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Arthur Annesley Vachell (died 1949), Novelist and playwright. 3 Portraits

Horace Annesley Vachell (1861-1955), Novelist and playwright. 3 Portraits

Lydie Lyttelton Vachell (née Vachell), Wife of Arthur Annesley Vachell. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Vacher (née Pocock), Wife of Thomas Brittain Vacher. 1 Portrait

Thomas Brittain Vacher (1805-1880), Lithographer, law stationer and printer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Henry Bourke Vade-Walpole (1879-1915), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Adam Sree Goona Munhi Rathana Vadheygay (circa 1791-active 1820), Sri Lankan Buddhist priest, baptised by Adam Clarke. 2 Portraits

Pallavi Vadhia, Publications Sales and Marketing Officer, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Anthony Vadkovsky (1846-1912), Metropolitan of St Petersburg and Ladoga. 1 Portrait

Clara Vagliano (born circa 1839), Wife of Panage Vagliano. 1 Portrait

Sébastien Vaillant (1669-1722), French botanist. 2 Portraits

François Le Vailliant (1753-1824), French scientist, traveller and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Bevir Vaisey (1877-1965), Judge. 6 Portraits

Sir Kanthiah Vaithianathan (1896-1965), Sri Lankan Politician. 3 Portraits

Vajiravudh, King of Siam (1880-1925), King of Siam. 1 Portrait

Ricky Valance (David Spencer) (1939-2020), Singer. 1 Portrait

Jean Pierre Napoléon Eugène Chevandier de Valdrome (1810-1878). 1 Portrait

Croxton Sillery Vale (1896-1975), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Rita Vale (Rita Gielgud, née Weill) (1908-1997), Actresss; second wife of Val Henry Gielgud; daughter of Samuel Weill. 2 Portraits

Samuel Vale (1797-1848), Actor and comedian. 2 Portraits

Arthur Annesley, 11th Viscount Valentia (1843-1927), Soldier, politician and landowner. 26 Portraits

Caryl Arthur James, 12th Viscount Valentia (1883-1949), Captain. 4 Portraits

Lady Freda Valentine (née Butler) (died 1989), Daughter of 8th Earl of Lanesborough; wife of Francis Cyril Oliphant Valentine. 5 Portraits

Dickie Valentine (né Richard Brice) (1929-1971), Singer. 1 Portrait

Hilton Stewart Paterson Valentine (1943-2021), Musician; guitarist for The Animals. 4 Portraits

James Francis Anthony Brinsley Valentine (1935-), Son of Lady Freda Valentine (née Butler) and Francis Cyril Oliphant Valentine. 3 Portraits

Linda Valentine, Dancer, Raymond's Revuebar Theatre. 1 Portrait

Sydney Valentine (1865-1919), Actor. 3 Portraits

William Danvers Oliphant Valentine (1933-), Son of Lady Freda Valentine (née Butler) and Francis Cyril Oliphant Valentine. 5 Portraits

Rudolph Valentino (1895-1926), Actor. 6 Portraits

Emily Ann Vallance (née Carr) (1815-1873), Wife of Henry Vallance; daughter of Thomas Carr. 1 Portrait

Emily Frances Vallance (1837?-1918), Daughter of Henry Vallance. 1 Portrait

Fanny Vallance (1838-1894), Daughter of Henry Vallance. 1 Portrait

Henry Vallance (1813-1905), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Mary Vallance (born 1841?), Daughter of Henry Vallance. 1 Portrait

Alberto Wright Vallarino (active 1960s), Ecuadorian to the UK. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Aimé Vallat (1912-2008), Barrister. 1 Portrait

William Richard Edgcumbe, Viscount Valletort (1794-1818), First son of 2nd Earl of Mount Edgcumbe. 1 Portrait

Ida Valli, Actress; sister of Valli Valli (née Valli Knust). 9 Portraits

Lulu Valli (active 1890s-1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Valli Valli (née Valli Knust) (1882-1927), Actress; sister of Ida Valli. 28 Portraits

Charles Valliant. 1 Portrait

Major Vallotton. 1 Portrait

Albert Robert Valon (1885-1971), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Arthur Sutton Valpy (1849-1909), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Miss Valpy (active 1867). 1 Portrait

Arminius Vámbéry (1832-1913), Orientalist and traveller. 2 Portraits

Alexander van Aken (1701-1757), Painter and engraver. 3 Portraits

Joseph van Aken (circa 1699-1749), Drapery painter and painter of genre and conversation pieces. 1 Portrait

Isaac van Amburgh (1812-1865), Circus animal tamer. 1 Portrait

Anton van Anrooy (1870-1949), Artist. 1 Portrait

Pieter (or Peeter) van Avont (1600-1652), Painter, draughtsman and printmaker. 1 Portrait

Johannes van Balen. 1 Portrait

Jan Marie Constantin van Beers (1852-1927), Artist and illustrator; son of poet Jan van Beers. 1 Portrait

Jan van Belcamp (1610-1653), Painter. 2 Portraits

E.T. van Berckel, Pensionary of Amsterdam. 1 Portrait

Walter Anthony Vanbergen (died 1995), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Hieronymus van Beverningk (active 1650s). 3 Portraits

Richard van Bleeck (1670-after 1747), Artist. 1 Portrait

Franck van Borselen (died 1470), Governor of Holland and Zeeland. 1 Portrait

Dame Irene Vanbrugh (Irene Barnes) (1872-1949), Actress. 85 Portraits

Sir John Vanbrugh (1664-1726), Architect and dramatist. 11 Portraits

Prudence Vanbrugh (1902-1990), Actress. 2 Portraits

Violet Vanbrugh (Violet Augusta Mary Barnes) (1867-1942), Actress; former wife of Arthur Bourchier; sister of Dame Irene Vanbrugh. 58 Portraits

Baroness Van Buren. 5 Portraits

Alfred Glenville Vance (Alfred Peck Stevens) (1839?-1888), Actor and singer. 2 Portraits

George Vance (active 1838). 1 Portrait

Imogen Anne Ierne Vance (née Moynihan) (1932-), Former wife of Michael Williams, and later wife of Charles Ivan Vance; daughter of 2nd Baron Moynihan. 1 Portrait

Joos van Cleve (Joos van der Beke) (circa 1480-1540), Painter active in Antwerp around 1511 to 1540. 2 Portraits

Charles Vancouver (circa 1756-circa 1815), Agricultural writer. 1 Portrait

George Vancouver (1757-1798), Explorer. 2 Portraits

Florence van Cutsem (circa 2015-), Goddaughter of Henry, Duke of Sussex; daughter of Nicholas and Alice van Cutsem. 2 Portraits

Harry Vanda (Johannes Hendrikus Jacob van den Berg) (1946-), Musician, songwriter and record producer; lead guitarist for The Easybeats. 1 Portrait

Natalie van Damm (née Lyons) (1893-1968). 13 Portraits

Nona van Damm (1919-1999), Sister of Sheila van Damm. 3 Portraits

Sheila van Damm (1922-1987), Motor-racing driver and theatre manager. 16 Portraits

Major Van de Heuvel (active 1928), Major. 1 Portrait

Crofton Moore Vandeleur (1808-1881), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Martley Vandeleur (1875-1951), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Sir John Ormsby Vandeleur (1763-1849), General. 1 Portrait

Louisa Augusta (née Harcourt), Lady Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone (1804-1869), Wife of Sir John Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, 2nd Bt; daughter of Edward Harcourt. 3 Portraits

Johannes van den Driesche (Drusius) (1550-1616), Protestant Divine, Flemish Hebrew Translator. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Elizabeth Vandenhoff (1818-1860), Actress. 3 Portraits

John George Vandenhoff (1820-1885), Actor and lawyer. 4 Portraits

John M. Vandenhoff (1790-1861), Actor. 1 Portrait

Frans van den Wyngaerde (Wijngaerde) (1614-1679), Draughtsman and publisher. 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Edward Vandepeer (1890-1968), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. 5 Portraits

Sir George Vandeput, 2nd Bt (1729-1784), Conservative politician; MP for Westminster. 2 Portraits

John Vanderbank (1694-1739), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Peter Vanderbank (Vandrebanc) (1649-1697), Engraver. 2 Portraits

Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt (1877-1915), Financier and horseman. 1 Portrait

Gloria Vanderbilt (née Morgan) (1905-1965). 1 Portrait

Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (1884-1970), American railroad executive; yachtsman. 1 Portrait

Hendrick van der Borcht the Elder (1583-1651), Painter, engraver, dealer and collector. 2 Portraits

