Sitters A-Z


M.W. (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir William Waad (1546-1623), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir (Ferdinand) Blyth Wace (1891-1964), Civil servant, India. 3 Portraits

Edward Gurth Wace (1876-1962), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Lady Cecilia Katherine Wachman (née Wellesley) (died 1952), Wife of Norman Hyman Wachman; daughter of 3rd Earl Cowley. 6 Portraits

Theodore Wachtel (1828-1893), Singer. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Nicol Anton Waddell (1913-1999), Senior civil servant. 1 Portrait

Laurence Austine Waddell (1854-1938), Soldier, explorer and writer on ancient civilisations. 1 Portrait

Norah Waddell (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Isabella Victoria Waddilove (née Marshall), Wife of George Edward Darley Waddilove. 1 Portrait

Robert Darley Waddilove (1736-1828), Dean of Ripon. 1 Portrait

David Charles Waddington, Baron Waddington (1929-2017), Politician; Leader of the House of Lords and Governor of Bermuda. 2 Portraits

Charles Willoughby Waddington (1868-1941), Cotton manufacturer and politician; MP for Rossendale. 1 Portrait

Clodagh Waddington (née Fanshawe) (1945-), Antiques jewellery expert; wife of Leslie Waddington. 1 Portrait

Conrad Hal Waddington (1905-1975), Geneticist. 3 Portraits

Edward Waddington (1670?-1731), Bishop of Chichester. 3 Portraits

Georgina Mary Ann Waddington (née Port) (1771-1850), Wife of Benjamin Waddington. 1 Portrait

Sir (Eubule) John Waddington (1890-1957), Colonial service administrator. 5 Portraits

John Albert Henry Waddington (1910-1994), Canon of Norwich. 1 Portrait

Leslie Waddington (1934-2015), Art dealer; Chairman of Waddington Galleries. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Waddington (1868-1941), Politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

Samuel Ferrand Waddington (1759-1829), Merchant and political activist. 1 Portrait

William Henry Waddington (1791-1894), Prime Minister of France. 1 Portrait

William Henry Waddington (1826-1894), Politician and Prime Minister of France. 4 Portraits

E.F. Waddy? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Llewellyn Waddy (1920-2020), Colonel; Director of the Special Air Service. 7 Portraits

Samuel Dousland Waddy (1804-1876), Founder of Wesley College, Sheffield and Wesleyan Minister. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alice Mary Wade (née de Grey) (1893-1966), Actress; daughter of 7th Baron Walsingham; wife of Philip Wade. 5 Portraits

Amelia (née Herschel), Lady Wade (1841-1926), Wife of Sir Thomas-Francis Wade; daughter of Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Sir Armigel de Vins Wade (1880-1966), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

(Douglas) Ashton Lofft Wade (1898-1996), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Gregory Wade (1863-1922), Judge. 3 Portraits

David Philip Wade (1924-). 1 Portrait

Eileen Marie Tremayne Wade (née Edwards) (1896-1974), Author. 1 Portrait

George Wade (1673-1748), Field Marshal. 6 Portraits

Nellie Wade (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Phyllis Wade (1911-2012), Golfer. 1 Portrait

Richard Murray Wade (1931-2008), Actor, documentary film-maker, writer and teacher. 1 Portrait

Robert Wade (1962-), Screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Virginia Wade (1945-), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Wadham (née Petre) (1534 or 1535-1618), Founder of Wadham College, Oxford. 4 Portraits

Nicholas Wadham (1532-1609), Founder of Wadham College, Oxford. 7 Portraits

Veronica Judith Colleton Wadley (1952-), Editor of the Evening Standard. 1 Portrait

Howard Wadman, Advertising director. 1 Portrait

Matilda Honor Wadman (1857-1892), Actress and vocalist; wife of St Vincent Walter Fane Jervis; daughter of William Wadman. 2 Portraits

Edward Alexander Wadsworth (1889-1949), Painter and naval intelligence officer. 3 Portraits

George Wadsworth (1902-1979), Politician and managing director of Wadsworth White Lead Co Ltd. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wadsworth (1630-1676), Nonconformist minister and religious writer. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Mary Josephine (née d'Arcy), Lady Waechter (died 1955), Founder member of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY); wife of Sir Harry Waechter, 1st Bt; daughter of John d'Arcy. 4 Portraits

Cornelius de Wael (1592-1667), Engraver. 3 Portraits

Lucas de Wael (1591-1661), History and landscape painter. 3 Portraits

Ann Susanna Wageman (née Cox) (born circa 1797), Wife of Thomas Charles Wageman. 1 Portrait

Michael Angelo Wageman (1820 or 1821-1898), Artist; son of Thomas Charles Wageman. 2 Portraits

Thomas Charles Wageman (1787-1863), Painter, printmaker and draughtsman. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Wager (1666-1743), Admiral. 7 Portraits

Harold William Taylor Wager (1862-1929), Botanist. 2 Portraits

Lawrence Rickard Wager (1904-1965), Geologist. 2 Portraits

Arthur Wagg. 1 Portrait

Caroline Denise Wagg (née Berry) (1948-), Wife of Jeremy James Wagg; granddaughter of 1st Viscount Camrose. 8 Portraits

(Rachel) Katherine Wagg (née Horlick, later Contomichalos) (1913-1969), Former first wife of Kenneth Arthur Wagg and later wife of Anthony John Nicholas Christopher Photius Contomichalos; daughter of Sir James Nockells Horlick, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Philip Napier Waggett (1862-1939), Churchman and author. 1 Portrait

Thomas Waghorn (1800-1850), Pioneer of the overland route to India. 3 Portraits

Sir Anthony Wagner (1908-1995), Genealogist and Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 4 Portraits

Daniel Maurice ('Dan') Wagner (1963-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Dame Gillian (née Graham), Lady Wagner (1927-), Chairman, Barnados, Thomas Coram Foundation for Children and Carnegie UK Trust; daughter of Henry Graham. 1 Portrait

Malcolm Wagner (active 1932). 2 Portraits

Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Composer. 8 Portraits

Mademoiselle Wagner. 2 Portraits

Charles John Leonard Wagstaff (1875-1981), Headmaster, King Edward VII School, Kings Lynn. 1 Portrait

Cyril Moseley Wagstaff (1878-1934), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Wagstaffe (1683 or 1684-1725), Physician and satirist. 1 Portrait

William Warwick Wagstaffe (active 1875), Medical writer. 1 Portrait

Hafiz Wahba (1889-1969), Saudi Arabian Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Wah Bo Jeeg ('White Fisher'), Chief Gull Lake Band Chippewas. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Mary (née Stapleton-Bretherton), Countess Blucher von Wahlstatt, Wife of Count Gebhard Lebrecht Blucher von Wahlstatt; daughter of Frederick Annesley Stapleton-Bretherton. 3 Portraits

Haynes Wahon, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Andrew Wailes-Fairbairn, Son of William Wailes-Fairbairn. 1 Portrait

Diana Wailes-Fairbairn, Daughter of William Wailes-Fairbairn. 1 Portrait

Katherine Lilian Wailes-Fairbairn (née Smith) (1868-1935), Wife of William Wailes-Fairbairn; daughter of George Alderson Smith. 1 Portrait

John Wain. 1 Portrait

John Barrington Wain (1925-1994), Poet, critic and novelist. 9 Portraits

Louis Wain (1860-1939), Artist and illustrator of cats. 5 Portraits

Frederick Waine (born 1896), Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

Alfred Wainwright (1907-1991), Fell walker, writer and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Barbara Wainwright, Script supervisor. 1 Portrait

Charles Brian Wainwright (1893-1968), Major-General. 1 Portrait

George Bertram Wainwright (1880-1950), Physician, surgeon and medical officer. 1 Portrait

Henry Herbert Wainwright (1861-1897), County Treasurer of National Union of Conservative Associations. 1 Portrait

Baron John Wainwright (1657-1741), Baron of the exchequer in Ireland. 1 Portrait

Joseph Wainwright (active 1810). 2 Portraits

Martha Wainwright (1976-), Singer and songwriter; sister of Rufus Wainwright. 1 Portrait

Martin Wainwright, Northern Editor of The Guardian. 1 Portrait

Norman Wainwright (1914-2000), Swimmer. 1 Portrait

Rupert Charles Purchas Wainwright (1913-1991), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Rupert M.B. Wainwright (1946-2013), Son of Rupert Charles Purchas Wainwright. 2 Portraits

William John Wainwright (1855-1931), Painter, teacher and lecturer on art. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edward Waite (1857-1942), Occultist and writer. 3 Portraits

Freddie ('Junior') Waite (1967-), Musician and singer; member of Musical Youth. 2 Portraits

J. Waite, Judge. 1 Portrait

Patrick Waite (1968-1993), Musician and singer; member of Musical Youth. 2 Portraits

Terence Hardy ('Terry') Waite (1939-), Religious adviser, author and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Robert Waithman (1764-1833), Politician and Lord Mayor of London. 14 Portraits

Wa-kan-o-zhan-zhan ('Medicine Bottle') (died 1865), Sioux Indian. 1 Portrait

Sir Drury St Aubyn Wake (1863-1935), Admiral. 4 Portraits

Sir Hereward Wake, 13th Bt (1876-1963), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Hereward Eyre Wake (1869-1934), Rural Dean, Shepton Mallet. 1 Portrait

Nancy Grace Augusta Wake (1912-2011), Special Operations Executive agent and officer in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY); recipient of the George Medal. 1 Portrait

Sir St Aubyn Baldwin Wake (1882-1951), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

William Wake (1657-1737), Archbishop of Canterbury. 8 Portraits

Charles Cheers Wakefield, 1st Viscount Wakefield (1859-1941), Businessman and philanthropist. 15 Portraits

Sarah Frances (née Graham), Viscountess Wakefield (1858-1950), Wife of 1st Viscount Wakefield. 3 Portraits

(William) Wavell Wakefield, 1st Baron Wakefield of Kendal (1898-1983), Rugby player and Conservative politician; MP for Swindon. 9 Portraits

Ann Wakefield (1931-), Actress. 4 Portraits

Arthur John Wakefield (1900-1973), Agriculturalist and civil servant. 3 Portraits

Edward Birkbeck Wakefield, 1st Bt (1903-1969), Civil servant and politician. 2 Portraits

Edward Gibbon Wakefield (1796-1862), Colonial statesman. 2 Portraits

Gilbert Wakefield (1756-1801), Scholar and controversialist. 11 Portraits

Henry Russell Wakefield (1854-1933), Bishop of Birmingham. 4 Portraits

Hugh Wakefield (1888-1971), Actor. 7 Portraits

John Wakefield (active 1853-died 1866), High Sheriff of Westmoreland. 1 Portrait

John Peter Wakefield (1915-1942), Racing driver. 1 Portrait

John Watson Wakefield (circa 1802-1879), Naval Commander. 1 Portrait

Julia Wakefield (née Hewitt) (1831-1909), Wife of John Watson Wakefield; daughter of Hon. Rev John Pratt Hewitt. 1 Portrait

Lucie Wakefield. 5 Portraits

Oliver Wakefield (1908-1956), Comedian. 8 Portraits

Peter Richard Wakefield (1948-), Son of Richard Frank Bradshaw Hensman. 1 Portrait

Priscilla Wakefield (1751-1832), Writer and philanthropist. 3 Portraits

Robert Wakefield. 1 Portrait

William Hayward Wakefield (1801-1848), Colonist in New Zealand; accomplice to abduction. 1 Portrait

W. Wakefield-Adams. 5 Portraits

E.G. Wakeford. 1 Portrait

Richard Wakeford (1921-1972), Major and solicitor. 5 Portraits

John Wakeham, Baron Wakeham (1932-), Businessman and politician; Leader of the House of Lords. 2 Portraits

Gerald Walter Erskine Loder, 1st Baron Wakehurst (1861-1936), Politician and civil servant. 4 Portraits

Louise de Vere (née Beauclerk), Lady Wakehurst (1869-1958), Wife of 1st Baron Wakehurst; daughter of 10th Duke of St Albans. 3 Portraits

John de Vere Loder, 2nd Baron Wakehurst (1895-1970), Colonial governor. 7 Portraits

Dame Margaret Wakehurst (1899-1994), Charity worker; daughter of Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bt; wife of Sir John de Vere Loder, 2nd Baron Wakehurst. 8 Portraits

Henry Blythe Thornhill Wakelam (1893-1963), Journalist, author and rugby and lawn tennis commentator to the BBC. 1 Portrait

Amanda Jane Wakeley (1962-), Fashion designer. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Pembrey Grey Wakeley, 1st Bt (1892-1979), Surgeon. 11 Portraits

Sir Thomas Wakelin (1861-1928), Alderman, Justice of the Peace and Chairman of East Islington Conservative Association. 1 Portrait

John Denis Wakeling (1918-2004), Bishop of Southwell. 5 Portraits

Arthur Victor Trocke Wakely (1886-1959), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Leonard Day Wakely (1880-1961), Colonial administrator. 1 Portrait

Leonard John Dean Wakely (1909-1994), Diplomat; Ambassador to Burma. 1 Portrait

Sir George Wakeman, Bt (1627-1688), Royal physician. 2 Portraits

Sir Offley Wakeman (1887-1975), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Offley David Wakeman (1922-1991), Son of Sir Offley Wakeman. 2 Portraits

Lady Anne Wake-Walker (née Spencer) (1920-2020), Third Officer in the Women's Royal Naval Service; wife of Christopher Baldwin Hughes Wake-Walker; daughter of 7th Earl Spencer. 5 Portraits

Christopher Baldwin Hughes Wake-Walker (1920-1998), Captain, Royal Navy. 11 Portraits

David Christopher Wake-Walker (1947-), Son of Christopher Baldwin Wake-Walker and Lady Anne Wake-Walker (née Spencer). 1 Portrait

Sir William Frederic Wake-Walker (1888-1945), Admiral. 9 Portraits

Thomas Wakley (1795-1862), Medical journalist and politician. 10 Portraits

Frank William Walbank (1909-2008), Ancient historian. 1 Portrait

John Walbanke-Childers (1789-1886), Politician; MP for Cambridgeshire and Malton. 2 Portraits

Anton Walbrook (Adolf Wohlbruck) (1900-1967), Actor. 8 Portraits

Derek Walcott (1930-2017), St Lucian poet, playwright and theatre director. 3 Portraits

Margaret Ruth Walcott (née Maillard), Second wife of Derek Walcott. 1 Portrait

Theo Walcott (1989-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Robert Waldby (circa 1335-1397), Archbishop of York. 1 Portrait

Jean Frédéric Maximilien de Waldeck (1766-1875), Antiquarian, cartographer, artist and explorer. 1 Portrait

James Waldegrave, 1st Earl Waldegrave (1685-1741), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

James Waldegrave, 2nd Earl Waldegrave (1715-1763), Statesman. 4 Portraits

John Waldegrave, 3rd Earl Waldegrave (1718-1784), Politician and Lieutenant-Colonel. 2 Portraits

George Waldegrave, 4th Earl Waldegrave (1751-1789), Soldier. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Laura Waldegrave, Countess Waldegrave (1760-1816), Wife of 4th Earl Waldegrave. 4 Portraits

Frances Elizabeth Anne (née Braham), Countess Waldegrave (1821-1879), Political hostess; former wife of John J.H. Waldegrave and of 7th Earl of Waldegrave and of George G. Vernon-Harcourt, and later wife of Baron Carlingford; daughter of John Braham. 4 Portraits

William Frederick Waldegrave, 9th Earl Waldegrave (1851-1930), Representative peer. 8 Portraits

William Edward Seymour Waldegrave, 10th Earl Waldegrave (1882-1933). 1 Portrait

Henry Noel Waldegrave, 11th Earl Waldegrave (1854-1936), Rector. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Noel, 12th Earl Waldegrave (1905-1995), Vice-Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

James Sherbrooke Waldegrave, 13th Earl Waldegrave (1940-). 1 Portrait

William Arthur Waldegrave, Baron Waldegrave of North Hill (1946-), Politician and company director. 1 Portrait

Lady Ida Anna Waldegrave (1825-1892), Daughter of 6th Earl Waldegrave. 1 Portrait

Samuel Waldegrave (1817-1869), Bishop of Carlisle. 3 Portraits

Prince Waldemar of Denmark (1858-1939), Naval officer; son of Christian IX, King of Denmark; brother of Queen Alexandra. 11 Portraits

Prince Waldemar of Prussia (1868-1879), Son of Frederick III, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Prince Waldemar of Prussia (1889-1945), Son of Prince Heinrich of Prussia. 2 Portraits

Alastair Brian Walden (1932-2019), Labour MP, journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

George Gordon Harvey Walden (1939-), Diplomat, journalist and Conservative politician; MP for Buckingham. 1 Portrait

Miss Waldener (active late 1850s). 1 Portrait

(Alan) David Walder (1928-1978), Politician, barrister and author. 13 Portraits

Elsie Helena (née Blunt), Lady Walder, Wife of Sir Samuel Robert Walder. 2 Portraits

Caroline Waldman (née May) (1934-), Wife of Edwin Waldman; daughter of Hon. Patrick William May. 5 Portraits

Mrs Waldo. 1 Portrait

Sir (Claude) Humphrey Meredith Waldock (1904-1981), Judge of the International Court of Justice. 1 Portrait

Max Waldon (active 1904), Female impersonator. 1 Portrait

Frank Arthur Lovegrove Waldron (1916-1988), Rower and captain, Scots Guards. 1 Portrait

Sir William James Waldron (1876-1957), Colonel; Sheriff of City of London. 4 Portraits

Émile Waldteufel (1837-1915), Pianist, conductor and composer. 1 Portrait

Michael Wale. 3 Portraits

Samuel Wale (1721-1786), History painter. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wale (1701-1796), of Shelford, Cambridgeshire. 1 Portrait

Wale. 1 Portrait

William Hood Walrond, 1st Baron Waleran (1849-1925), Cricketer and Conservative politician; MP for Tiverton and Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury. 15 Portraits

William George Hood Walrond, 2nd Baron Waleran (1905-1966), Wing commander, civil servant and businessman. 7 Portraits

Arnold Wales. 1 Portrait

William Wales (active 1837), Chancellor of the Diocese of Peterborough and Vicar of All Saints' Northampton. 1 Portrait

Arthur David Waley (1889-1966), Poet and translator. 15 Portraits

Daniel Philip Waley (1921-2017), Professor of History at the London School of Economics and Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Musem and British Library. 1 Portrait

Sir (Sigismund) David Waley (1887-1962), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Joyce Constance Ina (née Nathan), Lady Waley-Cohen (1920-2013), Wife of Sir Bernard Nathaniel Waley-Cohen; daughter of Harry Louis Nathan. 4 Portraits

Robert Bernard Waley-Cohen (1948-). 4 Portraits

Stephen Harry Waley-Cohen (1946-), Eldest son of Lady and Sir Bernard Waley-Cohen, 1st Bt. 5 Portraits

Alfred Ernest Walford (1896-1990), Major-General and banker. 4 Portraits

Francis J.G. Walford (active 1860s), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Helen Walford, Daughter of Leopold Hubert George Walford and Marie Christine, Duchess De Marchena. 1 Portrait

H.A. Walford. 1 Portrait

Mrs Walikangas, Wife of Eino Walikangas. 1 Portrait

Peter Edward Walker, Baron Walker of Worcester (1932-2010), Politician and businessman. 5 Portraits

Lord James Walker (1890-1972), Chairman of Scottish Law Reform Committee. 2 Portraits

Adam Walker (1731-1821), Inventor and writer. 5 Portraits

Adam John Walker (1769 or 1770-1839), Divine; second son of Adam Walker. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Walker (1869-1950), Whisky distiller. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, 1st Bt (1824-1893), Brewer, councillor, Lord Mayor of Liverpool and founder of the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. 1 Portrait

Andrew Barclay Walker (1865-1930), Fifth son of Sir Andrew Barclay Walker, 1st Bt; Yachtsman. 1 Portrait

Angela Margaret (née Beaufort), Lady Walker (died 1993), First wife of Sir James Heron Walker, 5th Bt; daughter of Victor Alexandre Beaufort. 8 Portraits

Annie Walker (later Mrs Scarce) (active 1914), Nanny to Benjamin Britten. 1 Portrait

Sir Arnold Learoyd Walker (died 1968), Obstetric Surgeon and Chairman of the Central Midwives Board. 1 Portrait

Sir (George) Augustus Walker (1912-1986), Air Chief Marshal. 3 Portraits

A.G. Walker (1909-2001), Professor of Pure Mathematics. 1 Portrait

Billy Walker (1939-), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Celia Elizabeth Synolda Walker (1948-1969), Daughter of Sir James Walker, 5th Bt. 5 Portraits

Christine Walker, Founding Partner, Walker Media. 1 Portrait

Christopher Walker. 1 Portrait

Constance Anna Walker (née Case, later Cornwall Legh) (1839-1912), Wife of Philip Ainslie Walker and later wife of Henry Martin Cornwall Legh; daughter of John Ashton Case. 1 Portrait

C.W. Walker. 1 Portrait

Daphne Walker (active 1930s-1940s), Ice skater. 4 Portraits

David Walker (1837-1917), Surgeon and naturalist. 2 Portraits

Deane Franklin Walker (1778-1865), Astronomer; youngest son of Adam Walker. 1 Portrait

Dillan Walker. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Walker Head, 8th Bt (1805-1868), Governor-in-chief of British North America and scholar. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Walker (1612-1677), Secretary to Charles I. 5 Portraits

Sir Edward Daniel Walker (1844-1919), Newspaperman, philanthropist and Mayor of Darlington. 1 Portrait

Edward Mewburn Walker (1857-1941), Classical historian and chaplain to George V. 1 Portrait

Eleanor Walker (active 1764-circa 1801), Wife of Adam Walker. 1 Portrait

Sir Emery Walker (1851-1933), Process-engraver and printer. 11 Portraits

Dame Ethel Walker (1861-1951), Painter and sculptor. 2 Portraits

Ethel Blanche (née Okeover), Lady Walker (died 1935), Wife of Sir Peter Carlaw Walker, 2nd Bt; daughter of Haughton Charles Okeover. 6 Portraits

Finnley Walker. 1 Portrait

Frederick Walker (1840-1875), Painter and illustrator. 11 Portraits

Frederick William Walker (1830-1910), Schoolmaster; High Master of Manchester Grammar School and St Paul's School, London. 1 Portrait

Gary Walker (1942-), Musician; drummer and vocalist for The Walker Brothers. 2 Portraits

George Walker (1734-1807), Dissenting minister and mathematician. 2 Portraits

George Walker (1645?-1690), Soldier and divine. 6 Portraits

George Walker (1803-1879), Chess player and columnist. 1 Portrait

Sir George Townshend Walker, 1st Bt (1764-1842), General. 3 Portraits

George W. Walker (1872 or 1873-1911), Actor and dancer. 6 Portraits

Sir Harold Bridgwood Walker (1862-1934), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Thomas Coulthard Walker (1891-1975), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Helen Winifred Karslake Walker (née Bruton) (died 1969), Wife of Conway Bruce Campbell-Johnston; daughter of C.W. Bruton. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Ashcombe Walker (1868-1949), Railway manager. 16 Portraits

Sir Hubert Edmund Walker (1891-1969), Civil Engineer. 3 Portraits

Ian Walker (1970-), Sailor; Olympian. 1 Portrait

James Walker (1764-1831), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

James Walker (1770?-1841), Bishop of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

James Walker (1781-1862), Civil engineer. 2 Portraits

Sir James Walker (1863-1935), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Sir James Heron Walker, 5th Bt (1914-2003), Landowner. 7 Portraits

James Workman Walker (1873-1945), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Jane Harriett Walker (1859-1938), Physician. 2 Portraits

John Selby Walker (active 1866), Army officer, 40th Regiment. 1 Portrait

John Walker (1732-1807), Actor and lexicographer. 2 Portraits

John Walker (active 19th century). 3 Portraits

Sir John Walker (1941-), Chemist; Founding Director, Medical Research Council - Mitochondrial Biology Unit. 1 Portrait

John Walker (1900-1964), Keeper of Coins and Medals, British Museum. 1 Portrait

John Walker (John Joseph Maus) (1943-2011), Singer, songwriter and guitarist; founding member of The Walker Brothers. 2 Portraits

Mrs Walker, Wife of John Edward Walker. 1 Portrait

John Reid Walker (1855-1934), Polo player and racehorse breeder. 1 Portrait

Joshua Walker. 1 Portrait

Kenneth MacFarlane Walker (1882-1966), Consultant surgeon. 11 Portraits

Kyle Andrew Walker (1990-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Sir Mark Walker (1827-1902), General; Victoria Cross recipient. 1 Portrait

Mary Walker (active 1802), Mad woman and litigant. 3 Portraits

Mary Angela Walker (née Chandler) (1925-), Wife of Roderick Walker. 1 Portrait

Mary Edwards Walker (1832-1919), Feminist, abolitionist and prohibitionist. 1 Portrait

Miles Walker (1903-1941), Professor of Electrical Engineering. 1 Portrait

Monica Walker (active 1930s-1950s), Writer and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Carlaw Walker, 2nd Bt (1854-1915). 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Peter Graham Walker (1911-1989), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Peter Knight Walker (1919-2010), Bishop of Ely; Assistant Bishop, diocese of Oxford. 9 Portraits

Ralph Walker (1749-1824), Sailor, inventor and engineer. 3 Portraits

Richard Walker (1679-1764), Professor of moral philosophy and founder of Botanic Garden, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Robert Walker (1599-1658), Painter. 3 Portraits

Robert Walker (1716-1783), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Robert Walker (active 1953). 1 Portrait

Sir Robert James Milo Walker (1890-1930), Director and Chairman of Sand Hutton Light Railway Company. 4 Portraits

Scott Walker (1943-2019), Singer and songwriter. 7 Portraits

Sidney George Walker (1911-1975), Royal Air Force. 1 Portrait

Thomas Walker (1658-1728), Headmaster of Charterhouse School. 4 Portraits

Thomas Walker (1698-1744), Actor. 3 Portraits

Thomas Walker (1749-1817), Merchant. 2 Portraits

Thomas ('Tommy') Walker (1915-1993), Footballer. 1 Portrait

T.J. Walker (active 1890), Captain. 1 Portrait

Sir Victor Stewart Heron Walker, 6th Bt (1942-), Army officer and landowner. 14 Portraits

Sir Walter Colyear Walker (1912-2001), General. 26 Portraits

Whimsical Walker (Thomas Henry Walker) (1851-1934), Circus performer, actor and clown. 5 Portraits

William Walker (1828-1881), Swimmer. 1 Portrait

William Walker (1623-1684), Schoolmaster and author. 3 Portraits

William Walker (1755-1825), Rector of Monksilver; chaplain to Lincoln's Inn. 2 Portraits

William Walker (1766?-1816), Astronomer; eldest son of Adam Walker. 3 Portraits

Sir William Walker (died 1961), Electrical and mechanical engineer and public administrator. 1 Portrait

William George Walker (1863-1936), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir William Giles Newsom Walker (1905-1989), Chairman, Jute Industries Ltd. 2 Portraits

Zena Walker (1934-2003), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mr Walker. 1 Portrait

Canon Walker (active mid 19th century), Canon. 1 Portrait

Master Walker (active 1863), Son of Mr and Mrs John Edward Walker. 1 Portrait

Walker (active late 19th century). 1 Portrait

Major Walker (active 1940s), Soldier in Royal Corps of Signals, 1945. 1 Portrait

Algernon Walker-Heneage-Vivian (1871-1952), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Miriam Walker-Leigh (née Clements) (died 1954), Actress; wife of Cecil Ainslie Walker-Leigh. 6 Portraits

Sir Ian Peter Andrew Monro Walker-Okeover, 3rd Bt (1902-1982), Colonel. 6 Portraits

Howarth Seymour Walkey (1900-1970), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

James Rowland Walkey (1880-1960), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

John Christopher Walkey (1903-1989), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Mr Walkinshaw. 1 Portrait

Arthur Bingham Walkley (1855-1926), Theatre and literary critic. 4 Portraits

John Edward Wall, Baron Wall (1913-1980), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Angus David Wall (1944-), Second Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Bernard Patrick Wall (1894-1976), Bishop of Brentwood. 1 Portrait

Brian Wall (1931-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Charles Wall (1756-1815), Banker; son-in-law of Sir Francis Baring, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Charles Baring Wall (1795-1853), Conservative politician; MP for Guildford. 1 Portrait

John Wall (1708-1776), Physician and medical writer. 1 Portrait

Joseph Wall (1737-1802), Army officer and murderer. 2 Portraits

Max Wall (Maxwell George Lorimer) (1908-1990), Actor. 12 Portraits

Sir (George) Rolande Percival Wall (1898-1972), President of Lovell and Christmas Ltd. 6 Portraits

Thomas Welbourn ('Tim') Wall (1904-1981), Cricketer. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wallace, Baron Wallace (1768-1844), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 4 Portraits

George Douglas Wallace, Baron Wallace Of Coslany (1906-2003), Politician and RAF Sergeant. 3 Portraits

Adam Wallace (died 1550), Martyr. 1 Portrait

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), Naturalist, evolutionary theorist and social critic. 20 Portraits

A.C. Wallace, Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Carlton Wallace (1903-1980), Novelist and journalist. 6 Portraits

Sir Cuthbert Sidney Wallace, Bt (1867-1944), Surgeon. 8 Portraits

Sir David Wallace (1862-1952). 1 Portrait

Sir Donald Mackenzie Wallace (1841-1919), Newspaper correspondent, editor and author. 2 Portraits

Doreen Wallace (1897-1989), Novelist. 8 Portraits

Dougie Wallace, Photographer. 1 Portrait

(Richard Horatio) Edgar Wallace (1875-1932), Novelist, playwright and journalist. 14 Portraits

(David) Euan Wallace (1892-1941), Captain and politician. 4 Portraits

Harry Wright Wallace (1885-1973), Mayor of Lambeth and Labour politician; MP for Walthamstow East. 5 Portraits

Sir James Maxwell Wallace (1785-1867), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Johnstone Wallace (1861-1922), Colonel. 4 Portraits

(Amélie) Julie Charlotte (née Castelnau), Lady Wallace (1819-1897), Wife of Sir Richard Wallace, Bt. 1 Portrait

Hon. Karis Valerie Violet Wallace (née Mond) (1927-2006), Wife of Brian Albert Wallace; daughter of 2nd Baron Melchett. 3 Portraits

Marie Wallace (née Hinshelwood), Wife of William Morgan Wallace; daughter of M.J. Hinshelwood. 1 Portrait

Marjorie Wallace (Countess Skarbek) (1943-), Writer and journalist; founder of SANE mental health charity. 1 Portrait

Moira Wallace, First Permanent Secretary of the Department of Energy and Climate Change and Provost of Oriel College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Nellie Wallace (1870-1948), Music hall entertainer. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Wallace, 1st Bt (1818-1890), Art collector, connoisseur and philanthropist; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 10 Portraits

Richard Wallace (1961-), Journalist and Editor of The Daily Mirror. 1 Portrait

Robert Wallace (1831-1899), Church of Scotland minister and politician. 1 Portrait

Robert Wallace (1850-1939), Barrister and Chairman of the London County Sessions. 1 Portrait

Sir William Wallace (1272?-1305), Scottish patriot and hero of romance. 8 Portraits

William Wallace (1891-1976), Chairman of Rowntree and Co Ltd. 2 Portraits

William Morgan Wallace (active 1926). 1 Portrait

Sir William Thomas Francis Agnew Wallace, 8th Bt (1830-1892), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Miss Wallace (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Lucy Wallace Dunlop (née Dowson) (1836-1914), Second wife of Robert Henry Wallace Dunlop; daughter of Joseph Dowson. 1 Portrait

Edna Wallace-Hopper (1872-1959), Stage and film actress. 1 Portrait

James William Wallack (1795-1864), Actor. 6 Portraits

Ernest Charles Wallcousins (né Cousins) (1883-1976), Painter and illustrator. 3 Portraits

Albrecht Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland (1583-1634), Austrian soldier. 1 Portrait

Ada Waller (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Augustus Desire Waller (1856-1922), Physiologist. 3 Portraits

Edmund Waller (1606-1687), Poet. 17 Portraits

Edmund Lewis Waller (1884-1951), Actor; son of Lewis Waller. 4 Portraits

Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller (1945-2009), Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist. 3 Portraits

Horace Waller (1833-1896), Missionary and slavery abolitionist. 1 Portrait

John William Ashley Waller (1892-1975), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller (né Phipps), Bt (1769-1853), Landowner, physician and eye surgeon; oculist to King George III. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Waller (born 1908), Pilot. 1 Portrait

Lewis Waller (William Waller Lewis) (1860-1915), Actor and theatre manager. 43 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Georgina Waller (1873-1957), Wife of Hardress John Waller. 3 Portraits

Nancy Waller (born 1896), Daughter of Lewis Waller. 3 Portraits

Richard Lancelot Waller (1875-1961), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Stanier Waller (1844-1930), Colonel, Royal Engineers and Mayor of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Sir William Waller (1597-1668), Parliamentary general. 17 Portraits

Sir William Waller (circa 1639-1699), Politician; MP for Westminster. 1 Portrait

A.G. Walley? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir John Walley (1906-2002), Politician; Ministry of Social Security. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Wallich (1786-1854), Botanist. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Arnold Wallinger (1903-1979), Diplomat, Ambassador to Thailand, Austria and to Brazil. 1 Portrait

Mark Wallinger (1959-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward William Wallington (1854-1933), Colonial administrator and Private Secretary and Treasurer to Queen Mary. 1 Portrait

Sir Hubert Joseph Wallington (1875-1962), Judge. 13 Portraits

M. Wallington. 1 Portrait

A.F. Wallis (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis (1887-1979), Aeronautical designer and engineer. 12 Portraits

Bertram Wallis (1874-1952), Actor. 2 Portraits

Bill Wallis (1936-2013), Actor. 1 Portrait

Ellen Lancaster Wallis (Mrs Walter Reynolds) (1856-1940), Actress. 10 Portraits

Frederic Wallis (1853-1928), Bishop of Wellington, New Zealand. 1 Portrait

George Wallis (1731-1803), Gunsmith and antiquary. 2 Portraits

George Harry Wallis (1887-1936), Art director and Curator of Nottingham Museum and Galleries. 1 Portrait

Harold Brent ('Hal') Wallis (1898-1986), Film producer. 1 Portrait

Jean Bridget Wallis (née Hare) (1929-), Former wife of Nigel Beard and Richard John Wallis; daughter of Sir Ralph Leigh Hare, 4th Bt. 3 Portraits

John Wallis (1616-1703), Mathematician. 11 Portraits

Sir John Edward Power Wallis (1861-1946), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Tryphosa Jane Wallis (later Campbell) (1774-1848), Actress. 1 Portrait

William Wallis. 2 Portraits

W.C. Wallis. 4 Portraits

Miss Wallis (active 1795-1797), Actress. 3 Portraits

Wallis. 1 Portrait

Hon. Frederick Henry Arthur Wallop (1870-1953), Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery; son of 5th Earl of Portsmouth. 1 Portrait

Mr Loyd Wallring. 1 Portrait

Eldred Wright Walls (1912-2008), Professor and author. 6 Portraits

Tom Kenneth Walls (1912-1992), Actor; son of Tom Kirby Walls. 4 Portraits

Tom Kirby Walls (1883-1949), Actor and theatre manager; Racehorse owner. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Blake (née Lock), Lady Wallscourt (1806-1877), First wife of Joseph Henry Blake, 3rd Baron Wallscourt (1797-1849). 2 Portraits

Erroll Augustus Joseph Henry Blake, 4th Baron Wallscourt (1841-1918), Landowner. 3 Portraits

Ellen (née Mayo), Lady Wallscourt (died 1921), Former wife of P. Boisset, and later wife of 5th Baron Wallscourt; daughter of Joseph Mayo. 4 Portraits

John Hubert Walmesley-Cotham (1922-1972). 2 Portraits

Thomas Forbes Gerrard Walmisley (1783-1866), Composer and organist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Attwood Walmisley (1814-1856), Musician, composer and organist. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Sydney Porter Walmsley (1898-1985), Air Marshal. 10 Portraits

Horatio Walpole, 1st Baron Walpole of Wolterton (1678-1757), Politician and ambassador to France and the Netherlands. 10 Portraits

Mary Walpole (née Lombard), Lady Walpole of Wolterton (1694 or 1695-1783), Wife of 1st Baron Walpole of Wolterton. 1 Portrait

Robert Henry Montgomerie Walpole, 9th Baron Walpole (1913-1989), Captain. 3 Portraits

Nancy Louisa (née Jones), Baroness Walpole (1905-2002), Wife of 9th Baron Walpole; daughter of Frank Harding Jones. 4 Portraits

Robert Horatio Walpole, 10th Baron Walpole (1938-), Chairman of Area Museums Service for South-East England. 3 Portraits

Catherine Walpole (née Shorter), Lady Walpole (circa 1682-1737), First wife of Sir Robert Walpole, later 1st Earl of Orford. 7 Portraits

Sir Edward Walpole (1621-1667), Politician; MP for King's Lynn. 1 Portrait

Galfridus Walpole (1683-1726), Naval Officer, treasurer of Greenwich Hospital and Postmaster General; brother of the 1st Earl of Orford. 1 Portrait

George Walpole (1758-1835), Soldier. 8 Portraits

George Henry Somerset Walpole (1854-1929), Bishop of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Henry Walpole (1558-1595), English Jesuit Martyr. 1 Portrait

Hon. Henry Walpole (1818-1876), Philanthropist; son of 3rd Earl of Orford. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh Walpole (1884-1941), Novelist. 23 Portraits

Marie Bowles (née Wallace), Lady Walpole (died 1928), Former wife of Henry Seton, and later second wife of Sir Charles George Walpole; daughter of Percy Hale Wallace. 8 Portraits

Robert Walpole (1781-1856), Reverend and classical scholar. 1 Portrait

Robert Walpole (1768-1834), Cricketer; son of Hon. Richard Walpole. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Walpole (1808-1876), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Spencer Walpole (1839-1907), Historian and civil servant; son of Spencer Horatio Walpole. 3 Portraits

Spencer Horatio Walpole (1806-1898), Politician; Home Secretary. 16 Portraits

Thomas Walpole (1727-1803), Politician and banker. 2 Portraits

Hon. Thomas Walpole (1805-1881), Canon of Winchester. 1 Portrait

Mr Walpole, Actor. 1 Portrait

Hon. Charlotte Margaret Lothian Walrond (née Coats, later Adams) (1881-1966), Former wife of Hon. William Lionel Charles Walrond, and later wife of H.W.A. Adams; daughter of 1st Baron Glentanar. 4 Portraits

Frances Caroline (née Hood), Lady Walrond (1821-1903), Wife of Sir John Walrond Walrond, 1st Bt; daughter of 2nd Baron Bridport. 1 Portrait

Sir John Walrond Walrond (né Dickinson), 1st Bt (1818-1889), Politician. 1 Portrait

Hon. William Lionel Charles Walrond (1876-1915), Politician; son of 1st Baron Waleran. 1 Portrait

Gerard Walschap (1898-1989), Novelist and critic. 1 Portrait

Lady Helen Maglona Walsh (née Vane-Tempest-Stewart) (1911-1986), Former wife of 2nd Baron Jessel, and later wife of Dennis Cecil Walsh; daughter of 7th Marquess of Londonderry. 5 Portraits

David Walsh (1942-), Actor. 1 Portrait

David Peregrine Walsh (1949-), Captain. 4 Portraits

Francis James Walsh (1900-1987), Army officer. 2 Portraits

George Walsh (1892-1981), Actor; younger brother of Raoul Walsh. 4 Portraits

George Peregrine Walsh (1899-1972), Major-General. 8 Portraits

Gordon John Walsh (1880-1971), Bishop in Hokkaido and Assistant Bishop of Ely. 3 Portraits

Grace (née Bruen), Lady Walsh, Wife of Sir Hunt Henry Allen Johnson Walsh; daughter of Hon. Henry Bruen. 2 Portraits

G. Walsh, Journalist for 'Glasgow Mail'. 1 Portrait

H.J. Walsh (active 1878). 1 Portrait

Jimmy Walsh (1913-1964), Boxer. 1 Portrait

John Walsh (active 1940s-1950s), Singer and businessman. 6 Portraits

Keira Fae Walsh (1997-), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Kimberley Jane Walsh (1981-), Singer; member of Girls Aloud. 1 Portrait

Leslie Walsh (1903-1986), Stipendiary magistrate. 1 Portrait

Hon. Margaret Blanche Walsh (1860-1925), Daughter of 2nd Baron Ormathwaite. 1 Portrait

M. Walsh (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Paul Walsh (1955-), Group Chief Executive, Diageo plc. 1 Portrait

Ruth Vaughan Ashe Walsh (née Holmes à Court) (1915-2009), Wife of George Peregrine Walsh. 4 Portraits

Stephen Walsh (1859-1929), Politician; Secretary of State. 2 Portraits

Thomas Walsh (active 1801), Soldier, author; present at the Battle of Alexandria. 2 Portraits

Walter Walsh (1857-1931), Pacifist and leader of Free Religious Movement. 1 Portrait

William Walsh (1662-1708), Poet and critic. 3 Portraits

William Walsh (1836-1918), Bishop of Mauritius and Bishop of Dover. 3 Portraits

William J. Walsh (1841-1921), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin. 1 Portrait

William Pakenham Walsh (1820-1902), Bishop of Ossory. 1 Portrait

Willie Walsh (1961-), Chief Executive of British Airways. 1 Portrait

W. Walsh. 1 Portrait

Walsh (active 1678), Jesuit. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Martin Rouse Walshe (1885-1973), Neurologist. 4 Portraits

Frederick William Henry Walshe (1872-1931), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Thomas de Grey, 5th Baron Walsingham (1804-1870), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Thomas de Grey, 6th Baron Walsingham (1843-1919), Cricketer, Entomologist and politician; MP for West Norfolk. 7 Portraits

John Augustus de Grey, 7th Baron Walsingham (1849-1929), Barrister. 2 Portraits

George de Grey, 8th Baron Walsingham (1884-1965), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis Walsingham (circa 1532-1590), Statesman. 30 Portraits

Ursula (née St Barbe), Lady Walsingham (died 1602), Courtier; former wife of Sir Richard Worsley, and later second wife of Sir Francis Walsingham. 1 Portrait

Henry David Leonard George Walston, Baron Walston (1912-1991), Farmer, agricultural expert and politician. 1 Portrait

Arthur James Walter (died 1919), Lawyer. 2 Portraits

Bruno Walter (1876-1962), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Cyril Walter (1900-1967), Airforce officer. 1 Portrait

C. Walter (active 1917), Actress. 3 Portraits

Hon. Deborah Hamar Walter (née Greenwood) (1917-1980), Former wife of Patrick David de Laszlo, and later wife of Roderick Walter; daughter of 1st Baron Greenwood. 19 Portraits

Flora Walter (née MacNabb), Second wife of John Walter. 1 Portrait

Frederic H. Walter, Captain. 4 Portraits

Dame Harriet Mary Walter (1950-), Actress. 2 Portraits

John Walter (1776-1847), Chief proprietor of The Times. 1 Portrait

John Walter (1818-1894), Newspaper proprietor and politician. 8 Portraits

John Walter (1873-1968), Chairman of Directors of 'The Times'. 1 Portrait

John Balston Walter (died 1870), Possible son of John Walter. 1 Portrait

John McNeill Walter (1861-1951), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Lucy Walter (1630?-1658), Mistress of Charles II; mother of James, Duke of Monmouth. 4 Portraits

