Sitters A-Z


Maurice Saatchi, Baron Saatchi (1946-), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Charles Saatchi (1943-), Businessman and art collector. 1 Portrait

Doris Jean Saatchi (née Lockhart) (1937-), Interior designer and author. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Saba (born 1852), Government administrator. 2 Portraits

Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950), Novelist. 13 Portraits

Arthur Knowles Sabin (1879-1959), Writer, poet and printer. 8 Portraits

Dorothy Sabin, Actress. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Sabine (1788-1883), Army officer and physicist; President of the Royal Society. 7 Portraits

Joseph Sabine (1662?-1739), General. 1 Portrait

Sarah Henrietta Sabonadiere (née Portal) (1840-1882), Wife of William Augustus Sabonadiere; daughter of Richard Brinsley Portal. 1 Portrait

William Augustus Sabonadiere (1829?-1896), East India merchant. 1 Portrait

Sabrina (Norma Ann Sykes) (1936-2016), Actress and model. 2 Portraits

Sabu Dastagir (1924-1963), Actor. 11 Portraits

Jane Sacchi (née Barlow) (1943-), Businesswoman; daughter of Sir Robert and Margaret, Lady Barlow (née Rawlings). 9 Portraits

Anna ('Nura') Sacharina, Cousin of Sir Ernst Chain. 1 Portrait

Henry Sacheverell (baptised 1674-1724), Church of England clergyman and religious controversialist. 24 Portraits

Lucy Sacheverell (active 1646), Richard Lovelace's Lucasta. 5 Portraits

Albert Sachs (1904-1976), Pathologist; Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Leopold Otho Sachs (1898-1979), Judge. 8 Portraits

(Janet) Margaret (née Goddard), Lady Sachs (1909-2005), Wife of Sir Eric Sachs; daughter of Baron Goddard. 7 Portraits

Richard Sachs (1935-), Son of Sir Eric Sachs. 4 Portraits

Freda Sack (1951-), Graphic designer and typographer. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Henry Sacks, Baron Sacks (1948-2020), Chief Rabbi, United Hebrew Congregations of the British Commonwealth of Nations. 2 Portraits

Oliver Wolf Sacks (1933-2015), Writer and neurologist. 1 Portrait

George Sackville Germain, 1st Viscount Sackville (1716-1785), Soldier and statesman. 18 Portraits

Lionel Edward Sackville-West, 3rd Baron Sackville (1867-1928), Justice of the Peace. 4 Portraits

Charles Sackville-West, 4th Baron Sackville (1870-1962), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Anne Sackville-West (née Meredith), Lady Sackville (died 1961), Former wife of Stephen Bigelow, and later wife of 4th Baron Sackville; daughter of William Meredith. 3 Portraits

Edward ('Eddy') Sackville-West, 5th Baron Sackville (1901-1965), Writer and music critic. 39 Portraits

Lady Margaret Sackville (1881-1963), Poet and children's writer; daughter of 7th Earl de la Warr. 1 Portrait

Beatrix Helen Constance Stopford Sackville (née Pakenham), Daughter of H.A. Pakenham; wife of Nigel Victor Stopford Sackville. 3 Portraits

Nigel Victor Stopford Sackville (1901-1972), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sackville George Stopford Sackville (1840-1926), Politician and army officer. 2 Portraits

Victoria Mary ('Vita') Sackville-West (1892-1962), Writer and gardener; wife of Sir Harold Nicolson. 29 Portraits

Miss Sackville-West. 3 Portraits

Sir Iqbal Sacranie (1952-), Secretary General, Muslim Council of Great Britain. 1 Portrait

N.L. Sadana. 3 Portraits

Sir Clarence Thomas Albert Sadd (1883-1962), Banker; Head of Midland Bank. 3 Portraits

Rod Saddington, Crane driver. 1 Portrait

Sade (Helen Folasade Adu) (1959-), Singer, songwriter, composer and record producer. 5 Portraits

Louis de Sadeleer, Baron de Sadeleer (1854-1924), Politician and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi V, Nawab of Bahawalpur (1904-1966), Nawab of Bahawalpur; son of Muhammad Bahawal Khan IV. 4 Portraits

John William Sadiq (active 1935-1968), Bishop of Nagpur, India. 1 Portrait

Lionel Warren de Vere Sadleir-Jackson (1876-1932), Brigadier-General. 6 Portraits

H.J. Sadler (active 1923). 1 Portrait

James Sadler (1753-1828), Aeronaut. 3 Portraits

Sir Michael Ernest Sadler (1861-1943), Educationalist. 8 Portraits

Michael Thomas Sadler (1780-1835), Social reformer. 12 Portraits

Phoebe Sadler (1829-1893), Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Sadler. 1 Portrait

Walter Dendy Sadler (1854-1923), Genre painter. 2 Portraits

Richard Moore Sadlier, Army officer. 1 Portrait

William Charles Sadlier (1867-1935), Bishop of Nelson,New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Safford (1892-1961), Deputy commissioner of National Insurance Acts. 2 Portraits

Joseph Sagall (1906-1967), Banker and leading Zionist. 1 Portrait

Leontine Sagan (1889-1974), Film director and actress. 1 Portrait

Frances Sage (1769-1848). 1 Portrait

Mrs Sage (née Whalley) (1745-1778). 1 Portrait

Saharet (née Clarissa or Clarice Campbell) (1897-1942), Dancer. 2 Portraits

Kamla Devi Sahiba (circa 1921-active 1936), Sister of Maharaja Sir Partap Singh Malvendra, Bahadur of Nabha. 2 Portraits

Vimla Devi Sahiba (circa 1922-active 1936), Sister of Maharaja Sir Partap Singh Malvendra, Bahadur of Nabha. 2 Portraits

Said bin Taimur, Sultan of Muscat and Oman (1910-1972), Sultan of Muscat and Oman. 12 Portraits

Reuben Saidman (1906-1967), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Monsieur Saillard (active 1940s), French man in London in 1940s. 1 Portrait

Alan John Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Drury Lane (1902-1998), Grocer and politician. 2 Portraits

John Davan Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover (1927-2022), Businessman and patron of the arts; life peer. 9 Portraits

David John Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville (1940-), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

(John) Barry Sainsbury (1929-1999), Businessman. 8 Portraits

Cynthia Marie Amelie Sainsbury (née Balfour) (1926-), Wife of John Barry Sainsbury; daughter of Sir Alec Edward Balfour. 10 Portraits

John Sainsbury (died 1869), Proprietor of the Napoleon Museum. 1 Portrait

Mark Sainsbury (1969-), Chef and restaurateur; son of Baron Sainsbury of Preston Candover. 1 Portrait

Richard Eric Sainsbury (1909-1991), Politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert James Sainsbury (1906-2000), Company chairman and patron of modern art. 1 Portrait

Sebastian Sainsbury (1962-), Businessman; son of (John) Barry Sainsbury. 2 Portraits

Violet Sybil Sainsbury (1904-1992), Daughter of Arthur Sainsbury; wife of Raymond P.G. Ireland. 1 Portrait

Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St Albans (1670-1726), Soldier. 7 Portraits

Osborne de Vere Beauclerk, 12th Duke of St Albans (1874-1964), Soldier and businessman. 2 Portraits

Diana Beauclerk (née de Vere), Duchess of St Albans (circa 1679-1742), Courtier, beauty and Mistress of the Robes; wife of 1st Duke of St Albans. 4 Portraits

William Beauclerk, 8th Duke of St Albans (1766-1825), Son of 5th Duke of St Albans and Catherine Beauclerk. 1 Portrait

William Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, 9th Duke of St Albans (1801-1849). 3 Portraits

Harriot Beauclerk (née Mellon), Duchess of St Albans (1777?-1837), Actress and banker. 5 Portraits

William Amelius Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, 10th Duke of St Albans (1840-1898), Representative peer and landowner. 5 Portraits

Sybil Mary (née Grey), Duchess of St Albans (1848-1871), Wife of 10th Duke of St Albans; daughter of Hon. Charles Grey. 6 Portraits

Grace (née Bernal Osborne), Duchess of St Albans (1848-1926), Second wife of 10th Duke of St Albans; daughter of Ralph Bernal Jr (later Ralph Bernal Osborne). 3 Portraits

Beatrix Frances (née Petty-Fitzmaurice), Duchess of St Albans (1877-1953), Daughter of 5th Marquess of Lansdowne; former wife of 6th Marquess of Waterford, and later wife of 12th Duke of St Albans. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederic Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk, 13th Duke of St Albans (1915-1988), Army intelligence officer and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Henry Jermyn, Earl of St Albans (circa 1605-1684), Courtier and Lord Chamberlain. 10 Portraits

Michael Edward Hicks Beach, 1st Earl St Aldwyn (1837-1916), Politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 25 Portraits

Michael John Hicks Beach, 2nd Earl St Aldwyn (1912-1992), Politician; son of Michael Beach, Viscount Quenington. 17 Portraits

George Philip Nicholas Windsor, Earl of St Andrews (1962-), Son of Duke and Duchess of Kent. 3 Portraits

George Ashburnham, Viscount St Asaph (1785-1813), Conservative politician; MP for New Romney and Weobley; son of 3rd Earl of Ashburnham. 1 Portrait

Sophia Ashburnham (née Thynne), Lady St Asaph (1763-1791), First wife of Viscount St Asaph (later 3rd Earl of Ashburnham); daughter of 1st Marquess of Bath. 1 Portrait

Lisa Gioconda St Aubin de Teran (1953-), Novelist. 6 Portraits

Juliana (née Vinicombe), Lady St Aubyn (1769-1856), Wife of Sir John St Aubyn. 2 Portraits

Edward St Aubyn (1862-1944), Indian Army officer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth St Aubyn (1757-1804), Wife of Sir John St Aubyn, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Eugenia Susannah St Aubyn (née Chapman) (circa 1836-1886), Former wife of George Henry Fitzroy, and later wife of Edward St Aubyn; daughter of David Barclay Chapman. 2 Portraits

Hon. Giles Rowan St Aubyn (1925-2015), Historian and author; son of 3rd Baron St Levan. 2 Portraits

James St Aubyn (1783-1862), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir John St Aubyn, 5th Bt (1758-1839), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

Mary Bailey Southwell St Aubyn (died 1987), Wife of Hon. (Oliver) Piers St Aubyn. 4 Portraits

Hon. Mary Theresa St Aubyn (née Parker) (1881-1932), Daughter of 3rd Earl Morley; wife of Hon. Lionel Michael St Aubyn. 2 Portraits

Hon. (Oliver) Piers St Aubyn (1920-2006), Captain and High Sheriff; son of 3rd Baron St Levan. 11 Portraits

Stella St Audrie (circa 1876-1925), Actress. 5 Portraits

Alexander Fuller-Acland-Hood, 1st Baron St Audries (1853-1917), Politician, colonial governor and army officer. 17 Portraits

St Bede (673 or 674-735), Monk, historian and theologian. 3 Portraits

(John) Morrice Cairns James, Baron Saint Brides (1916-1989), Diplomat and life peer. 1 Portrait

Clara St Casse (born 1841), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Mary St Clair. 1 Portrait

Mary-Jean Rosalie Alice St Clair (née Hargreaves), Wife of Malcolm Archibald James St Clair; daughter of Caryl Liddell Hargreaves. 1 Portrait

Sinna St Clair, Actress and singer. 5 Portraits

William Graeme St Clair (1849-1930), Soldier; editor of the Singapore Free Press; founder, president and conductor of the Singapore Philharmonic Society. 2 Portraits

St. Clair St. Clair-Ford (né Ford) (1830-1896), Captain in the Bombay Staff Corps. 1 Portrait

Hon. David St Clair-Erskine (1917-1985), Major; son of 5th Earl of Rosslyn. 3 Portraits

Sir Peter St Clair-Ford (1905-1989), Major-General; General Secretary of the Officer's Association. 1 Portrait

Emily St Clare (active 1800-1810), Actress; mistress of Sir John Fleming, Baron De Tabley. 1 Portrait

Mimi St Cyr (active 1889-1904), Singer. 1 Portrait

Stafford Harry Northcote, Viscount St Cyres (1869-1926), Son of 2nd Earl of Iddesleigh. 1 Portrait

John Wynford Philipps, 1st Viscount St Davids (1860-1938), Financier. 3 Portraits

Jestyn Reginald Austen Plantagenet Philipps, 2nd Viscount St Davids (1917-1991), Founder and patron of the Pirate Club, Floating Youth Club for Boys and Girls. 12 Portraits

Doreen Philipps (née Guinness Jowett), Viscountess St Davids (died 1956), First wife of 2nd Viscount St Davids. 4 Portraits

Colwyn Jestyn John Philipps, 3rd Viscount St Davids (1939-). 4 Portraits

Leonora ('Nora') (née Gerstenberg), Lady St Davids (1862-1915), Political activist and campaigner for women's rights; first wife of John Wynford Philipps, Viscount St Davids; daughter of Isidor Gerstenberg. 4 Portraits

Michel Jacques Saint-Denis (1897-1971), Actor, playwright and producer. 18 Portraits

Charles de Marquetel de Saint-Evremond (1613?-1703), Wit and courtier. 2 Portraits

Caroline St George, Daughter of Edward St George and granddaughter of William Hill. 1 Portrait

Sarah St George, Daughter of Edward St George and granddaughter of William Hill. 1 Portrait

Thomas Clement Belmore St George (active 1861), Captain. 2 Portraits

John Eliot, 1st Earl of St Germans (1761-1823). 1 Portrait

Jacquetta Jean Frederica (née Lampson), Countess of St Germans (1943-), Wife of 10th Earl of St Germans; daughter of 1st Baron Killearn. 25 Portraits

Edward Granville Eliot, 3rd Earl of St Germans (1798-1877), Diplomatist and politician. 5 Portraits

William Gordon Cornwallis Eliot, 4th Earl of St Germans (1829-1881), Politician and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Emily Eliot (née Labouchere), Countess St Germans (1844-1933), Youngest daughter of Baron Taunton; wife of 5th Earl of St Germans. 1 Portrait

Montague Charles Eliot, 8th Earl of St Germans (1870-1960), Courtier. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Richard Michael Eliot, 9th Earl of St Germans (1914-1988), Major in Duke of Cornwall's light infantry. 1 Portrait

Alleyne Fitzherbert, Baron St Helens (1753-1839), Diplomat. 6 Portraits

Michael Henry Colin Hughes-Young, 1st Baron St Helens (1912-1980), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

Francis Henry Jeune, Baron St Helier (1843-1905), Judge. 2 Portraits

(Susan Elizabeth) Mary Jeune (née Stewart-Mackenzie), Lady St Helier (1849-1931), Philanthropist; former wife of Hon. John Constantine Stanley and later wife of 1st Baron St Helier; daughter of Keith Stewart-Mackenzie. 3 Portraits

Ivy St Helier (1887-1971), Actress. 10 Portraits

Mrs St Henry (active 1862-1878), Actress. 1 Portrait

Richard Sainthill (1787-1870), Numismatist. 3 Portraits

Oliver St John, 1st Baron St John of Bletso (circa 1520-1582), Courtier and Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire. 2 Portraits

Norman Anthony Francis St John-Stevas, Baron St John of Fawsley (1929-2012), Barrister, author and Conservative politician; MP for Chelmsford. 6 Portraits

Andrew St John, 14th Baron St John (1759-1817). 2 Portraits

Louisa (née Rouse-Boughton), Lady St John of Bletso (died 1860), Former wife of 14th Baron St John of Bletso; later wife of Sir John Vaughan. 1 Portrait

Moubray St Andrew Thornton St John, 18th Baron St John of Bletso (1877-1934), Army captain and Justice of the Peace; son of 16th Baron St John of Bletso. 9 Portraits

John Moubray Russell St John, 19th Baron St John of Bletso (1917-1976), Landowner; son of 18th Baron St John of Bletso. 9 Portraits

Florence St John (1854-1912), Actress and singer. 10 Portraits

John Henry St John (1829-1912), Major, 92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot. 2 Portraits

Katherine Madge St John (née Lockwood) (1884-1954), Wife of Hon. Rowland Tudor St John; youngest daughter of Sir Frank Lockwood. 5 Portraits

Lady Mary St John (née Rich) (active 17th century), Sister of Lady Anne Barrington (née Rich). 1 Portrait

Oliver St John (1598?-1673), Chief Justice. 1 Portrait

Roger Ellis Tudor St John (1911-1998), Major-General. 9 Portraits

Hon. Rowland Tudor St John (1882-1948), Lieutenant-Colonel; third son of 16th Baron St John of Bletso. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Geraldine St John (née Russell), Baroness St John of Bletso (1880-1918), Wife of 18th Baron St John of Bletso. 1 Portrait

Lady St John. 1 Portrait

Hon. Denise Patricia St John-Ives (née de Courcy) (1918-1959), Wife of Gordon David St John-Ives; daughter of 34th Baron Kingsale. 3 Portraits

Mr St John Mathews (Attwood-Mathews). 1 Portrait

Mrs St John Mathews. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth St John-Mildmay (née Eversley), Wife of Harvey George St John Mildmay; daughter of Charles, Viscount Eversley. 2 Portraits

Emily Mary St John-Mildmay (died 1920), Daughter of Humphrey St John-Mildmay; granddaughter of Sir Henry St John-Mildmay, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Herbert Alexander St John-Mildmay (1836-1922), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Louisa Josephine St John-Mildmay (née Sanders) (1828-1865), First wife of Henry de Hoghton (later 9th Bt), wife of Clarence Walter Wigney, and later first wife of Edmond Henry St John-Mildmay; daughter of Joseph Sanders. 1 Portrait

Marianne Frances St John-Mildmay (née Harcourt-Vernon) (circa 1815-1873), Second wife of Humphrey St John-Mildmay; daughter of Granville Harcourt-Vernon. 1 Portrait

Reginald St John Parry (1858-1935), Clergyman, writer, lecturer and Vice-Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Eric St Johnston (1911-1986), Colonel. 6 Portraits

Sir Reginald St Johnston (1881-1950), Barrister, colonial administrator and author. 7 Portraits

Peter George Grenfell, 2nd Baron St Just (1922-1984), Honour Lieutenant. 5 Portraits

Antoine Louis Léon de Saint Just (1767?-1794), French revolutionary. 1 Portrait

Louis Stephen St-Laurent (1882-1973), Prime Minister of Canada. 5 Portraits

Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008), Couturier. 2 Portraits

John Hayes St Leger (1756-1800), Army officer, courtier and rake. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas St Leger (circa 1440-1483), Knight. 1 Portrait

Edward Burtenshaw Sugden, 1st Baron St Leonards (1781-1875), Lord Chancellor. 20 Portraits

John St Aubyn, 1st Baron St Levan (1829-1908), Politician; MP for Cornwall. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Clementina (née Townshend), Lady St Levan (1834-1910), Wife of 1st Baron St Levan; daughter of 4th Marquess Townshend. 1 Portrait

(Clementina) Gwendolen Catharine St Aubyn (née Nicolson), Lady St Levan (1896-1995), Writer, nursery worker and patron of The Red Cross; wife of 3rd Baron St Levan. 5 Portraits

John Francis Arthur St Aubyn, 4th Baron St Levan (1919-2013), Served in World War II; son of 3rd Baron St Levan. 5 Portraits

Philip Sainton. 1 Portrait

Prosper Philippe Catherine Sainton (1813-1890), Violinist. 4 Portraits

Charlotte Helen Sainton-Dolby (1821-1885), Singer and composer. 8 Portraits

Rowland Winn, 1st Baron St Oswald (1820-1893), Politician and industrialist. 1 Portrait

Rowland Winn, 2nd Baron St Oswald (1857-1919), Politician and army officer. 4 Portraits

Mabel Susan (née Forbes), Lady St Oswald (1871-1919), Wife of 2nd Baron St Oswald; daughter of Sir Charles John Forbes, 4th Bt. 19 Portraits

Brigade Major St Pearne (died 1801), Soldier; killed at the Battle of Alexandria. 2 Portraits

Lizzie St Quinten (active 1881-1895), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

(Charles) Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921), French composer, organist and conductor. 2 Portraits

George Edward Bateman Saintsbury (1845-1933), Literary critic and historian. 4 Portraits

Harry Arthur Saintsbury (1869-1939), Actor and dramatist. 1 Portrait

John Angus Saintsbury (1918-2010). 1 Portrait

Louis-Clair, Comte de St Aulaire (1778-1854), French Ambassador to London. 1 Portrait

Edward Charles Grenfell, 1st Baron St Just (1870-1941), Banker and politician. 3 Portraits

John Jervis, Earl of St Vincent (1735-1823), Admiral. 31 Portraits

Edward Jervis Jervis, 2nd Viscount St Vincent (1767-1859), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Ronald George James Jervis, 7th Viscount St Vincent (1905-2006). 4 Portraits

Constance Phillida Anne Jervis (née Logan), Viscountess St Vincent (1921-2013), Wife of 7th Viscount St Vincent. 5 Portraits

St Willibrord (657 or 658-739), Missionary, Archbishop of the Frisians and Abbot of Echternach. 1 Portrait

Fumiko Saito, Wife of Takeshi Saito. 1 Portrait

Takeshi Saito (1887-1982), Scholar. 1 Portrait

Bukayo Ayoyinka T.M. Saka (2001-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Count Tadamasa Sakai, Japanese politician; Minister of Agriculture. 2 Portraits

Countess Sakai, Wife of Count Tadamasa Sakai. 2 Portraits

T. Sakamoto. 1 Portrait

Annie Saker (1882-1932), Actress; daughter of Maria Saker. 12 Portraits

Alexander Sakharoff (1886-1963), Dancer, teacher and choreographer. 1 Portrait

Sarah Saklatvala (née Marsh) (1888-1977), Waitress; wife of Shapurji Saklatvala; daughter of Henry Marsh. 2 Portraits

Shapurji Saklatvala (1874-1936), Lawyer and Labour and Communist politician; MP for Battersea. 5 Portraits

George Augustus Sala (1828-1895), Journalist. 17 Portraits

Louise Salaman (1876-1958), Student at the Slade School of Fine Art. 1 Portrait

Redcliffe Nathan Salaman (1874-1955), Geneticist and Jewish activist. 3 Portraits

Carlota Isabel Maria de Saldanha, Duchess of Saldanha (circa 1801-1886), Lady of Honour to the Queen of Portugal; former wife of Edward Binns, and later wife of the Duke of Saldanha. 1 Portrait

João Carlos de Saldanha, Duke of Saldanha (1790-1877), Army officer and politician. 2 Portraits

Caroline Ismay Maud Sale (1934-), Daughter of Walter Morley Sale. 4 Portraits

Charles Richard Walter Sale (1928-1999), Captain; son of Walter Morley Sale. 4 Portraits

Florentia (née Wynch), Lady Sale (1790-1853), Traveller and writer; author of 'Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan'; wife of Sir Robert Henry Sale. 8 Portraits

Geoffrey Stead Sale (1907-1987), Headmaster of Rossall School. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ismay Hilda Margaret Sale (née Fitzroy) (1908-2008), Wife of Walter Morley Sale; daughter of 4th Baron Southampton. 7 Portraits

Sir Robert Henry Sale (1782-1845), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Walter Morley Sale (1903-1976), Brigadier; Extra Equerry to the Queen. 2 Portraits

William Sale. 1 Portrait

Caleb Williams Elijah Saleeby (1878-1940), Eugenist; founder of Sunlight League. 4 Portraits

Muriel Gordon Saleeby (née Billinge) (1879-1964), Second wife of Caleb Williams Elijah Saleeby; daughter of Robert Burland Billinge. 1 Portrait

John Sales (1934-), Gardener and teacher of horticulture. 1 Portrait

Iacobus Salesius (died 1593), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Francesco Salfi, Conductor. 1 Portrait

Efrain Salinas y Velasco (active 1930s), Bishop of Mexico. 1 Portrait

Caroline Jane de Salis (née Knight) (1935-), Wife of Jerome Otway Fane de Salis; granddaughter of 2nd Baron Monk Bretton. 3 Portraits

James Cecil, 1st Marquess of Salisbury (1748-1823), Lord Chamberlain. 12 Portraits

Mary Amelia Cecil (née Hill), Marchioness of Salisbury (1750-1835), Political hostess and sportswoman. 8 Portraits

James Brownlow William Cecil, 2nd Marquess of Salisbury (1791-1868), Lord privy seal and Lord President of the Council; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Mary Catherine (née Sackville-West), Marchioness of Salisbury (later Countess of Derby) (1824-1900), Former second wife of 2nd Marquess of Salisbury, and later wife of 15th Earl of Derby; daughter of 5th Earl de la Warr. 1 Portrait

Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury (1830-1903), Prime Minister; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 82 Portraits

Georgina Gascoyne-Cecil (née Alderson), Marchioness of Salisbury (1827-1899), Wife of 3rd Marquess Salisbury; daughter of Sir Edward Hall Alderson. 1 Portrait

James Edward Hubert Gascoyne-Cecil, 4th Marquess of Salisbury (1861-1947), Politician; Leader of the House of Lords and Lord Privy Seal. 16 Portraits

Robert Arthur James Gascoyne-Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury (1893-1972), Politician; Leader of the House of Lords. 28 Portraits

Robert Edward Peter Gascoyne-Cecil, 6th Marquess of Salisbury (1916-2003), Politician; MP for Bournemouth. 4 Portraits

Marjorie Olein ('Mollie'), Marchioness of Salisbury (1922-2016), Garden designer and writer; wife of 6th Marquess of Salisbury. 1 Portrait

Robert Michael James Gascoyne-Cecil, 7th Marquess of Salisbury (1946-), Chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire and Conservative politician; MP for South Dorset. 1 Portrait

John Montagu, 3rd Earl of Salisbury (circa 1350-1400), Magnate and courtier. 2 Portraits

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury (1473-1541), Noblewoman. 2 Portraits

Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury (1563-1612), Statesman. 21 Portraits

William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (1591-1668), Politician and Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire and Dorset. 7 Portraits

Frances Cecil (née Bennett), Countess of Salisbury (1670-1713), Wife of 4th Earl of Salisbury. 8 Portraits

James Cecil, 5th Earl of Salisbury (1691-1728), Son of 4th Earl of Salisbury. 7 Portraits

Sir Edward James Salisbury (1886-1978), Botanist. 11 Portraits

Francis Owen ('Frank') Salisbury (1874-1962), Painter. 38 Portraits

Peter Salisbury (1971-), Musician; drummer for The Verve. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Guy Salisbury-Jones (1896-1985), Major-General and wine grower. 13 Portraits

Hilda Violet Helena (née de Bunsen), Lady Salisbury-Jones (1900-1995), Former wife of Richard Yerburgh, and later wife of Sir Arthur Salisbury-Jones; daughter of Sir Maurice de Bunsen. 11 Portraits

Carleton Salkeld (1880-1959), Major. 2 Portraits

Andrew Salkey (1928-1995), Broadcaster, novelist, poet and essayist. 1 Portrait

Jane Cecil Salkind (née Chaplin) (1957-), Wife of Ilya Salkind; daughter of Charlie Chaplin. 3 Portraits

Maurice Bernard Salkinder (died 1972). 4 Portraits

Cyril Barnet Salmon, Baron Salmon (1903-1991), Lord Justice of Appeal. 10 Portraits

Jean Salmon (née Maitland-Makgill-Crichton), Baroness Salmon (1912-1989), Former wife of 2nd Baron Morris, and later wife of Baron Salmon. 13 Portraits

Balliol Salmon (1868-1953), Artist; contributed mainly to The Graphic. 2 Portraits

Barnett Salmon (1829-1897), Tobacco manufacturer; co-founder of Salmon & Gluckstein. 1 Portrait

Christopher Salmon (Samon, Sammond) (active 1528-1553), Member of the Barber Surgeons Company. 1 Portrait

Colin Salmon (1965-), Actor. 1 Portrait

David Stewart Salmon (circa 1702-after 1807), Mariner and centenarian. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth ('Betty') Margaret Salmon (1918-2012), Granddaughter of Sir Thomas Vansittart Bowater, 1st Bt; daughter of Doris Margaret and Norman Gerald Kerr Salmon. 1 Portrait

Sir Eric Cecil Heygate Salmon (1896-1946), Civil servant. 8 Portraits

Geoffrey Isidore Hamilton Salmon (1908-1990), President, J. Lyons and Co. Ltd; Catering advisor to the army. 1 Portrait

Harry Leonard Nowell ('H.L.N.') Salmon (1894-1943), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Isidore Salmon (1876-1941), Chairman and Managing Director of Lyons & Co. Ltd. 2 Portraits

Joan Salmon. 1 Portrait

John Drew Salmon (1802-1859), Botanist and manager of Wenham Lake Ice Company. 1 Portrait

Katriel P. Salmon, Diplomat and colonel. 1 Portrait

Lena Salmon (née Gluckstein) (1846-1907), Wife of Barnett Salmon; daughter of Samuel and Ann Gluckstein. 1 Portrait

Sir Nowell Salmon (1835-1912), Admiral of the Fleet; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Sir Roderic Salmon (1911-1985), Air Vice-Marshal. 11 Portraits

Ross Salmon (1922-2004), Broadcaster and explorer. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Salmon (1900-1980), Chairman of J. Lyons. 1 Portrait

William Salmon (1644-1713), Empiric and writer. 11 Portraits

W.B. Salmon (active early 19th century), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Henry Lionel Broome Salmon (1921-2002), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Brigid Louise Salmond (née Wright) (1928-2000), Granddaughter of 8th Viscount of Powerscourt; wife of Julian John William Salmond. 4 Portraits

Sir (William) Geoffrey Hanson Salmond (1878-1933), Air Chief Marshal. 4 Portraits

Sir John Maitland Salmond (1881-1968), Marshal of the Royal Air Force; husband of Hon. Monica Margaret Grenfell. 18 Portraits

Margaret (née Carr), Lady Salmond, Wife of Sir (William) Geoffrey Hanson Salmond; daughter of William Carr. 2 Portraits

Thomas Salmond. 1 Portrait

Sir William Salmond (1840-1933), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Master Salmond, Son of Sir (William) Geoffrey Hanson Salmond. 2 Portraits

Ananda Max ('Doc') Salomon (1891-1944), Film director and studio manager. 1 Portrait

Johann Peter Salomon (1745-1815), Musician, violinist, composer and conductor. 6 Portraits

Oscar Victor Salomon (died 1928), Politician and Consul-General for Peru. 1 Portrait

Sir David Salomons, 1st Bt (1797-1873), Banker and politician. 3 Portraits

Salpietro, Musician. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward William Salt (1881-1970), Businessman and politician; MP for Yardley. 1 Portrait

George Salt (1903-2003), Lecturer in Natural Sciences. 1 Portrait

Henry Salt (1780-1827), Draughtsman and traveller. 1 Portrait

Sir John William Titus Salt, 4th Bt (1884-1953), Royal Naval commander. 2 Portraits

Sarah Salt, Author. 1 Portrait

Stella (née Houlton Jackson), Lady Salt (1904-1974), Second wife of Sir John Titus Salt, 4th Bt. 3 Portraits

Sir Titus Salt (1803-1876), Manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Gulielmus Saltamochius (died 1593), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

William Salte (1746-1817), of Tottenham. 1 Portrait

(James) Arthur Salter, 1st Baron Salter (1881-1975), Civil servant, politician and political scientist. 20 Portraits

Elizabeth Salter (Elizabeth Zeeman) (1925-1980), Professor and scholar of Middle English literature. 3 Portraits

Henry Hyde Salter (1823-1871), Physician. 1 Portrait

Herbert Edward Salter (1863-1951), Vicar of Shirburn, Oxon. 3 Portraits

James Salter. 1 Portrait

Jocelyn Stuart Cambridge Salter (1901-1989), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir John Salter (died 1744), Lord Mayor of London. 3 Portraits

Samuel Salter (circa 1680-1756), Archdeacon of Norwich. 1 Portrait

Thomas Salter (died 1625), Rector of St Mellion, Cornwall. 2 Portraits

Thomas Frederick Salter (1762 or 1763-circa 1820), Writer on angling. 3 Portraits

Furid es Saltered. 1 Portrait

George Salting (1835-1909), Art collector and benefactor. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward) George Saltmarsh (1869-1931), Civil engineer. 4 Portraits

Blanche Saltmarshe (née Denison) (died 1880), Wife of Philip Saltmarshe; daughter of Robert Denison. 2 Portraits

Philip Saltmarshe (1825-1912), Landowner, Justice of the Peace and soldier. 2 Portraits

Charles Saltonstall (baptised 1607-1665), Naval officer and teacher of navigation. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Saltonston (1521-1601), Lord Mayor of London. 3 Portraits

Alexander Fraser, 16th Baron Saltoun (1785-1853), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Alexander Arthur Fraser, 19th Lord Saltoun (1886-1979). 5 Portraits

Dorothy Geraldine (née Welby), Lady Saltoun (1890-1985), Wife of 19th Lord Saltoun; daughter of Sir Charles Glynne Earle Welby, 5th Bt. 7 Portraits

William Henry Saltwell (1793-1875), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Salusbury Salusbury-Trelawny, 9th Bt (1816-1885), Politician and diarist. 2 Portraits

Sir John William Salusbury-Trelawny, 11th Bt (1869-1944), Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Sir William Lewis Salusbury-Trelawny, 10th Bt (1844-1912), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Lord Edward Theodore Salvesen (1857-1942), Judge. 5 Portraits

Charles Emil Salvesen (1863-1945), Major. 2 Portraits

Mabel C. Salvesen (née Harper). 2 Portraits

Tommaso Salvini (1829-1915), Actor. 5 Portraits

Mademoiselle Salvioni (active 1861-1864), Opera singer. 4 Portraits

(Edward) Linley Sambourne (1844-1910), Cartoonist and illustrator. 8 Portraits

Thomas Sambrooke. 2 Portraits

Néac Sami, Dancer and model. 14 Portraits

Charles Thomas Samman (1865-1939), Lieutenant-Colonel, barrister and physician. 1 Portrait

Albert Edward Sammons (1886-1957), Violinist and composer. 2 Portraits

Sammy (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles James Samouelle (1920-1997), Flight-Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

P.? Sampakitch. 1 Portrait

Anthony Terrell Seward Sampson (1926-2004), Journalist and writer. 3 Portraits

Chesley Sampson (1958-), Guitarist; musician; member of Misty in Roots. 1 Portrait

Harry Sampson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Katie Sampson, Daughter of Anthony Sampson (Terrell Seward). 1 Portrait

William Sampson (1764-1836), Irish nationalist and jurist. 2 Portraits

Joseph Sams (1784-1860), Orientalist. 4 Portraits

William Raymond Sams (1820-1872), Bookseller and librarian. 1 Portrait

Deborah ('Debbie') Samson, Picture Library Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Edward Samson (1845-1921), Vicar of Brereton; son of Louis Samson, merchant. 2 Portraits

Louis Samson (1842-1925), Barrister; son of Louis Samson, merchant. 2 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Marlay Samson (1869-1949), Stipendiary magistrate of Swansea. 5 Portraits

Ada Bertha D'Aguilar Samuda (died 1919), Daughter of Joseph D'Aguilar Samuda. 2 Portraits

Arthur Jacob D'Aguilar Samuda (1853?-1869), Son of Joseph D'Aguilar Samuda. 1 Portrait

Cecil D'Aguilar Samuda (1849-1926), County councillor; son of Joseph D'Aguilar Samuda. 2 Portraits

Joseph D'Aguilar Samuda (1813-1885), Engineer and shipbuilder. 2 Portraits

Louisa Samuda (née Ballin) (died 1900), Wife of Joseph D'Aguilar Samuda; daughter of Samuel Ballin. 1 Portrait

Herbert Louis Samuel, 1st Viscount Samuel (1870-1963), Home Secretary, 1st High Commissioner of Palestine and leader of the Liberal Party. 45 Portraits

Beatrice Miriam (née Franklin), Viscountess Samuel (1871-ed 1959), Wife of 1st Viscount Samuel; daughter of Ellis Franklin. 3 Portraits

Edwin Herbert Samuel, 2nd Viscount Samuel (1898-1978), Public administrator, teacher and writer. 1 Portrait

Harold Samuel, Baron Samuel of Wych Cross (1912-1987), Founder of Land Securities. 1 Portrait

Basil Samuel (1912-1988), Property developer and founder of Great Portland Estates. 1 Portrait

Cecil Samuel (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Dipal Samuel (1982-), Pharmacy Technician. 1 Portrait

Edward Samuel (active 1925). 1 Portrait

(Mary) Eve Samuel (née Higgins) (died 1999), Wife of Honorable Anthony Gerald Samuel. 3 Portraits

Harold Samuel (1879-1937), Pianist. 2 Portraits

Sir Harry Simon Samuel (1853-1934), Politician; MP for Limehouse and Norwood. 3 Portraits

Sir John Smith Samuel (1870-1934), Ceremonial secretary for the Corporation of Glasgow and Commander of the Order of the Crown of Belgium. 6 Portraits

Jonathan Samuel (1853-1917), Politician and manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Marcus Reginald Anthony Samuel (1873-1942), Conservative politician; MP for Putney. 1 Portrait

Raphael Elkan Samuel (1934-1996), Historian. 2 Portraits

Samuel Samuel (1775-1873). 1 Portrait

Samuel Samuel (1855-1934), Politician; Conservative MP for Wandsworth and Putney, and banker. 3 Portraits

Sir Alexander Samuels (1905-1986), Traffic advisor. 1 Portrait

Arthur Warren Samuels (1852-1925), Irish politician. 3 Portraits

P.G. Samuels. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Bernhard Samuelson, 2nd Bt (1845-1937), Politician; MP for Cheltenham and Frome. 1 Portrait

Pauline Lucie Samuelson (née Mayer) (1926-2007), Charity worker and Vice President of the British Red Cross Society; daughter of Sir Robert Mayer. 9 Portraits

Paul Samwell-Smith (1943-), Musician; member of The Yardbirds. 2 Portraits

J. Sanby (active 1866). 1 Portrait

Carlos Luis Sancha (1920-2001), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Tony Sanchez ('Spanish Tony') (died 2000), Biographer, photographer and friend of the Rolling Stones. 1 Portrait

Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780), Writer. 3 Portraits

Jadon Malik Sancho (2000-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

William Sancroft (1617-1693), Archbishop of Canterbury. 29 Portraits

Ferdinand Sanctius (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Alec Sand (1901-1945), Lecturer in Zoology and Physiologist to the Marine Biological Association. 3 Portraits

George Sand (Amandine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin, later Baroness Dudevant) (1804-1876), Novelist and feminist. 2 Portraits

Edmund Thomas Sandars (1877-1942), Barrister, author and artist. 1 Portrait

John Satterfield Sandars (1853-1934), Private Secretary to the First Lord of the Treasury. 1 Portrait

Sir (Reginald) Thomas Sandars (1904-1975), Surgeon Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Fanny Sanday. 9 Portraits

William Sanday (1846-1920), Theological scholar. 2 Portraits

Anne Sandby (née Stogden) (1736-1797), Wife of Paul Sandby. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Sandby (née Venables) (circa 1733-1782), Seamtress and launderess to the Duke of Cumberland. 4 Portraits

Paul Sandby (1725-1809), Watercolour painter and engraver and a founder of the Royal Academy of Arts. 14 Portraits

Thomas Sandby (1721-1798), Draughtsman and architect; brother of Paul Sandby. 8 Portraits

(Léonard Sylvain) Julien ('Jules') Sandeau (1811-1883), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Albert George Sandeman (1833-1923), Port and sherry producer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Sandeman (née Forster) (1804-1888), Wife of George Glas Sandeman Sr; daughter of Albert Forster. 2 Portraits

Eliza Victoire Cormick Sandeman (née Lynch) (1840-1921), Wife of John Glas Sandeman; daughter of Henry Cormick Lynch. 2 Portraits

Ella Victoire Glas Sandeman (1863-1941), Daughter of John Glas Sandeman. 2 Portraits

Evelyn F.J. (née Bell), Lady Sandeman, Wife of Sir (Alexander) Nairne Stewart Sandeman. 1 Portrait

George Glas Sandeman Sr (circa 1793-1868), Port merchant; father of Albert George Sandeman. 1 Portrait

George Glas Sandeman Jr (1839-1905), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Gerard Walter Sandeman (1885-1953), Businessman. 5 Portraits

John Glas Sandeman (1836-1921), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Julian Frederick Sandeman (1841-1911), Army officer; son of George Glas Sandeman Sr. 1 Portrait

Maria Carlota Perpetua Sandeman (née de Moraes Sarmento) (circa 1835-1923), Wife of Albert George Sandeman; daughter of Viscount Torre de Moncorvo. 3 Portraits

Sir Nairne Stewart Sandeman, 1st Bt (1876-1940), Politician; MP for Middleton and Prestwich. 2 Portraits

Patrick W. Sandeman, Businessman. 1 Portrait

Walter Albert Sandeman (1858-1937), Wine shipper and stock breeder; son of Albert George Sandeman. 1 Portrait

Janet Margaret (née Roberts), Lady Sandeman Allen, Second wife of Sir John Sandeman Allen. 3 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Judith ('Peggy') Sandeman-Allen (née Marquis) (1918-1986), Daughter of 1st Earl of Woolton; wife of John Hele Sandeman-Allen. 5 Portraits

Arthur Gordon Sanders (1908-1980), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Penrose Martyn Sanders (1898-1974), Air Chief Marshal. 11 Portraits

Sir Charles John Ough Sanders (1865-1938), Commander of Crown of Italy and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Sir Edgar Christian Sanders (1871-1942), Solicitor and company director. 6 Portraits

George Sanders (1810-active 1876), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Gerard Arthur Fletcher Sanders (1869-1941), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Sir Harold George Sanders (1898-1985), Professor of Agriculture. 5 Portraits

Henry Martyn Sanders (1869-1963), Vicar and Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral. 3 Portraits

Isabella Sanders (née Synge) (1837?-1907), Wife of Arthur Sanders; daughter of John Synge. 3 Portraits

Jenna Sanders (1984-), Gymnast. 1 Portrait

Sir John Owen Sanders (1892-1954), Railway administrator. 1 Portrait

J.R.B. Sanders (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Nicholas Sanders (circa 1530-1581), Religious controversialist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Rowena Margaret Sanders (née Hawke) (1948-), Lady-in-waiting to Princess Michael of Kent; former wife of Philip Leatham, and later wife of William T. Sanders; daughter of 9th Baron Hawke. 6 Portraits

Thomas Sanders (1610-1695), Politician and Parliamentarian Colonel. 1 Portrait

William Stephen Sanders (1871-1940), Labour politician; MP for Battersea North. 2 Portraits

Jane Sanders Cameron (1956-), Daughter of Earl and Audrey Cameron. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Sanderson, 1st Baron Sanderson (1841-1923), Under-Secretary of State. 10 Portraits

Henry Sanderson Furniss, 1st Baron Sanderson (1868-1939), Politician and college head. 6 Portraits

Basil Sanderson, 1st Baron Sanderson of Ayot (1894-1971), Director of British Maritime Trust Ltd. 3 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) Clifford Sanderson (1898-1976), Air Marshal. 3 Portraits

Edith Amy (née Wing), Lady Sanderson (died 1949), Wife of Sir Frank Bernard Sanderson, 1st Bt; daughter of David Wing. 3 Portraits

Sir Frank Bernard Sanderson (1880-1965), Politician and company chairman. 7 Portraits

Sir Harold Leslie Sanderson (1890-1966), Ministry of Food. 9 Portraits

Julia Sanderson (1887-1975), Actress and vocalist. 1 Portrait

J. Sanderson, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Sir Lancelot Sanderson (1863-1944), Politician and Chief justice of Bengal. 4 Portraits

Sir Percy Sanderson (1842-1919), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Robert Sanderson (1587-1663), Bishop of Lincoln. 14 Portraits

Theresa Ione ('Tessa') Sanderson (1956-), Javelin thrower and heptathlete; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sir William Sanderson (1586-1676), Historian. 4 Portraits

Mr Sanderson (active 1848). 1 Portrait

Miss Sanderson, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Flora Sandes-Yudenitch (1876-1956), Nurse and soldier in the Serbian service; member of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) and the Women's Sick and Wounded Convoy Corps. 1 Portrait

Alexina Nesbit Sandford (née Lindsay) (1821-1851), Wife of Thomas Hugh Sandford; daughter of Hon. Charles Robert Lindsay and Elizabeth Thompson. 1 Portrait

Charles Waldegrave Sandford (1828-1903), Bishop of Gibraltar. 2 Portraits

Christopher Sandford (1902-1983), Book designer, owner of the Golden Cockerel Press and founding director of the Folio Society. 1 Portrait

Constance Georgina Sandford (née Craven) (died 1946), Wife of Francis Marmaduke Henry Sandford; daughter of William George Craven. 3 Portraits

Daniel Sandford (1766-1830), Scottish Episcopal bishop of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Francis Sandford (1630-1694), Herald. 1 Portrait

Sir George Ritchie Sandford (1892-1950), Colonial governor. 3 Portraits

Lettice Sandford (1902-1993), Artist and publisher. 1 Portrait

Sarah Sandford (née Chapone) (1731-active 1788), Daughter of author Sarah Chapone; wife of Daniel Sandford. 1 Portrait

George Sandham (1813-1887), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Sandham (1794-1868), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Mary Louisa Sandham (1852-1922), Daughter of George Sandham. 1 Portrait

Tarsem Singh Sandhu, Bus driver and activist. 1 Portrait

William Mansfield, 1st Viscount Sandhurst (1855-1921), Governor of Bombay; Lord-Chamberlain of the Household. 8 Portraits

Eleanor Mary Caroline (née Arnold), Viscountess Sandhurst (died 1934), Former wife of Hon. Armine Wodehouse, and later wife of 1st Viscount Sandhurst; daughter of Matthew Arnold. 5 Portraits

William Rose Mansfield, 1st Baron Sandhurst (1819-1876), General. 5 Portraits

John William Mansfield, 3rd Baron Sandhurst (1857-1933), Justice of the Peace and barrister. 5 Portraits

Ralph Sheldon Mansfield, 4th Baron Sandhurst (1892-1964), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of 3rd Baron Sandhurst. 6 Portraits

Victoria Morley (née Upcher), Lady Sandhurst (1897-1961), Wife of 4th Baron Sandhurst; daughter of Edward Berners Upcher. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Edwin Prescott Sandilands (1913-1995), Director and chairman of Commercial Union Assurance. 2 Portraits

Henry George Sandilands (1864-1930), Brigadier-General. 8 Portraits

James A. Sandilands (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

James Walter Sandilands (1874-1959), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Michael Sandle (1936-), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Sarah Nicola (née Hobhouse Payne), Viscountess Sandon (1954-1994), First wife of Dudley Adrian Conroy Ryder, Viscount Sandon. 12 Portraits

Margaret Yvonne Sandon (née de Pury) (born 1907), Wife of James Francis Sandon. 1 Portrait

Eugen Sandow (1867-1925), Wrestler and strongman. 3 Portraits

Princess Sandra Vittoria Torlonia Borbón (1936-2014), Former wife of Clemente Lequio di Assaba, and later wife of Count Tommaso of Lequio Assaba; daughter of Alessandro Torlonia, 5th Prince of Civitella-Cesi and Beatriz de Borbón y Battenberg Infanta de España. 1 Portrait

Emma Sandrini, Dancer. 1 Portrait

Carolyn Clare Barbadee Sands (née Meyer) (1943-), Daughter of Sir Anthony John Charles Meyer, 3rd Bt; wife of Charles Francis Sands. 3 Portraits

Ethel Sands (1873-1962), Painter. 13 Portraits

Evgenia Sands, Model. 1 Portrait

E.R. Sands, Linguist and scholar. 1 Portrait

Harold J. Sands (1921-). 1 Portrait

Joan Y. Sands (née Rose), Wife of Harold J. Sands. 1 Portrait

Richard Xerxes Sands, Doctor. 1 Portrait

Sade Sands, Carer. 1 Portrait

Sarah Sands (1961-), Author and journalist; editor of The Sunday Telegraph. 2 Portraits

Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich (1625-1672), Admiral. 14 Portraits

Jemimah Montagu (née Crew), Countess of Sandwich (1625-1674), Wife of Edward Montagu, 1st Earl of Sandwich. 3 Portraits

Edward Montagu, 2nd Earl of Sandwich (1647 or 1648-circa 1688), Politician; MP for Dover. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Montagu (née Willmot), Countess of Sandwich (1674-1757), Second daughter of John Willmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester; wife of Edward Montagu, 3rd Earl of Sandwich. 4 Portraits

John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), First Lord of the Admiralty. 25 Portraits

John Montagu, 5th Earl of Sandwich (1744-1814), Politician and landowner. 3 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Montagu Dunk (née Wood), Countess of Sandwich (died 1768), First wife of 5th Earl of Sandwich; daughter of 2nd Earl of Halifax. 1 Portrait

John William Montagu, 7th Earl of Sandwich (1811-1884), Representative peer. 1 Portrait

Edward George Henry Montagu, 8th Earl of Sandwich (1839-1916), Politician and author. 3 Portraits

George Charles Montagu, 9th Earl of Sandwich (1874-1962), Politician; MP for Huntingdon. 8 Portraits

Anne Montagu (née Lady Cavendish), Countess of Sandwich (1909-1981), Daughter of 9th Duke of Devonshire; former wife of Christopher Holland-Martin, and later wife of 10th Earl of Sandwich. 5 Portraits

Fleming Mant Sandwith (1853-1918), Consultant physician. 4 Portraits

Humphry Sandwith (1822-1881), Army physician and author; Inspector General of hospitals in Armenia. 1 Portrait

Lucy Ann Sandwith (née Hargreaves) (1842-1882), Wife of Humphry Sandwith; daughter of Robert Hargreaves. 1 Portrait

William Sandys, 1st Baron Sandys (circa 1470-1540), Diplomat, Treasurer of Calais and Knight of the Garter. 1 Portrait

Arthur Moyses William Hill, 2nd Baron Sandys (1792-1860), Lieutenant-General and politician; MP for County Down. 5 Portraits

Arthur Marcus Cecil Sandys, 3rd Baron Sandys (1798-1863), Politician; MP for Newry and Evesham. 3 Portraits

Augustus Frederick Arthur Sandys, 4th Baron Sandys (1840-1904), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Adelia H. Sandys. 1 Portrait

Cicely Sandys (née Wilford) (died 1611), Second wife of Edwin Sandys. 2 Portraits

Edwin Sandys (1516?-1588), Archbishop of York. 7 Portraits

Sir Edwin Sandys (1561-1629), Statesman and author. 1 Portrait

(Anthony) Frederick Augustus Sandys (1829-1904), Painter and illustrator. 2 Portraits

George Sandys (1578-1644), Writer and traveller. 1 Portrait

George John Sandys (1875-1937), Soldier and politician. 1 Portrait

John Sandys, Rector, Rockland. 1 Portrait

Sir John Edwin Sandys (1844-1922), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Julian George Winston Sandys (1936-), Barrister. 2 Portraits

William Bain Richardson Sandys (1868-1946), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Miss Sandys (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

Constance Sanford (née Monk) (1857-1939), Wife of Eugene Ayshford Sanford; daughter of Charles James Monk. 1 Portrait

Edward Ayshford Sanford (1794-1871), Landowner and politician; MP for Somerset West. 2 Portraits

J. Sanford. 1 Portrait

Louis Childs Sanford (active 1911-1944), Bishop of San Joaquin, California. 1 Portrait

Owen Jermy Sangar (1893-1972), Forestry commission. 1 Portrait

Charles Percy Sanger (1871-1930), Barrister. 9 Portraits

Sir Ernest Sanger (1875-1939), Chairman of LCC. 6 Portraits

Frederick Sanger (1918-2013), Biochemist. 6 Portraits

Rachel Sanger (1847-1884), Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Louisa Sangster (active 1923). 2 Portraits

Patrick Barclay Sangster (1872-1951), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Edwin Robert Sangster (1900-1960), Methodist minister and writer. 4 Portraits

HH Chief of Sangti. 1 Portrait

Frank Henry Saniter (died 1992), Businessman. 1 Portrait

John Sankey, Viscount Sankey (1866-1948), Lord Chancellor. 25 Portraits

Charles Fox Octavius Sankey (1885-1959), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Ira David Sankey (1840-1908), Gospel singer and composer. 5 Portraits

Sir Stuart Sankey (1854-1940), Colonel; barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

William ('Bill') E. Sankey, Husband of Honor Blackman. 1 Portrait

Ernest William Sansom (1890-1982), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Sir George Bailey Sansom (1883-1965), Diplomatist and scholar. 2 Portraits

William Sansom (1912-1976), Author. 4 Portraits

W. Hart. Sansom. 1 Portrait

Mr Sansom (died 1705). 1 Portrait

Sansom (active 1940). 1 Portrait

Eliza Sant (née Thomson) (1833-1907), Wife of James Sant; daughter of Dr Richard Mowbray Martin Thomson. 5 Portraits

James Sant (1820-1916), Painter. 15 Portraits

Mowbray Lees Sant (1863-1943), Army officer and Chief Constable of the County of Surrey; son of James Sant. 4 Portraits

Antonio Publicola, Prince Santa Croce (1817-1867), Italian prince. 1 Portrait

Victor Rafael Andrés Santa Cruz (1913-1990), Ambassador of Chile to the Court of St James’s. 1 Portrait

Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado (1926-1980), Cuban revolutionary. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Dolores Toner De Freyre y Santander, Wife of the Peruvian envoy to Britain. 3 Portraits

George Santayana (1863-1952), Professor of Philosophy. 1 Portrait

W. Santer (active 1839-1846), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Antoine Joseph Santerre (1752-1809), French revolutionary. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Santley (1834-1922), Baritone singer. 26 Portraits

Kate Santley (1837-1923), Actress, singer and theatre manager. 5 Portraits

Arthur Napoleon de Santos (1843-1925), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Alberto Santos-Dumont (1873-1932), Brazilian aeronautical pioneer. 1 Portrait

Adolph Saphir (1831-1891), Free Church of Scotland minister. 1 Portrait

Edwin Warren Saphore (active 1930s), Bishop of Arkansas. 1 Portrait

Lewis Sapio (1792-1851), Singer and actor. 1 Portrait

G. Saplairoles. 1 Portrait

Sappers, Combat engineers in the British Army. 1 Portrait

Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru (1875-1949), Indian statesman. 6 Portraits

Caroline Henrietta Maria Sapte (née Pemberton) (1828-1907), Daughter of Captain Henry Charles Pemberton, R.N.; wife of Brand Sapte. 1 Portrait

Marion Sarafis (née Pascoe) (1913-1999), Editor, writer, archaeologist and activist; wife of Stefanos Sarafis. 3 Portraits

Lakhinder Kaur Saran, Worker for Gate Gourmet catering and protester. 1 Portrait

Pablo Sarasate (1844-1908), Spanish violinist and composer. 3 Portraits

Victorien Sardou (1831-1908), French dramatist. 6 Portraits

Sydney Lancaster Sarel (1872-1950), Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral and racewalker; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sir Roderick Francis Gisbert Sarell (1913-2001), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Amelia Julia Sargant (née Gambardella) (1871-1961), Wife of Sir Charles Henry Sargant; daughter of Dion Smith Gambardella. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Henry Sargant (1856-1942), Judge. 3 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Edmund Sargant (1906-1998), Solicitor and President of The Law Society. 1 Portrait

Thomas Sargant (1905-1988), Founder secretary, Justice. 1 Portrait

Mary Sargant-Florence (1857-1954), Artist. 5 Portraits

Mr L. Sargeant. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Sargeant, Furniture porter. 1 Portrait

Alexander Sargent (1895-1989), Archdeacon of Canterbury. 2 Portraits

Cecily Sargent (née Fox-Williams) (1939-1985), Wife of Thomas A. Sargent; daughter of Jack Fox-Williams. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Sargent (née Bettesworth) (1755-1841), Wife of John Sargent. 1 Portrait

Sir (Sidney) Donald Sargent (1906-1984), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Douglas Noel Sargent (1907-1979), Bishop Suffragan of Selby. 2 Portraits

Eileen Laura Sargent (née Harding Horne) (1898-1977), Wife of Sir Malcolm Sargent. 6 Portraits

Harry Neptune Sargent (1866-1946), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Henry John Sargent, Canon of St Peter's, Hampstead. 1 Portrait

Sir John Philip Sargent (1888-1972), Educational adviser. 11 Portraits

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925), Portrait and landscape painter and muralist. 5 Portraits

Sir (Harold) Malcolm Watts Sargent (1895-1967), Conductor. 46 Portraits

Margery Sargent, Actress. 4 Portraits

Mary Sargent (née Smith) (1779-1861), Daughter of Abel Smith; wife of John Sargent; mother-in-law of Samuel Wilberforce. 2 Portraits

May Louise (née Ashman), Lady Sargent (died 1932), Wife of Sir Percy Sargent; daughter of Sir Herbert Ashman, 1st t. 2 Portraits

Sir (Harold) Orme Garton Sargent (1884-1962), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Walter Dmitri Sargent (1865-1958), Vicar, Holywell (St Cross), Oxford. 3 Portraits

Richard Sargood (1888-1979), Trade unionist and Labour politician; MP for Bermondsey West. 3 Portraits

Katarine Sarian (1945-), Ballet dancer; granddaughter of Martiros Saryan. 1 Portrait

Arun Sarin (1954-), Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Group plc. 1 Portrait

Aurelie Sarkar (2013-). 1 Portrait

Jacob de Castro Sarmento (1692-1762), Portuguese physician of Jewish descent. 1 Portrait

Mike Sarne (né Michael Scheuer) (1940-), Film director, actor, singer and writer. 6 Portraits

Leslie Sarony (Leslie Legge Frye) (1897-1985), Songwriter and entertainer. 2 Portraits

Louise ('Louie') Sarony (1845-1903), Second wife of Napoleon Sarony. 1 Portrait

Oliver François Xavier Sarony (1820-1879), Portrait photographer; brother of Napoleon Sarony. 4 Portraits

June Sarpong (1977-), Television presenter and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Dominick Moore Sarsfield (1923-), Stockbroker. 2 Portraits

Thomas Herrick Sarsfield (born 1891), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Edwin Geoffrey Sarsfield-Hall (1886-1975), Colonial administrator and industrialist. 3 Portraits

Gillian Isolda Josephine Sarson (née Pollock) (1944-), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Hanworth; wife of Timothy von Weber Sarson. 5 Portraits

Peter Sarstedt (1941-2017), Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. 1 Portrait

Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530), Painter. 1 Portrait

Alfred Urbain Sartoris (1826-1909), Army officer and magistrate. 4 Portraits

Evelyn Mary Sartoris (1857?-1941), Daughter of Frederick Urban Sartoris. 2 Portraits

Francis Charles ('Frank') Sartoris (1857-1923), Army officer; son of Alfred Urbain Sartoris and Hon. Mary Frances Barrington. 2 Portraits

Leonard Sartoris (1860-1929), Son of Alfred Urbain Sartoris and Hon. Mary Frances Barrington. 2 Portraits

Lionel Charles George Sartoris (1863-1911), Son of Alfred Urbain Sartoris and Hon. Mary Frances Barrington. 5 Portraits

Mary Anne Sartoris (née Pratt) (1817-1913), Wife of Frederick Urban Sartoris; daughter of Reverend Joseph Pratt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Frances Sartoris (née Barrington) (1830-1913), Wife of Alfred Urbain Sartoris; daughter of 6th Viscount Barrington. 5 Portraits

Maurice William Urban Sartoris (1868-1889), Son of Alfred Urbain Sartoris and Hon. Mary Frances Barrington. 1 Portrait

Euston Henry Sartorius (1844-1925), Major-General; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 2 Portraits

Visconde Sartorius (active 1836), Navy captain. 1 Portrait

Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980), Novelist and playwright; philosopher and exponent of Existentialism. 2 Portraits

Martiros Saryan (1880-1972), Painter. 10 Portraits

Edward Sass (1858-1916), Actor. 1 Portrait

Enid Sass (1889-1959), Actress. 8 Portraits

Henry Sass (1788-1844), Painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Albert Abdullah David Sassoon, 1st Bt (1818-1896), Merchant and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Aline (née de Rothschild), Lady Sassoon (1865-1909), Daughter of Baron G. de Rothschild; wife of Sir Edward Sassoon, 2nd Bt. 2 Portraits

Arthur Abraham David Sassoon (1840-1912), Banker and socialite; fifth son of David Sassoon. 1 Portrait

David Sassoon (1932-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, 2nd Bt (1856-1912), Major, businessman and Liberal politician; MP for Hythe. 3 Portraits

Eugenie Louise Judith Sassoon (née Perugia) (1854-1943), Wife of Arthur Abraham David Sassoon; daughter of Achille Perugia of Trieste. 2 Portraits

George Thornycroft Sassoon (1936-2006), Writer; son of Siegfried Sassoon. 4 Portraits

Hester Sassoon (née Gatty) (1906-1973), Wife of Siegfried Sassoon. 44 Portraits

Leontine (née Levy), Lady Sassoon (circa 1864-1955), Wife of Sir Edward Elias Sassoon, 2nd Bt; daughter of Abraham Levy. 7 Portraits

Sir Philip Albert Gustave David Sassoon, 3rd Bt (1888-1939), Politician and connoisseur. 30 Portraits

Reuben David Sassoon (1835-1905), Businessman; son of David Sassoon. 2 Portraits

Ronnie Sassoon, Wife of Vidal Sassoon. 2 Portraits

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon (1886-1967), Poet and prose writer. 86 Portraits

Sir (Ellice) Victor Sassoon (1881-1961), Civil Administrator in India. 1 Portrait

Vidal Sassoon (1928-2012), Hair stylist. 7 Portraits

Miss Sassoon (active 1897). 1 Portrait

Parvathi Valangiman Sastri, Wife of Valangiman Sankara-Narayana Srinivasa Sastri. 1 Portrait

Valangiman Sankara-Narayana Srinivasa Sastri (1896-1946), Indian social worker and politician. 2 Portraits

Miss Sastri, Daughter of Valangiman Sankara-Narayana Srinivasa Sastri. 1 Portrait

Master Sastri, Son of Valangiman Sankara-Narayana Srinivasa Sastri. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Satchwell (1732-1809), Founder of the Leamington Spa Charity. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929), Diplomat and scholar. 2 Portraits

Sir Harold Eustace Satow (1876-1969), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Henry Yates Satterlee (1843-1908), Bishop of Washington. 1 Portrait

Harold Vivian Satterly (1907-1982), RAF Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Edward Satterthwaite (1857-1932), Colonel and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Phyllis Helen Satterthwaite (née Carr) (1886-1962), Tennis player; wife of Clement Richard Satterthwaite. 2 Portraits

Richard George Satterthwaite (1920-1993), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Emily Marie Sauber (née Ellis) (died 1934), Wife of Robert Sauber. 1 Portrait

Robert Sauber (1868-1936), Painter and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Jose Guadalupe Saucedo (active 1958-1998), Bishop of Mexico. 1 Portrait

Saud bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia (1902-1969), King of Saudi Arabia, 1953-1964. 6 Portraits

Emil von Sauer (1862-1942), German pianist and composer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Francis Irving Saul (1955-), Lawyer; Senior Partner, Slaughter and May. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Robert Saumarez Smith (1954-), Art historian; Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 14 Portraits

Sir Robert Henry Magnus Spencer Saundby (1896-1971), Air Vice-Marshal. 26 Portraits

Dame Alison Saunders (1961-), Barrister and Director of Public Prosecutions. 1 Portrait

Arthur David Rich Saunders (1917-2000), Brigadier. 2 Portraits

Augustus Page Saunders (1801?-1878), Dean of Peterborough and grammarian. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Saunders (circa 1713-1775), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Charles John Godfrey Saunders (1888-1973), Bishop of Lucknow and Assistant Bishop of Chichester. 4 Portraits

Charlotte Saunders (1825-1899), Actress. 3 Portraits

Dame Cicely Mary Strode Saunders (1918-2005), Founder of the hospice movement. 5 Portraits

C. Saunders, Major-General. 1 Portrait

Edith C.H. Saunders (born 1848). 1 Portrait

Eliza Mary Saunders (born circa 1820), Daughter of Charles Alexander Saunders. 1 Portrait

Emily Saunders (born 1809?), Wife of Charles Saunders, merchant. 1 Portrait

Ernest Walter Saunders (1935-), Businessman and company director. 1 Portrait

Florence Saunders (1890-1926), Actress. 8 Portraits

George Saunders (1762-1839), Architect. 1 Portrait

Herbert Clifford Saunders (1834-1893), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Hilary Aidan St George Saunders (1898-1951), Novelist and librarian to House of Commons. 6 Portraits

Howard? H. Saunders (active 1923), Employee of Vickers Ltd, Sheffield. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh William Lumsden Saunders (1894-1987), Air Chief Marshal. 7 Portraits

Jennifer Saunders (1958-), Actor and comedian. 9 Portraits

John Saunders(?) (circa 1682?-1747 or after?), Pastel painter. 1 Portrait

John Tennant Saunders (1888-1965), Biologist. 3 Portraits

Laurence Saunders (1519-1555), Prebendary of York and Protestant martyr. 5 Portraits

L.S. Saunders, Naval captain. 1 Portrait

Madge Saunders (1894-1967), Actress and singer. 47 Portraits

Martha Saunders (born 1671), Centenarian. 2 Portraits

Mr Saunders, Gamekeeper at Kingweston. 1 Portrait

Patty Saunders. 1 Portrait

Margaret ('Peggy') Amy Saunders (later Michell) (1905-1941), Tennis player. 4 Portraits

