Sitters A-Z


Maurice Paardenkooper (1962-), Sailor; coach, London 2012. 1 Portrait

William Paca (1740-1799), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Gasparo Pacchierotti (1740-1821), Singer. 2 Portraits

Ana Maria Pacheco (1943-), Artist. 1 Portrait

C. Pacher (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Vladimir von Pachmann (de Pachman) (1848-1933), Pianist. 4 Portraits

Alfonsus Paciecus (died 1583), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Emmanuel Paciecus (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Sir Denis Pack (1772?-1823), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Roger Lloyd Pack (1944-2014), Actor. 1 Portrait

Simon Pack (active 1688), Soldier; one of the 'Portsmouth Captains' cashiered in 1688. 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Douglas Packard (1903-1999), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Packard (1843-1932), High Steward of Ipswich. 3 Portraits

Frank Lucius Packard (1877-1942), Canadian novelist and short story writer. 11 Portraits

Jack Packard. 1 Portrait

Reynolds Packard (1904-1976), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Walter G.T. Packard. 4 Portraits

Mrs Packard, Actress. 1 Portrait

Christopher Packe (circa 1599-1682), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Hussey Packe (1878-1946), Private secretary and High Sheriff of Leicestershire. 5 Portraits

George Hussey Packe (1796-1874), Politician, landowner and army officer. 1 Portrait

Katharine Olivia Mary Packe (née Ogilvy) (1916-2004), Daughter of Gilbert Francis Molyneux Ogilvy; wife of William Packe. 1 Portrait

Mary Julia Packe (née Norman) (1892-1977), Artist; wife of William Vere Packe. 3 Portraits

Hon. Mary Sydney (née Colebrooke), Lady Packe (1890-1973), Wife of Sir Edward Hussey Packe; daughter of 1st Lord Colebrooke. 5 Portraits

Robert Christopher Packe (died 1815), Soldier killed at the Battle of Waterloo. 3 Portraits

Major Packenham, Coldstream Guards Officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Annesley Packer (1894-1962), Admiral. 5 Portraits

John Hayman Packer (1730-1806), Actor. 1 Portrait

Christopher Gary ('Chris') Packham (1961-), Naturalist, author and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Meriel Colleen Packman (née Burke) (1937-), Wife of Theodore Packman; daughter of Sir Aubrey Francis Burke. 5 Portraits

Katharine Antoinetta Padday (née Ebden) (1851-1945), Wife of Alfred Cecil Padday; daughter of Alfred Johnson Ebden. 1 Portrait

Mrs Paddon (active circa 1817). 1 Portrait

Ruth Sophia Padel (1946-), Classical scholar, poet and journalist. 1 Portrait

Ignace Jan Paderewski (1860-1941), Pianist, composer, diplomat and politician. 16 Portraits

Alfred Padgham (1906-1966), Golf Champion. 7 Portraits

Herberto Padilla (1932-2000), Cuban poet. 2 Portraits

Walter Ernest Padley (1916-1984), Politician and Chairman of Labour Party. 3 Portraits

Sri Padmanabha Dasa Bala Rama Varma, Maharaja of Travancore (1912-1991), Ruler of the Indian state of Travancore. 6 Portraits

Liam Padmore (1989-), Technician apprentice; member of London 2012 Olympic Park construction teams. 1 Portrait

Richard Padmore (1789-1881), Iron-founder, banker, Sheriff of Worcester and Liberal politician; MP for Worcester. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Padmore (1909-1996), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Lea Padovani (1920-1991), Actress. 2 Portraits

Francis Herbert Padwick (1856-1945), Agricultural committee member. 1 Portrait

Mary Grace Padwick (née Boultbee) (1862-1948), Wife of Francis Herbert Padwick. 1 Portrait

Linda Pagan, Milliner and founder of The Hat Shop. 1 Portrait

Nicolo Paganini (1782-1840), Italian violinist. 4 Portraits

Sir Alexander Warren ('Alex') Page (1914-1993), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Anthony Frederick Montague Page (1935-), Theatre, film and television director. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Page (1875-1949), Engineer and electricity supply manager. 1 Portrait

Arnold Henry Page (1851-1943), Dean of Peterborough. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Page (1876-1958), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) John Page (1919-2008), Conservative politician; MP for Harrow West. 1 Portrait

Sir Earle Christmas Grafton Page (1880-1961), Prime Minister of Australia. 8 Portraits

Edwin Kenneth Page (1898-1995), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Sir Francis Page (1661-1741), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Handley Page (1885-1962), Aircraft designer and manufacturer. 3 Portraits

Genevieve Page (1931-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Herman Page (1866-1942), Bishop of Michigan. 1 Portrait

James Patrick ('Jimmy') Page (1944-), Guitarist, songwriter and member of 'The Yardbirds' and 'Led Zeppelin'. 8 Portraits

Sir Leo Francis Page (1890-1951), Magistrate. 7 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Max Page (1882-1963), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Rita Page (1905-1954), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Robin Page (1932-2015), Artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Ethelbert Page (1850-1936), Classical scholar and schoolmaster. 2 Portraits

Tim Page (1944-2022), Photographer, journalist and author. 2 Portraits

William Page (active 1890s), Policeman. 1 Portrait

Captain Page (active 1786), Officer in the 7th Regiment of Foot. 1 Portrait

Annabel Ruth Pagel (née Tuby), Wife of Astrophysicist Bernard Pagel. 2 Portraits

Bernard Ephraim Julius Pagel (1930-2007), Professor of astrophysics and Fellow of the Royal Society. 1 Portrait

Celia A. Pagel (1959-), Daughter of Bernard Pagel and Annabel Pagel (née Tuby). 1 Portrait

William Page-Roberts (1836-1928), Dean of Salisbury. 1 Portrait

William Paget, 1st Baron Paget (1505-1563), Secretary of State and Lord Privy Seal. 4 Portraits

Catherine Paget (née Knyvelt), Lady Paget (1547-1622), First wife of 2nd Lord Paget. 1 Portrait

Lord Alexander Victor Paget (1839-1896), Naval officer and Deputy Lieutenant of Staffordshire; son of 2nd Marquess of Anglesey. 4 Portraits

Lord Alfred Henry Paget (1816-1888), Politician and Royal official. 8 Portraits

Lord Clarence Edward Paget (1811-1895), Naval officer and politician. 2 Portraits

Lord George Augustus Frederick Paget (1818-1880), General. 3 Portraits

Lady Muriel Evelyn Vernon Paget (née Finch-Hatton) (1876-1938), Philanthropist and humanitarian aid worker; daughter of 12th Earl of Winchilsea. 7 Portraits

Lord Victor William Paget (1889-1952), Brother of 6th Marquess of Anglesey. 5 Portraits

Anne Paget, Daughter of of Major John Byng Paget and cousin of the Paget twins. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Paget (1771-1840), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Henry Fitzroy Paget (1851-1928), General. 12 Portraits

Sir Augustus Berkeley Paget (1823-1896), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir Bernard Paget (1887-1961), General. 1 Portrait

Bridget (née Colebrooke), Lady Victor Paget (1892-1975), Second wife of Lord Victor William Paget; daughter of 1st Baron Colebrooke. 6 Portraits

Caroline Isabel (née Surtees), Lady Paget (1848-1946), Wife of Sir Richard Horner Paget, 1st Bt; daughter of Henry Edward Surtees. 1 Portrait

Clarissa Paget (née Hammond-Maude), Daughter of Michael Hammond-Maude; wife of David Carleton Paget. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Wyndham Paget (1905-1960), Racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Paget (1775-1849), General. 3 Portraits

Edward Francis Paget (1886-1971), Bishop of Mashonaland and Bishop of Southern Rhodesia. 4 Portraits

Hon. Enid Louise Paget (1923-), Daughter of 1st Baron Queenborough; wife of Comte Rolland de la Paupe. 4 Portraits

Frances Paget (née Garth) (circa 1834-1912), Wife of Patrick Lewis Cole Paget; daughter of Richard Garth. 2 Portraits

Francis Paget (1851-1911), Bishop of Oxford. 3 Portraits

Frederick Paget (1807-1866), Soldier and politician; MP for Beaumaris. 1 Portrait

Sir George Edward Paget (1809-1892), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir George Ernest Paget, 1st Bt (1841-1923), Railway chairman, volunteer lieutenant-colonel and racehorse owner. 3 Portraits

Henry Luke Paget (1853-1937), Bishop of Stepney and of Chester. 2 Portraits

Sir James Paget, 1st Bt (1814-1899), Surgeon. 7 Portraits

John Moore Paget (1791-1866), Landowner and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

(John) Otho Paget (1860-1934), Huntsman and author. 3 Portraits

Sir John Starr Paget, 3rd Bt (1914-1992), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Mrs John Paget (active 1859), Wife of John Paget. 1 Portrait

Leopold Grimston Paget (circa 1825-1892), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Mary ('Minnie', née Stevens), Lady Paget (1853-1919), Heiress and society hostess; wife of Sir Arthur Paget; eldest daughter of Paran and Marietta Stevens of New York. 4 Portraits

Patrick Lewis Cole Paget (1820-1879), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Ralph Spencer Paget (1864-1940), Ambassador. 5 Portraits

Sir Richard Arthur Surtees Paget, 2nd Bt (1869-1955), Barrister and physicist. 1 Portrait

Dame (Mary) Rosalind Paget (1855-1948), Social reformer, nurse and midwife. 2 Portraits

R.H. Paget, Politician. 1 Portrait

Sophia Mary Paget (née Tebbutt) (1810-1896), Wife of George Byng Paget; daughter of William Tebbutt. 1 Portrait

Stephen Paget (1855-1926), Biographer and essayist. 1 Portrait

Lady Paget. 1 Portrait

Master Paget (active 1860). 3 Portraits

Sir Gregory Page-Turner (né Turner), 3rd Bt (1748-1805), Politician; MP for Thirsk. 1 Portrait

Franciscus Pagius (died 1602), Jesuit Missionary. 3 Portraits

Joseph Paice (active late 18th century). 1 Portrait

W. Paige (active 1873), Hosier; member of the jury in the Tichborne Criminal Trial. 3 Portraits

Arthur Wellesley Pain (1841-1920), Bishop of Gippsland, Australia. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Pain (1913-2003), Judge. 1 Portrait

Saidie (née Merton), Lady Pain (died 1947), Wife of Sir (George) William Pain; daughter of Sidney Merton. 4 Portraits

William Pain, Architect and partner in Charles Lee, Sons and Pain. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Paine (née Beaumont) (active 1748-died 1766), Wife of James Paine. 1 Portrait

Sir Godfrey Marshall Paine (1871-1932), Rear-Admiral; Air Vice Marshal; Inspector-General of the RAF. 8 Portraits

James Paine the Elder (1717?-1789), Architect. 3 Portraits

James Paine the Younger (1745-1829), Architect. 6 Portraits

James Thomas Paine (1774-1783), Son of James Paine the Younger. 1 Portrait

Robert Treat Paine (1731-1814), Lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Thomas Paine (1737-1809), Author of 'The Rights of Man'. 12 Portraits

Arnaud Clarke Painter (1863-1945), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

George Duncan Painter (1914-2005), Biographer and incunabulist. 3 Portraits

Sir George Paish (1867-1957), Financial journalist and economist. 4 Portraits

Giovanni Paisiello (1741-1816), Italian composer. 1 Portrait

Claud Hamilton, Baron Paisley (1543?-1622), Partisan of Mary Queen of Scots. 2 Portraits

Lady Catherine Rose Pakenham (1946-1969), Journalist; daughter of 7th Earl of Longford. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Michael Pakenham (1778-1815), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Catherine Ruth ('Kate') Pakenham (1975-), Theatre producer; daughter of Hon. Kevin Pakenham and Ruth Pakenham. 1 Portrait

Hon. Kevin John Toussaint Pakenham (1947-2020), Economist, author and campaigner for prison reform; son of 7th Earl of Longford. 11 Portraits

Hon. Michael Aidan Pakenham (1943-), Third son of 7th Earl of Longford. 3 Portraits

Patrick Maurice Pakenham (1937-2005), Barrister; son of 7th Earl of Longford. 4 Portraits

Ruth Lesley Pakenham (née Jackson), Wife of Hon. Kevin Pakenham; daughter of Leslie Douglas Colbeck Jackson. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Pakenham (1757-1836), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir William Pakenham (1861-1933), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Herbert Pakenham-Walsh (1871-1959), Bishop of Assam. 1 Portrait

Ridley Pakenham Pakenham-Walsh (1888-1966), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Dorothy (née Coventry), Lady Pakington (1623-1679), Writer, reputed author of 'The Whole Duty of Man'. 3 Portraits

Sir John Pakington (1549-1625), Courtier. 1 Portrait

Lionel Charles Hamilton Palairet (1870-1933), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Michael Palairet (1882-1956), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Gina Palerme (1885-1977), Actress and dancer. 24 Portraits

Sir Alexander George Victor Paley (1903-1976), Major-General. 1 Portrait

George A. Paley (active circa 1869). 1 Portrait

Maureen Paley (1953-), Gallery owner and artist. 4 Portraits

Princess Natasha (Natalia) Paley (1905-1981), Society beauty and fashion model; wife of Jack Wilson. 8 Portraits

Raymond South Paley (circa 1838-1913), Army officer. 6 Portraits

William Paley (1743-1805), Theological writer. 4 Portraits

D'Erdöd, Count Edouard Pálffy (1801-1876), Son of Count Aloys. 1 Portrait

May Lever Palfrey (Mrs Weedon Grossmith) (1867 or 1873-1929), Actress; wife of (Walter) Weedon ('Wee-Gee') Grossmith. 4 Portraits

Sarah Hammond Palfrey (Mrs Fabyan, later Cooke and Danzig) (1912-1996), Tennis player. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Turner), Lady Palgrave (1799-1852), Wife of Sir Francis Palgrave. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis Palgrave (1788-1861), Historian; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Francis Turner Palgrave (1824-1897), Poet and critic; son of Sir Francis Palgrave. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Francis Douce Palgrave (1829-1904), Clerk of the House of Commons. 4 Portraits

William Gifford Palgrave (1826-1888), Jesuit, traveller and diplomat; son of Sir Francis Palgrave. 10 Portraits

Michael Edward Palin (1943-), Comedian, actor and writer. 5 Portraits

Philip Charles Palin (1864-1937), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Gerald Richard Paling (1895-1966), Director of Public Prosecutions. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Paling (1883-1971), Labour politician; MP for Doncaster, Wenworth and Dearne Valley. 18 Portraits

William Thomas Paling (1892-1992), Politician; MP for Dewsbury. 1 Portrait

Florence Annette Georgina Palk (1871-1958), Eldest daughter of 2nd Baron Haldon. 5 Portraits

Mary Evelyn Palk (1875-1966), Second daughter of 2nd Baron Haldon. 5 Portraits

Eusapia Palladino (1854-1918), Medium. 3 Portraits

Pallbearers, Eight officers who carried the coffin of the 1st Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Anita Pallenberg (1944-2017), Model, actress and fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Max Pallenberg (1877-1934), Singer, actor and comedian. 1 Portrait

Ruth Pallesin-Mustikay (active 2011), Freelance Production Assistant. 2 Portraits

Claire Dorothea Taylor Palley (1931-), Jurist. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Francis Eric Palliser (1890-1956), Admiral, Fourth Sea Lord and Commander-in-Chief, East Indies Station. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Michael Palliser (1922-2012), Permanent Under-Secretary, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 2 Portraits

Gary Andrew Pallister (1965-), Footballer and football commentator. 1 Portrait

Steven Pallos (1902-active 1971), Film producer. 1 Portrait

Sara Palma (active 1888-1892), Singer. 1 Portrait

Maria do Carmo Pinheiro de Mello, Duchess of Palmella, Wife of 5th Duke of Palmella; daughter of Count de Arnoso. 6 Portraits

Samuel Ernest Palmer, 1st Baron Palmer (1858-1948), Businessman, High Sheriff for London and patron of music. 2 Portraits

Ernest Cecil Nottage Palmer, 2nd Baron Palmer (1882-1950), Chartered accountant and Deputy Chairman at Huntley and Palmers Ltd. 4 Portraits

Victoria Ellen (née Stevens), Lady Palmer (died 2002), Wife of 3rd Baron Palmer; daughter of Joseph Arthur Ronald Stevens. 1 Portrait

Lady Augusta Amelia Shirley Palmer (née Sewallis) (1849-1933), Wife of Sir Archdale Robert Palmer, 4th Bt; daughter of 9th Earl Ferrers. 3 Portraits

Lady Dorothy Madeline Palmer (née Douglas) (1894-active 1924), Wife of Captain Esmond Brasnell Palmer; daughter of 10th Marquess of Queensberry. 3 Portraits

Lady Henrietta Mary Lilias Palmer (née Bathurst) (1962-), Wife of Neil Palmer; daughter of 8th Earl Bathurst. 8 Portraits

Hon. Amanda Victoria Palmer (1949-1954), Daughter of 3rd Baron Palmer. 2 Portraits

Anna Maria Palmer. 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony Frederick Mark Palmer, 4th Bt (1914-1941), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Archdale Robert Palmer, 4th Bt (1838-1905), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Montague Frank Palmer (1912-1994), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 14 Portraits

Miss A. Palmer (active 1862). 1 Portrait

A. Palmer (active 1900s), Inspector, House of Lords Police. 1 Portrait

Barbara Palmer (born 1911), Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles Fyshe Palmer (circa 1771-1843), Politician; MP for Reading. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Mark Palmer, 1st Bt (1822-1907), Shipbuilder, politician and whaler captain. 3 Portraits

Clement Charlton Palmer (1871-1944), Organist and composer. 1 Portrait

Diana Millicent Palmer (née Somerset) (1921-1985), Wife of Geoffrey Inderwick Palmer; daughter of Cecil Somerset. 2 Portraits

Hon. Dorothy Cicely Sybil Palmer (née Loder) (1896-1986), Wife of William Jocelyn Lewis Palmer; daughter of 1st Baron Wakehurst. 2 Portraits

Edward Howley Palmer (1811-active 1879), Governor of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Edward Ronald Douglas Palmer (1916-2004), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward Roundell Palmer (1926-1974), Son of 3rd Earl Selborne. 2 Portraits

Edward Timothy Palmer (1878-1931), Politician; MP for Greenwich. 1 Portrait

Edwin Palmer (1824-1895), Archdeacon, classicist and professor. 2 Portraits

Edwin James Palmer (1869-1954), Bishop of Bombay. 6 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Eric Palmer (1883-1948), Chairman of the Association of Biscuit Manufacturers, army officer, Justice of the Peace and High Sheriff of Berkshire. 3 Portraits

Father Palmer, Jesuit. 3 Portraits

Francis Noel Palmer (1887-1961), Politician; MP for Tottenham. 8 Portraits

Sir Frederick Palmer (1862-1934), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Palmer, 1st Bt (1598-1670), Attorney-General. 4 Portraits

Geoffrey Palmer (1927-2020), Actor. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Woodroffe Palmer (1891-1952), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir George Joseph Palmer, 3rd Bt (1811-1866), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Gerald Michael Palmer (1909-1991), Brigadier. 6 Portraits

Godfrey Vaughan Palmer (1900-1972), Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Herbert Palmer (1601-1647), Church of England clergyman and college head. 1 Portrait

Horatia Mary Felicia Palmer (née Lamb) (1933-), Daughter of Henry Lamb; wife of William Palmer. 2 Portraits

Iris Irma Palmer (née Leveson-Gower) (1899-1944), Wife of William Henry Buchanan Mirrlees; later wife of Richard Lodge Palmer; daughter of Sir George Granville Leveson-Gower. 1 Portrait

James Palmer (baptised 1581-1660), Church of England clergyman and benefactor. 1 Portrait

James Lynwood Palmer (1865-1941), Painter. 18 Portraits

Jane Palmer (née Bowles) (died 1812), Wife of Richard Palmer. 3 Portraits

Jemima (née Harpur), Lady Palmer (died 1763), Wife of Sir Thomas Palmer, Bt. 1 Portrait

John Palmer (1742 or 1743 or 1744-1798), Actor. 8 Portraits

John Palmer (1742-1818), Theatre proprietor and postal reformer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Henry Palmer, 7th Bt (1775-1865), Landowner. 1 Portrait

John Hinde Palmer (1808-1884), Author, barrister and Liberal politician; MP for Lincoln. 3 Portraits

Lilli Palmer (Lilli Marie Peiser) (1914-1986), Actress. 4 Portraits

Margaret Abel (née Smith), Lady Palmer, Wife of Sir (Herbert) Richmond Palmer; daughter of Reginald Abel Smith. 3 Portraits

Keith Palmer ('Maxim Reality') (1967-), Musician; member of Prodigy. 1 Portrait

Minnie Palmer (1860-1936), Actress and singer. 7 Portraits

Peter Garwood Palmer (1914-1979), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Philip Francis Palmer (1903-1992), Major-General. 8 Portraits

Sir (Herbert) Richmond Palmer (1877-1958), Colonial governor. 3 Portraits

Robert Palmer (1757-1805?), Actor. 4 Portraits

Robert Palmer (1793-1872), Conservative politician; MP for Berkshire. 1 Portrait

Hon. Robert Jocelyn Palmer (1919-1991), Major; son of 3rd Earl of Selborne. 5 Portraits

Sir Roger William Henry Palmer, 5th Bt (1832-1910), Lieutenant-General, landowner and politician; MP for County Mayo. 2 Portraits

Samuel Palmer (1741-1813), Independent minister. 1 Portrait

Samuel Palmer (1805-1881), Landscape painter and etcher. 5 Portraits

Hon. Sarah Faith Georgina Palmer (née Spencer) (1931-2015), Daughter of Viscountess Churchill of Wychwood. 2 Portraits

Sutton Palmer (1854-1933), Artist and landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Palmer, 1st Bt (1858-1910), Politician, university administrator and businessman. 2 Portraits

Sir William Palmer (1883-1964), Second Secretary, Ministry of Supply, Second Secretary, Ministry of Production and Principal Industrial Adviser to Board of Trade. 7 Portraits

William Palmer (1782-1824), Butler of Oriel College. 1 Portrait

William Jackson Palmer (1836-1909), Civil engineer, soldier, industrialist and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Miss Palmer (active 1860s), of Holme Park, Reading. 1 Portrait

Lady Palmer (active circa 1898). 4 Portraits

Miss Palmer (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Richard Palmer-James (1947-), Musician; guitarist for Supertramp. 4 Portraits

Emily Mary ('Amelia') (née Lamb), Viscountess Palmerston (1787-1869), Political hostess; wife of 3rd Viscount Palmerston. 9 Portraits

Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865), Prime Minister. 146 Portraits

Baron Erik Kule Palmstierna (1877-1959), Lieutenant-commander and politician. 6 Portraits

Baroness Ebba Margaretha Palmstierna (née Carlheim-Gyllensköld) (1877-1966), Wife of Baron Erik Kule Palmstierna; daughter of Alfred Carlheim-Gyllensköld. 3 Portraits

Princess Nicephoru Commenu Paloologu. 1 Portrait

Grace Palotta (circa 1870-1959), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

Gwyneth Paltrow (1972-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Peter Garth Palumbo, Baron Palumbo (1935-), Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain. 8 Portraits

Hayat (née Morowa), Lady Palumbo, Second wife of Baron Palumbo; daughter of Kamel Morowa. 1 Portrait

Annabella Jane Adams (née Palumbo) (1961-), Daughter of Baron Palumbo. 5 Portraits

Hon. James Rudolph Palumbo (1963-), Son of Baron Palumbo. 5 Portraits

Laura Elizabeth Palumbo (1967-), Daughter of Baron Palumbo. 6 Portraits

William Netana Panapa (1898-1970), Bishop of Aotearoa, New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Robert Silvester Panckridge (1901-1990), Surgeon Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (née Sarup Kumari Nehru) (1900-1990), Indian Ambassador to the United States and President of the United Nations General Assembly. 17 Portraits

Mudhsuden Singh ('Monty') Panesar (1982-), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Friedrich Adolf Paneth (1887-1958), Chemist. 3 Portraits

Kovalam Madhava Panikkar (1895-1963), Indian diplomat and scholar. 2 Portraits

Sir Anthony Panizzi (1797-1879), Principal Librarian of the British Museum. 10 Portraits

Dame Christabel Pankhurst (1880-1958), Suffragette; daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst. 16 Portraits

Emmeline Pankhurst (1858-1928), Suffragette leader. 17 Portraits

Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960), Political activist, writer and artist; daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst. 20 Portraits

William Ramsay Maule, 1st Baron Panmure (1771-1852), Aristocrat. 4 Portraits

(Thomas) Charles Pannell, Baron Pannell (1902-1980), Politician; MP for Leeds. 2 Portraits

A.? Pannell. 1 Portrait

G. Pannell. 1 Portrait

Norman Alfred Pannell (1901-1976), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

(William) Henry ('Harry') Pannell (circa 1844-1919), Chartered accountant and Deputy of the City of London, Councillor of the London County Council. 1 Portrait

Diomede Pantaleoni (1810-1885), Physician and political figure. 1 Portrait

Horace Panter (Stephen Graham Panter) (1953-), Musician; bassist; member of The Specials. 1 Portrait

Joan Panter (later Graham Brown) (active 1930s), Actress; wife of Frederick Graham Brown. 1 Portrait

Mary Patricia ('Mollie') Panter-Downes (1906-1997), Writer. 2 Portraits

Carl Frederick Abel Pantin (1899-1967), Professor of Zoology. 5 Portraits

Phyllis Panting (‘Ann Seymour’) (1901-1984), Journalist and editor of 'Woman & Beauty'; married couturier Digby Morton. 19 Portraits

Charles William Rivers Pantlin (1887-1978), Member of Lloyds. 2 Portraits

Ralph Pantlin. 3 Portraits

Sir Philip Noel Panton (1877-1950), Clinical pathologist and Director of Laboratories at the London Hospital. 4 Portraits

Thomas Panton (1731-1808), Sportsman. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrzej Panufnik (1914-1991), Composer and conductor. 2 Portraits

(Filippo Antonio) Pasquale Paoli (1725-1807), Corsican general and patriot. 8 Portraits

Anna Paolozzi (1957-), Artist; daughter of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. 1 Portrait

Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi (1924-2005), Sculptor and graphic artist. 25 Portraits

Freda Madge Paolozzi (née Elliott) (1925-), Textile designer; former wife of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. 1 Portrait

Aspasia Papathanasiou, Actress. 1 Portrait

Catherine Elizabeth Papillon (circa 1837-1934), Daughter of Thomas Papillon. 1 Portrait

Emily Caroline Papillon (née Garnier) (1839-1917), Wife of Philip Oxendon Papillon; daughter of Thomas Garnier. 2 Portraits

Florence Papillon (1845?-1915), Daughter of Thomas Papillon. 1 Portrait

John Ashton Papillon (1837-1891), Army officer and army photographer. 2 Portraits

Philip Oxendon Papillon (1826-1899), Politician. 1 Portrait

Thomas Papillon (1623-1702), Merchant and politician. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Pelham Papillon (1835-1921), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Louis-Joseph Papineau (1786-1871), Politician in Canada. 1 Portrait

Demetris Pappacalo, Merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir Antonio Pappano (1959-), Conductor and pianist; Music Director, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. 1 Portrait

John Buonarotti Papworth (1775-1847), Architect. 2 Portraits

Paracelsus (1493-1541), Alchemist, physician, astrologer and general occultist. 2 Portraits

Norrie Paramor (1913-1979), Music producer, musician and composer. 2 Portraits

Nicolas Vincent Paravicini (1938-), Captain; son of Vincent Rudolph Paravicini. 1 Portrait

Vincent Rudolph Paravicini (died 1989), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of Charles Rudolf Paravicini; husband of Liza Maugham. 2 Portraits

Frank Lionel Pardoe (1880-1948), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Julia Pardoe (1804-1862), Author. 1 Portrait

Mila Parély (1917-2012), Actress. 1 Portrait

Lady (Victoria) Margaret Parente (née Cavendish-Bentinck) (1918-1955), Daughter of 7th Duke of Portland; wife of Gaetano Parente, Principe di Castel Viscardo. 10 Portraits

Euphrosyne Parepa-Rosa (1836-1874), Wallachian-Scottish singer and actress. 5 Portraits

Sir Bernard Pares (1867-1949), Professor of Russian at University of London 1919-36. 10 Portraits

Muriel Lily Pares (née Webster) (1860-1927), Wife of Edward Henry Pares; daughter of Charles Fox Webster. 1 Portrait

Gabriele Paresce (1900-1982), Diplomat, university professor and army officer. 1 Portrait

William Paret (1826-1911), Bishop of Maryland. 1 Portrait

David Pareus (1548-1622), German Protestant theologian. 1 Portrait

H.R. Parfitt, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Jade Parfitt (1978-), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Rick Parfitt (Richard Harrison) (1948-2016), Singer and musician; guitarist for Status Quo. 1 Portrait

Thomas Richards Parfitt (1911-1984), Bishop of Madagascar. 1 Portrait

Georges Parfrement (1888-1923), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Edith Mary Pargeter ('Ellis Peters') (1913-1995), Writer. 1 Portrait

George Albert Pargiter, Baron Pargiter (1897-1982), Labour politician; MP for Spelthorne and Southall. 4 Portraits

Eleanor Pargiter (née Guise, formerly Washington) (1624-1685), Former wife of Laurence Washington, and later wife of Sir William Pargiter. 2 Portraits

Robert Beverley Pargiter (1889-1984), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Arthur Groom Parham (1883-1961), Bishop of Reading. 4 Portraits

Sir Frederick Robertson Parham (1901-1991), Admiral. 5 Portraits

May Maryon Parham (1904-1988), Operator at studio of Dorothy Wilding. 2 Portraits

Philippa Parham (1947-), Daughter of Arthur Groom Parham. 1 Portrait

Miss Parham, Daughter of Arthur Groom Parham and Margaret Elizabeth Montagu Parham (née Brown). 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Paris (1861-1937), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Talbot Paris (1889-1985), Scientist. 2 Portraits

John Ayrton Paris (1785-1856), Physician. 1 Portrait

Judith Paris (1944-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Louis Philippe Albert of Orléans, Count of Paris (1838-1894), Pretender to the French throne. 6 Portraits

Mary Isabel Paris. 1 Portrait

Matthew Paris (circa 1200-1259), Monk and historian. 2 Portraits

Mica Paris (1969-), Singer and television presenter. 1 Portrait

David Elmer Woodbine Parish (1911-1998), Son of Walter Woodbine Parish. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Mary Catherine ('Dossie') Parish (née Drew) (1890-1983), Granddaughter of William Ewart Gladstone; daughter of Mary Drew (née Gladstone). 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Campbell Parish (née Boot) (1927-2014), Daughter of 2nd Baron Trent; wife of Michael Woodbine Parish. 9 Portraits

John Parish (1742-1829), Banker. 3 Portraits

Michael Woodbine Parish (1916-1994), Major. 3 Portraits

Sir Woodbine Parish (1796-1882), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Madame Parisot (active 1796), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Bertram Park (1883-1972), Photographer. 20 Portraits

Clare Park, Photographer, dancer and model. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Margarita (née Parish), Lady Park (died 1971), Wife of Sir Keith Rodney Park; daughter of Woodbine Parish. 1 Portrait

Sir James Alan Park (1763-1838), Judge. 1 Portrait

Keith Rodney Park (1892-1975), Air Chief Marshal. 6 Portraits

Dame Merle Florence Park (1937-), Ballet dancer. 4 Portraits

Mungo Park (1771-1806), Explorer. 2 Portraits

Nicholas ('Nick') Park (1958-), Producer and director of animated films. 2 Portraits

Stuart Park (active 1860s), Son of Alexander Atherton Park. 1 Portrait

Thomas Heazle Parke (1857-1893), Army medical officer and explorer in Africa. 3 Portraits

Hubert Lister Parker, Baron Parker of Waddington (1900-1972), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sir Alan William Parker (1944-2020), Film director and writer. 3 Portraits

Alfred Ramsay Parker (1866-1951), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Beatrix Parker (née Lister) (1749-1807), Wife of John Parker of Browsholme Hall. 4 Portraits

Catherine (née Goodwin), Lady Parker, Wife of Sir Philip Parker. 5 Portraits

Cecil Parker (Cecil Schawbe) (1897-1971), Actor. 5 Portraits

Christopher William Parker (1853-1929), Banker. 1 Portrait

Cissie Parker (née Morris), Wife of Bertram W. Parker; daughter of John Morris. 1 Portrait

Clement George St Michael Parker (1900-1980), Bishop of Bradford. 1 Portrait

Constance-Anne Parker (1921-2016), Artist and sculptor; librarian, lecturer and archivist at the Royal Academy of Arts. 1 Portrait

Cornelia Ann Parker (1956-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Derek Parker (1932-), Journalist and author. 1 Portrait

Douglas Granger Parker (1919-2000), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Emma Parker, Author. 1 Portrait

Frieda Mary Parker (née Rackham) (1903-1952), Wife of Vivian Steel Parker; daughter of J.J. Rackham. 1 Portrait

F.A. Parker (active 1915). 1 Portrait

George Parker (1651-1743), Almanac maker. 12 Portraits

George Parker (1732-1800), Actor, lecturer and author. 2 Portraits

George Parker (1827-1904), Admiral; sportsman. 1 Portrait

Georgina Jane Parker (née Devitt), Daughter of Sir Thomas Gordon Devitt, 2nd Bt; wife of Hon. Nigel Geoffrey Parker. 6 Portraits

Sir (Horatio) Gilbert George Parker, 1st Bt (1860-1932), Novelist and Conservative politician; MP for Gravesend. 17 Portraits

Sir Harold Parker (1895-1980), Senior civil servant. 13 Portraits

Harry Parker (active 1882-1913), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Parker (1846-1927), Chief Justice of West Australia. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Parker (1860-1952), Assistant Librarian, House of Lords and Justice of the Peace for Oxfordshire. 1 Portrait

Henry Perlee Parker (1795-1873), Painter. 1 Portrait

Henry Wise Parker (1875-1940), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Hyde Parker, 5th Bt (1714-1782), Admiral. 4 Portraits

James Parker (1750-1805), Photographer. 4 Portraits

James Parker (1863-1948), Labour Politician; MP for Halifax and Cannock Division of Staffordshire. 1 Portrait

Jamie Parker (1979-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Jill Parker, Daughter of Sir (Wilfred) John Parker. 2 Portraits

John Lankester Parker (1896-1965), Aviator. 1 Portrait

John Parker (Herbert John Harvey Parker) (1906-1987), Politician and President of the Fabian Society. 24 Portraits

Sir (Wilfred) John Parker (1915-2005), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Johnny Parker (1929-2010), Jazz pianist. 2 Portraits

John Oxley Parker (1744-1826), Deputy Registrar to the archeaconries of Essex, Middlesex and Colchester. 2 Portraits

John William Parker (1792-1870), Publisher and printer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Parker (1830-1902), Congregational minister. 12 Portraits

J. Parker, King's Marshalman. 1 Portrait

Louis Napoleon Parker (1852-1944), Musician, playwright and inventor. 7 Portraits

Marjorie Stuart (née Jones), Lady Parker (died 1999), Wife of Sir (Wilfred) John Parker. 2 Portraits

Matthew Parker (1504-1575), Archbishop of Canterbury. 34 Portraits

Nigel Geoffrey Parker (1931-), Brother of 6th Earl of Morley. 7 Portraits

Owen Parker (1860-1936), Shoe manufacturer and politician; MP. 2 Portraits

Oxley Durant Parker (1854-1932), Landowner and company director. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Parker, 1st Bt (1721-1811), Admiral of the Fleet. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Parker (1924-2002), Chairman of British Rail. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Parker (circa 1578-1604). 3 Portraits

Hon. Reginald Parker (1854-1942), Son of 6th Earl of Macclesfield and director of companies. 1 Portrait

Rena Parker (1895-1983), Actress. 7 Portraits

Richard Parker (active 1768-after 1776), Artist. 1 Portrait

Richard Eric Parker (1925-1982), Registrar and Secretary for Public Affairs, Royal Society of Chemistry. 7 Portraits

Roger Henry Parker (1889-1973), Director of Barclays Bank. 1 Portrait

Samuel Parker (1681-1730), Nonjuror and theological writer. 1 Portrait

Sophia Mary (née Barnardiston), Lady Parker (died 1903), Wife of Sir William Parker, 9th Bt; daughter of Nathaniel Clarke Barnardiston. 1 Portrait

Suzy Parker (1932-2003), Fashion model and actress. 1 Portrait

Theresa Parker (1745-1775), Second wife of John Parker, later 1st Lord Boringdon. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Parker (circa 1695-1784), Judge. 1 Portrait

Thomas Parker (active circa 1900), Chairman, Agricultural Workers' Union. 1 Portrait

Thomas Leo Parker (1883-1975), Bishop of Northampton. 5 Portraits

Wilfrid Parker (1883-1966), Bishop of Pretoria, South Africa. 14 Portraits

Sir William Parker, 9th Bt (1826-1891), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Parker (1743-1802), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Parker (active 1853). 1 Portrait

Hon. Master Parker (active 1860), Son of 6th Earl of Macclesfield. 1 Portrait

Hon. Master Parker (active 1860), Son of 6th Earl of Macclesfield. 1 Portrait

Andrew Parker Bowles (1939-), Brigadier-General. 6 Portraits

Dame Ann Parker Bowles (née de Trafford) (1918-1987), Daughter of Sir Humphrey de Trafford, 4th Bt. 2 Portraits

