Sitters A-Z


Sir Edward Raban (1850-1927), Brigadier-General. 8 Portraits

Dame Heather Victoria Rabbatts (1955-), Chief Executive and lawyer. 1 Portrait

Yvonne Rabbets, 'Vogue' studio assistant. 2 Portraits

Herr von Rabe. 1 Portrait

Irene Rabe (1967-), Healthcare Assistant. 1 Portrait

Prince Plerng Nobadol Rabibhadana (active 1960s), Ambassador of Thailand to the UK. 2 Portraits

Alexandre Rabine (1952-1994), Painter; son of Valentina Kropivnitskaya and Oskar Rabine. 2 Portraits

Oskar Rabine (1928-), Painter. 3 Portraits

Frederick James Edward Raby (1888-1966), Lecturer, Cambridge University. 4 Portraits

Sir Victor Harry Raby (1897-1990), Deputy Under-Secretary of State. 1 Portrait

Daniel Race (1698-1775), Chief cashier of the Bank of England. 2 Portraits

John Burton Race (1957-), Chef and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Stephen Russell ('Steve') Race (1921-2009), Musician, composer, broadcaster and quiz compere. 2 Portraits

Rachael, of Covent Garden. 1 Portrait

Rachel Kempson, Lady Redgrave (1910-2003), Actress; wife of Sir Michael Redgrave. 13 Portraits

Madame Rachel (Sarah Rachel Russell) (circa 1814-1880), Criminal and con artist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Rackham (1867-1939), Illustrator. 2 Portraits

Catherine Raczynska (1939-), Daughter of Count Edward Bernard Raczynski. 3 Portraits

Cecylia Maria (née Jaroszynska), Countess Raczynska (died 1962), Second wife of Count Edward Bernard Raczynski. 4 Portraits

Edward Bernard Raczynski (1891-1993), Diplomat, writer, politician and President of Poland in exile. 1 Portrait

Cyril John Radcliffe, 1st Viscount Radcliffe (1899-1977), Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. 7 Portraits

Antonia Mary (née Benson), Viscountess Radcliffe (1903-1982), Wife of 1st Viscount Radcliffe; daughter of 1st Baron Charnwood. 6 Portraits

Caroline Maud (Maude) Radcliffe (née Thornton) (1847-1924), Wife of Walter Radcliffe; daughter of Joseph Thornton. 1 Portrait

Charles Bland Radcliffe (1822-1889), Physician. 1 Portrait

Daniel Radcliffe (1989-), Actor. 4 Portraits

Sir Everard Joseph Radcliffe, 5th Bt (1884-1969), Intelligence Corps army captain; Justice of the Peace for North Riding. 1 Portrait

E. Radcliffe. 5 Portraits

E. Radcliffe Jr. 2 Portraits

Mrs E. Radcliffe. 7 Portraits

Sir Frederick Morton Radcliffe (1861-1953), Chairman of the Committee for building the new Liverpool Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Frederick Walter Radcliffe (1873-1934), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Hebe Constance Mary Radcliffe (née Thornton) (1852-1878), Wife of Herbert Radcliffe; daughter of Joseph Thornton. 1 Portrait

Hugh John Reginald Joseph Radcliffe (1911-1993), Company Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the London Stock Exchange. 1 Portrait

John Radcliffe (1652-1714), Physician. 9 Portraits

John Netten Radcliffe (1826-1884), Epidemiologist and public health activist. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bt (1744-1819), Justice of the Peace for the West Riding. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Percival Pickford Radcliffe, 3rd Bt (1824-1908). 1 Portrait

Margaret (née Horsfall), Lady Radcliffe, Wife of Sir Frederick Morton Radcliffe; daughter of Alfred Horsfall. 3 Portraits

Marguerite Magdalen Ashton (née Case), Lady Radcliffe (died 1943), Wife of Sir Everard Joseph Radcliffe, 5th Bt; daughter of Henry Ashton Case. 1 Portrait

Mona Radcliffe (née de la Rue), Wife of Edward Copleston Radcliffe; daughter of Sir Evelyn de le Rue. 2 Portraits

Nathaniel Robert Radcliffe (1870-1930), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Paula Radcliffe (1973-), Long distance runner; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Pollexfen de Blaquiere Radcliffe (1874-1934), General. 5 Portraits

Phyllis Margaret (Madge) Radcliffe (née Harley-Jones) (1907-1993). 1 Portrait

Valentine Eleanora Radcliffe (née Tennant) (1905-1988), Wife of Edmund Radcliffe. 1 Portrait

Walter Radcliffe (1733-1803), of Warleigh. 1 Portrait

Janet Radcliffe-Richards (1944-), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Ian Radclyffe (1918-1994). 1 Portrait

Penny Radclyffe (1919-1998), Wife of Ian Radclyffe. 1 Portrait

William Anthony Robin Radclyffe (1944-2020), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Edwina Rademeyer. 3 Portraits

Anthony Radford, Actor and producer. 1 Portrait

Basil Radford (1897-1952), Actor. 1 Portrait

Blanche Wanda Radford (1897-1982), Musician and actress. 1 Portrait

Dudley Spencer Radford (1910-1984), Air Commodore. 3 Portraits

Edmund Ashworth Radford (1881-1944), Accountant and politician. 9 Portraits

Ethel Edith Radford (née Bird) (1874-1956), Wife of Frederick John Radford; daughter of Frederick V.G. Bird. 1 Portrait

Lewis Bostock Radford (1869-1937), Bishop of Goulburn, Australia. 1 Portrait

Maitland Radford, Doctor. 1 Portrait

(Oswald) Michael James Radford (1946-), Film director. 3 Portraits

(Courtenay Arthur) Ralegh Radford (1900-1998), Archaeologist. 1 Portrait

Robert Radford (1874-1933), Concert and operatic bass vocalist. 7 Portraits

Winifred Radford (1901-1993), Singer and teacher of singing. 28 Portraits

R.A. Radi (active 1920s), Egyptian diplomat. 1 Portrait

Roddy Radiation (Roderick James Byers) (1955-), Musician; guitarist; member of The Specials. 1 Portrait

Betty Radice (née Dawson) (1912-1985), Author and editor. 1 Portrait

Giles Heneage Radice, Baron Radice (1936-2022), Labour politician; MP for Chester-le-Street and for North Durham; life peer; author. 2 Portraits

Iona Radice (1917-2009). 1 Portrait

Felicitas Radke, Second wife of Conrad Veidt. 1 Portrait

E. Guinevere Leggett Radlett. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Gordon Radley (1898-1970), Director-General, General Post Office. 4 Portraits

John Robartes, 1st Earl of Radnor (1606-1685), Politician and army officer. 3 Portraits

Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 2nd Earl of Radnor (1750-1828), Politician; MP for Salisbury. 6 Portraits

William Pleydell-Bouverie, 3rd Earl of Radnor (1779-1869), Whig politician; MP for Downtown and Salisbury. 4 Portraits

Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 4th Earl of Radnor (1815-1889). 2 Portraits

Mary Augusta Frederica Pleydell-Bouverie (née Grimston), Countess of Radnor (1820-1879), Wife of 4th Earl of Radnor; daughter of 1st Earl of Verulam. 5 Portraits

William Pleydell-Bouverie, 5th Earl of Radnor (1841-1900), Conservative politician; MP for South Wiltshire and Enfield. 1 Portrait

Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 6th Earl of Radnor (1868-1930), Soldier and Conservative politician; MP for Wilton. 6 Portraits

William Pleydell-Bouverie, 7th Earl of Radnor (1895-1968), Served in WW1 and Chairman of Forestry Commission. 9 Portraits

Helena Olivia Pleydell-Bouverie (née Adeane), Countess of Radnor (1902-1985), Former wife of 7th Earl Radnor, and later wife of Montacute William Worrall Selby-Lowndes. 6 Portraits

Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 8th Earl of Radnor (1927-2008), Landowner; son of 7th Earl of Radnor. 1 Portrait

Graf Radolinksi. 1 Portrait

Lucy Katherine (née Wakefield), Countess Radolinska (later Princess von Radolin) (1838-1880), Wife of Hugo, Count Radolinski (later Prince von Radolin); daughter of John Howard Wakefield. 1 Portrait

Hugo Raoul Eduard Julius Radolin, Count Radolinski (later Prince von Radolin) (1841-1917), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

William Waldegrave, 1st Baron Radstock (1753-1825), Admiral. 5 Portraits

George Granville Waldegrave, 2nd Baron Radstock (1786-1857), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Esther Caroline (née Puget), Lady Radstock (1800-1874), Wife of 2nd Baron Radstock; daughter of James Puget. 1 Portrait

Granville Augustus William Waldegrave, 3rd Baron Radstock (1833-1913), Evangelist and philanthropist. 4 Portraits

Montagu Waldegrave, 5th Baron Radstock (1867-1953), Son of 3rd Baron Radstock. 6 Portraits

Constance Marian (née Brodie), Lady Radstock (1872-1936), Wife of 5th Baron Radstock; daughter of James C. J. Brodie. 2 Portraits

Princess Lee Radziwill (née Bouvier) (1933-), Author, interior decorator and actress; sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 11 Portraits

Stephanie Radziwillowicz, Model. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Montgomery Wilson Rae (1896-1978), Colonial doctor and Medical Adviser. 1 Portrait

Fiona Rae (1963-), Artist. 5 Portraits

Sir James Rae (1879-1957), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

John Rae (died 1808), Surgeon-dentist. 1 Portrait

John Rae (1813-1893), Arctic explorer and surgeon. 3 Portraits

John Malcolm Rae (1931-), Headmaster of Westminster School. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Rae (1894-1971), Professor of Crop and Animal Husbandry. 5 Portraits

Mrs Rae (active circa 1862). 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Raeburn (1756-1823), Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

Louis Raemaekers (1869-1956), Great War Cartoonist. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Raffald (née Whitaker) (1733-1781), Cook and writer. 2 Portraits

Pat Rafferty (active 1888-after 1900), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Raffles (1788-1863), Congregational minister at Liverpool. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles (1781-1826), Colonial governor and zoologist. 4 Portraits

Sir Philippe Raffray (1888-1975), Lawyer. 6 Portraits

Sir Muhammad Rafiq (died 1929), Member of the Council of India. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Haughton Rafter (1857?-1935), Chief Constable of Birmingham. 1 Portrait

Molly Rafter, Dancer. 4 Portraits

Harry Richard Ragg (1889-1967), Bishop of Calgary. 3 Portraits

Robert Linton Ragg (1901-1973), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan (1788-1855), Commander in the Crimea. 15 Portraits

Richard Henry FitzRoy, 2nd Baron Raglan (1817-1884), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Georgiana (née Lygon), Lady Raglan (1832-1865), Wife of Richard Henry FitzRoy Somerset, 2nd Baron Raglan. 1 Portrait

George Fitz-Roy Henry Somerset, 3rd Baron Raglan (1857-1921), Lieutenant-Governor to Isle of Man 1902-1919. 2 Portraits

FitzRoy Richard Somerset, 4th Baron Raglan (1885-1964), Lieutenant-Colonel and President of National Museum of Wales and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Julia Somerset (née Hamilton), Lady Raglan (1901-1971), Wife of 4th Baron Raglan; daughter of 11th Baron Belhaven and Stenton. 2 Portraits

FitzRoy John Somerset, 5th Baron Raglan (1927-2010), Chairman, Cwmbran New Town Development Corporation. 1 Portrait

Doria Ragland (1956-), Mother of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. 2 Portraits

Alexis Alexandrovich Ragosin (1885-1954), Army captain; husband of Lydia Kyasht. 8 Portraits

Rahere (Rayer) (died circa 1143), Clergyman and founder of St Bartholomew's Hospital and priory, London. 1 Portrait

Ruth Rahim. 1 Portrait

Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola (1912-1991), First High Commissioner for Pakistan. 5 Portraits

Sir Ibrahim Rahimtoola (1862-1942), President of the Legislative Assembly of India. 2 Portraits

Begum Zubeida Habib Rahimtoola (née Chinoy) (1917-2015), Founding member of the All-Pakistan Women's Association; wife of Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola, First High Commissioner for Pakistan. 2 Portraits

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975), President of Bangladesh. 1 Portrait

Tunku Abdul Rahman (1903-1990), Prime Minister of Malaysia. 1 Portrait

Charles Rahn (active 1860s-1870s), Dentist. 1 Portrait

Charles Cape Rahn (1856-1894), Bankers Clerk; son of Charles Rahn. 2 Portraits

Mary Rahn (active 1860), First wife of Charles Rahn. 1 Portrait

Mary Constance Isabel ('Minnie') Rahn (1854-1939), Daughter of Charles Rahn. 2 Portraits

Rai Bahadur Gagan Chandra Rai (1848-active 1908), Indian Coronation visitor and civil servant. 1 Portrait

David Taunton Raikes (1897-1966), Colonel, businessman, amateur rower and rowing coach. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Taunton Raikes (1884-1975), Major-General. 1 Portrait

George Leonard Raikes (1878-1949), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Henry Raikes (1782-1854), Chancellor of the diocese of Chester. 1 Portrait

Henry Cecil Raikes (1838-1891), Postmaster General. 7 Portraits

Humphrey Rivaz Raikes (1891-1955), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Sir Iwan Geoffrey Raikes (1921-2011), Vice-Admiral and Naval Secretary; son of Sir Robert Raikes. 2 Portraits

Katherine Georgina Josephine Raikes (née Weld-Forester) (1902-1983), Wife of Cecil Dacre Staveley Raikes; daughter of Hon. Francis Henry Cecil Weld Forester. 1 Portrait

Richard Raikes (1743?-1823), Divine. 1 Portrait

Richard Mee Raikes (1783-1863), Banker. 2 Portraits

Robert Raikes (1735-1811), Journalist and promoter of Sunday Schools. 6 Portraits

Sir Robert Henry Taunton Raikes (1885-1953), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Robert Martin Raikes (born circa 1918), Lieutenant; son of Sir Robert Raikes. 4 Portraits

Thomas Raikes (1777-1848), Dandy and diarist. 4 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Victor Alpin MacKinnon Raikes (1901-1986), Politician; MP for Liverpool. 24 Portraits

Mr Raikes. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Clare (née Nauheim), Lady Railing (1896-1959), Wife of Sir Harry Railing; daughter of Joseph Nauheim. 4 Portraits

Sir Harry Railing (1878-1963), Chairman of General Electric Company. 9 Portraits

Dame Mary Railton (1906-1992), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Dame Ruth Railton (1915-2001), Musical Director. 6 Portraits

Abraham Raimbach (1776-1843), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Marcantonio Raimondi (before 1482-before 1534), Italian printmaker. 1 Portrait

Charlton Conyers Rainbow (1837-1893), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Edward Rainbow (Rainbowe) (1608-1684), Bishop of Carlisle. 2 Portraits

Craig Anthony Raine (1944-), Poet. 3 Portraits

Elisabeth Ann Isabel Raine (née Slater), Wife of Craig Anthony Raine; daughter of Eliot Slater. 1 Portrait

James Raine (1791-1858), Antiquary and topographer. 2 Portraits

Kathleen Jesse Raine (Mrs K.J. Madge) (1908-2003), Poet and literary scholar. 10 Portraits

Matthew Raine (1760-1811), Headmaster. 2 Portraits

Moses Raine (1984-), Son of Craig Anthony Raine. 1 Portrait

Nina Raine (1975-), Theatre director and playwright; daughter of Craig Anthony Raine. 1 Portrait

Vaska Raine (1987-), Son of Craig Anthony Raine. 1 Portrait

Archduke Rainer of Austria (1827-1913), Administrator. 1 Portrait

Luise Rainer (1910-2014), Actress and painter; centenarian. 5 Portraits

Evie Raines. 1 Portrait

Francis Robert Raines (1805-1878), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

Melville Amadeus Henry Douglas Heddle de la Caillemotte de Massue, 9th Marquess de Ruvigny et Raineval (1868-1921), Historian. 2 Portraits

Hon. Jane Teresa Denyse Rainey (née Ormsby-Gore) (1942-), Interior designer; former wife of Michael Sean O'Dare Rainey; daughter of 5th Baron Harlech. 2 Portraits

Paul J. Rainey (1877-1923), African explorer and wildlife film-maker. 1 Portrait

Peter Rainier (1741?-1808), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Priaulx Rainier (1903-1986), Composer. 2 Portraits

John Rainolds (Reynolds) (1549-1607), Theologian and college head. 1 Portrait

Claude Rains (1889-1967), Actor. 11 Portraits

Frederick Fitzpatrick Rainsford (1909-1999), Air force officer and diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Rainsford (1605-1680), Judge. 6 Portraits

Seymour Grome Rainsford (1900-1994), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Dorothea Letitia May Rainsford-Hannay (circa 1889-circa 1981), Wife of Frederick Rainsford-Hannay; daughter of Sir William Maxwell of Cardoness, 4th Bt. 2 Portraits

Adam Rolland Rainy (1862-1911), Politician and surgeon oculist. 4 Portraits

Harry Rainy (1792-1876), Expert in forensic medicine. 2 Portraits

Henry Rainy (active 1871), Physician. 1 Portrait

Robert Rainy (1826-1906), United Free Church of Scotland minister. 2 Portraits

Sir (Abraham) Jeremy Raisman (1892-1978), Banker. 4 Portraits

Herbert Chaplain Raison (1889-1952), Rector of St Peter's, Doncaster. 1 Portrait

Sir Timothy Hugh Francis Raison (1929-2011), Politician; Minister for Overseas Development. 6 Portraits

Harold Raistrick (1890-1971), Chemist and Professor of Biochemistry. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Aveling Raitt (1858-1935), Major-General. 2 Portraits

D. Rajagopal (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Mrs Mylai Chinna Thambi Pillai Rajah (active 1929), Wife of Mylai Chinna Thambi Pillai Rajah. 2 Portraits

Mylai Chinna Thambi Pillai Rajah (1883-1943), Politician and activist. 1 Portrait

Soempong Rajataratana (died 1961). 1 Portrait

Sir Rajinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala (1872-1900), Maharaja of Patiala. 1 Portrait

Maharana Shri Sir Vijayasinhji Chhatrasinhji, Maharaja of Rajpipla (1890-1951), Ruler, socialite, race horse owner and polo player. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Derek Vaughan Rake (1948-), Businessman; Chairman BT 2012. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth ('Bess') Ralegh (née Throckmorton), Lady Ralegh (baptised 1565-circa 1647), Maid of honour to Elizabeth I; wife of Sir Walter Ralegh. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Ralegh (1554-1618), Soldier, sailor, poet and writer. 48 Portraits

Walter Ralegh (1593-1618), Eldest son of Sir Walter Ralegh. 1 Portrait

Alexander Raleigh (1817-1880), Congregational minister. 2 Portraits

Saba Raleigh (Isabel Ellissen) (1866-1923), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh (1861-1922), Critic and essayist. 6 Portraits

Bertram George Ralfs (1905-1977), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Aileen Alexandra Ralli (Mrs Leslie Randel de Mascarenhas) (1895-1966), Wife of Leslie Randel de Mascarenhas; daughter of Captain Jack Ralli. 1 Portrait

Alexander Eustratius Ralli (1843-1876), Son of Eustratius Theodore Ralli. 1 Portrait

Alexander Pandia Ralli (1852-1927), Barrister; son of Pandia Alexander Ralli. 1 Portrait

Alexandra Ralli (née Ralli) (1841-1903), Wife of Peter Pantia Ralli; daughter of John Constantine Ralli. 2 Portraits

Alexandra Ralli (circa 1851-1923), Daughter of Pantaleone Constantine Ralli. 1 Portrait

Caterina Ralli (née Ralli), Baroness Ralli (1851-1931), Wife of Paul Ambrose Ralli, Baron Ralli; daughter of Eustratio Stephen Ralli. 1 Portrait

Constantine Ralli (later Scaramanga-Ralli) (1854-1934), Writer; son of Pantaleone Constantine Ralli. 1 Portrait

Eustratius ('Eustace') Ralli (1858-1935), Member of the Stock Exchange and cricketer; son of Pantaleone Constantine Ralli. 1 Portrait

Eustratio Ralli (1844-1865), Son of Eustratio Stephen Ralli. 1 Portrait

Mrs E.J. Ralli. 1 Portrait

Harriet Ralli (née Ralli) (1831-1919), Wife of Pantaleone Constantine Ralli; daughter of Eustratio Stephen Ralli. 1 Portrait

Jean ('Lilia') Ralli (died 1977), Friend of Cecil Beaton and the Duchess of Kent. 5 Portraits

Julia Ralli (born circa 1852), Daughter of Antonio Alexander Ralli. 1 Portrait

Sir Lucas Eustratio Ralli, 1st Bt (1846-1931), Merchant and hospital governor; son of Eustratio Stephen Ralli. 1 Portrait

Pantaleone Constantine ('Pandeli') Ralli (1814-1873), Merchant and banker. 1 Portrait

Paul Ralli (born circa 1858), Son of Antonio Alexander Ralli. 1 Portrait

Peter Ralli. 12 Portraits

Peter Pantia Ralli (1837-1868), Merchant and benefactor; son of Pantia Stephen Ralli. 2 Portraits

Polymnia Ralli (née Ralli) (1854-1896), Wife of Michael Antonio Ralli; daughter of Pandia Alexander Ralli. 3 Portraits

Polymnia Ralli (née Argenti) (1843-1921), Wife of Stephanos Ralli; daughter of Andreas Nicolas Argenti. 1 Portrait

Polymnia Ralli (born circa 1846), Daughter of Antonio Alexander Ralli. 1 Portrait

Sophia Ralli (née Rodocanachi) (1824 or 1829-1907), Wife of Pandia Alexander Ralli. 1 Portrait

Stephen Augustus Ralli (1829-1902), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Helen Douglas Guest Ralph (1892-1961), Headmistress, Guildford High School. 4 Portraits

J.D. Ralph (active 1951), Representative of British Film Institute for the Festival of Britain. 1 Portrait

Andrew Thomson Ralston (died 1950). 2 Portraits

John Ralston (1789-1833), Painter. 1 Portrait

A.R. Ralt, Major. 4 Portraits

Hon. Charlotte Anne Ram (née O'Brien) (1840-1918), Wife of George Stopford Ram; daughter of 13th Baron Inchiquin. 1 Portrait

Sir (Lucius Abel John) Granville Ram (1885-1952), Parliamentary draftsman. 7 Portraits

H. Ram (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Grace Ram (née O'Brien) (1842-1912), Wife of Abel John Ram; daughter of 13th Baron Inchiquin. 1 Portrait

Stopford Ram (circa 1790-1809), Soldier, Third Foot Guards. 1 Portrait

William Francis Willett Ram (1907-1968), Businessman; Chairman of The Charterhouse Group Ltd. 1 Portrait

Craufurd Tait Ramage (1803-1878), Miscellaneous writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Ogilvy Ramage (1896-1971), Colonial civil servant. 1 Portrait

T. Ramakrishna (Thottakadu Ramakrishna Pillai) (born 1854), Novelist, poet and travel-writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Venkatraman ('Venki') Ramakrishnan (1952-), Senior Scientist and Group Leader, Structural Studies Division, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge; recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. 1 Portrait

Lokasundari (née Ammal), Lady Raman (1892-1980), Wife of Sir (Chandrasekhara) Venkata Raman. 1 Portrait

Sir C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar (1879-1966), Statesman; vice-Chancellor of Annamalai and Benaras Universities. 3 Portraits

Dame Marie Rambert (Dame Marie Dukes) (1888-1982), Founder and director of Ballet Rambert, lecturer and teacher. 11 Portraits

Ron Ramdin (1942-), Historian and writer. 3 Portraits

William Ramesey (Ramsay) (1627-circa 1676), Physician and astrologer. 2 Portraits

Jennifer Ramkalawon, Curator of prints and drawings, British Museum. 2 Portraits

Rammler (died 1915), German soldier. 1 Portrait

(Tessa) Charlotte Rampling (1946-), Actress. 23 Portraits

Danny Rampling (1961-), Disc Jockey. 1 Portrait

Mariano Rampolla (1843-1913), Roman Catholic Cardinal. 1 Portrait

Sir Sayed Mohammad Hamid Ali Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Rampur (1875-1930), Major-General; Nawab of Rampur. 12 Portraits

Thomas Ramryge (active 1492-died 1521), Abbot of St Alban's Abbey. 1 Portrait

Alexander Ramsay (1857-1935), Presbyterian minister. 6 Portraits

Alexander Arthur Alfonso David Maule Ramsay of Mar (1919-2000), Aide-de-camp to Duke of Gloucester. 4 Portraits

Sir Alexander Robert Maule Ramsay (1881-1972), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Sir Allan Ramsay (1937-2022), Diplomat; British ambassador to Lebanon, Sudan and Morocco. 3 Portraits

Allan Ramsay (1686-1758), Poet. 5 Portraits

Allan Ramsay (1713-1784), Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

Allen Beville Ramsay (1872-1955), Latin poet and college head. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay (1814-1891), Geologist. 2 Portraits

Archibald Henry Maule Ramsay (1894-1955), Captain, founder of The Right Club and Conservative politician; MP for Peebles and Southern Midlothia. 6 Portraits

A. Ramsay, Resident Turncock. 1 Portrait

Sir Bertram Home Ramsay (1883-1945), Admiral. 13 Portraits

Hon. Charles Maule Ramsay (1859-1936), Soldier and politician; son of 12th Earl of Dalhousie. 5 Portraits

Edward Bannerman Ramsay (né Burnett) (1793-1872), Scottish Episcopal dean of Edinburgh and author. 5 Portraits

George Gilbert Ramsay (1839-1921), Professor of Humanity, University of Glasgow. 1 Portrait

Gordon James Ramsay (1966-), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Grace Ramsay (née Finlay), Fisherwoman. 3 Portraits

Graham Colville Ramsay (1889-1959), Director of Ross Institute of Tropical Hygiene. 1 Portrait

('Sir') James Ramsay ('Black Ramsay') (1589?-1638 or 1639), Army officer in the Swedish service. 9 Portraits

James Ramsay (1733-1789), Divine and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

James Arthur Ramsay (1909-1988), Lecturer in Experimental Zoology, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

John Ramsay (active early 19th century), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir John George Ramsay (1856-1920), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Lynne Ramsay (1969-), Film director and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Graham Ramsay (1871-1946), Treasury and Private Secretary. 4 Portraits

Margaret ('Peggy') Ramsay (1908-1991), Theatrical agent. 2 Portraits

Ronald Erskine Ramsay (1882-1954), Bishop Suffragan of Malmesbury. 3 Portraits

William Ramsay (active 1840s), Fisherman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Ramsay (1852-1916), Scottish chemist, discovered the noble gases. 2 Portraits

Sir William Mitchell Ramsay (1851-1939), Classical scholar and archaeologist. 6 Portraits

General Ramsay (active 1860s-1870s). 1 Portrait

Sir William George Herbert Taylor Ramsay-Fairfax, 2nd Bt (1831-1902), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Keith Richard Felix Ramsay-Steel-Maitland (1912-1965). 1 Portrait

Cyril Ramsay-Unger (born circa 1888), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Hon. Frances Marie Massie Ramsbotham (née Blomfield) (active 1941-died 1982), Daughter of Hugh Massie Blomfield; wife of Hon. Peter Edward Ramsbotham. 6 Portraits

John Alexander Ramsbotham (1906-1989), Bishop of Wakefield. 4 Portraits

John Ramsbottom (1778-1845), Politician; MP for Windsor. 1 Portrait

Joseph Ramsdale. 5 Portraits

Eugene Joseph Squire Hargreaves Ramsden, Baron Ramsden of Birkenshaw (1883-1955), Politician; MP for Bradford. 10 Portraits

Margaret (née Withey), Lady Ramsden (1881-1965), Surgeon; former wife of George W. Farwell, and later wife of 1st Baron Ramsden; daughter of Frank E. Withey. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederick Ingram Ramsden (1888-1958), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

George Taylor Ramsden (1879-1936), Mayor of Halifax and politician. 3 Portraits

('E.H.') Hartley Ramsden (1904-1993), Art historian, curator, critic and translator. 1 Portrait

Herbert Frecheville Smyth Ramsden (1856-1931), Colonel, Indian Army and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

James Edward Ramsden (1923-2020), Chairman of the London Clinic and Conservative politician; Secretary of State for War; MP for Harrogate. 9 Portraits

Jesse Ramsden (1735-1800), Maker of scientific instruments. 1 Portrait

(Carinthia) Jill Ramsden (née Mander) (1920-2004), Daughter of Sir Charles Arthur Mander, 2nd Bt; wife of James Ramsden. 2 Portraits

John Charles Ramsden (1788-1836), Politician; MP for Malton and Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

John Watkinson Ramsden (1880-1943), Master of Southwold Hounds, 1920-29. 1 Portrait

Sir John William Ramsden, 5th Bt (1831-1914), Politician, army officer and landowner. 3 Portraits

Mabel Ramsden (née Lindsay) (died 1928), Wife of William John Frescheville Ramsden; second eldest daughter of Sir James Lindsay and Lady Sarah Elizabeth Lindsay (née Savile). 2 Portraits

Mel Ramsden (1944-), Artist and member of Art and Language collaboration. 1 Portrait

Nancy Ramsden (active circa 1925), Engaged to Harold Heathcote-Williams. 1 Portrait

Richard Ramsden (1761-1831), Deputy Regus Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Tom Ramsden, Vicar, St Philips Dewsbury. 1 Portrait

Arthur Michael Ramsey, Baron Ramsey of Canterbury (1904-1988), Archbishop of Canterbury. 10 Portraits

Sir Alfred Ernest ('Alf') Ramsey (1920-1999), Footballer and football manager. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Gordon Ramsey (1882-1966), Admiral; Aide-de-camp to King George VI. 9 Portraits

Hon. Cicely Sylvia Ramsey (née Molesworth) (1902-1986), Daughter of 9th Viscount Molesworth; former wife of Guy Haylett Walker Ramsey. 7 Portraits

Ian Thomas Ramsey (1915-1972), Bishop of Durham. 12 Portraits

Mary Ramsey (née Dale), Lady Ramsey (circa 1544-1601), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Robert William Ramsey (1861-1930), Writer and historian. 1 Portrait

Thomas Weston Ramsey (1892-1952), Poet and Italian translator. 2 Portraits

Valentine Bagot Rudolph Haylett Walker Ramsey (1928-), Grandson of 9th Viscount Molesworth. 2 Portraits

Lady Ramsey (active 1890s). 1 Portrait

Baroness Ramsey, Wife of Baron Ramsey, master of Ceremonies to Emperor of Russia. 3 Portraits

Norman George Ramseyer (1917-1998), Autombile engineer; soldier. 1 Portrait

Benedetta Ramus (died 1848?), Daughter of Nicholas Ramus. 1 Portrait

Sir Baber Shum Shere Jung Bahadur Rana, General of the Nepalese Army and Honorary Colonel of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Maharaja Bir Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana (1852-1901), Prime Minister of Nepal. 1 Portrait

Sir Hubert Rance (1898-1974), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Mary, Lady Rancliffe (1786-1852), Wife of 2nd Baron Rancliffe. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Anne Parkyns (née James), Lady Rancliffe (1767-1797), Wife of 1st Baron Rancliffe; daughter of Air William James, Bt. 1 Portrait

Peter Rand (1940-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Bessy Randall. 1 Portrait

Constance Amy (née Jones), Lady Randall (1892-1966), Wife of Sir Alec Walter George Randall. 2 Portraits

Harry Randall (1860-1932), Music hall entertainer. 2 Portraits

Harry Enos Randall (1899-1976), Labour politician; MP for Clitheroe and Gateshead West. 12 Portraits

James Randall (1790-1882), Archdeacon of Berkshire. 3 Portraits

James Leslie Randall (1828-1922), Suffragan Bishop of Reading. 2 Portraits

Sir John Turton Randall (1905-1984), Physicist and biophysicist. 5 Portraits

N.D. Randall (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Richard William Randall (1824-1906), Dean of Chichester. 1 Portrait

David Randall-Maciver (1873-1945), Archaeologist, anthropologist and author. 1 Portrait

Peter Randall-Page (1954-), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Alberto Randegger (1832-1911), Music teacher and composer. 2 Portraits

Florence Randle, Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Herbert Niel Randle (1880-1973), Scholar, Professor of Philosophy and Librarian at the India Office Library. 3 Portraits

Michael Randle (1933-), Peace campaigner and scholar. 3 Portraits

Sir Philip Randle (1926-2006), Biochemist and Lecturer in Biochemistry. 1 Portrait

Sir John Scurrah Randles (1857-1945), Politician and ironmaster. 7 Portraits

Alfred Magill Randolph (1836-1918), Bishop of Southern Virginia. 1 Portrait

Cyril George Randolph (1899-1985), Chairman of Sun Life Assurance. 3 Portraits

Elsie Randolph (1904-1982), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Francis Randolph (1752-1831), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

John Randolph (1749-1813), Bishop of London. 2 Portraits

John Honywood Randolph (1791-1868), Prebendary of St Paul's and Rector of Sanderstead, Surrey. 1 Portrait

Thomas Randolph (baptised 1605-1635), Poet and playwright. 2 Portraits

Leslie Rands (1900-1972), Actor and opera singer. 10 Portraits

Sara E. Rands? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Ranee Soubédre of Coorg, Member of the Indian royal family. 1 Portrait

Margaret Jones (née Cecil), Countess of Ranelagh (baptised 1672-1728), Second wife of Richard Jones, Earl of Ranelagh. 6 Portraits

Thomas Heron Jones, 7th Viscount Ranelagh (1812-1885), Army officer and landowner. 7 Portraits

Uchter John Mark Knox, 5th Earl of Ranfurly (1856-1933), Governor of New Zealand. 5 Portraits

Thomas Daniel Knox, 6th Earl of Ranfurly (1913-1988), Director of Inchcape & Co Ltd. 5 Portraits

Edward Ranger (active early 19th century), Member of The Shakspeare Club of Scotland. 1 Portrait

James Ranger (1889-1975), Labour politician; MP for Ilford South. 8 Portraits

Ranjitsinhji ('Ranji') Vibhaji, Maharaja Jam Sahib of Navanagar (1872-1933), Indian ruler and cricketer. 20 Portraits

Joseph Arthur Rank, 1st Baron Rank (1888-1972), Film producer. 15 Portraits

James Voase Rank (1881-1952), Chairman of Ranks Ltd. 1 Portrait

Joseph Rank (1854-1943), Founder of Rank Hovis McDougall. 1 Portrait

Joseph McArthur Rank (1918-1999), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886), Historian. 2 Portraits

James Fitzalan Hope, 1st Baron Rankeillour (1870-1949), Politician; Chairman of Ways and Means. 7 Portraits

Henry John Hope, 3rd Baron Rankeillour (1899-1967), Lieutenant-Colonel and author; son of 1st Baron Rankeillour. 4 Portraits

Mary Sibyl Hope (née Ricardo), Lady Rankeillour (active 1935), Wife of 3rd Baron Rankeillour; daughter of Wilfred Ricardo. 5 Portraits

Peter Thomas More Hope, 4th Baron Rankeillour (1935-), Farmer and landowner; son of 3rd Baron Rankeillour. 5 Portraits

George Elliot Ranken (1828-1889), Civil servant and journal editor. 1 Portrait

Georgiana Elizabeth Ranken (née Buckley) (1834-1873), Wife of George Elliot Ranken. 1 Portrait

William Ranken (died 1815), Tailor. 2 Portraits

William Bayne Ranken (1829-1889), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

William Bruce Ellis Ranken (1881-1941), Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

Lady Jean Margaret Rankin (née Dalrymple) (1905-2001), Royal courtier; wife of Arthur Niall Talbot Rankin; daughter of 12th Earl of Stair. 4 Portraits

David Rankin. 1 Portrait

Ethel Mary Rankin (1893-1956), Justice of the Peace and Member of London County Council. 1 Portrait

Sir George Claus Rankin (1877-1946), Judge. 5 Portraits

Henry Charles Deans Rankin (1888-1965), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Ian James Rankin (1960-), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Sir James Rankin, 1st Bt (1842-1915), Politician and landowner. 4 Portraits

Janice Rankin (1972-), Curler; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Rankin (1874-1934), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Rankin, 2nd Bt (1871-1931), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Robert Alexander Rankin (1915-2001), Professor of Mathematics. 9 Portraits

W. Rankin. 1 Portrait

Rankin ((John) Rankin Waddell) (1966-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Alan Rankine (1958-2023), Musician and record producer; musician for 'Associates'. 1 Portrait

Alexander Oliver Rankine (1881-1956), Professor of Physics and author. 2 Portraits