Mary Emily Walter, Possible daughter of John Walter. 2 Portraits

Robert Walter (1873-1959), Colonial administrator. 3 Portraits

Wilfred Walter (1882-1958), Actor. 2 Portraits

William Walter (active circa 1780), Cleric. 1 Portrait

Mr Walter, of 'The Times'. 9 Portraits

Miss Walter (active 1861), Daughter of Captain Walter. 1 Portrait

Mrs Walter, Wife of Mr Walter of 'The Times'. 2 Portraits

Miss Walter (active 1861), Daughter of Captain Walter. 1 Portrait

Charles Ensor Walters (1872-1938), Methodist Minister and missionary. 6 Portraits

Cyril Frederick Walters (1905-1992), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Ethel Walters, Actress. 3 Portraits

Iris Raine Walters (2016-). 1 Portrait

Jake Walters (1964-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

John Walters (1939-2001), Radio producer and presenter; Musician. 1 Portrait

Dame Julie Walters (1950-), Actress. 7 Portraits

Lucas Oliver Walters. 1 Portrait

L.A. Walters, Pilot and Establishment Officer, Navigating Staff for Imperial Airways. 2 Portraits

L.F. Walters. 1 Portrait

Minette Caroline Mary Walters (1949-), Novelist. 1 Portrait

M.E. Walters (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Peter Hugh Bennett Ensor Walters (1912-1994), Public Relations and fundraising consultant. 2 Portraits

Sumner Francis Dudley Walters (active 1950s), Bishop of San Joaquin, California. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Tudor Walters (1868-1933), Politician, architect and surveyor. 5 Portraits

Violet Walters, Actress. 1 Portrait

Mrs Walters (active 1833), Wife of Robert Walters; mother of Walters Queen's Counsel, Ware, Herts. 1 Portrait

Richard Henry Walthew (1872-1951), Composer and Professor of Guildhall School of Music. 1 Portrait

John Nicholas Walton, Baron Walton (1922-2016), Neurologist. 1 Portrait

Allan Walton (1891-1948), Painter and textile designer. 1 Portrait

Babs Walton (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Brian or Bryan Walton (1600-1661), Bishop of Chester. 5 Portraits

Sir Edgar Harris Walton (1856-1942), South African politician. 6 Portraits

Florence Walton (1890-1981), Dancer; former wife of Maurice Mouvet, and later wife of Leon Leitrim. 7 Portraits

George Walton (1741-1804), Lawyer, United States Senator and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Hannah Walton (1983-), One of the Walton sextuplets. 1 Portrait

Izaak Walton (1593-1683), Author of 'The Compleat Angler'. 6 Portraits

Sir James Walton (1881-1955), Surgeon. 5 Portraits

Janet Walton (1952-), Mother of sextuplets. 1 Portrait

Jenny Walton (1983-), One of the Walton sextuplets. 1 Portrait

John Walton (1895-1971), Professor of Botany. 1 Portrait

Sir John Charles Walton (1885-1957), Deputy Under-Secretary of State for Burma. 8 Portraits

John Humphrey Walton (born 1889). 2 Portraits

Sir John Lawson Walton (1852-1908), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Walton, 1st Bt (1849-1923), Politician and colliery owner. 3 Portraits

Kate Walton (1983-), One of the Walton sextuplets. 1 Portrait

Lucy Walton (1983-), One of the Walton sextuplets. 1 Portrait

Marguerite Isobel (née McIntyre), Lady Walton (died 2010), Second wife of Sir Edgar Harris Walton. 2 Portraits

Minnie Walton (Mrs Frederick Lyster) (died 1879), Actress. 7 Portraits

Olive Grace Walton (1876-1937), Member of Women's Social and Political Union. 2 Portraits

Ruth Walton (1983-), One of the Walton sextuplets. 1 Portrait

Sally Walton (1981-), Hockey player. 2 Portraits

Sarah Walton (1983-), One of the Walton sextuplets. 1 Portrait

Susana Gil (née Passo), Lady Walton (1926-2010), Gardener; wife of Sir William Walton. 2 Portraits

William Crawford Walton (1864-1937), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

William Heward Murray Walton (born 1890), Reverend. 3 Portraits

Sir William Turner Walton (1902-1983), Composer. 26 Portraits

Roy Walwood (died circa 1994), Photographer and 'Vogue' studio assistant. 1 Portrait

Sir William Walworth (died 1386?), Mayor of London and merchant. 2 Portraits

Sir Humphrey Thomas Walwyn (1879-1957), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

William Walwyn (1600-1681), Pamphleteer. 2 Portraits

Robert Walwynn (active 1660), Religious writer. 3 Portraits

Richard Rudolf Walzer (1900-1975), Classical scholar and orientalist. 1 Portrait

Gok Wan (1974-), Fashion consultant and presenter. 1 Portrait

John Wanamaker (1838-1922), Philadelphia store owner and Postmaster General. 1 Portrait

Zoë Wanamaker (1949-), Actress. 2 Portraits

(John) William Charles Wand (1885-1977), Bishop of London. 18 Portraits

Hon. William Matthew Wand (1945-), Son of 3rd Viscount Addison. 2 Portraits

Mademoiselle Wanda, Performer. 1 Portrait

Sir Rowland Wandesford (active 1637), Attorney of the court of wards. 1 Portrait

Christopher Wandesforde (1592-1640), Lord Deputy of Ireland. 1 Portrait

Michelene Dinah Wandor (née Samuels) (1940-), Playwright, critic, broadcaster, poet, lecturer and musician. 1 Portrait

Joan Elizabeth Wandsworth (1942-), Hair stylist. 1 Portrait

Rachel Wang, Founder and Director of Chocolate Films. 1 Portrait

Hank Wangford (Samuel Hutt) (1940-), Musician, country and western songwriter. 2 Portraits

Sir Derek Wanless (1947-2012), Banker and financial policy advisor; author of the Wanless Reports. 1 Portrait

Robert Wanless-O'Gowan (1864-1947), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Humphrey Wanley (1672-1726), Librarian and antiquary. 8 Portraits

Ewen Ormerod Wanliss (1906-1989), Pilot, East Lancashire Regiment. 1 Portrait

George Wansborough. 3 Portraits

George Wansbrough (1904-1979), Member of St Marylebone and Holborn Councils. 1 Portrait

Llewelyn Wansbrough-Jones (1900-1974), Major-General. 7 Portraits

Sir Owen Haddon Wansbrough-Jones (1905-1982), Chemist and industrialist. 3 Portraits

Robert James Loyd-Lindsay, Baron Wantage (1832-1901), Soldier; recipient of the Victoria Cross, benefactor and politician. 12 Portraits

Harriet Sarah (née Loyd), Lady Wantage (1837-1920), Benefactor; wife of Baron Wantage; daughter of Baron Overstone. 8 Portraits

(Egide Charles) Gustave Wappers, Baron Wappers (1803-1874), Historical and genre painter; Director of the Antwerp Academy. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Wapshare (1860-1932), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

William Noble Warbey (1903-1980), Educationalist, author and Labour politician; MP for Luton, Broxtowe and Ashfield. 5 Portraits

Sir Siegmund George Warburg (1902-1982), Banker. 2 Portraits

Eric John Newnham Warburton (1904-1989), Banker. 1 Portrait

George Drought Warburton (1816-1857), Writer on Canada. 1 Portrait

Henry Warburton (1785-1858), Philosophical radical. 9 Portraits

John Warburton (1682-1759), Somerset herald and collector. 1 Portrait

John Warburton (1776-1857), Minister of the Gospel, Trowbridge. 1 Portrait

William Warburton (1698-1779), Bishop of Gloucester, critic and writer. 11 Portraits

Ward Beadles. 1 Portrait

George Reginald Ward, 1st Viscount Ward of Witley (1907-1988), Politician and twin son of 2nd Earl of Dudley. 8 Portraits

Barbara Mary Colonsay (née McNeill), Viscountess Ward of Witley (died 1980), Former wife of Hon. Michael Langhorne Astor, and later second wife of 1st Viscount Ward of Witley. 3 Portraits

Irene Mary Bewick Ward, Baroness Ward of North Tyneside (1895-1980), Politician; Conservative MP for Wallsend and Tynemouth. 8 Portraits

Amelia (née Pillans), Lady Ward (1797-1882), Wife of 10th Baron Ward; daughter of William Cooch Pillans. 2 Portraits

Lady Kathleen Ward (née Lowry-Corry) (1887-1972), Daughter of 4th Earl of Belmore; second wife of Thomas Ward. 3 Portraits

Lady (Alexandra) Patricia Ward (1904-1964), Author; daughter of 2nd Earl of Dudley. 1 Portrait

Lady Rosemary Millicent Ward (née Leveson-Gower) (1893-1930), First wife of William Humble Eric Ward (later 3rd Earl of Dudley); daughter of 4th Duke of Sutherland. 1 Portrait

Ada Ward (active 1870s), Actress. 3 Portraits

Sir Adolphus William Ward (1837-1924), Historian. 4 Portraits

Alan Ward (1945-), Musician; lead guitarist for The Honeycombs. 2 Portraits

Hon. Alethea Gwendoline Alys Mary Ward (née Fitzalan-Howard) (1923-), Wife of Hon. Edward Frederick Ward; daughter of 2nd Viscount Fitzalan of Derwent. 6 Portraits

Angela Ward (active 1933), Beauty prize winner; 'Miss England'. 1 Portrait

Annette Ward. 1 Portrait

Sir Ashley Skelton Ward (1877-1959), President of Thos. W. Ward Ltd. 3 Portraits

Beatrice Ward, Sister of Sir Leslie Ward. 1 Portrait

Bernard Rowland Ward (1863-1933), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Betty Ward, Actress. 5 Portraits

Charlie Ward ('Wardy'), Livestock photographer. 1 Portrait

Claire Ward (1972-), Politician; MP for Watford and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice. 1 Portrait

David Ward (1951-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Ward (1890-1987), Actress and singer. 27 Portraits

Sir (Alfred) Dudley Ward (1905-1991), General. 4 Portraits

Sir Dudley Ward (1905-1991), General. 1 Portrait

Edward Ward (1667-1731), Burlesque poet. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Ward (1638-1714), Lawyer and Judge. 5 Portraits

Edward Frederick Ward (1907-1987), Twin son of 2nd Earl of Dudley. 2 Portraits

Edward John Ward (active 1862), Second Captain, Royal Artillery. 1 Portrait

Edward Matthew Ward (1816-1879), History painter. 16 Portraits

Sir Edward Willis Duncan Ward, 1st Bt (1853-1928), Soldier and military administrator. 6 Portraits

Ellacott Lyne Stephens Ward (1905-1991), Air Commander. 2 Portraits

E.D. Ward (E.D. Kenny) (1853?-1889), Actor. 1 Portrait

Fanny Ward (Mrs Joe Lewis) (1872-1952), Actress. 10 Portraits

Francis Alan Burnett Ward (1905-1990), Keeper of the Department of Physics at Science Museum. 1 Portrait

Dame (Lucy) Genevieve Teresa Ward, Countess de Guerbel (1837-1922), 'Madame Ginevra Guerrabella'; actress and singer. 10 Portraits

George Ward (active 1928), Photographer. 4 Portraits

Gladys H. Ward (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Gwen Ward (née Dawkins) (1925-), Lecturer, School of Planning, Nottingham College of Art. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Mary Ada Ward (1832-1924), Historical genre painter; art teacher to the Royal family; wife of Edward Matthew Ward; mother of Sir Leslie Ward. 7 Portraits

Henry Dudley Ossulston Ward (1872-1947), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry George Ward (1797-1860), Colonial governor. 2 Portraits

Humphry Ward (1845-1926), Journalist and writer. 2 Portraits

James Ward (1769-1859), Engraver and painter of animals. 4 Portraits

James Ward (1800-1885), Pugilist. 3 Portraits

Jan Ward (Jan de Villeneuve) (1946-), Model; former wife of Justin de Villeneuve; mother of Poppy and Daisy de Villeneuve. 5 Portraits

Dame Jean Templeton Ward (née Reid) (1884-1962), Daughter of Whitelaw Reid; wife of Hon. John Hubert Ward. 1 Portrait

Joseph ('Joe') Ward (active 1770-1814), Pugilist. 7 Portraits

Joe Ward (1928-2014), Musician; trumpet player for the Joe Loss band. 1 Portrait

John Ward (1679?-1758), Biographer and antiquary. 1 Portrait

John Ward (active 19th century). 1 Portrait

John Ward (1866-1934), Politician and trade unionist. 9 Portraits

John Ward (active 1910s), Bishop of Erie, Pennsylvania. 1 Portrait

Sir John Chappell Ward (1877-1942), Lieutenant General. 1 Portrait

Sir John Guthrie Ward (1909-1991), Diplomat; Ambassador to Argentina and to Italy. 2 Portraits

Sir John Hubert Ward (1870-1938), Major, royal courtier and equerry; son of 1st Earl of Dudley. 6 Portraits

John Stanton Ward (1917-2007), Portrait painter, book illustrator and architectural draughtsman. 8 Portraits

Joseph Ward (active circa 1815). 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph George Ward, 1st Bt (1856-1930), Prime Minister of New Zealand and entrepreneur. 19 Portraits

Joshua or Josiah Ward (1685-1761), Quack doctor. 1 Portrait

J.M. Ward, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Ward. 1 Portrait

Hon. Kathleen Annette Norah Ward (1859-1945), Daughter of Henry William Ward, 5th Viscount Bangor. 3 Portraits

Lalla Ward (1951-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (Albert) Lambert Ward, 1st Bt (1875-1956), Politician and colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir Leslie Ward (1851-1922), 'Spy'; caricaturist and portrait painter; son of Edward Matthew Ward. 9 Portraits

Lillian Ward (1867-1940), Nurse and humanitarian. 1 Portrait

Mary Ward (1945-), Founder of the British theatre company Chickenshed. 1 Portrait

Mary-Anne Ward (née Anson) (1803-1875), Former wife of Charles Gregory Okeover, and later third wife of Robert Plumer Ward; daughter of Sir George Anson. 1 Portrait

Mary Augusta Ward (née Arnold) (1851-1920), Novelist, philanthropist and political lobbyist; wife of (Thomas) Humphry Ward. 32 Portraits

Michael Ward (1929-2011), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Michael John Ward (1931-), Politician; MP for Peterborough. 8 Portraits

Nathaniel Ward, Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (1791-1868), Botanist. 4 Portraits

Pauline Ward (née Winn), First wife of Hon. Edward Frederick Ward; daughter of Hon. Charles John Frederick Winn. 3 Portraits

Sir Philip John Newling Ward (1924-2003), Major-General and Lord-Lieutenant of West Sussex. 5 Portraits

Polly Ward (1909-1989), Actress; wife of Robert Sydney Freeman; granddaughter of Will Poluski. 3 Portraits

Randolph T. Ward. 1 Portrait

Reginald Henshaw Ward (1862-1925), Copper speculator. 1 Portrait

Hon. Robert Arthur Ward (1871-1942), Army officer and politician; son of 1st Earl of Dudley. 3 Portraits

Robert Plumer Ward (1765-1846), Politician and novelist. 2 Portraits

Samuel Ward (1849-1929), Mayor of Exeter. 5 Portraits

Samuel Cutler Ward (1814-1884), US political lobbyist. 1 Portrait

Seth Ward (1617-1689), Bishop of Salisbury. 3 Portraits

Simon Ward (1941-2012), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sophie Ward (1966-), Actress. 2 Portraits

Stephen Ward (1912-1963), Osteopath and artist. 4 Portraits

Robert Theophilus ('Theo') Ward (1863-1935), Musical director, conductor and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Theresa Dorothea (née de Smidt), Lady Ward (1866-1927), Wife of Sir Joseph George Ward, 1st Bt; daughter of Henry Joseph de Smidt. 1 Portrait

Thomas Le Hunte Ward (1830-1907), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Thomas Alfred ('Tommy') Ward (1887-1936), South African cricketer. 1 Portrait

Victoria Penelope Jane ('Vicky') Ward (1969-), Author, television commentator and journalist; Contributing Editor of Vanity Fair. 1 Portrait

William Ward (1731-1797), Master mariner and merchant. 2 Portraits

William ('Bill') Ward (active 1789-1792), Boxer; murderer. 5 Portraits

William Ward (1769-1823), Baptist missionary in India. 1 Portrait

Hon. William Dudley Ward (1877-1946), Barrister, Liberal politician; MP for Southampton and sailor; Olympian. 2 Portraits

William Pearson Ward (1825?-1909), Army surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Welsford Ward (1854-1932), Member of Council, Bristol University and Clifton College. 2 Portraits

Miss Ward (active 1840). 1 Portrait

Vice Chancellor Ward (active 19th century). 1 Portrait

Trevor ('Dozy') Ward-Davies (1944-), Musician; member of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. 5 Portraits

Lady Harriet Warde (née North) (1836-1922), Wife of George Warde; daughter of 6th Earl of Guilford. 3 Portraits

Beatrice Warde (1900-1969), Authority on typography. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Edward Warde, 1st Bt (1845-1937), Colonel. 6 Portraits

Sir Edward Charles Warde (1810-1884), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Florence Warde (active 1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

Florrie Warde, Actress. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Hodgson Warde (1889-1972), Bishop of Lewes. 4 Portraits

George Warde (1827-1877), Army officer and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

George Warde (circa 1837-1917), Actor. 1 Portrait

Helen (née De Stern), Lady Warde (died 1933), Daughter of 1st Viscount Stern; wife of Sir Charles Edward Warde, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

James Prescott Warde (1792-1840), Actor. 5 Portraits

Sir Patience Warde (1629-1696), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

St Andrew Bruce Warde (1852-1929), Major and Chief Constable of Hampshire County Constabulary. 3 Portraits

Thomas Herbert Warde (1882-1960), Engineer Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Willie Warde (1857-1943), Actor. 1 Portrait

William Warde-Aldam (1925-2015), Major; Justice of the Peace. 3 Portraits

John Paull Meredith Wardell, Managing Director. 2 Portraits

Florence Warden (née Florence Alice Price, later James) (1857-1929), Novelist and actress; wife of George E. James; daughter of C.W. Price. 2 Portraits

Howard William Warden (1849-1930), Justice of the Peace and magistrate. 2 Portraits

John Arthur Warder (1909-1989), Managing Director of oil companies. 1 Portrait

Joseph Warder (1654 or 1645-1724), Writer on bee-keeping. 1 Portrait

Hibo Wardere, Campaigner against female genital mutilation (FGM), author and public speaker. 1 Portrait

John Martin Donald Ward-Harrison (1918-1985), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John William Beaumont Pease, 1st Baron Wardington (1869-1950), Banker; Chairman of Lloyds. 16 Portraits

Dorothy Charlotte Pease (née Forster), Lady Wardington, Former wife of Hon. Harold Lubbock, and later wife of 1st Baron Wardington; daughter of 1st Baron Forster. 3 Portraits

Eileen Ward Jackson (née Hunter) (1908-2000), Textile designer. 3 Portraits

Lady Horatia Elizabeth Wardlaw (née Waldegrave) (1823-1884), Former wife of John Joseph Webbe Weston, and later wife of John Wardlaw; daughter of 6th Earl of Waldegrave. 2 Portraits

Ralph Wardlaw (1779-1821), Congregational minister and theologian. 1 Portrait

Robert Wardlaw (1817-1885), Army officer. 2 Portraits

William Wardlaw (1892-1958), Professor Emeritus of Physical Chemistry. 2 Portraits

Sir John Sydney Wardlaw-Milne (1879-1967), Politician; MP for Kidderminster. 12 Portraits

Vyvien Mary Headland-Pike (née Bolton), Lady Wardlaw-Milne (died 1965), Second wife of Sir John Sydney Wardlaw-Milne. 4 Portraits

Lady Louisa Jane Wardlaw-Ramsay (née Hay) (1819-1882), Wife of Robert Balfour Wardlaw-Ramsay; daughter of 8th Marquess of Tweeddale. 2 Portraits

Arthur Wardle (1864-1949), Artist. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Wardle), Lady Wardle (1834-1902), Founder of The Leek Embroidery Society; daughter of Hugh Wardle; wife of Sir Thomas Wardle. 1 Portrait

George James Wardle (1865-1947), Politician and editor of 'Railway Review'. 10 Portraits

Gwyllym Lloyd Wardle (circa 1761-1833), Soldier and politician. 9 Portraits

L.K. Wardle (active 1943), Indian Army officer. 1 Portrait

Robin John Stuart Wardle (1944-), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Wardle (1831-1909), Promoter of the silk industry. 3 Portraits

Donald Joule Wardley (1893-1950), Deputy Secretary and Minister Resident for Cairo. 8 Portraits

Alexander Hamilton Wardlow (active 1870-1899), Miniature portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Alexander Tucker Wardrop (1866-1934), Superintendent of Native Police, British North Borneo. 2 Portraits

James John Marjoribanks Wardrop (1818-1873), Army surgeon. 1 Portrait

Sir John Oliver Wardrop (1864-1948), Diplomat and Georgian scholar. 3 Portraits

J.R. Wardrop (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Henry Sheehan Wardroper (1845-died 1910), Mimic. 4 Portraits

Walter Wardroper (1847-1908), Mimic. 4 Portraits

Janet Wardrop Moore (née Erskine), Wife of John Wardrop Moore; daughter of Sir James Monteith Erskine. 1 Portrait

Anna Margaret (née Phibbs), Lady Ware, Wife of Sir Fabian Arthur Goulstone Ware. 2 Portraits

Sir Fabian Arthur Goulstone Ware (1869-1949), Major-General, founder of Imperial War Graves Commission. 18 Portraits

Sir Frank Ware (1886-1968), Indian veterinary Service. 1 Portrait

Henry Ware (1830-1909), Bishop of Barrow-in-Furness. 1 Portrait

Isaac Ware (1704?-1766), Architect. 2 Portraits

Sir James Ware (1594-1666), Antiquary and historian. 2 Portraits

Martyn Ware (1956-), Musician; songwriter and member of The Human League and Heaven 17. 1 Portrait

Marcus Wareing (1970-), Chef and restaurateur. 1 Portrait

Edward Alfred Goulding, 1st Baron Wargrave (1862-1936), Politician and financier. 12 Portraits

William Warham (1450?-1532), Archbishop of Canterbury. 11 Portraits

Andy Warhol (1928-1987), Artist. 2 Portraits

Jean Warin (Varin) (1604-1672), Sculptor, medallist and goldsmith. 1 Portrait

Lady (Susan Elizabeth) Clementine Waring (née Hay) (1879-1964), Wife of Walter Waring; daughter of 10th Marquess of Tweeddale. 1 Portrait

Herbert Waring (Herbert Waring Rutty) (1857-1932), Actor. 6 Portraits

Sir Holburt Jacob Waring, 1st Bt (1866-1953), Surgeon. 4 Portraits

Thomas Waring (1828-1898), Army officer, politician and landowner. 1 Portrait

William Waring (1800-circa 1877), Archdeacon of Ludlow and canon of Hereford cathedral. 2 Portraits

William Wheat Waring (1861-1930), Army Captain and Lord of the Manor of Beenham, Berkshire. 2 Portraits

Gertrude Warman (née Earle), Wife of (Frederick Sumpter) Guy Warman; daughter of Norwood Earle. 1 Portrait

(Frederick Sumpter) Guy Warman (1872-1953), Bishop of Manchester from (1929). 17 Portraits

G.S. Warman, Soldier. 1 Portrait

Alice Daisy (née Ing), Lady Warmington (died 1913), Wife of Sir Marshall Denham Warmington, 2nd Bt. 3 Portraits

Eileen Mary (née Howes), Lady Warmington (1912-1969), Chief Officer WRNS; second wife of Sir Marshall George Clitherow Warmington, 3rd Bt. 3 Portraits

Eric Herbert Warmington (1898-1987), Professor Emeritus of Classics. 1 Portrait

Ethel Graham (née Gillies), Lady Warmington (died 1957), Wife of Sir Marshall Denham Warmington, 2nd Bt; daughter of John Lawson Gillies. 3 Portraits

(Cornelius) Marshall Warmington (1842-1908), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

George Henry Warne (1881-1928), Labour Politician; MP for Wansbeck. 2 Portraits

John Warne (Warren) (circa 1526-1555), Upholsterer and martyr. 2 Portraits

Robert Spencer Warne (1903-1990), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Arthur Warne-Browne (1898-1962), Air Marshal. 5 Portraits

Frederick John Warnecke (circa 1907-1977), Bishop of Bethlehem. 1 Portrait

Samuel Wilson Warneford (1762-1855), Philanthropist. 2 Portraits

Lady Leucha Diana Warner (née Maude) (1862-1947), Wife of Sir Courtenay Warner, 1st Bt; daughter of 1st Earl de Montalt. 2 Portraits

Adrian Warner (1962-), Journalist; BBC correspondent, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Alan Warner (1947-), Musician; guitarist for The Foundations. 2 Portraits

Ann Warner (died 1689), Nun; daughter of Sir John Warner, Bt. 3 Portraits

Charles Warner (Charles John Lickfold) (1846-1909), Actor. 14 Portraits

Christopher Frederick Ashton Warner (1895-1957), Diplomat, Ambassador to Belgium and businessman. 3 Portraits

Hon. Clarice May Warner (née Borwick) (1875-1959), Wife of William Ward Warner; daughter of 1st Baron Borwick. 4 Portraits

Sir (Thomas) Courtenay Theydon Warner, 1st Bt (1857-1934), Politician; Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk. 11 Portraits

David Warner (1941-2022), Actor. 3 Portraits

Deborah Warner (1959-), Theatre and film director. 1 Portrait

Edmond William Warner (1963-), Chair, UK Athletics, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Redston Warner (1911-2002), Ambassador. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Warner (1862-1930), Industrialist. 3 Portraits

George Warner, Shoeshiner. 1 Portrait

Sir George Frederic Warner (1845-1936), Archivist. 1 Portrait

Sir George Redston Warner (1879-1978), Diplomat. 9 Portraits

Grace Warner (Mrs Franklin McLeay) (1873-1925), Actress and manager; daughter of Charles Warner. 1 Portrait

Henry Byron Warner (1875-1958), Actor. 1 Portrait

Jack Warner (Horace John Waters) (1895-1981), Actor. 7 Portraits

James Warner, Minister. 1 Portrait

John ('Jack') Warner (1911-1980), Footballer. 7 Portraits

John Warner (baptised 1581-1666), Bishop of Rochester. 1 Portrait

John William Warner (1927-2021), Politician, Senator and Secretary of the Navy. 1 Portrait

J.E. Warner, Captain. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Charles Harman Warner (1891-1983), Bishop of Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Sir Lionel Ashton Piers Warner (1875-1953), Justice of the Peace and General Manager, Mersey Docks. 1 Portrait

Dame Marina Sarah Warner (1946-), Writer and critic; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 4 Portraits

Mary Amelia Warner (1804-1854), Actress. 3 Portraits

Metford Warner (circa 1843-1930), Paper stainer. 1 Portrait

Sir Pelham Francis Warner (1873-1963), Cricketer and writer on cricket. 15 Portraits

Richard Warner (1763-1857), Divine and author. 2 Portraits

Sylvia Townsend Warner (1893-1978), Novelist and poet. 11 Portraits

Lady Trevor Warner (née Hanmer) (1638-1670), Carthusian nun. 1 Portrait

Helen Mary Warnock, Baroness Warnock (1924-2019), Philosopher and public servant. 2 Portraits

William Robertson Lyon Warnock (1916-1971), Accountant. 1 Portrait

Anne Rachel (née Devas), Countess de la Warr, Wife of 10th Earl de la Warr; daughter of Geoffrey Charles Devas. 6 Portraits

Augustus Frederick Warr (1847-1908), Politician and solicitor. 1 Portrait

Charles Laing Warr (1892-1969), Dean of the Chapel Royal in Scotland. 4 Portraits

Sir George Godfrey Warr (1882-1943), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Sir James Howard Warrack (1855-1926). 2 Portraits

Edmond Warre (1837-1920), Headmaster. 8 Portraits

Francis Warre Warre-Cornish (1839-1916), Schoolmaster and author. 1 Portrait

Laurencina Warre Cornish (née Meinertzhagen) (1883-1971), Wife of Hubert Warre Cornish; daughter of Daniel Meinertzhagen VI. 1 Portrait

Alwyn Keith Warren (1900-1978), Bishop of Christchurch. 1 Portrait

B.J. Warren (or B.I. Warren). 1 Portrait

Charles Warren (1766 or 1767-1823), Line engraver. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Warren (1840-1927), General, police commissioner and archaeologist. 12 Portraits

Charles Buchanan Moncur Warren (1906-1999), Physician and mountaineer. 3 Portraits

Christopher P. Warren (circa 1896-1960), Brigadier-General; son of Edward Prioleau Warren and Margaret Warren (née Morrell). 5 Portraits

Edmund Thomas Warren (died 1784), Musician. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Warren of Poynton, 1st Bt (1563-1609), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Edward R. Warren. 1 Portrait

Emily Warren ('Emily Pott') (died 1781), Courtesan. 2 Portraits

Lady Frances Warren (née Bisshopp) (1741-1804), Second wife of Sir George Warren; daughter of Sir Cecil Bishopp, 6th Bt. 1 Portrait

Frederick Warren (1775-1848), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Gary Warren (1954-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Gloria Warren, Actress. 3 Portraits

Sir (Henry William) Hugh Warren (1891-1961), Managing Director of Associated Electrical Industries Limited. 6 Portraits

Irene Warren, Actress and singer. 15 Portraits

Lady Jane Warren (née Revell) (died 1761), First wife of Sir George Warren (1735-1801). 1 Portrait

Jaqueta M.N. Warren (née Lunn), Daughter of Sir Arnold Henry Moore Lunn; wife of Charles Vivian Warren. 10 Portraits

Sir John Warren (1540-1587), of Poynton. 1 Portrait

John Warren (1730-1800), Bishop of Bangor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Borlase Warren (1753-1822), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Minnie Warren (1841-1878), Entertainer; sister of Lavinia Warren. 2 Portraits

Sir Mortimer Langton Warren (1903-1972), Financial secretary. 2 Portraits

Pelham Warren (1778-1835), Physician. 2 Portraits

Sir Peter Warren (1703 or 1704-1752), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Peter Warren (active 1920), Friend of Lady Ottoline Morrell. 1 Portrait

Richard Warren (1731-1797), Physician. 1 Portrait

Richard Warren (1876-1957), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Samuel Warren (1781-1862), Wesleyan Methodist minister. 1 Portrait

Samuel Warren (1807-1877), Lawyer and writer. 5 Portraits

Thomas Warren (circa 1617-1694), Presbyterian minister. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Herbert Warren (1853-1930), President of Magdalen College, Oxford and scholar and man of letters. 5 Portraits

Tony Warren (1936-2016), Creator of Coronation Street. 2 Portraits

William Warren (1682-1745), President of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, vicar of Ashford and antiquary. 2 Portraits

Hon. William Robertson Warren (1879-1927), Prime Minister of Newfoundland. 2 Portraits

Zalie Warren (circa 2016-), Goddaughter of Henry, Duke of Sussex; daughter of Jake and Zoe Warren. 2 Portraits

Lady Ethel Maud Warrender (née Ashley-Cooper) (1870-1945), Singer and patron of music; writer; wife of Sir George John Scott Warrender, 7th Bt. 13 Portraits

Hugh Valdave Warrender (1868-1926), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Liz Warrender (active 1954), Godmother to Piers Murray-Hill. 1 Portrait

Michael John Victor Warrender (1949-), Eldest son of 2nd Baron Bruntisfield. 10 Portraits

(Ann) Moireen Warrender (née Campbell) (died 1976), First wife of 2nd Baron Bruntisfield. 5 Portraits

Simon George Warrender (1922-2011), Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve; second son of 1st Baron Bruntisfield. 2 Portraits

Michael Henry Warriner (1908-1986), Civil servant and rower; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Henry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington (1652-1694), Politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 6 Portraits

Thomas Rolls Warrington, 1st Baron Warrington of Clyffe (1851-1937), Judge. 4 Portraits

Mrs Warrington-Smyth (née Thorold), Daughter of William John Creeny Thorold. 2 Portraits

Edith May Warter (1804-1871), Daughter of Robert Southey; wife of John Wood Warter. 1 Portrait

Edward Warter (active 19th century). 1 Portrait

Sir Philip Allan Warter (1903-1971), Film and television executive. 5 Portraits

Charles Nicholas Warton (1832-1900), Politician; MP and member of the Western Australian Legislative Council. 2 Portraits

Eileen Warton, Actress. 3 Portraits

Joseph Warton (1722-1800), Literary critic. 4 Portraits

Thomas Warton the Younger (1728-1790), Literary historian; critic and poet. 4 Portraits

Henry Beauchamp, Duke of Warwick (1425-1446), Magnate. 1 Portrait

Francis Richard Charles Guy Greville, 5th Earl of Warwick (1835-1924), Freemason and Conservative politician; MP for Somerset East and Colchester. 1 Portrait

Thomas Beauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick (1337 or 1339-1401), Magnate. 1 Portrait

Margaret Beauchamp (née Ferrers), Countess of Warwick (before 1378-1407), First wife of 12th Earl of Warwick. 1 Portrait

Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick and 6th Salisbury (1428-1471), Landowner. 3 Portraits

Anne Neville (née Beauchamp), Countess of Warwick and Salisbury (1426-1492), Daughter of 13th Earl of Warwick; wife of 16th Earl of Warwick and 6th Earl of Salisbury. 2 Portraits

Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick (1475-1499), Potential claimant to the English throne; son of George, Duke of Clarence. 2 Portraits

Ambrose Dudley, 3rd Earl of Warwick (circa 1530-1590), Magnate. 5 Portraits

Guy Dudley, Earl of Warwick. 1 Portrait

Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick (1587-1658), Lord High Admiral. 33 Portraits

Anne Dudley (née Russell), Countess of Warwick (1548 or 1549-1604), Courtier. 1 Portrait

Henry Richard Greville, 3rd Earl of Warwick (1779-1853). 2 Portraits

George Guy Greville, 4th Earl of Warwick (1818-1893), Politician; MP for South Warwickshire. 2 Portraits

Leopold Guy Francis Maynard Greville, 6th Earl of Warwick (1882-1928), Army officer and landowner. 1 Portrait

Charles Guy Fulke Greville, 7th Earl of Warwick (1911-1984), Mayor of Warwick. 8 Portraits

Mary Rich (née Boyle), Countess of Warwick (1624-1678), Writer. 5 Portraits

Edward Rich, 6th Earl of Warwick and 3rd Earl of Holland (1673-1701), Peer and member of the House of Lords. 3 Portraits

Henrietta Greville (née Vernon), Countess of Warwick (1760-1838), Second wife of George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick; daughter of Richard Vernon. 1 Portrait

Sarah Elizabeth Greville (née Savile), Countess of Warwick (1786-1851), First wife of 3rd Earl of Warwick. 2 Portraits

Frances Evelyn ('Daisy') Greville (née Maynard), Countess of Warwick (1861-1938), Society beauty and socialist writer; wife of 5th Earl of Warwick. 42 Portraits

Rose Greville (née Bingham), Countess of Warwick (1913-1972), Wife of 7th Earl of Warwick. 5 Portraits

Clint Warwick (1940-2004), Musician; member of The Moody Blues. 3 Portraits

Cyril Walter Warwick (1899-1985), Company director. 1 Portrait

Ethel Warwick (1882-1951), Stage and film actress; wife of Edmund Waller. 6 Portraits

Sir Norman Richard Combe Warwick (1892-1962), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Sir Philip Warwick (1609-1683), Politician and historian; MP for Radner. 3 Portraits

Walter Curry Warwick (1877-1963), Chairman of Pacific Steam Navigation Co. 1 Portrait

William Geoffrey Warwick (1898-1955), Chaplain; Vice-President and Chairman of the Society for Improving the Condition of the Labouring Classes. 2 Portraits

Francis Greville, 1st Earl of Warwick and Brooke (1719-1773). 3 Portraits

George Greville, 2nd Earl of Warwick and Brooke (1746-1816). 1 Portrait

Mona Washbourne (1903-1988), Actress. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Martin Washburn (1887-1966), Bishop of Newark, New Jersey. 1 Portrait

Bill Washington. 1 Portrait

George Washington (1732-1799), First President of the United States. 22 Portraits

Alice Seymour Wason (née Bell) (died 1924), Wife of (John) Cathcart Wason; daughter of Edward Bell. 1 Portrait

(John) Cathcart Wason (1848-1921), Politician, barrister and farmer. 4 Portraits

Eugene Wason (1846-1927), Politician and lawyer. 8 Portraits

Jacob van Wassenaer (1635-1714), Dutch general. 1 Portrait

Giles Adrian Waterfield (1949-2016), Art historian; Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery. 1 Portrait

Matilda Rose Waterfield (née Herschel) (1844-1914), Second wife of William Waterfield; daughter of Sir John Herschel. 2 Portraits

Sir (Alexander) Percival Waterfield (1888-1965), First civil service commissioner. 11 Portraits

Louisa Anne Beresford (née Stuart), Marchioness of Waterford (1818-1891), Watercolour painter and philanthropist. 5 Portraits

John de la Poer Beresford, 4th Marquess Waterford (1814-1866), Rural dean. 1 Portrait

Christiana Beresford (née Leslie), Marchioness of Waterford (died 1905), Wife of 4th Marquess of Waterford; daughter of Charles Powell Leslie. 5 Portraits

John Henry de la Poer Beresford, 5th Marquess Waterford (1844-1895). 3 Portraits

Blanche Elizabeth Adelaide Beresford (née Somerset), Marchioness of Waterford (1856-1897), Second wife of John, 5th Marquess of Waterford. 4 Portraits

Florence Grosvenor (née Rowley), Marchioness of Waterford (1836-1873), Second wife of John Cranch Walker Vivian and later first wife of 5th Marquess of Waterford; daughter of George Rowley. 2 Portraits

John Charles de la Poer Beresford, 7th Marquess of Waterford (1901-1934), Army officer. 15 Portraits

Juliet Mary Beresford (née Lindsay), Marchioness of Waterford (1904-1987), Wife of 7th Marquess of Waterford, and later wife of John E.D. Silcock. 4 Portraits

Caroline Olein Geraldine Beresford (née Wyndham-Quin), Marchioness of Waterford (1936-), Wife of 8th Marquess of Waterford; daughter of 6th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl. 1 Portrait

Lady Caroline Waterhouse (née Spencer-Churchill) (1923-1992), Extra lady-in-waiting to Princess Alexandra; wife of Major (Charles) Huguenot Waterhouse; daughter of 10th Duke of Marlborough. 7 Portraits

Alfred Waterhouse (1830-1905), Architect. 3 Portraits

Charles Waterhouse (1893-1975), Politician and Chairman of the East Midlands Area of Conservative and Unionist Associations. 17 Portraits

Edward Waterhouse (1619-1670), Antiquary and author. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Waterhouse (née Hodgkin) (1834-1918), Wife of Alfred Waterhouse; daughter of John Hodgkin. 1 Portrait

Sir Ellis Kirkham Waterhouse (1905-1985), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Eric Strickland Waterhouse (1879-1964), Professor of Philosophy of Religion. 1 Portrait

George Waterhouse (1789-1844), Dissenting minister at Dewsbury. 1 Portrait

George Guy Waterhouse (1886-1975), Major-General. 4 Portraits

George Robert Waterhouse (1810-1888), Zoologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Herbert Furnivall Waterhouse (1864-1931), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

John William Waterhouse (1849-1917), Figure painter. 3 Portraits

Keith Spencer Waterhouse (1929-2009), Novelist, playwright and screenwriter. 6 Portraits

Michael Waterhouse (1888-1968), Architect. 1 Portrait

Nourah Winifred Athelstan (née Chard), Lady Waterhouse (later Giles) (died 1990), Writer and royal courtier; former second wife of Sir Ronald Waterhouse, and later wife of James Alfred Giles. 2 Portraits

Sir Ronald Waterhouse (1878-1942), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Samuel Waterhouse (1815-1881), Major in the 2nd West York Regiment and Conservative politician; MP for Pontefract. 1 Portrait

Thomas Waterhouse (died 1554), Rector of Quainton. 3 Portraits

Daniel Waterland (1683-1740), Theologian. 2 Portraits

Adelaide Hay (née Gordon), Lady Waterlow (1872-1957), Wife of Sir William Alfred Waterlow, 1st Bt; daughter of Thomas Gordon. 2 Portraits

Diana Suzanne (née Skyrme), Lady Waterlow (1943-), Wife of Sir (James) Gerard Waterlow, 4th Bt; daughter of Sir William Thomas Charles Skyrme and granddaughter of 1st Baron Lyle. 13 Portraits

Sir Ernest Albert Waterlow (1850-1919), Landscape and animal painter. 6 Portraits

Marjorie Waterlow (1888-1921), Actress. 4 Portraits

Sir Philip Hickson Waterlow, 2nd Bt (1847-1931), Chairman of Waterlow and Sons, engravers of banknotes, postage stamps and share certificates. 1 Portrait

Sir Sydney Hedley Waterlow, 1st Bt (1822-1906), Printer; politician, philanthropist and Lord Mayor of London. 6 Portraits

Sir Sydney Philip Waterlow (1878-1944), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir William Alfred Waterlow (1871-1931), Lord Mayor of London, alderman and sheriff. 9 Portraits

Dennis Waterman (1948-2022), Actor, singer and dancer. 1 Portrait

Fanny Waterman (1920-2020), Chairman of the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition; president of the Harrogate International Music Festival. 1 Portrait

Henry Anson Cavendish, 4th Baron Waterpark (1839-1912), Chairman of Derbyshire County Council. 1 Portrait

Billy Waters (circa 1778-1823), Actor and musician. 2 Portraits

Doris Ethel Waters (1899-1978), Radio comedian. 5 Portraits

(Florence) Elsie Waters (1893-1990), Radio comedian. 5 Portraits

Sir Harry George Waters (1868-1946), Chairman of Unemployment Exchange. 2 Portraits

Sir John Waters (1774-1842), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Roger Waters (1943-), Musician, singer and songwriter for 'Pink Floyd'. 3 Portraits

Sarah Waters (1966-), Author. 2 Portraits

Thomas Brocas Waters, Vicar, Holy Trinity, St Marylebone. 1 Portrait

Mrs Waters, Headmistress. 1 Portrait

Anthony Peter Waterson (1923-1983), Professor of Virology. 1 Portrait

E.H. Waterson. 1 Portrait

G?.W.A. Waterson. 1 Portrait

Sidney Frank Waterson (1896-1976), South African politician; Minister of Trade and Industry. 13 Portraits

A.C. Waterston (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Timothy John Stuart Waterstone (1939-), Founder of Waterstone's Booksellers. 1 Portrait

Charles Waterton (1782-1865), Naturalist. 2 Portraits

Edmund Waterton (1830-1887), Antiquary and Privy Chamberlain to Pope Pius IX. 2 Portraits

Margaret Alicia Josephine Waterton (née Ennis), Wife of Edmund Waterton. 2 Portraits

Gwen Watford (1927-1994), Actress. 1 Portrait

(Christopher) Aelred Paul Watkin (1918-1998), Housemaster at Downside School. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward William Watkin, 1st Bt (1819-1901), Railway promoter and politician. 4 Portraits

Alan Rhun Watkins (1933-2010), Political columnist. 2 Portraits

Frederick Watkins (1808-1888), Clergyman and H.M. Inspector of Schools; friend of Charles Darwin. 1 Portrait

Frederick Charles Watkins (1883-1954), Politician; MP for Hackney. 2 Portraits

Henry George ('Gino') Watkins (1907-1932), Arctic explorer. 9 Portraits

G.C. Watkins (active 1950s). 1 Portrait

(George) Herbert Watkins (1828-1916), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Ivor Stanley Watkins (1896-1960), Bishop of Guildford. 1 Portrait