Hendrick van der Borcht the Younger (1614-1676), Artist. 2 Portraits

Sara Eliza Vanderbyl (née Alexander) (died 1905), Wife of Philip Vanderbyl; daughter of James Alexander. 1 Portrait

Abraham van der Doort (died 1640), Medallist and Surveyor of the King's Pictures. 6 Portraits

Gerard Vandergucht (1696 or 1697-1776), Engraver and art dealer. 1 Portrait

Yvonne Rosamund Van Der Horst (née Gage) (1902-1960), Wife of Adrian Maximilian Van Der Horst; daughter of 5th Viscount Gage. 3 Portraits

Pieter van der Meulen (1638-after 1670), Painter. 2 Portraits

Hon. Barbara Mary Vandernoot (née Cokayne) (1905-2004), Wife of Gilbert Edgar Francis Vandernoot; daughter of 1st Baron Cullen of Ashbourne. 2 Portraits

Sir Harry Sheil Elster Vanderpant (1866-1955), Mayor of City of Westminster, 1937-38. 5 Portraits

Paul van der Parre (active 1650s). 3 Portraits

Sir Laurens Jans van der Post (1906-1996), Writer, farmer, explorer and conservationist. 12 Portraits

Kenneth Reid van der Spuy (born 1891), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Léon Vanderstuyft (1890-1964), Belgian cyclist. 1 Portrait

John Vandersuste (active mid 19th century). 1 Portrait

Charles Anthony Vandervell (1870-1955), Pioneer of electrical equipment in motor cars. 1 Portrait

Harry Vandervell (1870-1956), Commander, RNVR. 4 Portraits

Adriaen van der Venne (1589-1662), Painter, draughtsman (designer for prints) and writer. 1 Portrait

Henry Van der Weyde (1838-1924), Painter and photographer. 1 Portrait

Brydgytte Blanche van der Wyck (née Bentinck) (1916-2010), Wife of Jonkheer Adrian Hendrik Sibble van der Wyck; daughter of Robert Charles Graf Bentinck. 4 Portraits

William van de Velde the Elder (1611-1693), Marine painter. 2 Portraits

William van de Velde the Younger (1633-1707), Marine painter. 5 Portraits

Lady Emily Georgiana Van de Weyer (née Craven) (1846-1932), Wife of Victor William Bates Van de Weyer; daughter of 2nd Earl of Craven. 2 Portraits

Albert Silvain Bates Van De Weyer (1845?-1874), Army officer, Grenadier Guards. 1 Portrait

Victor William Bates Van De Weyer (1839-1915), Colonel, Alderman and High Sheriff. 1 Portrait

Madame van de Weyer (née Bates) (active 1840), Wife of Sylvain Van de Weyer, Belgian minister in London. 1 Portrait

S. Van Dick. 4 Portraits

Cornelius van Dun (1483-1577), Yeoman of the guard; founder of almshouses. 1 Portrait

Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641), Painter. 30 Portraits

Clifford Gordon Vandyck (1898-1969), Dancer; R.A.F Lieutenant. 6 Portraits

Mary (née Ruthven), Lady van Dyck (died 1645), Former wife of Sir Anthony van Dyck, and later wife of Sir Richard Pryse, Bt. 10 Portraits

Anne Vane (1705-1736), Mistress of Frederick, Prince of Wales. 2 Portraits

Hon. Gerlad Raby Vane (1926-), Younger son of 10th Baron Barnard. 2 Portraits

Harry Tempest Vane (died 1943), Businessman. 7 Portraits

Sir Henry Vane the Elder (1589-1655), Secretary of State. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Vane the Younger (1613-1662), Revolutionary. 14 Portraits

John Vane (died 1871), Rector and chaplain to Queen Victoria. 2 Portraits

Sir John Vane (1927-2004), Pharmacologist. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Airini Vane (née Mair) (1891-1965), Artist; wife of Hon. Ralph Frederick Vane; daughter of Gilbert Mair. 2 Portraits

Vane. 1 Portrait

Thomas van Erpe (known as Thomas Erpenius) (1584-1624), Dutch Orientalist. 2 Portraits

Jacob van Es. 1 Portrait

Lady Avarina Mary Vane-Tempest (1857-1873), Daughter of 5th Marquess of Londonderry. 2 Portraits

Lady Frances Cornelia Harriet Emily Vane-Tempest (1850-1872), Daughter of 5th Marquess of Londonderry. 1 Portrait

Lord (Herbert Lionel) Henry Vane-Tempest (1862-1921), Third son of 5th Marquess of Londonderry. 5 Portraits

Lord Henry John Vane-Tempest (1854-1905), Soldier and second son of 5th Marquess of Londonderry. 8 Portraits

Lady Susan Charlotte Catherine Vane-Tempest (née Pelham-Clinton) (1839-1875), Wife of Adolphus Vane-Tempest; daughter of 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme. 2 Portraits

(Francis) Adolphus Vane-Tempest (1863-1932), Actor and army officer. 1 Portrait

Lady Margaret Frances Anne Vane-Tempest-Stewart (1910-1966), Former wife of Frederic Alan Muntz, and later wife of Hugh Falkus; daughter of 7th Marquess of Londonderry. 11 Portraits

John Van Eyssen (1922-1995), Actor and producer. 1 Portrait

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), Painter. 1 Portrait

Vincent Willem Van Gogh (1890-1978), Engineer, nephew of Vincent Van Gogh and president of the Van Gogh Foundation. 1 Portrait

Gerard Benjamin Noothoven Van Goor (1874-1942), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Thomas Vanhagen, Pastry chef. 1 Portrait

Baroness Albertine Van Heeckeren Van Kell (1899-1994), Daughter of Baron Alexander Van Heeckeren Van Kell and Countess Renira Bentinck; wife of Baron Guillaume Van Den Bogaerde Van Terbrugge. 3 Portraits

Baroness Renira Van Heeckeren Van Kell (1901-1953), Daughter of Baron Alexander Van Heeckeren Van Kell and Countess Renira Bentinck. 3 Portraits

Egbert van Heemskerck the Elder (circa 1635-1704), Artist. 2 Portraits

Eddie van Hoof (1956-), Technical director, GB Men's Gymnastics Team, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Hoyte Van Hoytema (1971-), Cinematographer. 1 Portrait

Georges Philias Vanier (1888-1967), Canadian politician, diplomat and General. 2 Portraits

(Roy) Lawrence Vaniman, Engineer and Director of Chrysler Motors Ltd and Dodge Brothers (Britain) Ltd. 1 Portrait

Eelco Nicolaas Van Kleffens (1894-1983), Minister of Foreign Affairs in Netherlands. 5 Portraits

Lady Jane Charlotte Elizabeth Van Koughnet (née Alexander) (1850-1941), Author; daughter of 3rd Earl of Caledon; wife of Captain Edmund Barker van Koughnet. 1 Portrait

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723), Dutch tradesman and scientist; known as 'the Father of Microbiology'. 2 Portraits

Constantine Willem, Count van Limburg-Stirum (1900-1976), Son of Jan Pieter Adolf, Count van Limburg-Stirum. 4 Portraits

Theodore van Loon (after 1582-before 1660), Artist. 1 Portrait

Emanuel van Meteren (1535-1612), Flemish Historian and Consul for 'the Traders of the Low Countries' in London. 1 Portrait

William Van Mildert (1765-1836), Bishop of Durham. 5 Portraits

Marda Vanne (née Margaretha van Hulsteyn) (1896-1970), Actress. 5 Portraits

Hon. Andrew Nicolas Armstrong Vanneck (1890-1965), Army officer; son of Hon. William Arcedeckne Vanneck; brother of 5th Baron Hungtingfield. 2 Portraits

George Crewe Vanneck (1842-circa 1872), Army officer; great-grandson of 1st Baron Huntingfield. 2 Portraits

Gerard van Neck (1692-1750), Dutch merchant in London. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Vanneck (active 1788), Daughter of Sir Joshua Vanneck, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Unknown man of the Van Nierop family. 1 Portrait

Oliver van Noort (1558-1627), Dutch circumnavigator. 2 Portraits

Vincenzo Vannutelli (1836-1930), Roman Catholic Cardinal. 1 Portrait

Tom Willem van Oss (1901-1941), Painter. 1 Portrait

Denise Van Outen (1974-), Actress and Television presenter. 1 Portrait

Cornelis van Poelenburgh (circa 1586-1667), Painter. 5 Portraits

Louis van Praag (1921-1993), Industrial designer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Anne van Raalte (née Berry) (1934-), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Kemsley; wife of Charles Henry van Raalte. 9 Portraits