Sir John Dalzell Rankine (1907-1987), Colonial administration service. 1 Portrait

(William John) Macquorn Rankine (1820-1872), Civil engineer and physicist. 2 Portraits

George Speirs Alexander Ranking (1852-1934), Surgeon and Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Robert Philip Lancaster Ranking (1896-1961), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Ranking Miss P (Margaret Anderson) (1959-), Radio presenter. 1 Portrait

Karl Rankl (1898-1968), Conductor and composer. 1 Portrait

John Fielden Brocklehurst, 1st Baron Ranksborough (1852-1921), Major-General and royal courtier. 3 Portraits

Sir Vibhaji Ranmalji, Jam Sahib of Navanagar (1827-1895), Indian ruler. 1 Portrait

Thomas ('Tom') Ransley (1985-), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Anthony ('Tony') Ransley (1944-), Musician; drummer for Simon Dupree and the Big Sound. 1 Portrait

W. Ransom, Horse trainer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Michell Ransome (1884-1967), Journalist and author. 15 Portraits

Edward Coleby Ransome (1864-1939), Mayor of Ipswich. 1 Portrait

George Ransome (active 1852), Publisher. 2 Portraits

James Ransome (1782-1849), Agricultural machinery manufacturer. 2 Portraits

James Allen Ransome (1806-1875), Agricultural machinery manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Robert Ransome (1753-1830), Agricultural machinery manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Robert St George Tyldesley Ransome (1903-1982), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Balthasar Rantzau (1497-1547), Bishop of Lubeck. 1 Portrait

Breide Rantzau (1563-1639), Member of the Rantzau family. 1 Portrait

Christian Rantzau (1614-1663), Member of the Rantzau family. 1 Portrait

Daniel Rantzau (1529-1569), German-Danish General. 1 Portrait

Frederik Rantzau (1590-1645), Courtier. 2 Portraits

Frideric Rantzau, Member of the Rantzau family. 1 Portrait

Frideric Rantzau, Member of the Rantzau family. 1 Portrait

Heinrich Rantzau (1526-1598), German humanist writer and statesman. 1 Portrait

Heinrich Rantzau der Jüngere (1599-1674), Member of the Rantzau family. 1 Portrait

Henric Rantzau. 1 Portrait

Johan Rantzau (1492-1565), Commander of the Danish Army. 2 Portraits

Josias Rantzau (1609-1650), German soldier. 1 Portrait

Paul Rantzau, Member of the Rantzau family. 1 Portrait

Schalko Rantzau III, Member of the Rantzau family. 1 Portrait

Jay Singh Rao, Raja of Kagal. 1 Portrait

Alma Raper, Judge. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Alice ('Bessie') Raper (née Tobin) (died 1933), Former wife of 6th Marquess Conyngham, and later wife of Alfred Raper; daughter of William Tobin. 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert) George Raper (1915-1990), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Henry Stanley Raper (1882-1951), Biochemist and Dean of the Medical School, Manchester University. 3 Portraits

Alexander Raphael (died 1850), Politician; MP for St Albans. 1 Portrait

Enid Raphael (died 1964), Daughter of Ernest G. Raphael and Mrs Ernest G. Raphael (née Flora Cecilia Sassoon). 4 Portraits

Mrs Ernest G. Raphael (née Flora Cecilia Sassoon) (1870-1956), Daughter of Kate Ezekiel and Reuben Sassoon; wife of Ernest George Raphael. 1 Portrait

Frederic Michael Raphael (1931-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Henry Raphael, 1st Bt (1859-1924), Politician, art collector and trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Joan Raphael, Daughter of Ernest G. Raphael and Mrs Ernest G. Raphael (née Flora Cecilia Sassoon). 5 Portraits

Sarah Raphael (1960-2001), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Raphael, Daughter of Ernest G. Raphael and Mrs Ernest G. Raphael (née Flora Cecilia Sassoon). 4 Portraits

Violet Raphael, Daughter of Ernest G. Raphael and Mrs Ernest G. Raphael (née Flora Cecilia Sassoon). 4 Portraits

Walter Raphael (1862-1938), Financier and racehorse owner. 2 Portraits

Winifred Raphael (1898-1978), Occupational psychologist. 1 Portrait

Mr Raphael (active 1863). 1 Portrait

Mrs Raphael. 1 Portrait

Francis Raphelengius (1539-1597), Linguist, professor, printer and bookseller. 1 Portrait

Dayan Abraham Rapoport (1908-1973), Jewish judge. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Cecil Rapp (1893-1984), Diplomat and Head of British Middle East Office, Cairo. 3 Portraits

Edward James Rapson (1861-1937), Sanskritist. 1 Portrait

Nolde Rapworth, Mayor of East Ham. 1 Portrait

Dorning Rasbotham (1730-1791), Writer, antiquarian and artist; High Sheriff of Lancashire. 1 Portrait

Dizzee Rascal (Dylan Mills) (1985-), Rap singer, songwriter and DJ. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederic Carne Rasch, 1st Bt (1847-1914), Politician for Essex and army officer. 3 Portraits

Simon Anthony Carne Rasch, 4th Bt (1948-), Page of Honour to HM The Queen; son of Sir Richard Guy Carne Rasch, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Hastings Rashdall (1858-1924), Dean of Carlisle, tutor and lecturer. 1 Portrait

John Rashdall (1809-1869), Vicar of Dawlish. 1 Portrait

Marcus Rashford (1997-), Footballer. 5 Portraits

Mary Anne (née Kendall), Lady Rashleigh (1824-1893), First wife of Sir Colman Rashleigh, 2nd Bt; daughter of Nicholas Kendall. 1 Portrait

Mr Rashleigh (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Rashleigh (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Théodore Rasières (1602-1653 or 1654), Draughtsman and engraver. 1 Portrait

François Vincent Raspail (1794-1878), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Christian Anthony Rassam (1808-1872), Nestorian Christian, explorer and British vice-consul at Mosul. 1 Portrait

Hormuzd Rassam (1826-1910), Archaeologist and civil servant. 2 Portraits

Alexis Rassine (né Raysman) (1919-1992), Ballet dancer. 2 Portraits

E. Ratcliff, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Robert Frederick Ratcliff (1867-1943), Politician, army officer and brewer. 2 Portraits

John Ashworth Ratcliffe (1902-1987), Physicist. 7 Portraits

Lisa Ratcliffe, Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Annabel Rathbone (née Balfour) (1935-), Student at New Hall College, Cambridge; wife of Charles Rathbone. 1 Portrait

Basil Rathbone (1892-1967), Actor; soldier. 7 Portraits

Eleanor Florence Rathbone (1872-1946), Social reformer. 4 Portraits

Julian Christopher Rathbone (1935-), Author; English teacher. 1 Portrait

L. Rathbone. 1 Portrait

Richard Rathbone (1788-1860), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

William Rathbone (1819-1902), Merchant and philanthropist; pioneer organiser of nursing services. 2 Portraits

William Rathbone, Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Aaron Rathborne (born 1571), Land surveyor and author. 2 Portraits

Charles Edward Henry Rathborne (1886-1944), Air Commodore. 3 Portraits

Robert William Hugh O'Neill, 1st Baron Rathcavan (1883-1982), Politician; 1st Speaker of the Northern Ireland House of Commons and MP for Antrim. 2 Portraits

Cecil William Norton, 1st Baron Rathcreedan (1850-1930), Politician; MP for Newington West. 5 Portraits

Marguerite Cecil Norton (née Huntington), Lady Rathcreedan (1881-1955), Wife of 1st Baron Rathcreedan; daughter of Sir Charles Philip Huntington, 1st Bt. 4 Portraits

Ann Pauline Norton (née Bastian), Lady Rathcreedan (1922-2007), Wife of 2nd Baron Rathcreedan. 13 Portraits

William Robert McClintock-Bunbury, 4th Baron Rathdonnell (1914-1959), Army officer. 8 Portraits

David Robert Plunket, 1st Baron Rathmore (1838-1919), Politician, first Commissioner of Works and lawyer. 7 Portraits

Consuelo Regina María (née Eyre y Valdeavellano), Princess Ratibor (1909-1985), Wife of Prince Ernest Ratibor and Corvey of Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst; daughter of William Stephen Eyre. 1 Portrait

Ratinaki (died circa 1862). 1 Portrait

Harold Edward Ratsey (1861-1953), Colonel, naval architect and engineer. 1 Portrait

Urbano Rattazzi (1808-1873), Prime Minister of Italy. 2 Portraits

John Rattenbury (1806-1879), Methodist minister. 1 Portrait

John Ernest Rattenbury (1870-1963), Methodist minister. 7 Portraits

Robert Mantle Rattenbury (1901-1970), Lecturer in Classics, Cambridge. 5 Portraits

Sir Terence Rattigan (1911-1977), Playwright. 31 Portraits

Vera Rattigan (née Houston) (1885-1971), Mother of Sir Terence Rattigan. 1 Portrait

Sir Simon Rattle (1955-), Conductor. 7 Portraits

Charles Ratton (1895-1986), Art collector and dealer. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Rullion Rattray (1891-1966), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Harriet Penelope Rattray (née Hare) (1832-1905), Daughter of Joseph and Sally Hare; wife of Thomas Rattray. 2 Portraits

Mrs Neill Rattray, Wife of Captain Neill Rattray. 1 Portrait

Robert Fleming Rattray (1886-1967), Cambridge University lecturer, minister and Principal of University College, Leicester. 1 Portrait

Rullian Hare Rattray (1859-1934), Colonel in the Indian Army. 2 Portraits

Sir Benegal Rama Rau (1889-1969), Indian Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Françoise Raucourt (1756-1815), Actress. 1 Portrait

Joseph Othmar Von Rauscher (1797-1875), Austrian cardinal. 1 Portrait

Ferdinand Karl Rauter (1902-1987), Pianist; founder of the Anglo-Austrian Music Society; music therapist. 4 Portraits

Venanzio Rauzzini (1747-1810), Composer and teacher. 1 Portrait

François Ravaillac (1578-1610), Assassin of Henry IV, King of France. 3 Portraits

André Ravasio. 1 Portrait

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), Composer and pianist. 3 Portraits

Charles Earle Raven (1885-1965), Professor of Divinity. 6 Portraits

Charlotte Raven (1969-), Editor of Modern Review; columnist in The Guardian. 1 Portrait

John Earle ('J.E.') Raven (1914-1980), Classical scholar and amateur botanist. 1 Portrait

John Stanley Raven (1910-1987), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Dame Kathleen Annie Raven (1910-1999), Nurse. 8 Portraits

Mandy Raven, Wife of Mike Raven. 1 Portrait

Mike Raven (Austin Churton Fairman) (1924-1997), Disc jockey; Actor. 2 Portraits

Sarah Raven (1963-), Gardener, writer and television presenter. 1 Portrait

Simon Arthur Noël Raven (1927-2001), Novelist, playwright and journalist. 2 Portraits

Thomas Milville Raven (1827-1896), Clergyman and photographer; son of Thomas Raven and brother-in-law of Henry Holiday. 1 Portrait

Leonard Raven-Hill (1867-1942), Artist, illustrator and cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Mark Ravenhill (1966-), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Clarence Francis Ravenscroft (1871-1926), Banker and Secretary of Birkbeck Bank. 1 Portrait

Mary Irene Curzon, Baroness Ravensdale (1896-1966), Nurse and welfare volunteer; daughter of 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston. 5 Portraits

Thomas Corney Ravensdale (1905-1990), Ambassador. 4 Portraits

Henry Thomas Liddell, 1st Earl of Ravensworth (1797-1878). 1 Portrait

Henry George Liddell, 2nd Earl of Ravensworth (1821-1903), Politician. 1 Portrait

Gerald Wellesley Liddell, 6th Baron Ravensworth (1869-1932), Army captain. 9 Portraits

Arthur Waller Liddell, 8th Baron Ravensworth (1924-2004), Radio Engineer; cousin of 7th Baron Ravensworth. 3 Portraits

Eric William Ravilious (1903-1942), Painter, engraver and mural decorator. 1 Portrait

Christian Ravis (Christianus Ravius) (1613-1677), Oriental and biblical scholar. 1 Portrait

Giulia Ravogli (Giulia Cripps) (1866-1941), Italian mezzo-soprano; wife of Harrison Cripps. 1 Portrait

Sofia Ravogli (1865-1910), Singer. 1 Portrait

Cecil Whitfield Raw (1900-1969), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Charles Rupert Raw (1940-2022), Journalist and author; son of George Rupert Raw. 4 Portraits

Nathan Raw (1866-1940), Physician and politician. 7 Portraits

Nicola Henrietta St John Raw (née Gillespie, later Smith) (1946-), Former wife of Charles Rupert Raw and later wife of John Latimer Smith; daughter of Hans Henry Winterstein Gillespie. 4 Portraits

Sir Sydney Moffatt Raw (1898-1967), Vice-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Thorowgood), Lady Rawdon (Roydon) (born 1591), Wife of Sir Marmaduke Rawdon (Roydon). 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Rawdon, 2nd Bt (1662-1695). 1 Portrait

Lady Dorothy Rawdon (née Conway) (died 1676), Letter writer; wife of Sir George Rawdon, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Rawdon (born 1632), Wife of Mr William Rawdon of Bermondsey Court. 1 Portrait

Sir George Rawdon, 1st Bt (1604-1684), Army officer and politician. 5 Portraits

Helen (née Graham), Lady Rawdon (1662-1709), Wife of Sir Arthur Rawdon, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Lady Helena Rawdon (née Perceval) (1717-1746), First wife of Sir John Rawdon, later 1st Earl of Moira. 2 Portraits

Lawrence Rawdon (died 1626), Alderman of the City of York. 1 Portrait

Marmaduke Rawdon (baptised 1610-1669), Traveller and antiquary. 2 Portraits

Robert Rawdon (died 1644), Governor of St Thomas's Hospital. 1 Portrait

Sara Rawdon (active 17th century), Wife of Marmaduke Rawdon. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rawdon (born circa 1612), Army officer. 2 Portraits

William Rawdon (born 1619). 1 Portrait

Edward Rawdon-Smith (1890-1957), Public relations consultant. 1 Portrait

William Francis Rawes (circa 1815-1871), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Maryan Rawicz (1899-1970), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rawle (active 1905), President of the Law Society. 1 Portrait

Marian Rawlence, House Surgeon, Royal Free Hospital. 3 Portraits

John Rawlet (baptised 1642-1686), Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

Patricia Elizabeth Rawlings, Baroness Rawlings (1939-), Politician; MEP for Essex South West. 9 Portraits

Sir Henry Bernard Hughes Rawlings (1889-1962), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Margaret Rawlings (Lady Barlow) (1906-1996), Actress; wife of Sir Robert Barlow. 36 Portraits

Adrian Drake Rawlins (1942-), Grandson of 7th Baron Boston. 4 Portraits

Anthony Irby Rawlins (1944-). 3 Portraits

Dorothea Rawlins (née Narbona) (active mid 17th century), Wife of engraver and medallist Thomas Rawlins. 1 Portrait

Peta Rawlins (1950-). 1 Portrait

Stuart Blundell Rawlins (1897-1955), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Stuart William Hughes Rawlins (1880-1927), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Peter Anthony Grayson Rawlinson, Baron Rawlinson of Ewell (1919-2006), Attorney-General and politician. 15 Portraits

Henry Seymour Rawlinson, 1st Baron Rawlinson of Trent (1864-1925), General and Commander-in-Chief of Army in India. 19 Portraits

Elaine (née Dominguez), Lady Rawlinson (1954-2006), Second wife of Baron Rawlinson of Ewell. 4 Portraits

Abram Creswicke Rawlinson (1838-1910), Solicitor and Mayor, Chipping Norton. 5 Portraits

Alfred Edward John Rawlinson (1884-1960), Bishop of Derby and Theologian. 15 Portraits

Bessie Ford Taylor (née Emmatt), Lady Rawlinson (1900-1996), Wife of Sir Frederick Rawlinson, 4th Bt; daughter of Frank Raymond Emmatt. 8 Portraits

Christopher Rawlinson (1677-1733), Antiquary. 5 Portraits

Curwen Rawlinson (1642-1677), Nobleman. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Rawlinson (née Monck) (born circa 1642), Wife of Curwen Rawlinson; daughter of Nicholas Monck. 2 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) Frederick Rawlinson, 4th Bt (1900-1969), RAF officer. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, 1st Bt (1810-1895), Soldier, diplomat and Assyriologist. 11 Portraits

John Frederick Peel Rawlinson (1860-1926), Politician and footballer. 4 Portraits

Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755), Topographer and bishop of the nonjuring Church of England. 2 Portraits

Robert Rawlinson (1610-1665). 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Rawlinson (1810-1898), Civil engineer. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Rawlinson (baptised 1647-1708), Local politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony Henry John ('Tony') Rawlinson, 5th Bt (1936-), Photographer and inventor. 6 Portraits

Richard Rawlyns (active 1655), Teacher of arithmetic at Great Yarmouth. 3 Portraits

Andrew Nicholas James Rawnsley (1962-), Chief Political Columnist and Associate Editor of The Observer. 1 Portrait

Cecil Frederick Rawnsley (1904-1965), RAF Sergeant. 3 Portraits

Gerald Thomas Rawnsley (1865-1942), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley (1851-1920), Canon of Carlisle. 2 Portraits

Thomas Moore ('Tom') Raworth (1938-2017), Poet and artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Cooper Rawson (1876-1946), Businessman and Conservative politician; MP for Brighton. 3 Portraits

Alice Rawson, Secretary and Aide-de-camp; daughter of Sir Harry Rawson. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Grahame Rawson (1887-1979), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Harry Holdsworth Rawson (1843-1910), Admiral; Governor of New South Wales, Australia. 2 Portraits

Jessica Mary Rawson (1943-), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne Rawson (1801-1887), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Richard Hamilton Rawson (1863-1918), Colonel. 2 Portraits

S. Rawson. 1 Portrait

Patricia Hume Rawson-Gardiner (née Gaymer) (1921-), Wife of Edward Kenneth Rawson-Gardiner; daughter of E.J. Gaymer. 2 Portraits

Alice Rawsthorn (1958-), Design Critic for the International Herald Tribune and Director of The Design Museum. 1 Portrait

Alan Rawsthorne (1905-1971), Composer. 8 Portraits

Atherton Gwillym Rawstorne (1855-1936), Bishop of Whalley. 1 Portrait

Andrew Ray (1939-2003), Actor; son of Ted Ray. 1 Portrait

Cecil Ray (1893-1948), Jockey. 3 Portraits

Chandu Ray (1912-1983), Bishop of Karachi. 1 Portrait

C. Ray, Nurse. 1 Portrait

E. Reynolds Ray, Soldier. 1 Portrait

Gabrielle Ray (Gabrielle Elizabeth Clifford Cook) (1883-1973), Actress and dancer. 204 Portraits

John Ray (1627-1705), Naturalist. 13 Portraits

John Mead Ray (1754-1837), Independent minister at Sudbury. 2 Portraits

John Alvin ('Johnny') Ray (1927-1990), Singer and songwriter. 2 Portraits

Juliet Man Ray (née Browner) (1912-1991), Wife of Man Ray. 1 Portrait

Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky) (1890-1976), Photographer and artist. 16 Portraits

Martha Ray (1742?-1779), Singer and murder victim; mistress of 4th Earl of Sandwich. 7 Portraits

Mathew Burrow Ray (1870-1950), Army physician. 1 Portrait

Michel Ray (1944-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Pamela Ray, Dancer and actress. 2 Portraits

Rebecca Ray (1979-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Robin Ray (1934-1998), Actor, broadcaster and television personality. 1 Portrait

Ruby Ray (active 1898-1907), Actress and dancer. 7 Portraits

Ted Ray (1906-1977), Comedian. 2 Portraits

Sir William Ray (1876-1937), Conservative politician; MP for Richmond. 4 Portraits

Thelma Raye (active 1907-1908), Anglo-Brazilian actress. 1 Portrait

Baron Raygersfeld (active 1836). 1 Portrait

Baroness Raygersfeld (active 1836). 2 Portraits

Raymond Ray-Jones (1886-1942), Painter and printmaker. 1 Portrait

Clara Elizabeth La Touche (née Vicars), Lady Rayleigh (1824-1900), Wife of 2nd Baron Rayleigh; daughter of Richard Vicars. 1 Portrait

John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh (1842-1919), Experimental and mathematical physicist. 6 Portraits

Evelyn Georgina Mary Strutt (née Balfour), Baroness Rayleigh of Terling Place (1846-1934), Wife of 3rd Baron Rayleigh of Terling Place. 1 Portrait

Robert John Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh (1875-1947), Experimental physicist. 34 Portraits

Ursula Mary Strutt (née Brocklebank), Lady Rayleigh (died 1982), Wife of 5th Baron Rayleigh; daughter of Richard Hugh Royds Brocklebank. 3 Portraits

Robert Richmond Raymer (1870-1948), Army chaplain. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Raymond, 1st Baron Raymond (1673-1733), Lord Chief Justice. 4 Portraits

Belle Raymond, Actress. 1 Portrait

Cyril William North Raymond (1899-1973), Actor. 2 Portraits

Ernest Raymond (1888-1974), Novelist. 11 Portraits

Francis Raymond (1845-1945), Army veterinary surgeon. 1 Portrait

James Grant Raymond (1771-1817), Actor. 1 Portrait

John Raymond (1836-1887), Actor. 1 Portrait

Louis Raymond (1895-1962), South African tennis player. 1 Portrait

Paul Raymond (Geoffrey Anthony Quinn) (1925-2008), Entrepreneur. 2 Portraits

Sir Stanley Edward Raymond (1913-1988), Chairman of the British Railways Board. 1 Portrait

Zoe Irene Maude Raymond (née Doucett) (active 1921-1927), Wife of Ernest Raymond. 1 Portrait

Max Rayne, Baron Rayne (1918-2003), Property developer and patron of the arts. 2 Portraits

Jane Antonia Frances (née Vane-Tempest-Stewart, later Lacey), Lady Rayne (1932-), Former wife of Max Rayne, Baron Rayne, and later wife of Robert Lacey; daughter of 8th Marquess of Londonderry. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Rayne (1922-1992), Footwear designer and manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Eveleen Rayne (active 1870s-1880s), Actress. 3 Portraits

Christine Rayner, Actress. 1 Portrait

Claire Rayner (1931-2010), Writer, broadcaster, nurse and health campaigner. 2 Portraits

Sir Ralph Herbert Rayner (1897-1977), Politician and soldier. 2 Portraits

Miss Raynham (died 1871), Actress. 2 Portraits

Walteri Raynold. 1 Portrait

Wyvill Richard Nicolls ('Nick') Raynsford (1945-), Politician; MP for Greenwich and Woolwich. 1 Portrait

Richard Montague Raynsford (1877-1965), High Sheriff. 2 Portraits

Monty Rayson (1904-1929), Steeplechase rider. 1 Portrait

Robert Spencer Rayson, Priest and College Principal, Montreal. 1 Portrait

Walter Russell Rea, 1st Baron Rea of Eskdale (1873-1948), Politician and banker. 5 Portraits

Philip Russell Rea, 2nd Baron Rea (1900-1981), Politician and merchant banker. 15 Portraits

Alec Lionel Rea (1878-1953), Ship-owner and town councillor. 1 Portrait

(Edward) Lawrence Rea (1876-1913), Actor. 2 Portraits

Lorna Rea (née Smith) (1897-1978), Novelist. 12 Portraits

Robert Lindsay Rea (1881-1971), Ophthalmic surgeon. 5 Portraits

Russell Rea (1846-1916), Politician, shipowner and merchant. 4 Portraits

Stephen James Rea (1949-), Actor and director. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Henry Read (1871-1955), Shipowner; Director, home trade services at the Ministry of Shipping. 2 Portraits

Sir (John) Antony Jervis Read (1913-2000), General. 2 Portraits

Arthur Duncan Read (1889-1976), Vice-Admiral. 5 Portraits

A.F. Read (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Benjamin Read (active circa 1757), A member of Hogarth's club at the Bedford Arms Tavern. 2 Portraits

Clare Sewell Read (1826-1905), Agriculturalist. 2 Portraits

Ernest Read (1879-1965), Professor of Music at Royal Academy. 1 Portrait

F. Read? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

George Read (1733-1798), Lawyer; signer of the Declaration of Independence; United States Senator. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Read (1893-1968), Critic, poet and writer on art. 17 Portraits

Sir Herbert James Read (1863-1949), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Hercules Read (1857-1929), Antiquary and art connoisseur. 4 Portraits

James Read Sr (1777-1852), Missionary. 2 Portraits

James Read Jr (1811-1894), Missionary; son of James Read Sr. 2 Portraits

Joan Read, Events Organiser, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

John Read (active 1588), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

John Read (active 1885), Singer, songwriter and chairman of Collins' Music Hall. 1 Portrait

John Read (1884-1963), Organic chemist. 3 Portraits

Sir John Emms Read (1918-2015), Businessman. 1 Portrait

John Francis Holcombe Read, Stockbroker. 3 Portraits

Leonard Ernest Read ('Nipper') (1925-2020), Detective Chief Superintendent; boxing administrator. 1 Portrait

Margaret Read (1889-1991), Social anthropologist. 1 Portrait

Marjorie Read (née Richards) (circa 1936-), Daughter of Sir Gordon Richards. 1 Portrait

Samuel Read (1817 or 1818-1883), Watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

(Frederick) Stanley Read (1866-1924), Chief Assizer, Standards Department of the Board of Trade. 1 Portrait

Thomas Talmage Read (1893-1974), Professor Emeritus of Clinical Dental Surgery and Warden of Dental School and Hospital, University of Leeds. 8 Portraits

Walter William Read (1855-1907), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Read (died 1715), Itinerant oculist. 1 Portrait

Miss Read (Dora Jessie Saint) (1913-2012), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Mr Read, Brewer of Oxford. 3 Portraits

Arthur Harold Newmarch Reade (circa 1921-2006), Lieutenant-Colonel. 15 Portraits

Charles Reade (1814-1884), Novelist and dramatist. 3 Portraits

Enid Reade, Actress. 2 Portraits

Henry Cooper Reade (1818-1873), Army surgeon. 1 Portrait

Joseph Bancroft Reade (1801-1870), Microscopist and experimenter in photography. 1 Portrait

Raymond Northland Revell Reade (1861-1943), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Shanaze Reade (1988-), BMX racer and track cyclist; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Eddi Reader (1959-), Singer and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Ralph Reader (1903-1982), Actor, theatrical producer and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Henrietta M.J. Reader-Harris (née Loder), Wife of J.W. Reader-Harris; daughter of Lord and Lady Wakehurst. 1 Portrait

Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading (1860-1935), Lord Chief Justice, diplomat and viceroy of India. 28 Portraits

Alice Edith (née Cohen), Marchioness of Reading (circa 1866-1930), First wife of 1st Marquess of Reading; daughter of Albert Cohen. 1 Portrait

Stella Isaacs, Marchioness of Reading (also Baroness Swanborough) (1894-1971), Chairman and founder of Women's Royal Voluntary Service. 16 Portraits

Gerald Rufus Isaacs, 2nd Marquess of Reading (1889-1960), Soldier and politician. 13 Portraits

Eva Violet Isaacs (née Mond), Marchioness of Reading (1895-1973), Philanthropist; wife of 2nd Marquess of Reading; daughter of 1st Baron Melchett. 10 Portraits

Michael Alfred Rufus Isaacs, 3rd Marquess of Reading (1916-1980), Member of The Stock Exchange. 7 Portraits

Margot Irene (née Duke), Marchioness of Reading (1919-2015), Wife of 3rd Marquess of Reading; daughter of Percival Augustus Duke. 10 Portraits

Simon Charles Henry Rufus Isaacs, 4th Marquess of Reading (1942-), Business consultant. 6 Portraits

Bertice Reading (1933-1991), Jazz singer and actress. 3 Portraits

Cyril Read Jones. 1 Portrait

Alexander George Jeffrey ('Tim') Readman (died 1973), Lieutenant-Colonel and athlete. 2 Portraits

Caleb Readshaw (1764-1838), Vicar of Easby and Rector of Corrington. 1 Portrait

Sir Felix Fordati Ready (1872-1940), General. 4 Portraits

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), President of the United States. 3 Portraits

Mabel Reamy, Campaigner for children's playing fields. 1 Portrait

Denis Rearden (1817-1885), Politician; MP for Athlone. 1 Portrait

J. Reardon, Racehorse trainer. 2 Portraits

Sir William Willie Reardon-Smith, 1st Bt (1856-1939), Shipowner, director and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Rea Reason (1940-), Educational psychologist. 1 Portrait

Brian Noble Reavell (died 1978), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Donald James Mackay, 11th Baron Reay (1839-1921), Governor of Bombay and 1st President of British Academy. 2 Portraits

Aeneas Alexander Mackay, 13th Baron Reay (1905-1963), Representative Peer of Scotland. 3 Portraits

Hugh William Mackay, 14th Baron Reay (1937-2013), Politician; House of Lords Whip. 2 Portraits

Charles Tom Reay (1857-1933), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Melina Reay (née Allen) (died 1946), Wife of Charles Tom Reay; daughter of W. Allen. 1 Portrait

Denis Rebbeck (1914-1994), Mechanical Engineer and council member of various organisations. 8 Portraits

Sir (Leopold) Edward Rebbeck (1901-1983), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Ernest Rebbeck (1877-1961), Shipbuilder and Chief Executive of Harland and Wolff. 1 Portrait

Neville Rebello, Visitor Services Supervisor, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Lady Georgina Rebow (née Toler) (died 1900), Daughter of 2nd Earl of Norbury; wife of Gurdon Rebow. 1 Portrait

Gail Rebuck, Baroness Rebuck (1952-), Publisher and life peer. 2 Portraits

Ann Reckitt. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold James Reckitt, 2nd Bt (1868-1930), Politician; MP for Pontefract and Brigg. 1 Portrait

John Primatt Redcliffe-Maud, Baron Redcliffe-Maud (1906-1982), Public servant. 8 Portraits

William Brian Reddaway (1913-2002), Economist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Murray Reddie (1872-1954), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Mr Reddin (Redding). 2 Portraits

Noel Redding (1945-2003), Bass guitarist for the Jimi Hendrix Experience. 1 Portrait

Mr Redding. 1 Portrait

Sir Halford Walter Lupton Reddish (1898-1978), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Samuel Reddish (1735-1785), Actor and theatre manager. 3 Portraits

Tim Reddish (1957-), Swimmer; Paralympian and sports administrator. 1 Portrait

Miss Redeker (active 1877-1879), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

John Thomas Freeman-Mitford, 1st Earl of Redesdale (1805-1886), Politician; son of 1st Baron Redesdale. 5 Portraits

John Freeman-Mitford, 1st Baron Redesdale (1748-1830), Speaker of the House of Commons. 10 Portraits

Frances Freeman-Mitford (née Perceval), Lady Redesdale (1767-1817), Wife of 1st Baron Redesdale; sister of Spencer Perceval. 2 Portraits

David Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale (1878-1958), Captain and landowner. 2 Portraits

Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, 1st Baron Redesdale (1837-1916), Diplomat and writer. 7 Portraits

Sydney (née Bowles), Lady Redesdale (1880-1963), Wife of 2nd Baron Redesdale; daughter of T.G. Bowles. 7 Portraits

Mary Margaret Dorothy (née Cordes), Lady Redesdale (died 1967), Wife of 3rd Baron Redesdale. 5 Portraits

John ('Jack') Power Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, 4th Baron Redesdale (1885-1963), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Marie Ann (née von Friedlander-Fuld), Lady Redesdale, Wife of 4th Baron Redesdale; daughter of Friedrich Victor von Freidlander-Fuld. 1 Portrait

Anthea Bernice Redfern (1948-), Television personality. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Shuldham Redfern (1895-1985), Director of Dominican British Council. 7 Portraits

Sir Edward Pigott William Redford (1850-1933), Secretary to General Post Office for Scotland. 1 Portrait

Florence (née Buckton), Lady Redford, Wife of Sir Edward Pigott William Redford; daughter of Frederick Buckton. 1 Portrait

Corin William Redgrave (1939-2010), Actor; son of Sir Michael Redgrave. 5 Portraits

Gilbert Richard Redgrave (active 1870-1880), Architect and watercolour painter. 1 Portrait

Lynn Rachel Redgrave (1943-2010), Actress; daughter of Sir Michael Redgrave. 6 Portraits

Sir Michael Redgrave (1908-1985), Actor. 36 Portraits

Richard Redgrave (1804-1888), Painter and pioneer organiser of art education. 10 Portraits

Sir Steven Geoffrey Redgrave (1962-), Rower; Olympian and sports consultant; London 2012 Ambassador. 6 Portraits

Vanessa Redgrave (1937-), Actor; daughter of Sir Michael Redgrave. 31 Portraits

William Redgrave (1903-1986), Artist. 1 Portrait

Peter William Redgrove (1932-2003), Author, poet and analytical psychologist. 2 Portraits

Edward Charles Redhead (1902-1967), Civil servant and Politician, Minister of State at the Board of Trade. 1 Portrait

Eliza (née Colquhoun), Lady Redhouse, Former wife of Sir James William Redhouse, and later wife of Colonel George Philips. 6 Portraits

Anna Eliza Mary (née Talbot), Lady Redington, Wife of Sir Thomas Nicholas Redington; daughter of John Hyacinth Talbot. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Nicholas Redington (1815-1862), Politician, administrator and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Miss Redington, Daughter of Sir Thomas Nicholas Redington. 1 Portrait

Jamie Redknapp (1973-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Denis Arthur Kay Redman (1910-2009), Major-General and Director. 2 Portraits

Sir Harold Redman (1899-1986), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Joyce Redman (1918-2012), Actress. 3 Portraits

Roderick Oliver Redman (1905-1975), Astronomer. 3 Portraits

Sir (Herbert) Vere Redman (1901-1975), Lecturer in English, press correspondent in Japan and Press Attaché to the British Embassy in Toyko. 1 Portrait

Martin Redmayne, Baron Redmayne of Rushcliffe (1910-1983), Politician; Chief Whip. 3 Portraits

Eddie Redmayne (1982-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Augustine Studdert Redmayne (1865-1955), Consulting mining and civil engineer. 16 Portraits

John Edward Redmond (1856-1918), Irish political leader. 20 Portraits

Phil Redmond (1949-), Writer and television producer; Chairman of The Mersey Television Co. Ltd. 1 Portrait

Siobhan Redmond (1959-), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Archer Redmond (1886-1932), Politician and soldier. 1 Portrait

William Hoey Kearney ('Willie') Redmond (1861-1917), Irish nationalist. 6 Portraits

Louis G. Redmond-Howard (1884-circa 1949), Author and journalist. 1 Portrait

Christopher Redondus (died 1568), Jesuit missionary. 1 Portrait

Anne Redpath (1895-1965), Painter. 1 Portrait

G. Redpath. 1 Portrait

Leopold Redpath (1816-1891), Businessman and swindler. 1 Portrait

(Lucy) Rabea Redpath (née Hill) (1946-), Wife of Abdul Azis (George James) Redpath. 5 Portraits

(Robert) Theodore Redpath (1913-1997), English scholar and author. 1 Portrait

Paul Warwick Redway (1918-2001), Served in Queen Victoria's Rifles; manager of Skinningrove Iron Company. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Boverton Redwood, 1st Bt (1846-1919), Chemist and engineer. 4 Portraits

Ursula (née Hale), Lady Redwood, Second wife of Sir Thomas Boverton Redwood, 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

William Arthur Hugh Redwood (1883-1963), Journalist and evangelist. 11 Portraits

Sir Frank Ree (1851-1914), General Manager of the London and North-Western Railway. 1 Portrait

Francis Bertram Reece (1888-1971), Metropolitan magistrate. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Reece (1897-1985), Colonial administrator. 8 Portraits

Robert Reece (1838-1891), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Andrew Reed (1787-1862), Independent minister and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Conrad Reed (1881-1961), Politician. 2 Portraits

Austen Leonard Reed (1873-1954). 2 Portraits

Barry St George Austin Reed (1931-), Company director. 1 Portrait

Sir Carol Reed (1906-1976), Film producer and director. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Reed (1819-1881), Educationist; politician; MP for Hackney and St Ives; businessman. 6 Portraits

Douglas Reed (1895-1976), Journalist. 6 Portraits

Sir Edward James Reed (1830-1906), Chief naval architect and politician. 8 Portraits

