Portrait

William Woodruff Niles (1832-1914), Bishop of New Hampshire. 1 Portrait

Anna Quirentia Nilsson (1888-1974), Actress and model. 1 Portrait

Christine Nilsson (1843-1921), Singer. 17 Portraits

Nim (active 1657). 1 Portrait

Alison Nimmo (1964-), Chartered surveyor and town planner; Director of Design and Regeneration, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

Henry Nimmo (1885-1954), Chairman of Southern Electricity Board. 5 Portraits

Peter Nimmo, College servant; 'Sir Peter Nimmo of the Silver Bank'. 1 Portrait

Uli Nimptsch (1897-1977), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

John Ninet (1815-1895), Cotton producer and merchant. 1 Portrait

William Ninnes, Fisherman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Nisbet (1609-1687), Lord advocate. 3 Portraits

Noel Ruth Laura Nisbet (1887-1956), Artist. 1 Portrait

Robert Adam Nisbet-Hamilton (né Dundas) (1804-1877), Advocate and politician; MP for Edinburgh, Ipswich and North Lincolnshire. 1 Portrait

Louisa Cranstoun Nisbett (née Macnamara, later Boothby) (1812-1858), Actress. 6 Portraits

Siegmund Nissel (1923-2008), Violinist; member of the Amadeus Quartet. 2 Portraits

Borge (Brian) Lavendt Nissen (1927-2001), Actor. 1 Portrait

Greta Nissen (Grethe Ruzt-Nissen) (1905-1988), Dancer and actress. 1 Portrait

Lars Nittve (1953-), Museum director, curator, art critic and writer; Founding Director of Tate Modern. 1 Portrait

David Niven (1910-1983), Actor, producer and writer. 14 Portraits

Jamie Niven, Chairman of Sotheby's, North and South America. 1 Portrait

Brinsley De Courcy Nixon (1825-1903), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Norman Nixon (1891-1978), Governor of the National Bank of Egypt. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher John Lewis Joseph Nixon, 3rd Bt (1918-1978), Major-General. 7 Portraits

David Nixon (1919-1978), Magician and entertainer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Nixon, Head of Junior School, Cheltenham Ladies College. 1 Portrait

Francis Russell Nixon (1803-1879), Bishop of Tasmania. 7 Portraits

Sir Frank Horsfall Nixon (1890-1966), Foreign Office; Joint Managing Director of United Kingdom Commercial Corporation. 4 Portraits

Joan Lucille Mary Nixon (née Brown), Wife of Sir Christopher John Louis Joseph Nixon, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Leigh Hunter Nixon (1871-1941), Hon. Priest to King. 1 Portrait

Marie Nixon, Actress. 1 Portrait

Professor Nixon. 3 Portraits

Richard Milhous Nixon (1913-1994), President of the United States. 2 Portraits

Samuel Maduegbuna Nkemena (active 1950s), Assistant Bishop on the Niger. 1 Portrait

Sheila Valerie Masters, Baroness Noakes (1949-), Director, Bank of England. 1 Portrait

George Charles Henry Noakes (1896-1980), Captain, Royal Navy. 2 Portraits

Michael Noakes (1933-2018), Portrait and landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Cecil John Nobbs (1902-1962), Air Commodore. 1 Portrait

George Hunn Nobbs (1799-1884), Missionary and chaplain of Pitcairn island. 1 Portrait

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833-1896), Swedish chemist, engineer and industrialist; inventor of dynamite and founder of the Nobel Prize. 1 Portrait

Alex Noble, Curator. 1 Portrait

Sir Allan Herbert Percy Noble (1908-1982), Commander and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. 5 Portraits

Sir Andrew Napier Noble (1904-1987), British ambassador to Poland. 1 Portrait

Cynthia Noble. 2 Portraits

Dennis Noble (1898-1966), Baritone and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas Alexander) Fraser Noble (1918-2003), Lecturer in Political Economy. 2 Portraits

Grace Noble (active 1890s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Humphrey Brunel Noble, 4th Bt (1892-1968), Major. 2 Portraits

Matthew Noble (1817?-1876), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Olive Noble, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Lockhart Harnam Noble (1880-1955), Admiral. 12 Portraits

Peter Noble (1917-1997), Writer and broadcaster. 7 Portraits

Sir Peter Scott Noble (1899-1987), Principal of King’s College; Vice Chancellor, University of London. 3 Portraits

Ray Noble (1903-1978), Composer. 2 Portraits

Tim Noble (1966-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Walter James Noble (1879-1962), Methodist minister and missionary. 3 Portraits

Mrs Noble (Nolle) (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Master Noble (Nolle) (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Miss Noble (Nolle) (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Noble (active 1914). 1 Portrait

Nobuhito, Prince Takamatsu of Japan (1905-1987), Philanthropist; son of Emperor Taisho. 3 Portraits

Barbara Nockolds (1909-1997), Matron-in-Chief. 1 Portrait

Augustus William Noel (1816-1884), Rector of Stanhoe, Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Baptist Wriothesley Noel (1799-1873), Church of England clergyman and Baptist minister. 7 Portraits

Edith Louisa Noel (circa 1835-1940), Daughter of Baptist Wriothesley Noel. 1 Portrait

Emily Elizabeth Noel (née Noel) (died 1890), First wife of Hon. Henry Lewis Noel; daughter of Baptist Wriothesley Noel. 1 Portrait

Emma Cecilia Noel (circa 1828-1913), Daughter of Hon. Leland Noel Noel. 1 Portrait

Francis James Noel (1793-1854), Rector of Teston and Nettlestead. 1 Portrait

Gerald Eyre Wriothesley Noel (1926-2016), Barrister and author. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Noel, 2nd Bt (1759-1838), Politician; MP for Maidstone and Rutland. 1 Portrait

Gerard James Noel (1823-1911), Politician; First Commissioner of Works. 3 Portraits

Gerard Thomas Noel (1782-1851), Divine. 3 Portraits

J. Noel (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Hon. Leland Noel Noel (1797-1870), Clergyman; brother of 1st Earl of Gainsborough. 1 Portrait

Hon. Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel (1834-1894), Poet and essayist; son of 1st Earl of Gainsborough. 2 Portraits