Percy G. Saunders (active 1940s), Organist and choirmaster. 1 Portrait

Philadelphia Saunders. 4 Portraits

Prince Saunders (1775-1839), Teacher, educationalist and abolitonist. 1 Portrait

Richard Saunders (Sanders) (1613-1687?), Astrologer. 7 Portraits

William Wilson Saunders (1809-1879), Entomologist, Botanist and Llyod's Underwriter. 1 Portrait

Dr Saunders. 1 Portrait

Edward James Saunderson (1837-1906), Politician; Lord Lieutenant of Cavan. 5 Portraits

Nicholas Saunderson (1682-1739), Mathematician. 9 Portraits

Miss Saunières (active 1890s-1900s), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Denis Saurat (1890-1958), Anglo-French scholar and author. 4 Portraits

Jacques Saurin (1677-1730), French Protestant Minister in London. 1 Portrait

Mary Frances Saurin (1840-1912), Daughter of Edward Saurin and Lady Mary Ryder. 1 Portrait

William Saurin (1757-1839), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

William Granville Saurin (1830-1893), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Henrietta (née Fraser), Lady Sausse (1827-1904), Wife of Sir Matthew Sausse; daughter of 12th Baron Lovat. 2 Portraits

Horace-Bénédict de Saussure (1740-1799), Swiss physicist and geologist. 1 Portrait

Sir (André) Guy Sauzier (1910-1998), Mauritian politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred William Lungley Savage (1903-1980), Colonial Government Treasurer. 7 Portraits

Sir George Henry Savage (1842-1921), Psychiatrist. 1 Portrait

Gordon David Savage (1915-1990), Bishop of Buckingham and of Southwell. 15 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Graham Savage (1886-1981), Education officer for London County Council. 6 Portraits

Henry Savage (1854-1912), Colonial magistrate and Indian commissioner. 1 Portrait

John Savage (1673-1747), Rector and historian. 3 Portraits

Michael Joseph Savage (1872-1940), Prime Minister of New Zealand and trade unionist. 13 Portraits

Raymond Savage (1888-1964), Literary agent and writer. 9 Portraits

Richard ('Rick') Savage (1960-), Bass guitarist; member of Def Leppard. 1 Portrait

Thomas Joseph Savage (1900-1966), Bishop of Zululand. 1 Portrait

Wendy Diane Savage (née Edwards) (1935-), Gynaecologist and obstetrician. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Servington Savery (1861-1938), Politician; Justice of the Peace for Scarborough. 3 Portraits

Francis L. Savidge (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Savile (né Savile Lumley), 1st Baron Savile of Rufford (1818-1896), Diplomat and Ambassador to Italy. 1 Portrait

John Lumley-Savile, 2nd Baron Savile (1853-1931), Diplomat and sportsman. 6 Portraits

Gertrude Violet (née Webster-Wedderburn), Lady Savile (died 1912), Former wife of Horace Augustus Helyar, and later wife of 2nd Baron Savile; daughter of Charles Francis Webster-Wedderburn. 11 Portraits

George Halifax Lumley-Savile, 3rd Baron Savile (1919-2008), Landowner. 6 Portraits

Christopher Savile (1738-1819), Merchant and Conservative politician; MP for Hedon and Okehampton. 2 Portraits

Sir George Savile, 8th Bt (1726-1784), Politician; MP for Yorkshire. 4 Portraits

Henry Savile (Savile-Lumley) (1821-1881), Racehorse breeder and owner. 1 Portrait

Sir James Wilson Vincent ('Jimmy') Savile (1926-2011), Television and radio personality. 3 Portraits

Sir Leopold Halliday Savile (1870-1953), President of the Institution of Civil Engineers. 2 Portraits

Walter Clare Savile (1857-1928), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Kate ('Kitty') Savile-Clarke (1872-1901), Wife of Cyril Martineau. 2 Portraits

Sir Eric Humphrey Savill (1895-1980), Estate administrator and horticulturist. 4 Portraits

M. Savill, Horse trainer. 1 Portrait

Dame Rosalind Joy Savill (1951-), Art historian; Director of the Wallace Collection. 1 Portrait

Christine Saville, Prison doctor, psychiatrist and social reformer. 1 Portrait

E. Saville (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Saville (1549-1622), Scholar. 4 Portraits

Jenny Saville (1970-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Kate Saville (died 1922), Actress. 2 Portraits

Peter Saville (1946-), Occupational psychologist. 1 Portrait

Peter Saville (1955-), Graphic designer. 2 Portraits

Philip Saville (1930-2016), Actor and film director. 1 Portrait

Victor Saville (1897-1979), Film director and producer. 6 Portraits

Argemone Margaret (née Johnstone), Lady Savory (died 1966), Wife of Sir William Borradaile Savory. 3 Portraits

Sir Douglas Lloyd Savory (1878-1969), Professor of French Language and politician. 14 Portraits

(Douglas) Gerald Savory (1909-1996), Playwright. 1 Portrait

John Savory (active 1847). 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Savory, 1st Bt (1843-1931), Lord Mayor of London and Conservative politician; MP for Appleby. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Douglas Cyril Savory (1908-1984), Son of actress Grace Lane. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Arthur Savory (1894-1980), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Sir William Scovell Savory, 1st Bt (1826-1895), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy (1528-1580), Duke of Savoy. 3 Portraits

Sir Joseph Savoy (1843-1921), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Julia Sawalha (1968-), Actress. 1 Portrait

HH Raje Sir Khem Sawant Bhonsle Bahadur, Raja of Sawantwadi (1897-1937), Major. 1 Portrait

Anne Sawbridge (née Stevenson) (active 1788), Wife of John Sawbridge. 1 Portrait

Henry Raywood Sawbridge (1907-1990), Soldier. 7 Portraits

John Sawbridge (1732?-1795), Lord Mayor of London. 12 Portraits

Nitin Sawhney (1964-), Musician, producer and composer. 1 Portrait

James Sawrey-Cookson (1816-1888), Magistrate, breeder of racehorses, Master of Foxhounds and violinist. 1 Portrait

Maria Elizabeth Gertrude Sawrey-Cookson (née Tyndall, formerly Cookson) (1819-1864), Daughter of Thomas Tyndall; wife of James Sawrey-Cookson (né Cookson). 1 Portrait

Master Sawrey-Cookson (active 1928), Son of Hon. Sydney Spencer Sawrey-Cookson. 1 Portrait

Miss Sawrey-Cookson (active 1928), Daughter of Sydney Spencer Sawrey-Cookson. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Sawyer (died 1621), Convicted witch. 2 Portraits

George Francis Sawyer (1871-1960), Politician. 2 Portraits

Richard Henry Stewart Sawyer (1857-1926), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Robert Sawyer (baptised 1633-1692), Lawyer and Speaker of the House of Commons. 11 Portraits

Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1784-1844), Last sovereign duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld; first sovereign duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. 1 Portrait

Ernest II, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1818-1893), Older brother of Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria. 2 Portraits

Ernst II, Duke of Saxe-Gotha (1745-1804), Reigned 1772-1804. 1 Portrait

Albert, Duke of Saxe-Teschen (1738-1822), Reigned 1758-1763. 2 Portraits

Caroline, Grand Duchess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1884-1905), Wife of Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. 1 Portrait

Matilda, Duchess of Saxony and Bavaria (1156-1189), Daughter of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine; wife of Henry Leon, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria. 1 Portrait

Robert Louis Alfred Saxton (1953-), Composer and tutor in Music. 1 Portrait

Jean Baptiste Léon Say (1826-1896), French ambassador in London. 2 Portraits

Richard David Say (1914-2006), Bishop of Rochester. 11 Portraits

William Say (1768-1834), Mezzotint engraver. 1 Portrait

Sir Sayaji Rao III, Maharaja of Baroda (1863-1939), Indian ruler and social reformer. 21 Portraits

Prince Sayajirao Gaekwad of Baroda (1945-1985), Son of Sir Pratapsinha Gaekwar Sena Khas Khel Shamsher Bahadur, Maharaja of Baroda. 18 Portraits

Archibald Henry Sayce (1845-1933), Orientalist and philologist. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Geoffrey Saye (1851-1875), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Ivon Laurence Saye (1907-1959), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Hersey Cecilia Hester (née Butler), Countess Saye and Sele (1889-1968), Wife of 20th Baron Saye and Sele; daughter of Sir Thomas Dacres Butler. 5 Portraits

William Fiennes, 1st Viscount Saye and Sele (1582-1662), Businessman and politician; Lord Privy Seal. 15 Portraits

William Thomas Eardley Twisleton Fiennes, 12th Baron Saye and Sele (1798-1847). 1 Portrait

Frederick Benjamin Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 16th Baron Saye and Sele (1799-1887), Archdeacon of Hereford. 1 Portrait

John Fiennes Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 17th Baron Saye and Sele (1830-1907), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Augusta Sophia (née Hay-Drummond), Lady Saye and Sele (1837-1915), Wife of 17th Baron Saye and Sele; daughter of 11th Earl of Kinnoull. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Cecil Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 18th Baron Saye and Sele (1858-1937), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Marion Ruperta Murray (née Lawes), Lady Saye and Sele (1863-1946), Wife of 18th Baron Saye and Sele; daughter of Robert Bartholomew Lawes. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ivo Murray Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 20th Baron Saye and Sele (1885-1968), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Nathaniel Thomas Allen Fiennes, 21st Baron Saye and Sele (1920-2024), Peer and businessman. 2 Portraits

Mariette Helena (née Salisbury-Jones), Lady Saye and Sele (1935-), Wife of 21st Baron Saye and Sele; daughter of Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones. 4 Portraits

Anthony Sayer (circa 1672-1742), Grand Master of Freemasons. 1 Portrait

Arthur Penrice Sayer (1885-1962), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Constance Elaine Sayer (née Talbot) (died 1950), Wife of Maxwell Sayer. 4 Portraits

Sir Guy Bourchier Sayer (1903-1985), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Maxwell Barcham Sayer (1874-1928), Captain, Royal Navy. 4 Portraits

Tim Sayer (1945-), Journalist and art collector. 1 Portrait

William Carlisle Sayer-Milward (né Sayer) (1837-1913), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Leigh Sayers (1893-1957), Writer. 9 Portraits

Elizabeth Sayers. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Sayers (1885-1960), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

James Sayers (1748-1823), Artist. 1 Portrait

J. Sayers, Professor. 2 Portraits

Dame Lucile Newell Sayers (circa 1886-1959), UK Delegate to Status of Women Commission of United Nations. 1 Portrait

(Matthew Herbert) Patrick Sayers (1908-2000), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Philip Sayers (1876-1964), Industrialist and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Richard Sidney Sayers (1908-1989), Professor of Economics. 3 Portraits

Thomas H. Sayers. 1 Portrait

Tom Sayers (1826-1865), Boxer. 2 Portraits

Alexei David Sayle (1952-), Comedian, actor and writer. 2 Portraits

Francis Bowes Sayre (1885-1972), Assistant Secretary of State for United States. 1 Portrait

David Saywell, Head of Digital Programmes, National Portrait Gallery, London. 2 Portraits

George Frederick Saywell (1882-1956), Chaplain to the Queen. 1 Portrait

Sergey Dmitriyevich Sazonov (1860-1927), Politician; Minister of Foreign Affairs for Russia. 1 Portrait

Mohamed Sbihi (1988-), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

John Sca? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Greta Scacchi (1960-), Actress. 6 Portraits

Charles Scadding (1861-1914), Bishop of Oregon. 1 Portrait

John Guyett Scadding (1907-1999), Physician. 1 Portrait

Samuel William Scadding (1866-1945), Vicar, St Jude's, Wakefield. 1 Portrait

Cesare Alessandro Scaglia (1592-1641), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Gillian Scaife (died 1976), Actress. 4 Portraits

Lauriston Scaife (1907-1970), Bishop of Western New York. 1 Portrait

Prunella Margaret Rumney Scales (1932-), Actress. 3 Portraits

Thomas Scales (1786-1860), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Eugene Kevin Scallan (1893-1966), South African diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Irvin Scallon (1857-1939), General. 1 Portrait

Edmund Scambler (1510?-1594), Bishop of Norwich. 1 Portrait

George Scamell. 1 Portrait

Sir (Athelstan) Jack Scamp (1913-1977), Company director and industrian conciliator. 2 Portraits

Dr Robert Henry Scanes Spicer (1857-1925), Surgeon; specialist in ear, nose and throat. 1 Portrait

James Donald Scanlan (1899-1976), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow. 12 Portraits

William Henry Scanlan (died 1971), Architect. 2 Portraits

Hugh Parr Scanlon, Baron Scanlon (1913-2004), Trade unionist. 3 Portraits

Martin F. Scanlon (1889-1980), General. 7 Portraits

Edith Maud Susanna Scannell (1852-1940), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Vernon Scannell (1922-2007), Author, poet and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) (1964-), Disc jockey and musician. 1 Portrait

C. Scantlebury, Inspector, House of Commons Police. 2 Portraits

Madame Scaramanga (active 1861), Wife of George Scaramanga. 1 Portrait

Hypatia Scaramanga (1833-1881), Wife of Nicolas George Scaramanga. 1 Portrait

Julie Scaramanga (née Argenti) (1845-1921), Wife of Ioannis Scaramanga; daughter of Andreas Nicolas Argenti. 1 Portrait

John Scarborough (1831-1914), Bishop of New Jersey. 1 Portrait

Richard Lumley, 1st Earl of Scarbrough (circa 1650-1721). 2 Portraits

Richard Lumley, 2nd Earl of Scarbrough (1686-1740), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Richard George Lumley, 9th Earl of Scarbrough (1813-1884), Soldier and landowner. 1 Portrait

Aldred Lumley, 10th Earl of Scarbrough (1857-1945), Soldier and Lord-Lieutenant of the West Riding of Yorkshire. 4 Portraits

Lawrence Roger Lumley, 11th Earl of Scarbrough (1896-1969), Public servant. 10 Portraits

Katharine Isobel (née McEwen), Countess of Scarbrough (1899-1979), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth (later Queen Mother); wife of 11th Earl of Scarbrough. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Scarburgh (1616-1694), Physician. 2 Portraits

Dame Marjorie Morris Scardino (1947-), Businesswoman. 1 Portrait

Daisy Scarfe (2014-). 1 Portrait

Gerald Scarfe (1936-), Cartoonist. 9 Portraits

Jude Scarfe (2018-). 1 Portrait

Rachel Scarfe (1975-). 1 Portrait

Arthur Scargill (1938-), Trade unionist. 5 Portraits

Anne (née Eccleston), Lady Scarisbrick (1788-1872), Wife of Sir Thomas Windsor Hunloke, 5th Bt; daughter of Thomas Eccleston; sister and co-heir of Charles Scarisbrick (né Eccleston). 1 Portrait

Diana Scarisbrick (1928-), Art historian specialising in the history of engraved gems and jewellery. 1 Portrait

Sir Tom Talbot Leyland Scarisbrick, 1st Bt (1874-1933), Politician; MP for South Dorset. 4 Portraits

Mrs Scarisbrick (active 1838). 2 Portraits

Gerald Scarlett (1885-1957), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir James Yorke Scarlett (1799-1871), General. 5 Portraits

Sir John McLeod Scarlett (1948-), Chief, Secret Intelligence Service. 1 Portrait

Percy Gerald Scarlett (1885-1957), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter William Shelley Yorke Scarlett (1905-1987), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Robert Scarlett ('Old Scarlett') (1496-1594), Sexton of Peterborough Cathedral. 3 Portraits

Sir Scarlett (active 1832). 1 Portrait

Leslie George Scarman, Baron Scarman (1911-2004), Judge and public servant. 2 Portraits

Richard Nathaniel Curzon, 2nd Viscount Scarsdale (1898-1977), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Ottilie Margarete Julie Curzon (née Pretzlik), Viscountess Scarsdale (died 1998), Former wife of James Harris, and later second wife of 2nd Viscount Scarsdale. 5 Portraits

Mildred Carson Curzon (née Dunbar), Viscountess Scarsdale (died 1969), First wife of 2nd Viscount Scarsdale. 7 Portraits

Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Baron Scarsdale (1726-1804), Politician and art collector. 2 Portraits

Caroline Curzon (née Colyear), Lady Scarsdale (1733-1812), Wife of Nathaniel Curzon, 1st Baron Scarsdale. 6 Portraits

Evelyn Lily May Sceales (née Macewen) (died 1975), Former wife of Henry Buchanan Kirk, and later wife of George Adinston McLaren Sceales; daughter of A. P. Macewen. 1 Portrait

George Adinston McLaren Sceales (1878-1956), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Dr Schacht. 1 Portrait

Herbert Schade (1922-1994), German long distance runner; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Gottfried Schadeloock (1663-after 1734), Nuremberg merchant. 1 Portrait

Bee Schaffer (1987-), Daughter of Anna Wintour and David Shaffer. 1 Portrait

Gordon Schaffer, Journalist and author. 2 Portraits

Godfried Schalcken (1643-1706), Portrait painter. 5 Portraits

Sir Simon Schama (1945-), Historian. 3 Portraits

Schamyl (1797-1871), Circassian Chieftan. 1 Portrait

John Schanck (1740-1823), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Leonard Schapiro (1908-1983), Scholar of Russian studies. 1 Portrait

George Scharf (1788-1860), Miniature painter, draughtsman and lithographer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Scharf (1820-1895), Artist and art historian; first Director and later trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 79 Portraits

George Scharpe (circa 1583-1638), Physician. 1 Portrait

Ann Schaufuss (1948-), Model. 1 Portrait

Peter Scheemakers (1691-1781), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Charles Dare Scheips (1959-), Curator and writer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Michael Schenck (1876-1961), Film studio executive. 1 Portrait

Robert Cumming Schenck (1809-1890), Soldier and US diplomat to London. 1 Portrait

Hans Christoph Schenk, Baron von Stauffenberg (1911-2005), Baron von Stauffenberg. 4 Portraits

Edward Wyndham Harrington Schenley (1799-1878), Judge; army officer and MP for Dartmouth. 1 Portrait

David E. Scherman (1916-1997), Photographer and assistant to Lee Miller. 1 Portrait

John Christian Schetky (1801-1873), Marine painter to Queen Victoria. 1 Portrait

Gaspar Schets (1513-1580), Antwerp financier. 2 Portraits

David Scheuer (active 1960s-1970s), Actor; brother of Mike Sarne. 1 Portrait

Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Luigi Schiavonetti (1765-1810), Printmaker. 2 Portraits

Peter Schidlof (1922-1987), Violist; member of the Amadeus Quartet. 2 Portraits

Tai-Shan Schierenberg (1962-), Painter. 1 Portrait

(Mary) Mavourneen Denise Schiff (née Bingham) (1931-), Wife of Albert Werner Schiff; daughter of Hon. (John) Denis Yelverton Bingham. 5 Portraits

Lady (Gabrielle) Sophia Annette Schilizzi (née Waldegrave) (1908-1998), Daughter of 11th Earl of Waldegrave; wife of John Stephen Schilizzi. 4 Portraits

Demetrius Stefanovich Schilizzi (1839-1893), Merchant and banker. 1 Portrait

Fanny Schilizzi (née Ralli) (1850-1923), Second wife of Theodore Emmanuel Schilizzi; daughter of Antonio Alexander Ralli. 2 Portraits

Hypatia Schilizzi (née Schilizzi) (1843-1870), First wife of Theodore Emmanuel Schilizzi; daughter of Ioannis ('John Stephen') Schilizzi. 13 Portraits

Theodore Emmanuel Schilizzi (1840-1887), Merchant. 3 Portraits

Vierou ('Vera') Schilizzi (née Argenti) (1842-1902), Wife of Michael George Schilizzi; daughter of Ambrose Argenti. 1 Portrait

Schilizzi. 1 Portrait

Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller (1864-1937), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck (née Galton) (1778-1856), Author. 1 Portrait

Catherine Schindlerin (active 1770s), German singer. 2 Portraits

Francesco Schira (1809-1883), Composer and singing professor. 1 Portrait

Bernhard Wilhelm von Schlepegrell (active 1782), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Miss Schlesin (active 1900s), Associate of Mahatma Gandhi. 1 Portrait

Bernard Edward Schlesinger (1896-1984), Physician. 5 Portraits

John Richard Schlesinger (1926-2003), Film director. 4 Portraits

Frederick VIII, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (1829-1880), Eldest son of Christian, Duke of Augustenburg. 2 Portraits

Princess Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (1860-1932), Wife of Friedrich Ferdinand, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein; daughter of Frederick VIII, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein. 1 Portrait

Sir William Schlich (1840-1925), Forester. 4 Portraits

Justin Schlicht. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Schlick (1796-1872), Architect. 1 Portrait

Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890), Archaeologist and excavator. 3 Portraits

Eva Schloss (1929-), Holocaust survivor memoirist and stepdaughter of Otto Frank. 1 Portrait

F.C. Schlosser (active 1857). 1 Portrait

Lizel Suter Schlotterbech. 1 Portrait

Madame Schmidt (active 1891), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Hermann Schmitz (1881-1960), German industrialist. 1 Portrait

Elmer Nicholas Schmuck (1882-1936), Bishop of Wyoming. 1 Portrait

Stefan Schnabel (1912-1999), Actor; son of pianist Artur Schnabel and singer Therese Behr Schnabel. 1 Portrait

Francis Schnadhorst (1840-1900), Political organiser; founder of the National Liberal Association. 3 Portraits

Carolee Schneemann (1939-2019), Performance artist and painter. 1 Portrait

Gérard Schneider (1896-1986), Painter. 5 Portraits

Joseph Eugène Schneider (1805-1875), French manufacturer; President of the Chamber of Deputies. 1 Portrait

George Reginald Harry Schneiders (1926-), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

George Zadok Schneiders (1885-1964). 1 Portrait

Ralph Schoenman (1935-), Activist. 5 Portraits

Hon. Armyne Margaret Schofield (née Astley) (1909-1979), Daughter of 21st Baron Hastings; wife of William Schofield. 5 Portraits

Brian Betham Schofield (1895-1984), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Charles de Veber Schofield (1871-1936), Bishop of British Columbia. 7 Portraits

Clarence Schofield, Major. 1 Portrait

(Edward) Guy Schofield (1902-1990), Newspaper editor. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Schofield. 1 Portrait

Margaret Schofield, Pianist. 1 Portrait

Major Schofield (active 1940s), Soldier in Royal Corps of Signals, 1945. 1 Portrait

Otto Scholderer (1834-1902), Artist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Scholefield, Chairman of Spencel Ltd. 1 Portrait

James Scholefield (1789-1853), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

William Scholefield (1809-1867), Politician and businessman. 2 Portraits

Percy Alfred Scholes (1877-1958), Musical writer and encyclopaedist. 2 Portraits

Alb Scholey. 1 Portrait

Sir David Scholey (1935-), Businessman; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 5 Portraits

Dudley Rybot Scholey (1900-1967), Banker; father of Sir David Scholey. 1 Portrait

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink (1902-1999), Leader of the National Socialist Women's League, Germany. 1 Portrait

Frederick Herman de Schomberg, 1st Duke of Schomberg (1615-1690), General. 16 Portraits

Meinhard de Schomberg, 3rd Duke of Schomberg (1641-1719), General. 5 Portraits

Edward St George Schomberg (1882-1952), Master of Charterhouse. 1 Portrait

Isaac Schomberg (1753-1813), Captain in the navy. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Hermann Schomburgk (1804-1865), Explorer. 2 Portraits

Prince Carl Johann Alexander Anton von Schonburg-Hartenstein (1901-1972), Son of Prince Johannes Aloys Otto von Schönburg-Hartenstein. 2 Portraits

Hugh Joseph Schonfield (1901-1988), Biographer and historian. 10 Portraits

Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson Schonland (1896-1972), Physicist and meteorologist. 1 Portrait

Anton Schoonjans (Sevonyans) (circa 1655-1726), Artist. 1 Portrait

Carl Schorlemmer (1834-1892), Chemist. 1 Portrait

George Adolphus Schott (1868-1937), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

J.H. Schott. 1 Portrait

Benno Schotz (1891-1984), Portrait sculptor. 1 Portrait

Wilhelm Schouten (circa 1567-1625), Dutch circumnavigator. 2 Portraits

Count Pyotr Andreyevich Schouvaloff (1827-1899), Russian ambassador. 2 Portraits

Dr. Schrader. 1 Portrait

Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber (née Bertie) (1812-1895), Translator, businesswoman and collector. 1 Portrait

Charles Schreiber (1826-1884), Scholar, fine arts collector and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmond Charles Acton Schreiber (1890-1972), Army officer. 14 Portraits

Gaby Schreiber (1916-1991), Industrial and interior designer. 3 Portraits

Vida Schreiber (née Cuthbert) (circa 1910-2003), Former wife of 17th Baron Darcy of Knayth, and later wife of Derek Schuldham Schreiber. 6 Portraits

Olive Emilie Albertina Schreiner (1855-1920), Author and social theorist. 1 Portrait

William Philip Schreiner (1857-1919), South African lawyer and statesman. 2 Portraits

Helmut William Bruno Schroder (1901-1969), Banker. 2 Portraits

Jack Henry Schulman (1904-1967), Physical Chemist. 2 Portraits

Jacqueline von Schulthess-Rechberg (née Paravicini) (1916-2004), Daughter of Charles Rudolf Paravicini. 3 Portraits

Elisabeth ('Ella') von Schultz-Adaïewsky (1846-1926), Composer, pianist and music teacher. 1 Portrait

Robert Schuman (1886-1963), French Prime Minister. 1 Portrait

Clara Josephine Schumann (née Wieck) (1819-1896), Pianist and composer; wife of Robert Schumann. 8 Portraits

Elisabeth Schumann (1885-1952), Austrian singer. 8 Portraits

Frank Schunck (born 1899), Lieutenant-Commander. 1 Portrait

Claud Schuster, Baron Schuster (1869-1956), Civil servant. 15 Portraits

Sir Arthur Schuster (1851-1934), Mathematical physicist. 4 Portraits

Sir Felix Otto Schuster, 1st Bt (1854-1936), Banker. 5 Portraits

Leo Francis Howard ('Frank') Schuster (1852-1927), Music Patron. 2 Portraits

Frederica Schuster (née Speyer) (1815-1904), Wife of Samuel Schuster. 1 Portrait

Sir George Ernest Schuster (1881-1982), Financial adviser to governments and educationist. 4 Portraits

James Leo Schuster (1912-2006), Bishop of St John’s, South Africa. 1 Portrait

Mathilde Elizabeth Schuster (née Weber) (1857-1951), Grandmother of Stephen Spender. 5 Portraits

Samuel Schuster (1805-1866), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Samuel Leo Schuster (circa 1830-1884), Merchant and army officer. 1 Portrait

Lady Schuster. 2 Portraits

Eugene Schuyler (1840-1890), Scholar, writer, explorer and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Frank Thompson Schwab, Businessman. 1 Portrait

Randolph Schwabe (1885-1948), Draughtsman and printmaker. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter George Salis Schwabe (1873-1931), Chief Justice, Madras High Court. 4 Portraits

Barnett Schwable (died 1999), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Bernard Lee ('Bern') Schwartz (1914-1978), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Miss Schwartz (active 1848), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Hans Schwarz (1922-2003), Painter; sculptor; illustrator; author. 3 Portraits

Rosie Schwarz, Friend of Peter Gidal. 1 Portrait

Rudolf Schwarz (1905-1994), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Dame (Olga Maria) Elisabeth Friederike Schwarzkopf (1915-2006), Singer. 1 Portrait

Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), Physician, musician and philosopher. 1 Portrait

Juliana Elizabeth Schwellenberg (circa 1728-circa 1797), Keeper of the Robes to the Queen. 4 Portraits

Pamela Schwerdt (1931-2009), Plantswoman and horticulturalist. 2 Portraits

William Scivier (active circa 1850), British Museum doorman. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Crichton Sclater (1855-1923), General. 5 Portraits

William Sclater (1638-1717?), Nonjuring divine. 4 Portraits

William Sclater (died 1778), Rector. 1 Portrait

Edward Scobell (1785-1860), Vicar and writer. 1 Portrait

Henry Scobell (circa 1610-1660), Clerk of the Parliament. 3 Portraits

Sir Ronald MacKenzie Scobie (1893-1969), Lieutenant General. 7 Portraits

Sir Andrew Richard Scoble (1831-1916), Indian Governor-General. 1 Portrait

John Scoble (1799-1877), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

(David) Paul Scofield (1922-2008), Actor. 19 Portraits

Roy Scoggins (1908-1970), Air Vice-Marshal. 10 Portraits

Baron Giovanni Scola-Cambrini. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Allen Percival Scoones (1893-1975), General. 4 Portraits

Sir Reginald Laurence Scoones (1900-1991), Major-General. 4 Portraits

William Scoresby (1789-1857), Minister, arctic explorer and man of science. 4 Portraits

Sir Norman Gibb Scorgie (1884-1956), Civil servant; Controller of HM Stationery Office. 3 Portraits

Baron Scotford, Silhouettist. 1 Portrait

Patricia Janet Scotland, Baroness Scotland of Asthal (1955-), Barrister and Attorney-General for England and Wales; life peer. 4 Portraits

David Scotland (1823-1891), Major and Secretary to the Duke of Westminster. 1 Portrait

John Earl Scotland (1911-1978), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Francis Scots (active 1872). 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Angela Scott (née Wellesley) (died 1936), Wife of George A. Jervoise Scott; daughter of Lord Charles Wellesley; sister of 3rd Duke of Wellington. 6 Portraits

Lady Sophie Beatrix Mary Scott (née Cadogan) (1874-1937), Wife of Sir Samuel Scott, 6th Bt; daughter of 5th Earl Cadogan. 3 Portraits

Lord William Walter Montagu-Douglas-Scott (1896-1958), Politician; MP for Roxburgh & Selkirk. 5 Portraits

Albert Walter Scott (born 1892), Deputy Chairman of London County Council. 3 Portraits

Alexandra Virina ('Alex') Scott (1984-), Television presenter; footballer. 1 Portrait

Alexander Scott (1853-1947), Chemist; Director of Scientific Research at the British Museum. 1 Portrait

Alexander Scott. 1 Portrait

Andrew Scott (1976-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Anthony David ('Tony') Scott (1944-2012), Film-maker. 1 Portrait

Anthony Percy Scott (1937-), Barrister. 5 Portraits

Arthur Scott, Major, 5th Regiment of Foot, Northumberland Fusiliers. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Binny Scott (1862-1944), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Avis Scott (1918-2010), Actress. 1 Portrait

A. Bell Scott. 2 Portraits

Sir Buchanan Scott (1850-1937), Colonel and railway engineer. 3 Portraits

Hon. Cecilia Anne Scott (née Hawke) (1943-), Former wife of Sir Peter Tapsell, and later wife of Nicholas Scott; daughter of 9th Baron Hawke. 4 Portraits

Charles Clare Scott (1850-1925), King's Counsel. 8 Portraits

Charles Harold Scott (1871-1940), Priest and Vicar of Lincoln Cathedral; Rector of St Mary Magdalen, Lincoln. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Henry Scott (1848-1919), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Charles Paley Scott (1861-1950), Barrister. 6 Portraits

Charles Perry Scott (1847-1927), Bishop of North China. 1 Portrait

Charles Prestwich Scott (1846-1932), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Charles William Anderson Scott (1903-1946), Aviator. 21 Portraits

Clement William Scott (1841-1904), Theatre critic. 4 Portraits

Cyril Scott (1879-1970), Composer, poet and writer. 4 Portraits

David Scott (died after 1838), Farmer. 1 Portrait

David Scott (1806-1849), Religious and history painter. 3 Portraits

Sir David Aubrey Scott (1919-2010), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

David Aylmer Scott (1892-1971), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Sir David John Montagu Douglas Scott (1887-1986), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Denys Scott (1877-1962), Army captain; forth son of 3rd Earl of Eldon. 2 Portraits

Sir (Robert) Donald Scott (1901-1974), Landowner, farmer and Conservative politician; MP for Wansbeck and Penrith & The Border. 4 Portraits

Sir Douglas Winchester Scott, 2nd Bt (1907-1984), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

(Stephen) Dougray Scott (1965-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Duncan Campbell Scott (1862-1947), Poet. 1 Portrait

Edith Daphne (née McCarthy), Lady Scott (died 1977), First wife of Sir Ronald Bodley Scott; daughter of E. McCarthy. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Dolman Scott, 2nd Bt (1793-1851), Politician; MP for Lichfield. 1 Portrait

Edward John Long Scott (1840-1918), Keeper of Muniments at Westminster Abbey. 1 Portrait

Elisabeth Whitworth Scott (1898-1972), Architect. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Joyce (née Glanley), Lady Scott (died 1983), Wife of Sir Douglas Winchester Scott, 2nd Bt; daughter of Archibald Lloyd Glanley. 7 Portraits

Sir Ernest Stowell Scott (1872-1953), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Ethel Scott (1907-1984), Sprinter. 1 Portrait

Mrs Florence Scott. 3 Portraits

Fred R. Scott (active 1946-1952), Deputy President, National Farmers Union. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Scott (1884-1929), Writer and architect. 3 Portraits

George C. Scott (George Campbell Scott) (1927-1999), Stage and film actor, director and producer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Gilbert Scott Sr (1811-1878), Architect; father of George Gilbert Scott Jr. 9 Portraits

George Gilbert Scott Jr (1839-1897), Architect; son of Sir George Gilbert Scott Sr. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Scott (later McKinnell) (1871-1951), Actress; wife of Norman McKinnell. 6 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Harold Scott (1874-1956), President of Royal Society of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine. 5 Portraits

Sir Harold Richard Scott (1887-1969), Civil servant and commissioner of police. 20 Portraits

Helen Phyllis Scott (née Atkinson) (died 1981), Wife of A.E.S. Scott. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Milne Scott (1876-1956), Politician, lawyer, businessman and cricketer. 7 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Hilary Scott (1906-1991), Solicitor and nusinessman. 1 Portrait

Hilda Scott, Illustrator. 1 Portrait

Hugh Scott (active 1864), Derbyshire county magistrate. 1 Portrait

Hugh Scott (1885-1960), Entomological scientist. 4 Portraits

H. Scott. 1 Portrait

Sir Ian Dixon Scott (1909-2002), Foreign ambassador. 4 Portraits

James Scott (1770-1848), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

James Scott (circa 1800-1864), Church of Scotland Minister. 2 Portraits

James Scott (circa 1809-circa 1889), Engraver. 1 Portrait

James Scott (active 1860s-1870s), Artist. 3 Portraits

James Bruce Scott (1892-1974), Major-General. 3 Portraits

James Maurice Scott (1906-1986), Explorer and author. 1 Portrait

James Winter Scott (1799-1873), Politician; MP for Hampshire North. 1 Portrait

Janette Scott (1938-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Jennifer Scott, Sackler Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir Jervoise Bolitho Scott (1892-1965), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Jill Scott (Eileen May Thomas (née Fountain, formerly Scott)) (1902-1974), Motor-racing driver and aviator; former wife of William Berkeley Scott, and later wife of Ernest Mortimer Thomas. 1 Portrait

Jill Louise Scott (1987-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

John Scott (died 1532), Baron of the Exchequer. 1 Portrait

John Scott (1638 or 1639-1695), Church of England clergyman. 3 Portraits

John Scott (1756-1836). 1 Portrait

John Scott (1774-1827), Engraver. 2 Portraits

John Scott (1794-1871), Horse trainer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Scott (1878-1946), Colonial administrator; civil servant. 1 Portrait

John Alexander Scott (1900-1965), Medical officer. 1 Portrait

John Anthony Scott (died 1864), Art dealer; partner in P.D. Colnaghi, Scott & Co. 1 Portrait

Sir John Arthur Guillum Scott (1910-1983), Ecclesiastical civil servant. 1 Portrait

John Russell Scott (1879-1949), Director of the Manchester Guardian. 1 Portrait

John Walter Lennox Scott (1883-1960), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Katherine Scott. 1 Portrait

Sir Leslie Frederic Scott (1869-1950), Judge and Conservative politician; MP for Liverpool Exchange. 4 Portraits

Sir (Warwick) Lindsay Scott (1892-1952), Archaeologist. 5 Portraits

Malcolm Scott (1872-1929), Music hall entertainer and female impersonator. 5 Portraits

Margaret Scott (Margaret Gertrude Schencke) (1888-1983), Suffragette. 2 Portraits

Margaretta Scott (1912-2005), Actress. 3 Portraits

Mary Cecilia Scott (née Stewart) (1879-1941), Wife of Hon. Osmund Scott; daughter of Dudley Charles Stuart. 1 Portrait

Mary Lillias Scott (active mid 18th century), Musician. 1 Portrait

(Guthrie) Michael Scott (1907-1983), Anglican priest and activist. 4 Portraits

Hon. Michael Scott (1878-1959), Golfer; son of 3rd Earl of Eldon. 1 Portrait

Michael Scott (active 1930s), Actor. 8 Portraits

Michael Frederick Scott (1911-1995), Army officer, farmer and Justice of the Peace. 5 Portraits

Montagu David Scott (1818-1900), Conservative politician; MP for East Sussex. 1 Portrait

Norman Scott (1940-), Model. 2 Portraits

Sir Oliver Christopher Anderson Scott of Yews, 3rd Bt (1922-2016), Radiobiologist. 6 Portraits

Sir Oswald Arthur Scott (1893-1960), Diplomat; Ambassador to Peru. 5 Portraits

Paul Mark Scott (1920-1978), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Sir Percy Moreton Scott, 1st Bt (1853-1924), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Peter Markham Scott (1909-1989), Wildlife artist, naturalist and sailor; Olympian. 31 Portraits

Phil Scott (Philip Scott Suffling) (1900-1983), Boxer. 1 Portrait

(Felicity) Philippa (née Talbot-Ponsonby), Lady Scott (1918-2010), Photographer; Honorary Director of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust; wife of Sir Peter Scott. 15 Portraits

Phoebe Scott (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Richard Scott (active 1954). 1 Portrait

Richard James Rodney Scott (1887-1967), Rear-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Sir Ridley Scott (1937-), Film-maker. 3 Portraits

Robert Scott (1811-1887), Lexicographer and Dean of Rochester. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert David Hillyer Scott (1944-), Arts and sports administrator. 1 Portrait

Robert Falcon Scott (1868-1912), Antarctic explorer. 14 Portraits

Sir Robert Forsyth Scott (1849-1933), Vice-Chancellor, Cambridge University. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Heatlie Scott (1905-1982), Foreign ambassador and consulate. 3 Portraits

Sir Ronald Bodley Scott (1906-1982), Royal physician. 1 Portrait

Ronnie Scott (Ronald Schatt) (1927-1996), Jazz club owner and saxophonist. 14 Portraits

Sir (Robert) Russell Scott (1877-1960), Civil Servant. 2 Portraits

Russell Scott. 1 Portrait

Samuel Scott (1702?-1772), Painter. 5 Portraits

Sir Samuel Haslam Scott, 2nd Bt (1875-1960), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Sheila Christine Scott (1922-1988), Aviator. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Scott (1535-1594?), High Sheriff of Kent. 2 Portraits

Thomas Scott (1580-1626), Political writer. 7 Portraits

Thomas Scott (1747-1821), Commentator on the Bible. 4 Portraits

Thomas Scott (active 1840s), Minister. 1 Portrait

Thomas Arnold Scott (1879-1956), Bishop of North China. 1 Portrait

Thomas Patrick David Scott (1905-1976), Major-General; son of Sir Thomas E. Scott. 5 Portraits

Valerie Scott (1918-2001), Tennis player. 4 Portraits

Sir Walter Scott, 1st Bt (1771-1832), Novelist and poet. 47 Portraits

William Scott (1739-1816), Plumber and antiquary. 1 Portrait

William Scott (active 1815), Servant. 1 Portrait

Sir William Arthur Scott (1899-1976), Major-General. 5 Portraits

William Bell Scott (1811-1890), Poet and painter. 4 Portraits

Sir William Dishington Scott (1878-1952), Colonel. 3 Portraits

William George Scott (1913-1989), Artist. 17 Portraits

William Robert Scott (1868-1940), Political Economist. 3 Portraits

William Sutton Scott (born 1908). 1 Portrait

Winfield Scott (1786-1866), Soldier. 1 Portrait

W.L. Fenton Scott. 1 Portrait

Lady Scott. 1 Portrait

Miss Scott (active 1829), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mr Scott. 1 Portrait

Mr Scott (active 1960s). 1 Portrait

Mrs Scott (active 1841). 1 Portrait

Sep E. Scott (Septimus Edwin Scott) (1879-1965), Painter, illustrator and graphic designer. 2 Portraits

Millicent Barry Scott-Hopkins (née Turner) (1900-1931). 1 Portrait

Rawdon Scott-Hopkins (1882-1974), Major and Acting Lieutenant Colonel, East Yorkshire Regiment. 2 Portraits

(Francis) David Stephen Scott-Malden (1919-2000), Air Vice-Marshal. 6 Portraits

Sir George Kenneth Scott-Moncrieff (1855-1924), Major-General, engineer and Director of Fortifications and Works. 1 Portrait

Walter Graham Scott-Brown (1897-1987), Consulting surgeon. 1 Portrait

Walter Travers Scott-Elliot (1895-1977), Politician and company director. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Scotter, 1st Bt (1835-1910), Railway manager. 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert) David John Scott Fox (1910-1985), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir Alfred Scott Scott-Gatty (1847-1918), Composer. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth (née Foster), Lady Scott-Gatty (died 1929), Wife of Sir Alfred Scott Scott-Gatty; daughter of John Foster. 1 Portrait

John Scott Henderson (1895-1964), Barrister and Recorder of Portsmouth. 1 Portrait

Walter Scott-Hill (1873-1963), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir James Sidney Rawdon Scott-Hopkins (1921-1995), Politician; MP for West Derbyshire and for North Cornwall; MEP for Hereford and Worcester. 11 Portraits

Miss or Master Scott-Hopkins? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Miss Scotti-Galerate (active 1945), Daughter of Italian Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Anne Eleanor Scott-James (Lady Lancaster) (1913-2009), Author and journalist; wife of Sir Osbert Lancaster. 9 Portraits

Shirley Scott-James (active 1964-died 2005), Model; girlfriend of Anthony Fry. 1 Portrait

Ronald Scott-Miller (1904-1992), Commander and Conservative politician; MP for Kings Lynn. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan Kenneth Scott-Moncrieff (1900-1980), Admiral and Commander-in-Chief, Far East Fleet. 5 Portraits

Ann Scott Moncrieff (née Shearer) (1914-1943), Writer; wife of George Irving Scott Moncrieff. 5 Portraits

George Irving Scott Moncrieff (1910-1974), Author. 12 Portraits

Margaret Scott Moncrieff (née Macdonald) (died 1824), Wife of Robert Scott Moncrieff Wellwood. 1 Portrait

Mary Deborah (née Albright), Lady Scott-Moncrieff (1851-1936), Third wife of Sir Colin Campbell Scott-Moncrieff; daughter of Arthur Albright. 3 Portraits

Robert Scott-Moncrieff (born 1887), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Amelia Charlotte Scott-Murray (née Fraser) (1824-1912), Wife of Charles Robert Scott Scott-Murray; daughter of 12th Baron Lovat. 2 Portraits

Charles Robert Scott Scott-Murray (1818-1882), Conservative politician; MP for Buckinghamshire. 2 Portraits

(Charles) Hubert Scott-Paine (1891-1954), Designer of aircraft and motor boats. 1 Portrait

Hon. Pamela Lillias Scott-Plummer (née Balfour) (1907-1998), Wife of Charles Humphrey Scott-Plummer; daughter of 2nd Baron Kinross. 1 Portrait

Mary Frances Scott-Siddons (1844-1896), Actress. 28 Portraits

Dorothy Scott-Stevenson, Personal Secretary to the Director, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

John Scott-Taggart (1897-1979), Wing-Commander and barrister-at-law. 4 Portraits

John Scott-Waring (1747-1819), Major. 3 Portraits

Maria Scott-Waring (née Hughes) (died 1812), Second wife of Major John Scott-Waring. 3 Portraits

Sir James Anderson Scott-Watson (1889-1966), Chief Scientific and Agricultural Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture and Professor of Agriculture and Rural Economy. 3 Portraits

Henry Scougal (1650-1678), Church of Scotland minister. 1 Portrait

Francesca Katharina (née Lea), Lady Scourfield (died 1914), Second wife of Sir Owen Henry Phipps Scourfield, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Gwynedd D. Scourfield (1909-1993). 1 Portrait

Sir George Scovell (1774-1861), General. 2 Portraits

George Thomas Scovell (1837-1923), Army officer; Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Guy Edward Scrase Dickens (1902-1961). 1 Portrait

Gregorius Scribanus (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

(Augustin) Eugène Scribe (1791-1861), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Jane Scrimshaw (1584-1711), Centenarian. 2 Portraits

Margaret ('Peggy') Scriven (1912-2001), Tennis player. 6 Portraits

Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener (1813-1891), Biblical scholar. 3 Portraits

Joseph Henry Scrivener (1829-1879), Actor. 3 Portraits

Sir Patrick Stratford Scrivener (1897-1966), Diplomat. 7 Portraits

Sir William Scroggs (circa 1623-1683), Judge. 2 Portraits

Mrs Scroop (née Pitt) (active early 18th century), Supposed to have been maid of honour to Queen Mary and considered the greatest beauty of the court. 3 Portraits

Lady Jane Mary Scrope (née Egerton) (1909-1978), Justice of the Peace; wife of Richard Ladislas Scrope; daughter of 4th Earl of Ellesmere. 2 Portraits

Adrian Scrope (1601-1660), Regicide. 3 Portraits

Richard Le Scrope (1350?-1405), Archbishop of York. 1 Portrait

Roger Vernon Scruton (1944-2020), Writer and philosopher. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) Hugh Scrutton (1917-1991), Director of Whitechapel Art Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Edward Scrutton (1856-1934), Judge. 7 Portraits

Edwin Scrymgeour (1866-1947), Politician; MP for Dundee. 6 Portraits

Mary (née Throckmorton), Lady Scudamore (died 1632), Former wife of Sir Thomas Baskerville, and later wife of Sir James Scudamore. 1 Portrait

Peter Michael Scudamore (1958-), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwyn Francis Scudamore-Stanhope, 2nd Bt (1793-1874), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Scudder (died 1652), Church of England clergyman and author. 2 Portraits

James Henry Scullin (1876-1953), Prime Minister of Australia. 2 Portraits

Vincent Scully (1810-1871), Irish barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

Abraham Scultetus (1566-1625), Theologian. 1 Portrait

Peter Joshua Sculthorpe (1929-2014), Composer. 1 Portrait

Peter Scupham (1933-2022), Poet, teacher and antiquarian bookseller. 1 Portrait

Theodora Gay Scutt (née Powys) (1932-), Author; adoptive daughter of Theodore Francis Powys. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Leonard Seabrook (1909-2008), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Elliott Seabrooke (1886-1950), Landscape and still-life painter. 2 Portraits

Sir James Herbert Seabrooke (1852-1933), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Samuel Seabury (1729-1796), First bishop of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America. 1 Portrait

Mary Jane Seacole (née Grant) (1805-1881), Entrepreneur, nurse, adventurer and writer. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Seacombe (1906-1994), Actress. 6 Portraits

James Ogilvy, 1st Earl of Seafield (1663-1730), Lord Chancellor of Scotland. 1 Portrait

Francis William Ogilvie-Grant, 6th Earl of Seafield (1778-1853), Colonel and Conservative politician; MP for Elginshire and Nairnshire. 3 Portraits

John Charles Ogilvie-Grant, 7th Earl of Seafield (1815-1881), Representative peer. 1 Portrait

Caroline (née Stuart), Countess of Seafield (1830-1911), Wife of 7th Earl of Seafield; daughter of 11th Lord Blantyre. 4 Portraits

Ian Charles Ogilvie-Grant, 8th Earl of Seafield (1851-1884), Son of 7th Earl of Seafield. 4 Portraits

James Ogilvie-Grant, 9th Earl of Seafield (1817-1888), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

Constance Helena (née Abercromby), Countess of Seafield (circa 1829-1872), Second wife of 9th Earl of Seafield; daughter of Sir Robert Abercromby, 5th Bt. 2 Portraits

Nina Caroline Studley-Herbert (née Ogilvie-Grant), Countess of Seafield (1906-1969), Wife of Derek Herbert Ogilvie-Grant-Studley-Herbert; daughter of 11th Earl of Seafield. 13 Portraits

Ian Derek Francis Ogilvie-Grant, 13th Earl of Seafield (1939-), Scottish peer; son of Nina, Countess of Seafield and Derek Herbert Studley-Herbert. 3 Portraits

Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Seaforth (1744-1781). 4 Portraits

Harriet Mackenzie (née Powell), Countess of Seaforth (died 1779), Actress and singer; second wife of 2nd Earl of Seaforth. 6 Portraits

Kenneth Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Seaforth (baptised 1661-1701), Clan Chief. 1 Portrait

James Stewart-Mackenzie, 1st Baron Seaforth (1847-1923), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Mary Margaret (née Steinkopff), Lady Seaforth (1862-1933), Charity worker; wife of 1st Baron Seaforth; daughter of Edward Steinkopff. 1 Portrait

Mrs Seaforth (active late 18th century), Mistress of Richard Barwell. 4 Portraits

Charles Allen Seager (1872-1948), Archbishop of Huron and Metropolitan of Ontario. 1 Portrait

Margaret Annie (née Elliot), Lady Seager, Wife of Sir William Henry Seager; daughter of John Elliott. 5 Portraits

Theo Seager (1990-), Member of GB Men's Gymnastics Team, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Seager (1862-1941), Director of Shipping Company. 6 Portraits

Edward Brian Seago (1910-1974), Artist. 6 Portraits

Beatrice Mary ('Bea') Seal (née Watson) (1914-2011), Tennis player and tournament referee; former wife of Gerry Walter, and later wife of Vernon Seal. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Seal (1933-), Actress, dancer and singer. 9 Portraits

Sir Eric Seal (1898-1972), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Mabel Sealby (born 1885), Actress and singer. 10 Portraits

Jenny Sealey (1963-), Artistic Director for Graeae Theatre. 1 Portrait

David Andrew Seaman (1963-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Don Seaman (1932-), Athlete and businessman. 1 Portrait

Lazurus Seaman (died 1675), Clergyman and ejected minister. 3 Portraits

Sir Owen Seaman, 1st Bt (1861-1936), Poet, satirist and parodist; editor of Punch. 11 Portraits

Richard John Beattie ('Dick') Seaman (1913-1939), Racing driver. 1 Portrait

Phillip William ('Phil') Seamen (1926-1972), Jazz drummer. 1 Portrait

Gregory Mark Pascoe ('Greg') Searle (1972-), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Henry Ernest Searle (1866-1889), World champion professional oarsman. 2 Portraits

Humphrey Searle (1915-1982), Composer and writer on music. 2 Portraits

Malcolm Walter St Leger Searle (1900-1994), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Mary Ann Searle (active 1773), Daughter of Ralph Searle, a man-servant to Sir Joshua Reynolds. 1 Portrait

Molly Margueritte Searle (née Frost) (1914-1994). 1 Portrait

Ronald William Fordham Searle (1920-2011), Artist and illustrator. 19 Portraits

W.W. Searle, Admiral. 1 Portrait

Miss Searle (active late 18th century). 1 Portrait

Heather Sears (1935-1994), Actress. 23 Portraits

Ian Sears (1963-), Actor and film editor. 1 Portrait

Leonard Sears (1919-1941), Artist; assistant to Angus McBean; twin brother of Ron Sears. 1 Portrait

Ronald ('Ron') Sears (1919-1941), Artist; assistant to Angus McBean; twin brother of Leonard Sears. 1 Portrait

Gordon Hamilton Seath (1886-1952), Major-General, Royal Marines. 4 Portraits

John Colborne, 1st Baron Seaton (1778-1863), Field Marshal. 4 Portraits

John Reginald Upton Elliott-Drake Colborne, 3rd Baron Seaton (1854-1933), Justice of the Peace, Devon and Kildare. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Beatrice Eliott-Drake-Colborne (née Fuller-Eliott-Drake), Baroness Seaton (1862-1937), Wife of 3rd Baron Seaton. 5 Portraits

James Ulysses Graham Raymond Colborne-Vivian, 4th Baron Seaton (1863-1955), Major. 1 Portrait

Dennis Seaton (1967-), Singer and musician; member of Musical Youth. 2 Portraits

James Buchanan Seaton (1868-1938), Bishop of Wakefield. 5 Portraits

Carolyn Seaward (1960-), Actress and Miss England 1979. 1 Portrait

Harold Henry Sebag-Montefiore (1924-2011), Lawyer and local politician. 4 Portraits

Puget Sebag-Montefiore (née Lysaght), Daughter of Douglas Lysaght; second wife of Edmund Sebag-Montefiore. 4 Portraits

Winfried Georg ('W.G.') Sebald (1944-2001), Writer and academic. 1 Portrait

Horace François Bastien Sébastiani de la Porta (1772-1851), French general. 2 Portraits

Jean Seberg (1938-1979), Actress. 1 Portrait

Emily Eva Sebright (née Bowen) (died 1921), Wife of Arthur Edward Saunders Sebright. 1 Portrait

Sir Guy Thomas Saunders Sebright (1856-1933). 1 Portrait

Sir John Saunders Sebright, 7th Bt (1767-1846), Agriculturalist and politician; MP for Hertfordshire. 2 Portraits

Victoria Rosamond (née White), Lady Sebright (1937-), Former wife of David Ashton Ashton-Bostock, and later wife of Sir Hugo Giles Edmund Sebright, 14th Bt; daughter of Richard Taylor White. 2 Portraits

Archibald Kennedy Seccombe (1868-1931), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

John Herbert Seccombe (1806-1894), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Marietta Sechiari (née Argenti) (1843-1924), Wife of Paraskeva George Sechiari; daughter of Ambrose Argenti. 1 Portrait

Freiherr von Seckendorff. 1 Portrait

Graf Seckendorff. 1 Portrait

John Herbert Secker (1837-1903), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Thomas Secker (1693-1768), Archbishop of Canterbury. 6 Portraits

Thomas Seckford (1515?-1587), Master of request and benefactor to the town of Woodbridge. 3 Portraits

Unknown lady of the Seckford family (active 1613). 2 Portraits

Guy Lipscomb Seckham (1866-1934), Major. 1 Portrait

David Secombe (1962-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Donald Secombe (1921-2001), Comedian, actor, writer, singer and television presenter. 8 Portraits

Myra Joan (née Atherton), Lady Secombe (1924-), Wife of Sir Harry Donald Secombe; daughter of James Henry Atherton. 1 Portrait

Lella Secor Florence (née Lella Faye Secor) (1887-1966), Journalist, author and birth control pioneer; Wife of Philip Sargant Florence. 4 Portraits

Walter Bernard Secretan (1875-1966), Consulting surgeon. 1 Portrait

Charles Secrett, Director, Friends of the Earth. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert John Seddon (1903-1977), Orthopaedic surgeon. 3 Portraits

James Andrew Seddon (1868-1939), Labour politician. 4 Portraits

John Seddon (1643 or 1644-1700), Writing Master. 3 Portraits

Mark Anthony Paul Seddon (1962-), Journalist; Politician. 1 Portrait

Richard Harding Seddon (1915-2003), Artist, writer, president of Royal Watercolour Society. 1 Portrait

Richard John Seddon (1845-1906), Prime Minister of New Zealand. 3 Portraits

James Geoffrey Seddon-Brown (died 1987), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Sir Norman Seddon-Brown (1880-1962), Lieutenant-Colonel; CEO of Amalgamated Cotton Mills. 1 Portrait

Peter Sedgley (1930-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873), Geologist. 8 Portraits

Amy Sedgwick (Sarah Gardiner) (1835-1897), Actor; later Mrs Parkes, Mrs Pemberton, and Mrs Goostry. 4 Portraits

Cyril Gordon Sedgwick (1885-1948), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Edward Sedgwick, Secretary to 2nd Earl of Halifax. 1 Portrait

Obadiah Sedgwick (1599 or 1600-1658), Puritan divine. 5 Portraits

William Walmsley Sedgwick (1858-1948), Bishop of Waiapu, New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Sedley (1639?-1701), Courtier and wit. 3 Portraits

Beatrice Nancy Seear, Baroness Seear of Paddington (1913-1997), Politician; president of the Liberal Party. 1 Portrait

Hugh Exton Seebohm (1867-1946), Banker. 1 Portrait

A.M. Seed (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir William Seeds (1882-1973), Diplomat and British ambassador to Brazil. 4 Portraits

Miriam Seegar (1907-2011), Actress; wife of Tim Whelan; daughter of Frank F. Seegar. 1 Portrait

Peggy Seeger (1935-), Folk singer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Frederick Seel (1895-1976), Colonial administrator. 7 Portraits

Sir John Robert Seeley (1834-1895), Historian. 3 Portraits

Charles Seely (1803-1887), Liberal politician and industrialist. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Seely, 1st Bt (1833-1915), Industrialist and politician. 1 Portrait

Emily Seely (née Evans) (1837-1894), Daughter of William Evans; wife of Charles Seely Jr. 1 Portrait

Jane Anne Seely (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Tim Seely (1935-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Enoch Seeman (1689 or 1690-1744), Painter. 2 Portraits

Berthold Carl Seemann (1825-1871), Botanist and traveller. 1 Portrait

Harriet Mary Sefi (née Davidson) (1942-), Wife of Michael Richard Sefi; daughter of Colin Keppel Davidson. 2 Portraits

Isabella Molyneux (née Stanhope), Countess of Sefton (1748-1819), Wife of 1st Earl of Sefton. 9 Portraits

William Philip Molyneux, 2nd Earl of Sefton (1772-1838). 7 Portraits

William Philip Molyneux, 4th Earl of Sefton (1835-1897), Representative peer. 5 Portraits

Charles William Hylton Molyneux, 5th Earl of Sefton (1867-1901), Soldier and landowner. 5 Portraits

Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, 7th Earl of Sefton (1898-1972), Royal courtier, aide-de-camp and landowner. 3 Portraits

Charles Sefton (Charles Saunders) (1884-1971), Actor. 2 Portraits

Samuel Segal, Baron Segal of Wytham (1902-1985), Surgeon and politician. 14 Portraits

George Segal (1934-2021), Actor. 1 Portrait

Walter Segal (1907-1985), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir William Segar (1564 or before-1633), Herald and portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Gerard Seghers (1591-1651), Painter. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry O'Neil de Hane Segrave (1896-1930), Racing driver. 2 Portraits

Captain Segrave, Royal Navy Captain. 1 Portrait

William Seguier (1772-1843), Artist; first Keeper of the National Gallery. 1 Portrait

Louis Philippe, comte de Segur (1753-1830). 1 Portrait

Christian Thomas Sehested (1590-1657), Danish Chancellor and nobleman. 3 Portraits

Hannibal Sehested (1609-1666), Danish ambassador and Governor-general of Norway. 2 Portraits

Malthe Sehested, Danish Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Mogens Sehested (1598-1657), Danish ambassador. 2 Portraits

Jagtar Kaur Sehmi (1956-), Mother of Mandip Sehmi, paralympic wheelchair rugby player. 1 Portrait

Mandip Sehmi (1980-), Wheelchair rugby player; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Lilla Seiber (née Bauer) (1912-2011), Ballet dancer and dance teacher. 1 Portrait

Lea Seidl (1895-1987), Actress. 1 Portrait

Marie Elizabeth Betty Seifert (née Parr) (1910-1995), Daughter of Sir (Christopher) James Parr. 3 Portraits

(Robin) Richard Seifert (1910-2001), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir Nicholas Thomas Sekers (1910-1972), Industrialist and patron of the arts. 1 Portrait

Konosuke Seko (active 1920s), Japanese diplomat. 2 Portraits

Robert Hope Selbie (1868-1930), General Manager, Metropolitan Railway. 1 Portrait

William Boothby Selbie (1862-1944), Reverend and Principal of Mansfield College, Oxford. 4 Portraits

Roundell Palmer, 1st Earl of Selborne (1812-1895), Lord Chancellor; lawyer. 35 Portraits

Laura (née Waldegrave), Countess of Selborne (1821-1885), Wife of 1st Earl of Selborne; daughter of 8th Earl Waldegrave. 1 Portrait

William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne (1859-1942), Politician; President of the Board of Agriculture. 30 Portraits

Beatrix Maud (née Cecil), Countess of Selborne (1858-1950), Suffragist; wife of 2nd Earl of Selborne; daughter of 3rd Marquess of Salisbury. 2 Portraits

Roundell Cecil Palmer Wolmer, 3rd Earl of Selborne (1887-1971), Politician, intelligence officer and businessman. 17 Portraits

Dorothy Selbourne, Actress. 4 Portraits

William Court Gully, 1st Viscount Selby (1835-1909), Speaker of the House of Commons. 15 Portraits

James William Herschell Gully, 2nd Viscount Selby (1867-1923), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Evelyn (née Grey), Viscountess Selby (died 1951), Second wife of 2nd Viscount Selby; daughter of Sir William Grey. 6 Portraits

Barbara Tyssen Selby (née Pickard Cambridge) (1830-1909), Wife of William Derenzy Donaldson Selby; daughter of George Pickard Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Charles Selby (circa 1802-1863), Actor and dramatist. 2 Portraits

Clara Selby (Sarah Susannah Selby) (1796 or 1797-1873), Actor; wife of Charles Selby. 3 Portraits

Francis James Selby (1867-1942), Secretary of the National Physical Laboratory. 1 Portrait

James William Selby (1844-1888), Coach proprietor. 1 Portrait

Norah Selby. 2 Portraits

Paul Selby (1948-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Prideaux John Selby (1788-1867), Naturalist. 2 Portraits

Ralph Walford Selby (1915-1997), Ambassador to Norway. 4 Portraits

Sir Walford Harmood Montague Selby (1881-1965), Foreign attaché and private secretary. 9 Portraits

William Halford Selby (1902-1994), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir (Lewis) Amherst Selby-Bigge, 1st Bt (1860-1951), Secretary, Board of Education. 6 Portraits

Edith Lindsay (née Davison), Lady Selby-Bigge (died 1939), Wife of Sir (Lewis) Amherst Selby-Bigge, 1st Bt; daughter of Hon. John Robert Davison. 8 Portraits

Joan Selby-Lowndes, Children's writer. 5 Portraits

John Selden (1584-1654), Jurist, politician and scholar. 23 Portraits

Peter Alexander Selerie (1916-1989), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Self Esteem (Rebecca Lucy Taylor) (1986-), Musician. 1 Portrait

Sir (Albert) Henry Self (1890-1975), Civil servant, secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Deputy Chairman, Central Electricity Authority. 3 Portraits

William ('Will') Self (1961-), Writer. 4 Portraits

Harry Gordon Selfridge Sr (1858-1947), Businessman and founder of Selfridges. 13 Portraits

Harry Gordon Selfridge Jr (1900-1976), Son of Harry Gordon Selfridge Sr. 2 Portraits

Lois Frances Selfridge (née Baxter) (1834-1924), Teacher; mother of Harry Gordon Selfridge. 1 Portrait

Charles Gabriel Seligman (1873-1940), Ethnologist. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Charles Seligman (1913-1994), Banker. 2 Portraits

Herbert Spencer Seligman (1872-1951), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

(Richard) Madron Seligman (1918-2002), Politician; member of the European Parliament. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Wendel Seligman (1913-2012), Businessman; son of Richard Joseph Simon Seligman. 1 Portrait

Sultan Selim III (1761-1808), Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. 2 Portraits

Basil de Sélincourt (1877-1966), Journalist. 5 Portraits

Ernest De Sélincourt (1870-1943), Professor of English Language and Literature. 2 Portraits

Hugh de Sélincourt (1878-1951), Author. 2 Portraits

Dunbar James Douglas, 6th Earl of Selkirk (1809-1899), Peer of the Realm. 1 Portrait

Cicely Louisa (née Grey-Egerton), Countess of Selkirk (died 1920), Wife of 6th Earl Selkirk; daughter of Sir Philip de Malpas Grey-Egerton, 10th Bt. 7 Portraits

George Nigel Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Earl of Selkirk (1906-1994). 2 Portraits

James Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, Baron Selkirk of Douglas (1942-2023), Politician; MP for Edinburgh. 6 Portraits

Kenneth Anderson Sellar (1906-1989), Commander, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

William Young Sellar (1825-1890), Classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Sellars (1921-2019), Actress. 4 Portraits

Arthur Brian Sellers (1907-1981), Cricketer. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederic Aked Sellers (1893-1979), Lord Justice of Appeal. 6 Portraits

Richard Henry ('Peter') Sellers (1925-1980), Actor and photographer. 17 Portraits

Sir Harry Ralph Selley (1871-1960), Politician and master builder. 4 Portraits

Miss Phyllis Sellick. 4 Portraits

Phyllis Doreen Sellick (1911-2007), Pianist; wife of Cyril James Smith. 1 Portrait

Edward George Sellman, Rector, Great Casterton, West Pickworth, Rutland. 6 Portraits

Sir Thomas Holmes Sellors (1902-1987), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Frederick Courteney Selous (1851-1917), Hunter and explorer. 3 Portraits

Henry Courtney Selous (1803-1890), Painter and lithographer. 1 Portrait

William Mitchell-Thomson, 1st Baron Selsdon (1877-1938), Politician; MP for North West Lanarkshire, North Down, Glasgow Maryhill and Croydon South. 8 Portraits

(Anne) Madeleine (née McEacharn), Lady Selsdon (1887-1946), Wife of 1st Baron Selsdon; daughter of Sir Malcolm McEacharn. 7 Portraits

Patrick Peter Mitchell-Thomson, 2nd Baron Selsdon (1913-1963), Racing driver; son of William Mitchell-Thomson, 1st Baron Selsdon. 2 Portraits