Edward Tennyson Reed (1860-1933), Cartoonist and caricaturist. 5 Portraits

Ernest Samuel Reed (died 1970), Bishop of Ottawa. 1 Portrait

Frederick George Reed (active 1859-1887), Physician and surgeon. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) German Reed (1817-1888), Musician and actor. 2 Portraits

Hamilton Lyster Reed (1869-1931), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Harris Reed (1996-), Fashion designer and creative director for Nina Ricci. 1 Portrait

Isaac Reed (1742-1807), Literary editor and book collector. 7 Portraits

James Reed (died 1843), Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Reed (1867-1942), Publisher. 2 Portraits

Maxwell Reed (1919-1974), Actor; first husband of Joan Collins. 1 Portrait

(Robert) Oliver Reed (1938-1999), Actor. 9 Portraits

Penelope (née Dudley-Ward, later Pelissier), Lady Reed (1914-1982), Stage and film actress; former wife of Anthony Compton Pelissier, and later second wife of Sir Carol Reed; daughter of William Dudley Ward. 8 Portraits

Peter Reed (1981-), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Philip Dunham Reed (1899-1989), Chief of American war-time mission on economic affairs; corporation director. 5 Portraits

Priscilla Reed (née Horton) (1818-1895), Singer and actress. 6 Portraits

Sir (Albert) Ralph Reed (1884-1958), Paper manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Sir (Herbert) Stanley Reed (1872-1969), Editor of the 'Times of India'. 8 Portraits

Thomas Thornton Reed (1902-1995), Bishop of Adelaide. 1 Portrait

Tracy Reed (Clare Tracy Compton Pelissier) (1942-2012), Actress; daughter of Anthony Compton Pelissier and Penelope Dudley-Ward. 3 Portraits

William Reed, Bugler, City Imperial Volunteers. 2 Portraits

Sir Craig ('Collins') Reedie (1941-), Sports administrator; Chair of British Olympic Association and member of International Olympic Committee. 1 Portrait

Norman Reedus (1969-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Peter Wynford Innes Rees, Baron Rees (1926-2008), Lawyer, businessman and Conservative politician; MP for Dover. 1 Portrait

Martin John Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow (1942-), Professor of Astronomy and Cosmology and President of the Royal Society. 3 Portraits

Abraham Rees (1743-1825), Encyclopaedist. 9 Portraits

Aubrey Rees (born 1871), Writer. 6 Portraits

Dai Rees (1913-1983), Golfer. 4 Portraits

Elsbeth Gwendolin (née Jones-Griffith), Lady Rees (died 1966), Wife of Sir Beddoe Rees. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Rees (1890-1976), Physician and Director-General of Medical Services, Ministry of Pensions. 1 Portrait

George Owen Rees (1813-1889), Physician. 1 Portrait

Jessica Rees (1963-), Author of Sing a Song of Silence. 1 Portrait

Sir John David Rees, 1st Bt (1854-1922), Civil servant and politician. 5 Portraits

Lloyd Frederic Rees (1895-1988), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Milsom Rees (1866-1952), Laryngologist. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Lodowick Edward Montagu Rees, 2nd Bt (1900-1970), Author. 2 Portraits

Roger Rees (1944-2015), Actor. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Rees (1927-2009), Daughter of Sir Beddoe Rees. 3 Portraits

Sir (Charles William) Stanley Rees (1907-2000), Judge of High Court of Justice, Family Division; Lieutenant-Colonel. 7 Portraits

Thomas Wynford Rees (1898-1959), Major-General in the British Indian Army. 2 Portraits

Timothy Rees (1874-1939), Bishop of Llandaff. 1 Portrait

William Rees (1887-1978), Emeritus Professor of the History of Wales and Head of Department of History at University College, Cardiff. 6 Portraits

William Rupert Rees-Davies (1916-1992), Barrister and politician. 3 Portraits

Frederick Focke Reese (1854-1936), Bishop of Georgia. 1 Portrait

Theodore Irving Reese (1873-1931), Bishop Coadjutor of Southern Ohio. 1 Portrait

Deryn Rees-Jones (1968-), Poet. 1 Portrait

William Rees-Mogg, Baron Rees-Mogg (1928-2012), Newspaper editor, writer and politician. 5 Portraits

Graham Beauchamp Coxeter Rees-Mogg (1881-1949), Lieutenant-Colonel and High Sheriff of Warwickshire. 1 Portrait

Jacob William Rees-Mogg (1969-), Politician. 2 Portraits

Peder Reetz (died 1681), Danish ambassador. 1 Portrait

Ada Reeve (1876-1966), Actress; wife of Wilfred Cotton. 24 Portraits

Betty Reeve (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Henry Reeve (1813-1895), Journalist and writer. 1 Portrait

Hope Reeve (née Richardson) (1815-1842), Wife of Henry Reeve. 1 Portrait

John Reeve (1783-1864), Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Reeve (1799-1838), Actor. 10 Portraits

John William Reeve (1807-1882), Clergyman; Canon of Bristol Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Lovell Augustus Reeve (1814-1865), Conchologist and publisher. 2 Portraits

Mary Reeve, Former wife of M. Randolph Cliff, and later wife of John Sherard Reeve. 1 Portrait

Maxwell Reeve (1821-1903), Army officer; paymaster. 1 Portrait

Merial Catherine Dalrymple Reeve (née Dalrymple-White) (1913-1989), Wife of William Reeve; daughter of Sir Godfrey Dalrymple-White, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Nevill Henry Reeve (later Reeve-King) (1839-1920), Justice of the Peace and Alderman. 1 Portrait

(Arthur) Stretton Reeve (1907-1981), Bishop of Lichfield. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Reeve (1672 or 1673-1737), Judge. 2 Portraits

William Day Reeve (1844-1925), Bishop of Mackenzie River and Assistant Bishop of Toronto. 1 Portrait

Constance Emma Sims Reeves (1851-1901), Singer; daughter of (John) Sims Reeves. 1 Portrait

Ernest Archer Reeves (born 1854), Son of (John) Sims Reeves. 1 Portrait

Herbert Sims Reeves (1855-1930), Singer; son of (John) Sims Reeves. 3 Portraits

John Reeves (1752-1829), King's printer. 4 Portraits

Joseph Reeves (1888-1969), Labour politician; MP for Greenwich. 9 Portraits

(Philip) Kynaston Reeves (1893-1971), Actor. 5 Portraits

L. Reeves (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Michael Reeves (1943-1969), Film director. 1 Portrait

Percy Sims Reeves (1857-1866), Son of (John) Sims Reeves. 1 Portrait

(Richard) Ambrose Reeves (1899-1980), Bishop of Johannesburg and Assistant Bishop of Chichester. 1 Portrait

(John) Sims Reeves (1818-1900), Singer. 22 Portraits

Tyy Reeves (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Vic Reeves (Jim Moir) (1959-), Comedian, actor and artist. 3 Portraits

William Pember Reeves (1857-1932), High commissioner, New Zealand, historian and poet. 2 Portraits

Harry Reeves-Smith (1862-1938), Actor. 1 Portrait

A.J. Reffold. 1 Portrait

Charles Tate Regan (1878-1943), Director of the Natural History Museum. 1 Portrait

Regiment of Life Guards, Senior regiment of the British Army and part of the Household Cavalry. 1 Portrait

Regiment of Life Guards, Senior regiment of the British Army and part of the Household Cavalry. 1 Portrait

Regiment of Life Guards, Senior regiment of the British Army and part of the Household Cavalry. 1 Portrait

Sofonisba Regina, Mistress of Titian. 1 Portrait

John Paul Lyndon Regis (1966-), Sprinter; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Sir Horace Grece Regnart (né Horatio Grece) (1841-1912), President of Maple and Company, upholsters, furniture manufacturers and retailers. 1 Portrait

Dame Paula Rego (1935-2022), Artist. 4 Portraits

Ada Rehan (1860-1916), Actress. 14 Portraits

Jasia Reichardt (1933-), Art critic. 1 Portrait

Otto Frederick Reichwald (1909-2005). 1 Portrait

James Scott Cumberland Reid, Baron Reid (1890-1975), Scottish Unionist politician and judge. 13 Portraits

Alastair Reid (1926-2014), Poet. 2 Portraits

Alexander Reid (circa 1570-1641), Anatomist and surgeon. 1 Portrait

Beryl Elizabeth Reid (1920-1996), Actress. 3 Portraits

William ('Bill') Reid (1921-2001), Wartime bomber pilot. 1 Portrait

Bill Reid (active 1950s), Bass guitarist for Terry Lightfoot and his Jazzmen. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Paul ('Bob') Reid (1934-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Carlow Reid (1879-1961), Mining engineer. 6 Portraits

Christopher Reid (1949-), Poet, writer and cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Clement Reid (1853-1916), Geologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Reid, 2nd Bt (1901-1972), Merchant banker. 1 Portrait

Edward Thomas Scott Reid (1871-1938), Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Anne Reid (1942-), Feminist and academic. 1 Portrait

Esther May (née Nelson), Lady Reid, Former wife of Gerald Frank Brierley, and later wife of Baron James Scott Cumberland Reid, Bt. 4 Portraits

Sir Francis Smith Reid (1900-1970), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Sir George Reid (1841-1913), Portrait and landscape painter. 3 Portraits

Sir George Houstoun Reid (1845-1918), Colonial politician; fourth Prime Minister of Australia. 3 Portraits

Harriet Rowland Louise Reid, Member of the British Medical Association and Divisional Surgeon, St John's Ambulance. 2 Portraits

Harry Seymour Reid (died 1943), Bishop of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Reid, 1st Bt (1860-1935), Chairman of the North British Locomotive Company. 3 Portraits

(Percy Fergus) Ivo Reid (1911-1994), Colonel. 4 Portraits

James Reid (1839-1908), Army officer, worsted and hosiery manufacturer and politician; MP for Greenock. 2 Portraits

Sir James Reid, 1st Bt (1849-1923), Physician. 5 Portraits

Jamie Reid (1947-2023), Graphic designer. 1 Portrait

Jasper Reid (1959-), Son of Alastair Reid. 1 Portrait

Jim Reid (1961-), Musician; lead singer for The Jesus and Mary Chain. 1 Portrait

Jimmy Reid (1932-2010), Trade unionist and journalist. 1 Portrait

John Reid (1947-), Politician; Home Secretary. 2 Portraits

John Kelso Reid (1818-1874), Cotton merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir John Rae Reid, 2nd Bt (1781-1867), Merchant, financier and Conservative politician; MP for Dover. 1 Portrait

Junior Reid (Delroy Reid) (1965-), Musician, Jamican Raggeo. 1 Portrait

J.P.L. Reid. 1 Portrait

Kate Reid (1930-1993), Actress. 2 Portraits

Kenneth Reid (1959-), Torch bearer, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Lorna Reid, Child actress. 3 Portraits

Sir Marshall Frederick Reid (1864-1925), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Melanie Reid (1957-), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Nina Reid. 1 Portrait

Sir Norman Robert Reid (1915-2007), Director of the Tate Gallery. 3 Portraits

Sir (John) Peter Lorne Reid (1903-1973), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Ranald Macfarlane Reid (1893-1991), Air Vice-Marshal. 6 Portraits

Robert Reid (born 1825), Cotton merchant and ship-owner; father of Forrest Reid. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Neil Reid (1883-1964), Indian civil servant. 2 Portraits

Thomas Reid (1710-1796), Philosopher. 3 Portraits

(Thomas) Mayne Reid (1818-1883), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Wemyss Reid (1842-1905), Journalist and biographer. 1 Portrait

Whitelaw Reid (1837-1912), Journalist and US Ambassador to the Court of St James. 1 Portrait

Sir William Reid (1791-1858), Army officer and meteorologist. 1 Portrait

William Reid (1958-), Musician; member of The Jesus and Mary Chain. 1 Portrait

Sir William James Reid (1871-1939), Magistrate; Acting Governor of Assam and Collector. 1 Portrait

Mr Reid (active circa 1839). 1 Portrait

Mrs Reid (active 1773), Actress. 2 Portraits

Lady Reid (active 1914). 5 Portraits

Hon. Lady Reid. 1 Portrait

John ('Johnny') William Reiff (1885-1974), Jockey. 2 Portraits

Lester Berchart Reiff (1877-1948), Jockey. 2 Portraits

John Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan, Baron Reigate (1905-1995), Conservative politician; MP for Reigate; Staff Officer. 11 Portraits

Paul Reilly, Baron Reilly (1912-1990), Designer and design entrepreneur. 7 Portraits

Babs Reilly (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Bernard Rawdon Reilly (1882-1966), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Brian Thomas Reilly (1924-1988), Businessman; Chairman, Panasonic UK Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Herbert Reilly (1874-1948), Architect and town planner. 10 Portraits

Sir (D'Arcy) Patrick Reilly (1909-1999), Chairman of Banque Nationale de Paris Ltd and ambassador. 1 Portrait

Patrick Reilly. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel ('Noddy') Reilly-O'Donnell (1988-), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Calcott Reily. 1 Portrait

Ramsay Richard Reinagle (1775-1862), Painter. 1 Portrait

Hans Augustus Reincke (1882-1953), Director of William Beardmore and Company; son of Leopold Reincke. 2 Portraits

George Edmund Reindorp (1911-1990), Bishop of Guildford. 3 Portraits

Gordon George Reinhold (1917-2011), Brigadier and Director of the St John Ambulance Association. 1 Portrait

Harold Owen Reinold (1877-1962), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Walter Reisch (1903-1983), Screenwriter and director. 1 Portrait

Charles Christian Reisen (baptised 1679-1725), Gem-engraver. 5 Portraits

Sir John Anthony Ewart Reiss (1909-1989), President of Foundation for Business Responsibilities. 1 Portrait

Walter A. Reiss. 7 Portraits

W. Reiss. 4 Portraits

Karel Reisz (1926-2002), Film director. 2 Portraits

John Charles Walsham Reith, 1st Baron Reith (1889-1971), Administrator; first Director-General of the BBC. 42 Portraits

Deneys Reitz (1882-1944), South African soldier, author and politician. 5 Portraits

Francis William Reitz (1844-1934), South African lawyer, politician and poet. 1 Portrait

Gabrielle Réjane (Gabrielle Charlotte Reju) (1856-1920), Actress. 2 Portraits

Mary Rejlander (née Bull) (born circa 1837 or 1838), Wife of Oscar Gustaf Rejlander. 4 Portraits

Oscar Gustav Rejlander (1813-1875), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Relations and friends of 2nd Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Ernest Frederick Relf (1888-1970), Scientist and authority on aerodynamics. 3 Portraits

Keith Relf (1943-1976), Musician; member of The Yardbirds. 3 Portraits

Harry Relph (1867-1928), Music hall entertainer; known as 'Little Tich'. 10 Portraits

Simon George Michael Relph (1940-2016), Film producer; CEO, British Screen FInance. 1 Portrait

Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970), Author. 1 Portrait

John Rumney Remer (1883-1939), Politician; MP for Macclesfield. 2 Portraits

David Remfry (1942-), Artist. 3 Portraits

William Proctor Remington (1879-1963), Bishop of Eastern Oregon and long jumper; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Susan Mary Sheila Remington-Hobbs (née Winn) (1923-2001), Former wife of 4th Baron Ampthill, and later wife of Edward Reminton-Hobbs; daughter of Charles Winn. 3 Portraits

James Farquharson Remnant, 1st Baron Remnant (1862-1933), Politician; MP for Holborn. 4 Portraits

Robert John Farquharson Remnant, 2nd Baron Remnant (1895-1967), Major. 1 Portrait

James Wogan Remnant, 3rd Baron Remnant (1930-2022), Banker. 1 Portrait

Hon. Peter Farquharson Remnant (1897-1968), Politician; son of 1st Lord Remnant. 5 Portraits

Charles François Marie Rémusat, Comte de Rémusat (1797-1875), Politician and writer. 2 Portraits

La Contessa della Rena (active 1757). 1 Portrait

(Joseph) Ernest Renan (1823-1892), Philosopher, historian and religious scholar. 5 Portraits

Madeleine Renaud (1903-1994), Actress; founder of the Madeleine Renaud and Jean-Louis Barrault Company; wife of Jean-Louis Barrault. 2 Portraits

Athelstan Rendall (1871-1948), Politician. 2 Portraits

Vernon Horace Rendall (1869-1960), Journalist, writer and editor for the Athenaeum. 1 Portrait

Dr Rendall, Reverend. 3 Portraits

Sir Alexander Meadows Rendel (1829-1918), Civil engineer. 3 Portraits

Elinor Rendel (née Strachey) (1859-1944), Daughter of Sir Richard Strachey; wife of James Rendel. 33 Portraits

Elizabeth Rendel (1883-1923), Granddaughter of Sir Richard Strachey. 4 Portraits

Frances Elinor ('Ellie') Rendel (1885-1942), Physician; National Union of Women's Suffrage Society staff member. 4 Portraits

George Wightwick Rendel (1833-1902), Civil engineer; son of James Meadows Rendel. 1 Portrait

Sir George William Rendel (1889-1979), Diplomat. 6 Portraits

James Meadows Rendel (1799-1856), Engineer. 2 Portraits

James Meadows Rendel (1854-1937), Engineer. 6 Portraits

William Vincent Rendel (1898-1974), Grandson of Sir Richard Strachey. 2 Portraits

Ruth Barbara Rendell, Baroness Rendell of Babergh (1930-2015), Crime Novelist. 3 Portraits

(Sophia) Elizabeth Rendell (née Fortescue) (died 1911), Second daughter of John Fortescue; granddaughter of 1st Earl Fortescue; wife of Leigh Thomas Rendell. 1 Portrait

Alfred Barton Rendle (1865-1938), Botanist. 8 Portraits

Mary Andalusia Thellusson (née Dickens), Lady Rendlesham (1791-1814), First wife of John Thellusson, 2nd Baron Rendlesham; daughter of Lieutenant General Samuel Trevor Dickens. 2 Portraits

Frederick Thellusson, 4th Baron Rendlesham (1798-1852), Conservative politician; MP for East Suffolk. 2 Portraits

Frederick William Brook Thellusson, 5th Baron Rendlesham (1840-1911), Politician; Sheriff of Suffolk. 4 Portraits

Egidia (née Montgomerie), Lady Rendlesham (1843-1880), Wife of 5th Baron Rendlesham; daughter of 13th Earl of Eglinton. 3 Portraits

Frederick Archibald Charles Thellusson, 6th Baron Rendlesham (1868-1938), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Ida René (active 1893-1915), Actress. 1 Portrait

Jane Reneaud (circa 1761-1831), Actress. 1 Portrait

Colin Renfrew, Baron Renfrew of Kaimsthorn (1937-), Archaeologist. 2 Portraits

Guido Reni (1575-1642), Italian painter and draughtsman. 1 Portrait

Reni (Alan Wren) (1964-), Musician; member of The Stone Roses. 1 Portrait

Sir Patrick Muir Renison (1911-1965), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Robert John Renison (1875-1957), Archbishop of Moosonee and Metropolitan of Ontario. 1 Portrait

James Rennell Rodd, 1st Baron Rennell (1858-1941), Diplomat and scholar. 6 Portraits

Lilias Georgina Rodd (née Guthrie), Lady Rennell (died 1951), Wife of 1st Baron Rennell. 1 Portrait

Francis James Rennell Rodd, 2nd Baron Rennell (1895-1978), Company director. 3 Portraits

Mary Constance Vivian Rodd (née Smith), Lady Rennell (1901-1981), Daughter of 1st Baron Bicester; wife of Major General Francis James Rennell Rodd, 2nd Baron Rennell. 3 Portraits

James Rennell (1742-1830), Geographer. 6 Portraits

Thomas Rennell (1754-1840), Dean of Winchester. 2 Portraits

Thomas Rennell (1786-1824), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

George Wilhelm Renner (1706-1790), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Dennis Patrick Kingston Rennick, Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Henry E. De P. Rennick (1881-1914), Naval Lieutenant Commander. 1 Portrait

Edith Augusta Rennie (née Vaughan) (died 1938), Wife of F.R. Rennie. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Amelius Rennie (1868-1935), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Esme Helen Winthrop (née Smith), Lady Rennie (died 1952), Wife of Sir Ernest Rennie; daughter of Francis Smith. 2 Portraits

George Rennie (1791-1866), Mechanical and civil engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir Gilbert McCall Rennie (1895-1981), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

John Rennie Sr (1761-1821), Civil engineer; father of Sir John Rennie Jr. 16 Portraits

Sir John Rennie Jr (1794-1874), Civil engineer; second son of engineer John Rennie Sr. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ogilvy Rennie (1914-1981), Diplomatist and intelligence officer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Shaw Rennie (1917-2002), Colonial governor and international civil servant. 1 Portrait

Margaret Anne Rennie (née Jackson) (died 1881), Wife of George Rennie; daughter of Sir John Jackson, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Michael Rennie (1909-1971), Actor and director. 7 Portraits

William Rennie (1796-1818), Naval Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Garonne Renold (1883-1967), Director. 6 Portraits

Henry Renouf (1860-1913), Actor. 1 Portrait

(Louis Dominique) Auguste Renoult (active 1860s), Photographer and partner in the studio of Camille Silvy. 6 Portraits

Monsieur Renoux (active 1891), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Bine Renshaw, 1st Bt (1848-1918), Politician and manufacturer. 2 Portraits

C. Renshaw (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Francis Bennett Renshaw (born 1841), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Jack Renshaw, Performer. 3 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Stephen Bine Renshaw, 2nd Bt (1883-1976), Captain. 2 Portraits

Thomas Charles Renshaw (1810-1886), Barrister. 1 Portrait

David Lockhart-Mure Renton, Baron Renton (1908-2007), Politician and barrister. 14 Portraits

Sir Gervais Rentoul (1884-1946), Judge. 2 Portraits

James Alexander Rentoul (1854-1919), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Robert Burnham Renwick, 1st Baron Renwick of Coombe (1904-1973), Stockbroker and businessman. 6 Portraits

Dorothy Mary Renwick (née Parkes), Lady Renwick of Coombe (later Mrs Fitzadam-Ormiston), Daughter of Harold Parkes. 3 Portraits

Sir George Renwick, 1st Bt (1850-1931), Politician and shipowner. 18 Portraits

Mary Jane (née Thompson), Lady Renwick (died 1933), Wife of Sir George Renwick, 1st Bt; daughter of William John Thompson. 1 Portrait

S. Renwick. 5 Portraits

(John) David Latimer Repard (1921-2011), Royal Navy Commander. 3 Portraits

Hon. Peggy Repard (née Bowyer) (1925-), Daughter of 1st Baron Denham; wife of John David Latimer Repard. 11 Portraits

Charles À Court Repington (1858-1925), Army officer and military writer. 1 Portrait

Edward Pakenham Repton (1832?-1866), Merchant's clerk. 2 Portraits

George William John Repton (1818-1906), Politician; MP for St Albans and Warwick. 1 Portrait

Humphry Repton (1752-1818), Landscape gardener. 2 Portraits

Maria Georgina Repton (1838?-1907), Wife of Edward Pakenham Repton. 1 Portrait

Alain Resnais (1922-2014), Film director. 1 Portrait

Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936), Italian composer. 1 Portrait

Henry Bond Restarick (1854-1933), Bishop of Honolulu. 1 Portrait

Mary Restieaux (1945-), Weaver and textile designer. 1 Portrait

Sir James William Restler (1851-1918), Deputy engineer of the Metropolitan Water Board. 2 Portraits

Jean de Reszke (1850-1925), Polish singer. 2 Portraits

John D.N. Retallack (1921-), Colonel and author. 2 Portraits

Ella Retford (Elinor Maud Dawe, née Flanagan) (1885-1962), Actress and singer; wife of Thomas Francis Dawe; daughter of James Flanagan. 25 Portraits

Anthony John Lawson Reuss (1914-1987). 1 Portrait

(Paul) Julius de Reuter, Baron de Reuter (né Israel Beer Josaphat) (1816-1899), Founder of Reuter's News Agency. 8 Portraits

Baron George de Reuter (1863-1909), Financier and Director of Reuters telegraph agency. 1 Portrait

Hermann Reutter (1900-1985), Pianist and composer. 3 Portraits

Flore Revalles (1889-1966), Dancer and actress. 1 Portrait

Louis Marie la Révellière-Lepaux (1753-1824), Leader in the French government during the Revolution. 3 Portraits

William Revell Revell-Smith (1894-1956), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Edward Charles Baring, 1st Baron Revelstoke (1828-1897), Merchant banker. 8 Portraits

John Baring, 2nd Baron Revelstoke (1863-1929), Merchant banker. 6 Portraits

Cecil Baring, 3rd Baron Revelstoke (1864-1934), Director of Baring Bros & Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Rupert Baring, 4th Baron Revelstoke (1911-1994), Son of Cecil Baring, 3rd Baron Revelstoke of Membland. 1 Portrait

Count Eduard Reventlow (1883-1963), Danish Ambassador to England. 13 Portraits

Countess Else Sophie Nathalie Reventlow (née Bardenfleth) (1884-1964), Wife of Count Eduard Reventlow; daughter of Frederick Bardenfleth. 6 Portraits

Nicolas Revett (1720-1804), Architect and draughtsman. 2 Portraits

Malcolm Revill (active 1957). 1 Portrait

Alma Reville (1900-1982), Film editor and script writer; wife of Sir Alfred Hitchcock. 5 Portraits

Helen Revol, Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir (R.) Henry Rew (1858-1929), Agricultural writer and politician. 9 Portraits

Jean François Rewbell (Reubell) (1747-1807), French lawyer, diplomat and politician. 1 Portrait

Cuthbert Snowball Rewcastle (1888-1962), Judge. 3 Portraits

(Attracta) Genevieve Rewcastle (née Candon) (1897-1951), Physician; Assistant Medical Director-General of the WRNS and Conservative politician; wife of Hon. Cuthbert Snowball Rewcastle. 2 Portraits

Eugen Rex (1884-1943), Actor and director. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Fernand Rey (1877-1968), Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Labour. 4 Portraits

Wiridiana (née Raczynska), Countess Rey, Wife of Count Xavier Rey; daughter of Count Edward Bernard Raczynski. 5 Portraits

Claude Reymond, Son of Catherine Colomb (Marion Reymond (née Colomb)) and Jean Reymond. 2 Portraits

Dominique Reymond, Son of Catherine Colomb (Marion Reymond (née Colomb)) and Jean Reymond. 2 Portraits

Jean Reymond, Lawyer; husband of Catherine Colomb (Marion Reymond (née Colomb)). 2 Portraits

Carlo Reynardson. 1 Portrait

Carew Reynell (1636-1690), Writer on economics. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Reynell, 6th Bt (circa 1777-1848), General. 1 Portrait

Una Mary Reynell (née Shaw-Stewart) (1890-1986), Wife of Walter Rupert Reynell; daughter of Charles Robert Shaw-Stewart. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Reynolds (1850-1931), Magistrate and Sheriff of London. 4 Portraits

(Arthur) Graham Reynolds (1914-2013), Art historian; V&A curator. 2 Portraits

Arthur J. Reynolds, Mayor of Hendon. 5 Portraits

Baroness Beate Reynolds (née von Heyl zu Hernsheim) (1944-), Daughter of Siegfried Baron Heyl zu Hernsheim. 3 Portraits

Bruce Reynolds (1931-2013), Criminal mastermind of the Great Train Robbery of 1963. 1 Portrait

Sir Bryan Vernon Reynolds (1902-1965), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

(Eleanor) Constance (née Holford), Lady Reynolds (died 1957), Second wife of John Francis Roskell Reynolds, 2nd Bt. 4 Portraits

Daphne Reynolds (née Dent) (1918-2002), Painter and engraver; wife of (Arthur) Graham Reynolds; daughter of Thomas Dent. 1 Portrait

Edward Reynolds (1599-1676), Bishop of Norwich. 6 Portraits

Eric Vincent Reynolds (1904-1992), Headmaster of Stowe. 1 Portrait

Frances Reynolds (1729-1807), Painter, poet and writer on art. 4 Portraits

Frederic Reynolds (1764-1841), Dramatist. 2 Portraits

Harriet Reynolds (née Crosfield) (1841-1924), Daughter of Joseph Crosfield; wife of Charles Reynolds. 1 Portrait

Henry Revell Reynolds (1745-1811), Physician. 2 Portraits

H. Wilkinson Reynolds, Chairman of the Portman Building Society. 4 Portraits

Jack Reynolds (1916-2003), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir James Reynolds (1685-1747), Judge. 1 Portrait

James Reynolds (1686-1739), Judge. 1 Portrait

Joan Reynolds. 1 Portrait

Sir John Reynolds (1625-1657), Parliamentarian army officer. 1 Portrait

John Reynolds (1671-1758), Canon of Exeter; uncle of Sir Joshua Reynolds. 3 Portraits

Sir John Francis Roskell Reynolds, 2nd Bt (1899-1956), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

John Hamilton Reynolds (1796-1852), Poet, friend and correspondent of John Keats. 1 Portrait

Sir John Russell Reynolds, 1st Bt (1828-1896), Physician and neurologist. 1 Portrait

Joseph Reynolds (1769-1859), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792), Painter and first President of the Royal Academy. 39 Portraits

Nancy Reynolds. 1 Portrait

Neelia Clothilde Reynolds (née Plunket) (1929-1995), Former wife of Bazil Christian de las Casas and of Michael Francis MacLean, and later wife of Stewart Reynolds; daughter of Hon. Brindsley Plunket and Aileen Guinness. 1 Portrait

Sir Percival Reuben Reynolds (1876-1965), Major and Director. 1 Portrait

Peter Reynolds. 1 Portrait

Richard Reynolds (1735-1816), Philanthropist and industrialist. 4 Portraits

Roger Clayton Reynolds (1895-1983), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Russell John Reynolds (1880-1964), Radiologist. 1 Portrait

Samuel Reynolds (1681-1746), Master of Plympton Grammar School; father of Sir Joshua Reynolds. 3 Portraits

Samuel William Reynolds (1773-1835), Mezzotint engraver and painter. 3 Portraits

Sidney Hugh Reynolds (1867-1949), Professor of Geology, Bristol University. 1 Portrait

Thomas Reynolds (circa 1667-1727), Presbyterian minister. 1 Portrait

Thomas Reynolds (active 1780s), Member of the Phoenix Common Room, Brasenose College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Tom Reynolds (1866-1942), Actor and producer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Reynolds (active 1940s), Soldier in Royal Corps of Signals, 1945. 1 Portrait

Mr Reynolds ('Rem') (active 1930s), Pavement artist. 1 Portrait

Mr Reynolds. 2 Portraits

Miss Reynolds. 3 Portraits

Richard William Reynolds-Davies (died 1966), Secretary of the Institute of Fuel. 7 Portraits

Sir William Reynolds-Stephens (1862-1943), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Patrick Reyntiens (1925-2021), Stained glass artist. 1 Portrait

Leifchild Stratten Jones (later Leif-Jones), 1st Baron Rhayader (1862-1939), Temperance advocate and politician. 4 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Duncan Rhind (1871-1927), Statistical Advisor to Ministry of Pensions. 4 Portraits

Philip Mercer Rhinelander (1869-1939), Bishop of Pennsylvania. 1 Portrait

John Rhode (Cecil John Charles Street) (1884-1964), Writer, criminologist and author of the Doctor Priestley novels. 1 Portrait

Hervey Rhodes, Baron Rhodes (1895-1987), Politician and businessman. 4 Portraits

Sir Campbell Rhodes (1874-1941), Businessman and Member of the Council of India. 2 Portraits

Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902), Imperialist, statesman in South Africa and mining entrepreneur. 26 Portraits

Sir Christopher George Rhodes, 3rd Bt (1914-1964), Actor. 6 Portraits

Doris Mary (née Adams), Lady Rhodes (died 1982), Bridge player; second wife of Sir John Rhodes. 3 Portraits

Emily Rhodes. 1 Portrait

Francis William Rhodes (1851-1905), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Gary Rhodes (1960-2019), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

George Ewart Rhodes (1887-1965), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Gertrude L. Rhodes (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert) Heaton Rhodes (1861-1956), Colonel and politician. 1 Portrait

I.J. Rhodes (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir John Philip Rhodes, 2nd Bt (1884-1955), Businessman and politician; MP for Stalybridge and Hyde. 3 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Rhodes (née Elphinstone) (1925-2016), Daughter of 16th Baron Elphinstone; wife of Denys Gravenor Rhodes. 13 Portraits

Marie Ada Rhodes (née MacKenzie) (1844-1930), Daughter of Edward MacKenzie; wife of John William Rhodes. 1 Portrait

Nick Rhodes (Nicholas James Bates) (1962-), Musician; keyboardist for Duran Duran. 6 Portraits

Wilfred Rhodes (1877-1973), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Dame Zandra Lindsey Rhodes (1940-), Fashion designer. 13 Portraits

David Alfred Thomas, 1st Viscount Rhondda (1856-1918), Statesman, colliery proprietor and financier. 1 Portrait

Margaret Haig Mackworth (née Thomas), 2nd Viscountess Rhondda (1883-1958), Feminist and magazine proprietor. 12 Portraits

John Rhudde (1704-1778), Vicar of Portesham and Weymouth. 2 Portraits

(Evelyn) Nigel Chetwode Birch, Baron Rhyl of Holywell (1906-1981), Economist, politician and Lieutenant-Colonel. 22 Portraits

Lady Anne Maud Rhys (née Wellesley) (1910-1998), Wife of Hon. David Reginald Rhys; daughter of 5th Duke of Wellington. 22 Portraits

Hon. David Reginald Rhys (1907-1991), Son of 7th Baron Dynevor. 9 Portraits

Ernest Rhys (1859-1946), Writer and editor. 6 Portraits

Gruff Rhys (1970-), Musician. 1 Portrait

Hon. Imogen Alice Rhys (1903-2001), Daughter of Lord Dynevor. 4 Portraits

Jean Rhys (Ella Gwendoline Rees Williams) (1890-1979), Novelist and writer. 3 Portraits

Sir John Rhys (1840-1915), Celtic scholar. 1 Portrait

Keidrych Rhys (William Ronald Rees Jones) (1915-1987), Poet, writer and editor of 'Wales'. 14 Portraits

Paul Rhys (1963-), Actor. 1 Portrait

W.E. Rhys? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Griffith ('Griff') Rhys Jones (1953-), Actor, writer, director and producer. 2 Portraits

Dame Juliette Evangeline Rhys Williams (née Glyn) (1898-1964), Political activist and public servant; wife of Sir Rhys Rhys Williams, 1st Bt; daughter of Clayton Glyn. 3 Portraits

Sir Rhys Rhys Williams (né Williams), 1st Bt (1865-1955), Barrister and Liberal politician; MP for Banbury. 1 Portrait

Arthur Bookey Riall (1911-1984), Air Commodore. 4 Portraits

Selina Florinda Riall (née Bookey) (1844-1930), Wife of Arthur George Roberts Riall. 1 Portrait

Emilia Gayangos de Riaño, Wife of Juan Facundo Riaño y Montero; daughter of Pascual de Gayangos y Arce. 1 Portrait

Yetta Rianza, Dancer. 10 Portraits

Thomas Lister, 4th Baron Ribblesdale (1854-1925), Major, Lord-in-Waiting and Master of the Buckhounds; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 7 Portraits

Charlotte Monckton Lister (née Tennant), Lady Ribblesdale (died 1911), Wife of 4th Baron Ribblesdale. 1 Portrait

Ava (née Willing), Lady Ribblesdale (1868-1958), Socialite; former wife of John Jacob Astor IV, and second wife of 4th Baron Ribblesdale; daughter of Edward Willing. 3 Portraits

Blasius Ribeira (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Aileen Ribeiro (1944-), Fashion historian. 1 Portrait

Nunnius Ribera (died 1549), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Lady Barbara Maureen Ricardo (née Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie) (1921-2014), Served in World War II; daughter of 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe; wife of David Ricardo. 11 Portraits

Arthur David Ricardo (1861-1931), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Augustus Lewis Ricardo (died 1871). 2 Portraits

Catharine Cecilia Ricardo (née Craven) (active 1860), Wife of Walter Ricardo; daughter of Charles John Craven. 1 Portrait

Clement Stuart Ricardo (1870-1936), Vicar of Minster Lovell. 1 Portrait

David Ricardo (1772-1823), Political economist. 2 Portraits

Emily Ricardo (circa 1814-1886), Sister of Albert Ricardo. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Ralph Ricardo (1885-1974), Engineer and inventor. 11 Portraits

Henry George Ricardo (1860-1940), Army officer and High Sheriff. 3 Portraits

Horace Ricardo (1850-1935), Army officer; son of Percy Ricardo. 2 Portraits

Matilda Mawdsley Ricardo (née Hensley) (1826-1880), Wife of Percy Ricardo. 3 Portraits