Susan Noel (née Kennaway) (died 1890), Second wife of Gerard Thomas Noel; daughter of Sir John Kennaway, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Susan Noel (1912-1991), Tennis player and writer. 1 Portrait

Sybil Noel (née Graham) (died 1939), Actress; first wife of John Noel. 4 Portraits

William Middleton Noel (1789-1859), Politician; MP for Rutland. 3 Portraits

Philip John Noel-Baker, Baron Noel-Baker (1889-1982), Academic, diplomat, middle distance runner; Olympian and Labour politician; MP for Coventry, Derby and Derby South. 22 Portraits

Noel Edward Buxton, 1st Baron Noel-Buxton (1869-1948), Politician and philanthropist. 7 Portraits

Lucy Edith (née Burn), Lady Noel-Buxton (1888-1960), Politician; MP for Norwich and North Norfolk; wife of 1st Baron Noel-Buxton. 4 Portraits

Rufus Alexander Buxton, 2nd Baron Noel-Buxton (1917-1980), Labour politician and writer. 3 Portraits

Monica Noel Smith. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Noel-Tod (died 1983), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Giuseppe Nogari (1699-1763), Rococo painter. 2 Portraits

Anne Noggle (1922-2005), Photographer and pilot. 1 Portrait

Yonejiro ('Yone') Noguchi (1875-1947), Japanese poet, writer and professor of English. 2 Portraits

Michael Patrick Nolan, Baron Nolan (1928-2007), Judge. 10 Portraits

Eileen Joan Nolan (1920-2005), Brigadier and Director of Women's Royal Army Corps. 9 Portraits

George Nolan (1965-), Construction apprentice; member of London 2012 Olympic Park construction teams. 1 Portrait

Grace Nolan, Actress. 6 Portraits

John Philip Nolan (1838-1912), Politician, army officer and landowner. 2 Portraits

Joseph Nolan (1869-1939), Politician. 2 Portraits

Myra Nolan, Child model. 15 Portraits

Sir Sidney Robert Nolan (1917-1992), Painter. 5 Portraits

Walter Raymond Nolan (died 1905), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Nolan (1970-), Film director. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Roche), Baroness Nolcken (1742-1811), Wife of Baron Gustavas Adam Nolcken. 2 Portraits

A.M. Noles (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

Joseph Nollekens (1737-1823), Sculptor. 14 Portraits

Kleist von Nollendorf (1762-1823), Prussian general. 1 Portrait

Wilfrid Ivan Nonweiler (1900-1953), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Mrs Carrie Noole (active 1840s). 1 Portrait

Sir Firoz Khan Noon (1893-1970), Prime Minister of Pakistan. 10 Portraits

W.P. Noonan. 1 Portrait

Peter Noone (1947-), Musician and actor; songwriter and lead singer for Herman's Hermits. 3 Portraits

Chomok Ali Noor, Activist. 1 Portrait

Helena Norberg-Hodge (1946-), Founder of International Society for Ecology and Culture. 1 Portrait

John Toler, 1st Earl of Norbury (1745-1831), Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in Ireland. 1 Portrait

Steuart (née Lindsay), Countess of Norbury (1825-1904), Wife of 3rd Earl of Norbury; daughter of 9th Earl of Lindsay. 1 Portrait

Ronald Ian Montague Graham-Toler, 5th Earl of Norbury (1893-1955), Captain of the Royal Eniskilling Fusiliers. 14 Portraits

Margaret (née Greenhalgh), Countess of Norbury (died 1984), Second wife of 5th Earl of Norbury. 5 Portraits

Noel Terence Graham-Toler, 6th Earl of Norbury (1939-), Third son of 5th Earl of Norbury. 7 Portraits

Esmé Frances (née Bradford), Lady Norbury (1879-1961), Wife of Sir Henry Frederick Oswald Norbury; daughter of John Bradford. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Frederick Oswald Norbury (1880-1948), High Court of Justice. 1 Portrait

Norcliffe Norcliffe (1791-1862), Major-General; son of Thomas Dalton. 1 Portrait

Christine Norden (née Mary Lydia Thornton) (1924-1988), Film actress. 12 Portraits

Denis Norden (1922-2018), Scriptwriter and broadcaster. 5 Portraits

John Norden (circa 1547-1625), Cartographer. 3 Portraits

Evelyn Hunter Nordhoff (1865-1898), Artist; daughter of Charles Nordhoff. 3 Portraits

Saidee Nordhoff (née Whitall), Wife of Walter Nordhoff. 3 Portraits

Madame Nordica (Lillian Nordica) (1857-1914), Opera singer. 2 Portraits

Mademoiselle Norele. 2 Portraits

John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk (circa 1425-1485), Soldier and politician. 4 Portraits

Catherine Howard (née Moleyns), Duchess of Norfolk (circa 1424-1465), First wife of 1st Duke of Norfolk. 2 Portraits

Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (1443-1524), Magnate and soldier. 1 Portrait

Agnes Howard (née Tilney), Duchess of Norfolk (before 1478-1545), Noblewoman. 3 Portraits

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (1473-1554), Politician and uncle of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. 13 Portraits

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk (1536-1572), Potential suitor to Mary, Queen of Scots. 17 Portraits

Margaret Howard (née Dudley), Duchess of Norfolk (1540-1564), Second wife of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Thomas Howard, 5th Duke of Norfolk (1626 or 1627-1677). 2 Portraits

Henry Howard, 6th Duke of Norfolk (1628-1684), Courtier. 7 Portraits

Jane (née Bickerton), Duchess of Norfolk (1643 or 1644-1693), Mistress, and later second wife of 6th Duke of Norfolk. 3 Portraits

Henry Howard, 7th Duke of Norfolk (1655-1701), Statesman and soldier. 3 Portraits

Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk (1746-1815), Politician; MP for Carlise and Arundel. 55 Portraits

Bernard Edward Howard, 12th Duke of Norfolk (1765-1842). 2 Portraits

Henry Charles Howard, 13th Duke of Norfolk (1791-1856), Lord Steward. 1 Portrait

Augusta Marie Minna Fitzalan-Howard (née Lyons), Duchess of Norfolk (1821-1886), Wife of Henry Howard, 14th Duke of Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Henry Fitzalan-Howard, 15th Duke of Norfolk (1847-1917), Postmaster General. 18 Portraits