Richard Parker Bowles (1947-2010), Bloodstock agent. 2 Portraits

Simon Parker Bowles (1941-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan Sterling Parkes (1900-1990), Reproductive biologist. 2 Portraits

Charles Henry Parkes (1816-1895), Railway chairman. 1 Portrait

Dorothy G. Parkes (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edmund Alexander Parkes (1819-1876), Physician and hygienist. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Ebenezer Parkes (1848-1919), Politician, magistrate and ironmaster. 6 Portraits

Sir Harry Smith Parkes (1828-1885), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Parkes (1815-1896), Statesman. 1 Portrait

James William Parkes (1896-1981), Historian and theologian. 6 Portraits

Sir Roderick Wallis Parkes (1909-1972), Ambassador to Jordan. 4 Portraits

Samuel Parkes (1761-1825), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Mr Parkes or Parker. 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert) Archdale Parkhill (1879-1947), Politician; Minister for Defence and Postmaster-General. 1 Portrait

Sir George Robert Parkin (1846-1922), Educationist and imperialist. 2 Portraits

Molly Parkin (1932-), Journalist and writer. 3 Portraits

Sara Lamb Parkin (1946-), Programme Director of Forum for the Future. 1 Portrait

Gershom Parkington (1886-1952), Cellist. 1 Portrait

Cecil Edward Parkinson, Baron Parkinson (1931-2016), Conservative politician; Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. 5 Portraits

Ann Mary (née Jarvis), Lady Parkinson (1935-), Wife of Baron Parkinson; daughter of F. A. Jarvis. 2 Portraits

Charles Frederick Parkinson (circa 1806-1881), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur Charles) Cosmo Parkinson (1884-1967), Civil servant. 10 Portraits

Cyril Northcote Parkinson (1909-1993), Writer, historian and economist. 3 Portraits

Hon. Dorothy Mary Parkinson (née Lane-Fox) (1909-1980), Wife of Bertram Parkinson; daughter of 1st Baron Bingley. 5 Portraits

Edward Parkinson (died 1858), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Emma Parkinson (1961-), Daughter of Cecil Edward Parkinson, Baron Parkinson. 1 Portrait

Frank Parkinson (1887-1946), Chairman of Crompton Parkinson Ltd. 2 Portraits

Sir Harold Parkinson (1894-1974), Vice-President of Building Association. 3 Portraits

Joanna Parkinson (1963-), Daughter of Cecil Edward Parkinson, Baron Parkinson. 1 Portrait

John Parkinson (1567-1650), Herbalist and apothecary. 7 Portraits

John Allen Parkinson (1870-1941), Politician. 1 Portrait

Joseph Charles Parkinson (1833-1908), Journalist, civil servant and social reformer. 5 Portraits

Mary Parkinson (1959-), Daughter of Cecil Edward Parkinson, Baron Parkinson. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Parkinson (1935-2023), Journalist and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Norman Parkinson (1913-1990), Photographer. 14 Portraits

Simon Parkinson (1946-2017), Son of Wenda Parkinson (née Rogerson). 2 Portraits

Sydney Parkinson (1711-1771), Draughtsman. 1 Portrait

Wenda Parkinson (née Rogerson) (1923-1987), Fashion model; author; wife of Norman Parkinson. 14 Portraits

Wilfrid Parkinson (active 1926), Headmaster, City of London School. 1 Portrait

Sydney Muller Parkman (1895-1995), Humorous writer. 8 Portraits

Adele Parks (1969-), Author. 1 Portrait

Arlo Parks (Anaïs Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho) (2000-), Singer-songwriter. 1 Portrait

William Arthur Parks (1868-1936), Geologist. 1 Portrait

Edmund Waldegrave Park-Yates (né Park) ('Captain Park-Yates') (1836-1896), Master of Fox Hounds at the North Cheshire Hunt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Emma Louisa Parkyns (née Bethell) (1835-1877), Wife of Mansfield Parkyns; daughter of 1st Baron Westbury. 1 Portrait

Mansfield Parkyns (1823-1894), Traveller in Africa. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Parkyns, 2nd Bt (1664-1741), Country gentleman and author of a work on wrestling. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Mansfield Forbes Parkyns, 7th Bt (1853-1926). 1 Portrait

Sir William Parkyns (baptised 1649-1696), Lawyer and Jacobite conspirator. 1 Portrait

George Parlby (circa 1856-1944), Stained glass artist. 1 Portrait

Margaret, Duchess of Parma (1522-1586), Governor of the Netherlands and illegitimate daughter of Charles V. 3 Portraits

Philip Parmar (1909-1970), Bishop of Bhagalpur, India. 1 Portrait

Douglas Parmee (1914-2008), Lecturer in French, Cambridge and Life Fellow of Queens' College. 1 Portrait

Charles Alfred Cripps, 1st Baron Parmoor (1852-1941), Politician; Lord President of the Council. 14 Portraits

Frederick Heyworth Cripps, 3rd Baron Parmoor (1885-1977), Colonel. 5 Portraits

Violet Mary Cripps (née Nelson), Lady Parmoor (1891-1983), Former wife of George Rowley and 2nd Duke of Westminster, and later wife of 3rd Baron Parmoor. 1 Portrait

Walter Rudolph Parnall (died 1954), Engineer Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Catherine Parnell (née St Aubyn) (1803-1899), Wife of Hon. George Damer Parnell; daughter of Sir John St Aubyn, 5th Bt. 1 Portrait

Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1891), Politican; land reform agitator and the founder and leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party. 15 Portraits

Dolly Parnell (Princess Nazir Ali Khan), Actress; wife of Prince Nazir Ali Khan. 11 Portraits

John Russell ('Jack') Parnell (1923-2010), Bandleader and musician. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Anne Parnell (née Dunn) (died 1920), Wife of Colonel Arthur Parnell. 3 Portraits

Thomas Parnell (1679-1718), Poet. 2 Portraits

Valentine Charles ('Val') Parnell (1892-1972), Theatre manager, impresario and television executive. 1 Portrait

Larry Parnes (né Laurence Maurice Palmer) (1930-1989), Musician. 3 Portraits

Mrs Parnther (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

Teresa Parodi (born 1827), Dramatic singer. 1 Portrait

Ethel Clara (née Haszard), Lady Parr (1875-1933), First wife of Sir (Christopher) James Parr. 6 Portraits

Glad-ys Parr (1892-1988), Mezzo-soprano. 1 Portrait

Sir (Christopher) James Parr (1869-1941), Barrister and High Commissioner in London for Dominion of New Zealand. 4 Portraits

Lilian ('Lily') Parr (1905-1978), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Martin Parr (1952-), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Olive Katherine Parr (1874-1955), 'Beatrice Chase'; novelist and bookseller. 1 Portrait

Samuel Parr (1747-1825), Pedagogue and Whig pamphleteer. 18 Portraits

Thomas Parr (1483?-1635), Centenarian. 35 Portraits

Thomas Henning Parr (1864-1937), Chancellor of the Diocese of Portsmouth. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter Parratt (1841-1924), Composer and organist. 5 Portraits

Parrawankaw. 1 Portrait

Matthew Francis Parris (1949-), Journalist, broadcaster and Conservative politician; MP for South Derbyshire. 2 Portraits

Nikita Josephine Parris (1994-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

C. Parronson? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Hon. Deirdre Barbara Elland Parrot (née Lumley-Savile), Wife of Colonel Kent Kane Parrot. 4 Portraits

Harriet Parrot. 2 Portraits

Sir Cecil Cuthbert Parrott (1909-1984), Diplomat and Professor in Central and South-Eastern European Studies. 1 Portrait

Allen James Maule Parry (1916-1992), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Anna Josephine Parry (née Banbury) (1950-), Daughter of 2nd Baron Banbury. 5 Portraits

Anne Parry (née Combe) (1811-1883), Daughter of Henry Combe; wife of John Orlando Parry. 1 Portrait

Cecil Ramsden Langworthy Parry (1901-1977), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir David Hughes Parry (1893-1973), Professor of English Law. 1 Portrait

Donald A. Parry (died 2006), Head of the Zoology Department, Cambridge University. 1 Portrait

Edward Parry (circa 1599-1650), Church of Ireland bishop of Killaloe and author. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Abbott Parry (1863-1943), Judge and author. 1 Portrait

Edward Archibald Parry (1861-1943), Archbishop of the West Indies. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Maud (née Herbert), Lady Parry (1851-1933), Wife of Sir (Charles) Hubert (Hastings) Parry, 1st Bt; daughter of 1st Baron Herbert of Lea. 3 Portraits

Eric Parry (1952-), Architect. 1 Portrait

Gordon Parry, Sound engineer. 1 Portrait

Herbert Lyell Parry (1875-1963), Engineer Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Hubert Hastings Parry, 1st Bt (1848-1918), Composer and historian of music. 11 Portraits

John Parry (1776-1851), Composer. 1 Portrait

John Evans Parry (circa 1792-1869), Quartermaster, 7th Hussars. 1 Portrait

Sir John Franklin Parry (1863-1926), Admiral. 6 Portraits

John Humffreys Parry (1816-1880), Serjeant-at-Law. 2 Portraits

John Orlando Parry (1810-1879), Actor, entertainer and singer. 6 Portraits

Natasha Parry (1930-2015), Actress. 2 Portraits

Oswald Hutton Parry (1868-1936), Bishop of Guyana. 1 Portrait

Reginald St Pierre Parry (1879-1939), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Parry (1904-1985), Scholar of Welsh and academic administrator. 6 Portraits

Thomas Parry (1795-1870), Bishop of Barbados. 2 Portraits

William Parry (1743-1791), Portrait painter. 2 Portraits

Sir William Edward Parry (1790-1855), Rear-Admiral. 8 Portraits

William Edward Parry (1893-1972), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Joseph David Samuel Parry-Evans (1876-1936), Chaplain Commandant, Royal Army Chaplains Department. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Herbert Parry-Williams (1887-1975), Welsh scholar, poet and essayist. 1 Portrait

Leopold Alexander Pars (1896-1985), Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge and lecturer in Mathematics. 2 Portraits

Thomas Alford Boyd Parselle (1911-1979), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Madam Parson. 2 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) Alan Lethbridge Parsons (1882-1964), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Alfred William Parsons (1847-1920), Landscape painter, illustrator and garden designer. 5 Portraits

Sir Arthur Edward Broadbent Parsons (1884-1966), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Cecil Parsons (born 1879), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Algernon Parsons (1854-1931), Engineer and scientist. 8 Portraits

Claudia Parsons (1900-1998), First woman to circumnavigate the world by car. 1 Portrait

Dorina Mary Eileen Parsons (née Neave) (1911-1994), Wife of Frederick Gillespie Austin Parsons; daughter of Sir Thomas Lewis Hughes Neave, 5th Bt. 4 Portraits

Edward Parsons (1762-1833), Congregational minister at Leeds. 2 Portraits

Geoffry Lawrence Parsons (1874-1956), Chairman of Parsons Marine Steam Turbine Co Ltd. 2 Portraits

Sir Harold Daniel Edmund Parsons (1863-1925), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Humphrey Parsons (circa 1676-1741), Brewer, politician and Lord Mayor of London. 3 Portraits

James Parsons (1705-1770), Physician and antiquary. 1 Portrait

James Parsons (1799-1877), Congregational minister. 1 Portrait

Hon. Jane Parsons (née Duncombe) (1824-1901), Daughter of 2nd Baron Feversham; wife of Hon. Laurence Parsons. 1 Portrait

John Parsons (1761-1819), Bishop of Peterborough and college head. 8 Portraits

Sir John Herbert Parsons (1868-1957), Ophthalmologist and physiologist. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Parsons (1970-), Artist. 1 Portrait

J. Parsons (active 1873), Lodging-keeper; member of the jury in the Tichborne Criminal Trial. 3 Portraits

Hon. Laurence Parsons (1805-1894), Third son of 2nd Earl of Rosse. 1 Portrait

Sir Lawrence Worthington Parsons (1850-1923), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Leonard Gregory Parsons (1879-1950), Paediatrician. 3 Portraits

Sir Maurice Henry Parsons (1910-1978), Financier. 3 Portraits

Nicholas Parsons (1923-2020), Actor, presenter and solo performer. 2 Portraits

Nigel Parsons (1911-1930). 2 Portraits

Pete Parsons (active 1950s), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Rachel Mary Parsons (1885-1956), Member of the Institution of Naval Architects; daughter of Sir Charles Algernon Parsons. 1 Portrait

Richard Godfrey Parsons (1882-1948), Bishop of Hereford and scholar. 14 Portraits

Robert Parsons (1546-1610), Jesuit Missionary. 9 Portraits

Rodney Hewitt Parsons (1916-2009). 2 Portraits

Tony Parsons (1953-), Writer. 2 Portraits

Sir William Parsons, 1st Bt (1570?-1650), Lord Justice of Ireland. 1 Portrait

William Parsons (1658-1705), Army officer and publisher. 5 Portraits

William Parsons (1717-1750), Hanged for highway robbery; son of Sir John Parsons, Bt. 2 Portraits

William Parsons (1736-1795), Actor. 20 Portraits

Sir William Parsons (1746?-1817), Professor of Music, Oxford. 1 Portrait

(Basil) Gerald Parsons-Smith (1911-1995), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Antony Alexander Part (1916-1990), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Father Parthanio (active 1792), Greek priest. 1 Portrait

Janak Parti (1932-). 1 Portrait

Manisha Parti (1986-), Make-up artist. 1 Portrait

Miles Partington (1751-1838), Apothecary and pioneer of electricity. 2 Portraits

Thomas Partington (1759-1841), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Partington (1888-1955), Author and journalist. 6 Portraits

Geoffrey Paul Parton (1947-), Director of Marlborough Fine Art, London. 1 Portrait

Ada (née Palmer), Lady Partridge, Wife of Sir Cecil Partridge; daughter of William Palmer. 6 Portraits

Alexander ('Alex') Partridge (1981-), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Alice Edith Partridge (née Mackenzie) (1850-1934), Daughter of Edward Mackenzie; wife of Walter Crocker St Ives Partridge. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Bernard Partridge (1861-1945), Cartoonist and illustrator. 20 Portraits

Brenda Partridge (née Hutchison), Wife of Edward Hincks Partridge; daughter of John de Mestre Hutchison. 3 Portraits

Hon. Caroline Elizabeth Maud Partridge (née Cust) (1928-2015), Mayoress of Grantham; wife of John Arthur Partridge; daughter of 6th Baron Brownlow. 1 Portrait

Clementina Sarah Partridge (née Campbell) (died 1880), Wife of John Partridge. 1 Portrait

Edward Hincks Partridge (1901-1962), Headmaster. 2 Portraits

Eric Honeywood Partridge (1894-1979), Lexicographer and etymologist. 2 Portraits

Ernest Partridge (1895-1974), Politician. 1 Portrait

Frances Catherine Partridge (née Marshall) (1900-2004), Author and literary journalist. 9 Portraits

Frank Partridge (1877-1941), Bishop of Portsmouth. 2 Portraits

John Partridge (1644-1715), Astrologer and almanac writer. 1 Portrait

John Partridge (1789-1872), Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

Sir (Ernest) John Partridge (1908-1982), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Dame Linda Partridge (1950-), Biologist; Weldon Professor of Biometry and Director of the Institute of Healthy Ageing, University College London. 2 Portraits

Llewelyn Partridge (born 1878), Army officer. 1 Portrait

(Stanley) Miles Partridge (1913-1992), Professor of Biochemistry, University of Bristol. 7 Portraits

Nathaniel Partridge (1610-1684), Protestant minister. 2 Portraits

Reginald Sherring ('Ralph') Partridge (1894-1960), Soldier in World War I and writer; former husband of Dora Carrington, and later husband of Frances Marshall. 13 Portraits

Richard Partridge (1805-1873), Surgeon. 5 Portraits

Robert Partridge (1747-1817), Deputy-Grand Master of Freemasons. 1 Portrait

Sidney Catlin Partridge (1857-1930), Bishop of Kyoto and Bishop of West Missouri. 1 Portrait

W.A. Partridge (active 1950s), Assistant Bishop of Calcutta. 1 Portrait

Norman Partriege, Actor. 7 Portraits

Setu Parvathythothi Bayi ('Amma Maharni') (1896-1983), Junior Maharani of Travancore; promoter of Indian Classical music. 2 Portraits

Gabriel Pascal (1894-1954), Hungarian-born film producer and director. 3 Portraits

Charles Pascall (1853-1931), Businessman and Mayor of Hammersmith. 1 Portrait

Georgina Augusta Paschal (born 1851), Daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel George F. Paschal. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwin Hall Pascoe (1878-1949), Geologist. 1 Portrait

Eva Pascoe (1964-), Co-founder of Cyberia Group. 1 Portrait

Ahmad Ziwer Pasha, Banker, National Bank of Egypt. 1 Portrait

Aziz Izzet Pasha (1869-1961), Egyptian Ambassador to London. 1 Portrait

Hassan Fehmy Pasha (active 1885), Turkish statesman. 1 Portrait

Hassan Nachat Pasha (1888-1969), Egyptian Ambassador to London. 1 Portrait

Isma'il Pasha (1830-1895), Khedive of Egypt and Sudan. 1 Portrait

Midhat Pasha (1822-1884), Turkish statesman. 3 Portraits

(Muhammed) Tewfik Pasha (1852-1892), Khedive of Egypt and Sudan. 1 Portrait

Omar Pasha (1806-1871), Turkish General. 2 Portraits

Syed Aziz Pasha (1930-2012), Secretary General, Union of Muslim Organisations. 1 Portrait

Zaghlul Pasha (1850-1927), Egyptian Premier. 1 Portrait

Sir (Jesse) John Paskin (1892-1972), Assistant Under-Secretary of State. 1 Portrait

Joseph Montagu Sabine Pasley (1898-1978), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Sir Thomas Pasley, 1st Bt (1734-1808), Admiral. 3 Portraits

(Edwin John) Victor Pasmore (1908-1998), Artist. 6 Portraits

Eric Walter Pasold (1906-1978), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

Rolf Pasold, Chairman of Pasolds. 1 Portrait

Matthias Pasor (1599-1658), Mathematician, linguist and theologian. 1 Portrait

Aaron de Pass (1814-1877), Business owner; founder member of the Jewish Synagogue. 1 Portrait

(Alfred) Douglas Pass (1885-1970), Chairman of County Finance Committee. 1 Portrait

Carlo Passaglia (1812-1887), Italian divine. 1 Portrait

Johann David Passavant (1787-1861), Art historian, critic and curator. 1 Portrait

Sidney James Webb, Baron Passfield (1859-1947), Politician; MP for Seaham, social reformer, economist and a co-founder of the London School of Economics. 90 Portraits

(Martha) Beatrice Webb (née Potter), Baroness Passfield (1858-1943), Social reformer, economist and diarist. 76 Portraits

Meg Passigham (Mrs MacGowan). 1 Portrait

Adelaide Augusta Floyd Passingham (1867-1954), Daughter of George Augustus Passingham. 2 Portraits

Agnes Fraser (Mrs Walter Passmore) (1878-1968), Scottish actress. 4 Portraits

Joseph Passmore (1823-1895), Printer. 1 Portrait

Walter Passmore (1867-1946), Actor and vocalist. 4 Portraits

Giuditta Pasta (née Negri) (1797-1865), Dramatic soprano. 1 Portrait

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), French chemist known as the 'father of modern bacteriology'. 6 Portraits

Margaret (née Hewitt, later Mrs Strode), Lady Paston (died 1669), Former wife of Sir William Paston, Bt, and later wife of George Strode. 5 Portraits

Thomas Paston (died 1691), One of the 'Portsmouth Captains' cashiered in 1688; son of 1st Earl of Yarmouth. 2 Portraits

Sir William Paston, Bt (1610?-1663), High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk and traveller. 2 Portraits

Augusta Lucy (née Clavering), Lady Paston-Bedingfeld (died 1929), Wife of Sir Henry George Paston-Bedingfield, 7th Bt; daughter of Edward John Clavering. 2 Portraits

Sir Edmund George Felix Paston-Bedingfeld, 9th Bt (1915-2011), Businessman. 10 Portraits

Sir Henry George Paston-Bedingfeld, 7th Bt (1830-1902), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Joan Lynette (née Rees), Lady Paston-Bedingfeld (died 1965), Wife of Sir Edmund George Felix Paston-Bedingfield, 9th Bt. 5 Portraits

Berto Pasuka (1911-1963), Dancer and choreographer. 12 Portraits

Baron George de Patay. 3 Portraits

Blanche Patch (1879-1966), Author and secretary to George Bernard Shaw. 1 Portrait

Henry John ('Harry') Patch (1898-2009), Soldier, WW I veteran and centenarian. 1 Portrait

Hubert Leonard Patch (1904-1987), Air Chief Marshal. 5 Portraits

Richard Patch (1770?-1806), Criminal. 2 Portraits

Thomas Patch (1725-1782), Painter and engraver. 3 Portraits

Dr Patch. 1 Portrait

Jeannie Patchett (1926-2002), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Ashok Patel, Visitor Services Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Bhikhu Patel (1947-), Managing Director, Waymade Pharmaceuticals. 1 Portrait

Framjee Nusserwanjee Patel (1804-1894), Indian judge and administrator. 1 Portrait

Shruti Patel, Picture Library Manager, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Trupti Patel (1957-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Tushar Patel (1978-), Wheelchair athlete. 1 Portrait

Vijay Patel (1949-), Chief Executive, Waymade Pharmaceuticals. 1 Portrait

Isabella ('Bella') Pateman (1843-1908), Actress; wife of Robert Pateman. 1 Portrait

Henry Patenson (circa 1487-1527), Sir Thomas More's fool. 6 Portraits

Walter Horatio Pater (1839-1894), Writer; scholar and art critic. 1 Portrait

Antonino Paternò-Castello di San Giuliano (1852-1914), Italian Ambassador to the Court of St James. 1 Portrait

(George) Sidney Paternoster (circa 1867-1925), Author and journalist. 1 Portrait

Adrian Gordon Paterson (1888-1940), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Sir Alexander Henry Paterson (1884-1947), Penal reformer and prison commissioner. 5 Portraits

Arthur Spencer Paterson (1900-1983), Consultant psychiatrist. 1 Portrait

Audrey Anita (née Morris), Lady Paterson (circa 1910-1996), Wife of Sir George Mutlow Paterson; daughter of C.C.B. Morris. 1 Portrait

A.M. Paterson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Blair Paterson (1931-active 1947). 2 Portraits

Sir Clifford Copland Paterson (1879-1948), Electrical engineer. 7 Portraits

Don Paterson (1963-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Donald Hugh Paterson (1890-1968), Paediatrician. 8 Portraits

George John Mapletoft Paterson (1821-1887), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir George Mutlow Paterson (1906-1996), Chairman, Industrial Tribunals. 1 Portrait

Herbert MacGregor Paterson (1898-1979), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Pat Paterson (1910-1978), Actress. 3 Portraits

Thomas George Ferguson Paterson (1876-1942), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Anthony ('Tinka') Paterson (1925-2017), Artist and fashion model. 5 Portraits

Sir William Paterson (1874-1956), Mechanical engineer. 3 Portraits

William James Macdonald Paterson (1911-1976), Civil servant; British Deputy High Commissioner for South India. 1 Portrait

A.P. Patey, Resident Engineer, Houses of Parliament. 2 Portraits

Carole Patey, Head of Development, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir George Edwin Patey (1859-1935), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Janet Monach Patey (née Whytock) (1842-1894), Singer. 12 Portraits

Kirit Pathak (1953-), Co-founder, Patak's Foods. 1 Portrait

Meena Pathak (1956-), Co-founder, Patak's Foods. 1 Portrait

Charles Patin (1633-1693), French physician and numismatist. 2 Portraits

Brigit Patmore (née Ethel Elizabeth Morrison-Scott) (1888-1965), Author and society hostess. 1 Portrait

Coventry Kersey Deighton Patmore (1823-1896), Poet and essayist. 4 Portraits

Derek Coventry Patmore (1908-1972), Author, journalist and authority on Interior Decoration. 18 Portraits

Emily Augusta Patmore (née Andrews) (1824-1862), Author and Pre-Raphaelite muse. 1 Portrait

Alan Stewart Paton (1903-1988), Writer. 7 Portraits

Alexander Allan Paton (1874-1934), Trade envoy and bank chairman. 2 Portraits

Sir Alfred Vaughan Paton (1861-1930), Cotton merchant and company director. 1 Portrait

Denis Paton. 1 Portrait

Eliza Paton, Actress and singer; sister of Mrs Wood. 3 Portraits

Ethel Paton (née Bagot) (died 1885), Wife of George Paton; daughter of Edward Bagot. 1 Portrait

Florence Beatrice Paton (1891-1976), Labour politician: MP for Rushcliffe; wife of John Paton. 6 Portraits

George Paton (circa 1720-1807), Bibliographer and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Graham Paton (1935-), Contemporary art dealer. 2 Portraits

Harold William Paton (1900-1986), Judge, County Courts. 1 Portrait

Herbert James Paton (1887-1969), Scholar and philosopher. 4 Portraits

Isabella Paton (active 1827), Singer; sister of Mary Ann Paton. 2 Portraits

John Paton (1886-1976), Labour politician; MP for Norwich. 5 Portraits

John Gibson Paton (1824-1907), Missionary. 2 Portraits

John Lewis Paton (1863-1946), Educationalist and headmaster. 2 Portraits

Margaret Paton (née Whitecross), Wife of John Gibson Paton. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Paton (Mrs Wood) (1802-1864), Singer. 21 Portraits

Sir (Joseph) Noël Paton (1821-1901), History painter. 8 Portraits

Robert Edward Paton (died 1999), Major; son of G.C. Paton. 1 Portrait

Waller Hugh Paton (1828-1895), Landscape painter; brother of Sir (Joseph) Noël Paton. 1 Portrait

William Paton (1886-1943), Religious author and editor. 1 Portrait

Sir William Drummond MacDonald Paton (1917-1993), Pharmacologist. 1 Portrait

Princess Patricia of Connaught (later Lady Patricia Ramsay) (1886-1974), Wife of Sir Alexander Ramsay; daughter of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught; granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 29 Portraits

Lady Evelyn Catherine Patrick (née King) (1896-1974), Former wife of Sir Miles Graham, and later wife of Mark Patrick; daughter of 3rd Earl of Lovelace. 3 Portraits

A. Patrick, Senior Commander in the A.T.S. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Patrick. 2 Portraits

(Colin) Mark Patrick (1893-1942), Conservative politician; MP for Tavistock. 1 Portrait

Sir Paul Joseph Patrick (1888-1975), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Simon Patrick (1626-1707), Bishop of Ely. 8 Portraits

Nick Partridge (1955-), Health care administrator; Chief Executive, Terrence Higgins Trust. 1 Portrait

Sir Prabhashankar Pattani (1862-1938), Indian statesman. 2 Portraits

Christopher Francis Patten, Baron Patten of Barnes (1944-), Conservative politician; Governor of Hong Kong and EU commissioner. 2 Portraits

Brian Patten (1946-), Poet. 3 Portraits

George Patten (1801-1865), Artist. 1 Portrait

Katharine Joan ('Kate') Patten (1973-), Television producer; daughter of Chris Patten. 1 Portrait

Laura Clare Patten (1974-), Editor; daughter of Chris Patten. 1 Portrait

Margaret Patten (née Gibson) (1596-1739), Centenarian. 2 Portraits

Mary Lavender St Leger Patten (née Thornton) (1944-), Barrister; wife of Chris Patten. 1 Portrait

May Patten (active 1923). 1 Portrait

William ('Waynflete') Henry Patten-Saunders (né Saunders) (1832-1899), Pedestrian and swimmer. 1 Portrait

Matthew Pattenson (Pateson) (active 1623), Roman Catholic controversialist. 3 Portraits

Cecil John Patterson (1908-1992), Bishop of Niger. 1 Portrait

Eliza Tracy Patterson (née Brown) (1844-1906), Wife of Albert Mansfield Patterson; daughter of Francis Brown. 1 Portrait

Gabrielle Ruth Millicent Patterson (née Burr) (1905-1968), Aviator; wife of Arthur L. Patterson. 1 Portrait

'Big' George Patterson (active 1960s-1970s). 1 Portrait

Sir John Robert Patterson (1892-1976), Colonial administrator, Nigeria. 2 Portraits

J. Patterson (active 1839). 1 Portrait

(Florence) Marigold Patterson (née Portman) (active 1929), Wife of Reginald Patterson; daughter of C.B. Portman. 3 Portraits

Melville Watson Patterson (1873-1944), Lecturer, Trinity College, Oxford and reverend. 1 Portrait

Raymond M. Patterson (1898-1984), Writer and explorer. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Stewart Patterson (1878-1930), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Richard Patterson (1963-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Robert Patterson (1802-1872), Naturalist. 1 Portrait

Simon Patterson (1967-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Sir Stewart Blakeley Agnew Patterson (1872-1942), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Wilfrid Rupert Patterson (1893-1954), Admiral. 4 Portraits

William Garry Patterson (1931-), Major. 1 Portrait

Mr Patterson (active 1856), Connected with the Paris Peace negotiations of 1856. 2 Portraits

Mrs Patterson (active 1804). 1 Portrait

Mr Patterson. 1 Portrait

Sir John Patteson (1790-1861), Judge. 2 Portraits

John Coleridge Patteson (1827-1871), Bishop of Melanesia. 3 Portraits

Adelina Patti (1843-1919), Singer; sister of Carlotta Patti. 56 Portraits

Carlotta Patti (1835-1889), Singer; sister of Adelina Patti. 13 Portraits

Callum Pattinson (1998-), Torch bearer, London 2012. 1 Portrait

John Mellor Pattinson (1899-1999), Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, South Iran. 2 Portraits

Sir Lawrence Arthur Pattinson (1890-1955), Air Marshal. 16 Portraits

Richard Pattinson (1809-1875), Major and Governor of Heligoland. 1 Portrait

Mrs Richard Pattinson. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison (1832-1878), 'Sister Dora'; Anglican nun and nurse. 1 Portrait

Granville Sharp Pattison (1791-1851), Anatomist; Surgeon. 1 Portrait

James Pattison (1786-1849), Governor of the Bank of England and Liberal politician; MP for the City of London. 1 Portrait

Kate Pattison (active 1877-1885), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Pattison (1706-1727), Poet. 1 Portrait

Miss Pattison (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Gertrude Agnes Pattisson (née Lyle) (died 1961), Former wife of John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood, and later wife of John Hill Pattisson; daughter of Sir Robert Park Lyle, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Jacob Howell Pattisson (1803-1874), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Jacob Luard Pattisson (1841-1915), Civil servant. 9 Portraits

William Henry Ebenezer Pattisson (1801-1832), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Henry Edmund Patton (1867-1943), Bishop of Killaloe. 1 Portrait

Walter Scott Patton (1876-1960), Professor of Entomology, Liverpool University. 3 Portraits

George Pattrick (1746-1800), Divine. 1 Portrait

(William) Michael Thomas Pattrick (1913-1980), Principal of the Central School of Art and Design. 1 Portrait

Mrs (William) Michael Thomas Pattrick (active 1964), Wife of (William) Michael Thomas Pattrick. 1 Portrait

Ernst Pauer (1826-1905), Pianist, composer and teacher. 1 Portrait

Paul Ayshford Methuen, 4th Baron Methuen (1886-1974), Painter and zoologist; Landowner. 16 Portraits

Pope Paul III (Alessandro Farnese) (1468-1549), Pope 1534-49. 1 Portrait

Paul I, Tsar of Russia (1754-1801), Reigned 1796-1801. 2 Portraits

Prince Paul of Yugoslavia (1893-1977), Prince-Regent. 2 Portraits

Prince Paul Alexandrovitch Chavchavadze (1899-1971), Writer and translator. 3 Portraits

Paul I, King of Greece (1901-1964), Reigned 1947-64. 10 Portraits

Princess Paul of Yugoslavia (Princess Olga of Greece) (1903-1997), Wife of Paul, Regent of Yugoslavia. 5 Portraits

Prince Paul Romanoff Illinsky (1928-2004), Son of Grand-Duke Dimitri Pavlovitch and Princess Illinsky (née Audrey Emery). 9 Portraits

Swraj Paul, Baron Paul (1931-), Businessman, politician and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Anthony Paul (1918-), Captain. 2 Portraits

Betty Paul (1921-2011), Novelist, screenwriter and actress. 2 Portraits

Brenda Irene Isabelle Dean Paul (1907-1959), Actress and socialite; daughter of Poldowski and Sir Aubrey Dean Paul, 5th Bt. 1 Portrait

Celia Paul (1959-), Artist. 4 Portraits

E. Paul (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Herbert Woodfield Paul (1853-1935), Author and politician. 3 Portraits

Howard Paul (1830-1905), Dramatic author and entertainer. 2 Portraits

Hon. Jean Margaret Paul (née Hope, later Wilson) (1923-), Former wife of Anthony Paul, and later wife of Alexander James Wilson; daughter of 2nd Baron Rankeillour. 2 Portraits

Leslie Allen Paul (1905-1985), Author. 6 Portraits

Lyn Paul (1949-), Singer and actress; member of The New Seekers. 1 Portrait

Mab Paul (born circa 1873), Actress. 1 Portrait

Paul Nikolayevich (Pavel) Miliukoff (Milyukov) (1859-1943), Politician; Founder of Russian Constitutional Democratic Party (Kadets) and Minister for Foreign Affairs for Russia. 1 Portrait

Susan Caroline Paul (1949-1986), Daughter of Anthony Paul. 2 Portraits

William Paul (1678-1716), Vicar of Orton; Jacobite; Executed for Treason. 6 Portraits

William Paul (1754-1802), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Fatafehi Paulaho (Poulaho) (active 1777), Tu'i Tonga (King of Tonga). 1 Portrait

Rachel Paule (née Clitherow) (1617-1691), Third wife of William Paule. 3 Portraits

Lord Frederick Paulet (1810-1871), Army officer and equerry to the Duchess of Cambridge; son of 13th Marquess of Winchester. 3 Portraits

Lord William Paulet (1804-1893), Field Marshal. 3 Portraits

Sir Amias Paulet (1536?-1588), Keeper of Mary, Queen of Scots. 2 Portraits

Charles Standish Paulet (1873-1953), Major. 2 Portraits

Charles William Paulet (1832-1897), Captain, 7th Hussars. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Blount), Lady Paulet (circa 1515-1593), Former wife of Anthony Basford and of Sir Thomas Pope, and later wife of Sir Hugh Paulet. 1 Portrait

Mrs Paulett, Wife of William Paulett. 2 Portraits

Thomas Neilson ('Tom') Paulin (1949-), Poet and lecturer. 1 Portrait

Princess Pauline Metternich (1836-1921), Austrian philanthropist. 2 Portraits

James Paull (1770-1808), Politician; MP for Isle of Wight. 9 Portraits

Marc René, comte le Voyer de Paulmy d'Argenson (1771-1842), French politician. 1 Portrait

Harry Paulton (1842-1917), Actor and dramatist. 2 Portraits

James Mellor Paulton (1857-1923), Journalist and Liberal politician; MP for Bishop Auckland. 1 Portrait

Franciscus Paulus (died 1571), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Claire Pauncefort (died 1924), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Digby Pauncefort-Duncombe, 4th Bt (1927-2011), Deputy Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire. 1 Portrait

Julian Pauncefote, Baron Pauncefote (1828-1902), Lawyer and diplomacist. 1 Portrait

Reinier Pauw (1564-1636), Dutch deputy. 1 Portrait

Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007), Tenor. 1 Portrait

Sydney Paviere (1891-1971), Art curator. 1 Portrait

John Pavin (1768-1848), Ship owner. 1 Portrait

Laurence Anstice Pavitt (1914-1989), Politician and pacifist. 7 Portraits

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), Russian physiologist. 1 Portrait

Anna Pavlova (1881-1931), Ballet dancer. 31 Portraits

Grand Duchess Ekaterina Pavlovna (1788-1819), Wife of Peter Friedrich George Holstein-Oldenburg, Duke of Oldenburg. 2 Portraits

Anna Pavord (1940-), Writer on gardens, journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Francis Pavy (circa 1837-1902), Soldier and company director. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Pavy (1829-1911), Physician and physiologist. 3 Portraits

Julia Pavy (née Oliver) (1830?-1902), Wife of Frederick William Pavy; daughter of William Oliver. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Clementine Pawle (née Pratt) (1921-2002), President of St. John Ambulance of Cornwall; former wife of Hon. Herbert Oswald Berry, and later wife of Gerald Strachan Pawle; daughter of 5th Marquess Camden. 1 Portrait

Hanbury Pawle (1886-1972), Brigadier; Company director; Writer. 3 Portraits

Lennox Pawle (1872-1936), Actor. 1 Portrait

Bernard Clinton Pawley (1911-1981), Archdeacon of Canterbury and Canon Residentiary of Canterbury Cathedral. 2 Portraits

Sydney Southgate Pawling (1862-1922), Librarian, publisher and cricketer. 1 Portrait

John Pawson (1949-), Architect. 4 Portraits

Katina Paxinou (1900-1973), Actress. 4 Portraits

Jeremy Dickson Paxman (1950-), Journalist, author and broadcaster. 5 Portraits

Sir Anthony Lauderdale Paxton (1896-1957), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Harry Kent Paxton (circa 1856-1916), Stockbroker. 1 Portrait