Master Ricardo (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Master Ricardo (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Miss Ricardo (active 1860). 2 Portraits

Miss Ricardo (active 1860). 2 Portraits

Miss Ricards (active 1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

Baron Bettino Ricasoli (1809-1880), Italian statesman; Prime Minister of Italy. 1 Portrait

David Riccio (Rizzio) (circa 1533-1566), Musician and courtier. 4 Portraits

Charlotte E. Rice (née White), Wife of Robert Garraway Rice. 1 Portrait

David Talbot Rice (1903-1972), Professor of History of Fine Art. 2 Portraits

Declan Rice (1999-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Arthur Beckton Rice (1893-1948), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Hon. Harriet Lucy Rice (1799-1879), Daughter of 3rd Baron Dynevor. 1 Portrait

James Rice (1843-1882), Novelist. 1 Portrait

John Morland Rice (1823-1897), College fellow and Chuch of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

J. Rice. 1 Portrait

Robert Garraway Rice (1852-1933), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir Spring Robert Rice (1858-1929), Major-General, Royal Engineers. 1 Portrait

Sir Timothy Miles Bindon ('Tim') Rice (1944-), Lyricist. 4 Portraits

Mrs Rice (active circa 1805-1810). 1 Portrait

Mandy Rice-Davies (1944-2014), Model and show girl. 8 Portraits

Elizabeth Mary Rice-Nicholl (née Innes) (1947-), Former wife of James Keith Rugge-Price, and later wife of Edward Rice-Nicholl; niece of 5th Baron Westbury. 7 Portraits

Sir Alfred James Rice-Oxley (1856-1941), Physician. 1 Portrait

Michael Rice-Oxley. 1 Portrait

Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich (1496 or 1497-1567), Lord Chancellor and Speaker of the House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Alfred William Rich (1856-1922), Watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

Alison Mary Rich (née Richardson) (died 1974), Wife of Edward Charles Rich; daughter of R. M. Richardson. 2 Portraits

Sir Almeric Edmund Frederic Rich, 5th Bt (1859-1948), Major. 1 Portrait

Charles Rodney St John Rich, Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Edward Charles Rich (1895-1959), Vicar. 2 Portraits

Edwin Ernest Rich (1904-1979), Professor of Naval and Imperial History. 2 Portraits

Felicity Chesterton Rich (née Hutchinson), Wife of Charles Rodney St John Rich; daughter of Sir George Thompson Hutchinson. 2 Portraits

Frederick Dampier Rich (1818-1876), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Sir George Edward Rich (1863-1956), High Court judge. 2 Portraits

George Frederick Rich (1787-1863), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Jeremiah Rich (died before 1669), Stenographer. 14 Portraits

John Rich (1826-1913), Honorary Canon of Bristol Cathedral. 1 Portrait

John Rich (1692-1761), Pantomimist; Theatre Manager. 1 Portrait

Roy Rich (1911-1970), Broadcaster, film and theatre director and Head of BBC Light Entertainment. 1 Portrait

King Richard I ('the Lionheart') (1157-1199), Reigned 1189-99. 24 Portraits

King Richard II (1367-1400), Reigned 1377-99. 34 Portraits

King Richard III (1452-1485), Reigned 1483-85. 27 Portraits

Richard, Duke of York and Duke of Norfolk (1473-1483), Second son of Edward IV. 1 Portrait

Prince Richard Klemens Joseph Hermann Von Metternich (1829-1895), Austrian diplomat. 1 Portrait

Prince Richard Christian of Hesse (1917-1985), Son of Prince Christian of Hesse. 2 Portraits

Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester (1944-), Cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. 29 Portraits

Sir Cliff Richard (Harry Webb) (1940-), Singer and actor. 31 Portraits

Henry Richard (1812-1888), Politician and congregationalist minister. 4 Portraits

Irene Richard (née Goss), Former wife of Hon. Aretas Akers-Douglas, and later wife of Rudolph Richard; daughter of George Richard Goss. 5 Portraits

Jean Richardot (1540-1609), President, Privy Council. 1 Portrait

Ceri Richards (1903-1971), Painter. 12 Portraits

Cicely Richards (later Miln) (died 1933), Actress; wife of W.S Miln. 2 Portraits

Clara Richards. 1 Portrait

Dick Richards, Journalist and biographer. 6 Portraits

Dorothy Eleanor Richards (née Pilley) (1894-1986), Mountaineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Charles Richards (1889-1955), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

Frances Richards. 1 Portrait

Francis John Richards (1901-1965), Agriculturist. 1 Portrait

George Richards (baptised 1767-1837), Poet and Church of England clergyman. 5 Portraits

George Chatterton Richards (1867-1951), Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford; Professor of Greek and Classical Literature. 2 Portraits

Sir George Henry Richards (1820-1896), Admiral and hydrographer to the Admiralty. 1 Portrait

George Warren Richards (1898-1978), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Gordon Richards (1904-1986), Jockey, trainer and racing manager. 20 Portraits

Mrs Grant Richards, Wife of Grant Richards. 1 Portrait

Henry Brinley Richards (Carl Luini) (1819-1885), Pianist and composer. 3 Portraits

Henry Charles Richards (1851-1905), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

Isaac Richards (1859-1936), Bishop of Dunedin,New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Sir James Richards (1907-1992), Architectural historian and critic. 2 Portraits

Joan Richards, Model. 6 Portraits

John Gower Meredith Richards (1900-1968), Assistant Secretary, Board of Trade and Ministry of Materials. 1 Portrait

John Harold Richards (1869-1952), Clergyman. 6 Portraits

John Inigo Richards (1731-1810), Landscape and scene painter. 7 Portraits

John Richards Richards (1901-1990), Bishop of St David's. 2 Portraits

Keith Richards (1943-), Musician; guitarist and bass guitarist for the Rolling Stones. 39 Portraits

Marjery Gladys (née Winckle), Lady Richards (1909-1982), Wife of Sir Gordon Richards. 1 Portrait

Mary Richards (née Moysey) (1744-1816), Daughter of Abel Moysey; wife of Reverend John Richards of Longbreddy, Dorset. 1 Portrait

Micah Lincoln Richards (1988-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Michael Richards (1673-1722), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Nathanael Richards (active 1630-1660), Playwright and poet. 3 Portraits

Ronald Edwin Richards (1908-1994), Bishop of Bendigo. 1 Portrait

Thomas Frederick Richards (1863-1942), Trade unionist and Labour politician; MP for Wolverhampton West. 1 Portrait

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander ('Viv') Richards (1952-), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Whitmore Lionel Richards (1869-1954), County Court judge in Cheshire. 4 Portraits

William Henry Richards (1826-1900), Officer in the Royal Navy; Paymaster-in-Chief on the Resolute. 1 Portrait

William Richards (1643-1705), Divine and author. 4 Portraits

William Richards (1749-1818), Baptist preacher; historian of Kings Lynn. 1 Portrait

Mrs Richards, Wife of a musician at Drury Lane Theatre. 1 Portrait

Mrs Richards (née Jacob) (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Miss Richards (active 1880s), Singer. 1 Portrait

William Watson Richards (1892-1961), Major-General. 10 Portraits

Kathleen Margaret Richardson (née Fountain), Baroness Richardson of Calow (1938-), Teacher and ecumenist. 1 Portrait

Gordon William Humphreys Richardson, Baron Richardson of Duntisbourne (1915-2010), Governor of The Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Alan Richardson (1905-1975), Dean of York. 1 Portrait

Sir Albert Edward Richardson (1880-1964), Architect and President of the Royal Academy. 8 Portraits

Sir Alexander Richardson (1864-1928), Naval architect, engineer and Conservative politician; MP for Gravesend. 3 Portraits

Alexander Whitmore Colquhoun Richardson (1887-1964), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Andrew Charles Richardson (1946-), Development Engineer; youngest son of Elizabeth Marion and Neil Richardson. 4 Portraits

Arthur Richardson (1860-1936), Politician and grocer. 2 Portraits

Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson (1828-1896), Physician. 2 Portraits

Charles Richardson (1760-1827), Collector. 1 Portrait

Charles Richardson (1945-1998), Television stage manager; son of Sir Ralph David Richardson. 10 Portraits

Sir Charles Leslie Richardson (1908-1994), General. 9 Portraits

Charles ('Charlie') Richardson (1934-2012), Gangster. 1 Portrait

Christopher Neil Richardson (1941-), Owner of aircraft services company; eldest son of Elizabeth Marion and Neil Richardson. 5 Portraits

David Richardson (1928-2023), Restorer of historic buildings; brother of Sir John Richardson. 8 Portraits

David William Richardson (1944-), Teacher; second son of Elizabeth Marion and Neil Richardson. 5 Portraits

(Frederick) Denys Richardson (1913-1983), Chemist and metallurgist. 7 Portraits

D. Richardson. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Marion Richardson (née Gibson) (1912-1960), Wife of Neil Richardson; daughter of Hon. Edward Graves Mayne Gibson; sister of 3rd Baron Ashbourne. 4 Portraits

Sir (John) Eric Richardson (1905-2006), Educationalist and Director of polytechnics. 1 Portrait

Frank Richardson (1870-1917), Novelist and barrister. 1 Portrait

George Gibson Richardson (1816-1879), Merchant and agriculturalist. 1 Portrait

Lady Harriet Richardson (died 1839), Wife of Sir John Richardson. 1 Portrait

Harry Leo Sydney Richardson (1862-1921), Official Assignee of the Stock Exchange. 1 Portrait

Henry Handel Richardson (Ethel Florence Lindesay Robertson (née Richardson)) (1870-1946), Novelist. 7 Portraits

Joan Richardson (née Dalziel), Wife of John Herbert Richardson; daughter of Charles Dalziel. 1 Portrait

Joely Richardson (1965-), Actress. 3 Portraits

John Richardson (1579 or 1580-1654), Church of Ireland bishop of Ardagh. 3 Portraits

Sir John Richardson (1771-1841), Judge. 3 Portraits

Sir John Richardson (1787-1865), Arctic explorer and naturalist. 4 Portraits

Sir John Richardson (1924-2019), Art historian. 9 Portraits

John Richardson (active 1950s), Drummer with Terry Lightfoot and his Jazzmen. 1 Portrait

John Andrew Richardson (1868-1938), Archbishop of Fredericton, Canada. 1 Portrait

John Farquhar Richardson (1905-1991), Archdeacon of Derby. 1 Portrait

John Maunsell Richardson (1846-1912), Justice of the Peace and sportsman. 1 Portrait

John Samuel Richardson, 1st Bt (1910-2004), Physician and President of the General Medical Council. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Richardson (1667-1745), Portrait painter. 8 Portraits

Jonathan Richardson Jr (1694-1771), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Joseph Wilberforce Richardson (1808-1883), Clergyman and writer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Richardson (1755-1803), Writer and politician. 2 Portraits

Joseph Richardson (1814-1862), Flautist. 1 Portrait

Josephine Richardson (1923-1994), Politician; MP for Barking and Chair of the Labour Party. 7 Portraits

J.R. Richardson. 3 Portraits

Lewis Fry Richardson (1881-1953), Physicist, meteorologist and mathematician. 3 Portraits

Margaret Ann Richardson (1937-), Architectural scholar and Curator of St John Soane's Museum. 1 Portrait

Mary Raleigh Richardson (1889-1961), Suffragette and political activist. 5 Portraits

Meriel (née Forbes-Robertson), Lady Richardson (1913-2000), Actress; second wife of Sir Ralph Richardson; daughter of Frank Forbes-Robertson. 17 Portraits

Michael Richardson. 1 Portrait

Miranda Richardson (1958-), Actress. 3 Portraits

M.F. Richardson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Natasha Richardson (1963-2009), Actress; daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and Tony Richardson. 1 Portrait

Sir Owen Willans Richardson (1879-1959), Physicist. 6 Portraits

Sir Philip Wigham Richardson (1865-1953), Lieutenant-Colonel, politician and rifle shooter; Olympian. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph David Richardson (1902-1983), Actor. 42 Portraits

Raymond William Richardson (1909-1968), Archdeacon of the Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Robert Richardson (1779-1847), Traveller and physician. 1 Portrait

Robert Richardson (1862-1943), Politician and Alderman. 2 Portraits

R.J. Richardson. 5 Portraits

Samuel Richardson (1689-1761), Novelist. 9 Portraits

Sir Thomas Richardson (circa 1569-1635), Judge and Speaker of the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Thomas Richardson (1771-1853), Quaker and financier. 5 Portraits

Thomas Richardson (1868-1928), Politician; MP for Whitehaven. 1 Portrait

Thomas Anthony Richardson (1922-2015), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Thomas Miles Richardson Jr (1813-1890), Landscape painter; son of Thomas Miles Richardson. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas William Richardson (1865-1947), Civil servant, India. 1 Portrait

Cecil Antonio ('Tony') Richardson (1928-1991), Stage and film director. 5 Portraits

William Richardson (active 1784). 2 Portraits

William Moore Richardson (1844-1915), Bishop of Zanzibar. 1 Portrait

W. Richardson, Reverend. 1 Portrait

W.S. Richardson (active 1873), Publican and Kamptulicon maker; member of the jury in the Tichborne Criminal Trial. 3 Portraits

Captain Richardson. 1 Portrait

Mr Richardson. 3 Portraits

Dr Richardson, Organist, Southwark Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Lady Richardson. 1 Portrait

Miss Richardson (active 1842). 2 Portraits

Robert Richardson-Gardner (1827-1898), Barrister, militia officer and politician; MP for Windsor. 2 Portraits

Lady Julia Louisa Richardson-Robertson (née Leslie-Melville) (1829-1870), Wife of Robert Richardson-Robertson; daughter of 11th Earl of Leven. 1 Portrait

Helen Richardson-Walsh (née Richardson) (1981-), Hockey player; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Kate Richardson-Walsh (née Walsh) (1980-), Hockey player; Olympian. 2 Portraits

L.E. Richbeck? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Armand Jean du Plessis de Richelieu, Cardinal-Duc de Richelieu (1585-1642), French clergyman, noble and Louis XIII's chief minister. 3 Portraits

A. Richer, Cleaner, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

G.A. Richer, 'In charge of flags', House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Sir Derek Martin Hurry Riches (1912-1997), Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Sir Ian Hurry Riches (1908-1996), General. 4 Portraits

John Osborne Riches (1827-1886), Philanthropist, Collector and Director of The Ocean Steam Colliery Company. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Riches (1908-1999), Bishop of Lincoln. 2 Portraits

L.E. Richettes, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

James Ernest Richey (1886-1968), Geologist. 4 Portraits

Germaine Richier (1902-1959), French sculptor and engraver. 10 Portraits

Stella Richman (1922-2002), Actress and producer. 1 Portrait

James Stuart, 1st Duke of Richmond and 4th Duke of Lennox (1612-1655), Royalist. 27 Portraits

Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset (1519-1536), Royal bastard. 2 Portraits

Ludovick Stuart, 2nd Duke of Lennox and Duke of Richmond (1574-1624), Nobleman, courtier and politician. 7 Portraits

Frances Stuart (née Howard), Duchess of Lennox and Richmond (1578-1639), Noblewoman. 8 Portraits

Mary Villiers, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox (1622-1685), Daughter of 1st Duke of Buckingham; wife of 1st Duke of Richmond. 16 Portraits

Frances Teresa Stuart, Duchess of Richmond and Lennox (1647-1702), Famous beauty; wife of 3rd Duke of Richmond. 12 Portraits

Mary Lennox (née Bruce), Duchess of Richmond and Lennox (1740-1796), Wife of 3rd Duke of Richmond and Lennox. 1 Portrait

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, 6th Duke of Richmond, 6th Duke of Lennox and 1st Duke of Gordon (1818-1903), President of the Board of Trade, landowner and Conservative politician; MP for Sussex West. 24 Portraits

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, 7th Duke of Richmond, 7th Duke of Lennox and 2nd Duke of Gordon (1845-1928), Politician; MP for Chichester and West Sussex. 3 Portraits

Amy Mary (née Ricardo), Countess of March (1848-1879), First wife of Earl of March, later 7th Duke of Richmond; daughter of Percy Ricardo. 3 Portraits

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, 8th Duke of Richmond and 3rd Duke of Gordon (1870-1935), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Grace Gordon-Lennox (née Hudson), Duchess of Richmond (1900-1992), Wife of 9th Duke of Richmond and Gordon; daughter of Thomas William Hudson. 6 Portraits

Charles Stuart, 3rd Duke of Richmond and 6th Duke of Lennox (1639-1672), Courtier and ambassador. 3 Portraits

Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond and Lennox (1701-1750), Politician and sportsman. 5 Portraits

Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond and Lennox (1735-1806), Field Marshal, ambassador to France and politician, Secretary of State for the Southern Department. 28 Portraits

Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox (1764-1819), Soldier and Governor-General of British North America. 7 Portraits

Charlotte Lennox (née Gordon), Duchess of Richmond and Lennox (1768-1842), Wife of 4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox; eldest daughter of 4th Duke of Gordon. 2 Portraits

Charles Gordon-Lennox, 5th Duke of Richmond and Lennox (1791-1860), Soldier and Conservative politician; MP for Chichester. 29 Portraits

Caroline Gordon-Lennox (née Paget), Duchess of Richmond and Lennox (1796-1874), Wife of Charles Gordon-Lennox, 5th Duke of Richmond and Lennox. 3 Portraits

Frederick Charles Gordon-Lennox, 9th Duke of Richmond and 4th Duke of Gordon (1904-1989), Engineer and racing driver. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Cyril Richmond (1879-1968), Civil servant and translator. 5 Portraits

Bill Richmond (1763-1829), Pugilist. 2 Portraits

Sir Bruce Lyttelton Richmond (1871-1964), Journalist and editor of 'The Times Literary Supplement'. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Henry Richmond, 1st Bt (1873-1953), Chairman of Debenhams and Harvey Nicholls. 1 Portrait

George Richmond (1809-1896), Portrait painter and draughtsman; son of Thomas Richmond. 14 Portraits

Herbert William Richmond (1863-1948), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert William Richmond (1871-1946), Admiral, Professor of naval history and College Head, Cambridge University. 14 Portraits

Sir Ian Richmond (1902-1965), Archaeologist and President of the Society of Antiquaries. 1 Portrait

Joan Margaret Richmond (1905-1999), Motor racing driver. 2 Portraits

Sir John Christopher Blake Richmond (1909-1990), Diplomat and lecturer in Modern Near East History. 1 Portrait

Legh Richmond (1772-1827), Divine. 1 Portrait

Sir Maxwell Richmond (1900-1986), Vice Admiral. 1 Portrait

Price Richmond. 1 Portrait

Robin Richmond (1912-1998), Organist for the BBC. 1 Portrait

Sir William Blake Richmond (1842-1921), Painter; son of George Richmond. 16 Portraits

Lilian Mabel Alice ('Mabs') (née Roussel), Lady Richmond Brown (1885-1946), Explorer; daughter of Robert Roussel; former wife of Sir Melville Richmond Brown, 3rd Bt. 21 Portraits

Hans Richter (1843-1916), Austrian conductor. 2 Portraits

Rosa Richter (1860-1922), 'Zazel'; aerial acrobat and human cannonball. 3 Portraits

Sviatoslav Teofilovich Richter (1915-1997), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Fred Rickaby Snr (1869-1941), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Peter Rickard (1922-2009), Professor of French, scholar and author. 1 Portrait

Davis Ayscough Rickards (1912-1973), Headmaster. 1 Portrait

George William Rickards (1877-1943), Conservative politician; MP for Skipton. 2 Portraits

Gerald Arthur Rickards (1886-1972), Chairman, Tetbury Rural District Council and army officer. 4 Portraits

Harry Rickards (1843-1911), Comedian, singer and theatre proprietor. 1 Portrait

Joanna ('Jo') Rickards (active 1987), Exhibitions Officer, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

J.K. Rickards (active late 19th century). 1 Portrait

Lucy Maria Rickards (active 1821-1865), Wife of Samuel Rickards. 2 Portraits

Samuel Rickards (1796-1865), Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

Sir Denis Hubert Fletcher Rickett (1907-1997), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Lady Caroline Augusta Ricketts (née Pelham-Clinton) (1818-1898), Wife of Sir Cornwallis Ricketts, 2nd Bt; daughter of 4th Duke of Newcastle. 1 Portrait

Abdy Henry Gough Ricketts (1905-1993), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Charles de Sousy Ricketts (1866-1931), Painter, designer and art collector. 8 Portraits

Clement Mallory Ricketts (1885-1961), Bishop Suffragan of Dunwich. 3 Portraits

Sir Cornwallis Ricketts, 2nd Bt (1803-1885), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Gordon Randolph Ricketts (1918-1968), Secretary, Royal Institute of British Architects. 1 Portrait

Ralph Ricketts (1902-1998), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Tempest Tempest Ricketts, 3rd Bt (1836-1901), Gentleman; son of Admiral Sir Cornwallis Ricketts, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Victor Anthony Ricketts (1913-1942), RAF Officer. 1 Portrait

Alexandra Rickham (1981-), Sailor; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman (1946-2016), Actor and director. 2 Portraits

John Rickman (1771-1840), Statistician. 4 Portraits

Thomas Clio Rickman (1761-1834), Bookseller and reformer. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Bruce Ricks (1933-), Critic, teacher and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Plowman Ricks (1910-1991), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Martha Ricks (1816-1901). 1 Portrait

Ian Rickson (1963-), Theatre director. 1 Portrait

Josiah Ricraft (died 1688), Author. 4 Portraits

George Riddell, Baron Riddell (1865-1934), Newspaper proprietor. 2 Portraits

Lady Evelyn Mary Riddell (née Craven) (1839-1924), Former wife of George Brudenell-Bruce and of Henry Coventry, and later wife of George Riddell; daughter of 2nd Earl of Craven. 2 Portraits

Lady Henrietta Maria Riddell (née Plunkett) (1828-1909), Wife of Thomas William Charles Riddell Jr; daughter of 9th Earl of Fingall. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Eliza Lawson Riddell (née Cowan) (1832-1906), Novelist who used pseudonym 'F. G. Trafford'. 1 Portrait

Edward Pius Arthur Riddell (1875-1957), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Frances (née Marsham), Lady Riddell (1778-1868), Daughter of Charles Marsham; 1st Earl of Romney; wife of Sir John Buchanan Riddell, 9th Bt. 1 Portrait

Henry Scott Riddell (1798-1870). 1 Portrait

Sir James Milles Riddell, Bt (1787-1861), Baron of Ardnamurchan. 1 Portrait

John Robertson Riddell (1874-1941), Master Printer Principal, London School of Printing. 2 Portraits

Mrs Maria Riddell (née Woodley) (1772-1808), Wife of Walter Riddell. 1 Portrait

Miss Riddell. 2 Portraits

Edward Francis Riddell-Blount (1865-1943), Major, Northumberland Yeomanry. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Sheridan Riddell-Webster (1886-1974), General. 3 Portraits

Lady Laura Elizabeth Ridding (née Palmer) (1849-1939), Wife of George Ridding; daughter of 1st Earl Selborne. 1 Portrait

George Ridding (1828-1904), Bishop of Southwell and headmaster. 6 Portraits

Miss L. Riddle. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Keightley Rideal (1890-1974), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Liz Rideal (1954-), Artist; Education Officer, National Portrait Gallery. 4 Portraits

Catherine Ridge (circa 1759-circa 1839), Daughter of Counsellor Ridge. 1 Portrait

Andrew Ridgeley (1963-), Singer; member of Wham. 3 Portraits

John Nalton Sharpe Ridgers (1910-1999), Chairman and company director. 1 Portrait

Caroline Ellen (née Calverly-Bewicke), Lady Ridgeway (died 1907), Daughter of Robert Calverly-Bewicke; wife of Sir Joseph Ridgeway. 5 Portraits

Charles John Ridgeway (1841-1927), Bishop of Chicester. 1 Portrait

Elen? Ridgeway (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Frederick Edward Ridgeway (1848-1921), Bishop of Salisbury. 4 Portraits

Peter Ridgeway (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Richard Kirby Ridgeway (1848-1924), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir William Ridgeway (1853-1926), Classical scholar. 3 Portraits

Thomas Ridgley (1667-1734), Independent minister and tutor. 1 Portrait

B. Ridgway (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Joseph Ridgway (died 1842), Industrialist; pioneer of bleaching process. 1 Portrait

Mrs Ridgway (active 1840). 1 Portrait

Anne Barbara Ridler (née Bradby) (1912-2001), Poet and writer. 1 Portrait

Matthew White Ridley, 1st Viscount Ridley (1842-1904), Politician; Home Secretary. 7 Portraits

Mary Georgiana (née Marjoribanks), Viscountess Ridley (1850-1899), Wife of Viscount Ridley; daughter of 1st Baron Tweedmouth. 1 Portrait

Matthew White Ridley, 2nd Viscount Ridley (1874-1916), Chairman of the Tariff Reform League and Conservative politician; MP for Stalybridge. 1 Portrait

Matthew White Ridley, 3rd Viscount Ridley (1902-1964), Landowner and Director. 1 Portrait

Matthew White Ridley, 4th Viscount Ridley (1925-2012), Army officer; grandson of Sir Edwin Lutyens. 3 Portraits

Anne Katharine Gabrielle Ridley (née Lumley), Viscountess Ridley (1928-2006), Wife of Viscount Ridley; daughter of 11th Earl of Scarborough. 6 Portraits

Nicholas Ridley, Baron Ridley of Liddesdale (1929-1993), Politician; Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. 10 Portraits

(Henrietta) Agnes Ridley (née Schenley) (1847-1932), Wife of Charles Nicholas Ridley; daughter of Edward Wyndham Harrington Schenley. 1 Portrait

Hon. Annabel Ridley (née Hawke) (1940-), Wife of Nicholas Adam Ridley; daughter of 9th Baron Hawke. 7 Portraits

Arnold Ridley (1896-1984), Dramatic author, actor and producer. 1 Portrait

(Helen) Cressida Ridley (née Bonham Carter) (1917-1998), Archaeologist; wife of Jasper Ridley; daughter of Sir Maurice Bonham Carter. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Ridley (1843-1928), Judge. 8 Portraits

Frances Eliza Ridley (née Keane), Wife of Oliver Mathew Ridley. 1 Portrait

George Ridley (1886-1944), Politician; MP for Clay Cross. 8 Portraits

Glocester or Gloster Ridley (1702-1774), Writer. 1 Portrait

Guy Ridley (1885-1947), Solicitor; participant in Dreadnought Hoax. 1 Portrait

Sir (Nicholas) Harold Lloyd Ridley (1906-2001), Opthalmic surgeon and inventor of the intraocular lens implant. 11 Portraits

Henry Nicholas Ridley (1855-1956), Plant geographer and economic botanist. 2 Portraits

Hilda Mary Ridley (née Cooke), First wife of Arnold Ridley. 3 Portraits

Sir Jasper Nicholas Ridley (1887-1951), Company chairman, politician and gallery and museum trustee. 9 Portraits

Mark Ridley (1560-1624), Physician and mathematician. 3 Portraits

Mary Ann Ridley, Actress and singer; wife of James Ridley. 8 Portraits

Sir Matthew White Ridley, 2nd Bt (1745-1813), Politician; MP for Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 2 Portraits

Sir Matthew White Ridley, 4th Bt (1807-1877), Politician; MP for Northumberland. 1 Portrait

Muriel Ridley (active 1910s), Actress. 16 Portraits

Nicholas Ridley (1500-1555), Bishop of London. 28 Portraits

Samuel Forde Ridley (1864-1944), Politician and industrialist. 4 Portraits

William Ridley (1836-1911), Bishop of Caledonia. 1 Portrait

William Henry Ridley (1816-1882), Religious writer and reverend. 1 Portrait

Sir Dudley Howard Ridout (1866-1941), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Charles Henry Ridsdale (1873-1952), Bishop of Colchester. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Aurelian Ridsdale (1864-1923), Archdeacon of Colchester. 3 Portraits

E. Ridsdale. 1 Portrait

E.?E.J. Ridsdale. 1 Portrait

Sir Julian Errington Ridsdale (1915-2004), Politician and diplomat. 10 Portraits

Sir William Ridsdale (1890-1957), Journalist and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Dame Lucie Rie (1902-1995), Potter. 3 Portraits

Rosalie Nicholette Marianne Dorothea Delphine Davison, Baroness Riederer (active early 1860s-1900s). 1 Portrait

Baron Riederer (active early 1860s). 1 Portrait

Friedrich Adolph Riedesel (1738-1800), German general in American War of Independence. 1 Portrait

James Rielly (1956-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838), Composer. 1 Portrait

Pieter Joseph Ries (1791-1882), Musician and music teacher; brother of Ferdinand Ries. 1 Portrait

Captain Ries (active circa 1865). 1 Portrait

Christopher James Riethmüller (died 1895), Writer. 1 Portrait

Emile Victor Rieu (1887-1972), Editor of the 'National Review'. 3 Portraits

Sir Malcolm Leslie Rifkind (1946-), Politician; Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. 3 Portraits

Rifle Brigade, Infantry rifle regiment of the British Army. 1 Portrait

John Francis Rigaud (1742-1810), Painter. 5 Portraits

Stephen Jordan Rigaud (1816-1859), Bishop of Antigua. 2 Portraits

Charles Rigault de Genoilly (1807-1873), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Anne Rigby (née Palgrave) (1777-1872), Wife of Edward Rigby. 10 Portraits

Christopher Palmer Rigby (1820-1885), Diplomat and army officer. 1 Portrait

Edward Rigby (active 1693-1711), Naval captain. 4 Portraits

Sir Hugh Mallinson Rigby, 1st Bt (1870-1944), Colonel and consulting surgeon. 9 Portraits

John Rigby (1753-1818), Catholic priest at Lancaster. 3 Portraits

Sir John Rigby (1834-1903), Solicitor-General. 3 Portraits

J. Rigby, King's Marshalman. 1 Portrait

Paul Rigby (1924-2006), Cartoonist. 1 Portrait

Richard Rigby (1722-1788), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rigby (1746-1815), Divine. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rigby (1897-1969), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Rigby. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Rigden (1943-2016), Artist; painter. 1 Portrait

Dame Diana Rigg (1938-2020), Actress. 6 Portraits

(Thomas) Edward Corrie Burns Righton (1836-1899), Actor and dramatist. 7 Portraits

George Richard Rignold (1839-1912), Actor-manager. 5 Portraits

William Rignold (1836-1910), Actor; brother of George Richard Rignold. 10 Portraits

Saskia van Rijn (née van Uylenburgh) (1612-1642), Wife of Rembrandt van Rijn. 1 Portrait

J. Riland, Vicar. 1 Portrait

Bridget Louise Riley (1931-), Artist. 19 Portraits

Charles Lawrence Riley (1888-1971), Bishop of Bendigo, Australia. 4 Portraits

Derek Riley. 1 Portrait

Frederick Arthur Riley, Rifle Brigade Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

G. Riley. 1 Portrait

Harold Riley (1934-2023), Artist. 1 Portrait

Harry Lister Riley (1899-1986), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry) Guy Riley (1884-1964), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Joan Riley (1958-), Author. 1 Portrait

John Riley (1646-1691), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

P. Riley. 1 Portrait

P.H. Riley. 1 Portrait

Winifred Riley. 2 Portraits

Mr Riley (active 1939-1941). 1 Portrait

James Rimell. 1 Portrait

Claude Rimington (1902-1993), Professor of Chemical Pathology. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Frederic Rimington (1858-1928), Soldier, sportsman and journalist. 1 Portrait

Dame Stella Rimington (1935-), Director-General of the Security Service and Head of MI5. 2 Portraits

Reginald Henry Rimington Rimington-Wilson (1852-1927), Landowner. 2 Portraits

William Fleming Rimmer (1903-1994), Air force officer. 1 Portrait

Timothy J. Ring (1858-1941), Canon of Westminster Cathedral. 5 Portraits

Reginald Ringham (1894-1973), Chairman. 1 Portrait

Richard Ringwood, Barrister. 3 Portraits

Franz von Rintelen (1877-1949), German spy and writer. 7 Portraits

Henrietta Rintoul (died 1860), Wife of Robert Stephen Rintoul. 2 Portraits

Henrietta Rintoul (circa 1825-1904), Daughter of Robert Stephen Rintoul; amateur photographer. 7 Portraits

Robert Rintoul, 4th Dragoon Guards Lieutenant; son of Robert Stephen Rintoul. 1 Portrait

Robert Stephen Rintoul (1787-1858), Journalist, editor and founder of The Spectator. 5 Portraits

Sir Frederick Ripley, 1st Bt (1846-1907), Head of F. Ripley and Co., Bradford. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry William Ripley, 1st Bt (1813-1882), Politician, businessman and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Sydney William Leonard Ripley (1909-1991), Chairman. 3 Portraits

Thomas Ripley (1682-1758), Architect. 1 Portrait

Mr Ripley (active 1817), Associate of Ripley Brothers & Co. 3 Portraits

Mrs Ripley (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Henrietta Anne Theodosia (née Vyner), Marchioness of Ripon (1833-1907), Wife of 1st Marquess of Ripon; daughter of Henry Vyner. 2 Portraits

Frederick Oliver Robinson, 2nd Marquess of Ripon (1852-1923), Son of 1st Marquess of Ripon. 3 Portraits

Constance Gwladys Robinson (née Herbert), Marchioness of Ripon (1859-1917), Patron of the Russian Ballet; former wife of 4th Earl of Lonsdale, and later wife of 2nd Marquess of Ripon. 13 Portraits

Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon (1782-1859), Prime Minister. 20 Portraits

William Ripper (1853-1937), Professor of Engineering. 6 Portraits

(Aubrey) Geoffrey Frederick Rippon, Baron Rippon of Hexham (1924-1997), Politician and Chairman of the European-Atlantic Group. 1 Portrait

Angela Rippon (1944-), Broadcaster and presenter. 2 Portraits

Cuthbert Rippon (1797-1867), Politician; MP for Gateshead. 1 Portrait

Ripudaman Singh, Maharaja of Nabah (1883-1942), Maharaja of Nabah. 4 Portraits

José Villalba Riquelme (1856-1944), General, politician and military writer. 4 Portraits

Andrea Riseborough (1981-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mrs Rishton (née McCandlish). 1 Portrait

Richard Henry Litle Risk (1857-1933), Assistant to Senior Naval Officer, Liverpool. 1 Portrait

William Symington Risk (1909-1996), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Adelaide Ristori (1822-1906), Actor. 26 Portraits

Pauline Rita (circa 1842-1920), Singer. 3 Portraits

Jillian Rosemary (née Slotover), Lady Ritblat (1942-), Patron of the arts and barrister; wife of Sir John Ritblat. 1 Portrait

Cyril Ritchard (1898-1977), Actor and stage director. 8 Portraits

Sir Harry Goring Pritchard (1868-1962), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Charles Thomson Ritchie, 1st Baron Ritchie of Dundee (1838-1906), Politician, President of the Board of Trade and businessman. 13 Portraits

Charles Ritchie, 2nd Baron Ritchie of Dundee (1866-1948), Chairman of Port of London Authority. 6 Portraits

Sarah Ruth (née Jennings), Lady Ritchie (died 1950), Wife of 2nd Baron Ritchie of Dundee; daughter of Louis Jennings. 2 Portraits

John Kenneth Ritchie, 3rd Baron Ritchie of Dundee (1902-1975), Chairman of the Stock Exchange. 3 Portraits

Anne Ritchie (née Johnstone), Lady Ritchie of Dundee (died 2009), Wife of 5th Baron Ritchie of Dundee. 1 Portrait

Adam Ritchie (1683-1789), Cow feeder and centenarian. 1 Portrait

Alan Patrick Ritchie (1899-1961), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Alexander Ritchie (active 1784), Draper. 1 Portrait

Alexander Handyside Ritchie (1804-1870), Sculptor. 5 Portraits

Andrew Ritchie (1947-), Inventor of the Brompton folding bicycle. 1 Portrait

Anne Isabella (née Thackeray), Lady Ritchie (1837-1919), Novelist; wife of Sir Richmond Ritchie. 4 Portraits

Sir Archibald Buchanan Ritchie (1869-1955), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Charles George Ritchie (1841-1865), Physician. 1 Portrait

Charles Henry Ritchie (1887-1958), Chaplain to the Queen. 1 Portrait

Diana Ritchie. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Douglas Ritchie (1885-1983), Solicitor. 6 Portraits

Douglas Ernest Ritchie (1905-1967), South African journalist and BBC European broadcasts. 1 Portrait