Gwendolen Mary Fitzalan-Howard (née Constable-Maxwell), Duchess of Norfolk and 12th Lady Herries of Terregles (1877-1945), Second wife of 15th Duke of Norfolk; daughter and heir of 11th Lord Herries of Terregles. 24 Portraits

Bernard Marmaduke Fitzalan-Howard, 16th Duke of Norfolk (1908-1975), Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England. 14 Portraits

Lavinia Mary Fitzalan-Howard (née Strutt), Duchess of Norfolk (1916-1995), Wife of 16th Duke of Norfolk; daughter of 3rd Baron Belper. 5 Portraits

Miles Francis Stapleton Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk (1915-2002), Major-General and courtier. 12 Portraits

George Anthony Francis Norfolk (1907-1966), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Jonathan Norfolk (1985-), Submariner. 1 Portrait

Rory Norfolk (2019-). 1 Portrait

Tenzing Norgay (1914-1986), Nepalese sherpa mountaineer. 1 Portrait

John William Norie (1772-1843), Writer on navigation. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Norie-Miller, 1st Bt (1859-1947), Insurance company manager. 3 Portraits

Montagu Collet Norman, 1st Baron Norman (1871-1950), Governor of the Bank of England. 3 Portraits

Lady Adeliza Elizabeth Gertrude Norman (née Manners) (1810-1877), Wife of Frederick John Norman; daughter of 5th Duke of Rutland. 1 Portrait

Anthony Charles Wynyard Norman (1912-1995), Wing Commander; son of Sir Henry Norman, 1st Bt. 6 Portraits

Archibald John ('Archie') Norman (1954-), Politician and chairman of ITV plc. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Gordon Norman (1917-2011), Company chairman. 3 Portraits

Barry Leslie Norman (1933-2017), Film critic, journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Norman (1892-1976), Director of Joseph Rank Ltd. 1 Portrait

Charles Wake Norman (1891-1974), Major-General and High Sheriff of Kent. 5 Portraits

Hon. Doreen Albinia de Burgh Norman (née Gibbs) (1913-2008), Wife of Charles Bathurst Norman; daughter of 1st Baron Wraxall. 4 Portraits

Dorothy Norman, Actress. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward James Norman (1900-1983), Chief Inspector of Taxes. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Isabella Norman (née Manners) (1776-1853), Philanthropist; wife of Richard Norman; daughter of 4th Duke of Rutland. 1 Portrait

Florence Priscilla (née McLaren), Lady Norman (1881-1964), Trustee of Imperial War Museum, Justice of the Peace for London and suffragist; wife of Sir Henry Norman, 1st Bt; daughter of 1st Baron Aberconway. 5 Portraits

Sir Francis Booth Norman (1830-1901), Lieutenant-General; brother of Sir Henry Wylie Norman. 1 Portrait

Frank Norman (1930-1980), Playwright and novelist. 13 Portraits

Frank A. Norman (died 1959), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

Sir Frederick Norman (1857-1936), Scientist. 3 Portraits

Frederick John Norman (1814-1888), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir (Horace) Geoffrey Norman (1896-1992), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

George Warde Norman (1793-1882), Writer on finance; Director of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Geraldine Lucia Norman (née Keen) (1940-), Mathematician and journalist. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Norman, 1st Bt (1858-1939), Journalist, politician and soldier. 8 Portraits

Sir Henry Wylie Norman (1826-1904), Field Marshal and colonial governor. 11 Portraits

Mrs Henry Wylie Norman, Wife of Henry Wylie Norman. 1 Portrait

Leslie Norman (1911-1993), Film producer and director. 1 Portrait

Maria Cristina Norman (née Walford) (died 1987), Wife of Richard Frederick Norman; daughter of Leopold Hubert George Walford and Marie Christine, Duchess De Marchena. 1 Portrait

Sir Mark Annesley Norman, 3rd Bt (1927-2013), Director of aviation companies. 6 Portraits

Philip Norman (1842-1931), Painter, author and antiquary. 2 Portraits

Priscilla Cecilia Maria (née Reyntiens), Lady Norman (1899-1991), London councillor, philanthropist, board member and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Oswald Chandler Norman (1932-1993), Scientist and university teacher. 8 Portraits

Ronald Collet Norman (1873-1963), Chairman of the BBC. 13 Portraits

Steve Norman (1960-), Musician; member of Spandau Ballet. 2 Portraits

Sir William Henry Norman (1855-1934), Surgeon Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Willoughby Rollo Norman (1909-1997), Second son of Sir Henry Norman. 9 Portraits

Edward Norman-Butler (died 1963), Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Norman Craven Brook, Baron Normanbrook (1902-1967), Secretary of the cabinet. 22 Portraits

Constantine Henry Phipps, 1st Marquess of Normanby (1797-1863), Whig Politician, writer and British Ambassador to France. 53 Portraits

Maria Phipps (née Liddell), Marchioness of Normanby (1798-1882), Eldest daughter of 1st Baron Ravensworth; wife of 1st Marquess of Normanby. 2 Portraits

George Augustus Constantine Phipps, 2nd Marquess of Normanby (1819-1890), Governor of Nova Soctia, Queensland, New Zealand and Victoria and Liberal politician; MP for Scarborough. 1 Portrait

Constantine Charles Henry Phipps, 3rd Marquess of Normanby (1846-1932), Canon of St Georges Chapel, Windsor. 5 Portraits

Gertrude Stansfield Phipps (née Foster), Marchioness of Normanby (died 1948), Wife of 3rd Marquess of Normanby; daughter of Johnston Jonas Foster. 4 Portraits

Henry Phipps, Viscount Normanby and Earl of Mulgrave (1755-1831), Foreign Secretary and general. 12 Portraits

Oswald Constantine John Phipps, 4th Marquess of Normanby (1912-1994). 6 Portraits

Wilfrid Guild Normand, Baron Normand (1884-1962), Judge. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles William Blyth Normand (1889-1982), Meteorologist. 1 Portrait