Theodore Van Raden (active 1872), Rower, The Atalanta Club of New York. 1 Portrait

Apollonia van Ravenstein (1954-), Actress. 3 Portraits

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (1606-1669), Artist. 8 Portraits

Pieter Gerritsz. van Roestraeten (circa 1630-1700), Artist. 1 Portrait

John Van Ryn (1905-1999), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Frances ('Fanny') Vans Agnew (née Jenkins) (1829-1872), Wife of John Vans Agnew; daughter of Richard Boycott Jenkins. 1 Portrait

Anna Maria van Schurman (1607-1678), Poet and scholar. 7 Portraits

Robert Gilbert Vansittart, Baron Vansittart (1881-1957), Diplomat. 25 Portraits

Sarita Enriqueta (née Ward), Lady Vansittart (1891-1985), Former wife of Sir Colville Barclay, and later wife of 1st Baron Vansittart; daughter of Herbert Ward;. 1 Portrait

George Henry Vansittart (1823-1885), Politician. 1 Portrait

Henry Vansittart (1732-1770), Colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Henry Vansittart (1756-1786), Orientalist. 1 Portrait

L. Vansittart. 1 Portrait

Sarah Vansittart (née Stonhouse) (circa 1746-circa 1811), Wife of George Vansittart of Bisham Abbey; daughter of Rev. Sir James Stonhouse, Bt. 1 Portrait

Sophia Vansittart (died 1836), Sister of Nicholas Vansittart, Baron Bexley. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry James Vansittart-Neale (1842-1923), Assistant Secretary to Admiralty. 2 Portraits

William Taylor Van Someren (1855-1944), Consulting Administrative Officer, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Ealing. 3 Portraits

Jan Frans van Son (1658-in or after 1705), Painter. 1 Portrait

Adriaen van Stalbemt (1580-1662), Painter. 4 Portraits

Casimir Henry Claude Van Straubenzee (1864-1943), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Cornelis van Tromp (1629-1691), Lieutenant-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Maria van Utrecht (circa 1550-1629), Wife of Johan van Barneveld (Johan van Oudenbarnevelt). 1 Portrait

(Edgar) Michiels van Verduynen (1885-1952), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Leonard Van Vestrant (born 1887), Reverend. 4 Portraits

Victor van Strydonck (1876-1961), General. 3 Portraits

Mme Geertruida Van Vladeracken (1880-1947), Folk singer and composer. 1 Portrait

Robert van Voerst (1597-1635 or 1636), Engraver. 1 Portrait

John Van Voorst (1804-1898), Natural history publisher. 1 Portrait

Thomas van Wyck (circa 1616-1677), Painter. 1 Portrait

Paul Guillaume van Zeeland (1893-1973), Prime Minister of Belgium, lawyer and economist. 3 Portraits

Sils Vara (Geza Silberer) (1876-1938), Viennese journalist and friend of Katherine Mansfield. 4 Portraits

Edward Chad Varah (1911-2007), Founder of the Samaritans. 2 Portraits

Thomas Vardon (1801-1867), Librarian. 1 Portrait

Edyala Vargas (later Santo Domingo) (1935-2012), Brazilian socialite; wife of Benjamin Vargas, and later wife of Julio Mario Santo Domingo. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Varick, Actress. 4 Portraits

Eric Graham Varley, Baron Varley (1932-2008), Politician; Secretary of State for Industry and Energy. 4 Portraits

Delvalle Elizabeth Rebecca Varley (née Lowry) (1800-1860), Writer on mineralogy and geology; second wife of John Varley. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elizabeth Susan Varley (née Douglas-Scott-Montagu) (1909-2002), Half-sister of 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. 3 Portraits

John Varley (1778-1842), Landscape painter. 2 Portraits

Rosemary Jane Varley (née Barber) (1942-), Wife of John Anthony Varley; daughter of L.A. Barber. 1 Portrait

Reginald Alfred ('Reg') Varney (1916-2008), Comedy actor. 1 Portrait

George Varrenne (active 1783-1809), Preacher. 1 Portrait

Gabrielle M. Vassal (née Candler) (1880-1959), Journalist, broadcaster and member of the French Resistance. 1 Portrait

William John Christopher Vassall (1924-1996), Soviet spy. 1 Portrait

Letitia Sarah (née Napier), Lady Vassall (died 1878), Former wife of Charles Henry Pulsford, and later wife of Sir Spencer Lambart Hunter Vassall; daughter of Edward Berkeley Napier. 1 Portrait

Richard Vassar Vassar Smith (né Smith) (circa 1844-1922), Chairman of Lloyds Bank and freemason. 1 Portrait

Gordon Herbert Vasse (1899-1965), Air Commodore. 1 Portrait

Vincent Marie Viennot de Vaublanc (1756-1845), French royalist politician, writer and artist. 1 Portrait

Louis Philippe de Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil (1723-1802), French statesman. 1 Portrait

Bernard John Vaughan (1847-1922), Jesuit priest and social reformer. 12 Portraits

Charles Jerome Vaughan (1873-1948), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Charles John Vaughan (1816-1897), Headmaster and dean of Llandaff. 14 Portraits

Sir Charles Richard Vaughan (1774-1849), Diplomatist. 1 Portrait

Clare Vaughan, Daughter of John Francis Vaughan. 1 Portrait

Cuthbert Vaughan (circa 1519-1563), Soldier. 1 Portrait

David John Vaughan (1873-1938), Politician; MP for Forest of Dean. 1 Portrait

Denis Vaughan (1926-), Conductor. 4 Portraits

Sir (George) Edgar Vaughan (1907-1994), Diplomat; Ambassador to Colombia and to Panama. 1 Portrait

Edward Thomas Vaughan (1777-1829), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Emile Desmond Vaughan (née Deane), Wife of Sir Louis Ridley Vaughan. 1 Portrait

Frances Vaughan, Friend of Peter Gidal. 1 Portrait

Francis John Vaughan (1877-1935), Bishop of Menevia and nephew of Bernard Vaughan. 4 Portraits

Frankie Vaughan (Frank Abelson) (1928-1999), Singer and actor. 7 Portraits

Henry Halford Vaughan (1811-1885), Historian. 1 Portrait

Herbert Alfred Henry Joseph Thomas Vaughan (1832-1903), Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster. 19 Portraits

James Vaughan (died 1886), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Sir James Vaughan (circa 1814-1906), Magistrate. 1 Portrait

Dame Janet Maria Vaughan (1899-1993), Haematologist and radiobiologist. 13 Portraits

John Vaughan (active 1870s). 1 Portrait

John Vaughan (1871-1956), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir John Luther Vaughan (1820-1911), General in Indian Army. 11 Portraits

Jonathan Randal ('Johnny') Vaughan (1966-), Television and radio presenter. 1 Portrait

Kate Vaughan (Kate Alice Candelin) (1855-1903), Actress and dancer. 6 Portraits

Keith Vaughan (1912-1977), Painter. 16 Portraits

Sir Louis Ridley Vaughan (1875-1942), Army officer. 9 Portraits

Penelope Jane Vaughan (née Goodson) (1948-), Wife of Rhydian Peter Vaughan; daughter of Hugh Lassam Goodson. 5 Portraits

Reginald Charles Vaughan (1874-1935), Chairman and Managing Director of several hotel companies. 2 Portraits

Reginald Charles Vaughan (1896-1960), Queen's Counsel. 2 Portraits

Richard Vaughan (circa 1553-1607), Bishop of London. 1 Portrait

Richard Vaughan ('Hell Fire Dick') (1761-1816), Driver of the Cambridge Telegraph. 4 Portraits

Robert Vaughan (circa 1600-circa 1660), Artist. 4 Portraits

Robert Vaughan (1795-1868), Congregationalist divine. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Vaughan (1866-1941), Agriculturalist. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Williames Vaughan, Bt (1768-1843), Politician and landowner. 2 Portraits

R. Williames Vaughan (active 1850s-1860s). 1 Portrait

Teresa Vaughan. 1 Portrait

William Vaughan (1752-1850), Merchant and writer. 1 Portrait

Valerie Vaughan Batson, Librarian, National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Algernon Mainwaring Vaughan-Hughes (1862-1942), Captain. 2 Portraits

Agnes Celestria Mary Vaughan-Lee (née King) (1917-1946), Daughter of Charles Mervyn King; wife of Charles Guy Vaughan-Lee. 1 Portrait

Phyllis Vaughan-Morgan, Daughter of Kenyon Vaughan-Morgan. 1 Portrait

John Pugh Vaughan-Pryse (1818-1903), Huntsman. 1 Portrait

Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958), Composer. 34 Portraits