Edna Muriel (née Emerton), Lady Ritchie (1891-1951), Second wife of Sir James William Ritchie, 2nd Bt; daughter of James Frederick Emerton. 4 Portraits

Sir George Ritchie (1849-1921), Justice of the Peace and merchant. 2 Portraits

George Stephen Ritchie (1914-2012), Rear-Admiral and cartographer. 1 Portrait

Ian Carl Ritchie (1947-), Architect. 2 Portraits

Sir James Edward Thomson Ritchie, 2nd Bt (1902-1991), Businessman and Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

James Stuart McLaren Ritchie (1884-1955), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir John Neish Ritchie (1904-1977), Principal and Dean of Royal Veterinary College. 3 Portraits

June Ritchie (1939-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Margaret Bruce Ritchie, Daughter of Mr and Mrs Graham Bruce of Laggan, Epsom. 4 Portraits

(James) Martin Ritchie (1917-1993), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Neil Methuen Ritchie (1897-1983), General. 12 Portraits

Philip Charles Thomson Ritchie (1899-1927), Son of Charles Ritchie, 2nd Baron Ritchie of Dundee. 19 Portraits

Walter Potter Ritchie (1892-1965), Drum-Major and recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Peter Ritchie Ritchie-Calder, Baron Ritchie-Calder of Balmashannar (1906-1982), Journalist and peace advocate. 1 Portrait

Alexander Ritchie-Scott (1874-1962), Mathematician and civil servant. 2 Portraits

Lady Kitty Ritson (1887-1969), Author (non de plume Lady Kitty Vincent); daughter of 6th Earl of Airlie. 9 Portraits

Sir Edward Herbert Ritson (1892-1981), Civil servant in Inland Revenue. 3 Portraits

Joseph Ritson (1752-1803), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

Annie Ritter (active circa 1860-1869). 1 Portrait

E?.F. River. 1 Portrait

Arthur Balfour, 1st Baron Riverdale (1873-1957), Steel maker and industrialist. 7 Portraits

Frances Josephine Balfour (née Bingham), Lady Riverdale (1876-1960), Wife of Arthur Balfour, 1st Baron Riverdale; daughter of Charles Henry Bingham. 3 Portraits

Robert Arthur ('Robin') Balfour, 2nd Baron Riverdale (1901-1998), Steel maker and industrialist. 2 Portraits

Lazarus Riverius (1589-1655), Physician. 1 Portrait

Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers (circa 1440-1483), Magnate. 1 Portrait

Penelope Pitt (née Atkins), Lady Rivers (1724 or 1725-1795), Wife of 1st Baron Rivers. 4 Portraits

George Pitt, 2nd Baron Rivers (1751-1828). 2 Portraits

George Pitt-Rivers, 4th Baron Rivers (1810-1866), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

William Halse Rivers Rivers (1864-1922), Anthropologists; psychiatrist; neurologist. 3 Portraits

J.F. Rivers-Moore. 1 Portrait

Andrew Rivet (circa 1572-circa 1651), French Protestant Professor of the University of Leiden. 3 Portraits

Sir (Albert Cherbury) David Rivett (1885-1961), Chemist and science administrator. 1 Portrait

E. Rivett (active 1923). 1 Portrait

S. Rivett (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles Forbes Rivett-Carnac (1824-1902), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Hope Rivett-Carnac (née Balfour) (1909-1967), Daughter of Arthur Balfour, 1st Baron Riverdale. 2 Portraits

James William Rivett-Carnac (1891-1970), Vice-Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the New Zealand Division. 2 Portraits

Dame Jean Elizabeth Rivett-Drake (1909-1999), Brigadier; Director, Women's Royal Army Corps; Mayor of Hove. 13 Portraits

Briton Riviere (1840-1920), Painter. 17 Portraits

Henry Parsons Riviere (1811-1888), Watercolour painter. 1 Portrait

Jules Rivière (1819-1900), Musician and conductor. 1 Portrait

Charles Rivington (1688-1742), Bookseller. 1 Portrait

Charles Rivington (1754-1831), Printer, publisher and lawyer. 1 Portrait

Hill Rivington (née Florence Mary Hill Rivington), Lady Holmes (1872 or 1873-1957), Composer and violinist; daughter of Charles Rivington; wife of Sir Charles John Holmes. 3 Portraits

John Mylne Rivington (died 1972), Publisher and Master of the Stationers' and Newspaper Makers' Company. 5 Portraits

Brian Norman Roger Rix, Baron Rix (1924-2016), Actor-manager, playwright and campaigner; President, Mencap. 5 Portraits

Elspet Gray (Elspeth Jean (née MacGregor-Gray), Lady Rix) (1929-2013), Actor. 1 Portrait

George Alexander Rix (1865-1945), Bishop of Caledonia. 1 Portrait

Mick Rix (1963-), Trade unionist. 1 Portrait

William Rix (1734?-1801?), Town clerk, City of London. 1 Portrait

Winifred Rix. 1 Portrait

Denis Fenn Rixson (1918-1994), Air Commodore. 8 Portraits

Sarah Riyani (1994-), Scientific Project Leader. 1 Portrait

Frederick Roach (1856-1922), Assistant Bishop of Natal. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Road (1891-1972), Civil servant and Chief Inspector of Taxes. 2 Portraits

Charles Granville Rob (1913-2001), Professor of Surgery. 2 Portraits

John Vernon Rob (1915-1971), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Thomas James Agar-Robartes, 1st Baron Robartes (1808-1882), Landowner and politician; MP for Cornwall East. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edith Robarts (née Barrington) (1850-1919), Wife of Abraham John Robarts; daughter of 8th Viscount Barrington. 4 Portraits

Jane Robarts (died circa 1680), Mistress of Charles II. 5 Portraits

Alfred Arthur Robb (1873-1936), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Sir James Milne Robb (1895-1968), Air Chief Marshal. 4 Portraits

Anthony Robb-Adams (active 1948). 1 Portrait

Alain Robbe-Grillet (1922-2008), Author. 1 Portrait

Walter John Forbes Robberds (1863-1944), Bishop of Brechin and Primus of Scotland. 3 Portraits

Lionel Charles Robbins, Baron Robbins (1898-1984), Economist, administrator and patron of the arts. 16 Portraits

Sir Alfred Farthing Robbins (1856-1931), Journalist and author. 14 Portraits

Sir Edmund Robbins (1847-1922), Newspaper manager. 5 Portraits

John Dennis Robbins (1915-1986), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Lorinda Robbins (active 1926), Debutante. 1 Portrait

Rowland Richard Robbins (1872-1960), Farmer and agriculturalist. 4 Portraits

Alfred Robens, Baron Robens of Woldingham (1910-1999), Trade unionist, industrialist and Labour politician: MP for Wansbeck and Blyth. 11 Portraits

Robert I ('The Bruce') (1274-1329), King of Scotland. 3 Portraits

Robert, Duke of Normandy (1054?-1134), Eldest son of William I. 2 Portraits

Robert II of Scotland (1316-1390), Reigned 1371-1390. 1 Portrait

King Robert III of Scotland (circa 1340-1406), King of Scotland, reigned 1390-1406. 2 Portraits

Lady Hermione Mary Morton Robert (née Stuart) (1925-1969), Former wife of John Oliver Robert, and later wife of Prince Frederick Karl of Prussia; daughter of 19th Earl of Moray. 6 Portraits

Hubert Robert (1733-1808), Painter. 1 Portrait

Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury (1797-1890), Academic painter. 1 Portrait

Robert Lowe Hall, Baron Roberthall (1901-1988), Economist. 3 Portraits

Sir Hugh Stevenson Roberton (1874-1952), Composer and conductor. 9 Portraits

Sir James Roberton (1821-1889), Professor of Conveyancing, University of Glasgow. 1 Portrait

Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts (1832-1914), Field Marshal. 81 Portraits

(Ieuan) Wyn Pritchard Roberts, Baron Roberts of Conwy (1930-2013), Journalist and Conservative politician; MP for Conwy. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Mary Gladys Roberts (née Townshend) (1917-1950), Former wife of Sir Eric White, 2nd Bt, and later wife of John Clifford Roberts; daughter of 6th Marquess Townshend. 13 Portraits

Abby Roberts (2001-), Singer and social media star. 1 Portrait

Sir Abraham Roberts (1784-1873), General; father of 1st Earl Roberts. 1 Portrait

Albert Roberts (1908-2000), Politician and Justice of the Peace. 7 Portraits

Alexander Roberts (1826-1901), Biblical scholar. 3 Portraits

Sir Alfred Roberts (1897-1963), Director of Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Andrew Roberts (1963-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Anna Elisabeth Roberts (née Tudor), Wife of Emrys Owain Roberts. 1 Portrait

Arlo Prys Roberts. 1 Portrait

Arthur Roberts (1852-1933), Comedy actor. 5 Portraits

Arthur Cornelius Roberts (1869-1946), Accountant. 1 Portrait

A.F. Roberts, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Basil Coleby Roberts (1887-1957), Bishop of Singapore and Assistant Bishop of Canterbury. 3 Portraits

Ben Roberts, Horse trainer. 1 Portrait

Bob Roberts (active 1945). 3 Portraits

Cecil Edric Mornington Roberts (1892-1976), Writer and editor. 26 Portraits

Celeste Lelia Beatrix (née Shoucair), Lady Roberts (died 1990), Wife of Sir Frank Kenyon Roberts; daughter of Sir Said Shoucair. 4 Portraits

Charles Henry Roberts (1865-1959), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for India. 2 Portraits

Colin Roberts (died 1964), Methodist minister. 2 Portraits

Colin Henderson Roberts (1909-1990), Publisher, classicist and Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press. 1 Portrait

Cyril Roberts (1871-1949), Artist. 1 Portrait

David Roberts (1796-1864), Painter. 13 Portraits

David Evan Roberts (1980-), Swimmer; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Denys Kilham Roberts (1903-1976), Barrister, author and editor. 3 Portraits

Edward Roberts, Physician. 1 Portrait

Eliza Roberts (active 1855-1857), Nurse. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Roberts (1950-), Editor, 'Black and White' photography magazine. 1 Portrait

Mrs Ellis Roberts. 1 Portrait

Emrys Owain Roberts (1910-1990), Solicitor, businessman and Liberal politician; MP for Merioneth. 7 Portraits

Sir Ernest Handforth Goodman Roberts (1890-1969), Politician and barrister-at-Law. 2 Portraits

Evan John Roberts (1878-1951), Preacher and miner. 4 Portraits

Francis Roberts (1609-1675), Church of England clergyman and author. 4 Portraits

Sir Frank Kenyon Roberts (1907-1998), British diplomat. 9 Portraits

Hon. Frederick Hugh Sherston Roberts (1872-1899), Lieutenant; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Frederick Owen Roberts (1876-1941), Politician and trade unionist. 5 Portraits

Frederick Thomas Roberts (1839-1918), Surgeon and author. 1 Portrait

George Henry Roberts (1869-1928), Labour Politician; Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. 6 Portraits

George Lawrence Roberts (1904-1967), Director of Dental Studies and Professor of Dental Surgery, University of Sheffield. 7 Portraits

Gladys Owen Roberts (née Hughes) (circa 1890-after 1929), Youngest daughter of Millward Hughes of Birkenhead; wife of Richard Owen Roberts. 3 Portraits

Harold Roberts (1896-1982), Chair of Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religion. 9 Portraits

Sir Harold Charles West Roberts (1892-1983), Mining engineer. 2 Portraits

Henry David Roberts (1870-1951), Librarian and museum curator. 1 Portrait

Hereward Llewelyn Roberts (1864-1947), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Sir (James Reginald) Howard Roberts (1891-1975), Solicitor and civil servant. 6 Portraits

Sir Hugh Ashley Roberts (1948-), Art historian; Director of the Royal Collection. 1 Portrait

Isabella (née Bunbury), Lady Roberts (died 1882), Daughter of Abraham Bunbury; former wife of Hamilton Maxwell, and later wife of Sir Abraham Roberts. 2 Portraits

Jock Roberts. 1 Portrait

John Roberts (1711 or 1712-1772), Politician; MP for Harwich. 2 Portraits

John Roberts (1739-1810), Chairman of the East India Company. 2 Portraits

John Roberts (1816-1894), Harpist. 1 Portrait

John Roberts (active 1950s-1960s). 2 Portraits

John Anthony Roberts (1928-2016), Recorder of the Crown Court. 1 Portrait

John Eric Roberts (1907-1998), Professor of Physics. 1 Portrait

John Hamilton Roberts (1891-1962), Major-General. 7 Portraits

John Keith Roberts (1897-1944), Physicist. 5 Portraits

John Maxwell Roberts (1948-), Structural engineer. 1 Portrait

John Morris Roberts (1928-2003), Historian and author; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Hon. Juliana Eveline Roberts (née Curzon) (1928-2006), Former wife of George Smith and of Frederick Nettlefold and of Sir Dudley Cunliffe-Owen, and later wife of John Roberts; daughter of 2nd Viscount Scarsdale. 10 Portraits

Mr J. Roberts (active 1810-1815). 1 Portrait

Kenneth William Lund Roberts (1917-1982), Major; son of W.D.L. Roberts. 2 Portraits

Lewes Roberts (1596-1641), Merchant and author. 2 Portraits

Llewelyn Roberts (1881-1939), Chief engineer of RMS Queen Mary. 3 Portraits

Lynette Roberts (1909-1995), Poet; wife of Keidrych Rhys. 2 Portraits

Marshall O. Roberts (1878-1931), Sportsman. 1 Portrait

Michael Roberts (1902-1948), Author. 1 Portrait

Michael Roberts (1947-2023), Fashion journalist, illustrator, editor, photographer and stylist. 1 Portrait

Michael Hilary Arthur Roberts (1927-1983), Politician and Head teacher. 6 Portraits

Michael Rookherst Roberts (1894-1977), Brigadier; Writer and historian. 4 Portraits

M. Roberts, Model. 1 Portrait

Nancy Roberts (1892-1962), Actress. 7 Portraits

Nicola Maria Roberts (1985-), Singer; member of Girls Aloud. 1 Portrait

Sir Ouvry Lindfield Roberts (1898-1986), General and businessman. 4 Portraits

Sir Peter Geoffrey Roberts, 3rd Bt (1912-1985), Businessman and politician. 2 Portraits

(Priscilla) Jane Stephanie (née Low), Lady Roberts (1949-2021), Art historian; Royal Librarian. 1 Portrait

Rachel Roberts (1927-1980), Actress. 2 Portraits

Reginald Hugh Roberts (1883-1955), Director of Industrial and Commercial Finance Co Ltd. 6 Portraits

Richard Roberts (1789-1864), Improver of the spinning mule. 2 Portraits

Richard Owen Roberts (1876-1929), County Court judge for Chester and North Wales Circuit. 1 Portrait

Robert Jones Roberts (1844-1913), Vicar, Pool Quay, Welshpool. 3 Portraits

Roger Lewis Roberts (1911-1990), Chaplain of the Royal Victorian Order. 3 Portraits

Sir Samuel Roberts, 1st Bt (1852-1926), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Samuel Roberts (1763-1848), Friend of James Montgomery. 1 Portrait

Sarah Roberts (née Kramer) (1900-1992), Wife of William Roberts; sister of Jacob Kramer. 1 Portrait

Stanley Plowden Roberts (1910-1965), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Castle Roberts (1887-1966), Chairman of British Film Institute and author. 6 Portraits

S.M. Roberts, Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Howland Roberts, 3rd Bt (1804-1864), High Sheriff of County Cork. 1 Portrait

Thomas Osborne Roberts (1879-1948), Musician. 1 Portrait

Thomas William ('Tom') Roberts (1856-1931), Painter. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Roberts. 1 Portrait

William Roberts (1895-1980), Painter. 4 Portraits

William Blair Roberts (active 1920s), Bishop of South Dakota. 1 Portrait

William Prowting Roberts (1806-1871), Lawyer and Chartist. 1 Portrait

Mr Roberts (active circa 1810-1815). 2 Portraits

Miss Roberts (active 1839). 3 Portraits

Mrs Roberts (active circa 1845). 2 Portraits

Mr Roberts (active 1890). 1 Portrait

Miss Roberts (active 1922), Daughter-in-law of Sir John Roberts. 1 Portrait

Mr Roberts (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Mrs Roberts (active 1947). 4 Portraits

Sir Ballin Illingworth Robertshaw (1902-1971), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Jerrold Robertshaw (1866-1941), Actor. 2 Portraits

Ian Argyll Robertson of Brackla (1913-2010), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Brian Hubert Robertson, 1st Baron Robertson of Oakridge (1896-1974), Military commander and administrator. 19 Portraits

Edith Christine Robertson (née Macinde), Lady Robertson of Oakridge (died 1982), Wife of 1st Baron Robertson of Oakridge. 4 Portraits

(William) Ronald Robertson, 2nd Baron Robertson of Oakridge (1930-2009), Military commander; son of 1st Baron Robertson of Oakridge. 2 Portraits

Lady Lilian Rose Robertson (née FitzRoy) (1876-1960), Wife of Charles Robertson; daughter of 8th Duke of Grafton. 4 Portraits

Patrick Robertson, Lord Robertson (1794-1855), Judge. 3 Portraits

Lady Rosamond Kathleen Margaret Robertson (née Butler, later Gibbs) (1899-1972), Justice of the Peace; former wife of Lionel Gallway Robertson, and later wife of Bryan Gibbs; daughter of 7th Earl of Carrick. 6 Portraits

Alexander Robertson (1896-1970), Organic farmer and professor of Chemistry. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Robertson (1908-1990), Emeritus Professor, Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Edinburgh University. 1 Portrait

Alexander William Parrish Robertson (1908-1956), Lieutenant-Commander. 1 Portrait

Andrew Robertson (1883-1977), Mechanical engineer and academic administrator. 3 Portraits

Archibald Robertson (1853-1931), Bishop of Exeter. 2 Portraits

Arthur Gordon Robertson (died 1940), Headmaster of Choir School and Canon of Lyme and Halstock, Sarum Cathedral. 2 Portraits

Bryan Charles Francis Robertson (1925-2002), Gallery director, writer and broadcaster. 12 Portraits

Carol Robertson, Actress. 4 Portraits

Cecil Bruce Robertson (1897-1977), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir David Robertson (1890-1970), Accountant and Conservative politician; MP for Streatham and Caithness & Sutherland. 6 Portraits

David Lars Manwaring Robertson (1917-1999), Company Director. 1 Portrait

Sir Dennis Holme Robertson (1890-1963), Economist. 1 Portrait

Donald Struan Robertson (1885-1961), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Elliot Larkins Robertson (circa 1836-1881), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Ethel Robertson (née Bartlett) (1900-1978), Pianist. 23 Portraits

E. Arnot Robertson (1903-1961), Writer, broadcaster and lecturer. 11 Portraits

Fanny Robertson. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Alexander Robertson (1854-1918), Lecturer on Hindu and Mahomedan Law. 2 Portraits

Frederick William Robertson (1816-1853), Divine. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Roland Robertson (1946-), Barrister, broadcaster and author. 1 Portrait

George Robertson (died 1787), Officer in the Dutch Service and Captain in the Edinburgh Town Guard. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Robertson (active 1837). 2 Portraits

Gladys (née Ingalls), Lady Robertson (died 1977), Wife of Sir Malcolm Arnold Robertson. 1 Portrait

Grace Robertson (1930-2021), Photojournalist. 1 Portrait

Hector Murdoch Maxwell Robertson (1888-1953), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Henry MacLeod ('Harry') Robertson (1932-1996), Musician, music director and composer. 1 Portrait

Sir Howard Morley Robertson (1888-1963), Architect. 4 Portraits

John Graham ('Jack') Robertson (circa 1859-1940), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

James Robertson of Kincraigie (active 1745-died 1790), Known as 'Daft Highland Laird'. 3 Portraits

James Robertson (active 1859-1875), Photographer. 1 Portrait

James Alex Robertson (1880-1955), Reverend and Professor of Theology. 1 Portrait

James Alexander Rowland Robertson (1910-2004), Major-General; son of James Currie Robertson. 1 Portrait

James Campbell Robertson (1878-1951), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Sir James Jackson Robertson (1893-1970), Rector of Aberdeen Grammar School. 1 Portrait

Sir James Wilson Robertson (1899-1983), Colonial administrator; Governor-general of Nigeria. 2 Portraits

Jean Dewar Robertson (née Mearns) (circa 1872-1935), First female Chairman for Holloway Prison for Women; wife of David Dewar Robertson; daughter of George Mearns. 3 Portraits

John Robertson (1801-1866). 2 Portraits

John James Robertson (1898-1955), Labour politician; MP for Berwick & Haddington and Berwick & East Lothian. 6 Portraits

John Mackinnon Robertson (1856-1933), Writer and politician. 10 Portraits

John Monteath Robertson (1900-1989), Chemical crystallographer. 2 Portraits

John Richard Hugh Robertson (1912-1977), Chief Inspecting Officer of Railways for the Department of Environment. 1 Portrait

Josephine Robertson. 1 Portrait

K. Robertson, Jockey. 2 Portraits

L. Robertson. 1 Portrait

Sir Macpherson Robertson (1860-1945), Businessman and benefactor for expeditions. 5 Portraits

Madeline Robertson (born 1908), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Malcolm Arnold Robertson (1877-1951), Diplomat and Conservative politician; MP for Mitcham. 7 Portraits

Marie (Mary) Robertson (née Ralli) (1852-1898), First wife of John Robertson; daughter of Pantaleone Constantine Ralli. 1 Portrait

Mary Robertson. 1 Portrait

Maud Mosher Robertson, Wife of J.M Mackinnon. 1 Portrait

Mildred Adelaide (née Palin), Lady Robertson (died 1942), Wife of Sir William Robertson. 2 Portraits

Muriel Robertson (1883-1973), Protozoologist. 2 Portraits

Dame Nancy Margaret Robertson (1909-2000), Director of Women’s Royal Naval Service; daughter of William Cowper Robertson. 1 Portrait

Norman Alexander Robertson (1904-1968), Canadian High Commissioner in London and diplomat. 4 Portraits

Norman Charles Robertson (1908-1956), Department Managing Director of E.K Cole Ltd, Radio Engineers. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Rynd Robertson (1866-1936), Major-General. 4 Portraits

P. Robertson. 1 Portrait

Rae Robertson (1893-1956), Pianist. 22 Portraits

Richard Robertson (1846-1919), Messenger of Parliament, House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Robertson (1869-1949), Explosives expert and government chemist. 10 Portraits

Robert Spencer Robertson. 1 Portrait

R.D. Robertson. 5 Portraits

Stella M. Robertson (née Reed), Wife of Robert Spencer Robertson. 1 Portrait

Sue Robertson. 1 Portrait

Thomas Atholl Robertson (1874-1955), Scottish fine arts printer, publisher and Liberal politician. 2 Portraits

Thomas William Robertson (1829-1871), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Vernon Alec Murray Robertson (1890-1971), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Vincent Stuart Robertson (1843-1872), Police officer in India; son of Richard Robertson. 1 Portrait

Walford Graham Robertson (1866-1948), Painter, illustrator, costume designer and playwright. 3 Portraits

Wheatley Alexander Robertson (1885-1964), Forestry advisor. 5 Portraits

Sir William Tindal Robertson (1825-1889), Physician, surgeon and Conservative politician; MP for Brighton. 2 Portraits

William Robertson (1721-1793), Historian. 7 Portraits

William Robertson of Struan (active circa 1795-1800). 1 Portrait

William Bruce Robertson (1820-1886), Scottish divine and preacher. 1 Portrait

Sir William Charles Fleming Robertson (died 1937), Governor of Barbados. 3 Portraits

William Lewis Robertson (1860-1947), Minister and Moderator of Federal Council. 3 Portraits

Sir William Robert Robertson, 1st Bt (1860-1933), Field Marshal. 16 Portraits

Miss Robertson. 1 Portrait

Dr Robertson (active 1860s), Reverend. 2 Portraits

Dr Robertson (active 1868). 1 Portrait

General Robertson (active early 20th century). 1 Portrait

Principal Robertson (active 1784). 1 Portrait

Louisa Grace Robertson-Aikman (née Hargreaves) (1840-1912), Wife of Frederick Robertson Aikman; daughter of Robert Hargreaves. 1 Portrait

Raymond Charles Robertson-Glasgow (1901-1965), Cricketer and journalist. 1 Portrait

John William Robertson Scott (1866-1962), Journalist, writer and founder of The Countryman. 8 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Owen Roberts-Wray (1899-1983), Legal Advisor for Commonwealth Relations Office and Colonial Office. 13 Portraits

Hemming Robeson (1833-1912), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Paul Robeson (1898-1976), Singer. 3 Portraits

Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre (1758-1794), French lawyer and politician. 4 Portraits

Edward George Robey (né Edward George Haydon Wade) (1900-1983), Barrister, magistrate and author. 5 Portraits

Eileen Robey (born 1902), Portrait painter; daughter of Sir George Robey. 5 Portraits

Sir George Robey (George Edward Wade) (1869-1954), Comedian. 54 Portraits

G. F. Robey (active 1930s), Butler. 1 Portrait

Alessandro Robida, Senator of Milan and a delegate at the Somerset House Conference. 1 Portrait

Sir William Robieson (1890-1977), Newspaper editor. 1 Portrait

Comtesse A. de Robilant. 1 Portrait

Edmondo Nicolis, Count of Robilant and Cereaglio (1871-1941), Husband of Valentina Mocenigo. 5 Portraits

John Robin (circa 1550-circa 1608), Herbalist. 2 Portraits

Fanny Robina (1862-1927), Music hall entertainer. 3 Portraits

Thomas Ellis Robins, 1st Baron Robins of Rhodesia and Chelsea (1884-1962), Director of Barclay's Bank Ltd. 5 Portraits

Arthur Robins (1834-1899), Chaplain to the Household Brigade. 3 Portraits

Austin Geoffrey Robins (1881-1950), Rubber planter. 1 Portrait

Brian Robins (1928-1988), Artist and playwright; Coffee house proprietor. 14 Portraits

Denise Naomi Robins (née Klein) (1897-1985), Romantic novelist. 3 Portraits

Edwin Frederick Robins (1870-1951), Assistant Bishop of Norwich. 8 Portraits

Elizabeth Robins (1862-1952), Actress, playwright, novelist and suffragist; wife of George Richmond Parkes. 2 Portraits

George Henry Robins (1777-1847), Auctioneer. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Robins (Mrs Charles Dawson) (1886-1917), Actress and dramatist. 18 Portraits

Gertrude M. Robins (Mrs Louis Baillie Reynolds) (died 1939), Novelist and storywriter; wife of Louis Baillie Reynolds. 1 Portrait

Henry Charles Robins (1882-1960), Dean of Salisbury. 4 Portraits

Lilian Mary Robins (née Gould) (1890-1967). 1 Portrait

Sanderson Robins (1801-1862), Divine and educationist. 2 Portraits

Susan Robins, Coffee house proprietor. 4 Portraits

Roy Lister Robinson, 1st Baron Robinson (1883-1952), Forester; founder of the Forestry Commission. 7 Portraits

Charlotte Marion (née Bradshaw), Lady Robinson (1887-1975), Wife of 1st Baron Robinson; daughter of Henry Cust Bradshaw. 1 Portrait

Sir Albert Edward Phineas Robinson (1915-2009), Company director. 2 Portraits

Alfred Eryk Robinson (1894-1978), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Alfred Theodore Vaughan Robinson (1879-1945), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Ann Robinson. 2 Portraits

Sir (William) Arthur Robinson (1874-1950), Civil servant. 13 Portraits

A.C. Robinson. 1 Portrait

Hon. Betty Mary Robinson (née Holmes à Court) (1902-1991), Former wife of Vivian John Robinson, and later wife of Alfred Esmond Robinson; daughter of 4th Baron Heytesbury. 5 Portraits

Brooke Robinson (1836-1911), Politician and coroner. 2 Portraits

Bruce Robinson (1946-), Actor and screenwriter. 2 Portraits

Bryan Robinson (1680-1754), Physician. 2 Portraits

B.M. Robinson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Robinson (1766-1833), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

Christopher James Gossage Robinson (1903-1988), Bishop of Lucknow and of Bombay. 2 Portraits

Cuthbert Cooper Robinson (1893-1971), Bishop of Moosonee, Canada. 1 Portrait

David Robinson (1949-), Drummer for ABC in 1981. 1 Portrait

(David) Duncan Robinson (1943-2022), Art historian; Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum. 1 Portrait

Derek Robinson (1932-), Writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Robinson (1887-1976), Curator and numismatist. 3 Portraits

Edward G. Robinson (1893-1973), Actor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elisabeth Gwendolen Robinson (née Scott-Ellis) (1914-1976), Daughter of 8th Baron Howard de Walden; former wife of Count Serge Orloff-Davidoff, and later wife of Bernard Wheeler Robinson. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Robinson (née Edwards) (1917-1993), Artist; wife of Sir Kenneth Robinson. 1 Portrait

Emma Robinson (1814-1890), 'Author of White Friars' and author. 1 Portrait

Frank Alex Robinson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Frank Arnold Robinson (1907-1988), Research chemist. 1 Portrait

Frederic Aldham Robinson (active 1852), Actor. 2 Portraits

Frederick Cayley Robinson (1862-1927), Painter, illustrator and theatre designer. 4 Portraits

Sir (Frederick) Percival Robinson (1887-1949), Civil servant and Director of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. 1 Portrait

Tony ('Gad') Robinson (1957-), Musician and member of British reggae group 'Aswad'. 1 Portrait

George Robinson (active early 19th century), Secretary to the Condon Dock Company. 1 Portrait

George H. Robinson, Decorator and journalist. 1 Portrait

George Richard Robinson (1781-1850), Politician; MP for Worcester. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald William Collingwood Robinson, 4th Bt (1857-1903), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Wooding Robinson (1888-1950), Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. 3 Portraits

Gleeson Edward Robinson (died 1978), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Godfrey Walker Robinson (1863-1930), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Guy St George Robinson (1887-1959), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Harold Roper Robinson (1889-1955), Emeritus Professor of Physics. 3 Portraits

Harriet Elizabeth Robinson (née Mott) (1844-1928), Former wife of Fiennes Cornwallis, and later wife of Arthur Edward Robinson; daughter of John Thomas Mott. 1 Portrait

Henry Robinson (1553-1616), Bishop of Carlisle. 9 Portraits

Henry Robinson (active circa 1829-1840). 1 Portrait

Henry Crabb Robinson (1775-1867), Journalist and diarist. 3 Portraits

Hugh Robinson (1756-1796), Portrait and history painter. 1 Portrait

I.V. Robinson, Engineer. 6 Portraits

Sir (James) Clifton Robinson (1849-1910), Managing Director of London United Electric Tramways. 1 Portrait

Joan Violet Robinson (1903-1983), Economist. 2 Portraits

John Robinson (1650-1723), Bishop of London and diplomat. 2 Portraits

John Robinson (1727-1802), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 2 Portraits

Sir John Robinson (1839-1929), Squire of Worksop Manor and chairman of the Home Brewery Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

John Arthur Thomas Robinson (1919-1983), Bishop of Woolwich and biblical scholar. 9 Portraits

Sir John Charles Robinson (1824-1913), Etcher, museum curator, Art collector and connoisseur. 4 Portraits

John Henry Robinson (1796-1871), Engraver. 3 Portraits

Sir John Richard Robinson (1828-1903), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Stephen Robinson, 3rd Bt (1816-1895), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Robinson (active mid 19th century). 2 Portraits

Joseph Armitage Robinson (1858-1933), Dean of Westminster and Dean of Wells. 3 Portraits

J. Robinson (active 1943), Wing commander. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Robinson (1911-1996), Labour politician; MP for St Pancras North and Minister of Health. 4 Portraits

Sir Leslie Robinson (1903-1974), Industrial Adviser and Second Secretary to the Board of Trade. 3 Portraits

Lionel Robinson, Commander. 1 Portrait

L.C. Robinson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Macleod Bawtree Robinson (1858-1935), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Mary Robinson (née Darby) (1756 or 1758-1800), Known as 'Perdita'; writer, actress and mistress of the future George IV. 13 Portraits

Mary Robinson (1778-1837), Shepherdess and social celebrity known as 'the Maid (or Beauty) of Buttermere'. 2 Portraits

Mary C. Robinson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Matthew Robinson (1694-1778), Artist. 1 Portrait

Nick Robinson (1963-), Political Editor for the BBC. 2 Portraits

Norah Robinson, Actress. 1 Portrait

Mr Peart Robinson. 1 Portrait

Peter Robinson, Stunt Rigger. 1 Portrait

Philip Robinson (1783-1794), Son of Thomas Robinson, 2nd Baron Grantham. 2 Portraits

Robert Robinson (1735-1790), Baptist minister and hymn writer. 2 Portraits

Robert Robinson (active 1857), Drummer; page to Florence Nightingale. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Robinson (1886-1975), Organic chemist. 8 Portraits

Sam Robinson (active 1924), Employee of Vickers Ltd, Sheffield. 1 Portrait

Sarah Blackett (née Denny), Lady Robinson (1819-1875), Wife of Sir John Stephen Robinson, 3rd Bt; daughter of Anthony Denny. 1 Portrait

Sidney Robinson (1863-1956), Politician and timber trader. 3 Portraits

Stanford Robinson (1904-1984), Conductor. 4 Portraits

Sir Sydney Walter Robinson (1876-1950), Building contractor, farmer and Liberal politician; MP for Chelmsford. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Robinson, 1st Bt (circa 1702-1777), Colonial governor and amateur architect. 1 Portrait

Thomas Robinson (of Avebury) (active early 18th century), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

Thomas Robinson (1749-1813), Vicar of St Mary's, Leicester. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Robinson (1864-1953), Politician and industrialist. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Bilbe Robinson (1853-1939), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Trevor Robinson (1964-), Advertising executive; Director and founder of Quiet Storm. 1 Portrait

Sir William Robinson, 2nd Bt (1703-1785). 1 Portrait

William Robinson (1838-1935), Horticulturist and publisher. 7 Portraits

William Arthur Robinson (1864-1929), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

William Arthur Robinson (1908-1982), Major-General. 8 Portraits

William Cornforth Robinson (1861-1931), Labour politician; MP for Elland. 5 Portraits

William Heath Robinson (1872-1944), Cartoonist and book illustrator. 4 Portraits

William Leefe Robinson (1895-1918), Pilot; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 2 Portraits

Winifred Robinson (1958-), Radio presenter. 1 Portrait

Mr Robinson (active mid 19th century), of Kirkoswald. 1 Portrait

Mr Robinson (active 1841). 1 Portrait

Robinson (active 1856). 1 Portrait

Mr Robinson (active 1913), Comedian. 4 Portraits

Mrs Robinson (active 1926). 1 Portrait

Group Captain Robinson (active 1930s), Group Captain. 3 Portraits

Tina Robinson Hansen (active 1983), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Robison (1739-1805), Natural philosopher and inventor. 1 Portrait

Robert Robison (1883-1941), Biochemist. 1 Portrait

Marisa Robles (1937-), Harpist. 1 Portrait

Augusta Jane Robley (née Penfold) (1809-1868), Author; wife of John Horatio Robley. 1 Portrait

Massey Henry Edgcumbe Lopes, 2nd Baron Roborough (1903-1992), Army officer and conservationist. 3 Portraits

Terence Harold Robsjohn-Gibbings (1905-1976), Interior designer. 1 Portrait

William Snowdon Robson, 1st Baron Robson (1852-1918), Lawyer, judge and Liberal politician: MP Bow and Bromley and Shouth Shields. 4 Portraits

Bryan Robson (1957-), Footballer and football manager. 1 Portrait

Dame Flora Robson (1902-1984), Actor. 48 Portraits

(Thomas) Frederick Robson (né Brownbill) (1821-1864), Actor. 14 Portraits

John Robson (1804-1872), Minister of Wellington Street Church, Glasgow. 1 Portrait

John Evans Robson (before 1799-1874), Vicar of Hartwith and Trustee of Burnt Yates School, Harrogate, for 49 years. 1 Portrait

Johnny Robson (died 1999), Press photographer. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Robson. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Robson (1909-1978), Physician. 2 Portraits

Sir Lawrence William Robson (1904-1982), Financial advisor and accountant. 1 Portrait

Richard Bateman Robson (1753-1827), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Buston Robson (1896-1991), Chartered accountant. 1 Portrait

William Alexander Robson (1895-1980), Professor of Public Administration, academic lawyer and editor. 2 Portraits

Reverend Dr Robson (active 1860s), Scottish divine. 1 Portrait

Miss Robson (active 1912), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir William Robson Brown (1900-1975), Politician. 1 Portrait