Alana Selsil. 1 Portrait

Blaithin Selsil. 1 Portrait

Caomhanach Selsil. 1 Portrait

Ceallachain Selsil. 1 Portrait

Ciosog Selsil. 1 Portrait

Eibhleann Selsil. 1 Portrait

Ozgur Selsil, Teacher. 1 Portrait

George Selson (active 1844). 1 Portrait

Morton Selten (1860-1940), Actor. 2 Portraits

Torstein Selvik (1900-1983), Norwegian politician and Chief editor of Bergens Arbeiderblad. 1 Portrait

Samuel Selvon (1923-1994), Novelist. 4 Portraits

Sir Anthony Dunkerton Selway (1909-1984), Air Marshal. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Jasper Selwyn (1813-1869), Judge; brother of William Selwyn. 1 Portrait

Edward Carus Selwyn (1853-1918), Headmaster, Uppingham Fellow of Kings. 4 Portraits

Edward Gordon Selwyn (1885-1959), Dean of Winchester. 2 Portraits

George Augustus Selwyn (1719-1791), Wit and politician. 2 Portraits

George Augustus Selwyn (1809-1878), Bishop of New Zealand and Bishop of Lichfield. 11 Portraits

John Richardson Selwyn (1844-1898), Bishop of Melanesia. 2 Portraits

William Selwyn (1806-1875), Church of England clergyman; brother of Sir Charles Jasper Selwyn. 2 Portraits

Hilda Alice (née Browning), Lady Selwyn-Clarke (1899-1967), Politician; wife of Sir Percy Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke. 2 Portraits

(John) Selwyn Brooke Lloyd, Baron Selwyn-Lloyd (1904-1978), Speaker of the House of Commons. 22 Portraits

Sir Felix Semon (1849-1921), Laryngologist. 1 Portrait

William Forbes-Sempill (né Forbes), 17th Baron Sempill (1836-1905), Scottish peer. 1 Portrait

Frances Emily (née Abercromby), Lady Sempill (1835-1887), Second wife of 17th Baron Sempill; daughter of Sir Robert Abercromby, 5th Bt. 1 Portrait

Lady Gwendolen Emily Mary Forbes-Sempill (née Prodgers) (1869-1944), Wife of 18th Baron Sempill; daughter of Herbert Prodgers. 2 Portraits

William Francis Forbes-Sempill, 19th Baron Sempill (1893-1965), Engineer, writer and airman. 7 Portraits

Cecilia Alice (née Dunbar-Kilburn), Lady Forbes-Sempill (died 1984), Second wife of 19th Baron Sempill. 2 Portraits

Sir David Semple (1856-1937), Army medic and bacteriologist; founder of the Pasteur Institute of India. 2 Portraits

David M. Semple, Chairman and Managing Director of Mirrless Watson & Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Amartya Kumar Sen (1933-), Welfare economist; Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Basiswar ('Boshi') Sen (1887-1970), Scientist. 4 Portraits

Gertrude Emerson Sen (1890 or 1893-1982), Historian, geographer, journalist and Asia specialist; wife of Boshi Sen. 3 Portraits

Keshub Chunder Sen (1838-1884), Religious reformer. 4 Portraits

Mala Sen (1947-2011), Writer and human rights activist. 2 Portraits

Don Stephen Senanayake (1884-1952), Prime Minister of Ceylon. 11 Portraits

Dudley Shelton Senanayake (1911-1973), Prime Minister of Ceylon. 10 Portraits

Sir Walter Sendall (1832-1904), Colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Michael Sendivogius (1566-1636), Polish alchemist, philosopher and medical doctor. 1 Portrait

Hoe Kim Seng, Politician. 1 Portrait

Roger Senhouse (1900-1970), Publisher, bibliophile and translator. 3 Portraits

Rose Mary Le Fleming Senhouse (1829?-1903), Daughter of Sir Humphrey Fleming Senhouse. 1 Portrait

A.F. Senior, Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Walters Senior (1902-1995), Chairman of Steel Companies. 2 Portraits

Melanie Senior, Nurse. 1 Portrait

Nassau John Senior (1822-1891), Son of Nassau William Senior. 1 Portrait

Nassau William Senior (1790-1864), Economist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Norah Marguerite Senior (née Joicey) (1905-1987), Daughter of 2nd Baron Joicey; wife of Ronald Henry Senior. 5 Portraits

Russell Senior (1961-), Musician; guitarist for Pulp. 1 Portrait

Richard Sennett (1943-), Sociologist. 1 Portrait

John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu (1949-), Archbishop of York. 4 Portraits

Sir John Watt Senter (1905-1966), Queen's Counsel. 1 Portrait

Grace Sepping (active 1920s-1930s), Actress. 1 Portrait

W. Sepping (active mid 19th century), of Kings Lynn, Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Robert Seppings (1767-1840), Naval architect. 1 Portrait

Semtob Sequerra (died 1955). 2 Portraits

Prince Serge Dolgorouki, Foreign dignitary. 1 Portrait

Prince Serge Alexandrovitch Dolgorouky (1883-1933), Aide-de-camp to Emperor Nicholas II and Colonel. 1 Portrait

Emma Sergeant (1959-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Charles Serjeant (1864-1919), Reverend; husband of Camilla Teresa Bassano. 1 Portrait

Camilla Teresa ('Lily') Serjeant (née Bassano) (1859-1928), Wife of Reverend Charles Serjeant; daughter of Alexander Bassano. 12 Portraits

Andy Serkis (1964-), Actor, director and author. 1 Portrait

Cecilia Serle (1812-1890), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas James Serle (circa 1799-1889), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Sermon (1629?-1679), Physician. 4 Portraits

Walter Pearce Serocold (died 1994), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Serota, Baroness Serota (1919-2002), Government minister and Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords. 2 Portraits

Sir Nicholas Andrew Serota (1946-), Director of the Tate Gallery. 3 Portraits

Dominic Serres (1722-1793), Marine painter. 9 Portraits

Olivia Serres (née Wilmot) (1772-1834), Artist and author. 3 Portraits

Reginald Maxwell Servaes (1893-1978), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

a servant to the Pusey family (active 1856), Domestic servant. 1 Portrait

William Ansah Sessarakoo (active 1744-1749), African prince; son of John Bannishee Corrantee Chinnee of Annamaboe. 3 Portraits

Mathilde Sessi (active 1870s), Opera singer. 2 Portraits

John Sessions (John Gibb Marshall) (1953-2020), Actor, comedian and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Davis Sessums (1858-1929), Bishop of Louisiana. 1 Portrait

Giovanna Sestini (1749-1814), Singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Chimanlal Harilal Setalvad (1864-1947), Barrister and Vice-Chancellor of University of Bombay. 2 Portraits

Vikram Seth (1952-), Writer. 1 Portrait

David Seth-Smith (1875-1963), Curator of Mammals and Birds, Zoological Society. 2 Portraits

David Keith Seth-Smith (1914-1976), Naval officer. 3 Portraits

Gabrielle Mary Seth-Smith (née Sclater-Booth) (1929-), Wife of Martin Parnell Seth-Smith; daughter of 3rd Baron Basing. 2 Portraits

Martin Parnell Seth-Smith (1924-2012), Naval commander. 2 Portraits

George Seton, 5th Lord Seton (circa 1530-1586), Scottish nobleman. 1 Portrait

Alice Ida (née Hodge), Lady Seton (1904-1995), Group Officer in Women's Auxiliary Air Force; wife of Captain Sir John Hastings Seton, 10th Bt. 8 Portraits

Betty Seton, Model. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Hay Seton, 7th Bt (1797-1869), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Cotter Cariston Seton (1872-1940), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Phoebe Elizabeth Seton (née Ripley) (1842-1873), Daughter of Sir Henry William Ripley; wife of Charles Compton Seton. 1 Portrait

Mrs Seton (active 1840s). 1 Portrait

Miss Seton (active 1922), Daughter of Henry Seton. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Seton-Karr (1853-1914), Politician, barrister and writer. 2 Portraits

Jane (née Thorburn), Lady Seton-Karr (died 1953), Wife of Sir Henry Seton-Karr, daughter of W. Thorburn. 3 Portraits

Smaragda Calliope Sevastopoulo (née Zizinia) (1836-1913), Wife of Michael Alexander Sevastopoulo; daughter of Georges Dimitros Zizinia. 1 Portrait

Alexander Michael Sevastopulo (circa 1856-1931), Son of Michael Alexander Sevastopulo. 3 Portraits

George Sevastopulo (born circa 1857), Son of Michael Alexander Sevastopulo. 3 Portraits

Julia Sevastopulo (née Geralopulo) (1845?-1884), Wife of Demetrio S. Sevastopulo; daughter of Constantine Geralopulo. 3 Portraits

Michael Alexander Sevastopulo (circa 1818-1882), General merchant. 2 Portraits

Dora Sevening (1882-1966), Actress. 5 Portraits

René Severac, Colonel. 11 Portraits

Steve Severin (1955-), Musician; co-founder of Siouxsie and the Banshees. 1 Portrait

Gino Severini (1883-1966), Artist. 9 Portraits

Arthur Severn (1842-1931), Watercolour painter; husband of Joan Severn (née Agnew). 3 Portraits

Sir Claud Severn (1869-1933), Colonial administrator and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Joan Severn (née Agnew) (1846-1924), Wife of Arthur Severn; cousin and heir of John Ruskin. 8 Portraits

Joseph Severn (1793-1879), Painter and Civil Servant. 3 Portraits

Lily Severn (1873-1920), Daughter of Arthur Severn. 1 Portrait

Florence Severne (née Tighe), Wife of John Edmund Severne; daughter of Hugh Usher Tighe. 1 Portrait

John Edmund Severne (1826-1899), Politician; MP for Ludlow and South Shropshire. 1 Portrait

Rachel Giralda Severne (née FitzGerald) (1933-1994), Wife of Michael Meysey Wigley Severne; daughter of Desmond FitzGerald, 28th Knight of Glin. 1 Portrait

James Sevier (1798?-1880), Rector of Hasfield, Gloucestershire. 1 Portrait

Michael Sevier (born 1886), Artist. 1 Portrait

Doña Maria Luisa de Borbón y Paradé, Duquesa de Sevilla (1868-1949), Wife of Don Juan de Monclus y Cabanellas; daughter of Don Enrique de Borbon y Castellvi, Duque de Sevilla. 3 Portraits

Sir Albert Charles Seward (1863-1941), Scientist. 1 Portrait

Anna Seward (1742-1809), Writer and poet. 4 Portraits

Thomas Seward (1708-1790), Canon of Lichfield. 2 Portraits

William Seward (1747-1799), Writer. 3 Portraits

Anthony Rupert Henry Franklin Sewell (died 1962), Stockbroker; husband of Mary Lutyens; son of J.T. Beadsworth Sewell. 5 Portraits

Barbara Ann Sewell (née Farrant), Wife of Edward Morton Sewell; daughter of Charles Farrant. 1 Portrait

Brian Sewell (1931-2015), Art critic. 2 Portraits

Henry Sewell (1847-1943), Vicar of Sandhurst St Laurence. 4 Portraits

James Edwards Sewell (1810-1903), Warden of New College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Robert Beresford Seymour Sewell (1880-1964), Zoologist and Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Rufus Sewell (1967-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Harold Eustace Sexton (1888-1972), Archbishop of British Columbia. 1 Portrait

Katy Sexton (1982-), Swimmer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Kitty Sexton, Actress. 1 Portrait

Thomas Sexton (1848-1932), Journalist, financial expert and politician; MP for County Sligo, Belfast West and North Kerr. 1 Portrait

Samuel Seyer (1757-1831), Historian of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Athene Seyler (1889-1990), Actress. 21 Portraits

Thomas Seymour, Baron Seymour (1509?-1549), Lord High Admiral; brother of 1st Duke of Somerset. 6 Portraits

Francis Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Trowbridge (circa 1590-1664), Politician; MP for Wiltshire and Marlborough. 1 Portrait

Frances Seymour (née Prynne), Lady Seymour of Trowbridge (died 1626), First wife of 1st Baron Seymour of Trowbridge. 1 Portrait

Katherine Seymour (née Lee), Lady Seymour (died 1701), Daughter of Sir Robert Lee; second wife of 1st Baron Seymour of Trowbridge. 4 Portraits

Anne Horatia (née Waldegrave), Lady Seymour (1762-1801), Wife of Lord Hugh Seymour. 2 Portraits

Lady Anne Katherine Seymour (1966-), Third daughter of 8th Marquess of Hertford. 1 Portrait

Lady Carolyn Mary Seymour (1960-), Daughter of 8th Marquess of Hertford. 1 Portrait

Lord Henry Charles Seymour (1878-1939), Soldier. 9 Portraits

Lord Hugh Seymour (1759-1801), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Lady Katharine Seymour (née Hamilton) (1900-1985), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary; wife of Sir Reginald Henry Seymour; daughter of 3rd Duke of Abercorn. 13 Portraits

Lady Louisa Seymour. 2 Portraits

Lord Victor Alexander Seymour (1859-1935), Vicar of St Stephen's, South Kensington; son of 5th Marquess of Hertford. 2 Portraits

Lord William Frederick Ernest Seymour (1838-1915), General and Colonel-in-Chief of Coldstream Guards. 1 Portrait

Sir Albert Victor Francis Seymour, 2nd Bt (1879-1949), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Alfred Seymour (1824-1888), Politician; MP for Totnes and Salisbury. 1 Portrait

Archibald George Seymour (1875-1933), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Arthur Henry Seymour (1838-1910), Diplomat; son of Sir George Hamilton Seymour. 1 Portrait

Lady Augusta Seymour (née Hervey) (1798-1880), Second wife of Frederick Charles William Seymour; daughter of 1st Marquess of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Kean Seymour (1886-1955), Novelist. 5 Portraits

Conway Frederick Charles Seymour (circa 1823-1914), Soldier and Queen's Foreign Messenger Service - Home Office. 1 Portrait

David Seymour (active 1970s-), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Digby Seymour, Counsellor. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Seymour, 4th Bt (1633-1708), Speaker of the House of Commons. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Hobart Seymour (1840-1929), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Seymour, 1st Bt (1813-1890), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Frederick Charles William Seymour (1797-1856), Son of Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour. 1 Portrait

George Seymour. 1 Portrait

Sir George Francis Seymour (1787-1870), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

George Franklin Seymour (1878-1906), Bishop of Springfield, Illinois. 1 Portrait

George Hamilton Seymour (1797-1880), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Gertrude Maud (née Brand), Lady Seymour (died 1883), Wife of Sir George Hamilton Seymour; daughter of 21st Baron Dacre. 1 Portrait

Helen Seymour (née Luxmore-Ball), Wife of Lieutenant-Commodore J.R.A. Seymour. 1 Portrait

Henry Seymour (circa 1776-1843), Serjeant-at-Arms. 3 Portraits

Sir Horace James Seymour (1885-1978), Ambassador to China. 1 Portrait

Jane Seymour (1951-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Joan Seymour (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Judy Seymour (1940-), Documentary editor. 1 Portrait

J.D. Seymour (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Katie Seymour (Katherine Phoebe Mary Athol) (1870-1903), Actress and dancer. 1 Portrait

Lynn Seymour (1939-2023), Ballet dancer. 4 Portraits

Madeline Seymour (1891-1973), Actress. 20 Portraits

Sir Michael Seymour, 1st Bt (1768-1834), Naval Officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Seymour (1802-1887), Naval officer and politician. 3 Portraits

Michael Seymour (1932-2018), Photographer, production designer and painter. 2 Portraits

Peter Seymour, Artist and assistant to Edward Brian Seago. 2 Portraits

Major Raymond Seymour (1923-2010), Army officer; assistant private secretary and equerry to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. 2 Portraits

Richard Sturgis Seymour (1875-1959), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Richard William Seymour (1953-), Product designer; Founder and Director, Seymour Powell Design. 2 Portraits

Robert Seymour (1798-1836), Illustrator and caricaturist. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Nest Seymour (née Scott-Ellis) (1922-), Youngest daughter of 8th Baron Howard de Walden; wife of George Fitzroy Seymour. 8 Portraits

Selwyn Seymour (active 1903), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir William Seymour (1793-1829), Judge of the Supreme Court at Bombay. 1 Portrait

W. Seymour (active 1853-1860s), Cornet. 1 Portrait

Admiral Seymour. 1 Portrait

Reverend Seymour (active mid 19th century), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Lady Seymour. 2 Portraits

Miss Seymour (active mid 1860s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Alan Charles Price Seymour-Higgins (1897-1966), Captain. 4 Portraits

Phyllis Seymour-Holm. 4 Portraits

Sir John Hall Seymour-Lloyd (1873-1939), Lieutenant-Colonel and Director-General of Recruiting. 3 Portraits

Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymours (1791-1851), Army captain. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Leonora Ruth Seys (née de Rothschild) (1913-2013), Former first wife of Hon. Denis Gomer Berry, and later wife of John Antony Seys; daughter of Lionel Nathan de Rothschild. 5 Portraits

René Seyssaud (1867-1952), Painter. 1 Portrait

Charles Seyton (1835-1894), Actor. 1 Portrait

Ernest William Shackle (1862-1938), Major and Master of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Farmers Staghounds. 2 Portraits

Edward Arthur Alexander Shackleton, Baron Shackleton (1911-1994), Geographer and politician; son of Sir Ernest Shackleton. 8 Portraits

Fiona Sara Shackleton (née Charkham), Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia (1956-), Family lawyer and life peer. 1 Portrait

Cecily Jane Swinford Shackleton (1906-1957), Daughter of Sir Ernest Shackleton. 6 Portraits

Sir David James Shackleton (1863-1938), Reformer and politician; Chair of the Labour party and MP for Clitheroe. 9 Portraits

Emily Mary (née Dorman), Lady Shackleton (1868-1936), Wife of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton; daughter of Charles Dorman. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (1874-1922), Antarctic explorer. 17 Portraits

Henry Shackleton (1847-1921), Physician; father of Sir Ernest Shackleton. 2 Portraits

Leslie Ayscough Rickards Shackleton (1902-1972), Captain. 2 Portraits

Raymond Swinford Shackleton (1905-1960), Engineer; eldest son of Sir Ernest Shackleton. 4 Portraits

R.P.W. Shackleton (active 1923). 1 Portrait

William Shackleton (1872-1933), Artist. 1 Portrait

Maurice Francis Richard Shadbolt (1932-2004), Writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Shadi Lal (1874-1945), First Indian to be appointed permanent Chief Justice of a High Court in India. 3 Portraits

Sir Lancelot Shadwell (1779-1850), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Shadwell (1642?-1692), Dramatist and Poet Laureate. 3 Portraits

Elif Shafak (1971-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Levin Shaffer (1926-2016), Playwright and critic. 3 Portraits

Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi (1869-1932), Indian Muslim politician. 1 Portrait

Dame Nemat Talaat ('Minouche') Shafik (1962-), Director of the London School of Economics and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. 1 Portrait

Shulamith Shafir (1923-2000), Pianist. 4 Portraits

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury (1621-1683), Statesman. 20 Portraits

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 2nd Earl of Shaftesbury (1651-1699), Son of 1st Earl of Shaftesbury. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Ashley-Cooper (née Manners), Countess of Shaftesbury (died 1698), Wife of 2nd Earl of Shaftesbury; daughter of 8th Earl of Rutland. 3 Portraits

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury (1671-1713), Philosopher and writer on the fine arts. 8 Portraits

Cropley Ashley-Cooper, 6th Earl of Shaftesbury (1768-1851), Chairman of committees in the House of Lords. 6 Portraits

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury (1801-1885), Philanthropist, social reformer and Conservative politician; MP for Woodstock, Dorchester, Dorset and Bath. 40 Portraits

Emily Ashley-Cooper (née Cowper), Countess of Shaftesbury (1810-1872), Wife of 7th Earl of Shaftesbury; daughter of 5th Earl Cowper. 5 Portraits

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 8th Earl of Shaftesbury (1831-1886), Philanthropist and politician. 3 Portraits

Harriet Augusta Anna Seymourina (née Chichester), Countess of Shaftesbury (1836-1898), Wife of 8th Earl of Shaftesbury; daughter of 3rd Marquess of Donegall. 1 Portrait

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 9th Earl of Shaftesbury (1869-1961), Army officer and colonial governor. 18 Portraits

Constance Sibell Ashley-Cooper (née Grosvenor), Countess of Shaftesbury (1875-1957), Extra lady of the Bedchamber; wife of 9th Earl of Shaftesbury; daughter of Earl Grosvenor. 11 Portraits

Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 10th Earl of Shaftesbury (1938-2004), Land owner and conservationist. 9 Portraits

Charlotte Rosa Shafto (née Baring) (circa 1818-1898), Wife of Robert Duncombe Shafto; daughter of William Baring. 3 Portraits

Kazi Shahabudin (1832-1900), Indian administrator and Prime Minister of Baroda. 1 Portrait

Ben Shahn (1898-1969), Artist. 3 Portraits

Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi of Iran (1940-), Daughter of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran and Queen Fawzieh. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Georgiana Shakerley (née Anson) (1941-2020), Party planner; second wife of Sir Geoffrey Adam Shakerley, 6th Bt; daughter of Viscount Anson. 1 Portrait

Miss A. Shakerley, Daughter of Geoffrey Joseph Shakerley. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Watkin Shakerley, 2nd Bt (1833-1898), Army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

Dorothy ('Dora') Shakerley (circa 1834-1918), Daughter of Geoffrey Joseph Shakerley. 3 Portraits

Eleanor Maria Shakerley (née Webster) (1809-1889), Wife of Geoffrey Joseph Shakerley; daughter of James Agnew Webster. 1 Portrait

Georgiana Harriott (née Ackers), Lady Shakerley (circa 1839-1907), Wife of Sir Charles Watkin Shakerley, 2nd Bt; daughter of George Holland Ackers. 1 Portrait

Henry Webster Shakerley (1838-1922), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Hilda Mary (née Hodgson), Lady Shakerley (died 1927), Wife of Sir Walter Geoffrey Shakerley, 3rd Bt; daughter of Henry Hodgson. 5 Portraits

Jessie Matilda (née Scott), Lady Shakerley (died 1902), Second wife of Sir Charles Peter Shakerley, 1st Bt; daughter of James Scott. 1 Portrait

Sir Geoffrey Hithersay Shakespeare, 1st Bt (1893-1980), Politician and businessman. 7 Portraits

Sir Thomas ('Tom') William Shakespeare, 3rd Bt (1966-), Sociologist and bioethicist. 1 Portrait

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), Dramatist and poet. 107 Portraits

Shakespeare. 1 Portrait

John Shakespear of Brookwood (1749-1825), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Shale (1890-1947), Actress. 3 Portraits

David Shalev (1934-2018), Architect. 1 Portrait

Kosiya Shalita (active 1950s), Assistant Bishop of Uganda. 1 Portrait

Sheila Sham. 1 Portrait

Alexander Burns Shand, 1st Baron Shand (1828-1904), Judge. 2 Portraits

Alexander Faulkner Shand (1858-1936), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Bruce Middleton Hope Shand (1917-2006), Major. 5 Portraits

Ernest Shand (1868-1924), Guitarrist and composer. 1 Portrait

Johnnie Shand Kydd (1959-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Ignatius John O'Brien, 1st Baron Shandon (1857-1930), Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 4 Portraits

Ravi Shankar (1920-2012), Sitar player and composer; father of Norah Jones. 3 Portraits

Catherine Shanks (circa 1925-2008). 2 Portraits

D. Shanks, Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Edward Richard Buxton Shanks (1892-1953), Author. 2 Portraits

Jervis Shanks, Member of Glasgow University Liberal Committee. 1 Portrait

Kirsty Shanley, Nurse. 1 Portrait

Henry Boyle, 1st Earl of Shannon (1682-1764), Speaker of the Irish House of Commons. 5 Portraits

Richard Boyle, 4th Earl of Shannon (1809-1868), Irish politician; MP for Cork. 3 Portraits

Emily Henrietta Boyle (née Seymour), Countess of Shannon (died 1887), Wife of 4th Earl of Shannon; daughter of Lord George Seymour-Conway. 3 Portraits

Henry Bentinck Boyle, 5th Earl of Shannon (1833-1890), Hon. Colonel. 2 Portraits

Julia Charlotte (née Cradock-Hartopp), Countess of Shannon (1842-1921), Wife of 5th Earl of Shannon; daughter of Sir William Edmund Cradock-Hartopp, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Richard Bentinck Boyle, 9th Earl of Shannon (1924-2013), Captain of the Irish Guards and company director. 27 Portraits

Susan Margaret Rogers Boyle (née Hogg), Countess of Shannon (active 1957-died 2011), Second wife of 9th Earl of Shannon. 3 Portraits

Richard Boyle, 2nd Viscount Shannon (1674-1740), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Charles Haslewood Shannon (1863-1937), Painter and lithographer. 12 Portraits

David John Shannon (1922-1993), Flight-Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Sir James Jebusa Shannon (1862-1923), Painter. 1 Portrait

Ray Shannon (1951-), Health care administrator; Chief Executive, South Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. 1 Portrait

Francis John Peake Shapcote (1837?-1937), Paymaster-in-Chief, Royal Navy and auditor of the Union Savings Bank. 1 Portrait

Sarah Ann Shapcote (née Gifford) (1839-1911), Wife of Francis John Peake Shapcote; daughter of Charles Frederick Gifford. 1 Portrait

Jo Shapcott (1953-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Helen Shapiro (1946-), Singer. 4 Portraits

John Dee Shapland (1897-1971), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Lily Cardew Shapland (née Wood) (1900-1983), Wife of John Dee Shapland. 2 Portraits

Reverend Louis Shaposnick (active 1930s), Jewish Reader. 1 Portrait

John Shapter (1806-1887), Barrister. 1 Portrait

C.F. Shardlow, Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Hamnet Holdich Share (1864-1937), Paymaster Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Hussein Shariffe (1934-2005), Artist and film-maker. 3 Portraits

Lady Ellen Millicent Louise Sharip (née Montagu) (1908-1948), Former wife of Herman Jacob Hofer, and later wife of John Norman Shairp; daughter of 9th Duke of Manchester. 6 Portraits

Anna Sharkey (1987-), Goalball player; Paralympian. 2 Portraits

Michael Sharkey (1985-), Goalball player; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Sir Seymour John Sharkey (1847-1929), Physician. 1 Portrait

Om Parkash Sharma (1929-), Businessman; President, National Council of Hindu Temples. 1 Portrait

Rajni Sharma, Worker for Gate Gourmet catering and protester. 1 Portrait

Mrs F.M. Sharman (née Golden), Justice of the Peace and Chairman, Women's Conservative Association; wife of G.W. Sharman. 3 Portraits

Helen Sharman (1963-), Astronaut; Chemist. 2 Portraits

Tania Sharman (née Alcock), later Lugeon (1914-1956), Fashion model, television presenter and businesswoman. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Adelaide Sharp, Baroness Sharp (1903-1985), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Eric Sharp, Baron Sharp of Grimsdyke (1916-1994), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Alexander Dunstan Sharp (1870-1955), Colonel; Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Alfred Charles Henry Sharp (1904-1956), Air Vice-Marshal. 5 Portraits

Amanda Sharp (1969-), Co-founder, Frieze magazine and Frieze Art Fair. 1 Portrait

Arthur Sharp (1941-), Musician; vocalist and guitarist for The Nashville Teens. 1 Portrait

Cecil Sharp (1859-1924), Musician and collector of folk-songs. 2 Portraits

Eileen Sharp (1900-1958), Actress and singer. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Sharp (née Hopkins) (born 1756), Actress. 7 Portraits

Evelyn Jane Sharp (Mrs H.W. Nevinson) (1869-1955), Children's writer and suffragette; second wife of Henry Woodd Nevinson. 2 Portraits

Gerald Sharp (1865-1933), Archbishop of Brisbane and Bishop of New Guinea. 6 Portraits

Gilbert Granville Sharp (1894-1968), Politician and barrister. 21 Portraits

Granville Sharp (1735-1813), Scholar and philanthropist. 6 Portraits

Granville Maynard Sharp (1906-1997), Economist and politician. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Sharp (1869-1954), Indian Colonial Administrator and Author. 6 Portraits

James Sharp (1618-1679), Archbishop of St Andrews. 9 Portraits

Sir John Sharp (1917-1977), General. 1 Portrait

John Sharp (1645-1714), Archbishop of York. 7 Portraits

Louisa Sharp (born 1801), Harpist. 1 Portrait

Margery Sharp (1905-1991), Novelist and playwright. 3 Portraits

Philip Graham Sharp (1913-1988), Rear-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Robert H. Sharp, Mayor of St Marylebone and councillor. 2 Portraits

Robert Farquarson Sharp (1864-1945), Keeper of Printed Books at the British Museum. 3 Portraits

William Sharp (1729-1810), Surgeon to George III. 4 Portraits

William Sharp (1749-1824), Engraver. 2 Portraits

William Sharp (1813-1881), Local magistrate and on the governing body of the Birmingham General Hospital. 1 Portrait

William Sharp (1855-1905), 'Fiona MacLeod', novelist and mystic. 2 Portraits

Miss Sharp (active early 19th century), Harpist. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Sharpe (1853-1935), Colonial commissioner in Africa and solicitor. 1 Portrait

Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe (1781-1851), Antiquary and collector. 2 Portraits

Daniel Sharpe (1806-1856), Geologist and philologist. 2 Portraits

Gregory Sharpe (1713-1771), Master of the Temple and chaplain to George III. 3 Portraits

Joshua Sharpe (died 1786), Conveyancer. 3 Portraits

Mary Annie (née Parsons), Lady Sharpe (died 1929), First wife of Sir Montagu Sharpe; daughter of J. Parsons. 1 Portrait

Matthew Sharpe (1773-1845), General and politician; MP for Dumfries. 1 Portrait

Sir Montagu Sharpe (1856-1942), Judge, conservationist, archaeologist and writer. 1 Portrait

Samuel Sharpe (1799-1881), Egyptologist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Ridley ('Tom') Sharpe (1928-2013), Novelist. 3 Portraits

William Edward Thompson Sharpe (1834-1909), Politician, barrister and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Mr Sharpe, Relation of Sir Montagu Sharpe. 1 Portrait

Mrs Sharpe, Relation of Sir Montagu Sharpe. 1 Portrait

William Sharpey (1802-1880), Physiologist. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer (1850-1935), Physiologist. 3 Portraits

Sir Richard Christopher Sharples (1916-1972), Politician and Governor of Bermuda. 9 Portraits

Anne Sharpley (1928-1989), Journalist. 6 Portraits

Sir Bryan Evers Sharwood-Smith (1899-1983), Colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Thomas George Shaughnessy, 1st Baron Shaughnessy (1853-1923), Railway executive in Canada. 6 Portraits

Alexander Shaw (1804-1890), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Anna Howard Shaw (1847-1919), Women's rights activist, physician, minister and writer. 1 Portrait

Anne Gillespie Shaw (1909-1982), Chairman and managing director of the Anne Shaw Organisation. 1 Portrait

Sir Bernard Vidal Shaw (1891-1984), Judge. 6 Portraits

(John) Byam Liston Shaw (1872-1919), Painter and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Sir (Theodore Frederick) Charles Edward Shaw, 1st Bt (1859-1942), Politician; MP for Stafford. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Shaw (née Payne-Townshend) (1857-1943), Political and women's rights activist and member of the Fabian Society; wife of George Bernard Shaw. 4 Portraits

Ciggy Shaw (active 1963-1967), Musician; drummer for The Rocking Vickers. 1 Portrait

David George Levinge Shaw (1860-1930), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Shaw Desmond (Charles Nathaniel Lowe Shaw) (1877-1960), Novelist and writer; Founder, International Institute for Psychical Research. 1 Portrait

Edward Domett Shaw (1860-1937), Assistant Bishop and Archdeacon of Oxford. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Shaw (1963-), Daughter of Mary Ure and Robert Shaw. 1 Portrait

Emily White (née Bursill), Lady Shaw (1873-1965), Wife of Sir (Theodore Frederick) Charles Edward Shaw, 1st Bt; daughter of Henry Bursill. 2 Portraits

Sir Evelyn Campbell Shaw (1882-1974), Honorary General-Secretary, British School at Rome. 5 Portraits

Sir Eyre Massey Shaw (1830-1908), Superintendent of the London Metropolitan Fire Brigade. 3 Portraits

Fiona Mary Shaw (1958-), Actress and writer. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Shaw, 3rd Bt (1799-1876), Irish politician; MP for Dublin. 7 Portraits

George Shaw (1751-1813), Natural historian. 2 Portraits

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950), Playwright. 148 Portraits

Glencairn Alexander ('Glen') Byam Shaw (1904-1986), Actor and stage director. 14 Portraits

Helen Brown Shaw (née Graham) (1879-1964), Politician and social reformer. 4 Portraits

Henry Shaw (active circa late 19th centruy), Treasurer to the Middle Temple. 1 Portrait

Sir James Shaw (1764-1843), Chamberlain of London. 4 Portraits

(John) James Byam Shaw (1903-1992), Art historian and museum curator. 2 Portraits

Sir James Dods Shaw (1848-1916), Parliamentary reporter, newspaper editor and writer. 11 Portraits

John Shaw (died 1740), Dancing master. 1 Portrait

Sir John Charles Kenward Shaw, 7th Bt (1829-1909), Landowner and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir John Valentine Wistar Shaw (1894-1982), Colonial administrator. 9 Portraits

Sir (William) Napier Shaw (1854-1945), Meteorologist. 5 Portraits

Norton Shaw. 1 Portrait

Oscar Shaw (Oscar Schwartz) (1889-1967), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

O. Shaw, Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Pamela Shaw. 1 Portrait

Peter Shaw (1918-2003), Actor; producer; manager; second husband of Angela Lansbury. 1 Portrait

Raqib Shaw (1974-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Richard Norman Shaw (1831-1912), Architect. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Shaw, Bt (1774-1849), Merchant, Accountant-General of the Post Office and politician; MP for Bannow. 1 Portrait

Robert Shaw (1927-1978), Actor, playwright and author. 8 Portraits

Robert Wilson Shaw (1913-1979), Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Sir Roy Shaw (1918-2012), Secretary General of the Arts Council of Great Britain. 1 Portrait

Samuel Shaw. 1 Portrait

Sandie Shaw (née Sandra Goodrich) (1947-), Singer. 12 Portraits

Sir Sebag Shaw (1906-1982), Lord Justice of Appeal. 2 Portraits

Stebbing Shaw (1762-1802), Historian of Staffordshire. 2 Portraits

Susan Shaw (1929-1978), Actress. 2 Portraits

Thomas Shaw (1872-1938), Politician and Trade Union leader. 6 Portraits

Thomas Brown Shaw (1879-1961), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Thomas Richard Shaw (1912-1989), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

T.W. Shaw, Amateur rower. 2 Portraits

William Edward Shaw (active 1850s-1860s), Lieutenant, 7th Regiment of Light Dragoons. 1 Portrait

William Arthur Shaw (1865-1943), Economist and historian. 1 Portrait

Sir William Fletcher Shaw (1878-1961), Doctor; Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynæcology, University of Manchester. 3 Portraits

William Richard Shaw, Attendant, House of Commons Lobby. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Shaw (1879-1965), Scottish politician. 1 Portrait

Mrs Shaw (active 1852). 1 Portrait

Mr Shaw (active 1822), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Mr Shaw (active early 1860s), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Sir John George Shaw-Lefevre (1797-1879), Civil Service Commissioner. 2 Portraits

Lavinia M.D. Shaw-Brown (née Moger), Wife of Captain R.D. Shaw-Brown. 1 Portrait

Roderic D. Shaw-Brown, Captain. 1 Portrait

Hartley William Shawcross, Baron Shawcross (1902-2003), Attorney-General. 20 Portraits

Joan Winifred Shawcross (née Mather), Baroness Shawcross (1917-1974), Second wife of Hartley William Shawcross, Baron Shawcross. 12 Portraits

Christopher Nyholm Shawcross (1905-1973), Politician and lawyer. 4 Portraits

Conrad Shawcross (1977-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Joanna Shawcross (later Peck) (1948-), Physician; daughter of 1st Baron Shawcross. 1 Portrait

Hon. William Hartley Hume Shawcross (1946-), Son of 1st Baron Shawcross. 3 Portraits

Charles Augustus Shawe (1791-1876), General. 2 Portraits

Jane Grace Shawe (née Lovell) (died 1889), Wife of Charles Augustus Shawe. 1 Portrait

Innis Shawen, Actress and singer. 8 Portraits

Charles Shaw-Lefevre (1759-1823), Politician; MP for Newtown (Isle of Wight) and Reading. 1 Portrait

Carola Shaw Myers (1899-1992), Daughter of Sir William Henry Birkbeck and Mabel (née Shaw), Lady Birkbeck. 3 Portraits

Thomas Shaw-Stanleade. 1 Portrait

Eliza Mary Shaw-Stewart (died 1875), Daughter of Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir (Michael) Hugh Shaw-Stewart, 8th Bt (1854-1942), Politician. 2 Portraits

Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart, 6th Bt (1788-1836), Politician; MP for Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart, 7th Bt (1826-1903), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

Vora June Shaw Stewart (née Mackintosh) (1929-1998), Olympic skier; wife of John William Archibald Shaw Stewart; daughter of Chris Mackintosh and Lady Jean Bell (née Douglas-Hamilton). 10 Portraits

Mr Shaw-Stewart. 2 Portraits

Mrs Shaw-Stewart, Wife of Mr Shaw-Stewart. 2 Portraits

Ronald A. Shayes (1912-1940), Tennis player. 4 Portraits

Ernest Vincent Shayler (active 1920s-1930s), Bishop of Nebraska. 1 Portrait

Alexander Boschetti Shea. 1 Portrait

Sir John Stuart Mackenzie Shea (1869-1966), General. 13 Portraits

Mrs Shea, Wife of Alexander Boschetti Shea. 1 Portrait

Victor George Shearburn (1900-1975), Bishop of Rangoon, Calcutta. 1 Portrait

Rodney Kilner Sheard (1951-), Architect; member of London 2012 Olympic Park Stadium team. 1 Portrait

Alan Shearer (1970-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Cresswell Shearer (1874-1941), Embryologist. 1 Portrait

Moira Shearer (Lady Kennedy) (1926-2006), Ballet dancer, actor and writer. 11 Portraits

Norma Shearer (1902-1983), Actress. 1 Portrait

Henry Sheares (1753-1798), United Irishman. 2 Portraits

John Sheares (1766-1798), United Irishman. 2 Portraits

Sir George Albert Shearing (1919-2011), Jazz musician and composer. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Charles Shearman (1896-1984), Educationalist; Chairman of Greater London Council and politician. 6 Portraits

Sir Montague Shearman (1857-1930), Judge and co-founder of the Amateur Athletics Association. 1 Portrait

Philip James Shears (1887-1972), Major-General. 6 Portraits

William Shears, Policeman. 1 Portrait

Reece Shearsmith (1969-), Actor and writer. 1 Portrait

E. Sheasley (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Shebbeare (1709-1788), Political writer. 1 Portrait

Caroline Shedden (née Hamond) (died 1881), Wife of William George Shedden; daughter of Sir Graham Eden Hamond, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Shedden (1893-1971), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Roscow George Shedden (1882-1956), Bishop of Nassau, Bahamas. 2 Portraits

William George Shedden (1803-1872), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Sir Martin Archer Shee (1769-1850), Portrait painter and President of the Royal Academy. 3 Portraits

Daniel Desmond ('D.D.') Sheehan (1874-1948), Politician, newspaper editor, author and barrister. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Anne Sheehy (née Lyon-Dalberg-Acton) (1951-), Daughter of 3rd Baron Acton of Aldenham. 4 Portraits

Miss Sheehy (circa 1894-active 899). 1 Portrait

Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez) (1940-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Michael Sheen (1969-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Walter Charles Sheen (1907-1969), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Barry Stephen Frank Sheene (1950-2003), Motorcycle racer. 1 Portrait

John Sheepshanks (1834-1912), Bishop of Norwich. 7 Portraits

Richard Sheepshanks (1794-1855), Astronomer. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Herbert Sheepshanks (1895-1964), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

William Sheepshanks (1740-1810), Subdean. 1 Portrait

Mrs Sheepshanks, Author. 3 Portraits

Edward Christopher ('Ed') Sheeran (1991-), Singer and songwriter. 2 Portraits

Owen Sheers (1974-), Poet and author. 2 Portraits

John Baker Holroyd, 1st Earl of Sheffield (1735-1821), Statesman. 7 Portraits

Anne Holroyd (née North), Countess of Sheffield (1764-1832), Third wife of 1st Earl of Sheffield; daughter of 2nd Earl of Guilford. 1 Portrait

(Edward) Lyulph Stanley, 4th Baron Sheffield (1839-1925), Liberal politician; MP for Oldham. 8 Portraits

B.G. Sheffield (active 1923). 1 Portrait

James Sheffield (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Leo Sheffield. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Sheffield, 4th Bt (1786-1862), Sheriff. 2 Portraits

(James) Roy Sheffield (1906-1997), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Hussain Shefki Hoça (1888-1959), Imam. 1 Portrait

Richard Lalor Sheil (1791-1851), Irish writer, orator and politician; MP for Tipperary and Dungarvan. 19 Portraits

Sheila (active 1970s). 1 Portrait

Hugh Pentland Shekleton (1860-1938), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Henry Petty, Earl of Shelburne (1675-1751), Politician; MP for Midleton, County Waterford, Great Marlow and Wycombe. 1 Portrait

Georgiana (née Herbert), Countess of Shelburne (1817-1841), Wife of Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, later 4th Marquess of Lansdowne. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Sheldon (1598-1677), Archbishop of Canterbury. 12 Portraits

John Sheldon (1752-1808), Anatomist. 3 Portraits

Lesla Sheldon, Actress. 29 Portraits

Suzanne Sheldon (1875-1924), Actress; wife of Henry Ainley. 1 Portrait

Sir Wilfrid Percy Henry Sheldon (1901-1983), Physician and paediatrician. 7 Portraits

William Sheldon (1744-1830), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Colonel Sheldon (active circa 1809), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Ina Maud Sheldon-Williams (née Thomson) (active 1900s-1950s), Artist. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Jane Jemima Shelley (née Stopford) (1851-1937), Wife of Sir Charles Shelley, 5th Bt; daughter of 5th Earl of Courtown. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Shelley, 5th Bt (1838-1902), Captain of Scots Fusilier Guards. 1 Portrait

George Shelley (circa 1666-circa 1736), Writing Master. 2 Portraits

Sir John Shelley, 4th Bt (1692-1771), Politician; MP for Arundel and Lewes. 1 Portrait

Sir John Shelley, 6th Bt (1771-1852), Amateur cricketer, horse breeder and politician; MP for Helston and Lewes. 2 Portraits

Sir John Frederick Shelley, 10th Bt (1884-1976), Chairman of Devon County Council. 2 Portraits

Julia Shelley (active 1960), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851), Novelist. 3 Portraits

Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), Poet. 9 Portraits

Sir Percy Florence Shelley, 3rd Bt (1819-1889), Landowner and High Sheriff of Sussex. 1 Portrait

Pete Shelley (Peter McNeish) (1955-2018), Musician; singer, songwriter and leader of Buzzcocks. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Shelley (circa 1513-1587), Diplomat and prior of the hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England. 1 Portrait

Ursula Shelley (1906-1993), Physician. 1 Portrait

Eddie Shellman (1957-), Dancer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Shelly (active 1936), Actor. 1 Portrait

John Shelly (1781-1835). 2 Portraits

J.M. Shelly, Reverend. 1 Portrait

L. Shelly, Actress. 6 Portraits

Sir Francis Claude Shelmerdine (1881-1945), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Anne Shelton (Patricia Jacqueline Reid (née Sibley)) (1923-1994), Singer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Shelton (1601-1650?), Stenographer. 4 Portraits

John J. Shelvey, Journal Office, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

John Lucas, 1st Baron Lucas of Shenfield (1606-1671), Industrialist, landowner and royalist soldier. 1 Portrait

Clare Shenstone (1948-), Artist. 1 Portrait

William Shenstone (1714-1763), Poet and landscape gardener. 9 Portraits

Sir William Edward Leonard Shenton (1885-1967), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Ernest Howard ('E.H.') Shepard (1879-1976), Painter and illustrator. 10 Portraits

Constance C. Shephard (née Evans) (died 1945), Wife of Firth Shephard. 4 Portraits

Firth Shephard (1891-1949), Producer and presenter of plays. 1 Portrait

Sidney Shephard (1894-1953), Lieutenant, industrialist and Conservative politician; MP for Newark. 10 Portraits

Joseph Kenneth Shepheard (1908-1997), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Victor George Shepheard (1893-1989), Director of Shipbuilding Co. 9 Portraits

George Robert Shepherd, 1st Baron Shepherd of Spalding (1881-1954), Chief Opposition Whip, House of Lords. 6 Portraits

Malcolm Newton Shepherd, 2nd Baron Shepherd (1918-2001), Politician; Leader of the House of Lords. 1 Portrait

Alice Shepherd (née Newbolt) (1919-2012), Daughter of Rev. Michael Robert Newbolt; wife of John Shepherd. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lewis Shepherd (1884-1951), Labour politician and teacher; MP for Darlington. 2 Portraits

Butch Shepherd (active 1943-1944), Drummer; US Army soldier. 1 Portrait

Cecil John Shepherd (circa 1840-1911), Army officer; son of Edward John Shepherd. 1 Portrait

Charles Shepherd (1971-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Charles William Shepherd (1838-1920), Clergyman; son of Edward John Shepherd. 1 Portrait

Charles William Haimes Shepherd (1917-1998), Rear-Admiral. 13 Portraits

Clare Harriet Faviell Shepherd (née Russell) (1949-), Daughter of Sir Charles Ian Russell, 3rd Bt; wife of Richard James Shepherd. 1 Portrait

Edward John Shepherd (1805-1874), Clergyman, Rector of Trottiscliffe. 1 Portrait

E.D.M. Shepherd. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Michie Shepherd (1893-1962), Ambassador to Poland and Persia. 1 Portrait

George Shepherd (1766-1849), Preacher to the Society of Gray's Inn and Rector of St Bartholomew by the Exchange. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edward Henry) Gerald Shepherd (1886-1967), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

John Shepherd (active 1809). 6 Portraits

Dame Margaret Alice Shepherd (1910-1990), Company chairman. 1 Portrait

Mary Shepherd. 1 Portrait

Mr M.L. Shepherd, Official Secretary for Australia. 1 Portrait

Richard Shepherd (1945-2022), Chef and owner of Langan's Brasserie. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Shepherd (1760-1840), Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Scotland. 2 Portraits

Thomas Shepherd (active 1677-1694), Merchant and conspirator. 3 Portraits

Sir (William) Walker Frederick Shepherd (1895-1959), Chairman of Turner & Newall Ltd. 1 Portrait

Walter Bradley Shepherd (1904-1988), Survey and Research Geologist. 1 Portrait

William Shepherd (1768-1847), Unitarian minister and political reformer. 2 Portraits

William Stanley Shepherd (1910-2002), Politician, Lieutenant and company director. 6 Portraits

Mrs Shepherd. 1 Portrait

H. Shepherdson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

David Stuart Sheppard, Baron Sheppard of Liverpool (1929-2005), Bishop of Liverpool. 2 Portraits

Andy Sheppard (1957-), Jazz saxophonist and composer for television, film, theatre and dance. 1 Portrait

Hugh Richard Lawrie ('Dick') Sheppard (1880-1937), Clerical reformer and vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields. 23 Portraits

Edgar Sheppard (1845-1921), Chaplain in Ordinary to Queen Alexandra, Queen Victoria and King Edward. 3 Portraits

Eugenia Sheppard (1900-1984), Fashion writer and newspaper columnist. 9 Portraits

John ('Jack') Sheppard (1702-1724), Criminal. 7 Portraits

James Sheppard (1697-1718), Jacobite. 5 Portraits

Sir John Tresidder Sheppard (1881-1968), Provost of King's College, Cambridge. 19 Portraits

J.G. Sheppard (active 1873), Member of the jury in the Tichborne Criminal Trial. 3 Portraits

Melvin Whinfield ('Mel') Sheppard (1883-1942), Middle distance runner; Olympian. 5 Portraits

Percival Albert ('Peter') Sheppard (1907-1977), Professor of Meteorology. 1 Portrait

Philip Sheppard, Composer, cellist and conductor. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Sheppard (1910-1982), Architect. 1 Portrait

Roger Sheppard (active 1981), Publications Manager, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Seymour Hulbert Sheppard (1869-1957), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Alwyn Gwilym Sheppard Fidler (1909-1990), Architect and town planning consultant. 2 Portraits

Doris (née Ambrose), Lady Shepperson (died 1968), W.A.A.F Officer; wife of Sir Ernest Shepperson, 1st Bt; daughter of Cole Ambrose. 7 Portraits

Sir Ernest Whittome Shepperson, 1st Bt (1874-1949), Politician and farmer. 4 Portraits

Sir Theophilus Shepstone (1817-1893), Politician in Natal. 1 Portrait

Sir Antony Sher (1949-2021), Actor and writer. 11 Portraits

William Sherard, 1st Baron Sherard (1588-1640), Member of The Honourable Band of Gentlemen Pensioners under James I. 1 Portrait

Abigail Sherard (née Cave), Baroness Sherard (died 1659), Antiquary and philanthropist; wife of 1st Baron Sherard; daughter of Cecil Cave. 1 Portrait

Bennet Sherard, 2nd Baron Sherard (1621-1699 or 1700), Lord Lieutenant of Rutland and Custos Rotulorum of Rutland. 1 Portrait

Michael Sherard (Malcolm Henry Sherrard) (1910-1998), Fashion designer; son of Eustace Sherrard. 25 Portraits

Charles William Sherborn (1831-1912), Etcher and engraver. 4 Portraits

James Huntly Dutton, 6th Baron Sherborne (1873-1949), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Edward Lenox Dutton, 4th Baron Sherbourn (1831-1919), Landowner and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Robert Lowe, 1st Viscount Sherbrooke (1811-1892), Liberal politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 34 Portraits

Sir John Coape Sherbrooke (1764-1830), Governor-General of Canada. 1 Portrait

Robert ('Rupert') St. Vincent Sherbrooke (1901-1972), Rear-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Rosemary Neville Sherbrooke (née Buckley) (circa 1903-1998), Wife of Rupert Sherbrooke; daughter of Percy Buckley. 1 Portrait

Ronald Draycott Sherbrooke-Walker (1897-1984), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Roger Mellor Makins, 1st Baron Sherfield (1904-1996), Diplomat; British Ambassador to the United States. 17 Portraits

Alice Brooks (née Davis), Lady Sherfield (1908-1985), Wife of Baron Sherfield; daughter of Hon. Dwight Filey Davis. 6 Portraits

Amy Sheridan (Mrs Preston) (1838-1878), Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles Sheridan (1796-1843), Son of Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 4 Portraits

Charles Kinnaird Sheridan (1812-1847), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Clare Sheridan (1885-1970), Writer and sculptor. 10 Portraits

Dinah Nadyejda Sheridan (Mrs Aubrey Ison) (1920-2012), Actress. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Ann Sheridan (née Linley) (1754-1792), Singer and writer. 14 Portraits

Esther Jane Sheridan (née Ogle) (1776-1817), Second wife of Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 4 Portraits

Frances Sheridan (1724-1766), Author and mother of Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816). 2 Portraits

Francis Cynric Sheridan (circa 1812-1843), Treasurer of Mauritius. 2 Portraits

Margaret Burke Sheridan (1889-1958), Soprano. 1 Portrait

Mark Sheridan (1864-1918), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Philip Henry Sheridan (1831-1888), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816), Dramatist and parliamentary orator. 168 Portraits

Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1915-1937), Son of Clare Sheridan. 1 Portrait

Thomas Sheridan (1687-1738), Schoolmaster and clergyman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Sheridan (1719-1788), Actor; lecturer on elocution; author; father of Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 3 Portraits

Una Sheridan. 1 Portrait

William Sheridan (1635-1711), Church of Ireland bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh. 1 Portrait

Edward Paul Sheringham (1966-), Footballer and football manager. 1 Portrait

George Sheringham (1884-1937), Artist. 3 Portraits

Olive Sherington. 1 Portrait

Mr Sherington (active circa 1849). 3 Portraits

Anthony Sherley (Shirley) (1565-circa 1636), Count Sherley in the nobility of the Holy Roman empire (1565-1636?), adventurer and diplomat in the Persian service. 5 Portraits

Anna Euphemie M. Sherlock (née Choimet) (1842?-1894), Wife of Alfred George Sherlock; daughter of Alexander Choimet. 1 Portrait

Dame Sheila Sherlock (1918-2001), Hepatologist and Professor of medicine. 2 Portraits

Thomas Sherlock (1677-1761), Bishop of London. 5 Portraits

William Sherlock (1641?-1707), Dean of St Paul's. 3 Portraits

Alec Sherman (1907-2008), Conductor; husband of Gina Bachauer. 1 Portrait

James Sherman (1796-1862), Minister of Surrey chapel. 1 Portrait

Louis Ralph Sherman (1886-1953), Archbishop of Rupert’s Land and Bishop of Calgary. 3 Portraits

Martin Sherman (1938-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Roger Sherman (1721-1793), Lawyer, United States Senator and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

William Tecumsah Sherman (1820-1891), Soldier. 1 Portrait

George William Eustace Sherrard (1908-1963), Brother of Michael Sherard (Malcolm Henry Sherrard). 1 Portrait

Ida Sherrard (née Coleman) (1883-1965), Wife of Eustace Sherrard; mother of Michael Sherard (Malcolm Henry Sherrard). 1 Portrait

Philip Howe Sherratt (died 2000), Major. 2 Portraits

Robert Cedric ('R.C.') Sherriff (1896-1975), Playwright and scriptwriter. 6 Portraits

Henry Knox Sherrill (1890-1980), Bishop of Protestant Episcopal Church, United States. 1 Portrait

Edward George ('Ned') Sherrin (1931-2007), Producer, director, presenter and writer for film, theatre, radio and television. 3 Portraits

W.M. Sherring, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Sherring (active 1930). 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (1857-1952), Physiologist. 12 Portraits

Lieutenant Sherston, Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Humphrey Dodington Benedict Sherston-Baker, 6th Bt (1907-1990). 1 Portrait

Irene (née Parkington), Lady Sherston-Baker (died 1950), Wife of Sir Dodington George Richard Sherston-Baker; daughter of Sir Roper Parkington. 2 Portraits

John Keyse Sherwin (1751-1790), Draughtsman and engraver. 2 Portraits

Ralph Sherwin (1549 or 1550-1581), Roman Catholic priest and martyr. 2 Portraits

Ralph Sherwin (1799-1830), Actor. 2 Portraits

William Sherwin (1607-1690), Clergyman and ejected minister. 1 Portrait

Hugh Michael Seely, 1st Baron Sherwood (1898-1970), Politician; MP for East Norfolk. 3 Portraits

Granville Hudson Sherwood (circa 1878-1923), Bishop of Springfield, Illinois. 1 Portrait

Selina Shetty (1982-), Torch bearer, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Ian Shevill (1917-1988), Bishop of North Queensland. 1 Portrait

Eleanor ('Ellen') Ball Shewell (née Wells) (1832-1919), Daughter of John Wells; wife of Major-General Henry Shewell. 1 Portrait

Guy Eaden Shewell, Captain. 2 Portraits

Mr Shewell (active 1835). 2 Portraits

Irene Ramsay Shewell-Cooper (née Pennicott) (died 1988), Wife of Wilfred Edward Shewell-Cooper; daughter of George Pennicott. 4 Portraits

Wilfred Edward ('W.E.') Shewell-Cooper (1900-1982), Horticulturalist. 5 Portraits

Mansel Shewer, General. 1 Portrait

Matthew Phipps Shiel (1865-1947), Author and interpreter. 1 Portrait

George William Shield (1876-1935), Politician; MP for Wansbeck. 2 Portraits

William Shield (1748-1829), Composer. 9 Portraits

Sir Douglas Andrew Shields (1878-1952), Hospital administrator and surgeon-in-chief. 1 Portrait

Ella Shields (1879-1952), Music hall entertainer. 2 Portraits

Francis Xavier Alexander ('Frank') Shields (1909-1975), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Frederic James Shields (1833-1911), Artist. 2 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Drummond Shiels (1881-1953), Politician; MP for Edinburgh and Under-Secretary of State for India. 4 Portraits

Ewan Shiels, Musician. 1 Portrait

Gareth Shiels. 1 Portrait

Anthony ('Tony') Shiels (1938-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Phyllis M. Shike? (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Wendy Alexandra Shillam (1955-), Architect. 1 Portrait

Miss Shilley (active 1860). 2 Portraits

Miss Shilley (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Ivy Shilling (1892-1972), Dancer and actress. 18 Portraits

Edward Shillito (1872-1948), Theological writer and pastor. 2 Portraits

Buxton Shillitoe (1826-1916), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Charles Shilson (1837-1907), Rector of Halton, Buckinghamshire. 1 Portrait

Prince Tagashige Shimadzu, Naval attache to the Japanese embassy. 5 Portraits

Helen Shingler (1919-2019), Actress. 1 Portrait

Emanuel Shinwell, Baron Shinwell of Easington (1884-1986), Politician and trade unionst. 22 Portraits

Fanny Shinwell (née Freedman) (1878-1954), First wife of Emmanuel Shinwell. 2 Portraits

Howard Shiplee (1946-), Director of Construction, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Everett Shipley (1861-1927), Zoologist. 5 Portraits

Charles Tyrell Shipley (1863-1933), Colonel. 2 Portraits

John F. Shipley, Engineer. 2 Portraits

Jonathan Shipley (1714-1788), Bishop of St Asaph. 7 Portraits

William Shipley (1714-1803), Founder of St Martin's Lane Academy and Society of Arts. 2 Portraits

William Davies Shipley (1745-1826), Dean of St Asaph. 1 Portrait

Horace Shipp (1891-1961), Writer, critic and poet. 10 Portraits

John Shipp (1784-1834), Soldier and author. 1 Portrait

Maria Susanna (née Stockenstrom), Lady Shippard (1834-1870), First wife of Sir Sidney Godolphin Alexander Shippard; daughter of Sir Andries Stockenstrom, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Jean Shipston (1929-). 1 Portrait

Eric Earle Shipton (1907-1977), Explorer and mountaineer. 7 Portraits

Janet Helen Shipton (née Attlee) (1923-2019), Politician, activist and psychologist; wife of Harold William Shipton. 3 Portraits

Mother Shipton (supposed active 1530), Supposed witch and prophetess. 4 Portraits

Sir Francis Edward Shipway (1875-1968), Consultant anaesthetist. 3 Portraits

Denis Ewart Shipwright (1898-1984), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Indre Shira (active 1930s), Cheirastrologist and author. 1 Portrait

Edward Samuel Shire (1908-1978), Mathematician, physicist and joint inventor of the radio proximity fuse for explosive devices. 1 Portrait

Lady Phillida Shirley (1896-1985), Pianist and nun; daughter of 11th Lord Ferrers. 4 Portraits

Hon. Andrew Shirley (1900-1958), Assistant Keeper, Ashmolean Museum; son of 11th Earl Ferrers. 5 Portraits

Arthur Shirley (1813-1877), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Cecil Annesley Shirley (1897-1964), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Shirley, Wife of Reverend Frederick John Shirley. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Hermione Shirley, Daughter of 12th Earl of Ferrers. 2 Portraits

James Shirley (1596-1666), Dramatic poet. 4 Portraits

(Frederick) John Shirley (1890-1967), School headmaster; Senior Canon Residentiary of Canterbury. 3 Portraits

Phillis Bryan Shirley (active early 19th century), Wife of Evelyn Shirley of Eatington. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Shirley (Sherley) (circa 1581-1628), Count Shirley in the papal nobility, diplomat. 3 Portraits

Dame (Vera) Stephanie ('Steve') Shirley (1933-), Businesswoman, information technology pioneer and philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Teresia, Lady Shirley (circa 1579-1668), Wife of Sir Robert Shirley. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Ulric Curzon Shirley (1908-1982), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Walter Shirley (1725-1786), Methodist preacher and hymn writer. 2 Portraits

John Shirley-Quirk (1931-2014), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Jane Shirreff (Mrs Walcott) (1811-1883), Singer. 4 Portraits

Sir George Shirtcliffe (1862-1941), Company Director. 1 Portrait

Camilla Shivarg (1953-), Artist; Daughter of Joan Wyndham and Shura Shiwarg. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Denton Shoesmith (1890-1939), Painter, poster designer and illustrator. 7 Portraits

Shoken, Empress of Japan (1849-1914), Consort of Meiji, Emperor of Japan; daughter of Tadaka Ichijo. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Minshull Shone (1906-1992), Economist and public servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Terence Allen Shone (1894-1965), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

William Shone (active circa 1802), Gentleman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Terence Shone (1850-1938), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Yinka Shonibare CBE RA (1962-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Shah Shooja-ool-Moolk (1785-1842), Amir of Afghanistan. 1 Portrait

James Shoolbred (1830-1900), Draper. 1 Portrait

Matilda Joanna Shoolbred (née Pearson) (1833-1929), Daughter of Thomas Pearson; wife of James Shoolbred. 1 Portrait

Stephen Newton Shoosmith (1900-1956), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Peter David Shore, Baron Shore of Stepney (1924-2001), Labour politician; Cabinet Minister and MP for Bethnal Green and Stepney. 3 Portraits

Jane Shore (circa 1445-1527), Mistress of Edward IV. 7 Portraits

John Shore (active 1762). 2 Portraits

Hon. Lionel Charles Frederick Shore (1918-1944), Major; son of 6th Baron Teignmouth. 7 Portraits

Margaret Emily Shore (1819-1839), Author. 1 Portrait

Hon. Noel Beilby Porteus Shore (1887-1934), Member of the Indian police; son of 5th Baron Teignmouth. 4 Portraits

Alfred Short (1882-1938), Labour politician and trade unionist. 4 Portraits

Arthur Rendle Short (1880-1953), Professor of surgery at Bristol University and author. 1 Portrait

Augustus Short (1802-1883), Bishop of Adelaide. 2 Portraits

Clare Short (1946-), Labour politician; MP for Birmingham Ladywood. 4 Portraits

Sir Francis Job ('Frank') Short (1857-1945), Etcher, engraver and teacher of printmaking. 9 Portraits

Jane Short (born 1882), Suffragette. 2 Portraits

John Short (1896-1989), Congregational minister. 3 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth Short (1872-1953), Artist and Mayor of Eye, Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Nigel Short (1965-), Chess player. 2 Portraits

Renée Short (1916-2003), Politician; MP for Wolverhampton North East. 2 Portraits

Thomas Vowler Short (1790-1872), Bishop of St Asaph. 3 Portraits

Clement King Shorter (1857-1926), Journalist and author. 2 Portraits

Joseph Henry Shorthouse (1834-1903), Novelist and author of 'John Inglesant'. 1 Portrait

Gladys Shortridge (Mrs Edward Talbot) (active 1890s-1910s), Fashion editor of The Idler. 1 Portrait

Arthur Charles Shortt (1899-1984), Major-General. 12 Portraits

Edward Shortt (1862-1935), Home Secretary. 5 Portraits

Henry Edward Shortt (1887-1987), Colonel and expert on tropical diseases. 2 Portraits

Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich (1906-1975), Composer. 4 Portraits

H. Shott? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Winifred Shotter (1904-1996), Actress. 1 Portrait

Marion Kerala Shotton (née Kitchin) (1917-1996), Wife of Frank E. Shotton. 2 Portraits

(Thomas) Herbert Shoubridge (1871-1923), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Alexander Shouies. 2 Portraits

Fredegond Shove (née Maitland) (1889-1949), Poet. 7 Portraits

Gerald Frank Shove (1887-1947), Economist. 9 Portraits

Sir Cloudesley Shovell (1650-1707), Admiral. 8 Portraits

Rose Shrager (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edward Shrapnell Shrapnell-Smith (1875-1952), Motor transport pioneer. 7 Portraits

Charles Talbot, 1st Duke of Shrewsbury (1660-1718), Politician, Lord High Treasurer and Lord Chamberlain. 7 Portraits

John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury (circa 1387-1453), Soldier. 5 Portraits

Margaret Talbot (née Beauchamp), Countess of Shrewsbury (1404-1467), Wife of 1st Earl of Shrewsbury. 3 Portraits

George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury (1468-1538), Magnate. 2 Portraits

Anne Talbot (née Hastings), Countess of Shrewsbury (circa 1470-circa 1512), First wife of 4th Earl of Shrewsbury. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Talbot (née Walden), Countess of Shrewsbury (1491-1567), Second wife of 4th Earl of Shrewsbury. 1 Portrait

George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (circa 1522-1590), Custodian of Mary, Queen of Scots. 7 Portraits

Elizabeth ('Bess') Talbot (née Hardwick), Countess of Shrewsbury (circa 1527-1608), Noblewoman; wife of 6th Earl of Shrewsbury. 3 Portraits

Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury (1552-1616), Lord High Steward of Ireland and Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire; patron of the arts. 3 Portraits

Anna Maria Talbot (née Brudenell), Countess of Shrewsbury (1642-1702), Notorious beauty; wife of 11th Earl of Shrewsbury. 3 Portraits

John Talbot, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury (1791-1852), Roman Catholic layman and patron of the Gothic revival. 1 Portrait

Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot, 18th Earl of Shrewsbury, 11th Earl of Waterford and 3rd Earl Talbot (1803-1868), Naval commander and politician. 2 Portraits

Charles Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury (1860-1921), Lord High Steward of Ireland. 4 Portraits

John George Charles Henry Alton Alexander Chetwynd-Talbot, 21st Earl of Shrewsbury (1914-1980), Godson of King George V. 6 Portraits