Jonas Paxton (1818?-1886), Auctioneer and land agent. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865), Gardener and architect. 6 Portraits

Joy Lorraine Paxton-Harding Hunter (née Ferguson) (1915-1966), In World War II worked under the Official Secrets Act in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. 1 Portrait

Graham Payn (1918-2005), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

James Payn (1830-1898), Novelist and journal editor. 6 Portraits

Arthur W. Payne (1863-1932), Violinist and conductor. 1 Portrait

Austin Bowen ('A.B') Payne (1876-1956), Cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Christopher Russell Payne (1874-1952), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Clara Fripp Agnes Payne (née Patton) (1863-1945), Wife of Richard Lloyd Payne. 3 Portraits

Dougie Payne (1972-), Musician; bassist for Travis. 1 Portrait

Edmund Payne (1865-1914), Actor. 7 Portraits

Edward John Payne (1844-1904), Historian. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Payne (1770-1849). 1 Portrait

Ernest Alexander Payne (1902-1980), Baptist minister and ecumenist. 9 Portraits

George Payne (1803-1878), Patron of the turf. 3 Portraits

George Lefevre Payne (1911-1992), Major-General and Director of Ordnance Services. 4 Portraits

G. Payne. 1 Portrait

Humfry Gilbert Garth Payne (1902-1936), Archaeologist; husband of Dilys Powell. 3 Portraits

John Payne (died 1648 or before), Printmaker. 4 Portraits

John Payne (1815-1874), Bishop of Liberia. 2 Portraits

John Howard Payne (1791-1852), Dramatist and actor. 2 Portraits

John Wesley Vivian ('Jack') Payne (1899-1969), Dance music bandleader. 2 Portraits

John Willett Payne (1752-1803), Naval officer and royal official. 6 Portraits

Joseph Payne (1808-1876), Librarian. 1 Portrait

Joseph Frank Payne (1840-1910), Physician and medical historian. 2 Portraits

Laurence Payne (1919-2009), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Withers Payne (1904-1980), Judge. 2 Portraits

Roger Payne (1739-1797), Bookbinder. 1 Portrait

Sarah Catherine Payne (née Prothero) (1846-1937), Wife of Alfred Ernest Payne; daughter of Thomas Prothero. 1 Portrait

Charles Payne-Gallwey (1777-1795), Son of Stephen and Philadelphia Payne-Gallwey (née de Lancy). 3 Portraits

Philadelphia Payne-Gallwey (née de Lancy) (1758-1785), Wife of Stephen Payne-Gallwey. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph William Franklin Payne-Gallwey, 4th Bt (1848-1917), Landowner and sportsman. 1 Portrait

Stephen Payne-Gallwey (1750-1803), Member of the Dilettanti Society. 3 Portraits

Edward Paynter (1901-1979), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Elisabeth Narcissa Marie ('Betty') Paynter (1907-1980), Daughter of Camborne Haweis Paynter. 1 Portrait

Francis Paynter (1836-1908), Rector of Stoke-next-Guildford. 1 Portrait

Francis Samuel Paynter (1866-1954), Canon of Chelmsford Cathedral. 2 Portraits

(Thomas) William Paynter (1903-1984), Trade unionist. 1 Portrait

Andreas Pays (died 1571), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Brenda Payton, Secretary, Ilford Limited; head of computerisation of the company’s Export department. 1 Portrait

Denis Payton (1943-), Musician; member of the Dave Clark Five. 8 Portraits

Wilfred Ernest Granville Payton (1913-1989), Chaplain-in-chief, RAF; Chaplain to the Queen. 3 Portraits

George Peabody (1795-1869), Merchant banker and philanthropist. 16 Portraits

Malcolm Endicott Peabody (1888-1974), Bishop of Central New York. 1 Portrait

Juliet Peace (née Cole) (1951-2005), Daughter of Sir George James Cole, Baron Cole. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Peace (1840-1917), Diplomat and merchant. 5 Portraits

Basil William Peacey (1889-1969), Bishop of Lebombo. 1 Portrait

John Raphael Peacey (1896-1971), Canon Emeritus and Residentiary Canon, Bristol. 1 Portrait

Louisa Peach (active 1880s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Ellen Peachey (died 1909), Wife of James Pearse Peachey. 2 Portraits

James Pearse Peachey (circa 1825-1880), Barrister and legal writer. 21 Portraits

Daniel Peacock (1958-), Actor, writer for television and director. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Robert Peacock (1871-1962), Director of companies and Canadian Pacific Railway. 8 Portraits

Harold Peacock, Actor. 1 Portrait

Irene Cynthia (née Le Mesurier), Lady Peacock (died 1975), Royal biographer and cookery writer; wife of Sir Walter Peacock; daughter of Thomas Augustus Le Mesurier. 6 Portraits

John Andrew Peacock (1956-), Professor of Cosmology, University of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Lewis Peacock (born 1751). 1 Portrait

Sarah Peacock (née Love) (1754-1832), Mother of Thomas Love Peacock. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Peacock (1887-1959), President of the Farmers Union. 9 Portraits

Thomas Bevill Peacock (1812-1882), Physician. 1 Portrait

Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866), Novelist and poet. 2 Portraits

Tommy Peacock (1969-), Lightweight boxer. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Peacock (1863-1955), Member of Royal Fine Art Commission; Treasurer to Prince of Wales. 2 Portraits

W.A. Peacock (active 1844), Member of a deputation to Louis Philippe, 1844. 1 Portrait

Joseph Ferguson Peacocke (1835-1916), Archbishop of Dublin. 2 Portraits

Resy (née de Baillet Latour), Countess Peake, Wife of Sir Harold Peake. 1 Portrait

Archibald Henry Peake (1859-1920), Statesman. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Brinsley Pemberton Peake (1897-1958), Diplomat. 7 Portraits

Eileen Peake, Daughter of George Herbert Peake. 1 Portrait

Fabian Peake (1942-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Dame Felicity Peake (née Watts) (1913-2002), Air Commander and Director of W.A.A.P; former wife of John Hanbury, and later wife of Sir Harald Peake; daughter of Humphrey Watts. 11 Portraits

Sir Francis Harold Peake (1889-1984), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Frederick Gerard Peake (1886-1970), Soldier and writer. 12 Portraits

Maxine Peake (1974-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mervyn Laurence Peake (1911-1968), Artist and writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Peake (circa 1605-1667), Printseller and royalist army officer. 1 Portrait

Timothy Nigel ('Tim') Peake (1972-), Astronaut. 1 Portrait

Mrs Peake, Commandant, Women's Mechanised Transport Corps. 1 Portrait

Miss Peake. 1 Portrait

Tom Hatherley Pear (1886-1972), Professor of Psychology. 2 Portraits

Sir Austin William Pearce (1921-2004), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Bryan Pearce (1929-2007), Painter. 1 Portrait

Edward Pearce (circa 1635-1695), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Edward Pearce Sr (1598-1658), Decorative painter; father to sculpture Edward Pearce. 2 Portraits

Eliza Maude (née Barrett), Lady Pearce (died 1947), Wife of Sir George Pearce. 1 Portrait

Ernest Harold Pearce (1865-1930), Bishop of Worcester 1919-1930; author. 16 Portraits

Sir George Pearce (1894-1971), Inspector-General of Police, India. 3 Portraits

Sir George Foster Pearce (1870-1952), Member of the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia. 1 Portrait

Henry Pearce (1777-1809), Prize-fighter. 2 Portraits

H. R. ('Bobby') Pearce (1905-1976), Rower. 1 Portrait

James Stanley Pearce (born 1854), Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Sir (Standen) Leonard Pearce (1873-1947), Engineer. 1 Portrait

Philippa Pearce (1920-2006), Children's writer. 1 Portrait

Reginald Howard Pearce (died 1987), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Pearce (1840-1922), Solicitor and politician. 1 Portrait

Stan Pearce (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Stephen Pearce (1819-1904), Portrait and equestrian painter. 2 Portraits

Stuart Pearce (1962-), Footballer and football manager. 1 Portrait

Vera Pearce (1896-1966), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

William Pearce (1744-1820), Dean of Ely and Master of Jesus College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir William Pearce (1853-1932), Vice-President for the Federation of British Industries and politician; MP for Limehouse. 2 Portraits

William Fletcher Pearce (1860-1935), Headmaster and vicar. 3 Portraits

Zachary Pearce (1690-1774), Bishop of Bangor and Dean of Westminster. 1 Portrait

John Whitehead Peard (1811-1880), 'Garibaldi's Englishman'; army officer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Peard (born circa 1834), Metal worker of Hart, Son, Peard & Co. 1 Portrait

Cora Pearl (Emma Elizabeth Crouch) (1835?-1886), Courtesan; daughter of Frederick William Nicholls Crouch. 2 Portraits

Leonard Pearl, Mayor of Westminster and businessman. 7 Portraits

Charles William Pearless (1872-1940), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Violet Constance Evelyn Pearman (née Williams) (1894-1941), Chief secretary to Winston Churchill. 1 Portrait

William Pearman (1792-circa 1825), Singer. 1 Portrait

Catherine Temple Pears (née Chevallier) (died 1866), Wife of Steuart Adolphus Pears; daughter of Temple Chevallier. 1 Portrait

Charles Pears (1873-1958), Artist; Royal Marine. 10 Portraits

Sir Edmund Radcliffe Pears (1862-1941), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Sir Edwin Pears (1835-1919), Barrister, publicist and historian. 5 Portraits

Sir Peter Neville Luard Pears (1910-1986), Singer. 31 Portraits

Sidney John Pears (1900-1972), Senior partner, Cooper Brothers & Co. 1 Portrait

Steuart Adolphus Pears (1815-1875), Schoolmaster and author. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Isobel Pearsall (née Gross) (1906-1996), Artist and writer; founder and Managing Director of the Geographers' A to Z Map Co. Ltd. 1 Portrait

Rachel Collins Pearsall (1800-1873), Granddaughter of the noted Quaker printer Isaac Collins; wife of John Jay Smith. 2 Portraits

Robert Pearsall, Father of Rachel Collins Pearsall. 1 Portrait

Robert Lucas Pearsall (1795-1856), Composer. 1 Portrait

William Harold Pearsall (1891-1964), Ecologist and botanist. 8 Portraits

Guglielma ('Nellie') Pearsall Smith (1852-1857), Daughter of Hannah Whitall Smith (née Tatum) (Mrs Pearsall Smith). 2 Portraits

Alexander Pearse (active 1920s), Academic. 1 Portrait

Edward Pearse (circa 1633-1673), Clergyman and ejected minister. 1 Portrait

E. Pearse, Model. 4 Portraits

John Pearse (1759-1836), Governor of the Bank of England and politician; MP for Devizes. 1 Portrait

Sir John Slocombe Pearse (1870-1949), Sheriff of the City of London. 2 Portraits

Mrs Pearse, Model. 6 Portraits

Colin Hargreaves Pearson, Baron Pearson (1899-1980), Judge. 2 Portraits

Alfred Pearson (1848-1909), Bishop of Burnley. 2 Portraits

Alice Blanche Pearson. 1 Portrait

Archibald David Barclay Pearson, Major. 2 Portraits

Sir (Cyril) Arthur Pearson, 1st Bt (1866-1921), Newspaper proprietor and philanthropist; President of National Institute for the Blind. 4 Portraits

Arthur Ashley Pearson (1847-1933), Crown Colonies Representative and Statesman. 1 Portrait

Barbara Pearson, Model. 1 Portrait

B. Pearson. 3 Portraits

Charles Buchanan Pearson (1807-1881), Rector. 1 Portrait

Colin Pearson (1923-2007), Potter; art teacher. 1 Portrait

Dan Pearson (1964-), Garden designer and television presenter. 2 Portraits

Daphne Pearson (1911-2000), Women's Auxiliary Air Force Corporal and horticulturalist. 1 Portrait

Sir (James) Denning Pearson (1908-1992), Engineer and businessman. 2 Portraits

Edward Pearson (1756-1811), Master of Sidney Sussex College; religious controversialist. 1 Portrait

Edward Pearson, Captain. 1 Portrait

Egon Sharpe Pearson (1895-1980), Statistician; son of Karl Pearson. 1 Portrait

Francis Fenwick Pearson (1833-1910), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Fenwick Pearson, 1st Bt (1911-1991), Politician, Chief Minister of Manipur State and farmer. 1 Portrait

George Pearson (1751-1828), Physician and chemist. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Crayhurst Pearson (1878-1958), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Hilda Pearson (née Blackburn), Daughter of Lord Blackburn; wife of Archibald Pearson. 2 Portraits

Howard Shakespeare Pearson (1838-1923), Businessman, bibliophile and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Mrs H.E. Pearson. 1 Portrait

John Pearson (1613-1686), Bishop of Chester. 8 Portraits

Sir John Pearson (1819-1886), Judge. 1 Portrait

John Lewis Pearson (1879-1965), Vice-Admiral and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

John Loughborough Pearson (1817-1897), Architect. 4 Portraits

Karl Pearson (1857-1936), Statistician and eugenicist. 9 Portraits

Laura Pearson, Daughter of Alexander L. Pearson; sister of Alison Cuninghame of Craigends (née Pearson). 1 Portrait

Sir David Lee Pearson (1974-), Equestrian; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Lester Bowles Pearson (1897-1972), Diplomatist and Prime Minister of Canada. 2 Portraits

L.G. Pearson. 4 Portraits

Maria Pearson (née Sharpe) (1853-1928), First wife of Karl Pearson. 1 Portrait

Sir Neville Arthur Pearson, 2nd Bt (1898-1982), Publisher and president of St Dunstan's Hostel for the Blind. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph Sneyd Pearson (1874-1958), Engineer. 2 Portraits

Sir (James) Reginald Pearson (1897-1984), Deputy Chairman of Vauxhall Motors Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Pearson (1731-1806), Naval captain and Lieutenant Governor of Greenwich Hospital. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Barclay Pearson (1871-1954), Chairman of the London Stock Exchange. 1 Portrait

Sally Pearson (née Cooper) (1929-), Actress and costume designer; daughter of Dame Gladys Cooper; wife of Robert Hardy. 9 Portraits

Sigrid Letitia Sharpe Pearson (1891-1971), Daughter of Karl Pearson. 1 Portrait

Stan Pearson (1919-1997), Footballer. 7 Portraits

Sir Thomas Cecil Hook Pearson (1914-2019), General and Commander-in-Chief of Allied Forces Northern Europe. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Gibbons Pearson. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wulstan Pearson (1870-1938), Bishop of Lancaster. 1 Portrait

William Pearson (1822-1907), Barrister; father of Karl Pearson. 1 Portrait

Miss Pearson (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Mrs Pearson, Relative of J. Pearson, Rector of Whitley. 1 Portrait

Arthur Beilby Pearson-Gee (1855-1896), Barrister; brother of Karl Pearson. 1 Portrait

William Henley Pearson-Jervis (1813-1883), Ecclesiastical historian; son of Hugh Nicholas Pearson. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) Frederick Peart, Baron Peart (1914-1988), Politician and Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords. 21 Portraits

Robert Edwin Peary (1856-1920), Arctic explorer and naval officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Edward Pease, 2nd Bt (1857-1939), Author. 1 Portrait

Claud Edward Pease (1874-1952), Director of Barclays Bank; son of Arthur Pease. 1 Portrait

Hon. Cynthia Frances Charlotte Pease (née Chaloner) (1895-1937), Wife of Herbert Ernest Pease; daughter of 1st Baron Gisborough. 1 Portrait

D.A. Pease. 2 Portraits

Edward Pease (1767-1858), Woollen manufacturer and railway promoter. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Pease (1807-1897), Suffragist and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Flora Louise (née Hubert), Lady Pease, Second wife of Sir Thales Pease. 3 Portraits

Joseph Pease (1772-1846), Reformer. 4 Portraits

Joseph Pease (1799-1872), Quaker railway company promoter and industrialist. 3 Portraits

Joseph Walker Pease (1820-1882), Soldier and politician; MP for Hull. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, 1st Bt (1828-1903), Banker, industrialist and Liberal politician; MP for South Durham and Barnard Castle. 2 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Alice Pease (1895-1984), Daughter of 1st Baron Daryngton. 2 Portraits

Marjorie Gammell Pease (1861-1950), Labour candidate, East Surrey. 1 Portrait

Mary Pease (née Noggle) (1918-2004), Sister of Anne Noggle. 1 Portrait

Miriam Blanche Pease (1887-1965), Inspector of Factories, Home Office and councillor. 3 Portraits

Hon. Phyllis Helen Pease (1904-1987), Third daughter of 1st Baron Daryngton. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Arthur Pease, 2nd Bt (1890-1969). 2 Portraits

William Simon Pease (1925-), Consultant surgeon. 4 Portraits

Charles Urie Peat (1892-1979), Cricketer and Conservative politician; MP for Darlington. 6 Portraits

Sir Harry William Henry Peat (1878-1959), Chartered accountant. 4 Portraits

Sir George Richard Brooke Pechell, 4th Bt (1789-1860), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel John Brooke Pechell, 3rd Bt (1789-1849), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

(Mary) Edith Pechey-Phipson (1845-1908), Physician and women's rights activist. 4 Portraits

Blanka Péchy (1894-1988), Actress. 2 Portraits

Francis Peck (1692-1743), Antiquary. 3 Portraits

Sir James Wallace Peck (1875-1964), Administrator and Lecturer in Mathematical Physics. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard Hallam Peck (1893-1952), Air force officer. 30 Portraits

Robert Peck (1845-1899), Racehorse owner and trainer. 2 Portraits

Sydney Capel Peck (1871-1949), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Winifred Francis (née Knox), Lady Peck (1882-1962), Author and biographer; wife of Sir James Wallace Peck. 4 Portraits

Thomas Pecke (1637-in or after 1664), Epigrammatist. 3 Portraits

Henry Peckwell (1747-1787), Divine. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Reid Pedder (1904-1995), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Dulcie (née Bickford), Lady Pedder (1907-1999), Wife of Sir Arthur Reid Pedder; daughter of O.L. Bickford. 1 Portrait

Sir John Pedder (1869-1956), Civil servant. 7 Portraits

Richard Newsham Pedder (died 1863). 1 Portrait

James Mortimer ('Jim') Peddie, Baron Peddie (1905-1978), Co-operative movement activist and politician. 4 Portraits

James Peddie (1759-1845), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Frederic Henchman Pedgrift (1857-1933), Singer, teacher, journalist and editor of 'The Era'. 1 Portrait

Vyvian Pedlar (born 1892), Corporal. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Pedler (1849-1918), Civil servant and scientist. 2 Portraits

Ann Pedler (born 1901), Writer, novelist and journalist. 8 Portraits

Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil (1798-1834), Emperor of Brazil 1822-1831; King of Portugal 1826. 1 Portrait

William Carmichael Peebles (died 1955), Lieutenant-Colonel in Command. 1 Portrait

Mary Peech, Model. 3 Portraits

Bruno Peek (1952-), Events organiser. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Francis Peek (1956-1976), Son of Sir Francis Henry Grenville Peek, 4th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry William Peek, 1st Bt (1825-1898), Conservative politician; MP for Mid Surrey. 1 Portrait

Margaret Maria (née Edgar), Lady Peek (died 1884), Wife of Sir Henry William Peek, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Marilyn (née Kerr), Lady Peek (later Quennell), Former wife of Sir Francis Henry Grenville Peek, 4th Bt, and later wife of Peter Quennell; daughter of Norman Kerr. 2 Portraits

Richard Peek (1782-1867), Tea merchant, philanthropist and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Captain Peekel (active 1860). 1 Portrait

William Robert Wellesley, 1st Earl Peel (1867-1937), Statesman. 12 Portraits

Arthur William Ashton Peel, 2nd Earl Peel (1901-1969), Businessman. 6 Portraits

Kathleen (née McGrath), Countess Peel (1913-1972), Wife of 2nd Earl Peel; daughter of Michael McGrath. 7 Portraits

Arthur Wellesley Peel, 1st Viscount Peel (1829-1912), Speaker of the House of Commons; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 24 Portraits

Lady Adelaide Margaret ('Delia') Peel (née Spencer) (1889-1981), Royal courtier; wife of Sir Sidney Cornwallis Peel, 1st Bt; daughter of 6th Earl Spencer. 10 Portraits

Lady Alice Jane Peel (née Kennedy) (1805-1887), Wife of General Jonathan Peel; daughter of 1st Marquess of Ailsa. 1 Portrait

Lady Emily Peel (née Hay) (1836-1924), Wife of Sir Robert Peel, 3rd Bt; daughter of 8th Marquess of Tweeddale. 4 Portraits

Lady Georgiana Adelaide Peel (née Russell) (1836-1922), Wife of Archibald Peel; daughter of 1st Earl Russell. 1 Portrait

Lady Jane Peel (née Lennox) (circa 1800-1861), Wife of Laurence Peel; daughter of 4th Duke of Richmond. 2 Portraits

Hon. Adelaide Frances Isabella Peel (née Hanbury-Tracy) (died 1917), Wife of Frederick Peel; daughter of 2nd Baron Sudeley. 1 Portrait

Albert Peel (1887-1949), Preacher and historian. 1 Portrait

Alfred Lennox Peel (1827-1863), Clergyman; son of Laurence Peel. 1 Portrait

Anne Peel, Daughter of John Douglas Peel and Frederica Harriette Peel (née Morrell). 4 Portraits

Arthur Peel, Army officer. 1 Portrait

Cecil Lennox Peel (1830-1910), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Lennox Peel (1823-1899), Army officer and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Edward John Russell Peel (1869-1939), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Eileen Peel (1909-1999), Actress. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Home Peel (1914-1972), Daughter of Home Peel; granddaughter of 1st Baron Emmott. 4 Portraits

Frederica Harriette Peel (née Morrell) (1869-1950), Sister of Philip Morrell; wife of John Douglas Peel. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Peel, Bt (1823-1906), Railways commissioner and Liberal politician; MP for Leominster and Bury. 3 Portraits

Frederick Peel (1833-1915), Clergyman; grandson of Sir Robert Peel, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

(Arthur) George Villiers Peel (1868-1956), Author and Captain of the Oxfordshire Hussars. 3 Portraits

(Gerald) Graham Peel (1877-1937), Composer. 3 Portraits

Herbert Richard Peel (1831-1885), Clergyman, cricketer and promoter of bee-keeping. 1 Portrait

Joan Peel (1915-2002), Daughter of Home Peel; granddaughter of 1st Baron Emmott. 4 Portraits

Sir (William) John Peel (1912-2004), Politician and Colonial Commissioner. 1 Portrait

John Peel (John Robert Parker Ravenscroft) (1939-2004), Television and radio broadcaster and journalist. 3 Portraits

John Douglas Peel, Solicitor; husband Frederica Harriette Morrell. 1 Portrait

John Frederic Roger Peel (1908-1973), Son of John Douglas Peel and Frederica Harriette Peel (née Morrell). 8 Portraits

Sir John Harold Peel (1904-2005), Gynecological surgeon. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Peel (1799-1879), Politician, soldier and patron of the turf. 4 Portraits

Julia (née Floyd), Lady Peel (1795-1859), Wife of Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

Laurence Peel (1801-1888), Politician and colonial administrator; son of Sir Robert Peel, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Mary Gwendolen Peel (née Emmott) (1888-active 1913), Honorary Secretary of National Organisation of Girls Clubs; wife of Home Peel; daughter of 1st Baron Emmott. 9 Portraits

Octavia Peel (1830-1896), Daughter of William Yates Peel. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Peel, 1st Bt (1750-1830), Politician; father of the Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bt (1788-1850), Prime Minister. 323 Portraits

Sir Robert Peel, 3rd Bt (1822-1895), Politician; eldest son of prime minister Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bt. 7 Portraits

Robert Peel (died 1842), Cotton manufacturer; cousin of Sir Robert Peel. 1 Portrait

Robert Francis Peel (1874-1924), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Ronald Francis Edward Waite Peel (1912-1985), Professor of Geography. 1 Portrait

Sidney Cornwallis Peel (1870-1938), Politician, soldier and financier. 3 Portraits

Stephen Wynter Peel (1909-1968), Son of John Douglas Peel and Frederica Harriette Peel (née Morrell). 1 Portrait

Sir William Peel (1824-1858), Naval captain. 2 Portraits

Sir William Peel (1875-1945), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

William George Peel (1854-1916), Bishop of Mombasa. 1 Portrait

Master Peel (active 1861), Son of Arthur Lennox Peel. 1 Portrait

Muriel Peel Ritchie (died 1931). 1 Portrait

Colin Peel Yates, Royal Navy Captain; brother of Sir David Peel Yates; son of Hubert Peel Yates. 4 Portraits

Sir David Peel Yates (1911-1978), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Jerajbhai Peerbhai (1832-1887), Indian merchant and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Ada Peerless, Nurse attendant to Jane Morris. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Reed Peers (1868-1952), Preservationist and archaeologist. 1 Portrait

Donald Peers (1908-1973), Singer. 1 Portrait

Edgar Allison Peers (Bruce Truscot) (1891-1952), Professor of Spanish, author and originator of the term 'Red-brick university'. 3 Portraits

Miss Peers Williams (active 1860), Probably daughter of Thomas Peers Williams. 1 Portrait

Bonaventura Peeters. 1 Portrait

Sue Pegden, Sociology student. 1 Portrait

Arthur John Pegg (1906-1978), Chief Test Pilot, Bristol Aeroplane Company. 3 Portraits

Simon John Pegg (né Beckingham) (1970-), Actor, comedian, writer and director. 1 Portrait

Adelaide Mary Pegge (née Keane) (1907-1995), Wife of Cecil Pegge; daughter of Sir John Keane, 5th Bt. 2 Portraits

Samuel Pegge (1704-1796), Prebendary of Lincoln, antiquary. 2 Portraits

Louis Hemington Pegler (1852-1927), Consulting surgeon. 3 Portraits

Sidney James Pegler (1888-1972), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

Comtessa Pegnatorre, Superintendent, Canadian Red Cross. 1 Portrait

Frank Henderson Pegram (1890-1944), Vice-Admiral. 7 Portraits

Frederick Pegram (1870-1937), Painter, etcher and illustrator. 4 Portraits

Henry Alfred Pegram (1862-1937), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Sir Rudolf Peierls (1907-1995), Physicist. 9 Portraits

Sir James Braithwaite Peile (1833-1906), Indian administrator. 1 Portrait

John Peile (1838-1910), College head and philologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Lancelot Arthur Babington Peile (1905-1989), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Mary Peile (née Braithwaite) (died 1890), Wife of Thomas Williamson Peile; daughter of James Braithwaite. 1 Portrait

Schofield Patten Peile (1859-1940), Commanded Royal Marines in South Africa. 2 Portraits

Thomas Williamson Peile (1806-1882), Church of England clergyman and headmaster. 1 Portrait

Gareth Peirce (circa 1940-), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Harold Ernest Peirce (1892-1979), Director of Public Companies. 1 Portrait

Lady Blanche Peirse (née Whittaker), Wife of Richard H. Peirse. 3 Portraits

Henry Peirse (circa 1754-1824), Politician; MP for Northallerton. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Edmund Charles Peirse (1892-1970), Air Chief-Marshal. 7 Portraits

Sir Richard H. Peirse (1860-1940), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Garnet Frank Peirson (1911-1963), Chairman of Midlands Electricity Board. 5 Portraits

Amelia Peláez Del Casal (1896-1968), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Peletoot (died before 1362), Soldier. 1 Portrait

David Pelham, Impresario. 7 Portraits

George Pelham (1766-1827), Bishop of Lincoln. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Clinton Pelham (1898-1984), Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. 1 Portrait

Harriet Pelham (active mid 1860s), Actress. 4 Portraits

Henry Pelham (1695?-1754), Prime Minister. 6 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Henry Pelham (1876-1949), Permanent Secretary of the Board of Education. 1 Portrait

Henry Francis Pelham (1846-1907), Historian. 1 Portrait

Herbert Sidney Pelham (1881-1944), Bishop of Barrow-in-Furness. 5 Portraits

Irene Pelham (née Lubbock) (1886-1961), Daughter of John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury; wife of Sir Edward Henry Pelham. 1 Portrait

Jeanie Adelina Morton Pelham, Wife of Sir George Pelham. 1 Portrait

John Thomas Pelham (1811-1894), Bishop of Norwich. 3 Portraits

Lady Mary Pelham (active 1838), Lady-in-waiting to Princess Augusta Sophia. 1 Portrait

Miss M. Pelham (active 18th century). 1 Portrait

Sophia Pelham (née Aufrere) (1752 or 1753-1786), Wife of Charles Anderson-Pelham, later 1st Baron Yarborough. 2 Portraits

Miss Pelham (active mid 1860s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Lord Arthur Pelham-Clinton (1840-1870), Politician; son of 5th Duke of Newcastle. 1 Portrait

Lady Charlotte Pelham-Clinton (1812-1886), Daughter of 4th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme. 1 Portrait

Lord Edward William Pelham-Clinton (1836-1907), Royal courtier, army officer and politician. 2 Portraits

Lady Georgiana Pelham-Clinton (1810-1874), Daughter of 4th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme. 1 Portrait

Matilda Jane (née Cradock-Hartopp), Lady Edward Pelham-Clinton (1834-1892), Wife of Lord Edward Pelham-Clinton; daughter of Sir William Edmund Cradock-Hartopp, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Lady (Mary) Diana Pelham-Clinton-Hope (née Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie) (1920-1997), Second wife of 9th Duke of Newcastle; daughter of 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe. 5 Portraits

Charles Cornwallis Anderson Pelham Welby (1876-1959), Captain. 1 Portrait

Aimable Jean Jacques Pélissier, 1st duc de Malakoff (1794-1864), Ambassador and marshal of France. 3 Portraits

Lord Henry Pell (active 1806). 1 Portrait

John Pell (died 1607). 1 Portrait

Margaret Pell, Wife of John Pell. 1 Portrait

Sarah Dorothea (née Owen), Lady Pell (circa 1813-1897), Wife of Sir Watkin Owen Pell; daughter of Edward Owen. 1 Portrait

Sir Watkin Owen Pell (1788-1869), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Carlo Pellegrini (1839-1889), 'Ape'; caricaturist. 5 Portraits

Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675-1741), Painter. 1 Portrait

Peter John Mitchell Pellereau (1921-2014), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Emily Sarah Pellew (née Ferguson, later Bradshaw) (died 1913), Former wife of Hon. Fleetwood John Pellew, and later wife of Octavius Bradshaw; daughter of Thomas Ferguson. 1 Portrait

Hon. Fleetwood John Pellew (1830-1866), Son of 2nd Viscount Exmouth. 1 Portrait

John Pelling (1668-1750), Rector of St Anne's, Soho. 4 Portraits

Esterell Pelly, Daughter of Sir Henry Bertram Pelly and Lady Lilian Pelly. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Bertram Pelly (1867-1942), Admiral. 8 Portraits

Sir Henry Carstairs Pelly, 3rd Bt (1844-1877), Soldier and politician; MP for County Huntingdon. 1 Portrait

John Stannus Pelly (1859-1938), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Raymond Pelly (1893-1973), Chairman of Shipping Company. 3 Portraits

Peter Douglas Herbert Raymond Pelly (1904-1980), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Lucy Peltz, 18th Century Curator, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Josef Pembaur (1875-1950), Composer; Pianist; son of Josef Pembaurs the Elder. 1 Portrait

Francis William Pember (1862-1954), Officier Légion d'honneur. 3 Portraits

Antonia Pemberton (1927-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles Reece Pemberton (1790-1840), Actor and public lecturer. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Pemberton (1625-1697), Judge. 11 Portraits

Herbert Pemberton (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Horatio Nelson Pemberton (1902-1967), Chief engineer surveyor. 2 Portraits

Sir Max Pemberton (1863-1950), Novelist and magazine editor. 11 Portraits

Robert Charles Boileau Pemberton (1834-1914), Army officer and civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

Steve Pemberton (1967-), Actor and writer. 1 Portrait

Elsie Veronica Pemberton-Billing (née Farmer) (died 1978), Former wife of Owen Jones, and later second wife of Noel Pemberton-Billing. 1 Portrait

William Pemble (1592?-1623), Puritan divine. 4 Portraits

Anne, Countess of Pembroke (Lady Anne Clifford) (1590-1676), Diarist and patron of authors and literature; former wife of 3rd Earl of Dorset, and later wife of 4th Earl of Pembroke. 14 Portraits

Mary de St Pol, Countess of Pembroke (circa 1304-1377), Magnate and founder of Pembroke College. 3 Portraits

Beatrix Louisa (née Lambton), Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery (1859-1944), Wife of 14th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery; daughter of 2nd Earl of Durham. 3 Portraits

William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1506 or 1507-1570), Soldier and magnate. 2 Portraits

Anne Herbert (née Parr), Countess of Pembroke (before 1514-1552), Wife of 1st Earl of Pembroke; sister of Catherine Parr. 1 Portrait

Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (1534?-1601), Courtier and statesman. 4 Portraits

Mary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke (1561-1621), Writer and literary patron. 11 Portraits

William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1580-1630), Lord Chamberlain. 14 Portraits

Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke (1584-1650), Courtier. 25 Portraits

Philip Herbert, 5th Earl of Pembroke (1619-1669), Politician; MP for Wiltshire and Glamorgan. 6 Portraits

Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke (1656-1733), Lord High Admiral. 8 Portraits

Margaret Herbert (née Sawyer), Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery (died 1706), First wife of 8th Earl of Pembroke. 1 Portrait

Henry Herbert, 9th Earl of Pembroke (1693-1750), Statesman known as 'architect earl'. 2 Portraits

Henry Herbert, 10th Earl of Pembroke (1734-1794), General. 8 Portraits

George Augustus Herbert, 11th Earl of Pembroke (1759-1827), Soldier. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Herbert (née Beauclerk), Countess of Pembroke (1766-1793), Wife of 11th Earl of Pembroke. 4 Portraits

Robert Henry Herbert, 12th Earl of Pembroke (1791-1862), Nobleman. 4 Portraits

Sidney Herbert, 14th Earl of Pembroke, 11th Earl of Montgomery (1853-1913), Lord of the Treasury, landowner and politician; MP for Wilton and Croydon. 13 Portraits

George Robert Charles Herbert, 13th Earl of Pembroke (1850-1895), Travel writer; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 6 Portraits

Reginald Herbert, 15th Earl of Pembroke (1880-1960). 2 Portraits

Beatrice Eleanor Herbert (née Paget), Countess of Pembroke (1883-1973), Wife of 15th Earl of Pembroke; daughter of Lord Alexander Victor Paget. 7 Portraits

Sidney Charles Herbert, 16th Earl of Pembroke (1906-1969), Equerry to Duke of Kent; Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire. 2 Portraits

Henry George Charles Alexander Herbert, 17th Earl of Pembroke (1939-2003), Film Director. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Herbert (née Spencer), Countess of Pembroke (1738-1831), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Charlotte; wife of 10th Earl of Pembroke. 9 Portraits

Duchess of Peñaranda, Wife of Duke of Peñaranda. 1 Portrait

Adam Urias de Pencier (1866-1949), Bishop of New Westminster, Canada. 2 Portraits

John Jocelyn Denison-Pender, 2nd Baron Pender (1907-1965), Businessman. 6 Portraits

Sir James Pender, 1st Bt (1841-1921), Director of the Globe, Telegraph and Trust Company. 11 Portraits

Sir John Pender (1815-1896), Pioneer of submarine telegraphy. 4 Portraits

Mike Pender (1941-), Musician; vocalist and lead guitarist for The Searchers. 5 Portraits

Humphrey Penderel, Royalist; brother of Richard Penderel. 1 Portrait

Richard Penderel (circa 1606-1672), Royalist and farmer. 7 Portraits

William Penderel (circa 1609-1700), Royalist; brother of Richard Penderel. 5 Portraits

James Willie Pendlebury (1891-1977), Brigadier of the 1st Battalion, The East Lancashire Regiment. 2 Portraits

Harold Pendleton (1924-2017), Music business executive; founder of the Marquee Club and the National Jazz Festival. 1 Portrait

Victoria Louise Pendleton (1980-), Track cyclist; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Vivian D. Pendleton. 4 Portraits

Sir Lawrence Fleming Pendred (1899-1986), Air Marshal. 6 Portraits

Thomas Pendry, Baron Pendry of Stalybridge (1934-2023), Labour politician, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde. 1 Portrait

Sir John Brian Pendry (1943-), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Penelope Moore (née Pirie-Gordon) (1948-), Wife of Alick Moore. 2 Portraits

Marchant Hubert Penfold (1873-1961), Captain. 2 Portraits

Robert Bernard Penfold (1916-2015), Major-General. 4 Portraits

W. Penfold. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Pengelly (1675-1730), Chief baron of the Exchequer. 4 Portraits

Isaac Penington (circa 1584-1661), Local politician and regicide; Lord Mayor of London. 4 Portraits

Sir John Penington (baptised 1584?-1646), Naval officer. 6 Portraits

Aaron Edwin Penley (1806-1870), Painter and drawing-master. 3 Portraits

Caroline Penley (née Turner) (died 1889), Wife of Aaron Edwin Penley. 1 Portrait

William Sydney Penley (1852-1912), Actor and theatre manager. 5 Portraits

William Henry Penley (1917-2017), Engineering Consultant. 1 Portrait

Gerard Giles Penman (1899-1982), Ophthalmic surgeon. 3 Portraits

Nelia Penman (née Muspratt) (1915-2017), Barrister; politician and president of the Women’s Liberal Federation; wife of Derek Penman. 1 Portrait