Thomas Vaux, 2nd Baron Vaux of Harrowden (1510-1556), Poet and diplomat. 3 Portraits

George Charles Mostyn, 6th Baron Vaux of Harrowden (1804-1883), Representative peer. 4 Portraits

Caroline (née Vansittart), Lady Vaux of Harrowden (circa 1808-1883), Wife of 6th Baron Vaux of Harrowden; daughter of Arthur Vansittart. 1 Portrait

Hubert George Charles Mostyn, 7th Baron Vaux of Harrowden (1860-1935), Diplomat and landowner. 2 Portraits

Maureen Pamela Gilbey (née Gilbey), Lady Vaux of Harrowden (1919-1999), Wife of 10th Baron Vaux of Harrowden. 5 Portraits

Anthony William Gilbey, 11th Baron Vaux of Harrowden (1940-), Son of 10th Baron Vaux of Harrowden. 5 Portraits

Marc Vaux (1932-), Artist. 1 Portrait

George Vawdrey (1872-1961), Colonel. 1 Portrait

John Cossham Vawdrey (died 1931), Rector of Drayton and Hellesdon, Norwich. 1 Portrait

François de la Mothe le Vayer (1588-1672), French author. 1 Portrait

Sir Douglas Veale (1891-1973), Private Secretary to Ministers of Health. 5 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Veale (1906-1971), Judge of the High Court of Justice. 1 Portrait

Rhona Vedra, Actress. 7 Portraits

John E. Vedrenne (1867-1930), Theatrical manager. 2 Portraits

Johnny Vegas (Michael Joseph Pennington) (1971-), Actor and comedian. 1 Portrait

Conrad Veidt (1893-1943), German actor. 8 Portraits

Daphne M. S. Veitch (active 1923). 1 Portrait

G. Seton Veitch (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Veitch (1829-1894), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Victor Herbert Veley (1856-1933), Natural scientist. 3 Portraits

Hon. Penelope Jane Velissaropoulos (née Allsopp) (1940-), Wife of Theodore Velissaropoulos; daughter of 4th Baron Hindlip. 5 Portraits

Elisabeth Jessie Vellacott (1905-2002), Artist. 1 Portrait

Elsie Evelyn Vellacott (née Nettleton) (1906-2000), Daughter of Sydney King Farlow Nettleton. 1 Portrait

Paul Cairn Vellacott (1891-1954), Headmaster of Harrow School; Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge. 22 Portraits

Edward Malcolm Venables (1884-1957), Canon of St George's, Windsor. 1 Portrait

George Stovin Venables (1810-1888), Barrister and journalist. 3 Portraits

Harry Archbutt Venables (1858-1944), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Jean Venables (1948-), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Frederick Ronald Peter Venables (1904-1979), Educationalist and Vice-Chancellor. 1 Portrait

Richard Venables (1775-1859), Archdeacon of Carmarthen. 3 Portraits

Rowland Jones Venables (1812-1868), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Stephen Venables (1954-), Mountaineer; writer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Terry Frederick Venables (1943-), Footballer and Coach of the England Football Team. 1 Portrait

Valia Venitshaya (born 1899), Film actress; wife of Jack Peacock Green. 1 Portrait

Sir Venkata Svetachalapati Ranga Row, Maharaja of Bobbili (born 1862), Landowner and ruler. 1 Portrait

Henry Venn (1725-1797), Evangelical divine; founder of the Clapham Sect. 1 Portrait

Henry Venn (1796-1873), Honorary Secretary of the Church Missionary Society. 1 Portrait

John Venn (1759-1813), Rector of Clapham. 1 Portrait

John Archibald Venn (1883-1958), Historian and college head. 3 Portraits

Lottie Venne (1852-1928), Actress. 3 Portraits

Thomas Venner (died 1661), Cooper and rebel leader. 4 Portraits

Tobias Venner (1577-1660), Medical writer. 3 Portraits

Ethel Nina Patience Paynter (née Venning) (died 1933), Eldest daughter of Sir Edgcombe Venning; wife of Camborne Haweis Paynter. 4 Portraits

Ralph Venning (1621?-1674), Nonconformist divine. 6 Portraits

Sir Walter King Venning (1882-1964), Director-General of the British Supply Mission in Washington. 3 Portraits

Carla Venosta, Designer. 3 Portraits

Francis Ventris (1857-1929), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Peyton Ventris (1645-1691), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Petrus Venustus (died 1564), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Sophie Vera-Lorini (active mid 1860s), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Eugene Joseph Verboeckhoven (1798-1881), Animal painter. 1 Portrait

Mary Beatrice Verburgh (née Britten) (1917-1998), Daughter of Sir Edgar (Theophilus) Britten; wife of George Verburgh. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph Cooke Verco (1851-1933), Physician and conchologist. 2 Portraits

Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (1813-1901), Opera composer. 4 Portraits

Ruby Verdi (died 1918), Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Bertram Verdin (1912-1977), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Alliott Verdon-Roe (1877-1958), Aircraft designer and constructor. 22 Portraits

Eric Alliott Verdon-Roe (died 1941), Squadron Leader; son of Sir (Edwin) Alliott Verdon Verdon-Roe. 5 Portraits

Geoffrey Verdon-Roe, Businessman; son of Sir (Edwin) Alliott Verdon Verdon-Roe. 5 Portraits

Sir (William) Reginald Verdon-Smith (1912-1992), Businessman; Chairman of the Bristol Aeroplane Company and of the British Aircraft Corporation. 1 Portrait

Henriette Elisabeth Jochems Verduynen (1882-1968), Wife of Edgar Frederick Marie Justin, Baron Michiels van Verduynen. 4 Portraits

Horace Vere, Baron Vere of Tilbury (1565-1635), Soldier. 8 Portraits

Sir Charles Broke Vere (1779-1843), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Sir Francis Vere (1560-1609), Soldier. 10 Portraits

Mary Vere (née Tracy), Lady Vere (1581-1671), Gentlewoman and patron of ministers; former wife of William Hoby, and later wife of Sir Horace Vere. 3 Portraits

Ellen Vereker, Wife of Foley C. Prendergast Vereker. 1 Portrait

George Haliburton Foster Peel Vere-Laurie (1906-1981), Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

Rosemary Isabel Baird Verey (née Sandilands) (1918-2001), Gardener. 2 Portraits

Louis Vereyken, Audencier of Brussels. 1 Portrait

Polydore Vergil (circa 1470-1555), Historian. 1 Portrait

Julie Verhoeven (1969-), Illustrator, designer and artist. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Verity (1954-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Sir Edgar Verity (1891-1975), Civil servant; Deputy Chairman, Board of Inland Revenue. 1 Portrait

Hedley Verity (1905-1943), Cricketer. 3 Portraits

Jean (Jenny) Campbell Verity (née Geddes) (1940-), Wife of Christopher Lubbock Verity; granddaughter of 1st Baron Geddes;. 4 Portraits

Alice Verlet (1873-1934), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Pietro Vermigli (1499-1562), Reformer, Theologian and known as 'Peter Martyr'. 15 Portraits

Jules Verne (1828-1905), Author. 2 Portraits

Sir William Verner, 1st Bt (1782-1871), Colonel and Conservative politician; MP for County Armagh. 3 Portraits

(Emile Jean) Horace Vernet (1789-1863), Painter. 3 Portraits

Ralph Bruce Verney, 5th Baron Verney (1915-2001), Environmentalist. 1 Portrait

Lady Joan Elizabeth Mary Verney (née Cuffe) (1877-1951), Royal courtier; wife of Sir Harry Lloyd Verney; daughter of 5th Earl of Desart. 5 Portraits

Hon. Dorothy Ceciley Verney (née Tollemache) (1907-1994), Wife of Reynell Henry Verney; daughter of 3rd Baron Tollemach. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Verney (1590-1642), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Ernest Basil Verney (1894-1967), Physiologist and pharmacologist. 6 Portraits

Frances Parthenope, Lady Verney (1819-1890), Writer and journalist; sister of Florence Nightingale; second wife of Sir Harry Verney, Bt. 1 Portrait

Greville Verney, Second son of John Verney of Compton Verney (d. 1707). 2 Portraits

Sir Greville Verney (1648-1668), Knight of the Bath. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Lloyd Verney (1872-1950), Diplomat; Extra Groom in Waiting to King George VI and Private Secretary to the Queen. 2 Portraits