Oliver Normandale, Company director. 1 Portrait

Alphonse René Le Mire de Normandy (1809-1864), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Wilma Norman-Neruda (née Wilhelmine Maria Franziska Neruda, later Lady Hallé) (1838-1911), Moravian violinist; former wife of Ludvig Norman, and later wife of Charles Hallé. 7 Portraits

Charles Agar, 1st Earl of Normanton (1736-1809), Archbishop of Dublin. 4 Portraits

James Charles Herbert Welbore Ellis Agar, 3rd Earl of Normanton (1818-1896), Conservative politician; MP for Wilton. 7 Portraits

Caroline Susan Augusta Agar (née Barrington), Countess of Normanton (1834-1915), Wife of 3rd Earl of Normanton; daughter of 6th Viscount Barrington. 11 Portraits

Sidney James Agar, 4th Earl of Normanton (1865-1933), Landowner. 3 Portraits

Edward John Sidney Christian Welborne Ellis Agar, 5th Earl of Normanton (1910-1967), Captain. 1 Portrait

Fiona Agar (née Pratt), Countess of Normanton (1911-1985), Former wife of Sir Gerard Fuller, 2nd Bt, and later wife of 5th Earl of Normanton. 5 Portraits

Shaun James Christian Welbore Ellis Agar, 6th Earl of Normanton (1945-), Captain. 4 Portraits

Helena Florence Normanton (1882-1957), First woman barrister at High Court and feminist campaigner. 11 Portraits

Sir Tom Normanton (1917-1997), Businessman and politician. 9 Portraits

Richard Normen. 1 Portrait

Rose Norreys (née Eugenia Celestina Norreys) (circa 1866-1946), Actress. 1 Portrait

Rose Riversdale Towneley-Bertie (née Glyn), Lady Norreys (1860-1933), Wife of Montagu Charles Francis Towneley-Bertie, Lord Norreys; daughter of Hon. Henry Carr Glyn; sister of 4th Baron Wolverton. 2 Portraits

(Charles) Willoughby Moke Norrie, 1st Baron Norrie (1893-1977), Lieutenant-General; Governor-General of New Zealand. 1 Portrait

George Willoughby Moke, 2nd Baron Norrie (1936-), Company director. 1 Portrait

Diana Norrie (1923-1932), Daughter of Sir Charles Willoughby Moke Norrie. 1 Portrait

Hon. Guy Bainbridge Norrie (1940-), Army officer. 7 Portraits

Sally Norrie, Friend of Christine Keeler. 1 Portrait

Sarah Georgina Norrie (née Fielding) (1947-), Daughter of Major George Rudolf Hanbury Fielding; wife of Hon. Guy Norrie. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Lionel Pugh Norrington (1899-1982), President of Trinity College, Oxford. 2 Portraits

Antony Norris (1711-1786), Antiquary and lawyer. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Fred Wivell Norris (1900-1989), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Francis Lushington Norris (1864-1945), Bishop of North China. 1 Portrait

Helen Bramwell Norris (1865-1927), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Herbert Norris (died 1950), Costume authority advisor. 2 Portraits

H.C. Norris (active 1897), Colonel, Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars. 1 Portrait

Ivor Arthur Norris (1901-1969), Bishop of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. 1 Portrait

Jamie Norris (1993-), Electrician apprentice; member of London 2012 Olympic Park construction teams. 1 Portrait

Sir John Norris (Norreys) (circa 1547-1597), Military Commander. 2 Portraits

John Thomas Norris (1808-1870), Liberal politician; MP for Abingdon. 1 Portrait

Pasqual Norris, Museum Technician, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Thomas Norris (1741-1790), Musician and singer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Norris (active 1837), Astronomer. 1 Portrait

William Edward Norris (1847-1925), Writer. 1 Portrait

William Foxley Norris (1859-1937), Dean of Westminster and artist. 6 Portraits

Ronald George Wreyford Norrish (1897-1978), Chemist and Director of Department of Physical Chemistry, Cambridge University. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth ('Bess') May Norris Tait (née Norris) (1878-1939), Watercolour and miniature painter. 1 Portrait

Hannah Norsa (died 1784), Singer and actress. 3 Portraits

Edward North, 1st Baron North (circa 1504-1564), Administrator. 1 Portrait

Dudley North, 3rd Baron North (baptised 1582-1666), Poet and nobleman. 1 Portrait

Dudley North, 4th Baron North (1602-1677), Courtier. 3 Portraits

William North, 6th Baron North (1678-1734), Soldier and politician. 1 Portrait

Susan North, Baroness North (1797-1884), Wife of John Sidney North (né John Doyle); daughter of 9th Baron North and 3rd Earl of Guilford. 2 Portraits

William Henry John North, 11th Baron North (1836-1932), Landowner. 1 Portrait

John Dudley North, 13th Baron North (1917-1941), Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Brownlow North (1741-1820), Bishop of Winchester. 4 Portraits

Brownlow North (1810-1875), Preacher. 2 Portraits

Hon. Charles North (1840-1871), Army officer; son of 6th Earl of Guilford. 2 Portraits

Sir Dudley North (1641-1691), Financier and economist; son of 4th Baron North. 9 Portraits

Sir Dudley Burton Napier North (1881-1961), Admiral. 8 Portraits

Dudley Long North (1748-1829), Politician; MP for St Germans, Great Grimsby, Banbury Richmond and Haddington Burghs. 2 Portraits

Edward Tempest Tunstall North (1900-1942), Army officer and Conservative politician; MP for Nuneaton. 5 Portraits

Eilean Flora (née Graham), Lady North, Second wife of Sir Dudley Burton Napier North. 1 Portrait

Sir Ford North (1830-1913), Judge. 3 Portraits

Frederick North (1800-1869), Liberal politician; MP for Hastings. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frederick Henry North (1834-1917), Diplomat; son of 6th Earl of Guilford. 2 Portraits

Harold Napier North (1883-1957), Brigadier, Chief Engineer of Northern, Eastern and Southern Commands 1931-40. 1 Portrait

Jessie Louisa (née Evans), Lady North, Wife of Sir Harry North; daughter of David Evans. 7 Portraits

John Henry North (circa 1788-1831), Barrister, judge and Conservative politician; MP for Drogheda. 1 Portrait