William M. Penman (1880-1970), Commandant, London Special Constabulary. 1 Portrait

Granville Penn (1761-1844), Author. 2 Portraits

Granville John Penn (1802-1867), Son of Granville Penn. 1 Portrait

John Penn (Pen) (1492-1557), Barber to King Henry VIII. 1 Portrait

John Penn (1760-1834), Writer. 6 Portraits

John Penn (1848-1903), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Louisa Hannah Penn (1756-1766), Daughter of Thomas Penn of Stoke Park. 2 Portraits

Richard Penn (1784-1863), Author. 2 Portraits

Sir William Penn (1621-1670), Admiral. 6 Portraits

William Penn (1644-1718), Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania. 5 Portraits

Lady Caroline Pennant (née Spencer) (1798-1824), Daughter of 4th Duke of Marlborough; wife of David Pennant. 1 Portrait

Thomas Pennant (1726-1798), Naturalist and topographer. 4 Portraits

Hon. Helen Pennant-Rea (née Jay) (1945-), Wife of Rupert Lascelles Pennant-Rea; one of the Jay twins, daughters of Baron Jay. 1 Portrait

Mrs Penn Curzon. 3 Portraits

Sir John Lysaght Pennefather (1800-1872), General. 1 Portrait

Richard Pennefather (1772-1859), Judge. 1 Portrait

William Pennefather (1816-1873), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Gerard Patrick ('Gerry') Pennell (1959-), Chief Information Officer, LOCOG, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Henry Lewin Lee Pennell (1882-1916), Royal Navy Officer. 1 Portrait

Richard Pennell (1885-1963), Soldier; Military Knight of Windsor. 1 Portrait

Catherine Ann Pennethorne (née MacGregor) (1834-1909), Wife of Gregory Walton Pennethorne; daughter of James MacGregor. 1 Portrait

Deane Parker Pennethorne (1835-1917), Barrister and school inspector. 1 Portrait

Sir James Pennethorne (1801-1871), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Ronald Campbell Penney (1896-1964), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir William George Penney, Bt (1909-1991), Scientist. 1 Portrait

William Pennicott (1726-1811), Rector of Long Ditton, Surrey. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Richard Pennington (1838-1910), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Fanny Caroline Pennington (1829-1864), Daughter of 3rd Baron Muncaster. 1 Portrait

Sir Isaac Pennington (1745-1817), Physician. 1 Portrait

James W.C. Pennington (circa 1807-1870), Clergyman, teacher, author. 1 Portrait

Hon. Margaret Susan Elizabeth Pennington (1860-1871), Daughter of 4th Baron Muncaster. 1 Portrait

Robert Rainy Pennington. 1 Portrait

Rosamond Pennington (active 1852), Wife of Charles Pennington. 2 Portraits

Alfred Penny (1811-1890), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Deborah Penny (1967 or 1968-), Army officer; first transgender army officer to serve on the front line in the British army. 1 Portrait

Edward Penny (1714-1791), Portrait and history painter. 3 Portraits

James Penny (1820-1915), Rector of Tarrant-Rushton with Tarrant-Rawston and headmaster. 1 Portrait

Sir James Downing Penny (1886-1978), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Mrs Penny (active 1784), Wife of John Penny. 1 Portrait

Louis Penny. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne Penny (née Roe) (circa 1830-1907), Wife of James Penny; daughter of John Banister Roe. 1 Portrait

Hon. Patrick Glyn Penny (1939-), Second son of 2nd Viscount Marchwood. 2 Portraits

Reginald Ian Penny (active 1903), Actor. 1 Portrait

Shelagh Penny (née O'Brien) (1934-), Wife of John Penny; daughter of Robert Alfred O'Brien; granddaughter of 5th Baron Decies. 8 Portraits

William Penny (1808-1892), Seaman and explorer. 2 Portraits

Joseph Bulford Pennybacker (1907-1983), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir John Pennycuick (1899-1982), Judge. 1 Portrait

Mary Mackenzie Pennyman (née Coltman) (1835-1914), Wife of James Stovin Pennyman. 1 Portrait

Richard Pennant, Baron Penrhyn (circa 1737-1808), Slate manufacturer and politician. 1 Portrait

Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant, 1st Baron Penrhyn (1800-1886), Politician; MP for Caernarvonshire, landowner and slate industrialist. 5 Portraits

Maria Louisa (née Fitzroy), Lady Penrhyn (1818-1912), Wife of 1st Baron Penrhyn; daughter of 5th Duke of Grafton. 1 Portrait

Hugh Napier Douglas-Pennant, 4th Baron Penrhyn (1894-1949). 4 Portraits

Alice Penrose, Daughter of Francis Cranmer Penrose; sister of Dame Emily Penrose. 2 Portraits

Antony Penrose (1947-), Artist, writer, photographer and film producer. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Vinicombe Penrose (1759-1830), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Dame Emily Penrose (1858-1942), Principal of Royal Holloway College. 31 Portraits

Francis Cranmer Penrose (1817-1903), Architect; classical archaeologist and astronomer. 3 Portraits

Francis George Penrose (1857-1932), Physician, ornithologist and zoologist; son of Francis Cranmer Penrose. 4 Portraits

Harriette Penrose (née Gibbes) (died 1903), Wife of Francis Cranmer Penrose; daughter of Francis Gibbes. 3 Portraits

John Penrose (1753-1829), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Lionel Sharples Penrose (1898-1972), Geneticist and mathematician. 1 Portrait

Mary Penrose, Daughter of Francis Cranmer Penrose; sister of Dame Emily Penrose. 2 Portraits

Richard Penrose (active 18th century), Vermin catcher of Huntington. 3 Portraits

Sir Roger Penrose (1931-), Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Oxford. 2 Portraits

Sir Roland Algernon Penrose (1900-1984), Painter, art collector; WW2 camoufleur and writer on art. 16 Portraits

Thomas Penrose (1742-1779), Poet. 1 Portrait

John Penruddock (1619-1655), Royalist. 15 Portraits

Lady Charlotte-Elizabeth Penryhn (née Stanley) (1801-1853), Wife of Edward Penryhn, Esq; daughter of 13th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Emma Florence Pense (1885-1965), Matron-in-chief, England of Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Henry Penson (1864-1955), Historian and economist. 4 Portraits

Norah Lillian Penston (1903-1974), Demonstrator in Botany. 1 Portrait

John Sinclair, 1st Baron Pentland (1860-1925), Politician; MP and Secretary for Scotland, Governor of Madras. 6 Portraits

Henry John Sinclair, 2nd Baron Pentland (1907-1984), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Lucy Elisabeth Sinclair (née Babington-Smith), Lady Pentland (1910-2005), Wife of 2nd Baron Pentland; daughter of Sir Henry Babington-Smith. 1 Portrait

Joseph Barclay Pentland (1797-1873), Traveller and geologist. 1 Portrait

Norman Pentland (1912-1972), Politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Penton (1875-1967), Superintendent Royal Army Clothing Department. 4 Portraits

Arthur Godolphin Guy Carleton Pentreath (1902-1985), Residentiary Canon of Rochester Cathedral. 5 Portraits

Dorothy ('Dolly') Pentreath (Dorothy Jeffery) (1685-1777), Fishseller and Cornish speaker. 1 Portrait

Thomas Pentycross (1748-1808), Rector of Wallingford. 2 Portraits

Hazel Penwarden, Actress. 1 Portrait

James Plaisted Wilde, Baron Penzance (1816-1899), Judge. 9 Portraits

Pepin, King of the Franks (714-768), Reigned 751-68. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Pepler (née Halton), Wife of Sir George Lionel Pepler. 1 Portrait

Sir George Lionel Pepler (1882-1959), Planning consultant and civil servant. 6 Portraits

James Reid Peploe (1861-1935), Major. 1 Portrait

James Reid Peploe (1887-1969), Captain; husband of Dorothy Emily ('D.E.') Stevenson. 1 Portrait

Samuel Peploe (1668-1752), Bishop of Chester. 4 Portraits

Samuel Peploe Jr (1699-1781), Prebendary and Chancellor of Chester; son of Samuel Peploe, Bishop of Chester. 2 Portraits

M. Peplow (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Terence Pepper (1949-), Curator of Photographs, National Portrait Gallery. 11 Portraits

Ann Duncombe Peppiatt (née Shafto) (1941-), Wife of Brian Kenneth Peppiatt; daughter of Ernest Duncombe Shafto and Countess Howe. 5 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt (1893-1983), Director of Coutts and Co. 15 Portraits

Sir Leslie Ernest Peppiatt (1891-1968), Solicitor. 3 Portraits

Michael Peppiatt (1941-), Art historian, curator and writer. 1 Portrait

Pamela Mary (née Carter), Lady Peppiatt (1909-1998), Wife of Sir Kenneth Peppiatt. 6 Portraits

Johann Christoph Pepusch (John Christopher Pepusch) (1666 or 1667-1752), Composer and teacher. 4 Portraits

Lady Emily Harriet Pepys (1829-1891), Daughter of 1st Earl of Cottenham. 1 Portrait

Lady Frances Mary Pepys (1823-1895), Daughter of 1st Earl of Cottenham. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Pepys (1640-1669), Wife of Samuel Pepys. 4 Portraits

Louisa Eleanor Anne Pepys (née Disbrowe) (died 1885), Wife of Philip Henry Pepys. 1 Portrait

Sir Lucas Pepys, 1st Bt (1742-1830), Physician. 2 Portraits

Hon. (Pamela Sophia) Nadine Pepys (née Stonor) (1917-2005), Wife of Charles Donald Leslie Pepys; daughter of 5th Lord Camoys. 3 Portraits

Samuel Pepys (1633-1703), Diarist and naval administrator. 12 Portraits

Sir William Weller Pepys, 1st Bt (1740-1825), Writer and literary scholar. 1 Portrait

Alexander Perceval (1787-1858), Serjeant-at-Arms. 1 Portrait

Alice Perceval (née Sherman) (active late 16th-early 17th century), Second wife of Richard Perceval; daughter of John Sherman of Ottery St Mary's. 2 Portraits

Catharine Perceval (née Southwell), Lady Perceval (1637-1679), Wife of Sir John Perceval, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Catharine Perceval (née Dering), Lady Perceval (died 1692), Former wife of Sir John Perceval, 3rd Bt, and later wife of Colonel Butler. 1 Portrait

Claude John Perceval (1864-1932), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Maxwell Perceval (1861-1955), Major-General. 5 Portraits

George Perceval (1635-1675), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

Jessie Mary (née Johnston), Lady Perceval (active 1880), Daughter of John Johnston; wife of Sir Westby Brook Perceval. 2 Portraits

Hon. Joanna Ida Louisa Perceval (née Littleton) (1926-), Daughter of Edward Thomas Walhouse Littleton, 5th Baron Hatherton; wife of Robert Westby Perceval. 3 Portraits

Sir John Perceval, 3rd Bt (1660-1686), Nobleman. 2 Portraits

Katherine Perceval (née Ussher), Lady Perceval (died 1681), Wife of Sir Philip Perceval. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Perceval (1605-1647), Politician; MP for Newport. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Perceval, 2nd Bt (1656-1680), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

Richard Perceval (circa 1558-1620), Administrator and lexicographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Perceval, 1st Bt (1657-1677), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

Spencer Perceval (1762-1812), Prime Minister. 20 Portraits

Spencer Perceval (1795-1859), Conservative politician; MP for Tiverton; eldest son of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval. 1 Portrait

Sir Westby Brook Perceval (1854-1928), Lawyer, committee member and writer. 2 Portraits

Miss Perceval, Daughter of Sir Westby Brook Perceval. 1 Portrait

Patrick Perceval-Maxwell, Husband of Magdalen King-Hall. 3 Portraits

Marcel Percevault (active 1933-1954), Maitre-chef at Claridges. 1 Portrait

William Percey (Piercy) (1744-1819), Chaplain and President of Georgia College. 1 Portrait

Alicia Constance Percival (1903-1987), Educationist and author of 'The English Miss: To-day and Yesterday'. 1 Portrait

Arthur Ernest Percival (1887-1966), Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Edgar Wikner Percival (1898-1984), Aircraft designer and pilot. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Franz Passawer Percival (1876-1944), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir (Walter) Ian Percival (1921-1998), Politician; Solicitor General for England and Wales. 1 Portrait

John Percival (1834-1918), Bishop of Hereford and Headmaster. 8 Portraits

Sir John Percival (1870-1954), Judicial adviser to the Government of Egypt and legal adviser to the High Commissioner. 2 Portraits

Lance Percival (1933-2015), Actor and comedian. 3 Portraits

Launcelot Jefferson Percival (1869-1941), Prebendary, domestic chaplain to King George V, son of Bishop of Hereford. 6 Portraits

Maude Percival, Actress. 5 Portraits

Henry Algernon George Percy, Earl Percy (1871-1909), Politician and traveller. 9 Portraits

Eustace Sutherland Campbell Percy, Baron Percy of Newcastle (1887-1958), Politician and educationist. 10 Portraits

Stella Katherine Percy (née Drummond), Lady Percy of Newcastle (1895-1982), Wife of 1st Baron Percy of Newcastle; daughter of Major-General Lawrence Drummond. 11 Portraits

Lord Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy (1851-1933), Lieutenant-Colonel; Member of Parliament for Westminster and for St George’s, Hanover Square; son of 6th Duke of Northumberland. 3 Portraits

Lord Henry Hugh Manvers Percy (1817-1877), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Lord Richard Charles Percy (1921-1989), Lecturer in Zoology; son of 8th Duke of Northumberland. 2 Portraits

Mary (née Swinton), Lady Percy (1899-1984), Wife of Lord William Richard Percy; daughter of George Sitwell Campbell Swinton. 3 Portraits

Alan Percy (circa 1480-1560), College head. 1 Portrait

Edward Percy (active 1929). 1 Portrait

Esme Percy (1887-1957), Actor. 1 Portrait

Henry Edward Percy (1925-1985), Son of Lord William Richard Percy. 2 Portraits

John Percy (alias Father Fisher) (1569-1641), Jesuit priest. 2 Portraits

Sir John Samuel Jocelyn Percy (1871-1952), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Joscelyn Edward Seymour Percy, Colonel. 4 Portraits

Hon. Mary Edith Percy (1919-1998), Daughter of 1st Baron Percy of Newcastle. 9 Portraits

Thomas Percy (1560-1605), Organiser of the 'Gunpowder Plot'. 14 Portraits

Thomas Percy (1729-1811), Editor of the 'Reliques of Ancient English Poetry' and Bishop of Dromore. 3 Portraits

Richard Gordon Perdue (1910-1998), Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. 1 Portrait

Manuela Perea ('La Nena') (active 1845-1858), Spanish dancer known as 'La Nena'. 4 Portraits

Hon. Caelia Anne Georgiana Pereira (née Lambert) (1946-), Wife of Emmanuel Irismar Pereira; daughter of 3rd Viscount Lambert. 3 Portraits

Emily Pereira (died 1865). 2 Portraits

George Edward Pereira (1865-1923), Brigadier-General and explorer. 3 Portraits

Henry Horace Pereira (1845-1926), Bishop of Croydon. 2 Portraits

Sir Horace Alvarez de Courcy Pereira (1879-1963), Lawyer. 3 Portraits

Jonathan Pereira (1804-1853), Pharmacologist. 1 Portrait

Caroline Criado Perez (1984-), Writer and campaigner. 1 Portrait

David Perez (1711-1778), Composer. 1 Portrait

Didacus Perez (died 1570), Jesuit missionary. 1 Portrait

Franciscus Perez (died 1570), Jesuit missionary. 1 Portrait

Ronald Perfect, Clergyman and headmaster. 4 Portraits

Bartolomeo Pergami (1783 or 1784-1842), Courier and consort of Queen Caroline. 33 Portraits

Dame Margery Freda Perham (1895-1982), Colonial civil servant and historian. 3 Portraits

Periander (circa 625 BC-585 BC), Tyrant of Corinth. 1 Portrait

Casimir Pierre Périer (1777-1832), French statesman. 1 Portrait

Jean Périer (1869-1954), Opera singer and actor. 1 Portrait

Georges Périnal (1897-1965), Film cameraman. 7 Portraits

Richard Pering (1767-1838), Inventor. 1 Portrait

Mahenthiran Selvaraj Perinpanayagam (circa 1928-1988), Psychiatrist. 1 Portrait

Simon Periton (1964-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Emil) Athol Owen Perkin (1889-1951). 1 Portrait

Thomas Dix Perkin (1892-1991), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Perkin (1838-1907), Chemist. 9 Portraits

Anne Perkins (active 1923). 1 Portrait

A.G. Perkins (active 1930s). 1 Portrait

Charles Perkins (active circa 1865). 1 Portrait

(George) Dudley Gwynne Perkins (1911-1986), Director-General of the Port of London Authority. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwin King Perkins (1855-1937), Colonel and politician. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth Perkins (née Leonard), Wife of Roy Perkins. 3 Portraits

George Forder Perkins (1884-1972), Army officer and Aide-de-camp to King. 2 Portraits

Jacob Perkins (1766-1849), Inventor. 4 Portraits

Janette Wilhelmina (née Cathrey), Lady Perkins (1840-1917), Wife of Sir Aeneas Perkins. 1 Portrait

John Perkins (circa 1837-1901), Doctor of Law, Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge, and Secretary of the Cambridgeshire Hunt. 1 Portrait

Joseph Perkins (baptised 1657), Poet. 1 Portrait

Marie Rose Perkins, Actress. 1 Portrait

Maxwell Edmund Massy Perkins (1907-1985), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Peter Perkins (active 1670s-died 1680), Mathematical Master at Christ's Hospital. 1 Portrait

Richard Perkins (Parkins) (circa 1579-1650), Actor. 1 Portrait

Roy Perkins (1922-). 2 Portraits

Walter Frank Perkins (1856-1946), Politician. 2 Portraits

William Perkins (1558-1602), Puritan divine. 17 Portraits

Sir Robert William Perks, 1st Bt (1849-1934), Industrialist, politician and solicitor. 8 Portraits

Emily Colby (née White), Lady Perley (1866-1948), Second wife of Sir George Halsey Perley; daughter of Hon. Thomas White. 3 Portraits

Sir George Halsey Perley (1857-1938), Secretary of State of Canada. 7 Portraits

Selig Perlman (1888-1959), Economist and labour historian. 1 Portrait

Sophia Lvovna Perovskaya (1853-1881), Russian revolutionary involved in the assassination of Tsar Alexander II. 1 Portrait

Agatha (née Beaumont), Lady Perowne (1908-1994), Wife of Sir John Victor Thomas Woolrych Perowne; daughter of 1st Viscount Allendale. 1 Portrait

Arthur William Thomson Perowne (1867-1948), Chaplain to George V and Bishop of Worcester. 12 Portraits

John James Stewart Perowne (1823-1904), Bishop of Worcester. 2 Portraits

Sir John Victor Thomas Woolrych Tait Perowne (1897-1951), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Lancelot Edgar Connop Mervyn Perowne (1902-1982), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Leslie Arthur Perowne (1906-1997), Broadcaster. 4 Portraits

Stewart Henry Perowne (1901-1989), Orientalist and historian. 16 Portraits

Daniel Perreau (1732-1776), Stock speculator and forger; twin brother of Robert Perreau. 3 Portraits

Robert Perreau (1732-1776), Apothecary and forger; twin brother of Daniel Perreau. 2 Portraits

George Perren (1827-1909), Operatic tenor. 1 Portrait

David Perrett (1954-), Psychologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Willcox Perrin (1905-1988), Chairman of Wellcome Foundation. 4 Portraits

Percival Albert Perrin (1876-1945), Cricketer. 3 Portraits

William Willcox Perrin (1848-1934), Bishop of Columbia and Bishop of Willesden. 1 Portrait

E.G. Perrine? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Edgar Perring, 1st Bt (1905-1998), Chairman of Perrings Furnishings Ltd. 2 Portraits

Sir William Perring (1866-1937), Politician and businessman. 8 Portraits

Charles William Dyson Perrins (1864-1958), Collector of illuminated manuscripts. 4 Portraits

Isaac Perrins (1750 or 1757-1801), Boxer and mechanical engineer. 4 Portraits

Perrins (active 1789), Brother of Isaac Perrins; associated with pugilism. 1 Portrait

Vincent Perronet (1693-1785), Methodist. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Perrot (1851-1919), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Cyril Vincent Perrott (1902-1985), Company chairman. 7 Portraits

Ethel Lucy (née Hare), Lady Perrott (1875-1939), Royal Red Cross officer; wife of Sir Herbert Charles Perrott, 1st Bt; daughter of Marcus Hare. 6 Portraits

Sir John Perrott (1527?-1592), Lord Deputy of Ireland. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Perrott, 2nd Bt (1716-1796), Soldier and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Percival Lea Dewhurst Perry, 1st Baron Perry (1878-1956), Director of Ford Motor Company Limited. 3 Portraits

Alfred Perry (1904-1974), Golfer. 7 Portraits

Charles Perry (1807-1891), First Bishop of Melbourne. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edwin) Cooper Perry (1856-1938), Physician and medical administrator. 1 Portrait

Florence Perry (1869-1949), Actress and opera singer. 1 Portrait

Florence ('Flo') Perry (1992-), Artist; painter; illustrator; writer. 1 Portrait

Frederick John ('Fred') Perry (1909-1995), Tennis and table-tennis player. 25 Portraits

Godfrey Perry (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Grayson Perry (1960-), Artist. 10 Portraits

Harry A. Perry (1826-1862), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Whitchurch Perry (1861-1938), Major-General. 2 Portraits

James Perry (1756-1821), Editor of the 'Morning Chronicle'. 4 Portraits

James De Wolf Perry (1871-1947), Bishop of Rhode Island and Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. 1 Portrait

Lee 'Scratch' Perry (Rainford Hugh Perry) (1936-2021), Reggae musician and producer. 2 Portraits

Nicky Perry, Co-owner, Tea and Sympathy and A Salt & Battery. 1 Portrait

Philippa Perry (1957-), Psychotherapist and author. 1 Portrait

Rebecca Mary Perry (née Barclay) (1942-), Wife of Colin Heywood Perry; daughter of John Stephen Barclay;. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Erskine Perry (1806-1882), Judge in India. 1 Portrait

William Perry (died 1808), Teacher, linguist and lexicographer. 2 Portraits

Mrs Perry (active 1841). 1 Portrait

Samuel William Prittie Perry-Aldworth (1902-1997), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Perryn (1723-1803), Judge. 1 Portrait

W.S. Persehouse (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Joseph Pershing (1860-1948), General. 2 Portraits

Walter Persons, Giant and Porter to King Charles I. 1 Portrait

Henry Seymour ('Atty') Persse (1869-1960), Horse trainer. 5 Portraits

Burton Robert Parsons Persse (1828-1885), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Jocelyn Persse. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Mary Persse (née Persse) (1898-1979), Wife of Edmund Persse; daughter of William Arthur Persse. 1 Portrait

Walter Lionel Persson (1915-1985), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth (1648-1716), Lord Chancellor of Scotland. 3 Portraits

(James) Eric Drummond, 16th Earl of Perth (1876-1951), Diplomat; Secretary-General of the League of Nations 1920-1933. 11 Portraits

Angela Mary (née Constable-Maxwell), Countess of Perth (1877-1965), Wife of 16th Earl of Perth; daughter of 11th Baron Herries. 4 Portraits

John David Drummond, 17th Earl of Perth (1907-2002), Politician and banker. 2 Portraits

Jon Pertwee (1919-1996), Actor. 12 Portraits

Roland Pertwee (1885-1963), Playwright and novelist. 10 Portraits

Perugia. 1 Portrait

Catherine ('Katey') Elizabeth Macready Perugini (née Dickens) (1839-1929), Painter; former wife of Charles Collins, and later wife of Charles (Carlo) Edward Perugini; daughter of Charles Dickens. 5 Portraits

Max Ferdinand Perutz (1914-2002), Molecular biologist and chemist. 3 Portraits

Edith Marion (née Story), Marchesa Peruzzi di Medici (1844-1907), Writer; daughter of William Wetmore Story; wife of Marquess Simone Peruzzi di Medici. 1 Portrait

Herbert E. Pervin, Tennis coach. 1 Portrait

Susanna Perwich (1636-1661), Musician; daughter of Robert Perwich. 3 Portraits

Edmond Sexton Pery, Viscount Pery (1719-1806), Irish Speaker. 1 Portrait

Sir William Peryam (1534-1604), Judge. 1 Portrait

Samuel Frederick Peshall (1882-1977), Director. 1 Portrait

William Ponsford Pessell (died 1971), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

R.A. Pestell. 3 Portraits

(Henri) Philippe Benoni Omer Joseph Pétain (1856-1951), General. 1 Portrait

Ester Elizabeth Mary ('Betty') Petavel (née Crick) (1922-2012), Wife of H.L. Petavel. 1 Portrait

Harold Leonard Petavel (1900-1977), Major; son of James William Petavel. 2 Portraits

Peter I ('The Great') (1672-1725), Czar of Russia. 3 Portraits

Peter III (1728-1762), Czar of Russia, reigned 1762. 1 Portrait

King Peter I of Serbia (1844-1921), Last King of Serbia, reigned 1903-18 and first King of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, reigned 1918-21. 2 Portraits

Peter II, King of Yugoslavia (1923-1970), Reigned 1934-1945. 1 Portrait

Hugh Peter (Peters) (1598-1660), Independent minister and parliamentarian. 20 Portraits

Peter the Wild Boy (circa 1712-1785), Curiosity and protegé of George I. 7 Portraits

Charles Mordaunt, 3rd Earl of Peterborough (1658-1735), Soldier. 21 Portraits

Carey Mordaunt (née Fraizer), Countess of Peterborough and Monmouth (circa 1658-1709), Courtier and correspondent of John Locke; wife of 2nd Viscount Mordaunt. 1 Portrait

Anastasia Mordaunt (née Robinson), Countess of Peterborough (circa 1692-1755), Opera singer and second wife of 3rd Earl of Peterborough. 5 Portraits

George William Peterkin (1841-1916), Bishop of West Virginia. 1 Portrait

James Grant Peterkin (1837-1900), Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant for Morayshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur M. Peters (1888-1979), Admiral. 4 Portraits

F.R Peters, Major. 1 Portrait

Julian ('Bampy') Peters (active mid-late 20th century), Drummer; musician; member of Misty in Roots. 1 Portrait

Matthew William Peters (1742-1814), Painter and Chaplain to the Prince Regent. 1 Portrait

Rachel ('Ray') Peters (1912-1998). 1 Portrait

Sir Rudolph Albert Peters (1889-1982), Biochemist. 8 Portraits

Sylvia Peters (Sylvia Lucia Petronzio) (1926-2016), BBC Television Announcer and actress. 2 Portraits

William Henry Peters (1814-1896), Army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Colin Petersen (1946-), Drummer and record producer. 4 Portraits

Jack Petersen (1911-1990), Boxer. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Frederick Peterson (1859-1922), Judge. 2 Portraits

John Carlos Kennedy Peterson (1876-1955), Indian civil servant. 2 Portraits

Sir Maurice Drummond Peterson (1889-1952), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Ray Peterson (1935-2005), Pop singer. 1 Portrait

G. Petherbridge. 5 Portraits

Hon. Bridget Frances Kate Petherick (née Cornwallis) (1900-1987), Wife of John Cecil Petherick; daughter of 1st Baron Cornwallis. 3 Portraits

Horace William Petherick (1838-1919), Artist. 2 Portraits

Maurice Petherick (1894-1985), Conservative politician; MP for Penryn & Falmouth. 5 Portraits

Vivienne Bridget Petherick (1922-1985), Daughter of John Cecil Petherick and Hon. Bridget Frances Kate Cornwallis. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Pethick-Lawrence, 1st Baron Pethick-Lawrence (1871-1961), Women's suffragist and Labour politician; MP for Leicester West and Edinburgh East and Secretary of State for India and Burma. 18 Portraits

Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence (1867-1954), Suffragette; treasurer of the Women's Social and Politicial Union. 8 Portraits

May Petie (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Christopher Petit (1949-), Film, television and stage director. 2 Portraits

Sir Dinshaw Manockjee Petit, 1st Bt (1823-1901), Parsi merchant and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

John Edward Petit (1895-1973), Bishop of Menevia. 1 Portrait

Louis Hayes Petit (1774-1849), Barrister and politician; MP for Ripon. 1 Portrait

Nusserwanji Maneckji Petit (1827-1891), Bombay businessman, Justice of the Peace and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Jean Petitot (1607-1691), Miniaturist; son of Faulle Petitot. 1 Portrait

Frank Petley (1872-1945), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Basil Peto, 1st Bt (1862-1945), Businessman and Unionist politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Henry Maxwell Peto, 3rd Bt (1897-1980), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Kelsall Peto (1878-1956), Politician. 3 Portraits

Jonathan Peto (1943-), Son of John Peto. 1 Portrait

Julian Peto, Statistician and cancer epidemiologist. 1 Portrait

Michael Peto (1908-1970), Photojournalist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Samuel) Morton Peto, 1st Bt (1809-1889), Contractor for railways and public works. 4 Portraits

Ralph Harding Peto (1877-1945), Diplomat and army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Peto (1943-), Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, University of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sarah Ainsworth (née Kelsall), Lady Peto (1821-1892), Second wife of Sir (Samuel) Morton Peto, 1st Bt; daughter of Henry Kelsall. 2 Portraits

Yvon François Marie Petra (1916-1984), French tennis player. 2 Portraits

Sari Petrass (1890-1930), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

William Petre, 4th Baron Petre (1625 or 1626-1684), Nobleman; victim of the Popish Plot. 1 Portrait

Robert Edward Petre, 9th Baron Petre (1742-1801), Roman Catholic leader. 2 Portraits

Joseph William Lionel Petre, 17th Baron Petre (1914-1989), Son of 16th Baron Petre. 2 Portraits

C.B. Petre, Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Petre, 3rd Bt (before 1634-1699), Jesuit and courtier. 2 Portraits

Henry Petre (1821-1900), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Jean Petre (née Menzies) (1918-2019), Wife of Bernard Petre; daughter of Sir Frederick Menzies. 1 Portrait

Kay Petre (née Kathleen Coad Defries) (1903-1994), Motor-racing driver; wife of Henry Petre. 6 Portraits

Robert Charles Petre (1907-1996), Lieutenant. 6 Portraits

Walter Reginald Glynn Petre (1873-1942), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir William Petre (1505?-1572), Secretary of State. 1 Portrait

Lord Petres. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Bertie Petrides (1881-1956), Lawyer and Chief Justice, Gold Coast. 3 Portraits

Blanche (née Allen), Lady Petrie (died 1968), Wife of Sir Edward Lindsay Haddon Petrie, 2nd Bt; daughter of C.J. Allen. 4 Portraits

Cecilia (née Mason), Lady Petrie (1901-1987), Mayor of Royal Borough of Kensington; wife of Sir Charles Petrie. 1 Portrait

Charles Alexander Petrie, 3rd Bt (1895-1977), Writer and historian. 4 Portraits

D. Petrie. 10 Portraits

Sir (William Matthew) Flinders Petrie (1853-1942), Archaeologist. 12 Portraits

Graham Petrie (1859-1940), Artist. 2 Portraits

Maria Petrie (née Zimmern) (1887-1972), Artist. 1 Portrait

Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian (1929-1984), Armenian World Chess Champion. 1 Portrait

Ludovico Petrucci (circa 1575-in or after 1619), Poet and soldier. 1 Portrait

Lady Charlotte Mary Roberte Paul Petsopoulos (née Ponsonby) (1949-), Philanthropist; wife of Yanni Petsopoulos; daughter of 10th Earl of Bessborough. 1 Portrait

David Pett, Cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Peter Pett (1610-1670), Shipbuilder. 1 Portrait

Phineas Pett (1570-1647), Shipbuilder and first Master of the Shipwrights' Company. 2 Portraits

Sir Phineas Pett (died 1694), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Phineas Pett (1758-1830), Principal of St Mary Hall and Archdeacon of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Willoughby Petter (1873-1954), President of British Engineers Association. 1 Portrait

Henry D. Petter. 1 Portrait

(William) Edward ('Teddy') Willoughby Petter (1908-1968), Aircraft designer. 1 Portrait

Mr Pettet. 1 Portrait

Cora Pettie (died 1936), Wife of Edgar Pettie; mother of Edna May. 1 Portrait

John Pettie (1839-1893), Painter. 8 Portraits

Marguerite Pettie (1891-1958), Daughter of Edgar Pettie; sister of Edna May. 1 Portrait

Julian Pettifer (1935-), Writer and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Stephen David Pettifer (1930-), Captain. 1 Portrait

Annie (née MacLeod), Lady Pettigrew (died 1937), Second wife of Sir Andrew Hislop Pettigrew; daughter of Angus MacLeod. 5 Portraits

Thomas Joseph Pettigrew (1791-1865), Surgeon and antiquary. 4 Portraits

Peter Pettit (1908-2003), Mayor of St Marylebone. 2 Portraits

Mary Pettman, Publications Editor, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Emilio Pettoruti (1892-1971), Argentine painter. 1 Portrait

Sir John Pettus (circa 1613-1685), Deputy-governor of the royal mines. 4 Portraits

Sir John Pettus (1550-1614), Mayor of Norwich and merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Pettus (died 1654), High Sheriff of Norfolk. 1 Portrait

George Petty. 3 Portraits

Sir Horace Rostill Petty (1904-1982), Agent-General for State of Victoria in London. 1 Portrait

Sir William Petty (1623-1687), Political economist. 9 Portraits

Xavier ('Gypsy') Petulengro (Walter Lloyd or Walter Smith) (1859-1957), Romanichal horse trader, astrologer, palmist, violinist, businessman, writer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sylvester Petyt (1638-1719), Lawyer. 5 Portraits

Don Fernando de Arteagay Peveiva, Professor and Taylorian lecturer in Spanish, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sir Nikolaus Bernhard Leon Pevsner (1902-1983), Art historian and architectural scholar. 5 Portraits

Charles-Ignace, Comte de Peyronnet (1778-1854), French politician. 1 Portrait

John Wynne William Peyton, Baron Peyton of Yeovil (1919-2006), Company chairman, politician and writer. 8 Portraits

Sir Algernon Francis Peyton, 6th Bt (1855-1916), Landowner and soldier. 1 Portrait

John Goodwin Gregory Peyton (1752-1809), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Oliver Peyton (1961-), Restaurateur and food entrepreneur. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Peyton, 5th Bt (1817-1888), Major-general; coaching enthusiast. 1 Portrait

T. Peyton, Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir William Eliot Peyton (1866-1931), General. 8 Portraits

Mr Peyton. 1 Portrait

Rhona Gertrude Jean Peyton-Jones (née Wood) (1921-2005), Wife of Jeremy Peyton-Jones; granddaughter of Sir John Wood, 1st Bt; mother of Julia Peyton-Jones. 1 Portrait

Michelle Pfeiffer (1958-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Peggy Phango (1928-1998), Jazz singer; nurse; wife of Johnny Parker. 1 Portrait

Pharamond, King of the Franks (circa 370-circa 430), King of the Franks. 1 Portrait

Robert Desmond H. Phayre (1915-2007), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Phelips (circa 1555-1614), Speaker of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Phelips (1586?-1638), Parliamentarian. 1 Portrait

Barrington Pheloung (1954-2019), Film and television composer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Phelps (1867-1940), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Eric Phelps (active 1930s), Sculler. 2 Portraits

Francis Robinson Phelps (1863-1938), Archbishop of Cape Town and Bishop of Grahamstown. 2 Portraits

G. Phelps (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Phelps (active 1883), Putney waterman. 1 Portrait

Leonard Thomas Herbert Phelps (1917-2003), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Richard Phelps (circa 1718-1785), Portrait painter. 2 Portraits

Samuel Phelps (1804-1878), Actor. 10 Portraits

Ted Phelps (active 1930s), Sculler. 2 Portraits

John Samuel Phene (1824-1912), Scholar, antiquarian and architect. 3 Portraits

Leonard Philaras (circa 1595-1673), Athenian scholar and correspondent of John Milton. 1 Portrait

Linda Philbey (1951-). 1 Portrait

Freya Philbey-Heeg (2013-). 1 Portrait

Harold Adrian Russell ('Kim') Philby (1912-1988), Spy. 2 Portraits

Mary Philby (née Kebbel). 1 Portrait

Ralph Montague Philby (1884-1969), Nautical advisor to Government of India. 1 Portrait

Philibert, Comte de Gramont (1621-1707), Courtier and subject of 'The Memoirs of Count Grammont'. 1 Portrait

François André Danican Philidor (1726-1795), French composer. 1 Portrait

Philip ('Philip the Handsome'), King of Castile (1478-1506), Spanish king of Castile, archduke of Austria, titular duke of Burgundy. 1 Portrait

Philip II, King of Spain (1527-1598), Husband of Mary I. 27 Portraits

Philip IV, King of Spain (1605-1665), Reigned 1621-65. 2 Portraits

Philip V (1683-1746), King of Spain. 1 Portrait

Andre Philip (1901-1970), French economist and politician. 6 Portraits

John Philip (1775-1851), Missionary in South Africa. 4 Portraits

Sir (James) Randall Philip (1900-1957), Lawyer and Procurator of the Church of Scotland. 1 Portrait