Jennie Westlake Watkins (née Ruthen) (1898-1964), Daughter of Sir Charles Tamlin Ruthen; wife of Garfield Attwood Watkins. 1 Portrait

John Lloyd Vaughan Watkins (1802-1865), Liberal politician: MP for Brecon. 1 Portrait

Jonathan Watkins (1957-), Curator; Director, Ikon Gallery. 1 Portrait

Owen Spencer Watkins (1873-1957), Army chaplain. 3 Portraits

Watkins. 1 Portrait

Mr Watkins (active 1760s-1780s), Actor. 1 Portrait

Harold Arthur Watkinson, 1st Viscount Watkinson (1910-1995), Businessman and politician; Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation. 8 Portraits

Sir (George) Laurence Watkinson (1896-1974), Deputy Secretary Ministry of Fuel and Power, London Electricity Consultative Council, London Electricity Board. 9 Portraits

Denys James Watkins-Pitchford ('B.B.') (1905-1990), Author and artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Watkin Williams (1911-1996), Judge. 1 Portrait

Cleveland Watkiss (1959-), Jazz singer and musician. 2 Portraits

Frederic William Watkyn-Thomas (1887-1963), Consulting surgeon. 1 Portrait

Jody Watley (1959-), Singer, songwriter and producer, founder of Aviton Records. 2 Portraits

D.E. Watling (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Ada Annie Watney (née Nunn, later Weguelin) (1868-1938), Former wife of Claude Watney, and later wife of Bernard Weguelin. 1 Portrait

Blanche Maria Georgiana Watney (née Burrell) (1836-1915), Wife of James Watney Jr; daughter of Frederick Salmon Burrell. 1 Portrait

Hon. Eleanor Jane Emily Watney (née Hawke) (1871-1940), Wife of Arthur Gordon Watney; daughter of 6th Baron Hawke. 3 Portraits

Florence Blanche Watney (1857-1863), Daughter of James Watney Jr. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Dormay Watney (1870-1965), Colonel; Director of the Royal Exchange Assurance. 10 Portraits

Vernon James Watney (1860-1928), Brewer. 1 Portrait

(John Hugh) Adam Watson (1914-2007), Professor and diplomat. 8 Portraits

Agnes Watson, Actress. 1 Portrait

Agnes Shaw Watson (died 1990), Royal Army Nursing Corps Colonel. 1 Portrait

Hon. Alastair Joseph Watson (1901-1955), Army captain. 1 Portrait

Alexander Watson (active 1784), Writer to the Signet. 3 Portraits

Alfred Augustin Watson (1818-1905), Bishop of East Carolina. 1 Portrait

Alfred Edward Thomas Watson (1849-1922), Writer, critic and editor. 3 Portraits

Sir Alfred Henry Watson (1874-1967), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred William Watson (1870-1936), Actuary and civil servant. 4 Portraits

Angela Blanche Gladwin Watson (née Denniss) (died 1959), First wife of Hon. Robert Fraser Watson. 3 Portraits

Sir (James) Angus Watson (1874-1961), Founder of Angus Watson & Co Ltd. 7 Portraits

Hon. Ann Watson (died 1717), Daughter of 2nd Baron Rockingham and Lady Anne Wentworth. 1 Portrait

Anne Watson (active 1852). 1 Portrait

Archibald Watson (1849-1940), Professor of anatomy. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Egerton Watson (1882-1967), Civil Servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Townley Watson, 2nd Bt (1830-1907), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Audrey Watson (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Basil Bernard Watson (1877-1941), Barrister and Metropolitan Magistrate. 7 Portraits

Belinda Mary Watson (née Holmden) (1942-), Wife of Henry Watson; daughter of George Alexander Holmden; granddaughter of 1st Viscount Runciman. 1 Portrait

Bertram Chalmers Watson (1887-1976), Vice-Admiral. 8 Portraits

Sir Bertrand Watson (1878-1948), Chief Metropolitan Magistrate and politician. 5 Portraits

Bob Watson (active 1790), Prize-fighter. 1 Portrait

Hon. Bridget Doreen Watson (née de Courcy) (1915-1998), Former wife of George Ian Falconer Thomson, and later wife of Stephen Watson; daughter of 34th Baron Kingsale. 3 Portraits

Sir Brook Watson, 1st Bt (1735-1807), Merchant and official. 6 Portraits

Caroline M. Watson (née Adam), Wife of Hon. Thomas Henry Watson. 2 Portraits

Charles Watson (1714-1757), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Cuningham Watson (1874-1934), Colonial administrator, India. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederic Watson (1877-1948), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Moore Watson (1844-1916), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Daril Gerard Watson (1888-1967), General. 8 Portraits

Sir David Watson (1871-1922), Canadian Major-General and journalist. 4 Portraits

David Meredith Seares Watson (1886-1973), Palaeontologist. 3 Portraits

Sir Duncan Watson (1873-1959), Electrical engineer. 9 Portraits

(Robert) Dymock Watson (1904-1988), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Edward Watson (1976-), Dancer. 2 Portraits

Edwin Watson, General. 1 Portrait

Emily Watson (1967-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Emma Watson (1990-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Watson (1907-1992), Art historian; Director of the Wallace Collection. 1 Portrait

George Watson (active 1907), Policeman. 3 Portraits

George Spencer Watson (1869-1934), Painter. 5 Portraits

Gilbert France Watson (1895-1976), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Gordon Watson, Colonel. 2 Portraits

G.M. Watson, Brigadier. 3 Portraits

G.M. Watson, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Sir Harry Davis Watson (1866-1945), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Hebe Watson. 1 Portrait

Helen Louise Watson (née Angus) (1931-), Wife of Thomas Alexander Watson. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Watson (1873-1964), Actress. 1 Portrait

Henry Watson (active 1784), Hardware merchant. 1 Portrait

Horace Cyril Watson (1876-1949), Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Hugh Watson (1897-1966), Solicitor; Deputy Keeper of Her Majesty’s Signet. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Dudley Richards Watson (1872-1954), Admiral. 6 Portraits

Hugh Wharton Myddleton Watson (1881-1938), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Irwin C. Watson (1928-1999), Actor. 1 Portrait

James Watson (1766-1838), Radical and Spa Fields rioter. 2 Portraits

James Watson. 1 Portrait

James Dewey Watson (1928-), Scientist. 1 Portrait

Jenny Watson (1964-), Deputy Chair, Equal Opportunities Commission. 1 Portrait

John Watson (1725-1783), Rector of Stockport; antiquary. 1 Portrait

John Watson (1946-), Racing driver. 1 Portrait

John Watson (1852-1908), Master of the Meath Hounds and polo player. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ballingall Forbes Watson (1879-1952), Director of British Employers' Confederation. 1 Portrait

John Dawson Watson (1832-1892), Painter and illustrator. 6 Portraits

John Garth Watson (1914-1992), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

John James Watson (1768-1839), Archdeacon of St Albans. 1 Portrait

Sir John Mathewson Watson (1871-1942), Justice of the Peace, Alderman and Magistrate; Chairman of White Heather Fund and Home for Blind Children at Old Colwyn. 1 Portrait

Joshua Watson (1771-1855), Philanthropist. 1 Portrait

J. Watson, Member of Glasgow University Liberal Committee. 1 Portrait

J.H.A. Watson. 1 Portrait

J.W. Watson (active 19th century), Preacher of Beresford Chapel, Walworth. 1 Portrait

(Elizabeth) Leslie Watson (active 1930s), Tennis player; sister of Beatrice Mary ('Bea') Seal (née Watson). 1 Portrait

L.G. Watson? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Malcolm Watson (1873-1955), Malariologist. 4 Portraits

Mamie Watson. 3 Portraits

Margaret Catherine Watson (died 1913), Daughter of Sir Thomas Watson, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Mary Watson (née Hill), Sister of David Octavius Hill. 1 Portrait

Mary Gray Watson (née Crum) (1832-1908), Daughter of Walter Crum; wife of Reverend Charles Watson. 1 Portrait

Mary Spencer Watson (1913-2006), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Michael Watson (1909-1991), Air Commodore and Rolls Royce Manager. 6 Portraits

Mungo Watson (died 1809), Beadle. 1 Portrait

N. Rosalind Watson. 1 Portrait

Pat Watson, Actress. 3 Portraits

Reginald James Newall Watson (1877-1930), Captain, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

Richard Watson (1737-1816), Cleric and chemist. 10 Portraits

Richard Watson (1781-1833), Methodist divine. 3 Portraits

Richard Watson (1800-1852), Soldier and politician; MP for Canterbury. 2 Portraits

Richard Simpson Watson (1902-1987), Seventh Episcopal Bishop of Utah. 1 Portrait

Rosalind Cynthia Watson (née Newman) (1936-), Daughter of Sir Cecil Gustavus Jacques Newman, 2nd Bt; wife of Francis Albert John Watson. 6 Portraits

Rosamond (née Rushworth), Lady Watson (1830-1904), Wife of Sir Arthur Townley Watson, 2nd Bt; daughter of Charles Powlett Rushworth. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Joan) Sybil Watson (née Berry) (1919-1988), Wife of Michael Colvin Watson; daughter of 1st Baron Buckland. 7 Portraits

Thomas Watson (circa 1620-1686), Puritan divine. 9 Portraits

Thomas Watson (1743-1825), Presbyterian minister at Whitby. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Watson, 1st Bt (1792-1882), Physician. 6 Portraits

Thomas Alexander Knox Watson, Major. 2 Portraits

Thomas Anthony ('Tom') Watson (1967-), Labour politician; MP for West Bromwich East. 2 Portraits

Thomas Henry Watson (1869-1949), Justice of the Peace and Army Officer; son of William Watson, Lord Watson. 2 Portraits

Sir (John) William Watson (1858-1935), Poet. 9 Portraits

Sir William Watson (1902-1984), Treasurer of Bank of Scotland. 1 Portrait

William Innes Watson (1906-1988), Colonel. 3 Portraits

William McLean Watson (1874-1962), Politician; MP for Dunfermline Burghs. 1 Portrait

Mr Watson (active 1789), Messenger. 1 Portrait

Colonel (or Captain) Watson (active 1797), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Lieutenant Colonel Watson (active 1837), Chief Bailiff of the Isle of Ely. 1 Portrait

Mr Watson (active 1839). 1 Portrait

Miss Watson (active 1840s-1916). 3 Portraits

Captain Watson (active 1857). 1 Portrait

Mrs Watson (active 1860s), Grandmother of Mrs James Cumming. 1 Portrait

Sir John Watson-Gordon (1788-1864), Portrait and historical subject painter. 3 Portraits

Sir Reginald Watson-Jones (1902-1972), Orthopaedic surgeon. 12 Portraits

Sir Robert Watson-Watt (1892-1973), Pioneer of radar. 19 Portraits

Alexander Fitzgerald Watt (1871-1957), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Alice Watt (née Cavendish-Bentinck) (1904-1982), Daughter of Lord Charles Cavendish-Bentinck and Cecily Grenfell; wife of Terence Watt. 3 Portraits

Alison Watt (1965-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Andrew Watt, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League. 1 Portrait

Mrs Andrew Watt, Member of the Hammersmith Socialist League; wife of Andrew Watt. 1 Portrait

Emily Helena Watt (née Seismann) (1882-1966), Wife of William Alexander Watt. 1 Portrait

(George) Fiddes Watt (1873-1960), Portrait painter. 1 Portrait

Harry Anderson Watt (1863-1929), Liberal politician; MP for Glasgow College. 2 Portraits

James Watt (1736-1819), Engineer. 17 Portraits

Sir James Watt (1914-2009), Surgeon Vice Admiral; Medical Director-General of the Navy; President of the Royal Society of Medicine. 15 Portraits

John Ernest Watt (1901-1960), Radio broadcaster and producer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mary Watt (née Mackintosh) (1927-), Wife of Charles Michael Watt; daughter of 1st Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax. 5 Portraits

Muriel Maud Watt (née Williams) (born circa 1881), Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Oswald Watt. 4 Portraits

Robert Watt (died 1794), Political radical and traitor. 2 Portraits

Violet Flora Watt (née de Burgh) (1853?-1925), Wife of Andrew Alexander Watt; daughter of George de Burgh. 1 Portrait

William Alexander Watt (1871-1946), Politician; 24th Premier of Victoria. 3 Portraits

George Watteau (died 1931), Servant to David Livingstone. 7 Portraits

Alaric Alexander Watts (1797-1864), Poet and journalist. 2 Portraits

Charles Donald Raynsford Watts (1871-1943), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Charles Robert ('Charlie') Watts (1941-2021), Drummer for the Rolling Stones. 38 Portraits

Christopher Charles Watts (died 1958), Bishop of Damaraland and St Helena. 1 Portrait

David Pike Watts (1754-1816), Wine merchant. 1 Portrait

Diana Watts (active 1926), Big game hunter. 1 Portrait

Elsie Watts (née Giles) (1891-1923), Wife of Captain E.P. Watts; daughter of George Michael James Giles. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Watts (1859-1930), Chemist. 2 Portraits

George Frederic Watts (1817-1904), Painter and sculptor; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 43 Portraits

Gordon Edward Watts (1902-1974), Adviser on Technical Education to Overseas Development Administration, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 2 Portraits

Sir Herbert Edward Watts (1858-1934), Lieutenant-General. 2 Portraits

Horace Godfrey Watts (1901-1959), Bishop of Caledonia, Canada. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Edmund Watts (1888-1958), Chief Inspector of Explosives. 5 Portraits

Isaac Watts (1674-1748), Hymn writer. 13 Portraits

John ('Jack') Watts (1861-1902), Jockey. 3 Portraits

James Watts (active 1930s), Street musician. 1 Portrait

John Evelyn ('J.E.') Watts (1887-1959), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Joseph Watts (1772-1855), Brewer. 1 Portrait

Mary Seton Watts (née Fraser-Tytler) (1849-1938), Painter, designer, architect and architectural ceramicist; second wife of George Frederic Watts; daughter of Charles Edward Fraser-Tytler. 2 Portraits

Maurice Watts. 5 Portraits

Sir Philip Watts (1846-1926), Naval architect. 1 Portrait

Priscilla Maden ('Zillah') Watts (née Wiffen) (1799-1873), Wife of Alaric Alexander ('A.A.') Watts. 1 Portrait

Richard Watts (1529-1579), Businessman and politician; MP for Rochester. 3 Portraits

Sandra Watts (1967-), Torch bearer, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sidney Maurice Watts (1892-1979), Minister and Chairman Congregational Union of England and Wales. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Watts (1868-1951), Surgeon and politician. 5 Portraits

William Whitehead Watts (1860-1947), Professor of Geology. 2 Portraits

Theodore Watts-Dunton (1832-1914), Critic, novelist and poet. 3 Portraits

Jesse Watts-Russell (1786-1875), Politician; MP for Gatton. 2 Portraits

Ernest Watts-Tye (active 1919), Actor. 3 Portraits

Amelia Henrietta Wauchope (née Norman) (1833-1878), Sister of Sir Henry Wylie Norman; wife of Robert Wauchope. 1 Portrait

Andrew Gilbert Wauchope (1846-1899), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Elaine Margaret Wauchope (née Armstrong-Jones) (1895-1965), Wife of Charles Edward Wauchope; daughter of Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Grenfell Wauchope (1874-1947), Army officer and colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Lady Teresa Lorraine Waugh (née Onslow) (1940-), Novelist and translator; wife of Auberon Alexander Waugh; daughter of 6th Earl of Onslow. 1 Portrait

Alexander Raban ('Alec') Waugh (1898-1981), Novelist. 19 Portraits

Alexander Waugh (1754-1827), United Secession minister. 3 Portraits

Andrew Alexander Waugh (1933-), Son of Alec Waugh. 6 Portraits

Auberon Alexander Waugh (1939-2001), Journalist and author; son of Evelyn Waugh. 18 Portraits

Benjamin Waugh (1839-1908), Philanthropist. 4 Portraits

Denis Waugh (1942-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Edwin Waugh (1817-1890), Poet. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966), Novelist. 53 Portraits

Harriet Mary ('Hatty') Waugh (1944-), Writer; daughter of Evelyn Waugh. 6 Portraits

James Waugh (1946-), Son of Evelyn Waugh. 4 Portraits

Joan Waugh (née Chirnside) (1901 or 1902-1969), Second wife of Alec Waugh; daughter of Andrew Chirnside. 8 Portraits

John Waugh (1656-1734), Bishop of Carlisle. 3 Portraits

Laura Waugh (née Herbert) (1916-1973), Second wife of Evelyn Waugh. 5 Portraits

Septimus Waugh (1950-), Son of Evelyn Waugh. 5 Portraits

Sir (Alexander) Telford Waugh (1865-1950), Diplomat. 7 Portraits

Archibald Percival Wavell, 1st Earl Wavell (1883-1950), Field Marshal and viceroy of India. 29 Portraits

Eugenie Marie Wavell (née Quirk), Countess Wavell, Wife of 1st Earl Wavell. 2 Portraits

Archibald John Arthur Wavell, 2nd Earl Wavell (1916-1953), Major. 2 Portraits

Robert Alexander Shafto Adair, Baron Waveney (1811-1886), Liberal politician; MP for Cambridge. 4 Portraits

John Anderson, 1st Viscount Waverley (1882-1958), Administrator and statesman. 23 Portraits

Ava (née Bodley), Viscountess Waverley (1895-1974), Former wife of Ralph Follett Wigram, and later second wife of 1st Viscount Waverley; daughter of John Edward Courtenay Bodley. 4 Portraits

William Hall Walker, 1st Baron Wavertree (1856-1933), Owner of race horses and polo ponies, businessman, politician and art collector; MP for Widnes. 4 Portraits

Sophie Florence Lothrop (née Sheridan), Lady Wavertree (later Fisher) (1872-1952), Matron of Sussex Lodge Hospital; former wife of 1st Baron Wavertree, and later wife of Francis M. B. Fisher; daughter of Algernon Thomas Brinsley Sheridan. 2 Portraits

Harry Waxman (1912-1984), Cinematographer. 1 Portrait

Anthony Gerald ('Tony') Way (1920-2004), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Arthur S. Way (1847-1930), Classics scholar. 1 Portrait

Harriett Elizabeth Way (née Butterworth) (1818-1879), Daughter of Joseph Henry Butterworth; wife of Arthur Edwin Way, MP. 1 Portrait

Henry Hugh Way (circa 1808-1890), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Lewis Way (1772-1840), Religious activist. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard George Kitchener Way (1914-1998), Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Aviation. 2 Portraits

Wilfrid Lewis Mark Way (1905-1982), Bishop of Masasi. 1 Portrait

William Way (1847-1927), Naval commander in Ashanti and Egyptian War. 1 Portrait

Miss Way. 1 Portrait

Sir William Abraham Wayland (1869-1950), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician. 4 Portraits

Harriet Waylett (1798-1851), Actress. 3 Portraits

Sir Myers Wayman (1890-1959), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Arthur William Waymouth (1863-1936), Admiral. 5 Portraits

Carl Wayne (1943-2004), Singer and actor; vocalist for The Move. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Johnson Wayne (1902-1990), Physician. 1 Portrait

Patricia Wayne (née Cutts) (1926-1974), Actress. 1 Portrait

Theresa Wayne (née Boughton) (died 1872), Daughter of Sir William Boughton, Bt. 1 Portrait

Winifred Wayne (Winifred Dean) (1902-1987), Actress and musician. 4 Portraits

William Waynflete (1395?-1486), Bishop of Winchester. 11 Portraits

George Hodgson Wayte (1832-1881), Barrister, curate and writer on prospecting. 1 Portrait

Jon Wealleans (1946-), Architect and interior and furniture designer. 1 Portrait

Philip James Stanhope, Baron Weardale (1847-1923), Politician; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 13 Portraits

Alexandra (née Cancrin), Lady Weardale (formerly Countess Tolstoy) (died 1934), Vice-President of Save the Children Fund; former wife of Count Mathieu Ivanovitch Tolstoy, and later wife of 1st Baron Weardale; daughter of Count von Cancrine. 4 Portraits

William Weare (died 1823), Solicitor and gambler. 1 Portrait

Caroline Ruth Wearing (née Addison) (1942-), Daughter of 3rd Viscount Addison; wife of John Hollis Wearing. 4 Portraits

Gillian Wearing (1963-), Artist. 8 Portraits

James Williamson Wearing (1864-1937), Army captain and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Mrs Elizabeth Cross Weary (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir David Weatherall (1933-2018), Professor of medicine. 2 Portraits

Miles Weatherall (1920-2007), Professor of Pharmacology. 7 Portraits

Charles Weatherby, Deputy Secretary, The Jockey Club. 1 Portrait

Christopher Nicholas Weatherby (1920-2005), Major and Company Chairman. 1 Portrait

Edward Weatherby (1831-1902), Publisher and Director of Weatherbys, horse racing administrators. 1 Portrait

James Weatherby (1811-1894), Director of Weatherbys, horse racing administrators. 2 Portraits

Hon. Mary Helen Kathleen Weatherby (née Ward) (1909-1988), Wife of Peter Mansfield Weatherby; daughter of 6th Viscount Bangor. 2 Portraits

Simon Weatherby, Secretary, The Jockey Club. 1 Portrait

Leslie Dixon Weatherhead (1893-1976), Methodist minister; Rebuilder of the City Temple. 18 Portraits

William Harris Weatherhead (1843-1911), Painter. 2 Portraits

(Bruce) Bernard Weatherill, Baron Weatherill (1920-2007), Politician; Speaker of the House of Commons. 11 Portraits

Frederic Edward Weatherly (1848-1929), Barrister, songwriter and broadcaster of songs and stories. 5 Portraits

Alexander Weatherson (1930-), Artist and teacher. 6 Portraits

Derek John ('Blue') Weaver (1947-), Musician and composer; keyboard player for Amen Corner. 1 Portrait

Sir Lawrence Weaver (1876-1930), Architectural critic. 6 Portraits

Mike Weaver (1937-), Photographic historian. 1 Portrait

Thomas Weaver (Whichcot). 2 Portraits

Tina Weaver (1965-), Journalist and editor of 'The Sunday Mirror'. 1 Portrait

Allan Becher Webb (1839-1907), Dean of Salisbury and Bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa. 5 Portraits

Sir Aston Webb (1849-1930), Architect and President of the Royal Academy. 16 Portraits

A. Webb. 1 Portrait

Basil Webb (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Charles Webb (died 1889), Actor and manager. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Morgan Webb (1872-1963), Indian civil servant. 2 Portraits

Clement Charles Julian Webb (1865-1954), Theologian and philosopher of religion. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Marie Webb (née Dazely) (1920-2007), Wife of Rodger Oscar Webb; daughter of William Edward Dazely; mother of Sir Cliff Richard. 1 Portrait

E.P. Webb (active 1911), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Francis Webb (1735-1815), Writer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Edward ('Fred') Webb (1853-1917), Jockey. 3 Portraits

F. Webb. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Fairbank Webb (1898-1970), Art historian. 2 Portraits

Godfrey Webb (1832-1901), Clerk in the house of Lords. 1 Portrait

Sir (Ambrose) Henry Webb (1882-1964), Colonial judicial administrator. 17 Portraits

Sir Henry Webb, 1st Bt (1866-1940), Lieutenant-Colonel, politician, mining engineer and company director. 4 Portraits

Henry Berry Webb (1814-1867), Actor and comedian. 3 Portraits

Hilda Webb. 1 Portrait

Mrs H. Webb (active 1860s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Iain R. Webb, Fashion editor and journalist. 2 Portraits

Jackie Webb (1947-2007), Sister of Sir Cliff Richard. 1 Portrait

Jacob Webb (2017-). 1 Portrait

James Webb (1986-), Product Owner. 1 Portrait

Joan Webb (1950-), Sister of Sir Cliff Richard. 1 Portrait

Sir John Webb (1772-1852), Army surgeon. 2 Portraits

John Richmond Webb (1667-1724), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Justin Webb (1961-), Broadcaster and journalist. 1 Portrait

Kaye Webb (1914-1996), Chairman and founder of the Puffin Club. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Lisle Ambrose Webb (1871-1945), Colonel. 1 Portrait

(Charles) Locock Webb (1822-1898), Barrister and author. 1 Portrait

Lydia Webb (née Child) (1736 or 1737-1793), Actress. 1 Portrait

Captain Webb (Matthew Webb) (1848-1883), Swimmer. 15 Portraits

Maurice Webb (1904-1956), Politician; Minister of Food. 4 Portraits

Peter James Webb (1940-), Rower. 1 Portrait

Philip Barker Webb (1793-1854), Botanist and traveller. 1 Portrait

Philip George Lancelot Webb (1856-1937), Assistant Comptroller, Patent Office; Honorary Secretary to the Handel Society. 1 Portrait

Philip Speakman Webb (1831-1915), Architect. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Webb (1870-1950), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Richard Davis Webb (1805-1872), Irish publisher and slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Robert Webb (1972-), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Ronald Vincent Webb (1932-2020), Cyclist and cycle track builder; member of London 2012 Olympic Park Velodrome team. 1 Portrait

William George Webb (1843-1905), Politician. 5 Portraits

William Harcourt Webb (1875-1968), Major; High Sheriff of Worcestershire and Justice of the Peace. 5 Portraits

William Walter Webb (1857-1933), Bishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 1 Portrait

Z. Webb (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Mr Webb (active 1822), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Webb (active 1840). 1 Portrait

Mr Webb. 1 Portrait

Mr Webb (active 1848). 1 Portrait

Sir Tom Ince Webb-Bowen (1879-1956), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

George Webbe (1581-before 1643), Church of Ireland bishop of Limerick. 2 Portraits

Samuel Webbe the Elder (1740-1816), Musical composer. 1 Portrait

Audrey Webber (née Falkson) (1928-), Wife of Michael H. Webber. 1 Portrait

Edith Emily Webber (née Larking) (died 1918), Wife of Felix Stanley Henry Webber; daughter of John Wingfield Larking. 1 Portrait

Felix Stanley Henry Webber (1837-1901), Lieutenant, Royal Navy. 1 Portrait

(Sybil Aimée) Geraldine Webber (née Magniac) (1874-1952), Wife of Raymond Sudeley Webber; daughter of Charles Magniac and Hon. Augusta Frederica Annie FitzPatrick Wilson. 1 Portrait

Grace Vernon Webber (née Pinder) (1884-1932), Actress; wife of Horace Armine William Webber. 4 Portraits

Horace Hervey Webber (died 1869), Captain, Royal Artillery. 1 Portrait

James Webber (1771 or 1772-1847), Dean of Ripon. 6 Portraits

John Webber (1751-1793), Landscape painter and draughtsman on Cook's third voyage. 1 Portrait

Michael H. Webber (1924-1995). 1 Portrait

Norman William Webber (1881-1950), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Sir Robert John Webber (1884-1962), Chairman of Press Association. 6 Portraits

Alfred Edward Webb-Johnston, 1st Baron Webb-Johnston of Stoke-on-Trent (1880-1958), Professor of Surgery and Pathology. 1 Portrait

Hanmer William Webb-Peploe (1837-1923), Prebendary of St Paul's Cathedral and writer. 3 Portraits

Frederick Parkes Weber (1863-1962), Dermatologist. 8 Portraits

Sir Hermann Weber (1823-1919), Physician and editor. 1 Portrait

Karl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber (1786-1826), Composer. 2 Portraits

Max Weber (1881-1961), Painter. 1 Portrait

Josephine Webling (1862-1942), Actress. 1 Portrait

Peggy Webling (active 1880-1887), Singer. 1 Portrait

Rosalind Webling (active 1880-1887), Singer. 1 Portrait

Lady Frances Caroline Wedderburn Webster (1793-1837), Wife of Sir James Wedderburn Webster; daughter of 1st Earl of Mountnorris. 2 Portraits

Alan Brunskill Webster (1918-2007), Author and Dean Emeritus of St Paul's. 1 Portrait

Alexander Webster (1707-1784), Minister of the Tolbooth Church, Edinburgh. 1 Portrait

Anthony Webster (died circa 1875), Actor. 1 Portrait

Augusta Webster (née Davies) (1837-1894), Poet. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Webster (1864-1947), Actor. 11 Portraits

Benjamin ('Ben') Francis Webster (1909-1973), Musician; jazz tenor saxophonist. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Nottingham Webster (1798-1882), Actor and theatre manager. 10 Portraits

Betty Webster, Actress. 2 Portraits

Charles Fox Webster (1829-1866), Son of Sir Henry Webster. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Kingsley Webster (1886-1961), Historian. 2 Portraits

Sir David Lumsden Webster (1903-1971), General administrator of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. 4 Portraits

Godfrey V. Webster. 2 Portraits

Harold Wynne Webster (1889-1949), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Jane Webster (née Binny). 4 Portraits

Sir John Webster, Bt (died 1675), Commissary for Russia at the Hague. 4 Portraits

Joseph Samuel Webster (1774-1796), Artist. 4 Portraits

Lizzie Webster (1858-1937), Burlesque actress and singer; wife of Jacob Nunnemacher. 1 Portrait

Lizzie Webster (active 1894), Actress; wife of Sydney Brough. 1 Portrait

Lorne Campbell Webster (1871-1941), Conservative Senator (Quebec). 2 Portraits

Noah Webster (1758-1843), Lexicographer. 1 Portrait

Peter Webster (1958-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Sue Webster (1967-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Thomas Webster (1800-1886), Painter and etcher. 10 Portraits

Thomas Webster (1810-1875), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Lonsdale Webster (1868-1930), Clerk of the House of Commons. 3 Portraits

(Gilbert) Tom Webster (1886-1962), Sporting cartoonist and caricaturist. 6 Portraits

Major Webster (active 1683), Major and assassin. 1 Portrait

Stephen Webster (1959-), Jewellery designer. 1 Portrait

Richard Weck (1913-1986), Lecturer in Engineering. 1 Portrait

Georg Rudolph Weckherlin (1584-1653), Government official and poet. 3 Portraits

Sir Ernest MacLagan Wedderburn (1884-1958), Chairman of General Council of Solicitors in Scotland. 5 Portraits

Joseph Henry Maclagan Wedderburn (1882-1948), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir William Wedderburn, 4th Bt (1838-1918), Administrator in India and politician. 6 Portraits

David Wedgbury (1937-1998), Photographer. 1 Portrait

James Wedge (1939-), Hat designer and fashion photographer. 3 Portraits

Josiah Clement Wedgwood, 1st Baron Wedgwood (1872-1943), Politician; MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme. 34 Portraits

Dame Cicely Veronica Wedgwood (1910-1997), Historian. 3 Portraits

Clement Francis Wedgwood (1840-1889), Partner in the Wedgwood pottery firm. 1 Portrait

Diana Mildred (née Hawkshaw), Lady Wedgwood (1908-1976), First wife of Sir John Hamilton Wedgwood, 2nd Bt; daughter of Oliver Hawkshaw. 1 Portrait

Ernest Hensleigh Wedgwood (1837-1898), Son of Hensleigh Wedgwood and Frances Mackintosh. 1 Portrait

Francis Wedgwood (1800-1880), Grandson of Josiah Wedgwood. 1 Portrait

Sir John Hamilton Wedgwood, 2nd Bt (1907-1989), Deputy-Chairman of Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd; Member, British National Export Council. 16 Portraits

Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795), Potter and industrialist. 6 Portraits

Sir Ralph Lewis Wedgwood, 1st Bt (1874-1956), Railway administrator; grandson of James Meadows Rendel; brother of Lord Wedgwood. 12 Portraits

Sarah Wedgwood (1734-1815), Wife of Josiah Wedgwood. 1 Portrait

Charles Ernest Wedmore (1850-1901), Physician. 1 Portrait

Edwin Gardner Weed (1848-1924), Bishop of Florida. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Weeden (died 1961), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Colin Winterbotham Weedon (1901-1975), Air Marshal. 3 Portraits

Ambrose Walter Marcus Weekes (1919-2012), Assistant Bishop of Diocese in Europe. 2 Portraits

Henry Weekes (1807-1877), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

Mr Weekes, Irish actor. 1 Portrait

Ronald Morce Weeks, 1st Baron Weeks (1890-1960), Industrialist and soldier. 6 Portraits

Cynthia Mary Cumming (née Irvine), Lady Weeks (1896-1985), Second wife of 1st Baron Weeks; daughter of John Wood Irvine. 5 Portraits

Edward John Weeks (1868-1954), Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

H.H. Weeks. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Thomas Weeks (1904-1992), Economist and financier. 1 Portrait

William Farrar Weeks (1859-1914), Bishop of Vermont, United States. 1 Portrait

John Weever (1576-1632), Poet and antiquary. 5 Portraits

William Andrew Weguelin (1807-1892), Rector, South Stoke. 1 Portrait

Emmy Wehlen (1887-1980), Actress. 11 Portraits

Arthur George Weidenfeld, Baron Weidenfeld (1919-2016), Publisher; trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 9 Portraits

Weider, German soldier. 1 Portrait

Henry Weigall (1829-1925), Portrait and genre painter. 1 Portrait

Sir (William Ernest George) Archibald Weigall, 1st Bt (1874-1952), Governor of South Australia. 7 Portraits

Helene Weigel (1900-1971), Actress and artistic director. 1 Portrait

Sidney Weighell (1922-2002), General Secretary to the National Union of Railwaymen. 8 Portraits

Carel Victor Morlais Weight (1908-1997), Painter and teacher of art. 17 Portraits

Winnie Weiles. 1 Portrait

Arnold Weinstock, Baron Weinstock (1924-2002), Business executive. 2 Portraits

Sir William Lee Weipers (1904-1990), Veterinary surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Douglas Weir, 1st Viscount Weir (1877-1959), Industrialist and public servant. 6 Portraits

Sir Cecil McAlpine Weir (1890-1960), Industrialist and civic administrator. 6 Portraits

David Weir (1979-), Wheelchair racer; Paralympian. 2 Portraits

Duncan Harkness Weir (1822-1876), Orientalist and professor. 2 Portraits

Frank Weir (1911-1981), Jazz musician. 3 Portraits

Sir George Alexander Weir (1876-1951), General. 1 Portrait

Dame Gillian Weir (1941-), Organist. 1 Portrait

Hon. Grania Rachel Weir (née O'Brien) (1928-), Social secretary within Ambassador office; wife of Hugh William Lindsay Weir; daughter of 16th Baron Inchiquin. 1 Portrait

Harrison William Weir (1824-1906), Painter, illustrator and author. 1 Portrait

James Galloway Weir (1839-1911), Scottish businessman and Liberal politician. 2 Portraits

Sir John Weir (1879-1971), Physician. 6 Portraits

Judith Weir (1954-), Composer. 3 Portraits

Robert Hendry Weir (1912-1985), Engineering Consultant. 2 Portraits

Walter Christopher Addison Weir (1916-), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Troop Sergeant-Major Weir (active 1860s), Army officer, 7th Hussars. 1 Portrait

Petre Weis. 1 Portrait

Amalie Weiss (1839-1899), Austrian-German singer. 1 Portrait

Frederick Ernest Weiss (1865-1953), Chancellor of University of Manchester. 6 Portraits

Willoughby Hunter Weiss (1820-1867), Singer and composer. 4 Portraits

Miss Weisse. 1 Portrait

Johnny Weissmuller (1904-1984), Actor and swimmer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Henry Weist Hill (born circa 1833), Professor of Music. 1 Portrait

Rachel Weisz (1970-), Actress. 6 Portraits

Victor Weisz (1913-1966), 'Vicky'; cartoonist. 2 Portraits

Chaim Azriel Weizmann (1874-1952), President of Israel and Zionist. 5 Portraits

Alek Wek (1977-), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Tessa Welborn (née Marie Therese Prendergast) (1928-2001), Jamaican actress, fashion designer, businesswoman and socialite. 1 Portrait

Edward Welbourne (1894-1966), Economic historian and Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University. 2 Portraits

Reginald Earle Welby, Baron Welby (1832-1915), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

Sir Alfred Cholmeley Earle Welby (1849-1937), Politician and army officer. 3 Portraits

Henry Welby (1552-1636), Recluse. 4 Portraits

John Earle Welby (1820-1905), Landowner and member of the Belvoir Hunt. 2 Portraits

Thomas Earle Welby (1811-1899), Bishop of St Helena, South Africa. 1 Portrait

Victoria Alexandrina Maria Louisa (née Stuart-Wortley), Lady Welby-Gregory (1837-1912), Philosopher; wife of Sir William Earle Welby-Gregory, 4th Bt; daughter of Hon. Charles Stuart-Wortley. 1 Portrait

Adam C. Welch (1864-1943), Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament. 1 Portrait

Bruce Welch (Bruce Cripps) (1941-), Guitarist; member of The Shadows. 9 Portraits

Charles Welch, General Foreman, Houses of Parliament. 1 Portrait

Sir David Nairne Welch (1820-1912), Naval commander. 3 Portraits

(Maurice) Denton Welch (1915-1948), Novelist and painter. 1 Portrait

Elisabeth Welch (1904-2003), Singer. 22 Portraits

Florence Welch (1986-), Musician, singer, songwriter and producer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry George) Gordon Welch (1890-1960), Controller of stationary office. 2 Portraits

Henry John Welch (1872-1958), Vice-President National Institute of Industrial Psychology. 2 Portraits

James Welch (1865-1917), Actor. 2 Portraits

Joseph Samuel Welch (1812-1886), Photographer and printseller's clerk. 1 Portrait

Kate Welch, Actress. 1 Portrait

Leslie Welch (1907-1980), Radio and television entertainer. 1 Portrait

Margaret Ellen Welch (née Burke) (died 1939), Wife of Harry Welch. 1 Portrait

Raquel Welch (1940-2023), Actress. 3 Portraits

Captain Richard Welch (active 1808), Captain of HMS Bustler. 1 Portrait

Saunders Welch (1711-1784), Magistrate. 1 Portrait

William Neville Welch (1906-1999), Archdeacon of Southend. 1 Portrait

Harry Welchman (1886-1966), Actor and singer. 15 Portraits

Charles Joseph Weld (1893-1962), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Filomena Mary Anne (née March Phillipps de Lisle), Lady Weld (circa 1840-1903), Wife of Sir Frederick Aloysius Weld; daughter of Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps de Lisle. 2 Portraits

Sir Joseph William Weld (1909-1992), Colonel. 1 Portrait

J?. Allan Weld. 1 Portrait

Thomas Weld (1773-1837), Cardinal. 3 Portraits

Walter Weld, Fifth son of George Weld of Lulworth. 1 Portrait

Lady Victoria Alexandrina Weld-Forester (née Wynn-Carrington) (1892-1966), Royal courtier; former wife of Nigel Walter Legge-Bourke, and later wife of Hon. Edric Alfred Cecil Weld-Forester; daughter of 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire. 1 Portrait

Hon. Francis Henry Cecil Weld-Forester (1871-1952), Justice of the Peace and 3rd son of 5th Baron Forester. 3 Portraits

Georgina Weld Forester (née Youens) (circa 1952-1974), Wife of Piers Edric Weld Forester; daughter of John Ross Youens. 1 Portrait

Piers Edric Weld-Forester (1946-1977), Grandson of 5th Marquess of Ormonde. 7 Portraits

Sir Anthony Weldon (died 1649?), Historical writer and courtier. 4 Portraits

Sir Anthony Edward Wolseley Weldon, 7th Bt (1902-1971), Squadron Leader. 7 Portraits

Dan Weldon (1963-), Film-maker; son of Fay Weldon. 1 Portrait

Fay Weldon (1931-2023), Writer. 5 Portraits

George Weldon (1908-1963), Conductor. 4 Portraits

Georgina Weldon (née Thomas) (1837-1914), Campaigner against the lunacy laws and celebrated litigant. 1 Portrait

Nicolas Weldon (1954-), Jazz musician and physical therapy assistant; son of Fay Weldon. 1 Portrait

Sam Weldon (1977-), Son of Fay Weldon. 1 Portrait

Terence Gordon Mackworth de Weltden Weldon (1909-1970), Son of Sir Anthony Weldon, 6th Bt. 5 Portraits

Thomas Dewar Weldon (1896-1958), Scholar. 1 Portrait

Tom Weldon (1970-2019), Son of Fay Weldon. 1 Portrait

Sir William Henry Weldon (1837-1919), Herald. 4 Portraits

Mr Weldon. 1 Portrait

Sir Roland ('Roy') Welensky (1907-1991), Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. 1 Portrait

Letitia Mary Welfitt (née Hall) (circa 1813-1899), Wife of Samuel William Welfitt (né Need). 1 Portrait

Samuel William Welfitt (né Need) (1806-1889), Colonel and landowner. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Elizabeth ('Beth') Welford (née Britten) (1909-1989), Wife of Dr Kit Welford; sister of Benjamin Britten, Baron Britten. 3 Portraits

Colin Welland (Colin Williams) (1934-2015), Actor, writer and playwright. 2 Portraits

Thomas James Welland (1830-1907), Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore. 1 Portrait

Charles Wellbeloved (1769-1858), Unitarian Minister and Principal of Manchester College. 1 Portrait

Roger Stanley Wellby (1906-2003), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

James Edward Cowell Welldon (1854-1937), Dean of Durham and Headmaster of Dulwich College and Harrow. 11 Portraits

John Reginald Weller (1880-1969), Bishop in Argentina and Eastern South America and Bishop of Falkland Islands. 1 Portrait

Paul Weller (John William Weller) (1958-), Musician, songwriter and member of 'The Jam' and 'The Style Council'. 6 Portraits

Reginald Heber Weller (1857-1935), Bishop of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. 1 Portrait

Rudy Weller (1956-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Weller-Poley (1850-1924), Barrister and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Edward Randolph Welles (1907-1991), Bishop of West Missouri. 1 Portrait

Mel Welles (1924-2005), Actor and director. 1 Portrait

Orson Welles (1915-1985), Film director, screenwriter and producer. 4 Portraits

Richard Colley Wellesley, Marquess Wellesley (1760-1842), Politician and Governor-General of India; brother of Wellington. 19 Portraits

Marianne Wellesley (née Caton), Marchioness Wellesley (1788-1853), Lady of the bedchamber to the queen dowager Adelaide. 2 Portraits

Lady Alexia Anne Elizabeth Wellesley (1973-), Daughter of Richard Francis Wellesley, 6th Earl of Cowley. 8 Portraits

Lady Caroline Maria Francis Wellesley (1976-), Daughter of Richard Francis Wellesley, 6th Earl Cowley. 8 Portraits

Lord Richard Gerald Wellesley (1949-), Son of 8th Duke of Wellington. 3 Portraits

Augusta Sophia Anne (née Pierrepont), Lady Charles Wellesley (1820-1893), Wife of Lord Charles Wellesley; daughter of Henry Manvers Pierrepont. 1 Portrait

Frederick Arthur Wellesley (1844-1931), Soldier and diplomat. 3 Portraits

Hon. Gerald Valerian Wellesley (1809-1882), Dean of Windsor. 2 Portraits

Henry Wellesley (1794-1866), College head and art connoisseur. 1 Portrait

Joanna Marion Wellesley (née Sumner), Wife of Lord Richard Gerald Wellesley. 3 Portraits

Louise Nesta Pamela (née FitzGerald), Lady George Wellesley (1889-1946), Former wife of Lord Richard Wellesley, and later wife of Lord George Wellesley; daughter of Sir Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Bt. 1 Portrait

Magdalen Wellesley (née Montagu) (1831-1919), Daughter of 6th Baron Rokeby; Wife of Gerald Wellesley, Dean of Windsor. 6 Portraits

Mary Wellesley (1915-2017), Daughter of Richard Wellesley. 1 Portrait

Richard Wellesley (1787-1831), Politician and scholar. 1 Portrait

Richard Ashmore Colley Wellesley (1868-1939), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

(Doris Caroline) Sabia Wellesley (née Kennedy) (1906-1993), Wife of Gerard Valerian Francis Wellesley. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), Field Marshal and Prime Minister. 640 Portraits