William Roby (1766-1830), Congregational divine. 1 Portrait

Patricia Roc (1918-2003), Film actress. 3 Portraits

Blas Roca Calderío (né Francisco Calderío) (1909-1987), Leading theoretician of the Cuban Revolution. 2 Portraits

Sue Roccelli (active 2011), Editorial Assistant and Indexer, Private Eye. 2 Portraits

Simone Rocha (1986-), Fashion designer; daughter of John Rocha. 1 Portrait

John Durival Kemp, 1st Viscount Rochdale (1906-1993), Businessman; son of 1st Baron Rochdale. 4 Portraits

George Kemp, 1st Baron Rochdale (1866-1945), Colonel and politician. 5 Portraits

Alexander Adair Roche, Baron Roche of Chadlington (1871-1956), Judge. 5 Portraits

Alexander George ('Alec') Roche (1931-), Lawyer; son of George Roche. 2 Portraits

Antoine Roche (active 1850). 2 Portraits

C.? Roche (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Emily Roche (née Moscheles) (active 1847), Wife of Antoine Roche; daughter of Ignatz Moscheles. 2 Portraits

Eugenius Roche (1780 or 1786-1829), Journal editor. 1 Portrait

Henry John Roche (1864-1944), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Philip Arthur Roche (died 1970), Royal Navy Captain. 1 Portrait

Sophie von La Roche (Anna Sophie Gutermann) (1730-1807), German author. 1 Portrait

Stamford Hearn Roche (born 1894), Director of Hibernian Bank. 2 Portraits

Sir Standish O'Grady Roche, 4th Bt (1911-1977), Naval commander and Aide-de-camp to Governor-General of New Zealand. 6 Portraits

Tom W. Roche (active 1923). 1 Portrait

William Roche (1775-1850), Politician; MP for Limerick. 1 Portrait

Lady Roche, Wife of Sir T. Roche. 1 Portrait

Victor Henri Rochefort, Marquis de Rochefort-Luçay (1830-1913), French journalist and politician. 4 Portraits

Henry Wilmot, 1st Earl of Rochester (baptised 1613-1658), Royalist army officer and politician; MP for Tamworth. 4 Portraits

John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1647-1680), Poet and libertine. 11 Portraits

Jane Hyde (née Leveson-Gower), Countess of Clarendon and Rochester (circa 1672-1725), Wife of 2nd Earl of Rochester and 4th Earl of Clarendon. 4 Portraits

Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester (1641-1711), Politician; MP for several constituencies and writer. 15 Portraits

Henrietta Hyde (née Boyle), Countess of Rochester (1645 or 1646-1687), Wife of 1st Earl of Rochester. 3 Portraits

Ernest Henry Lamb, 1st Baron Rochester (1876-1955), Politician; MP for Rochester. 8 Portraits

Rosa Dorothea Lamb (née Hurst), Lady Rochester, Wife of 1st Baron Rochester. 2 Portraits

Foster Charles Lowry Lamb, 2nd Baron Rochester (1916-2017), Army captain. 2 Portraits

Bessey Nassau van Zuylestein (née Savage), Countess of Rochford (1698 or 1699-1746), Former wife of 3rd Earl of Rochford, and later wife of Reverend Philip Carter. 5 Portraits

William Henry Nassau de Zuylestein, 4th Earl of Rochford (1717-1781), Statesman. 6 Portraits

John Downes Rochfort (1825-1885), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Alexis Rochon (1741-1817), Astronomer. 1 Portrait

Daniel Rock (1799-1871), Ecclesiologist. 1 Portrait

Derek Rock, Actor. 1 Portrait

Edward Anthony Rock (died 1815), Actor. 2 Portraits

George H. Rock, United States naval officer. 4 Portraits

Rosemary Rock, Dancer. 1 Portrait

Sheila Rock (1980-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Rock (died 1793 or after), Actress. 1 Portrait

Angelique Rockas (1951-), Actress, activist and theatre producer; founder of Internationalist Theatre, London. 1 Portrait

Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquess of Rockingham (1730-1782), Prime Minister. 14 Portraits

Anne Watson (née Wentworth), Lady Rockingham (1629-1695 or 1696), Wife of 2nd Baron Rockingham. 4 Portraits

Evelyn Cecil, 1st Baron Rockley (1865-1941), Politician, barrister and company director. 14 Portraits

Robert William Evelyn Cecil, 2nd Baron Rockley (1901-1976), Engineer. 3 Portraits

Anne Margaret Cecil (née Meade-Fetherstonhaugh), Lady Rockley (1912-1980), Wife of 2nd Baron Rockley. 4 Portraits

James Hugh Cecil, 3rd Baron Rockley (1934-2011), Businessman and trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 5 Portraits

Alexander Gordon, Lord Rockville (1739-1792), Senator of the College of Justice. 1 Portrait

Ambrose Rockwood (1664-1696), Jacobite Conspirator and Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Sir David Thomas Rocyn-Jones (1872-1953), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Mila Rodani (active 1876-1877), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Francis Rodd (1806-1880), of Trebartha. 1 Portrait

Hon. Peter Murray Rennell Rodd (1904-1968), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of 1st Baron Rennell; husband of Nancy Mitford. 2 Portraits

Dame Anita Lucia Roddick (1942-2007), Businesswoman and campaigner. 8 Portraits

Sam Roddick (1971-), Founder and Creative Director of Coco de Mer; daughter of Anita Roddick. 1 Portrait

Guy Lindsay Roddon (1919-2006), Painter and teacher. 1 Portrait

Robert Jocelyn, 3rd Earl of Roden (1788-1870), Auditor-General of the Exchequer in Ireland and customs rotulorum of County Louth. 8 Portraits

Robert Jocelyn, 4th Earl of Roden (1846-1880), Soldier and courtier. 4 Portraits

John Strange Jocelyn, 5th Earl of Roden (1823-1897), Soldier and representative peer. 1 Portrait

Clodagh Rose Jocelyn (née Kennedy), Countess of Roden (died 1989), Wife of 9th Earl of Roden. 1 Portrait

Emanuel Rodericus (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Rodger (circa 1875-1950), Forestry expert. 2 Portraits

George Rodger (1908-1995), Photographer. 2 Portraits

William Rodgers, Baron Rodgers (1928-), Politician; co-founder and leader of the Liberal Democrats. 1 Portrait

Anton Rodgers (1933-2007), Actor. 1 Portrait

Clodagh Rodgers (1947-), Singer; actress. 1 Portrait

Harold Nickinson Rodgers (died 1947), Bishop of Sherborne. 1 Portrait

Sir John Charles Rodgers, 1st Bt (1906-1993), Conservative politician; MP for Sevenoaks. 9 Portraits

Paul Rodgers (1943-), Professor of Peace Studies. 1 Portrait

Piers Rodgers (1944-), Secretary of the Royal Academy. 1 Portrait

Sir (John Fairlie) Tobias Rodgers (1940-1997), Antiquarian bookseller, publisher and journalist. 1 Portrait

William Rodgers (1871-1936), Headmaster, Brighton College and reverend. 2 Portraits

David Rodigan (1951-), DJ. 1 Portrait

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), Sculptor. 11 Portraits

George Bridges Rodney, 1st Baron Rodney (1718-1792), Admiral. 16 Portraits

George Rodney, 7th Baron Rodney (1857-1909), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Corisande Evelyn Vere (née Guest), Lady Rodney (1870-1943), Wife of 7th Baron Rodney; daughter of 1st Baron Wimborne. 5 Portraits

Donald Rodney (1961-1998), Artist. 1 Portrait

Gladys Cecil Hamar Rodney (née Greenwood) (died 1966), Wife of Hon. Charles Christian Simon Rodney; sister of 1st Viscount Greenwood. 5 Portraits

Hon. (Charles Christian) Simon Rodney (1895-1980), Son of 7th Baron Rodney. 4 Portraits

Emmanuel Michel Rodocanachi (1855-1932), Director of Midland Bank. 1 Portrait

Jenny Rodocanachi (née Sechiari) (1842-1927), Wife of Peter Pandia Rodocanachi; daughter of George Sechiari. 2 Portraits

Peter Pandia Rodocanachi (1831-1899), Merchant and banker. 3 Portraits

Linda Dorothy Rodrigues (née Glibbery) (1943-), Artist and art gallery manager. 2 Portraits

Mariano Rodriguez (1912-1990), Cuban artist. 2 Portraits

Eve Rodwell. 1 Portrait

George Herbert Bonaparte Rodwell (1800-1852), Music director and composer. 1 Portrait

John Rodwell (1946-), Major. 3 Portraits

Mary Packer Rodwell (née Boggis) (1822-1914), Daughter of James Boggis; wife of Benjamin Bridges Hunter Rodwell QC. 1 Portrait

Thomas Roe, 1st Baron Roe (1832-1923), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Alice Mary Roe (née Cookson) (1866-1941), Wife of Charles Edward Roe. 1 Portrait

Bassett Roe (Neil Augustus Richard Leitch) (1860-1934), Actor. 1 Portrait

Charles Roe (1715-1781), Copper industrialist. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Roe (1862-1940), Painter and divine. Brother of Fred Roe. 3 Portraits

Fred Roe (1864-1947), Artist. 2 Portraits

Frederic Gordon Roe (1894-1985), Author and art critic; son of Fred Roe. 1 Portrait

John Roe (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Letitia Mabel Roe (née Lee) (1869-1940), Wife of Fred Roe; mother of Frederic Gordon Roe. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Knowles), Lady Roe (died 1883), Wife of Sir Frederick Adair Roe, 1st Bt; daughter of George Knowles. 1 Portrait

Robert Roe. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Roe (1581-1644), Diplomat and politician; MP for Oxford. 5 Portraits

Thomas David ('Tommy') Roe (1942-), Singer and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Sir William Gordon Roe (1904-1969), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Ellie Roebuck (1999-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

John Arthur Roebuck (1802-1879), Politician; MP for Bath and Sheffield. 34 Portraits

Nicolas Jack Roeg (1928-2018), Cinematographer and film director. 5 Portraits

Gabriel Roelans. 1 Portrait

Jacob Roelans. 2 Portraits

Joannes Roelans. 1 Portrait

Winston Roeth (1945-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Philip Roff (active 1963), Rower. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Forbes Proctor Roger (1878-1961), Businessman and public servant. 3 Portraits

Neil Munro ('Bunny') Roger (1911-1997), Fashion designer and dandy. 5 Portraits

Sir Richard George Rogers, Baron Rogers of Riverside (1933-2021), Architect. 17 Portraits

Ruth Elias, Lady Rogers (1948-), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Alan Francis Bright Rogers (1907-2003), Bishop of Mauritius. 20 Portraits

Alfred Douglas Rogers (1897-1948), Air Commodore. 1 Portrait

Anna Rogers (active 1920s). 1 Portrait

Annie Mary Anne Henley Rogers (1856-1937), Promoter of women's higher education. 1 Portrait

Arthur William Rogers (1872-1946), Director of Geological Survey, South Africa. 2 Portraits

Bruce Rogers (1870-1957), Book designer. 14 Portraits

Charles Rogers (1711-1784), Collector. 3 Portraits

Claude Rogers (1907-1979), Painter and teacher of art. 2 Portraits

Dafydd Rogers (1969-), Theatre producer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Rogers (1498?-1567?), Esquire of the Body of Henry VIII. 3 Portraits

Fern Rogers, Actress. 2 Portraits

Frederick Chalmers Rogers (1887-1949), Priest. 2 Portraits

George Henry Roland Rogers (1906-1983), Labour Politician; MP for Kensington North. 8 Portraits

Gladys Rogers (active 1924), Debutante. 1 Portrait

(Travers) Guy Rogers (1876-1967), Canon of Birmingham and author. 7 Portraits

Guy Coltman Rogers (1891-1976), Member of Lloyds. 1 Portrait

Herbert Clifford Rogers (1923-2003), Chief Test Pilot of Rolls-Royce Ltd. 1 Portrait

Herman Rogers. 2 Portraits

Hugh Hext Rogers (1883-1955), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Inkerman Rogers (1866-1959), Geologist. 1 Portrait

James Edwin Thorold Rogers (1823-1890). 2 Portraits

James Guinness Rogers (1822-1911), Congregational minister. 2 Portraits

Jane Rosalind Rogers (1952-), Novelist and playwright. 1 Portrait

John Rogers (circa 1500-1555), Biblical editor and martyr. 2 Portraits

John Rogers (1572-1636), Preacher of Dedham, Essex. 6 Portraits

John Rogers (born 1627), Fifth Monarchist writer. 2 Portraits

John Rogers (1716-1790), Nonconformist minister. 1 Portrait

John Rogers (1878-1975), Chemist and industrialist. 1 Portrait

John Middleton Rogers (1864-1945), Soldier and Sheriff of Kent. 1 Portrait

Katherine Rogers. 2 Portraits

Sir Leonard Rogers (1868-1962), Pioneer of tropical medicine. 6 Portraits

Leonard James Rogers (1862-1933), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Malcolm Austin Rogers (1948-), Museum director; Curator of 16th and 17th Century Collections, National Portrait Gallery. 8 Portraits

Maria Rogers (née Hichens) (1821-1911), Daughter of William Hichens; wife of John Jope Rogers MP. 1 Portrait

Nancy Rogers. 2 Portraits

Nehemiah Rogers (baptised 1594-1660), Church of England Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Richard Rogers (1551-1618), Church of England clergyman and author. 2 Portraits

Robert Rogers (1727-1800), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Hon. Robert Rogers (1864-1936), Canadian minister. 7 Portraits

(Victor) Sam Rogers (active 1944), King's Counsel. 5 Portraits

Samuel Rogers (1763-1855), Poet, banker and art connoisseur. 23 Portraits

Timothy Rogers (1658-1728), Presbyterian minister. 1 Portrait

Walter Lacy Rogers (1830?-1885), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Warren Lincoln Rogers (1877-1938), Bishop of Ohio. 1 Portrait

William Rogers (1819-1896), Rector of St Botolph, Bishopsgate; founder of the Bishopsgate Institute; educational reformer. 1 Portrait

Miss Rogers (active 1926), Daughter of John Middleton Rogers and Muriel Rogers (née Morrison-Bell). 3 Portraits

Rogers, Artist. 1 Portrait

John Rogerson (born 1782), One of the original founders of the Mark Lane Express and Agricultural Journal. 1 Portrait

Sidney Rogerson (1894-1968), Writer. 23 Portraits

Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869), Physician, philologist and savant; author of 'Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases'. 4 Portraits

Tamara Rojo (1974-), Ballet dancer and Artistic Director of the English National Ballet. 1 Portrait

Richard Robinson, 1st Baron Rokeby (1709-1794), Archbishop of Armagh. 5 Portraits

Matthew Robinson-Morris, 2nd Baron Rokeby (1713-1800), Eccentric. 3 Portraits

Henry Robinson-Montagu, 6th Baron Rokeby (1798-1883), Army officer and landowner. 3 Portraits

Mr Rokeby (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

John Gage Rokewode (1786-1842), Antiquary. 4 Portraits

Henry Roland (1907-1993), Art Dealer; Partner of Roland, Browse and Delbanco. 3 Portraits

Edmund Rolfe (1738-1817), High Sheriff of Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Francis Harry Rolfe (1868-1914), Superintendent. 2 Portraits

Henry Leonidas Rolfe (active 1847-1881), Painter of fishing subjects. 1 Portrait

Eric Roll, 1st Baron Roll of Ipsden (1907-2005), Professor of Economics. 10 Portraits

John Rolle, Baron Rolle (1751-1842), Politician; MP for Devon. 6 Portraits

Lady Louisa Barbara Rolle (1796-1885), Second wife of John Rolle, Baron Rolle. 1 Portrait

Henry Rolle (1589?-1656), Judge. 5 Portraits

Mark George Kerr Rolle (1835-1907). 1 Portrait

G. Trevor Roller, Actor. 12 Portraits

Arthur George Rolleston, Soldier. 2 Portraits

George Rolleston (1829-1881), Physician and physiologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Humphry Davy Rolleston, Bt (1862-1944), Physician. 5 Portraits

Sir John Fowke Lancelot Rolleston (1848-1919), Politician; MP for Leicester and Hertford. 7 Portraits

Sir Lancelot Rolleston (1847-1941), Colonel and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Robert Rolleston. 1 Portrait

Hon. Susan Agnes Rolleston (née Massey) (1890-1972), Wife of Arthur George Rolleston; daughter of 5th Baron Clarina. 4 Portraits

Charles Rollin (1661-1741), French scholar. 1 Portrait

Mrs Rollings, Nurse to Hannah Smith (née Whitall) (Mrs Pearsall Smith). 1 Portrait

Sir Albert Rollit (1842-1922), Politician; MP for Islington South; lawyer and businessman. 2 Portraits

John Rogerson Rollo, 10th Baron Rollo (1835-1916), Representative peer. 2 Portraits

Agnes Bruce (née Trotter), Lady Rollo (1835-1906), Wife of 10th Baron Rollo; daughter of Robert Knox Trotter. 1 Portrait

Lady Lily Marie Rollo (née Seiflow) (died 1989), Third wife of 12th Lord Rollo. 7 Portraits

Hon. David Ian Rollo (1921-1981), Third son of 12th Lord Rollo. 1 Portrait

Edith C.Rollo (née Currie), Wife of Hon. Bernard Francis Rollo; daughter of Laurence Currie. 2 Portraits

Simon David Paul Rollo (1939-), Fifth son of 12th Lord Rollo. 7 Portraits

Hon. Charles Stewart Rolls (1877-1910), Car manufacturer, aviator and Managing Director of Rolls-Royce. 8 Portraits

Sir John Rolt (1804-1871), Judge. 1 Portrait

Dan Rolyat (Herbert Taylor) (1872-1927), Actor. 1 Portrait

Claire Romaine (circa 1873-1964), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Romaine (1714-1795), Evangelical divine. 13 Portraits

William Govett Romaine (1815-1893), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Romano Romanelli (1882-1968), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

George John Romanes (1848-1894), Scientist. 2 Portraits

Cicely J.E. Romanis, First wife of Anthony John ('Tony') Hancock. 2 Portraits

Princess Xenia Andreevna Romanoff of Russia (1919-2000), Wife of Geoffrey Tooth; daughter of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich of Russia; great niece of Tsar Nicholas II. 4 Portraits

Casilda Alonso-Martínez y Martín, Condesa de Romanones, Wife of Álvaro de Figueroa y Torres Mendieta, Conde de Romanones. 4 Portraits

Álvaro de Figueroa y Torres Mendieta, Conde de Romanones (1863-1950), Prime Minister of Spain and historian. 3 Portraits

Athos Romanos (1858-1940), Greek minister in Paris. 2 Portraits

Princess Sheila Margaret MacKellar Romanov (née Chisholm, later Lady Loughborough, later Milbanke) (1895-1969), Socialite; former wife of Francis St Clair-Erskine, Lord Loughborough and of Sir John Milbanke, and later wife of Prince Dimitri of Russia; daughter of Harry Chisholm. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rome (1852-1938), Shipping magnate. 1 Portrait

Antonia Romeo (1974-), Permanent Secretary of the Department for International Trade. 1 Portrait

Mark Lemon Romer, Baron Romer (1866-1944), Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Francis Romer (1869-1962), General. 12 Portraits

Sir Charles Robert Ritchie Romer (1897-1969), Judge. 8 Portraits

Emma Romer (1814-1868), Opera singer; wife of George Almond. 2 Portraits

Isabella Frances Romer (1798-1852), Novelist and travel writer. 2 Portraits

Phoebe Veronica Romer (née Preston) (1915-1973), Daughter of Kerrison Preston. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Romer (1840-1918), Judge. 1 Portrait

Miss Romer (active early 1890s), Singer; aunt of Mrs Robert Brough. 1 Portrait

Herbert George Romeril (1881-1963), Labour politician; MP for St Pancras South East. 1 Portrait

Rebecca Jayne Romero (1980-), Track cyclist and rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

William Romilly, 2nd Baron Romilly (1835-1891), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Anne Romilly (née Garbett) (circa 1773-1818), Wife of Sir Samuel Romilly. 1 Portrait

Esmond Marcus David Romilly (1918-1941), Writer. 3 Portraits

Giles Samuel Bertram Romilly (1916-1967), Writer. 4 Portraits

Nellie Romilly (1888-1955), Daughter of Sir Henry Hozier; sister of Lady Churchill; wife of Bertram Romilly. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Romilly (1757-1818), Solicitor-General and law reformer. 8 Portraits

Henry Sidney, Earl of Romney (1641-1704), Politician and Colonel. 9 Portraits

Charles Marsham, 1st Earl Romney (1744-1811). 2 Portraits

Charles Marsham, 2nd Earl of Romney (1777-1845), British peer and politician; MP for Hythe and Downtown. 2 Portraits

Charles Marsham, 6th Earl of Romney (1892-1975), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Frances Marsham (née Wyndham), Countess Romney (1755-1795), Daughter of 2nd Earl of Egremont; wife of 1st Earl Romney. 1 Portrait

Robert Marsham, 2nd Baron Romney (1712-1793), Patron of science and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

George Romney (1734-1802), Portrait painter. 5 Portraits

Peter Romney (1743-1777), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Landon Ronald (1873-1938), Musician and conductor. 15 Portraits

Mimi (née Ettlinger), Lady Ronald (1873-1932), First wife of Sir Landon Ronald. 4 Portraits

Sir Nigel Bruce Ronald (1894-1973), Senior civil servant. 1 Portrait

Mary Frances ('Fanny') Ronalds (née Carter) (1839-1916), American-born singer and society beauty; wife of Pierre Lorillard Ronalds; daughter of Joseph Ballard Carter. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Ronalds (1788-1873), Inventor of the electric telegraph and meteorologist. 4 Portraits

Francis Ronaldson (died 1818), Royal Edinburgh Volunteer and Surveyor of the General Post Office. 2 Portraits

Thomas Martine Ronaldson (1881-1942), Painter. 2 Portraits

Saoirse Ronan (1994-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Edina Ronay (1943-), Fashion model and designer. 2 Portraits

Egon Ronay (1915-2010), Food critic and founder of the Egon Ronay hotel and restaurant guides. 1 Portrait

Cristoforo Roncalli (1552-1626), Painter. 4 Portraits

Giorgio Ronconi (1810-1890), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Maurice Ronet (1927-1983), Actor, director and writer. 1 Portrait

Henriette Ronner (née Knip) (1821-1909), Painter. 1 Portrait

W. Ronney. 1 Portrait

Gerald Maurice Ronson (1939-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Karel Rood (1892-1982), Lieutenant-Colonel, politician and industrialist; son of Evert Rood. 4 Portraits

Bernard John Rook (1912-1966), Jockey. 2 Portraits

Sir William James Rook (1885-1958), Civil servant, exert in the sugar market. 3 Portraits

Augusta Harriet Rooke (née Pyrke) (circa 1845-1901), Wife of Octavius Cobb Rooke; daughter of Duncombe Pyrke. 1 Portrait

Sir George Rooke (circa 1650-1709), Admiral. 11 Portraits

Sir Giles Rooke (1743-1808), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Willoughby Rooke (1782-1869), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Irene Rooke (1878-1958), Actress. 9 Portraits

Mary Rooke (née Luttrel), Lady Rooke (1681-1702 or 1703), Second wife of Admiral Sir George Rooke. 2 Portraits

Octavius Cobb Rooke (1827-1888), Writer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Matthews ('T.M.') Rooke (1842-1942), Painter and Sir Edward Burne-Jones's studio assistant. 1 Portrait

Jeffrey William Rooker, Baron Rooker (1941-), Politician; Minister of State for Sustainable Food, Farming and Animal Health. 1 Portrait

Letitia Rooker, Keeper of a coffee house at Bury. 1 Portrait

Ambrose Rookwood (1578?-1606), Gunpowder plot conspirator. 2 Portraits

Henry Roome (1830?-1915), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Sir Horace Eckford Roome (1887-1964), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Marion Charlotte Roome (1835?-1916), Wife of Henry Roome. 1 Portrait

Albrecht Theodore Emil, Count Von Roon (1803-1879), German soldier. 2 Portraits

Mick Rooney (1944-), Painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Owen Patrick James Rooney (1900-1972), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Wayne Mark Rooney (1985-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Alice Roope (née Tegart). 1 Portrait

William Trevor Rooper (1837-1872), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Edward Charles Robson Roose (1848-1905), Physician. 1 Portrait

Olwen Roose (born 1900), Actress. 2 Portraits

Betsey Roosevelt (née Cushing, later Whitney) (1908-1998), Philanthropist; former wife of James Roosevelt, and later wife of John Hay Whitney; daughter of Harvey Cushing. 2 Portraits

(Anna) Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), Politician, diplomat and activist; wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 1 Portrait

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), President of the United States. 6 Portraits

James Roosevelt (1907-1991), Congressman; son of President Roosevelt. 2 Portraits

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), President of the United States of America. 5 Portraits

Howard Eugene Root (1926-2007), Theologian and Preceptor of Malling Abbey. 1 Portrait

William Edward Rootes, 1st Baron Rootes (1894-1964), British Motor Car Manufacturer. 7 Portraits

Sir Reginald Rootes (1896-1977), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Henry Goodwin Rooth (1861-1928), Court magistrate. 1 Portrait

Cyril Bradley Rootham (1875-1938), Composer, musical director and educator. 2 Portraits

Jasper St John Rootham (1910-1990), Civil servant; Private Secretary to Neville Chamberlain. 6 Portraits

Logan Herbert Roots (1870-1945), Bishop of Hankow, China. 1 Portrait

Roots Manuva (Rodney Smith) (1972-), Hip-hop musician. 1 Portrait

Adel Rootstein (1930-1992), Mannequin designer. 1 Portrait

Abel Roper (baptised 1665-1726), Bookseller and political writer. 4 Portraits

Alexander William Roper (1862-1940), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Charlotte Lydia (née Pleydell-Bouverie), Lady Roper (1823-1892), Wife of Sir Henry Roper; daughter of Hon. Frederick Pleydell-Bouverie. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Roper (1891-1971), Conservative politician; MP for North Cornwall. 1 Portrait

Herbert Campion Roper (1868-1941), Hon. Canon of Ely Cathedral. 1 Portrait

John Charles Roper (1858-1940), Archbishop of Ottawa and Metropolitan of Ontario. 1 Portrait

Margaret Roper (1505-1544), Daughter of Sir Thomas More. 7 Portraits

Nigel Edward Roper (died 1983), Royal Navy Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Stanley Roper (1878-1953), Organist and composer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ralph Henry Roper-Curzon (1899-1979), Captain and Consul. 2 Portraits

Sir (William) Guy Ropner (1896-1971), Businessman. 7 Portraits

Sir (Emil Hugo Oscar) Robert Ropner, 1st Bt (1838-1924), Politician, army officer, shipbuilder and shipowner. 5 Portraits

Kate Rorke (Mrs Douglas Cree) (1866-1945), Actress and teacher of elocution. 14 Portraits

Mary Rorke (1858-1938), Actress. 4 Portraits

Edmundo Ros (1910-2011), Musician; vocalist and bandleader. 4 Portraits

Carl August Nicholas Rosa (1842-1889), German opera singer. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe (1833-1915), Chemist and university administrator. 11 Portraits

Kenneth Harry Roscoe (1914-1970), Professor of Engineering and scholar. 1 Portrait

William Roscoe (1753-1831), Banker, historian and collector. 6 Portraits

Frances Roscol? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Wentworth Dillon, 4th Earl of Roscommon (1633?-1685), Poet and translator of Horace. 2 Portraits

Stuart Alan Ransom Rose, Baron Rose of Monewden (1949-), Chief Executive, Marks & Spencer plc; Chairman, British Fashion Council; life peer. 2 Portraits

Lady Jean Maule Rose (née Ramsay) (1909-1997), Wife of David McNeil Campbell Rose; daughter of 14th Earl of Dalhousie. 1 Portrait

Abrahan Maurice Rose (1925-), Administrator. 1 Portrait

Alfred Carey Wollaston Rose (1884-1971), Suffragan Bishop of Dover and Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Canterbury. 1 Portrait

Alfred Frederick Rose (1864-1947), Painter. 1 Portrait

Cecil Rose (active 1903), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Day Rose, 1st Bt (1847-1903), Racehorse owner, trainer and Liberal politician; MP for Newmarket. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Henry Rose, 3rd Bt (1912-1966), Officer in the Royal Navy. 3 Portraits

Charles Morrison Rose (1900-1994), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir Clive Martin Rose (1921-2019), Diplomat; major in the Rifle Brigade. 2 Portraits

Edward Joseph Rose (circa 1818-1882), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Edwin E. Rose. 1 Portrait

Emily Winter Rose (née Chadwick) (circa 1825-1907), Wife of James Anderson Rose; daughter of William Chadwick. 1 Portrait

Frederick ('Eric') Hamilton Rose (1872-1947), Merchant banker. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Cyril Stanley Rose, 4th Bt of Montreal (1909-1979), Artist. 6 Portraits

Frank Herbert Rose (1857-1928), Labour politician: MP for Aberdeen South. 3 Portraits

George Rose (1744-1818), Statesman. 14 Portraits

Sir George Rose (1782-1873), Judge. 1 Portrait

George Henry Rose (1770-1855), Diplomatist. 1 Portrait

Herbert Jennings Rose (1883-1961), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Hilary Ann Rose (née Chantler) (1935-), Sociologist. 1 Portrait

James Anderson Rose (1819-1890), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Jasper Rose, Art historian. 1 Portrait

Jessie Rose (1875-1928), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Rose (1619-1677), Gardener and Nurseryman. 1 Portrait

John Donald Rose (1911-1976), Managing Director. 1 Portrait

John Holland Rose (1855-1942), Scholar. 2 Portraits

Justin Rose (1980-), Golfer. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Rose (née Moore), Daughter of Colonel Francis Moore. 1 Portrait

Marie Louise Rose, Daughter of Mrs Rose. 2 Portraits

Mildred ('Penelope') Rose, Reporter and columnist. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Rose, 1st Bt (1816-1883), Lawyer and political agent. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Humphrey Vivian Rose, 3rd Bt (1903-1982), Captain. 8 Portraits

Rosamond Mary Rose (née Trafford) (1895-1958), Wife of Eric Hamilton Rose. 8 Portraits

Samuel Rose (1767-1804), Lawyer and friend of the poet William Cowper. 1 Portrait

Steven Peter Russell Rose (1938-), Scientist. 1 Portrait

Thomas (Tommy) Rose (1895-1968), Airman; Test pilot. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Kirke Rose (1865-1953), Chemist and Assayer of the Mint. 1 Portrait

Sir William Rose, 2nd Bt (1846-1902), Stockbroker. 5 Portraits

William Stewart Rose (1775-1843), Poet and translator. 1 Portrait

Mrs Rose. 2 Portraits

Mr Rose, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

Miss Rose, Actress. 1 Portrait

Archibald Primrose, 4th Earl of Rosebery (1783-1868), Fellow of the Royal Society and politician; MP for Helston and Cashel. 2 Portraits

Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery (1847-1929), Prime Minister and author; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 24 Portraits

Hannah Primrose (née de Rothschild), Countess of Rosebery (1851-1890), Wife of 5th Earl of Rosebery. 1 Portrait

(Albert Edward) Harry Mayer Archibald Primrose, 6th Earl of Rosebery (1882-1974), Landowner and racehorse breeder. 3 Portraits

Dorothy Alice Margaret Augusta Primrose (née Grosvenor), Countess Rosebery (1890-1966), Former wife of 6th Earl of Rosebery and of Robert Bingham Brassey and of Chetwode Charles Hamilton Hilton-Green, and later wife of Richard Herbert Mack. 2 Portraits

Helen Rose-Innes (1895-1962), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Sir James Rose-Innes (1855-1942), Chief Justice of South Africa. 1 Portrait

Amy Roselle (Mrs Arthur Dacre) (1854-1895), Actress. 7 Portraits

Percy Roselle (born 1856), Dwarf actor; brother of Amy Roselle. 1 Portrait

Fedora Roselli ((Edith) Dora Bernard (née Hodges)) (1896-1950), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Friedrich August Rosen (1805-1837), Sanskritist. 2 Portraits

Ismond Rosen (1924-1996), Psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and artist. 1 Portrait

Michael Wayne Rosen (1946-), Poet and author, Children's Laureate and radio presenter. 2 Portraits

Anthony Rosenbaum (circa 1831-1888), Painter. 1 Portrait

A. Rosenbawm (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Isaac Rosenberg (1890-1918), Painter and poet. 2 Portraits

Philip Rosenhagen (1737?-1798), Divine. 1 Portrait

Walter Rosenhain (1875-1934), Metallurgical consultant. 2 Portraits

Louis Rosenhead (1906-1984), Mathematician; Professor of Applied Mathematics. 2 Portraits

Max Leonard Rosenheim, Baron Rosenheim (1908-1972), Physician. 2 Portraits

Otto Rosenheim (1871-1955), Organic chemist and biochemist. 1 Portrait

Eric Rosenkrantz (1612-1681), Danish envoy. 1 Portrait

Holger Rosenkrantz (1586-1647), Nobleman and soldier. 2 Portraits

Palle Rosenkrantz, Danish envoy. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Rosenthal (1875-1954), Major-General and architect. 7 Portraits

Sir Norman Rosenthal (1944-), Curator; Exhibitions Secretary, Royal Academy of Arts. 1 Portrait

Thomas Gabriel ('Tom') Rosenthal (1935-), Publisher, writer and broadcaster; Chairman and Managing Director of André Deutsch Ltd. 1 Portrait

Mademoiselle Rosetti, Singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Martin Pearson Roseveare (1898-1985), Educationist and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Reginald Richard Roseveare (1902-1972), Bishop of Accra, Ghana. 1 Portrait

Leslie Roseware? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir (George) David Roseway (1890-1969), Director of Finance, War Office. 1 Portrait

Roshanara (Olive Craddock) (1894-1926), Dancer. 22 Portraits

Sir Ashton Wentworth Roskill (1902-1991), Barrister and public servant. 3 Portraits

Hercules George Robert Robinson, 1st Baron Rosmead (1824-1897), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Hon. Edith Louisa Robinson (née Handcock), Baroness Rosmead (1863-1936), Wife of 2nd Baron Rosmead; daughter of 4th Baron Castlemaine. 4 Portraits

Milton Rosmer (1882-1971), Actor. 5 Portraits

Leonard Rosoman (1913-2012), Painter. 7 Portraits

Robert Reynolds Rosoman (1876-1953), Naval Commander. 1 Portrait

Hon. Helen Mary Grace Rospigliosi (née Lyon-Dalberg-Acton) (1910-2001), Daughter of 2nd Baron Acton of Aldenham; wife of Guglielmo Principe Rospigliosi. 3 Portraits

William Ross, Baron Ross of Marnock (1911-1988), Secretary of State for Scotland. 1 Portrait

Alan John Ross (1922-2001), Writer and editor. 7 Portraits

Alec Ross, Dancer. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Ross (1907-1994), Banker and businessman. 2 Portraits

Alexander Ross (active mid 19th century), Civil engineer; resident engineer, Conway district. 1 Portrait

Alexander Ross (1591-1654), Clergyman and writer. 11 Portraits

Alexander Ross (1742-1827), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Alexander Ross (1880-1973), Brigadier-General, barrister and judge. 1 Portrait

Alexander Henry Ross (1829-1888), Barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

Annie Ross (Annabelle Short) (1930-2020), Singer, actress, composer and club owner. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald David Manisty Ross (1911-1996), Ambassador. 3 Portraits

Sir Archibald John Campbell Ross (1867-1931), Engineer and shipbuilder. 1 Portrait

Charles Ross (1864-1930), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Charles Christopher Gordon Ross (1931-2010), Captain. 6 Portraits

Sir (William) David Ross (1877-1971), Scholar and philosopher. 21 Portraits

David Ross (1965-), Co-founder and Deputy Chairman, The Carphone Warehouse. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Evelyn Francis (née Ryder), Lady Ross (1900-1987), Wife of Sir Ronald Deane Ross, 2nd Bt; daughter of A. Dudley Ryder. 1 Portrait

Edward Ross (active circa 1860). 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Denison Ross (1871-1940), Orientalist. 11 Portraits

Elizabeth Ross (circa 1926-), Actress. 1 Portrait

E. Ross, Actress. 1 Portrait

George Campbell Ross (1900-1993), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry James Ross (1893-1973), President of Distillers Co Ltd. 2 Portraits