Robert Philip (Philips) (circa 1580-1647), Roman Catholic priest. 1 Portrait

Prince Philip Andrew Doria Pamphilj Landi (1813-1876), Mayor of Rome; husband of Lady Mary Talbot. 1 Portrait

Philippa of Hainault (1314?-1369), Queen of Edward III. 5 Portraits

Prince Philippe of Belgium, Count of Flanders (1837-1905), Son of Leopold I, King of Belgium. 4 Portraits

Philippe, 9th Duc d'Orleans (1869-1926), Head of the Bourbon family. 9 Portraits

(Ferdinand) Philipp Maria August Raphael, 2nd Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Koháry (1844-1921), Brother of Ferdinand I, King of Bulgaria. 1 Portrait

E.A. Philippone? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Lady Marjorie Joan Mary Philipps (née Wentworth-Fitzwilliam) (1900-1979), Former wife of Grismond Picton Philipps (later Sir Philipps); daughter of 7th Earl Fitzwilliam. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth ('Betty') Joan Philipps (née Kindersley) (1911-1999), Wife of Hon. James Perrott Philipps; daughter of 1st Baron Kindersley. 7 Portraits

Sir Ivor Philipps (1861-1940), Major-General and politician. 8 Portraits

James Philipps (died 1824), Schoolmaster and dissenting minister. 2 Portraits

Sir James Erasmus Philipps, 12th Bt (1824-1912), Rural Dean of Warminster. 1 Portrait

Sir John Philipps, 6th Bt (1701-1764), Politician; MP for Camarthen, Petersfield and Pembrokeshire. 3 Portraits

Hon. Rhiannon Elisabeth Philipps (1946-), Third daughter of 2nd Viscount St Davids. 4 Portraits

Hon. Rowena Frances Philipps (1940-2005), Eldest daughter of 2nd Viscount St Davids. 5 Portraits

Teddy Philipps. 1 Portrait

Fabian Philips (1601-1690), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Francis Charles Philips (1849-1921), Novelist, actor, dramatist, barrister and army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir George Philips, 1st Bt (1766-1847), Politician; MP for Wootton Bassett and Warwickshire South. 1 Portrait

Herbert Philips (active 1866-1896), Municipal reformer in 19th century Manchester. 1 Portrait

John Philips (1676-1709), Poet. 7 Portraits

John Philips (1625-1742), Centenarian. 1 Portrait

Katherine Philips (née Fowler) (1631-1664), Known as 'Orinda'; poet and translator. 7 Portraits

Marjorie Barabel Ruth Philips (née McIver) (1887-1971), Wife of Harry Vaughan Philips; daughter of Sir Lewis McIver, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Mark Philips (1800-1873), Liberal politician; MP for Manchester. 1 Portrait

Isador Simon ('Sid') Philips (1907-1973), Jazz musician, clarinettist and composer. 1 Portrait

Anne Rosemary Philipson (1921-1969), Daughter of Hilton Philipson and Mabel Russell (Mrs Hilton Philipson). 3 Portraits

Sir George Hare Philipson (1836-1918), Professor of Medicine. 3 Portraits

Hilton Philipson (1892-1941), Politician; MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed. 1 Portrait

Hylton Ralph Murray Philipson (1902-1934), Politician; MP for Twickenham. 3 Portraits

John Thirlwall Philipson (1922-1965), Son of Nellie Briercliffe. 2 Portraits

Monica Philipson (née Beasley-Robinson), Wife of Hylton Ralph Murray Philipson; daughter of W.C. Beasley-Robinson. 1 Portrait

Hon. Nina Charlotte Philipson (née Murray) (1875-1966), Wife of Hylton Philipson; daughter of 1st Viscount Elibank. 4 Portraits

Oliphant James Philipson (1905-1987), Board member. 6 Portraits

Peter Philipson (1918-), Son of Hilton Philipson and Mabel Russell (Mrs Hilton Philipson). 2 Portraits

Walter George Frank Phillimore, 1st Baron Phillimore (1845-1929), Judge. 5 Portraits

Claud Stephen Phillimore, 4th Baron Phillimore (1911-1994), Architect. 1 Portrait

Anthony Francis Phillimore (1907-1940), Eldest son of 2nd Baron Phillimore and Captain. 6 Portraits

Marion Phillimore (née Ives), Former wife of Charles Bryce, and later wife of Hon. Godfrey Phillimore; daughter of Cecil St J. Ives. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Fortescue Phillimore (1864-1940), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Joseph Phillimore, 1st Bt (1810-1885), Judge. 4 Portraits

Stephen Henry Phillimore (1881-1956), Archdeacon of Middlesex. 2 Portraits

Arthur Phillip (1738-1814), Admiral of the Blue; first Governor of New South Wales. 1 Portrait

John Phillip (1817-1867), Portrait and subject painter. 11 Portraits

Eliza (née Hughes), Lady Phillippo, Second wife of Sir George Phillippo. 2 Portraits

Samuel March Phillipps (1780-1862), Legal writer and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Phillipps, 1st Bt (1792-1872), Antiquary, bibliophile and collector. 2 Portraits

William March Phillipps (1792-1818), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Peter Mark Andrew Phillips (1977-), Son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. 2 Portraits

Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips (1981-), Equestrian; Olympian; daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. 1 Portrait

Norah (née Lusher), Lady Phillips (1910-1992), Lord Lieutenant of Greater London and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Lady Katherine Mary Phillips (née Fitzalan-Howard) (1912-2000), Wife of Joseph Anthony Moore Phillips; daughter of 15th Duke of Norfolk. 2 Portraits

Adam Phillips (1954-), Psychoanalyst and essayist. 2 Portraits

Ann Cole Phillips (1911-1990), Painter. 8 Portraits

Anne Patricia Phillips (née Tiarks) (1926-1988), Wife of Peter William Garside Phillips; daughter of Gerhard Edward Tiarks; mother of Captain Mark Phillips. 1 Portrait

Arthur Phillips. 8 Portraits

Arthur Phillips (1907-1991), Barrister and Professor of English Law. 3 Portraits

Camilla Mary (née Parker), Lady Phillips (later Pisani) (1916-2006), Former wife of Sir Lionel Francis Phillips, 2nd Bt, and later wife of John George Pisani; daughter of Hugh Algernon Parker. 2 Portraits

Caryl Phillips (1958-), Novelist, stage and screen writer. 2 Portraits

Cecil Laurence Phillips (1880-1951), Fine art publisher; partner in the Leicester Galleries. 1 Portrait

Charles Phillips (1786 or 1787-1859), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Charles Phillips (1847-1906), Assistant-Bishop of Western Equatorial Africa. 1 Portrait

Charles George Phillips (1889-1982), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Charlie Phillips (1944-), Photographer and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Sir Claude Phillips (1846-1924), Art critic. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Phillips (1889-1973), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Edwin William Phillips (1918-1997), Company director. 2 Portraits

Eleanor Addison Phillips (1874-1952), Headmistress, Clifton High School, Bristol. 1 Portrait

Eliza Phillips (active 1839), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Farndale Phillips (1905-1961), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Phillips (1884-1943), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

George Phillips (1752-1813). 1 Portrait

George Phillips (1902-1961), Surgeon Rear Admiral. 2 Portraits

George Ingleton Phillips (1866-1936), Lieutenant-Colonel and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

(Richard) Hanning Phillips, Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Helen Clementina Phillips (née Gilchrist) (circa 1850-1931), Former wife of Colin Alexander Fraser, and later wife of Samuel Phillips; daughter of John Gilchrist. 1 Portrait

Henry Phillips (1801-1876), Singer. 3 Portraits

Henry Wyndham Phillips (1820-1868), Painter. 5 Portraits

Herbert de Touffreville Phillips (1862-1933), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Hubert Phillips (1891-1964), Author, journalist and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Jill Phillips (née Purdy) (1938-), Musician. 1 Portrait

John Phillips (1800-1874), Geologist. 3 Portraits

John Bertram Phillips (1906-1982), Writer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

John Edmund Andrew Phillips (1935-2001), American singer, guitarist and songwriter; member of 'The Mamas and the Papas'. 1 Portrait

John Henry Lawrence Phillips (1910-1985), Bishop of Portsmouth. 2 Portraits

Kate Phillips (1856-1931), Actress. 3 Portraits

Leo Phillips (1965-), Musician. 1 Portrait

Sir Leslie Gordon Phillips (1892-1966), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Leslie Samuel Phillips (1924-2022), Actor, director and producer. 3 Portraits

Sir Leslie Walter Phillips (1894-1983), Chairman, Baltic Exchange. 2 Portraits

Lewis Guy Phillips (1831-1886), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Lionel Francis Phillips, 2nd Bt (1914-1944), Son of Harold Lionel Phillips. 7 Portraits

Louisa Anne Phillips (born 1812), Actress. 3 Portraits

Miss L. Phillips, Fashion model. 6 Portraits

Margaret Phillips, Fashion Model. 1 Portrait

Marion Phillips (1881-1932), Labour politician; MP for Sunderland. 3 Portraits

Mark Anthony Peter Phillips (1948-), Equestrian; Olympian and consultant; former husband of Princess Anne. 5 Portraits

May Phillips (active 1930s), Barmaid. 1 Portrait

Michael Phillips. 1 Portrait

Michelle Phillips (née Holly Michelle Gilliam) (1944-), American singer, songwriter, and actress; member of 'The Mamas and the Papas'. 1 Portrait

Mike Phillips (1941-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Molesworth Phillips (1755-1832), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Montague Fawcett Phillips (1885-1969), Composer. 6 Portraits

Morgan Phillips (1902-1963), General Secretary of the Labour Party 1944-1961. 1 Portrait

Sir Percival Phillips (1877-1937), Journalist. 2 Portraits

Peter Phillips (1939-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Peter William Garside Phillips (1920-1998), Soldier; father of Captain Mark Phillips. 1 Portrait

Ramon John ('Ray') Phillips (1949-), Musician; vocalist, bassist and drummer for The Nashville Teens and Budgie. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Phillips (1767-1840), Writer, bookseller and publisher. 2 Portraits

Ruth Phillips (1964-), Musician. 1 Portrait

Sally Phillips (1970-), Actress, comedian and writer. 1 Portrait

Sarah Anne Phillips (1951-), Daughter of Peter William Garside Phillips; sister of Captain Mark Phillips. 1 Portrait

Stephen Phillips (1864-1915), Poet and dramatist. 5 Portraits

Susanna Phillips (née Burney) (1755-1800), Sister of Frances d'Arblay ('Fanny Burney'). 1 Portrait

Susanna Catherine (Susan Katherine) Phillips (née Holdsworth) (circa 1831-1897), Wife of Henry Wyndham Phillips; daughter of George Kelly Holdsworth. 1 Portrait

Teresia Constantia Phillips (1709-1765), Courtesan and memoirist. 11 Portraits

Thomas Phillips (1770-1845), Portrait painter. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Phillips (1801-1867), Local politician and writer on education. 1 Portrait

Thomas Richmond Phillips (1866-1963), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Williams Phillips (1883-1966), Civil servant. 8 Portraits

Tom Phillips (1937-2022), Artist, writer and composer; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 6 Portraits

Sir Tom Spencer Vaughan Phillips (1888-1941), Admiral. 4 Portraits

(Mark) Trevor Phillips (1953-), Journalist and broadcaster. 4 Portraits

Wendell Phillips (1811-1884), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Wilfrid Lawrence Phillips (1878-1926), Fine art publisher; partner in the Leicester Galleries. 1 Portrait

William Phillips (circa 1731-1781), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Mr Phillips (active 1802), Brother of Thomas Phillips, RA. 1 Portrait

Miss Phillips (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Miss Phillips (active 1863). 1 Portrait

Dr Phillips (active 1860s-1870s). 1 Portrait

Siân Phillips (Dame Jane Elizabeth Ailwên Phillips) (1933-), Actress. 8 Portraits

Caroline Gifford Phillipson (née Lethbridge) (1823-1893), Poet, author; daughter of Sir John Hesketh Lethbridge; wife of John Tharp Burton Phillipson. 1 Portrait

(Mary) Adelaide Eden Phillpotts (later Phillpotts Ross) (1896-1993), Novelist; daughter of Eden Phillpotts. 2 Portraits

Arthur Stephens Phillpotts (1844-1920), Politician and naval officer. 2 Portraits

Arthur Thomas Phillpotts (1815-1890), Son of Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter. 1 Portrait

Eden Phillpotts (1862-1960), Writer. 6 Portraits

Edward Copleston Phillpotts (circa 1813-1886), Son of Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter. 1 Portrait

George Phillpotts (born 1814), Son of Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter. 1 Portrait

Henry Phillpotts (1778-1869), Bishop of Exeter, 1830-1869. 18 Portraits

Henry Phillpotts (1809-1880), Captain; second son of Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter. 1 Portrait

John Scott Phillpotts (1820-1872), Son of Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter. 1 Portrait

William John Phillpotts (1807-1888), Archdeacon of Cornwall; son of Henry Phillpotts, Bishop of Exeter. 1 Portrait

Phoebe Philo (1973-), Fashion designer and model. 1 Portrait

E. Philpot, Politician. 1 Portrait

Glyn Warren Philpot (1884-1937), Painter and sculptor. 7 Portraits

John Philpot (1515 or 1516-1555), Protestant martyr. 1 Portrait

Oliver Lawrence Spurling Philpot (1913-1993), RAF pilot and Managing Director. 1 Portrait

Henry Philpott (1807-1892), Bishop of Worcester. 5 Portraits

Peter Theodore Philpott (1915-1988), Director of Service Intelligence, Ministry of Defence. 3 Portraits

John Philpotts (1775-1849), Mayor of Gloucester and Whig politician; MP for Gloucester. 1 Portrait

Thomas Phinn (1814-1866), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Lady Pheobe Phipps (née Pleydell-Bouverie) (1932-), Wife of Hubert Beaumont Phipps; daughter of 7th Earl of Radnor. 1 Portrait

Lady Sybil Anne Phipps (née Montagu-Douglas-Scott) (1899-1990), Wife of Charles Bathurst Phipps; daughter of 7th Duke of Buccleuch. 1 Portrait

Aaron Phipps (1983-), Athlete, former Paralympic GB wheelchair rugby player. 1 Portrait

Augustus Phipps (1762-1826), Brother of Henry Phipps, 1st Earl of Mulgrave. 2 Portraits

Hon. Augustus Frederick Phipps (1809-1896), Clergyman; son of 1st Earl of Mulgrave. 1 Portrait

Bertram Phipps (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Beaumont Phipps (1801-1866), Court official. 4 Portraits

Charles Edmund Phipps (1844-1906), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Constantine Phipps (1656-1723), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 1 Portrait

Edmund Phipps (1760-1837), General; son of 1st Baron Mulgrave. 6 Portraits

Edmund Phipps (1808-1857), Writer and barrister. 2 Portraits

Sir Edmund Bampfylde Phipps (1869-1947), Deputy Secretary on the Board of Education and private tutor. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Constantine Phipps (1840-1911), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Clare Edmund Phipps (1875-1945), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

George William Phipps (1821-1901), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Frances Phipps (née Lamb) (1931-2016), Landscape gardener; daughter of Henry Lamb; wife of William Phipps. 3 Portraits

Herbert Clive Phipps (1898-1975), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Dame Jessie Percy Butler Wilton Phipps (née Duncan) (1855-1934), Educational administrator. 1 Portrait

John Phipps (circa 1735-1798), Lieutenant-Colonel, Royal Engineers. 1 Portrait

Maria-Louisa Phipps (née Campbell) (1815-1888), Former wife of Charles F. Norton, and later wife of Edmund Phipps. 1 Portrait

Paul Phipps (1880-1953), Architect. 1 Portrait

Richard Leckonby Hathersall Phipps (1842-1889), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Simon Wilton Phipps (1921-2001), Bishop of Lincoln. 3 Portraits

Bryony Phipps-Wardle. 1 Portrait

Prince Souvanna Phouma (1901-1984), Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Laos. 2 Portraits

Princess Phuong Mai, Duchess of Addis Ababa (1937-2021), Wife of Pietro Badoglio, 2nd Duke of Addis Abeba and Marquess of Sabotino; daughter of Bao Dai, Emperor of Vietnam. 1 Portrait

Physicians of the Forces, Medical practitioner in the British Army. 1 Portrait

'Phyths' (active 1940s), Soldier in Royal Corps of Signals, 1945. 1 Portrait

Alfredo Carlo Piatti (1822-1901), Cellist and cello teacher. 1 Portrait

Charles James Pibworth (1878-1958), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

John Picard (1721-1801). 2 Portraits

John Picard (1934-), Jazz trombonist. 1 Portrait

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Artist. 11 Portraits

Alfred Piccaver (1889-1958), Opera tenor. 9 Portraits

Nicolas Piccini (1728-1800), Composer. 1 Portrait

Marietta Piccolomini (1834-1899), Italian opera singer. 2 Portraits

Bryan Pickering Pick (1879-1959), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Charles Samuel Pick (1917-2000), Publisher. 2 Portraits

Frank Pick (1878-1941), Vice-chairman, London Passenger Transport Board. 12 Portraits

Arthur Frederick Pickard (1841-1880), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Pickard (1842-1904), Trade unionist and politician. 2 Portraits

Tom Pickard (1946-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Pickard (active 1780s), Pugilist. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Wallace Pickard-Cambridge (1873-1952), Professor of Greek. 5 Portraits

Edward Pickard-Cambridge (1821?-1905), Rector of Warmwell with Poxwell, Dorset. 1 Portrait

Frances Amelia Pickard Cambridge (née Whish) (1796-1877), Mother of Octavius Pickard Cambridge; wife of George Pickard Cambridge; daughter of Martin Whish. 1 Portrait

Harriet Caroline Pickard-Cambridge (née Foot) (died 1873), First wife of Reverend Edward Pickard Cambridge; daughter of George Foot. 1 Portrait

Helen Ward Pickard-Cambridge (née Henderson) (1892-1986), Wife of William Adair Pickard-Cambridge. 2 Portraits

William Adair Pickard-Cambridge (1879-1957), Fellow and Tutor in Classics and Philosophy, Worcester College, Oxford. 4 Portraits

Miss Pickard-Cambridge, Daughter of William Adair Pickard-Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Ralph Montgomery Fullarton Picken (1884-1955), Professor of Preventive Medicine, Welsh National School of Medicine. 4 Portraits

Charles James Pickering (1880-1951), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Emil William Pickering (1882-1942), Lieutenant-Colonel, Justice of the Peace, mason and Conservative politician; MP for Dewsbury. 1 Portrait

Ernest Harold Pickering (1881-1957), Professor of English Literature, Tokyo University and Liberal politician; MP for Leicester West. 3 Portraits

Ferdinand Pickering (1811-circa 1882), History painter. 3 Portraits

Sir George White Pickering (1904-1980), Physician and college head. 11 Portraits

Karen Pickering (1971-), Swimmer; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Percival Spencer Umfreville Pickering (1858-1920), Scientist. 3 Portraits

Ralph Pickering (circa 1991-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Ralph Emerson Pickering (1898-1962), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Thomas Pickering (1621?-1679), Benedictine monk and victim of the Popish Plot. 6 Portraits

Sir William Pickering (1516 or 1517-1575), Courtier and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Edward Hare Pickersgill (1851-1911), Liberal politician; MP for Bethnal Green South West. 1 Portrait

Frederick Richard Pickersgill (1820-1900), History and genre painter; nephew of Henry William Pickersgill. 9 Portraits

Henry William Pickersgill (1782-1875), Portrait painter. 7 Portraits

John Whitney ('Jack') Pickersgill (1905-1997), Canadian civil servant and politician. 3 Portraits

D.E. Pickett (active 1923). 1 Portrait

F.J. Pickett. 1 Portrait

Vera Louise Pickett (née Bickle) (1909-1999), Wife of George A. Pickett; daughter of Frederick Bickle; sister of Phyllis Calvert. 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony Frederick Ingham Pickford (1885-1970), Commander of the Legion of Honour. 13 Portraits

Evelyn May Pickford (circa 1876-1964), Wife of William Pickford. 2 Portraits

Jordan Lee Pickford (né Logan) (1994-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Mary Pickford (Gladys Mary Smith) (1892-1979), Actress; co-founder of United Artists. 4 Portraits

(Lillian) Mary Pickford (1902-2002), Professor. 3 Portraits

Hon. Mary Ada Pickford (1884-1934), Politician, industrialist and historian. 2 Portraits

William Pickford (1861-1938), President of the Football Association. 5 Portraits

O.C. Pickhardt, Colonel. 4 Portraits

Hector Pickington, Son of Victor Pickington. 1 Portrait

Victor Pickington. 1 Portrait

James Pickles (1925-2010), Judge. 2 Portraits

Wilfred Pickles (1904-1978), Radio actor and broadcaster. 14 Portraits

William Norman Pickles (1885-1969), Doctor and epidemiologist. 7 Portraits

Sir Kenneth William Murray Pickthorn, 1st Bt (1892-1975), Historian and politician. 8 Portraits

Nancy Catherine (née Richards), Lady Pickthorn (died 1983), Wife of Sir Kenneth William Murray Pickthorn, 1st Bt; daughter of Lewis Matthew Richards. 8 Portraits

Georges Picquart (1854-1914), French army officer. 2 Portraits

Earls Pics. 8 Portraits

Sir Thomas Picton (1758-1815), Lieutenant-General. 9 Portraits

Tom Picton (1932-2000), Photographer and lecturer. 1 Portrait

Major-General William Picton. 1 Portrait

Cat Picton-Phillipps (1972-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Edith Picton-Turbervill (1872-1960), Social reformer, writer and politician; MP for The Wrekin. 8 Portraits

Geoffrey Arthur Henzell Pidcock (1897-1976), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

W. Piddington (active 1733), Clergyman; recorded Sarah Malcolm's confession for publication. 1 Portrait

Henry Clark Pidgeon (1807-1880), Watercolour painter and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Wilfrid Gould Pidsley (1892-1967), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Douglas Percival Pielou (1887-1927), Politician and soldier. 3 Portraits

Dieudonné-Pascal Pieltain (1754-1833), Musician and composer. 1 Portrait

Jacobus Johannes Pienaar (1866-1950), General and politician. 3 Portraits

Jan Michal Pienkowski (1936-2022), Illustrator and writer of children's books; theatre designer. 1 Portrait

Reginald James Pierce (1909-1992), Bishop of Athabasca, Canada. 1 Portrait

Samuel Eyles Pierce (1746-1829), Independent minister. 1 Portrait

William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy of Burford (1886-1966), Director of Bank of England. 8 Portraits

Frederick Piercy (1830-1891), Painter. 1 Portrait

Alexander Pierie (died 1786), Court of Session clerk and bon vivant. 1 Portrait

Hubert Pierlot (1883-1963), Belgian Prime Minister. 4 Portraits

Robert Pierpoint (1845-1932), Politician and barrister. 4 Portraits

Pierre de Ruel, Marquis de Beurnonville (1752-1821), French general. 2 Portraits

Prince Pierre of Monaco, Duke of Valentinois (1895-1964), Father of Prince Rainier III; husband of Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois. 12 Portraits

DBC Pierre (Peter Warren Finlay) (1961-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Julien Viaud ('Pierre Lotti') (1850-1923), French journalist and novelist; used the pseudonym 'Pierre Lotti'. 2 Portraits

Prince Pierre Napoleon Bonaparte (1815-1891), Deputy for Corsica. 1 Portrait

Henry Piers (active 1744), Clergyman and supporter of John Wesley. 1 Portrait

Rose (née Saunders), Lady Piers (1841-1891), Wife of Sir Eustace Fitzmaurice Piers, 8th Bt; daughter of Charles Saunders, merchant. 1 Portrait

Arthur Tappan Pierson (1837-1911), Presbyterian pastor. 1 Portrait

Henry Hugo Pierson (né Pearson) (1815-1873), Composer. 2 Portraits

Kevin Peter Pietersen (1980-), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

M. François Pietri (1882-1966), French politician. 5 Portraits

Robina Harrison Pigeon (née Acland) (1854?-1880), Wife of Henry Pigeon; daughter of Lawford Acland. 2 Portraits

Edward Frederick Smyth Piggott (1820-1895), Examiner of stage plays. 1 Portrait

Ernest ('Ernie') Piggott (1878-1967), Racehorse trainer and jockey. 2 Portraits

Francis James Claude Piggott (1910-1996), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Francis Stewart Gilderoy Piggott (1883-1966), Major-General. 4 Portraits

John Piggott (died 1713), Anabaptist Minister. 2 Portraits

Julian Piggott (1888-1965), Industrialist. 2 Portraits

Lester Piggott (1935-2022), Jockey. 3 Portraits

Sir Theodore Caro Piggott (1867-1944), Indian civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir William Brian Pigott-Brown, 3rd Bt (1941-2020), Amateur jockey; son of Sir John Pigott-Brown, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

George Pigot, Baron Pigot (1719-1777), Governor of Madras. 3 Portraits

Hugh Pigot (1721?-1792), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Hugh Pigot (1769-1797), Captain in the navy. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Anthony Pigot (1915-1986), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sarah Anne (née Colville), Lady Pigot (1933-), Wife of Sir Robert Anthony Pigot, 7th Bt; daughter of David Richard Colville. 2 Portraits

Alan John Keefe Pigott (1892-1969), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Sir Berkeley Pigott, 4th Bt (1894-1982), Major. 2 Portraits

Blanche Anne Frances Pigott, President of the Young Women's Christian Association. 1 Portrait

Edward Frederick Smyth Pigott (1824-1895), Journalist. 2 Portraits

Sir George Pigott, 5th Bt (1850-1934), Baron of the Exchequer. 1 Portrait

Hadrian Pigott (1961-), Artist. 1 Portrait

(Montague Horatio) Mostyn Turtle Pigott (1865-1927), Author and journalist; founder and first editor of the 'Isis'; barrister. 4 Portraits

Richard Pigott (1828?-1889), Irish journalist and forger. 1 Portrait

Richard Pigott (1828-1889), Journalist and blackmailer. 1 Portrait

William Foster Pigott (1748-1827), Rector of Mereworth and Clewer. 2 Portraits

Miss Pigott. 1 Portrait

Tim Pigott-Smith (1946-2017), Actor and author. 1 Portrait

Nora Frances Sophia Pigou (née Lees) (circa 1850-1902), Wife of Clarence George Pigou; daughter of John Lees. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Pigram (born 1811 or 1812), Nurse. 1 Portrait

Dame Mary Mackenzie Pihl (née Anderson) (1916-2006), Brigadier; wife of Frithjof Pihl. 2 Portraits

Edmund William Pike (1838-1910), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Mrs E. Pike, Painter. 1 Portrait

James Albert Pike (1913-1969), Bishop of California. 1 Portrait

Michael Lavington Pike (1944-), Son of L.L. Pike. 1 Portrait

Rosamund Pike (1979-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sara Carlton Pike (née Troop) (1942-), Wife of Michael Lavington Pike. 3 Portraits

Sir Theodore Ouseley Pike (1904-1987), Chairman of Theodore Institute. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Pike, RAF Marshal and Chief of Air Staff. 2 Portraits

Victor Joseph Pike (1907-1986), Bishop Suffragan of Sherborne. 3 Portraits

Sir William Gregory Huddleston Pike (1905-1993), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Margery ('Nova') Pilbeam (1919-2015), Film actress; wife of Pen Tennyson. 2 Portraits

Harry Pilcer (1885-1961), Dancer. 11 Portraits

Cecil Horace Pilcher (1877-1953), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Edgar Montagu Pilcher (1865-1947), Consulting surgeon to British Army and Honorary Surgeon to the King. 1 Portrait

George Pilcher (1882-1962), Journalist, barrister and politician. 3 Portraits

Sir Gonne St Clair Pilcher (1890-1966), Judge. 6 Portraits

Sir John Arthur Pilcher (1912-1990), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Thomas David Pilcher (1858-1928), Major-General. 3 Portraits

William Spelman Pilcher (1888-1970), Major. 2 Portraits

Sir Denys Pilditch (1891-1975), Superintendent, Indian Police and Director, Intelligence Bureau, India. 3 Portraits

Emily Mary (née Lewis), Lady Pilditch (1865-1955), Wife of Sir Philip (Edward) Pilditch, 1st Bt; daughter of John Lewis. 1 Portrait

James George Christopher Pilditch (1929-1995), Founder of Allied International Designers (later AIDCOM). 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Edward Pilditch, Bt (1861-1948), Politician and architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Alfred Pile, 2nd Bt (1884-1976), General. 20 Portraits

James Pilfold (circa 1729-active 1809), Messenger in the Auditor's office at the Exchequer. 3 Portraits

John Richard Pilger (1939-), Journalist, author and film-maker. 2 Portraits

William Henry ('Harry') Pilkington, Baron Pilkington (1905-1983), Glass manufacturer. 8 Portraits

Lady Sophia Frances Anne Pilkington (née Vane-Tempest-Stewart) (1959-), Wife of Jonathan Mark Pilkington; daughter of 9th Marquess of Londonderry. 5 Portraits

Sir Lionel Alexander Bethune ('Sir Alastair') Pilkington (1920-1995), Company director. 1 Portrait

Cathie Pilkington (1968-), Artist; Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Constance Pilkington (née Eardley-Wilmot) (circa 1860-1940), Wife of William Tisdall Pilkington; daughter of (Robert Charles) Chester Eardley-Wilmot. 1 Portrait

Honor Chedworth Pilkington (née Phillips) (1908-1961), Daughter of Owen Cosby Phillips, Baron Kylsant; former wife of Gavin Henderson; later wife of Charles Vere Pilkington. 1 Portrait

James Pilkington (1804-1890), Merchant, cotton manufacturer and politician. 1 Portrait

Laetitia Pilkington (née Van Lewen) (circa 1709-1750), Poet and autobiographer. 4 Portraits

Mary Pilkington (née Hopkins) (1766-1839), Writer. 1 Portrait

Richard Pilkington (1841-1908), Politician and manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Antony Pilkington (1908-1976), Politician and Captain. 7 Portraits

Sir Thomas Pilkington (1628-1691), Lord Mayor of London, merchant and politician. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Henry Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington, 14th Bt (1934-), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

James Pillans (1778-1864), Classicist and educational reformer. 2 Portraits

Robert Pillans (died 1788), Captain in the Edinburgh Town Guard and brewer. 1 Portrait

Arthur William Pilleau (1850-1940), Artist. 1 Portrait

Caroline Fitzroy Pilleau (1845-1931), Wife of Henry George Pilleau. 1 Portrait

Henry George Pilleau (circa 1842-1927), Colonel, Royal Engineers. 1 Portrait

John Pilley. 4 Portraits

Colin Trevor Pillinger (1943-2014), Professor of Planetary Science; lead scientist BEAGLE 2 project for ESA Mars Express Mission. 2 Portraits

Major Pilmer (active 1795), Major. 1 Portrait

Mrs Pilot. 2 Portraits

Sir John George Pilter (1848-1935), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Alan William Pim (1871-1958), Administrator in India and colonial adviser. 1 Portrait

Bedford Clapperton Trevelyan Pim (1826-1886), Naval officer and barrister. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Pim (1806-1885), Philanthropist and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Pike Pim (1900-1987), Inspector-General, Royal Ulster Constabulary. 13 Portraits

Hugh Cuthbert Sutcliffe Pimblett (1904-1988), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Benjamin John ('Ben') Pimlott (1945-2004), Academic, writer and Chairman of the Fabian Society. 1 Portrait

Master Pin (active 1658), Heretic. 1 Portrait

Arnold Theophilus Biddulph Pinchard (1859-1934), Reverend and Secretary, English Church Union. 3 Portraits

Christopher Pinchbeck (1670?-1732), Clock and watch maker. 1 Portrait

(Henry) Chapman Pincher (1914-2014), Journalist, novelist and business consultant; Assistant Editor of the Daily Express. 1 Portrait

Jennifer Pinches (1994-), Gymnast; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Thomas Pinches (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

N. Pinchon. 1 Portrait

John Robert Hugh Pinckney (1876-1964), Director of National Bank of India. 1 Portrait

Sir Paul Pindar (1565?-1650), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Ralph Pindar (active late 16th-mid 17th century), Brother to Sir Paul Pindar. 1 Portrait

John Hothersall Pinder (1794-1868), College Head. 1 Portrait

Mike Pinder (1941-), Musician; member of The Moody Blues. 3 Portraits

Charlotte Pine, Daughter of Robert Edge Pine. 1 Portrait

Courtney Pine (1964-), Saxophonist. 6 Portraits

John Pine (1690-1756), Engraver and herald. 7 Portraits

Virgilio Piñera (1912-1979), Poet, playwright, author and essayist. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934), Playwright. 24 Portraits

Alfred Piney (1896-1965), Physician. 2 Portraits

Thomas Pingo Sr (1692-1776), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Fréderic Séraphin, Marquis de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet (1759-1837). 1 Portrait

Henriette Lucy Dillon, Marquise de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet (1770-1853), Author; wife of Fréderic Séraphin, marquis de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Rufus Pink (1858-1952), Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and Lay Canon of Portsmouth Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Sir Ivor Thomas Montague Pink (1910-1966), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Richard Charles Montagu Pink (1888-1932), Air force officer. 2 Portraits

Ann Pinkerton. 1 Portrait

John Pinkerton (1758-1826), Scottish antiquary and historian. 1 Portrait

John Pinkerton (1845-1908), Politician and farmer. 1 Portrait

William Pinkethman (circa 1660-1725), Actor and theatre manager. 5 Portraits

Sir Charles Pinkham (1853-1938), Conservative politician; MP for Willesden West. 2 Portraits

William Cyprian Pinkham (1844-1928), Bishop of Calgary and Bishop of Saskatchewan, Canada. 1 Portrait

Hester (née Head), Lady Pinney (1875-1958), Wife of Sir Reginald Pinney; daugther of Henry Head. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald John Pinney (1863-1943), Major-General. 6 Portraits

William Pinney (1806-1898), Politician; MP for Lyme Regis. 2 Portraits

Colonel Pinney, Colonel. 1 Portrait

Anna Pinnock, Set designer. 1 Portrait

Mary Pinnock. 1 Portrait

Sir Matthew Clive Pinsent (1970-), Rower; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Roger Philip Pinsent (1916-1997), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Richard Pinson (died 1530), Printer. 3 Portraits

Daniel Pinter (1958-), Son of Harold Pinter and Vivien Merchant. 1 Portrait

Harold Pinter (1930-2008), Playwright, actor and director. 21 Portraits

Adolfo Do Amaral Abranches Pinto (1895-1981), General and Portuguese diplomat. 1 Portrait

George Frederic Pinto (1787-1806), Violinist and musical composer. 1 Portrait

William Pinton (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

George John Pinwell (1842-1875), Watercolour painter and illustrator. 2 Portraits

Gabriel Piozzi (1741-1809), Musician; husband of Mrs Thrale. 2 Portraits

Hester Lynch Piozzi (née Salusbury, later Mrs Thrale) (1741-1821), Writer and friend of Dr Johnson. 14 Portraits

Leian Paul ('Billie') Piper (1982-), Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

Clarissa Piper (1942-), Daughter of John Egerton Christmas Piper. 1 Portrait

Sir David Piper (1918-1990), Art historian; Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Edward Blake Christmas Piper (1938-1990), Artist. 1 Portrait

John Egerton Christmas Piper (1903-1992), Artist and writer. 59 Portraits

Leonora Piper (1859-1950), Medium; wife of William Piper. 2 Portraits

Myfanwy Piper (née Evans) (1911-1997), Art critic and opera librettist. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas William ('Tim') Piper (1911-1978), Air Marshal. 8 Portraits

Mr Piper. 1 Portrait

Mrs Pipon (née Congreve) (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Alfred John Sutton Pippard (1891-1969), Professor of Civil Engineering. 2 Portraits

Roger Samuel Pippett (1895-1962), Literary critic. 11 Portraits

Stephen Pippin (1960-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Henry De Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright (1840-1903), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies. 9 Portraits

Sarah (née Phillips), Lady Pirbright (died 1914), Second wife of 1st Baron Pirbright; daughter of Sir Benjamin Samuel Phillips. 2 Portraits

Charles Patrick William Pirie (1859-1933), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Douglas Gordon Pirie (1910-1976), Lieutenant-Colonel; aide-de-camp and private secretary. 2 Portraits

Duncan Vernon Pirie (1858-1931), Politician and army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir George Clark Pirie (1896-1980), Air Chief-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Jean Pirie. 1 Portrait

Norman Wingate Pirie (1907-1997), Biochemist and nutritionist. 3 Portraits

Oswald Pirow (1890-1959), South African lawyer and politician. 11 Portraits

William James, Viscount Pirrie (1847-1924), Shipbuilder. 2 Portraits

Marco Pirroni (1959-), Musician; member of Adam & the Ants. 1 Portrait

Pisanis. 4 Portraits

Lucien Pissarro (1863-1944), Painter, engraver and printer. 2 Portraits

David Pitcairn (1749-1809), Physician. 1 Portrait

George Pitcairn (died 1791), Captain in the Edinburgh Town Guard and cloth-merchant. 1 Portrait

William Pitcairn (1712-1791), Physician. 1 Portrait

William Pitcher (died 1648), Royalist army Major, court-martialled and executed. 1 Portrait