Nadine Muriel (née Crofton), Countess of Shrewsbury (1913-2003), Wife of 21st Earl of Shrewsbury; daughter of Cyril Randell Crofton. 4 Portraits

David Shrigley (1968-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Charles Shrimpton. 1 Portrait

Chrissie Shrimpton (1945-), Fashion model and actress. 2 Portraits

Jayne Shrimpton, Archive Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Jean Shrimpton (1942-), Model. 18 Portraits

Princess Shringra. 1 Portrait

Eunice Mary Shriver (née Kennedy) (1921-2009), Founder of Camp Shriver; sister of American President John F. Kennedy. 2 Portraits

Alfred Shrubb (1879-1964), Runner. 1 Portrait

Amy Shuard (1924-1975), Soprano. 10 Portraits

Thomas Shubrick (1780-1863), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Arthur Evelyn Shuckburgh (1909-1994), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

John Shuckburgh (1740-1818), Rector of Bourton. 2 Portraits

Sir John Evelyn Shuckburgh (1877-1953), Civil servant. 7 Portraits

Nancy Mildred Gladys (née Brett), Lady Shuckburgh (1918-1999), Wife of Sir (Charles Arthur) Evelyn Shuckburgh; daughter of 3rd Viscount Esher. 3 Portraits

Sir George Augustus William Shuckburgh-Evelyn, 6th Bt (1751-1804), Politician; MP for Warwickshire. 9 Portraits

Burkat Shudi (1702-1773), Harpsichord maker. 1 Portrait

Burkat Shudi (1737-1803), Second son of Burkat Shudi. 1 Portrait

Catherine Shudi (née Wild) (1707-1758), Wife of Burkat Shudi. 1 Portrait

Joshua Shudi (1736-1754), Son of Burkat Shudi. 1 Portrait

Ling Shuhua (1900-1990), Writer and painter. 1 Portrait

Lucy Shuker (1980-), Wheelchair tennis player. 1 Portrait

Alexandra Shulman (1957-), Editor of British Vogue. 3 Portraits

Derek Shulman (1947-), Musician, singer and record executive; singer for Simon Dupree and the Big Sound and Gentle Giant. 1 Portrait

Milton Shulman (1913-2004), Canadian critic, dramatist. 2 Portraits

Philip ('Phil') Shulman (1937-), Musician; multi-instrumentalist for Simon Dupree and the Big Sound and Gentle Giant. 1 Portrait

Ray Shulman (1949-2023), Musician, songwriter and record producer; bassist for Simon Dupree and the Big Sound and Gentle Giant. 1 Portrait

(William) Morgan Shuster (1877-1960), US civil servant and treasurer-general of Persia. 1 Portrait

Sir Cameron Deane Shute (1866-1936), Army general. 5 Portraits

Geoffrey Gay Shute (1892-1951), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Josias Shute (circa 1588-1643), Clergyman. 3 Portraits

Mrs Shute (active late 1850s). 1 Portrait

Edward Shuter (1728?-1776), Actor and singer. 4 Portraits

Penelope Shuttle (1947-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Ughtred James Kay-Shuttleworth, 1st Baron Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe (1844-1939), Politician, civil servant and landowner. 6 Portraits

Richard Ughtred Paul Kay-Shuttleworth, 2nd Baron Shuttleworth (1913-1940), Flying officer. 2 Portraits

Ronald Orlando Lawrence Kay-Shuttleworth, 3rd Baron Shuttleworth (1917-1942), Army captain. 2 Portraits

Charles Ughtred John Kay-Shuttleworth, 4th Baron Shuttleworth (1917-1975), Justice of the Peace. 11 Portraits

Anne Elizabeth (née Phillips), Lady Shuttleworth (died 1991), Wife of 4th Baron Shuttleworth; daughter of Geoffrey Phillips. 9 Portraits

Charles Geoffrey Nicholas Kay-Shuttleworth, 5th Baron Shuttleworth (1948-), Company director. 1 Portrait

Ashton Ashton Shuttleworth (1878-1956), Justice of the Peace and Mayor of Debyshire. 3 Portraits

Betham Wilkins Shuttleworth (1880-1937), Brigadier. 4 Portraits

Sir Digby Inglis Shuttleworth (1876-1948), Major-General in the Indian Army. 1 Portrait

Edythe Shuttleworth (1907-1983), Soprano. 1 Portrait

Frank Shuttleworth (1845-1913), Soldier, sportsman and Director of the Great Northern Railway Company. 1 Portrait

Ken Shuttleworth (1952-), Architect. 1 Portrait

Philip Nicholas Shuttleworth (1782-1842), Bishop of Chichester. 3 Portraits

Margaret Shyring?. 1 Portrait

U Ba Si, Politician. 1 Portrait

James Sibbald (1747-1803), Bookseller, publisher and editor. 1 Portrait

Susan Sibbald (née Mein) (1783-1866), Writer. 1 Portrait

Gladys (née Rolt), Lady Sibbald Scott, Former wife of H. F. Taylor, and later wife of Sir Francis Montagu Sibbald Scott, 5th Bt; daughter of Thomas Rolt. 1 Portrait

Richard Sibbes (Sibbs, Sibs) (1577?-1635), Puritan divine. 4 Portraits

Aino Sibelius (née Järnefelt) (1871-1969). 2 Portraits

Jean Julius Christian Sibelius (1865-1957), Composer. 16 Portraits

Dame Antoinette Sibley (1939-), Ballet dancer. 8 Portraits

Eloise Sibley (1975-), Daughter of Dame Antoinette Sibley. 1 Portrait

O.L.B. Sibley, of the Royal Dental Hospital. 5 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Franklin Sibly (1883-1948), Geologist and university administrator. 3 Portraits

William Arthur Sibly (1883-1959), President, Vegetarian Society. 4 Portraits

Jacqueline de Sibour, Daughter of Vicomte de Sibour. 4 Portraits

Vicomte Jacques de Sibour (1896-1979), Aviator; husband of Violette Buckingham Selfridge. 1 Portrait

Francis Sibson (1814-1876), Physician. 1 Portrait

Charles de Laet Waldo Sibthorp (1783-1855), Politician; MP for Lincoln. 4 Portraits

Humphrey Waldo Sibthorp (1786-1865), Rector of Hatton. 1 Portrait

Humphry Sibthorp (1713-1797), Botanist. 1 Portrait

John Sibthorp (1758-1796), Botanist; son of Humphry Sibthorp. 1 Portrait

Richard Waldo Sibthorp (1792-1879), Church of England clergyman and Roman Catholic convert. 3 Portraits

Princess Sibylla of Sweden, Duchess of Västerbotten (1908-1972), Daughter of Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; wife of Prince Gustav Adolf, Duke of Västerbotten. 9 Portraits

Alan William Stuart Sichel (1886-1966), Medical Association of South Africa. 1 Portrait

Allan Herman Nathan Sichel (1900-1965), Wine and spirit trader; member of the Sichel wine family. 2 Portraits

Ernest Sichel (1862-1941), Artist. 2 Portraits

Gustavus Sichel (circa 1826-1892), Merchant. 1 Portrait

Walter Sichel (1855-1933), Biographer. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Louisa Moravia Sickert (née Henry) (1830-1922), Mother of Walter Sickert; wife of Oswald Adalbert Sickert. 1 Portrait

Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942), Painter. 21 Portraits

Sesostris Sidarouss Bey, Diplomat and author. 1 Portrait

R. Sidaway, Deputy Chairman, Ductile Steels Ltd. 1 Portrait

R. Siddiki. 3 Portraits

Mir Mohammed Siddiq Hussaini, Afghan ambassador. 2 Portraits

Frederick B. Siddons, Businessman. 1 Portrait

George John Siddons (active 1802), Son of Sarah Siddons. 1 Portrait

Henry Siddons (1774-1815), Actor and playwright; son of Sarah Siddons. 2 Portraits

Maria Siddons (1779-1798), Daughter of Sarah Siddons. 1 Portrait

Sarah Martha ('Sally') Siddons (1775-1803), Eldest daughter of Sarah Siddons (née Kemble). 2 Portraits

Sarah Siddons (née Kemble) (1755-1831), Actress. 40 Portraits

Joseph Watson Sidebotham (1857-1925), Politician and colliery owner. 1 Portrait

William Sidebotham (born circa 1864), Parliamentary journalist. 1 Portrait

Ralph Bennett Sidebottom (1859-1944), Major. 1 Portrait

William Sidebottom (1841-1933), Politician; MP for High Peak. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Shaw Sidey (1913-2002), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Kay Sidey (1863-1933), Politician and university administrator. 1 Portrait

Eleanor ('Nora') Mildred Sidgwick (née Balfour) (1845-1936), Activist for the higher education of women and principal of Newnham College of the University of Cambridge; wife of Henry Sidgwick. 1 Portrait

F.H. Sidgwick. 1 Portrait

Henry Sidgwick (1838-1900), Philosopher. 9 Portraits

John Benson Sidgwick (1916-1958), Writer and astronomer. 1 Portrait

Mary Sidgwick (née Crofts) (1807-1879), Mother of Henry Sidgwick. 1 Portrait

Nevil Vincent Sidgwick (1873-1952), Chemist and university lecturer. 1 Portrait

Malick Sidibé (1936-2016), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth (1757-1844), Prime Minister. 78 Portraits

William Wells Addington, 3rd Viscount Sidmouth (1824-1913), Politician; MP for Devizes and naval officer. 2 Portraits

Georgiana Susan (née Pellew), Viscountess Sidmouth (1822-1896), Wife of 3rd Viscount Sidmouth; daughter of George Pellew. 1 Portrait

Algernon Sidney (1622-1683), Republican political theorist and colonel. 14 Portraits

Edwin Sidney (1798?-1872), Rector, biographer and naturalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Sidney (1529-1586), Soldier and statesman. 11 Portraits

Lady Mary Sidney (née Dudley) (circa 1530-1586), Courtier. 2 Portraits

Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586), Soldier, statesman and poet. 30 Portraits

Sylvia Sidney (1910-1999), Actress. 1 Portrait

Thomas Sidney (1805-1889), Lord Mayor of London and politician; MP for Stafford. 2 Portraits

Mrs Sidney. 2 Portraits

Aubrey Sidney-Wilmot (1915-1989), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Henry Bindley Sidwell (1857-1936), Bishop of George, Cape of Good Hope. 1 Portrait

Thomas Edgar Sidwell (1888-1958), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Israel Moses Sieff, Baron Sieff (1889-1972), President of Marks & Spencer; Zionist. 10 Portraits

Marcus Joseph Sieff, Baron Sieff of Brimpton (1913-2001), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Josef Sieger, Actor and singer. 2 Portraits

Paul Henry Lawrence Sieghart (1927-1989), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Robert Sielle (Cecil Leon Roberts) (1895-1983), Dancer and framemaker; husband of Annette Mills. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) William Siemens (né Karl Wilhelm Siemens) (1823-1883), Electrical engineer and metallurgist. 2 Portraits

Eric Siepmann (1903-1970), Playwright and journalist; husband of Mary Aline Siepmann. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward Henry Sieveking (1816-1904), Physician. 1 Portrait

Lancelot de Giberne ('Lance') Sieveking (1896-1972), Author, playwright, film-maker and photographer. 8 Portraits

Christopher Mark Sievey (1955-2010), Musician and comedian. 1 Portrait

Robert Standish Sievier (1860-1939), Journalist, race horse owner. 4 Portraits

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès (1748-1836), Consul of the Republic. 1 Portrait

Sir James David Sifton (1878-1952), Indian civil servant. 1 Portrait

Josane Sigart (later Josiane de Meulemeester) (1909-1999), Belgian tennis player; member of the non-Jewish resistance awarded Righteous Among the Nations. 1 Portrait

Sigeberht II ('the Good') (died 660), King of Essex, reigned 653-60. 1 Portrait

John Allan Edward ('Jack') Siggins (1909-1995), Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor (1368-1437), Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia. 2 Portraits

King Sigismund III (1566-1632), King of Poland. 1 Portrait

Sigismund Bathory, Prince of Transylvania (1572-1613), Reigned 1581-99. 2 Portraits

Sigismund, Archduke of Austria (1826-1891), Lieutenant-General; son of Archduke Rainer of Austria. 1 Portrait

Prince Sigismund of Prussia (1864-1866), Son of Frederick III, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Prince Sigismund of Prussia (1896-1978), Son of Prince Heinrich of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Simone Signoret (1921-1985), Actress. 2 Portraits

Anju Sikdar (1944-). 1 Portrait

Wladyslaw Sikorski (1881-1943), Commander-in-Chief of Polish Army. 2 Portraits

Silaus of Lucca (died 1100), Monk and Abbot of St Brendan's monastery. 1 Portrait

Una Luce Silberrad (1872-1955), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Arnold Silcock (1889-1953), Architect and writer. 11 Portraits

Lucy Mary Silcox (1863-1947), Headmistress of Saint Felix School, 1909-1926. 11 Portraits

George Silk (1916-2004), Photojournalist for Life magazine. 1 Portrait

John Silk, Preacher. 1 Portrait

Lewis Silkin, 1st Baron Silkin (1889-1972), Politician and solicitor. 13 Portraits

Samuel Charles Silkin, Baron Silkin of Dulwich (1918-1988), Barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

Frieda M. (née Pilling), Lady Silkin (died 1963), Second wife of 1st Baron Silkin of Dulwich. 1 Portrait

John Ernest Silkin (1923-1987), Lawyer and politician. 2 Portraits

Jon Silkin (1930-1997), Poet. 2 Portraits

Sir Arnold Frederick Sillem (1865-1949), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Charles Sillery, Colonel. 3 Portraits

Acton Windeyer Sillitoe (1840-1894), Bishop of New Westminster. 1 Portrait

Alan Sillitoe (1928-2010), Novelist, screenwriter, poet and playwright. 8 Portraits

Sir Percy Joseph Sillitoe (1888-1962), Chief constable. 5 Portraits

Arthur Malcolm Trustram Eve, 1st Baron Silsoe (1894-1976), First Church Estates Commissioner. 8 Portraits

Margaret Elizabeth (née Robertson), Lady Silsoe (born 1906), Second wife of 1st Baron Silsoe; daughter of Henry Wallace Robertson. 8 Portraits

David Malcom Trustram Eve, 2nd Baron Silsoe (1930-2005), Lawyer; son of Arthur Malcolm Trustram Eve, 1st Baron Silsoe. 1 Portrait

Christine Isie Silver (Mrs Roland Sturgis) (1883-1960), Actress; former wife of Walter Maxwell, and later wife of Ronald Sturgis. 28 Portraits

Henry Silver (1828-1910), Comic journalist and contributor to 'Punch'. 1 Portrait

Consaluus Silveria (died 1561), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Sally Silverman (née Mortimer) (1950-). 1 Portrait

Samuel Sydney Silverman (1895-1968), Labour politician. 6 Portraits

Donald Silverstein (1934-1975), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Murray Silverstone (1895-1969), Film distribution executive. 7 Portraits

Sir John Silvester, Bt (1745-1822), Recorder of London. 2 Portraits

Victor Marlborough Silvester (1900-1978), Band leader. 1 Portrait

(Louise Marie Elisabeth Lucie) Alice Silvy (née Monnier) (1839-1913), Wife of Camille Silvy. 12 Portraits

Camille Silvy (1834-1910), Photographer. 24 Portraits

Marie-Louise Silvy (née Pied) (born circa 1808), Mother of Camille Silvy. 5 Portraits

Onésipe Tullius Émile Léon Silvy (1799-1889), Lawyer and banker; father of Camille Silvy. 2 Portraits

H.S. Silwell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Glynn Silyn Roberts (1906-1983), Air Vice-Marshal. 2 Portraits

Alastair Sim (1900-1976), Actor and producer. 20 Portraits

Sir (George) Alexander Sim (1905-1980), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Helen Sim (née Bovill) (1850-1913), Daughter of Sir William Bovill. 2 Portraits

James Duncan Stuart Sim (1849-1912), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Millie Sim (1895-1986), Actress. 3 Portraits

George Staunton Simcockes (died 1890), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

George ('Geordy') Sime (active 1789), Piper. 1 Portrait

Tim Simenon (1968-), Musician, producer and DJ. 1 Portrait

Catherine Dorothea (née Colville), Lady Simeon (1822-1904), Second wife of Sir John Simeon, 3rd Bt; daughter of Sir Charles Colville. 1 Portrait

Charles Simeon (1759-1836), Preacher. 17 Portraits

Sir Charles Edward Barrington Simeon (1889-1955), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir John Simeon, 3rd Bt (1815-1870), Politician and naval officer. 4 Portraits

Sir John Stephen Barrington Simeon, 4th Bt (1850-1909), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

J.S.? Simeon (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles Fitzmaurice Creighton Simeons (1921-2014), Pollution expert and Conservative politician; son of Charles Albert Simeons. 2 Portraits

Master Simes, Son of Hon. Mrs Simes. 5 Portraits

Thomas Spensley Simey, Baron Simey (1906-1969), Social scientist. 1 Portrait

William John Simkin (1883-1967), Bishop of Auckland. 2 Portraits

Gwyneth Reingale Simmers (née Sterry) (born 1905), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Arthur Simmonds (1892-1968), Secretary of Royal Horticultural Society. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Simmonds (1994-), Swimmer; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Gladys Evelyn (née Hewitt), Lady Simmonds (died 1977), Wife of Sir Oliver Edwin Simmonds. 8 Portraits

Herbert John Simmonds (1867-1950), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Royston Simmonds (1927-1995), Professor of International Law. 2 Portraits

Sir Oliver Edwin Simmonds (1897-1985), Businessman and politician. 4 Portraits

Posy Simmonds (1945-), Cartoonist. 3 Portraits

Sir (William) Anker Simmons (1857-1927), Agricultural adviser and Mayor of Henley. 4 Portraits

Charles James Simmons (1893-1975), Politician, lecturer and journalist. 1 Portrait

Jack Simmons (1915-2000), Historian and writer on railways. 8 Portraits

Jean Merilyn Simmons (1929-2010), Actress. 37 Portraits

Sir John Simmons (1821-1903), Field Marshal. 3 Portraits

Monique Simmons, Biologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Coleman Simmons (1875-1939), Major. 2 Portraits

Richard Simmons. 2 Portraits

Joseph ('Run') Simmons (1964-), Musician; member of Run-DMC. 1 Portrait

Sadie Simmons. 1 Portrait

Samuel Simmons (circa 1777-1819), Actor. 1 Portrait

Tabitha Simmons (1971-), Fashion editor and stylist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Simmons (died 1808), Brewer and murderer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Walter Simms (1803-1865), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

George Otto Simms (1910-1991), Lord Archbishop of Dublin and Lord Archbishop of Armagh. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Simms (died 1887), Actress. 3 Portraits

John Morrow Simms (1854-1934), Politician and Principal Chaplain to the British Expeditionary Force. 4 Portraits

Sir Percy Reginald Owen Abel Simner (1878-1963), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Plinio Lauer Simoes (active 1950s), Bishop of South-Western Brazil. 1 Portrait

John Allsebrook Simon, 1st Viscount Simon (1873-1954), Statesman and Lord Chancellor. 35 Portraits

Kathleen (née Harvey), Viscountess Simon (1871-1955), Social reformer; second wife of 1st Viscount Simon; daughter of Francis Eugene Harvey. 11 Portraits

John Gilbert Simon, 2nd Viscount Simon (1902-1993), Chairman of the Port of London Authority. 2 Portraits

Jocelyn Edward Salis Simon, Baron Simon of Glaisdale (1911-2006), Politician; Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. 9 Portraits

Ernest Emil Darwin Simon, 1st Baron Simon of Wythenshawe (1879-1960), Politician and Co-founder of New Statesman. 3 Portraits

David Alec Gwyn Simon, Baron Simon of Highbury (1939-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Abraham Simon (1617-1692), Medallist and modeller. 5 Portraits

André Louis Simon (1877-1970), President of the Wine and Food Society. 7 Portraits

Anne Simon. 2 Portraits

Emily Maud (née Willans), Lady Simon (died 1947), Wife of Sir Robert M. Simon; daughter of William H. Willans. 8 Portraits

Sir Francis Eugene Simon (1893-1956), Professor of Philosophy. 3 Portraits

(William) Glyn Hughes Simon (1903-1972), Archbishop of Wales. 5 Portraits

Jacob Simon, Chief Curator, National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Janet Simon. 4 Portraits

Sir John Simon (1816-1904), Surgeon and public health officer. 2 Portraits

Jules François Simon (1814-1896), Politician and philosopher. 1 Portrait

J.G. Simon. 1 Portrait

Sir Leon Simon (1881-1965), President of Israel Post Office Bank and Chairman of the Executive Council of Hebrew, University of Jerusalem. 3 Portraits

Oliver Joseph Simon (1895-1956), Printer. 6 Portraits

Oswald John Simon. 1 Portrait

Peter Simon (1948-), Founder and Executive Director, Monsoon Accessorize. 1 Portrait

Pierce Adolphus Simon (1837-1900), Physician, surgeon and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, University of Glasgow. 1 Portrait

Thomas Simon (1618-1665), Engraver. 1 Portrait

(Ernest Julius) Walter Simon (1893-1981), Professor of Chinese. 1 Portrait

Gavin Turnbull Simonds, Viscount Simonds (1881-1971), Lord Chancellor. 8 Portraits

Guy Granville Simonds (1903-1974), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

James Sexton Simonds (1843-1930), Fire brigade chief. 1 Portrait

John Hayes Simonds (1879-1946), Director of Barclays Bank. 1 Portrait

Rosine Simonet (circa 1770-1796), Actress and aeronaut. 1 Portrait

Paul Gustave Simonon (1955-), Musician; bass guitarist for The Clash. 3 Portraits

Ed Simons (1970-), Musician; member of the Chemical Brothers. 1 Portrait

Harry Simons, Musician. 1 Portrait

Henry Simons (active 1753), Polish Jew; victim of a robbery and subsequent legal scandal in 1753. 1 Portrait

John Antoine Simons (1900-1971), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Ralph Simons (Symons) (active 1580-1610), Architect. 2 Portraits

Sir John Lionel Simonsen (1884-1957), Organic chemist. 4 Portraits

Charalambos John Simopoulos (1874-1942), Greek diplomat. 5 Portraits

Sir Oswald Richard Arthur Simpkin (1879-1936), Lawyer and public trustee. 1 Portrait

Lady Juliet Simpson (née Gathorne-Hardy) (1934-), Wife of (Charles) Colin Simpson; daughter of 4th Earl of Cranbrook. 2 Portraits

Abraham Calovius Simpson (1792-1866), Congregational minister. 1 Portrait

Alan Francis Simpson (1929-2017), Scriptwriter. 1 Portrait

Alexander Simpson. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Russell Simpson (1835-1916), Professor of midwifery at the University of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Annie Simpson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Bertram Fitzgerald Simpson (1883-1971), Bishop of Southwark and Suffragan Bishop of Kensington. 2 Portraits

Christopher Simpson (Sympson) (1605-1669), Violist and writer on musical theory and practice. 9 Portraits

Cuthbert Aikman Simpson (1892-1969), Dean of Christchurch. 6 Portraits

Derek Simpson (1944-), General Secretary, Amicus. 3 Portraits

Dorothy Jane (née Stephen), Lady Simpson (died 1978), Daughter of Cecil Stephen; wife of Sir George Clarke Simpson. 4 Portraits

Edward Simpson (Simson) (1578-1651), Clergyman and historian. 2 Portraits

Ernest Aldrich Simpson (1895-1958), Shipping executive; former husband of Duchess of Windsor. 2 Portraits

Sir Frank Ernest Wallace Simpson (1899-1986), General. 24 Portraits

Frederick Arthur Simpson (1883-1974), Historian and curate of Ambleside. 2 Portraits

Sir George Simpson (1786 or 1787-1860), Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company. 1 Portrait

Sir George Clarke Simpson (1878-1965), Meteorologist; member of British Antarctic Expedition. 9 Portraits

Hamilton Wilkie Simpson (1895-1986), Major-general. 4 Portraits

Heddy Monique Simpson, Baroness de Podmaniczky (1908-1994), Vice-President, United Charities' Ball; wife of Samuel Leonard Simpson. 1 Portrait

Helen de Guerry Simpson (1897-1940), Novelist. 26 Portraits

Ian Simpson (1955-), Architect. 1 Portrait

Sir James Simpson (1792-1868), Commander-in-Chief in the Crimea and General. 1 Portrait

James Alexander Simpson (circa 1795-1860), Solicitor to the Foundling Hospital. 1 Portrait

James Gilliland Simpson (1865-1948), Dean of Peterborough. 1 Portrait

James Herbert Simpson (1883-1959), Headmaster. 4 Portraits

Sir James Young Simpson, 1st Bt (1811-1870), Physician and obstetrician. 7 Portraits

Jane Simpson (1965-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Joe Simpson (1960-), Mountaineer. 1 Portrait

John Simpson (circa 1738-before 1789). 1 Portrait

John Simpson (John Cody Fidler-Simpson) (1944-), Broadcaster and journalist; World Affairs Editor, BBC. 3 Portraits

John Andrew Simpson (1953-), Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. 1 Portrait

John Basil Simpson (1880-1942), Bishop of Kobe. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hope Simpson (1868-1961), Politician; Chief commander of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and scholar in Palestinian issues. 2 Portraits

John Palgrave Simpson (1807-1887), Playwright and novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Roughton Simpson (1899-1976), Controller of HM Stationary Office. 1 Portrait

Sir John William Simpson (1859-1933), Architect. 2 Portraits

Joseph Simpson (1879-1939), Artist. 1 Portrait

J. Simpson (active 1871-1872), Naval Captain; member of the jury in 'Tichborne v Lushington'. 1 Portrait

J.H. Simpson, Rower. 1 Portrait

(Cedric) Keith Simpson (1907-1985), Forensic scientist. 7 Portraits

Louie Simpson (Sarah Louisa Wilmott) (1854-1941), Political activist; Labour candidate, Dorset West. 1 Portrait

Mark Simpson (1988-), Composer and clarinettist. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Simpson (active 1530-1541), Barber to King Henry VIII. 1 Portrait

Norman Frederick Simpson (1919-2011), Playwright. 2 Portraits

Patricia Simpson, Geneticist. 1 Portrait

Robert Simpson (1746-1816), Divinity Tutor of Hoxton Academy. 1 Portrait

Robert Russell Simpson (active 1870s), Writer to the Signet and Depute Clerk of the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland. 2 Portraits

Robert Wilfred Levick Simpson (1921-1997), Composer and radio producer. 1 Portrait

Samuel Leonard Simpson (1900-1983), Doctor and company chairman. 1 Portrait

Sidrach Simpson (1600-1655), Independent divine. 1 Portrait

Suzannah Mary Simpson (née Wakefield) (1953-), Wife of William Ian Simpson; daughter of Richard Frank Bradshaw Hensman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Simpson (1808-1840), Arctic explorer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Harold Simpson (1896-1952), Rear-Admiral; son of Sir Maurice Simpson. 3 Portraits

William Speirs Simpson (1845-1917), Inventor of armour-plating ships with fusion-welding. 1 Portrait

William Wynn Simpson (1907-1987), Methodist minister; General-Secretary Emeritus, Council of Christians and Jews. 1 Portrait

Mrs Simpson (active 1854). 1 Portrait

Mr Simpson (active 1854), Gardener at Balmoral. 1 Portrait

Miss Simpson (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Hon. Magdalen Blanche Simpson-Pedler (née Curzon) (1892-1973), Wife of Thomas Simpson-Pedler; daughter of A.N. Curzon; sister of 2nd Viscount Scarsdale. 3 Portraits

Charles Henry Sims (1873-1928), Painter. 4 Portraits

David Sims (1966-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

George Robert Sims (1847-1922), Journalist and playwright. 3 Portraits

Hylda Sims, Poet. 1 Portrait

James Sims (1741-1820), President of Medical Society of London. 2 Portraits

James Henry Sims (circa 1815-1888), Governor of Derby County Gaol. 1 Portrait

Joan Sims (1930-2001), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Sims (1749-1831), Physician and botanist. 1 Portrait

Monica Sims (1925-2018), Journalist; BBC Radio producer; Head of Children's Programmes, BBC Television; Controller of BBC Radio 4. 1 Portrait

Ursula Jane Sims (née Birdwood), Daughter of G.T. Birdwood. 1 Portrait

William Sims, Collector of the customs. 1 Portrait

William Sowden Sims (1858-1936), Admiral of the US Navy. 8 Portraits

Alice Arbuthnot Simson (née im Thurn) (1845-1931), Wife of Herman Simson; daughter of John Conrad im Thurn. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Petrie Simson (1880-1961), Captain; a founder of the British Legion. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Simson (1872-1932), Royal gynaecologist; husband of Lena Ashwell. 4 Portraits

Robert Simson (1687-1768), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Rupert Simson (1884-1963), Captain. 2 Portraits

William Simuell (active 1557), Baillif. 1 Portrait

Little Simz (1994-), Rapper, singer and actor. 1 Portrait

Paris Sinanides (died 1895), Insurance broker. 1 Portrait

Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), Singer and film actor. 1 Portrait

Robert John Sinclair, 1st Baron Sinclair of Cleeve (1893-1979), Civil servant. 5 Portraits

John Rose George, 7th Baron Sinclair (1864-1926), Soldier and farmer. 2 Portraits

Charles William St Clair, 15th Baron Sinclair (1831-1922), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Ann Sinclair, Receptionist, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Barry Sinclair (1911-1983), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Beatrice Sinclair, Actress. 17 Portraits

Betty Sinclair (1907-1983), Stage and film actress. 5 Portraits

Billie Sinclair, Actress and singer. 2 Portraits

Catherine Sinclair, Daughter of Sir H.M. and Lady Sinclair. 1 Portrait

Catherine Camilla Sinclair (née Manners) (1792-1863), Daughter of Sir William Manners. 2 Portraits

Sir Clive Sinclair (1940-2021), Inventor and entrepreneur. 1 Portrait

Lady Diana Sinclair (died 1845). 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Sinclair. 1 Portrait

Esme Beatrice (née Sopwith), Lady Sinclair (1908-1983), Wife of Sir John Sinclair. 6 Portraits

Sir George Sinclair, 2nd Bt (1790-1868), Scottish politician and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir George Evelyn Sinclair (1912-2005), Deputy Governor of Cyprus. 3 Portraits

George F. Sinclair, Chief engineer, London Transport. 2 Portraits

Hugh Sinclair (1903-1962), Actor. 6 Portraits

Hugh Macdonald Sinclair (1910-1990), Doctor, medical researcher and Master of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries. 1 Portrait

Hugh Montgomerie Sinclair (1855-1924), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Iain Sinclair (1943-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Sinclair, 1st Bt (1754-1835), Agricultural improver and politician. 10 Portraits

John Sinclair (1791-1857), Singer. 3 Portraits

John Alexander Sinclair (1885-1961), Managing Director of Carreras Ltd, London. 2 Portraits

Sir John Alexander Sinclair (1897-1977), Soldier, sailor and Head of the Secret Intelligence Service. 10 Portraits

Sir John George Tollemache Sinclair, 3rd Bt (1825-1912), Landowner and Liberal politician; MP for Caithness. 1 Portrait

Sir John Gordon Sinclair, 8th Bt (1790-1863), Admiral. 2 Portraits

(John) Maynard Sinclair (1896-1953), Politician; Minister of Finance. 3 Portraits

Sir John Rollo Norman Blair Sinclair, 9th Bt (1928-1990). 4 Portraits

Katharine Jane (née Burdekin), Lady Sinclair (1917-1971), Wife of Sir George Evelyn Sinclair. 11 Portraits

Louis Sinclair (1861-1928), Politician and expert on commercial practice. 3 Portraits

William Angus Sinclair (1905-1954), Lecturer in philosophy and Lieutenant-Colonel; son of John Sinclair. 1 Portrait

William Gardner Sinclair (1862-1935), Brewer and Managing Director of Samuel Allsopp & Sons Ltd. 1 Portrait

Archdeacon Sinclair, Archdeacon. 1 Portrait

Gracie Sinclaire, Actress. 6 Portraits

Flora Louisa Jane Beresford (née Power), Lady Sinclair-Lockhart (died 1937), Wife of Sir Robert Duncan Sinclair-Lockhart, 11th Bt; daughter of Edward Henry Power. 1 Portrait

Sir Graeme Duncan Power Sinclair-Lockhart, 12th Bt (1897-1959), Lieutenant. 9 Portraits

Sir John Beresford Sinclair-Lockhart, 13th Bt (1904-1970), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir Muir Edward Sinclair-Lockhart, 14th Bt (1906-1985). 1 Portrait

Ewen George Sinclair-Maclagan (1868-1948), Major-General. 2 Portraits

William Pirrie Sinclairv (1837-1900), Member of Parliament; wholesale provision merchant and ship owner. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Alfred Sinden (1923-2014), Actor. 3 Portraits

Topsy Sinden (1878-1951), Actress, singer and dancer. 14 Portraits

Sir Harry Chapman Sinderson (1891-1974), Physician; Inspector-General of Health Services. 4 Portraits

Tsae-Seng Sing (1861-1940), Assistant Bishop of Chekiang. 1 Portrait

Aline Madeleine (née Pilavoine), Lady Singer (died 1959), Wife of Sir Mortimer Singer; daughter of Etienne Pilavoine. 4 Portraits

Cecilia Singer (née Graham) (1867-1932), Wife of Paris Eugene Singer. 1 Portrait

Charles Joseph Singer (1876-1960), Historian of Medicine and Science. 1 Portrait

Charles Morgan Singer (1900-1978), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Eric Singer (circa 1904-1976), Journalist, publisher and author. 1 Portrait

Sir Morgan Singer (1864-1938), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Sir Mortimer Singer (1863-1929), Pioneer in cycling, motoring and flying; son of inventor of Singer sewing machine. 1 Portrait

Samuel Weller Singer (1783-1858), Writer. 1 Portrait

Simeon Singer (1848-1906), Rabbi. 1 Portrait

Amar Singh (1989-), Activist; Art dealer. 1 Portrait

Amrit Singh (1966-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Baldev Singh (Baldev Singh Chokar) (1902-1961), Industrialist and politician. 1 Portrait

Geetie Singh (1970-), Director, Soleberry Trading (formerly Singh Boulton Ltd). 1 Portrait

Subadar Goordut Singh, Officer. 1 Portrait

Gurbaksh Singh (active 1950-died 1963), Brother of Maharajah Sir Pratap Singh. 1 Portrait

Indarjit Singh (1932-), Founding Director, Network of Sikh Organisations. 1 Portrait

Kharagh Singh (1924 or 1926-died before 1977), Brother of Maharajah Sir Pratap Singh. 1 Portrait

Risaldar Mehtab Singh, Officer. 1 Portrait

Rabinder Singh (1964-), Deputy High Court Judge. 1 Portrait

Reuben Singh (1976-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sampat Singh, Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Hon. Sardar Bahadur Datas Singh (died 1973), Agricultural landowner and advisor in the Punjab. 1 Portrait

Simon Singh (1964-), Author, journalist and broadcaster specialising in science and mathematics. 2 Portraits

Princess Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh (1876-1948), Suffragette; daughter of Maharaja Duleep Singh. 2 Portraits

Talvin Singh (1970-), Musician, producer and composer. 1 Portrait

Risaldar Urbell Singh, Officer. 1 Portrait

Vic Singh (1940-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Rabindra Singh (1966-), Artist. 1 Portrait

George Michael Singleton (1913-2002), Major. 6 Portraits

Hugh Singleton (1851-1934), Bishop of Shrewsbury and Privy Chamberlain to Pope. 1 Portrait

Sir John Edward Singleton (1885-1957), Judge. 1 Portrait

Stephen Singleton (1959-), Musician; member of ABC. 1 Portrait

Valerie Singleton (1937-), Broadcaster and journalist; Blue Peter presenter. 1 Portrait

Mrs Singleton (died 1811), Wife of Henry Singleton. 1 Portrait

Satyendra Prasanno Sinha, 1st Baron Sinha of Raipur (1863-1928), Indian statesman. 15 Portraits

Aroon Kumar Sinha, 2nd Baron Sinha of Raipur (1887-1967), Barrister. 6 Portraits

Nirpuama Sinha, Lady Sinha of Raipur (active 1935), Daughter of Rai Bahadur Lalit; second wife of 2nd Baron Sinha of Raipur. 3 Portraits

Anindo Kumar Sinha, 5th Baron Sinha (1930-1999), Youngest son of Aroon Kumar Sinha, 2nd Baron Sinha of Raipur and Nirpuama Sinha, Lady Sinha of Raipur. 1 Portrait

Sinico, Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

George Sinker (1900-1986), Bishop of Nagpur and Assistant Bishop of Birmingham. 4 Portraits

Sir (Algernon) Paul Sinker (1905-1977), Teacher and civil servant. 2 Portraits

Edward James Sinkinson (1849-1891), Civil servant in India. 1 Portrait

George Sinkinson (1874-1939), Politician; MP for Berwick and Haddington. 3 Portraits

Frank Sturdy Sinnatt (1880-1943), Fuel engineer. 3 Portraits

Marjorie Sinnott (née Kemble), Wife of James Stockley Sinnott; daughter of Harold Kemble. 1 Portrait

Florence Ellen Siordet (née im Thurn) (1847-1937), Wife of John Louis Siordet; daughter of John Conrad im Thurn. 1 Portrait

Siouxsie Sioux (Susan Ballion) (1957-), Singer; lead singer for Siouxsie and The Banshees. 3 Portraits

Sir Edmund Antrobus, 2nd Bt (1792-1870), Gentleman of Antrobus Hall. 2 Portraits

Sir Godfrey Kneller, Bt (1646-1723), Portrait painter. 30 Portraits

Sir Henry Hoghton, 6th Bt (1728-1795), Dissenter. 1 Portrait

Sir James Arthur d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, 3rd Bt (1912-1987), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir John Peniston Milbanke, 10th Bt (1872-1915), Major, 10th Hussars. 4 Portraits

Sir Salar JunJay Singh Rao, Raja of Kagalg (1829-1883), Prime Minister of Hyderabad. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, 2nd Bt (1778-1849), MP for Somerset and landowner. 2 Portraits

Giuseppe Siriani (1874-1955), Italian Under-Secretary to Minister of Marine and Rear Admiral. 1 Portrait

Henry Charles Sirr (1807-1872), Author and barrister. 1 Portrait

William ('Bill') Sirs (1920-2015), Trade unionist and general Secretary of the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation. 1 Portrait

Lemn Sissay (1967-), Author, poet and playwright. 1 Portrait

Charles Hubert Sisson (1914-2003), Poet, civil servant and translator. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Anne Sisson (1923-2017), Lecturer in English, dramatic critic and writer. 2 Portraits

Charles Henry Sitch (1887-1960), Trade unionist and politician. 2 Portraits

Lady Ida Emily Augusta Sitwell (née Denison) (1869-1937), Wife of Sir George Reresby Sitwell; daughter of 1st Earl of Londesborough. 1 Portrait

Alexandra Isobel Susanna Edith Sitwell (1958-), Daughter of Sir (Sacheverell) Reresby Sitwell, 7th Bt. 1 Portrait

Dame Edith Sitwell (1887-1964), Poet. 56 Portraits

Francis Trajan Sitwell (1935-2004), Businessman and publicist; son of Sir Sacheverell Sitwell, 6th Bt and Georgia Sitwell. 1 Portrait

Georgia Sitwell (née Doble) (1905-1980), Wife of Sir Sacheverell Sitwell, 6th Bt. 9 Portraits

Hervey Degge Wilmot Sitwell (1896-1973), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Norah Sitwell (active 1860s), Daughter of Captain Sitwell. 2 Portraits

Sir (Francis) Osbert Sacheverell Sitwell, 5th Bt (1892-1969), Writer. 61 Portraits

Penelope (née Forbes), Lady Sitwell (1923-), Wife of Sir (Sacheverell) Reresby Sitwell, 7th Bt;daughter of Hon. Donald Alexander Forbes. 2 Portraits

Sir (Sacheverell) Reresby Sitwell, 7th Bt (1927-2009), Businessman. 5 Portraits

Rosamond (née Sitwell), Lady Sitwell, Wife of Sir Sidney Ashley Hurt Sitwell; daughter of Honorius Sisson Sitwell. 1 Portrait

Sir Sacheverell Sitwell, 6th Bt (1897-1988), Poet and writer. 19 Portraits

William Henry Sitwell (1860-1932), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Captain Sitwell (active 1860s), Captain. 1 Portrait

Mrs Sitwell (active 1860s), Wife of Captain Sitwell. 1 Portrait

Sir James Sivewright (1848-1916), South African businessman and politician. 1 Portrait

Ernesto Camillo Sivori (1815-1894), Italian violinist. 1 Portrait

Sergei Sizhanov (1961-), Member of GB Men's Gymnastics Team, London 2012. 1 Portrait

David Skae (1814-1873), Physician. 1 Portrait

David Skailes (1942-), Rower. 1 Portrait

Maria Skalinska (1890-1977), Botanist. 1 Portrait

Arne Skaug (1906-1974), Norwegian diplomat; Norwegian Ambassador to the Court of St James’s and to Ireland. 2 Portraits

John Rattenbury Skeaping (1901-1980), Sculptor. 4 Portraits

Leonard ('Len') Skeat (1937-), Musician; jazz double bassist; member of the Pizza Express All Stars. 2 Portraits

Walter William Skeat (1835-1912), Philologist. 2 Portraits

Reverend Skeat, Father of Francis W. Skeat and reverend. 1 Portrait

Arthur Massey Skeffington (1909-1971), Politician and member of the Fabian Society. 15 Portraits

Hon. Diana Elizabeth Margaret Skeffington (1909-1930), Daughter of 12th Viscount Massereene and 5th Viscount Ferrard. 1 Portrait

Sir Lumley St George Skeffington (1771-1850), Fop and playwright. 6 Portraits

Thomas Cecil Skeffington-Lodge (1905-1994), Politician; MP for Bedford. 7 Portraits

Matthew Skeggs (died 1773), Actor. 4 Portraits

Angela Skelcher (active 1987), Emery Walker Cataloguer, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir Norman John Skelhorn (1909-1988), Lawyer and public servant. 9 Portraits

Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Baron Skelmersdale (1771-1853). 4 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth Bootle-Wilbraham (née Taylor), Lady Skelmersdale (1770-1840), Wife of Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Baron Skelmersdale. 1 Portrait

Bevil Skelton (circa 1641-1696), Diplomat and soldier. 1 Portrait

Humphrey Skelton, Upholsterer. 2 Portraits

John Skelton (1460?-1529), Poet. 4 Portraits

Margaret (née Clark), Lady Skelton (1887-1960), Wife of Sir Henry Alexander. 5 Portraits

Peter Skelton (1901-1994), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Andrew Skene (active 1835), Solicitor-general for Scotland in 1835. 1 Portrait

John Skene (active 1802), Flax-dresser; heckler and lunatic. 3 Portraits

Miss E. Skepelhorn. 1 Portrait

Skepta (Joseph Junior Adenuga) (1982-), Rapper, songwriter, record producer and music video director. 1 Portrait

David Skerritt, Engineer, member of London 2012 Olympic Park Enabling Works. 1 Portrait

Arthur Sketchley (George Rose) (1817-1882), Writer. 2 Portraits

Richard Forster Sketchley (1826-1911), Librarian and local historian. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Oliver Skevington (1873-1952), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Skewes-Cox (1849-1913), Politician; MP for Kingston. 1 Portrait

Robert Jacob Alexander Skidelsky, Baron Skidelsky (1939-), Political economist. 1 Portrait

Dunstan Skilbeck (1904-1989), Principal, Wye College, University of London. 2 Portraits

Ian Edward Bowring Skimming (1920-1973), Soldier and businessman. 5 Portraits

Frederick William Skinnard (1902-1984), Politician and educationist. 7 Portraits

Ben Skinner, Surfer. 1 Portrait

Claire Skinner (1965-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Cornelia Otis Skinner (1901-1979), Actress, author and monologist. 4 Portraits

Dennis Edward Skinner (1932-), Politician; MP for Bolsover. 4 Portraits

Frank Skinner (Christopher Graham Collins) (1957-), Comedian. 2 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Gordon Skinner, 3rd Bt (1899-1972), Partner, Director and Manager of Thomas Skinner and Co. 2 Portraits

Jack Emerson Skinner (died 1994), Scottish dancer. 1 Portrait

James Skinner (1818-1881), Reverend, author and hymn writer. 1 Portrait

James Skinner (1778-1841), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

J.M. Skinner (died 1832), Captain of the Holyhead hunt packet. 1 Portrait

Mike Skinner (1978-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'The Streets'. 1 Portrait

N.C. Skinner (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Cyriac Burrell Skinner (1871-1955), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Richard Skinner (active 1853). 1 Portrait

Robert Peet Skinner (1866-1960), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

William Campbell Skinner (born circa 1765), Soldier; son of General William Skinner. 4 Portraits

Birgit Skiöld (1923-1982), Printmaker, painter and photographer. 1 Portrait

Philip Skippon (circa 1600-1660), Soldier. 7 Portraits

Horace Pitt Kennedy Skipton (1861-1943), Author and Priest-in-Charge at St Philip's, Reigate. 3 Portraits

Elsie Maude (née Allison-Brown), Lady Skipwith, Wife of Sir Grey Humberston d'Estoteville Skipwith, 11th Bt; daughter of R.Allison-Brown. 4 Portraits

Harry Louis D'Estoteville Skipwith (1868-1955), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

John Granville Wemyss Skipwith (1921-1991), Royal Artillery. 6 Portraits

Mary Holden Skipwith (née Steward) (died 1904), Wife of Randolph Skipwith; daughter of Henry Steward. 1 Portrait

Selina (née Shirley), Lady Skipwith (1752-1832), Wife of Sir Thomas George Skipwith, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

George Borman Skipworth (1820-1890), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Miss Skipworth, Possible relative of Charlotte Jane Gibbons (née Skipworth). 2 Portraits

Archibald Skirving (1749-1819), Scottish portrait painter. 1 Portrait

C. Skovron? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

(Margaret) Betty Harvie Anderson, Baroness Skrimshire of Quarter (1913-1979), Politician and chief commander in the ATS. 6 Portraits

Sir Clarmont Skrine (1888-1974), Civil servant, India and authority on Central Asia. 4 Portraits

Henry Duncan Skrine (1815-1901), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Charles Boothby Skrymshire (1740-1800). 1 Portrait

Alexander von Skrzynno-Skrzynski, 2nd Count Skrzynski (1882-1931), Prime Minister of Poland. 5 Portraits

George Edward Mackenzie Skues (1858-1949), Solicitor and writer on angling. 2 Portraits

Sir John Skynner (1724?-1805), Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 2 Portraits

Lancelot Skynner (1766?-1799), Captain in the Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Philip William Skynner Miles (1795-1881), Politician; MP for Bristol. 1 Portrait

Anthony Lyle Skyrme (1946-), Son of Sir William Thomas Charles Skyrme and grandson of 1st Baron Lyle. 10 Portraits

Hon. (Barbara) Suzanne Skyrme (née Lyle) (1915-1994), Wife of Sir William Thomas Charles Skyrme; daughter of 1st Baron Lyle. 10 Portraits

John ('Jack') Slack (circa 1721-1768), Boxer. 3 Portraits

Cicely Slade (née Neave) (1840-1920), Wife of Wyndham Slade; daughter of Sir Richard Digby Neave, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmond John Warre Slade (1859-1928), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Sir Gerald Osborne Slade (1891-1962), Judge of the High Court of Justice. 3 Portraits

Harry Slade. 1 Portrait

Henry Slade (1835-1905), Medium. 1 Portrait

Jane Gwenllian Armstrong Slade (née Buckley) (1936-), Daughter of Sir Denys Burton Buckley; wife of Christopher John Slade. 8 Portraits

Sir John Slade, 1st Bt (1762-1859), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Matilda Ellen (née Dawson), Lady Slade (circa 1804-1868), Daughter of James Dawson; second wife of Sir John Slade, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Patricia Slade, Actress. 2 Portraits

Rod Slade (died 2013), Musician; bassist for The Alan Price Set. 1 Portrait

Reverend Slade. 1 Portrait

Christian Dorothea Sladen (née Duthie), Second wife of Douglas Sladen; daughter of John Duthie. 1 Portrait

Douglas Brooke Wheelton Sladen (1856-1947), Writer and professor of history. 4 Portraits

Norman St Barbe Sladen (1891-1969). 2 Portraits

Sir Sampson Sladen (1868-1940), Lieutenant-Commander. 4 Portraits

Victoria Sladen (Victoria May Schlageter) (1910-1999), Soprano. 3 Portraits

Mrs Sladen (née Cobbold) (1892-1965), Wife of Algernon Sladen; daughter of J.D. Cobbold. 1 Portrait

John Slagg (1837-1889), Politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Nicholas Slanning (1606-1643), Royalist army officer. 4 Portraits

H. Slarvon? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Joseph Slater, Baron Slater (1904-1977), Politician; Assistant Postmaster-General. 1 Portrait

Daphne Slater (1928-2012), Actress. 1 Portrait

David A. Slater (1866-1938), Professor of Latin. 2 Portraits

Eliot Trevor Oakeshott Slater (1904-1983), Psychiatrist. 1 Portrait

Frank Slater (1903-1965), Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

James Derrick Slater (1929-2015), Financier. 1 Portrait

Joan Slater. 4 Portraits

John Nuttall Slater (1894-1973), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Montagu Slater (1902-1956), Poet. 1 Portrait

Nigel Slater (1958-), Chef and cookery writer. 1 Portrait

Noel Slater, Vicar. 2 Portraits

Sir (Alexander) Ransford Slater (1874-1940), Colonial administrator. 8 Portraits

Samuel Slater (1629?-1704), Clergyman and ejected minister. 2 Portraits

Sir William Kershaw Slater (1893-1970), Chemist and Secretary of the Agricultural Research Council. 2 Portraits

Mrs E.C. Slater Harrison, Daughter of Audrey and Mary Cartwright. 7 Portraits

Rudolf Anton Carl Freiherr ('Slatin Pascha') von Slatin (1857-1932), Major General and administrator in the Sudan. 3 Portraits

Cecil Nancy Ashwin (née Davies), Lady Slatter (1906-1973), Wife of Sir Leonard Horatio Slatter. 5 Portraits

David Slatter (1937-), Son of Sir Leonard Horatio Slatter. 8 Portraits

E?.W. Slatter. 1 Portrait

Charles Lewis Slattery (1867-1930), Bishop of Massachusetts. 1 Portrait

John Slattery (1886-1958), Deputy Inspector of Police of Punjab. 1 Portrait

Sir Matthew Sausse Slattery (1902-1990), Rear-Admiral. 6 Portraits

William Slatyer (circa 1587-1647), Church of England clergyman and author. 2 Portraits

Fred Slaughter. 6 Portraits

George Moulas Slaughter (1831-1892), Surgeon-General. 1 Portrait

Reginald Joseph Slaughter (1874-1968), Lieutenant-Colonel in British Army. 1 Portrait

Gladys Slay, Assistant to Dorothy Wilding during the 1930s. 1 Portrait

Gladys E. Slay (1916-2008), Assistant to Dorothy Wilding. 8 Portraits

Edward Wheeler Slayter (1869-1946), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Sir William Rudolph Slayter (1896-1971), Admiral. 5 Portraits

William Boultbee Sleath (1763-1842), Headmaster of Repton School. 1 Portrait

Colin Bruce Slee (1945-2010), Dean of Southwark Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Elma Slee (active late 1920s-1930s), Actress. 2 Portraits

F.M. Sleeman. 1 Portrait

Sir James Lewis Sleeman (1880-1963), Colonel. 9 Portraits

Wayne Sleep (1948-), Dancer, actor and choreographer. 2 Portraits

Johannes Sleidanus (Johann Sleidan) (1506-1556), German historian. 4 Portraits

Sir James Wallace Sleigh (1780-1865), Major-General. 2 Portraits

William Campbell Sleigh (1818-1887), Serjeant-at-law. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Slesser (1883-1979), Judge. 2 Portraits

Margaret (née Grant), Lady Slesser (died 1979), Wife of Sir Henry Herman Slesser; daughter of Corrie Grant. 2 Portraits

Sir John Cotesworth Slessor (1897-1979), Marshal of the Royal Air Force. 5 Portraits

George John Browne, 3rd Marquess of Sligo (1820-1896), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Ulick Browne, 5th Marquess of Sligo (1831-1913), Civil servant and landowner. 1 Portrait

Catherine Henrietta (née Dicken), Marchioness of Sligo (circa 1836-1914), Wife of 5th Marquess of Sligo; daughter of William Stephens Dicken. 1 Portrait

George Ulick Browne, 6th Marquess of Sligo (1856-1935), Captain. 4 Portraits

Agatha Stewart (née Hodgson), Marchioness of Sligo (died 1965), Wife of 6th Marquess of Sligo. 3 Portraits

Jennifer June Lushington (née Cooper), Marchioness of Sligo (1939-active 1962), Wife of 11th Marquess of Sligo; daughter of George Derek Cooper. 3 Portraits

Arthur Howe Browne, 8th Marquess of Sligo (1867-1951), Colonel. 1 Portrait

William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount Slim (1891-1970), Field Marshal. 38 Portraits

Aileen (née Robertson), Viscountess Slim (1901-1993), Wife of 1st Viscount Slim; daughter of J. A. Robertson. 5 Portraits

Penny Slinger (1947-), Artist and author. 2 Portraits

Sir William Slingo (1855-1935), Administrator general; Engineer in Chief of General Post Office (1912-1919). 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Slingsby, Bt (1602-1658), Royalist army officer, conspirator and politician; MP for Knaresborough. 15 Portraits

Sir William Slingsby (1562-1624?), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Norman Alexander Sloan (1914-1999), Barrister and legal adviser. 2 Portraits

Robert Patrick Sloan (1874-1947), President of Electricity Board. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Sloan (1870-1941), Politician; founder of the Independent Orange Order. 2 Portraits

(James Forman) Tod Sloan (1874-1933), Jockey. 3 Portraits

Sir Hans Sloane, Bt (1660-1753), Physician and collector. 8 Portraits

Diana Sloane-Stanley (1904-1994), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Hans Sloane-Stanley (1739-1827), Great-nephew of Sir Hans Sloane. 1 Portrait

Lavender Elizabeth Sloane-Stanley (1900-1975), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Ros Sloboda, Assistant to Michael Grade, Chairman of Pinewood Studios. 1 Portrait

George Edward Slocombe (1894-1963), Writer, journalist and war correspondent. 3 Portraits

(Guy) Dennis Slocum (active 1930s), British Airways pilot. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Thomas Sloggett (1857-1929), Lieutenant-General. 7 Portraits

Sir Albert Edward Sloman (1921-2012), Vice-Chancellor of University of Essex. 3 Portraits

John Sloman (circa 1794-1873), Actor and vocalist. 1 Portrait

Edmund Hugh Lindsay Sloper (1826-1887), Pianist, composer and teacher of music. 3 Portraits

Gerald Maurice Joseph Slot (died 1972), Consulting physician and medical author. 2 Portraits

Matthew Slotover (1969-), Co-founder, Frieze magazine and Frieze Art Fair. 2 Portraits

W.A. Slow (active 1951), Publicity director of Marshall & Snelgrove. 1 Portrait

Margaret Smail (née Grenfell) (1935-), Wife of Simon Trevor Smail; daughter of Hon. Arthur Bernard John Grenfell. 2 Portraits

Richard Smalbroke (1672-1749), Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. 1 Portrait

John Small (1823-1879), Staff surgeon, 15th Light Infantry. 1 Portrait

(Robert) Leonard Small (1905-1994), Chaplain to the Queen in Scotland; Author. 1 Portrait

Susan Small, Fashion designer. 8 Portraits

William Watson Small (1909-1978), Politician and engineer. 3 Portraits

A. Smalley. 1 Portrait

Cornwall Smalley (1790-1859), Incumbent of St Matthew's, Bayswater. 1 Portrait

George Washburn Smalley (1833-1916), Journalist. 1 Portrait

M.L. Smalley. 1 Portrait

Charles Ernest Smalley-Baker (1891-1972), Dean Emeritus of Osgoode Hall Law School. 1 Portrait

Frederick Smallfield (1829-1915), Watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Basil Smallpeice (1906-1992), Accountant and businessman. 3 Portraits

D. Smallwood (active late 19th century), Hunt leader. 1 Portrait

Edward Smallwood (1861-1939), Politician and President of the Coal Merchants Federation of Great Britain. 5 Portraits

Gerald Russell Smallwood (1889-1977), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Thomas Smallwood (active 1740), Boxer. 2 Portraits

George Smalridge (1662-1719), Bishop of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Christopher Smart (1722-1771), Poet. 2 Portraits

Edward Kenneth Smart (1891-1961), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Smart (1913-1986), Writer. 2 Portraits

Sir George Thomas Smart (1776-1867), Conductor and organist. 4 Portraits

Sir Harold Nevil Smart (1883-1950), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Harry George Smart (1891-1963), Air Vice-Marshal. 6 Portraits

Henry Hawley Smart (1833-1893), Army officer and novelist. 2 Portraits

John Smart (1741-1811), Miniature painter. 1 Portrait

Lilian (née Gibson), Lady Smart, Wife of Sir Morton Smart; daughter of William S. Gibson. 3 Portraits

Sir Morton Warrack Smart (1877-1956), Manipulative surgeon. 3 Portraits

M. Smart (active 1925). 1 Portrait

O.R. Smart. 1 Portrait

Peter Smart (1569-1652?), Puritan divine. 2 Portraits

Thomas Smart (died 1735), Vicar of Maker. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas William Smartt (1858-1929), South African politician. 5 Portraits

Chas Smash (Cathal Smythe) (1959-), Musician; member of Madness. 1 Portrait

William Smeal (1792-1877), Grocer and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

John Smeaton (1724-1792), Civil engineer. 3 Portraits

Francis Edward Smedley (1818-1864), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Smedley (1920-2004), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Henry Smedley (active early 19th century). 2 Portraits

Michael Smedley-Aston (1912-2006), Film producer. 2 Portraits

Alfred Smee (1818-1877), Chemist and surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Michael Smeeton (1912-1992), Vice-Admiral. 14 Portraits

William Smellie (1740-1795), Printer, editor and antiquary. 1 Portrait

James Smetham (1821-1889), Painter and essayist. 1 Portrait

Arthur Frederick Smethurst (1904-1957), Canon of Salisbury Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Dame Mary Guillan Smieton (1902-2005), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education. 1 Portrait

Samuel Smiles (1812-1904), Social reformer; author of 'Self Help'. 4 Portraits

Samuel Smiles (1877-1953), Chemist and Professor of Chemistry. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Dorling Smiles (1883-1953), Lieutenant-Colonel, member of Assam Legislative Council and Conservative politician; MP for Blackburn and County Down. 3 Portraits

Sir Hugh Houston Smiley, 3rd Bt (1905-1990), Army Captain and Vice-Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire. 2 Portraits

Sir John Philip Smiley, 4th Bt (1934-), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Moyra Eileen Smiley (née Montagu-Douglas-Scott) (1919-2011), Former wife of Hugo Douglas Tweedie, and later wife of David de Crespigny Smiley; daughter of Sir Francis George Montagu Douglas Scott. 3 Portraits

Nancy Elizabeth Louise Hardy (née Beaton), Lady Smiley (1909-1999), Wife of Sir Hugh Houston Smiley, 3rd Bt; sister of Cecil Beaton. 27 Portraits

Norman Bryce Smiley (1909-1968), Managing Director, Arthur Guinness Son & Co. Ltd. 1 Portrait

S.F. Smiley. 1 Portrait

Smiley Culture (David Victor Emmanuel) (1963-2011), Singer and DJ. 1 Portrait

Robert Smillie (1857-1940), Miners' leader. 1 Portrait

Joseph Smilovits (born 1894), Violinist and part of the Léner Quartet. 1 Portrait

Robert Smirke (1753-1845), Painter and illustrator. 8 Portraits

Sir Robert Smirke (1780-1867), Architect. 7 Portraits

Boris Smirnoff (1894-1976), Artist. 9 Portraits

Jacobus Stephanus Smit (1878-1960), Magistrate and High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa. 2 Portraits

Sir Timothy Bartel ('Tim') Smit (1954-), Chief Executive of the Eden Project. 2 Portraits

Christopher Robert ('Chris') Smith, Baron Smith (1951-), Labour politician; MP for Islington South and Finsbury and chairman of the Environment Agency. 3 Portraits

Rodney Smith, Baron Smith of Marlow (1914-1998), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Lady Alexandra Mary Smith (née Cadogan) (1920-1985), Former wife of Robert Gilliam Buchanan, and later wife of Norman Hutchison Smith; daughter of 6th Earl of Cadogan. 6 Portraits

Lady Barbara Elizabeth Smith (née Coventry) (1870-1946), Justice of the Peace; daughter of 9th Earl of Coventry; wife of Gerald Dudley Smith. 2 Portraits

Lady Eleanor Furneaux Smith (1902-1945), Author; daughter of 1st Earl of Birkenhead. 5 Portraits

Lady Helen Smith (née Pleydell-Bouverie) (1908-2003), Regional Administrator, Southern Region, Women's Voluntary Services. 3 Portraits

Lady Lucy Smith (née Leslie-Melville) (1794-1865), Wife of Henry Smith; daughter of 7th Earl of Leven and 6th Earl of Melville. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Elizabeth Abel Smith (née Carnegie) (1899-1996), Wife of Conolly Abel Smith; daughter of 10th Earl of Southesk. 5 Portraits

Lady Patricia Smith (née Herbert) (1904-1994), Wife of William Henry Smith, 3rd Viscount Hambleden; daughter of 15th Earl of Pembroke. 1 Portrait

Lady Susan Emma Smith (née Pelham) (1831-1875), Wife of Abel Smith; daughter of 3rd Earl of Chichester. 1 Portrait

Abel Smith (1788-1859), Banker and politician. 1 Portrait

Abel Henry Smith (1862-1930), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

Adam Smith (1723-1790), Political economist. 6 Portraits

Agnes Frederica (née Cure), Lady Smith (died 1913), Wife of Sir Charles Cunliffe Smith, 3rd Bt; daughter of Capel Cure. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan Rae Smith (1885-1961), Chartered accountant. 11 Portraits

Albanus Smith, Son of Albanus Longstreth Smith. 1 Portrait

Albanus Longstreth Smith (1859-1938), Son of Horace J. Smith. 3 Portraits

Albert Richard Smith (1816-1860), Writer, public lecturer and mountaineer. 15 Portraits

Alfred Smith (active 1880s). 1 Portrait

Alfred William Smith (1875-1958), Assistant Bishop in Diocese of Lagos for Northern Nigeria. 1 Portrait

Alfred Owen Smith, Vicar, St Andrews, Islington. 4 Portraits

Sir Allan Macgregor Smith (1870-1941), Politician and company chairman. 1 Portrait

Sir Andreas Whittam Smith (1937-), Newspaper editor; co-founder of 'The Independent' newspaper. 1 Portrait

Dame Ann Beadsmore Smith (1869-1960), Army nurse. 2 Portraits

Annie Elizabeth Smith (née Pennock) (died 1937), Evangelist convert; first wife of Rodney Smith ('Gipsy Smith'). 1 Portrait

Antony Frederick Smith (1937-), Son of Hon. David John Smith. 5 Portraits

Archibald Smith (1813-1872), Barrister and mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Levin Smith (1836-1901), Judge. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Francis Smith (1890-1977), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

Arthur Gordon Smith (1873-1953), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Arthur J Smith (1840-after 1918), Amateur jockey, foxhunter and Captain of the 6th Dragoon Guards. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lionel Smith (1850-1924), Historian and Master of Balliol College, Oxford. 3 Portraits

Arthur W.W. Smith (1825-1861), Entertainer. 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Aubrey Smith (1863-1948), Actor and cricketer. 4 Portraits

Sir Aubrey Clare Hugh Smith (1872-1957), Admiral. 4 Portraits

A.J. Smith, Racehorse trainer. 4 Portraits

A.J. Smith, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

A?.V. Smith. 1 Portrait

Barbara Abel Smith, Daughter of Desmond Abel-Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir Ben Smith (1879-1964), Politician and taxi driver. 14 Portraits

Benjamin Leigh Smith (1828-1913), Explorer. 1 Portrait

Bernard Smith (1881-1936), Director of Geological Survey of Great Britain and Museum of Practical Geology. 1 Portrait

Bobby Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir Bracewell Smith, 1st Bt (1884-1966), Lord Mayor of London and Conservative politician. 7 Portraits

(Walter) Campbell Smith (1887-1988), Mineralogist and petrologist. 3 Portraits

Carleton Smith, Physician. 1 Portrait

Carolyn Diana Smith (1944-), Daughter of Baron Delacourt Smith of New Windsor. 2 Portraits

Catherine Smith (née Vernon) (died 1833), Wife of Robert Percy Smith, Judge-Advocate-General; daughter of Richard Vernon. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Miller Smith (1896-1988), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Charles Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Cunliffe Smith, 3rd Bt (1827-1905), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith (1897-1935), Aviator. 1 Portrait

Charles F. Smith, Assistant Manager, Refreshments Department, Houses of Parliament. 1 Portrait

Charles Hamilton Smith (1776-1859), Soldier and naturalist. 2 Portraits

Charles Howard Smith (1888-1942), Minister in Reykjavik, Iceland. 5 Portraits

Charles John Smith (1804-1874), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Smith (née Turner) (1749-1806), Poet and novelist. 4 Portraits

Charlotte Vanessa Stanley Smith (1948-1949), Granddaughter of 2nd Viscount Scarsdale. 3 Portraits