John Sidney North (1804-1894), Army officer and politician. 2 Portraits

John Thomas North (1842-1896), Guano and nitrate mining magnate. 3 Portraits

John William North (1842-1924), Illustrator and watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Isolade North (née de Gray) (1926-), Served in the WRNS; daughter of 8th Baron Walsingham; wife of Geoffrey Ford North. 6 Portraits

Marianne North (1830-1890), Painter and traveller. 2 Portraits

Michael North (Charles Edward Fletcher Stokes) (1902-1960), Producer and composer. 1 Portrait

Mrs North (active 1930), Wife of Arthur Jewell North. 2 Portraits

Olga Yvonne North, Daughter of Sir Harry North (Captain and Honorary Major 4th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers). 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Machin North (1936-), Principal of Jesus College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Roger North (1651-1734), Lawyer and writer. 4 Portraits

William Parr, Marquess of Northampton (1513-1571), Courtier. 4 Portraits

Eliza (née Elliot), Marchioness of Northampton (died 1877), Wife of 4th Marquess of Northampton; daughter of Sir George Elliot. 5 Portraits

Virginia Lucie (née Heaton), Marchioness of Northampton (1919-1997), Second wife of 6th Marquess of Northampton. 4 Portraits

Charles Compton, 1st Marquess of Northampton (1760-1828), Landowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Spencer Joshua Alwyne Compton, 2nd Marquess of Northampton (1790-1851), President of the Royal Society. 5 Portraits

Charles Compton, 3rd Marquess of Northampton (1816-1877), Estate-owner. 2 Portraits

Theodosia Harriet Elizabeth (née Vyner), Marchioness of Northampton (1834-1864), Wife of 3rd Marquess of Northampton; daughter of Captain and Lady Mary Vyner; granddaughter of 1st Earl de Grey. 2 Portraits

William Compton, 4th Marquess of Northampton (1818-1897), Admiral. 1 Portrait

William George Spencer Scott Compton, 5th Marquess of Northampton (1851-1913), Diplomat, politician and landowner. 5 Portraits

William Bingham Compton, 6th Marquess of Northampton (1885-1978), Landowner and Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Henry Howard, 1st Earl of Northampton (1540-1614), Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. 5 Portraits

Spencer Compton, 2nd Earl of Northampton (1601-1643), Royalist soldier and politician; MP for Ludlow. 19 Portraits

Isabella Compton (née Sackville), Countess of Northampton (1622-1661). 4 Portraits

Walter John James, 3rd Baron Northbourne (1869-1932), Landowner and artist. 1 Portrait

Walter Ernest Christopher James, 4th Baron Northbourne (1896-1982), Agriculturalist, author and rower. 5 Portraits

Thomas George Baring, 1st Earl of Northbrook (1826-1904), Politician, First Lord of the Admiralty and viceroy of India. 16 Portraits

Francis George Baring, 2nd Earl of Northbrook (1850-1929), Liberal politician; MP for Winchester and Biggleswade. 1 Portrait

Francis Thornhill Baring, 1st Baron Northbrook (1796-1866), Whig politician,Chancellor of the Exchequer and MP for Portsmouth. 8 Portraits

Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe (1865-1922), Newspaper proprietor. 8 Portraits

Henry Stafford Northcote, Baron Northcote (1846-1911), Governor-General of Australia; second son of 1st Earl of Iddesleigh. 6 Portraits

Alice (née Stephen), Lady Northcote (died 1934), Wife of 1st Baron Northcote; adopted daughter of 1st Baron Mount Stephen. 1 Portrait

Lady Catherine Cecilia Mary Northcote (1931-), Daughter of 3rd Earl of Iddesleigh. 12 Portraits

Lady Rosalind Lucy Stafford Northcote (1874-1950), Author; daughter of 2nd Earl of Iddesleigh. 6 Portraits

Hon. Edward Frederic Northcote (1934-2006), Second son of 3rd Earl of Iddesleigh. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Alexander Stafford Northcote (1881-1948), Colonial administrator and Governor of Hong Kong. 1 Portrait

Henry Stafford Northcote (1792-1850), Father of Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh. 1 Portrait

James Northcote (1746-1831), Painter; pupil and biographer of Sir Joshua Reynolds. 23 Portraits

Sir John Northcote, 1st Bt (1599-1676), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Samuel Northcote (1709-1791), Father of James Northcote. 2 Portraits

Samuel Northcote (1743-1813), Brother of James Northcote. 1 Portrait

Beryl Fairfax Northcott (née Whiteside) (died 1992), Wife of Harold J. Northcott; daughter of Harold Whiteside. 1 Portrait

William Carnegie, 7th Earl of Northesk (1756-1831), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

George John Carnegie, 9th Earl of Northesk (1843-1891), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Georgina Frances (née Elliot), Countess of Northesk (1843-1933), Wife of 9th Earl of Northesk; daughter of Sir George Augustus Elliot. 4 Portraits

David Ludovic George Hopetoun Carnegie, 11th Earl of Northesk (1901-1963), Representative Peer for Scotland 1959-63, 2nd Lieutenant in Coldstream Guards. 10 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Vlasto), Countess of Northesk (born 1906), Second wife of 11th Earl of Northesk; daughter of Anthony Alexander Vlasto. 6 Portraits

Dorothy Mary Carnegie (née Campion), Countess of Northesk (died 1967), Wife of 12th Earl of Northesk. 5 Portraits

Robert Andrew Carnegie, 13th Earl of Northesk (1926-1994), Son of 12th Earl of Northesk. 5 Portraits

Adrian Paul Northey (died 1985), Royal Navy Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Northey (1868-1953), Major-General; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Kenya Colony; High Commissioner for the Zanzibar Protectorate. 10 Portraits

Francis Vernon Northey (1836-1879), Major. 1 Portrait

(William) Donald Chapman, Baron Northfields of Telford (1923-2013), Politician; MP for Birmingham Northfield. 3 Portraits

Robert Henley, 1st Earl of Northington (circa 1708-1772), Chancellor. 2 Portraits

Robert Henley, 2nd Earl of Northington (1747-1786), Politician; MP for Hampshire and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 1 Portrait

Thomas Northmore (1766-1851), Geologist and writer. 1 Portrait

John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland (1502?-1553), Lord Protector of Edward VI. 6 Portraits