John Hereward Pitchford (1904-1995), Engineer. 1 Portrait

(Roland) Vivian Pitchforth (1895-1982), Artist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Beresford Pite (1861-1934), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Brian Ivor Pitman (1931-2010), Chairman and Director of Lloyds TSB Group plc. 1 Portrait

Charles Murray Pitman (1872-1948), Rower and judge. 1 Portrait

C.E. Pitman, Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Pitman (née Donaldson) (1908-1997), Wife of John Pitman; daughter of William Cattanach Donaldson. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Alfred Pitman (1808-1908), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Isaac Pitman (1813-1897), Inventor of Pitman's shorthand. 2 Portraits

Sir (Isaac) James Pitman (1901-1985), Educationist and publisher. 4 Portraits

Margaret Beaufort (née Lawson-Johnston), Lady Pitman (died 1983), Wife of Sir (Isaac) James Pitman; daughter of Sir George Lawson Johnston. 2 Portraits

Robert Pitman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Tait Pitman (1868-1941), Major-General. 4 Portraits

David Thomas Pitt, Baron Pitt of Hampstead (1913-1994), Councillor, Chairman of Greater London Council and physician. 1 Portrait

Ann Pitt (died 1789), Sister of 1st Earl of Chatham. 1 Portrait

Archie Pitt (Archibald Abraham Selinger) (1895-1940), Writer and actor; husband of Gracie Fields. 1 Portrait

Charles John William Pitt, Overseas forestry commissioner. 1 Portrait

Christopher Pitt (1699-1748), Poet and translator. 1 Portrait

Dame Edith Maud Pitt (1906-1966), Politician; MP for Edgbaston. 3 Portraits

George Pitt (1663?-1735), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

James Charles Pitt (1761-1781), Naval captain; third son of 1st Earl of Chatham. 2 Portraits

Joseph Pitt (1759-1842), Lawyer and banker. 1 Portrait

Percival George ('Percy') Pitt (1869-1932), Conductor and music administrator. 1 Portrait

William Pitt (1759-1806), Prime Minister. 174 Portraits

William Ernest PItt (died 1908), Parliamentary Correspondent for 'The Times'. 3 Portraits

George Pitt-Lewis (1845-1906), Judge and Liberal politician; MP for Barnstaple. 2 Portraits

(Helen) Fiona Pitt-Kethley (1954-), Poet, travel writer, novelist and journalist. 2 Portraits

Elsie Alice Pittman (née Goldsack) (1904-1975), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Michael Augustus Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers (1917-1999), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir Newman Pitts-Chambers (died 1922), Justice of the Peace. 4 Portraits

Sir Walter William Pitt-Taylor (1878-1950), General. 4 Portraits

Pope Pius V (Antonio Ghislieri) (1504-1572), Pope 1566-72. 1 Portrait

Pope Pius VI (Giovanni Angelico Braschi) (1717-1799), Pope 1775-99. 3 Portraits

Pope Pius VII (Luigi Barnaba Chiaramonti) (1740-1823), Pope 1800-23. 7 Portraits

Pope Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti) (1792-1878), Pope 1846-78. 7 Portraits

Pope Pius X (Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto) (1835-1914), Pope 1903-1914. 3 Portraits

Pope Pius XI (Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti) (1857-1939), Pope 1922-39. 1 Portrait

George Pix (born 1660), Merchant tailor; husband of Mary Pix. 1 Portrait

Mary Pix (1666-1720?), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

John Pixley (active 1740-1749), Smuggler and customs officer. 1 Portrait

Stewart Pixley (1824-1899), Bullion broker, army officer and marksman. 3 Portraits

Sir (Charles Thomas) Mark Pizey (1899-1993), Admiral. 11 Portraits

Erin Patria Margaret Pizzey (née Carney) (1939-), Writer and campaigner; founder of the first women's refuge. 2 Portraits

Carlo Placci (1861-1941), Writer. 1 Portrait

Francis Place (1771-1854), Political and social reformer. 1 Portrait

Robert Place (active early 19th century), Soldier; Lieutenant-Colonel of 41st Regt. 1 Portrait

Nancy Plaistowe (died 1976). 1 Portrait

Max Planck (1858-1947), German physicist. 1 Portrait

Nigel Planer (1953-), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Sir Arnold Plant (1898-1978), Professor of Economy. 4 Portraits

Robert Plant (1948-), Musician; vocalist for Led Zeppelin. 2 Portraits

Joseph Planta (1744-1827), Principal librarian at the British Museum. 5 Portraits

Joseph Planta (1787-1847), Diplomatist and politician. 6 Portraits

Annemarie Plas (1983-), Yoga Teacher; Founder of Clap for our Carers. 1 Portrait

Alan Frederick Plater (1935-2010), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Plath (1932-1963), Poet and writer. 5 Portraits

Jeanne Manon Philipon Roland de la Platière (1754-1793), French revolutionary, wife of Jean Marie Roland de la Platière. 2 Portraits

Matvei Ivanovich Platov (1751-1818), Russian general. 1 Portrait

Robert Platt, Baron Platt of Grindleford (1900-1978), Professor of Medicine. 4 Portraits

David Andrew Platt (1966-), Footballer and football coach. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Platt, 1st Bt (1886-1986), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

James Platt (1823 or 1824-1857), Manufacturer and Liberal politician; MP for Oldham. 1 Portrait

John Arthur Platt (1860-1925), Professor of Greek, University College, London. 1 Portrait

Maurice Platt, Mechanical engineer. 2 Portraits

William Platt (died 1637), Benefactor of St John's College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Cyril Andrew Plaxton (1902-1993), Archdeacon of Wiltshire. 2 Portraits

St Aubyn Henry Player (1841?-1892), Major and Queen's messenger. 1 Portrait

Lyon Playfair, 1st Baron Playfair (1818-1898), Chemist, scientific adviser and Scottish politician; MP. 16 Portraits

George James Playfair, 2nd Baron Playfair (1849-1939), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Arthur Wyndham Playfair (1869-1918), Actor. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Wilder Playfair (1909-1999), Senior civil servant. 4 Portraits

Frances Sophia (née Harvey), Lady Playfair, Wife of Sir Patrick Playfair. 4 Portraits

Hugh James Moore Playfair (1864-1928), Physician. 2 Portraits

Ian Stanley Ord Playfair (1894-1972), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Playfair (1748-1819), Mathematician and geologist. 9 Portraits

J. Playfair. 2 Portraits

Sir Nigel Playfair (1874-1934), Actor-manager. 4 Portraits

Sir Patrick Henry Lyon Playfair (1889-1974), Air Marshal. 2 Portraits

William Henry Playfair (1789-1857), Architect. 1 Portrait

William Smoult Playfair (1835-1903), Obstetric physician. 2 Portraits

Humphrey Blake Playford (1896-1981), Rower. 1 Portrait

John Playford (1623-1687), Musician and publisher. 5 Portraits

Donald Pleasence (1919-1995), Actor. 7 Portraits

Josephine ('Joey') Pleasence (née Crombie) (1929-1997), Actress and nurse; second wife of Donald Pleasence. 1 Portrait

Pledger (active 17th century), Religious Controversialist. 2 Portraits

William Pleeth (1916-1999), Cellist and cello teacher; member of the Allegri String Quartet. 2 Portraits

William Plender, 1st Baron Plender (1861-1946), Accountant. 9 Portraits

Mabel Agnes (née Laurie), Lady Plender of Sundridge (died 1970), Former wife of George Stevens, and later wife of 1st Baron Plender of Sundridge. 6 Portraits

Honoria Plesch (1919-1990), Costume designer. 1 Portrait

Hans Heinrich XV, Prince of Pless (1861-1938), Reigned 1907-21; husband of Daisy, Princess of Pless (Mary Theresa Olivia Hochberg von Pless). 1 Portrait

K. Plester (active 1925). 1 Portrait

René Jean Pleven (1901-1993), Prime Minister of France. 1 Portrait

Anne Pleydell (née Luttrell) (1731-1819), Wife of Edmund Morton Pleydell. 3 Portraits

Lady Doreen Clare Pleydell-Bouverie (née Hely-Hutchinson) (1905-1942), Wife of Hon. Bartholomew Pleydell-Bouverie; daughter of 6th Earl of Donoughmore. 2 Portraits

Hon. Bertrand Pleydell-Bouverie (1845-1926), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Edith Dorothy Pleydell-Bouverie (née Vickers) (1878-1949), Wife of Hon. Stuart Pleydell-Bouverie; daughter of Albert Vickers. 1 Portrait

Edward Pleydell-Bouverie (1818-1889), Politician, Paymaster General and President of the Board of Trade. 1 Portrait

Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie (1895-1985), Potter and novelist. 1 Portrait

Philip Pleydell-Bouverie (1788-1872), Banker and politician; MP for Cockermouth, Downton and Berkshire. 1 Portrait

Philip Pleydell-Bouverie (1821-1890), Grandson of 2nd Earl of Radnor. 2 Portraits

Hon. Reuben Pleydell-Bouverie (1930-), Son of 7th Earl of Radnor. 1 Portrait

Robin Pleydell-Bouverie (1937-), Son of Hon. Edward Pleydell-Bouverie. 7 Portraits

Pliers (Everton Banner) (1965-), Musician; reggae singer. 1 Portrait

Henry George Plimmer (1856-1918), Professor of Comparative Pathology and bacteriologist. 2 Portraits

Samuel Plimsoll (1824-1898), Politician; MP for Derby and shipping reformer. 14 Portraits

Maya Plisetskaya (1925-2015), Ballet dancer. 4 Portraits

William Plomer (1903-1973), Poet and novelist. 17 Portraits

Roy Francis Plomley (1914-1985), Writer and broadcaster. 12 Portraits

Robert Plot (1640-1696), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

Edwin Noel Plowden, Baron Plowden (1907-2001), Economist. 6 Portraits

Bridget Horatia (née Richmond), Lady Plowden (1910-2000), Educationalist; Chairman of the Independent Broadcasting Authority; wife of Baron Plowden. 3 Portraits

Alfred Chichele Plowden (1844-1914), Magistrate. 4 Portraits

Ann Eliza Plowden (née Bryan) (circa 1812-1897), Wife of Charles Plowden. 1 Portrait

Charles Plowden (died 1884), Banker. 1 Portrait

Doré Plowden, Actress. 1 Portrait

Edith Plowden (1854-1947), Woodcarver and teacher. 1 Portrait

Edmund Plowden (circa 1518-1585), Law reporter. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Plowden (née Foster), Daughter of Sir Charles Foster; wife of Alfred Chichele Plowden. 1 Portrait

George Chichele Plowden, Major-General. 1 Portrait

George Tertius Chichele Plowden (circa 1861-1934), Indian Police Service officer. 1 Portrait

Richard Chicheley Plowden. 1 Portrait

Robert Plowden (1740-1823), Jesuit. 1 Portrait

Sarah Plowden (née Chicheley) (died 1725), Daughter of Sir John Chicheley; wife of James Plowden of Ewhurst. 8 Portraits

Trevor Chichele Plowden (1809-1899), Member of Indian Civil Service. 2 Portraits

Veronica Mary Plowden (née Gascoigne) (1938-), Wife of Hon. William Julius Lowthian Plowden; niece of 3rd Baron O'Neill. 3 Portraits

William Julius Lowthian Plowden (1934-2010), Founder member of the Central Policy Review Staff (CPRS). 1 Portrait

Edith Plowden-Wardlaw (née Campbell) (died 1957), Wife of James Tait Plowden-Wardlaw. 2 Portraits

James Tait Plowden-Wardlaw (1873-1963), Vicar of St Clements, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Anthony Plowman (1905-1993), Judge of the High Court of Justice. 1 Portrait

Dame Joan Ann Plowright (Lady Olivier) (1929-), Actress. 12 Portraits

Father Ployden (Plowden), Jesuit. 3 Portraits

Theodore Frank Thomas Plucknett (1897-1965), Emeritus Professor of Legal History, University of London. 4 Portraits

Leonard Frank Plugge (1889-1981), Radio producer and businessman; Captain. 6 Portraits

Leonard Plukenet (baptised 1642-1706), Botanist. 1 Portrait

John Plumb (1927-2008), Painter and teacher. 1 Portrait

Sir John Harold Plumb (1911-2001), Historian. 6 Portraits

Herbert Plumer, 1st Viscount Plumer (1857-1932), Field Marshal. 21 Portraits

Anne Monica Georgiana Plumer (née Tempest-Hicks), Viscountess Plumer (died 1963), Wife of 2nd Viscount Plumer; daughter of Henry Tempest-Hicks. 10 Portraits

Sir Thomas Plumer (1753-1824), Master of the Rolls. 2 Portraits

Ronald William Plumley (died 1977), Businessman. 1 Portrait

(Arthur) Desmond Herne Plummer, Baron Plummer of St Marylebone (1914-2009), Businessman. 4 Portraits

Ella Margaret ('Pat') Plummer (née Holloway), Baroness Plummer of St Marylebone (died 1998), Wife of (Arthur) Desmond Herne Plummer, Baron Plummer of St Marylebone. 1 Portrait

Alec F. Plummer, Chairman of Luton Water. 1 Portrait

(Arthur) Christopher Orme Plummer (1929-2021), Actor. 2 Portraits

Henry Crozier Plummer (1875-1946), Astronomer, scientist and mathematician. 2 Portraits

Sir Leslie Arthur Plummer (1901-1963), Farmer and Labour politician; MP for Deptford. 1 Portrait

Hon. Sally Jane Plummer (1945-), Daughter of (Arthur) Desmond Herne Plummer, Baron Plummer of St Marylebone. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Richard Plummer (1858-1917), Politician and businessman. 14 Portraits

Ann Plumptre (1760-1818), Author. 1 Portrait

Edward Hayes Plumptre (1821-1891), Dean of Wells. 2 Portraits

Frederick Charles Plumptre (1796-1870), College head. 3 Portraits

John Plumptre (1754-1825), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

John Pemberton Plumptre (1791-1864), Conservative politician; MP for Kent East. 1 Portrait

Roland Plumtree, Singer. 1 Portrait

William Conyngham Plunket, 1st Baron Plunket (1764-1854), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 9 Portraits

William Conyngham Plunket, 4th Baron Plunket (1828-1897), Archbishop of Dublin and Lord Bishop of Glendalough and Kildare. 2 Portraits

William Lee Plunket, 5th Baron Plunket (1864-1920), Governor of New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Dorothée Mabel (née Lewis), Lady Plunket (1900-1938), Former wife of Jack Henry Woolf Barnato and wife of 6th Baron Plunket; daughter of Joseph Lewis. 1 Portrait

Patrick Terence William Span Plunket, 7th Baron Plunket (1923-1975), Equerry to Queen Elizabeth II. 2 Portraits

Aileen Sibell Mary Plunket (née Guinness) (1904-1999), Society hostess; former wife of Brinsley Sheridan Bushe Plunket and later wife of Valerian Stux-Rybar; daughter of Arthur Ernest Guinness. 3 Portraits

Hon. Benjamin John Plunket (1870-1947), Bishop of Meath; son of 4th Baron Plunket. 1 Portrait

Louisa Frances Plunket (née Hewitt) (1847-1929), Wife of Hon. Arthur Cecil Crampton Plunket; daughter of James Hewitt. 6 Portraits

Oliver Plunket (St Oliver Plunket) (1625-1681), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh. 6 Portraits

Babe Plunket-Greene (1907-1987), Socialite; former wife of David Plunket-Greene; later wife of Count de Bosdari. 6 Portraits

Alexander Plunket Greene (1932-1990), Fashion entrepreneur; husband of Mary Quant. 6 Portraits

Adeline Plunkett (1824-1910), Dancer. 1 Portrait

Edith Amelia Plunkett (1894-1977), Assistant to Dorothy Wilding. 3 Portraits

Sir Horace Curzon Plunkett (1854-1932), Irish statesman. 5 Portraits

Lady Plunkett. 1 Portrait

Miss Plunkett, Courtesan. 3 Portraits

Sir Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (1880-1967), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Rudy Sternberg, Baron Plurenden (1917-1978), Businessman, farmer and livestock breeder. 1 Portrait

John Pluthero (1964-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Charles FitzCharles, Earl of Plymouth (1657?-1680), Son of Charles II by Catherine Pegg. 5 Portraits

Robert George Windsor-Clive, 1st Earl of Plymouth (1857-1923), Politician and philanthopist. 8 Portraits

Alberta Victoria (née Paget), Countess of Plymouth (1863-1944), Wife of 1st Earl of Plymouth. 1 Portrait

Ivor Miles Windsor-Clive, 2nd Earl of Plymouth (1889-1943), Politician; Captain of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms. 15 Portraits

Irene Corona (née Charteris), Countess of Plymouth (1902-1989), Wife of 2nd Earl of Plymouth; daughter of 11th Earl of Wemyss. 5 Portraits

Konstantin Petrovich Pobedonostsev (1827-1907), Russian civil servant and conservative political philosopher. 1 Portrait

Pocahontas (Amonute) (née Matoaka, later Rebecca Rolfe) (circa 1596-1617), Indian princess. 3 Portraits

George Pochin (1732-1798), Colonel of the Leicestershire Militia. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Henry Frederick Pocklington (1811-1879), Soldier. 1 Portrait

(Patricia) Jane Pockney (née Des Voeux) (1941-), Daughter of Sir (William) Richard Des Voeux, 9th Bt; wife of Penrhyn Charles Benjamin Pockney. 5 Portraits

Sir George Pocock (1706-1792), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Herbert Innes Pocock (1861-1947), Colonel and specialist in dental surgery. 4 Portraits

Lewis Pocock (1808-1882), Art Patron. 1 Portrait

Carmichael Charles Peter ('Mike') Pocock (1920-1979), Chairman of Shell Transport and Trading Co. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Pocock (1740-1821), Marine painter. 1 Portrait

Percy Lewis Pocock (1858-1952), Photographer for W. & D. Downey. 4 Portraits

Roger Pocock (1865-1941), Captain and frontiersman. 1 Portrait

Edward Pococke (1604-1691), Orientalist. 3 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Julian Pode (1902-1968), Steel executive. 2 Portraits

Count Victor Podoski, Polish diplomat. 1 Portrait

Michael Isaac Podro (1931-2008), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), Writer. 2 Portraits

William Poel (1852-1934), Actor and writer. 12 Portraits

Lady Edith Charlotte Harriett Poer O'Shee (née King-Tenison) (1878-1958), Wife of George Ives Patrick Poer O'Shee; daughter of 8th Earl of Kingston. 1 Portrait

Julia (née Herrick), Lady Poett, Wife of Sir (Joseph Howard) Nigel Poett; daughter of E.J. Herrick. 6 Portraits

Sir (Joseph Howard) Nigel Poett (1907-1991), General. 11 Portraits

(Evelyn) Grace Poggi (1914-1981), Actress. 1 Portrait

Raymond Poincaré (1860-1934), Prime Minister of France. 3 Portraits

Philippe Louis Marc Antoine de Noailles, Prince de Poix (1752-1819), French soldier. 1 Portrait

Poppet Pol (née John) (1912-1997), Daughter of Augustus John and Dorelia McNeill. 2 Portraits

Talitha Dina Pol (1940-1971), Actress; second wife of Sir (John) Paul Getty; daughter of Willem Pol; granddaughter of Augustus John. 2 Portraits

Polaire (née Émilie Marie Bouchaud) (1874-1939), Singer and actress. 2 Portraits

Henry Salomon Polak (1882-1959), Journalist and proponent of racial equality; associate of Mahatma Gandhi. 1 Portrait

Sir Albert Lawrence Poland (1895-1967), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Caroline Mary Poland (née Longmore) (1946-), Former wife of Michael Denison, and later wife of Michael Desmond Poland; granddaughter of 2nd Baron Forres. 7 Portraits

Edmund Nicholas Poland (1917-2012), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Bodkin Poland (1829-1928), Lawyer. 3 Portraits

Roman Polanski (1933-), Film director. 1 Portrait

Michael Polanyi (1891-1976), Physical chemist and sociologist. 5 Portraits

Poldowski (Régine (née Wieniawski), Lady Dean Paul) (1879-1932), Composer and pianist; wife of Sir Aubrey Edward Henry Dean Paul, 5th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Morice Pole, Bt (1757-1830), Admiral. 3 Portraits

David Graham Pole (1877-1952), Major and solicitor; MP for South Derbyshire. 7 Portraits

Sir Felix John Clewett Pole (1877-1956), Railway general manager and industrialist. 9 Portraits

Reginald Pole (1500-1558), Cardinal and Archbishop of Canterbury. 28 Portraits

Sir (John) Richard Walter Reginald Carew Pole, 13th Bt (1938-), Farmer and chartered surveyor. 5 Portraits

William Chandos-Pole (1833-1895), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Lady Beatrice Frances Elizabeth Pole-Carew (née Butler) (1876-1952), Wife of Sir Reginald Pole-Carew; daughter of 3rd Marquess of Ormonde. 10 Portraits

Marye Frances Pole-Carew (1903-1987), Daughter of Sir Reginald Pole-Carew. 4 Portraits

Sir Reginald Pole-Carew (1849-1924), Lieutenant-General. 7 Portraits

William Henry Pole-Carew (1811-1888), Politician. 1 Portrait

Edward Polehampton (1652-1722), Coach painter and Captain of trained bands. 1 Portrait

David Polhill (1674-1754), One of the five 'Kentish Petitioners', 1701. 1 Portrait

Frederick Polhill (1798-1848), Conservative politician; MP for Bedford. 1 Portrait

'Poli' (active 1923), Cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Nicolai Poliakoff (Poliakovs) ('Coco the Clown') (1900-1974), Circus performer; known for performing as Coco the clown. 3 Portraits

Stephen Poliakoff (1952-), Playwright and film director. 2 Portraits

John William Polidori (1795-1821), Physician and writer. 1 Portrait

Prince Polignac. 1 Portrait

Jules Auguste Armand Marie, Prince de Polignac (1780-1847), French statesman. 6 Portraits

Martine Gabrielle Yolande de Polastron, Duchess of Polignac (1745-1794), Friend and confidant of Marie Antoinette. 2 Portraits

Albert Polk, Colonel. 2 Portraits

William Baillie, Lord Polkemmet (circa 1736-1816), Scottish judge. 1 Portrait

Karl Pollak (1902-1983), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Albert Frederick Pollard (1869-1948), Historian. 1 Portrait

Alfred Oliver Pollard (1893-1960), Spy novelist and recipient of the Victoria Cross. 3 Portraits

Benjamin Pollard (1890-1967), Bishop of Sodor and of Lancaster. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Fleetwood Pollard (1868-1938), Paymaster Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Clare Pollard (1978-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Elyne Frances Pollard (née Tufnell) (1906-1992), Wife of Frederic Hugh Pollard; daughter of Frederick Tufnell. 1 Portrait

Frederic Hugh Pollard (1903-1955), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

George Samuel Pollard (born 1859), Lieutenant-Colonel and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

James Hawkins-Whitshed Pollard (1866-1942), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Robert Pollard (1755-1838), Painter and engraver. 1 Portrait

Violet Irene Pollard (née Swarbrick) (1899 or 1900-1961), Second wife of Alfred Oliver Pollard. 3 Portraits

Arabella ('Bella') Pollen (1961-), Novelist and fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Pollen. 1 Portrait

M. Pollen. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Pollexfen (1632-1691), Judge and politician. 14 Portraits

Harry Pollitt (1890-1960), Chairman of the British Communist Party. 9 Portraits

Tessa Pollitt (1959-), Musician; bass guitarist for The Slits. 1 Portrait

Sir Adrian Donald Wilde Pollock (1867-1943), Solicitor; Remembrancer for the City of London. 6 Portraits

Alice Pollock (1942-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Julius Pollock (1835-1890), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Bertram Pollock (1863-1943), Headmaster and Bishop of Norwich. 13 Portraits

Sir Charles Edward Pollock (1823-1897), Judge. 9 Portraits

Courtenay Pollock (1877-1943), Photographer. 1 Portrait

David Linton Pollock (1906-1991), Legal and General Assurance Society Ltd. 1 Portrait

Hon. David Stephen Geoffrey Pollock (1946-), Eldest son of 2nd Viscount Hanworth. 6 Portraits

Sir (John) Donald Pollock, 1st Bt (1868-1962), Surgeon Commander and army physician. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Pollock (1898-1970), Actress; wife of James Cecil Irving McConnel. 2 Portraits

Ellen Pollock (Ellen Proudfoot) (1902-1997), Actress; former wife of E.L. Hancock, and later wife of James Proudfoot. 4 Portraits

Emily Charlotte Pollock (1843-1933), Daughter of Sir Frederick Pollock, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir (Jonathan) Frederick Pollock, 1st Bt (1783-1870), Judge. 9 Portraits

Sir Frederick Pollock, 3rd Bt (1845-1937), Jurist and historian. 13 Portraits

Sir Frederick Richard Pollock (1827-1899), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir George Pollock, 1st Bt (1786-1872), Field Marshal. 5 Portraits

Georgina Harriet (née Deffell), Lady Pollock (died 1935), Wife of Sir Frederick Pollock, 3rd Bt; daughter of John Deffell. 1 Portrait

Guy Cameron Pollock (1878-1957), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Helena Pollock (1839-1915), Daughter of Sir Frederick Pollock, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Hugh MacDowell Pollock (1852-1937), Politician; Minister of Finance. 1 Portrait

Imogen Pollock (1935-), Writer; daughter of Enid Blyton. 2 Portraits

Isolda Rosamund Pollock (née Parker), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Hanworth; wife of Timothy von Weber Sarson. 1 Portrait

John Pollock (active circa 1854). 1 Portrait

Sir (Frederick) John Pollock, 4th Bt (1878-1963), Author. 3 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Anna Pollock (née Buckmaster) (1893-1929), Wife of Dighton Nicolas Pollock; daughter of 1st Viscount Buckmaster. 3 Portraits

Sir Michael Patrick Pollock (1916-2006), Admiral of the Fleet. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Pollock (1891-1974), Lawyer and Judge of High Court, Nagpur. 1 Portrait

Sarah Anne Amowah (née Langslow), Lady Pollock (1816?-1895), Second wife of Sir Frederick Pollock, 1st Bt; daughter of Richard Langslow. 1 Portrait

Walter Herries Pollock (1850-1926), Writer, author, poet and journalist. 1 Portrait

Pollock, First Officer Air-Commodore. 1 Portrait

Alejandro Zaera Polo (1963-), Joint Director of Foreign Office Architects. 1 Portrait

Augustus Frederick Warwick Bampfylde, 2nd Baron Poltimore (1837-1908), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Walter George Hepburne-Scott, 9th Baron Polwarth (1864-1944), Lord Lieutenant. 5 Portraits

Henry Alexander Hepburne-Scott, 10th Baron Polwarth (1916-2005), Scottish Peer and chairman. 6 Portraits

Alexander Hume, Lord Polwarth (1750-1781), Son of Hugh, 3rd Earl Marchmont. 1 Portrait

John Polyander (1568-1646), Ambassador to England; Rector of the University of Leyden. 6 Portraits

Poly Styrene (Marion Elliot) (1957-2011), Singer; member of X-Ray Spex. 1 Portrait

Jacob Pomeraniec (1908-1984), Founder of Commercial Plastics Ltd. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Pomeroy (1856-1924), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Hilda Evelyn Pomeroy (1866-1948), Second daughter of James Spencer Pomeroy, 6th Viscount Harberton; wife of Thomas Arthur C. Attwood. 2 Portraits

Thomas Pomeroy (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

Sir George Pomeroy Pomeroy-Colley (1835-1881), Army officer. 2 Portraits

George Fermor, 3rd Earl of Pomfret (1768-1830), Son of 2nd Earl of Pomfret. 5 Portraits

Amabel Elizabeth (née Borough), Countess of Pomfret (1802-1889), Former wife of 4th Earl of Pomfret, and later wife of William Thorpe; daughter of Sir Richard Borough, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Arnold Ashworth Pomfret (1900-1984), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Samuel Pomfret (1650-1722), Nonconformist minister. 4 Portraits

Erich Pommer (1889-1966), Film producer. 8 Portraits

Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou (1911-1974), Prime Minister of France. 1 Portrait

Jacqui Poncelet (1947-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Arthur Pond (1701-1758), Painter and engraver. 3 Portraits

James B. Pond (1838-1903), Major and journalist. 2 Portraits

John Pond, Said to be the son of John Pond of Newmarket and grandson of Arthur Pond the painter. 1 Portrait

Marie Pond, Friend of Myra Hess. 3 Portraits

Miss Pond (active 1760s), Granddaughter of painter Arthur Pond. 1 Portrait

Joseph Poniatowski (1816-1873). 1 Portrait

John Ponsonby, 1st Viscount Ponsonby (circa 1770-1855), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Arthur Augustus William Harry Ponsonby, 1st Baron Ponsonby (1871-1946), Writer, social activist and Labour politician; MP for Stirling Burghs and Sheffield Brightside. 7 Portraits

Hon. Bertie Brabazon Ponsonby (1885-1927), Son of 8th Earl of Bessborough. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Edward Ponsonby, 1st Bt (1879-1976), Colonel and Conservative politician; MP for Sevenoaks. 10 Portraits

Constance Evelyn Ponsonby (née Meyer) (1908-1993), Wife of Hon. Bertie Brabazon Ponsonby; daughter of Horace Rollo Meyer. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederic Cavendish Ponsonby (1783-1837), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Frederick John Ponsonby (1837-1894), Vicar of St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square. 1 Portrait

George Ponsonby (1755-1817), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 3 Portraits

Hon. Georgiana Ponsonby (née FitzRoy) (1782-1835), Wife of Sir William Ponsonby; daughter of Charles FitzRoy, 1st Baron Southampton. 1 Portrait

Hon. Gerald Henry Brabazon Ponsonby (1829-1908), Private secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland; son of 4th Earl of Bessborough. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Frederick Ponsonby (1825-1895), Army officer and royal courtier. 9 Portraits

John Ponsonby (1713-1789), Speaker of the Irish House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ponsonby (1866-1952), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Mary Elizabeth (née Bulteel), Lady Ponsonby (1832-1916), Royal courtier and advocate of women's advancement; wife of Sir Henry Frederick Ponsonby; daughter of John Crocker Bulteel. 4 Portraits

Sarah Ponsonby (1755-1831), Younger of the 'The Ladies of Llangollen'. 7 Portraits

Sir William Ponsonby (1772-1815), Major-General, 5th Dragoon Guards. 1 Portrait

Sir Spencer Cecil Brabazon Ponsonby-Fane (né Ponsonby) (1824-1915), Cricketer and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Pontifex. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick William Pontin (1906-2000), Founder of Pontin's Holiday Camps. 2 Portraits

Herbert George Ponting (1870-1935), Photographer and antarctic explorer. 1 Portrait

Nick Ponting (1966-), Badminton player. 1 Portrait

Paulus Pontius (Paulus Du Pont) (1603-1658), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Alfred Thomas, 1st Baron Pontypridd (1840-1927), Politician; MP for East Glamorganshire. 3 Portraits

Annie Poole, Singer. 1 Portrait

Austin Lane Poole (1889-1963), Lecturer in Medieval History. 2 Portraits

Brian Poole (1941-), Singer; lead singer of The Tremeloes. 2 Portraits

Christine Poole (née Rutherford), Wife of William H. Poole. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Poole (1820-1906), Actress and mezzo-soprano. 2 Portraits

John Poole (1786?-1872), Dramatist and writer. 3 Portraits

Kathleen R. Poole, Archive Assistant (Photographic Collection), National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Leopold Thomas Poole (1888-1965), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Lionel Pinnock Poole (1894-1967), Trade unionist and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Matthew Poole (Pole) (1624-1679), Biblical commentator. 3 Portraits

Paul Falconer Poole (1807-1879), History painter. 3 Portraits

Reginald Lane Poole (1857-1939), Historian and Keeper of Archives. 1 Portrait

Robert Poole (1708-1752), Medical and theological writer. 1 Portrait

William Henry Evered Poole (1902-1969), Major-General and diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir Ernest Henry Pooley, 1st Bt (1876-1966), Chairman of Arts Council of Great Britain. 6 Portraits

Grace E. Pooley. 1 Portrait

Wilson Che Kei Poon (1962-), Professor of Condensed Matter Physics. 1 Portrait

Pooradam Thirunal Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, Regent Maharani of Travancore (1895-1985), Regent Maharani of Travancore, India; formerly Senior Ranee of Attingal. 1 Portrait

James Poore (active 1830s), Trustee of the Licensed Victuallers' School. 1 Portrait

John Poore (circa 1778-1866), Vicar of Marston and Rainham. 2 Portraits

Robert Montagu Poore (1866-1938), Brigadier-General; Sportsman. 1 Portrait

Alexander Pope (1688-1744), Poet. 46 Portraits

Alice Mary Pope (née Taylor), Daughter of Charles Taylor; former wife of Colonel Philip Pope, and later wife of Captain T.E.C. Hussey. 1 Portrait

A. H. G. Pope (active 1931-1932), Athlete. 1 Portrait

Clara Maria Pope (1768-1838), Artist and botanical illustrator; third wife of Alexander Pope. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Alice Pope (née Warre), Wife of Maurice Pope. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Rolls Pope, Wife of Sidney Buxton Pope. 1 Portrait

Dudley Fairbridge Pope (1906-1934), Cricketer. 2 Portraits

Edith Pope (née Cooper) (1642-1733), Mother of Alexander Pope. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Pope (née Younge) (1744?-1797), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Ernle Pope (1921-1998), Vice-Admiral. 6 Portraits

George Henry Pope (1839-1929), Justice of the Peace and Sheriff of Bristol. 2 Portraits

Sir George Reginald Pope (1902-1982), Director, Times Newspapers Ltd. 1 Portrait

Hugh Pope (1869-1946), Vicar of St Albert's, Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Jane Pope (1742-1818), Actress. 5 Portraits

John Edward Buckingham Pope (died 1978), Captain. 5 Portraits

Mae Pope. 1 Portrait

Maria Ann Pope (née Campion) (1775-1803), Actress; second wife of Alexander Pope. 3 Portraits

Muriel Agnes Pope (1883-1967), Actress. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Pope (1949-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Nicholas David Pope (1992-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Philip William Gladstone Pope (1913-2002), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Samuel Pope (1826-1901), Queen's Counsel. 2 Portraits

Stanley Pope. 1 Portrait

Sydney Buxton Pope (1879-1955), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Terry Pope (1941-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Pope (1507?-1559), Founder of Trinity College, Oxford. 7 Portraits

Vyvyan Vavasour Pope (1891-1941), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir William Jackson Pope (1870-1939), Chemist. 3 Portraits

(Richard) James Arthur Pope-Hennessy (1916-1974), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Pope-Hennessy (1834-1891), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Sir John Pope-Hennessy (1913-1994), Art historian and museums director. 5 Portraits

Ladislaus Herbert Richard Pope-Hennessy (1875-1942), Army officer and writer on military subjects. 3 Portraits

Dame Una Pope-Hennessy (1876-1949), Writer, historian and biographer. 2 Portraits

Arthur Ewart Popham (1889-1970), Art historian and Keeper of Prints and Drawings, British Museum. 3 Portraits

Dora A. Popham (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edward Popham (circa 1610-1651), Naval and army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Home Riggs Popham (1762-1820), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir John Popham (1531?-1607), Lord Chief Justice and Speaker of the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Margaret Evelyn Popham (1894-1982), Principal of Ladies College, Cheltenham. 1 Portrait

S.J.B. Popham (active 1923). 1 Portrait

William Popham (1740-1821), Lieutenant-General and Politician; MP for Milborne Port. 1 Portrait

Basil Popoff (1839-1877), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Andrei Popov (1961-), Member of GB Men's Gymnastics Team, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir Karl Raimund Popper (1902-1994), Philosopher. 5 Portraits

Christina Popping (Kristina Poppinck) (active mid 17th century), Dutch expert in herbs and medical treatment. 1 Portrait

Ernest Popplewell, Baron Popplewell (1899-1977), Politician; MP for Newcastle-upon-Tyne West. 5 Portraits

Anna Katherine Popplewell (1988-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji Sahib Bahadur, Maharaja Rana Sahib of Porbandar (1901-1982), Cricketer, composer and writer. 2 Portraits

George Du Pre Porcher (1825-1876), Barrister and cricketer. 1 Portrait

John Pordage (1607-1681), Astrologer and mystic. 7 Portraits

Waldo William Porges (1899-1976), Queen's Counsel. 2 Portraits

H. Porniter? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Arthur Espie Porritt, Baron Porritt (1900-1994), Governor-general of New Zealand, surgeon and sprinter; Olympian. 25 Portraits

Sir Jonathon Espie Porritt (1950-), Environmentalist, writer and broadcaster; Director of Forum for the Future and Chairman of the Sustainable Development Commission. 1 Portrait

William ('Bill') H. Porritt, Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Ricardo Porro (1925-2014), Architect. 3 Portraits

Richard Porson (1759-1808), Greek scholar. 9 Portraits

John Port (active 1688), Soldier; one of the 'Portsmouth Captains' cashiered in 1688. 2 Portraits

Mary Port (née d'Ewes). 1 Portrait

Wyndham Raymond Portal, 1st Viscount Portal (1885-1949), Paper manufacturer and public servant. 10 Portraits

Charles Frederick Algernon Portal, 1st Viscount Portal of Hungerford (1893-1971), Marshal of the Royal Air Force. 34 Portraits

Florence Elizabeth Mary (née Glyn), Lady Portal (1858-1931), Wife of Sir William Wyndham Portal, 2nd Bt; daughter of Hon. St Leger Richard Glyn. 7 Portraits