Arthur Richard Wellesley, 2nd Duke of Wellington (1807-1884), Soldier and politician. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Wellesley (née Hay), Duchess of Wellington (1820-1904), Mistress of the Robes to Queen Victoria; wife of 2nd Duke of Wellington; daughter of 8th Marquess of Tweeddale. 5 Portraits

Henry Wellesley, 3rd Duke of Wellington (1846-1900), Soldier and politician. 5 Portraits

Arthur Charles Wellesley, 4th Duke of Wellington (1849-1934), Colonel. 4 Portraits

Kathleen Emily Bulkeley (née Williams), Duchess of Wellington (died 1927), Wife of 4th Duke of Wellington; daughter of Robert Williams. 6 Portraits

(Lilian) Maud Glen (née Coats), Duchess of Wellington (1885-1946), Wife of 5th Duke of Wellington; daughter of 1st Baron Glentanar. 23 Portraits

Henry Valerian George Wellesley, 6th Duke of Wellington (1913-1943), Captain; son of 5th Duke of Wellington. 1 Portrait

Gerald Wellesley, 7th Duke of Wellington (1885-1972), Diplomat, army officer and architect. 4 Portraits

Dorothy Violet Wellesley (née Ashton), Duchess of Wellington (1889-1956), Author, poet and editor; wife of 7th Duke of Wellington. 4 Portraits

Sir (Reginald Everard) Lindsay Wellington (1901-1985), Director of Sound Broadcasting, BBC. 1 Portrait

W.G. Wellman, Mayor of Reading. 3 Portraits

Alice Wells (born 1865), Daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wells (born 1866), Son of Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Billy Wells, Actor. 1 Portrait

Charles Wells (active 1919). 3 Portraits

Charles Alexander Wells (1898-1989), Surgeon and university professor. 3 Portraits

Cyril Mowbray Wells (1871-1963), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

David Wells (1733-1790), Antiquary. 1 Portrait

Edith Mabel Wells (née Raban), Wife of Lionel Fortescue Wells; daughter of Sir Edward Raban. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Wells (born 1863), Daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Lucas (née Wright), Lady Wells (circa 1826-1886), Wife of Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 1st Bt; daughter of James Wright. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederick Michael Wells, 1st Bt (1884-1966), Lord Mayor of London. 5 Portraits

George Wells, Mayor of Bedford. 6 Portraits

George Anderson Wells (1877-1964), Bishop of Cariboo, British Columbia. 1 Portrait

George Philip Wells (1901-1985), Professor of Zoology and author; son of H.G. Wells. 2 Portraits

Sir Gerard Aylmer Wells (1879-1943), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

G. Wells, Captain. 2 Portraits

Harry Robert Wells, Son of Henry Wells. 1 Portrait

Henry Tanworth Wells (1828-1903), Miniature and portrait painter. 8 Portraits

Sir Henry Weston Wells (1911-1971), Chartered Surveyor; Chairman, The Land Commission; Director, Investment & Merchant Finance Corporation. 2 Portraits

Herbert George Wells (1866-1946), Novelist and social commentator. 95 Portraits

Ida Wells. 1 Portrait

Ida Helen Wells (1856-1918), Daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 1st Bt. 3 Portraits

Joanne Caladine Bailey Wells (1965-), University dean. 1 Portrait

John Wells (1833-1873), Jockey. 1 Portrait

John Bayford Wells (1881-1952), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

John Campbell Wells (1936-1998), Writer, actor and director. 6 Portraits

Sir John Julius Wells (1925-2017), Freeman, Borough of Maidstone. 1 Portrait

Josiah Robert Wells (active 1797), Captain in the navy. 2 Portraits

Katharine Augusta ('Kitty') Wells (née Wrey) (1902-1991), Wife of Harry Robert Wells; daughter of Castell Wray. 1 Portrait

Lemuel Henry Wells (1841-1936), Bishop of Spokane, Washington. 1 Portrait

Sir Lionel Victor Wells (1884-1965), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Mary Wells (1781-1812), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mary Stephens Wells (née Davies) (1762-1829), Actress and singer. 4 Portraits

Michael ('Mike') Wells, Actor. 1 Portrait

Percy Lawrence Wells (1891-1964), Politician and trade unionist. 2 Portraits

Sir (Sydney) Richard Wells (1879-1957), Politician; MP for Bedford. 4 Portraits

Theodosia Mary Wells (1861-1926), Daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 1st Bt (1818-1897), Gynaecological surgeon. 5 Portraits

William Wells (active 1839), Huntsman. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Wells (1908-1990), Politician and barrister. 18 Portraits

Wilhelm von Welsberg (circa 1584-1641), German cleric; Bishop of Brixen. 1 Portrait

Franz Welser-Möst (1960-), Conductor. 1 Portrait

Sir Allan Ross Welsh (1875-1957), Speaker of Legislative Assembly, Southern Rhodesia, 1935-52. 12 Portraits

David Welsh (1793-1845), Scottish divine and writer. 4 Portraits

Irvine Welsh (1961-), Author, playwright and actor. 1 Portrait

James C. Welsh (1880-1954), Politician; MP for Coatbridge and Bothwell. 4 Portraits

Maude Marianne (née Smit), Lady Welsh, Wife of Sir Allan Ross Welsh. 1 Portrait

Sir William Lawrie Welsh (1891-1962), Air Marshal. 9 Portraits

Louis Weltje (1745-1810), Comptroller to the Prince of Wales. 5 Portraits

Richard Welton (1671 or 1672-1726), Clergyman of the nonjuring Church of England. 1 Portrait

Francis Wemyss-Charteris, 9th Earl of Wemyss (1796-1883), Lord Lieutenant of Peeblesshire. 1 Portrait

Francis Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas, 10th Earl of Wemyss (1818-1914), Politician; MP for Haddingtonshire and Lord of the Treasury; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 12 Portraits

Anne Frederica (née Anson), Countess of Wemyss (1823-1896), First wife of 10th Earl of Wemyss; daughter of 1st Earl of Lichfield. 1 Portrait

Grace (née Blackburn), Countess of Wemyss (died 1946), Second wife of 10th Earl of Wemyss; daughter of Major Blackburn. 1 Portrait

Hugo Richard Charteris, 11th Earl of Wemyss (1857-1937), Lord Lieutenant and politician. 6 Portraits

Mary Constance Charteris (née Wyndham), Countess of Wemyss (1862-1937), Hostess and member of the Souls; daughter of Hon. Percy Wyndham; wife of 11th Earl of Wemyss. 3 Portraits

Andrew Michael John Wemyss (1925-), Son of Michael John Erskine-Wemyss and Lady Victoria Cavendish-Bentinck. 2 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Colville Barclay Wemyss (1891-1959), General. 13 Portraits

David Wemyss (1920-2005), Captain; son of Michael John Erskine-Wemyss and Lady Victoria Cavendish-Bentinck. 3 Portraits

David Sinclair Wemyss (1813-1877), Son of Captain William Sinclair Wemyss, 6th of Southdun. 1 Portrait

David Douglas Wemyss (1760-1839), General. 2 Portraits

James Hay Erskine Wemyss (1829-1864), Politician; MP for Fife. 3 Portraits

John Wemyss (died 1788), Town crier. 1 Portrait

Millicent Ann Mary Wemyss (née Kennedy-Erskine) (1831-1895), Wife of James Hay Wemyss; daughter of Hon. John Kennedy-Erskine. 3 Portraits

Arthur Wendell. 1 Portrait

Kate Wendell. 1 Portrait

Suzanne Wenger (1915-2009), Artist and Yoruban priestess. 6 Portraits

Jane Wenham (née Figgins) (1927-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Caroline (née Neville), Lady Wenlock (1792-1868), Wife of 1st Baron Wenlock; daughter of 2nd Baron Braybrooke. 1 Portrait

Beilby Richard Lawley, 2nd Baron Wenlock (1818-1880), Lord-Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth (née Grosvenor), Lady Wenlock (1824-1899), Wife of 2nd Baron Wenlock; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Westminster. 3 Portraits

Beilby Lawley, 3rd Baron Wenlock (1849-1912), Governor of Madras. 2 Portraits

Annie Allen Lawley (née Cunard), Lady Wenlock (1863-1944), Wife of 6th Baron Wenlock; daughter of Sir Edward Cunard. 1 Portrait

Michael Alfred Wenner (1921-2020), Diplomat, Ambassador to El Salvador. 1 Portrait

Sir Julius Charles Wernher, 1st Bt (1850-1912). 1 Portrait

Frederick Porter Wensley (1865-1949), Chief Constable, Scotland Yard. 1 Portrait

James Parke, 1st Baron Wensleydale (1782-1868), Judge. 7 Portraits

James Went (1845-1936), Headmaster and Canon. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wentworth, 1st Baron Wentworth (1501-1551), Lord Chamberlain. 2 Portraits

Thomas Wentworth, 2nd Baron Wentworth (1525-1584), Last Captain of Calais. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Maria Wentworth, 6th Baroness Wentworth (1660-1686), Mistress of the Duke of Monmouth; daughter of Thomas Wentworth, 5th Baron Wentworth. 5 Portraits

Fannie (née Heriot), Lady Wentworth (1853-1878), First wife of 13th Baron Wentworth, later 2nd Earl of Lovelace; daughter of George Heriot. 4 Portraits

Ada Mary Milbanke, 14th Baroness Wentworth (1871-1917), Landowner; daughter of 2nd Earl of Lovelace. 1 Portrait

Judith Anne Dorothea Blunt-Lytton, 16th Baroness Wentworth (1873-1957), Tennis player and horse owner; first wife of 3rd Earl of Lytton. 4 Portraits

Bessie Wentworth (circa 1873-1901), Music hall entertainer. 2 Portraits

Butler Wentworth (active 1848), Actor. 1 Portrait

Darcy Wentworth (born 1592). 7 Portraits

Dorothy Wentworth (née Leventhorpe) (circa 1660-1723), Daughter of Thomas Leventhorpe, 4th Bt; wife of John Wentworth, Esq. 1 Portrait

Henry Wentworth (active 1596), Son of Anne (Hopton), Lady Pope and Henry Wentworth, 3rd Lord Wentworth. 1 Portrait

Jane Wentworth (active 1596), Daughter of Anne (Hopton), Lady Pope and Henry Wentworth, 3rd Lord Wentworth. 1 Portrait

Richard Wentworth (1947-), Artist. 1 Portrait

William Charles Wentworth (1793-1872), Advocate of colonial self-government. 1 Portrait

Miss Wentworth. 1 Portrait

William Reginald Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (1862-1906), son of 6th Earl Fitzwilliam. 1 Portrait

William Henry Wentworth-Fitzwilliam (1840-1920), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wentworth of Bulmer (1692-after 1767), Earthstopper to Charles, Earl of Carlisle. 1 Portrait

Francis Ernest Wentworth-Shields (1869-1959), Docks engineer, Southern Railway. 2 Portraits

Mary Wentworth-Shields (née Carpenter) (died 1956), Wife of Francis Ernest Wentworth-Shields. 3 Portraits

Ursula Margaret Wentzel (née Strachey) (1911-1999), Wife of Cyril Charles Wentzel; daughter of Ralph Strachey. 9 Portraits

Charles Morley Wenyon (1878-1948), Protozoologist and Director-in-Chief, Wellcome Research Institution. 2 Portraits

Mia Werber (1876-1943), Soprano. 3 Portraits

Edward Ash Were (1846-1915), Bishop of Derby. 2 Portraits

Michael Werner (1912-1989), Artist and teacher. 1 Portrait

Oskar Werner (1922-1984), Actor. 1 Portrait

Prince Werner de Mérode (1914-1995), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Bruce Wernham (1906-1999), Historian. 1 Portrait

George Michael Alexander Wernher (1918-1942), Army captain. 6 Portraits

Sir Harold Augustus Wernher, 3rd Bt (1893-1973), Major-General and President of Electrolux Ltd. 18 Portraits

Anastasia ('Zia') (née Countess de Torby), Lady Wernher (1892-1977), Wife of Sir Harold Wernher, 3rd Bt; daughter of Grand Duke Michael of Russia. 15 Portraits

Baron Karl von Werther (1809-1894), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Karl Martin Weschke (1925-2005), Artist and art lecturer. 3 Portraits

Ruth Christabel Wesierska (née Walder) (1906-2002), General Secretary for Young Women's Christian Association. 5 Portraits

Sir Arnold Wesker (1932-2016), Playwright. 15 Portraits

Charles Wesley (1707-1788), Methodist divine; hymn writer. 3 Portraits

John Wesley (1703-1791), Methodist leader. 30 Portraits

Mary Wesley (Mary Aline Siepmann (née Farmer)) (1919-2002), Writer. 2 Portraits

Samuel Wesley the Elder (1662-1735), Divine and poet. 3 Portraits

Samuel Wesley (1766-1837), Composer and organist; nephew of John Wesley. 2 Portraits

Pandora Shelley Wesolowski (née Mond) (1959-), Wife of Nicholas Wesolowski; daughter of 3rd Baron Melchett. 2 Portraits

Robert Leslie Wessel (1912-1995), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Sir Johannes Wilhelmus Wessels (1862-1936), Chief Justice of South Africa. 1 Portrait

Molly Wessely (active 1920s), Actress. 8 Portraits

Sophie (née Rhys-Jones), Countess of Wessex (1965-), Public relations consultant; wife of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. 2 Portraits

Agatha A. West (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Algernon Edward West (1832-1921), Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue. 4 Portraits

Arthur George Bainbridge West (1864-1952), Rector of St Dunstan in the East. 1 Portrait

Barbara Winifred West (1913-2014), Physical Education teacher and England National Field Hockey player. 1 Portrait

Benjamin West (1738-1820), History painter and President of the Royal Academy. 43 Portraits

Benjamin West Jr (1772-1848), Son of the artist Benjamin West. 1 Portrait

Bill West, Friend of Peter Gidal. 1 Portrait

Bridget Hester West (1913-2005), Physical Education teacher and England National Field Hockey player. 1 Portrait

Caroline Alice Jane West (née Leighton) (died 1919), Wife of Horace Charles George West. 2 Portraits

Clement Arthur West (1892-1972), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Dora West (1883-1962), Liberal politician. 2 Portraits

Edward Hamilton West (active 1956-1974), Bishop of Florida. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth West (née Shewell) (1741-1817), Wife of Benjamin West. 3 Portraits

Fielding Reginald West (1892-1935), Labour politician; MP for Kensington North and Hammersmith North. 2 Portraits

Florence West (Mrs Lewis Waller) (1862-1912), Actress; wife of Lewis Waller; daughter of Horatio Brandon. 5 Portraits

Sir Frederick John West (1897-1971), Company Director. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederick Joseph West (1872-1959), Engineer. 2 Portraits

George Algernon West (1893-1980), Bishop of Rangoon. 3 Portraits

Gilbert West (1703-1756), Author. 1 Portrait

Sir Glynn Hamilton West (1877-1945), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Ernest Georges West (1895-1968), Industrialist; Chairman of Governors, Loughborough University, Master Cutler in Sheffield. 2 Portraits

Horace West, Secretary Chairman, Ways and Means Office. 2 Portraits

I.A. West (active 1923). 1 Portrait

James West (1704?-1772), Politician and antiquary. 2 Portraits

James West (active circa 1830). 2 Portraits

Sir James Grey West (1885-1951), Architect, Chief Architect of the Office of Works. 7 Portraits

John West (1690-1776), Father of the artist Benjamin West. 1 Portrait

John Milns West (1897-1973), Colonel. 6 Portraits

John Weir West (1875-1949), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Joseph West, Physician. 1 Portrait

J.M. West (active 1930s), Motorcycle racer. 1 Portrait

Katrine Mary (née Mather), Lady West (1877-1960), First wife of Sir Glynn Hamilton West; daughter of John Mather. 1 Portrait

Sir Leonard Henry West (1864-1950), Solicitor and Tutor to the Law Society. 1 Portrait

Lockwood West (1905-1989), Actor. 1 Portrait

Lydia West (active 1903), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mae West (1892-1980), Film actress. 1 Portrait

Morris Langlo West (1916-1999), Novelist. 3 Portraits

Nora B. West. 2 Portraits

Raphael Lamar West (1769-1850), Artist; son of Benjamin West. 3 Portraits

Sir Raymond West (1832-1912), Indian civil servant. 1 Portrait

Dame Rebecca West (Cicily Isabel Andrews (née Fairfield)) (1892-1983), Writer and journalist. 29 Portraits

Richard West (circa 1691-1726), Lawyer, politician and playwright. 1 Portrait

Richard Temple West (1827-1893), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Robert West (died 1770), Irish painter, draughtsman and teacher. 1 Portrait

Sarah West (née Cooke) (1790-1876), Actress. 7 Portraits

Thomas West (1712-1781), Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Thomas West (1716-1792), Half-brother of the artist Benjamin West. 1 Portrait

Valerie West, Actress. 2 Portraits

Violet Katharine West (née Campbell) (died 1908), Wife of Hamilton Henry Wyndham West; daughter of Walter Frederick Campbell of Islay. 2 Portraits

Miss West (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Bernard Clement Westall (1893-1970), Managing Director and businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Chaddesley Westall (1901-1986), Commandment General of the Marines. 3 Portraits

Richard Westall (1765-1836), History painter. 6 Portraits

Michael John David Westbrook (1936-), Composer, pianist and band leader. 2 Portraits

Trevor Cresswell Lawrence Westbrook (1901-1978), Comapny Chairman and Director. 1 Portrait

Richard Bethell, 1st Baron Westbury (1800-1873), Lord Chancellor. 12 Portraits

Paul Stephen Westbury (1969-), Structural engineer; member of London 2012 Olympic Park Stadium team. 1 Portrait

John Wright Westby (born 1839), Army officer. 2 Portraits

John Westcar (circa 1748-1833), Gentleman farmer. 1 Portrait

Daisy West-Collins, Actress. 5 Portraits

Brooke Foss Westcott (1825-1901), Biblical scholar and bishop of Durham. 6 Portraits

Foss Westcott (1863-1949), Bishop of Calcutta and Metropolitan of India, Burma and Ceylon. 1 Portrait

George Westcott (died 1940), Justice of the Peace, architect and Lord Mayor of Manchester. 2 Portraits

George Blagdon Westcott (1745?-1798), Captain in the navy. 4 Portraits

George Herbert Westcott (died 1916), Bishop of Lucknow. 1 Portrait

John Hugh Westcott (1920-2014), Professor of Control Systems, Imperial College, London. 1 Portrait

J.B. Westcott (died 1907), Architect and surveyor. 1 Portrait

Netta Westcott (1893-1953), Actress. 6 Portraits

Lady Mary Marianella Anne von Westenholz (née Kerr) (1944-), Wife of Charles Graf von Westenholz; daughter of 12th Marquess of Lothian. 1 Portrait

Alice Florence Westenra (née Blacker-Douglas), Wife of Hon. Richard Westenra; daughter of Maxwell Vandeleur Blacker-Douglas. 2 Portraits

Anne Westenra (née Daubuz) (died 1882), Daughter of Louis Charles Daubuz; wife of John Craven Westenra. 1 Portrait

Hon. Brigid Mary Westenra (1928-), Former wife of Hon. Jonathan Alan Howard; daughter of 6th Baron Rossmore of Monaghan. 3 Portraits

Hon. Richard Westenra (1893-1944), Lieutenant. 4 Portraits

Frederick James Western (1880-1951), Bishop of Tinnevelly, India. 1 Portrait

(Ernest) George Western (1895-1969), Comedian; member of The Western Brothers. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Alfred Western (1899-1963), Comedian; member of The Western Brothers. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Burch Western, 1st Bt (1795-1873), Politician; MP for North Essex. 2 Portraits

Thomas Sutton Western (1821-1877), Politician; MP for Maldon. 1 Portrait

Rosslyn Erskine Wemyss, Baron Wester Wemyss (1864-1933), Admiral of the Fleet. 14 Portraits

Herbert Westfaling (1531 or 1532-1602), Bishop of Hereford. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Redvers Westlake (1900-1972), Chairman of Metal Industries. 2 Portraits

John Westlake (1828-1913), Jurist. 3 Portraits

Charles Molloy Westmacott (1788-1868), Author; editor of 'The Age'. 5 Portraits

Hon. Edith Victoria Blanche Westmacott (née Winn) (1895-1966), Wife of Guy Randolph Westmacott; daughter of 2nd Baron St Oswald. 4 Portraits

Guy Randolph Westmacott (1891-1972), Army officer. 7 Portraits

James Sherwood Westmacott (1823-1900), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Mike Westmacott (1925-2012), Mountaineer and member of the 1953 Everest expedition. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Westmacott (1775-1856), Sculptor. 5 Portraits

Richard Westmacott (1799-1872), Sculptor; son of Sir Richard Westmacott. 3 Portraits

George Thomas John Nugent, Marquess of Westmeath (1785-1871), Soldier; politician. 1 Portrait

Hugh Lupus Grosvenor, 1st Duke of Westminster (1825-1899), Liberal politician, landowner and racehorse owner. 16 Portraits

Constance Grosvenor (née Sutherland-Leveson-Gower), Duchess of Westminster (1834-1880), First wife of 1st Duke of Westminster; daughter of 2nd Duke of Sutherland. 4 Portraits

Katherine Caroline (née Cavendish), Duchess of Westminster (1857-1941), Second wife of 1st Duke of Westminster; daughter of 2nd Baron Chesham. 3 Portraits

Hugh Richard Arthur Grosvenor, 2nd Duke of Westminster (1879-1953), Soldier and landowner. 4 Portraits

Constance Edwina (née Cornwallis-West), Duchess of Westminster (later Mrs Lewis) (1876-1970), Socialite; former wife of 2nd Duke of Westminster, and later wife of John FitzPatrick Lewis; daughter of William Cornwallis Cornwallis-West. 2 Portraits

Robert George Grosvenor, 5th Duke of Westminster (1910-1979), Lieutenant-Colonel and Lord-Lieutenant of Co. Fermanagh. 2 Portraits

Viola Maud Grosvenor (née Lyttelton), Duchess of Westminster (1912-1987), Lord Lieutenant; daughter of 9th Viscount Cobham; wife of 5th Duke of Westminster. 8 Portraits

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster (1951-2016), Landowner, businessman and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Robert Grosvenor, 1st Marquess of Westminster (1767-1845), Patron of art and the turf. 8 Portraits

Richard Grosvenor, 2nd Marquess of Westminster (1795-1869), Aristocrat. 3 Portraits

Elizabeth Mary Grosvenor (née Leveson-Gower), Marchioness of Westminster (1797-1891), Wife of 2nd Marquess of Westminster; daughter of 1st Duke of Sutherland. 2 Portraits

Vere Anthony Francis St Clair Fane, 14th Earl of Westmorland (1893-1948), Landowner. 1 Portrait

David Anthony Thomas Fane, 15th Earl of Westmorland (1924-1993), Lord in Waiting to the Queen, 1955-78. 5 Portraits

Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of Westmorland (1602-1665). 6 Portraits

Dorothy Fane (née Brudenell), Countess of Westmorland (1650-1740), Second wife of Charles Fane, 3rd Earl of Westmorland. 4 Portraits

Ralph Neville, 4th Earl of Westmorland (1498-1549), Magnate. 2 Portraits

John Fane, 9th Earl of Westmorland (1728-1774), Conservative politician; MP for Lyme Regis. 1 Portrait

John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland (1759-1841), Politician; Lord Privy Seal. 32 Portraits

John Fane, 11th Earl of Westmorland (1784-1859), Soldier, diplomat and musician. 9 Portraits

Priscilla Anne Fane (née Wellesley-Pole), Countess of Westmorland (1793-1879), Diplomatic service wife and artist. 1 Portrait

Francis William Henry Fane, 12th Earl of Westmorland (1825-1891), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Adelaide Ida Fane (née Curzon), Countess Westmorland (1835-1903), Wife of 12th Earl of Westmorland; daughter of 1st Earl Howe. 3 Portraits

Anthony Mildmay Julian Fane, 13th Earl of Westmorland (1859-1922), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sybil Mary (née St Clair-Erskine), Countess of Westmorland (1871-1910), Socialite; first wife of 13th Earl of Westmorland; daughter of 4th Earl of Rosslyn. 3 Portraits

Catherine Louise (née Geale), Countess of Westmorland (died 1973), Second wife of 13th Earl of Westmorland; daughter of John Samuel Geale. 1 Portrait

Dame Agnes Elizabeth Weston (1840-1918), Organiser of 'Sailors' Rests'. 1 Portrait

Hon. Caroline Cicely Weston (née Douglas-Scott-Montagu) (1925-2017), Wife of George Grainger Weston; daughter of 2nd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu. 10 Portraits

Edward Payson Weston (1839-1929), Pedestrian. 1 Portrait

Frank Weston (1871-1924), Bishop of Zanzibar. 1 Portrait

Garfield Howard ('Garry') Weston (1927-2002), Businessman. 1 Portrait

George Weston (active 1928). 1 Portrait

Gerald Patrick Linton Weston (1910-1977), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Hon. Hilary Mary Weston (1942-), Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 1997-2002. 1 Portrait

James Weston (1688?-1748?), Stenographer. 2 Portraits

Sir John Gerard Willsley Weston (1908-1979), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

Lizzie Weston (née Elizabeth Jackson) (died 1899), Actress; former wife of F.H. Davenport and of William West, and later second wife of Charles James Mathews. 7 Portraits

Dame Margaret Kate Weston (1926-2021), Museum director. 1 Portrait

Nigel David Weston (active 1960), Building contractor; former husband of Daphne Fairbanks. 1 Portrait

Simon Weston (1961-), Falkland's War veteran, writer and charity supporter; Co-founder of 'The Weston Spirit' charity. 2 Portraits

Sophia Weston (active 18th century). 1 Portrait

Stephen Weston (1665-1742), Bishop of Exeter. 2 Portraits

Thomas Weston (active 17th century), Writing Master. 1 Portrait

Thomas Weston (active early 18th century), Mathematician; Master of the Academy at Greenwich. 1 Portrait

Thomas Weston (1737-1776), Actor and singer. 1 Portrait

Veryan Weston (1950-), Pianist. 1 Portrait

Willard Garfield Weston (1898-1978), Canadian politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

William Kenneth Weston (1904-1992), Rear-Admiral. 7 Portraits

Ernest-Joachim de Westphalen (1700-1759), Chancellor of the Duchy of Holstein. 1 Portrait

F. Westropp. 1 Portrait

Sir Jack Alan Westrup (1904-1975), Professor of music and conductor. 7 Portraits

Campbell West West-Watson (1877-1953), Primate and Archbishop of New Zealand. 2 Portraits

William Westwood, 1st Baron Westwood (1880-1953), Politician and shipbuilder. 17 Portraits

William Westwood, 2nd Baron Westwood (1907-1991), Businessman. 1 Portrait

John Obadiah Westwood (1805-1893), Entomologist and palaeographer. 3 Portraits

Joseph Westwood (1884-1948), Trade unionist and politician; Secretary of State for Scotland. 11 Portraits

Rick Westwood (1943-), Musician; guitarist for The Tremeloes. 4 Portraits

(Edward) Russell Westwood (1911-1982), Photographer. 3 Portraits

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood (1941-2022), Fashion designer. 20 Portraits

Edward Wetenhall (1636-1713), Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Robert Wetherall (1815-1869), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Frances Wetherall (died 1923), Actress and singer; wife of H. R. Hignett. 8 Portraits

Sir George Augustus Wetherall (1788-1868), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Isabel Jane Alexander Wetherall (née Hankey) (1842-1916), Wife of Henry Rose Wetherall; daughter of John Alexander Hankey. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Wethered (née Cavendish-Bentinck) (1901-1977), Daughter of Lord Charles Cavendish-Bentinck and Cecily Grenfell; wife of Roger Wethered. 2 Portraits

Ernest Handel Cossham Wethered (1878-1975), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Wetherell (1770-1846), Politician and lawyer. 36 Portraits

Paul Wetherell, Photographer. 1 Portrait

Conrad Thaddeus Wetter (1798-1866), Chemist and Distiller. 1 Portrait

Maxime Weygand (1867-1965), General. 1 Portrait

Richard Weyland (1780-1864), Soldier and politician: MP for Oxfordshire. 1 Portrait

Stanley John Weyman (1855-1928), Novelist. 4 Portraits

Thomas Thynne, 1st Viscount Weymouth (1640-1714), Statesman. 1 Portrait

Richard Francis Weymouth (1822-1902). 1 Portrait

James Whale (1889-1957), Theatre and film director. 2 Portraits

John Seldon Whale (1896-1997), Professor of Christian Theology. 3 Portraits

George Hammond Whalley (1813-1878), Politician and lawyer. 6 Portraits

Mrs Horneck Whalley (1755-1832), Third wife of Thomas Sedgwick Whalley. 1 Portrait

Joanne Whalley (1964-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Norma Whalley (later Lady Clarke) (died 1954), Stage and film actress; former wife of J. Sherrie Matthews and later wife of Sir Percival Clarke. 5 Portraits

Peter Whalley (1722-1791), Rector of St Margaret Pattens, London; author and editor. 2 Portraits

Thomas Sedgwick Whalley (1746-1828), Poet and traveller. 1 Portrait

Edward Whalley-Tooker (1863-1940), Hampshire Cricket Club member and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Edward Montagu Stuart Granville Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Wharncliffe (1827-1899), Railway executive, landowner and art collector. 7 Portraits

Susan Charlotte (née Lascelles), Countess of Wharncliffe (1834-1927), Wife of 1st Earl of Wharncliffe; daughter of 3rd Earl of Harewood. 5 Portraits

Francis John Montagu-Stuart-Wortley, 2nd Earl of Wharncliffe (1856-1926), Commander. 2 Portraits

Archibald Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe (1892-1953). 6 Portraits

(Maud Lillian) Elfreda Mary (née Wentworth-Fitzwilliam), Countess Wharncliffe (1898-1979), Manager of munitions work; wife of 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe; daughter of 7th Earl Fitzwilliam. 12 Portraits

Alan James Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Wharncliffe (1935-1987), Son of 3rd Earl of Wharncliffe. 8 Portraits

James Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 1st Baron Wharncliffe (1776-1845), Statesman. 13 Portraits

Lady Georgina Elizabeth Wharncliffe (née Ryder) (1804-1884), Wife of 2nd Baron Wharncliffe; daughter of 1st Earl of Harrowby. 1 Portrait

John Stuart-Wortley, 2nd Baron Wharncliffe (1801-1855), Lawyer. 3 Portraits

Philip Wharton, Duke of Wharton (1698-1731), Politician. 4 Portraits

Thomas Wharton, 1st Marquess of Wharton (1648-1715), Nobleman and politician. 20 Portraits

Anne Wharton (née Lee) (1659-1685), Poet. 4 Portraits

Philip Wharton, 4th Baron Wharton (1613-1696), Soldier, politician and diplomat. 5 Portraits

Jane Wharton (née Goodwin), Lady Wharton (baptised 1618-1658), Second wife of 4th Baron Wharton. 3 Portraits

Anne (née Kerr), Lady Wharton (died 1692), Former wife of Edward Popham, and later wife of 4th Baron Wharton. 1 Portrait

Charles John Halswell Kemeys-Tynte, 9th Baron Wharton (1908-1969), Flight-Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Elisabeth Kemeys-Tynte, 10th Baroness Wharton (1906-1974), Daughter of 8th Baron Wharton; sister of 9th Baron Wharton. 2 Portraits

Alex Wharton (1939-), Musician, band manager and producer; member of The Most Brothers. 6 Portraits

Bryan Wharton (1934-2020), Photographer. 4 Portraits

Sir George Wharton, 1st Bt (1617-1681), Royalist soldier, astrologer and poet. 18 Portraits

Miss G.D.F. Wharton, Model. 4 Portraits

Henry Wharton (1664-1695), Church of England clergyman and historian. 3 Portraits

Herb Wharton (1936-), Writer and poet. 1 Portrait

James ('Jem') Wharton (1813-1856), Pugilist. 1 Portrait

John Lloyd Wharton (1837-1912), Politician and barrister. 7 Portraits

Philadelphia, Lady Wharton (1594-1654), Daughter of 1st Earl of Monmouth. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Wharton (1615-1684), Son of 3rd Baron Wharton; brother of Philip, 4th Baron; husband of Philadelphia Carey. 1 Portrait

Sir William Wharton (1843-1905), Hydrographer. 1 Portrait

G.A. Whately. 1 Portrait

Richard Whately (1787-1863), Archbishop of Dublin and philosopher. 5 Portraits

Thomas Whately (1773-1864), Rector at Chetwynd, Shropshire; husband of Isabella Sophia Whately. 1 Portrait

William Whately (1583-1639), Church of England clergyman and puritan preacher. 5 Portraits

Norman Whatley (1884-1965), Headmaster, Clifton College, Bristol. 2 Portraits

Wilfred Whatmore. 3 Portraits

Miss Whaucope (active circa 1800). 2 Portraits

Sir Kenneth Clinton Wheare (1907-1979), Professor of Colonial History. 2 Portraits

Patience Jane Wheatcroft, Baroness Wheatcroft (1951-), Journalist; editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal Europe; life peer. 1 Portrait

Edward Lewis Elam Wheatcroft (1896-1982), Engineer. 1 Portrait

George Shorrock Ashcombe Wheatcroft (1905-1987), Professor of English Law and 1st Editor of British Tax Encyclopaedia. 1 Portrait

Harry Wheatcroft (1898-1977), Champion rose grower and communist. 2 Portraits

J.H. Wheatcroft, Tennis player. 3 Portraits

Marie ('Cristobel') Christabel Wheatcroft (née Hardie) (1903-1971), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

F. Wheathew (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Mary Wheatland (1835-1924), 'Bathing Woman of Bognor'; bathing machine operator and lifeguard. 1 Portrait

John Thomas Wheatley, Baron Wheatley (1908-1988), Politician and judge. 6 Portraits

Alan Wheatley (1907-1991), Film and stage actor. 1 Portrait

Dennis Yates Wheatley (1897-1977), Novelist and inventor of Crime Dossier Murder Fiction. 2 Portraits

Edith Francis Wheatley (née Millett). 1 Portrait

Francis Wheatley (1747-1801), Painter. 5 Portraits

George Wheatley (active 1796), Bank clerk. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Wheatley (1782-1875), Major-General. 1 Portrait

John Wheatley (1869-1930), Scottish socialist politician; MP for Glasgow. 8 Portraits

John David Patrick Wheatley (1899-1967), Tennis player; Olympian. 3 Portraits

John Laviers Wheatley (1892-1955), Painter, printmaker and teacher. 5 Portraits

Leonard Lane Wheatley (1876-1954), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Martha (née Laviers), Lady Wheatley (died 1948), Wife of Sir Zachariah Wheatley; daughter of John Laviers. 3 Portraits

Mervyn Savile Wheatley (1900-1979), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Mervyn James Wheatley (1880-1974), Politician; MP for Dorset. 1 Portrait

Moreton John Wheatley (1837-1916), Colonel in the Royal Engineers; Baliff of the Royal Parks (1879-1902). 1 Portrait

(Percival) Ross Wheatley (1909-1988), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Zachariah Wheatley (1865-1950), Justice of the Peace and creator of Welsh Bard. 3 Portraits

Arthur William Frederick Wheatstone (1848-1898), Annuitant; son of Sir Charles Wheatstone. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Wheatstone (1802-1875), Scientist and inventor. 7 Portraits

Charles Pablo Wheatstone (1847-1886), Son of Sir Charles Wheatstone. 1 Portrait

Emma Wheatstone (circa 1813-1865), Wife of Sir Charles Wheatstone. 1 Portrait

James Wheble (1729-1801), Tallow chandler and soap maker. 1 Portrait

Edward Christian Wheeldon (1907-1980), Engineer; chairman of Westland Aircraft Ltd. 1 Portrait

Philip William Wheeldon (1913-1992), Diocese of Wakefield. 12 Portraits

Anna Wheeler (née Doyle) (1785-1850), Philosopher and feminist. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Wheeler, 1st Bt (1860-1943), Deputy-Lieutenant; Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Aubrey John Wheeler (1894-1970), Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Sir Charles Cornelius Wheeler (1923-2008), Journalist and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Reginald Wheeler (1904-1975), Chairman, Associated Electrical Industries and Sheerness Steel. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Thomas Wheeler (1892-1974), Sculptor and President of the Royal Academy. 25 Portraits

David Wheeler (1945-), Gardener, writer and journalist. 1 Portrait

Denis Edward Wheeler (1910-1977), Chemist; Managing Director and deputy chairman, Wellcome Collection. 2 Portraits

Florence Rose Champion Wheeler (née Bolderston) (1878-1964). 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Wheeler (1909-1987), Under-Secretary Ministry of Defence. 1 Portrait

George Post Wheeler (1869-1956), Journalist, writer and statesman. 9 Portraits

(William) Gordon Wheeler (1910-1998), Roman Catholic Bishop of Leeds. 3 Portraits

Gracyn Wheeler (Mrs Kelleher) (1914-1980), Tennis player; wife of Robert J. Kelleher. 3 Portraits

Hallie Erminie Wheeler (née Rives) (1874-1956), Writer; wife of George Post Wheeler. 2 Portraits

Jacquetta Wheeler (1981-), Fashion model. 1 Portrait

Janette Wheeler (née Latourette Hegner), Wife of John Archibald Wheeler. 1 Portrait

Margaret Wheeler (1837-1907), Daughter of General Hugh Wheeler. 1 Portrait

Marjorie Frances Wheeler (born 1900), Daughter of Hon. Sibyl Grace Wheeler and James Volont Wheeler. 3 Portraits

Mary Eleanor Wheeler (alias Pearcey) (1866-1890), Murderer. 1 Portrait

Mavis Wheeler (née Mabel Winifred Mary Wright) (1908-1970), Former wife of Horace De Vere Cole, and later wife of Sir Mortimer Wheeler. 2 Portraits

Michael Mortimer Wheeler (1915-1992), Judge. 8 Portraits

Sir (Robert Eric) Mortimer Wheeler (1890-1976), Archaeologist and broadcaster. 15 Portraits

Muriel (née Bourne), Lady Wheeler (1888-1979), Sculptor and painter; wife of Sir Charles Wheeler. 1 Portrait

Sir (Henry) Neil George Wheeler (1917-2009), Airforce officer and Deputy Chief of Defence. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) Norman Samuel Wheeler (1915-1990), Major-General. 2 Portraits

N. Wheeler (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Dame Olive Annie Wheeler (1886-1963), Psychologist; Professor Emeritus, University of Wales. 4 Portraits

Ralph Pung Wheeler (1898-1977), Brigadier and Deputy Director General, Ordnance Survey. 4 Portraits

Samuel Wheeler (1776-1858), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Thomas Sherlock Wheeler (1899-1962), Research chemist with Imperial Chemical Industries and Professor of Chemistry, University College, Dublin. 1 Portrait

Mr Wheeler. 1 Portrait

Sir John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett (1902-1975), Historian. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Frederick Denny Wheeler-Cuffe, 2nd Bt (1832-1915), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Pauline (née Villiers-Stuart), Lady Wheeler-Cuffe (died 1895), Wife of Sir Charles Wheeler-Cuffe, 2nd Bt; daughter of 1st Baron Stuart de Decies. 2 Portraits

Edward Handley Wheelwright, Son of T.H. Wheelwright. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wesley Wheen (1897-1971), Translator. 1 Portrait

Francis James Baird Wheen (1957-), Journalist, writer and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Charles Alexander James ('Charlie') Whelan (1954-), Trade unionist; journalist; political spokesman. 1 Portrait

Hamlet Mark Whelan (1890-1947), Surgeon Rear-Admiral. 4 Portraits

Hannah Whelan (1992-), Gymnast; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Tim Whelan (1893-1957), Film director. 1 Portrait

West Wheldale (1766-1828), Rector of Spitalfields. 1 Portrait

Sir Huw Wheldon (1916-1986), Broadcaster and administrator. 6 Portraits

Sir Wynn Powell Wheldon (1879-1961), Lawyer, soldier and arts and university administrator. 4 Portraits

Charles Wheler Wheler (1834-1899), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Sir George Wheler (1651-1724), Church of England clergyman and scholar. 1 Portrait

(George) Eric Whelpton (1894-1981), Travel writer. 4 Portraits

William Whewell (1794-1866), College head and writer on the history and philosophy of science. 8 Portraits

Charles Whibley (1859-1930), Scholar, critic and journalist. 2 Portraits

Benjamin Whichcot (1609-1683), Theologian and moral philosopher. 1 Portrait

Christopher Whichcote (active 1642-1659), Colonel; Governor of Windsor Castle. 2 Portraits

Edward Whichcote (active 1648), Governor of Windsor Castle. 1 Portrait

(Charles) John Mayle Whichelo (circa 1784-1865), Watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

Alan Donald Whicker (1925-2013), Television broadcaster and writer. 2 Portraits

Hon. Joyce Laline Whidborne (née Plunket) (1901-1973), Wife of Charles Stanley Lucas Whidborne; daughter of 5th Baron Plunket. 2 Portraits

Michael Whidborne, Son of Charles Stanley Lucas Whidborne. 1 Portrait

Richard Whiddington (1885-1970), Physicist. 2 Portraits

Georgina Whigham (circa 1839-1916), Daughter of Robert Whigham, Scottish advocate. 1 Portrait

Helen Marion Mann Whigham (née Hannay) (circa 1884-1954), Wife of George Hay Whigham. 1 Portrait

Isabel Adeline (née Muntz), Lady Whigham (died 1959), Wife of Sir Robert Dundas Whigham. 2 Portraits

Matilda Jane Whigham (circa 1830-1900), Daughter of Robert Whigham, Scottish advocate. 1 Portrait

Robert Whigham (1795-1849), Advocate. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Dundas Whigham (1865-1950), General. 7 Portraits

Cecil Whiley, Businessman. 2 Portraits

Frederick Amelius Whimper (1814?-1880), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Whinney (1865-1927), Chartered accountant. 3 Portraits

Ernest Whinney (1889-1972), Accountant and President of the Society of Chartered Accountants; son of Sir Arthur Whinney. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Whipple (née Stirrup) (1893-1966), Author. 1 Portrait

Francis John Welsh Whipple (1876-1943), Assistant Director of the Meteorological Office. 1 Portrait

Henry Benjamin Whipple (1823-1901), Bishop of Minnesota. 2 Portraits

William Whipple (1730-1785), Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Anthony Whishaw (1930-), Painter. 2 Portraits

Ben Whishaw (1980-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Cynthia Salome Caroline (née Reeves), Lady Whiskard (died 1940), Wife of Sir Geoffrey (Granville) Whiskard. 3 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Granville Whiskard (1886-1957), Politician and Diplomat; British High Commissioner to Australia. 6 Portraits

Stephen Whisson (1710-1783), Tutor and Senior Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Alwyne Michael Webster Whistler (1909-1993), Major-General. 13 Portraits

Anna McNeill Whistler (1804-1881), Mother of James McNeill Whistler. 1 Portrait

Daniel Whistler (1619-1684), Physician. 1 Portrait

James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903), Painter and etcher. 15 Portraits

Sir Lashmer Gordon Whistler (1898-1963), General. 7 Portraits

Sir (Alan Charles) Laurence Whistler (1912-2000), Glass engraver, writer and architectural historian. 16 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Joan Whistler (née Ashton) (1893-1981), Wife of Hugh Whistler; daughter of 1st Baron Ashton of Hyde. 3 Portraits

Reginald John ('Rex') Whistler (1905-1944), Painter and designer. 24 Portraits

William Whiston (1667-1752), Mathematician and divine. 5 Portraits

Alfred James Whitacre Allen (1857-1939), Brigadier-General. 1 Portrait

Sir (Frederick) Arthur Whitaker (1893-1968), Maritime civil engineer. 2 Portraits