Hugh Percy (né Smithson), 1st Duke of Northumberland (1712-1786), Politician, peer and art patron. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Percy (née Seymour), Duchess of Northumberland (1716-1776), Courtier and diarist. 10 Portraits

Hugh Percy, 2nd Duke of Northumberland (1742-1817), Soldier and politician. 8 Portraits

Hugh Percy, 3rd Duke of Northumberland (1785-1847), Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 12 Portraits

Charlotte Florentia Percy (née Clive), Duchess of Northumberland (1787-1866), Wife of 3rd Duke of Northumberland. 5 Portraits

Algernon Percy, 4th Duke of Northumberland (1792-1865), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Lady Eleanor Percy (née Grosvenor), Duchess of Northumberland (1820-1911), Daughter of 2nd Marquess of Westminster; wife of 4th Duke Northumberland. 2 Portraits

George Percy, 5th Duke of Northumberland (1778-1867), Politician; Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard. 3 Portraits

Algernon George Percy, 6th Duke of Northumberland (1810-1899), Landowner and politician. 6 Portraits

Louisa Percy (née Drummond), Duchess of Northumberland (1813-1890), Wife of 6th Duke of Northumberland. 2 Portraits

Henry George Percy, 7th Duke of Northumberland (1846-1918), Member of Parliament for North Northumberland; President of Archaeological Institute and trustee of the British Museum. 3 Portraits

Alan Ian Percy, 8th Duke of Northumberland (1880-1930), Politician and propagandist. 3 Portraits

Helen Magdalen Percy (née Gordon-Lennox), Duchess of Northumberland (1886-1965), Mistress of the Robes to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; wife of 8th Duke of Northumberland; daughter of 7th Duke of Richmond. 17 Portraits

Hugh Algernon Percy, 10th Duke of Northumberland (1914-1973), Lord Steward of HM Household and agriculturalist. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Diana Percy (née Montagu-Douglas-Scott), Duchess of Northumberland (1922-2012), Honorary Colonel of the 6th Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers; daughter of 10th Duke of Queensberry; wife of 10th Duke of Northumberland. 12 Portraits

(Isobel) Jane Miller Percy, Duchess of Northumberland (1958-), Trustee of the Alnwick Garden Trust. 1 Portrait

Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland (1341-1408), Magnate and rebel. 2 Portraits

Henry Algernon Percy, 6th Earl of Northumberland (circa 1502-1537), Magnate. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland (1528-1572), Executed for treason. 1 Portrait

Henry Percy, 9th Earl of Northumberland (1564-1632), Nobleman; linked to Gunpowder plot. 9 Portraits

Algernon Percy, 10th Earl of Northumberland (1602-1668), Statesman and Lord High Admiral. 21 Portraits

Joceline Percy, 11th Earl of Northumberland (1644-1670). 4 Portraits

Rebecca Rushout (née Bowles), Lady Northwick (1740-1818), Wife of 1st Baron Northwick. 3 Portraits

John Rushout, 2nd Baron Northwick (1770-1859), Art collector and connoisseur. 3 Portraits

George Rushout-Bowles, 3rd Baron Northwick (1811-1887), Representative peer. 1 Portrait

Charles Bowyer Adderley, 1st Baron Norton (1814-1905), Statesman; president of the Board of the Trade 1874-1878. 4 Portraits

James Nigel Arden Adderley, 8th Baron Norton (1947-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Brian Ivan Cobham Norton (1898-1956), South African tennis player; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton (née Sheridan, later Lady Stirling-Maxwell) (1808-1877), Novelist and poet; Law reform campaigner. 10 Portraits

Sir (Walter) Charles Norton (1896-1974), Company Chairman and Mayor of the City of Westminster. 2 Portraits

Charles Norton (active 1915), Actor. 1 Portrait

Christopher John Norton (1949-), Eldest son of 2nd Baron Rathcreedan. 13 Portraits

Sir Clifford John Norton (1891-1990), Diplomat; Ambassador in Athens. 3 Portraits

Cyril Henry Norton (1898-1983), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Edward Felix Norton (1884-1954), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Eleanour Trehane Norton (1881-1951), Daughter of 5th Baron Grantley. 2 Portraits

Frederic Norton (1869-1946), Composer of music for Chu Chin Chow. 1 Portrait

Graham Norton (1963-), Television presenter and comedian. 1 Portrait

Henry Tertius James Norton (1886-1937), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

Hugh Ross Norton (1890-1969), Archdeacon of Sudbury. 1 Portrait

John T. Norton (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Noel Evelyn (née Hughes), Lady Norton (1891-1972), Daughter of Sir Walter Hughes; wife of Sir Clifford Norton. 1 Portrait

Peter Allen Norton (1962-), Former ammunition technical officer with the British Army's Royal Logistic Corps; recipient of the George Cross. 1 Portrait

Richard Pasteur Norton, Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sarah Norton. 1 Portrait

Gwladys (née Wood), Lady Norton-Griffiths (1873-1974), Wife of Sir John Norton-Griffiths, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Sir John Norton-Griffiths, 1st Bt (1871-1930), Lieutenant-Colonel, engineer and politician. 4 Portraits

George Goring, Earl of Norwich (1583?-1663), Royalist soldier and politician; MP for Lewes. 4 Portraits

(Alfred) Duff Cooper, 1st Viscount Norwich (1890-1954), Politician, Secretary of State for War, diplomat and writer. 30 Portraits

Lady Diana Cooper (Diana (née Manners), Viscountess Norwich) (1892-1986), Actress and writer; wife of 1st Viscount Norwich; daughter of 8th Duke of Rutland. 39 Portraits

John Julius Cooper, 2nd Viscount Norwich (1929-2018), Historian and broadcaster. 5 Portraits

Anne Frances May (née Clifford), Viscountess Norwich (1929-), First wife of 2nd Viscount Norwich; daughter of Sir Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford. 2 Portraits

Sir Cyril Norwood (1875-1956), Headmaster, Chairman of Education Committee 'Norwood Report'. 9 Portraits

Eille Norwood (1861-1948), Actor. 3 Portraits

Frederick William Norwood (1875-1958), Minister, preacher and lecturer. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Norwood (1880-1954), Professor of Classics. 1 Portrait