Sir Harry Verney, 2nd Bt (1801-1894), Soldier, traveller and Liberal politician; MP for Buckingham and Bedford. 5 Portraits

Sir Harry Calvert Williams Verney, 4th Bt (1881-1974), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 5 Portraits

John Verney (1699-1741), Master of the Rolls. 2 Portraits

Sir John Verney, 2nd Bt (1913-1993), Painter, illustrator and author. 1 Portrait

Myra Verney (1905-1993), Singer. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph Verney, 1st Bt (1879-1959), Lieutenant-Colonel and Secretary to the Speaker of the House of Commons. 9 Portraits

William Verney (1668-1683), Son of Sir Greville Verney. 2 Portraits

Lady Verney. 5 Portraits

Hon. Ambrose Jordan Verney-Cave (1906-1988), Son of Adrian Verney-Cave, 6th Baron Braye. 1 Portrait

Louisa Barbara, Lady Vernon (1732-1786), First wife of 2nd Baron Vernon; daughter of 4th Baron Mansell of Margam. 1 Portrait

George John Warren Vernon, 5th Baron Vernon (1803-1866), Politician and Dante scholar. 2 Portraits

George Francis Augustus Venables-Vernon, 8th Baron Vernon (1888-1915), Diplomat and landowner. 1 Portrait

Edward Vernon (1684-1757), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Elaine Vernon, Actress and dancer. 8 Portraits

George Vernon (1635-1702), Politician; MP for Derby and builder of Sudbury Hall. 1 Portrait

Harriet Vernon (Harriet Maria Gillett (née Whitehouse)) (1858-1923), Actress and vocalist; wife of William Thomas Gillett. 3 Portraits

Henry Albermarle Vernon (1879-1943), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Henry Richard Wentworth Vernon (1917-2006), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Horace Middleton Vernon (1870-1951), Physiologist and industrial health specialist; lecturer in Chemical Physiology, Oxford. 1 Portrait

James Vernon (1646-1727), Secretary of State. 2 Portraits

Joseph Vernon (1738?-1782), Actor. 2 Portraits

Joyce Vernon. 1 Portrait

Margareta, Lady Vernon, Wife of Sir William Vernon. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Kirke), Lady Vernon (after 1646-1711), Courtier; wife of Sir Thomas Vernon of Hodnet, Bt. 4 Portraits

Sir (William) Norman Vernon, 3rd Bt (1890-1967), Managing Director of Spillers Ltd. 1 Portrait

Robert Vernon (1774-1849), Patron and art collector. 1 Portrait

Roland Venables Vernon (1877-1942), Civil servant, Colonial Office. 3 Portraits

R. Vernon. 1 Portrait

Suzy Vernon (née Amelie Paris) (1901-1997), Actress. 1 Portrait

Thomas Vernon (1654-1721), Law reporter and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir William Vernon. 1 Portrait

W.H. Vernon (1834-1905), Actor, director and stage manager. 1 Portrait

Dr Vernon (active 1930). 1 Portrait

Augustus George Vernon-Harcourt (1834-1919), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Caroline Mary Vernon Harcourt (née Peachey) (1789-1871), Wife of Leveson Vernon Harcourt, Chancellor of York; daughter of 2nd Baron Selsey. 1 Portrait

Emily Anne Vernon-Harcourt (1836-1916), Daughter of Frederick Edward Vernon-Harcourt. 1 Portrait

Marcia Vernon-Harcourt (née Halliday, later Tollemache) (circa 1804-1868), Wife of Frederick Edward Vernon-Harcourt; daughter of John Richard Delap Tollemache (né Halliday). 1 Portrait

Marcia Elizabeth Vernon-Harcourt (circa 1834-1898), Daughter of Frederick Edward Vernon-Harcourt. 1 Portrait

Arthur Woollgar Verrall (1851-1912), Classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Marion Frances Verrall (1864-1953), Dog breeder. 2 Portraits

June Verrell (née Savory), Wife of Godfrey Verrell; daughter of Sir William Borradaile Savory. 1 Portrait

Antonio Verrio (1639?-1707), Decorative painter. 1 Portrait

Renée Verrue, Actress. 2 Portraits

Ada Caroline Vertue (née Hitchcock) (1855-1934), Religious benefactor; wife of Charles Erskine Vertue; daughter of Charles Hitchcock. 1 Portrait

Beryl Frances Vertue (1931-2022), Television producer, media executive and former agent; founder and Chair of Hartswood Films. 1 Portrait

George Vertue (1683-1756), Engraver and antiquary. 7 Portraits

Margaret Vertue (née Evans) (circa 1700-1776), Wife of George Vertue. 1 Portrait

James Walter Grimston, 1st Earl of Verulam (1775-1845), Politician; MP for St Albans. 3 Portraits

James Walter Grimston, 2nd Earl of Verulam (1809-1895), Amateur cricketer and Conservative politician; MP for Hertfordshire. 1 Portrait

James Walter Grimston, 4th Earl of Verulam (1880-1949), Electrical engineer. 2 Portraits

John Grimston, 6th Earl of Verulam (1912-1973), Politician. 1 Portrait

Majorie Ray Grimston (née Duncan), Countess of Verulam (active 1938), Wife of 6th Earl of Verulam. 1 Portrait

Emma (née Herbert), Viscountess de Vesci (1819-1884), Wife of 3rd Viscount de Vesci; daughter of 11th Earl of Pembroke. 2 Portraits

Susan Anne Vesey (née Armstrong-Jones), Viscountess de Vesci (1927-1986), Daughter of Ronald Owen Lloyd Armstrong-Jones; wife of 6th Viscount de Vesci. 2 Portraits

Lady De Vesci. 1 Portrait

Lady Cecily Kathleen Vesey (née Browne) (1888-1976), Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary; wife of Hon. Thomas Vesey; daughter of 5th Earl of Kenmare. 2 Portraits

Arthur Vesey, Chaplain to Mercer's Co. and Chapel Cheapside. 4 Portraits

Arthur Cyril Vesey (1834-1896), Clerk, Exchequer and Audit Office; son of George Vesey. 1 Portrait

Charles Cynric Wellesley Vesey (1833-1910), Brevet-Major. 1 Portrait

Hon. Dorothy Vesey (née Strachen) (died 1961), Wife of Sir Osbert Eustace Vesey. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Vesey (1715?-1791), Blue-stocking and hostess. 1 Portrait

Geraldine (née Foley), Lady Vesey (died 1963), Wife of Sir Ivo Lucius Beresford Vesey. 2 Portraits

Sir Ivo Lucius Beresford Vesey (1876-1975), General. 5 Portraits

John Eustace Vesey (1919-1983), Lieutenant. 3 Portraits

Brian Percy Seymour Vesey-Fitzgerald (1900-1981), Author. 2 Portraits

John Foster Vesey-Fitzgerald (died 1932), Recorder of Tenterden. 3 Portraits

Seymour Gonne Vesey-Fitzgerald (1884-1954), Barrister-at-Law. 2 Portraits

William Vestey, 1st Baron Vestey (1859-1940), Director of Union Cold Storage Company. 5 Portraits

Samuel Vestey, 2nd Baron Vestey (1882-1954), Eldest son of 1st Baron Vestey and Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Frances Sarah (née Howarth), Lady Vestey, Wife of 2nd Baron Vestey; daughter of John Richard Howarth. 3 Portraits

Hon. Leonard Vestey (1888-1954), Captain; son of 1st Baron Vestey. 2 Portraits

Phyllis Irene (née Brewer), Lady Vestey, Wife of Sir (John) Derek Vestey. 6 Portraits

Gaetano Appolino Balthasar Vestris (Gaëtan Vestris) (1729-1808), Dancing master. 4 Portraits

Madame Vestris (Lucia Elizabeth Vestris (née Bartolozzi, later Mathews)) (1797-1856), Actress and singer; former wife of Armand Vestris, and later wife of Charles James Mathews. 20 Portraits

Marie Auguste Vestris (1760-1842), Dancer. 3 Portraits

Miss Vesy. 1 Portrait

Jack Vettriano (1954-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Louis Veuillot (1813-1883), Journalist and man of letters. 1 Portrait

Paule Vézelay (Marjorie Watson-Williams) (1892-1984), Artist. 1 Portrait

Hermann Vezin (1829-1910), Actor. 8 Portraits

Jane Elizabeth ('Eliza') Vezin (née Thomson) (1827-1902), Actress; former wife of Charles Frederick Young, and later wife of Hermann Vezin. 2 Portraits

Marjorie (née Haig), Lady Vian, Wife of Sir Philip Louis Vian; daughter of David Price Haig. 4 Portraits