Sir Cuthbert Wilfrid Whitaker (1873-1950), Editor of Whitaker’s Almanack. 3 Portraits

George Thomas Whitaker (born circa 1842), Army officer. 1 Portrait

James Whitaker (1863-1946), Major and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

John Whitaker (1735-1808), Historian of Manchester. 1 Portrait

John Whitaker (1772-1820), Founder of Macclesfield Sunday School. 1 Portrait

Sir John Albert Charles Whitaker (1897-1957), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Ozi William Whitaker (1830-1911), Bishop of Pennsylvania¿ and Nevada. 1 Portrait

Percival Ayton Onley Whitaker (1870-1944), Racehorse trainer. 1 Portrait

Robert Whitaker (1939-2011), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Sheila Whitaker (1936-2013), Critic, Director of London Film Festival and Head of Programming, National Film Theatre. 1 Portrait

Thomas Dunham Whitaker (1759-1821), Vicar of Whalley and Rector of Heysham, Lancashire. 1 Portrait

Tobias Whitaker (baptised circa 1601-1664), Physician. 1 Portrait

William Whitaker (1547 or 1548-1595), Theologian and college head. 5 Portraits

William Whitaker (1836-1925), Geologist. 1 Portrait

Helen Whitall (1890-1917), Daughter of John M. Whitall and Margaret Haines ('Pearlie') Whitall (née Bacon). 1 Portrait

James Whitall (born 1888), Writer; son of John M. Whitall and Margaret Haines ('Pearlie') Whitall (née Bacon). 1 Portrait

John M. Whitall (1858-1926), Son of James Whitall and Mary Wistar Cope. 2 Portraits

John Mickle Whitall (1800-1877), Sea captain, businessman and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Madge Whitall (1865-1892), Daughter of James and Mary Whitall. 6 Portraits

Margaret Millian Whitall (1882-1907), Daughter of John M. Whitall and Margaret Haines ('Pearlie') Whitall (née Bacon). 1 Portrait

Mary Tatum Whitall (1803-1880), Mother of Hannah Whitall Smith. 2 Portraits

Mildred Whitall (1884-1923), Daughter of John M. Whitall and Margaret Haines ('Pearlie') Whitall (née Bacon). 1 Portrait

Margaret Haines ('Pearlie') Whitall (née Bacon) (1861-1931), Daughter of William Henry Bacon; wife of John M. Whitall. 1 Portrait

William Henry Whitall (1892-1947), Son of John M. Whitall and Margaret Haines ('Pearlie') Whitall (née Bacon). 1 Portrait

Hon. Sybil Mary Whitamore (née Borthwick) (1885-1977), President of the Women's Liberal Federation (1955); wife of Vernon Whitamore; daughter of Sir Thomas Borthwick. 1 Portrait

Lady Elizabeth Whitbread (née Grey) (1765-1846), Wife of Samuel Whitbread; daughter of Charles Grey, 1st Earl Grey. 1 Portrait

A. Whitbread. 1 Portrait

Georgina Vassall Whitbread (née Farwell) (1822-1900), Wife of Gordon Whitbread; daughter of George Farwell. 1 Portrait

Gordon Whitbread (1814-1883), Judge. 1 Portrait

Helen Beatrice Margaret Whitbread (née Trefusis) (1917-2006), Wife of Simon Whitbread; granddaughter of 20th Baron Clinton. 2 Portraits

Mary Cornelia Whitbread (née Child) (1933-2004), Wife of Henry Charles Whitbread; daughter of Sir (Smith) Hill Child. 8 Portraits

Samuel Whitbread the Elder (1720-1796), Brewer and politician. 6 Portraits

Samuel Whitbread (1764-1815), Politician and brewer; son of brewer Samuel Whitbread. 21 Portraits

Samuel Whitbread (1830-1915), Brewer and Labour politician; MP for Bedford. 3 Portraits

Samuel Charles Whitbread (1796-1879), Politician; MP for Middlesex. 2 Portraits

Samuel Howard Whitbread (1858-1944), Chairman of Whitbread and Co Ltd. 1 Portrait

Thomas Whitbread (Thomas Harcourt) (circa 1618-1679), Jesuit. 8 Portraits

William Henry Whitbread (1900-1994), Managing Director of Whitbread & Co Ltd. 3 Portraits

Daniel Whitby (1637-1726), Divine. 1 Portrait

Gwynne Whitby (1903-1984), Actress. 5 Portraits

Captain John Whitby (1774-1806), Naval officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Lionel Ernest Howard Whitby (1895-1956), Professor of Physic. 9 Portraits

George Henry Scott, Lord Scott of Whitchester (1798-1808), Son of Charles Montagu-Scott, 4th Duke of Buccleuch. 1 Portrait

Alexander Whitchurch (died 1782), Clerk to the Brewers' Company. 1 Portrait

Charles Albert Whitcombe (1895-1978), Golfer; brother of Ernest R. Whitcombe. 3 Portraits

Ernest Robert Whitcombe (1890-1971), Golfer; brother of Charles A. Whitcombe. 2 Portraits

Philip Sidney Whitcombe (1893-1989), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Robert Henry Whitcombe (1862-1922), Bishop of Colchester. 1 Portrait

Frank I. Whitcroft (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Eirene Lloyd White, Baroness White of Rhymney (1909-1999), Journalist and Labour politician; MP for East Flintshire and Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords. 7 Portraits

Alan White (1972-), Musician; drummer for Oasis. 3 Portraits

Alfred George Hastings White (1859-1945), Consulting Librarian to the Royal Society. 1 Portrait

Alice (née Baker-Carr), Lady White, Wife of Sir Charles Arnold White; daughter of Robert Baker-Carr. 1 Portrait

Antonia White (1899-1980), Novelist, critic and translator. 7 Portraits

Arthur David White (1816-1899), Physician. 1 Portrait

Arthur Rabbitts White (1859-1936), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Barbara White (1923-2013), Film actress. 1 Portrait

Barry White (1944-2003), Singer-songwriter and composer. 1 Portrait

Sir Bernard Kerr White (1888-1964), Industrial assurance commissioner. 5 Portraits

Bob White, Artist. 1 Portrait

Sir Bruce Gordon White (1885-1983), Brigadier. 3 Portraits

Carol White (1941-1991), Actress. 1 Portrait

Cecil Meadows Frith White (1897-1985), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Charlene White (1980-), News presenter and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Christopher ('Chris') Taylor White (1943-), Musician, bass guitarist and songwriter for 'The Zombies'. 1 Portrait

Chrissie White (1895-1989), Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher John White (1930-), Art historian; Director of the Ashmolean Museum. 1 Portrait

Cindy White, Model. 1 Portrait

Clarence H. White (1871-1925), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Margaret ('Daisy') Stuyvesant Rutherford White (née Rutherfurd) (1857-1916), Socialite; wife of Henry White; daughter of Lewis Morris Rutherfurd. 1 Portrait

David Ben White (1965-), Artist, musician and member of Brother Beyond. 1 Portrait

Donald White (active 1930s), Chief uniformed representative of Thomas Cook. 1 Portrait

Doreen White (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Edward Fox White (1828-1900), Art dealer. 1 Portrait

Edward White (active 1840), Clerk at the East India House and friend of Charles Lamb. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward White (1847-1914). 4 Portraits

Ellen Toni Convery (née White) (1989-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Errol Ivor White (1901-1985), Palaeontologist. 2 Portraits

E. White, Reverend. 1 Portrait

J. Fisher White (1865-1945), Actor. 2 Portraits

Francis White (1564-1638), Bishop of Ely. 12 Portraits

Frederick Meadows White (1829-1898), Judge. 1 Portrait

F. White (active 1923). 1 Portrait

F.H. White (active 1932). 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Charles White (1912-1961), Metropolitan Police and Chief Constable of Kent. 2 Portraits

Sir George White (1840-1912), Shoe manufacturer and politician. 3 Portraits

George Harold White, Lord Mayor of Manchester. 1 Portrait

Sir George Stuart White (1835-1912), Field Marshal. 4 Portraits

George Warren White (1816-1886), Minstrel. 1 Portrait

Gilbert White (1720-1793), Naturalist. 1 Portrait

Gilbert White (1859-1933), Bishop of Willochra and Bishop of Carpentaria, Australia. 1 Portrait

(Henry) Graham White (1880-1965), Politician; MP for Birkenhead. 7 Portraits

Harold Edward White, Group Captain. 1 Portrait

Helen Constance White (née Price) (1849-1918), Wife of Arnold White; daughter of Lowell Price. 1 Portrait

Henry White (1836-1890), Clergyman. 2 Portraits

Henry White (1850-1927), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

Hon. Henry Frederic White (1859-1903), Major; Mayor of Bulawayo; son of 2nd Baron Annaly. 1 Portrait

Henry Gostling White (1769-1846), Curate and chaplain to the Duke of Kent. 1 Portrait

Henry Hopley White (1790-1876), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Henry Julian White (1859-1934), Latin biblical scholar and Dean, Christ Church, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Henry Kirke White (1785-1806), Poet. 4 Portraits

Mrs Henry White. 1 Portrait

Herbert Arthur White (1876-1958), War correspondent, editor, political adviser and director of several companies of the Marconi and Cable and Wireless groups. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Edward White (1855-1947), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Herbert Southey Neville White (1862-1938), Intelligence officer and Major-General. 4 Portraits

Sir Herbert Thirkell White (1855-1931), Civil servant in Burma. 3 Portraits

James White (1809-1883), Politician and merchant. 2 Portraits

Janet White (active 1970), Wife of Ken White. 1 Portrait

Jeremiah White (1629-1707), Nonconformist minister. 4 Portraits

Hon. Jessica Jane Vronwy White (née Scott-Ellis) (1941-), Daughter of 9th Baron Howard de Walden. 1 Portrait

Joan White (1909-1999), Actress. 1 Portrait

John White (1570-1615), Minister of Eccles, Lancashire. 4 Portraits

John White (active late 17th century). 1 Portrait

John White (1867-1951), Minister of the Church of Scotland. 1 Portrait

John Baker White (1902-1988), Agriculturalist, intelligence officer and Conservative politician; MP for Canterbury. 1 Portrait

John Chanler White (1867-1956), Bishop of Springfield, Illinois. 1 Portrait

John Hazen White (1849-1925), Bishop of North Indiana and Michigan. 1 Portrait

Joseph White (1745-1814), Orientalist and theologian. 1 Portrait

Joseph Blanco White (1775-1841), Theological writer. 3 Portraits

Julius White, Physician; grandson of Augustus John. 2 Portraits

Ken White (1943-), Painter. 1 Portrait

Hon. Laura Jane White (née Edwardes) (1837-1909), Wife of Raymond Herbert White; daughter of 3rd Baron Kensington. 1 Portrait

Lee White (1880-1927), Revue actress and singer. 15 Portraits

Lindsell Fletcher White (1825-1901), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Luke White (died 1854), Politician; MP for County Longford. 1 Portrait

Madge White (died 1978), Actress. 2 Portraits

Marco Pierre White (1961-), Chef and restaurateur. 4 Portraits

Mark White (1961-), Musician, member of the band ABC. 1 Portrait

Sir Matthew White Ridley, 3rd Bt (1778-1836), Banker, colliery owner and politician; MP for Newcastle-on-Tyne. 1 Portrait

Maude Valérie White (1855-1937), Composer and Songwriter. 2 Portraits

Michael White (1945-), Journalist. 1 Portrait

Muriel White. 1 Portrait

Nicola White (1988-), Hockey player. 1 Portrait

Paul William White (1944-active 1970s), Author. 1 Portrait

Peter White (1947-), Radio presenter, journalist and disc jockey. 1 Portrait

Richard White (1539-1611), Antiquary and jurist. 2 Portraits

Robert White (1645-1703), Engraver. 1 Portrait

Hon. Robert White (1861-1936), Brigadier-General; son of 2nd Baron Annaly. 5 Portraits

Mrs White (née St Aubyn) (active 1789), Sister of Catherine Molesworth and Sir John St Aubyn. 1 Portrait

Samuel White (circa 1784-1854), Politician; MP for County Leitrim. 1 Portrait

Dame Sharon Michele White (1967-), Civil servant; Chief executive of Ofcom. 2 Portraits

Simon David Manton White (1951-), Director of the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics. 1 Portrait

Solomon White. 1 Portrait

Mrs Sophie White (active late 19th century). 1 Portrait

Terence Hanbury White (1906-1964), Novelist. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas White (1495-1567), Lord Mayor of London and founder of St John's College, Oxford. 8 Portraits

Thomas White (1593-1676), Philosopher and controversialist. 2 Portraits

Thomas White (1628-1698), Bishop of Peterborough. 13 Portraits

Thomas White (active 1814), Junior midshipman and homicide. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas White (1818-1883), Lord Mayor of London. 1 Portrait

T. White, Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Vivien White (née John) (1915-1994), Artist; daughter of Augustus John and Dorelia McNeill. 2 Portraits

Sir Willard Wentworth White (1946-), Singer and actor. 3 Portraits

William White (died 1428), Priest and Lollard heretic. 1 Portrait

Sir William Arthur White (1824-1891), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

William Charles White (1865-1943), Bishop of Newfoundland, Canada. 1 Portrait

William Charles White (1873-1960), Bishop of Honan and Professor of Chinese Studies and Director, School of Chinese Studies. 1 Portrait

William Foster White (1810-1878), Treasurer to St Bartholomews Hospital. 1 Portrait

Yuri White, Grandson of Augustus John. 2 Portraits

Mr White (active 1825), Organist of the Aprish Church of Wakefield, Leeds. 1 Portrait

Lady White. 3 Portraits

George Whitefield (1714-1770), Methodist leader. 14 Portraits

Caleb Whitefoord (1734-1810), Diplomat. 5 Portraits

Charles Whitefoord (1797-1804), Son of Caleb Whitefoord (1734-1810). 1 Portrait

Mary Whitefoord (née Sidday) (1775-1852), First wife of Caleb Whitefoord (1734-1810). 1 Portrait

Philip Geoffrey Whitefoord (1894-1975), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Kate Whiteford (1952-), Artist. 1 Portrait

Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947), Mathematician and philosopher. 4 Portraits

Ann Whitehead, Wife of Thomas Hoyle Whitehead. 1 Portrait

Annie Whitehead (1955-), Jazz trombone player. 2 Portraits

Beryl Whitehead. 1 Portrait

Caroline Whitehead (active 1890s-1930s), Justice of the Peace and alderman; youngest daughter of Thomas Hoyle Whitehead. 4 Portraits

Cortlandt Whitehead (1842-1922), Bishop of Pittsburgh. 1 Portrait

Sir Edgar Whitehead (1905-1971), Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia. 12 Portraits

Sir Hayward Reader Whitehead (1855-1925), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Henry Whitehead (1863-1947), Bishop of Madras. 1 Portrait

James Whitehead (1812-1885), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir James Whitehead, 1st Bt (1834-1917), Merchant, philanthropist, Lord Mayor of London 1889. 7 Portraits

Sir James Beethom Whitehead (1858-1928), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

John Henry Constantine Whitehead (1904-1960), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

Joy Whitehead (active 1924). 1 Portrait

Hon. Lucia Edith Whitehead (née Lawson) (1922-2011), Wife of 2nd Earl Woolton; daughter of 4th Baron Burnham. 3 Portraits

Paul Whitehead (1710-1774), Satirist. 5 Portraits

Peter Whitehead (1937-2019), Film-maker and novelist. 1 Portrait

Peter Halstead Whitehead (circa 1830-1903), Manufacturer. 1 Portrait

Mrs Peter Halstead Whitehead, Wife of Peter Halstead Whitehead. 1 Portrait

R. Whitehead. 6 Portraits

Edward Anthony ('Ted') Whitehead (1933-2023), Playwright and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Thomas Whitehead (born circa 1791), Headmaster of Chatham House School. 1 Portrait

Thomas Hoyle Whitehead, Cotton spinner, manufacturer and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

William Whitehead (1715-1785), Poet Laureate. 2 Portraits

John Roland Malcolm Whitehorn (1924-2003), Deputy Director-General, Confederation of British Industry. 1 Portrait

Katharine Elizabeth Whitehorn (1928-2021), Journalist and author. 3 Portraits

Will Whitehorn (1960-), President of Virgin Galactic. 1 Portrait

James Whitehorne (1793-1874), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Esther Whitehouse (circa 1895-1946), Actress; wife of Warwick Ward. 5 Portraits

Sir George Whitehouse (1857-1938), Manager and chief engineer. 2 Portraits

Henry John Whitehouse (1803-1874), Bishop of Illinois. 3 Portraits

John Howard Whitehouse (1873-1955), Founder and Headmaster of Bembridge School. 5 Portraits

J. Whitehouse. 1 Portrait

Mary Whitehouse (1910-2001), Founder and President of the National Viewers and Listeners Association. 4 Portraits

Paul Whitehouse (1958-), Comedian. 2 Portraits

Margaret Anne Whitehurst (née Barber), Wife of Derek Peter Whitehurst; daughter of L.A. Barber. 1 Portrait

Richard Whiteing (1840-1928), Journalist and novelist. 1 Portrait

William Stephen Ian Whitelaw, Viscount Whitelaw (1918-1999), Politician; Home Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister. 18 Portraits

Billie Whitelaw (1932-2014), Actress. 5 Portraits

M.H. Whitelaw. 1 Portrait

William Whitelaw (1868-1946), Director of Bank of Scotland. 1 Portrait

Lady Angela Mary Whiteley (née North) (1931-2017), Wife of Peter John Henry Whiteley; daughter of Francis George North, Lord North; sister of 9th Earl of Guilford. 1 Portrait

Brett Whiteley (1939-1992), Painter. 2 Portraits

George Cecil Whiteley (1875-1942), Common Sergeant of City of London and Judge at Mayor's and City of London Court. 4 Portraits

Gerald Abson Whiteley (1915-1997), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Huntington-Whiteley, 1st Bt (1857-1936), Politician; MP for Ashton-under-Lyne and Droitwich. 1 Portrait

Jane Mairi Margaret Whiteley (née Drummond-Hay) (1931-), Wife of Richard Timothy Whiteley; daughter of James Drummond-Hay. 9 Portraits

Sir John Francis Martin Whiteley (1896-1970), General. 10 Portraits

Martha Annie Whiteley (1866-1956), Editor of Thorpes Dictionary of Applied Chemistry. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Whiteley (1920-2016), General. 2 Portraits

Richard Whiteley (1943-2005), Reporter and television presenter. 1 Portrait

Wendy Whiteley (1941-), Artist; wife of Brett Whiteley. 2 Portraits

Wilfrid Whiteley (1882-1970), Politician; MP for Birmingham Ladywood. 2 Portraits

William Whiteley (1882-1955), Politician; Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury and MP for Blaydon. 17 Portraits

Benjamin Whitelock (died 1896), Curate of of Groombridge, Kent. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Whitelock (1901-1982), Historian. 2 Portraits

Emily Whitelock (née Briggs) (died 1891), Wife of Benjamin Whitelock; daughter of W. T. Briggs. 1 Portrait

George Whitelock (1993-), Chef; trainee chef, Olympic Village, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Bulstrode Whitelocke (1605-1675), Diplomat, lawyer and politician; MP for Stafford, Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Oxford and Bedford. 8 Portraits

Sir James Whitelocke (1570-1632), Judge. 1 Portrait

John Whitelocke (1757-1833), General. 3 Portraits

Peggy Whitely. 1 Portrait

Thomas Whiter. 1 Portrait

Rachel Whiteread (1963-), Artist. 3 Portraits

Borras Noel Hamilton Whiteside (1903-1948), Company director and Conservative politician; MP for South Leeds. 1 Portrait

James Whiteside (1804-1876), Judge and politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry White-Smith (1878-1943), Chairman of Society of British Aircraft Constructors. 2 Portraits

Millicent, Lady White-Smith (died 1996), Wife of Sir Henry White-Smith. 4 Portraits

Leonard Jauncey White-Thomson (1863-1933), Bishop of Ely. 1 Portrait

Miss M.J. Whitewell. 1 Portrait

Sir John Whitford (1893-1966), Air Vice-Marshal. 3 Portraits

John Whitgift (1530?-1604), Archbishop of Canterbury. 12 Portraits

Francis Whitgreave (1819-1896), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Teresa Whitgreave (née Mostyn) (died 1873), Fourth daughter of Sir Edward Mostyn, 7th Bt; wife of Francis Whitgreave. 1 Portrait

Helen Whiting. 1 Portrait

John Whiting (1917-1963), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Maurice Henry Whiting (1885-1984), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Noel Eve Whiting (1905-1986), Civil servant and amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Sir William Whitla (1851-1933), Physician. 3 Portraits

Lady Mary Ilona Margaret Whitley (née Cambridge) (1924-1999), Wife of Peter Whitley; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Cambridge. 48 Portraits

Clifford Whitley (active 1930), Theatre producer. 1 Portrait

Edward Whitley (1825-1892), Solicitor, Mayor of Liverpool and Conservative politician; MP for Liverpool and Everton. 1 Portrait

Jabez Cornelius Whitley (1837-1904), Bishop of Chota Nagpur. 1 Portrait

John Henry Whitley (1866-1935), Speaker of the House of Commons. 8 Portraits

Sir John Rene Whitley (1905-1997), Inspector General, RAF. 5 Portraits

Julia Kathleen (née Norris), Lady Whitley (died 1957), Wife of Sir Edward Nathan Whitley; daughter of W. A. Norris. 1 Portrait

Leonard Whitley (1908-1990), Tailor. 22 Portraits

Mary Kathleen Whitley (1907-1997), Daughter of Sir Edward Nathan Whitley. 1 Portrait

Thomas Philip Whitley (1902-1981), Civil engineer and company director. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Whitlock (née Kemble) (1761-1836), Actress; sister of Sarah Siddons. 1 Portrait

George Frederick Ashford Whitlock (1868-1936), Colonel. 2 Portraits

Hector Harold Whitlock (1903-1985), Athlete. 2 Portraits

Max Antony Whitlock (1993-), Gymnast; Olympian. 1 Portrait

William Charles Whitlock (1918-2001), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. 1 Portrait

Walter ('Walt') Whitman (1819-1892), Poet, essayist and journalist. 6 Portraits

Mary Eileen Whitmarsh (1915-2009), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Herbert Nevil Whitmee (1905-1945), Major; son of Herbert Whitmee. 2 Portraits

Catherine Whitmore (née Thomason) (1784-1867), Wife of Thomas Whitmore of Apley (1782-1846). 1 Portrait

Charles Algernon Whitmore (1851-1908), Barrister and Conservative politician: MP for Chelsea. 2 Portraits

Frances (née Brooke), Lady Whitmore (died 1690), Former wife of Sir Thomas Whitmore, and later wife of Matthew Harvey. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Henry Douglas Charlton Whitmore (1872-1962), Colonel; Lord Lieut of Essex and Custos Rotulorum. 4 Portraits

Louisa Margaret Emily Whitmore (née Cradock-Hartopp) (circa 1841-1892), Wife of Thomas Charles Douglas Whitmore; daughter of Sir William Edmund Cradock-Hartopp, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Miss Whitmore, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

James Whitney (died 1693), Highwayman. 1 Portrait

Kevin Whitney (1948-2021), Painter; official artist of the Olympic Games. 1 Portrait

Edwin Whitney-Smith (1878-1952), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

Sir James Hawkins Whitshed, 1st Bt (1762-1849), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Sophia Henrietta Whitshed (née Bentinck) (1765-1852), Wife of Sir James Hawkins Whitshed, 1st Bt. 2 Portraits

John Whitson (circa 1553-1629), Merchant and Mayor of Bristol. 1 Portrait

Marilyn Kearley Whitson (1939-), Daughter of 2nd Viscount Devonport. 2 Portraits

Arnold Whittaker (1900-1984), Chairman of Somerset County Council. 1 Portrait

Sir Edmund Taylor Whittaker (1873-1956), Mathematician and astronomer. 2 Portraits

George Whittaker (died 1958), Director of Manchester United Football Club and businessman. 5 Portraits

James William Whittaker (1828-1876), Watercolourist. 1 Portrait

John MacNaghten Whittaker (1905-1984), Mathematician and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield. 3 Portraits

Mamie Whittaker, Actress. 2 Portraits

Sir Meredith Thompson Whittaker (1841-1931), President of Linotype Users Association. 5 Portraits

Robert Frederick Edward Whittaker (1894-1967), Major-general, General Manager of Lloyds Bank. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Palmer Whittaker (1850-1919), Politician and temperance reformer, newspaper editor and writer. 2 Portraits

Thomas James ('Tom') Whittaker (1898-1956), Footballer, trainer and manager. 5 Portraits

Edward Whittall. 2 Portraits

Iris Whittall (née Barnett), Wife of Edward Whittall. 3 Portraits

W. James Whitte (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Augusta Margaret Whitter (1840-1876), Daughter of Thomas Arbuthnott Whitter. 1 Portrait

J.F.L. Whittingdale. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Edward Whittingham (1887-1983), Air Marshal and Director-General of the Royal Air Force Medical Services. 8 Portraits

Richard Whittingham (1758-1845), Vicar of Potton. 1 Portrait

Walter Godfrey Whittingham (1861-1941), Bishop of St Edmunsbury and Ipswich. 4 Portraits

Charles Richard Whittington (1908-1992), Member of the Stock Exchange and Chamberlain of London. 4 Portraits

K. Whittington. 1 Portrait

Richard ('Dick') Whittington (circa 1350-1423), Alderman of London, Lord Mayor and inspiration for the nursery rhyme character 'Dick Whittington'. 9 Portraits

David Whittle (circa 1938-), Son of Sir Frank Whittle. 1 Portrait

Sir Frank Whittle (1907-1996), Aeronautical engineer and inventor. 17 Portraits

Ian Whittle (circa 1941-), Son of Sir Frank Whittle. 1 Portrait

Rosemary Whittome (née Frobisher) (1929-), Wife of John Derek Howard Whittome; daughter of James Hebblethwaite Martin Frobisher. 4 Portraits

Hon. Frances Sarah Whittuck (née Butler) (1845-1916), Wife of Edward Arthur Whittuck; daughter of 13th Viscount Mountgarret. 3 Portraits

John Lawrence ('Larry') Whitty, Baron Whitty (1943-), Politician; Labour Party General Secretary. 1 Portrait

William James ('Bill') Whitty (1886-1974), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher John MacRae Whitty (1966-), Epidemiologist and Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department of Health and Social Care. 1 Portrait

J. Edward Whitty (active 1924). 3 Portraits

Sir John Tarlton Whitty (1879-1948), Magistrate and colonial governor. 3 Portraits

Dame Mary Louise ('May') Whitty (1865-1948), Actress; wife of Benjamin Webster. 9 Portraits

Sir Reginald Ramson Whitty (1891-1960), Solicitor and Public Trustee. 3 Portraits

(Jan) Barry Whitwam (1946-), Musician; drummer for Herman's Hermits. 3 Portraits

E.S.C. Whitwell (active 1923), Wife of Frederick William Whitwell. 1 Portrait

Frederick William Whitwell (active 1923), Chemist based in Peterborough. 1 Portrait

Nigel Roy Whitwell (1908-2004), Farmer; mayor of Bury St Edmunds. 1 Portrait

Stephen John Whitwell (1920-2010), Ambassador of Somalia. 1 Portrait

Charles Whitworth, 1st Earl Whitworth (1752-1825), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Charles Whitworth, Baron Whitworth (1675-1725), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Magdalena Jacoba, Lady Whitworth (died 1733), Wife of Baron Whitworth. 1 Portrait

Eric Edward Allen Whitworth (1889-1971), Headmaster of Tonbridge. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Arundel Whitworth (1883-1951), Chairman and Founder of British Drama League. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Whitworth, 1st Bt (1803-1887), Mechanical engineer and machine tool manufacturer. 3 Portraits

J. Evelyn Whitworth (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Whitworth (1734-1811), Politician; MP for Stafford. 1 Portrait

Robin Whitworth (1911-1996), Radio producer and television executive. 1 Portrait

Sir William Jock Whitworth (1884-1973), Admiral. 12 Portraits

(John) Neville A. Whymant (born 1894), Orientalist; lecturer; explorer; author. 1 Portrait

Edward Whymper (1840-1911), Mountaineer and wood engraver. 1 Portrait

Josiah Wood Whymper (1813-1903), Wood engraver and watercolour painter. 2 Portraits

Sir (Alexander) Frederick Whyte (1883-1970), Politician, writer and journalist. 9 Portraits

Katherine Mary Whyte (née Segrave) (1846-1912), Daughter of Thomas Segrave; wife of William Henry Whyte; step-daughter of Dr William Orlando Markham. 1 Portrait

Sir William Marcus Charles Beresford Whyte (1863-1932), Paymaster Rear-Admiral. 5 Portraits

Thomas Bowman Whytehead (1840-1907), Auhtor; prominent freemason. 1 Portrait

George John Whyte-Melville (1821-1878), Novelist and poet. 5 Portraits

Thomas Whythorne (Whithorne) (1528-1595), Dancing master; amateur composer; autobiographer. 1 Portrait

Robert Whytlaw Whytlaw-Gray (1877-1958), Chemist. 4 Portraits

John Wiche (1718-1794), Baptist minister. 1 Portrait

Erik Wickberg (1904-1996), General of the Salvation Army. 11 Portraits

Margarete Dietrich Wickberg (1909-1976), Salvation Army Nurses Fellowship President; wife of Erik Wickberg, Salvation Army General. 7 Portraits

Sir John Wickens (1815-1873), Judge. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Wickes, Child actress. 7 Portraits

Agnes Wickham (née Gladstone) (1842-1931), Wife of Edward Wickham; daughter of William Ewart Gladstone. 2 Portraits

Archdale Palmer Wickham (1855-1935), Vicar of East Brent, High Bridge, Somerset. 2 Portraits

Cynthia Wickham (nèe Blackburn) (active 1953), Set designer, 'Homes and Gardens'. 1 Portrait

Edward Wickham (1835-1910), Dean of Lincoln. 1 Portrait

John Cayley Wickham (died 1999), RAF Air Commodore. 1 Portrait

Lucy C. Wickham (born circa 1879), Daughter of Edward Wickham and granddaughter of William Ewart Gladstone. 1 Portrait

Margaret Wickham (born circa 1880), Daughter of Edward Wickham and granddaughter of William Ewart Gladstone. 1 Portrait

Michael Wickham (1909-1995), 'Vogue' photographer. 1 Portrait

William G. Wickham (born circa 1877), Son of Edward Wickham and grandson of William Ewart Gladstone. 2 Portraits

Mrs John Wickham Legg (died 1908). 1 Portrait

William Howard, 4th Earl of Wicklow (1788-1869). 3 Portraits

Cecil Frances Howard (née Hamilton), Countess of Wicklow (1795-1860), Wife of 4th Earl of Wicklow. 2 Portraits

Cecil Ralph Howard, 6th Earl of Wicklow (1842-1891), Representative peer. 1 Portrait

Beatrix Frances Gertrude (née Herbert), Countess of Wicklow (1878-1957), President of The Children's Union; former wife of Sir Nevile Rodwell Wilkinson, and later wife of 7th Earl of Wicklow; daughter of 14th Earl of Pembroke. 9 Portraits

William Cecil James Philip John Paul Howard Clonmore, 8th Earl of Wicklow (1902-1978), Army captain. 3 Portraits

Jim Wicks, Manager of Sir Henry Cooper. 1 Portrait

Caroline Phillipa ('Pippa') Wicks (1962-), Businesswoman. 1 Portrait

Ann Noreen Widdecombe (1947-), Novelist and Conservative politician; privy councillor and MP for Maidstone. 1 Portrait

Roland Hewlett Widdows (1921-2004), Income tax lawyer. 2 Portraits

Elsie May Widdowson (1906-2000), Nutritionist. 2 Portraits

William Widdrington, 1st Baron Widdrington (1610-1651), Royalist army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Widdrington (circa 1600-1664), Politician; Speaker of the House of Commons. 2 Portraits

John Passmore Widgery, Baron Widgery (1911-1981), Judge; Lord Chief Justice of England. 11 Portraits

David Widgery (1947-1992), Writer, journalist, doctor and activist. 1 Portrait

Mario Widmer (active 1870s), Operatic tenor. 1 Portrait

Princess of Wied. 2 Portraits

Dagmar Gladys Wiehe (died 1975), Actress; wife of Edawrd Finch Hatton. 1 Portrait

Christoph Martin Wieland (1773-1813), German poet. 1 Portrait

Alexandre Wielopolski-Gonzaga-Myszkowski, Count Wielopolski (1875-1937), Son of Count Zygmunt Wielopolski. 3 Portraits

Jeremiah Holmes Wiffen (1792-1836), Poet; translator of Tasso. 2 Portraits

Adair Michael Charles Wigan (1916-1993), Army officer. 4 Portraits

Alfred Sydney Wigan (1814-1878), Actor. 5 Portraits

Eleazar Wigan (active circa 1695), Writing Master. 1 Portrait

Horace Wigan (1815 or 1816-1885), Actor and playwright; brother of Alfred Sydney Wigan. 5 Portraits

John Wigan (1696-1739), Physician and writer. 1 Portrait

John Tyson Wigan (1877-1952), Brigadier-General. 5 Portraits

Mary Wigan (née Butler-Henderson) (1915-1994), Wife of Algernon Desmond Wigan; daughter of Hon. Eric Brand Butler-Henderson. 3 Portraits

Willard Wigan (1957-), Sculptor. 1 Portrait

George Edward Cecil Wigg, Baron Wigg (1900-1983), Politician; MP for Dudley and Paymaster-General. 5 Portraits

Rosina Augusta Eleanor Maud Wigg (née Reeves) (1858-1940), Wife of William Frederick Wigg; daughter of (John) Sims Reeves. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred William ('Jerry') Wiggin (1937-2015), Politician; MP for Weston-super-Mare. 8 Portraits

Elizabeth Ethelston (née Power), Lady Wiggin (1893-1959), Wife of Sir William Henry Wiggin; daugther of J. Danvers Power. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Samuel Wiggin (1824-1905), Metal refiner and politician. 1 Portrait

Henry Walter Wiggin (1939-), Solicitor. 2 Portraits

Sir William Henry Wiggin (1888-1951), Chairman of Territorial Army Association of the County of Worcester. 6 Portraits

Sir Bradley Mark Wiggins (1980-), Cyclist; Olympian. 2 Portraits

William Martin Wiggins (1870-1950), Cotton manufacturer and Liberal politician; MP for Oldham. 3 Portraits

Sir Vincent Brian Wigglesworth (1889-1994), Entomologist and Professor of Biology. 7 Portraits

John Wight (Wyght) (active 16th century), Printer. 8 Portraits

Robert Wight (1796-1872), Botanist. 1 Portrait

Sir Owen William Wightman (1869-1948), Justice of the Peace; son of William Arnett Wightman. 3 Portraits

Charles Wightwick (circa 1778-1861), Rector of Brinkworth, Wiltshire. 1 Portrait

Charles Frederick Wightwick (1893-1960), Tea Planter who worked in Colombo (Sri Lanka). 1 Portrait

Richard Wightwick (1547?-1629), Co-founder of Pembroke College, Oxford. 7 Portraits

James Wignall (1856-1925), Labour politician; MP for Forest of Dean. 3 Portraits

Isaac Newton Wigney (circa 1795-1844), Banker and Liberal politician; MP for Brighton. 1 Portrait

A. Wigram. 1 Portrait

Clara Maria Wigram (1833-1916), Daughter of Octavius Wigram. 1 Portrait

Edmund Hugh Lewis Wigram (1911-1945), Explorer and doctor. 2 Portraits

Eleanor (née Watts), Lady Wigram (1767-1841), Philanthropist; second wife of Sir Robert Wigram. 2 Portraits

Ely Duodecimus Wigram (1801-1869), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Sir James Wigram (1793-1866), Judge and legal writer. 1 Portrait

Sir Kenneth Wigram (1875-1949), General. 1 Portrait

Money Wigram (1790-1873), Shipbuilder. 1 Portrait

Octavius Wigram (1794-1878), Businessman. 1 Portrait

William Ainger Wigram (1872-1953), Authority on Eastern Christianity. 1 Portrait

Charles ('Charlie') Wijeratna (1967-), Lawyer; Commercial Director, LOCOG, London 2012. 1 Portrait

Sir Edwin Aloysius Perera Wijeyeratne (1890-1968), Lawyer, politician and diplomat; High Commissioner for Ceylon and India. 2 Portraits

Robert ('Bob') Sage Wilber (1928-2019), Musician; jazz clarinettist, saxophonist and band leader. 1 Portrait

Richard Orme Wilberforce, Baron Wilberforce (1907-2003), Lord Appeal in Ordinary. 8 Portraits

Albert Basil Orme Wilberforce (1841-1916), Archdeacon of Westminster; son of Samuel Wilberforce. 38 Portraits

(Bertrand) Arthur Henry Wilberforce (1839-1904), Roman Catholic priest; son of Henry William Wilberforce. 3 Portraits

Caroline Mary Wilberforce (1843-1915), Nun; daughter of Henry William Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

Cecilia Mary Margaret Wilberforce (née Dormer) (1905-1974), Wife of William Basil Wilberforce; daughter of Edward Henry Dormer. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Wilberforce (née Langford) (died 1909), Daughter of N. Langford; wife of Albert Basil Orme Wilberforce. 4 Portraits

Ernest Roland Wilberforce (1840-1907), Bishop of Newcastle and Bishop of Chichester; son of Samuel Wilberforce. 12 Portraits

Frances Wilberforce (née Flash) (died 1895), Wife of Edward Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

Frances Mary Wilberforce (née Anderson) (circa 1840-1870), First wife of Ernest Roland Wilberforce; daughter of Sir Charles H.J. Anderson, 9th Bt. 5 Portraits

Henry Edward Wilberforce (1847-1938), Son of Henry William Wilberforce. 2 Portraits

Henry William Wilberforce (1807-1873), Roman Catholic journalist and author; brother of Samuel W. Wilberforce. 4 Portraits

Sir Herbert William Wilberforce (1866-1952), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Herbert William Wrangham Wilberforce (1864-1941), Tennis player and lawyer. 1 Portrait

H. Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

L. Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

Mary Wilberforce (née Sargent) (1811-1878), Wife of Henry William Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

Reginald Garton Wilberforce (1838-1914), Barrister; son of Samuel Wilberforce. 2 Portraits

Samuel Wilberforce (1805-1873), Bishop of Oxford and of Winchester; son of William Wilberforce; Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery. 84 Portraits

Wilfrid Ignatius Wilberforce (1850-1910), Son of Henry William Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

William Wilberforce (1759-1833), Philanthropist and reformer. 33 Portraits

William Wilberforce (1798-1879), Politician and barrister. 1 Portrait

William Basil Samuel Joseph Anthony Edward Wilberforce (1904-1943), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

William Francis Wilberforce (1833-1905), Divine; son of Robert Wilberforce. 1 Portrait

Mary Frances Wilberforce (née Owen) (active 1860s), Wife of William Wilberforce; daughter of John Owen. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Wilberforce-Bell (1885-1956), Indian politician. 7 Portraits

Lady Marian Wilbraham (née Browne) (1839-1916), Wife of Hugh Wilbraham; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Sligo. 1 Portrait

George Wilbraham (1779-1852), Politician; MP for Cheshire South. 2 Portraits

Sir Randle John Baker Wilbraham (1906-1980), Consultant partner for land agents. 1 Portrait

Clifford Arthur Bowman Wilcock (1898-1962), Group-Captain; Director of aviation companies. 11 Portraits

Charles Wilcocks (1896-1977), President of Royal Society of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine. 1 Portrait

Joseph Wilcocks (1673-1756), Dean of Westminster, Bishop of Rochester. 3 Portraits

Arthur Sidney Wilcockson (1894-1974), Pilot. 7 Portraits

B. Wilcox (active 19th century). 1 Portrait

Herbert Wilcox (1892-1977), Film director. 9 Portraits

Melissa Wilcox (1984-), Gymnast. 1 Portrait

Sheila Wilcox (1936-2017), Equestrian; first woman to win European Championships. 1 Portrait

Wilfred Wilcox, Politician; MP. 3 Portraits

Miss Wilcox, Deputy Matron-in-Chief, British Red Cross Society. 1 Portrait

Albert Wild (1899-1971), Businessman. 2 Portraits

Charles Edric Verney Wild (1906-1986), Captain. 6 Portraits

Charles Heard Wild (1819-1857), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Charles Hillery Wild (1881-1954), Justice of the Peace and Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Sir Ernest Edward Wild (1869-1934), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

John Robert Francis ('Frank') Wild (1873-1939), Polar explorer. 1 Portrait

Hans Wild (1912-1969), Photographer. 2 Portraits

Herbert Louis Wild (1865-1940), Bishop of Newcastle. 2 Portraits

John Herbert Severn Wild (1904-1992), Dean of Durham and Dean Emeritus. 5 Portraits

Jonathan Wild (1682 or 1683-1725), 'Thief Taker General’, informer and receiver of stolen goods. 2 Portraits

Reginald Hillary Wild (1910-1938). 6 Portraits

Hon. Vera Angela Wild (née Verney-Cave) (1881-1952), Wife of Charles Hillery Wild; daughter of 5th Baron Braye. 7 Portraits

Wilfred ('Wilf') Wild (1893-1950), Manchester City FC Manager. 1 Portrait

William Henry Wild. 1 Portrait

Charles Wildbore (died 1792), Secretary to The Trinity House light-house authority. 2 Portraits

Connie Wilde (active 1910s), Actress and dancer. 1 Portrait

Constance Mary Wilde (née Lloyd) (1858-1898), Writer; social reformer; wife of Oscar Wilde. 1 Portrait

Hon. Emily Claudine Thomasine Wilde (1815-1901), Daughter of Thomas Wilde, 1st Baron Truro; wife of Charles Norris Wilde. 1 Portrait

Fiona Wilde, Dancer, Raymond's Revuebar Theatre. 1 Portrait

Frank Herbert David Wilde (1911-1982), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

William James ('Jimmy') Wilde (1892-1969), Boxer. 1 Portrait

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Wit and dramatist. 16 Portraits

Richard Henry Wilde (1789-1847), Attorney-General, poet and biographer. 1 Portrait

Peter Wildeblood (1923-1999), Journalist and campaigner for homosexual law reform. 1 Portrait

Alan Wilder (1959-), Musician; member of Depeche Mode. 2 Portraits

J.M. Wilder, Major. 1 Portrait

Samuel Wilderspin (1792?-1866), Advocate of the infant school system in England. 2 Portraits

Alexander Gascoigne Wildey (1860-1934), Rear-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Alison Wilding (1948-), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

Christopher Wilding (1955-), Son of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Wilding (1893-1976), Photographer. 30 Portraits

James Wilding, Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Michael Wilding (1912-1979), Actor. 3 Portraits

Michael Wilding Jr (1953-), Son of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. 1 Portrait

Denis Bryan Harvey Wildish (1914-2017), Vice-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Hon. Corinna Wildman (née Cunliffe) (1929-2016), Journalist; editor; author; daughter of 2nd Baron Cunliffe; wife of Frederick Star Wildman. 3 Portraits

Frederick Wildman. 1 Portrait

Sir John Wildman (1622 or 1623-1693), Leveller and conspirator. 2 Portraits

John Wildman (circa 1794-1877), Army colonel. 1 Portrait

Godfrey Edward Wildman-Lushington (1897-1970), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Sarah Wildor (1972-), Ballet dancer; actress. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew John Wiles (1953-), Professor of Mathematics. 2 Portraits

Sir Gilbert Wiles (1880-1961), Chairman of Bombay Port Trust. 6 Portraits

Maurice Wiles (1923-2005), Theologian. 2 Portraits

Thomas Wiles (1861-1951), Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs. 1 Portrait