Christopher Patrick Crawford Smith (1902-1984), Headmaster. 3 Portraits

Sir Clarence Smith (1849-1941), Stockbroker and Liberal politician; MP for Kingston upon Hull East. 1 Portrait

Mr Cole (Bellington?) Smith. 1 Portrait

Mrs Cole Smith (active 1840). 1 Portrait

Colin Ranger Smith (1934-2004), Trumpeter, 'Terry Lightfoot and his Jazzmen'. 1 Portrait

Constance Smith (1928-2003), Actress. 1 Portrait

Constance Elizabeth Smith (born 1830). 1 Portrait

Constance Henrietta Sophia Louisa Smith (née Somerset) (1827-1893), Wife of Rowland Smith; daughter of Lord Granville Somerset. 1 Portrait

Cynthia Mary (née Brookes), Lady Smith (1912-1962), Daughter of Sir Norman E. Brookes; wife of Sir (Harold) Gengoult Smith. 4 Portraits

Sir Cyril Smith (1928-2010), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Cyril James Smith (1909-1974), Professor of Pianoforte. 2 Portraits

Master C. Smith (active circa 1902), Actor. 1 Portrait

C.F. Smith, Counsellor of Norwegian Legation. 1 Portrait

Dave Smith, Canteen staff. 1 Portrait

David Bertram Miller Smith (1884-1963), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Hon. David John Smith (1907-1976), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of William Frederick Danvers Smith, 2nd Viscount Hambleden. 6 Portraits

David Nichol Smith (1875-1962), Professor of English Literature. 1 Portrait

Delia Smith (1941-), Cookery writer. 1 Portrait

Dick Smith (active 1952-died 2014), Bass player; member of Chris Barber's Band. 1 Portrait

Dodie Smith (1896-1990), Novelist and playwright. 3 Portraits

Donald T. Smith (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Dorothy M. Smith, Matron, Guys Hospital. 2 Portraits

Eddie Smith (1926-1992), Jazz musician; banjo player. 1 Portrait

Edith Lushington Smith (1850-1895), Daughter of Edmund Smith. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edith Mabell Emily Smith (1901-1973), Daughter of William Frederick Danvers Smith, 2nd Viscount Hambleden. 10 Portraits

Edmund Hyde Smith (1865-1939), Admiral. 7 Portraits

Edward Smith (active 1872), Rower, The Atalanta Club of New York. 1 Portrait

Edward Smith (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Edward John Smith (1850-1912), Captain of the RMS Titanic. 1 Portrait

Edward Percy Smith (1891-1968), Author and Conservative politician; MP for Ashford. 2 Portraits

Edwin Smith (1912-1971), Photographer, writer and painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Edwin Thomas Smith (1830-1919), Politician. 2 Portraits

Edwin W. Smith (1876-1957), African missionary. 1 Portrait

Eileen Smith (born 1910). 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Smith (1776-1806), Oriental scholar. 2 Portraits

Hon. Elizabeth Dulcie Smith (née Hotham) (1901-1969), Wife of Colin Edward Hugh Smith; daughter of Henry Edward Hotham. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Emma Beatrice Aubrey (née Grosvenor), Lady Smith (1875-1931), Daughter of 1st Baron Stalbridge; wife of Sir Aubrey Clare Hugh Smith. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Pearsall Smith (1825-1914), Editor of 'Recollections of John Jay Smith'. 1 Portrait

Ellis Smith (1896-1969), Justice of the Peace and politician. 13 Portraits

Emma Brooks Smith (née Mellor) (1864-1946), Wife of Albanus Longstreth Smith. 2 Portraits

Erasmus Smith (1611-1691), Son of Sir Roger Smith, Bt. 3 Portraits

(Eric) Eph Smith (1915-1972), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Ernest Bramah Smith (1868-1942), Humourist and detective story writer. 14 Portraits

Ernest John Heriz Smith (1851-1911), Clergyman, Dean and Proctor of Pembroke College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Woodhouse Smith (1884-1960), Fuel consultant. 7 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Eustace Smith (1900-1971), Colonel and shipbuilding expert; chairman of Smith's Dock Company. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Mary Smith (born circa 1855), Daughter of Abel Smith and Lady Susan Emma Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir (Frank) Ewart Smith (1897-1995), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Frances Hyde Smith (née Hutchins), Wife of Edmund Hyde Smith. 2 Portraits

Francis Smith (baptised 1672-1738), Architect and builder. 2 Portraits

Francis Jagoe Smith (1873-1969), Ceylonese civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Petitt Smith (1808-1874), Inventor of screw-propeller for steamships. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Whitmore Smith (1844-1931), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Frank Edward Smith (1879-1970), Scientist. 10 Portraits

Frank Whitall Smith (1854-1872), Son of Robert and Hannah Pearsall Smith. 2 Portraits

Sir Frederick Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Smith (1857-1929), Major-General, Army veterinary service. 6 Portraits

Frederick Cooke Smith (1820-1839), Watercolour painter. 1 Portrait

Mrs F.C. Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir (Harold) Gengoult Smith (1890-1983), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Geoffrey Arthur Granville Smith (1926-1953), Captain in the Coldstream Guards; son of Sir Arthur Francis Smith. 1 Portrait

George Smith (1713-1776), Landscape painter and poet. 4 Portraits

George Smith (died 1788), Criminal. 2 Portraits

George Smith (1815-1871), Missionary and Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong. 5 Portraits

George Smith (1824-1901), Publisher and founder of the Dictionary of National Biography. 1 Portrait

George Smith (1831-1895), Philanthropist. 2 Portraits

George Smith (active 1845), Minister of Trinity Chapel, Poplar. 1 Portrait

George Smith (1845-1918), Army chaplain. 1 Portrait

Sir George Smith (1858-1938), Civil Servant, War Office. 5 Portraits

Sir George Adam Smith (1856-1942), Old Testament scholar and theologian. 1 Portrait

George Albert Smith, Naval Commander. 1 Portrait

George Barnett Smith (1841-1909), Author, journalist and etcher. 1 Portrait

George Charles Smith (1782-1863), Baptist minister. 1 Portrait

George Charles Moore Smith (1858-1940), Literary scholar. 1 Portrait

George Vance Smith (circa 1816-1902), Unitarian minister and biblical scholar. 3 Portraits

Geraldine Smith (née Oppenheim) (born 1897), Wife of Ryder Smithl; daughter of Edward Phillips Oppenheim. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Boys Smith (1859-1937), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Goldwin Smith (1823-1910), Journalist and historian. 6 Portraits

Gordon V. Smith (1906-1997), Bishop of Iowa. 1 Portrait

Sir Grafton Elliot Smith (1871-1937), Anatomist and anthropologist. 1 Portrait

Guy Vernon Smith (1880-1957), Bishop of Leicester. 8 Portraits

Hannah Tatum Smith (née Whitall) (1832-1911), Evangelist and religious writer. 47 Portraits

(William) Harding Smith (1848-1922), Artist and collector. 1 Portrait

Harold Ross Smith (1906-1956), Secretary for Department of Health. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Smith, Bt (1787-1860), General. 4 Portraits

Harry Smith (active 1879-1888), Art lover. 1 Portrait

Harvey Orrin Smith (later Orrinsmith) (active 1849-1870), Wood engraver; son of John Orrin Smith. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Mildred Smith (née Hodgson) (1805-1891), Wife of Oswald Smith; daughter of Robert Hodgson; great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II. 1 Portrait

Henry Smith (circa 1560-1591), Church of England clergyman; lecturer of St Clement Danes. 3 Portraits

Henry Smith (died 1627 or 1628), Alderman of London and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Henry Smith (1823-1894), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Henry Smith (1826-1883), Mathematician. 2 Portraits

Henry Smith (died 1874), Husband of Lady Lucy Smith. 1 Portrait

Henry Augustus Morton Smith (1862-1941), Portrait, marine and flower painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Babington Smith (1863-1923), Civil servant and financier. 5 Portraits

Henry Bompas Smith (1867-1953), Professor of Education. 1 Portrait

Henry Frank Smith (1875-1939), Naval Aide-de-camp to King; engineer and Rear Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Moncrieff Smith (1873-1951), Colonial secretary in India. 1 Portrait

Henry Norman Smith (1890-1962), Labour politician; MP for Nottingham South. 3 Portraits

Henry Spencer Smith (1812-1901), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Thompson Smith (1905-1986), Civil Servant, Deputy Under-Secretary of State. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Guthrie Smith (1864-1930), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Hester Smith, Wife of Edmund Smith. 1 Portrait

Horatio ('Horace') Smith (1779-1849), Poet and novelist. 3 Portraits

Horace J. Smith (1837-1906), Brother of Robert Pearsall Smith. 2 Portraits

Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith (1864-1945), Civil servant and social investigator. 4 Portraits

Hugh Crawford Smith (1846-1907), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

H.B. Smith. 1 Portrait

Iain Crichton Smith (1928-1998), Poet and novelist. 1 Portrait

Isaac Smith (1734-1805), Composer. 1 Portrait

Jack Smith (1928-2011), Artist. 6 Portraits

Jack Smith (born 1858), Fruiterer. 1 Portrait

Jacqueline Jill ('Jacqui') Smith (1962-), Politician; MP for Redditch and the first female Home Secretary. 1 Portrait

James Smith (1775-1839), Writer and humorist; brother of Horatio Smith. 4 Portraits

James Andrew Buchan Smith (1906-1996), Biochemist and President of the Society of Dairy Technology. 2 Portraits

Sir James Cowlishaw Smith (1873-1946). 2 Portraits

James Desmond Blaise Smith (1911-1991), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir James Edward Smith (1759-1828), Botanist. 6 Portraits

James Lawrence Smith (1862-1945), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

James Parker Smith (1854-1929), Politician and businessman. 2 Portraits

James W. Smith. 5 Portraits

Jane Smith (1975-), Diver; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Jean Mary Smith (née Bradbridge), Wife of Lewis HIlton Smith. 1 Portrait

Jeremiah Smith (1771-1854), Headmaster of Manchester Grammar School 1807-1838. 1 Portrait

Jervoise Smith (1828-1884), Politician and banker. 1 Portrait

Hon. James Frederick Arthur ('Jimmy') Smith (1906-1980), Director of W. H. Smith & Son and Lieutenant-Colonel; son of 2nd Viscount Hambleden. 18 Portraits

Joan Alison Smith (1953-), Novelist, short story writer and journalist. 1 Portrait

(Esther) Joanna Smith (1934-), Daughter of Hon. David John Smith. 5 Portraits

John Gordon Smith (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Smith (1580-1631), Soldier and colonist. 3 Portraits

John Smith (1652-1743), Engraver. 4 Portraits

John Smith (1655 or 1656-1723), Politician and Speaker of the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

John Smith (active 1690), Writing Master at Christ's Hospital School. 2 Portraits

John Smith (baptised 1711-1795), College head and professor of astronomy. 1 Portrait

John Smith (1717-1764), Landscape painter. 4 Portraits

Sir John Smith, Bt (1744-1807). 4 Portraits

John Smith (1744?-1809), Rector of Fairford, Gloucestershire; Master of Pembroke College. 4 Portraits

John Smith (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

John Smith (1938-1994), Politician; leader of the Labour Party. 5 Portraits

John Smith (active 1950s), Poet. 1 Portrait

John Abel Smith (1802-1871), Financier and politician. 1 Portrait

John Alexander Smith (1863-1939), Waynflete Professor of Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy, Oxford. 1 Portrait

John Christopher Smith (1712-1795), Musician and composer. 1 Portrait

John Jay Smith (1798-1881), Librarian and editor. 5 Portraits

John Pye Smith (1774-1851), Congregational minister. 2 Portraits

John Raphael Smith (1752-1812), Portrait painter, engraver and pastellist. 1 Portrait

John Russell Smith (1810-1894), Bookseller. 2 Portraits

John Stafford Smith (1750-1836), Composer and musical antiquary. 2 Portraits

John Taylor Smith (1860-1938), Bishop of Sierra Leone and Chaplain-General to the Forces. 2 Portraits

John Thomas Smith (1766-1833), Draughtsman and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Jorja Smith (1997-), Singer-songwriter. 1 Portrait

Julia Smith (active 1836), Actress. 1 Portrait

Julian David Smith (1932-), Son of Hon. David John Smith. 5 Portraits

J. Smith (active 1857). 1 Portrait

Sir Keith Macpherson Smith (1890-1955), Aviator. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Manley Smith (1892-1981), Agricultural Entomologist, Director Virus Research Unit, Agricultural Research Council, Cambridge. 3 Portraits

Kitty Smith (active 1836), Actress. 1 Portrait

Layton Smith (active circa 1754), Debtor. 2 Portraits

Lee Smith (1960-), Film editor. 1 Portrait

Lesley Clare Smith (1948-), Daughter of Baron Delacourt Smith of New Windsor. 2 Portraits

Leslie Smith, Friend of Peter Gidal. 1 Portrait

Liz Smith (née Betty Gleadle) (1921-2016), Actress. 1 Portrait

Lloyd Pearsall Smith (1822-1886), Librarian of the Philadelphia Library Company. 1 Portrait

(Lloyd) Logan Pearsall Smith (1865-1946), Writer. 25 Portraits

Louisa Smith (née Smith-Barry), Wife of Thomas Berry Cusack Smith; daughter of James Hugh Smith-Barry. 1 Portrait

Louis Antoine Smith (1989-), Gymnast; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sir Louis W. Smith (1879-1939), Politician, engineer and company director. 1 Portrait

Lucius Smith (1860-1934), Bishop of Knaresborough. 2 Portraits

L. Smith, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Dame Margaret Natalie ('Maggie') Smith (1934-), Actress. 12 Portraits

Marjorie Methwold Smith (née Birkett) (1895-1984), Wife of Hon. (Hubert) Constantine Smith; daughter of Arthur Birkett. 3 Portraits

Mark E. Smith (1957-2018), Musician; singer for the Fall. 1 Portrait

Martha Mary Smith (née Dalrymple) (1835-1919), Art patron, daughter of Captain (William Henry) Clarence Dalrymple; wife of (Thomas) Eustace Smith. 3 Portraits

Martin Smith (1950-), Ceramic artist and Professor of the Royal College of Art. 1 Portrait

Martin Linton Smith (1869-1950), Bishop of Warrington, Bishop of Hereford and Bishop of Rochester. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mary Smith (née Hare) (died before 1691), Wife of Erasmus Smith. 1 Portrait

Mary Smith (active early 18th century), Wife of Samuel Smith of Weald Hall. 1 Portrait

Mary Smith (active mid 18th century), Innkeeper at Portsmouth. 2 Portraits

Mary Smith (née Cunliffe) (died 1804), First wife of Sir Drummond Smith, 1st Bt. 4 Portraits

Mary Smith (active 1924). 8 Portraits

Mary B.L. Smith. 1 Portrait

Mary Lucy Smith (née Keeley) (circa 1830-1870), Actor; daughter of Robert Keeley; wife of Albert Richard Smith. 1 Portrait

Matilda Smith (née Rigby), Daughter of Edward and Anne Rigby. 5 Portraits

Matilda Caroline (née Croft), Lady Smith (died 1904), Second wife of Sir Charles Felix Smith; daughter of Robert Croft. 1 Portrait

Matthew Robert ('Matt') Smith (1982-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Matthew Smith (1879-1959), Painter. 6 Portraits

Maureen Pamela Stewart Smith (née Jolly) (1943-), Wife of Brian Nicholas Danby Smith; granddaughter of 5th Earl of Clancarty. 2 Portraits

Melvyn Kenneth ('Mel') Smith (1952-2013), Actor, comedian, writer and director. 2 Portraits

Merial Kathleen Smith (1914-2003), Daughter of Granville Keith-Falconer Smith and grandaughter of 4th Earl of Leitrim. 1 Portrait

Mike Smith (1943-), Musician; member of the Dave Clark Five. 8 Portraits

Michael Joseph ('Mike') Smith (1947-), Tenor saxophonist for Amen Corner. 1 Portrait

Mildred Smith (active 1890s). 1 Portrait

Mildred Smith (née Carew-Gibson) (1916-), Wife of Gordon Macpherson Lang Smith. 1 Portrait

Monica Victoria (née Crossley), Lady Smith (1897-1990), Wife of Sir Arthur Francis Smith; daughter of 1st Baron Somerleyton. 1 Portrait

Sir Montague Edward Smith (1806-1891), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Muriel Burrell Smith (1923-1985), Singer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Myfanwy Ann Smith (née Philipps) (1944-), Wife of Anthony John Frederick Smith; daughter of 2nd Viscount St Davids. 5 Portraits

M. Smith (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Miss M.E. Smith, of Clarence Terrace, Regents Park. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Smith (active 1802-1819), Barrister-at-law, and later Accountant-General in Chancery. 3 Portraits

Norman Jackson Smith (1918-2014), Flying officer. 1 Portrait

Norman Kemp Smith (1872-1958), Professor of Logic and Metaphysics. 3 Portraits

Norman T. Smith, Engineer. 2 Portraits

Paul Smith (1979-), Singer; member of Maxïmo Park. 1 Portrait

Sir Paul Brierley Smith (1946-), Fashion designer. 7 Portraits

Percy John Delf Smith (1882-1948), Draughtsman, etcher, calligrapher and bookbinder. 1 Portrait

Peter Smith (né Thomas Peter Bromley Smith) (1908-1967), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Peter Everard Smith (1943-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Philip Smith (1853-1922), Civil servant and author. 3 Portraits

Philip George Smith (born 1911), Director of Metal Market and Exchange Co Ltd. 2 Portraits

Philip Sydney Smith (1899-1973), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Rachel ('Ray') Pearsall Smith (1868-1880), Daughter of Robert and Hannah Pearsall Smith. 4 Portraits

Ramsay Smith. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Hugh Dorman Smith (1899-1977), Governor of Burma, diplomat and Colonel. 1 Portrait

Rennie Smith (1888-1962), Politician, lecturer and journalist. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Richard ('Dick') Smith (1931-2016), Artist; painter and illustrator. 2 Portraits

Richard Smith (1567-1655), Vicar apostolic of the English church. 3 Portraits

Richard Francis Abel Smith (1933-2004), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Richard John ('O') Smith (1786-1855), Actor. 2 Portraits

Richard Sydney William Smith (1952-), Editor of the British Medical Journal. 1 Portrait

Robert Payne Smith (1818-1895), Orientalist and theologian. 1 Portrait

Robert Pearsall Smith (1827-1899), Lay leader in the Holiness movement and the Higher Life movement. 13 Portraits

Robert Percy Smith (Bobus Smith) (1770-1845), Advocate-general of Bengal. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Workman Smith (1880-1957), Politician; MP for Aberdeenshire Central. 4 Portraits

Rocksborough Remington Smith (1872-1955), Bishop of Algoma. 1 Portrait

Rodney Smith ('Gipsy Smith') (1860-1947), Evangelist. 6 Portraits

Sir Roland Smith (1928-2003), Company chairman; Professor of Management Science. 2 Portraits

Rosemary Winifred Smith (1912-2005), Daughter of Granville Keith-Falconer Smith; grandaughter of 4th Earl of Leitrim. 1 Portrait

Rowland Smith (1826-1901), Politician; MP for South Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

R.G. Smith. 1 Portrait

R.H. Geoffrey Smith (1901-1964), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Samuel Smith (died 1732), Son of Erasmus Smith of Weald Hall. 2 Portraits

Samuel Smith (1798-1868), Free Church minister. 1 Portrait

Samuel Smith (1836-1906), Philanthropist and Liberal politician; MP for Liverpool and Flintshire. 2 Portraits

Sarah Smith (1783-1850), Actor. 2 Portraits

Mr Saunders Alex Smith. 1 Portrait

Shelton Smith, Ministry of Food. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Sidney Smith (1764-1840), Admiral. 23 Portraits

Sidney Smith (1889-1979), Professor Emeritus in Near Eastern Archaeology, University of London. 1 Portrait

Spencer Smith (born 1770). 1 Portrait

Stanley Alwyn Smith (1882-1931), Consulting surgeon. 2 Portraits

Stephen Smith (1946-), Son of Baron Delacourt Smith of New Windsor. 2 Portraits

Florence Margaret ('Stevie') Smith (1902-1971), Poet and novelist. 7 Portraits

Susan Smith (active mid 20th century), Wife of artist Jack Smith. 1 Portrait

Sydney Smith (1771-1845), Wit and Canon of St Paul's. 9 Portraits

Sir Sydney Alfred Smith (1883-1969), Forensic scientist. 11 Portraits

Sydney Herbert Smith (1885-1984), Alderman and Labour politician; MP for Kingston upon Hull South West. 6 Portraits

Sydney William Smith (1878-1963), Lecturer and scientist. 5 Portraits

Thomas Smith (1615-1702), Bishop of Carlisle. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Smith (1513-1577), Scholar, diplomat and political theorist. 9 Portraits

Sir Thomas Smith (1875-1963), Banker. 3 Portraits

Thomas Smith (1707?-1762), Admiral. 3 Portraits

Thomas Smith (born 1743), of Wakefield. 2 Portraits

Thomas Smith (active 1820), Reverend. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Smith, 1st Bt (1833-1909), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Thomas Smith (active 1867). 1 Portrait

Thomas Smith (1883-1969), Consulting Physicist. 6 Portraits

Thomas Assheton Smith (1752-1828), Landowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Thomas Assheton Smith (1776-1858), Quarry owner and sportsman. 1 Portrait

Thomas Berry Cusack Smith (1795-1866), Lawyer and politician; son of Sir William Cusack Smith, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Broun Smith (1915-1988), Jurist and Professor of Scots Law. 1 Portrait

Thomas Southwood Smith (1788-1861), Physician and sanitary reformer. 2 Portraits

Timothy Smith (active early 19th century). 2 Portraits

Tom Smith (1886-1953), Politician; MP for Pontefract and Normanton. 5 Portraits

Tom Smith. 1 Portrait

Trafford Smith (1912-1975), Diplomat, Acting Governor, Malta and Ambassador to Burma. 2 Portraits

T.J. Smith. 3 Portraits

T.O. Smith. 1 Portrait

Vallery Smith (active 1925). 1 Portrait

William Smith (Smyth) (1460?-1514), Bishop of Lincoln; co-founder of Brasenose College, Oxford. 6 Portraits

William Smith (1706 or 1707-1764), Painter. 3 Portraits

William Smith (1756-1835), Politician and dissenter. 3 Portraits

William ('Gentleman') Smith (1730-1819), Actor. 8 Portraits

William Smith (1769-1839), Geologist and engineer. 5 Portraits

William Smith (active 1796), Dissenting minister. 1 Portrait

William Smith (1808-1876), Printseller and antiquary; Founding member and deputy chairman of the trustees of the National Portrait Gallery. 5 Portraits

William Smith (active 1864-1866). 1 Portrait

William ('Billy') Smith (1944-), River Thames docks master. 1 Portrait

William Collingwood Smith (1815-1887), Landscape painter and watercolourist. 4 Portraits

Sir William Douglas Smith (1865-1939), Major-General. 3 Portraits

William Forgan Smith (1887-1953), Premier of Queensland. 5 Portraits

William Henry Smith (1825-1891), Newsagent and politician, First Lord of the Treasury and Leader of the House of Commons. 27 Portraits

William Robertson Smith (1846-1894), Theologian and Semitic scholar. 4 Portraits

William Saumarez Smith (1836-1909), Archbishop of Sydney. 3 Portraits

William Tyler Smith (1815-1873), Obstetric physician. 1 Portrait

Wilson Smith (1897-1965), Bacteriologist. 2 Portraits

Wilson L. Smith, Son of Horace J. Smith. 1 Portrait

W.F. Smith, Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

W. F. Smith (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Zadie Smith (Sadie Adeline Smith) (1975-), Writer. 5 Portraits

(Rhoda) Zillah Smith (1884-1956), Evangelist; daughter of Rodney ('Gipsy') Smith. 1 Portrait

Zoe Smith (1994-), Weightlifter; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Mr Smith (active 1847). 2 Portraits

Mr Smith (active 1788), Associated with pugilism; acted as umpire in 1788. 1 Portrait

Mrs Smith (active 1795). 1 Portrait

Mrs Smith (active 1800). 1 Portrait

Mr Smith. 1 Portrait

Mr Smith, Butcher. 1 Portrait

Lady Smith. 4 Portraits

Miss Smith. 1 Portrait

Richard Hugh Smith-Barry (1823-1894), Captain and landowner. 1 Portrait

Grenfell Horace Gerald Smith-Dorrien (1904-1944), General. 1 Portrait

Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien (1858-1930), General; Governor of Gibraltar. 17 Portraits

Olive Crofton (née Schneider), Lady Smith-Dorrien (1881-1951), Principal Royal School of Needlework; wife of Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien. 11 Portraits

Thomas Mervyn Smith-Dorrien-Smith (1913-1973), Lieutenant-Commander; Justice of the Peace; son of Arthur Algernon Smith-Dorrien-Smith. 5 Portraits

Arthur Smithells (1860-1939), Industrial chemist and Professor of Chemistry at Leeds University. 5 Portraits

Sir David Waldron Smithers (1908-1995), Professor of Radiotherapy. 5 Portraits

Leslie Smithers (1949-), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Sir Peter Henry Berry Otway Smithers (1913-2006), Politician and photographer. 4 Portraits

Sir Waldron Smithers (1880-1954), Politician; MP for Chislehurst and Orpington. 8 Portraits

Mrs Smithers (active 1840). 1 Portrait

Eileen Laura (née Adams-Connor), Lady Smith-Gordon, Second wife of Sir Lionel Eldred Pottinger Smith-Gordon, 4th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Lionel Eldred Peter Smith-Gordon, 5th Bt (1935-), Son of Sir Lionel Eldred Pottinger Smith-Gordon, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Dorothy (née Cavendish), Lady Smith-Marriott (died 1904), Wife of Sir William Henry Marriott Smith-Marriott, 5th Bt; daughter of Hon. Richard Cavendish. 2 Portraits

Reginald Leslie Smith Rose (1894-1980), Director of Radio Research. 9 Portraits

Alison Margaret Smithson (1928-1993), Architect. 4 Portraits

Constantia Smithson (née Hare) (died 1726), Daughter of 2nd Baron Coleraine; second wife of Hugh Smithson. 3 Portraits

Florence Smithson (1884-1936), Actress. 32 Portraits

Peter Denham Smithson (1923-2003), Architect. 4 Portraits

Walter Charles Smithson (1860-1938), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Tobias George Smollett (1721-1771), Novelist. 8 Portraits

Smollett. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur John Griffiths Smout (1888-1961), Industrial chairman. 4 Portraits

Jan Christian Smuts (1870-1950), Prime Minister of South Africa, Field Marshal and writer on evolution. 41 Portraits

Charles Smy (active 1950s), Regimental Sergeant Major. 1 Portrait

Aileen Grace (née Smyly), Lady Smyly (circa 1884-1935), Wife of Sir Philip Crampton Smyly; daughter of Sir William Josiah Smyly. 4 Portraits

Betty Smyly. 1 Portrait

Dennis Douglas Pilkington Smyly (1913-1979), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Patrick Smyly. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Crampton Smyly (1866-1953), Judge and colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

Anna Maria Antonia (née Story-Maskelyne), Lady Smyth (died 1909), Wife of Sir Warington Wilkinson Smyth; daughter of Anthony Story-Maskelyne. 1 Portrait

Annarella Smyth (née Warington) (1788-1873), Wife of William Henry Smyth. 1 Portrait

Arthur Smyth (1706-1771), Archbishop of Dublin. 1 Portrait

Charles Hugh Egerton Smyth (1903-1987), Canon Emeritus of Lincoln Cathedral; Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; Rector of St. Margaret's, Westminster (1946-1956). 4 Portraits

Edward Smyth (circa 1745-1812), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Esmé Smyth (1863-1946), Wife of Hon. Gilbert Neville Smyth; daughter of Sir John Henry Greville Upton Smyth. 3 Portraits

Dame Ethel Mary Smyth (1858-1944), Composer, writer and suffragette. 26 Portraits

Sir George Henry Smyth, 6th Bt (1784-1852), Conservative politician; MP for Colchester. 1 Portrait

Hon. Gertrude Smyth (née FitzPatrick) (died 1912), Wife of Edward Randal Skeffington Smyth; daughter of 1st Baron Castletown. 1 Portrait

Helen (née Greaves), Lady Smyth, Wife of Sir Henry Augustus Smyth. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Augustus Smyth (1825-1906), Governor of Malta. 1 Portrait

Sir James Carmichael Smyth, 1st Bt (1779-1838), Governor of British Guiana. 1 Portrait

John Smyth (1748-1811), Politician; MP for Pontefract. 4 Portraits

Sir John George Smyth, 1st Bt (1893-1983), Brigadier, politician and recipient of the Victoria Cross. 18 Portraits

J.W. Smyth. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Middleton Watson Smyth (1872-1939), President, Imperial Bank of India. 2 Portraits

Robert Napier Smyth (1868-1947), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Selina Constance Smyth (née Somerville) (1841-1910), Wife of Ralph Smyth; daughter of 17th Lord Somerville. 1 Portrait

S. Smyth. 1 Portrait

Sir Warington Wilkinson Smyth (1817-1890), Mining engineer and geologist. 2 Portraits

William Smyth (1765-1849), Professor of modern history at Cambridge. 2 Portraits

William Alfred Smyth, Naval captain. 1 Portrait

William Edmund Smyth (1858-1950), Bishop of Lebombo. 1 Portrait

William Henry Smyth (1788-1865), Admiral and scientific writer. 3 Portraits

Lionel Percy Smythe (1840-1918), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Smythe (Smith) (circa 1558-1625), Merchant; son of Thomas ('Customer') Smythe. 5 Portraits

Smythe. 1 Portrait

Charles Alan Smythies (1844-1894), Lord Bishop of Central Africa. 2 Portraits

Edward Timothy Smyth-Osborne (1924-1987), Colonel. 5 Portraits

Geraldine Augusta Smyth-Pigott (née Richardson) (died 1908), Former wife of Sidney Burrard, and later wife of James Nairne Smyth-Pigott; daughter of William Richardson. 2 Portraits

Sir William McNair Snadden, 1st Bt (1896-1959), Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland. 2 Portraits

Arthur Lionel Snagge (1878-1955), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Edward Snagge (1872-1949), Judge. 5 Portraits

John Derrick Mordaunt Snagge (1904-1996), Broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Mordaunt Snagge (1868-1955), Judge. 6 Portraits

Dame Nancy Snagge (née Salmon) (1906-1999), Director of WRAF, retired as Air-Commandant. 2 Portraits

Leonard Somerville Snaith (1902-1985), Group Captain and member of Schneider Trophy team. 5 Portraits

Andrew Snape (born 1644), Serjeant farrier to Charles II. 2 Portraits

Horace Charles Snary (1897-1966), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Snedden (1900-1970), Chief Executive of the Shipping Federation. 4 Portraits

Mila Sneddon (2015-). 1 Portrait

Scott Sneddon (1969-), Engineer. 1 Portrait

Henry Snell, 1st Baron Snell (1865-1944), Politician and secularist. 12 Portraits

Charles Snell (baptised 1667-1733), Writing Master. 1 Portrait

George Boyd Snell (1907-2006), Suffragen Bishop of Toronto. 1 Portrait

Hannah Snell (1723-1792), Soldier. 7 Portraits

Sir John Francis Cleverton Snell (1869-1938), Electrical engineer and administrator. 1 Portrait

Arthur Hugh Jay Snelling (1897-1965), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Wendell Snelling (1914-1996), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Charles Snelling, Chairman and managing director. 1 Portrait

Thomas Snelling (1712-1773), Numismatist. 1 Portrait

Charles Sneyd (1786-1864), Son of Richard Lovell Edgeworth. 1 Portrait

Henrietta E. Sneyd, Wife of Walter Sneyd. 1 Portrait

John Sneyd (1763-1835), Rector of Elford, Staffordshire; collector of James Gillray's work. 1 Portrait

Mary Sneyd (née Ellis) (died 1923), Wife of Ralph Sneyd. 2 Portraits

Ralph Sneyd (1793-1870). 1 Portrait

Ralph Sneyd (1863-1949), Sportsman and landowner. 1 Portrait

Walter Sneyd (1809-1888), Divine. 1 Portrait

Mr Sneyd. 1 Portrait

Hans Snook (1948-), Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Orange. 1 Portrait

Sibley John ('Tip') Snooke (1881-1966), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

Charles Percy ('C.P.') Snow, Baron Snow (1905-1980), Writer. 18 Portraits

Ernest Charles Snow (1886-1959), Statistician. 4 Portraits

Sir Frederick Sidney Snow (1899-1976), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

George D'Oyly Snow (1903-1977), Suffragan Bishop of Whitby. 1 Portrait

(George) Robert Sabine Snow (1897-1969), Botanist and scholar. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Ernest Snow (1897-1971), Director of British Petroleum Company Ltd. 1 Portrait

Henry Martin Snow, Major. 2 Portraits

Herbert Snow (1847-1930), Consultant surgeon and anti-vivisectionist. 6 Portraits

Jonathan George ('Jon') Snow (1947-), Television presenter. 3 Portraits

Peter Snow (1938-), Television presenter, reporter and writer. 1 Portrait

Peter Frederick Briscoe Snow (1927-2008), Painter, theatre designer and teacher. 1 Portrait

Ralph Snow (1670-1744), Writing Master. 1 Portrait

Rosamond Snow (née Weaver), Wife of Sebastian Richard Eustace Snow; daughter of Edward Henry Wright Weaver. 1 Portrait

Valaida Snow (1904-1956), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Miss Snow (active 1783). 1 Portrait

Philip Snowden, Viscount Snowden (1864-1937), Statesman; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 35 Portraits

Ethel Snowden (née Annakin), Viscountess Snowden (1881-1951), Socialist, suffragist and peace campaigner; wife of Philip Snowden, Viscount Snowden; daughter of Richard Annakin. 10 Portraits

James ('Jem') Snowden (1845?-1889), Jockey. 1 Portrait

John Hampden Snowden (1828-1907), Rural Dean of Fulham. 1 Portrait

Mike Snowden, Gardener. 1 Portrait

Tom Snowden (1875-1949), Labour politician; MP for Accrington. 5 Portraits

Yvonne Snowden. 1 Portrait

Antony Charles Robert Armstrong Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon (1930-2017), Photographer, film-maker and designer; former husband of Princess Margaret. 22 Portraits

Lucy Mary (née Davies), Countess of Snowdon (1941-), Television production assistant; wife of Michael Edward Lindsay-Hogg (later 5th Bt) and second wife of Lord Snowdon; daughter of Donald Brook Davies. 2 Portraits

David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon (1961-), Furniture maker and former chairman of Christie's UK; son of Princess Margaret and 1st Earl of Snowdon. 11 Portraits

Maggie Snowling (1955-), Professor of Psychology. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Snowman (1919-2002), Jeweller; Chairman of Wartski's; painter. 1 Portrait

(Michael) Nicholas Snowman (1944-2023), General Director, Glyndebourne Festival Opera. 1 Portrait

Ella Snyder (active 1890s-1910s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Joan Soame (née Shute) (died 1717?), Wife of Sir Peter Soame, Bt. 5 Portraits

Mary (née Spencer-Churchill), Baroness Soames (1922-2014), Wife of Baron Soames; daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. 4 Portraits

Arthur Christopher John Soames, Baron Soames of Fletching (1920-1987), Politician and Governor of Southern Rhodesia. 5 Portraits

Arthur Wellesley Soames (1852-1934), Architect and politician. 2 Portraits

Emma Mary Soames (1949-), Journalist; daughter of Baron Soames. 17 Portraits

Sir (Arthur) Nicholas Winston Soames (1948-), Politician; MP for Mid Sussex. 4 Portraits

Mr Soames. 1 Portrait

Sir John Soane (1753-1837), Architect. 7 Portraits

Sir Ernest Joseph Soares (1864-1926), Politician and solicitor. 3 Portraits

Thiago Soares (1981-), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Anne (née Rakusen), Lady Sobell (died 1987), Wife of Sir Michael Sobell. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Sobell (1892-1993), Chairman of GEC (Radio & Television) Ltd. 4 Portraits

Anthony Sobers (1943-), Psychologist and sociologist. 11 Portraits

Socrates (circa 469-399 BC), Greek philosopher. 1 Portrait

Frederick Soddy (1877-1956), Chemist. 4 Portraits

Wanda Soden (née Holden, later Baillie-Hamilton) (circa 1911-1956), Socialite; daughter of Norman Holden; former wife of Charles Baillie-Hamilton, and later wife of Frank Ormond Soden. 1 Portrait

Raden Adipati Ario Soejono (1886-1943), Dutch minister for the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), and chairman of Sarekat Islam. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Soest (circa 1605-1681), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Abraham Sofaer (1896-1988), Actor. 11 Portraits

Queen Sofía of Spain (1938-), Wife of King Juan Carlos I of Spain; daughter of King Paul I of Greece. 1 Portrait

Lydia Sokolova (1896-1974), Ballet dancer. 3 Portraits

Daniel Solander (1736-1782), Botanist. 3 Portraits

Napoleon Solares, Bolivian ambassador to London. 4 Portraits

Luigi Solari (1873-1957), Naval commander and pioneer of wireless telegraphy. 3 Portraits

Vivien Solari (1980-), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Oscar Nathaniel Solbert (1885-1958), Brigadier General; Military Attaché at US Embassy, London. 1 Portrait

Emily Soldene (1840-1912), Singer and writer. 2 Portraits

Denis Story Sole (1917-2008), Brigadier; son of Denis Mavesyn Anslow Sole. 2 Portraits

Lady Sarah Teresa Mary Solly (née Lytton) (1959-), Daughter of 4th Earl of Lytton; wife of P. David Nash Solly. 7 Portraits

Edward Solly (1776-1844), Merchant in the Baltic timber trade. 1 Portrait

Isaac Solly (1769-1853), Merchant in the Baltic timber trade. 1 Portrait

Richard Horsman Solly (1774?-1858), Geologist. 1 Portrait

Marguerite Solly-Flood (née Connellan) (1884-1955), Landscape gardener; wife of Richard Elles Solly-Flood. 2 Portraits

Richard Elles Solly-Flood (1877-1954), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Abraham Solomon (1823-1862), Artist. 1 Portrait

E.M. Solomon (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Solomon (1850-1913), South African statesman. 1 Portrait

Solomon Joseph Solomon (1860-1927), Painter; pioneer of camouflage techniques. 10 Portraits

Anthony Nathan Solomons (1930-), Accountant and company director. 1 Portrait

Bethel Albert Herbert Solomons (1885-1965), Doctor and international rugby player for Ireland. 1 Portrait

Sheila Solomons (née Godfrey), Director, company making 'Gonks'. 1 Portrait

Alfred Bertram Soltau (1876-1930), Medical scholar and army physician. 1 Portrait

Edith Mary Soltau (née Watts), Wife of Alfred Bertram Soltau. 2 Portraits

George Algernon James Soltau-Symons (1867-1947), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Georg Solti (1912-1997), Conductor. 6 Portraits

Prince Dimitry Soltykoff (1827-1903), Landowner and racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

Duchess de Somaglia. 1 Portrait

William Somer (Sommers) (died 1560), Court jester to King Henry VIII. 2 Portraits

Savile Brinton Crossley, 1st Baron Somerleyton (1857-1935), Politician and company chairman. 10 Portraits

Phyllis Crossley (née de Bathe), Lady Somerleyton (died 1948), Daughter of Sir Henry de Bathe, 4th Bt; wife of 1st Baron Somerleyton. 7 Portraits

John Somers Cocks, 1st Earl Somers (1760-1841), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Jane Cocks (née Waddington), Countess Somers (1786-1868). 1 Portrait

John Somers Cocks, 2nd Earl Somers (1788-1852), Conservative politician: MP for Reigate and Hereford. 1 Portrait

Charles Somers Cocks, 3rd Earl Somers (1819-1883), Representative peer; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Virginia Somers-Cocks (née Pattle), Countess Somers (1827-1910), Wife of Charles Somers-Cocks, 3rd Earl Somers. 1 Portrait

John Somers, Baron Somers (1651-1716), Lord Chancellor. 38 Portraits

Philip Reginald Cocks, 5th Baron Somers (1815-1899), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Arthur Herbert Tennyson Somers Cocks, 6th Baron Somers (1887-1944), Red Cross Commissioner. 10 Portraits

John Patrick Somers Cocks, 8th Baron Somers (1907-1995), Professor, Royal College of Music. 5 Portraits

Barbara Marianne Somers-Cocks (née Southall), Lady Somers (died 1959), Daughter of Charles Henry Southall; first wife of 8th Baron Somers. 5 Portraits

Blanche Margaret Standish Somers-Cocks (née Clogstoun) (1862-1895), Daughter of Mary and Herbert Clogstoun; wife of Herbert Haldane Somers-Cocks. 1 Portrait

John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset (1404-1444), Magnate and soldier. 1 Portrait

Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset (1506?-1552), Known as 'The Protector'; statesman. 17 Portraits

Anne Seymour (née Stanhope), Duchess of Somerset (circa 1510-1587), Noblewoman and literary patron. 1 Portrait

William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset (1588-1660), Royalist commander and politician; MP for Marlborough. 15 Portraits

William Seymour, 3rd Duke of Somerset (circa 1654-1671), Nobleman. 3 Portraits

Sarah Seymour (née Alston), Duchess of Somerset (1642?-1692), Duchess of Somerset. 2 Portraits

Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset (1662-1748), Politician, Lord President of the Council and Master of the Horse. 22 Portraits

Elizabeth Seymour (née Percy), Duchess of Somerset (1667-1722), Heiress; former wife of Henry Cavendish, Earl of Ogle and of Thomas Thynne, and later wife of 6th Duke of Somerset. 7 Portraits

Edward Adolphus Seymour, 11th Duke of Somerset (1775-1855), Mathematician. 2 Portraits

Margaret (née Shaw-Stewart), Duchess of Somerset (died 1880), Second wife of 11th Duke of Somerset; daughter of Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart, 5th Bt. 1 Portrait

Edward Seymour, 12th Duke of Somerset (1804-1885), Landowner and politician. 1 Portrait

Jane Georgiana Seymour (née Sheridan), Duchess of Somerset (1809-1884), Wife of 12th Duke of Somerset. 5 Portraits

Algernon Percy Banks St Maur, 14th Duke of Somerset (1813-1894), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Algernon St Maur, 15th Duke of Somerset (1846-1923), Landowner; Lieutenant-Colonel, 1st Wiltshire Rifle Volunteers. 6 Portraits

Susan Margaret (née MacKinnon), Duchess of Somerset (1853-1936), Wife of 15th Duke of Somerset; daughter of Charles MacKinnon. 2 Portraits

Edward Hamilton Seymour, 16th Duke of Somerset (1860-1931), Inspector of Army Ordnance Services. 6 Portraits

Rowena Seymour (née Wall), Duchess of Somerset (died 1950), Wife of 16th Duke of Somerset; daughter of George Wall. 5 Portraits

Evelyn Francis Edward Seymour, 17th Duke of Somerset (1882-1954), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Edith Mary (née Parker), Duchess of Somerset (died 1962), Wife of 17th Duke of Somerset; daughter of William Parker. 7 Portraits

John Beaufort, Marquess of Dorset and Marquess of Somerset (circa 1371-1410), Soldier and administrator. 1 Portrait

Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset (1587-1645), Favourite of James I. 19 Portraits

Frances, Countess of Somerset (1590-1632), Famous beauty. 18 Portraits

Lady Cosima Maria-Gabriella Somerset (née Vane-Tempest-Stewart) (1961-), Former wife of Cosmo Fry and Lord John Robert Somerset; daughter of 9th Marquess of Londonderry. 5 Portraits

Lady Geraldine Harriett Anne Somerset (1832-1915), Royal courtier; daughter of 7th Duke of Beaufort. 1 Portrait

Lord Granville Somerset (1792-1848), Politician, First Commissioner of Woods and Forests. 6 Portraits

Lord Henry Arthur George Somerset (1851-1926), Soldier and sportsman. 4 Portraits

Lady Henry Somerset (Lady Isabella Caroline Somerset (née Somers-Cocks)) (1851-1921), Temperance activist and campaigner for women's rights; wife of Lord Henry Somerset. 7 Portraits

Lord John Somerset (1787-1846), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Lord Robert Edward Somerset (1776-1842), General. 5 Portraits

Aylmer Howard Tynte Henry Somerset (1835-1882), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Lord Charles Henry Somerset (1767-1831), Colonial governor. 3 Portraits

Charles Walter Somerset (1847-1929), Actor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Charlotte Caroline Elizabeth Somerset (1815-1906), Daughter of 1st Baron Raglan. 1 Portrait

David Henry Fitzroy Somerset (1930-), Financial advisor. 6 Portraits

Geraldine Somerset, Actress and dancer; daughter of C.W. Somerset. 1 Portrait

Granville Robert Henry Somerset (1824-1882), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

Hon. Katherine Anne Emily Cecilia Somerset (1824-1915), Daughter of 1st Baron Raglan. 1 Portrait

Lesley Somerset (née Vivian) (died 1969), Wife of Hon. Wellesley FitzRoy Somerset; daughter of Frederick George Vivian. 4 Portraits

Hon. Louisa Eliza Somerset (née Hodgson) (died 1940), Wife of Hon. Arthur Charles Edward Somerset; daughter of John Grant Hodgson. 3 Portraits

Poulett George Henry Somerset (1822-1875), Politician; MP for Monmouthshire and Coldstream Guard. 1 Portrait

Raglan George Henry Somerset (1831-1924), Courtier. 1 Portrait

Charles George Welbore Ellis Agar, Viscount Somerton (1858-1894), Soldier; eldest son of 3rd Earl of Normanton. 5 Portraits

Dolores de Guillamas y Caro, Marquesa de Someruelos (1888-1967), Wife of Pedro Díez de Rivera y Figueroa, Marqués de Someruelos. 3 Portraits

Donald Bradley Somervell, Baron Somervell of Harrow (1889-1960), Lord Justice of Appeal. 5 Portraits

David Churchill Somervell (1885-1965), Headmaster and author. 1 Portrait

Diana Cinderella Mildred Somervell (née Bowes-Lyon) (1923-1986), Wife of Peter Gordon Colin Somervell. 11 Portraits

(Theodore) Howard Somervell (1890-1975), Medical missionary and mountaineer. 7 Portraits

William Henry Somervell (1860-1934), Company director and politician. 5 Portraits

Alexander Somerville (1811-1885), Journalist and soldier. 2 Portraits

(Henry) Boyle Townshend Somerville (1863-1936), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Daniel Gerald Somerville (1879-1938), Politician; MP for Barrow and Furness and Willesden. 5 Portraits

Hugh Gaultier-Coghill Somerville (1873-1950), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir James Fownes Somerville (1882-1949), Admiral of the Fleet. 3 Portraits

Jimmy Somerville (1961-), Musician; singer for Bronski Beat and The Communards. 1 Portrait

John Somerville (Somervile) (1560-1583), Traitor. 1 Portrait

John Arthur Coghill Somerville (1872-1955), Colonel. 3 Portraits

(Katherine) Lilian Somerville (née Tillard) (1905-1985), Arts administrator and painter; Director, Fine Art Department, British Council. 3 Portraits

Mary Somerville (1780-1872), Scientific scholar and writer. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Somerville (1906-1992), Historian and administrator. 1 Portrait

William Somerville (1675-1742), Poet. 2 Portraits

William Somerville (1771-1860), Physician. 2 Portraits

Anne John Somerville-Smith (née Montgomery) (died 1974), British-American Ambulance Corps; wife of Herbert Somerville-Smith. 1 Portrait

Michael George Somes (1917-1994), Ballet dancer and teacher. 5 Portraits

Thomas Sommers (circa 1743-1817), Glazier and biographer. 1 Portrait

Jessica Sommerville (1983-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

William Somner (1598-1669), Antiquary and Anglo-Saxon scholar. 2 Portraits

Pamela (née McDougall), Countess Sondes (died 1967), Wife of 4th Earl Sondes. 5 Portraits

Samuel Sone (active 1784), 'The Little Doctor'; Surgeon in the 24th Regiment. 1 Portrait

Ch'eng-Tsi Song (1890-1955), Bishop of West Szechwan and Assistant Bishop of West China. 1 Portrait

Robert Song (1962-). 1 Portrait

Nicolas Marie, comte Songis (1761-1810), French soldier. 1 Portrait

Sonia (Sonia Evans) (1971-), Pop singer. 1 Portrait

Princess Sonia Amalia Alliata of Villafranca (née de Ortuzar Ovalle) (1892-1981), Opera singer; wife of Prince Enrico Alliata of Villafranca; daughter of Don Carlos de Ortuzar. 2 Portraits

Queen Sonja of Norway (1937-), Wife of King Harald V of Norway; daughter of Karl Haraldsen. 1 Portrait

Yolanda Sonnabend (1935-2015), Theatrical designer and painter. 3 Portraits

Sonny (active 2020), Refuse collector. 1 Portrait

William Edward Soothill (1861-1935), Missionary and Professor of Chinese, University of Oxford. 4 Portraits

Donald Oliver Soper, Baron Soper (1903-1998), Methodist minister. 16 Portraits

S. Soper (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Thomas James Soper (active 1836-1890), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Princess Sophia (1607-1607), Daughter of James I. 5 Portraits

Princess Sophia, Electress of Hanover (1630-1714), Mother of George I; granddaughter of James I. 11 Portraits

Princess Augusta Sophia (1768-1840), Second daughter of George III. 18 Portraits

Princess Sophia Matilda of Gloucester (1773-1844), Daughter of Prince William Henry, 1st Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh. 5 Portraits

Princess Sophia (1777-1848), Fifth daughter of George III. 8 Portraits

Sophia, Queen of the Netherlands (1818-1877), Wife of William III, King of the Netherlands. 3 Portraits

Sophia Dorothea of Celle (1666-1726), Wife of George I. 3 Portraits

Sophia Dorothea, Queen of Prussia (1685-1757), Daughter of George I. 8 Portraits

Queen Sophie of Sweden (1836-1913), Wife of Oscar II of Sweden. 2 Portraits

Sophie, Queen of Greece (née Princess Sophie of Prussia) (1870-1932), Consort of of Constantine I, King of Greece; daughter of Frederick III, Emperor of Germany and Princess Victoria. 16 Portraits

Princess Sophie of Luxembourg (1902-1941), Wife of Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony; daughter of William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. 1 Portrait

Sophie, Princess George William of Hanover (1914-2001), Former wife of Prince Christoph of Hesse, and later wife of Prince George William of Hanover; daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 4 Portraits

Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith (1888-1989), Engineer and pioneer airman. 5 Portraits

Shapoorjee Bengallee Sorabjee (1831-1893), Indian statesman. 1 Portrait

Cornelia Sorabji (1866-1954), Barrister and Social Reformer. 2 Portraits

Trevor Sorbie (1949-), Hairdresser. 1 Portrait

Miss Sorby, Matron, Queen Mary's Hospital. 1 Portrait

Edith Sordy, Matron, Queen Mary's Hospital, London. 1 Portrait

Cécile Sorel (1873-1966), French actress. 1 Portrait

Reginald William Sorensen, Baron Sorensen (1891-1971), Politician and Unitarian minister. 11 Portraits

(Kenneth) Eric Correll Sorenson (1942-), Chief Executive, London Development Partnership. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Soriano, Head of Exhibitions & Collections Management, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Charles Hamilton Sorley (1895-1915), Poet. 1 Portrait

Sir Ralph Squire Sorley (1898-1974), Air Marshal. 12 Portraits

William Ritchie Sorley (1855-1935), Philosopher. 5 Portraits

James Gordon McIntyre, Lord Sorn (1896-1983), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

Jonathan Sorrell (1961-), Composer and music producer for film, radio, television and advertising commercials. 1 Portrait

Sir Martin Stuart Sorrell (1945-), Group Chief Executive, WPP Group. 1 Portrait

Stephen Sorrell (1967-), Graphic Designer, part of 'Fuel' design group. 1 Portrait

Robert Fox Sorsbie (1866-1948), Brigadier-General and engineer. 2 Portraits

Arnold Sorsby (1900-1980), Ophthalmologist and Research Professor. 4 Portraits

Joseph Sortain (1809-1860), Minister. 1 Portrait

John Sosa (died 1554), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Jadwiga Sosnkowska (Sosnowska), Wife of General Sosnkowski. 5 Portraits

Kazimierz Sosnkowski (Sosnowski) (1885-1969), General and politician. 3 Portraits

Antis Georghios Soteriades (1924-1988), High Commissioner for Cyprus in the UK; lawyer. 3 Portraits

William Sotheby (1757-1833), Poet and classicist. 3 Portraits

Frank Sotheran (1765-1839), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Edward Askew Sothern (1826-1881), Actor. 18 Portraits

Edward Hugh Sothern (1859-1933), Actor. 3 Portraits

Sam Sothern (George Evelyn Augustus Turnley Sothern) (baptised 1866-1920), Actor. 1 Portrait

Diana Souhami (1940-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Willi Soukop (1907-1995), Artist. 2 Portraits

Joseph Soul (1815-1881), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Pierre Soulages (1919-2022), Artist. 8 Portraits

Herwald Ramsbotham, 1st Viscount Soulbury (1887-1971), Govenor General of Ceylon and Conservative politician; MP for Lancaster. 12 Portraits

Oliver Peter Ramsbotham, 4th Viscount Soulbury (1943-), Consultant and writer. 3 Portraits

Sir Llewellyn Thomas Gordon Soulsby (1885-1966), Naval architect. 3 Portraits

Nicolas Jean-de-Dieu Soult (1769-1851), French General and Statesman. 3 Portraits

Graeme Souness (1953-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

John Philip Sousa (1854-1932), Bandmaster and composer. 2 Portraits

Tim Souster (1943-1994), Composer. 1 Portrait

Andrew Soutar (1879-1941), Novelist. 3 Portraits

(Joseph) Farren Soutar (1870-1962), Actor. 13 Portraits

Alexander Souter (1873-1949), Patristic scholar and lexicographer. 1 Portrait

Brian Souter (1954-), Businessman and co-founder of the Stagecoach Group. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank H. Souter (died 1888), Commissioner of Police, Bombay. 1 Portrait

Sir James South (1785-1867), Astronomer. 2 Portraits

Robert South (1634-1716), Church of England clergyman and theologian. 8 Portraits

Albert Emanuel Southall (born 1864?), Secretary, National Union of Conservative Associations. 4 Portraits

Anna Elizabeth Southall (1859-1947), Craftswoman; wife of Joseph Edward Southall. 1 Portrait

Joseph Edward Southall (1861-1944), Artist and craftsman. 3 Portraits

M. Mary Southall (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Reginald Bradbury Southall (1900-1965), Director. 1 Portrait

(William) Frank Southall (1904-1964), Racing cyclist; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Thomas Southam (1818-1895), Mayor of Shrewsbury. 1 Portrait

William FitzWilliam, Earl of Southampton (circa 1490-1542), Courtier and naval administrator. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton (1505-1550), Administrator. 1 Portrait

Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton (1573-1624), Patron of Shakespeare. 10 Portraits

Elizabeth Wriothesley (née Vernon), Countess of Southampton (1573-circa 1655), Wife of 3rd Earl of Southampton. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton (1608-1667), Lord High Treasurer. 12 Portraits

Rachel Wriothesley (née de Massüe), Countess of Southampton (1603-1640), First wife of 4th Earl of Southampton. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Wriothesley (née Leigh), Countess of Southampton (1620?-1658), Second wife of 4th Earl of Southampton; daughter of Francis Leigh, Earl of Chichester. 3 Portraits

Charles Fitzroy, 1st Baron Southampton (1737-1797), General. 1 Portrait

Charles Fitzroy, 3rd Baron Southampton (1804-1872). 1 Portrait

Lady Ismay Catherine Southampton (née Nugent) (1838-1918), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria; second wife of 3rd Baron Southampton. 1 Portrait

Charles Henry FitzRoy, 4th Baron Southampton (1867-1958), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Hilda Mary (née Dundas), Lady Southampton (1872-1957), Wife of 4th Baron of Southampton; daughter of 1st Marquess of Zetland. 5 Portraits

Francis John Stephens Hopwood, 1st Baron Southborough (1860-1947), Civil servant. 13 Portraits

Audrey Evelyn Dorothy (née Money), Lady Southborough, Wife of 3rd Baron Southborough; daughter of Edgar George Money. 5 Portraits

Francis Michael Hopwood, 4th Baron Southborough (1922-1992), Underwriter and chairman of insurance companies. 3 Portraits

Lady Anne Adeline Southby (née Hope) (1914-2007), Wife of Patrick Henry James Southby; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Linlithgow. 1 Portrait

Sir Archibald Richard James Southby, 1st Bt (1886-1969), Naval commander and politician. 7 Portraits

Barnaby Southcombe (1972-), Director and producer; son of Charlotte Rampling and Brian Southcombe. 1 Portrait

Richard Michael Southcombe (1932-), Son of D.S. Southcombe. 1 Portrait

Joanna Southcott (1750-1814), Religious fanatic. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Southerden (née Thompson), Lady Butler (1846-1933), Military painter; wife of Sir William Francis Butler. 5 Portraits

Thomas Southerne (1660-1746), Poet and dramatist. 3 Portraits

James Carnegie, 9th Earl of Southesk (1827-1905), Scottish nobleman. 1 Portrait

Susan Catherine Mary (née Murray), Countess of Southesk (1837-1915), Second wife of 9th Earl of Southesk; daughter of 6th Earl of Dunmore. 2 Portraits

Charles Noel Carnegie, 10th Earl of Southesk (1854-1941), Landowner and art collector. 3 Portraits

Charles Alexander Carnegie, 11th Earl of Southesk (1893-1992), Landowner; husband of Princess Maud of Fife. 1 Portrait

Lady Southesk (active circa 1690). 1 Portrait

Joan Mary Gordon Southey (née Davies), Wife of Harold Frederick Georgy Southey; daughter of Mr and Mrs Harold Davies of Knightsbridge. 2 Portraits

Reginald Southey (1835-1899), Physician; nephew of Robert Southey. 2 Portraits

Robert Southey (1774-1843), Poet Laureate. 18 Portraits

Bernard Alfred Southgate (1904-1975), Director of Water Pollution Research. 2 Portraits

Sir (Wilfrid) Thomas Southorn (1879-1957), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Richard Knight Causton, 1st Baron Southwark (1843-1929), Politician and stationer. 5 Portraits

Selina Mary (née Chambers), Baroness Southwark (1852-1932), Writer, author of 'Social and Political Reminiscences'; wife of 1st Baron Southwark. 2 Portraits

Thomas Arthur Joseph Southwell, 4th Viscount Southwell (1836-1878), Irish peer. 1 Portrait

Edward Southwell (1671-1730), Statesman. 2 Portraits

Hon. Joan Evelyn Mary Southwell (1909-1987), Daughter of 5th Viscount Southwell of Castle Mattress. 3 Portraits

Hon. John Michael Southwell (1901-1944), Lieutenant-Commander; son of 5th Viscount Southwell. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Southwell (1502 or 1503-1564), Courtier and official. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Vynne Southwell (1888-1970), Professor of Engineering Science. 8 Portraits

Robert Southwell (1561?-1595), Jesuit and poet. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Southwell (1563-1598), Commander of the 'Elizabeth' against the Spanish Armada. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Southwell (1635-1702), Diplomat; secretary of state for Ireland; President of the Royal Society. 4 Portraits

Julius Salter Elias, 1st Viscount Southwood (1873-1946), Newspaper proprietor. 60 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Richard Edmund Southwood (1931-2005), Zoologist and Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford. 6 Portraits

Catherine (née Clifton), Lady Souttar (died 1959), Wife of Sir Henry Souttar. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Souttar (1875-1964), Surgeon. 6 Portraits

Marie Claire Souvestre (1835-1905), Headmistress; daughter of (Charles) Emile Souvestre. 2 Portraits

Alexandre Souvorov (1729-1800), Russian Field Marshal. 1 Portrait

Francis Newton Souza (1924-2002), Painter. 12 Portraits

Karen Souza (Keren SouzaKohn) (1957-), Daughter of F.N. Souza and Liselotte Souza. 2 Portraits

Liselotte Souza (née Kristian (Kohn)) (1919-1990), Actress; partner of F.N. Souza. 2 Portraits

Adélaïde Marie Emilie Filleul, Marquise de Souza Botelho (1761-1836), Author. 1 Portrait

Arthur Henry Sovereign (1881-1966), Bishop of Athabasca and Bishop of Yukon. 1 Portrait

Cedric Walter Sowby (1902-1975), Principal of Upper Canada College, Toronto. 1 Portrait

Sir William John Sowden (1858-1943), Politician. 2 Portraits

James Sowerby (1757-1822), Naturalist and artist. 4 Portraits

John Page Sowerby (1842-1920), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Doreen Sowler, Daughter of Harry Sowler; granddaughter of 1st Baron Rotherham. 3 Portraits

John Edward Rudkin Sowman (1902-1979), Air Commodore. 1 Portrait

Frederick Sowrey (1893-1968), Pilot. 1 Portrait

Alexis Benoît Soyer (1810-1858), Cook and writer of cookery books. 6 Portraits

(Elizabeth) Emma Soyer (née Jones) (1813-1842), Portrait and figure painter. 1 Portrait

Diana Henriette Soyer de Bosmelet (née Mathias) (1908-1987), Daughter of Helena ('Ena') Mathias (née Wertheimer). 1 Portrait

Akinwande Oluwole ('Wole') Soyinka (1934-), Nigerian writer. 1 Portrait

Charles Basil Slater Spackman (1895-1971), Vice Marshal. 3 Portraits

Philip Hylton ('P.H.') Spagnoletti (1906-1971), Electrical engineer. 5 Portraits

Elsie Spain (1879-1970), Actress and singer. 6 Portraits

Nancy Spain (1917-1964), Journalist and broadcaster. 35 Portraits

Franklin Spencer Spalding (1865-1914), Bishop of Utah. 1 Portrait

Jack Spalding, Lancer and gambler. 2 Portraits

John Michael Kenneth Spalding (1917-), Neurologist. 1 Portrait

John Franklin Spalding (1828-1902), Bishop of Colorado. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Wilhelmina Spalding (active mid 19th century), Wife of John Eden Spalding. 1 Portrait

Nigel Spalding (1964-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Ruth Spalding (1913-2009), Historian. 1 Portrait

T. Spalding, Royal Navy Captain and Aide-de-camp to King George VI. 1 Portrait

Timothy Leonard Spall (1957-), Actor. 3 Portraits

Fredericus Spanheim (1600-1649), Professor of Divinity at Leyden. 3 Portraits

Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956), Artist and occultist. 1 Portrait

Dame Muriel Sarah Spark (née Camberg) (1918-2006), Novelist. 11 Portraits

Bowyer Edward Sparke (circa 1760-1836), Bishop of Ely. 2 Portraits

Edward Sparke (died 1693), Church of England clergyman. 2 Portraits

Thomas Sparke (1548-1616), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

David Sparkes (1948-), Performance Director, British Swimming, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Annette Sparks. 1 Portrait

Ellen Sparks. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Sparks (1880-1956), Etcher. 1 Portrait

(Robert) Stephen John Sparks (1949-), Professor of Geology. 1 Portrait

Henry Halliday Sparling (1860-1924), Editor and journalist; member of the Hammersmith Branch of the Socialist League and the Hammersmith Socialist Society; husband of Mary ('May') Morris. 4 Portraits

John Sparrow (1615-1667), Mystic. 1 Portrait

John Sparrow (1736-1821), Chairman of Staffordshire quarter sessions. 1 Portrait

John Hanbury Angus Sparrow (1906-1992), Essayist; Warden of All Souls College, Oxford. 2 Portraits

Richard Sparrow (1871-1953), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Robert Sparrow (circa 1741-1822), Tory politician; MP for Bedford. 1 Portrait

Miss Sparrow (active late 1770s). 2 Portraits

Christina Spartali (later Countess Edouard Cahn d'Anvers) (1845-1884), Artist's model and sister of Marie Spartali. 1 Portrait

Virginia Spartali (née Ralli) (1859-1935), Wife of Demetrius Spartali; daughter of Antonio Alexander Ralli. 2 Portraits

Ernest George Spater (1886-1975), President of Lombard Banking Ltd. 5 Portraits

Richard Langford Speaight (1906-1976), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Richard N. Speaight (1875-1938), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Robert William Speaight (1904-1976), Actor and literary scholar. 2 Portraits

William ('Bill') Speakman (later Speakman-Pitt) (1927-2018), Soldier; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ward Spear (1848-1921), Politician; MP for Tavistock. 2 Portraits

N. Spear, Sportsman and jockey. 1 Portrait

Ruskin Spear (1911-1990), Painter. 10 Portraits

Lady Maria Louisa Spearman (née FitzMaurice) (1837-1917), Wife of Edmund Robert Spearman; daughter of 5th Earl of Orkney. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Cadwallader Mainwaring Spearman (1901-1982), Conservative politician; MP for Scarborough and Whitby. 12 Portraits

Charles Edward Spearman (1863-1945), Psychologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Louis Spears, 1st Bt (1886-1974), Major-General, liaison officer and politician; MP for Loughborough and Carlisle. 12 Portraits

William ('Billy') Speck (1903-1935), Jockey. 1 Portrait

James Spedding (1808-1881), Author and editor of the works of Francis Bacon. 3 Portraits

John Martindale Speechly (1836-1898), Bishop of Travancore and Cochin, India. 1 Portrait

John Speed (1552?-1629), Historian and cartographer. 9 Portraits

Sir Robert William Arney Speed (1905-1999), Queen's Counsel. 2 Portraits

Samuel Speed (circa 1633-1679?), Printer and bookseller. 1 Portrait

William Speed (1813-1893), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Tristram Charles Sawyer Speedy (1836-1910), Army officer and colonial official. 4 Portraits