Sir Philip Louis Vian (1894-1968), Admiral of the Fleet. 12 Portraits

Alfonsus Viana (died 1570), Jesuit Missionary. 1 Portrait

Carmen Viana. 2 Portraits

Samuel Philip Viant (1882-1964), Politician; MP for Willesden West. 1 Portrait

(Michelle Ferdinande) Pauline Viardot (née Garcia) (1821-1910), Opera singer. 5 Portraits

Henry Vibart (1863-1939), Scottish actor. 2 Portraits

Jashwantsinhji Vibhaji, Jam Sahib of Navanagar (1882-1906), Indian ruler. 1 Portrait

Florence Vicaise, Model. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Edward Vicars (1862-1921), Archaeologist, herald and genealogist. 2 Portraits

Captain Vicars (active 1786), Officer in the 7th Regiment of Foot; the handsomest man among 10,000. 1 Portrait

Thomas Vicary (circa 1490-1561), Physician, surgeon and anatomist. 1 Portrait

Doreen Vicente (1970-), Teacher. 1 Portrait

Mwene-Obadia Vicente (2013-). 1 Portrait

Bratzo Vicich (Svetozar Vicic Ostojic) (1942-2016), Racing driver. 1 Portrait

Sid Vicious (John Simon Ritchie) (1957-1979), Musician; bassist for Sex Pistols. 2 Portraits

Clive Compston Russell Vick (died 1990), Solicitor; son of Sir Godfrey Russell Vick. 1 Portrait

Sir Godfrey Russell Vick (1892-1958), Judge. 14 Portraits

Sir Graham Vick (1953-2021), Founder and Artistic Director, Birmingham Opera Company (formerly City of Birmingham Touring Opera). 1 Portrait

Joan Helen Vickers, Baroness Vickers (1907-1994), Politician; Plymouth Devonport. 4 Portraits

Albert Antony ('Tony') Vickers (1913-1939). 1 Portrait

Douglas Vickers (1861-1937), Chairman of Vickers, Sons & Maxim and Conservative politician; MP for Sheffield Hallam. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Geoffrey Vickers (1894-1982), Colonel, chairman of industries and recipient of the Victoria Cross. 7 Portraits

Hugo Ralph Vickers (1951-), Author, reviewer, broadcaster and lecturer. 1 Portrait

Izme Mary Vickers (1885-1966), Daughter of Albert Vickers. 1 Portrait

Leonard Henry Vickers (1922-1984). 1 Portrait

Mike Vickers (1940-), Musician; member of Manfred Mann. 7 Portraits

Sir Richard Vickers (1928-), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Rosea Elizabeth Vickers (1923-1991). 1 Portrait

Vincent Cartwright Vickers (1879-1939), Economist, businessman and children's author. 1 Portrait

William Edward Vickers (1889-1965), Author. 1 Portrait

Amanda Vickery (1962-), Historian, writer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Prince Victor Jerome Frederic Napoléon (1862-1926), Leader of French Bonapartist party. 2 Portraits

Prince Victor Albert Jay Duleep Singh (1866-1918), Captain; eldest son of Maharaja Duleep Singh. 3 Portraits

Dennis Victor (1882-1949), Bishop of Lebombo. 1 Portrait

Josephine Victor (1885-1963), Actress. 4 Portraits

Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy (1869-1947), Reigned 1900-46. 7 Portraits

Queen Victoria (1819-1901), Reigned 1837-1901. 546 Portraits

Victoria, Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia (1840-1901), Consort of Frederick III, German Emperor, King of Prussia; daughter of Queen Victoria. 124 Portraits

Victoria, Queen of Sweden (1862-1930), Consort of Gustav V, King of Sweden. 2 Portraits

Princess Victoria of Wales (1868-1935), Fourth child of King Edward VII. 110 Portraits

Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (1870-1948), Founder of YWCA Women's Auxiliary Force and philanthropist; daughter of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein; granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 36 Portraits

Vesta Victoria (Victoria Lawrence) (1873-1951), Music hall entertainer. 1 Portrait

Princess Victoria Adelaide, Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1885-1970), Wife of Prince Charles Edward, 2nd Duke of Albany and Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; daughter of Friedrich Ferdinand, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein. 4 Portraits

Princess Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie (née Princess of Hesse), Marchioness of Milford-Haven (1863-1950), Granddaughter of Queen Victoria; wife of Prince Louis of Battenberg, 1st Marquess. 21 Portraits

Princess Victoria Louise, Duchess of Brunswick (1892-1980), Wife of Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick; daughter of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Victoria Melita, Grand Duchess of Russia (1876-1936), Former wife of Ernest Ludwig, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine, and later wife of Grand-Duke Kirill of Russia; daughter of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh. 16 Portraits

Clarita Vidal (active 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sylvia Vidal. 1 Portrait

Alfred, Baron de Vidil (1808-1865), French diplomatic official; attempted murderer. 2 Portraits

Alexander Roper Vidler (1899-1991), Historian and Dean of King's College, Cambridge and Canon of Windsor. 6 Portraits

Elizabeth Vidmer (née Brooke) ('Princess Pearl') (1913-2002), Actress; daughter of Sir Charles Vyner Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak. 1 Portrait

Diana Vidnes (née Cooper) (died 1965), Wife of Knut Vidnes. 6 Portraits

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva (1908-1992), Painter. 1 Portrait

Berthold Viertel (1885-1953), Film director and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Emile Vieusseux (born circa 1825), Artist and photographic retoucher at the studio of Camille Silvy. 1 Portrait

Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881), Violinist and composer. 1 Portrait

Elisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun (1755-1842), Painter. 3 Portraits

Denis-Benjamin Viger (1774-1861), Politician in Canada. 1 Portrait

Count Viggo of Rosenborg (1893-1970), Son of Prince Waldemar of Denmark and Princess Marie of France. 6 Portraits

Charles Malcom Vignoles (1901-1961), Director of Remploy Ltd. 3 Portraits

Nicholas Aylward Vigors (1785-1840), Zoologist. 1 Portrait

Antonio Eduardo Villaca (1852-1914), Minister for Foreign Affairs, Portugal. 1 Portrait

Juan de Villagarcia (active 1556), Dominican friar. 1 Portrait

Juan de Tassis, Count of Villa Mediana (1582-1622), Delegate at the Somerset House Conference. 1 Portrait

Don Manuel Rancés Y Villanueva (1824-1897), Politician and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Henry Villebois (1807-1883), Politician and racehorse owner. 1 Portrait

Enrique Villegas (died 1934), Chilean Ambassador to the Court of St James. 4 Portraits

Lady Elizabeth Villiers (1821-1897), Wife of Hon. Frederick Villiers; daughter of 7th Earl of Athlone. 2 Portraits

Lord Francis Villiers (1629-1648), Son of 1st Duke of Buckingham. 2 Portraits

Lady Victoria Villiers (née Russell) (1838-1880), Wife of Henry Montagu Villiers; daughter of 1st Earl Russell. 1 Portrait

Lady Victoria Alexandrina Villiers (née Innes-Ker) (1877-1970), Wife of Charles Hyde Villiers; daughter of 7th Duke of Roxburghe. 10 Portraits

(Robert) Alexander Villiers (1908-1990), Captain, Royal Navy; son of Evelyn Charles Arthur Villiers. 1 Portrait

Augustus Villiers (1810-1847), Soldier; son of 5th Earl of Jersey. 2 Portraits

A.H.H. Villiers, Captain. 3 Portraits

Charles Villiers. 3 Portraits

Charles Hyde Villiers (1863-1947), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Charles Pelham Villiers (1802-1898), Politician; President of the Poor Law Board. 8 Portraits

Sir (Francis) Edward Earle Villiers (1889-1967), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

Hon. Elaine Augusta Villiers (née Guest, later Hon. Mrs Hunter) (1871-circa 1961), Former wife of Ernest Amherst Villiers, and later third wife of Robert Lewin Hunter; daughter of 1st Baron Wimborne. 9 Portraits

Elizabeth Charlotte Villiers (née Liddell) (1815-1890), Fifth daughter of 1st Baron Ravensworth; wife of Hon. Edward Ernest Villiers. 2 Portraits

Ernest Villiers (1838-1921), Aide-de-camp of Governor of Madras; son of Hon. Edward Ernest Villiers and Elizabeth Liddell. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Hyde Villiers (1852-1925), Ambassador. 4 Portraits

Frederick Ernest Villiers (1840-1922), Justice of the Peace for Dumfriesshire and Ayrshire. 1 Portrait