Keith Wiley (1953-), Gardener and horticulturalist. 1 Portrait

Wiley (Richard Cowie) (1979-), Rapper, songwriter and musician. 1 Portrait

G.H. Wilford, Major. 1 Portrait

Michael James Wilford (1938-), Architect. 1 Portrait

Richard Rich Wilford (active 1770-1815), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Mason Wilford (1870-1939), New Zealand politician. 1 Portrait

Wilhelm I, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia (1797-1888), Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia, ruled 1861-88. 16 Portraits

Archduke Wilhelm of Austria (1827-1894), Archduke of Austria. 1 Portrait

Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia (1859-1941), Reigned 1888-1918. 47 Portraits

Wilhelm, German Crown Prince and Crown Prince of Prussia (1882-1951), Son of Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia. 5 Portraits

Prince Wilhelm, Duke of Södermanland (1884-1965), Son of Gustav V, King of Sweden. 1 Portrait

Wilhelm, Archduke of Austria (1895-1948), Austrian archduke; colonel of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen; poet. 2 Portraits

Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (1906-1940), Son of Wilhelm, German Crown Prince and Crown Prince of Prussia. 1 Portrait

Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands (1880-1962), Reigned 1890-1948. 3 Portraits

Frederica Louisa Wilhelmina (1774-1837), Daughter of Frederick William II, King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

August Wilhelmj (1845-1908), German violinist. 2 Portraits

Ania Wilk-Lawton (1977-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Betty Wilké (born 1888), Leader of YWCA and pioneer of mixed clubs. 2 Portraits

Charles Wilkes (1798-1877), Explorer and naval officer. 1 Portrait

John Wilkes (1725-1797), Journalist, agitator and politician; MP for Aylesbury and Middlesex. 49 Portraits

Joseph Wilkes (circa 1733-1805), Industrialist and entrepreneur. 1 Portrait

Mary ('Polly') Wilkes (1750-1802), Daughter of John Wilkes. 1 Portrait

Polly Wilkes (active 1782). 1 Portrait

Alexander Wilkie (1850-1928), Politician; MP for Dundee. 4 Portraits

Charlotte Erskine (née Middleton), Lady Wilkie (1873-1939), Wife of Sir David Percival Dalbreck Wilkie. 1 Portrait

Sir David Wilkie (1785-1841), Painter. 21 Portraits

David Andrew Wilkie (1954-), Swimmer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Sir David Percival Dalbreck Wilkie (1882-1938), Consulting surgeon. 6 Portraits

Douglas Robert Wilkie (1922-1998), Professor of Physiology. 1 Portrait

Kim Wilkie (1956-), Landscape architect, urban designer and environmental planner. 1 Portrait

Captain Wilkie. 1 Portrait

Henry John Wilkin (active late 1850s-1860), Captain, 7th Hussars. 3 Portraits

Mrs Henry John Wilkin (active late 1850s-1860), Wife of Henry John Wilkin. 1 Portrait

Margot (née Dale), Lady Wilkin, Wife of Sir Walter Henry Wilkin; daughter of Henry Ridley Dale. 3 Portraits

Mrs Peter Wilkin, Wife of Peter Wilkin. 1 Portrait

Arnold Frederic Wilkins (1907-1985), Physicist. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Wilkins (1749?-1836), Orientalist. 1 Portrait

Frederick James Wilkins (died 1965), Scientist. 2 Portraits

Sir George Hubert Wilkins (1888-1958), War correspondent and photographer, polar explorer, naturalist, geographer, climatologist and aviator. 1 Portrait

Howard R. Wilkins, Son of Mr and Mrs J. N. Wilkins. 1 Portrait

John Wilkins (1614-1672), Bishop of Chester. 6 Portraits

Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins (1916-2004), Professor of Bio-Physics. 1 Portrait

Roland Field Wilkins (1872-1950), Professor of Latin. 1 Portrait

William Vaughan Wilkins (1890-1959), Journalist and popular historian. 8 Portraits

Andrew Wilkinson (died 1784), Captain. 4 Portraits

Arthur George ('Bluey') Wilkinson (1911-1940), Australian speedway racer. 1 Portrait

Catherine Wilkinson (1670-1705). 1 Portrait

Christopher John ('Chris') Wilkinson (1945-2021), Architect. 1 Portrait

Conrad Wilkinson (circa 1823-1914), Member of the London Stock Exchange; son of William A. Wilkinson. 1 Portrait

Dulcie Wilkinson (née Fry), Second wife of William Camac Wilkinson. 2 Portraits

Edgar Riley Wilkinson (1898-1977), Civil engineer. 1 Portrait

Ellen Cicely Wilkinson (1891-1947), Labour politician; MP for Middlesbrough East and Jarrow, Minister for Education and Parliamentary Private Secretary. 33 Portraits

Freda Dorothy (née Volland), Lady Wilkinson (died 1981), Wife of Sir George Henry Wilkinson. 3 Portraits

Frederick Hugh Wilkinson (1896-1980), Bishop of Toronto. 1 Portrait

(James John) Garth Wilkinson (1812-1899), Swedenborgian writer and homoeopath. 2 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson (1921-1996), Chemist. 2 Portraits

Sir George Henry Wilkinson, 1st Bt (1885-1967), Lord Mayor of London 1940-41. 4 Portraits

George Howard Wilkinson (1833-1907), Scottish Episcopal Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. 5 Portraits

Guendolen Eleanor May Wilkinson (1904-1987), Daughter of Lady Beatrix Frances Gertrude Wilkinson, daughter of 14th Earl of Pembroke. 3 Portraits

Horace Wilkinson (circa 1821-1908), Dealer in stocks and shares; son of William A. Wilkinson. 1 Portrait

James Pimbury Wilkinson (born 1787), Actor. 10 Portraits

John Wilkinson (1728-1808), Ironmaster. 2 Portraits

John Wilkinson (died 1894), Senior partner in Sotheby & Co. 1 Portrait

Sir John Gardner Wilkinson (1797-1875), Explorer and Egyptologist. 4 Portraits

Sir Joseph Loftus Wilkinson (1845-1903), General Manager of the Great Western Railway. 1 Portrait

Joyce Wilkinson (née Jervis), Second wife of Norman Wilkinson. 1 Portrait

Katharine Louise Frederica Wilkinson (née Loudon) (1937-), Daughter of Lady Prudence Katharine Patton Loudon (née Jellicoe); wife of William Wilkinson. 5 Portraits

Leonard Wilkinson. 1 Portrait

Dame Louisa Jane Wilkinson (1889-1968), Matron-in-chief. 6 Portraits

Louis Umfreville ('Louis Marlow') Wilkinson (1881-1966), Author. 3 Portraits

Sir (Robert Francis) Martin Wilkinson (1911-1990), Stockbroker. 2 Portraits

Maurice Lean Wilkinson (1873-1946), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Montagu Grant Wilkinson (1857-1943), Brigadier-General; Extra Gentleman Usher to King George VI since 1937. 3 Portraits

Hon. Muriel May Wilkinson (née French) (1891-1980), Wife of William Alexander Wilkinson; daughter of 4th Baron de Freyne of Coolavin. 3 Portraits

Muriel Phyllis Wilkinson (1908-1967), Daughter of Lady Beatrix Frances Gertrude Wilkinson. 2 Portraits

Sir Nevile Rodwell Wilkinson (1869-1940), Army officer, herald and artist; creator of Titania's Palace. 8 Portraits

Norman Wilkinson (1878-1971), Painter. 7 Portraits

(Lancelot) Patrick Wilkinson (1907-1985), Lecturer in Classics. 1 Portrait

Patsy Wilkinson, Second Permanent Secretary for the Home Office. 1 Portrait

Sir Percival Spearman Wilkinson (1865-1953), Major-General. 8 Portraits

Sir Peter Allix Wilkinson (1914-2000), Diplomat; Ambassador to Vietnam and to Vienna. 1 Portrait

Reginald Warren Hale Wilkinson (1882-1973), Attorney-General. 6 Portraits

Robert Wilkinson (active circa 1855), Principal of Totteridge Schools Hertfordshire and Licentiate of the Royal College of Preceptors. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Pelham Wilkinson (1883-1962), Deputy Chairman of Stock Exchange. 3 Portraits

Sir Russell Facey Wilkinson (1888-1968), Royal physician. 4 Portraits

Sydney Frank Wilkinson (1894-1988), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Tate Wilkinson (1739-1803), Actor and theatrical manager. 2 Portraits

(Mary) Theresa Hyde (née Villiers), Lady Wilkinson (1917-1984), Daughter of Algernon Hyde Villiers; wife of Sir Peter Allix Wilkinson. 3 Portraits

Thomas Jeffrey ('Tom') Wilkinson (1948-2023), Actor. 1 Portrait

Watts Wilkinson (1755-1840), Lecturer at St Mary's, Aldermary. 1 Portrait

Miss Wilkinson, Singer. 1 Portrait

John Mark Wilks (1830?-1894), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Matthew Wilks (1746-1829), Dissenting minister. 2 Portraits

Robert Wilks (circa 1665-1732), Actor and theatre manager. 6 Portraits

Sir Samuel Wilks, 1st Bt (1824-1911), Physician. 2 Portraits

Eleanor Willan (née Pool) (active 1798-1805), Wife of Robert Willan. 1 Portrait

Leonard Willan (active 1648-1670), Writer. 5 Portraits

Robert Willan (1757-1812), Physician and dermatologist. 1 Portrait

Harry Willans (1892-1943), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Edward Smith Willard (1853-1915), Actor. 9 Portraits

Frances Elizabeth Willard (1839-1898), Social activist and suffragist. 2 Portraits

Frederick Herbert Willasey-Wilsey (1897-1971), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Captain Willat, Captain. 1 Portrait

Mrs Tanqueray Willaume. 1 Portrait

Sir David Valentine Willcocks (1919-2015), Conductor, composer and organist. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Willcocks (1930-), Physiotherapist. 1 Portrait

Countess Elen Willcox (née Soumarokow-Elston), Wife of J.M. Willcox. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Beresford Dennitts Willcox (1889-1968), Lieutenant-General. 4 Portraits

James M. Willcox, Husband of Countess Elen Willcox (née Soumarokow-Elston). 3 Portraits

Mildred (née Griffin), Lady Willcox (died 1953), Wife of Sir William Henry Willcox; daughter of William Griffin. 1 Portrait

Walter Temple Willcox (1869-1943), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Sir William Henry Willcox (1870-1941), Colonel, physician and toxicologist. 3 Portraits

Thomas Willement (1786-1871), Artist; Writer. 1 Portrait

Willem George Frederik, Prince of Orange Nassau (1774-1799), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Willert (1882-1973), Journalist and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Edward Willes (1693-1773), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 3 Portraits

Edward Willes (1744-1820), Reverend and landowner. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward Willes (1723-1787), Barrister, politician and judge. 2 Portraits

Sir John Willes (1685-1761), Judge. 7 Portraits

John Willes, Cap-maker. 1 Portrait

Andrew Willet (1562-1621), Controversial divine. 7 Portraits

Alfred Willett (1837-1913), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

William Willett (1856-1915), Builder and Originator of 'Daylight Saving'. 4 Portraits

Arthur Willey (1867-1942), Zoologist. 1 Portrait

Basil Rupert Willey (1897-1978), Professor of English Literature. 6 Portraits

Frederick Thomas Willey (1910-1987), Barrister and politician. 1 Portrait

Neil Willey (1976-), Swimmer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

William Brabazon Lindsay Graham-Toler, 4th Earl of Norbury (1862-1943). 1 Portrait

William Cansfield Gerard, 2nd Baron Gerard (1851-1901), Army officer; Aide-de-Camp to General Sir Redvers Buller; Honorary Colonel of the Lancashire Hussars. 1 Portrait

King William I ('The Conqueror') (1027 or 1028-1087), Reigned 1066-87. 23 Portraits

King William II ('Rufus') (circa 1056-1100), Reigned 1087-1100. 20 Portraits

King William III (1650-1702), Reigned 1689-1702. 142 Portraits

King William IV (1765-1837), Reigned 1830-37. 175 Portraits

William I, Prince of Orange (1533-1584), Stadtholder of the United Provinces 1579-1584. 8 Portraits

Phillip William, Prince of Orange (1554-1618), Prince of Orange. 1 Portrait

William II of Orange-Nassau (1626-1650), Prince of Orange and Count of Nassau; father of William III. 18 Portraits

William, Duke of Gloucester (1689-1700), Son of Queen Anne. 32 Portraits

William Charles Henry Friso, Prince of Orange (1711-1751), Stadtholder of the Netherlands; husband of Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange. 5 Portraits

William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-1765), General; third son of George II. 45 Portraits

William V, Prince of Orange (1748-1806), Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic. 19 Portraits

William I, King of Württemberg (1781-1864), Reigned 1816-64. 2 Portraits

William, Prince of Prussia (1783-1851), Brother of Frederick William III, King of Prussia. 1 Portrait

William II of Holland (1792-1849), King of Holland, reigned 1840-49. 10 Portraits

William, Prince of Orange (1840-1879), Heir apparent to William III, King of the Netherlands. 1 Portrait

Prince William of Hesse-Darmstadt and by Rhine (1845-1900), Brother of Louis IV of Hesse-Darmstadt and by Rhine; husband of Baroness Josephine of Lichtenberg. 4 Portraits

Prince William of Gloucester (1941-1972), Cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. 39 Portraits

William, Prince of Wales (1982-), Prince of Wales; son of King Charles III. 20 Portraits

Lady Caroline Louisa William (1877-1945), Daughter of 10th Earl of Seafield. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles William Cayzer, 3rd Bt (1896-1940), Politician; MP for Chester. 4 Portraits

F. William, Doorkeeper, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

William Saroyan (1908-1981), Dramatist and author. 1 Portrait

Prince William Henry, 1st Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh (1743-1805), Third son of Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales. 6 Portraits

Sir Peveril Barton Reibey Wallop William-Powlett (1898-1985), Vice-Admiral and Governor of Southern Rhodesia. 13 Portraits

Thomas ('Tom') Williams, Baron Williams of Barnburgh (1888-1967), Miner and politician. 21 Portraits

Shirley Vivien Teresa Brittain Williams, Baroness Williams of Crosby (1930-2021), Academic and politician; MP for Hitchin, Crosby and Stevenage and co-founder of Social Democratic Party. 11 Portraits

Charles Cuthbert Powell Williams, Baron Williams of Elvel (1933-2019), Businessman, banker, Labour peer and cricketer. 1 Portrait

Lady Bridget Williams (née Osborne) (born before 1688), Wife of Reverend Williams, Prebendary of Chichester; daughter of 2nd Duke of Leeds. 2 Portraits

Lady Cynthia Williams (née North) (1908-1940), Wife of Max Williams; daughter of 8th Earl of Guilford. 2 Portraits

Lady Frances Hanbury Williams (1709-1781), Daughter of Thomas, Earl of Coningsby; wife of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams. 2 Portraits

Lady Gladys Margaret Williams (née Finch-Hatton) (1882-1964), Wife of Osmond Trahairn Deudraeth Williams; daughter of 13th Earl of Winchester. 2 Portraits

Lady Mary Rose Williams (née FitzRoy) (1918-2010), Wife of Francis Trelawny Williams; daughter of Viscount Ipswich. 10 Portraits

Aaron Williams (1940s-), Musician; guitarist for The Merseybeats. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan Williams (1909-1972), Diplomat; Ambassador to Panama and to Spain. 1 Portrait

Sir Albert Henry Wilmot Williams (1832-1919), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Alexander Thomas Williams (1903-1984), Governor of the Leeward Islands. 1 Portrait

Alwyn Terrell Petre Williams (1888-1968), Bishop of Winchester and Bishop of Durham. 9 Portraits

Amy Williams (1982-), Skeleton racer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Aneurin Williams (1859-1924), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 2 Portraits

Anna Williams (1706-1783), Poet and companion of Samuel Johnson. 2 Portraits

Anna Williams (1845-1924), Singer. 4 Portraits

Anthony Lewis Elliott Williams (1892-1975), Bishop of Bermuda. 1 Portrait

Arthur Williams (1844-1915), Actor, singer and playwright. 3 Portraits

Arthur Acheson Williams (1848-1914), Bishop of Tinnevelly and Madura, India. 1 Portrait

Arthur Llewellyn Williams (1856-1919), Bishop of Nebraska. 1 Portrait

Arthur Lukyn Williams (1853-1943), Warden of the Central Society of Sacred Study in the Diocese of Ely and writer. 1 Portrait

Audrey Williams (1902-1978), Archaeologist; second wife of William Francis Grimes. 1 Portrait

Barbara Williams (née Wyndham-Smith), Wife of George Percival Williams. 4 Portraits

Barney Williams (Bernard Flaherty) (1824-1876), Actor. 2 Portraits

(Arthur Frederic) Basil Williams (1867-1950), Historian. 1 Portrait

Bernard Arthur Owen Williams (1929-2003), Professor of Philosophy. 1 Portrait

Egbert Austin ('Bert') Williams (1874-1922), Actor, dancer, singer and comedian. 3 Portraits

Betty Williams, Wife of Jack Petersen. 1 Portrait

Betty Amy Williams (née Nockolds) (born 1909), Wife of Unwin Williams. 1 Portrait

Bransby Williams (né Bransby William Pharez) (1870-1961), Music hall entertainer. 14 Portraits

B.W. Williams, Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Carrington Bonsor Williams (1889-1981), Chief entomologist. 2 Portraits

Channing Moore Williams (1829-1910), Bishop of China and Japan. 2 Portraits

Charles Williams (1886-1955), Politician. 1 Portrait

Charles Bernard Williams (1925-2015), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Charles David Williams (1860-1923), Bishop of Michigan. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Hanbury Williams (1708-1759), Satirical writer and diplomat. 6 Portraits

Charles James Blasius Williams (1805-1889), Physician. 1 Portrait

Charles M. Williams, Clerk of Works, Houses of Parliament. 2 Portraits

Charles Walter Stansby Williams (1886-1945), Writer on literature and theology. 3 Portraits

Charles Wye Williams (1779-1866), Pioneer steamship owner and director. 1 Portrait

Lady Charlotte Williams (née Herbert). 1 Portrait

Christmas Price Williams (1881-1965), Liberal Politician. 1 Portrait

C.A. Williams, Sportsman, rugby player. 1 Portrait

Danny Williams (1942-2005), Singer. 2 Portraits

Darren Williams, Engineer. 1 Portrait

David Williams (1738-1813), Dissenting minister; founder of the Royal Literary Fund. 3 Portraits

David Williams (1786-1860), Headmaster of Winchester College; vice-chancellor of New College Oxford. 1 Portrait

David Apthorp Williams (1911-1995), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Dawson Williams (1854-1928), Physician. 2 Portraits

(Joseph George) Dorian Williams (1914-1985), Equestrian commentator. 2 Portraits

D. Williams (active circa 1861), Divine. 2 Portraits

Ebie Williams (1894-active 1953), Hotel owner; friend of Dylan Thomas. 1 Portrait

Edith Martha Williams (née Petherick), Wife of Perry Williams. 2 Portraits

Edward Williams (1750-1813), Independent minister and tutor. 1 Portrait

Edward Augustus Williams (circa 1804-1875), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Edward Adams Williams (1826-1913), Chaplain to King Edward VII and to King George V. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Williams (née Currie) (active 1804), Wife of John Williams of Gwersyllt Park. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Anne Williams (1915-1999), Sister of Sir (Michael) Osmond Williams, 2nd Bt. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Caroline Williams (née Morgan-Grenville) (1944-), Granddaughter of 8th Baroness Kinloss; wife of John Kendrick Williams. 7 Portraits

Emma Williams (1983-), Gymnast; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Erasmus Williams (1552-1608), Rector of Tingewick. 1 Portrait

Eric Ernest Williams (1911-1983), Airman and writer. 1 Portrait

Ernest George Harcourt Williams (1880-1957), Actor and producer. 15 Portraits

Evan James Williams (1903-1945), Physicist. 4 Portraits

Sir Evan Owen Williams (1890-1969), Civil engineer and architect. 1 Portrait

Evelyn (née James), Lady Williams, Wife of Sir Edward John Williams; daughter of David James. 1 Portrait

E?. Harenson Williams. 1 Portrait

Fanny Florence Williams (née Caulfield) (1838-1876), Wife of Owen Lewis Cope Williams; daughter of St George Francis Caulfield. 1 Portrait

Florence Williams (née Farquharson) (circa 1860-active 1931), Daughter of Henry Farquharson; wife of Hwfa Williams. 1 Portrait

Francis Williams (active 1830-1833), House of Commons official. 3 Portraits

Francis Trelawny Williams (1915-1977). 3 Portraits

Frank Reginald Parry Williams (1897-active 1954), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Frederic Calland Williams (1911-1977), Electrical engineer and professor. 2 Portraits

F.E.A. Williams (active 1923). 1 Portrait

G. Williams. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Sydney Williams (1871-1952), Publisher. 2 Portraits

Sir George Williams (1821-1905), Founder of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). 4 Portraits

Sir George Clark Williams, 1st Bt (1878-1958), Queen's Counsel and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

(George) Emlyn Williams (1905-1987), Actor and playwright. 24 Portraits

George Fisher Williams, Canon of Worcester Cathedral. 1 Portrait

George James Williams (1719-1805), Wit. 1 Portrait

George Percival Williams. 2 Portraits

Gerald Wellington Williams (1903-1989), Lieutenant Commander and Conservative politician; MP for Tonbridge. 5 Portraits

Gideon Coventry Williams (1860-1947), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Gillian Mary Williams (née McNair Scott) (1931-), Granddaughter of 1st Viscount Camrose; wife of Charles Ivor Mervyn Williams. 3 Portraits

Glynn Anthony Williams (1939-), Sculptor and Professor of Sculpture. 1 Portrait

Sir Griffith Goodland Williams (1890-1974), Educationalist; Deputy Secretary Ministry of Education. 3 Portraits

Sir Guy Charles Williams (1881-1959), General; military advisor to New Zealand Government. 7 Portraits

Gwilym Owen Williams (1913-1990), Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Bangor. 1 Portrait

Sir Harold Williams (1897-1971), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Harold Herbert Williams (1880-1964), Literary scholar and local government administrator. 4 Portraits

Helen Maria Williams (1762-1827), Writer. 1 Portrait

Henry Williams. 1 Portrait

Henry Herbert Williams (1872-1961), Bishop of Carlisle. 12 Portraits

Sir Herbert Geraint Williams, 1st Bt (1884-1954), Politician; MP for Reading and Croydon. 25 Portraits

Herbert William Williams (1860-1937), Bishop of Waiapu, New Zealand. 2 Portraits

Hope Williams (1897-1990), Actress. 1 Portrait

Hugh Williams (1904-1969), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Bruce Williams (1865-1942), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Hugh William Williams (1773-1829), Landscape painter. 1 Portrait

Hugo Mordaunt Williams (1942-), Writer. 3 Portraits

Sir Ifor Williams (1881-1965), Literary scholar. 1 Portrait

Ivy Williams (active 1921), Actress. 6 Portraits

Ivy Williams (active 1953), Hotel owner; wife of Ebie Williams; friend of Dylan Thomas. 1 Portrait

Jacqueline ('Jackie') Williams, Secretary, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

James Francis Williams (1785-1846), Scottish artist. 1 Portrait

James William Williams (1825-1892), Bishop of Quebec. 3 Portraits

Jodie Williams (1993-), Sprinter. 1 Portrait

John Williams (1582-1650), Archbishop of York and Lord Keeper. 25 Portraits

John Williams (1636?-1709), Bishop of Chichester. 2 Portraits

John Williams (1754-1818), Satirist and user of pseudonym 'Anthony Pasquin'. 1 Portrait

Sir John Williams (1777-1846), Judge. 1 Portrait

John Williams (1788-1834), Welsh Wesleyan Minister. 1 Portrait

John Williams (1796-1839), Missionary. 3 Portraits

John Williams (1817-1899), Bishop of Connecticut. 1 Portrait

John Williams (1941-), Classical guitarist. 2 Portraits

Sir John Bickerton Williams (1792-1855), Non-conformist writer. 1 Portrait

John Carvell Williams (1821-1907), Nonconformist political organiser. 1 Portrait

John Henry Williams (1747-1829), Vicar. 2 Portraits

John Henry Williams (1870-1936), Politician and doctor. 1 Portrait

John Lloyd Williams (born 1895), Politician; MP. 6 Portraits

John William Channing Williams (1908-1990), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Joseph Williams (1692-1755), Evangelical dissenter and journal writer. 2 Portraits

Joseph Williams (circa 1773-1858), Tea Broker and Master of The Drapers’ Company. 1 Portrait

Joseph Powell Williams (1840-1904), Politician and civil servant. 1 Portrait

Joseph Watkin Williams (1857-1934), Bishop of St John’s, Kaffraria, South Africa. 1 Portrait

J. Williams (active 19th century). 1 Portrait

J.T. Williams, Resident Superintendent, House of Lords. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Williams (1926-1988), Actor and broadcaster. 4 Portraits

Sir (John) Kyffin Williams (1918-2006), Artist and teacher. 3 Portraits

Lennox Waldron Williams (1859-1958), Bishop of Quebec. 1 Portrait

Leslie C. Williams? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Leslie Hamlyn Williams (1892-1965), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Leslie Harry Williams (1909-1978), Member of British Railways Board. 1 Portrait

Leslie Herbert Whitby Williams (1893-1972), Medical inspector. 3 Portraits

Llywelyn Williams (1911-1965), Congregational minister. 1 Portrait

Louisa Williams (active 1770s). 3 Portraits

Lucy Williams. 1 Portrait

Lucy Elizabeth Williams (née Chalk) (1833-1906), Wife of Robert Hamilton Williams; daughter of William Shove Chalk and niece of Sir James Jell Chalk. 1 Portrait

Maisie Williams (1997-), Actress. 1 Portrait

Margaret Lindsay Williams (1888-1960), Portrait and historical subject painter; daughter of Samuel A. Williams. 2 Portraits

Maria Williams (née Pray) (1826-1911), Actress. 1 Portrait

Martha Williams (née Rawdon) (active 17th century). 1 Portrait

May Williams. 1 Portrait

Sir Michael Sanigear Williams (1911-1984), Diplomat; Ambassador to Guatemala and Minister to the Holy See. 1 Portrait

Molly Williams (née O'Shann) (died 1970), Wife of (George) Emlyn Williams. 1 Portrait

Montagu Stephen Williams (1835-1892), Barrister. 2 Portraits

Hon. (Ursula) Moyra Williams (née Lubbock) (1918-1992), First wife of (Joseph George) Dorian Williams; daughter of Hon. Harold Fox Pitt Lubbock. 5 Portraits

Miss M. Williams, Wife of King Wilhelm of Württemberg. 6 Portraits

M.W?. Williams (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Orlando Cyprian ('Orlo') Williams (1883-1967), Clerk of Committees, House of Commons and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Osmond Williams, 1st Bt (1849-1927), Landowner and politician. 5 Portraits

Sir (Michael) Osmond Williams, 2nd Bt (1914-2012), Major. 7 Portraits

Owen Lewis Cope Williams (1836-1904), Army officer and politician; MP for Great Marlow. 6 Portraits

Paul Glyn Williams (1922-2008), Businessman and Conservative politician; MP for Sunderland South. 1 Portrait

Sir Peter Michael Williams (1945-), Chief Executive of Oxford Instruments Group PLC; Master of St Catherine's College, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Raymond Henry Williams (1921-1988), Author and critic; Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Williams (1890-1980), Air Marshal and Director-General of Civil Aviation in Australia. 7 Portraits

Robbie Williams (1974-), Singer; member of Take That. 4 Portraits

Robert Williams (1811-1890), Politician and tractarian sympathiser. 1 Portrait

Robert Williams (active 1839-1843). 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Williams, 1st Bt (1848-1943), Colonel, politician and landowner. 8 Portraits

(Ernest) Rohan Williams (1906-1963), Radiologist. 3 Portraits

Sir Roland Lomax Bowdler Vaughan Williams (1838-1916), Judge. 2 Portraits

Sir Rolf Dudley Dudley-Williams, 1st Bt (1908-1987), Industrialist and politician. 8 Portraits

Ronald Ralph Williams (1906-1979), Bishop of Leicester. 4 Portraits

Rosa Walker (née Simes), Lady Williams (circa 1845-1916), Wife of Sir Robert Williams, 1st Bt; daughter of Nathaniel Simes. 1 Portrait

Rowan Douglas Williams (1950-), Archbishop of Canterbury. 2 Portraits

(Laurence Frederic) Rushbrook Williams (1890-1978), Historian and civil servant. 7 Portraits

Sir (John Lloyd Vaughan) Seymour Williams (1868-1945), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Simon Williams (1946-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Stephen Williams, Picture Framer, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Sue Williams, Joint Chief Executive, National Patient Safety Agency. 1 Portrait

Susan Eva Williams (1915-2011), Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan and Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward John ('Ted') Williams (1890-1963), High Commissioner in Australia. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Williams (1853-1941), Director of Railways. 4 Portraits

Thomas Williams (died 1903), Rector of Aston-Clinton. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Thomas Williams (1915-1986), Politician; MP for several constituencies. 1 Portrait

Thomas Alfred Williams (1870-1941), Dean of Bangor. 1 Portrait

Thomas Anthony Hwfa Williams (circa 1850-1926), Manager of Sandown Park racecourse. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Melling Williams (1899-1956), Air Marshal. 3 Portraits

Thomas Rhondda Williams (1860-1945), Chairman of Congregational Union of England and Wales. 1 Portrait

T.C. Williams. 1 Portrait

Valentine Williams (1883-1946), Journalist, author and diplomat. 6 Portraits

Violet Henrietta (née Powell), Lady Williams (active 1922), Wife of Sir William Willoughby Williams, 5th Bt, of Bodelwyddan; daughter of Thomas Powell. 6 Portraits

Walter David Abbott Williams (1897-1973), Commissioner for Transport East Africa. 1 Portrait

Watkin Herbert Williams (1845-1944), Bishop of Bangor. 6 Portraits

Weir De Lancey Williams (1872-1961), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Henry Williams (1797-1846), Actor, entertainer and magician. 3 Portraits

William Williams (1731-1811), Lawyer; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

William Williams (active 1910), Naval engineer; member of the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913. 1 Portrait

William Williams (born 1626), Philosopher. 1 Portrait

Sir William Emrys Williams (1896-1977), Educationalist. 1 Portrait

William Evan Williams (born 1895), Journalist and political writer. 6 Portraits

Sir William Fenwick Williams, 1st Bt (1800-1883), Army officer. 10 Portraits

Sir William Law Williams, 8th Bt (1907-1960), Captain. 7 Portraits

William Leonard Williams (1829-1916), Bishop of Waiapu, New Zealand and author. 1 Portrait

William Llewelyn Williams (1867-1922), Politician, journalist and lawyer. 3 Portraits

William Peere Williams (1664 or 1665-1736), Law Reporter. 3 Portraits

William Richard Williams (1896-1962), Principal. 8 Portraits

Lady Williams (active 17th century), Mistress to the Duke of York. 4 Portraits

Miss Williams (active circa 1770). 1 Portrait

Miss Williams (active 1779). 1 Portrait

Lady Williams (active 1890). 3 Portraits

Miss Williams (active 1890s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Miss Williams, Daughter of Sir Robert Williams, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Lady Williams (active 1917). 4 Portraits

Mrs Williams (active early 19th century). 1 Portrait

Mrs Williams, Wife of artist W. Williams. 1 Portrait

Lady Magdalene Williams-Bulkeley (née Yorke) (1865-1940), Wife of Sir Richard Henry Williams-Bulkeley, 12th Bt; daughter of 5th Earl of Hardwicke. 3 Portraits

Maria Frances (née Massey-Standley), Lady Williams-Bulkeley (1810 or 1811-1889), Second wife of Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams-Bulkeley, 10th Bt; daughter of Thomas Stanley Massey-Standley. 1 Portrait

Renée Arundell Williams-Bulkeley (1913-1944), Wife of Sir Richard Harry David Williams-Bulkeley. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Henry Williams-Bulkeley, 12th Bt (1862-1942), Lord Lieutenant of Anglesey. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Bulkeley Williams-Bulkeley, 10th Bt (1801-1875), Politician; MP for Beaumaris, Flint Burghs and Anglesey. 2 Portraits

Sir James Williams-Drummond, 3rd Bt (né Walker-Drummond) (1814-1866), Landowner and army officer; husband of Mary Eleanor Hamlyn-Williams. 2 Portraits

Sir (Bertram) Clough Williams-Ellis (1883-1978), Architect and writer. 14 Portraits

Mary Annabel Nassau ('Amabel') Williams-Ellis (née Strachey), Lady Williams-Ellis (1894-1984), Novelist and critic; wife of Clough Williams-Ellis; daughter of John (St Loe) Strachey. 9 Portraits

Thomas Williamson, Baron Williamson of Eccleston (1897-1983), Politician, trade unionist and company director. 8 Portraits

Alexander William Williamson (1824-1904), Chemist. 1 Portrait

Dame Alice Mary Williamson (1903-1983), Air Commandant and Matron-in-Chief. 3 Portraits

Alice Muriel Williamson (1869-1933), Author. 2 Portraits

Alison Williamson (1971-), Archer; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Angus Stephen Williamson (1929-1988), Son of Stephen Kenneth Guthrie Williamson, Lord Forres and Jessica Wiliamson. 1 Portrait

Anne Elizabeth (née Liddell), Lady Williamson (1801-1878), Wife of Sir Hedworth Williamson, 7th Bt; daughter of 1st Baron Ravensworth. 1 Portrait

Bruce Williamson (1893-1984), Doctor and Senior President, Royal Medical Society. 8 Portraits

Catherine Ellis Williamson (1896-1977), Mayor of Canterbury. 3 Portraits

Charles Williamson, Captain. 1 Portrait

Edward William Williamson (1892-1953), Bishop of Swansea. 3 Portraits

Sir Frederic Herbert Williamson (1876-1939), Scholar and Director of Postal Services 1922-1937; Director of Army Postal Services during World War I. 6 Portraits

Sir Hedworth Williamson, 7th Bt (1797-1861), Politician; MP for North Durham and Sunderland. 1 Portrait

Sir Hedworth Williamson, 8th Bt (1827-1900), Politician; MP for North Durham. 1 Portrait

Sir Hedworth Williamson, 9th Bt (1867-1942), Son of Sir Hedworth Williamson, 8th Bt. 1 Portrait

Henry Williamson (1895-1977), Writer and journalist. 6 Portraits

Herbert Williamson (1872-1924), Gynaecologist. 1 Portrait

John Williamson (active 1792), Vendor master, Calcutta. 1 Portrait

John Bruce Williamson (1870-1938), Barrister. 1 Portrait

Sir Joseph Williamson (1633-1701), Secretary of State. 1 Portrait

Hon. Mrs Kenneth Williamson. 1 Portrait

Leah Cathrine Williamson (1997-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson (1931-2003), Composer, pianist and organist. 4 Portraits

Matthew Williamson (1972-), Fashion designer. 3 Portraits

Montague Blamire Williamson (1863-1939), Archdeacon of Bodmin. 4 Portraits

Nicol Williamson (1938-2011), Actor. 4 Portraits

Nora Williamson (active 1893-1894), Actress. 1 Portrait

Peter Williamson (1730-1799), Traveller, author and publisher. 2 Portraits

Robert Hopper Williamson (1755-1835), Lawyer, recorder or Newcastle and chancellor of Durham. 1 Portrait

Robin Williamson (1943-), Musician; songwriter and founder of The Incredible String Band. 1 Portrait

Thomas Williamson (active 1800-1832), Stipple engraver. 2 Portraits

Sir Walter James Franklin Williamson (1867-1954), Colonial administrator. 4 Portraits

Mrs Williamson (active 1840s). 2 Portraits

Miss Williamson (active 1880s-1890), Actress. 3 Portraits

Charles Watkin Williams Wynn (1775-1850), Politician; President of the Board of Control. 10 Portraits

Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn (1822-1896), Politician; MP for Montgomeryshire. 2 Portraits

Charlotte Williams-Wynn (1807-1869), Diarist. 1 Portrait

Frances Williams-Wynn (née Shakerly), Lady Williams-Wynn (1717-1803), Patron of the arts; wife of Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Watkin Williams Wynn (1783-1856), Diplomat. 3 Portraits

Sir Herbert Lloyd Watkin Williams-Wynn, 7th Bt (1860-1944), Landowner and politician: MP for Denbighshire. 3 Portraits

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, 3rd Bt (1692-1749), Jacobite. 6 Portraits

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, 4th Bt (1749-1789), Welsh politician and patron of the arts. 9 Portraits

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, 5th Bt (1772-1840), Welsh politician; MP for several constituencies. 6 Portraits

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, 6th Bt (1820-1885), Politician; MP for Denbighshire, army officer and landowner. 7 Portraits

Sir (Owen) Watkin WIlliams-Wynn, 10th Bt (1904-1988), Landowner and army officer. 1 Portrait

Thomas Willing (1731-1821), Banker and politician. 1 Portrait

Freeman Freeman-Thomas, 1st Marquess of Willingdon (1866-1941), Governor-General of Canada and viceroy of India. 6 Portraits

Marie Adelaide (née Brassey) Freeman-Thomas, Marchioness of Willingdon (1875-1960), Daughter of 1st Earl Brassey; wife of 1st Marquess of Willingdon. 1 Portrait

Daphne Willingdon (née Caldwell), Marchioness of Willingdon, Third wife of 2nd Marquess of Willingdon; daughter of Seymour Caldwell. 1 Portrait

Inigo Brassey Freeman-Thomas, 2nd Marquess of Willingdon (1899-1979), R.A.F.V.R. and Liberal Chief Whip in House of Lords. 9 Portraits

Sir Henry Urmston Willink, 1st Bt (1894-1973), Politician; Minister of Health and academic administrator. 24 Portraits

Edward Henry ('Ted') Willis, Baron Willis (1918-1992), Playwright and author. 4 Portraits

Sir (Walter) Addington Willis (1862-1953), Crown Umpire and Unemployment Insurance. 6 Portraits

Alasdhair Willis (1970-), Publisher of 'Wallpaper', co-founder of 'Established & Sons' and husband of Stella McCartney. 1 Portrait

Alfred Willis (1836-1920), Bishop of Honolulu and Assistant Bishop for Tonga. 1 Portrait

Sir Algernon Usborne Willis (1889-1976), Admiral. 7 Portraits

Anthony Armstrong Willis (1897-1976), Author and playwright. 9 Portraits

Bobby Willis (1942-1999), Manager and agent. 1 Portrait

Diana Catherine Willis (née Bateman), Wife of Ernest Richard Willis; daughter of H.M. Bateman. 1 Portrait

Edward Henry Willis (1870-1961), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Francis Willis (1718-1807), Physician. 4 Portraits

Sir (Zwinglius) Frank Willis (1890-1974), General Secretary of National Council of YMCAs. 1 Portrait

Frederic Roberts Willis (1900-1976), Bishop Delhi. 1 Portrait

Sir George Harry Smith Willis (1823-1900), General. 2 Portraits

George Hughlings Armstrong Willis (1863-1934), Paymaster Captain. 3 Portraits

Henry Brittan Willis (1810-1884), Landscape painter and printmaker. 4 Portraits

John Willis (1751-1835), Physician. 3 Portraits

John Willis (died 1760), Writing Master. 1 Portrait

John Christopher Willis (1868-1958), Botanist. 2 Portraits

John Christopher Temple Willis (1900-1969), Director-General of Ordnance Survey. 2 Portraits

John Jamieson Willis (1872-1954), Bishop of Uganda. 5 Portraits

Sir John Ramsay Willis (1908-1988), Judge. 1 Portrait

Joseph Robert McKenzie Willis (1909-2001), Deputy Chairman of Inland Revenue. 1 Portrait

J. Willis. 1 Portrait

Mary Denton Willis, Daughter of J.W. Denton of Crawley Down, Sussex. 1 Portrait

Nicola Willis (1985-), Gymnast; Olympian. 1 Portrait

Nigel Addington Willis (1897-1977), Lieutenant-Colonel; son of Sir (Walter) Addington Willis. 2 Portraits

Norman David Willis (1933-2014), General Secretary of TUC. 2 Portraits

Sir Richard Willis (1614-1690), Royalist Army Officer. 1 Portrait

Richard Willis (baptised 1664-1734), Bishop of Winchester. 2 Portraits

Robert Willis (1799-1878), Medical writer and physician. 1 Portrait

Robert Willis (1800-1875), Architectural historian and university teacher. 1 Portrait

Thomas Willis (1621-1675), Physician. 10 Portraits

Thomas Willis (died 1827), Rector of St George's, Bloomsbury and Prebendary of Rochester. 1 Portrait

Sir David John Willison (1919-2009), Lieutenant-General; Director-General of Intelligence, Ministry of Defence; son of Arthur Cecil Willison. 4 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Gordon Willmer (1899-1983), Lord Justice of Appeal. 8 Portraits

Jenny Willmore (later Whyatt) (died 1894), Actress; wife of George Goddard Whyatt. 1 Portrait

Mrs Willmot. 1 Portrait

Robert Aris Willmott (1809-1863), Literary editor. 1 Portrait

Adam Willot, Chairman. 1 Portrait

Francis Willoughby, 5th Baron Willoughby of Parham (1613?-1666), Parliamentary general. 9 Portraits

B. Willoughby (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Willoughby, 1st Bt (1668-1688). 2 Portraits

Guy Willoughby (1902-1987), Rear-Admiral. 3 Portraits

James Beautine Willoughby (1814-1888), Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir John Christopher Willoughby, 5th Bt (1859-1918), Soldier. 3 Portraits

Michael Edward Willoughby (1864-1939), Brigadier-General. 3 Portraits

Sir Nesbit Josiah Willoughby (1777-1849), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sibyl Louise Willoughby (née Murray), Daughter of Charles Murray; wife of Hon. Claude Willoughby. 2 Portraits

S. Willoughby (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Peyto Verney, 14th Baron Willoughby de Broke (1737-1816). 1 Portrait

Henry Peyto Verney, 16th Baron Willoughby de Broke (1773-1852), Son of 14th Baron Willoughby de Broke. 2 Portraits

Henry Verney, 18th Baron Willoughby de Broke (1844-1902), Landowner and Master of Fox Hounds. 2 Portraits

Richard Greville Verney, 19th Baron Willoughby de Broke (1869-1923), Huntsman and politician; MP for Rugby. 15 Portraits

Marie Frances Lisette Verney (née Hanbury), Lady Willoughby de Broke (died 1941), Wife of 19th Baron Willoughby de Broke; daughter of C.A. Hanbury. 11 Portraits

John Henry Peyto Verney, 20th Baron Willoughby de Broke (1896-1986), Air Commodore. 5 Portraits

Rachel Verney (née Wrey), Lady Willoughby de Broke, Daughter of Sir Robert Bourchier Sherard Wrey, 11th Bt; wife of 20th Baron Willoughby de Broke. 3 Portraits

Alberic Drummond-Willoughby, 20th Baron Willoughby de Eresby (1821-1870), Landowner; Joint-Hereditary of Great Chamberlain of England. 1 Portrait

(Nancy) Jane Marie Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 28th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby (1934-), Trustee of the National Portrait Gallery; Maid of Honour at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II; daughter of 3rd Earl of Ancaster. 5 Portraits

Clementina Elizabeth Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 24th Baroness Willoughy de Eresby and Lady Aveland (1809-1888), Wife of 1st Baron Aveland; daughter of 22nd Baron Willoughby de Eresby. 1 Portrait

Sir Alfred Wills (1828-1912), Judge and mountaineer. 1 Portrait

Andrew Arnold Lyon Wills (1937-1998), Captain. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Wills (1666-1741), General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Edward Robert Hamilton Wills (1918-2005), Army officer; son of 1st Baron Dulverton. 4 Portraits