Hugo Speer (1968-), Actor. 2 Portraits

Johnny Speight (1920-1998), Writer for television. 1 Portrait

Robert Speir. 1 Portrait

Sir Rupert Malise Speir (1910-1998), Politician; MP for Hexham. 2 Portraits

John Speirs, Author. 1 Portrait

John Hanning Speke (1827-1864), Explorer in Africa. 6 Portraits

Norris Speke. 1 Portrait

Steve Speller (1961-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Antony Kirby ('Tony') Speller (1929-2013), Businessman and Conservative politician; MP for North Devon. 1 Portrait

Caroline Spelman (1958-), Politician; MP for Meriden and Chairman of the Conservative Party. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Spelman (1564?-1641), Historian and philologist. 13 Portraits

Barney Spence (active 1891), Huntsman to the Warnham Staghounds. 1 Portrait

Sir Basil Urwin Spence (1907-1976), Architect. 17 Portraits

Dermot Spence (1904-1963). 1 Portrait

George Spence (1787-1850), Jurist. 1 Portrait

Henry Donald Maurice Spence (1836-1917), Dean of Gloucester. 1 Portrait

Ian Flemming Morris Spence (died 1966), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Isobel Spence. 1 Portrait

Sir James Calvert Spence (1892-1954), Professor of Child Health. 1 Portrait

Joanna ('Jo') Spence (1934-1992), Photographer. 3 Portraits

Joseph Spence (1699-1768), Literary scholar and anecdotist. 2 Portraits

Muriel Evelyn Spence (née Crailsham) (1908-1997), Wife of Dermot Spence. 1 Portrait

Patrick Dennis Benham Spence (1898-1983), Tennis player and doctor. 3 Portraits

Robert Spence (1879-1965), Labour politician; MP Berwick & Haddington. 1 Portrait

Victor Spence (1934-), Torch bearer, London 2012. 1 Portrait

William Spence (baptised 1782-1860), Political economist and entomologist. 2 Portraits

Enid Spencer Brunton (1874-1963), Actress. 2 Portraits

John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer (1734-1783), Politician; MP for Warwick. 3 Portraits

(Margaret) Georgiana Spencer (née Poyntz), Countess Spencer (1737-1814), Philanthropist. 7 Portraits

George John Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer (1758-1834), First Lord of the Admiralty. 31 Portraits

Lavinia Spencer (née Bingham), Countess Spencer (1762-1831), Society hostess; wife of 2nd Earl Spencer. 12 Portraits

John Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl Spencer (1782-1845), Whig statesman. 66 Portraits

Frederick Spencer, 4th Earl Spencer (1798-1857), Politician; MP for Midhurst. 3 Portraits

John Poyntz Spencer, 5th Earl Spencer (1835-1910), Politician, Lord President of the Council and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; ex-officio Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 38 Portraits

Charlotte Frances Frederica Spencer (née Seymour), Countess Spencer (1835-1903), Wife of 5th Earl Spencer; daughter of Frederick Charles William Seymour. 11 Portraits

Charles Robert Spencer, 6th Earl Spencer (1857-1922), Politician, Lord Chamberlain and MP for North Northamptonshire. 8 Portraits

Albert Edward John Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer (1892-1975), Chairman of schools, charities, hospitals and museums. 13 Portraits

Cynthia Spencer (née Hamilton), Countess Spencer (1897-1972), Lady-in-waiting to Queen Mother; wife of 7th Earl Spencer. 12 Portraits

Edward John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer (1924-1992), Son of 7th Earl Spencer. 2 Portraits

Raine Spencer (née McCorquodale), Countess Spencer (1929-2016), Socialite; former wife of 9th Earl of Dartmouth, and later wife of 8th Earl Spencer. 14 Portraits

Robert Spencer, 1st Baron Spencer (1570-1627), Sheep farmer and politician; MP for Brackley. 2 Portraits

Lord Charles Spencer (1740-1820), Politician; Master of the Mint. 2 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Spencer (1764-1812), Daughter of George Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough. 1 Portrait

Lord Henry John Spencer (1770-1795), Diplomatist and 2nd son of 4th Duke of Marlborough. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Spencer (née Beauclerk) (1743-1812), Daughter and heir of 1st Baron Vere; wife of Lord Charles Spencer. 3 Portraits

Lord Robert Spencer (1747-1831), Third son of 3rd Duke of Marlborough. 2 Portraits

Lady Sarah Isabella Spencer (1838-1919), Daughter of 4th Earl Spencer. 2 Portraits

Aubrey George Spencer (1795-1872), Bishop of Jamaica and Bishop of Newfoundland. 5 Portraits

Sir Augustus Almeric Spencer (1807-1893), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Spencer (active mid 17th century), Loyalist clergyman. 4 Portraits

Sir Brent Spencer (1760-1828), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Douglas Arthur Spencer (1901-1979), Chemist, inventor and photographer; Managing Director of Kodak Ltd and President of the Royal Photographic Society. 1 Portrait

Duncan Choate Spencer (1940-), Journalist in Washington D.C, writer and rower. 1 Portrait

Eliza Spencer (née Musson) (born 1803?), Wife of Aubrey George Spencer. 2 Portraits

Sir Ernest Spencer (1848-1937), Barrister and politician. 4 Portraits

Geoffrey Roger Cole Spencer (1901-1969), Air Vice-Marshal, RAF. 1 Portrait

George Alfred Spencer (1872-1957), President of the Nottinghamshire Miners Association and Labour politician; MP for Broxtowe. 6 Portraits

George Charles Spencer (1903-1982), Soldier and sailor; third son of 6th Earl Spencer. 4 Portraits

George Trevor Spencer (1799-1866), Bishop of Madras. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Spencer (1892-1979), Painter. 43 Portraits

G.H. Spencer. 1 Portrait

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), Philosopher, social theorist and sociologist. 22 Portraits

H. Spencer. 3 Portraits

Jean Spencer (1942-1998). 1 Portrait

Jeremy Spencer (1941-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Jeremy Spencer (1948-), Musician; guitarist for Fleetwood Mac. 1 Portrait

John Spencer (baptised 1630-1693), College head and Hebraist. 1 Portrait

John Spencer (1767-1831), Son of Lord Charles Spencer. 1 Portrait

Sir John William Spencer (1899-1980), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Joseph Frowd Spencer (1782-1871), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Leonard James Spencer (1870-1959), Mineralogist and geologist. 3 Portraits

Maurice Spencer (1863-1940), Soldier and politician. 4 Portraits

Maurice Arthur Spencer, Royal Navy Commander. 1 Portrait

Philip Spencer (1924-1961), Writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Spencer (circa 1553-1624), Ambassador to Holland and politician. 1 Portrait

Richard Austin Spencer (1892-1956), Barrister and Conservative politician: MP for St Helens. 1 Portrait

Robert Spencer (1932-1997), Lutenist. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Cavendish Spencer (1791-1830), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Stanley Spencer (1891-1959), Painter. 34 Portraits

Sydney Spencer (died 1918), Undergraduate at the University of Oxford; older brother of Stanley Spencer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Spencer (1791-1811), Independent minister. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas George Spencer (1888-1976), Electrical engineer. 2 Portraits

Walter George Spencer (1858-1940), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Spencer (died 1928), Father of Stanley and Gilbert Spencer; music teacher and organist. 2 Portraits

Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill (née Hozier), Baroness Spencer-Churchill (1885-1977), Society beauty and hostess; wife of Sir Winston Churchill; daughter of Sir Henry Montague Hozier. 50 Portraits

Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill (1824-1893), Politician and army officer; son of 6th Duke of Marlborough. 2 Portraits

Lady Gwendeline Theresa Mary Spencer Churchill (née Bertie) (1885-1941), Wife of John Strange Spencer Churchill; daughter of 7th Earl of Abingdon. 6 Portraits

Lord Ivor Charles Spencer-Churchill (1898-1956), Lieutenant; son of 9th Duke of Marlborough. 7 Portraits

Charles Spencer-Churchill (1794-1840), Brother of 6th Duke of Marlborough. 1 Portrait

Etheldreda ('Ethel') Spencer-Churchill (1837-1881), Daughter of Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill. 1 Portrait

Gillian Spreckels (née Fuller), Lady Charles Spencer-Churchill (active 1966), First wife of Lord Charles George William Colin Spencer-Churchill; daughter of Andrew Fuller. 7 Portraits

Harriet Louisa Hester (née Gough-Calthorpe), Lady Alfred Spencer-Churchill (1832-1901), Wife of Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill; daughter of 4th Baron Calthorpe. 1 Portrait

Marita Sheila Spencer Lewis, Daughter of William Spencer Lewis. 12 Portraits

Zelda Spencer Lewis (1934-), Daughter of William Spencer Lewis. 3 Portraits

R. Spencer-Schrader, Flying officer. 1 Portrait

Jeremy Michael Spencer-Smith (1917-1985), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Walter Spencer-Stanhope (1749-1821), Member of the Society of Dilettanti. 3 Portraits

Hilda Spencer Watson (née Gardiner) (1879-1952), Dancer and mime artist; wife of George Spencer Watson. 2 Portraits

(Edward) Harold Spender (1864-1926), Journalist. 2 Portraits

Humphrey Spender (1910-2005), Photographer, artist and designer. 3 Portraits

Agnes Marie ('Inez') Spender (née Pearn) (1914-1976), First wife of Sir Stephen Spender. 2 Portraits

John Alfred Spender (1862-1942), Journal editor and writer. 5 Portraits

Lizzie Spender (1950-), Actress; daughter of Sir Stephen Spender. 3 Portraits

Matthew Spender (1945-), Artist and writer; son of Sir Stephen Spender. 2 Portraits

Michael Alfred Spender (1906-1945), Scientist and explorer. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Claude Spender (1897-1985), Minister. 5 Portraits

Sir Stephen Harold Spender (1909-1995), Poet and critic. 53 Portraits

Sir Wilfrid Bliss Spender (1876-1960), Head of Civil Service, Northern Ireland. 4 Portraits

Herbert Henry Spender-Clay (1875-1937), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Hon. Pauline Spender-Clay (née Astor) (1880-1972), Daughter of William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

William Patrick Spens, 1st Baron Spens (1885-1973), Barrister, judge and Conservative politician; MP for Ashford and Kensington South. 2 Portraits

David Spenser (David De Saram) (1934-2013), Actor. 1 Portrait

Edmund Spenser (1552?-1599), Poet. 15 Portraits

Harry Joseph Spenser (1866-1937), Headmaster, High Pavement School, Nottingham. 2 Portraits

Jeremy Spenser (1937-), Actor. 2 Portraits

M.N.D. Speranza, Greek ambassador in Brussels. 1 Portrait

Hildegard ('Hilde') Sperling (née Krahwinkel) (1908-1981), German tennis player. 1 Portrait

Sir Rowland Arthur Charles Sperling (1874-1965), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Miss Sperling (active 1860). 1 Portrait

(George) Ernest Spero (1894-1960), Physician, author, businessman and politician; MP for Stoke Newington and Fulham. 1 Portrait

Speusippus (circa 407 BC-339 BC), Greek philosopher. 1 Portrait

Lady Margaret Mary Spicer (née Fane) (1870-1949), Wife of John Edmund Philip Spicer; daughter of 12th Earl of Westmorland. 1 Portrait

Sir Albert Spicer, 1st Bt (1847-1934), Politician and businessman. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Spicer (1908-1946), Aviator; aeronautical engineer. 2 Portraits

Sir Evan Spicer (1849-1937), Chairman of London County Council. 2 Portraits

Harriet Spicer (1950-), Publisher. 2 Portraits

Sir Howard Spicer (1872-1926), Papermaker and wholesale stationer. 5 Portraits

John William Gooch Spicer (1817-1883), Army Officer. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Michael (Hardy) Spicer (1943-), Politician; MP for Worcestershire. 6 Portraits

Rosemary B. Spicer? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Roy Godfrey Bullen Spicer (1889-1946), Police Commissioner in Palestine and Kenya. 4 Portraits

Theodore Spicer-Simson (1871-1959), Sculptor and medallist. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Charmian Spickernell (née Coke) (1935-), Daughter of Hon. Richard Coke; wife of Richard Francis Spickernell. 4 Portraits

Steven Spielberg (1946-), Film director and producer. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Emily (née Raphael), Lady Spielman (1864-1949), Wife of Sir Meyer Adam Spielman; daughter of George C. Raphael. 4 Portraits

Sir Meyer Adam Spielman (1856-1936), School inspector and member of bodies dealing with child welfare and the after-care of children. 3 Portraits

Sir Isidore Spielmann (1854-1925), Art expert. 2 Portraits

Marion Harry Spielmann (1858-1948), Art historian. 8 Portraits

Professor Spiers, Radiologist. 1 Portrait

Richard James Spiers (1806-1877), Mayor of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Richard Phené Spiers (1838-1916), Architect. 2 Portraits

Robert Cunningham Graham Spiers (1797-1847), Advocate, Free Churchman and prison reformer. 2 Portraits

Sylvia Spiers (active 1926), Stage actress. 1 Portrait

Victor Jullian Taylor Spiers (died 1937), Professor of French Language and Literature, Kings College. 5 Portraits

Barbara Hatch Spillman (née Hatch). 1 Portrait

George Spilman, German circumnavigator. 2 Portraits

Sir Bernard Henry Spilsbury (1877-1947), Forensic pathologist. 3 Portraits

George Spilsbury. 1 Portrait

Mrs George Spilsbury, Wife of George Spilsbury. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Spinckes (1654-1727), Nonjuror divine. 4 Portraits

Marchese di Spineto (circa 1774-1849), Interpreter. 4 Portraits

Victor George Andrew Spinetti (1929-2012), Actor and director. 1 Portrait

Arthur Barnett Spingarn (1878-1971), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Spink (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Spink, Banker of Bury St Edmunds. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Antonia Joan Spink (née Curtis) (1943-), Eldest daughter of Sir Peter Curtis, 6th Bt; wife of John Clarkson Spink. 2 Portraits

R.P. Spink. 2 Portraits

Eric Ingham Spinks (1903-1972), Instructor commander. 1 Portrait

Ambrosio Spinola, Marqués de los Balbases (1569-1630), Spanish general; Governor of the Duchy of Milan. 1 Portrait

Josiah Spode I (1733-1797), Potter. 1 Portrait

Josiah Spode II (1754-1827), Potter to George III; son of Josiah Spode I. 1 Portrait

Daniel Spoerri (1930-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Frederick Robert Spofforth (1853-1926), Cricketer. 2 Portraits

Markham Spofforth (1825-1907), Lawyer and political agent. 2 Portraits

William Arthur Spofforth (1881-1964), Justice of the Peace, Lancashire. 1 Portrait

Louis Spohr (1784-1859), German violinist and composer. 1 Portrait

Roger Spencer Spong (1906-1980), Rugby player. 2 Portraits

Arthur D. Spooner. 1 Portrait

E.J Spooner. 1 Portrait

Reginald Herbert Spooner (1880-1961). 1 Portrait

R.A. Spooner. 1 Portrait

William Archibald Spooner (1844-1930), Warden of New College, Oxford and originator of the term 'Spoonerism'. 8 Portraits

W.D. Spooner. 1 Portrait

Henry Nathan Sporborg (1905-1985), Banker and secret organiser. 1 Portrait

N.S. Spore (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Denis Frank Spotswood (1916-2001), Air Chief Marshal. 1 Portrait

Andrew Spottiswoode (active circa 1838), of Broom Hall, Surrey. 2 Portraits

John Spottiswoode (1565-1639), Archbishop of St Andrew's, Lord Chancellor of Scotland and historian. 8 Portraits

William Spottiswoode (1825-1883), Mathematician and physicist. 1 Portrait

Cyril Douglas Spragg (1894-1986), Secretary, Royal Institute of British Architects. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Spragge (circa 1629-1673), Naval officer. 4 Portraits

John Sprague, Messenger of Parliament, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Bartholomeus Spranger (1546-1611), Mannerist painter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Sprat (baptised 1635-1713), Bishop of Rochester. 9 Portraits

Thomas Sprat (1679-1720), Scholar, Dean of Westminster and Bishop of Rochester. 6 Portraits

Sir Cuthbert Allan Sprawson (1877-1956), Professor of Medicine and Major-General. 2 Portraits

T.B. Spray, Box messenger, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Eustace John William Spread (1884-1968), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Norah Nell Spread (née Hotblack) (1889-1948), Wife of Eustace John William Spread. 1 Portrait

S.J. Spreadborough. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Dorman Spreckley (1904-1963), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Gordon Sprigg (1830-1913), South African statesman. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Miriam Squire Sprigge (1900-1974), Writer, producer; daughter of Sir Squire Sprigge. 4 Portraits

Sir (Samuel) Squire Sprigge (1860-1937), Medical editor and author. 3 Portraits

Sir Edmund Ivens Spriggs (1871-1949), Physician. 14 Portraits

Janet (née MacIntosh), Lady Spriggs (died 1949), Wife of Sir Edmund Ivens Spriggs; daughter of William MacIntosh. 4 Portraits

Howard Spring (1889-1965), Author. 11 Portraits

Jill Springall, Archive Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Delores Springer (circa 1965-active late 1980s), Singer and music producer; vocalist for 'Deluxe'. 1 Portrait

Lady Marion Jane Springfield (née Loftus, later Bourne, later Buchanan, later Weller) (1846-1933), Daughter of 3rd Marquess of Ely; former wife of George Springfield and of Sir James Bourne, 2nd Bt and of James Niel Buchanan, and later wife of James Weller. 2 Portraits

Dusty Springfield (1939-1999), Singer. 33 Portraits

Tom Springfield (né Dion O'Brien) (1934-2022), Musician and record producer; brother of Dusty Springfield. 5 Portraits

Sarah Marcella Springman (1956-), Engineer and triathlete. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Arthur Spring-Rice (1859-1918), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Dominick Spring-Rice (1891-1940), Company director and financial advisor. 4 Portraits

Hon. Mary Ellen Spring-Rice (1880-1924), Daughter of 2nd Baron Monteagle of Brandon. 1 Portrait

Hon. Stephen Edmond Spring Rice (1814-1865), Deputy Chairman of the Board of Customs; son of 1st Baron Monteagle. 1 Portrait

Alice Springs (June Newton) (1923-2021), Photographer and actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Sprot, 1st Bt (1853-1929), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Alexander William Ramsay Sprot (1883-1953), Colonel, son of c. 2 Portraits

Georgiana (Georgina) Mary Sprot (née Surtees) (1849-1876), Wife of John Sprot; daughter of Henry Edward Surtees. 1 Portrait

Mark Sprot (circa 1743-1808), Financier. 3 Portraits

Mrs Mark Sprot (active late 18th century), Wife of Mark Sprot. 2 Portraits

Walter John Herbert ('Sebastian') Sprott (1897-1971), Sociologist. 5 Portraits

Thomas Henry Sprott (1856-1942), Bishop of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Alexander Wallace Sproull (1892-1961), Major-General. 6 Portraits

David Sproxton (1954-), Co-founder, Aardman Animations. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Spurgeon (1861-1938), Journalist, writer, editor, publisher and civil servant. 5 Portraits

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892), Baptist preacher and religious writer. 34 Portraits

James Spurgeon, Reverend. 2 Portraits

Susannah Spurgeon (née Thompson) (1832-1903), Wife of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. 2 Portraits

Thomas Spurgeon (1856-1917), Baptist preacher; son of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. 2 Portraits

Sir Stanley Spurling (1879-1961), Director, Bank of Bermuda. 5 Portraits

Frederic Chambers Spurr (1862-1942), Preacher. 1 Portrait

Charles Spurr-Harding. 1 Portrait

Felice Spurrier (née Greville) (1919-1994), Daughter of Hon. Maynard Greville; wife Eric James Spurrier. 2 Portraits

Steven Spurrier (1878-1961), Painter, illustrator and poster designer. 5 Portraits

Walter Spyer, Justice of the Peace for City of London Council. 1 Portrait

George Squibb (1764-1831), Auctioneer. 1 Portrait

George Drewry Squibb (1906-1994), Barrister. 4 Portraits

Eileen Harriett (née Anstruther Wilkinson), Lady Squire (1883-1970), Wife of Sir John Collings Squire. 1 Portrait

F?. Squire (active 1925). 1 Portrait

Sir Giles Frederick Squire (1894-1959), Ambassador. 3 Portraits

John Squire (1962-), Painter, musician, guitarist and songwriter for 'The Stone Roses'. 1 Portrait

Sir John Collings Squire (1884-1958), Poet and literary editor. 12 Portraits

Joshua Squire (born 1657), Psalmist. 1 Portrait

Ronald Squire (1886-1958), Actor. 17 Portraits

Samuel Squire (1714-1766), Bishop of St David's. 2 Portraits

Ernest Ker Squires (1882-1940), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Helena Emiline (née Strong), Lady Squires (1878-1959), Politician in Newfoundland; wife of Sir Richard Anderson Squires. 4 Portraits

Mary Squires (died 1762), Victim of a false accusation of kidnap. 5 Portraits

Sir Richard Anderson Squires (1880-1940), Prime Minister of Newfoundland. 3 Portraits

Jan Sramek (1870-1956), Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia. 2 Portraits

Sir Sri Rama Varma, Rajah of Cochin (1858-1932), Indian Prince and ruler of the Kingdom of Cochin. 1 Portrait

Sir William Walter Stabb (1913-2003), Judge. 10 Portraits

(Girolamo) Hieronymo Stabilini (1762-1815), Musician. 1 Portrait

Hugh Huntington Stable (1896-1985), Major-General. 2 Portraits

(Rondle) Owen Charles Stable (1923-), Judge. 6 Portraits

Wintringham Norton Stable (1888-1977), Judge at High Court of Justice. 9 Portraits

Arthur Wallace Stableforth (1902-1978), Director of Veterinary Laboratories and Investigation Service, Ministry of Agriculture. 3 Portraits

Phoebe Stabler (née McLeish) (1879-1955), Sculptor. 8 Portraits

Dorothy Stables (née Papley) (active 1773-1778), Wife of John Stables of Calcutta. 1 Portrait

Edward Stables, Clerk of the House of Commons. 5 Portraits

Edward Stables (died 1815), Lieutenant-Colonel; killed at the battle of Waterloo. 1 Portrait

Harriet Stables (active 1777-1778), Daughter of John and Dorothy Stables. 1 Portrait

Maria Stables (active 1777-1778), Daughter of John and Dorothy Stables. 1 Portrait

George Stacey (1787-1857), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Maurice Stacey (1907-1994), Chemist and professor. 2 Portraits

Charles Maurice Stack (1825-1914), Lord Bishop of Clogher. 2 Portraits

Sir Lee Oliver Fitzmaurice Stack (1868-1924), Soldier and administrator. 4 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Neville Stack (1919-1994), Air Chief Marshal and Extra Gentleman Usher to the Queen. 5 Portraits

(Ann) Prunella Stack (Mrs Brian St Quentin Power) (1914-2010), Head of the Women’s League of Health and Beauty; former wife of Lord David Douglas-Hamilton and of Alistair Albers, and later wife of Brian St Quentin Power. 6 Portraits

Thomas Stackhouse (1681 or 1682-1752), Religious writer and controversialist. 2 Portraits

Ms. Carrie Stacks, DJ and musician. 1 Portrait

Frederick Aubrey Stacpole (died 1960), Businessman and Chairman of the board of Harrods, South America. 1 Portrait

George Marie Stanislaus Koska de Stacpoole, 3rd Duke de Stacpoole (1829-1896), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Maria (née Dunn), Duchess de Stacpoole, Wife of 3rd Duke de Stacpoole; daughter of Thomas Dunn. 2 Portraits

Henry De Vere Stacpoole (1863-1951), Novelist. 4 Portraits

John Stacpoole (1674-1771), of Cragbrien Castle, County Clare, Ireland. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Stacpoole (active 1066-1091), Knight of Pembrokeshire. 4 Portraits

William Stacpoole (1830-1879), Politician; MP for Ennis. 2 Portraits

Edward Stacy, Royalist. 1 Portrait

Anne Louise Germaine (née Necker), Madame de Staël-Hollstein (1766-1817), Novelist. 4 Portraits

Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Marquess of Stafford (1721-1803), Politician; Lord Privy Seal. 6 Portraits

William Howard, 1st Viscount Stafford (1612-1680), Nobleman; victim of the Popish Plot. 5 Portraits

Henry Valentine Stafford-Jerningham, 9th Baron Stafford (1802-1884), Politician; MP for Pontefract. 1 Portrait

Emma Eliza Stafford-Jerningham (née Gerard), Lady Stafford (died 1912), Former second wife of 9th Baron Stafford, and later wife of Basil Thomas Fitzherbert; daughter of Frederic Sewallis Gerard. 1 Portrait

Basil Francis Nicholas Fitzherbert, 14th Baron Stafford (1926-1986), Banker. 13 Portraits

Morag Nada (née Campbell), Lady Stafford, Wife of 15th Baron Stafford; daughter of Alastair Campbell. 10 Portraits

Ann Stafford, Writer. 1 Portrait

Augustus Stafford O'Brien Stafford (1810-1857), First Secretary of the Admiralty and Conservative politician; MP for Northamptonshire North. 1 Portrait

Charles Stafford (born 1910), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Frederick Michael Stafford (1918-1943), Pilot Officer. 1 Portrait

Mary Stafford (née Boleyn) (circa 1499-1543), Sister of Anne Boleyn; aunt of Queen Elizabeth I. 1 Portrait

Robert Stafford (active 17th century). 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Stafford, 1st Bt (1857-1935), Privy councillor. 2 Portraits

Maxwell Robert Guthrie Stewart ('Max') Stafford-Clark (1941-), Theatre Director. 1 Portrait

Eglantina Narcissa Stafford Jerningham (née Elmore), Wife of Hon. William George Stafford Jerningham; daughter of Frederick Augustus Elmore. 1 Portrait

Hon. William George Stafford Jerningham (1812-1874), Consul-General; son of 8th Baron Stafford. 1 Portrait

Clive Adrian Stafford Smith (1959-), Human Rights Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Mary Stahl (née Hudson), Author; wife of Professor Ernest Ludwig Stahl. 1 Portrait

Doris ('Dorice') Stainer (born 1896), Founder of Hurst Lodge School; sister of Leslie Howard. 1 Portrait

Sir John Stainer (1840-1901), Organist and composer. 6 Portraits

Peter Stainer (1902-1988), Estate Manager. 1 Portrait

Sir William Staines (1725-1807), Alderman and Lord Mayor of London. 2 Portraits

Graham Henry Stainforth (1906-1987), Headmaster. 1 Portrait

Janet Bertha (née Dewar), Lady Stainton (1895-1979), Wife of Sir John Armitage Stainton; daughter of 1st Baron Forteviot. 1 Portrait

Sir John Armitage Stainton (1888-1957), Barrister, Captain of Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Hughlanders, and Counsel to Chairman of Committees in House of Lords. 4 Portraits

John Dalrymple, 2nd Earl of Stair (1673-1747), Diplomat and army officer. 1 Portrait

John Dalrymple, 8th Earl of Stair (1771-1853), General. 1 Portrait

John Hamilton Dalrymple, 10th Earl of Stair (1819-1903), Governor of the Bank of Scotland and politician; MP for County Wigtownshire. 3 Portraits

Louisa Jane Henrietta Emily (née de Franquetot), Countess of Stair (1824-1896), Wife of 10th Earl of Stair; daughter of Augustin Louis Joseph Casimir Gustave de Franquetot, Duc de Coigny. 1 Portrait

John James Hamilton Dalrymple, 12th Earl of Stair (1879-1961), Politician and soldier. 4 Portraits

Violet Evelyn Dalrymple (née Harford), Countess of Stair (died 1968), Justice of the Peace; wife of 12th Earl of Stair; daughter of Frederick Henry Harford. 4 Portraits

John Aymer Dalrymple, 13th Earl of Stair (1906-1996), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

William Grant Stairs (1863-1892), Army officer and traveller. 1 Portrait

Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban (1561-1626), Philosopher and Lord Chancellor. 63 Portraits

Richard de Aquila Grosvenor, 1st Baron Stalbridge (1837-1912), Railway administrator and politician. 3 Portraits

Hugh Grosvenor, 2nd Baron Stalbridge (1880-1949), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

Gladys Elizabeth Grosvenor (née Nixon), Lady Stalbridge (1879-1960), Wife of 2nd Baron Stalbridge; daughter of Brinsley de Courcy Nixon. 5 Portraits

Diana Mary Christian (née Mills), Countess St Aldwyn (1915-1992), Former wife of Richard Smyly, and later wife of 2nd Earl St Aldwyn; daughter of Henry Christian George Mills. 14 Portraits

Thomas Nettleship Staley (1823-1898), First Missionary Bishop of Honolulu. 11 Portraits

Vernon Staley (1852-1933), Theologian, author and Rector of Ickford, Oxfordshire. 1 Portrait

William Staley (Stayley) (died 1678), Goldsmith, banker and victim of the Popish Plot. 1 Portrait

Joseph Stalin (1878-1953), Leader of the Soviet Union. 1 Portrait

John Stalker (1939-2019), Detective Superintendent, writer, television presenter and company director. 1 Portrait

Reverend Stalker. 1 Portrait

Albert William Stallard, Baron Stallard of St Pancras (1921-2008), Politician; MP for St Pancras North. 7 Portraits

Gwen Stallard (active 1932), Model; 'Miss Britain 1932'. 1 Portrait

Hyla Bristow Stallard (1901-1976), Eye surgeon. 1 Portrait

Josiah Stallard, Wine merchant and Mayor of Worcester. 1 Portrait

Nancy Marianne Quennell (née Stallibrass) (1905-1978), Poet; first wife of Peter Quennell. 1 Portrait

Jon Stallworthy (1935-2014), Poet, Critic and Professor of English. 1 Portrait

William Teulon Swan Stallybrass (1883-1948), Barrister, Principal of Brasenose College Oxford. 3 Portraits

Monsignor Stamak, Catholic priest. 3 Portraits

Eva Mary (née Otter), Lady Stamer (1882-1974), Wife of Sir Lovelace Stamer, 4th Bt; daughter of Robert Charles Otter. 2 Portraits

Sir Lovelace Tomlinson Stamer, 3rd Bt (1829-1908), Bishop of Shrewsbury. 2 Portraits

William Donovan Stamer (1895-1963), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Henry Grey, 1st Earl of Stamford (circa 1599-1673), Parliamentarian army officer. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Grey (née Harvey), Countess of Stamford (circa 1657-1687), Wife of 2nd Earl of Stamford. 7 Portraits

Henrietta Grey (née Cavendish Bentinck), Countess of Stamford (1736-1827), Wife of 5th Earl of Stamford. 2 Portraits

George Harry Grey, 7th Earl of Stamford (1827-1883), Sportsman. 2 Portraits

William Grey, 9th Earl of Stamford (1850-1910). 6 Portraits

Roger Grey, 10th Earl of Stamford (1896-1976). 4 Portraits

Thomas William Stamford (1882-1949), Labour politician; MP for Leeds West. 2 Portraits

Arthur John Bigge, Baron Stamfordham (1849-1931), Private Secretary to Queen Victoria. 6 Portraits

William Percivale Stamm (1909-1986), Air Vice-Marshal. 4 Portraits

Eric E. Stammers, Registrar and High Bailiff, City Court. 3 Portraits

Katherine Esther ('Kay') Stammers (1914-2005), Tennis player. 5 Portraits

Josiah Charles Stamp, 1st Baron Stamp of Shortlands (1880-1941), Economist, financier and statistician. 25 Portraits

Olive Stamp (née Marsh), Lady Stamp (died 1941), Governor of University College, Aberystwyth; wife of 1st Baron Stamp. 6 Portraits

Wilfred Carlyle Stamp, 2nd Baron Stamp of Shortlands (1914-1941), Son of 1st Baron Stamp of Shortlands. 1 Portrait

Trevor Charles Stamp, 3rd Baron Stamp of Shortlands (1907-1987), Son of 1st Baron Stamp of Shortlands. 11 Portraits

Albert Reginald Stamp (1891-1974), Chairman of the London County Council. 3 Portraits

Alice Maud Stamp (née Hunt) (1871-1954), Wife of William Blatspiel Stamp. 1 Portrait

Anthony Philip Josiah Stamp (1947-), Grandson of 1st Baron Stamp. 6 Portraits

Clive Blatspiel Stamp (born 1897), Son of William Blatspiel Stamp. 2 Portraits

Sir (Laurence) Dudley Stamp (1898-1966), Professor of Geography. 8 Portraits

(Alice) Mary Stamp (née Richards) (1911-2000), Former wife of John Hagon, and later wife of (Arthur) Maxwell Stamp. 2 Portraits

Hon. (Arthur) Maxwell Stamp (1915-1984), Lawyer and economist. 1 Portrait

Mildred Evelyn Stamp (née Poer O'Shee) (1901-1971), Wife of Edward Blanshard Stamp. 1 Portrait

Terence Henry Stamp (1938-), Actor. 8 Portraits

George Loraine Stampa (1875-1951), Artist. 5 Portraits

Edith Stamper (née Gladstone), Daughter of Stephen Edward Gladstone. 1 Portrait

Enid Stamp-Taylor (1904-1946), Actress and singer; wife of Sydney Colton. 2 Portraits

John Stanbridge (1463-1510), Schoolmaster and grammarian. 2 Portraits

Reginald Horace Stanbridge (1897-1986), Air Vice-Marshal, RAF. 1 Portrait

Ivor Robert Stanbrook (1924-2004), Politician and barrister. 6 Portraits

Ivan Stancioff, Son of M.Dimitri Stancioff. 1 Portrait

Michael Staffurth Stancliffe (1916-1987), Dean of Winchester. 1 Portrait

Miss F. Stancomb. 1 Portrait

Mrs Stancomb. 1 Portrait

Jan Stanczyk (1886-1953), Polish politician; member of Polish Government of National Unity, London. 1 Portrait

Edith Standen, Actress. 7 Portraits

Joseph Standen (active 1705), Sermonist. 1 Portrait

C.L. Standing. 1 Portrait

Herbert Crellin Standing (1846-1923), Actor. 1 Portrait

Percy Cross Standing (1870-1931), Journalist. 2 Portraits

Charles Standish (1790-1863), Politician and sportsman. 3 Portraits

Sir Frank Standish, 3rd Bt (1746?-1812), Politician; MP for Preston. 2 Portraits

William Harrison Standley (1872-1963), American ambassador to USSR. 4 Portraits

Benjamin Standring (circa 1816-1894), Merchant. 2 Portraits

Mary Howell Standring (circa 1816-1900), Wife of Benjamin Standring. 1 Portrait

Charles A.E. Stanfield, Captain. 4 Portraits

Clarkson Frederick Stanfield (1793-1867), Marine and landscape painter. 13 Portraits

Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924), Composer. 13 Portraits

Jean Stanford (née Fleuret) (1922-), Wife of Edward Ian Stanford; daughter of Alfred Harman Fleuret. 1 Portrait

John Keith Stanford (1892-1971), Author and journalist. 1 Portrait

Joshua Stanger (1801-1854), Merchant. 2 Portraits

Mrs Stanger. 1 Portrait

Helen Maud Stanham (née MacArthur-Onslow), Wife of Reginald George Stanham. 13 Portraits

Sir Reginald George Stanham (1893-1957), Major-General. 23 Portraits

James Stanhope, 1st Earl Stanhope (1673-1721), Soldier and statesman. 11 Portraits

Grizel Stanhope (née Hamilton), Countess Stanhope (1719-1811), Wife of 2nd Earl Stanhope. 4 Portraits

Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope (1753-1816), Scientist and politician; MP for Wycombe. 46 Portraits

Philip Henry Stanhope, 4th Earl Stanhope (1781-1855), Man of affairs. 5 Portraits

Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl Stanhope (1805-1875), Historian; founding member and first chairman of the Trustees of the National Portrait Gallery and Conservative politician; MP for Hertford. 23 Portraits

Emily Harriet Stanhope (née Kerrison), Countess Stanhope (1815-1873), Wife of 5th Earl Stanhope; daughter of Sir Edward Kerrison, 1st Bt. 8 Portraits

Arthur Philip Stanhope, 6th Earl Stanhope (1838-1905), Conservative politician; MP for Leominster and Suffolk. 9 Portraits

Evelyn Henrietta (née Pennefather), Countess Stanhope (1846?-1923), Wife of 6th Earl Stanhope; daughter of Richard Pennefather and Lady Emily Butler. 1 Portrait

James Richard Stanhope, 7th Earl of Stanhope (1880-1967), Army officer and civil servant. 7 Portraits

Eileen Agatha Stanhope (née Browne), Countess Stanhope (1889-1940), Wife of 7th Earl Stanhope; daughter of 6th Marquess of Sligo. 7 Portraits

Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope (1776-1839), Traveller. 1 Portrait

Lady Lucy Rachel Stanhope (1780-1814), Daughter of Charles Stanhope, 3rd Earl Stanhope. 1 Portrait

Anne Hussey (née Delaval), Lady Stanhope (1737-1812), Wife of Sir William Stanhope. 7 Portraits

Arthur Stanhope. 1 Portrait

Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Stanhope (1824-1919), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Caroline Sarah Stanhope (née Arkwright) (died 1929), Wife of Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Stanhope; daughter of John Arkwright. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward Stanhope (1840-1893), Politician; son of 5th Earl Stanhope; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 8 Portraits

Hon. Elizabeth Stanhope (née Falconer) (active 1782-1802), Wife of Hon. Henry Fitzroy Stanhope. 2 Portraits

George Stanhope (1660-1728), Dean of Canterbury. 7 Portraits

Henrietta Stanhope (active circa 1772). 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Augustus Stanhope (1845-1933), Rector of Spofforth, Wetherby; son of 5th Earl Stanhope. 2 Portraits

James Banks Stanhope (1821-1904), Politician; MP for North Lincolnshire. 1 Portrait

James Hamilton Stanhope (1788-1825), Soldier and politician; MP for Buckingham, Fowey and Dartmouth; son of Charles, 3rd Earl Stanhope. 3 Portraits

John Roddam Spencer Stanhope (1829-1908), Pre-Raphaelite painter. 1 Portrait

Lincoln Stanhope (1781-1840), Soldier; son of 3rd Earl of Harrington. 6 Portraits

Lovell Stanhope (1720-1783), Politician, secretary to 2nd Earl of Halifax and MP for Winchester. 1 Portrait

Maureen Elizabeth Irvine Stanhope (née Cole), Wife of Hon. Steven Francis Lincoln Stanhope. 4 Portraits

Hon. Steven Francis Lincoln Stanhope (1951-), Son of 11th Earl of Harrington. 5 Portraits

Sir Beville Stanier, 1st Bt (1867-1921), Politician and agriculturalist. 2 Portraits

James Stanier (active 1643), Merchant. 3 Portraits

Sir William Arthur Stanier (1876-1965), Engineer. 9 Portraits

I. Stanislaws? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir George Bradshaw Stanistreet (1866-1941), Army officer. 7 Portraits

Henry Arthur Stanistreet (1901-1981), Bishop of Killaloe, Ireland. 1 Portrait

John Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley of Alderley (1766-1850). 3 Portraits

Maria Josepha Stanley (née Holroyd), Lady Stanley of Alderley (1771-1863), Daughter of 1st Earl of Sheffield; wife of 1st Baron Stanley. 2 Portraits

Edward John Stanley, 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley (1802-1869), Politician, President of the Board of Trade and Postmaster General. 4 Portraits

Henrietta Maria Stanley (née Dillon-Lee), Lady Stanley of Alderley (1807-1895), Political hostess and campaigner for women's education. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lyulph Stanley, 5th Baron Stanley of Alderley and 5th Baron Sheffield (1875-1931), Barrister, politician and Governor of Victoria. 4 Portraits

Lady Alexandra Louise Elizabeth Stanley (née Acheson) (1878-1958), Wife of Hon. Frederick William Stanley; daughter of 4th Earl of Gosford. 1 Portrait

Lady Augusta Elizabeth Frederica Stanley (née Bruce) (1822-1876), Courtier; wife of Arthur Penrhyn Stanley; daughter of 7th Earl of Elgin. 2 Portraits

Edward Montagu Cavendish Stanley, Lord Stanley (1894-1938), Politician; son of 17th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Lady Mary Cavendish Stanley (née Grosvenor) (1883-1959), Former wife of Henry William Crichton, Viscount Crichton, and later wife of Hon. Algernon Stanley; daughter of 1st Duke of Westminster. 1 Portrait

Lady Maureen Helen Stanley (née Vane-Tempest-Stewart) (1900-1942), Socialite; wife of Oliver Frederick George Stanley; daughter of 7th Marquess of Londonderry. 5 Portraits

Hon. Alexandra Frances Anne Stanley (née Fellowes) (1880-1955), Wife of Ferdinand Charles Stanley. 1 Portrait

Hon. Algernon Francis Stanley (1874-1962), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Annie (née Norris), Lady Stanley, Wife of Sir John Stanley. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Stanley (1869-1947), British Red Cross Society Chairman, philanthropist and Conservative politician; MP for Ormskirk. 5 Portraits

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (1815-1881), Dean of Westminster; son of Edward Stanley; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 30 Portraits

Hon. Charles-Zedemo Stanley (1666-1715), Politician; MP for Preston; son of Charles Stanley, 8th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Stanley (née de La Trémoille), Countess of Derby (1599-1664), Royalist; wife of James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby. 16 Portraits

Dorothy (née Tennant), Lady Stanley (1855-1926), Artist; wife of Sir Henry Morton Stanley; daughter of Charles Tennant; sister of Eveleen Myers. 18 Portraits

Edward Stanley (1779-1849), Bishop of Norwich. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Stanley, 3rd Bt of Bickerstaffe (1643-1671), Son of Sir Thomas Stanley, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Edward James Stanley (1826-1907), Politician; MP for Somerset West and Bridgwater. 1 Portrait

Hon. Eleanor Julian Stanley (circa 1821-1903), Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Bosville), Lady Stanley (died 1695), Wife of Sir Edward Stanley, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Rosamond Stanley (née Ward) (circa 1811-1880), Daughter of James Ward; former wife of Robert Henry Stanhope, and later wife of Charles Thomas Stanley. 3 Portraits

Hon. Ellen Stanley (died 1876), Daughter of Sir John Williams, 1st Bt of Bodelwyddan; wife of Hon. William Owen Stanley. 1 Portrait

Ferdinand Charles Stanley (1871-1935), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Frances Augusta Stanley (née Campbell) (died 1878), Wife of Charles James Fox Stanley. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frederick William Stanley (1878-1942), Lieutenant-Colonel; youngest son of 16th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Sir George Frederick Stanley (1872-1938), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician; Governor of Madras and acting viceroy of India; son of 16th Earl of Derby. 5 Portraits

Harold John Stanley (1817-1867), History painter. 1 Portrait

Mrs Harold John Stanley (active early 1860s), Wife of Harold John Stanley. 1 Portrait

Henry Stanley, of Aughton (1515-1598), Grandson of George Stanley, Lord Strange and Joan, 9th Baroness Strange. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904), Explorer and journalist. 41 Portraits

Hon. Henry Thomas Stanley (1803-1875), Politician; MP for Preston. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert James Stanley (1872-1955), Colonial governor. 11 Portraits

Howard Spencer Stanley (1901-1975), Priest and General Secretary of the Congregational Union of England and Wales. 2 Portraits

Jane (née Widdington), Lady Stanley, Daughter and heiress of the last Lord Widdington of Stella, Cumberland. 1 Portrait

John Stanley (1712-1786), Organist and composer. 3 Portraits

Sir John Stanley (1846-1931), Judge. 6 Portraits

Hon. John Constantine Stanley (1837-1878), Army officer; son of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. 1 Portrait

Judy Stanley. 1 Portrait

Lewis Stanley, Major. 1 Portrait

Lady Lucy Stanley (née Percy) (died 1600?), Wife of Sir Edward Stanley. 2 Portraits

Lucy Stanley (née Smith) (before 1732-1759), Wife of James Stanley, son of 11th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Margaret (née Owen), Lady Stanley (1742-1816), Wife of Sir John Thomas Stanley, Bt. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Egerton), Lady Stanley, Former wife of Sir Thomas Stanley, 2nd Bt of Bickerstaffe, and later wife of Henry Hoghton. 1 Portrait

Mary Stanley (1536-circa 1613), Wife of Henry Stanley, Heiress of Bickerstaffe. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Stanley (née Labouchere) (1842-1920), Eldest daughter of Baron Taunton. 1 Portrait

Hon. Maude Alethea Stanley (1833-1915), Women's welfare activist; daughter of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. 2 Portraits

Oliver Frederick George Stanley (1896-1950), Politician; President of the Board of Trade, Secretary of State for War and Secretary of State for the Colonies. 13 Portraits

Pamela Stanley (Lady Cunynghame) (1909-1991), Actress; wife of Sir David Cunynghame, 11th Bt. 2 Portraits

Phyllis Stanley (1914-1992), Actress, singer and dancer. 1 Portrait

Richard Oliver Stanley (1920-1983), Politician; MP for Fylde North. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Stanley (died 1633), Knight of the Noble Order of the Bath; second son of William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Hon. Robert-Thomas Stanley (1656-1686), Son of Charles Stanley, 8th Earl of Derby; brother to the 9th and 10th Earls of Derby. 2 Portraits

Sofia Anne Stanley (1873-1953), First female Metropolitan Police officer; designer of the first women's police uniform. 1 Portrait

Thomas Stanley (1625-1678), Scholar and humanist. 7 Portraits

Sir Thomas Stanley, 4th Bt of Bickerstaffe (before 1665-1713), Politician; MP for Preston. 1 Portrait

Sir Victor Albert Stanley (1867-1934), Admiral. 5 Portraits

William Owen Stanley (1802-1884), Politician and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Miss Stanley (active 1770s). 1 Portrait

Miss Stanley (born 1795), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mr Stanley (active 1850), Member of The Lancashire Central Short Time Committee for Obtaining the Ten Hours Bill. 1 Portrait

Sir William Stanley-Massey-Stanley, 10th Bt (1806 or 1807-1863), Landowner and Conservative politician. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Mabel Murray Stanley-Turner (later Tindall-Carill-Worsley) (1916-1995), Motor racing driver. 1 Portrait

Arthur Charles Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Baron Stanmore (1829-1912), Colonial governor. 3 Portraits

George Arthur Maurice Hamilton-Gordon, 2nd Baron Stanmore (1871-1957), Royal courtier and Chief Liberal Whip at the House of Lords. 16 Portraits

Miss Stanmore, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Anna Stannard, Actress. 4 Portraits

Audrey Noel Palmer Stannard (1885-1912), Daughter of Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard (née Palmer). 2 Portraits

E.M. Stannard. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard (née Palmer) (1856-1911), Author and journalist; used pseudonyms 'Violet Whyte' and 'John Strange Winter'. 4 Portraits

Robert William Stannard (1895-1986), Dean of Rochester. 10 Portraits

Theresa Sylvester Stannard (1898-1947), Still-life artist. 4 Portraits

Violet Mignon Stannard (1888-1958), Daughter of Henrietta Eliza Vaughan Stannard (née Palmer). 2 Portraits

Heather Mary Stanning (1985-), Rower. 1 Portrait

John Gordon Stanning (1915-1995), Lieutenant, Royal Navy. 2 Portraits

Beauchamp Walter Stannus (1821-1908), Clergyman at Arrow, Warwickshire. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mabella Geraldine Stannus (née Vesey-Fitzgerald) (1826-1910), Wife of Beauchamp Walter Stannus; daughter of 3rd Baron Fitzgerald and Vesey. 1 Portrait

Sir James Stansfeld (1820-1898), Politician and social reformer. 5 Portraits

James Rawdon Stansfeld (1866-1936), Colonel. 6 Portraits

Logan Sutherland Stansfeld (1859-1936), Captain. 3 Portraits

Lisa Stansfield (1966-), Singer. 2 Portraits

N. Stansfield, Office Keeper, Standards Department, Houses of Parliament. 1 Portrait

William Wedgwood Benn, 1st Viscount Stansgate (1877-1960), Politician; Secretary of State for India and Secretary of State for Air. 8 Portraits

Peter Stansill, Editor of International Times. 1 Portrait

Alfred John Stanton (1825-1906), Politician; MP for Stroud. 1 Portrait

Arthur Henry Stanton (1839-1913), Church of England clergyman. 3 Portraits

(George) Clark Stanton (1832-1894), Sculptor and painter. 1 Portrait

Mrs F. Stanton. 1 Portrait

George Henry Stanton (1835-1905), Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales and Bishop of North Queensland. 2 Portraits

Henry Brewster Stanton (1805-1887), Lawyer, journalist and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Ernest Stanton (1861-1943), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Herbert Udny Weitbrecht Stanton (1851-1937), Warden, St Catherine Deaconess House, Highbury and missionary. 1 Portrait

Olive Talbot Stanton, Wife of Sir Henry Ernest Stanton. 3 Portraits

Peggy Stanton. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ambrose) Thomas Stanton (1875-1938), Medical advisor in tropical medicine. 1 Portrait

William Stanton-Jones (1866-1951), Bishop of Sodor and Man. 1 Portrait

Alfred Stanway (1908-1989), Bishop of Central Tanganyika. 1 Portrait

Georgia Marie Stanway (1991-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Abraham Stanyan (circa 1669-1732), Diplomat. 6 Portraits

Otto Stapf (1857-1933), Botanist. 1 Portrait

Neville Eugenton Staple (1955-), Singer. 1 Portrait

Miles Talbot, 9th Baron Stapledon (1893-1977). 2 Portraits

Sir (Reginald) George Stapledon (1882-1960), Pioneer of Grassland Science. 5 Portraits

Walter de Stapledon (1261-1326), Bishop of Exeter. 6 Portraits

William Olaf Stapledon (1886-1950), Philosopher and writer. 10 Portraits

Kate Staples (1966-), Pole vaulter. 1 Portrait

Pete Staples (1944-), Musician; member of The Troggs. 3 Portraits

Deryck Cameron Stapleton (1918-2018), Air Vice-Marshal. 7 Portraits

Mary Catherine (née Gladstone), Lady Stapleton (later Mackenzie) (1849-1924), Former wife of Sir Francis George Stapleton, 8th Bt, and later wife of William Dalziel Mackenzie; daughter of Adam Steuart Gladstone. 1 Portrait

Miriam Edna (née Ludford), Lady Stapleton (died 1977), Second wife of Sir Miles Stapleton, 9th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Philip Stapleton (1603-1647), Parliamentarian. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert Stapleton (Stapylton) (circa 1607-1669), Playwright and translator. 12 Portraits

Thomas Stapleton (1535-1598), Roman catholic controversialist. 5 Portraits

Hon. David Stapleton-Cotton (1932-), Captain; son of 5th Viscount Combermere. 1 Portrait

Anne (née Waller), Lady Stapylton (1718-1791), Wife of Sir Miles Stapylton, Bt. 1 Portrait

Mother Mary Starr (Sister Joseph) (active 1850-1869), Mother Superior of the Convent of Mercy, Hull. 1 Portrait

Alvin Stardust (Bernard William Jewry) (1942-2014), Singer and stage actor. 1 Portrait

P.M. Starey? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Ernst Rüdiger, Prince von Starhemberg (1899-1956), Austrian politician; 15th Federal Vice-Chancellor of Austria. 1 Portrait

Ludwig, Count Starhemberg (1762-1833), Austrian envoy. 1 Portrait

Carolin Babcock Stark (1912-1987), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Dudley Stark (active 1950s), Bishop of Rochester. 1 Portrait

Dame Freya Madeline Stark (1893-1993), Traveller and writer. 6 Portraits

Graham Stark (1922-2013), Comedian, actor, writer, director. 1 Portrait

Ian David Stark (1954-), Equestrian; Olympian. 1 Portrait

James Stark (1794-1859), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Leland William Frederick Stark (1907-1986), Coadjutor Bishop of Newark. 1 Portrait

Peter Stark (1946-), Arts administrator. 1 Portrait

David Starkey (1945-), Historian and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Diana Starkey, Bridesmaid of Viscount and Viscountess Cowdray. 1 Portrait

Irene Myrtle (née Francklin), Lady Starkey (died 1965), Wife of Sir William Randle Starkey. 2 Portraits

John Ralph Starkey (1859-1940), Politician; MP for Newark. 1 Portrait

Thomas Alfred Starkey (1819-1903), Bishop of Newark. 1 Portrait

Enid Mary Starkie (1897-1970), Critic and university teacher. 2 Portraits

Le Gendre Nicholas Starkie (1828-1899), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

Herbert John Starling (1874-1950), Consulting physician, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. 1 Portrait

Ronald Starling (1909-1991), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Simon Starling (1967-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Keir Starmer (1962-), Politician; barrister; Director of Public Prosecutions. 1 Portrait

Georgina Starr (1968-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Kay Starr (Katherine Laverne Starks) (1922-2016), Pop and jazz singer. 1 Portrait

Maureen Starr (née Mary Cox, later Tigrett) (1946-1994), First wife of Ringo Starr and wife of Isaac Burton Tigrett. 3 Portraits

Sir Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) (1940-), Musician; drummer for The Beatles. 71 Portraits

William Henderson Starr (1861-1947), Soldier. 3 Portraits

Sir James Startin (1855-1948), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Peter Startup (1921-1976), Painter and sculptor. 1 Portrait

Countess Starzerski. 4 Portraits

Harold Edward Stassen (1907-2001), Politician; 25th Governor of Minnesota. 1 Portrait

State Band. 1 Portrait

State Band 1st Regiment of Life Guards, Band of a senior regiment of the British Army and part of the Household Cavalry. 1 Portrait

State Band 2nd Regiment of Life Guards, Band of a senior regiment of the British Army and part of the Household Cavalry. 1 Portrait

Reginald Statham (active 1963), Accountant. 1 Portrait

Mr Statham. 1 Portrait

Sir George Leonard Staunton, 1st Bt (1737-1801), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir George Thomas Staunton, 2nd Bt (1781-1859), Traveller, orientalist and politician: MP for Mitchell, Hampshire South and Portsmouth. 3 Portraits

Imelda Staunton (1956-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Michael Staunton (1788-1870), Lord Mayor of Dublin. 1 Portrait

Cecil Minet Staveley (1874-1934), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles William Dunbar Staveley (1817-1896), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Clare Staveley (1980-), Engineer; member of London 2012 Olympic Park Enabling Works. 1 Portrait

Mary Staveley (née Onebye) (1635?-1669), Wife of antiquarian Thomas Staveley of Leicester. 3 Portraits

Thomas Staveley (1626-1684), Antiquary. 2 Portraits

Thomas Kitchingman Staveley (1791-1860), Politician; MP for Ripon. 1 Portrait

Alexander de Grey Staveley-Hill (died 1973), Son of Hon. Henry Staveley-Hill. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Catrin Stävin (1957-), Actress and Miss World 1977. 1 Portrait

Samson Stawell (circa 1785-1849), Colonel. 1 Portrait

William Arthur Macdonald Stawell (1895-1987), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Mr Stawell. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Stayner (1625-1662), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Edgar William Richard Steacie (1900-1962), Physical chemist; president of the National Research Council of Canada. 2 Portraits

George E. Stead (active 1940s), Choirmaster and singing instructor. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Stead (1888-1979), Professor of Physics. 3 Portraits

James Henry Stead (active 1861-died 1886), Music hall performer. 1 Portrait

Jean Stead (1936-), National News Editor and Assistant Editor of the Guardian. 1 Portrait

William Force Stead (1884-1967), Poet and clergyman. 4 Portraits

William Thomas Stead (1849-1912), Journalist, newspaper editor and spiritualist. 12 Portraits

Alison Steadman (1946-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Ralph Idris Steadman (1936-), Caricaturist, artist and writer. 4 Portraits

William Steadman (active early 19th century), Pastor of the Baptist Church, Westgate, Bradford, Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

William Charles ('W.C.') Steadman (1851-1911), Politician and trade unionist. 1 Portrait

James Steains (1805-1879), Merchant and tea dealer; father of Mary Vaughan Harke. 1 Portrait

Linton Steamer. 1 Portrait

Edward Steane (1798-1882), Baptist minister and slavery abolitionist. 5 Portraits

Wilson Reiff Stearly (active 1915-1935), Bishop of Newark and Bishop of Tasmania. 1 Portrait

Hon. Charles John Steavenson (1867-1933), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Stebbing (1687-1763), Divine. 1 Portrait

Henry Stebbing (1799-1883), Divine and author. 1 Portrait

Lizzie Susan Stebbing (1885-1943), Philosopher. 8 Portraits

Wolfgang Stechow (1896-1974), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Edgar Stedman (1890-1975), Biochemist. 1 Portrait

Sir George Foster Stedman (1895-1985), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Henry Wickham Steed (1871-1956), Journalist; editor of The Times. 13 Portraits

Sir Alasdair Alexander McKay Sinclair Steedman (1922-1992), Air Chief Marshal. 12 Portraits

Elizabeth Steegman (died 1967), Wife of Philip Steegman. 1 Portrait

Philip Steegman (1903-1952), Artist. 1 Portrait

David Martin Scott Steel, Baron Steel of Aikwood (1938-), Politician; Leader of the Liberal Party and first Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament. 22 Portraits

Anthony William Wilson Steel (died 1885), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Bryan Steel (1969-), Cyclist; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Sir Christopher Eden Steel (1903-1973), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir David Edward Charles Steel (1916-2004), Solicitor and businessman and Chairman of The Wellcome Trust. 1 Portrait

Flora Anne Steel (1847-1929), Novelist. 3 Portraits

John Steel (1941-), Musician; drummer for Animals. 4 Portraits

Sir John Miles Steel (1877-1965), Air Chief Marshal. 6 Portraits

Sir (Joseph) Lincoln Spedding Steel (1900-1985), Director of ICI. 3 Portraits

Sir Scudamore Winde Steel (1789-1865), Army officer in the East India Company. 3 Portraits

Mr Steel. 5 Portraits

Mr Steel (active 1930s), Public House entertainer. 1 Portrait

Mr Steel (active 1877), Bookmaker and steel magnate. 1 Portrait

Betty Hunter Steele (née Craig), Wife of John Leslie Fisher Steele; daughter of R.S. Craig. 1 Portrait

Caroline Priscilla Steele (née Shury) (died 1943), Wife of Robert Steele; daughter of George Shury. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Ronald Steele (1897-1973), Air Marshal. 6 Portraits

David Steele (1960-), Musician; member of Fine Young Cannibals. 1 Portrait

Eugene Steele (1712-1723), Son of Sir Richard Steele. 1 Portrait

E.F. Steele, Director, Redfern Flooring Services. 1 Portrait

Francesca Maria ('Fanny') Steele (1848-1931), 'Darley Dale', writer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Charles Steele (1916-1976), Footballer. 1 Portrait

George Steele (active mid 1860s), Clergyman and school inspector. 1 Portrait

Gordon Charles Steele (1892-1981), Naval commander. 2 Portraits

Sir James Stuart Steele (1894-1975), General. 10 Portraits

Jeffrey Steele (1931-2021), Artist and lecturer. 2 Portraits

Marjorie Steele (1930-), Actress. 4 Portraits

Mary Steele (1713-circa 1730), Daughter of Sir Richard Steele. 1 Portrait

P. Steele (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Steele (1672-1729), Dramatist and essayist. 33 Portraits

Robert R. Steele (1860-1944), Medieval historian and writer. 4 Portraits

Thomas Steele (1753-1823), Secretary to the Treasury. 1 Portrait

Thomas Steele (1905-1979), Scottish politician and station master. 23 Portraits

Sir Thomas Montague Steele (1820-1890), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Tommy Steele (1936-), Singer and actor. 12 Portraits

Vernon Steele (Arturo Romeo Antonietti) (1882-1955), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Lindsay Steele (1905-1975), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Alfred Horace Steel Steele-Perkins (1886-1963), Wing Commander. 1 Portrait

Sir Derek Steele-Perkins (1908-1994), Surgeon Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir John Robert Steell (1804-1891), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay Steel-Maitland, 1st Bt (1876-1935), Politician and economist. 9 Portraits

David Steen (1936-2015), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Marguerite Steen (1894-1975), Playwright and novelist. 2 Portraits

Hendrik van Steenwyck (circa 1580-1649), Artist. 6 Portraits

Janet Steer (born circa 1871), Actress. 1 Portrait

John Steer (1780-1856), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

M. Steer. 1 Portrait

Philip Wilson Steer (1860-1942), Painter. 14 Portraits

Stanley Charles Steer (1900-1997), Bishop of Saskatoon, Canada. 1 Portrait

Mr Steer. 2 Portraits

Edward Steere (1828-1882), Missionary Bishop and authority on East African dialects. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Mary Steere (née FitzRoy) (1826-1906), Daughter of the Rt. Hon. Charles Fitzroy; wife of Henry Lee Steere. 1 Portrait

Henry Lee Steere (1828-1899), Parish guardian. 1 Portrait

James Alfred Steers (1899-1987), Professor of Geography. 2 Portraits

George Steevens (1736-1800), Commentator on Shakespeare. 11 Portraits

Sir John Steevens (1855-1925), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Vilhjalmur Stefansson (1879-1962), Arctic explorer and writer. 1 Portrait

Anna Oscara Steffen (née von Sydow) (1864-1956), Wife of Gustaf Steffen. 1 Portrait

Gustaf Steffen (1844-1929), Swedish economist. 1 Portrait

Charles Steggall (1826-1905), Organist and composer. 1 Portrait

Reginald Steggall (1867-1938), Musician, organist and composer. 3 Portraits

Grahame Stehle, Researcher, Ilford Limited. 1 Portrait

Hilary Stehle, Assistant in Ilford Limited’s East London Regional Distribution Office. 1 Portrait

Christiana Steichen, Model. 1 Portrait

Rod Steiger (1925-2002), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir (Marc) Aurel Stein (1862-1943), Scholar, explorer and archaeologist. 12 Portraits

Erwin Stein (1885-1958), Musician. 1 Portrait

Fritz von Stein (1772-1844), Friend of Goethe. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Stein (1874-1946), Writer. 7 Portraits

Leonard Jaques Stein (1887-1973), Jewish activist and Zionist. 1 Portrait

Rick Stein (1947-), Chef, restaurateur and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Sophie Stein (née Bachmann), Wife of Erwin Stein. 1 Portrait

Baroness von Stein, Friend of Goethe. 1 Portrait

Larry Steinbachek (1960-2017), Musician; member of Bronski Beat. 1 Portrait

Dayan Meyer Steinberg (1906-1971), Judge. 1 Portrait

(Francis) George Steiner (1929-2020), Writer and scholar. 2 Portraits

Alfred Charles ('Jimmy') Steiner (1899-1931), Brother of Leslie Howard. 1 Portrait

Lillian Steiner (née Blumberg) (1869-1939), Mother of Leslie Howard; wife of Ferdinand Steiner. 1 Portrait

Ottokar Harold Mojmir St John Steiner (1916-1998), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Wilhelm Steinitz (1836-1900), Austrian chess player. 1 Portrait

Ann Grace Steinmetz (née Barron) (1832-1893), Wife of John Henry Steinmetz; daughter of John Augustus Barron. 2 Portraits

Grace Kennard Steinmetz (1858-1943), Daughter of John Henry Steinmetz. 1 Portrait

Karl Friedrich Von Steinmetz (1796-1877), German soldier. 3 Portraits

Mabel Emily Steinmetz (1863-1943), Daughter of John Henry Steinmetz. 1 Portrait

Lisa Steker, Actress. 1 Portrait

Esta Stella (active 1910s-1920s), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Charles Stemp (1897-1979), Air force officer. 1 Portrait

Anna Sten (1908-1993), Actress. 3 Portraits

Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock (né Eric Magnus Andreas Harry Stenbock) (1860-1895), Poet and writer. 4 Portraits

Polly Stenham (1986-), Playwright. 1 Portrait

Joseph Stennett (1663-1713), Seventh Day Baptist minister. 1 Portrait

Joseph Stennett (1692-1758), Baptist minister. 1 Portrait

John Frederick Stenning (1868-1959), Dean and Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford and lecturer in Aramaic, Divinity and Hebrew. 1 Portrait

John Hallowes Stenning (died 2001), Royal Navy Commander. 1 Portrait

Hedy Stenuf (1922-2010), Figure skater. 7 Portraits

Miss Stephanie, Model. 2 Portraits

King Stephen (circa 1092-1154), Reigned 1135-54. 22 Portraits

Adrian Stephen (1883-1948), Psychoanalyst; son of Sir Leslie Stephen. 7 Portraits

Sir Alexander Condie Stephen (1850-1908), Diplomat and writer. 2 Portraits

James Stephen (1733?-1779), Author. 3 Portraits

James Stephen (1758-1832), Lawyer and slavery abolitionist. 1 Portrait

Sir James Stephen (1789-1859), Historian and colonial under-secretary. 1 Portrait

Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, 1st Bt (1829-1894), Judge and writer; son of Sir James Stephen. 4 Portraits

John Stephen (1934-2004), Fashion designer. 3 Portraits

Julia Prinsep Stephen (née Jackson, formerly Mrs Duckworth) (1846-1895), Beauty and philanthropist; former wife of Herbert Duckworth, and later wife of Sir Leslie Stephen; mother of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell. 8 Portraits

Catherine Elizabeth Conn ('Karin') Stephen (née Costelloe) (1889-1953), Psychoanalyst and psychologist. 30 Portraits

Sir Leslie Stephen (1832-1904), Writer, philosopher, mountaineer and first editor of the Dictionary of National Biography; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 13 Portraits

Mary Hermione (née Cunningham), Lady Stephen (died 1945), Wife of Sir Herbert Stephen, 2nd Bt; daughter of Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham. 2 Portraits