Mandi Norwood (1963-), Editor. 1 Portrait

Isaac Hidetoshi Nosse (active 1958-1965), Bishop of South Tokyo. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Poitiers Nosworthy (1887-1971), Lieutenant-General; commanded British Air Forces in West Africa. 2 Portraits

Norman Notley (1890-1980), Baritone and singing teacher. 2 Portraits

Cicely Nott (Sarah Ann Adams (née Harris)) (1832-1900), Actress and singer; wife of Sam Adams. 1 Portrait

Sir John William Frederic Nott (1932-), Politician and company chairman. 5 Portraits

Richard Nott (1947-), Fashion designer and joint founder of Workers for Freedom. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Nott (1606-1681), Royalist army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Nott (1782-1845), Army officer in the East India Company. 1 Portrait

Raymond Frederick Tritton Nottage (1916-2010), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Guy Nott-Bower (1890-1977), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

Sir John Reginald Hornby Nott-Bower (1892-1972), Commissioner of Metropolitan Police. 6 Portraits

Sir John William Nott-Bower (1849-1939), Commissioner of the City (of London) Police. 9 Portraits

Lady Nott-Bower, Possible wife of Sir (William) Guy Nott-Bower. 2 Portraits

Eileen Notte, Actress. 8 Portraits

William Nottidge (1767-1853), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Nottingham (1536-1624), Lord High Admiral. 15 Portraits

Katherine (or Catherine) Howard (née Carey), Countess of Nottingham (circa 1547-1603), Courtier. 1 Portrait

Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl of Nottingham and 7th Earl of Winchilsea (1647-1730), Statesman. 8 Portraits

Essex Finch (née Rich), Countess of Nottingham (died 1684), First wife of 2nd Earl of Nottingham; daughter of 3rd Earl of Warwick. 7 Portraits

Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Nottingham (1621-1682), Lord Chancellor; son of Sir Heneage Finch. 12 Portraits

Jean Baptiste de la Noue (1701-1760), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Arthur William ('Dave') Nourse (1879-1948), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

LaVerne Novak (active 1956-1960), Singer; member of The Poni-Tails. 1 Portrait

Ronald Crauford Munro-Ferguson, 1st Viscount Novar (1860-1934), Politician, 6th Governor-General of Australia and Secretary for Scotland. 9 Portraits

Ramon Novarro (1899-1968), Actor. 8 Portraits

Clara Novello (1818-1908), Soprano. 4 Portraits

Edward Petre Novello (1813-1836), Painter. 1 Portrait

Emma Novello (1814-1880?), Painter. 1 Portrait

Florence Novello, Daughter of Vincent and Mary Novello. 1 Portrait

Ivor Novello (1893-1951), Actor-manager, dramatist and composer. 38 Portraits

Joseph Alfred Novello (1810-1896), Publisher of music. 1 Portrait

Marie Novello (née Williams) (1898-1928), Concert artiste. 4 Portraits

Mary Sabilla Novello (1789-1854), Wife of Vincent Novello. 1 Portrait

Sabilla Novello (1821-1904), Singer and teacher of singing. 1 Portrait

Vincent Novello (1781-1861), Organist, composer and arranger of music. 3 Portraits

Laurent Novikoff (1888-1956), Ballet dancer. 5 Portraits

Kirill Vasilyevich Novikov (1905-1983), Counsellor to the Russian Embassy. 1 Portrait

Alexander Nowell (1507?-1602), Dean of St Pauls. 4 Portraits

Henry Edward Nowell (1903-1967), Air-Commodore. 2 Portraits

Patrick Horace Nowell-Smith (1914-2006), Professor of Philosophy. 1 Portrait

William Noy (Noye) (1577-1634), Lawyer and politician. 5 Portraits

Sir Frank Noyce (1878-1948), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

(Cuthbert) Wilfrid Francis Noyce (1917-1962), Mountaineer. 1 Portrait

Alfred Noyes (1880-1958), Poet. 29 Portraits

Sir Cyril Dupre Noyes (1885-1946), General. 2 Portraits

Frank Brett Noyes (1863-1948), Journalist, editor and founder of the Associated Press. 1 Portrait

Hugh Noyes (1928-2000), Journalist; son of Alfred Noyes. 1 Portrait

Mary Angela Noyes (née Mayne) (1889-1976), Former wife of Richard Weld-Blundel, and later second wife of Alfred Noyes. 1 Portrait

Hitomi Nozoe (1937-1995), Actor. 1 Portrait

Nripendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur, Maharaja of Cooch Behar (1862-1911), Maharaja of Cooch Behar. 2 Portraits

William Richard Morris, Viscount Nuffield (1877-1963), Industrialist and philanthropist. 9 Portraits

Elizabeth Maud (née Anstey), Viscountess Nuffield (died 1959), Wife of 1st Viscount Nuffield; daughter of William Jones Anstey. 7 Portraits

Robert Craggs Nugent, Earl Nugent (1709-1788), Statesman and writer. 3 Portraits

George Nugent Grenville, Baron Nugent (1788-1850), Writer. 18 Portraits

George Richard Hodges Nugent, Baron Nugent of Guildford (1907-1994), Politician; Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport. 2 Portraits

Anne Lucy Poulett, Lady Nugent (1790-1848), Wife of 1st Baron Nugent. 2 Portraits

Terence Edmund Gascoigne Nugent, 1st Baron Nugent (1895-1973), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

C.L. Nugent, Major-General. 1 Portrait

Edmund Lynch Nugent (circa 1818-1886), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Henrietta (née Gascoigne), Lady Nugent (1839-1922), Wife of Sir Edmund Charles Nugent, 3rd Bt; daughter of Ernest Frederick Gascoigne. 1 Portrait

Sir George Nugent, 1st Bt (1757-1849), Field Marshal. 1 Portrait

George Colborne Nugent (1864-1915), Soldier. 3 Portraits

Sir George Edmund Nugent, 2nd Bt (1802-1892), Lieutenant-Colonel in Grenadier Guards. 1 Portrait

Gregory Nugent (1973-), Director of Marketing. LOCOG, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Charles Nugent, 6th Bt (1904-1983), Served in World War II. 1 Portrait