Freeman Crofts Wills (circa 1840-1913), Vicar of St Agatha, Finsbury; author, playwright and soldier. 4 Portraits

Sir Gerald Wills (1905-1969), Politician and barrister. 2 Portraits

Janet Wills (née Chambers) (1812-1892), Wife of William Henry Wills; daughter of James Chambers; sister of William and Robert Chambers. 2 Portraits

Sir John Spencer Wills (1904-1991), Chairman of British Electric Traction Co Ltd. 2 Portraits

Hon. (Victor) Patrick Hamilton Wills (1926-2011), Land agent; son of 1st Baron Dulverton. 4 Portraits

Richard Lloyd Joseph Wills (1914-1969), Managing Director. 1 Portrait

Viola Wills (Viola Mae Wilkerson) (1939-2009), Singer. 2 Portraits

William Gorman Wills. 1 Portrait

William Henry Wills (1810-1880), Journalist and journal editor. 2 Portraits

Miss Wills (active 1905). 1 Portrait

Miss Wills. 3 Portraits

Thomas Willsford (active 17th century), Mathematician. 3 Portraits

Sir Gerard Arthur Maxwell Willshire, 3rd Bt (1892-1947), Served with Hon. Artillery Company, despatches. 3 Portraits

Sir Thomas Willshire, 1st Bt (1789-1862), General. 1 Portrait

Hon. Anne Mildred Willson (née Curzon) (1923-), Wife of Walter James Latimer Willson; daughter of 2nd Viscount Scarsdale. 3 Portraits

Beckles Willson (1869-1942), Author. 2 Portraits

St John Basil Wynne Willson (1868-1946), Bishop of Bath and Wells. 7 Portraits

Thomas Benjamin Willson (1851-1932), Historian of Norway. 2 Portraits

Francis Willughby (Willoughby) (1635-1672), Naturalist. 3 Portraits

Joseph Pere Bell Wilmer (1812-1878), Bishop of Louisiana. 2 Portraits

Richard Hooker Wilmer (1816-1900), Bishop of Alabama. 3 Portraits

Val Wilmer (1941-), Photographer, jazz historian and writer. 1 Portrait

Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington (1673-1743), Prime Minister; Speaker of the House of Commons. 6 Portraits

John Charles Wilmot, 1st Baron Wilmot of Selmeston (1895-1964), Politician; Minister of Aircraft Production and Minister of Supply. 19 Portraits

Sir Arthur Ralph Wilmot, 7th Bt (1909-1942), Soldier. 10 Portraits

Sir John Eardley Wilmot (1709-1792), Judge. 2 Portraits

John Eardley Wilmot (1750-1815), Politician and barrister. 3 Portraits

Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot, 1st Bt (1783-1847), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot, 2nd Bt (1810-1892), Barrister and politician; MP for South Warwickshire. 2 Portraits

Pamela Vera (née Garrard), Lady Wilmot (later Cathcart) (1910-1987), Former wife of Sir Arthur Ralph Wilmot, 7th Bt, and later wife of Charles Frederick Cathcart; daughter of Harry Sebastian Garrard. 1 Portrait

Philip McKinnell Corbould Wilmot (died 1946), Physician. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Wilmot, 2nd Bt (1752-1793), Sheriff of Derbyshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Rodney Wilmot, 6th Bt of Osmaston (1853-1931), Master of Staghounds and jockey. 1 Portrait

Miss Wilmot (active circa 1842). 1 Portrait

Anne Wilmot-Horton (née Horton), Wife of Sir Robert Wilmot-Horton, 3rd Bt. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert John Wilmot-Horton (1784-1841), Politician and colonial governor. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Anne Wilmot Williams (née Magenis), Wife of James Wilmot Williams; daughter of Richard Magenis. 1 Portrait

Miss Wilmot Williams (active early 1860s), Relation of Gertrude Mary Wilmot (née Williams), Lady Elliot. 2 Portraits

Sir Ian Wilmut (1944-2023), Geneticist and principal investigator. 1 Portrait

John Harold Owen Wilsey (1904-1961), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Sir Edward Wilshaw (1879-1968), Company manager and financier. 11 Portraits

William Wilshere (1804-1867), Politician; MP for Great Yarmouth. 2 Portraits

Sunday Wilshin (1905-1991), Actress, broadcaster and radio producer. 3 Portraits

A.F. Wilshire, Teacher; President of the National Union of Teachers. 4 Portraits

Henry Maitland Wilson, 1st Baron Wilson (1881-1964), Field-Marshal. 1 Portrait

(James) Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx (1916-1995), Prime Minister. 55 Portraits

(Gladys) Mary Wilson (née Baldwin), Lady Wilson of Rievaulx (1916-2018), Poet; wife of Harold Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx; daughter of Daniel Baldwin. 7 Portraits

Lady Ida Louisa Alice Wilson (née Duff) (1848-1918), Former wife of Adrian Elias Hope, and later wife of William Wilson; daughter of 5th Earl of Fife. 7 Portraits

Lady Sarah Isabella Augusta Wilson (née Spencer-Churchill) (1865-1929), War correspondent; wife of Gordon Chesney Wilson; daughter of 7th Duke of Marlborough. 9 Portraits

Alan Wilson, Musician, member of 'Terry Lightfoot and his Jazzmen'. 1 Portrait

Sir Alan Herries Wilson (1906-1995), Chairman of Glaxo. 3 Portraits

Albert Edward Wilson (died 1960), Journalist, dramatic critic and author. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander Wilson (1858-1937), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Ambrose John Wilson (1853-1929), Headmaster, Lancing College and reverend. 5 Portraits

Andrew Norman ('A.N.') Wilson (1950-), Poet, biographer, critic and journalist. 2 Portraits

Sir Angus Frank Johnstone Wilson (1913-1991), Novelist and critic. 12 Portraits

Sir Archdale Wilson (1803-1874), General. 5 Portraits

Sir Arnold Talbot Wilson (1884-1940), Soldier, explorer, author and politician. 10 Portraits

Sir Arthur Knyvet Wilson, 3rd Bt (1842-1921), Admiral of the Fleet. 5 Portraits

Sir Arton Wilson (1893-1977), Civil servant. 4 Portraits

A.M. Wilson. 1 Portrait

Barbara Wilson (1941-), Clinical neuropsychologist. 1 Portrait

Edward ('Beau') Wilson (died 1694), Murder victim and subject of alleged sexual scandal. 2 Portraits

Benjamin Wilson (1721-1788), Portrait painter and scientist. 5 Portraits

Bingham Wilson (died 2000), Antique furniture dealer and restorer. 1 Portrait

Cecil Wilson (1860-1941), Bishop of Melanesia and Bishop of Bunbury. 1 Portrait

Cecil Henry Wilson (1862-1945), Politician; MP for Sheffield Attercliffe. 1 Portrait

Cecil Wilfred Wilson (1875-1937), Suffragan Bishop of Middleton. 1 Portrait

Charles Wilson (1966-), Executive Director, Arcadia Group PLC. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Haynes Wilson (1909-2002), Political scientist. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Wilson (1871-1956), Secretary, Baptist Missionary Society. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Rivers Wilson (1831-1916), Civil servant and financier. 4 Portraits

Charles Thomson Rees Wilson (1869-1959), Physicist. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles William Wilson (1836-1905), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Christopher Wilson (1714-1792), Bishop of Bristol. 4 Portraits

Christopher James Wilson (1879-1956), Colonial medical officer. 1 Portrait

Christopher Wyndham Wilson (1844-1918), High Sheriff of Westmorland. 2 Portraits

Sir Colin Alexander St John Wilson (1922-2007), Architect and Emeritus Professor of Architecture. 2 Portraits

Colin Henry Wilson (1931-2013), Writer. 21 Portraits

Daphney Rose Wilson (1959-), NHS Administrator. 1 Portrait

Denis Aymard Wilson (1901-1996), Air Commodore. 2 Portraits

Sir Duncan Randolph Wilson (1875-1945), Civil servant. 3 Portraits

Ebenezer Wilson (circa 1748-1823), Brassfounder. 2 Portraits

Edward Wilson (circa 1747-1823), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Edward Adrian Wilson (1872-1912), Naturalist and Antarctic explorer. 5 Portraits

Edward Meryon Wilson (1906-1977), Professor of Spanish and Vice-Master of Emmanuel College. 1 Portrait

Edward Potter Wilson (1846-1918), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Emma Alexandrina (née Binnie), Lady Wilson (circa 1864-1948), Second wife of Sir John Wilson, 1st Bt; daughter of David Binnie. 1 Portrait

Enid Wilson (1910-1996), Golfer; daughter of Thomas Francis Wilson. 1 Portrait

Sir (William James) Erasmus Wilson (1809-1884), Dermatologist and benefactor. 3 Portraits

Francis Adrian Wilson (1874-1954), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Frank Avray Wilson (1914-2009), Painter. 1 Portrait

Frank Elmer Wilson (1885-1944), Bishop of of Eau Claire, United States. 1 Portrait

Frank Percy Wilson (1889-1963), Literary scholar and bibliographer. 7 Portraits

Sir Frederick William Wilson (1844-1924), Journalist and politician. 2 Portraits

Frieda Bell Wilson (née Finlay) (1904-1980), Wife of Richard Ridley Wilson. 1 Portrait

Sir Garnet Douglas Wilson (1885-1975), Company chairman. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Philip Wilson (died 1980), Lecturer in Law, University of Cambridge. 2 Portraits

George Wilson (1630-1711), Chemist. 3 Portraits

George Wilson (1751-1816), Late of Lincoln's Inn. 1 Portrait

George Wilson (1764-after 1822), Pedestrian. 5 Portraits

George Wilson (1808-1870), Chairman of the Anti Corn Law League. 1 Portrait

George Wilson (1818-1859), Chemist and museum director. 1 Portrait

Sir George Wilson (1900-1979), Chairman of Governors of West of Scotland Agricultural College. 1 Portrait

George Alexander Wilson (1896-1970). 2 Portraits

George Ambler Wilson (1906-1977), Chief engineer. 2 Portraits

George Heron Wilson (1868-1959), Committee Member and Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Gerry Wilson (1903-1968), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Godfrey Harold Alfred Wilson (1871-1958), Conservative politician: MP for Cambridge University. 8 Portraits

Gordon Chesney Wilson (1865-1914), Lieutenant-Colonel; husband of Lady Sarah Churchill. 1 Portrait

Sir Graham Selby Wilson (1895-1987), Medical bacteriologist; Director of Public Health Laboratory Service. 3 Portraits

Gregg Wilson, Film producer; son of Michael G. Wilson. 1 Portrait

Guy Austen Moore Wilson (1906-1986), Rear-Admiral nuclear propulsion. 4 Portraits

Sir Guy Douglas Arthur Fleetwood Wilson (1850-1940), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Hon. Guy Greville Wilson (1877-1943), Lieutenant-Colonel and politician; MP for Hull West. 1 Portrait

Harriette Wilson (née Dubouchet) (1786-1845), Courtesan. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Francis ('Harry') Wilson (1859-1937), Barrister, colonial secretary. 6 Portraits

Helen Mary Wilson (1864-1951), Physician and social campaigner. 1 Portrait

Helen Rae Fife (née Graham), Lady Wilson, Wife of Sir James Robertson Wilson, 2nd Bt; daughter of A. Bulloch Graham. 4 Portraits

Henry Wilson (born 1678). 2 Portraits

Henry Wilson (1740-1810), Naval captain of the British East India Company and first Western visitor to Palau. 1 Portrait

Henry Albert Wilson (1876-1961), Bishop of Chelmsford. 2 Portraits

Sir Henry Fuller Maitland Wilson (1859-1941), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Hughes Wilson, 1st Bt (1864-1922), Field-Marshal and Irish Unionist politician. 17 Portraits

Henry Season Wilson (active 1858-1910), Anatomist and physician. 1 Portrait

Douglas Hope (Matilda Ellen ('Hilda') Hart (née Wilson)) (1860-1918), Contralto and composer. 1 Portrait

Horace Hayman Wilson (1786-1860), Orientalist. 4 Portraits

Sir Horace John Wilson (1882-1972), Chairman. 7 Portraits

Hubert Wilberforce Wilson (1867-1949), Consul and diplomat for South America. 2 Portraits

H. Wilson. 1 Portrait

Isabella Wilson, Sister of Edward Wilson and Walter Wilson. 2 Portraits

Isabella Dora (née Smart), Lady Wilson (died 1935), Former wife of J.H. Anderson, and later wife of Sir Henry Francis Harry Wilson. 2 Portraits

Jacob Wilson (1836-1905), Agriculturalist. 1 Portrait

Dame Jacqueline Wilson (née Aitken) (1945-), Children's writer. 2 Portraits

James Wilson (1742-1798), Lawyer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Hon. James Wilson (1805-1860), Scottish businessman, liberal politician and founder of 'The Economist'. 3 Portraits

Sir James Wilson (1853-1926), Colonial administrator and agriculturalist. 1 Portrait

James Arthur Wilson (1795-1882), Physician. 1 Portrait

James Maurice Wilson (1836-1931), Headmaster and Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

James Stewart Wilson (1909-1994), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

James Thomas Wilson (1861-1945), Professor of Anatomy. 3 Portraits

Jane Wilson (1967-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Jeanie Wilson, Fisherwoman. 3 Portraits

Joanna May Wilson (1992-), Midwife. 1 Portrait

John Wilson (1595-1674), Composer, singer and musician. 2 Portraits

Sir John Wilson (1741-1793), Judge and Justice of the Common Pleas. 1 Portrait

John Wilson (1785-1854), Essayist and journalist; used the pseudonym 'Christopher North'. 7 Portraits

John Wilson (1801-1849), Dramatic singer. 2 Portraits

John Wilson (1812-1888), Agriculturalist. 2 Portraits

John Wilson (1837-1915), Trade unionist and politician. 1 Portrait

John Wilson (1837-1928), Politician; MP for Glasgow. 2 Portraits

Sir John Wilson, 1st Bt (1844-1918), Politician, industrialist and landowner. 4 Portraits

John Broadley Wilson (1764-1835), Treasurer of the Baptist Missionary Society. 1 Portrait

John Dover Wilson (1881-1969), Literary scholar and educationist. 4 Portraits

John Gideon ('Bumpus') Wilson (1876-1963), Bookseller. 2 Portraits

John Henry Wilson (1863-1932). 1 Portrait

John Leonard Wilson (1897-1970), Bishop of Birmingham. 8 Portraits

John William Wilson (1858-1932), Politician and chemical manufacturer. 2 Portraits

Joseph Wilson (1786-1855), Silk merchant. 2 Portraits

Joseph Havelock Wilson (1858-1929), Trade unionist and politician. 1 Portrait

J. Wilson, Actor. 1 Portrait

Kara Wilson (1944-), Actress and artist. 1 Portrait

Kellie Wilson (1942-1973), Model. 1 Portrait

Lardie (Lardy) Wilson (active early 1870s), Actress. 3 Portraits

Sir Leonard Wilson (1888-1980), Chief Commissioner of Railways in India. 6 Portraits

Sir Leslie Orme Wilson (1876-1955), Lieutenant-Colonel, Governor of Queensland and Conservative politician; MP for Reading and Portsmouth South. 14 Portraits

Louise Wilson (1967-), Artist. 2 Portraits

Miss L. Wilson. 1 Portrait

Margaret Elaine Wilson (née Blois) (1916-1981), Wife of (David) Ian Wilson; daughter of Gervase Vanneck Blois. 2 Portraits

Mary Anne Wilson (1802-1867), Dramatic singer. 6 Portraits

Mary ('May') Wilson (born 1887), Huntswoman and twin sister of Violet Wilson. 10 Portraits

Michael Gregg Wilson (1943-), Film producer and photographs collector. 2 Portraits

Michael ('Mick') Wilson (1944-), Musician; member of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. 5 Portraits

Mollie Wilson. 1 Portrait

Mona Wilson (1872-1954), Civil servant and author. 1 Portrait

Muriel Wilson (active 1897-1911). 2 Portraits

Sir Murrough John Wilson (1875-1946), Railway executive and politician. 5 Portraits

Nigel Maitland Wilson (1884-1950), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Noel Stanley Wilson (born 1884), Army officer. 6 Portraits

Percy Wilson (1904-1986), HM Inspector of Schools. 1 Portrait

Peter Wilson, Vice-President, Glasgow University Liberal Committee. 1 Portrait

Peter Cecil Wilson (1908-1987), Art dealer. 3 Portraits

Philip Whitwell Wilson (1875-1956), Author and lecturer. 2 Portraits

P.J.B. Wilson, Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Raymond Wilson. 3 Portraits

Sir Reginald Holmes Wilson (1905-1999), Ministry of Transport. 3 Portraits

Richard Wilson (1714-1782), Landscape painter. 8 Portraits

(Iain) Richard Wilson (1936-), Actor and director. 1 Portrait

Robert Arthur Wilson. 1 Portrait

Robert John Wilson (1865-1946), Labour politician; MP for Jarrow. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Thomas Wilson (1777-1849), General and politician. 15 Portraits

Roderic Augustine Wilson, Irish Guards Captain. 7 Portraits

Sir Roger Cochrane Wilson (1882-1966), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Roger Cowan Wilson (1906-1991), Professor of Education. 3 Portraits

Roger Plumpton Wilson (1905-2002), Bishop of Chichester. 3 Portraits

Sir Roland Wilson (1904-1996), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir (Roderick) Roy Wilson (1876-1942), Politician and banker. 4 Portraits

Sir Roy Mickel Wilson (1903-1982), Queen's Counsel and President of the Industrial Court. 6 Portraits

Robert Wilson (1941-), Theatre director, artist and designer. 1 Portrait

Ruth Wilson (1982-), Actress. 1 Portrait

R. Wilson. 1 Portrait

Hon. Sally Anne Marie Gabrielle Wilson (née Vivian) (1930-), Former wife of William Lowe, and later wife of Charles Wilson; daughter of 5th Baron Vivian. 8 Portraits

Samuel Wilson (1792-1881), Alderman of London and Lord Mayor of London in 1839. 2 Portraits

Sir Samuel Wilson (1832-1895), Conservative politician; MP for Portsmouth. 1 Portrait

Sir Samuel Herbert Wilson (1873-1950), Colonial governor and civil servant. 9 Portraits

Sandy Wilson (1924-2014), Composer, lyric writer and playwright. 1 Portrait

Sarah Wilson (died 1786), Actress. 1 Portrait

Scottie Wilson (1890-1972), Primitive artist. 13 Portraits

Hon. Shirley Cynthia Wilson (née Cunliffe) (1926-), Wife of Alan Desmond Wilson; daughter of 2nd Baron Cunliffe. 2 Portraits

Stella Louise Wilson (1892-1982), Painter. 1 Portrait

Stephen Shipley Wilson (1904-1989), Civil servant; Keeper of Public Records. 4 Portraits

Sir (James) Steuart Wilson (1889-1966), Singer and musical administrator. 5 Portraits

Thomas Wilson (1525?-1581), Secretary of State and scholar. 6 Portraits

Thomas Wilson (1562 or 1563-1622), Church of England clergyman and writer. 4 Portraits

Thomas Wilson (1663-1755), Bishop of Sodor and Man. 5 Portraits

Thomas Wilson (1703-1784), Divine; son of Thomas Wilson. 2 Portraits

Thomas Wilson (1747-1818), Master of Clitheroe Grammar School. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wilson (1767-1852), Merchant. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wilson. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wilson (active 19th century), Chevalier de l'ordre de lion. 1 Portrait

Thomas Arthur Atkinson Wilson (1882-1958), Major-General. 2 Portraits

Thomas Charles Wilson (circa 1813-1875), Vicar of Kirkby Fleetham with Fencote, Yorkshire. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Fleming Wilson (1862-1929), Politician; MP for North East Lanarkshire. 2 Portraits

Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson of Eastbourne, 8th Bt (1800-1869). 1 Portrait

Thomas Needham Furnival Wilson (1896-1961), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Anthony Howard ('Tony') Wilson (1950-2007), Impresario, broadcaster and journalist; 'Mr Manchester'. 1 Portrait

Sir (Reginald) Victor Wilson (1877-1957), Chairman of National Press, Sydney. 1 Portrait

Violet Wilson (1887-1957), Huntswoman; twin sister of May Wilson. 12 Portraits

Walter Wilson (active 1860s). 1 Portrait

William Wilson (1690-1741), Sermonist. 1 Portrait

William Wilson (circa 1708-1815), Chemist's assistant and centenarian; known as 'Mortar Willie'. 1 Portrait

William Wilson (active late 18th century), Mathematics teacher. 1 Portrait

Captain William Wilson (active 1752). 1 Portrait

William Wilson (1808-1888), Free Church of Scotland minister. 2 Portraits

William Wilson (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

William Wilson (1875-1965), Physicist. 7 Portraits

William Wilson (active 1898), Doorkeeper, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

William Scot Wilson (1806-1888), Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway. 2 Portraits

William Tyson Wilson (1855-1921), Labour politician; MP for West Houghton Division of Lancashire. 1 Portrait

(Thomas) Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), President of the United States. 4 Portraits

Mr Wilson (active 1790s). 2 Portraits

Mrs Wilson (active 1802). 1 Portrait

Lady Wilson (active 1919). 4 Portraits

Lady Wilson (active 1932). 2 Portraits

Hon. Mrs Wilson (active 1946). 10 Portraits

Dr Wilson (active 19th century). 1 Portrait

Professor Wilson. 1 Portrait

Dr Wilson. 3 Portraits

Hon. Eleanor Birch Wilson-Fox (1871-1963), Vice-Chairman of the Society for the Overseas Settlement of British Women. 3 Portraits

Arthur Wilson-Patten (1840-1866), Army officer; son of John Wilson-Patten, later 1st Baron Winmarleigh. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Wilson Smith (1904-1978), Director of Bank of England. 10 Portraits

Sir William Henry Wilson-Todd, 1st Bt (1828-1910), Army officer and politician. 1 Portrait

Thomas Grosvenor Egerton, 2nd Earl of Wilton (1799-1882), Conservative politician, Lord Steward of the Household and Commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron. 10 Portraits

Mary Margaret Egerton (née Stanley), Countess of Wilton (1801-1858), First wife of 2nd Earl of Wilton of Wilton Castle; daughter of 12th Earl of Derby. 3 Portraits

Arthur Edward Holland Grey Egerton, 3rd Earl of Wilton (1833-1885). 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Charlotte Louisa (née Craven), Countess of Wilton (later Lady Pryor) (1836-1919), Fomer wife of 3rd Earl of Wilton, and later wife of Arthur Vickris Pryor; daughter of 2nd Earl of Craven. 1 Portrait

Edward Nowill Wilton (1872-1966), Bishop of Melanesia. 2 Portraits

George Wilton Wilton (1862-1964), Lawyer. 6 Portraits

Joseph Wilton (1722-1803), Sculptor. 9 Portraits

Penelope Alice Wilton (1946-), Actress. 2 Portraits

William Le Scrope, Earl of Wiltshire. 1 Portrait

Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond (1477-1539), Father of Anne Boleyn. 3 Portraits

Douglas Neil Wimberley (1896-1983), Registrar and Secretary of Bath. 6 Portraits

Sir John Bowring Wimble (1868-1927), Businessman. 3 Portraits

Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbledon (1572-1638), Naval and military commander. 4 Portraits

Russell Claude Brock, 1st Baron of Wimbledon (1903-1980), Surgeon. 10 Portraits

Ivor Churchill Guest, 1st Viscount Wimborne (1873-1939), Politician and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. 13 Portraits

Ivor Grosvenor Guest, 2nd Viscount Wimborne (1903-1967), Politician; MP for Brecon and Radnorshire. 7 Portraits

Ivor Bertie Guest, 1st Baron Wimborne (1835-1914). 7 Portraits

Cornelia Henrietta Maria (née Spencer-Churchill), Lady Wimborne (1847-1927), Wife of 1st Baron Wimborne; daughter of 7th Duke of Marlborough. 2 Portraits

Mabel Edith (née Fox-Strangways), Countess of Wimbourne (1918-1980), Daughter of 6th Earl of Ilchester; wife of 2nd Earl of Wimborne. 1 Portrait

Eileen Maude Wimbush (née Colquhoun) (1908-1994), Wife of Piers Wimbush. 1 Portrait

Piers John Barnes Wimbush (1902-1989). 1 Portrait

Richard Knyvet Wimbush (1909-1994), Bishop of Argyll and the Isles. 1 Portrait

Sarah Wimbush, Research Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 2 Portraits

Baron Wimmer. 1 Portrait

Baroness Wimmer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wimperis (1874-1953), Composer and screenwriter. 1 Portrait

Harry Egerton Wimperis (1876-1960), Scientist, engineer, inventor. 5 Portraits

Walter Winans (1852-1920), Sportsman, horsebreeder and author on shooting and sport. 3 Portraits

John Gilbert Winant (1889-1947), Politician and US Ambassador to the United Kingdom during World War II. 2 Portraits

Jean Rosemary Vera Winch (née Cary) (1928-), Wife of Henry Herman Evelyn Winch; daughter of 14th Viscount Falkland. 2 Portraits

William Paulet, 1st Marquess of Winchester (1485-1572), Statesman. 7 Portraits

John Paulet, 5th Marquess of Winchester (1598-1675), Royalist. 13 Portraits

Charles Ingoldsby Burroughs-Paulet, 13th Marquess of Winchester (1765-1843), Politician; MP and courtier. 1 Portrait

Anne Paulet (née Andrews), Marchioness of Winchester (before 1800-1841), Wife of 13th Marquess of Winchester. 1 Portrait

John Paulet, 14th Marquess of Winchester (1801-1887), Peer and politician. 1 Portrait

Mary (née Montagu), Marchioness of Winchester (1828-1868), Wife of 14th Marquess of Winchester; daughter of 6th Baron Rokeby. 1 Portrait

Augustus John Henry Beaumont Paulet, 15th Marquess of Winchester (1858-1899), Landowner and army officer. 3 Portraits

Henry William Montagu Paulet, 16th Marquess of Winchester (1862-1962), Peer, landowner, soldier, politician and businessman. 3 Portraits

James Ridout Winchester (1852-1941), Bishop of Arkansas. 1 Portrait

Marion Winchester (active 1900s), Actress. 1 Portrait

Heneage Finch, 5th Earl of Winchilsea (1656?-1726). 1 Portrait

Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea (1661-1720), Poet; wife of 5th Earl of Winchilsea. 1 Portrait

Anne Hatton, Countess of Winchilsea (1668-1743), Second wife of 7th Earl of Winchilsea; daughter of 1st Viscount Hatton. 1 Portrait

Daniel Finch, 8th Earl of Winchilsea (1689-1769), Politician; MP for Rutland. 1 Portrait

George Finch, 9th Earl of Winchilsea (1752-1826), Cricket patron and promoter and first president of the Royal Institution. 1 Portrait

Fanny Margaretta (née Rice), Countess of Winchilsea (1820-1909), Third wife of 9th or 10th Earl of Winchilsea; daughter of Edward Royd Rice. 1 Portrait

George William Finch-Hatton, 10th Earl of Winchilsea (1791-1858), Politician; opposer of the Reform Bill. 13 Portraits

George Finch-Hatton, 11th Earl of Winchilsea (1815-1887). 7 Portraits

Constance Henrietta (née Paget), Countess of Winchilsea (1823-1878), Wife of 11th Earl of Winchilsea; daughter of 2nd Marquess of Anglesey. 2 Portraits

Edith (née Harcourt), Countess of Winchilsea and Nottingham (1855-1944), Wife of 12th Earl Winchilsea and Nottingham. 2 Portraits

Henry Stormont Finch-Hatton, 13th Earl of Winchilsea (1852-1927), Landowner. 2 Portraits

Margaretta Armstrong Finch-Hatton (née Drexel), Countess of Winchilsea and Nottingham (1885-1952), Heiress; wife of 14th Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham. 1 Portrait

Christopher Finch-Hatton, 15th Earl of Winchilsea (1911-1950), Lieutenant, Royal Navy. 2 Portraits

Guy Montagu George Finch-Hatton, 14th Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham (1885-1939). 18 Portraits

Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768), German historian and art critic. 1 Portrait

Kenneth Winckles (1918-1999), Company Director, Rank Theatre Division. 1 Portrait

Holger Wind (died 1685). 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Windebank (1582-1646), Secretary of State. 4 Portraits

Dr L. Windecker (active 1866). 1 Portrait

Sir Brian Wellingham Windeyer (1904-1994), Consultant advisor in radiotherapy. 5 Portraits

Lady Edith Anne Windham (née Dawson) (1883-1974), Former wife of Hon. Charles Douglas-Pennant, and later wife of Charles Ashe Windham; daughter of 2nd Earl of Dartrey. 9 Portraits

Anne Windham (active 17th century). 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Ash Windham (1810-1870), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Justice Windham (active 1683), Judge. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph Windham (1905-1980), Judge in Africa and Eastern Continent. 5 Portraits

Thomas Windham. 3 Portraits

Sir Walter George Windham (1868-1942), Founder of the Aeroplane Club. 5 Portraits

William Windham (1750-1810), Politician; Secretary at War. 52 Portraits

William Windham (1717-1761), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir Bertram Coghill Alan Windle (1858-1929), Professor of cosmology and anthropology. 3 Portraits

George Richard James Hennessy, 1st Baron Windlesham (1877-1953), Major and Vice-Chairman, Conservative Party. 7 Portraits

Angela Mary (née Duggan), Lady Windlesham (died 1956), First wife of 2nd Baron Windlesham; daughter of Julian Duggan. 3 Portraits

David James George Hennessy, 3rd Baron Windlesham (1932-2010), Principal, Brasenose College, Oxford; Chairman of the Trustees of The British Museum. 1 Portrait

Wallis, Duchess of Windsor (1896-1986), Wife of Duke of Windsor. 199 Portraits

Harriet Windsor-Clive (née Windsor), Baroness Windsor (1797-1869), Wife of Robert Henry Clive. 2 Portraits

Lady Gabriella Marina Alexandra Ophelia Windsor (1981-), Daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. 1 Portrait

Lord Nicholas Charles Edward Jonathan Windsor (1970-), Son of Duke of Kent. 3 Portraits

Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Gilman (née Windsor) (1980-), Wife of George Gilman; daughter of 2nd Duke of Gloucester. 1 Portrait

Dame Barbara Windsor (née Deeks) (1937-2020), Actress. 3 Portraits

Miss E.J. Windsor. 1 Portrait

Mrs ('Mother') Windsor. 2 Portraits

Walter Windsor (1884-1945), Politician; MP for Bethnal Green. 1 Portrait

Hon. Archer Windsor-Clive (1890-1914), Son of 1st Earl of Plymouth. 1 Portrait

George Windsor-Clive (1878-1968), Lieutenant-Colonel and Conservative politician; MP for Ludlow. 1 Portrait

Gillian Mary Windsor-Clive (died 1961), Wife of Wilfred Woller; daughter of 2nd Earl of Plymouth. 1 Portrait

Olive Windsor Clive (née Longueville) (1923-2009), Wife of Robert Clive. 1 Portrait

Amy Jade Winehouse (1983-2011), Singer and songwriter. 10 Portraits

Sir Percy Henry Winfield (1878-1953), Lawyer and legal scholar. 4 Portraits

John Durham Wing (active 1920s-1930s), Bishop of South Florida. 1 Portrait

Tycho Wing (1696-1750), Mathematician, astrologer and almanac author. 2 Portraits

Vincent Wing (1619-1668), Astronomer. 1 Portrait

Sir Andrew Wingate (1846-1937), Indian civil servant. 3 Portraits

Sir Francis Reginald Wingate, 1st Bt (1861-1953), General; administrator in Egypt and the Sudan. 11 Portraits

Sir James Lawton Wingate (1864-1924), Painter. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Wingate Hughes (née Jones), Wife of Frederick Richard Wingate Hughes. 1 Portrait

Basil Sylvester Wingate-Saul (1906-1975), Judge and Queen's Counsel. 1 Portrait

Lady Norah Beryl Cayzer Wingfield (née Jellicoe) (1910-2003), Wife of Edward William Rhys Wingfield; daughter of 1st Earl Jellicoe. 7 Portraits

Lady Violet Nita Wingfield (née Poulett) (1880-1966), Wife of Cecil John Talbot Rhys Wingfield; daughter of 6th Earl Poulett. 5 Portraits

Cecil Andrew Foulis Wingfield (1895-1966), Captain. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles John FitzRoy Rhys Wingfield (1877-1960), Diplomat. 4 Portraits

Charles Lee Wingfield (born 1832), Divine. 1 Portrait

Edward ffolliott Wingfield (1823-1865), Captain. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Jocelyn Rhys Wingfield (née Wingfield) (1903-1972), Wife of Cecil Andrew Wingfield; daughter of William Wingfield. 3 Portraits

John Wingfield (1760-1825), Headmaster of Westminster School and prebendary of Worcester. 2 Portraits

John Henry Ducachet Wingfield (1833-1898), First Bishop of Northern California. 1 Portrait

Hon. Lewis Strange Wingfield (1842-1891), Irish traveller, actor, writer and painter; son of 6th Viscount Powerscourt. 2 Portraits

Hon. Maurice Anthony Wingfield (1883-1956), Major-general; Businessman. 12 Portraits

Hon. Maurice Richard Wingfield (1839-1866), Son of 6th Viscount Powerscourt. 1 Portrait

Pauline Wingfield. 1 Portrait

Philip John Wingfield (1938-), Son of Edward William Rhys Wingfield. 1 Portrait

Robert John Wingfield (1876-1962), Lieutenant-Colonel. 3 Portraits

Susan Wingfield, Daughter of William Wingfield. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wingham (1846-1893), Organist and composer. 1 Portrait

Lucy Winket (1968-), Priest. 1 Portrait

John Wilson-Patten, Baron Winmarleigh (1802-1892), Politician; MP for Lancashire. 10 Portraits

Alice Winn (née Perkins), Wife of Hon. Reginald Henry Winn; daughter of Moncure Perkins. 1 Portrait

Anona Winn (1907-1994), Singer and broadcaster. 2 Portraits

Elizabeth Susan Winn (1925-), Daughter of Hon. Reginald Henry Winn. 2 Portraits

Godfrey Herbert Winn (1906-1971), Journalist and author. 40 Portraits

Hon. Reginald Henry Winn (1899-1985), Major; third son of 2nd Baron St Oswald. 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Rodger Noel Winn (1903-1972), Judge and intelligence officer. 1 Portrait

Winnaretta (née Singer), Princess Edmond de Polignac (1865-1943), Daughter of Isaac Singer; patron of arts and hostess. 1 Portrait

Dame Albertine Louise Winner (1907-1988), Physician. 1 Portrait

Michael Robert Winner (1935-2013), Actor, writer, film director and producer. 7 Portraits

Teresa A. Winner. 1 Portrait

David Julian Winnick (1933-), Politician; MP for Croydon and Walsall. 1 Portrait

Maurice Winnick (1902-1962), Dance band leader and television impresario. 19 Portraits

Winnie. 1 Portrait

Sir (Alfred) John Digby Winnifrith (1908-1993), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Anne Beryl Jane (née Drury-Lowe), Lady Winnington, Wife of Sir Francis Salwey William Winnington, 6th Bt; daughter of Lawrence Drury-Lowe. 6 Portraits

Sir Francis Winnington (1634-1700), Lawyer. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Salwey Winnington, 6th Bt (1907-2003), Landowner. 6 Portraits

Jane Winnington (née Spencer-Churchill) (1858-1940), Daughter of Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill. 1 Portrait

Thomas Winnington (1696-1746), Politician; MP and grandson of Sir Francis Winnington. 1 Portrait

Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram (1858-1946), Bishop of London. 53 Portraits

Reginald Pepys Winnington-Ingram (1904-1993), Professor of Greek Language and Literature. 3 Portraits

Sir Archibald Little Winskill (1917-2005), Air Commodore. 11 Portraits

Kate Elizabeth Winslet (1975-), Actress. 5 Portraits

Forbes Benignus Winslow (1810-1874), Physician and specialist in insanity. 4 Portraits

Violet Lyndhurst Winslow (died 1963), Historian and Fellow, St Hilda's Hall, Oxford. 1 Portrait

Jeannie Winsor (née Steel) (active 1962-1992), Folk singer. 3 Portraits

Martin Winsor (1931-1992), Folk singer. 3 Portraits

Michael Platt Winstanley, Baron Winstanley (1918-1993), Television and radio broadcaster, author, journalist and medical practitioner. 1 Portrait

Catherine Winstanley (1700-1763), Wife of Hamlet Winstanley. 2 Portraits

Hamlet Winstanley (1700-1761), Painter and engraver. 2 Portraits

John Winstanley (1678?-1750), Verse-writer. 2 Portraits

John Winstanley (1919-2008), Ophthalmic surgeon and lieutenant-colonel. 1 Portrait

William Winstanley (circa 1628-1698), Poet and compiler of biographies. 1 Portrait

William Alfred Winstanley (born 1852), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Olof Winstedt (1878-1966), Civil servant and Malay scholar. 7 Portraits

Stephen Winsten (Samuel Weinstein) (1893-1991), Writer. 1 Portrait

Theodora Winsten (died 1999), Artist; daughter of Stephen Winsten and Clare Winsten. 1 Portrait

Reginald Thomas Herbert Fletcher, Baron Winster (1885-1961), Politician; Minister of Civil Aviation and Governor of Cyprus. 17 Portraits

Robert Maurice Lipson Winston, Baron Winston (1940-), Obstetrician and pioneer of fertility treatment. 4 Portraits

James Winston (1779-1843), Actor and theatre manager. 4 Portraits

Jimmy Winston (Jimmy Langwith) (1945-2020), Musician and actor; original keyboard player for the Small Faces. 2 Portraits

Ray Winstone (1957-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Allen Ernest Winter (1903-1997), Bishop of St Arnaud. 1 Portrait

Carl Winter (1906-1966), Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum. 1 Portrait

Clifford Boardman Winter (1869-1930), Colonel, Indian Army. 7 Portraits

Ella Winter (Leonore Sophie Winter Steffens Stewart (née Wertheimer)) (1898-1980), Journalist and activist. 4 Portraits

G.B. Winter (active 1873), Publican; member of the jury in the Tichborne Criminal Trial. 3 Portraits

Sir James Spearman Winter (1845-1911), Barrister and Newfoundland Premier. 1 Portrait

Jan Willem de Winter (1750-1812), Dutch admiral. 1 Portrait

Jessie Winter (1885-1971), Actress; wife of Austin Melford. 6 Portraits

John Winter (1930-2012), Architect. 2 Portraits

John Kift Winter (1911-2002), Engineer and sailing enthusiast. 1 Portrait

John Saumarez Winter (1807-1875), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Kate Winter (active 1934), Singer and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Sir Marmaduke George Winter (1857-1936), Industrialist and politician. 3 Portraits

May Cooper Winter, Wife of Clifford Boardman Winter. 1 Portrait

Nehemiah Winter (1740-1814), Coronet and Lieutenant in the 11th Dragoons. 1 Portrait

Sir Ormonde de l'Epee Winter (1875-1962), Brigadier-General, intelligence officer and author. 1 Portrait

Peter Winter (1754-1825), Maestro di capella to the Elector of Bavaria and composer to the King's Theatre, Haymarket. 1 Portrait

Robert Winter (1568-1606), Gunpowder plot conspirator. 8 Portraits

Thomas Winter (1572-1606), Conspirator; brother of Robert Winter. 7 Portraits

William Michael Winter (1914-1985), Doctor and Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 1 Portrait

Harold St John Loyd Winterbotham (1878-1946), Brigadier. 1 Portrait

Henry Selfe Page Winterbotham (1837-1873), Politician; MP for Stroud. 1 Portrait

Ian Winterbottom, Baron Winterbottom (1913-1992), Politician; MP for Nottingham Central. 1 Portrait

Anthony Winterbottom (1944-), Sports administrator; Executive Director of Major Projects, London Delivery Authority, 2012. 1 Portrait

Cecil Miall Winterbottom (1906-1960), Actor. 2 Portraits

Michael Winterbottom (1961-), Film director. 2 Portraits

Richard Emanuel Winterbottom (1899-1968), Labour politician; MP for Sheffield Brightside. 3 Portraits

Thomas Winterbottom (1847-1928), Paymaster Rear Admiral. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter Winterbottom (1913-2002), Football manager and sports administrator. 1 Portrait

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805-1873), Painter. 3 Portraits

Shelley Winters (1922-2006), Actor. 2 Portraits

Mr Winters (active circa 1847). 2 Portraits

Jeanette Winterson (1959-), Writer. 6 Portraits

William Henry Wills, 1st Baron Winterstoke (1830-1911), Tobacco manufacturer and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Georgiana Susan (née Hamilton), Countess of Winterton (1841-1913), Wife of 5th Earl of Winterton; daughter of 1st Duke of Abercorn. 3 Portraits

Edward Turnour, 6th Earl Winterton (1883-1962), Statesman. 17 Portraits

George Ernest Winterton (1873-1942), Politician, school teacher and journalist. 2 Portraits

Thomas Wintle (active circa 1834), Reverend. 1 Portrait

Dale Winton (1955-2018), Television presenter. 1 Portrait

Sir Nicholas George Winton (1909-2015), Banker and humanitarian, led the Czech Kindertransport mission; centenarian. 1 Portrait

Anna Wintour (1949-), Editor of American Vogue. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Richard Wintour (died 1961), Army officer. 1 Portrait

Margaret Wintringham (née Longbottom) (1879-1955), Politician; MP for Louth and Justice of the Peace. 7 Portraits

Ferdinand von Wintzingerode (1770-1818), Officer in Russian army. 1 Portrait

Muff Winwood (1943-), Musician; member of The Spencer Davis Group. 3 Portraits

Sir Ralph Winwood (1563?-1617), Secretary of State. 5 Portraits

Steve Winwood (1948-), Musician; member of The Spencer Davis Group. 3 Portraits

Miss Winyard, Actress. 7 Portraits

Nicky Wire (Nick Jones) (1969-), Musician; bassist for Manic Street Preachers. 2 Portraits

Theodore Blake Wirgman (1848-1925), Painter and engraver. 1 Portrait

Emmanuel Wirth (1842-1923), Musician and violinist; member of Joachim Quartet. 1 Portrait

Denis Wirth-Miller (1915-2010), Artist. 4 Portraits

Count Carl Johan Arthur Bernadotte of Wisborg (1916-2012), Son of Gustav VI Adolf, King of Sweden and Princess Margaret of Connaught. 1 Portrait

Sigvard Oscar Fredrik Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg (1907-2002), Industrial designer; son of Gustaf VI Adolf, King of Sweden. 4 Portraits

Elsie ('Bill') Wisdom (née Gleed) (1904-1972), Motor-racing driver; former wife of Charles Swain and later wife of Thomas Henry ('Tommy') Wisdom; daughter of Benjamin Gleed. 1 Portrait

Evan Alexander Wisdom (1869-1945), Brigadier-General; Administrator. 8 Portraits

Sir Norman Wisdom (1915-2010), Actor and comedian. 7 Portraits

Alfred Roy Wise (1901-1974), Politician and army officer. 4 Portraits

Audrey Wise (née Brown) (1932-2000), Trade unionist and politician; MP for Coventry South West and Preston. 9 Portraits

Christopher Mark Wise (1956-), Engineer; member of London 2012 Olympic Park Velodrome team. 1 Portrait

C.R. Wise (active 1923). 1 Portrait

David Wise (active 1920s-1950s), Violinist. 1 Portrait

Ernie Wise (Ernest Wiseman) (1925-1999), Comedian. 7 Portraits

Sir Fredric Wise (1871-1928), Economist and Conservative politician; MP for Ilford. 2 Portraits

Gillian Wise (1936-2020), Abstract artist; member of the British Constructivists group. 1 Portrait