Reginald Stephen (1860-1956), Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales. 2 Portraits

Stainless Stephen (Arthur Clifford Baynes) (1892-1971), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Thoby Stephen (1880-1906), Brother of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Stephen, 2nd Bt (1857-1932), Barrister and legal writer. 2 Portraits

Adolphus Haggerston Stephens (1835-1916), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Audrey Margaret Stephens (née Elmslie) (1901-1991), Wife of Donald Ryder Stephens; daughter of A. Stuart Elmslie. 5 Portraits

Cynthia Mary Denise Stephens (née Prideaux-Brune) (1919-1995), Justice of the Peace; wife of Brian Stephens. 1 Portrait

Daniel Stephens (1866-1932), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Sir David Stephens (1910-1990), Clerk of the Parliaments, House of Lords. 1 Portrait

Donald Ryder Stephens (1898-1983). 2 Portraits

Edward Bowring Stephens (1815-1882), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Frederic George Stephens (1828-1907), Pre-Raphaelite painter and art critic. 1 Portrait

Henry Stephens (active 1860s), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Huw Stephens (1981-), Radio presenter. 1 Portrait

James Stephens (1880-1950), Poet and novelist. 26 Portraits

James Henry Stephens (1862-1937), Accountant and chairman. 4 Portraits

Jilly Stephens, Executive Director, City Harvest. 1 Portrait

John Stephens (1772-1841), Methodist minister. 2 Portraits

John William Watson Stephens (1865-1946), Parasitologist and expert on tropical diseases. 1 Portrait

Joseph Rayner Stephens (1805-1879), Social reformer. 3 Portraits

Keith Fielding Stephens (1910-1995), Major-General; Medical Officer, Department of Health and Social Security. 10 Portraits

Nathan Stephens (1988-), Javelin and discus thrower; Paralympian. 1 Portrait

Peter Stephens (active 1760-died 1769), Amateur artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Stephens, 1st Bt (1723-1809), Politician; Lord Commissioner of the British Admiralty. 1 Portrait

Sir Reginald Byng Stephens (1869-1955), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Richard Markham Stephens (1875-1967), Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Graham Stephens (1931-1995), Actor. 5 Portraits

Rosine Stephens (active 1860s), Daughter of Rev. Henry Stephens. 1 Portrait

Stephanie Marie Pottinger Stephens (1900-1947), Actress; daughter of Henry Pottinger Stephens. 10 Portraits

Theo A. Stephens (born 1881), Horticulturalist and journalist. 2 Portraits

Toby Stephens (1969-), Actor. 1 Portrait

V. Stephens. 1 Portrait

Yorke Stephens (1856 or 1860 or 1862-1937), Actor. 2 Portraits

Mr Stephens (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

Mrs Stephens (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

Mrs Stephens (active 1940), British Red Cross Officer. 1 Portrait

Stephens (active 1942), Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Augustus Frederick William Keppel Stephenson (1827-1904), Public prosecutor; son of Henry Stephenson MP. 1 Portrait

Sir Douglas Stephenson (1893-1981), Colonel and solicitor. 1 Portrait

Eglantine Stephenson (née Pleydell-Bouverie) (died 1925), Granddaughter of 3rd Earl Radnor; wife of Sir Augustus Frederick William Keppel Stephenson. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Charles Arthur Stephenson (1821-1911), Soldier. 3 Portraits

George Stephenson (1781-1848), Inventor of the railway-engine. 9 Portraits

George Robert Stephenson (1819-1905), Civil engineer; nephew of George Stephenson. 1 Portrait

Sir Gilbert Owen Stephenson (1878-1972), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Frederick Stephenson (1842-1919), Admiral and Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Kenyon Stephenson, 1st Bt (1865-1947), Lieutenant-Colonel, Lord Mayor of Sheffield and Liberal politician; MP for Sheffield Park. 2 Portraits

Henry Spencer Stephenson (1871-1957), Rector and Rural Dean of Gateshead. 5 Portraits

Herbert Stephenson, Preacher. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Stephenson (1906-1972), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Hugh Stephenson. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Lansdown Stephenson (1871-1941), Indian civil servant. 2 Portraits

John Stephenson (1871-1933), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Everard Stephenson (1893-1948), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir John Frederick Eustace Stephenson (1910-1998), Lord Justice of Appeal. 2 Portraits

John William Arthur Stephenson (1907-1982), Cricketer and Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Joseph Stephenson (1882-1965), Chartered accountant. 1 Portrait

Marjory Stephenson (1885-1948), Biochemist. 6 Portraits

Mary Ann (née Hederstedt), Lady Stephenson (born circa 1820), Wife of Sir Rowland Macdonald Stephenson; daughter of Edward Hederstedt. 1 Portrait

Paddy Stephenson. 1 Portrait

Paul Stephenson (1937-), Activist and Civil Rights campaigner. 1 Portrait

Percival William Stephenson (1888-1962), Bishop of Nelson, New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Robert Stephenson (1803-1859), Civil engineer; son of George Stephenson. 12 Portraits

Sir Rowland Macdonald Stephenson (1808-1895), Civil engineer and writer on railways. 1 Portrait

R.H. Stephenson, Director, Smith's Dock Company Ltd. 3 Portraits

Thomas Alan Stephenson (1898-1961), Professor of Zoology. 2 Portraits

William Lawrence Stephenson (1880-1963), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Miss Stephenson (active circa 1927). 1 Portrait

Aloysius Viktor Stepinac (1898-1960), Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 to 1960. 1 Portrait

Catherine (née Pollok), Lady Stepney (1778-1845), Novelist and society hostess; former wife of Russell Manners, and later wife of 9th Baron of Prendergast. 3 Portraits

George Stepney (1663-1707), Diplomat. 6 Portraits

Sergius Stepniak (Sergey Mikhaylovich Kravchinsky) (1852-1895), Revolutionary writer. 1 Portrait

Patrick Christopher Steptoe (1913-1988), Obstetrician, gynaecologist and pioneer of IVF conception. 2 Portraits

Jeanette Sterke (1934-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Anna Charlotte Sterling (1833-1867), Daughter of John Sterling and niece of Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling. 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling (1805-1871), Soldier and writer. 3 Portraits

Caroline Matilda Sterling (née Salusbury-Trelawny) (1842-1917), Wife of John Barton Sterling. 2 Portraits

Edward Coningham Sterling (1831-1877). 1 Portrait

Hester Isabella Sterling (1843-1908), Daughter of John Sterling and niece of Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling. 1 Portrait

John Sterling (1806-1844), Author. 1 Portrait

John Barton Sterling (1840-1926), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Julia Maria Sterling (1836-1910), Daughter of John Sterling and niece of Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling. 1 Portrait

Katherine Susan Sterling (1834-1860), Daughter of John Sterling. 1 Portrait

Raheem Shaquille Sterling (1994-), Footballer. 3 Portraits

William Sterling (1718-1786). 1 Portrait

Antoinette Sterling MacKinlay (1843-1904), Singer. 6 Portraits

Sir Albert Gerald Stern (1878-1966), Banker and administrator in the production of the first tanks. 14 Portraits

Sir Edward David Stern, 1st Bt (1854-1933), Army officer and businessman. 2 Portraits

Ernst Stern (1876-1954), Stage designer. 12 Portraits

Gladys Bertha ('G.B.') Stern (1890-1973), Novelist. 5 Portraits

Isaac Stern (1920-2001), Violinist. 1 Portrait

Joseph Frederick Stern (1865-1934), Minister Emeritus, East London Synagogue, Stepney. 2 Portraits

Martha Stern (1880-1975), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Mike Stern (active 1930s), Market trader; 'Petticoat Lane Cheapjack'. 1 Portrait

Josef von Sternberg (1894-1969), Film director. 1 Portrait

Sir Sigmund Sternberg (1921-2016), Philanthropist, businessman and inter-faith champion. 1 Portrait

William Pickford, 1st Baron Sterndale (1848-1923), Judge. 2 Portraits

John Sterne (1660-1745), Bishop of Clogher. 2 Portraits

Laurence Sterne (1713-1768), Writer and divine; author of 'Tristram Shandy'. 16 Portraits

Laurence Henry Gordon Sterne (1916-2001), Director of Royal Naval Aircraft and Helicopters. 1 Portrait

Richard Sterne (1596-1683), Archbishop of York. 1 Portrait

Frank William Sterrett (active 1920s), Bishop of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Reinagle Sterry (née Cooper) (1870-1966), Tennis player; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Henry Sterry (1803-1869), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Richard Sterry (1785-1865), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Samuel Henry Sterry (died circa 1857), Physician. 1 Portrait

David Steuart (1747-1824), Provost, banker, merchant and book collector. 1 Portrait

Robert Steuart (circa 1806-1842), Conservative politician; MP for Haddington. 1 Portrait

Robert Dalrymple Steuart (1837-1864), Army officer, 7th Hussars. 1 Portrait

Guy Savile Steven (1906-1980), Businessman, Chairman of Allied Ironfounders Ltd. 1 Portrait

David Robert Stevens, Baron Stevens of Ludgate (1936-), Chairman of United News and Media. 1 Portrait

Alfred George Stevens (1818-1875), Sculptor and designer. 4 Portraits

Anna Stevens (née Wake) (1605-before 1669), Wife of Antwerp merchant Peeter Stevens. 2 Portraits

A.B. Stevens (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Bertram Sydney Barnsdale Stevens (1889-1973), Premier of New South Wales, Australia. 1 Portrait

Cecil Alfred Stevens (1898-1958), Air Vice-Marshal, RAF. 1 Portrait

Charles Stevens (1869-1933), Engineer and Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Christine Ena Stevens (née Vincent), Daughter of Sir Percy Vincent, 1st Bt; wife of John Seargent Stevens. 3 Portraits

Constance (née Hallam Hipwell), Lady Stevens (1911-1976), Wife of Sir Roger Bentham Stevens. 1 Portrait

Daniel Jonathan ('Dan') Stevens (1982-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Paul Stevens (1902-1981), Accountant and politician. 5 Portraits

Herbert Lawrence Stevens (1892-1978), Consulting engineer. 1 Portrait

James Stevens (1850-after 1913), Banker and freemason. 1 Portrait

Sir Jocelyn Edward Greville Stevens (1932-2014), Journalist, publisher and head of the Royal College of Art and English Heritage. 3 Portraits

Sir John Stevens (1913-1973), Businessman and Company chairman. 1 Portrait

John Stevens (1776-1847), Baptist minister. 1 Portrait

John Stevens (1793-1868), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Sir John Felgate Stevens (1900-1989), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

John Seargent Stevens. 3 Portraits

Lynn Stevens, Hairdresser. 1 Portrait

Marjorie Stevens, Dancer. 3 Portraits

Marshall Stevens (1852-1936), Property developer and chairman of the Manchester Ship Canal Company. 1 Portrait

Percy Stevens (1882-1966), Bishop of Kwangsi-Hunan. 1 Portrait

Robert Stevens (1777-1870), Dean of Rochester. 1 Portrait

Sir Roger Bentham Stevens (1906-1980), Banker, Director, British Bank of the Middle East. 2 Portraits

(Walter) Rupert Spiers Stevens (1850-1894), Artist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Stevens (1841-1920), Bishop of Barking. 1 Portrait

William Stevens (active 1844), Member of a deputation to Louis Philippe, 1844. 1 Portrait

William Bagshaw Stevens (1756-1800), Poet; headmaster of Repton School. 1 Portrait

William Bertrand Stevens (1884-1947), Bishop of Los Angeles. 1 Portrait

William George Stevens (1893-1976), Major-General and Secretary to New Zealand. 4 Portraits

James Stevenson, 1st Baron Stevenson (1873-1926), Administrator. 6 Portraits

Alexander James Stevenson (1901-1970), Sheriff Substitute. 3 Portraits

Anne Stevenson (1933-2020), Poet and writer. 2 Portraits

Donald Fasken Stevenson (1895-1954), Air Vice-Marshal. 10 Portraits

Fanny Stevenson (née Van de Grift) (1840-1914), Writer; former wife of Samuel Osbourne, and later wife of Robert Louis Stevenson. 3 Portraits

Frances Louise Stevenson (1888-1972), Secretary, mistress and later second wife of David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George. 1 Portrait

George Stevenson (circa 1720-1741), Pugilist. 2 Portraits

Harry W. ('H.W.') Stevenson (1874-1944), Billiards champion. 1 Portrait

Sir John Andrew Stevenson (1760?-1833), Musical composer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Stevenson (1806-1895), Historian and archivist. 1 Portrait

Juliet Anne Virginia Stevenson (1956-), Actress. 2 Portraits

J.W. Stevenson. 1 Portrait

Leigh Forbes Stevenson (1895-1989), Air Vice-Marshall in the Royal Canadian Air Force. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Stevenson (1878-1927), Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Seychelles. 1 Portrait

Margaret Isabella Stevenson (née Balfour) (1829-1897), Wife of Thomas Stevenson; daughter of Lewis Balfour; mother of Robert Louis Stevenson. 2 Portraits

Matthew Stevenson (died 1684), Poet. 2 Portraits

Sir Matthew Stevenson (1910-1981), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir (Aubrey) Melford Steed Stevenson (1902-1987), Judge. 2 Portraits

(Frederick) Primrose Stevenson (1867-1935), Political press correspondent. 8 Portraits

Sir Ralph Clarmont Skrine Stevenson (1895-1977), Diplomat. 18 Portraits

Robert Crawford Stevenson (active 1918), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), Novelist and essayist. 33 Portraits

Sylvia Stevenson, Author. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Stevenson (1838-1908), Scientific analyst and toxicologist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Stevenson (1818-1887), Civil engineer and meteorologist. 1 Portrait

Walter Osborne Stevenson (died 1950), Director of Barclays Bank. 1 Portrait

William Stevenson (circa 1750-1821), Publisher and writer. 2 Portraits

William Henry Webster Stevenson (1878-1945), Bishop of Grafton, New South Wales. 1 Portrait

Mrs Stevenson (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Master Stevenson (active 1862). 1 Portrait

Miss Stevenson. 1 Portrait

Florence Steventon (active 1924), Actor. 1 Portrait

Stevers (Stevens, Stevaerts) (Palamedes, Palamedesz) (1607-1638), Painter. 1 Portrait

Edwin Ashley Tucker Steward (1831-1920), Lieutenant-Colonel, Dorset Militia. 1 Portrait

Ernest Steward (1910-1990), Cinematographer. 1 Portrait

John Manwaring Steward (1874-1937), Bishop of Melanesia. 1 Portrait

Richard Steward (1593?-1651), Dean designate of St Paul's and Westminster. 2 Portraits

Sir William Arthur Steward (1901-1987), Politician; Director of food manufacturing companies. 6 Portraits

Thomas Stewardson (1781-1859), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

(Robert) Michael Maitland Stewart, Baron Stewart of Fulham (1906-1990), Politician; Foreign Secretary and member of the Fabian Society. 17 Portraits

Alastair Ian ('Al') Stewart (1945-), Singer, songwriter and musician. 1 Portrait

Alexander Stewart (1830-1872), Whaling officer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alexander Stewart (1838-1917), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Alexander Bernard Stewart (1908-1974), Doctor; professor; Medical Advisor to Greater London Council and Inner London Education Authority. 7 Portraits

Alexander Patrick Stewart (1813-1883), Physician. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alick Stewart, Major. 1 Portrait

Andrew Stewart (1907-1991), Director of Scottish Television. 4 Portraits

Andrew Graham Stewart (1901-1964), President of British Iron and Steel Federation. 2 Portraits

Andy Stewart (1933-1993), Scottish singer and entertainer. 1 Portrait

Annie Stewart, Newspaper editor. 1 Portrait

Archibald Campbell Stewart (1872-1936), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Lady A. Stewart. 5 Portraits

(William Alexander) Campbell Stewart (1915-1997), Educationist. 1 Portrait

Charles Stewart (1681-1741), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Charles Stewart (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

Charles John Stewart (died 1954), Aircraft engineer. 5 Portraits

Colin Murray Stewart (1910-1990), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Miss C. Stewart. 9 Portraits

David Stewart (1952-), Musician and producer; co-founder of Eurythmics. 1 Portrait

Donald Stewart. 3 Portraits

Sir Donald Martin Stewart, 1st Bt (1824-1900), Field Marshal. 3 Portraits

Donald Ogden Stewart (1894-1980), Humorist, actor, playwright and screenwriter. 2 Portraits

Mrs Donald Stewart. 1 Portrait

Dugald Stewart (1753-1828), Philosopher. 2 Portraits

D.D. Stewart (active mid 19th century), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Ed Stewart (Edward Stewart Mainwaring) (1941-2016), Radio and television broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Stewart (1857-1948), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Louisa Stewart (née Rogers) (died 1935), Author; former wife of John Stanley Thompson, and later wife of Hon. Fitzroy Somerset Stewart; daughter of Robert Green Rogers. 1 Portrait

Eric Stewart (1945-), Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer; founding member of the Mindbenders and 10cc. 3 Portraits

Father Stewart, Jesuit. 1 Portrait

Sir (Samuel) Findlater Stewart (1879-1960), Colonial secretary in India. 4 Portraits

Francis William Stewart (1885-1963), Indian civil service. 1 Portrait

George Craig Stewart (1879-1940), Bishop of Chicago. 1 Portrait

Sir Gershom Stewart (1857-1929), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Guy Milton Stewart, Brigadier. 5 Portraits

Sir Halley Stewart (1838-1937), Philanthropist. 3 Portraits

Sir Herbert Stewart (1843-1885), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Ray Stewart (1890-1989), Agricultural consultant. 1 Portrait

Hopton Scott Stewart (1839?-1876), Army captain. 1 Portrait

Howard Hilton Stewart (1900-1961), Senior neurologist, Claremont St Hospital. 1 Portrait

Sir Iain Maxwell Stewart (1916-1985), Industrialist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Young ('Jackie') Stewart (1939-), Racing driver. 1 Portrait

James Stewart (1742-1821), Politician; MP for Tyrone. 1 Portrait

James Stewart (1758-1819), Soldier; Colonel of the 42nd Regiment. 2 Portraits

James Stewart (1863-1931), Labour politician; MP for Glasgow St Rollox. 5 Portraits

Sir James Marshall Stewart (1861-1943), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Stewart (1747-1822), Philosopher and traveller; known as 'Walking Stewart'. 1 Portrait

John Alexander Stewart (1846-1933), Emeritus White's Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford University. 3 Portraits

John Innes Mackintosh Stewart (1906-1994), 'Michael Innes'; Reader in English Literature and writer. 2 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Dugald Stewart, 1st Bt (1882-1972), President of Trustee Savings Banks Association. 3 Portraits

Louisa Katherine Stewart (née Smyly) (died 1895), Wife of Robert Warren Stewart. 1 Portrait

Mabel Stewart (née Grimes) (1868-1949), First wife of Archibald Campbell Stewart. 1 Portrait

Sir (Percy) Malcolm Stewart, 1st Bt (1872-1951), President of Portland Cement. 5 Portraits

Sir Mark John MacTaggart Stewart, 1st Bt (1834-1923), Politician and landowner. 5 Portraits

Matthew John Stewart (1885-1956), Professor of Pathology. 2 Portraits

Meum Stewart, Actress and model for Jacob Epstein. 3 Portraits

Natalie Stewart (1977-), Singer; member of Floetry. 1 Portrait

Pat Stewart. 1 Portrait

Patrick Stewart (1832-1865), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Sir Patrick Hewes Stewart (1940-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Miss P. Stewart. 9 Portraits

Robert Balfour Stewart (1838-1872), Son of Henry Stewart. 3 Portraits

Robert Warren Stewart (1850-1895), Missionary. 1 Portrait

Roderick David ('Rod') Stewart (1945-), Singer, songwriter and member of 'Faces'. 7 Portraits

Roderick James Nugent ('Rory') Stewart (1973-), Politician, academic, author and diplomat. 1 Portrait

R.R. Stewart, Oxford Boat race crew member. 1 Portrait

Stair Agnew Stewart (1904-1990), Brigadier, bridge designer and inventor. 1 Portrait

Terence Stewart, Stores Supervisor, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Alexander Stewart (1888-1964), Civil servant, India. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Grainger Stewart (1837-1900), Physician. 1 Portrait

Weston Henry Stewart (1887-1969), Bishop in Jerusalem. 3 Portraits

William Stewart (died after 1834), Colonel of the 89th Regiment, present at the Battle of Alexandria. 2 Portraits

William Stewart, Librarian, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Sir William Houston Stewart (1822-1901), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

William Murray Stewart (1875-1948), Librarian and Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

General Stewart (active 1860s), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Mr Stewart (active 1863), Actor. 1 Portrait

Alastair Lucas Graham Stewart-Richardson (1927-2007), Barrister; son of Neil Graham Stewart-Richardson. 2 Portraits

W.S. Stewart-Brown (died 1944), Major. 1 Portrait

Deborah Charlotte (née Buchan), Lady Stewartby (1947-), Wife of Baron Stewartby; daughter of 3rd Baron Tweedsmuir. 2 Portraits

Jane Pamela (née Clarke), Lady Stewart-Clark (died 1993), Wife of Sir Stewart Stewart-Clark, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Stewart Stewart-Clark, 2nd Bt (1904-1971), Justice of the Peace. 6 Portraits

C.D. Stewart-Liberty. 10 Portraits

Ivor Stewart-Liberty (1887-1952), Chairman of Liberty and Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Hannah Charlotte Stewart-Mackenzie (née Hope-Vere) (1816-1868), Daughter of James Joseph Hope-Vere; first wife of Keith William Stewart-Mackenzie. 1 Portrait

Lord George Stewart-Murray (1873-1914), Army major and third son of 7th Duke of Atholl. 1 Portrait

Lady Constance Stewart-Richardson (née MacKenzie) (1882-1932), Author and dancer, swimmer and sportswoman; wife of Sir Edward Stewart-Richardson; daughter of 2nd Earl of Cromatie. 3 Portraits

David Stewart-Smith, Trade Commissioner, Nigeria and Economic Adviser to the High Commissioner. 1 Portrait

Ean Kendal Stewart-Smith (1907-1964), Banker and Chamberlain of London. 2 Portraits

Marthinus Theunis Steyn (1857-1916), Lawyer, politician and statesman; president of the Orange Free State. 2 Portraits

Edward Philip Stibbe (1884-1943), Professor of Anatomy. 1 Portrait

John Stidolph (circa 1942-). 1 Portrait

Paul Stidolph (1948-). 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Stiebel (1875-1949), Lawyer. 3 Portraits

Victor Frank Stiebel (1907-1976), Fashion designer. 2 Portraits

Arthur Stiff (active 1937). 1 Portrait

Charles Harvey Stileman (1863-1925), Bishop in Persia. 1 Portrait

Leonard Gibbard Stileman-Gibbard (1856-1939), Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Sir Harold Jalland Stiles (1863-1946), Surgeon and Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Leslie Stiles (born 1876), Actor, dramatist, composer and producer. 10 Portraits

Walter Stiles (1886-1966), Botanist and plant physiologist. 1 Portrait

Dame Alicia Frances Jane Lloyd Still (1869-1944), Matron of St Thomas's Hospital; daughter of Henry Lloyd Still. 2 Portraits

Sir George Frederic Still (1868-1941), Paediatrician. 2 Portraits

John Still (1543?-1608), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 3 Portraits

Benjamin Stillingfleet (1702-1771), Naturalist and writer. 4 Portraits

Edward Stillingfleet (1635-1699), Bishop of Worcester. 8 Portraits

Euphrosyne ('Effie') Stillman (1872-1911), Sculptor; daughter of Marie Stillman (née Spartali). 2 Portraits

James William Stillman (1881-1882), Son of Marie Stillman (née Spartali). 1 Portrait

Marie Stillman (née Spartali) (1844-1927), Painter and artist's model. 20 Portraits

Michael Stillman (1878-1967), Architect; son of Marie Stillman (née Spartali). 3 Portraits

William James Stillman (1828-1901), Landscape painter, photographer, historian and journalist. 1 Portrait

Georgiana Elizabeth Stilwell (née Stevens) (1842-1916), Daughter of William Stevens; wife of John Packenham Stilwell. 1 Portrait

Hon. Gertrude Emily Mary Butler Stilwell (née Massey) (1893-1968), Wife of Colonel William Digby Stilwell; daughter of 5th Baron Clarina. 4 Portraits

John Pakenham Stilwell (1832-1921), County magistrate. 1 Portrait

James Stimpson (1820-1886), Organist. 2 Portraits

G. Stine (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sting (Gordon Matthew Sumner) (1951-), Musician, singer and actor; member of The Police. 8 Portraits

William Alexander, 1st Earl of Stirling (1577-1640), Poet and politician. 2 Portraits

Lady Marjorie Hilda Stirling (née Murray) (1904-2000), Wife of Duncan Alexander Stirling; daughter of 8th Earl of Dunmore. 11 Portraits

Anselan John Buchanan Stirling (1875-1936), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Norman Stirling (1901-1986), Diplomat, Ambassador to Chile and Portugal. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne ('Fanny') Stirling (née Hehl, later Lady Gregory) (1813-1895), Actress. 16 Portraits

Fanny Stirling (1842-1929), Actress; daughter of Mary Anne ('Fanny') Stirling. 3 Portraits

Ian Stirling (1919-), Pianist, composer and conductor. 1 Portrait

James Stirling (active 1774-died 1825), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir James Stirling (1740?-1805), Lord Provost of Edinburgh. 2 Portraits

Sir James Stirling of Garden (1930-), Commander in Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; Chartered Surveyor. 3 Portraits

Sir James Stirling (1836-1916), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sir James Fraser Stirling (1926-1992), Architect. 6 Portraits

Sir (Robert) James Lindsay Stirling (1907-1974), Judge of the High Court of Justice. 1 Portrait

John Stirling (1828-1874), Painter. 1 Portrait

John Stirling, Editor, 'The Gate of Knowledge'. 3 Portraits

John Stirling, Museum Technician, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Lancelot Stirling (1849-1932), President, Legislative Council of South Australia. 2 Portraits

Mabel Elizabeth (née Sprot), Lady Stirling, Wife of Sir George Murray Home Stirling, 9th Bt; daughter of Sir Alexander Sprot, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Rachael Stirling (1977-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Robert Stirling (1790-1878), Scientist and engineer. 1 Portrait

Susan Stirling (née Bligh) (1916-1983), Model and socialite. 6 Portraits

Waite Hockin Stirling (1829-1923), Bishop of Falkland Islands. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter George Stirling, 2nd Bt (1802-1888), Banker. 5 Portraits

Sir William Stirling (1835-1906), General. 1 Portrait

Sir William Stirling (1907-1973), General. 6 Portraits

Miss Stirling (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Lady Margaret Dorothea Stirling-Aird (née Boyle) (1920-2021), Daughter of 8th Earl of Glasgow; former wife of Oliver Payan Dawnay, and later wife of Peter Douglas Miller Stirling-Aird. 18 Portraits

William Stuart Stirling-Crawfurd (1819-1883), Racehorse breeder and owner. 3 Portraits

Lady Anne Georgina Stirling-Home-Drummond-Moray (née Douglas) (1817-1899), Wife of Charles Stirling-Home-Drummond-Moray; daughter of 6th Marquess of Queensberry. 2 Portraits

Charles Stirling-Home-Drummond-Moray (1816-1891), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, 9th Bt (1818-1878), Historian, art connoisseur and collector; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 5 Portraits

Graham Eric ('Jock') Stirrup, Baron Stirrup (1949-), Chief of the Defence Staff and Air Aide-de-camp to Queen Elizabeth II. 1 Portrait

P. Stirzaker (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Thomas Heathcote Stisted (1826-1905), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Wilhelmina Stitch (Ruth Collie) (1888-1936), Poet. 6 Portraits

Jane (née Mildmay), Lady St John-Mildmay (1764-1857), Philanthropist; daughter and coheir of Carew Mildmay; wife of Sir Henry St John-Mildmay, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Eddie Stobart (1954-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

George Herbert Stobart (1873-1943), Soldier and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

J.B. Stobart (active 1923). 1 Portrait

St Clair Kelburn Mulholland Stobart (1861-1908), Husband of Mabel Annie St Clair Stobart (née Boulton, later Stobart Greenhalgh). 1 Portrait

Cynthia Stock, Daughter of actress Eva Carrington and Captain Arthur Stock. 3 Portraits

Eugene Stock (1836-1928), Secretary of Church Missionary Society. 3 Portraits

Henry John Stock (1853-1930), Painter. 1 Portrait

James Henry Stock (1855-1907), Barrister and politician. 2 Portraits

John Stock (1764-1842), Magistrate. 1 Portrait

Nigel Hector Munro Stock (1919-1986), Actor. 1 Portrait

Richard Stock (1568 or 1569-1626), Clergyman. 6 Portraits

Charlotte Stockdale (1971-), Fashion stylist. 1 Portrait

Christopher Minshull Stockdale (1936-), Son of Henry Charles Minshull Stockdale. 8 Portraits

Christopher Walters Stockdale (circa 1665-1713), Politician; MP for Knaresborough. 7 Portraits

Sir Edmund Villiers Minshull Stockdale (1903-1989), Banker. 2 Portraits

Sir Frank Arthur Stockdale (1883-1949), Vice-Chairman, Colonial Development Corporation and microbiologist. 9 Portraits

Henry Charles Minshull Stockdale. 1 Portrait

Henry Minshull Stockdale (1933-), Son of Henry Charles Minshull Stockdale. 8 Portraits

John Stockdale (circa 1749-1814), Publisher and bookseller. 1 Portrait

Louise (née Fermor-Hesketh), Lady Stockdale (1911-1994), Wife of Sir Edmund Villiers Minshull Stockdale, 1st Bt; daughter of 1st Baron Hesketh. 6 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Violet Stockdale (née Henderson) (1904-1976), Wife of Henry Charles Minshull Stockdale; daughter of Hon. Harold Greenwood Henderson. 8 Portraits

Reginald Booth Stockdale (1908-1979), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Ella Helena Stockenstrom (1838-1928), Daughter of Sir Andries Stockenstrom, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Elsabe Helena (née Maasdorp), Lady Stockenstrom (1808-1889), Wife of Sir Andries Stockenstrom, 1st Bt; daughter of Gysberg Henry Maasdorp. 1 Portrait

Alan Stocker (1949-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Blanche Stocker (circa 1885-1950), Actress. 10 Portraits

Charles William Stocker. 1 Portrait

Doris Stocker, Actress. 16 Portraits

Philippa Ruth Stocker (née Holmden) (1937-), Wife of Edward Llewellyn Stocker; daughter of George Alexander Holmden; granddaughter of 1st Viscount Runciman. 1 Portrait

Richard Dimsdale Stocker (1877-1935), Author and lecturer. 5 Portraits

Betty Stockfield (1905-1966), Actress. 6 Portraits

Earnest Norman Stockley (1872-1946), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Joseph John Gabbett Stockley (1862-1949), Canon of Lichfield Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Mary Danvers Stocks (née Brinton), Baroness Stocks (1891-1975), Women's activist and academic administrator. 5 Portraits

Sir (Andrew) Denys Stocks (1884-1961), Solicitor. 10 Portraits

Mrs J.L. Stocks. 4 Portraits

Lumb Stocks (1812-1892), Engraver. 7 Portraits

Percy Stocks (1889-1974), Physician and medical statistician. 6 Portraits

Walter Fryer Stocks (1842-1915), Painter. 3 Portraits

Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton (1894-1986), Prime Minister. 38 Portraits

Richard Stockton (1730-1781), Lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Dean Stockwell (1936-2021), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Charles Stockwell (1903-1986), General. 5 Portraits

Mervyn Stockwood (1913-1995), Bishop of Southwark. 2 Portraits

Florence Enid Stoddard (1882-1962), Artist. 1 Portrait

Alexander Stoddart (1959-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Andrew Ernest Stoddart (1863-1915), Cricketer and rugby player. 1 Portrait

Charles Stoddart (1806-1842), Soldier and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Stephen Stoddart (1763-1812), Major; father of Charles Stoddart. 1 Portrait

Thomas Tod Stoddart (1810-1880), Angler. 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Stoddart-Scott (1901-1973), Colonel; politician. 13 Portraits

Andries Stoffles (circa 1776-1837), Deacon of a mission church in south-western Africa. 2 Portraits

Abraham ('Bram') Stoker (1847-1912), Novelist and theatre manager. 1 Portrait

Donald Gresham Stokes, Baron Stokes (1914-2008), Industrialist and Head of British Leyland Motor Corporation Ltd. 2 Portraits

Adrian Stokes (circa 1533-1585), Horse-keeper; husband of Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Adrian Stokes (1854-1935), Artist. 3 Portraits

Adrian Durham Stokes (1902-1972), Painter and writer on art. 2 Portraits

Alfred Stokes (1860-1931), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Anson Phelps Stokes (1905-1986), Bishop of Massachusetts. 1 Portrait

Charles Stokes (1784?-1839), Organist, pianist, composer and music teacher. 1 Portrait

Charles Stokes (1784-1853), Stockbroker and collector. 1 Portrait

Demi Lee Courtney Stokes (1991-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Edward Stokes (1823-1863), Divine. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Wilfrid Stokes (1860-1927), Civil engineer and inventor of Stokes Gun. 2 Portraits

Geoff Stokes (1946-2010), Gardener. 1 Portrait

Sir George Gabriel Stokes, 1st Bt (1819-1903), Mathematician and physicist. 5 Portraits

Sir Hopetoun Gabriel Stokes (1873-1951), Civil servant. 2 Portraits

Sir John Stokes (1825-1902), Lieutenant-General and military engineer. 1 Portrait

John Stokes (Sean James Stokes) (1940-), Musician; member of The Bachelors. 1 Portrait

John Fisher Stokes (1912-2010), Physician. 8 Portraits

Sir John Heydon Romaine Stokes (1917-2003), Politician; MP for Halesowen and Stourbridge. 7 Portraits

Philip G.W. Stokes (died 1939). 2 Portraits

Richard Rapier Stokes (1897-1957), Politician and soldier. 16 Portraits

William Stokes (active 1640), Rope-dancer; author. 5 Portraits

W. Stokes, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Michael Stokes-Rees (1934-), Captain. 1 Portrait

Leopold Boleslawowicz Stanislaw Antoni Stokowski (1882-1977), Conductor. 3 Portraits

Marian Stoll (née Buck) (active 1923-1935), Embroideress. 1 Portrait

Sir Oswald Stoll (né Gray) (1866-1942), Theatre manager and co-founder of the Stoll Moss Group theatre company. 2 Portraits

David Stoltz (1943-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Monsieur Stolypine (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Madame Stolypine (active 1860s). 2 Portraits

Sir (John) Benjamin Stone (1838-1914), Politician and photographer. 28 Portraits

Bertram Alfred Wood Stone (1881-1964). 1 Portrait

Bill Stone (1900-2009), Chief Petty Officer Stoker and barber. 1 Portrait

Catherine Mary Stone (née Dormer) (1950-), Daughter of 15th Baron Dormer of Wyng. 1 Portrait

Christopher Reynolds Stone (1882-1965), Broadcaster and editor of the 'Gramophone'. 5 Portraits

Constance Billie Stone (1924-2012), Actress; photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Albert Stone (1844-1920), Lieutenant-Governor of Western Australia. 1 Portrait

Fanny Stone, Wife of Harry Stone. 1 Portrait

Francis Gleadowe Stone (1857-1929), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Francis Joseph Stone (1866-1948), Clergyman. 3 Portraits

Frank Stone (1800-1859), Painter. 2 Portraits

Harry Stone, Railway pioneer. 1 Portrait

Henry Stone (1616-1653), Painter. 3 Portraits

Kenyon Stone, General. 4 Portraits

Lawrence Stone (1919-1999), Historian. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Leonard Stone (1896-1978), Judge. 2 Portraits

Lew (Louis) Stone (1898-1969), Bandleader. 1 Portrait

Marcus Clayton Stone (1840-1921), Genre painter and illustrator; son of Frank Stone. 16 Portraits

Marianne Stone (1922-2009), Actress. 3 Portraits

Nicholas Stone Sr (1586-1647), Architect. 5 Portraits

Nicholas Stone Jr (1618-1647), Architect; son of Nicholas Stone. 4 Portraits

Paulene Stone (1941-), Model. 1 Portrait

(Alan) Reynolds Stone (1909-1979), Engraver, letter-cutter and painter. 9 Portraits

Sir (John) Richard Stone (1913-1991), Economist, Nobel Prize winner and Professor of Finance and Accounting, University of Cambridge. 3 Portraits

Robert Graham William Hawkins Stone (1890-1974), Lieutenant-General. 6 Portraits

Roland Parker Stone (1876-1924), Manufacturer; son of Sir (John) Benjamin Stone. 6 Portraits

Steven Brian Stone (1971-), Footballer and football coach. 1 Portrait

T. Stone, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

William Stone (1857-1958), Scholar and famous bachelor, known as 'The Squire of Piccadilly'. 2 Portraits

John Campbell, Lord Stonefield (died 1801), Judge and lawyer. 1 Portrait

C.D. Stoneham, Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

John Lawrence Baird, 1st Viscount Stonehaven (1874-1941), Politician and diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir Hugh Stonehewer Bird (1891-1973), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Sir Edmund Stonehouse (1854-1938). 1 Portrait

John Thomson Stonehouse (1925-1988), Politician and confidence trickster. 33 Portraits

Crew Hadlett Stoneley (1911-2002), Brigadier and sprinter; Olympian. 3 Portraits

Robert Stoneley (1894-1976), Mathematician and Reader in Theoretical Geophysics. 1 Portrait

Brian Stoneman (circa 1940-), Son of Walter Stoneman. 1 Portrait

Eileen Stoneman (active 1940s). 1 Portrait

Joy Stoneman. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Irene Stoneman (born 1892), Wife of Walter Stoneman. 7 Portraits

Walter Stoneman (1876-1958), Photographer. 8 Portraits

Edmund Clifton Stoner (1899-1968), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Scylla Stoner, Pianist; mother of Nigel Kennedy. 1 Portrait

Thomas Jonathan Jackson (1824-1863), Soldier. 1 Portrait

George Gerald Stoney (1863-1942), Engineer. 3 Portraits

George Johnstone Stoney (1826-1911), Mathematical physicist. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Benita Stoney (née Brooke) (1931-), Daughter of 1st Viscount Alanbrooke; wife of Robert Oliver Vesey Stoney. 8 Portraits

Victor John Collins, Baron Stonham (1903-1971), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 4 Portraits

Walter Stonhold (1874-1936). 2 Portraits

Philip Le Marchant Stonhouse Stonhouse-Gostling (1899-1990), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Eliza Stonor (née Peel) (1832-1883), Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Alexandra when Princess of Wales; wife of Hon. Francis Stonor; daughter of Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Francis Stonor (1829-1881), Civil servant and magistrate; son of 3rd Baron Camoys. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Stonor (1859-1939), Gentleman usher to Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V. 12 Portraits

Marie Charlotte Carmichael Stopes (1880-1958), Palaeobotanist and pioneer and advocate of birth control. 14 Portraits

Harry Stopes-Roe (1924-2014), Scholar and vice-president of the British Humanist Association; son of Marie Stopes. 3 Portraits

Catherine Elizabeth (née Neville), Viscountess Stopford (1855-1884), First wife of Viscount Stopford (later 6th Earl of Courtown); daughter of 4th Baron Braybrooke. 1 Portrait

Christina Margaret (née Cameron), Viscountess Stopford (later Mrs Vian) (1913-2009), Former wife of 8th Earl of Courtown, and later wife of Christopher Arthur Vian; daughter of John Ewen Cameron. 9 Portraits

John Sebastian Bach, Baron Stopford (1888-1961), Anatomist and vice-chancellor. 3 Portraits

Arthur Stopford (1879-1955), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Frederick Victor Stopford (1900-1982), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick William Stopford (1854-1929), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Godfrey Vyvyan Stopford (1909-1989), Rowing cox, rowing coach and stock broker. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Powys), Lady Stopford, Wife of Sir Robert Stopford. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Stopford (1768-1847), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Robert Wright Stopford (1901-1976), Bishop of London. 7 Portraits

Edward James Stopford-Blair (1826-1885), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Letitia Morgan Stopford-Blair (née Tighe) (died 1906), Wife of Edward James Stopford-Blair; daughter of Hugh Ussher Tighe. 1 Portrait

Alice Stopford Green (née Alice Sophia Amelia Stopford) (1847-1929), Historian and Irish nationalist; wife of John Richard Green. 1 Portrait

Edith Frances Stopford-Sackville (née Rashleigh) (died 1905), Wife of Sackville George Stopford-Sackville; daughter of William Rashleigh. 1 Portrait

Sir Tom Stoppard (1937-), Playwright and novelist. 21 Portraits

Ann Selina Storace (1765-1817), Singer. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Storer (née Proby) (1752-1808), Sister of John Joshua Proby, 1st Earl of Carysfort; wife of Thomas James Storer. 1 Portrait

David Malcolm Storey (1933-2017), Writer and dramatist. 2 Portraits

Emily Storey (née Hayward) (died 1940), Wife of George Adolphus Storey; daughter of James Hayward. 3 Portraits

George Adolphus Storey (1834-1919), Painter. 12 Portraits

(Mary) Gladys Storey (1886-1978), Author and pioneer of Women's Services; daughter of George Adolphus Storey. 8 Portraits

Graham Storey (1922-2005), Scholar. 1 Portrait

Harold Haydon Storey (1894-1969), Pathologist. 2 Portraits

Lydia Storey (active 1805-1806), Fifth daughter of Sir Francis Baring, 1st Bt; wife of Reverend Philip Laycock Storey. 1 Portrait

May Storey (active 1930s), Detective. 1 Portrait

Peter David Storie-Pugh (1919-2011), Colonel; Professor Emeritus Wolfson College, Cambridge. 8 Portraits

Sir Henry Knight Storks (1811-1874), Lieutenant-General. 6 Portraits

William David Murray, Viscount Stormont (1835-1893), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Susan Marion Stormonth-Darling (née Clifford-Turner, later Mrs Ingleby-Mackenzie), Former wife of Robin Stormonth-Darling, and later wife of Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie; daughter of Raymond Clifford-Turner. 1 Portrait

Stormzy (Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr.) (1993-), Rapper. 3 Portraits

Hon. Elizabeth Lucy Eily Storr (née Blake) (1877-1966), Wife of Leycester Penrhyn Storr; daughter of 4th Baron Wallscourt. 6 Portraits

Lancelot Storr (1874-1944), Lieutenant-Colonel; Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet. 7 Portraits

Leila Storr, Daughter of Leycester Penrhyn Storr. 2 Portraits

Norah Marguerite Storr (1908-1974), Daughter of Leycester Penrhyn Storr. 2 Portraits

Vernon Faithful Storr (1869-1940), Sub-Dean of Westminster. 4 Portraits

Walter William Storr (1848-1934), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sadrene Storri (1899-1918), Dancer. 5 Portraits

Terri Storri, Actress. 2 Portraits

Helen Storrow (née Osborne) (1864-1949), Philanthropist and Chair of the World Committee of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts; wife of James Storrow. 1 Portrait

Sir Ronald Henry Amherst Storrs (1881-1955), Arabist and colonial administrator. 14 Portraits

Emelyn Story (née Eldredge) (died 1894), Wife of William Wetmore Story; daughter of Oliver Eldredge. 1 Portrait

Hon. Helena Matilda Story (née Dillon-Lee) (1827-1879), Wife of Thomas Kemp Story; daughter of 13th Viscount Dillon. 1 Portrait

Jack Trevor Story (1917-1991), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Robert Story (1795-1860), Poet. 2 Portraits

William Wetmore Story (1819-1895), Sculptor, poet and scholar. 1 Portrait

Rowland George Winn, 3rd Baron St Oswald (1893-1957), Captain; son of 2nd Baron St Oswald. 2 Portraits

Sir Peter Michael Stothard (1951-), Editor of The Times Literary Supplement. 1 Portrait

Thomas Stothard (1755-1834), Painter and illustrator. 14 Portraits

Sir Arnold Walmsley Stott (1885-1958), Physician. 4 Portraits

Edward Stott (1859-1918), Painter. 3 Portraits

John Stott (died 1942), Captain. 1 Portrait

John Robert Walmsley Stott (1921-2011), Preacher and writer. 2 Portraits

Ken Stott (1955-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Mary Stott (1907-2002), Journalist. 3 Portraits

Mary Bridges (née Lee), Lady Stott (died 1980), Painter; second wife of Sir Philip Sidney Stott. 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Sidney Stott (1858-1937), Architect, surveyor and engineer. 1 Portrait

Richard Keith Stott (1943-2007), Journalist and editor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Albert Joseph Stourton (1835-1902), Son of 19th Baron Stourton. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alison Mary Stourton (1874-1957), Daughter of 23rd Baron Mowbray. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Laura Caroline Stourton (née Throckmorton) (circa 1845-1927), Wife of Hon. Albert Joseph Stourton; daughter of Sir Robert George Throckmorton, 8th Bt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ethel Matilda Mary Stourton (1876-1948), Daughter of 23rd Baron Mowbray. 3 Portraits

Hon. Everard Joseph Stourton (1834-1869), Army officer; son of 19th Baron Stourton. 1 Portrait

Herbert Marmaduke Joseph Stourton (1873-1932), Major; grandson of 19th Baron Stourton. 1 Portrait

John Joseph Stourton (1899-1992), Politician; MP for Salford South. 2 Portraits

Kathleen Stourton, Wife of J.J. Stourton. 1 Portrait

George Frederick Stout (1860-1944), Philosopher. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Stout (1844-1930), Lawyer and premier of New Zealand. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Ronald Stoute (1945-), Racehorse trainer. 1 Portrait

Charles Stovel (1799-1883), Baptist minister and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sir Frederick Stovin (1783-1865), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Montague Stow (1873-1936), Civil servant, India. 1 Portrait

(Roma) Beatrice (née Tryhorne), Lady Stow (1909-2008), Wife of Sir John Montague Stow. 1 Portrait

John Stow (1525?-1605), Chronicler and antiquary. 9 Portraits

Sir John Montague Stow (1911-1997), Governor-General of Barbados. 7 Portraits

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), Writer and abolitionist. 4 Portraits

James G. Stowe, Consul General, United States at Cape Town. 1 Portrait

William Scott, Baron Stowell (1745-1836), Judge. 5 Portraits

Gordon William Stowell (1898-1972), Journalist and encyclopaedist. 1 Portrait

Hugh Stowell (1799-1865), Church of England Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Frank Soskice, Baron Stowhill (1902-1979), Politician and lawyer. 12 Portraits

James Davie Stoyle (1831?-1880), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Crispian St Peters (Robin Peter Smith) (1939-2010), Pop singer-songwriter. 1 Portrait

Cuthbert Matthias Kenworthy, 9th Baron Strabolgi (1853-1934), Traveller. 6 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Florence Strabolgi (née Cooper) (died 1951), Wife of 9th Baron Strabolgi; daughter of George Cooper. 2 Portraits

Joseph Montague Kenworthy, 10th Baron Strabolgi (1886-1953), Politician, naval officer and writer. 18 Portraits

David Montague de Burgh Kenworthy, 11th Baron Strabolgi (1914-2010), Labour Party peer; Deputy Chief Whip. 8 Portraits

Angela Kenworthy (née Street), Lady Strabolgi (1922-2006), Second wife of 11th Baron Strabolgi; daughter of George Victor Street. 9 Portraits

Sir Edward Hardinge John Stracey, 2nd Bt (1768-1851), Barrister. 3 Portraits

Sir Edward Paulet Stracey, 7th Bt (1871-1949), Major and landowner. 4 Portraits

Henry Hardinge Denne Stracey (1840-1930), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Josias Stracey, 5th Bt (1802-1885), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Mary Elizabeth Brinsley (née Sheridan), Lady Stracey (1871-1935), Wife of Sir Edward Paulet Stracey, 7th Bt; daughter of Algernon Brinsley Sheridan. 6 Portraits

Sir Michael George Motley Stracey, 8th Bt (1911-1971), Son of Sir Edward Paulet Stracey, 7th Bt. 4 Portraits

John Bourchier Stracey-Clitherow (1853-1931), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Louisa (née Dillon), Lady Strachan (died 1868), Wife of Sir Richard John Strachan, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Barbara Strachan, Model. 2 Portraits

Emily Strachan (née Rannie) (died 1951), Wife of Reverend Robert Harvey Strachan. 1 Portrait

James Murray Strachan (1953-), Chairman, Audit Commission. 1 Portrait

John Strachan (1778-1867), Bishop of Toronto. 1 Portrait

John Miller Strachan (1832-1906), Bishop of Rangoon (Yangon). 1 Portrait

Robert Harvey Strachan (1873-1958), Professor of Literature and Language. 1 Portrait

Dame Valerie Patricia Marie Strachan (1940-), Chair of HM Customs and Excise and member of the Judicial Appointments Commission. 1 Portrait

Alix Strachey (née Sargant-Florence) (1892-1973), Psychologist and translator; wife of James Strachey. 32 Portraits

Sir Arthur Strachey (1858-1901), Chief Justice of the High Court of the North-West Provinces, India; son of Sir John Strachey. 8 Portraits

Barbara Strachey (Hultin, later Halpern) (1912-1999), Writer. 58 Portraits

Sir Charles Strachey (1862-1942), Diplomat; son of Sir John Strachey. 2 Portraits

Christopher Strachey (1916-1975), Professor of computer science. 26 Portraits

Isobel Bertha Strachey (née Leslie) (1907-1987), Writer; wife of John Ralph Severs Strachey. 15 Portraits

John ('Jack') Strachey (1857-1945), Lieutenant-Colonel. 7 Portraits

John Francis ('Jack') Strachey (1894-1972), Composer; son of Sir Charles Strachey. 1 Portrait

James Beaumont Strachey (1887-1967), Psychoanalyst and translator. 44 Portraits

Jane Strachey (1870-1958), Daughter of Sir John Strachey. 1 Portrait

Jane Maria (née Grant), Lady Strachey (1840-1928), Wife of Sir Richard Strachey. 47 Portraits

Joanna Catherine Strachey (née Cloete), Daughter of Rudolph Cloete; wife of Henry Strachey. 1 Portrait

Sir John Strachey (1823-1907), Administrator in India. 7 Portraits

John Strachey (1905-1963), Son of Ralph Strachey. 8 Portraits

John St Loe Strachey (1860-1927), Journalist. 2 Portraits

(Evelyn) John St Loe Strachey (1901-1963), Socialist theorist and politician, Secretary of State for War. 14 Portraits

Julia Frances Strachey (1901-1979), Writer. 19 Portraits

Katherine Jane (née Batten), Lady Strachey (1834-1906), Wife of Sir John Strachey. 3 Portraits

Kitty Strachey (born 1860), Daughter of Sir John Strachey. 2 Portraits

(Giles) Lytton Strachey (1880-1932), Critic and biographer; son of Sir Richard Strachey. 144 Portraits

Margaret Winifred Strachey (née Severs) (1878-1972), Wife of Ralph Strachey. 8 Portraits

Marjorie Strachey (1882-1964), Writer. 26 Portraits

Oliver Strachey (1874-1960), Musician, civil servant and author; cryptographer. 49 Portraits

Olivia Strachey (born 1866), Daughter of Sir Richard and Lady Jane Strachey. 1 Portrait

(Joan) Pernel Strachey (1876-1951), College head and french scholar. 27 Portraits

Philippa ('Pippa') Strachey (1872-1968), Suffragist. 43 Portraits

Ralph Strachey (1868-1923), Civil engineer in India. 26 Portraits

Rachel Pearsall Conn ('Ray') Strachey (née Costelloe) (1887-1940), Feminist activist, artist and writer. 64 Portraits

Sir Richard Strachey (1817-1908), Lieutenant-General, scientist and engineer. 32 Portraits

Richard John Strachey (1862-1935), Colonel. 26 Portraits

Richard Philip Farquhar Strachey (1902-1976), Son of Ralph Strachey. 9 Portraits

Ruby Julia Strachey (née Mayer) (1881-1959), First wife of Oliver Strachey. 2 Portraits

Hon. Thomas Anthony Edward Towneley Strachey (né Towneley-O'Hagan) (1917-1955), Land agent; son of 3rd Baron O'Hagan. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mrs Strachey. 2 Portraits

Edward Strachey, 1st Baron Strachie (1858-1936), Politician and landowner. 9 Portraits

Constance (née Braham), Lady Strachie (circa 1856-1936), Wife of 1st Baron Strachie; daughter of Charles Bampfylde Braham and niece of Frances, Countess Waldegrave. 2 Portraits

Edward Strachey, 2nd Baron Strachie (1882-1973), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

John Rous, 1st Earl of Stradbroke (1750-1827). 2 Portraits

Charlotte Maria Rous (née Whittaker), Countess Stradbroke (1769-1856), Second wife of John Rous, 1st Earl Stradbroke. 1 Portrait

John Edward Cornwallis Rous, 2nd Earl of Stradbroke (1794-1886), Soldier, nobleman and Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk. 5 Portraits

George Edward John Mowbray Rous, 3rd Earl of Stradbroke (1862-1947), Army officer and landowner. 7 Portraits

Helena Violet Alice (née Fraser), Countess of Stradbroke (died 1949), Wife of 3rd Earl of Stradbroke; daughter of James Keith Fraser. 2 Portraits

John Anthony Alexander Rous, 4th Earl of Stradbroke (1903-1983), Naval officer, colonial administrator, estate owner, agriculturalist and forester. 9 Portraits

(William) Keith Rous, 5th Earl of Stradbroke (1907-1983), Lieutenant. 1 Portrait

(April) Mary Rous (née Asquith), Countess of Stradbroke (1919-2002), Second wife of 5th Earl of Stradbroke; daughter of Hon. Arthur Melland Asquith. 7 Portraits

Robert Keith Rous, 6th Earl of Stradbroke (1937-), Grazier. 1 Portrait

George Stradling (circa 1620-1688), Dean of Chichester. 1 Portrait

Harry Stradling (1901-1970), Cinematographer. 1 Portrait

Leslie Edward Stradling (1908-1998), Bishop of South West Tanganyika. 2 Portraits

Sir Reginald Edward Stradling (1891-1952), Civil engineer. 9 Portraits

Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford (1593-1641), Statesman. 109 Portraits

Henrietta Maria Wentworth (née Stanley), Countess of Strafford (1630-1685), Daughter of 7th Earl of Derby; first wife of 2nd Earl of Strafford. 1 Portrait

Edmund Henry Byng, 6th Earl of Strafford (1862-1951), County Alderman in Middlesex and Hertfordshire. 4 Portraits

William Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford (1626-1695). 4 Portraits

Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford (1672-1739), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

William Wentworth, 2nd Earl of Strafford (1722-1791). 4 Portraits

Anne Wentworth (née Campbell), Countess of Strafford (circa 1715-1785), Beauty; wife of 2nd Earl of Strafford; daughter of 2nd Duke of Argyll. 4 Portraits

John Byng, 1st Earl of Strafford (1772-1860), Field Marshal and politician; MP for Poole. 4 Portraits

George Stevens Byng, 2nd Earl of Strafford (1806-1886), Whig politician; Comptroller of the Household and Captain. 4 Portraits

George Henry Charles Byng, 3rd Earl of Strafford (1830-1898), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and India. 5 Portraits

Alice Byng (née Egerton), Countess of Strafford (1830-1928), Daughter of 1st Earl of Ellesmere; wife of 3rd Earl of Strafford. 1 Portrait

Henry William John Byng, 4th Earl of Strafford (1831-1899), Army officer and royal courtier. 2 Portraits

Francis Edmund Cecil Byng, 5th Earl of Strafford (1835-1918), Church of England clergyman. 5 Portraits

Stephen Charles Strafford (1898-1966), Air Vice-Marshal. 9 Portraits

Peter Hugh Lyall Straghan (1916-1992), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir Aubrey Strahan (1852-1928), Geologist. 1 Portrait

William Strahan (1715-1785), Printer and publisher. 5 Portraits

Sir Douglas Straight (1844-1914), Politician. 1 Portrait

Whitney Willard Straight (1912-1979), Airman. 1 Portrait

Mrs Charles G. Straker. 2 Portraits

John Coppin Straker (1847-1937), Lieutenant-Colonel, Northumberland Hussars, Master of Tynedale Fox Hounds and High Sheriff. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas D. Straker-Smith (1890-1970), Alderman and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Strakosch (1871-1943), Financier. 4 Portraits

Elsie Stranack, Actress. 6 Portraits

William Strang, 1st Baron Strang (1893-1978), Diplomat. 28 Portraits

Ian Strang (1886-1952), Photographer. 4 Portraits

William Strang (1859-1921), Painter and etcher. 11 Portraits

Elizabeth Frances Philipps (née Abney-Hastings), Baroness Strange of Knokin (1884-1974), Second wife of 1st Viscount St Davids. 3 Portraits

Henrietta Maria (née Stanley), 4th Baroness Strange (circa 1687-1718), Former wife of 4th Earl of Anglesey, and later wife of 1st Earl of Ashburnham; daughter of 9th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

George Stanley, Lord Strange (circa 1460-1503), Husband of Joan, 9th Baroness Strange; father of Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

James Smith Stanley, Lord Strange (1717-1771), Son of 11th Earl of Derby; husband of Lucy Stanley (née Smith). 3 Portraits

James Stanley, Lord Strange (1680-1698), Son of William George Richard Stanley, 9th Earl of Derby. 1 Portrait

Alexander Strange (1818-1876), Colonel and scientist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Strange (baptised 1696-1754), Judge. 1 Portrait

Nora K. Strange (Mrs Nora Kathleen Begbie Stanley) (1884-1974), Novelist; wife of Edward Gower Stanley. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Strange (1721-1792), Line engraver. 3 Portraits

Steve Strange (Stephen John Harrington) (1959-2015), Pop singer; lead singer of 'Visage'. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Andrew Lumisden Strange (1756-1841), Indian jurist. 1 Portrait

V.E. Strange. 1 Portrait

Giles Strangeways (1615-1675), Royalist and politician; MP for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Bridport and Dorset. 10 Portraits

Percy Clinton Sydney Smythe, 6th Viscount Strangford (1780-1855), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Percy Ellen Algernon Frederick William Sydney Smythe, 8th Viscount Strangford (1825-1869), Diplomatist and philologist. 2 Portraits

Sir (Fiennes) Michael Strang Steel, 3rd Bt (1943-), Major; Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Borders Region. 3 Portraits

Arthur Henry Fox Strangways (1859-1948), Music critic. 1 Portrait

Thomas Fox Strangways (1790-1854), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Henry Strangwish (Strangways) (died 1562), Pirate. 1 Portrait

Alan Stranks (1903-1959), Scriptwriter, lyricist and composer. 1 Portrait

Susan Stranks (1938-), Actress, presenter and producer. 1 Portrait

Anthony Louis ('Tony') Banks, Baron Stratford (1943-2006), Labour politician; Minister for Sport. 4 Portraits

James Stratford (1869-1952), Judge and Chief Justice of Union of South Africa. 1 Portrait

Nicholas Stratford (before 1633-1707), Bishop of Chester. 1 Portrait

William Stratford (1678-1753), Commissary of the Archdeaconry of Richmond. 2 Portraits

Stratford Canning, Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe (1786-1880), Diplomat. 11 Portraits

Vera Lucy (née Brown), Lady Strath (1905-1999), Teacher; wife of Sir William Strath; daughter of Arthur Brown. 3 Portraits

Margaret Ann Drummond (née Gordon), Viscountess Strathallan (active 1963-1972), Wife of John Eric Drummond, Viscount Strathallan, later 18th Earl of Perth. 1 Portrait

William Drummond, 4th Viscount Strathallan (1690-1746), Jacobite army officer. 1 Portrait

James Andrew Drummond, 8th Viscount Strathallan (1767-1851), Grandson of 4th Viscount Strathallan. 1 Portrait

William Henry Drummond, 9th Viscount Strathallan (1810-1886), Representative peer and royal courtier. 2 Portraits

Christina Maria Hersey (née Baird), Viscountess Strathallan (died 1867), Wife of 9th Viscount Strathallan; daughter of Robert Baird. 3 Portraits

James David Drummond, 10th Viscount Strathallan (1839-1893), Lieutenant-Colonel and landowner. 2 Portraits

Margaret Ann Drummond (née Smythe), Viscountess Strathallan (died 1920), Wife of 10th Viscount Strathallan; daughter of William Smythe. 3 Portraits

William Milligan Fraser, 1st Baron Strathalmond (1888-1970), Oil industrialist; Chairman of Anglo-Iranian Oil Co Ltd. 7 Portraits

(James) Ian Macpherson, 1st Baron Strathcarron (1880-1937), Politician and lawyer. 4 Portraits

Valerie (née Cole), Lady Strathcarron, First wife of 2nd Baron Strathcarron; daughter of T. Norman Cole. 10 Portraits

David William Anthony Blythe MacPherson, 2nd Baron Strathcarron (1924-2006), Company director and motoring writer. 9 Portraits

Alexander Ure, 1st Baron Strathclyde (1853-1928), Lawyer and politician. 1 Portrait

Thomas Dunlop Galbraith, 1st Baron Strathclyde (1891-1985), Naval commander and politician. 14 Portraits

Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, 2nd Baron Strathclyde (1960-), Politician; Leader of the House of Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. 1 Portrait

(Donald) Euan Palmer Howard, 4th Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal (1923-), Politician; Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence. 2 Portraits

Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal (1820-1914), Financier. 6 Portraits

Donald Sterling Palmer Howard, 3rd Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal (1891-1959), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 9 Portraits

Mary Elizabeth (née Scarlett), Baroness Stratheden and Lady Campbell (1796-1860), Wife of John Campbell, 1st Baron Campbell and suo jure Baroness Stratheven. 1 Portrait

Jean Anstruther-Gray, Baroness Stratheden and Campbell (1899-1956), Chief Commissioner and Chairman of Girl Guides Association. 11 Portraits

Alastair Campbell, 4th Baron Stratheden and Campbell (1899-1981), Soldier and farmer. 8 Portraits

Elizabeth Lyon (née Stanhope), Countess of Strathmore (1663-1723), Wife of 4th Earl of Strathmore. 3 Portraits

Mary Eleanor Lyon (née Bowes), Countess of Strathmore (1749-1800), Wife of 9th Earl of Strathmore. 4 Portraits

John Lyon, 10th Earl of Strathmore (1769-1820), Peer of Scotland. 2 Portraits

Frances Dora (née Smith), Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1853-1922), Wife of 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne; daughter of Oswald Smith. 1 Portrait

(Cecilia) Nina Bowes-Lyon (née Cavendish-Bentinck), Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1862-1938), Mother of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and grandmother of Elizabeth II. 5 Portraits

Patrick Lyon, 3rd Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1643?-1695), Nobleman. 1 Portrait

Claud Bowes-Lyon, 13th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1824-1904), Landowner and army officer. 4 Portraits

Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1855-1944), Landowner; grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. 14 Portraits

Patrick Bowes-Lyon, 15th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1884-1949), Businessman; brother of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. 14 Portraits

Hugh Henry Rose, Baron Strathnairn (1801-1885), Field Marshal. 4 Portraits

Trevor Ogilvie-Grant of Grant, 4th Baron Strathspey (1879-1948), 31st Chief of Grant. 9 Portraits

Alice Louisa (née Hardy-Johnston), Lady Strathspey (died 1945), First wife of 4th Baron Strathspey; daughter of Thomas Masterman Hardy-Johnston. 16 Portraits

(Donald) Patrick Trevor Grant of Grant, 5th Baron Strathspey (1912-1992), 32nd Chief of Grant, Lieutenant-Colonel, land agent and valuer. 9 Portraits

Alice (née Bowe), Lady Strathspey (later Maclean), First wife of 5th Baron Strathspey; daughter of Francis Bowe. 4 Portraits

George William Straton (1808-1891), Rector of Aylestone, Leicester. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Straton (died 1841), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Norman Dumenil John Straton (1840-1918), Bishop of Newcastle. 6 Portraits

Anne Stratton (née D'Ewes) (circa 1778-1861), Wife of George Frederick Stratton. 1 Portrait

General Tom Thumb (Charles Sherwood Stratton) (1838-1883), Showman. 5 Portraits

Eugene Stratton (1861-1918), Variety artist. 4 Portraits

Frederick John Marrian Stratton (1881-1960), Astrophysicist. 3 Portraits

George Stratton, of Dover. 1 Portrait

George Stratton (1897-1954), Violinist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Francis) John Stratton (1906-1976), Chairman. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Stratton (1903-1989), Lieutenant-General. 14 Portraits

Reverend Stratton. 1 Portrait

Marianne Straub (1909-1994), Textile designer. 2 Portraits

Sir Casimir Cartwright van Straubenzee (1867-1956), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Thomas van Straubenzee (1812-1892), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Louisa (née Richardson), Lady van Straubenzee (died 1900), Wife of Sir Charles Thomas van Straubenzee; daughter of John Luther Richardson. 1 Portrait

Bertram Stuart Straus (1867-1933), Colonial broker and politician. 4 Portraits

Ralph Straus (1882-1950), Novelist and biographer. 3 Portraits

Straus. 1 Portrait

George Russell Strauss, Baron Strauss of Vauxhall (1901-1993), Politician; MP for Lambeth and Vauxhall. 5 Portraits

Eduard Strauss (1835-1916), Composer, conductor and violinist. 1 Portrait

Edward Anthony Strauss (1862-1939), Politician and corn, grain and hop merchant. 2 Portraits

Gustave Louis Maurice Strauss (circa 1807-1887), Writer and a founder of the Savage Club. 1 Portrait

Patricia Frances (née O'Flynn), Lady Strauss (1909-1987), Labour politician, feminist and patron of the arts. 2 Portraits