Jeremy Charles Clare Nugent (1936-), Son of Sir (George) Guy (Bulwer) Nugent, 4th Bt. 5 Portraits

John Vesey Nugent (1837-1914), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Maisie Esther (née Bigsby), Lady Nugent, Daughter of J. A. Bigsby; wife of Sir (George) Guy (Bulwer) Nugent, 4th Bt. 7 Portraits

Moya Nugent (1901-1954), Actress. 25 Portraits

Raymond Andrew Nugent (1870-1959), Vice-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Thomas Nugent (circa 1700-1772), Writer and traveller. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Richard Nugent, 4th Bt (1865-1955), Senator, Irish Free State, 1928. 2 Portraits

Mr Nugent (active 1798), Pembrokeshire Cavalry officer. 1 Portrait

Lady Nugent (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles Henry Wilson, 1st Baron Nunburnholme (1833-1907), Shipowner; head of Thomas Wilson Sons & Co and Liberal politician; MP for Hull and Hull West. 2 Portraits

Marjorie Cecilia (née Wynn-Carrington), Lady Nunburnholme (1880-1968), Wife of 2nd Baron Nunburnholme; daughter of 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Osmund Nunes (1906-1972). 2 Portraits

Mrs Nunes (active circa 1808). 1 Portrait

Marianela Nuñez (1982-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Michael Nunn (1967-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Percy Nunn (1870-1944), Educationist. 3 Portraits

Thomas William Nunn (1825-1909), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Trevor Robert Nunn (1940-), Theatre director. 2 Portraits

Wilfrid Nunn (1874-1956), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

William Nunn (1879-1971), Civil servant and politician. 3 Portraits

William Nunn (active 1931), Minister of St Clement's Church, Manchester. 4 Portraits

Edward Miall Nunneley (1848-1929), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Catherine Elizabeth Armstrong Nunnely (née Buckley) (1938-), Daughter of Sir Denys Buckley; wife of Sir Charles Kenneth Roylance Nunnely. 5 Portraits

Petrus Nunnius (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Rudolf Hametovich Nureyev (1938-1993), Ballet dancer and choreographer. 8 Portraits

Paavo Johannes Nurmi (1897-1973), Runner; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Walter Nurnberg (1907-1991), Photographer. 3 Portraits

H.H. Nurse, Major. 2 Portraits

Sir Paul Maxime Nurse (1949-), Biochemist. 3 Portraits

Sir Willans Nussey, 1st Bt (1868-1947), Politician; MP for Pontefract. 1 Portrait

Betty May Nuthall (1911-1983), Tennis player. 13 Portraits

Alfred Young Nutt (1847-1924), Architect. 3 Portraits

Frederic Nutt (active 1805), Writer on cookery. 1 Portrait

Commodore Nutt (George Washington Morrison Nutt) (1844-1881), Entertainer. 2 Portraits

Sir Edmund Nuttall (1870-1923), Civil engineer. 2 Portraits

Enos Nuttall (1842-1916), Bishop of Jamaica and Archbishop of the West Indies. 4 Portraits

George Nuttall, Rector, Kelly. 2 Portraits

George Henry Falkner Nuttall (1862-1937), Bacteriologist. 4 Portraits

Jeffrey ('Jeff') Nuttall (1933-2004), Writer, poet, publisher, actor, artist, musician and social commentator. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edmund) Keith Nuttall, 2nd Bt (1901-1941), Chairman of Edmund Nuttall, Sons & Co. Ltd, Civil Engineering Contractors; Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Thomas Nuttall (1786-1859), Naturalist; Professor of Natural History at Harvard. 1 Portrait

Thomas Downham Nuttall (1877-1934), Managing Director. 2 Portraits

William Ewart Nuttall (1876-1939), Captain and paper manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Anthony Harold Nutting (1920-1999), Politician and diplomat. 16 Portraits

Arthur Ronald Stansmore Nutting (1888-1964), Banker. 2 Portraits

Cecilia Hester Marie-Louise Constance Nutting (née Russell) (1942-), Wife of Peter Robert Nutting; daughter of Cosmo Rex Ivor Russell. 2 Portraits

Charles William Nutting (1889-1964), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Enid Hester Nina (née Homan-Mulock), Lady Nutting (died 1961), Daughter of F.B. Homan-Mulock; wife of Sir Harold Stansmore Nutting, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Stansmore Nutting, 2nd Bt (1882-1972), High Sheriff. 4 Portraits

Sir John Gardiner Nutting, 1st Bt (1852-1918), Brewer and railwayman. 1 Portrait

Peter Robert Nutting (1935-), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Tazio Giorgio Nuvolari (1892-1953), Italian racing driver. 1 Portrait

Margaret Nybloc, Actress. 4 Portraits

Alfred John Nye (1855-1932), Naval engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Edward Nye (1895-1967), Lieutenant-General and High Commissioner for UK in India and Canada. 23 Portraits

(Una Sheila) Colleen Nye (née Knox) (1905-1988), Daughter of Sir Harry Knox; wife of Sir Archibald Edward Nye. 15 Portraits

Nathaniel Nye (baptised 1624), Mathematician and master gunner. 1 Portrait

Robert Nye (1939-2016), Writer. 1 Portrait

Simon Nye (1958-), Film and television writer and producer. 1 Portrait

Ellen Elizabeth ('Nellie') Nye Chart (Mrs Henry Nye Chart) (circa 1839-1892), Actress; manager of Theatre Royal, New Road, Brighton; wife of Henry Nye Chart. 3 Portraits

Johan Nygaardsvold (1879-1952), Prime Minister of Norway. 4 Portraits

Sir Ronald Sydney Nyholm (1917-1971), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Martha Nyman, Daughter of Michael Nyman. 1 Portrait

Michael Nyman (1944-), Composer. 5 Portraits

Mollie Nyman, Daughter of Michael Nyman. 1 Portrait

Rose Nys, Sister of Maria Huxley (née Nys). 3 Portraits

Godfrey Nythe, Colonel. 1 Portrait

Queen Nzinga Mbande (Anna de Sousa Nzinga) (circa 1583-1663), Queen of the Mbundu people of Ndongo and Matamba. 1 Portrait