Sir Francis Spencer Portal, 5th Bt (1903-1984), President, Portals Holdings Ltd. 2 Portraits

Sir Gerald Herbert Portal (1858-1894), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Henry Portal (1894-1983), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Simon George Melville Portal (1927-), Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Spencer John Portal, 4th Bt (1864-1955), Director of Royal Exchange Assurance and Portals Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir William Wyndham Portal, 2nd Bt (1850-1931), Businessman, landowner and writer. 1 Portrait

John Dawson, 2nd Earl of Portarlington (1781-1845). 1 Portrait

Henry John Reuben Dawson-Damer, 3rd Earl of Portarlington (1822-1889), Representative peer for Ireland. 3 Portraits

Alexandrina Octavia Maria ('Aline', née Vane), Countess of Portarlington (1823-1874), Wife of 3rd Earl of Portarlington; daughter of 3rd Marquess of Londonderry. 1 Portrait

Lionel Seymour William Dawson-Damer, 4th Earl of Portarlington (1832-1892), Politician and landowner. 3 Portraits

Lionel Arthur Henry Seymour Dawson-Damer, 6th Earl of Portarlington (1883-1959), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Winnafreda (née Yuill), Countess of Portarlington (1886-1975), Wife of 6th Earl of Portarlington; daughter of George Skelton Yuill. 4 Portraits

George Lionel Henry Seymour Dawson-Damer, 5th Earl of Portarlington (1858-1900), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Mrs Margaret J. Porteous (née Daniels), Wife of Mr Porteous. 1 Portrait

W. Porteous. 1 Portrait

George Porter, Baron Porter (1920-2002), Chemist. 3 Portraits

Alan Porter. 2 Portraits

Alfred William Porter (1863-1939), Professor of Physics. 2 Portraits

Anna Maria Porter (1780-1832), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Edward Porter (1880-1960), Alderman. 4 Portraits

Endymion Porter (1587-1649), Poet and courtier. 8 Portraits

Eric Richard Porter (1928-1995), Actor. 3 Portraits

Father Porter, Jesuit. 3 Portraits

Gail Porter (1971-), Television presenter and actress. 1 Portrait

Helen Kemp Porter (1899-1987), Biochemist. 1 Portrait

Horace Porter (1837-1921), Soldier and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir James Porter (1851-1935), Physician to the King and Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Jane Porter (1776-1850), Novelist; sister of Anna Maria Porter. 2 Portraits

John Porter (1751-1819), Hebrew scholar; Bishop of Clogher. 1 Portrait

John Porter (1838-1922), Horseman and founder of Newbury Racecourse. 4 Portraits

Sir (Melvin) Kenneth Drowley Porter (1912-2003), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Sir Leslie Porter (1920-2005), Businessman and President, Tesco PLC. 1 Portrait

Sir Leslie Alexander Selim Porter (1854-1932), Indian civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Ludovic Charles Porter (1869-1928), Indian civil servant and Finance minister. 2 Portraits

Mary Bousfield (née Steains), Lady Porter (died 1915), Daughter of James Steains; wife of Sir William Henry Porter, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Nyree Dawn Porter (1936-2001), Actress. 3 Portraits

Peter Neville Frederick Porter (1929-2010), Poet and writer. 4 Portraits

Raymond Alfred James Porter (1896-1988), Underwriter and Chairman of Local Government. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Porter (1858-1928), Major-General and Director of Medical Services, 2nd Army. 7 Portraits

Sir Robert Ker Porter (1777-1842), Painter and traveller. 4 Portraits

Samuel Lowry Porter, Baron Porter (1877-1956), Judge. 4 Portraits

Sarah Porter (died 1762), Queen of the Touters at Tunbridge Wells. 1 Portrait

Dame Shirley Porter (Lady Porter) (1930-), Lord Mayor of Westminster; wife of Sir Leslie Porter; daughter of Sir John Edward Cohen. 1 Portrait

Thea Porter (1927-2000), Artist, fashion designer and retailer. 2 Portraits

William Porter (1897-1943), Brigadier and Director of Plans at the War Office. 5 Portraits

William Hugh Lancelot Porter (circa 1925-1995), Son of Brigadier William Porter. 3 Portraits

William Thomas Porter (1877-1928), Judge. 7 Portraits

Beilby Porteus (1731-1809), Bishop of London. 11 Portraits

Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo (1953-), Journalist, broadcaster and Conservative politician; MP for Enfield Southgate and Kensington and Chelsea. 2 Portraits

William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland (1709-1762). 2 Portraits

Margaret Cavendish Bentinck (née Harley), Duchess of Portland (1715-1785), Collector of art and natural history specimens and patron of arts and sciences. 4 Portraits

William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (1738-1809), Prime Minister. 32 Portraits

Dorothy Bentinck (née Cavendish), Duchess of Portland (1750-1794), Wife of 3rd Duke of Portland. 1 Portrait

William Henry Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, 4th Duke of Portland (1768-1854), Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex and Conservative politician; MP for Petersfield and Buckinghamshire. 4 Portraits

William Arthur Cavendish-Bentinck, 6th Duke of Portland (1857-1943), Lieutenant-Colonel. 32 Portraits

Winifred Anna (née Dallas-Yorke), Duchess of Portland (1863-1954), Philanthropist, animal rights campaigner and first President of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. 15 Portraits

William Arthur Henry Cavendish-Bentinck, 7th Duke of Portland (1893-1977), Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire and politician; son of 6th Duke of Portland. 13 Portraits

Ivy Cavendish-Bentinck (née Gordon-Lennox), Duchess of Portland (1887-1982), Wife of 7th Duke of Portland; daughter of Lord Algernon Charles Gordon-Lennox. 7 Portraits

(Victor Frederick) William Cavendish-Bentinck, 9th Duke of Portland (1897-1990), Diplomat. 9 Portraits

Richard Weston, 1st Earl of Portland (1577-1635), Statesman. 11 Portraits

Frances Weston (née Stuart), Countess of Portland (1617-1694), Wife of 2nd Earl of Portland. 12 Portraits

William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (1649-1709), Friend and agent of William III. 5 Portraits

Joseph Ellison Portlock (1794-1864), Surveyor, army officer and geologist. 1 Portrait

Edward Berkeley Portman, 1st Viscount Portman (1799-1888), Liberal politician; MP for Marylebone and Dorset. 4 Portraits

Emma Andalusia (née Frere May), Viscountess Portman (died 1929), Former wife of 5th Earl of Portarlington, and later wife of 3rd Viscount Portman. 5 Portraits

William Henry Berkeley Portman, 2nd Viscount Portman (1829-1919), Politician; MP for Shaftesbury and Dorset. 7 Portraits

Mary Selina Charlotte (née Fitzwilliam), Viscountess Portman (1836-1899), Wife of 2nd Viscount Portman; daughter of Viscount Milton. 1 Portrait

Henry Berkeley Portman, 3rd Viscount Portman (1860-1923), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Claud Berkeley Portman, 4th Viscount Portman (1864-1929), Captain and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Gerald William Berkeley Portman, 8th Viscount Portman (1903-1967), Director, Alliance Assurance Company. 3 Portraits

Alice Portman (née Mordaunt) (died 1917), Wife of Walter Berkeley Portman; daughter of Sir John Mordaunt, 9th Bt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Constance Mary Portman (née Lawley) (1854-1951), Former wife of Hon. Eustace Vesey, and later wife of Edward William Berkeley Portman; daughter of 2nd Baron Wenlock. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward William Berkeley Portman (1856-1911), Army officer; son of 2nd Viscount Portman. 1 Portrait

Eric Portman (1901-1969), Actor. 3 Portraits

Guy Maurice Berkeley Portman (1890-1961), Barrister and Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Luisa Portman. 1 Portrait

Hon. Walter George Berkeley Portman (1858-1865), Son of 2nd Viscount Portman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Portman (1643-1690), Politician; MP for Taunton and Somerset. 1 Portrait

Seymour Berkeley Portman-Dalton (né Portman) (circa 1838-1912), Landowner and Secretary to the Kempton Park Club. 3 Portraits

Mary (née Leslie), Countess of Portmore (1753-1799), Wife of 3rd Earl of Portmore. 1 Portrait

Afonso, Duke of Porto (1865-1920), Army officer; son of Luís I, King of Portugal. 1 Portrait

René Portocarrero (1912-1985), Cuban artist. 2 Portraits

Louise de Kéroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth (1649-1734), Mistress of Charles II. 15 Portraits

Isaac Newton Wallop, 5th Earl of Portsmouth (1825-1891), Landowner. 4 Portraits

Newton Wallop, 6th Earl of Portsmouth (1856-1917), Politician, Under-Secretary of State for War and landowner. 9 Portraits

Gerard Vernon Wallop, 9th Earl of Portsmouth (1898-1984), Landowner; agricultural author and politician. 3 Portraits

Donald Portway (1887-1979), Colonel; Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Lecturer in Engineering. 3 Portraits

Douglas Portway (1922-1993), Artist. 1 Portrait

Frederick Richard Poskitt (1900-1983), Headteacher. 1 Portrait

Geoff Posner (1949-), Television producer and director. 1 Portrait

Baronne Micheline de Possou. 3 Portraits

Donald (Donnell?) Post. 1 Portrait

Jacob Post (1774-1855), Quaker. 4 Portraits

Adrienne Posta (Adrienne Marsha Poster) (1949-), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Lady Cynthia Rosalie Postan (née Keppel) (1918-2017), Plantswoman, writer, research historian, translator and collector of porcelain; wife of Sir Michael Moissey Postan. 2 Portraits

John Percival Postgate (1853-1926), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Raymond William Postgate (1896-1971), Journalist and writer on food and wine. 2 Portraits

Mr Postle (active 1849). 3 Portraits

John Rutherfoord Parkin Postlethwaite (1883-1956), Civil servant and author. 2 Portraits

Peter Postlethwaite (1946-2011), Actor. 1 Portrait

Prince Ludovico Spada Veralli Potenziani (1880-1971), Governor of Rome. 2 Portraits

Keith Leon Potger (1941-), Musician; guitarist for The Seekers. 3 Portraits

Alfred Pott (1822-1908), Principal of Cuddesdon Theological College. 2 Portraits

Emily Pott (née Gibbs) (died 1903), Daughter of Joseph Gibbs; wife of Alfred Pott. 2 Portraits

Joseph Holden Pott (1759-1847), Archdeacon of London. 2 Portraits

Percivall Pott (1714-1788), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

(Helen) Beatrix Potter (later Heelis) (1866-1943), Children's writer, book illustrator and conservationist. 7 Portraits

(Walter) Bertram Potter (1872-1918), Artist; brother of Beatrix Potter. 1 Portrait

Betty Potter (Georgina Elizabeth Neale (née Meinertzhagen)) (1892-1948), Actress; wife of Ralph Neale. 1 Portrait

Cyril H. Potter (1877-1941), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

Dennis Christopher George Potter (1935-1994), Playwright, author and journalist. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Potter (née Leech) (1837-1865), Wife of Walter Potter; daughter of John Leech; sister of Helen Potter (née Leech). 2 Portraits

George Richard Potter (1900-1981), Professor of Medieval History. 1 Portrait

Gillie Potter (Hugh William Peel) (1887-1975), Comedian and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

G. Potter. 1 Portrait

Harold Potter (1896-1951), Professor of English Law. 1 Portrait

Helen Potter (née Leech) (1839-1932), Wife of Rupert Potter; daughter of John Leech; mother of Beatrix Potter. 1 Portrait

Henry Codman Potter (1834-1908), Bishop of New York. 4 Portraits

John Potter (1674?-1747), Archbishop of Canterbury. 5 Portraits

Sir (Wilfrid) John Potter (1913-2005), Major-General. 3 Portraits

John Baptiste Potter (1839-1900), Obstetrician. 1 Portrait

John Phillips Potter (1818-1847), Anatomist. 1 Portrait

L.D. Potter. 1 Portrait

Michael Cressé Potter (1858-1948), Professor of Botany and reverend. 3 Portraits

Monica Lascelles Potter (née Pickering) (1901-1950), Wife of William Potter. 1 Portrait

Sir (Joseph) Raymond Lynden Potter (1916-1993), Chairman of the Halifax Building Society. 1 Portrait

Reginald Joseph William Henry Potter (1877-1941), Hon. Canon of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Richard Potter (1778-1842), Reformist; founding member of the 'Little Circle' and Liberal politician; MP for Wigan. 5 Portraits

Robert Potter (1721-1804), Translator and clergyman. 1 Portrait

Rupert Potter (1832-1914), Barrister and photographer; father of Beatrix Potter. 2 Portraits

Sally Potter (1949-), Film director and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Stephen Potter (1900-1969), Writer. 11 Portraits

Sir Thomas Potter (1774-1845), Merchant and Mayor of Manchester. 1 Portrait

Thomas Bayley Potter (1817-1898), Politician; MP for Rochdale. 3 Portraits

Walter Potter (1834-1871), Son of Edmund Potter and brother of Rupert Potter; uncle of Beatrix Potter. 1 Portrait

William Norman Potter, Vicar, St Michael All Angels, Plumstead. 3 Portraits

Mrs Potter. 1 Portrait

Mrs Potter (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Pottinger (1789-1856), Army officer in the East India Company and colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Horace Potts, Director, BSA. 1 Portrait

Howard Potts (active 1929). 1 Portrait

Leonard James Potts (1897-1960), Lecturer in English. 1 Portrait

Nathan Potts (died 1778?), Doorkeeper of the Robin Hood Society. 1 Portrait

Paul Hugh Howard Potts (1911-1990), Poet. 2 Portraits

Peter Potts (1935-1996), General Secretary, General Federation of Trade Unions and Justice of the Peace. 6 Portraits

Thomas Edmund Potts (1908-1993), Managing director. 1 Portrait

Pyotr Ivanovich Potyomkin (Potemkin) (1617-1700), Russian Ambassador to England in 1682, courtier and Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Louis Pouchée (1736-1843), Centenarian. 1 Portrait

Jean Pougny (Ivan Puni) (1892-1956), Painter, illustrator and designer. 5 Portraits

Leff Pouishnoff (1891-1959), Pianist and composer. 3 Portraits

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963), French composer and member of the group Les Six. 2 Portraits

John Poulett, 1st Earl Poulett (1663-1743), First Lord of the Treasury. 1 Portrait

Margaret (née Burges), Countess Poulett (circa 1744-1838), Former wife of Sir John Smith-Burges, 1st Bt, and later second wife of 4th Earl Poulett. 2 Portraits

John Poulett, 5th Earl Poulett (1783-1864). 5 Portraits

Charlotte Fanny (née Portman), Countess Poulett (died 1877), Wife of 5th Earl Poulett; daughter of Henry Berkeley Portman. 7 Portraits

Sylvia Lillian (née Storey), Countess Poulett (1889-1947), Gaiety girl; wife of 7th Earl Poulett; daughter of Fred Storey. 6 Portraits

George Amias Fitzwarrine, 8th Earl Poulett (1909-1973), Mechanical engineer. 8 Portraits

Olga Lorraine (née Lawrence), Countess Poulett (died 1961), Second wife of 8th Earl Poulett. 9 Portraits

Lady Bridget Poulett (1912-1975), Socialite; daughter of 7th Earl Poulett. 14 Portraits

Francis Poullain (1967-), Musician; bassist for The Darkness. 1 Portrait

John Sayer Poulter (died 1847), Politician; MP for Shaftesbury. 1 Portrait

Deborah Poulton (1970-), Commissioning Editor, Channel Four, London 2012 Paralympic Games. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Bagnall Poulton (1856-1943), Zoologist. 6 Portraits

Bessie Caroline Grace (née Whitehead), Lady Pound (1881-1943), Wife of Sir (Alfred) Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound; daughter of Dr Whitehead. 5 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound (1877-1943), Admiral of the Fleet. 15 Portraits

Ezra Pound (1885-1972), Poet. 5 Portraits

Pelham Pendennis Pound (1922-1999), BBC sub-editor, journalist and literary agent for Stephen Ward. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Courtice Pounds (1862-1927), Actor and singer. 2 Portraits

Edgar George Derek Pounds (1922-2002), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Alwyne ('Ken') Pounds (1934-), Physicist; Professor of Physics. 1 Portrait

Louie Pounds (1872-1970), Actress. 6 Portraits

Henri Poupart (1877-1961), Chef at Buckingham Palace. 1 Portrait

Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), Artist. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Povey (Mrs Knight) (1804-1861), Actress and singer; wife of Edward Knight. 7 Portraits

Bruce Wardlaw Pow (1916-2004). 1 Portrait

Philip Powel (Morgan) (1595-1646), Benedictine. 4 Portraits

Lady Violet Georgiana Powell (née Pakenham) (1912-2002), Author; wife of Anthony Dymoke Powell; daughter of 5th Earl of Longford. 9 Portraits

Albina Mary Powell (active 1926). 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Allan Powell (circa 1876-1948), Lawyer and Chairman of BBC. 2 Portraits

Anthony Powell (1935-2021), Costumier. 1 Portrait

Anthony Dymoke Powell (1905-2000), Writer. 15 Portraits

Cecil Frank ('C.F.') Powell (1903-1969), Physicist; Nobel Prize winner. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Herbert Powell (1857-1943), Major-General. 11 Portraits

Charles Vaughan Powell (born 1894), Naval Commander. 1 Portrait

Chilton Powell (died 1995), Bishop of Oklahoma. 1 Portrait

Chris Powell, Fashion model. 3 Portraits

David Powell. 1 Portrait

Dick Powell, Product designer and founder, Seymour Powell Designs. 2 Portraits

(Elizabeth) Dilys Powell (1901-1995), Film critic and writer. 11 Portraits

Donald Powell (1896-1942), Brigadier and Aide-de-camp to Governor of Madras. 1 Portrait

Edmund Nathanael Powell (1859-1928), Bishop of Mashonaland. 1 Portrait

Edward B. Powell, Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

(John) Enoch Powell (1912-1998), Politician, classical scholar, linguist and poet. 32 Portraits

Sir Francis Powell (1833-1914), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Sharp Powell, 1st Bt (1827-1911), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Frank John Powell (1891-1971), Metropolitan Police magistrate. 9 Portraits

Frederick York Powell (1850-1904), Historian. 2 Portraits

Gary Powell (1963-), Stunt Coordinator. 1 Portrait

Grandage Edwards Powell (1882-1948), Suffragan Bishop of Penrith. 1 Portrait

Griffith James Powell (active 1930s), Aviator. 1 Portrait

Jane Powell (1761-1821), Wife of Dr Powell. 2 Portraits

Jane Powell ('Powie') (active 1917), Lady Ottoline Morrell's nanny. 2 Portraits

John Powell (born 1610), Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sir John Powell (1633-1696), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir John Powell (1645-1713), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

John Allan Powell (circa 1781-1859), Solicitor and law agent for Lord Blessington. 2 Portraits

John Clark Powell (1763-1847), Governor of the London Assurance Corporation. 1 Portrait

John Frederick Powell (1915-2008), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

John Joseph Powell (1816-1891), Barrister, politician and Recorder of Wolverhampton. 2 Portraits

Sir John Kynaston Powell, Bt (1753-1822), Conservative politician; MP for Shropshire. 3 Portraits

Jonathan Powell (1956-), Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister. 2 Portraits

Jonathan Leslie Powell (1947-), Television producer; director of drama Carlton Television. 1 Portrait

Lilian Powell. 2 Portraits

Michael Latham Powell (1905-1990), Film director and writer. 8 Portraits

Dame Muriel Powell (1914-1978), Chief Nursing Officer and matron of St George's Hospital. 2 Portraits

Noble Cilley Powell (1891-1968), Bishop of Maryland. 1 Portrait

Norman Powell (1883-1943), Theologian, scholar and lecturer. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Powell (1921-2003), Architect. 1 Portrait

Richard Powell (1766-1834), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Douglas Powell, 1st Bt (1842-1925), Physician. 4 Portraits

Richard Folliott Powell, Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard George Douglas Powell, 3rd Bt (1909-1980), Director-General, Institute of Directors. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Royle Powell (1909-2006), Senior civil servant. 2 Portraits

Robert Powell (1944-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Ronald Arthur Powell (1888-1966), Metropolitan magistrate. 1 Portrait

Sandy Powell (1960-), Costume designer. 1 Portrait

Sidney Henry Powell (1866-1945), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Walter Rice Howell Powell (1819-1889), Landowner and politician; MP for Carmarthenshire. 1 Portrait

Walter Templer Powell (died 1949), Actor-manager. 1 Portrait

William Powell (1735-1769), Actor. 5 Portraits

William Folliott Powell (1845-1942), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

William Thomas Rowland Powell (1815-1878), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 1 Portrait

W. Powell, Gamekeeper at Butleigh. 1 Portrait

Miss Powell (active 1839). 1 Portrait

John Ernest Powell-Jones (1925-2012), Diplomat; Ambassador to Cambodia, Senegal and Switzerland. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur John Power (1889-1960), Admiral of the Fleet. 6 Portraits

Sir Arthur MacKenzie Power (1921-1984), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Bonamy Mansell Power (1819-1900), Member of the jury in 'Tichborne v Lushington'. 1 Portrait

Charles Gavan Power (1888-1968), Canadian politician. 4 Portraits

Cornelia Frances (née Ellison), Lady Power (died 1944), Lady Mayoress of Hackney; wife of Sir William Richard Power. 2 Portraits

Sir D'Arcy Power (1855-1941), Surgeon and historian. 4 Portraits

D'arcy Power (1889-1958), Air Vice-Marshal. 9 Portraits

Ellen Power (active 1843), Niece of Lady Blessington. 2 Portraits

E.A. Power. 1 Portrait

Sir George Power (1847-1928), Actor and dramatist. 1 Portrait

Henry Power (1829-1911), Opthalmologist. 1 Portrait

Jack Power (1790-active 1812), Prize-fighter. 1 Portrait

Sir John Cecil Power, 1st Bt (1870-1950), Businessman and politician. 2 Portraits

John O'Connor Power (1846-1919), Irish politician; MP and barrister. 2 Portraits

Sir Laurence Eliot Power (1864-1927), Admiral. 7 Portraits

Mabel Katherine Louisa (née Perks), Lady Power (died 1945), Wife of Sir John Cecil Power, 1st Bt; daughter of John Hartley Perks. 3 Portraits

Sir Manley Laurence Power (1904-1981), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Marguerite Agnes Power (1815?-1867), Writer; niece of Lady Blessington. 1 Portrait

Muriel Frances (née Want), Lady Power (died 1964), Wife of Sir Laurence Eliot Power. 4 Portraits

Nelly Power (1854-1887), Actor and singer. 8 Portraits

Peter Lancelot John Le Poer Power (1912-1998), Major. 4 Portraits

Sir Samuel Murray Power (1863-1933), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

(William Grattan) Tyrone Power (1797-1841), Irish comic actor. 4 Portraits

Tyrone Edmund Power (1914-1958), Actor. 5 Portraits

Sir William Richard Power (1861-1945), Mayor of Hackney. 2 Portraits

Richard Wingfield, 6th Viscount Powerscourt (1815-1844). 3 Portraits

Mervyn Wingfield, 7th Viscount Powerscourt (1836-1904), Collector. 10 Portraits

Julia (née Coke), Viscountess Powerscourt (1844-1931), Wife of 7th Viscount Powerscourt; daughter of 2nd Earl of Leicester. 3 Portraits

Mervyn Patrick Wingfield, 9th Viscount Powerscourt (1905-1973), Major. 4 Portraits

Sheila Claude Wingfield (née Beddington), Viscountess Powerscourt (1906-1992), Poet; wife of 9th Viscount Powerscourt; daughter of Claude Beddington. 4 Portraits

Sir (Frederick) Maurice Powicke (1879-1963), Medieval historian and Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford. 3 Portraits

William Herbert, 1st Marquess and 1st Duke of Powis (circa 1626-1696), Jacobite courtier. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Antonia Clive (née Herbert), Countess of Powis (1758-1830), Wife of Edward Clive, 1st Earl of Powis. 3 Portraits

Edward Clive, 1st Earl of Powis (1754-1839), Governor of Madras. 2 Portraits

Edward Herbert, 2nd Earl of Powis (1785-1848), Peer and politician; MP for Ludlow. 3 Portraits

Edward Herbert, 3rd Earl of Powis (1818-1891), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

George Charles Herbert, 4th Earl of Powis (1862-1952), Landowner and Lord-Lieutenant of Shropshire. 6 Portraits

Edward Robert Henry Herbert, 5th Earl of Powis (1889-1974), Son of Colonel Edward William Herbert and Beatrice Anne Williamson. 9 Portraits

Henry Powle (1630-1692), Master of the Rolls and speaker of the Convention Parliament. 4 Portraits

John Diston Powles (1787 or 1788-1867), Administrative reformer and company promoter. 2 Portraits

Richard Cowley Powles (1819-1901), Clergyman, teacher and college fellow. 1 Portrait

Edward B. Powley (1887-1968), Author. 8 Portraits

Sir Assheton Pownall (1877-1953), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 11 Portraits

(John George) Henry Pownall (1792-1880), Newspaper proprietor; magistrate; abolitionist. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Royds Pownall (1887-1961), Lieutenant-General. 8 Portraits

John Lionel Pownall (1929-), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Philemon Pownall (circa 1734-1780), Naval Captain. 3 Portraits

Sylvia Pownall (née Conn) (1936-), Wife of John Pownall; daughter of J. Cameron Conn. 2 Portraits

Agnes Anne Powys (née Richards) (died 1906), Second wife of Hon. Charles Powys; daughter of John Richards. 1 Portrait

Hon. Charles Powys (1813-1897), Army officer; son of 2nd Baron Lilford. 1 Portrait

Francis Powys, Son of Theodore Francis Powys. 1 Portrait

Horatio Powys (1805-1877), Bishop of Sodor and Man. 3 Portraits

John Cowper Powys (1872-1963), Writer and poet. 1 Portrait

Theodore Francis Powys (1875-1953), Novelist. 29 Portraits

Violet Rosalie Powys (née Dodds) (1886 or 1887-1966), Wife of Theodore Francis Powys. 3 Portraits

Harry Leycester Powys-Keck (1841-1912), High Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire; Justice of the Peace; son of Hon. Henry Littleton Powys-Keck. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Littleton Powys-Keck (né Powys) (1812-1863), Major; son of 2nd Baron Lilford. 1 Portrait

Lilian Powys-Lybbe (née Trotter) (circa 1887-1951), Wife of Reginald Powys-Lybbe; daughter of Canon Trotter. 3 Portraits

Reginald Cecil Powys-Lybbe (circa 1881-1930), Son of William Reginald Powys-Lybbe of Oxon. 3 Portraits

Richard Powys-Lybbe. 1 Portrait

John Poyer (died 1649), Merchant and army officer. 1 Portrait

Jean Poynder (née Saunders) (1914-1992), Tennis player. 4 Portraits

Thomas Poynder (active 1837), Treasurer of Christ's Hospital. 3 Portraits

Cherry Margaret (née Burnett), Lady Poynter (died 1959), Wife of Sir Ambrose MacDonald Poynter, 2nd Bt; daughter of J.J. Burnett. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward John Poynter, 1st Bt (1836-1919), Painter and President of the Royal Academy; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 30 Portraits

Guy Kingsley Poynter (1915-1983), Actor. 5 Portraits

Malcolm Poynter (1946-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

(Frederick) Noel Poynter (1908-1979), Director, Wellcome Institute of History of Medicine. 2 Portraits

William Poynter (1762-1827), Roman Catholic bishop and vicar apostolic of the London district. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Hilton Poynton (1905-1996), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Nicholas Poyntz (1510-1556), Courtier and Sheriff of Gloucestershire. 1 Portrait

Stephen Poyntz (1685-1750), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sydenham Poyntz (Poynts) (born circa 1607), Parliamentarian army officer. 9 Portraits

William Stephen Poyntz (circa 1769-1840), Politician; MP for St Albans, Chichester and Ashburton. 1 Portrait

Charles Poyser (active late 18th century), Broker of Great Queen Street, London. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur Hampden) Ronald Poyser (1884-1957), Lawyer and Master in Lunacy. 1 Portrait

Nerses Pozapalian (1937-2009), Archbishop of the Armenian Church. 1 Portrait

Carlo Andrea, Count Pozzo di Borgo (1764-1842), Corsican politician; Russian Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Ethel van Praagh (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Srila Prabhupada) (1896-1977), Founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishnas). 1 Portrait

Jean-Baptiste Symphor Linstant de Pradine (1812-1883), Haitian slavery abolitionist and Haitian chargé d'affaires in Paris. 4 Portraits

Irene Prador (1911-1996), Actress. 1 Portrait

Michael Praed (1960-), Television, film and stage actor. 1 Portrait

William Mackworth Praed (1747-1833), Banker and politician. 2 Portraits

Winthrop Mackworth Praed (1802-1839), Poet. 2 Portraits

Winthrop Mackworth Praed (circa 1832-1890), Banker. 1 Portrait

Henry Johann Ferdinand Praeger (1850-1914), Army officer and merchant; son of Ferdinand Praeger. 2 Portraits

Sir David Prain (1857-1944), Botanist. 3 Portraits

Sir Ronald Lindsay Prain (1907-1991), Chairman. 8 Portraits

Sir Ghillean Tolmie Prance (1937-), Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens. 2 Portraits

Ivy Prance (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Miles Prance (active 1678-1688), Perjurer. 5 Portraits

Reginald Heber Prance (circa 1829-1912), Stockbroker; son of Robert Prance. 1 Portrait

Robert Prance (circa 1799-1869), Stockbroker, magsitrate and benefactor. 1 Portrait

Sunand Prasad (1950-), Co-founder of Penoyre & Prasad Architects; President of The Royal Institute of British Architects. 1 Portrait

Vinaya Kumari (née Prasad), Lady Teelock (1924-2008), Barrister; wife of Sir Leckraz Teelock. 6 Portraits

Jemima Prasadam (1940-), Priest. 1 Portrait

Usha Kumari Prashar, Baroness Prashar (1948-), Cross Bench member of the House of Lords. 1 Portrait

Sir Pratab Singh, Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir (1850-1925), Reigned 1885-1925. 5 Portraits

Sir Pratap Singh (Sir Pratap Singhji), Maharaja of Idar and Regent of Jodhpur (1845-1922), Indian ruler and army officer. 9 Portraits

Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh Malvendra, Bahadur of Nabha (1919-1995), Indian Ruler and lieutenant. 8 Portraits

Sir Pratapsinha Gaekwar Sena Khas Khel Shamsher Bahadur, Maharaja of Baroda (1908-1968), Major-General in Indian Army. 23 Portraits

Sir Terence David John ('Terry') Pratchett (1948-2015), Author. 1 Portrait

Lady Caroline Elizabeth Pratt (1839-1929), Daughter of 2nd Marquess Camden. 1 Portrait

Lord Roderic Arthur Nevill Pratt (1915-1997), Major; son of 4th Marquess Camden. 6 Portraits

B. Pratt (active 1842), Clergyman associated with St Giles's Cemetery, St Pancras Road. 1 Portrait

David Doig Pratt (1894-1962), Director of National Chemical Laboratory. 3 Portraits

Douglas Henry Pratt (1892-1958), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Edward Roger Pratt (1756-1838), of Ryston Hall, Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Frederick Greville Pratt (1869-1949), Indian civil servant. 1 Portrait

George Pratt (active 1784), Town crier. 3 Portraits

Hodgson Pratt (1824-1907), Advocate of peace and promoter of industrial cooperative movement. 1 Portrait

Sir John Pratt (1657-1725), Lord Chief Justice. 1 Portrait

John Tidd Pratt (1797-1870), Registrar of Friendly Societies. 3 Portraits

Josiah Pratt (1768-1844), Evangelical divine. 5 Portraits

Mrs. L. Pratt (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Miriam Pratt (born 1890?), Suffragette. 2 Portraits

Samuel Jackson Pratt (1749-1814), Poet and novelist. 3 Portraits

S.P. Pratt. 1 Portrait

Ursula Pratt (née Wyndham-Quin) (1921-1993), Wife of Lord Roderic Arthur Neville Pratt; daughter of Hon. Valentine Maurice Wyndham-Quin. 1 Portrait

Mr Pratt (active 1830s), Doorkeeper at the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Madame Sidney Pratten (Catharina Josepha Pratten (née Pelzer)) (1821-1895), Guitarist, composer and teacher; wife of Robert Sidney Pratten. 2 Portraits

Robert Sidney Pratten (1824-1868), Flautist. 2 Portraits

Lou Preager (1906-1978), Band leader. 1 Portrait

Per Preben Prebensen (1896-1961), Norwegian ambassador. 2 Portraits

Sir George Preece (died 1945), Engineer Vice-Admiral. 9 Portraits

Norah Frances Sapphire Preece (née Farquhar) (1906-1980), Former wife of Mark Oliver, and later wife of John Rowland Preece; daughter of Francis Douglas Farquhar. 1 Portrait

Tim Preece (1938-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Preedy (1722-1796), Rector. 1 Portrait

Jaakoff Prelooker (1860-1935), Writer and philosopher. 2 Portraits

Prem, Musician and producer. 1 Portrait

Sir Kikabhai Premchand (1883-1953), Indian financier. 4 Portraits

Lily, Lady Premchand, Justice of the Peace; wife of Sir Kikabhai Premchand. 3 Portraits

Prenai, Friend of Peter Gidal. 1 Portrait

Harris Prendergast (1805-1878), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry North Dalrymple Prendergast (1834-1913), General. 1 Portrait

Michael Prendergast. 1 Portrait

Peter Prendergast (1946-2007), Painter and draughtsman. 1 Portrait

Dame Simone Ruth Prendergast (née Laski) (1930-2012), Public servant and Head of the UK Jewish Lads' and Girls' Brigade. 2 Portraits

William Prendergast (1868-1933), Organist, Winchester Cathedral. 4 Portraits

Peggy Prendeville (1955-), Interior designer, illustrator and children's book author. 1 Portrait

Daniel Prenn (1904-1991), Tennis and table tennis player; Businessman. 1 Portrait

Reginald Ernest Prentice, Baron Prentice (1923-2001), Politician, Minister of State for Social Security. 15 Portraits

Graham Auldjo Prentice (1862-1921), Stock Jobber. 1 Portrait

Samuel Jackman Prescod (1806-1871), Barbadian journalist, politician, judge and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

John Leslie Prescott, Baron Prescott (1938-), Labour politician; Deputy Prime Minister. 3 Portraits

Pauline Prescott (née Tilston), Lady Prescott (1940-), Wife of John Leslie Prescott, Baron Prescott; daughter of Ernest Tilston. 1 Portrait

Bessie Smith (née Stanley), Lady Prescott (died 1940), Wife of Sir William Prescott; daughter of Mark Stanley. 2 Portraits

E. Prescott. 1 Portrait

Grace Geraldine Prescott (1905-1978), Daughter of Sir William Prescott. 1 Portrait

Peter George Addington Prescott (1924-2007), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Robert Prescott (1725-1816), Governor of Canada. 1 Portrait

(William Robert) Stanley Prescott (1912-1962), Captain and Conservative politician; MP for Darwen. 11 Portraits

Stanley Prescott (active 1936). 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Prescott, 1st Bt (1874-1945), Colonel, barrister and civil engineer. 4 Portraits

William Hickling Prescott (1796-1859), Historian. 3 Portraits

Reg Presley (1941-), Musician; member of The Troggs. 3 Portraits

Nathalie Press (1975-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Robert Press (1915-1984), Physicist. 4 Portraits

Arnold Pressburger (1885-1951), Film producer. 1 Portrait

Emeric Pressburger (Imre Josef Pressburger) (1902-1988), Author and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Alan Richmond Prest (1919-1984), Professor of Economics. 1 Portrait

Edward Brent Prest (1830-1903), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Margaret Anne Pelham Prest (née Papillon) (1839-1910), Wife of Edward Brent Prest; daughter of Thomas Papillon. 1 Portrait

Edgar Prestage (1869-1951), Historian and Professor of Portuguese. 5 Portraits

George Prestige (1836-1927), Tax inspector. 1 Portrait

Hannah Rebecca Prestige (née Snow) (active 1927), Wife of George Prestige. 1 Portrait

Iris Evelyn Rosamand (née Radclyffe), Lady Prestige (1900-1977), Wife of Sir John Prestige; daughter of C.R.E. Radclyffe. 3 Portraits

Richard Graham, Viscount Preston (1648-1695), Jacobite. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edwin Preston (1852-1924), Justice of the Peace. 5 Portraits

Arthur Llewellyn Preston (died 1936), Bishop of Woolwich. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Preston (1827-1900), Captain in the Army; Adjutant in the Rifle Volunteers. 1 Portrait

David Christopher Preston (1918-2014), Solicitor; son of Kerrison Preston. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Hulton Preston, 5th Bt (1888-1963), Landowner and Sheriff of Norfolk. 3 Portraits

Emily Elizabeth (née Bryant), Lady Preston, First wife of Sir Lionel George Preston; daughter of Edgar Bryant. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick George Panizzi Preston (1867-1949), High Sheriff. 1 Portrait

George Preston (1840-1913), Preacher and Classical Lecturer at Magdalen College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

Sir Harry Preston (1860-1936), Brighton hotelier and amateur boxer. 2 Portraits

Hugh Graham Preston (1913-1942), Solicitor and second lieutenant, The Rifle Brigade; son of Kerrison Preston. 1 Portrait