Richard Georg Strauss (1864-1949), Composer. 1 Portrait

Françoise Stravinsky (1907-2002), Wife of (Sviatoslav) Soulima Stravinsky. 1 Portrait

Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky (1882-1971), Composer. 4 Portraits

(Sviatoslav) Soulima Stravinsky (1910-1994), Pianist and composer; son of Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky. 1 Portrait

John Whitaker ('Jack') Straw (1946-), Politician; Home and Foreign Secretary. 3 Portraits

Edith Joan Strawson (née Reid-Thomas) (1903-1993), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Frederick Strawson (1919-2006), Philosopher. 2 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Raymond Streat (1897-1979), Industrialist. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Streatfeild (1857-1938), Colonel and landowner; Equerry and Private Secretary to Queen Alexandra; son of Henry Dorrien Streatfeild. 1 Portrait

Henry Dorrien Streatfeild (1825-1889), Lieutenant-Colonel and landowner. 1 Portrait

Marion Henrietta Streatfeild (née Smith) (1835-1897), Wife of Henry Dorrien Streatfeild; daughter of Oswald Smith. 1 Portrait

(Mary) Noel Streatfeild (1895-1986), Novelist and children's writer. 17 Portraits

William Champion Streatfeild (1865-1929), Bishop of Lewes. 3 Portraits

Baron Street (active 1683), Judge. 3 Portraits

Alice Joanna Street (née Wells) (active circa 1857-circa 1891), Daughter of Henry Tanworth Wells. 2 Portraits

Arthur George Street (1892-1966), Farmer, author and broadcaster. 25 Portraits

Sir Arthur William Street (1892-1951), Civil servant. 22 Portraits

Fanny Street (1877-1962), History lecturer and Principal, Royal Holloway College. 2 Portraits

George Edmund Street (1824-1881), Architect and architectural theorist. 6 Portraits

Ken Street (1942-1990), Electric lead guitarist for Emile Ford and The Checkmates. 2 Portraits

Dame Sue Street, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Street (baptised 1625-1696), Judge. 2 Portraits

Burnett Hillman Streeter (1874-1937), Provost of The Queen's College, Oxford; Canon of Hereford. 3 Portraits

Janet Street-Porter (1946-), Journalist, broadcaster and television presenter. 2 Portraits

John William ('Will') Streets (1886-1916), Sergeant, 12th York and Lancaster Regiment and poet. 1 Portrait

Barbra Streisand (1942-), Actress, director and singer. 1 Portrait

John Francis Stretch (1855-1919), Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales and Bishop Coadjutor of Brisbane. 1 Portrait

Sir Chauncey Batho Dashwood Strettell (1881-1958), Major-General. 3 Portraits

George Stretton (active 1839), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sempronius Stretton (1781-1842), Colonel and artist. 1 Portrait

Louis Anthony Stricker (1884-1960), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

Gerald Paul Joseph Cajetan Carmel Antony Martin Strickland, 1st Baron Strickland (1861-1940), Prime Minister of Malta. 6 Portraits

Edeline (née Sackville), Lady Strickland (1870-1918), Wife of 1st Baron Strickland; daughter of 7th Earl De La Warr. 2 Portraits

Margaret Strickland (née Hulton), Baroness Strickland (died 1950), Second wife of 1st Baron Strickland. 5 Portraits

Agnes Strickland (1796-1874), Historian. 7 Portraits

Sir Arthur Foster Strickland (1882-1955), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Claud Dobrée Strickland (1909-1941), Flight officer. 5 Portraits

Sir George Strickland (later Cholmley), 7th Bt (1782-1874), Lawyer and politician: MP for West Riding of Yorkshire and Preston. 1 Portrait

Hugh Edwin Strickland (1811-1853), Naturalist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mabel Edeline Strickland (1899-1988), Newspaper editor; daughter of 1st Baron Strickland. 6 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Peter Strickland (1869-1951), Army officer. 6 Portraits

Thomas John Francis Strickland (circa 1682-1740), Bishop of Namur. 3 Portraits

Walter Strickland (circa 1598-1671), Politician; MP for Thirsk and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Marmaduke Strickland-Constable, 10th Bt (1900-1975). 1 Portrait

John Stride (1936-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Oscar Striedinger (1875-1938), Borough councillor. 1 Portrait

C.K. Stringer, Managing Director, Power Petroleum Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Isaac Stringer (1866-1934), Archbishop of Rupert’s Land and Bishop of Selkirk (later renamed Yukon). 2 Portraits

Jill Stringer (1955-), Health care administrator; first NHS Direct National Clinical Advisor. 1 Portrait

Mabel Emily Stringer (1868-1958), Golfer. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Stringer (active late 17th century), Writing Master. 1 Portrait

Peter Stringfellow (1940-2018), Nightclub owner. 1 Portrait

Sir George Strode (1583-1663), Royalist and writer. 3 Portraits

James C. Strode (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

John Strode, Colonel and Governor of Dover Castle. 1 Portrait

Arnold Nugent Strode Strode-Jackson (1891-1972), Army officer and middle distance runner; Olympian. 4 Portraits

Austin Strong (born 1880), Dramatist; son of Isobel Stuart Strong (née Osbourne). 1 Portrait

Christopher Strong (active 1963), Rower. 1 Portrait

Clement Samuel Strong. 1 Portrait

Dorothea Sylvia Tryce Strong (née Brinton) (1905-1978), Wife of Leonard Alfred George Strong. 1 Portrait

Isobel Stuart Strong (née Osbourne) (1858-1953), Stepdaughter of Robert Louis Stevenson; wife of Joseph Strong. 2 Portraits

John Strong. 1 Portrait

John Anderson Strong (1915-2012), Professor; President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. 6 Portraits

Joseph Dwight Strong (1852-1899), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth William Dobson Strong (1900-1982), Company Director and Head of Intelligence Home Forces. 4 Portraits

Leonard Alfred George Strong (1896-1958), Writer. 34 Portraits

Mark Strong (né Marco Giuseppe Salussolia) (1963-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Patience Strong (Winifred Emma May) (1907-1990), Author and poet. 5 Portraits

Philip Nigel Warrington Strong (1899-1983), Primate of Australia, Archbishop of Brisbane and Metropolitan of Queensland and Bishop of New Guinea. 1 Portrait

Sir Roy Strong (1935-), Art historian and museum director; Director of the National Portrait Gallery. 22 Portraits

Sandford Arthur Strong (1863-1904), Orientalist and art historian; Husband of Eugenie Strong. 2 Portraits

Sydney Philip Strong (1858-1900), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Thomas Banks Strong (1861-1944), Bishop of Ripon and Oxford. 13 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Vezey Strong (1857-1920), Lord Mayor of London and paper merchant. 2 Portraits

William Strong (1870-1956), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Master Strong, Son of Dorothea Strong (née Brinton) and Leonard Strong Author. 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Norman Lockhart Stronge, 8th Bt (1894-1981), Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Finance; Speaker for the Northern Ireland House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Sir Barnett Stross (1899-1967), Politician and doctor. 8 Portraits

Josef Georg Strossmayer (1815-1905), Austrian Bishop, theologer and supporter of Croation interests. 1 Portrait

Collingwood George Strother-Stewart (died 1983), Major; son of R.S. Strother-Stewart. 4 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Eric Stroud (1924-2006), Professor of Child Health, King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry. 1 Portrait

Gregory Stroud (1892-1974), Singer and actor. 4 Portraits

Peter Stroud (1921-2012), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sidney Strube (1892-1956), Cartoonist. 4 Portraits

Lionel Frederick Strugnell (1892-1962), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Otto Struller (1912-1945), Ballet dancer. 1 Portrait

Joe Strummer (John Mellors) (1952-2002), Musician; co-founder and rhythm guitarist for The Clash. 3 Portraits

Jan Struther (Joyce Anstruther, later Placzek) (1901-1953), Journalist, writer and creator of 'Mrs Miniver'. 1 Portrait

Gertrude (née Hill), Lady Struthers (died circa 1942), Wife of Sir John Struthers; daughter of Julian Hill. 4 Portraits

James Struthers (1770-1807), Minister of the Relief Chapel, Edinburgh. 2 Portraits

Sir John Struthers (1857-1925), Educationalist and civil servant. 4 Portraits

John Paterson Struthers (1851-1915), Scottish preacher, pastor and children's author. 1 Portrait

Agnes Anne Strutt (née Ashton) (1827-1900), Wife of George Henry Strutt; daughter of Edward Ashton. 1 Portrait

Alfred William Strutt (1856-1924), Painter and etcher. 2 Portraits

Alice Mary Elizabeth Strutt (née March Phillipps de Lisle) (died 1926), Wife of Hon. Arthur Strutt; daughter of Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps de Lisle. 1 Portrait

Hon. Charles Hedley Strutt (1849-1926), Politician; son of 2nd Baron Rayleigh. 2 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Austin Strutt (1903-1979), Private Secretary to Herbert Morrison. 10 Portraits

Jean Elizabeth Strutt (née Davidson) (1924-), Captain in the WRAC (Territorial Army); daughter of 1st Viscount Davidson; wife of Charles Richard Strutt. 5 Portraits

Jedediah Strutt (1726-1797), Inventor and cotton manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Joseph Strutt (1749-1802), Engraver and antiquary. 3 Portraits

Joseph Strutt (1765-1844), Businessman and philanthropist. 3 Portraits

William Strutt (1826-1915), Painter. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Strutt (1777-1850), Miniature painter; son of Joseph Strutt. 1 Portrait

John Strype (1643-1737), Ecclesiastical historian and biographer. 3 Portraits

James Gray Stuart, 1st Viscount Stuart of Findhorn (1897-1971), Politician; Secretary of State for Scotland. 10 Portraits

Rachel (née Cavendish), Viscountess Stuart of Findhorn (1902-1977), Wife of Viscount Stuart of Findhorn; daughter of 9th Duke of Devonshire. 13 Portraits

Charles Beilby Stuart-Wortley, 1st Baron Stuart of Wortley (1851-1926), Lawyer and politician, Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department and MP for Sheffield Hallam. 10 Portraits

Lady Arabella Stuart (1575-1615), Cousin of James I. 6 Portraits

Lord Bernard Stuart (1622-1645), 'Earl of Lichfield' and royalist Army Officer. 13 Portraits

Lord Dudley Coutts Stuart (1803-1854), Advocate of Polish independence. 4 Portraits

Lord George Stuart, 9th Seigneur of Aubigny (1618-1642), Royalist commander. 1 Portrait

Lord John Stuart (1621-1644), Soldier; son of 3rd Duke of Lennox; brother of Lord Bernard Stuart. 5 Portraits

Albert Rhett Stuart (1905-1973), Bishop of Georgia, United States. 1 Portrait

Anderson Stuart, Professor. 4 Portraits

Andrew Stuart (1725-1801), Lawyer and politician. 3 Portraits

Sir Andrew Mitchell Stuart (1861-1936), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Campbell Arthur Stuart (1885-1972), Director of The Times. 6 Portraits

Sir Charles Stuart (1753-1801), General. 2 Portraits

Charles Stuart (1810-1892), General and Conservative politician; MP for Bute. 1 Portrait

Charles Stuart (1783-1865), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Connie Stuart, Actress. 3 Portraits

Cyril Edgar Stuart (1892-1987), Bishop of Uganda and Assistant Bishop of Worcester. 4 Portraits

Dorothy Stuart, Dancer. 2 Portraits

Douglas Cecil Rees Stuart (1885-1969), Rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Stuart (née Blackstone) (1762-1799), Second wife of James Stuart. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elizabeth Frederica Stuart (née Lennox) (died 1890), Royal courtier; wife of Alexander Charles Stuart; daughter of Lord John George Lennox. 1 Portrait

Elma Stuart (circa 1837-1903), Author and nutritionist. 1 Portrait

Florence (née Gudge), Lady Stuart (died 1936), Wife of Sir Simeon Stuart, 7th Bt; daughter of Henry Harmond Gudge. 5 Portraits

Francis Stuart (1902-2000), Author. 1 Portrait

Hon. Gertrude Stuart (1849-1888), Wife of William Henry Gladstone. 1 Portrait

Gordon Stuart (1924-2015), Painter. 1 Portrait

Hon. G. Stuart (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Arthur Stuart (1860-1923), Indian civil servant. 3 Portraits

Henrietta Maria Sarah Stuart (active early 19th century). 2 Portraits

Henry Windsor Villiers Stuart (1827-1895), Politician, soldier, clergyman and author. 2 Portraits

James Stuart (1713-1788), Painter and architect. 6 Portraits

James Stuart (1728?-1844), Seaman, minstrel, centenarian. 1 Portrait

James Stuart (1741-1815), Soldier. 2 Portraits

James Stuart (born circa 1787), Naval commander. 1 Portrait

James Stuart (1843-1913), Educational reformer and politician. 1 Portrait

John Stuart (1898-1979), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Stuart (1761-1815), Lieutenant-General. 6 Portraits

Sir John Stuart (1793-1876), Judge and politician. 3 Portraits

John Francis Stuart (circa 1807-1874), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

J.A. Stuart. 1 Portrait

Leslie Stuart (1863-1928), Composer. 2 Portraits

Morag Stuart (1975-), Businesswoman; Head of Procurement, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

M. Stuart. 1 Portrait

Nan Stuart, Actress and singer. 9 Portraits

Paul Stuart (1971-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sir Simeon Henry Lechmere Stuart, Bt (1864-1939), Soldier. 7 Portraits

William Stuart Sr (1798-1874), Politician; Grand Master of the Knights Templar. 1 Portrait

William Stuart Jr (1825-1893), Politician and barrister. 2 Portraits

W. Stuart Jr (active 1867). 1 Portrait

Miss Stuart (active circa 1770). 2 Portraits

Master Stuart (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

Miss Stuart, Actress. 1 Portrait

Charles Stuart, Baron Stuart de Rothesay (1779-1845), General. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Margaret Stuart (née Yorke), Lady Stuart de Rothesay (1789-1867), Wife of Charles Stuart, Baron Stuart de Rothesay. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Stuart-Jones (1867-1939), Professor of Ancient History, University of Oxford and author. 5 Portraits

Arthur Hastings Stuart-Menteth (1882-1956), Major; fifth son of 4th Baron Stuart-Menteth. 1 Portrait

Charles Granville Stuart-Menteth (1928-), Younger son of Sir William Stuart-Menteth, 5th Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir James Wallace Stuart-Menteth, 6th Bt (1922-2008), Oldest son of Sir William Stuart-Menteth, 5th Bt. 1 Portrait

Katherine Olive Stuart-Menteth (born 1890), Daughter of Sir James Frederick Stuart-Menteth, 4th Bt. 2 Portraits

Walter Granville Stuart-Menteth (1906-1970), Accountant and soldier in the Queen's Royal Regiment. 1 Portrait

Winifred Melville (née Francis), Lady Stuart-Menteth (died 1968), Former wife of Rupert George Raw, and later wife of Sir William Frederick Stuart-Menteth, 5th Bt; daughter of Daniel Francis. 2 Portraits

Tom Stuart-Smith (1960-), Landscape architect. 1 Portrait

Lady Emmeline Stuart-Wortley (née Manners) (1806-1855), Poet and travel writer; daughter of 5th Duke of Rutland. 2 Portraits

Maud Julia Mary (née Winn), Lady Stuart-Wortley (1870-1938), Wife of Sir Alan Richard Montague-Stuart-Wortley; daughter of 1st Baron St Oswald. 4 Portraits

Sir (Alan) Richard Montagu Stuart-Wortley (1868-1949), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Hon. Charles Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (1802-1844), Conservative politician; MP for Bossiney; second son of 1st Baron Wharncliffe. 2 Portraits

Henry Stubbes (Stubbs) (1605 or 1606-1678), Clergyman and ejected minister. 2 Portraits

Frank Henry Stubbings (1915-2005), Scholar; classicist and specialist in the Greek Bronze Age. 1 Portrait

Sir (Cyril) James Stubblefield (1901-1999), Palaeontologist and geologist. 4 Portraits

(Dorothy) Barbara Stubbs (1921-1982), Daughter of R.E. Stubbs. 1 Portrait

Charles William Stubbs (1845-1912), Bishop of Truro. 2 Portraits

Sir (Reginald) Edward Stubbs (1876-1947), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

George Stubbs (1724-1806), Painter and anatomist. 9 Portraits

Marjory (née Womack), Lady Stubbs (1889-1963), Wife of Sir (Reginald) Edward Stubbs; daughter of F. Womack. 5 Portraits

Philip Stubbs (1665-1738), Archdeacon of St Albans. 2 Portraits

Ross Lewis Stubbs (died 2000), Businessman. 1 Portrait

William Stubbs (1825-1901), Historian; Bishop of Chester and Oxford; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 5 Portraits

Mr Stubbs (active 1679), Papist. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Stuckey, Actress. 1 Portrait

Vincent Stuckey (1771-1845), Banker and merchant. 1 Portrait

Humphrey St Leger Stucley (1877-1914), Fifth son of 2nd Baron St Leger Stucley. 2 Portraits

Princess Alexandra (née Lieven), Lady Studd (1879-1974), WW1 Red Cross Nurse; second wife of Sir John Edward Kynaston Studd, 1st Bt; daughter of Prince Paul Lieven. 13 Portraits

Charles Thomas Studd (1860-1931), Cricketer and missionary. 1 Portrait

Edward Mortlock Studd (1799-1877), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Stephana Studd, Daughter of Sir Eric Studd, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

George Brown Studd (1859-1945), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Malden Studd (1916-2003), Lord Mayor of London. 9 Portraits

Mary Felicia Studdert (née Somerset) (1923-1993), Wife of Thomas Copland Studdert; daughter of Hon. Wellesley FitzRoy Somerset. 2 Portraits

Robert Hallam Studdert (1890-1968), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Studdy (1894-1975), Chief Constable of Northumberland. 1 Portrait

Robert Wright Studdy (1847-1936), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Students from Maiden Erlegh School in Reading. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Gray Studholme, 1st Bt (1899-1987), Major and politician. 12 Portraits

Marie Studholme (Marion Lupton) (1875-1930), Actress. 43 Portraits

Sir Paul Henry William Studholme (1930-1990), Captain. 1 Portrait

William Stukeley (1687-1765), Antiquary and physician. 8 Portraits

Jeff Stultiens (1944-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Herr Stumpf. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Mary Mowbray (née Sayer), Lady Sturdee (1884-1966), Wife of Sir Lionel Arthur Doveton Sturdee, 2nd Bt; daughter of William Feetham Sayer. 9 Portraits

Sir Lionel Arthur Doveton Sturdee, 2nd Bt (1884-1970), Rear-Admiral. 16 Portraits

Sir Vernon Ashton Hobart Sturdee (1890-1966), Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Edmund Sturge (1808-1893), Quaker businessman and social reformer. 1 Portrait

John Sturge (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Joseph Sturge (1793-1859), Quaker and philanthropist. 8 Portraits

Raymond Wilson Sturge (1904-1984), Chairman of Lloyd’s. 1 Portrait

John Sturges. 4 Portraits

Octavius Sturges (1833-1894), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Grice Sturges (1891-1970), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

William Sturges Bourne (1769-1845), Poor-law reformer and Conservative politician; MP for Ashburton. 2 Portraits

Howard ('Harry') Overing Sturgis (1855-1920), Novelist. 2 Portraits

Julian Russell Sturgis (1848-1904), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Julia Overing Sturgis (née Boit) (1820-1888), Wife of Russell Sturgis. 1 Portrait

Christopher Christian Sturm (1740-1786), Author. 1 Portrait

Samuel Sturmy (1633-1669), Writer on Seamanship. 1 Portrait

John Leng Sturrock (1878-1943), Scottish politician and newspaper publisher. 1 Portrait

Alexandrina Sturt (née Sale) (active 1841), Taken hostage by Akbar Khan after the massacre in the Khurd Kabul Pass. 1 Portrait

Charles Napier Sturt (1795-1869), Explorer. 1 Portrait

Charles Sturt (1763-1812), Politician; MP for Bridport. 2 Portraits

Charles Napier Sturt (1832-1886), Soldier and politician. 6 Portraits

Humphrey Ashley Sturt (1760-1825), Son of Humphrey and Mary Sturt. 3 Portraits

John Sturt (1658-1730), Engraver. 2 Portraits

Mary Sturt (active 1807), Wife of Humphrey Sturt; mother of Humphrey Ashley Sturt. 3 Portraits

Frank Showell Styles (1908-2005), Author. 2 Portraits

U Su, Burmese politician. 1 Portrait

Jean Baptiste Antoine Suard (1733-1817). 1 Portrait

Antonius Suarez (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

S. Subandrio (1914-2004), Indonesian politician. 4 Portraits

David Suchet (1946-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Margit Suchy (active 1920s-1930s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir John Suckling (1609-1642), Poet and the inventor of cribbage. 11 Portraits

Maurice Suckling (1725-1778), Comptroller of the Navy; uncle of Lord Nelson. 1 Portrait

R.A. Suckling, Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Willie Sucksmith (1896-1981), Physicist; Professor of Physics. 2 Portraits

Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury-Tracy, 4th Baron Sudeley (1840-1922), Liberal politician; MP for Montgomery. 3 Portraits

Edith (née Jocelyn), Viscountess Sudley (1845-1871), Wife of Viscount Sudley (later 5th Earl of Arran); daughter of Viscount Jocelyn; granddaughter of 3rd Earl of Roden. 2 Portraits

Jeremy Sudlow (1957-), Grandson of Herbert Ernest ('H.E.') Bates. 2 Portraits

Stephen Charles Sudlow (1955-), Grandson of Herbert Ernest ('H.E.') Bates. 3 Portraits

Eugène Sue (1804-1857), French Novelist. 1 Portrait

Julie Suedo (1901-1978), Actress. 1 Portrait

Edward Suess (1831-1914), Austrian geologist. 1 Portrait

Richard Suett (1755-1805), Actor. 5 Portraits

Edward Harbord, 3rd Baron Suffield (1781-1835), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Charles Harbord, 5th Baron Suffield (1830-1914), Landowner and courtier. 5 Portraits

Cecilia Annetta (née Baring), Lady Suffield (1832-1911), Courtier; first wife of 5th Baron Suffield; daughter of Henry Baring. 1 Portrait

Victor Alexander Charles Harbord, 7th Baron Suffield (1897-1943), Nobleman and soldier. 1 Portrait

Harbord Harbord Suffield, 1st Baron Suffield (1734-1810), Politician; MP for Norwich. 2 Portraits

Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk (circa 1484-1545), Soldier and Lord Steward. 9 Portraits

Katherine Bertie (née Willoughby), Duchess of Suffolk (1519-1580), Noblewoman and protestant patron; 4th wife of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. 1 Portrait

Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk (1517-1554), Magnate; father of Lady Jane Grey. 1 Portrait

Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk (1517-1559), Wife of Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk; mother of Lady Jane Grey. 3 Portraits

Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk (1561-1626), Lord High Treasurer. 14 Portraits

Katherine Howard (née Knyvett), Countess of Suffolk (after 1563-1638), Courtier. 3 Portraits

Susanna Howard (née Rich), Countess of Suffolk (1627-1649), Exemplar of godly life. 2 Portraits

Anne Howard (née Montagu), Countess of Suffolk (1659 or 1660-1720), Third wife of 3rd Earl of Suffolk. 4 Portraits

Henrietta Howard (née Hobart), Countess of Suffolk (circa 1688-1767), Mistress of George II and architectural patron. 9 Portraits

John Howard, 15th Earl of Suffolk and 8th Earl of Berkshire (1739-1820), Soldier and nobleman. 2 Portraits

Julia Howard (née Gaskarth), Countess of Suffolk and Berkshire (1737-1819), Wife of 15th Earl of Suffolk and 8th Earl of Berkshire. 1 Portrait

Charles John Howard, 17th Earl of Suffolk (1804-1876), Politician; MP for Malmesbury. 1 Portrait

Henry Charles Howard, 18th Earl of Suffolk (1833-1898), Politician; also 11th Earl of Berkshire. 2 Portraits

Marguerite Hyde ('Daisy', née Leiter), Countess of Suffolk (circa 1879-1968), Wife of 19th Earl of Suffolk; daughter of Levi Zeigler Leiter. 10 Portraits

Charles Henry George Howard, 20th Earl of Suffolk (1906-1941), Soldier and scientist; son of 19th Earl of Suffolk and Marguerite Hyde Leiter. 2 Portraits

Mimi Howard (née Forde-Pigott), Countess of Suffolk (1905-1966), Actress and singer; wife of 20th Earl of Suffolk. 4 Portraits

Pierre André de Suffren de Saint-Tropez (1726-1788), French Admiral. 1 Portrait

Eli Sufrin (1953-), Rabbi. 1 Portrait

Alan Michael Sugar, Baron Sugar (1947-), Business executive. 3 Portraits

Sir Bernard Sugden (1877-1954), Industrialist. 2 Portraits

Sir Cecil Stanway Sugden (1903-1963), General. 5 Portraits

Charles Sugden (1850-1921), Actor. 2 Portraits

Hon. Henry Sugden (1811-1866), Barrister and Registrar of the Court of Chancery in Ireland; son of 1st Baron St Leonards. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Sugden (1904-1977), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Marianne Sugden (née Cookson) (died 1908), Author; wife of Hon. Henry Sugden; daughter of James Cookson. 1 Portrait

Sir (Theodore) Morris Sugden (1919-1984), Physical chemist and Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University. 1 Portrait

Samuel Sugden (1892-1950), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Sir Wilfrid Hart Sugden (1879-1960), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 14 Portraits

Catherine Lee Sugg (later Mrs Hackett) (1799-1845), Performer; daughter of Christopher Lee Sugg, ventriloquist. 1 Portrait

Madame Guilhermina Suggia (1885-1950), Cellist. 12 Portraits

Suggs (Graham McPherson) (1961-), Musician; member of Madness. 4 Portraits

Sir Abdullah Suhrawardy (1870-1935), Islamic scholar, barrister and academic. 3 Portraits

Hasan Shahid Suhrawardy (1890-1965), Poet and critic. 1 Portrait

Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy (1892-1963), Prime Minister of Pakistan. 1 Portrait

Glenn Sujo (1952-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sukhdev Singh Bahadur, Raja of Poonch (1901-1927), Reigned 1918-27; son of Baldev Singh Bahadur, Raja of Poonch. 3 Portraits

Simon Sulcerus (1508-1585), Theologian. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lindsay Sulley (1906-1994), Rowing cox and rowing coach; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Susanne Sulley (1963-), Musician; singer for The Human League. 1 Portrait

Alexander Martin Sullivan (1829-1884), Journalist and Irish nationalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan (1842-1900), Composer and conductor; collaborated with Sir W.S. Gilbert. 11 Portraits

Bernard Ponsonby Sullivan (1891-1958), Consul. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Sullivan, 4th Bt (1820-1865), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Donal Sullivan (1838-1907), Politician; MP for South Westmeath. 1 Portrait

Edward Sullivan (1832-1899), Bishop of Algoma. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Robert Sullivan, 5th Bt (1826-1899), Journalist and writer. 2 Portraits

James Frank Sullivan ('Jassef') (1852-1936), Cartoonist and writer. 1 Portrait

James Patrick ('Jim') Sullivan (1885-1965), Middle distance runner; Olympian. 6 Portraits

Jim Sullivan (1903-1977), Welsh rugby league footballer and coach. 2 Portraits

John William Navin Sullivan (1886-1937), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

Joseph Sullivan (1866-1935), Scottish politician; MP for Bothwell and North Lanarkshire. 5 Portraits

Martin Gloster Sullivan (1910-1980), Dean of St Paul's. 10 Portraits

Michael Sullivan (1809-1878), Politician; MP for Kilkenny. 1 Portrait

Richard Sullivan (1963-), Postman. 1 Portrait

Rosa Sullivan, Actress. 5 Portraits

S. Sullivan. 1 Portrait

Sir William John Sullivan (1895-1971), Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Sullivan. 1 Portrait

Mariette Sully (1874-circa 1940), Soprano. 3 Portraits

Sir John Edward Sulston (1942-2018), Geneticist. 3 Portraits

Zarah Sultana (1993-), Labour politician; MP for Coventry South. 1 Portrait

Sir Sumer Singh (Shri Sumair Singhji), Maharaja of Jodhpur (1898-1918), Indian ruler. 5 Portraits

Thomas Summerbell (1861-1910), Politician; MP for Sunderland. 3 Portraits

Andy Summers (1942-), Musician; guitarist and composer for The Police. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Summers, Child model. 4 Portraits

Maxwell Hamilton Summers (1899-1989), Army officer. 9 Portraits

Sir (Gerard) Spencer Summers (1902-1976), Politician; Secretary for Overseas Trade. 12 Portraits

Edith Summerskill, Baroness Summerskill (1901-1980), Physician, feminist, writer and Labour politician; MP for Warrington and Fulham West. 16 Portraits

Ben Jeffrey Peter Summerskill (1961-), Journalist, rights campaigner and commissioner; Chief Executive, Stonewall. 1 Portrait

Shirley Catherine Wynne Summerskill (1931-), Medical practitioner and politician; MP for Halifax. 20 Portraits

Sir John Newenham Summerson (1904-1992), Architectural scholar; Director of Sir John Soane's Museum. 6 Portraits

Thomas Hawksley Summerson (1903-1986), Chairman. 3 Portraits

Paul Summerwall? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Andrew Hamilton, Viscount Sumner (1859-1934), Judge. 2 Portraits

Bernard Sumner (1956-), Musician; member of New Order. 2 Portraits

Charles Sumner (1811-1874), Senator from Massachusetts. 2 Portraits

Charles Richard Sumner (1790-1874), Bishop of Winchester. 8 Portraits

George Henry Sumner (1824-1909), Bishop of Guildford. 1 Portrait

Henry John Le Couleur Sumner (1844-1885), Eldest son of J.M. Summer and grandson of the Bishop of Winchester. 1 Portrait

Hugh Sumner (1954-), Director of Transport, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

(Benedict) Humphrey Sumner (1893-1951), Historian. 4 Portraits

John Bird Sumner (1780-1862), Archbishop of Canterbury. 13 Portraits

John Maunoir Sumner (1816-1886), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Maude Sumner (born circa 1855), Second daughter of J.M. Sumner and granddaughter of Bishop of Windsor. 1 Portrait

Walter Taylor Sumner (1873-1935), Bishop of Oregon. 1 Portrait

Eva Joan Sumpner (1907-1985). 1 Portrait

Anthony James Chadwick Sumption (1919-2008), Lawyer, naval submarine Commander and politician. 3 Portraits

Jonathan Philip Chadwick Sumption (1948-), Barrister; Deputy High Court Judge. 1 Portrait

Henry Spencer, 1st Earl of Sunderland (1620-1643), Royalist soldier. 7 Portraits

Dorothy Spencer (née Sidney), Countess of Sunderland (1617-1684), Subject of poetry and Waller's 'Sacharissa'. 9 Portraits

Charles Spencer, 3rd Earl of Sunderland (1674-1722), Statesman and bibliophile. 5 Portraits

Anne Spencer (née Churchill), Countess of Sunderland (1683-1716), Famous beauty; second wife of 3rd Earl of Sunderland. 8 Portraits

Annie Sunderland (née Ripley) (1838-1913), Daughter of Sir Henry William Ripley; wife of Thomas Joseph Sunderland. 1 Portrait

A.W. Sunderland (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Phillippa Elizabeth Dorothy Malone (née Rooper), Lady Sunderlin (1745-1831), Wife of Richard Malone, Baron Sunderlin. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Clayton (née Dyve), Lady Sundon (circa 1679-died 1742), Courtier. 1 Portrait

Sølve Sundsbø (1970-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Kuo Sung-tao (1818-1891), Chinese diplomat and liberal statesman. 5 Portraits

Suniti Devi, Maharani of Cooch Bihar (1864-1932), Maharani of Cooch Bihar. 1 Portrait

Joseph Sunlight (1889-1978), Architect and politician. 1 Portrait

(Sun Zhongshan) Sun Yat-Sen (1866-1925), Chinese revolutionary and politician. 1 Portrait

Alexei A. Surkov (1899-1983), Writer and poet. 2 Portraits

Reginald Alwyn Surplice (1906-1977), Organist and music professor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Holland, Duke of Surrey (1374-1400), Prominent noble; marshal of England and king's lieutenant in Ireland. 1 Portrait

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517?-1547), Poet. 23 Portraits

Bill Surridge, Actor. 1 Portrait

Thakur Saheb Sir Mansinghji Sursinghji of Palitana (1863-1905). 1 Portrait

Sir Conyers Surtees (1858-1933), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

John Surtees (1934-2017), Racing driver. 1 Portrait

John Freville Henry Surtees (1919-1996), Major. 1 Portrait

Virginia Surtees (1917-2017), Author and Rossetti scholar; former wife of Sir (Henry) Ashley Clarke; daughter of Edward Bell. 9 Portraits

William F. Surtees (1871-1956), Bishop of Crediton. 1 Portrait

Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843), Son of King George III. 35 Portraits

Robert Radcliffe, 1st Earl of Sussex (1482 or 1483-1542), Soldier and courtier. 2 Portraits

Henry Radcliffe, 2nd Earl of Sussex (circa 1507-1557), Son of 1st Earl of Sussex. 1 Portrait

Thomas Radcliffe, 3rd Earl of Sussex (1526?-1583), Soldier and courtier. 8 Portraits

Frances Radclyffe (née Sidney), Countess of Sussex (1531-1589), Founder of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge and Lady of the Bedchamber to Elizabeth I. 7 Portraits

Thomas Savile, 1st Earl of Sussex (1590?-1658), Politician, Treasurer of the Household and Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

Henry Yelverton, 3rd Earl of Sussex (1728-1799). 1 Portrait

Hester (née Hall), Countess of Sussex (died 1777), Wife of 3rd Earl of Sussex. 2 Portraits

(Jan) Walter Susskind (1913-1980), Conductor, composer, concert pianist and music advisor. 2 Portraits

Ronald Huntley Sutch (1890-1975), Honorary Canon of Gloucester. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Sutcliff (1920-1992), Writer. 3 Portraits

Herbert Sutcliffe (1894-1978), Cricketer. 5 Portraits

Richard Berkeley Sutcliffe (1918-1979), Watercolour artist and theatrical designer. 1 Portrait

Stuart Sutcliffe (1940-1962), Artist and musician. 3 Portraits

Thomas Sutcliffe (1828-1871), Painter; father of the photographer Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Dora) Valerie Patricia Sutcliffe (née Canning) (1919-2002), Former wife of Philip Anthony Wellesley-Colley, and later wife of Peter Stocks Sutcliffe; daughter of 4th Baron Garvagh. 3 Portraits

Lady Sutcliffe-Smith, Wife of Sir Henry Sutcliffe-Smith. 1 Portrait

Thomas George Spink Suther (1814-1883), Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney. 2 Portraits

George Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Duke of Sutherland (1758-1833), Diplomat and magnate. 22 Portraits

Elizabeth Sutherland, Duchess of Sutherland (1765-1839), Wife of 1st Duke of Sutherland. 3 Portraits

George Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 2nd Duke of Sutherland (1786-1861), President of the British Institution. 12 Portraits

Harriet Elizabeth Georgiana Leveson-Gower (née Howard), Duchess of Sutherland (1806-1868), Courtier; Mistress of the robes to Queen Victoria. 10 Portraits

George Granville William Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 3rd Duke of Sutherland (1828-1892), Politician; MP for Sutherland. 7 Portraits

Anne Sutherland-Levenson-Gower (née Hay-Mackenzie, Countess of Cromartie), Duchess of Sutherland and Marchioness of Stafford (1829-1888), Royal courtier; first wife of 3rd Duke of Sutherland; daughter of John Hay-Mackenzie. 8 Portraits

Millicent Fanny Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (née St Clair-Erskine), Duchess of Sutherland (1867-1955), Society hostess and social reformer; wife of 4th Duke of Sutherland; daughter of 4th Earl Rosslyn. 10 Portraits

George Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 5th Duke of Sutherland (1888-1963), Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for War. 15 Portraits

Eileen Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Duchess of Sutherland (1891-1943), Wife of George Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 5th Duke of Sutherland. 1 Portrait

John Sutherland Egerton, 6th Duke of Sutherland (1915-2000), Son of John Francis Granville Scrope Egerton, 4th Earl of Ellesmere; cousin of George Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, 5th Duke of Sutherland. 3 Portraits

Alexander John Sutherland (1811-1867), Physician. 1 Portrait

Andrew Sutherland (1811-1867), Church minister. 1 Portrait

Angus Sutherland (1848-1922), Liberal politician; MP for Sutherland. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Munro Sutherland (1867-1953), Lord Mayor of Newcastle-on-Tyne. 3 Portraits

Birdie Sutherland (1874-1955), Actress. 3 Portraits

David Macleod Sutherland (circa 1874-1951), Journalist and editor of 'Evening Standard'. 1 Portrait

Donald Sutherland (1935-), Canadian actor. 1 Portrait

Earl Wilbur Sutherland (1915-1974), Professor of Physiology. 1 Portrait

Sir Gordon Brims Black McIvor Sutherland (1907-1980), Physicist. 4 Portraits

Graham Vivian Sutherland (1903-1980), Painter. 62 Portraits

Sir James Runcieman Sutherland (1900-1996), English scholar and 18th century expert. 1 Portrait

Dame Joan Sutherland (1926-2010), Soprano. 7 Portraits

John Sutherland (1808-1891), Physician and promoter of sanitary science. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Frances ('Katharine') Sutherland (née Barry) (1905-1991), Artist; wife of Graham Sutherland. 14 Portraits

Dame Lucy Stuart Sutherland (1903-1980), Historian and administrator. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Sutherland (1834-1922), Shipowner, banker and Liberal politician; MP for Greenock. 4 Portraits

Sir William Sutherland (1880-1949), Politician, civil servant and colliery owner. 3 Portraits

Mr Sutherland (active 1782-1784), Actor. 1 Portrait

Lord Albert Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (1843-1874), Army officer; son of 2nd Duke of Sutherland. 1 Portrait

Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (1845-1916), Dilettante, sculptor and writer; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 10 Portraits

Evan Charles Sutherland-Walker (1835-1913), Landowner. 1 Portrait

C.S. Suthers (active 1923). 1 Portrait

L? Suthers (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Alfred Sutro (1863-1933), Playwright. 2 Portraits

John Sutro (1903-1987), Film producer. 1 Portrait

Margaret Suttie (died circa 1820), Salt seller. 1 Portrait

Meta Suttie (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

Miss Suttie. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alexandra Mary Elizabeth Sutton (née Wood) (1871-1965), Second wife of Hugh Clement Sutton; daughter of 2nd Viscount Halifax. 2 Portraits

Ann Sutton (1935-), Artist, author, educator and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Sir Bertine Entwisle Sutton (1886-1946), Air force officer. 6 Portraits

Cecil Blanche (née Dumbleton), Lady Sutton (circa 1867-1948), Wife of Sir Arthur Edwin Sutton, 7th Bt; daughter of Walter Douglas Dumbleton. 4 Portraits

Constance Diana Sutton (née Agar) (1874-1960), Wife of Henry Cecil Sutton; daughter of Hon. Herbert Welbore Ellis Agar. 2 Portraits

Denys Miller Sutton (1917-1991), Art critic and editor. 1 Portrait

Dudley Sutton (1933-2018), Actor. 4 Portraits

Eric Sutton (active 1936), Actor. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Alexander Sutton (1891-1964), Major-General and Honorary Physician to the King. 3 Portraits

Hon. Grisell Katherine Sutton (née Hepburne-Scott) (1879-1945), Wife of Arthur Thomas Sutton; daughter of 8th Baron Polwarth. 3 Portraits

Heather Sutton, Wife of Philip John Sutton. 2 Portraits

Henry Cecil Sutton (1868-1936), Sailor; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Imogen Sutton, Daughter of Philip John Sutton. 1 Portrait

Jacob Sutton (1954-), Artist and photographer; son of Philip John Sutton. 1 Portrait

Sir John Sutton (died 1825), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

John Edward Sutton (1862-1945), Politician; MP for Manchester. 3 Portraits

Jonathan ('Jon') Sutton (1974-), Psychologist. 1 Portrait

Juliet Elizabeth Sutton (née Kirkwood), Wife of Alfred Michael Sutton; daughter of Tristram Kirkwood. 2 Portraits

Leslie Ernest Sutton (1906-1992), Reader in Physical Chemistry. 5 Portraits

Sir (Oliver) Graham Sutton (1903-1977), Professor of Mathematical Physics. 5 Portraits

Peter John Sutton (1917-1982), Solicitor and civil servant. 6 Portraits

Philip John Sutton (1928-), Painter. 6 Portraits

Randolph Sutton (1888-1969), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Sutton (circa 1460-1524), Co-founder of Brasenose College, Oxford. 6 Portraits

Sir Richard Sutton, 1st Bt (1733-1802). 1 Portrait

Robert Sutton (1671 or 1672-1746), Diplomat, secretary to the British Embassy at Cambray. 1 Portrait

Thomas Sutton (1532-1611), Founder of the Charterhouse. 16 Portraits

Thomas Sutton (1584 or 1585-1623), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Captain Sutton (active 1801), Army officer; present at the Battle of Alexandria. 2 Portraits

Alexander Vasilievich Suvóroff (circa 1729-1800), Russian general. 1 Portrait

Han Suyin (née Elizabeth Kuanghu Chow, later Comber) (1917-2012), Author and physician. 11 Portraits

Janet Suzman (1939-), Actress and director. 4 Portraits

Lady Honor Dorothy Mary Svejdar (née Guinness) (1909-1976), Former wife of Sir Henry Channon, and later wife of Frantisek Svejdar; daughter of 2nd Earl of Iveagh. 3 Portraits

Daphne Rose Svenningson (née Canning) (1922-), Daughter of 4th Baron Garvagh; wife of Bancroft Svenningson. 4 Portraits

Hon. Edith Margery Svensson (née Mansfield) (1889-1936), Former wife of Charles Francis Nunneley, and later wife of John Edward Svensson; daughter of 3rd Baron Sandhurst. 2 Portraits

Nikolai Ivanovich Svishchov-Paola (1874-1964), Russian photographer. 3 Portraits

Sir George Thomas Carlisle Parker Swabey (1881-1952), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Wilfred Spedding Swabey (1871-1939), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

William Proctor Swaby (1844-1916), Bishop of Barbados and the Windward Islands and Bishop of Guyana. 1 Portrait

Hannen Swaffer (1879-1962), Journalist and drama critic. 19 Portraits

Charles Swain (1801-1874), Poet. 2 Portraits

Edgar Priestley Swain (1881-1949), Bishop of Burnley. 1 Portrait

Joanna Swain, Visitor Services Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

(Francis) Ronald Downs Swain (1903-1989), Air Commodore. 5 Portraits

Charles Edward Swaine (1844-1928), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Leopold Victor Swaine (1840-1931), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Charles Anthony Swainson (1820-1887), Theologian. 2 Portraits

Frederick Joseph Swainson (1911-1965), Major-General. 11 Portraits

William Swainson (1789-1855), Naturalist; ornithologist, malacologist, conchologist, entomologist and artist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Swaish (1852-1931), Lord Mayor of Bristol. 3 Portraits

Sir William Swallow (1905-1997), Chairman of Vauxhall Motors. 2 Portraits

Margaret Swallow (1896-1932), Actress. 6 Portraits

Lady Hilda Susan Mary Swan (née Northcote) (1937-1995), Wife of Sir Conrad Marshall John Fisher Swan; daughter of 3rd Earl of Iddesleigh. 2 Portraits

Anna Swan. 3 Portraits

Annie Shepherd Swan (Mrs Burnett Smith) (1859-1943), 'David Lyall'; liberal and novelist. 3 Portraits

Dennis Charles Tarrant Swan (1900-1992), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Swan (died circa 1782), Irish traveller. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (1828-1914), Chemist; inventor of photographical processes and electric light. 6 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Raydon Swan (1877-1973), Barrister and chairman of various boards on patents. 2 Portraits

Thomas Swan (1899-1981), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Swan (1795-1857), Slavery abolitionist and Baptist minister. 4 Portraits

William Travers Swan (1861-1949), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Ada Swanborough (1845-1893), Actress and theatre manager. 3 Portraits

Miss Swanborough (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Michael Meredith Swann, Baron Swann (1920-1990), Biologist and public servant. 1 Portrait

Alfred Swann (1893-1961), Rower, Archdeacon of Hong Kong and Canon Emeritus of Salisbury Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Brian Swann. 1 Portrait

Donald Ibrahim Swann (1923-1994), Composer, pianist and entertainer. 4 Portraits

Geoffrey Swann (1883-1965), Fourth son of Sir Charles Ernest Swann, 1st Bt. 5 Portraits

Sir Oliver Swann (1878-1948), Air force officer. 4 Portraits

Sidney Ernest Swann (1890-1976), Clergyman and rower; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Charlie Swannell (1988-), Son of John Swannell and Marianne Lah-Swannell. 1 Portrait

John Swannell (1946-), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Marianne Lah Swannell (1957-), Fashion model; wife of John Swannell. 3 Portraits

Pamela Mary Swannell (née Woods), Daughter of Dr Reginald Salisbury (Rex) Woods. 1 Portrait

Sophia Swannell (1983-), Daughter of John Swannell and Marianne Lah-Swannell. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edward Swannie (1901-1985), Career in the Royal Air Force. 1 Portrait

Henry Hussey Vivian, 1st Baron Swansea (1821-1894), Politician and industrialist. 5 Portraits

Odo Richard Vivian, 3rd Baron Swansea (1875-1934), Lieutenant-Colonel and Justice of the Peace. 6 Portraits

Winifred Vivian (née Hamilton), Lady Swansea (1884-1944), Wife of 3rd Baron Swansea; daughter of 1st Baron Holmpatrick. 3 Portraits

Averil (née Beamont), Baroness Swansea (1841-1934), Third wife of 1st Baron Swansea. 3 Portraits

John Hussey Hamilton Vivian, 4th Baron Swansea (1925-2005), Son of 3rd Baron Swansea. 6 Portraits

J.C. Swanson (died 1945), Doctor and Lieutenant. 4 Portraits

Thomas Erskine Swanzy (1869-1950), Vicar of All Saints, Lincoln. 1 Portrait

Dave Swarbrick (1941-2016), Folk musician; member of The Ian Campbell Group and Fairport Convention. 1 Portrait

Charles Robberts Swart (1894-1982), State President, Republic of South Africa. 2 Portraits

Stanley Victor Swash (1896-1997), Director of Woolworth's. 2 Portraits

Sir Eric John Eagles Swayne (1863-1929), Brigadier-General. 7 Portraits

Sir John George des Reaux Swayne (1890-1964), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Robert George Swayne (circa 1822-1901), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

William Shuckburgh Swayne (1862-1941), Bishop of Lincoln. 5 Portraits

Samuel Montagu, 1st Baron Swaythling (1832-1911), Merchant banker, philanthropist and politician. 2 Portraits

Louis Samuel Montagu, 2nd Baron Swaythling (1869-1927), Banker. 4 Portraits

Gladys Helen Rachel (née Goldsmid), Lady Swaythling (1879-1965), Vice-President of the NSPCC; wife of 2nd Baron Swaythling; daughter of Albert Edward Goldsmid. 20 Portraits

Stuart Albert Samuel Montagu, 3rd Baron Swaythling (1898-1990), Lieutenant and Director, Samuel Montagu and Co. Ltd. 2 Portraits

David Charles Samuel Montagu, 4th Baron Swaythling (1928-1998), Banker. 4 Portraits

Arthur Sweatman (1834-1909), Bishop of Toronto. 2 Portraits

Dr Sweatman (active 1839), Doctor. 2 Portraits

Charles Sweeny (1909-1993), Golfer; former husband of Margaret Whigham (later Duchess of Argyll). 5 Portraits

James Fielding Sweeny (1857-1940), Metropolitan of Province of Ontario and Bishop of Toronto. 1 Portrait

Henry Sweet (1845-1912), Phonetician and philologist. 1 Portrait

John Sweet, Jesuit. 3 Portraits

Kenneth Sweet (1928 or 1929-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ernest) Bickham Sweet-Escott (1857-1941), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Henry Kennett Sweeting (1919-), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Martin Nicholas Sweeting (1951-), Professor of Satellite Engineering; Director of the Surrey Space Centre. 1 Portrait

Seamus George Sweetman (1914-1985), Company director. 1 Portrait

George Sweetnam-Ford (1940-), Bassist in The Checkmates. 2 Portraits

Florence Sweryda. 1 Portrait

Suzanna Sweryda. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank (Athelstane) Swettenham (1850-1946), Colonial administrator. 7 Portraits

Mary Emily (née Copeland), Lady Swettenham, Wife of Sir Alexander Swettenham. 2 Portraits

Sweyn Forkbeard, King of Denmark, Norway and England (circa 960-1014), King of Denmark, Norway and England; father of Cnut the Great. 3 Portraits

(Albert) Ervine Swift (1915-1982), Bishop of Puerto Rico. 1 Portrait

Derek Swift. 1 Portrait

Frank Victor Swift (1913-1958), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Graham Colin Swift (1949-), Writer. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), Satirist and divine. 26 Portraits

Dayan Morris Swift (1907-1983), Rabbi, Dayan of the London Beth Din. 1 Portrait

Sir Rigby Philip Watson Swift (1874-1937), Politician and judge. 2 Portraits

Dame Sarah Ann Swift (1854-1937), Nurse and a founder of the Royal College of Nursing. 1 Portrait

Sir Ernest Godwin Swifte (1839-1927), Chief Metropolitan Police magistrate, Dublin. 3 Portraits

Frances (née Coddington), Lady Swifte (died 1925), Chief Metropolitan Magistrate in Dublin; wife of Sir Ernest Godwin Swifte. 2 Portraits

Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909), Poet and literary reviewer. 25 Portraits

Alice Swinburne (1839-1903), Sister of Algernon Charles Swinburne. 1 Portrait

Edith Swinburne (died 1863), Sister of Algernon Charles Swinburne. 1 Portrait

Henry Swinburne (1743-1803), Traveller. 1 Portrait

Ida Swinburne, Liberal candidate. 1 Portrait

Sir James Swinburne, 9th Bt (1858-1958), Industrial chemist and electrical engineer. 3 Portraits

Lady Jane Henrietta Swinburne (1809-1896), Fifth daughter of 3rd Earl of Ashburnham. 1 Portrait

Sir John Edward Swinburne, 6th Bt (1762-1860), President of the Artist's Benevolent Fund. 3 Portraits

Mercia Swinburne (1900-1993), Actress. 3 Portraits

Nora Swinburne (1902-2000), Actress. 17 Portraits

Lady Swindale. 2 Portraits

George Clayton Swiney (1840-1928), Army officer. 1 Portrait

John Swiney (1832-1918), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir (George Alexander) Neville Swiney (1897-1970), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Charles Swinfen Eady, 1st Baron Swinfen (1851-1919), Judge. 5 Portraits

Raymond Swing (1887-1968), Journalist, writer and broadcaster. 5 Portraits

Stephen Thomas Swingler (1915-1969), Politician; MP for Stafford and Newcastle-under-Lyme. 6 Portraits

Ion Swinley (1891-1937), Actor. 1 Portrait

Frank Arthur Swinnerton (1884-1982), Novelist and critic. 15 Portraits

Sir Leonard Whitworth Swinnerton, 14th Bt (1875-1947), RNVR. 1 Portrait

Mary Dorothy Swinnerton (née Bennett) (1897 or 1898-1980), Second wife of Frank Arthur Swinnerton; daughter of George Bennett. 2 Portraits

Olivia Mary Swinnerton (1937-), Daughter of Frank Arthur Swinnerton. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Richard Swinnerton Dyer, 7th Bt (1768-1838), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Henry Hutchinson Swinny, Vicar, Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire. 4 Portraits

Philip Cunliffe-Lister (né Lloyd-Greame), 1st Earl of Swinton (1884-1972), Politician; President of the Board of Trade. 30 Portraits

Mary Constance Cunliffe-Lister (née Boynton), Countess Swinton (died 1974), Wife of 1st Earl of Swinton; daughter of Charles Ingram Boynton. 6 Portraits

Nicholas John Cunliffe-Lister, 3rd Earl of Swinton (1939-), Son of Hon. John Yarburgh Cunliffe-Lister. 1 Portrait

Alan Archibald Campbell Swinton (1863-1930), Electrical engineer. 6 Portraits

Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton (1868-1951), Major-general; professor of military history. 2 Portraits

George Sitwell Campbell Swinton (1859-1937), Politician; Chairman of London County Council. 1 Portrait

Tilda Swinton (Katherine Matilda Swinton) (1961-), Actress. 7 Portraits

Roger Swire (born 1896), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Tamara Swirskaya (born circa 1890), Dancer and pianist. 3 Portraits

Jerzy Swirski (Swirski) (1882-1959), Admiral in Russian Navy. 3 Portraits

Miss Swyney (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Charles Roger Alan Swynnerton (1901-1973), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Meera Syal (1963-), Writer and actress. 3 Portraits

Surendra Kumar Syal (1932-), Father of Meera Syal. 1 Portrait

Margaret Felicity Syddall (née Evans) (1921-2003), Daughter of Sir Robert Charles Evans. 2 Portraits

Charles Poulett-Thomson, Baron Sydenham (1799-1841), Governor-General of Canada. 6 Portraits

George Sydenham Clarke, 1st Baron Sydenham of Combe (1848-1933), Administrator. 9 Portraits

Cuthbert Sydenham (baptised 1623-1654), Independent minister and political writer. 4 Portraits

Sir Philip Sydenham, 3rd Bt (1676-1739), Conservative politician; MP for Somersetshire. 3 Portraits

Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689), Physician. 11 Portraits

Thomas Sydenham (1780-1816), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

John Robert Townshend, 1st Earl Sydney (1805-1890), Politician and landowner. 8 Portraits

Emily Caroline (née Paget), Countess Sydney (1810-1893), Wife of 1st Earl Sydney; daughter of 1st Marquess of Anglesey. 3 Portraits

Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney (1733-1800), Statesman. 14 Portraits

John Thomas Townshend, 2nd Viscount Sydney (1764-1831), Ranger of Hyde Park and St James's Park. 1 Portrait

Caroline Elizabeth Letitia Townshend (née Clements), Viscountess Sydney (1781-1805), Wife of 2nd Viscount Sydney; daughter of 1st Earl of Leitrim. 1 Portrait

Dudley Alexander Sydney Cosby, Baron Sydney (circa 1730-1774). 1 Portrait

Basil Sydney (Basil Nugent) (1894-1968), Actor. 10 Portraits

Ethel Sydney (Ethel Beatrice Hall (née Lloyd, later Gaskell)) (1874-active 1924), Actress; daughter of Malcolm Lloyd; former wife of Sydney Hall, Samuel Oliver and John Upton Gaskell; later wife of Alastair Matheson. 4 Portraits

Harry Sydney (1825-1870), Singer and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Miss Sydney (active 1830s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Saxon Arnold Sydney-Turner (1880-1962), Civil servant. 6 Portraits

Alfred Lao-ke Sye (active circa 1916). 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil George Lewis Syers (1903-1981), High Commissioner for Ceylon. 1 Portrait

Edgar Syers (1863-1946), Ice skater; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Yvonne (née Allen), Lady Syers, Wife of Sir Cecil George Lewis Syers. 2 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Neville Syfret (1889-1972), Admiral. 13 Portraits

Arthur Barry Sykes (1876-1960), Physician. 1 Portrait

A.C. Sykes. 8 Portraits

Bonar Hugh Charles Sykes (1922-1998), Diplomat; son of Sir Frederick Sykes; grandson of Andrew Bonar Law. 2 Portraits

Catherine ('Kathy') Sykes (1952-), Film producer and production manager; daughter of Eric Sykes. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Sykes, 1st Bt (1868-1950), Businessman, wool merchant and Liberal politician; MP for Huddersfield. 1 Portrait

Christina Anne Jessica (née Cavendish-Bentinck), Lady Sykes (1853?-1912), Wife of Sir Tatton Sykes, 5th Bt; daughter of George Augustus Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck. 1 Portrait

Christopher Sykes (1831-1898), Conservative politician; MP for Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire and Buckrose. 3 Portraits

Christopher Hugh Sykes (1907-1986), Writer and traveller. 6 Portraits

Daniel Sykes (1766-1832), Politician; MP for Kingston-upon-Hull. 2 Portraits

Mrs Daniel Sykes (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

Eric Sykes (1923-2012), Actor, comedian, writer, director and producer. 11 Portraits

Sir Francis Sykes, 1st Bt (1732-1804), Politician; Governor of Kasimbazar in India. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes (1877-1954), Chief of Air Staff and Governor of Bombay. 7 Portraits

F.B. Sykes, Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Godfrey Sykes (died 1829), Solicitor to the Board of Stamps. 3 Portraits

John Sykes (1773-1858), Vice Admiral. 1 Portrait

John Sykes (active 1907). 1 Portrait

Sir John Charles Gabriel Sykes (1869-1952), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Sir Mark Sykes, 6th Bt (1879-1919), Soldier, traveller and Conservative politician; MP for Hull Central. 1 Portrait

Norman Sykes (1897-1961), Dean of Winchester and Professor of History. 2 Portraits

Sir Percy Molesworth Sykes (1867-1945), Brigadier-General. 6 Portraits

Percy Stanley Sykes (1878-1966), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

P.H. Sykes (active 1961), Deputy Managing Director, Albert Reed and Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

P.H. Sykes (active 1961), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Sykes (1920-1979), Diplomat. 10 Portraits

Sir Richard Brook Sykes (1942-), Rector, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London. 1 Portrait

Susan Sykes (1953-), Daughter of Eric Sykes. 3 Portraits

Sir Tatton Sykes, 4th Bt (1772-1863), Landed gentleman and sportsman. 1 Portrait

Sir Tatton Sykes, 5th Bt (1826-1913), Landowner, racehorse breeder and church builder. 1 Portrait

Virginia (née Gilliat), Lady Sykes (1916-1970), Wife of Sir (Mark Tatton) Richard Sykes, 7th Bt; daughter of John Francis Grey Gilliat. 1 Portrait

William Sykes (1829-1893), Chaplain to the Forces. 1 Portrait

William Henry Sykes (1790-1872), Naturalist, soldier and politician. 1 Portrait

William Stanley Sykes (1894-1961), Crime writer. 7 Portraits

W.J. Arnold Sykes. 3 Portraits

Sykes (active 1927). 1 Portrait

Vesta Sylva (1907-2000), Actress. 4 Portraits

Sir Arthur Edgar Sylvester (1891-1969), Chairman of Gas Council. 1 Portrait

(Anthony) David Bernard Sylvester (1924-2001), Writer on art and exhibition curator. 5 Portraits

George Oscar Sylvester (1898-1961), Labour politician; MP for Normanton and Pontefract. 3 Portraits

James Joseph Sylvester (1814-1897), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Josuah Sylvester (1563-1618), Poet and translator of Du Bartas. 2 Portraits

Matthew Sylvester (1636 or 1637-1708), Ejected minister. 2 Portraits

Terry Sylvester (1947-), Musician; member of The Hollies. 1 Portrait

Sylvia (active 1895), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sylvia (active 1923). 1 Portrait

David Sylvian (1958-), Singer-songwriter and musician. 1 Portrait

John Sym (1581-1638), Rector of Leigh, Essex. 1 Portrait

James Syme (1799-1870), Surgeon. 4 Portraits

Sir Ronald Syme (1903-1989), Historian. 3 Portraits

Sir (George) Stewart Symes (1882-1962), Army officer and colonial governor. 1 Portrait

George William Symes (1896-1980), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Viola Colston (née Broun), Lady Symes (circa 1884-1953), Wife of Sir (George) Stewart Symes; daughter of J. Felix Broun. 1 Portrait

Edmund Symes-Thompson (1837-1906), Physician. 1 Portrait

Johnson Symington (1851-1924), Professor of Anatomy. 3 Portraits

Kenneth William Symington (1905-1963), Company Director, Symington Soups; soldier in the Royal Leicestershire Regiment. 1 Portrait

William Symington (1763-1831), Engineer. 4 Portraits

William Symington (1795-1862), Reformed Presbyterian (Cameronian) minister. 1 Portrait

D. Ralph Symmons (1906-1984), Surgeon Captain, Royal Navy. 7 Portraits

John Symmons, Surgeon Captain and Hon. Dental Surgeon to the Queen. 11 Portraits

(Joseph) Meyler Symmons (1915-1982), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Colin Burlington Symon (1902-1974), British High Commissioner in Pakistan. 3 Portraits

Sir Josiah Henry Symon (1846-1934), Politician, South Australia. 6 Portraits

Sir Aubrey Vere Symonds (1874-1931), Permanent secretary. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Putnam Symonds (1890-1978), Neurologist and Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Sir Charters James Symonds (1852-1932), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

H.P. Symonds, Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel, Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars. 1 Portrait

John Addington Symonds (1840-1893), Writer and poet. 4 Portraits

John Addington Symonds (1807-1871), Physician; father of the writer John Addington Symonds. 1 Portrait

Joseph Symonds, Vice-Provost, Eton College. 5 Portraits

(Arthur) Leslie Symonds (1910-1960), Politician; MP for Cambridge. 3 Portraits

Proger Herbert Symonds (circa 1806-1868), Vicar of Withington, Herefordshire. 1 Portrait

R.A. Symonds, Amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Thomas Symonds (active 1730), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Sir William Symonds (1782-1856), Surveyor of the Navy, naval architect and rear admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Victor Symonds-Tayler (1897-1971), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Conway Symons, Baroness Symons (1951-), General Secretary of the FDA Trade Union and Minister of State. 1 Portrait

Alphonse James Albert Symons (1900-1941), Book collector and writer. 7 Portraits

Arthur William Symons (1865-1945), Poet, translator, critic and editor. 7 Portraits

Ernest Vize Symons (1913-1990), Director General, Board of Inland Revenue. 4 Portraits

George James Symons (1838-1900), Meteorologist. 1 Portrait

Sir (Thomas) Henry Symons (1872-1948), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Jelinger Henry Symons (circa 1836-1921), Officer, Royal Marine Light Infantry. 1 Portrait

Mary Symons. 1 Portrait

Victoria-Alice Symons. 1 Portrait

Sir William Penn Symons (1843-1899), Major-General. 2 Portraits

James Renant Syms (1752-1825), Common crier of London. 3 Portraits

Sir (George) Stewart Syms (1882-1962), Lieutenant-Colonel and colonial governor. 8 Portraits

Sylvia Syms (1934-2023), Actress, director and producer. 10 Portraits

Margareta Snyders (née de Vos) (active 1621), Wife of Frans Snyders. 1 Portrait

Ann Davies Synge (née Stephen) (1916-1997), Surgeon; daughter of Adrian and Karin Stephen. 8 Portraits

Caroline Sharpe Synge (née Giles) (1791-1866), Wife of Charles Synge; daughter of Peter Giles. 1 Portrait

Edward Synge (1826?-1871), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Fanny Cecil (née Wade-Gery), Lady Synge (died 1961), Wife of Sir Francis Robert Millington Synge, 6th Bt; daughter of Charles Robert Wade-Gery. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis Robert Millington Synge, 6th Bt (1851-1924), Major. 2 Portraits

George Charles Synge (1826-1899), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Mary Synge (née Dewar) (circa 1831-1921), Wife of William Webb Follett Synge; daughter of Robert Dewar. 1 Portrait

John Lighton Synge (1897-1995), Mathematician and physicist. 2 Portraits

John Millington Synge (1871-1909), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Richard Laurence Millington Synge (1914-1994), Biochemist and Nobel Prize winner. 6 Portraits

Sir Robert Follett Synge (1853-1920), Deputy Marshal of the Ceremonies. 1 Portrait

William Webb Follett Synge (1826-1891), Diplomat and author. 1 Portrait

Major Synge, Soldier. 3 Portraits

Lady Louisa Frances Synge-Hutchinson (née Hely-Hutchinson) (1806-1876), Wife of Francis Synge-Hutchinson; daughter of Hon. Francis Hely-Hutchinson; sister of 3rd Earl of Donoughmore. 4 Portraits

Coote Synge-Hutchinson (1832-1902), Lieutenant-General; son of Francis Synge-Hutchinson and Lady Louisa Frances Hely-Hutchinson. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Synge-Hutchinson, 4th Bt (1830-1906), Army officer. 5 Portraits

Frances Synge-Hutchinson (1788-1869), Daughter of Sir Samuel Synge-Hutchinson, 3rd Bt. 2 Portraits

Eva de Synnerberg (active 1876-1878), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Louisa Synnot (died 1924), Daughter of Richard Walter Synnot of Ballymoyer. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Louisa Synnott (1841-1924), Poor Law Guardian. 1 Portrait

Robert Henry Inglis Synnott (1837-1872), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Edward Grey ('Fritz') Ponsonby, 1st Baron Sysonby (1867-1935), Keeper of the Privy Purse; Deputy Governor of Windsor Castle. 12 Portraits

Victoria Lily Hegan Ponsonby (née Kennard), Lady Sysonby (died 1955), Daughter of Edmund Hegan Kennard; wife of 1st Baron Sysonby. 5 Portraits

Violette Reine Elizabeth Szabo (née Bushell) (1921-1945), Special Operations Executive agent and officer in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY). 1 Portrait

Countess Szapary. 3 Portraits

Alfred Sao-Ke Sze (1877-1958), Politician and diplomat. 2 Portraits

Madame Sze (active circa 1916), Wife of Chinese ambassador. 1 Portrait

Countess Anna Julie Marie Széll von Bessenyö (born 1880), Wife of Jan Kubelik. 1 Portrait

George Szirtes (1948-), Poet and translator. 1 Portrait

Gilbert Savil Szlumper (1884-1969), Railway manager. 4 Portraits