Sir Hew Dalrymple Ross (1779-1868), Field Marshal. 3 Portraits

Horatio Ross (1801-1886), Sportsman. 2 Portraits

Sir James Clark Ross (1800-1862), Rear-Admiral and Arctic explorer. 15 Portraits

Sir James Paterson Ross, 1st Bt (1895-1980), Surgeon to the Queen. 7 Portraits

Sir James Stirling Ross (1877-1961), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

James Stiven Ross (1892-1975), Principal of Westminster Training College. 1 Portrait

Janet Ann Ross (née Duff Gordon) (1842-1927), Traveller and author. 1 Portrait

Jennifer Ross (née Fry) (1916-2003), Literary muse; wife of Alan Ross; daughter of Sir Geoffrey Fry, Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ross (1777-1856), Rear-Admiral and Arctic explorer. 7 Portraits

Sir John Ross (1829-1905), General, Rifle Brigade. 1 Portrait

Sir John Foster George Ross-of-Bladensburg (1848-1926), Soldier and historian. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Steven Ross (1960-), Broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Juliana Ross (née Moseley) (1834-1902), Wife of Alexander Henry Ross; daughter of William Moseley. 1 Portrait

Liberty Ross (1978-), Fashion model. 2 Portraits

Maurice James Ross (1908-1996), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Minnie Ross (died 1892), Actress. 1 Portrait

Nkanza Ross (1877-1892), Student of The Congo Institute, Colwyn Bay. 1 Portrait

Oriel Ross (1907-1994), Actress and amateur artist. 1 Portrait

Patrick Ross (circa 1740-1804), Military engineer. 1 Portrait

Robert Ross (1766-1814), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Robert ('Robbie') Baldwin Ross (1869-1918), Journalist and art critic; literary executor of Oscar Wilde; manager of the Carfax gallery. 4 Portraits

Robert Lockhart Ross (1823-1873), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Robert Peel Ross (1888-1963), Air Commodore. 2 Portraits

Sir Ronald Ross (1857-1932), Discoverer of the mosquito cycle in malaria. 12 Portraits

Sir Ronald Deane Ross, 2nd Bt (1888-1958), Lieutenant-Colonel. 14 Portraits

Hon. Roxana Rose Catherine Naila Ross (née Lampson) (1945-), Wife of Ian Ross; daughter of 1st Baron Killearn. 23 Portraits

Tony Ross (1938-), Illustrator. 1 Portrait

William Alexander Ross (1891-1977), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir William Charles Ross (1794-1860), Miniature painter. 1 Portrait

William Henry Ross (1862-1944), Founder of W.H. Ross Foundation for Prevention of Blindness, Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

William Stewart Ross (1844-1906), Secularist. 1 Portrait

Dr Ross (active 1853), Doctor. 1 Portrait

Miss Ross (active 1853). 1 Portrait

Lawrence Parsons, 2nd Earl of Rosse (1758-1841), Irish politician; MP for Dublin University and King's County. 1 Portrait

William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse (1800-1867), Astronomer. 2 Portraits

Laurence Parsons, 4th Earl of Rosse (1840-1908), Astronomer. 1 Portrait

Laurence Michael Harvey Parsons, 6th Earl of Rosse (1906-1979). 2 Portraits

Anne Parsons (née Messel), Countess of Rosse (1902-1992), Former wife of Ronald Owen Lloyd Armstrong-Jones, and later wife of 6th Earl of Rosse; daughter of Leonard Messel. 17 Portraits

William Brendan Parsons, 7th Earl of Rosse (1936-), Son of 6th Earl of Rosse. 1 Portrait

Louis Rossel (1844-1871), Minister of War in Paris Commune. 1 Portrait

Isabella Rossellini (1952-), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Henry Rosser (1792?-1848), Solicitor and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Cardinal Carlo Rossetti (1614-1681), Cardinal and confidante of Queen Henrietta Maria. 2 Portraits

Christina Georgina Rossetti (1830-1894), Poet. 6 Portraits

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), Painter and poet. 29 Portraits

Elizabeth Eleanor Rossetti (née Siddal) (1829-1862), Wife of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 3 Portraits

Frances Mary Lavinia Rossetti (née Polidori) (1800-1886), Mother of Dante Gabriel, William Michael and Christina Rossetti. 5 Portraits

Harold Ford Rossetti (1909-1983), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Maria Francesca Rossetti (1827-1876), Writer; sister of Dante Gabriel, William and Christina Rossetti. 3 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth Madox Rossetti (1881-1947), Twin daughter of William Michael Rossetti. 4 Portraits

Michael Ford Rossetti (1881-1883), Twin son of William Michael Rossetti. 1 Portrait

William Michael Rossetti (1829-1919), Critic and writer. 9 Portraits

Ernesto Fortunato Giovanni Maria Rossi (1827 or 1829-1896), Actor. 3 Portraits

Francis Rossi (1949-), Singer and musician; founding member of Status Quo. 1 Portrait

Giovanni Vittorio Rossi (Giano Nicio Eritreo) (1577-1647), Italian writer. 1 Portrait

Dom Gregory Rossi (1828-1906), Benedictine monk. 1 Portrait

John Charles Felix Rossi (1762-1839), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Signor Rossi (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Norman Rossington (1928-1999), Actor. 1 Portrait

Gioacchino Antonio Rossini (1792-1868), Composer. 5 Portraits

Edward Rossiter (1859?-1901), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Leonard Rossiter (1926-1984), Actor. 1 Portrait

Dennis Ross-Johnson (1860-1941), Transport manager and government committee member. 2 Portraits

Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn (Lord Loughborough) (1733-1805), Lord Chancellor. 33 Portraits

James St Clair-Erskine, 2nd Earl of Rosslyn (1762-1837), General. 14 Portraits

Robert Francis St Clair-Erskine, 4th Earl of Rosslyn (1833-1890), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Blanche Adeliza (née Fitzroy), Countess of Rosslyn (1839-1933), Former wife of Hon. Charles Henry Maynard, and later wife of 4th Earl of Rosslyn; daughter of Henry Fitzroy. 2 Portraits

James Francis Harry St Clair-Erskine, 5th Earl Rosslyn (1869-1939), Journalist. 2 Portraits

Violet Aline St Clair-Erskine (née Vyner), Countess of Rosslyn (later Mrs Jarrott) (died 1945), Former wife of 5th Earl of Rosslyn, and later wife of Charles Jarrott. 7 Portraits

Antony Hugh Francis Harry St Clair-Erskine, 6th Earl of Rosslyn (1917-1977), Son of Lord Loughborough. 6 Portraits

Henry Robert Westenra, 3rd Baron Rossmore (1792-1860), Politician; MP for Monaghan. 1 Portrait

Derrick Warner William Westenra, 5th Baron Rossmore (1853-1921), Justice of the Peace; Lieutenant of the County of Monaghan. 1 Portrait

Mittie (née Naylor), Baroness Rossmore (active 1882-died 1952), Wife of 5th Baron Rossmore. 1 Portrait

Madge Rossmore (active 1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

Harold ('Hal') Rosson (1895-1988), Cinematographer. 1 Portrait

Walter Ross Taylor (1877-1958), Politician. 1 Portrait

Hugh Ross Williamson (1901-1978), Writer and editor of the 'Bookman' and the 'Strand'. 20 Portraits

Edmond (Eugène Alexis) Rostand (1868-1918), Poet and dramatist. 2 Portraits

Fyodor Vasilyevich, Count Rostopchin (1763-1826), Russian statesman. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Henry Rostron (1869-1940), Master of RMS Carpathia when it rescued the survivors of the RMS Titanic. 2 Portraits

Emily Duckworth Rostron (née Blackburn), Wife of W.R. Rostron. 3 Portraits

Sir Frank Rostron (1900-1991), Chairman of the Cotton Board. 1 Portrait

Mstislav Rostropovich (1927-2007), Cellist. 7 Portraits

John Rosworm (Rosworme or Roseworme) (active 1630-1660), Parliamentarian army officer and Military engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Rotblat (1908-2005), Physicist. 3 Portraits

David F.P. Roth (active 1910s), Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Leon Roth (1896-1963), Scholar of philosophy. 1 Portrait

Sir Martin Roth (1917-2006), Professor of Psychiatry. 7 Portraits

Sándor Roth (born 1895), Violist and cellist, part of the Léner Quartet. 1 Portrait

Tim Roth (Timothy Simon Smith) (1961-), Actor and director. 5 Portraits

Paul Rotha (1907-1984), Film writer, producer and director. 9 Portraits

Ella (née Mandleberg), Lady Rothband (died 1945), Daughter of Joseph Mandleberg; wife of Sir Henry Lesser Rothband, 1st Bt. 6 Portraits

Alice Mary (née Knewstub), Lady Rothenstein (1867-1957), Actress; wife of Sir William Rothenstein; daughter of Walter John Knewstub. 3 Portraits

Sir John Knewstub Maurice Rothenstein (1901-1992), Art historian and Director of the Tate Gallery; son of Sir William Rothenstein. 43 Portraits

Lucy Rothenstein (1934-), Daughter of Sir John Rothenstein. 1 Portrait

Michael Rothenstein (1908-1993), Painter and printmaker; son of Sir William Rothenstein. 13 Portraits

Moritz Rothenstein (1836-1915), Businessman; father of Sir William Rothenstein. 1 Portrait

Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945), Artist and teacher of art. 24 Portraits

William Henry Holland, 1st Baron Rotherham (1849-1927), Textile manufacturer and politician. 12 Portraits

Thomas Rotherham (1423-1500), Archbishop of York. 5 Portraits

Thomas Attwood Rotherham (1602-1657), Religious writer. 2 Portraits

Esmond Cecil Harmsworth, 2nd Viscount Rothermere (1898-1978), Newspaper proprietor. 9 Portraits

Harold Sidney Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere (1868-1940), Newspaper proprietor. 1 Portrait

Mary Lilian (née Share), Viscountess Rothermere (1874-1937), Wife of 1st Viscount Rothermere; daughter of George Wade Share. 1 Portrait

Vere Harold Esmond Harmsworth, 3rd Viscount Rothermere (1925-1998), Owner of the Mail Group newspapers. 5 Portraits

Patricia ('Bubbles') Evelyn Beverly Harmsworth (née Matthews), Viscountess Rothermere (1929-1992), Actress; wife of 3rd Viscount Rothermere; daughter of John William Matthews. 6 Portraits

Herbert Robin Cayzer, 1st Baron Rotherwick (1881-1958), Colonel, shipping magnate. 6 Portraits

(Herbert) Robin Cayzer, 2nd Baron Rotherwick (1912-1986). 6 Portraits

Sarah Jane (née Slade), Lady Rotherwick (1933-1978), Wife of 2nd Baron Rotherwick; daughter of Sir Michael Nial Slade, 6th Bt. 1 Portrait

Agnes Rothery (1886-1954), Author. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Rothery (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Leslie, Duke of Rothes (circa 1630-1681), Politician and nobleman. 2 Portraits

John Leslie, 6th Earl of Rothes (circa 1600-1641), Nobleman and Covenanter. 1 Portrait

John Leslie, 10th Earl of Rothes (1698?-1767), General. 4 Portraits

Norman Evelyn Leslie, 19th Earl of Rothes (1877-1927), Soldier and landowner. 5 Portraits

(Lucy) Noel Martha Leslie (née Edwardes, later Mrs Macfie), Countess of Rothes (1884-1956), Former wife of 19th Earl of Rothes, and later wife of Claude Macfie; daughter of Thomas Dyer Edwardes. 5 Portraits

Malcolm George Dyer-Edwardes Leslie, 20th Earl of Rothes (1902-1975), Chairman, National Mutual Life Assurance Society. 9 Portraits

Elizabeth Kennard Whittington (née Smith), Lady Rothenstein (1905-2002), Wife of Sir John Knewstub Maurice Rothenstein. 3 Portraits

Nathaniel Mayer ('Natty') de Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild (1840-1915), Merchant banker. 4 Portraits

Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild (1868-1937), Zoologist; Trustee of the British Museum and Conservative politician; MP for Aylesbury. 2 Portraits

(Nathaniel Mayer) Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild (1910-1990), Zoologist and public servant. 8 Portraits

Teresa ('Tess') (née Mayor), Baroness Rothschild (1915-1996), British counter-intelligence officer and magistrate; second wife of 3rd Baron Rothschild. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild (1936-2024), Financier and patron of the arts. 6 Portraits

Serena (née Dunn), Baroness Rothschild (1935-), Socialite and racehorse owner; wife of 4th Baron Rothschild; daughter of Sir Philip Gordon Dunn. 1 Portrait

Liliane de Rothschild (née Fould-Springer), Baroness Elie de Rothschild (1916-2003), Philanthropist, wife of Élie de Rothschild, Baron Rothschild. 1 Portrait

(Mayer) Alphonse James Rothschild (1827-1905), French financier and racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

Amschel Mayor James Rothschild (1955-1996), Banker. 2 Portraits

Baron Arthur de Rothschild (1851-1903), Banker and philatelist. 1 Portrait

Beth Rothschild (1964-), Gardener. 1 Portrait

Camille Sereys de Rothschild (1961-), Daughter of Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild and Jacques Noël Sereys. 1 Portrait

Édouard Alphonse Rothschild (1868-1949), Financier. 1 Portrait

Evelina Gertrude de Rothschild (1839-1866), Daughter of Lionel de Rothschild; wife of Ferdinand de Rothschild. 5 Portraits

James Armand Edmond de Rothschild (1878-1957), Politician and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Marie Rothschild (née Perugia) (1862-1937), Wife of Leopold de Rothschild; daughter of Achile Perugia. 2 Portraits

Marie-Helene Rothschild. 1 Portrait

Dame Miriam Louisa Rothschild (1908-2005), Zoologist. 2 Portraits

Nathaniel Charles Rothschild (1877-1923), Banker and entomologist. 2 Portraits

Nathan Meyer Rothschild (1777-1836), Banker. 5 Portraits

Philippe Sereys de Rothschild (1963-), Son of Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild and Jacques Noël Sereys. 1 Portrait

Baroness Philippine Mathilde Camille de Rothschild (1933-2014), Actress and winery owner; former wife of Jacques Sereys and later wife of Jean-Pierre de Beaumarchais; daughter of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. 2 Portraits

Frank Rainshaw Rothwell (1910-1985), Major. 2 Portraits

Dame Nancy Jane Rothwell (1955-), MRC Professor of Physiology and Vice President for Research, University of Manchester. 1 Portrait

Eric ('Ric') Rothwell (1944-), Musician; drummer for the Mindbenders. 3 Portraits

Richard Rothwell (1800-1868), Painter. 1 Portrait

Isabel Harriet Rothwell-Jackson (née Barrie) (1901-1967). 1 Portrait

James Frederick Marshall Rothwell-Jackson (1889-1956), Engineer and Managing Director of Jackson and Brother Wharf Foundry, Bolton. 2 Portraits

Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) (1956-), Musician; singer for Sex Pistols. 3 Portraits

Lady Sarah Consuelo Roubanis (née Spencer-Churchill) (1921-2000), Former wife of Edwin Russell and Guy Burgos, and later wife of Theodoris Roubanis; daughter of 10th Duke of Marlborough. 8 Portraits

Louis François Roubiliac (1702-1762), Sculptor. 5 Portraits

Robert Hankinson Roughsedge (1747-1829), Rector of Liverpool. 1 Portrait

Francis John Worsley Roughton (1899-1972), Plummer Professor of Colloid Science, Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Jack Fendick Roulston (1913-1973), Air Commodore. 4 Portraits

Anthony John Round, Major; son of Charles J. Round. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Edith Round (1909-1982), Tennis player; wife of Douglas Leigh Little; daughter of John Benjamin Round. 9 Portraits

Oliver Stephen Round (1813-1885), Barrister and novelist. 1 Portrait

Charles Savile Roundell (1827-1905), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

Charles Wolfran Round-Turner (1879-1953), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Edward Murray Colston, 2nd Baron Roundway (1880-1944), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Anthony Charles Roupell (1948-), Captain; husband of Baroness Griselda von Richter. 2 Portraits

Charles Morris Roupell (1813-1895), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Andy Rourke (1964-2023), Musician; member of The Smiths. 4 Portraits

Mickey Rourke (1950-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Lady (Catherine) Charlotte Rous (1900-1983), Squadron Officer; daughter of 3rd Earl of Stradbroke. 1 Portrait

Lady Marye Violet Isolde Rous (1930-), Daughter of 4th Earl of Stradbroke. 4 Portraits

Anthony Rous (circa 1605-1677), Parliamentarian army officer and politician; MP for Cornwall. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Alice Rous (née Fraser) (1921-1968), Wife of Hon. Peter James Mowbray Rous. 6 Portraits

Francis Rous (1579-1659), Puritan. 5 Portraits

Francis Rous (1581-1659), Politician; MP for Truro. 1 Portrait

Hon. George Nathaniel Rous (1911-1982), Major; third son of 3rd Earl of Stradbroke. 1 Portrait

Henry John Rous (1795-1877), Admiral and sportsman. 8 Portraits

John Rous (circa 1420-1492), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

Hon. Joyce Rous (née Harper), Wife of Hon. George Nathaniel Rous. 1 Portrait

Michael James Mowbray Rous (1945-), Eldest son of Peter James Mowbray Rous. 6 Portraits

Hon. Peter James Mowbray Rous (1914-1997), Son of 3rd Earl of Stradbroke. 4 Portraits

Sir Stanley Ford Rous (1895-1986), Secretary of the Football Association. 11 Portraits

Clara Marion Jessie Rousby (née Dowse) (1848-1879), Actress; wife of William Wybert Rousby. 22 Portraits

William Wybert Rousby (1835-1907), Actor and theatre manager. 3 Portraits

Sir Alexander Macdonald Rouse (1878-1966), Chief engineer. 2 Portraits

Anthony Thriscutt Rouse (1916-1961), Vicar. 3 Portraits

Lady Augusta Rouse. 2 Portraits

Benjamin Rouse (circa 1742-1814), Secretary to the Hand-in-Hand Fire Office. 4 Portraits

Harold Lindsay Rouse (1887-1959), Chief General Manager of Midland Bank Ltd. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rouse (active 1900s), Politician. 2 Portraits

William Henry Denham Rouse (1863-1950), Schoolmaster and classical scholar. 4 Portraits

Catherine Charlotte Rouse-Boughton (died 1912), Daughter of Sir William Edward Boughton, 10th Bt. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Rouse-Boughton (née Knight), Lady Rouse-Boughton (circa 1801-1842), Wife of Sir William Edward Rouse-Boughton, 10th and 2nd Bt; daughter of Thomas Andrew Knight. 1 Portrait

Frances Harriet Catherine Rouse-Boughton (circa 1831-1921), Daughter of Sir William Edward Boughton, 10th Bt. 1 Portrait

Jean-Baptiste Rousseau (1670-1741), French poet. 1 Portrait

Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), French writer. 7 Portraits

(Pierre Étienne) Théodore Rousseau (1812-1867), Painter. 1 Portrait

Victor Rousseau (1865-1954), Artist. 1 Portrait

Alice M. Routh (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edward John Routh (1831-1907), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

Guy Montgomery Routh (1882-1963), Colonel. 5 Portraits

Harold Victor Routh (1878-1951), Lecturer in Modern Languages and English. 3 Portraits

Hilda Routh (née Airy) (1840-1916), Daughter of Sir George Biddell Airy. 3 Portraits

Martin Joseph Routh (1755-1854), College head. 3 Portraits

Dorothy Hester Routledge (née Blomfield) (1836-1886), Wife of Charles Francis Routledge; daughter of Charles James Blomfield. 1 Portrait

Norman Routledge (1928-2013), Mathematician and teacher at Eton College. 1 Portrait

Paul Routledge (1943-), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Anna Rouw (died 1805), Wife of Peter Rouw, wax-modeller. 1 Portrait

Albert Henri Roux (1935-2021), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Michel Roux Jr (1960-), Chef and restaurateur. 2 Portraits

Michel André Roux (1941-2020), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Alexandre de Roverea (1783-1813), Swiss soldier. 1 Portrait

Archibald Cameron Corbett, 1st Baron Rowallan (1856-1933), Politician; MP for Glasgow. 1 Portrait

Thomas Godfrey Polson Corbett, 2nd Baron Rowallan (1895-1977), Chief scout of the British Commonwealth and empire. 7 Portraits

Archibald Hamilton Rowan (1751-1834), Irish nationalist. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Rowan (circa 1782-1852), Lieutenant-Colonel; first Chief Commissioner of Police. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Leslie Rowan (1908-1972), Civil servant and industrialist. 7 Portraits

Sir Orme Rowan-Hamilton (1877-1949), Barrister and writer. 1 Portrait

Dave Rowberry (1940-2003), Piano and organ player for The Animals. 4 Portraits

Sheila Rowbotham (1943-), Socialist feminist historian and activist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Charles Leeson Rowbotham (1823-1875), Watercolour painter. 1 Portrait

Sir (Eric) Bertram Rowcroft (1891-1963), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Thomas Rowcroft (1769-1824), Alderman; shipowner; broker and philanthropist. 3 Portraits

George Croke Rowden (1820-1863), Precentor of Chichester Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Arthur Walton Rowe (1859-1926), Doctor and geologist. 1 Portrait

Cecil Rowe. 1 Portrait

Charles B. Rowe. 1 Portrait

Colin Rowe (1920-1999), Architect. 1 Portrait

David Rowe (1958-), Founder, Easynet. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Rowe (née Singer) (1674-1737), Author. 4 Portraits

Frances ('Fanny') Rowe (1913-1988), Actress. 5 Portraits

George Duncan Rowe (circa 1858-1934), Stockbroker and sportsman. 1 Portrait

Harry Rowe (1726-1800), Showman. 1 Portrait

Helen ('Rowie') Rowe (died 1966), Midwife to Queen Elizabeth II. 1 Portrait

Hon. Jennifer Rowe (née Renwick, later Mrs Arthur) (1932-), Former wife of Anthony Duncan Rowe, and later wife of Roy Arthur; daughter of 1st Baron Renwick of Coombe. 2 Portraits

Michael Rowe (1948-), Senior Tutor of Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery, Royal College of Art. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Edward Rowe (1901-1978), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Rowe (1674-1718), Poet Laureate and dramatist. 5 Portraits

Norbert Edward Rowe (1898-1995), Aviation engineer. 1 Portrait

Norman Francis Rowe (1908-1990), Chartered accountant. 2 Portraits

Peter Trimble Rowe (1856-1942), Bishop of Alaska. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Percy Pfeiffer ('P.P.') Rowe (1868-1945), President of National Federation of Housing Societies. 5 Portraits

Richard C. Rowe. 2 Portraits

Richard Reynolds Rowe (1824-1899), Architect. 1 Portrait

S. Rowe (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir William Rowe (died 1593), Lord Mayor of the City of London. 2 Portraits

W. Rowe (active 1870s). 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Rowe-Dutton (1891-1965), Civil servant. 7 Portraits

Sir Andrew Herrick Rowell (1890-1973), Actuary. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Babington Rowell (1860-1921), Vice-President Federation of British Industries. 6 Portraits

Hon. Newton Wesley Rowell (1867-1941), Canadian diplomat. 10 Portraits

Sir Reginald Kaye Rowell (1888-1964), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Herbert Babington) Robin Rowell (1894-1981), Administrator. 6 Portraits

Christopher John Salter Rowland (1929-1967), Politician; MP for Meriden. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Rowland, 1st Bt (1874-1959), Chartered accountant and Lord Mayor of London. 4 Portraits

Kevin Rowland (1953-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Dexy's Midnight Runners'. 1 Portrait

William Rowland (active 17th century), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir (Richard) Alun Rowlands (1885-1977), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Gaynor Rowlands (1883-1906), Actress and dancer. 8 Portraits

James Rowlands (1851-1920), Politician; MP for Finsbury and Dartford. 1 Portrait

Patsy Rowlands (1934-2005), Actress. 1 Portrait

Tom Rowlands (1971-), Musician; member of the Chemical Brothers. 1 Portrait

Sir (Stanley) Graham Rowlandson (1908-1986), Chartered accountant, businessman, property developer and councilman. 3 Portraits

Thomas Rowlandson (1757-1827), Satirical draughtsman. 4 Portraits

Sir Sidney Arthur Taylor Rowlatt (1862-1945), Judge. 3 Portraits

Arthur John Rowledge (1876-1957), Aero-design engineer. 5 Portraits

Arthur Henderson, Baron Rowley (1893-1968), Politician and barrister. 32 Portraits

Lady Marjorie Gwendolen Rowley (née Cochrane) (1889-1973), Wife of Owsley Vincent Fydell Rowley; daughter of 12th Earl of Dundonald. 3 Portraits

Alice Nina Rowley (née Corbet) (1857-1946), Wife of George Fydell Rowley; daughter of Sir Vincent Rowland Corbet, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Celia Ella Vere (née Monckton-Arundell), Lady Rowley (1925-1997), Extra Lady-in-waiting to Princess Alexandra, Hon. Lady Ogilvy; wife of Sir Joshua Francis Rowley, 7th Bt; daughter of 8th Viscount Galway. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Rowley, Bt (1770-1845), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Christopher Rowley (active 1964), Interior decorator. 1 Portrait

Frances Macnaghten ('Fanny') Rowley (née Erskine) (died 1872), Wife of Standish Grady Rowley; daughter of John Cadwallader Erskine (later 4th Baron Erskine). 2 Portraits

Frank George Mathias Rowley (1866-1949), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Harold Henry Rowley (1890-1969), Biblical scholar. 4 Portraits

Hazel Charlotte Rowley, Wife of Peter Gordon Rowley; daughter of Sir Arthur Francis Smith. 1 Portrait

Henry Rowley (active 1860-died 1884), Missionary and reverend. 2 Portraits

Hon. Hercules Langford Boyle Rowley (1828-1904), Army officer; son of 2nd Baron Langford. 1 Portrait

Jack Rowley (1920-1998), Footballer. 7 Portraits

John Charles Cochrane Fydell Rowley (1918-1979), Son of Owsley Vincent Fydell Rowley. 4 Portraits

John Weldon Rowley (1847-1924), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Maria Louisa (née Vanneck), Lady Rowley (1811-1878), Wife of Sir Charles Robert Rowley, 4th Bt; daughter of 2nd Baron Huntingfield. 1 Portrait

Sir William Rowley (1690-1768), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Conwy Grenville Hercules Rowley-Conwy (1841-1900), Landowner and army officer. 2 Portraits

Rafe Grenville Rowley-Conwy (1875-1951), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Joanne Kathleen ('J.K.') Rowling (1965-), Writer. 8 Portraits

Thomas Rowney (1693?-1759), Conservative politician; MP for Oxford. 2 Portraits

Arnold Stephenson Rowntree (1872-1951), Politician and director of Rowntree and Co. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree (1871-1954), Chairman of Rowntree & Co and social reformer. 9 Portraits

Dave Rowntree (1964-), Musician; drummer for Blur. 3 Portraits

John Wilhelm Rowntree (1868-1905), Chocolate and confectionery manufacturer; Quaker religious activist and reformer. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Rowntree (1915-1997), Artist. 3 Portraits

Mary de Horne Rowntree (née Brightwen) (1847-1929), Wife of Charles John Rowntree; daughter of Charles Brightwen. 1 Portrait

Sir Norman Andrew Forster Rowntree (1912-1991), Civil engineer. 6 Portraits

Lady Mary Rowse. 1 Portrait

Alfred Leslie Rowse (1903-1997), Historian. 5 Portraits

Ellie Rowsell (1992-), Singer-songwriter and musician; lead vocalist and guitarist of Wolf Alice. 1 Portrait

Thomas James Rowsell (1816-1894), Canon of Westminster Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Guy Rowson (1883-1937), Politician and miner. 2 Portraits

Martin Rowson (1959-), Cartoonist. 2 Portraits

Montagu William Lowry Corry, Baron Rowton (1838-1903), Politician and philanthropist. 6 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) James Roxburgh (1892-1974), Civil servant and lawyer. 1 Portrait

John Roxburgh (1806-1880), Moderator of the Free Church Assembly. 1 Portrait

John Ferguson Roxburgh (1888-1954), Headmaster of Stowe School. 8 Portraits

Sir Ronald Francis Roxburgh (1889-1981), Judge. 6 Portraits

William Roxburgh (1751-1815), Botanist. 3 Portraits

John Ker, 1st Duke of Roxburghe (circa 1680-1741), Politician; Secretary of State for Scotland. 2 Portraits

Robert Ker, 2nd Duke of Roxburghe (circa 1709-1755). 1 Portrait

John Ker, 3rd Duke of Roxburghe (1740-1804), Bibliophile. 3 Portraits

William Bellenden Ker, 4th Duke of Roxburghe (circa 1728-1805). 2 Portraits

Harriet Innes-Ker (née Charlewood), Duchess of Roxburghe (died 1855), Second wife of 5th Duke of Roxburghe. 2 Portraits

James Henry Robert Innes-Ker, 6th Duke of Roxburghe (1816-1879), Representative peer. 3 Portraits

Susanna Stephenia Innes-Ker (née Dalbiac), Duchess of Roxburghe (1814-1895), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria; wife of 6th Duke of Roxburghe; daughter of Sir Charles Dalbiac. 3 Portraits

James Henry Robert Innes-Ker, 7th Duke of Roxburghe (1839-1892), Politician, royal courtier and landowner. 4 Portraits

Anne Emily (née Spencer-Churchill), Duchess of Roxburghe (1854-1923), Wife of 7th Duke of Roxburghe; daughter of 7th Duke of Marlborough. 4 Portraits

Mary (née Goelet), Duchess of Roxburghe (1878-1937), Heiress; wife of 8th Duke of Roxburghe; daughter of Ogden Goelet. 2 Portraits

Mary Evelyn Hungerford (née Crewe-Milnes), Duchess of Roxburghe (1915-2014), First wife of 9th Duke of Roxburghe; daughter of 1st Marquess of Crewe. 2 Portraits

Robert Ker, 4th Earl of Roxburghe (circa 1677-1696). 4 Portraits

Percy Maude Roxby (1880-1947), Professor of Geography. 5 Portraits

Roddy Maude Roxby (1930-), Actor and performer. 1 Portrait

Miss C. Roy (active 1938). 1 Portrait

Grace Roy (née Hallewell) (1835-1911), Wife of Richard Clarke Roy; daughter of Edmund Gilling Hallewell. 1 Portrait

Richard Clarke Roy (1831-1894), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Robert Roy (active 1804), Master of the Academy, Burlington Street. 1 Portrait

Captain Lieutenant Roy (active 1760), Captain Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

The Royal Artillery Band, Band of the Royal Artillery. 1 Portrait

The Royal Artillery, Artillery arm of the British Army. 1 Portrait

The Royal Artillery, Artillery arm of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Royal Horse Artillery, Part of the Royal Artillery of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Royal Horse Artillery, Part of the Royal Artillery of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Royal Horse Artillery, Part of the Royal Artillery of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Royal Horse Guards Blue, Part of the cavalry regiment of the British Army. 1 Portrait

Royal Marines, Light infantry force of the Naval Service of the United Kingdom. 1 Portrait

Renée Royale, Actress. 1 Portrait

Edward William Royce (1841-1926), Actor and stage manager. 2 Portraits

Sir (Frederick) Henry Royce, 1st Bt (1863-1933), Engineer and motor car designer. 1 Portrait

Ralph Royce (1890-1965), General. 3 Portraits

William Stapleton Royce (1857-1924), Labour politician; MP for Holland with Boston. 2 Portraits

Betty Royd, Actress. 6 Portraits

Thomas Royden, 1st Baron Royden (1871-1950), Shipowner. 3 Portraits

(Agnes) Maude Royden (1876-1956), Suffragist and preacher. 20 Portraits

Naomi Gwladys Royde-Smith (1875-1964), Literary editor and writer; wife of Ernest Milton. 2 Portraits

Ann Roydhouse. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Roydon (née Thorowgood), Lady Roydon (active 17th century), Wife of Sir Marmaduke Roydon (Rawdon). 1 Portrait

Sir Charles William Rawson Royds (1879-1931), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Royds (1860-1946), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 6 Portraits

Edward Royds (1820-1895), Clergyman and oarsman. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne Royds (née Molyneux) (1814-1869), Daughter of Anthony Molyneaux; wife of William Edward Royds. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Molyneaux Rawson Royds (1874-1955), Admiral and politician. 6 Portraits

William Edward Royds (1817-1871), Banker. 1 Portrait

Juliette Royer, Trainee Admin Clerk in Ilford Limited’s Patents department. 1 Portrait

Charles Royle, Baron Royle of Pendleton (1896-1975), Politician, businessman and Royal Engineer. 7 Portraits

Sir Guy Charles Cecil Royle (1885-1954), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Lancelot Carrington Royle (1898-1978), Businessman and sprinter; Olympian. 5 Portraits

Timothy Lancelot Fanshawe Royle (1931-), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Philip Simon Prospero Lindley Rupert Yorke, Viscount Royston (1938-1973), Son of 9th Earl of Hardwicke. 2 Portraits

Arthur Royston, Actor. 1 Portrait

John Robinson Royston (1860-1942), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Peter Sorenson Royston (1830-1915), Bishop of Mauritius and Assistant Bishop to Bishop of Liverpool. 1 Portrait

Roy Royston (1899-1976), Actor. 13 Portraits

Lita Roza (Lilian Patricia Lita Roza) (1926-2008), Singer. 1 Portrait

J.H. Raymond Roze (1875-1920), Conductor and composer. 1 Portrait

Marie Roze (Marie-Hippolyte Ponsin) (1846-1926), Opera singer; wife of James Henry Mapleson. 10 Portraits

Joshua Rufus Rozenberg (1950-), Legal journalist and commentator. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Edmund Duncan Rubbra (1901-1986), Composer and pianist. 14 Portraits

Queenie Rube, Daughter of Charles Rube. 1 Portrait

Captain Rubeleau (active 1801), Royal Navy officer; present at Battle of Alexandria. 2 Portraits

Bernice Ruth Rubens (1928-2004), Novelist and playwright. 2 Portraits

Lionel Rubens (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Olive Elizabeth Chalk Rubens (née Hood) (born circa 1885), Wife of Walter Emil Rubens; sister-in-law of Paul Rubens. 1 Portrait

Paul Alfred Rubens (1875-1917), Composer. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), Painter. 13 Portraits

V. Rubens. 1 Portrait

Rubinelli. 1 Portrait

Giovanni Baptista Rubini (1794-1854), Tenor. 1 Portrait

Anton Grigoryevich Rubinstein (1829-1894), Pianist and composer. 7 Portraits

Arthur Rubinstein (1887-1982), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Helena Rubinstein (1870-1965), Cosmetics industrialist. 4 Portraits

Ida Rubinstein (1885-1960), Ballet dancer, actress and patron of the performing arts. 1 Portrait

Amy Roberta ('Berta') Ruck (1878-1978), Novelist; wife of Oliver Onions. 5 Portraits

Hon. Catherine Dorothy Ruck (née Neville) (1922-2004), Wife of Gordon Alexander Egerton Ruck; daughter of 7th Baron Braybrooke. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Matthews Ruck (1851-1935), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Nevil Rucker (1895-1991), Public servant. 10 Portraits

Mrs Charles Rucker, Wife of Charles Rucker. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Ruck Keene (1826-1897), Rector of Copford, Essex. 1 Portrait

Edith Alice Ruck Keene (née Berners) (circa 1833-1901), Wife of Benjamin Ruck Keene; daughter of Ralph Berners. 1 Portrait

Emily Ruck Keene (1830?-1913), Daughter of Charles Edmund Ruck Keene. 1 Portrait

Bevil Gordon D'Urban Rudd (1894-1948), Runner; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Eric Thomas Sutherland Rudd (1902-1977), Surgeon and Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Katy Rudd (1987-), Theatre Director. 1 Portrait

Margaret Caroline Rudd (née Youngson) (circa 1745-died before 1799), Courtesan and accused forger. 4 Portraits

Joseph Edward Rudderham (1899-1979), Bishop of Clifton. 3 Portraits

Dame Joan Mary Ruddock (1943-), Politician; chair of CND and MP for Lewisham Deptford. 2 Portraits

Erminia Rudersdorff (1822-1882), Soprano; wife of Maurice Mansfield and mother of Richard Mansfield. 1 Portrait

Edward Rudge (1763-1846), Botanist and antiquary. 1 Portrait

James Rudge (1785-1852), Curate and writer. 1 Portrait

John Rudge (1669-1740), Politician; MP for Evesham. 2 Portraits

Lydia Rudge (1877-1963), Actress. 2 Portraits

Mary Douglas Rudge (1898-1977), School Secretary. 1 Portrait

Sarah Frances Louise Rudge (1868-1920), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Ernst Rudiger, Count von Staremberg (1638-1701), Field Marshal. 1 Portrait