Isaac Preston (1711-1768), Barrister. 1 Portrait

John Preston (1587-1628), Puritan divine. 8 Portraits

John Henry Preston (born 1874), Justice of the Peace. 4 Portraits

J. Preston. 1 Portrait

Sir Lionel George Preston (1875-1971), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Lydia Preston (née Jacobs), Wife of Arthur Edwin Preston. 2 Portraits

Margaret Evelyn (née Bond-Cabbell), Lady Preston (1884-1980), Wife of Sir Edward Hulton Preston, 5th Bt; daughter of Benjamin Bond-Cabbell. 4 Portraits

Mary Ursula Preston (1920-1974), Daughter of Kerrison Preston. 1 Portrait

Peter John Preston (1938-), Editor-in-chief and Chairman of The Guardian and The Observer. 2 Portraits

Reginald Dawson Preston (1908-2000), Professor of Plant Biophysics. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Preston, Bt (1740-1834), Naval commander and politician; MP for Dover. 1 Portrait

Thomas Preston (1774-1850), Radical and Spa Fields rioter. 2 Portraits

Thomas Preston (1860-1900), Physicist. 1 Portrait

William Preston (died 1789), Bishop of Leighlin and Ferns and of Killala and Achonry. 1 Portrait

William Preston (1742-1818), Writer on Freemasonry. 1 Portrait

Marjorie Frances Preston-Thomas (née Rashleigh) (1903-1989), Wife of Quintin Bernard Preston-Thomas; daughter of W. Rashleigh. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Prestwich (1812-1896), Geologist. 1 Portrait

John Garland de Pret Roose (died 1992), Son of Count Jacques de Pret-Roose. 1 Portrait

Michael de Pret Roose (1925-1979), Son of Count Jacques de Pret-Roose. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Edward Tucker ('Nick') Prettejohn (1960-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Lady Beatrice Adine Pretyman (née Bridgeman) (1870-1952), Wife of Hon. Ernest George Pretyman; daughter of 4th Earl of Bradford. 2 Portraits

Ernest George Pretyman (1860-1931), Politician and army officer. 2 Portraits

André George Previn (1929-2019), Conductor and composer. 3 Portraits

Charles William Previté-Orton (1877-1947), Historian, journal editor and Professor of Medieval History. 3 Portraits

Abbé Prévost (Antoine François Prévost d'Exiles) (1697-1763), Writer and historian; Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Alexander Peter Prevost (1821-1873), Proprietor of houses. 1 Portrait

Alfred John Henry Prevost (1873-1946), Mayor of Stepney and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Arabella Prevost (née Anderson) (1833-1910), Wife of George Phipps Prevost; daughter of Sir Charles Henry John Anderson, 9th Bt. 1 Portrait

Francis Prevost (Henry Francis Prevost Battersby) (1862-1949), Poet, novelist and journalist. 1 Portrait

Sir George Prevost, 1st Bt (1767-1816), Soldier and governor-general of Canada. 1 Portrait

George Phipps Prevost (1830-1885), Brevet-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Marie Prevost (1898-1937), Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles Victor Prévot, Vicomte d'Arlincourt (1788-1856), French author and poet. 1 Portrait

Frank James Prewett (1893-1962), Poet. 21 Portraits

Johann Wilhelm Preyer (1803-1889), Still-life painter. 1 Portrait

Alan Price (1942-), Musician; member of The Animals and The Alan Price Set. 2 Portraits

Benjamin Price (1792-1854), Baptist minister. 2 Portraits

Bertha Penrose Price (1846-1934), Daughter of Bonamy Price. 1 Portrait

Bonamy Price (1807-1888), Economist. 2 Portraits

Lady Caroline Price (née Carpenter) (1755-1826), Daughter of George, 3rd Lord Carpenter; wife of Uvedale Price. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Price, Bt (1748-1818), Alderman, Lord Mayor and Conservative politician; MP for London. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Price (died 1934). 4 Portraits

Charlotte Price (née Carteret-Hardy) (1782-1850), Wife of Ralph Price; daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Carteret-Hardy. 1 Portrait

Christine Price (active 1940s-1976), Wife of artist Tony Shiels. 1 Portrait

Cormell Price (circa 1836-1910), Headmaster. 2 Portraits

(Maurice) David Price (1915-2005), Major-General. 3 Portraits

David Everard Crossley Price (1907-1994), Son of Athelstan Price. 4 Portraits

Dennis Price (Dennistoun John Franklin Rose Price) (1915-1973), Actor. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Price (née Tait), Wife of Vincent Ramo Price; daughter of Charles Scott Tait. 1 Portrait

Edith Price (1842-1911), Daughter of Bonamy Price. 1 Portrait

Ernest Jones Price (1882-1952), Congregational minister and ecclesiastical historian. 4 Portraits

Evadne Price (1896-1985), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Francis Price (1704?-1753), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Caradoc Rose Price, 5th Bt (1880-1949), Major. 2 Portraits

George Dominic Price (1867-1943), Army officer. 5 Portraits

George Winter Price (1830?-1865), Son of George Price. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Price (born 1845), Daughter of Bonamy Price. 1 Portrait

G. Price, King's Marshalman. 1 Portrait

Horace MacCartie Eyre Price (1863-1941), Bishop in Fuh-Kien and Assistant Bishop of Ely. 1 Portrait

Hugh Price (circa 1495-1574), Founder of Jesus College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

James Price (1752-1783), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Sir James Frederick George Price (1873-1957), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Hon. Joanna Mary Price (née Cavendish) (1938-), Wife of Peter Henry Mabille Price; daughter of 5th Baron Chesham. 4 Portraits

John Price (1602?-1676), Classical scholar. 7 Portraits

John Lloyd Price (1882-1941), Politician; Justice of the Peace. 6 Portraits

John Wills Price (1872-1940), Canon of Peterborough Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Leontyne Price (1927-), Soprano singer. 1 Portrait

Lydia Price (née Rose) (1811 or 1812-1891), Wife of Bonamy Price; daughter of Joseph Rose; granddaughter of Thomas Babington. 2 Portraits

Margaret Arnold Price (1838-1909), Daughter of Bonamy Price. 1 Portrait

Mary Gerten Stanley Price (born 1845), Daughter of Bonamy Price. 1 Portrait

Mary Mulock Price (née Homan-Mulock, later Cockerell) (1838-1931), Former wife of George Winter Price, and later wife of Frederick Pepys Cockerell; daughter of Thomas Homan-Mulock. 2 Portraits

Hon. Maureen Maude Tower Price (née Butler) (1919-2007), Wife of Robert Caradoc Rose Price; daughter of 17th Baron Dunboyne. 4 Portraits

Morgan Philips Price (1885-1973), Journalist, landowner and Labour politician; MP for Forest of Dean. 6 Portraits

Nancy Price (1880-1970), Actress and author; wife of Charles Maude. 21 Portraits

Norman Stewart Price (1907-1988), Provincial Commander of Northern Rhodesia. 1 Portrait

Peter Price. 1 Portrait

(Llewelyn) Ralph Price (1912-2004), Chairman, Honeywell Ltd. 1 Portrait

Richard Price (1723-1791), Nonconformist minister and political writer. 8 Portraits

Richard John Lloyd Price (1843-1923), Squire of Rhiwlas, author and pioneer of UK sheepdog trials. 1 Portrait

Robert Price (1653-1733), Judge. 3 Portraits

Robert Price (1717-1761), Gentleman artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Price, Bt (1786-1857), Politician; MP for Herefordshire. 2 Portraits

Robert Cholmeley Price (1817-1873), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert John Price (1854-1926), Politician, surgeon and barrister. 1 Portrait

Rosalind Evelyn Noelle Price (née Ormsby) (died 1973), Wife of Norman Stewart Price. 2 Portraits

Sir Rose Francis Price, 6th Bt (1910-1979), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Sarah Price (1979-), Swimmer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sophia Florence Price (née Armstrong) (1820?-1912), Wife of Robert Cholmeley Price. 1 Portrait

Theodore Price (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

(Joseph) Thomas Price (1902-1973), Politician and trade unionist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Price (active 1783), Master of the Farthing Pie House, Marylebone Lane. 4 Portraits

Thomas Price (1802-1868), Baptist minister and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Tom Price, Horse Groom. 2 Portraits

Sir Uvedale Price, 1st Bt (1747-1829), Writer and rural improver. 1 Portrait

Vincent Price (1911-1993), Actor. 1 Portrait

(George) Ward Price (1886-1961), Special Foreign Correspondent for the 'The Daily Mail'. 1 Portrait

William Frederick Lake Price (1810-1896), Watercolour painter and photographer. 1 Portrait

W.C.H. Price. 1 Portrait

Lady Price. 6 Portraits

Llewelyn Alberic Emilus Price-Davies (1878-1965), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Barbara Price Hughes (1916-1951), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Clement Price Thomas (1893-1973), Consultant surgeon and author. 6 Portraits

David Archibald Price-White (1906-1978), Lieutenant-Colonel, solicitor and Justice of the Peace. 5 Portraits

Harold Price-Williams (1892-1962), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Alfred George Prichard (1869-1945), Congregational minister. 1 Portrait

Harold Arthur Prichard (1870-1947), Philosopher. 4 Portraits

Jannette Prichard (1827?-1921), Daughter of Henry Prichard. 1 Portrait

Michael Prichard (1927-), Lecturer in Law and President of Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir Norman George Mollett Prichard (1895-1972), London County Councillor. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Prickett (1913-2010), Air Chief Marshal. 2 Portraits

Sarah Pridden (Sally Salisbury) (1690-1724), Courtesan. 4 Portraits

Frederick Prideaux (1817-1891), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Prideaux (1648-1724), Orientalist. 2 Portraits

John Prideaux (1578-1650), Bishop of Worcester. 4 Portraits

Walter Prideaux (1806-1889), Lawyer and poet. 1 Portrait

Charles Glynn Prideaux-Brune (1821-1907), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Charles Robert Prideaux-Brune (1848-1936), Justice of the Peace and Army Officer. 2 Portraits

Hon. Ellen Jane Prideaux-Brune (née Carew) (1824-1902), Wife of Charles Glynn Prideaux-Brune; daughter of 1st Baron Carew. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Francis Pridham (1886-1975), Vice-Admiral. 8 Portraits

Geoffrey Robert Pridham (1872-1951), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Daniel Pridham-Wippell (1885-1952), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Pridham Henry Pridham-Wippell (né Wippell) (1861-1916), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Pridie (1896-1978), Chief Medical Officer, Colonial Office. 1 Portrait

Robert Cecil Priest (1883-1966), Army officer and physician. 12 Portraits

Briggs Priestley (1832-1907), Politician; Worsted fabric manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Eliza (née Chambers), Lady Priestley, Wife of Sir William Overend Priestley; daughter of Robert Chambers. 1 Portrait

John Boynton ('J.B.') Priestley (1894-1984), Writer. 92 Portraits

Joseph Priestley (1733-1804), Theologian and scientist. 28 Portraits

Sir Raymond Edward Priestley (1886-1974), Geologist; Antarctic Explorer. 6 Portraits

Thomas Priestley (circa 1796-active 1819-1852), Headmaster of Mill Hill School. 1 Portrait

Timothy Priestley (1734-1814), Independent minister. 1 Portrait

Thomas ('Tom') Holland Priestley (1932-2023), Film-maker and editor; son of John Boynton ('J.B.') Priestley. 1 Portrait

William Priestley (died before 1835), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Edwin Briggs Priestley (1859-1932), Politician and dress fabric manufacturer; son of Briggs Priestley. 2 Portraits

Sir William Overend Priestley (1829-1900), Obstetric physician and politician. 5 Portraits

Winifred Mary Jane Priestley (née Holland) (1894-1984), Second wife of John Boynton ('J.B.') Priestley. 6 Portraits

Bertram Priestman (1868-1951), Painter. 4 Portraits

Sir John Priestman, 1st Bt (1855-1941), Proprietor of Shipbuilders 'John Priestman' and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Paul Priestman (1966-), Product designer. 1 Portrait

Suzy Prim (Suzanne Mariette Arduini) (1896-1991), Actress and writer. 1 Portrait

Dawn Primarolo, Baroness Primarolo (1954-), Labour politician; MP for Bristol South and Minister of State for Children, Young People and Families. 2 Portraits

Sir Samuel Prime (1701-1777), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Primrose (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Gilbert Primrose (1566 or 1567-1642), Reformed minister. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry William Primrose (1846-1923), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

James Archibald Neil Primrose (1882-1917), Soldier and Liberal politician; MP for Wisbech. 7 Portraits

Sir John Ure Primrose (1900-1974), Lord Provost of Perth. 2 Portraits

Neil Primrose (1972-), Musician; drummer for Travis. 1 Portrait

Peggy Primrose, Actress. 10 Portraits

R. Primrose, Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir William Louis Primrose, 2nd Bt (1880-1953). 8 Portraits

Sir Alexander William Prince (1870-1933), Businessman and Managing Director of the Navy and Army Canteen Board. 1 Portrait

Elsie Prince (1902-1988), Actress and vocalist. 1 Portrait

George K. Prince (circa 1801-active 1840), Doctor and Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Hugh Anthony Prince (1911-2005), Major-General. 2 Portraits

John Prince (1753-1833), Chaplain of the Magdalen Hospital and vicar of Enford, Wilts. 2 Portraits

Leslie Barnett Prince (1901-1985), Chartered accountant and company director. 1 Portrait

Peter Creffield Prince, Royal Navy Captain. 1 Portrait

Simon Prince. 1 Portrait

Miss Prince (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Maitland Pringle (née Campbell) (1794-1878), Wife of Sir John Pringle, 5th Bt; daughter of 1st Marquess of Breadalbane. 1 Portrait

Aileen Pringle (1895-1989), Actress. 1 Portrait

Alexandra Pringle, Co-Director, Virago Press. 1 Portrait

Eliza Inez Pringle (née Hulbert) (1841-1913), Former wife of George Baden Crawley, and later wife of John Eliot Pringle; daughter of Henry Hulbert. 1 Portrait

Sir James Scott Pringle (1876-1951), Electrical Engineer; Director of Electrical Engineering, Admiralty. 1 Portrait

Sir John Pringle, Bt (1707-1782), Physician. 1 Portrait

John Kenneth McKenzie Pringle (1925-2007), Founder of Round Hill hotels and Jamaica’s first director of tourism. 2 Portraits

Mia Lilly Kellmer Pringle (1920-1983), Founder, and Director, National Children’s Bureau. 1 Portrait

Thomas Pringle (died 1803), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Thomas Pringle (1789-1834), Poet. 1 Portrait

William Henderson Pringle (1877-1967), Economist, lecturer and Liberal politician; candidate for MP for Berwick & Haddington and Ayr Burghs (unsuccessful). 1 Portrait

Henry Thoby Prinsep (1792-1878), Civil servant; brother-in-law to Julia Margaret Cameron. 2 Portraits

James Prinsep (1799-1840), Architect and orientalist. 1 Portrait

Mary Emily ('May') Prinsep (1853-1931), Former wife of Andrew Hichens, and later wife of Hallam Tennyson; daughter of Charles Robert Prinsep. 8 Portraits

Valentine Cameron Prinsep (1838-1904), Artist and writer. 7 Portraits

James Michael Leathes Prior, Baron Prior (1927-2016), Politician, company chairman, farmer and land agent. 5 Portraits

Alex Prior (1992-), Composer and performer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Prior (1912-2004), Archdeacon. 5 Portraits

Edward Schroder Prior (1852-1932), Architect and writer on architecture. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Geoffrey Prior (1896-1972). 2 Portraits

George Thurland Prior (1862-1936), Physician. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Carlos Prior (1890-1967), Indian civil service. 1 Portrait

Sir James Prior (1790?-1869), Naval surgeon and writer. 2 Portraits

Jason Prior (1961-), Landscape architect and urban planner; member of London 2012 bid team and Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

Matthew Prior (1664-1721), Poet, Ambassador to France and politician; MP for East Grinstead and Chief Secretary for Ireland. 26 Portraits

Oliver Herbert Phelps Prior (1871-1934), Professor of French. 4 Portraits

Richard Chandler Alexander Prior (1809-1902), Botanist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Abiel Prior (1809-1886), Line engraver. 1 Portrait

Sir Otho Leslie Prior-Palmer (1897-1986), Army officer and Conservative politician; MP for Worthing. 3 Portraits

Barry Pritchard (1944-1999), Musician; lead guitarist and vocalist for The Fortunes. 1 Portrait

Charles Pritchard (1808-1893), Headmaster and astronomer. 1 Portrait

Sir Derek Wilbraham Pritchard (1910-1995), Chairman of Allied Breweries. 1 Portrait

Edward Hugh Pritchard (circa 1865-1928), Mayor of Fulham. 1 Portrait

Sir Fred Eills Pritchard (1899-1982), Lawyer and Director of Inns of Court School of Law. 3 Portraits

George Pritchard (1793-1861), Banker, Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant of Shropshire. 2 Portraits

George Pritchard (1796-1883), Missionary and Diplomatist. 1 Portrait

Gordon Arthur Thomas Pritchard (1902-1957), Major-General and War Office Minister. 2 Portraits

Hannah Pritchard (née Vaughan) (1709-1768), Actress. 5 Portraits

John Langford Pritchard (1799-1850), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sir John Michael Pritchard (1921-1989), Conductor. 4 Portraits

Sir Neil Pritchard (1911-1991), Diplomat and ambassador to Bangkok. 2 Portraits

Captain Pritchard (active mid 1800s), Captain. 1 Portrait

Matthew Pritchett (1964-), 'Matt'; cartoonist for The Daily Telegraph. 2 Portraits

Robert Taylor Pritchett (1828-1907), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Victor Sawdon ('V.S.') Pritchett (1900-1997), Writer and critic. 21 Portraits

Denis Nowell Pritt (1887-1972), Political historian. 17 Portraits

Hon. Terence Cornelius Farmer Prittie (1913-1985), Journalist and author; son of 5th Baron Dunalley. 4 Portraits

Antonio Priuli (1548-1623), Doge of Venice, 1618-1623. 1 Portrait

Private carriage of 1st Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Private carriage of 2nd Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Private carriage of Queen Victoria. 1 Portrait

Frank John Privett (1874-1937), Politician and Lord Mayor of Portsmouth. 8 Portraits

Naomi Mary Privett (née Good), Wife of Frank John Privett; daughter of George Good. 1 Portrait

William Probert (circa 1792-1825), Thief, gambler and accessory to murder. 1 Portrait

Betty Monica Proby (née Murray) (died 1967), Wife of Sir Richard George Proby, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

P.J. Proby (James Marcus Smith) (1938-), Singer, songwriter and actor. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard George Proby, 1st Bt (1886-1979), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Sir William Proby (1949-), Chairman of trustees of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Miss E. Proby Adams (died 1945), Portrait and animal painter. 2 Portraits

Clifford Probyn (1842-1918), Lieutenant-Colonel, Mayor of Westminster and Sheriff of London. 6 Portraits

Sir Dighton MacNaghten Probyn (1833-1924), Army officer and courtier; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 5 Portraits

Sir Edmund Probyn (1678-1742), Judge. 2 Portraits

John Hopkins Probyn (1703-1773), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

Major Probyn. 1 Portrait

Patrick Procktor (1936-2003), Artist. 21 Portraits

Adelaide Anne ('Mary Berick') Procter (1825-1864), Known as 'Mary Berwick'; Poet, hymn writer and and women's activist; daughter of Bryan Waller Procter. 2 Portraits

Bryan Waller Procter (Barry Cornwall) (1787-1874), Writer, Poet and Lawyer. 3 Portraits

Doris Margaret ('Dod') Procter (née Shaw) (1890-1972), Painter; wife of Ernest Procter. 3 Portraits

Ernest Procter (1886-1935), Artist. 1 Portrait

Henry Adam Procter (1883-1955), Major-General and politician. 3 Portraits

Evelyn Emma Stefanos Proctor (1897-1980), Lecturer and Principal at Oxford. 1 Portrait

Mary Proctor (1862-1957), Lecturer and writer on astronomy and mythology. 4 Portraits

Sir Philip Dennis Proctor (1905-1983), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Richard Anthony Proctor (1837-1888), Astronomer. 4 Portraits

Richard Louis Gibbon Proctor (1900-1969), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

William Proctor (active 1850s-1870s), Curator of the University Museum, Durham. 1 Portrait

Mr Proctor (active 1810). 1 Portrait

Anthony Hazlerigg Proctor-Beauchamp (1940-), Son of Sir Ivor Cuthbert Proctor-Beauchamp, 8th Bt. 4 Portraits

Caroline Muriel (née Densham), Lady Proctor-Beauchamp (died 1987), Wife of Sir Ivor Cuthbert Proctor-Beauchamp, 8th Bt; daughter of Frank Densham. 4 Portraits

Sir Christopher Radstock Proctor-Beauchamp, 9th Bt (1935-), Solicitor. 4 Portraits

Sir Ivor Cuthbert Proctor-Beauchamp, 8th Bt (1900-1971). 6 Portraits

Emily Sibella Prodgers (née Phillpotts) (1835-1918), Wife of Herbert Prodgers; daughter of Thomas Phillpotts. 1 Portrait

Herbert Prodgers (1835-1917), Justice of the Peace; son of Edwin Prodgers. 1 Portrait

Albert Profumo, 4th Baron Profumo (1879-1940), Barrister. 6 Portraits

David John Profumo (1955-), Son of John Profumo. 9 Portraits

Elizabeth Profumo (1910-1986), Socialite. 3 Portraits

John Dennis ('Jack') Profumo (1915-2006), Politician; son of 4th Baron Albert Profumo. 12 Portraits

Edward Progers (1621-1717), Groom of the bedchamber to Charles II. 2 Portraits

Frederic Prokosch (1908-1989), Poet and novelist. 4 Portraits

Marjorie Rebecca Proops (1911-1996), Journalist. 3 Portraits

John Propert (1793-1867), Surgeon and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Mary Prophetissa (active 3rd century), Alchemist. 1 Portrait

Eugénie Prosper (active mid 19th century), Singer. 1 Portrait

David Lewis Prosser (1868-1950), Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of St David’s. 3 Portraits

Sarah Elizabeth Prosser (1864-1922), Actress; wife of Rollo Balmain. 2 Portraits

(Paul) Alexandre Protais (1826-1890), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir George Walter Prothero (1848-1922), Historian and editor of 'Quarterly Review'. 1 Portrait

Jamie Proud. 1 Portrait

Frank Grégoire Proudfoot (1869-1940), Colonel, physician and surgeon. 1 Portrait

George Wilfred ('Wilf') Proudfoot (1921-2013), Conservative MP for Cleveland Division of Yorkshire and MP for Brighouse and Spenborough; supermarket owner; hypnotist and hypnotherapist. 1 Portrait

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865), Economist and socialist philosopher. 1 Portrait

Joseph Proudman (1888-1975), Mathematician and oceanographer. 1 Portrait

Ebenezer Prout (1835-1909), Music theorist and journal editor. 3 Portraits

Samuel Prout (1783-1852), Watercolour painter. 3 Portraits

Thomas Jones Prout (1823-1909), Divine and college constitution reformer. 1 Portrait

Norman Alfred Prouting (1924-1983), Documentary writer and director. 5 Portraits

Ann Jemima Provis, Miniature painter. 1 Portrait

William Jeffery Prowse (1836-1870), Humorist. 1 Portrait

Mrs Prunty (active 1838), Active in the Longford election. 1 Portrait

Guto Pryce (1972-), Musician; bass guitarist for Super Furry Animals. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Pryce (1947-), Actor. 3 Portraits

Maurice Henry Lecorney Pryce (1913-2003), Professor of Physics, University of British Columbia. 1 Portrait

William Pryce (baptised 1735-died 1790), Surgeon, mineralogist and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Alan Payan Pryce-Jones (1908-2000), Writer and critic. 1 Portrait

Beatrice (née Hardie), Lady Pryce-Jones (1863-1928), Wife of Sir (Pryce) Edward Pryce-Jones; daughter of Herbert Hardie. 3 Portraits

Sir (Pryce) Edward Pryce-Jones, 1st Bt (1861-1926), Politician, businessman, barrister and army officer. 8 Portraits

James Ferrier Pryde (1866-1941), Painter and designer. 2 Portraits

Ethel Annie Pryke (1847-1932), Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

Sir William Pryke (1847-1932), Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

George Pryme (1781-1868), Economist; MP for Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir William Wenmoth Pryn (1859-1942), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Michael Whitworth Prynne (1912-1977), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Prynne (1600-1669), Puritan pamphleteer. 10 Portraits

Miss Prynne (active 1919), Governess at I Tatti, Italy. 1 Portrait

Anne Mary Pryor (née Milne Home) (1908-1995), Wife of John Marlborough Pryor; daughter of David William Milne Home. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Horatia Pryor (née Grimston) (1853-1928), Wife of Edmund Pryor; daughter of Hon. Francis Sylvester Grimston. 2 Portraits

Francis Manning Marlborough Pryor (1945-), Archaeologist. 1 Portrait

Grafton Deen Pryor (1883-1947), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

John Pryor, Royal Navy Commander. 1 Portrait

Maurice Arthur Pryor (1911-1969), Company director; Chairman, Truman Hanbury Buxton & Co. 3 Portraits

Sir Lewes Thomas Loveden Pryse, 3rd Bt (1864-1946), Landowner. 4 Portraits

Björn Prytz (1887-1976), Industrialist and diplomat. 3 Portraits

George Psalmanazar (1679-1763), Literary imposter. 1 Portrait

H. Pucker. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Charles Puckey (1899-1983), Co-Founder of Management Selection Ltd. 3 Portraits

Guy Puckle (active 1914), Actor. 1 Portrait

James Puckle (1667?-1724), Writer. 6 Portraits

Susanne Puddefoot (1934-2010), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Charles Puddle (circa 1917-2009), Head Gardener at Bodnant Garden; father of Martin Puddle. 2 Portraits

Martin Puddle (1951-2005), Head Gardener at Bodnant Garden; son of Charles Puddle. 1 Portrait

John Sleigh Pudney (1909-1977), Poet and writer. 1 Portrait

Colly Molly Puff (active 17th century), Pastryman. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Pugh (1870-1955), Trade unionist. 10 Portraits

David Pugh (1969-), Theatre producer. 1 Portrait

Harold Valentine Pugh (1899-1996), Chairman of Eastern Electricity Board. 1 Portrait

H.B. Pugh (active 1850s). 1 Portrait

James Geoffrey Lennox Pugh (1942-), Son of John Geoffrey Pugh. 1 Portrait

John Walter Pugh (circa 1803-1867), Silk maker. 1 Portrait

Phoebe Iris Pugh. 1 Portrait

William Owen Pughe (1759-1835), 'Idrison'; antiquary and lexicographer. 3 Portraits

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852), Architect, writer, designer and ecclesiologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Eustace Ralph Pulbrook (1881-1953), Chairman of Lloyds. 4 Portraits

Sir John Henry Puleston (1830-1908), Journalist, entrepreneur and Conservative politician; MP for Devonport. 3 Portraits

Peter Rose Pulham (1910-1956), Photographer and artist. 2 Portraits

John James Pulleine (1841-1913), Bishop of Richmond. 2 Portraits

Christine Pullein-Thompson (1925-2005), Writer of books for children. 1 Portrait

Diana Pullein-Thompson (1925-2015), Writer of books for children. 1 Portrait

Josephine Pullein-Thompson (1924-2014), Writer of books for children. 1 Portrait

Henry William Pullen (1836-1903), Church of England clergyman and writer. 2 Portraits

Josiah Pullen (1631-1714), Vice-Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Master Pullen, Juvenile actor. 2 Portraits

Sir Christopher Puller (1774-1824), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Puller (1843-1938), Chaplain-General to the Community of the Holy Family. 1 Portrait

E. Pulley, Captain. 1 Portrait

Master Pulley, Son of Captain E. Pulley. 1 Portrait

Kate Pullinger (1961-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Philip Pullman (1946-), Children's writer. 2 Portraits

James Pulman (1783-1859), Norroy King of Arms and Clarenceux King of Arms. 1 Portrait

Mr Pulman (active 1830s-1850s), Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod. 2 Portraits

Robert Pulsford (died circa 1835), Merchant. 3 Portraits

Mr Pulsford. 1 Portrait

William Pulteney, Viscount Pulteney (1731-1763), Son of William Pulteney, 1st Earl of Bath. 2 Portraits

Emma Pulteney (née Dalison) (died 1884), Wife of Richard Thomas Pulteney; daughter of Maximilian Dudley Digges Dalison; mother of Sir William Pulteney Pulteney. 1 Portrait

Richard Pulteney (1730-1801), Writer and botanist. 1 Portrait

Richard Thomas Pulteney (1811-1874), Clergyman; father of Sir William Pulteney Pulteney. 1 Portrait

Sir William Pulteney (né Johnstone), 5th Bt (1729-1808), Scottish lawyer and politician. 3 Portraits

Sir William Pulteney Pulteney (1861-1941), Lieutenant-General. 7 Portraits

Richard Julius Pumphrey (1906-1967), Professor of Zoology. 2 Portraits

Reginald Crundall Punnett (1875-1967), Geneticist. 2 Portraits

Ernest Robertson ('E.R.') Punshon (1872-1956), Writer. 4 Portraits

William Morley Punshon (1824-1881), Wesleyan Methodist minister and public lecturer. 2 Portraits

Giuseppe Puppo (1749-1827), Violinist. 1 Portrait

Prince Purachatra Jayakar (1882-1936), Prince of Kambaengbejra; Commissioner-General of the Royal State Railways. 3 Portraits

John Villiers, Viscount Purbeck (1591?-1658), Courtier; eldest son of Sir George Villiers. 1 Portrait

Eric Stevens Purbrick (1903-1991), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Margaret Sloan Purce, Senior Demonstrator of Anatomy, Queens University, Belfast. 2 Portraits

Agnes Maria Purcell (active 1864-1865). 3 Portraits

Albert Arthur Purcell (1872-1935), Trade unionist and Labour politician; MP for Coventry and Forest of Dean. 1 Portrait

Annie Purcell, Actress. 1 Portrait

Daniel Purcell (1660?-1717), Musician; brother of Henry Purcell. 1 Portrait

Henry Purcell (1659-1695), Composer. 11 Portraits

Henry B. Purcell, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Ronald Herbert Purcell (1904-1969), Naval Scientific Service. 1 Portrait

Theobald John Claud Purcell-Buret (1879-1974), Commodore of the Royal Mail Fleet. 4 Portraits

Peter Valentine Purcell Gilpin (né Purcell) (1858-1928), Racehorse trainer. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Brooks Purchas (1919-2003), Lord Justice of Appeal. 4 Portraits

John Purchas (1823-1872), Church of England clergyman and religious controversialist. 2 Portraits

Samuel Purchas (baptised 1577-1626), Geographical editor and compiler and Church of England clergyman. 5 Portraits

Sir (William) Bentley Purchase (1890-1961), Coroner. 1 Portrait

Henry George Purchase (1873-1945), Politician and barrister. 5 Portraits

Mrs A. M. Purdie (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edna Purdie (1894-1968), Emeritus Professor of German, University of London, since 1962. 6 Portraits

Edmund Anthony Cutlar Purdom (1926-2009), Actor. 1 Portrait

Isobel Purdon (1877-1963), Violinist. 1 Portrait

William Brooke Purdon (1881-1950), Major-General, rugby union player, physician and medical superintendent. 4 Portraits

Mr Purdon, Army officer, 2nd Battalion, Rifle Brigade. 1 Portrait

Lady Emma Bess Purey-Cust (née Bligh) (1832-1917), Wife of Arthur Perceval Purey-Cust; daughter of 5th Earl of Darnley. 2 Portraits

Gertrude Patricia Zoe Purey-Cust (née Birch), Wife of Richard Brownlow Purey-Cust. 2 Portraits

Sir Herbert Edward Purey-Cust (1857-1938), Admiral. 6 Portraits

William Arthur Purey-Cust (1855-1938), Prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Hira Singh Puri. 1 Portrait

Anne-Katrin Purkiss (1959-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Christopher James Purnell (1878-1959), Librarian, London Library. 1 Portrait

W. Purnes? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Arthur William Purser (1884-1953), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Louis Claude Purser (1854-1932), Professor of Latin. 1 Portrait

Pursuivants of Arms, Junior officer of the College of Arms. 1 Portrait

Pursuivants of Arms, Junior officer of the College of Arms. 1 Portrait

A.C. Purves. 1 Portrait

Margaret Purves (née Vaughan) (1934-2021), Nurse; George Cross recipient. 1 Portrait

M.S. Purves. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Fortune Purves (1871-1950), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh Purves-Hume-Campbell, 7th Bt (1812-1894), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

Juliana Rebecca (née Fuller), Lady Purves-Hume-Campbell (died 1886), Second wife of Sir Hugh Purves-Hume-Campbell, 7th Bt; daughter of Sir Joseph Fuller. 1 Portrait

Sir William Purves-Hume-Campbell, 6th Bt (1767-1833). 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Phipps (née Franks), Lady Purves-Stewart (died 1944), Wife of Sir James Purves Morison Purves-Stewart; daughter of William Franks. 1 Portrait

Sir James Purves-Stewart (1869-1949), Physician. 7 Portraits

Daniel Purvis (1990-), Gymnast; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Neal Purvis (1961-), Screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Purvis (1844-1920), Politician and barrister. 3 Portraits

Tom Purvis (1888-1959), Painter and poster artist. 5 Portraits

Dorothy Purzini, Actress. 3 Portraits

Clara Pusey (1835-1911), Artist; wife of Francis Charteris Fletcher; daughter of Philip Pusey and Emily Frances Theresa Pusey (née Herbert). 1 Portrait

Edith Lucy Bouverie Pusey (1831-1904), Daughter of Philip Pusey and Emily Frances Theresa Pusey (née Herbert). 1 Portrait

Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800-1882), Church of England clergyman and university professor; a leader of the Oxford Movement. 14 Portraits

Philip Pusey (1799-1855), Landlord, politician and agriculturalist. 4 Portraits

Sidney Edward Pusey (1839-1911), Son of Philip Pusey and Emily Frances Theresa Pusey (née Herbert); Author. 1 Portrait

Jean Xavier Bureaux de Pusy (1750-1805). 1 Portrait

Israel Putnam (1718-1790), Revolutionary army officer in America. 1 Portrait

Owen de Putron (1893-1980), Air-Commodore. 10 Portraits

Sir Edward Puttick (1890-1976), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

David Terence Puttnam, Baron Puttnam (1941-), Film producer; Chairman of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. 10 Portraits

Sir Percy John Pybus, 1st Bt (1880-1935), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Laurie Pycroft (circa 1990-), Protester. 1 Portrait

Barbara Pye (née James) (died 1873), Daughter of John James; wife of Charles Colquhoun Pye. 3 Portraits

Charles Colquhoun Pye (1834-1872), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Christopher ('Billy') Pye (1958-), Head coach, London 2012 Paralympic swimming team. 1 Portrait

Sir David Randall Pye (1886-1960), Mechanical engineer and academic administrator. 9 Portraits

Henry James Pye (1745-1813), Poet Laureate. 4 Portraits

Henry John Pye (1827-1903), Divine and barrister; son-in-law of Samuel Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

John Pye (1782-1874), Engraver. 5 Portraits

Thomas Pye (Pie) (active 1428), Heretic. 1 Portrait

William Pye (active 1792), Collector of the Twenty-four Pergunnahs. 1 Portrait

William Burns Pye (1938-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Henry Rutherfoord Pye-Smith (1892-1973), Major. 6 Portraits

Celeste Pyett, Actress. 4 Portraits

Margaret Amy Pyke (née Chubb) (1893-1966), Family planning activist and pioneer. 1 Portrait

Montagu Alexander Pyke (1874-1935), Cinema chain owner. 1 Portrait

Steve Pyke (1957-), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Francis Leslie Pym, Baron Pym (1922-2008), Conservative politician; Foreign Secretary, Defence Secretary, Northern Ireland Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons. 30 Portraits

Barbara Mary Crampton Pym (1913-1980), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Evelyn Pym (1879-1971), Major, Justice of the Peace and Kent county councillor. 2 Portraits

Charles Guy Pym (1841-1918), Politician; MP for Bedford. 1 Portrait

John Pym (1584-1643), Politician and one of the 'Five Members' whose arrest by Charles I sparked the Civil War. 16 Portraits

Walter Ruthven Pym (1856-1908), Bishop of Mauritius. 1 Portrait

Mrs Pym (active late 1850s). 1 Portrait

Frank Lee Pyman (1882-1944), Professor of Technological Chemistry and Director of the Welcome Chemical Research Laboratories. 1 Portrait

Frederick Haigh Pyman (1856-1932), Shipowner; Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Sir Harold English Pyman (1908-1971), General. 10 Portraits

James Baker Pyne (1800-1870), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Louisa Fanny Pyne (Mrs Boddy) (1828?-1904), Singer; younger sister of Susan Pyne. 2 Portraits

Susannah ('Susan') Pyne (Mrs F.H. Celli) (died 1886), Singer; elder sister of Louisa Fanny Pyne. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Salter Pyne (1860-1921), Chief engineer to the Government of Afghanistan. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Cecelia (née Jackson), Lady Pynn (died 1850), Wife of Sir Henry Pynn. 1 Portrait

Leslie Norman Pyrah (1899-1995), Professor of Urology. 2 Portraits