Gwenda Villiers, Actress. 3 Portraits

Henry Montagu Villiers (1813-1861), Bishop of Carlisle and of Durham. 7 Portraits

Henry Montagu Villiers (1841-1908), Vicar of St Paul's, Knightsbridge. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Michael Villiers (1907-1990), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Theresa Villiers (née Parker) (1775-1856), Sister of 1st Earl of Morley. 2 Portraits

Mr Villiers (active 1860). 2 Portraits

Hon. Mrs Villiers (active 1860). 3 Portraits

Lady Clementina Augusta Wellington Villiers (1824-1858), Daughter of 5th Earl of Jersey. 4 Portraits

Lilian Clare de Villiers Graaff (née Thomson), Daughter of Sir George Paget Thomson; wife of Jan de Villiers Graaff. 4 Portraits

Marjorie Villis (1891-1981), Actress and singer. 7 Portraits

Jacques Villon (1875-1963), Artist. 2 Portraits

Charles Vince (1824-1874), Baptist minister; father of Charles Anthony Vince. 1 Portrait

Antoine Vincendon, Athlete. 1 Portrait

Amanda Vincent. 1 Portrait

Sir Berkeley Vincent (1871-1963), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Boyd Vincent (1845-1935), Bishop of Southern Ohio. 1 Portrait

Christine Emily (née Board), Lady Vincent (1879-1949), Wife of Sir Percy Vincent, 1st Bt; daughter of George Horatio Board. 8 Portraits

George Vincent (1796-1836?), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

George Vincent (died 1876), Actor. 3 Portraits

Harry Vincent. 1 Portrait

Helen Vincent (active 1880s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Helen Millicent (née Robertson), Lady Vincent (1905-2000), Wife of Sir Lacey Eric Vincent, 2nd Bt; daughter of Sir William Robert Robertson. 1 Portrait

Henry Vincent (1813-1878), Radical. 2 Portraits

H.H. Vincent (Henry Hyam Vincent Barnett) (1848-1913), Actor and stage manager. 3 Portraits

Sir (Charles Edward) Howard Vincent (1849-1908), Politician and first Director of Criminal Investigation at Scotland Yard. 7 Portraits

H. Vincent (active 1924). 1 Portrait

John Dacre Vincent (1894-1960), Bishop of Damaraland. 1 Portrait

John Painter Vincent (1776-1852), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

J. Vincent (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Kathleen Vincent, Actress. 5 Portraits

Sir Lacey Eric Vincent, 2nd Bt (1902-1963), Company Chairman. 1 Portrait

Madge Vincent (born 1884), Actress and singer. 3 Portraits

Nathaniel Vincent (1637 or 1638-1697), Nonconformist minister. 2 Portraits

Sir Percy Vincent, 1st Bt (1868-1943), Lord Mayor of London 1935. 6 Portraits

Q. Vincent (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Ruth Vincent (1877-1955), Actress and singer. 48 Portraits

R. Vincent (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Stanley Flamank Vincent (1897-1976), Air Vice-Marshal, RAF. 3 Portraits

William Vincent (1739-1815), Dean of Westminster. 7 Portraits

Sir William Henry Hoare Vincent (1866-1941), Civil servant and diplomat. 1 Portrait

Sir William Percy Maxwell Vincent, 3rd Bt (1945-). 1 Portrait

Vincent. 1 Portrait

Desmond Vincent-Jones (1912-1992), Captain. 1 Portrait

Paul Vincze (1907-1994), Medallist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Richard Somers Vine (1847-1929), Civil servant and journalist. 1 Portrait

Stella Vine (née Melissa Robson) (1969-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Mrs Charles Viner (active 1870s), Actress. 2 Portraits

Darrell James Viner (1946-2001), Artist. 3 Portraits

Sydney Howard Vines (1849-1934), Botanist. 3 Portraits

Sir William Joshua Vines (1916-2011), Managing Director of International Wool Secretariat. 3 Portraits

Elliott Merriam Viney (1913-2002), Director at British Printing Corporation Ltd & Hazell, Watson & Viney Ltd. 2 Portraits

Frances Pennington Hopwood Viney (née Hopwood) (1895-1963), Wife of Arnold Viney; daughter of 1st Baron Southborough. 3 Portraits

G.T. Viney, Sale Office, House of Commons. 2 Portraits

Oscar Vaughan Viney (1886-1976), Colonel and High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire. 2 Portraits

Fanny Elizabeth Vining. 1 Portrait

George James Vining (1824-1875), Actor. 3 Portraits

James Vining (1796-1870), Actor. 2 Portraits

Johannot Vining (active 1813-1827), Actress and dancer. 1 Portrait

Greg Vinkler, Actor. 1 Portrait

Igor Vinogradoff (1901-1987), Historian; son of Sir Paul Vinogradoff. 22 Portraits

Julian Vinogradoff (née Morrell) (1906-1989), Former wife of Sir Victor Goodman, and later wife of Igor Vinogradoff; daughter of Lady Ottoline Morrell. 411 Portraits

Sir Paul Gavrilovitch Vinogradoff (Pavel Gavriilovich Vinogradov) (1854-1925), Jurist and historian. 3 Portraits

Doris Vinson, Actress. 8 Portraits

Helen Vinson (1907-1999), Actress; first wife of Frederick John Perry. 3 Portraits

John Alfred Vinter (1828?-1905), Portrait painter and printmaker. 1 Portrait

Alexander Hamilton Vinton (1852-1911), Bishop of Western Massachusetts. 1 Portrait

Suzanne Viola (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Joseph Hyacinthe Charles du Houx, marquis de Vioménil (1734-1827). 1 Portrait

Madeleine Vionnet (1876-1975), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow (1821-1902), Doctor, anthropologist, public health activist and politician. 3 Portraits

Gurpreet Virdee (1991-), London 2012 Young Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Princess Virginia Ira von Fürstenberg (1940-), Actress, socialite, jewellery designer and public relations manager. 2 Portraits

Virginia Julian (née Dalrymple), Lady Champneys (1850-1922), Daughter of Sir John Dalrymple, 7th Bt; wife of Sir Francis James Champneys, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

John James Virgo (1865-1956), Chairman of the Young Mens Christian Association. 1 Portrait

John Virtue (1947-), Painter and etcher. 1 Portrait

Michael ('Mickey') Virtue (1957-), Musician; keyboardist of UB40. 1 Portrait

Countess Visconti (active circa 1935). 1 Portrait

Albert Visetti (1846-1928), Composer. 3 Portraits

Galina Vishnevskaya (1926-2012), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Cornelis ('Cor') Visser (1903-1982), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (1861-1962), Indian civil engineer. 2 Portraits

'Vitebsky', Pianist. 1 Portrait

Blanche de Vitre, Wife of Denis de Vitre. 4 Portraits

Denis de Vitre, Major. 1 Portrait

Monica Vitti (1931-2022), Actress. 1 Portrait

Vittoria Colonna, Duchess of Sermoneta (1880-1954), Wife of Leone Caetani Duca Di Sermoneta. 4 Portraits

Carl, Count Vitzthum von Eckstädt (1819-1895), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

François Vivares (1709-1782), Landscape-engraver. 3 Portraits

Juan Lewis Vives (1492-1540), Theologian and teacher. 1 Portrait

Richard Hussey Vivian, 1st Baron Vivian (1775-1842), Lieutenant-General. 5 Portraits

Letitia (née Webster), Lady Vivian (died 1885), Second wife of 1st Baron Vivian; daughter of James Agnew Webster. 2 Portraits

Charles Crespigny Vivian, 2nd Baron Vivian (1808-1886), Politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

Hussey Crespigny Vivian, 3rd Baron Vivian (1834-1893), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Victoria Ruth Mary Rosamund Vivian (née Oliphant), Lady Vivian (died 1985), Daughter of Henry Gerrard Laurence Oliphant; wife of 5th Baron Vivian. 12 Portraits

Nicholas Crespigney Laurance Vivian, 6th Baron Vivian (1935-2004), Son of 5th Baron Vivian. 7 Portraits

Sir Arthur Pendarves Vivian (1834-1926), Politician and army officer. 1 Portrait

A.W. Vivian (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Bertha Carlyon Vivian (née Barham) (1842-1889), Wife of James Edwards Vivian; daughter of Charles Foster Barham. 1 Portrait

(Flora) Caroline Elizabeth Vivian (née Cholmeley) (died 1868), Second wife of Henry Hussey Vivian, later 1st Baron Swansea; daughter of Sir Montague Cholmeley, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