Charles Mark Clement Rudkin (1872-1957), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Isabella Rudkin (born 1821), Known as 'The Infant Lyra'; child musician. 1 Portrait

William Charles Eric Rudkin (1875-1930), Brigadier-General. 13 Portraits

Gustave Rudler (1872-1957), Fellow of All Souls; Professor of French Literature, Oxford University. 1 Portrait

Madeleine Rudler (died 1946), Wife of Gustave Rudler. 2 Portraits

Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor (1552-1612), Holy Roman Emperor. 11 Portraits

Prince Rudolf, Archduke of Austria (1858-1889), Son of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. 4 Portraits

Robert Dawson Rudolf (1865-1941), Canadian consulting physician. 3 Portraits

Sir Benjamin Rudyerd (Rudyard) (1572-1658), Politician and poet. 5 Portraits

Dame Rosemary Rue (née Laurence) (1928-2005), Medical officer. 1 Portrait

William Willis Ruff (1914-1992), Clerk of the Surrey County Council. 1 Portrait

F.R. Ruffer. 1 Portrait

Douglas Clifton Brown, Viscount Ruffside (1879-1958), Speaker of the House of Commons. 19 Portraits

John Loader Maffey, 1st Baron Rugby (1877-1969), Colonial administrator. 11 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Percy Rugg (1906-1986), Councillor of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Archibald Ruggles-Brise, 1st Bt (1882-1942), Colonel and politician. 2 Portraits

Sir Evelyn John Ruggles-Brise (1857-1935), Prison administrator and founder of the Borstal system. 8 Portraits

Sir John Archibald Ruggles-Brise, 2nd Bt (1908-2007), Lord Lieutenant of Essex. 5 Portraits

Mildred Dorothy Ruggles-Brise (née Cubitt) (1891-1981), Wife of Evelyn C. Ruggles-Brise. 1 Portrait

Cyrille Maud (née Barclay), Lady Rugman (died 1980), Wife of Sir Francis Dudley Rugman; daughter of Edward G. Barclay. 3 Portraits

Francis M.B. Rugman (1942-), Son of Sir Francis Dudley Rugman. 6 Portraits

Helmut Ruhemann (1891-1973), Paintings Restorer. 1 Portrait

Sir George David Matthew Kamurasi Rukidi III (1906-1966), Omukama of the Kingdom of Toro from 1928-1965. 2 Portraits

Carl Ruland (1834-1907), Art and literary historian; Private secretary to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. 1 Portrait

Joannes Rulitius (1602-1677), Oriental scholar. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Rumball (née Bocking) (1823-1913), Housekeeper and companion to Ellen Terry; wife of James Quilter Rumball. 1 Portrait

Etheldred Constantia (née Fane), Lady Rumbold (1879-1964), Wife of Sir Horace Rumbold, 9th Bt; daughter of Sir Edward Fane. 4 Portraits

Sir Horace George Montagu Rumbold, 9th Bt (1869-1941), Diplomat. 17 Portraits

Sydney Douglas Rumbold (1888-1934), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Rumbold (1736-1791), Indian administrator. 1 Portrait

William Richard Rumbold (1760-1786), Captain. 1 Portrait

Katharine Rumens, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count von Rumford (1753-1814), Scientist; founder of the Royal Institution. 9 Portraits

Robert Henry Kennerley Rumford (1870-1957), Baritone singer. 20 Portraits

Roy Rumford (1904-1923), Son of Robert Henry Kennerley Rumford and Dame Clara Butt. 6 Portraits

Victor Ian M. Rumford (1906-1934), Son of Robert Henry Kennerley Rumford and Dame Clara Butt. 5 Portraits

Mrs Rumford (active circa 1907), Mother of Robert Henry Kennerley Rumford. 1 Portrait

William Rumley (died 1717), Benedictine monk. 1 Portrait

Walter Morse Rummel (1887-1953), Pianist and composer. 1 Portrait

Elinor Rumming (active 16th century), Purveyor of fine ales and subject of poem by John Skelton. 3 Portraits

John Rumsey (active 1660-1686), Conspirator. 3 Portraits

Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie, Baron Runcie (1921-2000), Archbishop of Canterbury. 5 Portraits

Walter Runciman, 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford (1870-1949), Liberal politician; MP for Dewsbury and St Ives; son of 1st Baron Runciman. 24 Portraits

(Walter) Leslie Runciman, 2nd Viscount Runciman of Doxford (1900-1989), Shipowner. 29 Portraits

Katherine Runciman (née Garrison), Viscountess Runciman of Doxford (died 1993), Second wife of 2nd Viscount Runciman; daughter of William R. Garrison. 11 Portraits

Walter Runciman, 1st Baron Runciman (1847-1937), Shipowner and Liberal MP. 4 Portraits

Hilda Runciman (née Stevenson), Viscountess Runciman (1869-1956), Liberal politician; MP for St Ives; wife of 1st Viscount Runciman. 9 Portraits

Philip Runciman (1875-1953), Anchor Line steamship company director; nephew of the 1st Lord Runciman. 1 Portrait

Sir James Cochran Stevenson ('Steven') Runciman (1903-2000), Historian. 3 Portraits

Dennis Forwood Vosper, Baron Runcorn (1916-1968), Conservative minister. 5 Portraits

Keith Runcorn (1922-1995), Geophysicist. 1 Portrait

Charles Frank Rundall (1871-1951), Lieutenant-Colonel and engineer. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis Brian Anthony Rundall (1908-1987), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Rundell, Actress. 6 Portraits

Philip Rundell (1746-1827), Jeweller. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry Macleod) Leslie Rundle (1856-1934), Army officer. 9 Portraits

Mark Rundle (1871-1958), Rear-Admiral. 9 Portraits

Miss Mary B. Rundle (1907-2010), WREN. 5 Portraits

Dewan Bahadur Sir Samuel Ebenezer Runganadhan (1877-1966), Indian educationist and diplomat. 3 Portraits

Norah Cecil Runge (née Hasluck, later Ross) (1884-1978), Alderman of London County Council and politician; Conservative MP for Rotherhithe. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Francis Runge (1909-1970), Businessman; Director of Tate & Lyle and President of the Federation of British Industries. 2 Portraits

Prince Rupert, Count Palatine (1619-1682), Soldier and patron of science; son of Frederick V, Elector Palatine and King of Bohemia and Elizabeth of Bohemia. 45 Portraits

Prince Rupert Ludwig Ferdinand zu Loewenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (1933-2014), Financial adviser. 1 Portrait

Alan Charles Rusbridger (1953-), Editor of The Guardian. 4 Portraits

Billy? Ruse. 1 Portrait

Greg Rusedski (1973-), Tennis player; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

D.G. Rush (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Herbert Charles Rush (1909-1981). 5 Portraits

Ian James Rush (1961-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Peggy Rush, Actress; wife of George St John Brodrick, Viscount Midleton (later 2nd Earl of Midleton). 1 Portrait

James Henry Rushbrooke (1870-1947), President, Baptist World Alliance, campaigner for religious freedom and reverend. 1 Portrait

William Philip Henry Rushbrooke (1888-1951), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Rushbury (1889-1968), Artist; painter and printmaker; Keeper of the Royal Academy. 2 Portraits

Betty Naldera Ali Rushby (née Khan) (1911-1955), Wife of Francis William Rushby. 11 Portraits

Henry Bucknall Betterton, 1st Baron Rushcliffe (1872-1949), Conservative politician; Minister of Labour; MP for Rushcliffe. 10 Portraits

Sir (Ahmed) Salman Rushdie (1947-), Novelist. 7 Portraits

Zafir Rushdie (1979-), Son of Salman Rushdie. 1 Portrait

Miss Rushforth. 1 Portrait

Edward Rushlow (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

Frederick Margetson Rushmore (1869-1933), Master of St Catharine’s College,University of Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Robert Alexander Palmer, 1st Baron Rusholme (1890-1977), Businessman. 15 Portraits

Anne Rushout (circa 1768-1849), Watercolorist; eldest daughter of 1st Earl Northwick. 4 Portraits

Lady Caroline Rushout (active circa 1803), Second daughter of John Rushout, 1st Earl Northwick. 1 Portrait

Harold P. Rushton (1895-1968), Major. 1 Portrait

Lucy Rushton (Mary Wilde) (1844-1909), Actress and manager. 1 Portrait

Tony Rushton (1939-), Art director at Private Eye. 8 Portraits

William Albert Hugh Rushton (1901-1980), Neurophysiologist. 2 Portraits

William George ('Willie') Rushton (1937-1996), Cartoonist, satirist and co-founder of Private Eye magazine. 5 Portraits

John Rushworth (1612?-1690), Historian. 4 Portraits

John Ruskin (1819-1900), Writer, artist and social reformer. 80 Portraits

Antonn Russek (1983-), Engineer; member of London 2012 Olympic Park Enabling Works. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Russell (née Prestige) (died 1996), Wife of Sir Charles Ian Russell, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (1792-1878), Prime Minister and writer; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 249 Portraits

Frances Anna Maria ('Fanny') (née Elliot), Countess Russell (1815-1898), Second wife of 1st Earl Russell; daughter of 2nd Earl of Minto. 2 Portraits

Marion ('Mollie') (Cooke), Countess Russell, Daughter of George Cooke of Cumbernauld; second wife of 2nd Earl Russell. 6 Portraits

Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970), Philosopher, mathematician and social reformer. 119 Portraits

Patricia Helen ('Peter') (née Spence), Countess Russell (1910-2004), Third wife of 3rd Earl Russell; daughter of Harry Evelyn Spence. 12 Portraits

Edith (née Finch), Countess Russell (died 1978), Author; fourth wife of Bertrand Russell; daughter of Edward Bronson Finch. 5 Portraits

John Conrad Russell, 4th Earl Russell (1921-1987), Son of Bertrand Russell and Dora Black. 8 Portraits

Conrad Sebastian Robert Russell, 5th Earl Russell (1937-2004), Professor of history; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 4 Portraits

Edward Richard Russell, 1st Baron Russell (1834-1920), Newspaper editor. 1 Portrait

Charles Arthur Russell, Baron Russell of Killowen (1832-1900), Lord Chief Justice. 24 Portraits

Constance Claudine (née Gordon), Lady Russell of Liverpool (died 1974), First wife of 2nd Baron Russell of Liverpool; daughter of Philip Gordon. 1 Portrait

William Russell, 1st Baron Russell of Thornhaugh (circa 1553-1613), Lord deputy of Ireland. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Russell (née Long), Lady Russell of Thornhaugh (circa 1562-1611), Wife of 1st Baron Russell of Thornhaugh. 1 Portrait

John Francis Stanley Russell, 2nd Baron Russell (1865-1931), Politician and motorist. 2 Portraits

(Frank) Francis Xavier Joseph Russell, Baron Russell of Killowen (1867-1946), Judge. 6 Portraits

Mary Emily (née Ritchie), Lady Russell of Killowen (1870-1956), Wife of Baron Russell of Killowen; daughter of 1st Baron Ritchie of Dundee. 5 Portraits

Edward Frederick Langley Russell, 2nd Baron Russell of Liverpool (1895-1981), Soldier, military lawyer and writer. 8 Portraits

(Joan) Elizabeth ('Betty') Russell (née Ewart), Lady Russell of Liverpool (circa 1911-1997), Second wife of 2nd Baron Russell of Liverpool; daughter of David Ewart. 12 Portraits

Alix (née Alaincourt), Lady Russell of Liverpool (died 1971), Former wife of Comte Richard d'Ivry and third wife of 2nd Baron Russell of Liverpool; daughter of Marquis de Breviaire d’Alaincourt. 4 Portraits

Mabel Edith (née Scott), Countess Russell (1869-1908), First wife of 2nd Earl Russell; daughter of Sir Claude Edward Scott, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Frances Russell (née Cromwell), Lady Russell (baptised 1638-1720), Daughter of Oliver Cromwell. 3 Portraits

Charles Ritchie Russell, Baron Russell of Killowen (1908-1986), Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. 1 Portrait

Lady (Mary) Agatha Russell (1853-1933), Editor; daughter of 1st Earl Russell. 2 Portraits

Lord Alexander George Russell (1821-1907), Army officer; son of 6th Duke of Bedford. 4 Portraits

Lord Arthur John Edward Russell (1825-1892), Liberal politician; MP for Tavistock; brother of 9th Duke of Bedford. 1 Portrait

Lord Charles James Fox Russell (1807-1894), Soldier and politician; MP for Bedfordshire. 4 Portraits

Lady Charlotte Isabella Russell (née Innes-Ker) (1841-1881), Wife of George Russell; daughter of 6th Duke of Roxburghe. 1 Portrait

Lord Cosmo George Russell (1817-1875), Ninth son of 6th Duke of Bedford. 2 Portraits

Lord Edward Russell (1551-1572), Eldest son of 2nd Earl of Bedford. 1 Portrait

Lord Francis Russell (circa 1554-1585), Third son of 2nd Earl of Bedford. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Peyton), Lady Francis Russell (later Baldwin) (died 1888), Former wife of Lord Francis John Russell, and later wife of J. Loraine Baldwin; daughter of Algernon Peyton. 1 Portrait

Lord George William Russell (1790-1846), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Russell (née Cooke), Lady Russell (1528-1609), Courtier. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Russell (née Baillie-Hamilton) (1934-2022), Maid of honour at Queen Elizabeth II's coronation; former wife of John Adrian Bailey, and later wife of David Vernon Russell; daughter of 12th Earl of Haddington. 3 Portraits

Rachel Russell (née Wriothesley), Lady Russell (baptised 1637-1723), Noblewoman and author. 12 Portraits

Lord Rudolf Russell (1944-), Son of 13th Duke of Bedford. 6 Portraits

William Russell, Lord Russell (1639-1683), Politician; MP for Tavistock and Bedfordshire. 29 Portraits

Unnamed servant to Lord Russell (active 1683). 3 Portraits

Lord William Russell (1767-1840), Whig politician; MP for Surrey and Tavistock; brother of 5th and 6th Dukes of Bedford. 4 Portraits

Adelaide (née Lister), Lady Russell (1807-1838), First wife of John Russell, 1st Earl Russell. 1 Portrait

Alexander Russell (1715?-1768), Physician. 1 Portrait

Alexander Russell (1861-1943), Physicist and Principal of Faraday House. 1 Portrait

Alexander Smith Russell (1888-1972), Tutor at Christ Church, Oxford. 4 Portraits

Sir Alexander West Russell (1879-1961), Lawyer and Conservative politician; MP for Tynemouth. 3 Portraits

Alistair Russell. 2 Portraits

Alys Whitall Russell (née Pearsall Smith) (1867-1951), First wife of Bertrand Russell; daughter of Robert Pearsall Smith. 56 Portraits

Sir Andrew Hamilton Russell (1868-1960), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Anne Emily (née Worsley Holmes), Lady Alexander Russell (1821-1906), Wife of Lord Alexander George Russell; daughter of Sir Leonard Worsley Holmes, 9th Bt. 1 Portrait

Archibald George Blomefield Russell (1879-1955), Historian; William Blake specialist. 9 Portraits

Arthur James Russell (1885-1953), Writer on religion, 'For Sinners Only'. 6 Portraits

A. Russell. 1 Portrait

Sir Baker Creed Russell (1837-1911), General. 1 Portrait

Bay Russell (né Claud Rebbeck Russell Carpenter) (1883-1946), Actor. 10 Portraits

Charles Russell (1786-1856), Conservative politician; MP for Reading. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Russell, 3rd Bt (1826-1883), Soldier; recipient of the Victoria Cross and Conservative politician; MP for Berkshire and Westminster. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Russell, 1st Bt (1863-1928), Solicitor. 9 Portraits

Sir Charles Ian Russell, 3rd Bt (1918-1997), Solicitor. 18 Portraits

Chrissie Russell (active 1923), Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

Christabel Russell (1895-1976), Fashion designer. 3 Portraits

Constance Charlotte Elisa (née Lennox), Lady Russell (1832-1925), Wife of Sir George Russell, 4th Bt; daughter of Lord Arthur Lennox. 2 Portraits

Sir David Russell (1872-1956), Businessman. 5 Portraits

Hon. David Whitney Erskine Russell (1947-), Politician; son of 4th Baron Ampthill. 5 Portraits

Dora Winifred Russell (née Black) (1894-1986), Feminist, writer and campaigner; second wife of 3rd Earl Russell. 6 Portraits

Dorothy Stuart Russell (1895-1983), Pathologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Dudley Russell (1896-1978), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

(Helen) Elizabeth (née Blades), Lady Russell (1908-1995), Wife of Sir Guy Herbrand Edward Russell; daughter of 1st Baron Ebbisham. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Anne (née Rawdon), Lady Russell (1793-1874), Wife of Lord (George) William Russell; daughter of Hon. John Theophilus Rawdon. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Laura Henrietta Russell (1803-1866), Youngest daughter of Lord William Russell. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Mary Gwenllian Russell (née Lloyd-Mostyn) (1929-), Former wife of N.G. Duckham, and later wife of John Henry Russell; daughter of 4th Baron Mostyn. 21 Portraits

Hon. Frances Marion Russell (née Forbes-Sempill) (1942-), Wife of David Ian Russell; daughter of Captain Eric Holt and Ann Moira Forbes-Sempill. 3 Portraits

Francis Russell (1740-1795), Author of 'History of the East India Company'. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Stratten Russell (1897-1984), Wing Commander and marine biologist. 6 Portraits

Sir George Russell, 4th Bt (1828-1898), Judge. 2 Portraits

George Neville Russell (1899-1971), Major-General and Transport chairman. 8 Portraits

George William Russell (1867-1935), Irish poet, agricultural economist and journalist. 3 Portraits

Lady Georgiana Elizabeth Russell (later Mrs Romilly) (circa 1812-1867), Wife of Charles Romilly, daughter of John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford and Lady Georgiana Gordon. 1 Portrait

Sir (Sydney) Gordon Russell (1892-1980), Designer. 5 Portraits

Sir Guy Herbrand Edward Russell (1898-1977), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Hannah Russell, Wife of Henry Russell; mother of Landon Ronald. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Russell, 1st Bt (1751-1836), Judge in India. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Russell, 2nd Bt (1783-1852), Judge. 2 Portraits

Henry Russell (1813-1900), Composer and entertainer. 1 Portrait

Henry Russell (1822-1903), Divine and Fellow, Steward, Junior Dean and Junior Bursar of St John's College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

H. Clark Russell. 1 Portrait

Irene Russell (born 1901), Actress. 3 Portraits

Isabella Clarissa (née Davies), Lady Charles Russell (circa 1811-1884), Wife of Lord Charles James Fox Russell; daughter of William Davies. 1 Portrait

John ('Jack') Russell (1795-1883), 'The Sporting Parson'; vicar of Swimbridge; dog breeder. 2 Portraits

James Russell (active 1852), Law reporter. 1 Portrait

James Russell (circa 1786-died 1859), Actor. 1 Portrait

James Nicholas Geoffrey Russell (1948-), Second son of 4th Baron Ampthill and his first wife Susan (later Mrs Remington-Hobbs). 3 Portraits

John Russell (1620-1681), Soldier; brother of 1st Duke of Bedford. 2 Portraits

John Russell (1745-1806), Portrait painter and pastellist. 6 Portraits

John Russell (1786-1863), Head Master of Charterhouse School; canon of Canterbury and rector of St Botolphe's Bishopsgate. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward) John Russell (1872-1965), Agriculturalist; Director of the Rothamsted Experimental Station. 25 Portraits

John Russell (1919-2008), Art critic. 1 Portrait

John Scott Russell (1808-1882), Engineer and naval architect. 2 Portraits

Sir John Weir Russell (1893-1978), Barrister-at-Law. 1 Portrait

Sir John Wriothesley Russell (1914-1984), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Ken Russell (1927-2011), Film director. 6 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Lennox Somerville Russell (1872-1960), Civil servant in India. 2 Portraits

Lilian Russell (1861-1922), Actress. 3 Portraits

Mabel Russell (Mrs Hilton Philipson) (1887-1951), Actress and politician; MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed; former wife of Stanley Rhode, and later wife of Hilton Philipson. 10 Portraits

Margaret (née Wilson), Lady Russell (died 1900), Wife of Sir William Russell, 2nd Bt; daughter of Robert Wilson. 2 Portraits

Mary Russell (née Burrowes) (died 1867), First wife of Sir William Howard Russell. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael William Russell (1860-1949), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Odo William Theophilus Villiers Russell (1870-1951), Foreign attaché; son of 1st Baron Ampthill. 8 Portraits

Olive Russell, Model. 4 Portraits

Patrick Russell (1727-1805), Physician and naturalist. 2 Portraits

Peter Russell (1886-1966), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Richard Russell (1630-1693), Diplomat and Roman Catholic bishop in Portugal. 2 Portraits

Richard Drew Russell (1903-1981), Furniture Designer. 1 Portrait

Richard John Russell (1872-1943), Dental surgeon and Liberal politician; MP for Eddisbury. 5 Portraits

(William) Ritchie Russell (1903-1980), Neurologist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henshaw) Robert Russell (1875-1957), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Roger Wolcott Russell (1914-1998), Professor of Psychobiology and Psychology. 1 Portrait

(Francis Albert) Rollo Russell (1849-1914), Meteorologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Stanley Russell (1904-1974), Politician, journalist and author. 7 Portraits

Rosalind Russell (1907-1976), Stage and film actress. 2 Portraits

Samuel Thomas Russell (circa 1769-1845), Actor. 2 Portraits

Sylvia Russell (active 1916), Actress and singer. 4 Portraits

Theresa Russell (1957-), Actress; second wife of Nicholas Roeg. 1 Portrait

Thomas Russell (1767-1803), United Irishman. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Wallace Russell, 1st Bt (1841-1920), Irish temperance supporter and Liberal politician; MP for Tyrone South and North. 6 Portraits

Sir Thomas Wentworth Russell (1879-1954), Civil Service, Egypt. 3 Portraits

Hon. Victor Alexander Frederick Villiers Russell (1874-1965), Army officer and businessman; son of 1st Baron Ampthill. 4 Portraits

Victoria Russell, Costume designer and actress; daughter of Ken Russell. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Westley Russell (1867-1949), Painter and art teacher. 9 Portraits

Sir William Russell, 2nd Bt (1822-1892), Lieutenant-General and politician; MP for Dover and MP for Norwich. 1 Portrait

William Breighton Russell (1798-1876), Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

William Congreve Russell (1778-1850), Politician; MP for Worcestershire East. 1 Portrait

Sir William Fleming Russell (1851-1925), President of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. 3 Portraits

Sir William Howard Russell (1820-1907), Journalist. 21 Portraits

William Martin ('Willy') Russell (1947-), Poet and playwright. 3 Portraits

Miss Russell (active 1760s), Probably daughter of painter John Russell. 1 Portrait

Brigadier General Russell (active 1859). 1 Portrait

Captain Russell (active 1860), Captain. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Russell-Hay (died 1979), Lieutenant-Colonel and businessman. 1 Portrait

H.L. Russell-Royse. 1 Portrait

Dame Enid Mary Russell Russell-Smith (1903-1989), Civil servant and college head. 1 Portrait

Vernon Russell-Smith, Photographer; assistant to Dorothy Wilding during the 1950s. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Russell-Wells (1869-1924), Politician and physician. 3 Portraits

Alice Russon (active 1904-1920), Stage and film actress. 7 Portraits

Marie Magdalena Rustad (1859-1943), Court official; overhofmesterinne for Queen Maud of Norway. 1 Portrait

Mr Rustad. 1 Portrait

Tobias Rustat (baptised 1608-1694), Courtier and benefactor. 1 Portrait

Mr Ruston (active 1930s), Public House entertainer. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Tamlin Ruthen (1871-1926), Architect. 6 Portraits

Ernest Rutherford, Baron Rutherford (1871-1937), Physicist. 16 Portraits

Alex Rutherford (active 1840s), Fisherman. 1 Portrait

Daniel Rutherford (1749-1819), Physician and botanist. 6 Portraits

Elspeth Rose (née Strachan), Lady Rutherford (died 1914), Wife of Sir (William) Watson Rutherford, 1st Bt; daughter of Alexander Strachan. 4 Portraits

John James ('J.J.') Rutherford (born 1907), Footballer; son of John 'Jock' Rutherford; grandfather of Olympian Greg Rutherford. 1 Portrait

John Rutherford Rutherford (1904-1957), Politician; son of John Rutherford Chalmers. 3 Portraits

Dame Margaret Rutherford (1892-1972), Actress. 10 Portraits

Paul Rutherford (1959-), Singer; member of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. 3 Portraits

Sir (William) Watson Rutherford, 1st Bt (1853-1927), Politician and businessman. 6 Portraits

William Rutherford (1839-1899), Physiologist. 1 Portrait

William Gunion Rutherford (1853-1907), Headmaster of Westminster School. 1 Portrait

Miss Rutherford, Daughter of Sir (William) Watson Rutherford, 1st Bt. 4 Portraits

Andrew Rutherfurd (né Bervie), Lord Rutherfurd (1791-1854), Scottish Lord Advocate; judge and politician. 2 Portraits

Albert Rutherston (1881-1953), Artist. 1 Portrait

James Ruthven, 6th Baron Ruthven (1777-1853). 1 Portrait

Mary Ruthven (née Campbell), Lady Ruthven (1789-1885), Wife of 6th Baron Ruthven. 2 Portraits

Walter Patrick Hore-Ruthven, 10th Baron Ruthven (1870-1956), Major-General; Justice of the Peace. 23 Portraits

Caroline Annesley (née Gore), Lady Ruthven (1848-1914), Wife of 9th Lord Ruthven of Freeland, later 1st Baron Ruthven; daughter of 4th Earl of Arran. 1 Portrait

Walter James Hore-Ruthven, 9th Lord Ruthven of Freeland (1838-1921), Lieutenant-Colonel, Rifle Brigade. 5 Portraits

Sir Conrad Ruthven (active 1650). 2 Portraits

Edward Southwell Ruthven (1772-1836), Politician; MP for Dublin and Downpatrick. 3 Portraits

Sir Miecislas de Rutkowski (1853-1941), Diplomat for Russian Government. 1 Portrait

Catherine Manners (née Noel), Duchess of Rutland (1657-1733), Third wife of 1st Duke of Rutland; daughter of 3rd Viscount Campden. 4 Portraits

Katherine Manners (née Russell), Duchess of Rutland (1676-1711), Wife of John Manners, 2nd Duke of Rutland. 2 Portraits

Lucy Manners (née Sherard), Duchess of Rutland (1685-1751), Daughter of 2nd Baron Sherard; second wife of 2nd Duke of Rutland. 3 Portraits

John Manners, 3rd Duke of Rutland (1696-1779). 2 Portraits

Charles Manners, 4th Duke of Rutland (1754-1787). 4 Portraits

Mary Isabella Manners (née Somerset), Duchess of Rutland (1756-1831), Political hostess. 7 Portraits

John Henry Manners, 5th Duke of Rutland (1778-1857), Landowner and racehorse owner and breeder. 7 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Manners (née Howard), Duchess of Rutland (1780-1825), Wife of 5th Duke of Rutland; daughter of 5th Earl of Carlisle. 1 Portrait

Charles Cecil John Manners, 6th Duke of Rutland (1815-1888), Politician; Conservative Leader in the Commons. 4 Portraits

John James Robert Manners, 7th Duke of Rutland (1818-1906), Politician, First Commissioner of Works and MP for several constituencies. 33 Portraits

Henry John Brinsley Manners, 8th Duke of Rutland (1852-1925), Politician, army officer and landowner. 8 Portraits

(Marion Margaret) Violet Manners (née Lindsay), Duchess of Rutland (1856-1937), Artist; wife of 8th Duke of Rutland. 12 Portraits

John Henry Montagu Manners, 9th Duke of Rutland (1886-1940), Patron of Loughborough College. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Manners (née Tennant), Duchess of Rutland (1895-1989), Justice of the Peace; daughter of Francis John Tennant; wife of 9th Duke of Rutland. 7 Portraits

Frances Helen Manners (née Sweeny), Duchess of Rutland (1937-2024), Second wife of 10th Duke of Rutland; daughter of Charles Sweeny. 38 Portraits

Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland (circa 1497-1543), Courtier and soldier. 1 Portrait

Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland (1578-1632), Statesman. 8 Portraits

Lord George Manners, 7th Earl of Rutland (1580-1641), Landowner and politician; MP for Grantham and Lincolnshire. 1 Portrait

Frances (née Carey), Countess of Rutland (active 1605), Wife of 7th Earl of Rutland. 1 Portrait

Jeremy Charles Rutland (1930-), Nephew of 3rd Baron Ashbourne; son of Erica Alba (née Gibson). 4 Portraits

Joan Claire Florence Rutland (née Milne) (1907-1997), Second wife of James Hart Rutland; daughter of 1st Baron Milne. 5 Portraits

Jonathan Patrick Rutland (1935-), Nephew of 3rd Baron Ashbourne; son of Erica Alba (née Gibson). 4 Portraits

Hon. Marian Rutland (née Stanley) (1906-1992), Former wife of James Rutland and of James Royds and of Ralph Hubbard, and later wife of Edward Barford; daughter of 1st Baron Ashfield. 1 Portrait

Edward Rutledge (1749-1800), Lawyer; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Barrie Rutter (1946-), Founder and Artistic Director of Northern Broadsides Theatre Company. 2 Portraits

Dorothea Rutter (1632-1662), Wife of Michael Rutter of Bourton-on-the-Hill. 2 Portraits

Edgar John Rutter (1892-1971), Businessman. 4 Portraits

Francis Vane Phipson ('Frank') Rutter (1876-1937), Art critic and museum curator. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick William Pascoe Rutter (1859-1949), Insurance company director. 3 Portraits

John Rutter (1945-), Composer, Conductor. 1 Portrait

Hugh Ruttledge (1884-1961), Leader of Everest expedition 1933-36, Indian Commissioner. 4 Portraits

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (1926-2016), Political leader of Cuba. 6 Portraits

Alfred Patrick Ryan (1900-1972), Editor of the BBC News Services, and Assistant Editor and Literary Editor of 'The Times'. 1 Portrait

Alice (née Sumner), Lady Ryan (1858-1923), Wife of Sir Charles Snodgrass Ryan; daughter of Hon. Theo Sumner. 3 Portraits

Barry Ryan (1948-2021), Singer, composer and photographer. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Montague ('Bunny') Ryan (1892-1979), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Ryan (born 1850), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Lister Ryan (1831-1920), Comptroller and Auditor General. 3 Portraits

Charles Montgomerie Ryan (1867-1935), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Gerald Ellis Ryan, 2nd Bt (1888-1947), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Hemmington Ryan, 1st Bt (1861-1937), President of the Institute of Actuaries. 5 Portraits

Hylda Winifryde (née Herapath), Lady Ryan (died 1935), Wife of Sir Gerald Ellis Ryan, 2nd Bt; daughter of Spencer Herapath. 1 Portrait

James Ryan (active 1896), Racehorse trainer. 1 Portrait

John Ryan (1894-1975). 2 Portraits

Lilian V. Ryan (née Cook), Wife of Sir Thomas Joseph Ryan. 1 Portrait

Maria Ryan (née Doveton) (1841?-1866), Wife of William Cavendish Bentinck Ryan; daughter of H. Doveton. 1 Portrait

Marion Ryan (1931-1999), Singer. 4 Portraits

Mary Ryan (1848-1914), Maid and model of Julia Margaret Cameron; wife of Henry Cotton. 1 Portrait

Michael Ryan (active 1787-1789), Prize-fighter. 1 Portrait

Michael J. Ryan (1889-1971), Long distance runner; Olympian. 5 Portraits

Patrick Ryan. 1 Portrait

Paul Ryan (1948-1992), Singer. 3 Portraits

Sarah ('Sally') Tack Ryan (1916-1968), Sculptor and painter; co-founder of the Garman-Ryan art collection. 1 Portrait

(James) Stewart Ryan (1913-1990), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Joseph Ryan (1876-1921), Barrister; Premier of Queensland. 2 Portraits

Veronica Ryan (1956-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Vincent William Ryan (1816-1888), Bishop of Mauritius. 1 Portrait

William Cavendish Bentinck Ryan (1833-1889), Colonel, Her Majesty's Bengal Staff Corps; son of Sir Edward Ryan. 1 Portrait

Sir Paul Rycaut (1628-1700), Diplomat and writer. 8 Portraits

Sir Benjamin William Rycroft (1902-1967), Surgeon and eye specialist. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Anne Josephine (née Tennant), Lady Rycroft (died 1874), Wife of Sir Richard Henry Charles Rycroft, 3rd Bt; daughter of William Tennant. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Rycroft (1861-1925), Major-General; Colonial Governor of British North Borneo. 5 Portraits

(Margaret) Susan ('Sue') Ryder, Baroness Ryder of Warsaw (1923-2000), Founder of Homes for the Sick and Disabled; volunteer in the Special Operations Executive and member of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY); wife of (Geoffrey) Leonard Cheshire, Baron Cheshire. 4 Portraits

Lady Frances Ryder (1888-1965), Organiser of Dominion Services and Students Hospitality Scheme; daughter of 5th Earl of Harrowby. 3 Portraits

Sir Alfred Phillips Ryder (1820-1888), Admiral of the Fleet. 1 Portrait

Amilia Ryder, Niece of Shaun Ryder. 1 Portrait

Derek Ryder, Father of Shaun Ryder. 1 Portrait

Jacob Ryder, Nephew of Shaun Ryder. 1 Portrait

Jael Ryder (1991-), Daughter of Shaun Ryder. 1 Portrait

Jean Ryder (later Hawker, later Westwood) (1938-), Singer, member of 'The Breakaways' and 'Vernon Girls'. 1 Portrait

Joan Ryder, Daughter of Samuel Ryder. 1 Portrait

John Ryder (1814-1885), Actor. 4 Portraits

Hon. John Stuart Terrick Dudley Ryder (1924-), RAF officer. 2 Portraits

Linda Ryder, Mother of Shaun Ryder. 1 Portrait

Peter Hugh Dudley Ryder (1913-1993), Managing Director. 1 Portrait

Robert Edward Ryder (1895-1978), Army private; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Robert Edward Dudley Ryder (1908-1986), Naval Officer; recipient of the Victoria Cross; politician; Conservative MP. 7 Portraits

Shaun Ryder (1962-), Musician; lead singer for Happy Mondays. 3 Portraits

Sir William Ryder (1544-1611), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Pamela Kennedy Ryder-Richardson (née Trollope) (1898-1986), Breeder of Great Danes; wife of Dr John Charles Ryder-Richardson. 2 Portraits

Paul Rykens (1888-1965), Dutch founding chairman of Unilever. 3 Portraits

Joseph Rykwert (1926-), Architectual Historian; Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Rylah (1909-1974), Politician and lawyer. 1 Portrait

Sir Mark Rylance (1960-), Actor and Artistic Director of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. 2 Portraits

Ralph Rylance (circa 1782-1834), Writer. 1 Portrait

John Ryland (1753-1825), Baptist minister and theologian. 1 Portrait

John Collett Ryland (1723-1792), Baptist minister and schoolmaster. 6 Portraits

Richard Archer Ryland (died 1996), Sailor, Royal Navy. 2 Portraits

William Wynne Ryland (baptised 1733-1783), Engraver and printseller. 2 Portraits

George Humphrey Wolferstan ('Dadie') Rylands (1902-1999), Literary scholar; Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; theatre director and actor. 6 Portraits

Peter Rylands (1820-1887), Wire manufacturer and Liberal politician; MP for Warrington and Burnley. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Ryle (1900-1976), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Herbert Edward Ryle (1856-1925), Bishop of Winchester and Dean of Westminster. 5 Portraits

John Charles Ryle (1816-1900), Bishop of Liverpool. 9 Portraits

Sir Martin Ryle (1918-1984), Radio astronomer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Rymer (1641-1713), Author and antiquary. 1 Portrait

John Murray Rymer-Jones (1897-1993), Brigadier. 6 Portraits

Sir Granville de Laune Ryrie (1865-1937), Major-general and politician. 5 Portraits

Mary Frances Gwenydoln (née McFarland), Lady Ryrie (1872-1949), Wife of Sir Granville de Laune Ryrie; daughter of Judge McFarland, New South Wales. 5 Portraits

John Michael Rysbrack (1694-1770), Sculptor. 7 Portraits

Risto Heikki Ryti (1889-1956), President of Finland and director of Bank of Finland. 1 Portrait

Bruno Ryves (1596-1677), Dean of Windsor. 4 Portraits