George Vivian (1798-1873), Artist. 3 Portraits

Isabella Jane Vivian (1806?-1887), Wife of Quintus Vivian. 1 Portrait

Jacqueline Vivian (née Wingfield) (1936-), Wife of Anthony Chester Vivian; daughter of Edward William Rhys Wingfield. 6 Portraits

John Vivian (1756-1828). 1 Portrait

John Cranch Walker Vivian (1818-1879), Liberal politician; MP for Penryn & Falmouth, Bodmin and Truro. 3 Portraits

John Guy Protheroe Vivian (1887-1963), Vice-Admiral. 4 Portraits

John Henry Vivian (1785-1855), Liberal politician: MP for Swansea. 1 Portrait

Margaret Cordelia Vivian, Physician. 1 Portrait

(Annie) Mona Jessie Vivian (1894-1971), Actress and revue star. 8 Portraits

Prunella Vivian. 1 Portrait

Ralph Vivian (1845-1924), Soldier. 2 Portraits

Richard Glynn Vivian (1835-1910), Art collector and philanthropist; founder of Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. 1 Portrait

Sir Sylvanus Percival Vivian (1880-1958), Registrar General. 3 Portraits

Captain Vivian. 1 Portrait

Marquise Nora Vivien de Châteaubrun (née Lynch) (born 1898), Wife of Marquis Victor Vivien de Châteaubrun; daughter of Edward Lynch. 3 Portraits

Vivienne (Florence Vivienne Entwistle, née Mellish) (1889-1982), Photographer, miniaturist, singer. 1 Portrait

Hazel Vivienne (1934-), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Eugène Vivier (1817-1900), Horn player. 1 Portrait

Robert Davenport Vizard (1861-1941), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Mrs Robert Davenport Vizard (active 1892-1927), Wife of Robert Davenport Vizard. 2 Portraits

William Vizard (1774-1859), Solicitor to Queen Caroline. 1 Portrait

Mr Vizer. 1 Portrait

Henry Vizetelly (1820-1894), Wood engraver and publisher. 1 Portrait

Signor Vizzani (active 1870-1886), Italian opera singer. 1 Portrait

Vladimir Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia (1847-1909), Son of Alexander II, Emperor of Russia. 5 Portraits

Pierre Vladimiroff (1893-1970), Dancer; husband of Felia Doubrovska. 8 Portraits

Hon. Janet Diana Vlassopulos (née Allanson-Winn) (1932-), Daughter of 7th Baron Headley; wife of Anthony John Vlassopulos. 3 Portraits

Helen Vlasto (née Zarifi) (1860-1946), Wife of Ernest Michel Vlasto; daughter of Michael Zarifi. 1 Portrait

Patrick Vo, Stunt Arranger. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Voake (1957-), Illustrator. 1 Portrait

William Voce (1909-1984), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Henry Townsend Vodden (1887-1960), Bishop of Hull. 3 Portraits

Violet Agnes Vodden (née Dodsworth), Wife of Reverend Henry Townsend Vodden. 1 Portrait

Charles Alfred Voegeli (circa 1905-1984), Bishop of Haiti. 1 Portrait

Jean Margaret Rew (née Elkington), Lady Des Voeux (1914-1974), Wife of Sir (William) Richard Des Voeux, 9th Bt. 1 Portrait

Henry Voguell (circa 1681-1746), Merchant and financier. 2 Portraits

Frederick Augustus Voigt (1892-1957), Writer and editor. 1 Portrait

Vincent Voiture (1597-1648), French poet. 3 Portraits

Natasha Vojnovic (1979-), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Frederick Mortimer Vokes (1846-1888), Actor and dancer. 3 Portraits

George Vokes, Singer and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Jessie Catherine Biddulph Vokes (1851-1884), Actress and dancer. 10 Portraits

(Theodocia) Rosina Vokes (1854-1894), Actress and dancer. 11 Portraits

Victoria Rosaline Sarah Vokes (1850 or 1853-1894), Actress. 10 Portraits

Walter Fawdon Vokes (né Walter Fawdon) (1844-1904), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Vokins (1815-1895), Art dealer. 1 Portrait

Deborah Volar (active circa 1900s), Actress. 12 Portraits

M. Volbert, Dancer. 4 Portraits

Alexandre Volinine (né Aleksandr Volinin) (1882-1955), Dancer and teacher. 15 Portraits

Constantin François Chasseboeuf, comte de Volney (1757-1820), Traveller and author. 1 Portrait

Frederick Volpé (1865-1932), Actor. 2 Portraits

Madame Volpini (active 1863-1878), Opera singer. 1 Portrait

Count Alessandro Giuseppe Anastasio Volta (1745-1827), Physicist. 1 Portrait

Voltaire (François Marie Arouet) (1694-1778), Writer, satirist, philosopher and historian. 6 Portraits

Adolf, Baron von André (1844-1911), Wealthy financier and venture capitalist. 1 Portrait

Mary Alice (née Palmer), Baroness von André (later Baroness Wedel Jarlsberg) (1859-1941), Former wife of Baron Adolf von André, and later wife of Frederik (“Fritz”) Hartwig Hermann, Baron Wedel Jarlsberg. 1 Portrait

Mona von Bismarck (née Strader) (1897-1983), Socialite; former wife of Henry Schlesinger, James Bush and Albrecht von Bismarck-Schönhausen and later wife of Umberto de Martini. 2 Portraits

Baron Gottfried von Cramm (1909-1976), German tennis player. 1 Portrait

Anne Vondeling (1916-1979), Dutch politician. 1 Portrait

Birgitte Caroline ('Nena') von Schlebrügge (1941-), Fashion model; Managing Director of Tibet House US. 1 Portrait

Phoebe Ann ('Annie') von und zu Gilsa (née Dunbar Masson) (1832-1899), Wife of Otto, Baron von und zu Gilsa; daughter of John Masson and Margaret Dunbar. 3 Portraits

Gustav von Wangenheim (1895-1975), Actor, screenwriter and director. 1 Portrait

Carol Jean Vorderman (1960-), Broadcaster, television presenter and civil engineer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Vores (active mid 19th century), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Mikhail Semyonovich, Prince Vorontsov (1782-1856), Russian governor-general and field-marshal. 3 Portraits

Lucas Vorsterman (1595-1675), Engraver and publisher. 4 Portraits

Mrs Voss (active circa 1685-1690), Mistress of Sir Godfrey Kneller; mother of Catherine (Agnes) Huckle. 4 Portraits

Gerardus Joannes Vossius (1577-1649), Humanist scholar and author. 2 Portraits

Simon Vouet (1590-1649), Artist. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Minchin Voules (1867-1947), Solicitor, industrial chairman. 13 Portraits

Louise Renée (née Rol), Lady Voules, Second wife of Sir Francis Minchin Voules. 5 Portraits

Peter Vowell (died 1654), School teacher and Royalist martyr. 2 Portraits

Ethel Lilian Voynich (née Boole) (1864-1960), Novelist and musician; wife of Wilfrid Michael Voynich; daughter of George Boole. 3 Portraits

Wilfrid Michael Voynich (1865-1930), Bibliographer, lecturer and writer. 2 Portraits

Charles Voysey (1828-1912), Theistic preacher. 6 Portraits

Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941), Architect and designer. 9 Portraits

Diana Vreeland (1901-1989), Fashion editor. 7 Portraits

Colwyn Edward Vulliamy (1886-1971), Writer. 1 Portrait

Colwyn Henry Hughes Vulliamy (1894-1972), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Lady Doris Vyner (née Gordon-Lennox) (1896-1980), Wife of Clare George Vyner; daughter of 8th Duke of Richmond and Gordon. 12 Portraits

Charles Vyner (circa 1666-1688), Son of Sir Robert Vyner. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Whitchurch), Lady Vyner (died 1674), Former wife Sir Thomas Hyde, and later wife of Sir Robert Vyner. 1 Portrait

Reginald Arthur Vyner (1839-1870), Politician; MP for Ripon. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Vyner (Viner), Bt (1631-1688), Goldsmith and banker; Lord Mayor of London. 3 Portraits

Hon. Theodosia Vyner. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Vyner, 1st Bt (1588-1665), Banker and Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

Mrs Vyner (active 1906). 1 Portrait

E. Vyse. 1 Portrait

Clara Coltman (née Rogers), Lady Vyvyan (died 1976), Writer; second wife of Sir Courtenay Bourchier Vyvyan, 10 Bt; daugther of Edward Powys Rogers. 1 Portrait

Wilmot Lushington Vyvyan (1861-1937), Bishop of Zululand. 1 Portrait