Dr G.S. Wise. 4 Portraits

Hilda Wise (active 1924). 1 Portrait

James Wise (died 1939), Bishop of Kansas. 1 Portrait

Sir John Humphrey Wise (1890-1984), Civil servant, India. 3 Portraits

Sybil Wise (died 1971), Actress. 2 Portraits

Lady Wise. 2 Portraits

Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman (1802-1865), Cardinal-Archbishop of Westminster. 16 Portraits

Penelope Beatrice Wiseman (née Cardew) (1891-1969), Daughter of Arthur Cardew and Xie Cardew (née Kitchin). 1 Portrait

Philip Wiseman (1930-2019), Theatre director. 1 Portrait

Anne Wishart (née Dunn) (1929-), Artist; wife of Michael Wishart; daughter of Sir James Dunn, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

George Wishart (circa 1513-1546), Evangelical preacher and martyr. 1 Portrait

Sir James Wishart (1659-1723), Admiral and politician; MP for Portsmouth. 1 Portrait

Michael Wishart (1928-1996), Painter and writer. 1 Portrait

Sir John Wishart Belsches (later Stuart), 3rd or 4th Bt (1752-1821), Politician; MP for Kincardineshire. 2 Portraits

Willem Wissing (1656-1687), Portrait painter. 3 Portraits

George Wither (Withers) (1588-1667), Poet and pamphleteer. 2 Portraits

William Withering (1741-1799), Physician and botanist. 2 Portraits

William Frederick Witherington (1785-1865), Painter. 2 Portraits

John Witherow (1952-), Journalist and Editor of The Sunday Times. 1 Portrait

Audrey Withers (1905-2001), Editor of British Vogue. 3 Portraits

Georgette Lizette ('Googie') Withers (1917-2011), Actor. 3 Portraits

Hartley Withers (1867-1950), Financial journalist and author. 3 Portraits

Russell Withers (active 1872), Rower, The Atalanta Club of New York. 1 Portrait

John Witherspoon (1723-1794), Presbyterian minister; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Joan Withington (née Salmon) (1917-), Granddaughter of Sir Thomas Vansittart Bowater, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

Mr Withington (active 1900), Genealogist. 1 Portrait

Mrs Withington (active 1900), Wife of Mr Withington. 1 Portrait

John Humphrey Witney (1879-1964), Secretary of the British Museum. 4 Portraits

Cornellis de Witt. 1 Portrait

Sir John Clermont Witt (1907-1982), Administrator and patron of the arts. 8 Portraits

John George Witt (1837-1906). 2 Portraits

Nat. Witt, Fool. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Clermont Witt (1872-1952), Art collector. 4 Portraits

Andrée Wittenberg, Model. 1 Portrait

George Denison Faber, 1st Baron Wittenham (1852-1931), Conservative politician; MP for York and Clapham. 1 Portrait

Rudolf Wittkower (1901-1971), Art historian. 1 Portrait

Carlyle Witton-Davies (1913-1993), Archdeacon Emeritus of Oxford. 3 Portraits

Frank Hole Witts (1887-1941), Army officer. 2 Portraits

Frederick Vavasour Broome Witts (1889-1969), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Leslie John Witts (1898-1982), University professor. 6 Portraits

John Wodehouse, 1st Baron Wodehouse (1741-1834), Peer and politician; MP for Norfolk. 2 Portraits

Apollonia Wodehouse (née Nourse) (died 1817), Wife of Reverend Philip Wodehouse, Prebendary of Norwich. 2 Portraits

Sir Armine Wodehouse (1714-1777), Politician; MP for Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Edmond Wodehouse (1784-1855), Conservative politician; MP for Norfolk. 1 Portrait

Ethel May (née Newton), Lady Wodehouse (1885-1984), Actress and dancer; wife of Sir P.G. Wodehouse. 3 Portraits

Ethel May Wayman Wodehouse (née Newton) (1885-1984), Former wife of Leonard Rowley, and later wife of Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse. 1 Portrait

Sir (Edwin) Frederick Wodehouse (1851-1934), Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police. 3 Portraits

Norman Atherton Wodehouse (1887-1941), Vice-Admiral. 6 Portraits

Sir Pelham Grenville ('P.G.') Wodehouse (1881-1975), Novelist. 8 Portraits

Sarah Wodehouse (née Campbell), Wife of Thomas Wodehouse. 1 Portrait

William Wodehouse (1782-1870), Minister. 1 Portrait

Robert Wodelarke (died 1481?), Founder of St Catharine's College, Cambridge. 7 Portraits

Theophilus Wodenote (baptised 1588-1662), Church of England clergyman. 1 Portrait

Catherine Wodhull (circa 1744-1808), Wife of Micahel Wodhull (1740-1816). 1 Portrait

Charles Wodsworth (circa 1785-1844), Vicar of Audley and Prebendary of St Paul's. 1 Portrait

Margaret ('Peg') Woffington (1720?-1760), Actress. 21 Portraits

Sir Michael Terence ('Terry') Wogan (1938-2016), Radio and television broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wogan (circa 1620-circa 1666), Regicide. 1 Portrait

Maurice Wohl (1917-2007), Businessman and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Charles Godfrey Woide (1725-1790), Oriental scholar. 1 Portrait

Leon Woizikovsky (1899-1975), Polish dancer and teacher. 3 Portraits

John Wolcot (1738-1819), 'Peter Pindar'; physician and satirist. 8 Portraits

Oliver Wolcott (1726-1797), Lawyer; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Josef (Joseph) Wolf (1820-1899), Naturalist painter and illustrator. 1 Portrait

Lucien Wolf (1857-1930), Journalist and lobbyist. 3 Portraits

Patrick Wolf (1983-), Musician, singer and songwriter. 1 Portrait

Lady Charlotte Sophia Wolfe (née Hely-Hutchinson) (died 1870), Wife of Richard Wolfe; daughter of Hon. Francis Hely-Hutchinson. 1 Portrait

Edward Wolfe (1897-1982), Painter. 4 Portraits

Humbert Wolfe (1886-1940), Poet and civil servant. 23 Portraits

James Wolfe (1727-1759), General; conqueror of Quebec. 26 Portraits

Reginald Wolfe (died 1573), Printer and Master of The Royal Stationers' Company. 3 Portraits

Sir John Wolfe Wolfe-Barry (1836-1918), Civil engineer. 2 Portraits

Sir Arnold Whittaker Wolfendale (1927-2020), Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Durham and Astronomer Royal. 1 Portrait

John Frederick Wolfenden, Baron Wolfenden (1906-1985), Headmaster, educationist and public servant. 11 Portraits

Eileen Le Mesurier (née Spilsbury), Lady Wolfenden (1908-2004), Wife of Baron Wolfenden; daughter of Alfred John Spilsbury. 1 Portrait

Jeremy Wolfenden (1934-1965), Foreign correspondent and spy; son of Baron Wolfenden. 1 Portrait

Charlotte Wolff (1897-1986), Physician, psychotherapist, sexologist and chirologist. 1 Portrait

Frederick Ferdinand Wolff (1910-1988), Businessman and sprinter; Olympian. 2 Portraits

Gustav Wilhelm Wolff (1834-1913), Shipbuilder and politician. 1 Portrait

Heinz Siegfried Wolff (1928-2017), Scientist and broadcaster. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Drummond Charles Wolff (1830-1908), Diplomatist and politician. 4 Portraits

Henry William Wolff (1840-1931). 1 Portrait

Herman St John Wolff (active 1810-1828), Son of Isabella Ann Wolff. 2 Portraits

Isabella Ann Wolff (1771?-1829), Wife of Jens Wolff, the Danish consul in London. 4 Portraits

Joseph Wolff (1795-1862), Missionary. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Norman Wolffsohn (1888-1967), Colonial administrator. 2 Portraits

Sir Donald Wolfit (né Woolfitt) (1902-1968), Actor and theatre manager. 9 Portraits

Eddie Wolfram (1940-), Artist and writer on Art. 1 Portrait

Leonard Gordon Wolfson, Lord Wolfson (1927-2010), Businessman and patron of the arts. 2 Portraits

Sir Brian Gordon Wolfson (1935-2007), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Sir Isaac Wolfson, 1st Bt (1897-1991), Businessman and philanthropist. 12 Portraits

Sir Arthur Naylor Wollaston (1842-1922), Indian civil servant. 2 Portraits

Charlton Byam Wollaston (1765-1840), Translator of 'Perseus'. 1 Portrait

George Hyde Wollaston (1765-1841), Merchant and banker. 1 Portrait

Sir Gerald Woods Wollaston (1874-1957), Garter King of Arms. 7 Portraits

Mary Amelia Wollaston (née Meinertzhagen) (1889-1943), Wife of Alexander Frederick Richmond Wollaston; daughter of Daniel Meinertzhagen VI. 1 Portrait

William Wollaston (1660-1724), Philosopher. 9 Portraits

William Hyde Wollaston (1766-1828), Physiologist, chemist and physicist. 8 Portraits

Hannah Wolley (circa 1622-after 1673), Author of works on cookery, medicine and household affairs. 2 Portraits

Richard Arthur Wollheim (1923-2003), Philosopher. 2 Portraits

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), Writer and feminist. 7 Portraits

Christian Tage Forter Wolmar (1949-), Writer and railway historian. 1 Portrait

Alfred Aaron Wolmark (1877-1961), Artist. 4 Portraits

Anne Marie Wolrige Gordon (née Howard) (1936-), Daughter of Peter D. Howard. 1 Portrait

Patrick Wolrige-Gordon (1935-2002), Politician; MP for East Aberdeenshire. 1 Portrait

Garnet Joseph Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley (1833-1913), Field Marshal. 44 Portraits

Louisa Wolseley (née Holmes), Viscountess Wolseley (1843-1920), Wife of 1st Viscount Wolseley. 4 Portraits

Frances Garnet Wolseley, 2nd Viscountess Wolseley (1872-1936), Founded College of Gardening at Glyde. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Wolseley, 7th Bt (1769-1846), Reformist politician. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Michael Wolseley, 9th Bt (1846-1931), Justice of the Peace. 2 Portraits

Garnet Ruskin Wolseley (1883-1967), Painter. 1 Portrait

Joan Alice Wolseley (née Trevelyan) (died 1943), Daughter of Sir Walter John Trevelyan, 8th Bt; wife of Garnet Ruskin Wolseley. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wolsey (1470 or 1471-1530), Cardinal and statesman. 37 Portraits

Frank Wolstencroft (1882-1952), Trade unionist. 6 Portraits

Alfred Woltmann (1841-1880), Art critic and historian. 1 Portrait

Henry Hartley Fowler, 1st Viscount Wolverhampton (1830-1911), Politician; MP for Wolverhampton and solicitor. 14 Portraits

Henry Ernest Fowler, 2nd Viscount Wolverhampton (1870-1943). 7 Portraits

Carol Wolveridge (1940-), Actress. 1 Portrait

James Wolveridge (active 17th century), Physician. 1 Portrait

George Grenfell Glyn, 2nd Baron Wolverton (1824-1887), Politician; Postmaster and Paymaster General. 4 Portraits

Frederic Glyn, 4th Baron Wolverton (1864-1932), Lord-in-Waiting to Queen Victoria; Vice-Chamberlain of the Household to King Edward VII. 1 Portrait

Edith Amelia (née Ward), Lady Wolverton (1872-1956), Wife of 4th Baron Wolverton; daughter of 1st Earl of Dudley. 20 Portraits

John Patrick Riversdale Glyn, 6th Baron Wolverton (1913-1988), Businessman; son of Maurice Glyn, cousin of 5th Baron Wolverton. 2 Portraits

Frances Woly (born 1820 or 1821), Nurse. 1 Portrait

Woman of Samaria, New Testament figure. 1 Portrait

Sir George Wombwell, 3rd Bt (1792-1855), Son of Sir George Wombwell, 2nd Bt. 5 Portraits

Sir Henry Herbert Wombwell, 5th Bt (1840-1926), Army officer. 6 Portraits

Ida Elizabeth (née Leitch), Lady Wombwell (circa 1912-1980), Wife of Sir (Frederick) Philip Alfred William Wombwell, 6th Bt; daughter of Frederick John Leitch. 7 Portraits

Myrtle Mabel Muriel (née Mostyn), Lady Wombwell (1869-1956), Wife of Sir Henry Wombwell, 5th Bt; daughter of Hon. George Charles Mostyn; sister of 7th Baron Vaux of Harrowden. 4 Portraits

Sir (Frederick) Philip (Alfred William) Wombwell, 6th Bt (1910-1977), Major. 2 Portraits

Stephen Frederick Wombwell (1867-1901), Soldier; second son of Sir George Orby Wombwell, 4th Bt. 1 Portrait

Annie (née Stamp), Lady Womersley (died 1952), Wife of Sir Walter James Womersley, 1st Bt; daughter of John Stamp. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Womersley, Daughter of Walter James and Annie Womersley. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter James Womersley, 1st Bt (1878-1961), Politician and businessman. 15 Portraits

Pieter Christoffel Wonder (1777-1852), Artist. 1 Portrait

Mary Wondrausch (1923-2016), Potter and writer. 1 Portrait

Anna May Wong (1905-1961), Actress. 36 Portraits

Diana Beatrice Wong (1917-2012), Actress; wife of Roy (Francis) Plomley. 1 Portrait

Eileen Wong. 2 Portraits

Arthur Wontner (1875-1960), Actor-manager. 25 Portraits

Arthur Giles Irvin Wontner (1936-), Son of Hugh Wontner. 1 Portrait

Catherine (née Irvin), Lady Wontner (died 2006), Wife of Sir Hugh Wontner; daughter of T. W. Irvin. 1 Portrait

Sir Hugh Walter Kingwell Wontner (1908-1992), Hotelier. 2 Portraits

Agnes Lilian (née Fawcett), Lady Wood (died 1955), Wife of Sir (Howard) Kingsley Wood; daughter of Henry Frederick Fawcett. 8 Portraits

Alexander Wood (1725-1807), Surgeon. 5 Portraits

Sir Alexander Wood (1849-1924), Partner in Alexander Wood and Sons, weighing machine makers. 3 Portraits

Sir Alfred Wood (1878-1960), Director of British Sugar Corporation. 10 Portraits

Amelia Jane Wood (née Williams), Wife of General William Mark Wood. 1 Portrait

Annie (née Sewell), Lady Wood (died 1907), Wife of Sir Edward Wood. 1 Portrait

Anthony Wood (1632-1695), Antiquary and historian. 2 Portraits

Arthur E. Wood, Naval captain. 3 Portraits

A.E. Wood. 1 Portrait

William ('Bill') Wood (active 1795), Pugilist. 1 Portrait

B.M. Wood. 1 Portrait

Cecil John Wood (1874-1957), Bishop of Melanesia. 1 Portrait

Charles Wood (1856-1945), Jockey. 3 Portraits

Charles Travers Wood (1875-1961), Lecturer in Divinity. 1 Portrait

Christopher Wood (1941-2009), Art dealer and historian. 1 Portrait

Daisy Wood (1877-1961), Music hall entertainer; sister of Marie Lloyd. 4 Portraits

Dorothy (née Harwood, later Parr), Lady Wood (1879-1956), Second wife of Sir (Edward) Graham Wood; former wife of John Harry Parr; daughter of James Harwood. 2 Portraits

Dorothy Wood (active 1946). 2 Portraits

Duncan Wood (active 1950-1972), Television comedy producer. 1 Portrait

Ecila Wood (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Sir (Charles) Edgar Wood (1877-1941), Madras Legislative Council. 2 Portraits

Sir Edmund Walter Hanbury Wood, 1st Bt (1898-1947), Conservative politician; MP for Stalybridge and Hyde. 3 Portraits

Edna Wood (active 1946-1949), Actress. 1 Portrait

Edward Stephen Wood (1890-1948), Director of Naval Stores, Admiralty. 4 Portraits

Elizabeth Wood (née Browning) (born 1798), Centenarian. 1 Portrait

Sir Elliott Wood (1844-1931), Major-General. 5 Portraits

Sir Ernest Wood (1894-1971), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

Sir (Henry) Evelyn Wood (1838-1919), Field Marshal. 21 Portraits

Francis Derwent Wood (1871-1926), Sculptor. 6 Portraits

Sir Frederick Ambrose Stuart Wood (1926-2003), Life President Croda International Ltd. 1 Portrait

Sir George Wood (1743-1824), Judge. 1 Portrait

Sir George Adam Wood (1767-1831), Major-General. 2 Portraits

George Jervis Wood, Diplomat. 1 Portrait

George Neville Wood (1898-1982), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Gertrude Emily (née Bateman-Hanbury), Lady Wood (1860-1927), Second wife of Sir John Wood, 1st Bt; daughter of 2nd Baron Bateman. 3 Portraits

Grace Wood, Model. 2 Portraits

Sir (Edward) Graham Wood (1854-1930), Engineer; son of Rev. Thomas Smith Wood. 4 Portraits

Harry Stewart Wood (1913-2013), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Henry Wood. 1 Portrait

Henry Duncan Wood (1853-1915), Businessman; son of Wiliam Wood. 1 Portrait

Henry Ernest Wood (1868-1946), President of Baptist Union of Great Britain. 3 Portraits

Sir Henry Joseph Wood (1869-1944), Conductor. 31 Portraits

Issy Wood (1993-), Artist; Musician. 3 Portraits

James Wood (1760-1839), Master of St John's College, Cambridge and Dean of Ely. 6 Portraits

James Julius Wood (1800-1877), Scottish divine. 1 Portrait

Janet Wood (née Clay) (1907-1997), Wife of Humphrey Seymour Outterson Wood; daughter of Sir George Felix Neville Clay, 5th Bt. 1 Portrait

John Wood (1796-1866), Chaplain to Queen Caroline. 1 Portrait

John Wood (1825-1891), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

John Wood, Father of Marie Lloyd; artificial flower maker and part-time waiter. 1 Portrait

John Wood, Brother of Marie Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Sir John Wood, 1st Bt (1857-1951), Politician. 2 Portraits

Sir John Barry Wood (1870-1933), Political Secretary of India. 4 Portraits

John Garrett Wood. 1 Portrait

John Gathorne Wood (1839-1929), Chairman of Hampshire County Council Education Committee. 1 Portrait

John Hickory Wood (1859-1925), Pantomime author. 1 Portrait

Sir John Stuart Page Wood, 6th Bt (1898-1955), Commander. 6 Portraits

Joseph Wood (1801-1890), Dramatic singer; second husband of Mary Ann Paton. 3 Portraits

Joseph Wood (1843-1923), Headmaster of Harrow School and Canon of Rochester Cathedral. 1 Portrait

Joseph Snell ('J.S.') Wood (1853-1920), Newspaper proprietor. 1 Portrait

J.A. Wood (active 1970s). 1 Portrait

Mrs Ken Wood, Assistant to Yevonde. 1 Portrait

Sir (Howard) Kingsley Wood (1881-1943), Politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 45 Portraits

Lionel David Wood, Captain. 2 Portraits

L. Wood (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Margaret Wood, Model. 1 Portrait

Mark Wood. 1 Portrait

Mrs John Wood (Matilda Charlotte Vining) (1831 or 1833 or 1845-1915), Actress and theatre manager. 7 Portraits

Matilda Mary Caroline Wood (née Archer), Mother of Marie Lloyd. 1 Portrait

Sir Matthew Wood, 1st Bt (1768-1843), Lord Mayor of London. 41 Portraits

(Ronald) McKinnon Wood (1892-1967), Chairman of London County Council. 6 Portraits

M.P. Wood. 1 Portrait

Oswald Edward Wood (1899-1974), Director of Midland Bank. 1 Portrait

Patricia Wood (1928-2020). 1 Portrait

Peggy Wood (1892-1978), Actress and singer. 1 Portrait

Hon. (Francis Hugh) Peter Courtenay Wood (1916-1942), Major (Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons); son of 1st Earl of Halifax. 7 Portraits

Hon. Rhona Cecilia Emily Wood (née Tollemache) (1857-1940), Wife of Thomas Wood; daughter of 1st Baron Tollemache. 1 Portrait

Richard Wood (1820-after 1842), Justice of the Peace for East Riding, Yorkshire. 2 Portraits

Robert Wood (1716 or 1717-1771), Traveller and classical scholar. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Stanford Wood (1886-1963), Educationist. 11 Portraits

Ronald Wood (1925-2020). 1 Portrait

Ronald ('Ronnie') Wood (1947-), Musician; guitarist for the Rolling Stones and Faces. 4 Portraits

Roy Wood (1946-), Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; member and co-founder of The Move, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and Wizzard. 4 Portraits

Sara Wood (née Dobson) (active 1865), Second wife of Joseph Wood. 1 Portrait

Sidney Burr Wood (1911-2009), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Starr Wood (1870-1944), Caricaturist. 6 Portraits

Sydney Herbert Wood (1884-1958), Educationalist. 1 Portrait

S.E. Wood, Soldier. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wood (1661-1722), Lawyer. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wood (1892-1950), Composer. 12 Portraits

Thomas Wood (1777-1860), Conservative politician: MP for Breconshire. 2 Portraits

Thomas McKinnon Wood (1855-1927), Politician; Secretary for Scotland and Chairman of the London County Council. 1 Portrait

Tom Wood (1955-), Painter. 3 Portraits

(René) Victor Wood (1925-), Businessman. 1 Portrait

Victoria Wood (1953-2016), Comedian, writer and actress. 4 Portraits

Wee Georgie Wood (1895-1979), Comedian. 4 Portraits

Sir William Wood (1608 or 1609-1691), Toxophilite. 1 Portrait

William Wood (1808-1894), Businessman and educator. 1 Portrait

Sir William Valentine Wood (1883-1959), President of L.M.S. Railway. 6 Portraits

William Walter Wood (1896-1982), Architect, Founder and Principal of Delhi Polytechnic. 2 Portraits

W. Wood, 'Leader in Medicine & Surgery'. 1 Portrait

Mr Wood (active 1777), Army Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Caroline Woodall (née Andreae), Wife of David Corbet Woodall. 1 Portrait

Deirdre Kathleen Woodall (née Child) (1934-), Daughter of Sir John Child, 2nd Bt; wife of Anthony Edward Woodall. 1 Portrait

John Woodall (1556-1643), Surgeon. 3 Portraits

Sir John Dane Woodall (1897-1985), Lieutenant-General. 3 Portraits

William Woodall (1832-1901), Politician; MP and philanthropist. 3 Portraits

Alfred Woodard (1880-1971), Vicar of Sutton, Cambridgeshire and Canon of Ely. 2 Portraits

Cecil Mercer Woodbridge, Director, Barclays Bank. 1 Portrait

Dudley Woodbridge (1677-1720), Director-General of the Assiento Company in Barbados. 4 Portraits

Arthur Woodburn (1890-1978), Secretary of State for Scotland. 15 Portraits

James Woodburn (1862-1919), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Edward Woodcock (died 1790), Solicitor. 3 Portraits

George Woodcock (1904-1979), Trade unionist. 2 Portraits

Herbert Charles Woodcock (1871-1950), Colonel and politician. 3 Portraits

John Woodcock (alias Farington) (1603-1646), Franciscan friar and martyr. 2 Portraits

Sarah Woodcock, Milliner. 1 Portrait

Reverend Woodcock (active circa 1820), Vicar. 1 Portrait

Charles Woodcraft, Messenger of Parliament, House of Commons. 1 Portrait

Bennet Woodcroft (1803-1879), Clerk to commissioners of patents, textile manufacturer and inventor. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Basil Woodd Walker (1900-1991), Surgeon. 2 Portraits

Father Woode, Jesuit priest. 3 Portraits

Sydney Charles Wooderson (1914-2006), Athlete; Olympian. 1 Portrait

William Woodfall (1746-1803), Journalist and drama critic. 2 Portraits

Sir Alexander George Woodford (1782-1870), Field Marshal. 1 Portrait

James Woodford (1893-1976), Sculptor. 3 Portraits

James Russell Woodford (1820-1885), Bishop of Ely. 7 Portraits

Sir Ralph James Woodford, 2nd Bt (1784-1828), Governor of Trinidad. 2 Portraits

William Maldon Woodfull (1897-1965), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Daniel ('Woody') Woodgate (1960-), Musician; member of Madness. 4 Portraits

Sir Edward Robert Prevost Woodgate (1845-1900), Major-General. 4 Portraits

Joan Mary Woodgate (1912-2013), Nurse and Matron-in-Chief of Queen Alexandra’s Royal Navy Nursing Service; daughter of Sir Alfred Woodgate. 1 Portrait

(Hubert) Leslie Woodgate (1902-1961), Conductor and chorus master. 4 Portraits

Eric Langton Woodhall (1899-1940), Lieutenant-Commander. 3 Portraits

Cecil Blanche Woodham-Smith (1896-1977), Biographer and historian. 5 Portraits

George Ivon Woodham-Smith (1895-1968), Solicitor. 1 Portrait

Sir John Ackroyd Woodhead (1881-1973), Civil servant. 9 Portraits

Lady Davidema Katharine Cynthia Mary Millicent ('Davina') Woodhouse (née Bulwer-Lytton) (1909-1995), Former wife of 5th Earl Erne, and later wife of 5th Baron Terrington; daughter of 2nd Earl of Lytton. 2 Portraits

Hon. (Georgina) Caroline Woodhouse (1946-), Interior designer; daughter of 4th Baron Terrington. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Henry Lawrence Woodhouse (1893-1978), Admiral. 9 Portraits

Ciceley Violet Woodhouse (née Troyte-Bullock) (1907-1986), Wife of Richard Anthony Gordon Woodhouse; daughter of E.G. Troyte-Bullock. 2 Portraits

Edward Sebastian Woodhouse (circa 1835-1887), Wine merchant. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth Montagu Woodhouse (née Burgoyne) (circa 1833-1918), Wife of Edward Sebastian Woodhouse; daughter of John Fox Burgoyne. 1 Portrait

Frederick Edwin Woodhouse (1892-1966), Baritone singer. 2 Portraits

Gordon Woodhouse (1870 or 1871-1951), Heir to the Woodhouse Marsala fortune. 1 Portrait

James Woodhouse (1735-1820), Known as 'The Poetical Shoemaker'. 1 Portrait

John Chappel Woodhouse (1749-1833), Dean of Lichfield. 1 Portrait

Kathleen Eleanor Woodhouse (née Wilkes), Wife of J.W. Woodhouse. 2 Portraits

(Christopher) Montague Woodhouse (1917-2001), Director-General of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Woodhouse (1856-1931), Justice of the Peace; Businessman. 2 Portraits

Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee (1747-1813), Historian and judge. 1 Portrait

Anthony Woodifield (1912-1986), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

William Samuel Woodin (1825-1888), Entertainer. 1 Portrait

John Woodiwiss, Historian of silhouettes. 1 Portrait

Bruce William Woodley (1942-), Singer-songwriter and musician; member of The Seekers. 3 Portraits

F. Woodlock. 5 Portraits

Elizabeth Joan Woodman (née Kenworthy) (1944-), Former wife of Geoffrey Greetham and David Woodman; daughter of Hon. Malcolm Kenworthy; granddaughter of 10th Baron Strabolgi. 5 Portraits

T.C. Woodman (active 1923). 1 Portrait

V.C. Woodman (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Woodmark (active 1840), Slavery abolitionist. 4 Portraits

Charles Richard Woodroffe (1878-1965), Brigadier-General. 2 Portraits

Edith Woodroffe (née Shaw) (died 1961), Nurse; wife of George Charles Woodroffe. 2 Portraits

George Charles Woodroffe (1898-1972), Doctor. 1 Portrait

Ian Woodroffe, Son of George Charles Woodroffe. 1 Portrait

Sir John George Woodroffe (1865-1936), High Court Judge, Calcutta and Reader in Indian Law, Oxford University. 1 Portrait

Evelyn Anne Woodroffe-Hicks (circa 1867-1930), Artist, member of women's International Art Club and Justice of the Peace. 4 Portraits

William Robert ('Bill') Woodrow (1948-), Sculptor. 2 Portraits

(Albert) John Woodrow (1919-1988), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Alan Waller Woodruff (1916-1992), Professor of Medicine. 13 Portraits

Billy Woodruff. 1 Portrait

(John) Douglas Woodruff (1897-1978), Editor of The Tablet. 14 Portraits

Hon. Marie Immaculée Antoinette Woodruff (née Lyon-Dalberg-Acton) (1905-1994), President of Catholic Women's League; wife of (John) Douglas Woodruff, daughter of 2nd Baron Acton. 9 Portraits

Mildred Woodruff. 5 Portraits

Reverend Father Woodruff. 12 Portraits

Sir Albert William Woods (1816-1904), Garter Principal, King of Arms. 1 Portrait

Charles William Woods (1917-1996), Major-General and Chairman of Douglas Haig Memorial Homes. 3 Portraits

C.J. Woods (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Doris Kathleen Woods (1886-1962), Singer. 1 Portrait

Sir Edward Woods (1839-1917), Founder of Freeman Hardy and Willis. 1 Portrait

Edward Sydney Woods (1877-1953), Bishop of Lichfield. 10 Portraits

Frank Woods (1907-1992), Primate of Australia and Bishop of Melbourne. 1 Portrait

Frank Theodore Woods (1874-1932), Bishop of Winchester. 7 Portraits

George Saville Woods (1886-1951), Politician and Unitarian minister. 7 Portraits

Henry Woods (1846-1921), Artist. 3 Portraits

Sir John Harold Edmund Woods (1895-1962), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Leonard Woods (1807-1878), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Michael Woods (1952-), Photographer. 1 Portrait

Peter Woods (1930-1995), Journalist and newsreader. 1 Portrait

Raga Woods (née Tessa Fothergill) (1941-), Founder of the charity Gingerbread. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Henry Woods (1865-1938), Politician and otolaryngologist. 2 Portraits

Sir Robert Stanton Woods (1877-1954), Director of Department of Physical Medicine. 5 Portraits

Samuel Woods (1846-1915), Lancashire miners leader, trade unionist and politician; MP for Ince and Walthamstow. 1 Portrait

Samuel Moses James Woods (1867-1931), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Simon Woods (1980-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Stanley Woods (1904-1993), Motorcyclist. 2 Portraits

Thomas Frederic Mackie Woods (1904-1982), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Tordie Woods (Hon. Victoria Venitia Woods (née Stanley)) (1917-2007), Actress, opera singer and benefactor; daughter of 5th Baron Sheffield; wife of James Douglas Woods. 5 Portraits

Sir Wilfrid John Wentworth Woods (1906-1975), Admiral. 2 Portraits

Sir Wilfrid Wentworth Woods (1876-1947), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

William Woods (1760-1802), Actor. 2 Portraits

W. Woods (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Mr Woods. 1 Portrait

Mrs Woods (active 1784), Actress. 1 Portrait

Aileen Woods (1886-1970), Singer. 1 Portrait

William Woodville (1752-1805), Physician and botanist. 2 Portraits

Hazel Woodvine (1935-1996), Comedian. 1 Portrait

Sir Arthur Smith Woodward (1864-1944), Palaeontologist. 4 Portraits

Benjamin Woodward (1815-1861), Architect. 1 Portrait

Bernard Bolingbroke Woodward (1816-1869), Librarian, author and friend of Sir George Scharf. 5 Portraits

Clifford Salisbury Woodward (1878-1959), Bishop of Bristol and of Gloucester. 10 Portraits

Sir Edward Mabbott Woodward (1861-1943), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Florence Marie Woodward (née O'Loughlin) (died 1961), Wife of Sir (Ernest) Llewellyn Woodward. 3 Portraits

Henry Woodward (1714-1777), Actor. 13 Portraits

Sir Henry William Woodward (1879-1959), Rear-Admiral. 1 Portrait

John Woodward (1665-1728), Physician and geologist. 1 Portrait

J.P.H. Woodward (active early 1860s), Friend of Sir George Scharf. 1 Portrait

Keren Woodward (1961-), Singer for Bananarama. 3 Portraits

Sir (Ernest) Llewellyn Woodward (1890-1971), Lecturer in Modern History. 8 Portraits

Roger Robert Woodward (1942-), Concert pianist, conductor, writer, composer and educator. 1 Portrait

William Woodward (died 1692), Nonconformist Minister at Leominster. 3 Portraits

Miss Woodward (active circa 1884). 2 Portraits

Reverend Woodward, Reverend. 1 Portrait

Mr Woodward Sr (active 1935). 2 Portraits

Mr Woodward Jr (active 1935). 2 Portraits

Arthur Edgar Woodward-Nutt (1902-1980), Director-General, Aircraft General Services, Ministry of Aviation. 11 Portraits

Edith Woodworth (active 1871-1899), Actress, producer and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Wallace Woodworth. 1 Portrait

Ella Woodyatt (née Pendrill) (1838-1902), Wife of George Woodyatt; daughter of John Pendrill. 1 Portrait

Eliza Howell Woodyear (née Shepherd) (circa 1796-1886), Wife of Joseph Mitchell Woodyear; daughter of Edward Charles Howell Shepherd. 1 Portrait

Joseph Mitchell Woodyear (circa 1795-1875), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Robert Edward Woof (1911-1997), Politician, coal miner and trade unionist. 4 Portraits

Abraham Woofe (born 1593), Factor in the East Indies. 3 Portraits

Jules Woog (1839-1904), Merchant. 1 Portrait

James Buchanan, 1st Baron Woolavington (1849-1935), Philanthropist and racehorse owner. 9 Portraits

H.T. Woolcott, Valuer, London County Council. 1 Portrait

Richard Lestocq Wooldridge (1915-2013), Rugby player. 1 Portrait

Sidney William Wooldridge (1900-1963), Geographer and geomorphologist. 2 Portraits

(Alfred) Russell Wooley (1899-1986), Rector and headmaster. 1 Portrait

Harry Kenneth Woolf, Baron Woolf (1933-), Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. 2 Portraits

Bertram Lee Woolf (1884-1956), Minister, Toxteth. 1 Portrait

Josephine Adelaide ('Josie Orton') Woolf (née Orton) (1843-1926), Broadway actress. 1 Portrait

Leonard Sidney Woolf (1880-1969), Writer and publisher. 9 Portraits

Virginia Woolf (née Stephen) (1882-1941), Novelist and critic; sister of Vanessa Bell. 64 Portraits

Lady Veronica Brenda Woolfe (née Blackwood) (1910-1971), Former wife of Sir Antony Hornby and of Ernest Maddick and of Thomas Hussey, and later wife of Peter Woolfe; daughter of 3rd Marquess of Dufferin and Ava. 4 Portraits

Harry Bruce Woolfe (1880-1965), Film producer. 1 Portrait

Ada Sophia (née MacEwen), Lady Woolfryes (1853-1933), Wife of Sir John Andrews Woolfryes; daughter of Alex P. MacEwen. 3 Portraits

John Wooll (1767-1833), Master of Rugby School. 3 Portraits

John Victor Woollam (1927-2006), Barrister and politician. 5 Portraits

Samuel Woollam (1858-1953), Lord Mayor of Manchester 1934-1935. 2 Portraits

Henry St John Stirling Woollcombe (1869-1941), Bishop of Whitby and Bishop of Selby. 1 Portrait

Dame Jocelyn May Woollcombe (1898-1986), Director of the WRNS; daughter of Maurice Woollcombe. 10 Portraits

Kenneth John Woollcombe (1924-2008), Bishop of Oxford; academic. 6 Portraits

Lukas Wooller (1977-), Musician, member of 'Maxïmo Park'. 1 Portrait

John Castle Woollett (1915-2007), Major-General. 1 Portrait

William Woollett (1735-1785), Engraver. 5 Portraits

Cyril Eric Wool-Lewis (1906-1975), Colonial administrator and amateur rower. 1 Portrait

Harold Woolley, Baron Woolley (1905-1986), President of National Farmers Union. 3 Portraits

Sir Charles Campbell Woolley (1893-1981), Governor of British Guiana. 11 Portraits

Frank Edward Woolley (1887-1978), Cricketer. 2 Portraits

Fred Woolley (died circa 1950), Mayor of Southampton; accountant; Secretary of the Titanic Relief Fund. 1 Portrait

Geoffrey Harold Woolley (1892-1968), Major and Army Chaplain; recipient of the Victoria Cross. 2 Portraits

Sir (Charles) Leonard Woolley (1880-1960), Archaeologist and explorer. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard van der Riet Woolley (1906-1986), Astronomer. 10 Portraits

Stephen Woolley (1956-), Film producer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Woolley-Hart (1859-1941), Coalowner. 1 Portrait

Laurence Henry Woolmer (1906-1977), Bishop of Lahore. 1 Portrait

Sir John Woolmore (1756-1838), Deputy Master of Trinity House. 2 Portraits

Christopher Geoffrey Woolner (1893-1984), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Thomas Woolner (1825-1892), Sculptor and poet. 28 Portraits

Howard Frank Woolnough (1886-1973), Canon of Manchester Cathedral; Chaplain, Christ's College, Cambridge. 2 Portraits

John Woolrich (1954-), Composer. 1 Portrait

Philip Woolrich (active circa 1676). 1 Portrait

Dorothy Honor Woolrych (1901-1993), Tennis player. 1 Portrait

Thomas Woolston (1670-1733), Enthusiast and free-thinker. 2 Portraits

Frederick James Marquis, 1st Earl of Woolton (1883-1964), Politician; conservative party chairman and businessman. 22 Portraits

Maud (née Smith), Countess Woolton (died 1961), First wife of 1st Earl of Woolton; daughter of Thomas Smith. 1 Portrait

Roger David Marquis, 2nd Earl of Woolton (1922-1969), Son of 1st Earl of Woolton. 5 Portraits

Pauline Elizabeth Woolworth (née Stanbury), Wife of Norman Bailey Woolworth; daughter of Clarence Stanbury. 1 Portrait

Veronica Wootten (née Cadbury) (1932-), Trustee of Bournville Village Trust; daughter of Laurence John Cadbury; wife of Ricard Wootten. 4 Portraits

Barbara Frances (née Adam), Baroness Wootton of Abinger (1897-1988), Professor of social studies and philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Frank Wootton (1894-1940), Jockey. 2 Portraits

John Wootton (circa 1682-1764), Painter of sporting subjects and landscapes. 1 Portrait

Philip Wootton (active 1823). 1 Portrait

Woowan-sew (active mid 19th century), Student at London Missionary Society's Seminary, Hong Kong. 1 Portrait

Sir Walter John Worboys (1900-1969), Managing Director. 2 Portraits

Henry Somerset, 1st Marquess of Worcester (1577-1646). 9 Portraits

Charles Somerset, Marquess of Worcester (1660-1698), Politician; MP for Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire. 1 Portrait

Tracy Louise Somerset (née Ward), Marchioness of Worcester (1958-), Environmental activist and actress; wife of Henry Somerset, Marquess of Worcester. 1 Portrait

Edward Somerset, 2nd Marquess of Worcester (1601-1667), Royalist and inventor. 8 Portraits

Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester (1460?-1526), Natural son of 3rd Duke of Somerset. 2 Portraits

William Somerset, 3rd Earl of Worcester (1526-1589), Courtier. 2 Portraits

Edward Somerset, 4th Earl of Worcester (circa 1550-1628), Nobleman and courtier. 9 Portraits

Wynkyn de Worde (died 1534), Printer and publisher. 4 Portraits

Sir James Mann Wordie (1889-1962), Polar explorer, geologist and scholar. 1 Portrait

Charles Wordsworth (1806-1892), Scottish Episcopal bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. 5 Portraits

Christopher Wordsworth (1807-1885), Bishop of Lincoln. 5 Portraits

Christopher Wordsworth (1848-1938), Divine, author and historian. 1 Portrait

Dame Elizabeth Wordsworth (1840-1932), Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. 3 Portraits

John Wordsworth (1843-1911), Bishop of Salisbury; grandnephew of William Wordsworth. 4 Portraits

Susanna Hatley Wordsworth (née Frere) (1811-1884), Wife of Christopher Wordsworth. 1 Portrait

William Wordsworth (1770-1850), Poet Laureate. 23 Portraits

William Brocklesby Wordsworth (1908-1988), Composer. 4 Portraits

Rivers Berney Worgan (died 1934), Brigadier-General. 4 Portraits

Charles Herbert Workman (1873-1923), Singer and actor; principal comedian of D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. 1 Portrait

Mary Anne (née Gwatkin), Lady Workman-Macnaghten (1799-1885), Wife of Sir Edmund Charles Workman-Macnaghten, 2nd Bt; daughter of Edward Gwatkin. 1 Portrait

John Worley (1624-1721), Greenwich pensioner. 1 Portrait

Thomas Worlidge (1700-1766), Painter and etcher. 5 Portraits

Derek John Harford Worlock (1920-1996), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Liverpool. 5 Portraits

Ole Worm (Olaus Wormius) (1588-1655), Physician and antiquary. 1 Portrait

Avison Wormald (1912-2002), Businessman and company director. 1 Portrait

Sir John Wormald (1859-1933), Lord of the Manor. 4 Portraits

Miss Wormald (active circa 1827 or 1846). 2 Portraits

Mr Wormald (active 1860). 1 Portrait

Mrs Wormald (active 1860). 1 Portrait

John Wormbergh (born 1650), Swiss dwarf exhibited in England 1688. 4 Portraits

George Grey Wornum (1888-1957), Architect. 3 Portraits

John Worrall (1911-1988), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

Lechmere Worrall (born 1875), Dramatist. 1 Portrait

Antony Worrall Thompson (1952-), Chef, restaurateur and broadcaster. 1 Portrait

Clarendon Lamb Worrell (1853-1934), Archbishop of Nova Scotia. 4 Portraits

Sir Frank Mortimore Maglinne Worrell (1924-1967), West Indian cricketer. 1 Portrait

Trix Worrell (1960-), Writer, composer and director. 1 Portrait

James Worsdale (circa 1692-1767), Portrait painter, actor and rake. 2 Portraits

Tessa Worsdell (née Joby) (1940-1981), Model; married to Anthony Worsdell. 1 Portrait

Alexandra Mary Freesia (née Vivian), Lady Worsley (1890-1963), Chairman of Victoria League; Extra Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth II; wife of Lord Worsley; daughter of 3rd Baron Vivian. 3 Portraits

Charles Worsley (1622-1656), Soldier. 1 Portrait

Frank Arthur Worsley (1872-1943), Sailor and explorer. 1 Portrait

Godfrey Stuart Harling Worsley (1906-1990), Dean of Gibraltar. 8 Portraits

Sir James Worsley of Pilewell (1645-1695). 1 Portrait

Jennifer Jane Worsley (née Clark) (1934-), Eldest daughter of Sir Andrew Clark, 3rd Bt; wife of John Bertrand Worsley. 6 Portraits

Sir John Francis Worsley (1912-1987), Lieutenant-General. 1 Portrait

Lucy Worsley (1973-), Chief curator, Historic Royal Palaces; writer and presenter. 1 Portrait

Sir (William) Marcus John Worsley (1925-2012), Conservative politician; MP for Chelsea and Keighley. 7 Portraits

Marianne Christiana Isabella Worsley (née Hely-Hutchinson) (1832-1893), Wife of Arthington Worsley; daughter of Hon. Henry Hely-Hutchinson. 1 Portrait

Sir Richard Worsley, 7th Bt (1751-1805), Antiquary, traveller and politician; MP for Newport and Newtown. 3 Portraits

Richard ('Dick') Worsley (born 1836), Friend of Sir George Scharf. 8 Portraits

Sarah Philadelphia (née Cayley), Lady Worsley (1803-1885), Wife of Sir William Worsley, 1st Bt; daughter of Sir George Cayley, 6th Bt. 1 Portrait

Seymour Dorothy, Lady Worsley (1758-1818), Wife of Sir Richard Worsley, 7th Bt. 3 Portraits

Sydney J. Worsley, Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Thomas Worsley (1797-1885), Theologian and Master of Downing College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir William Worsley, 1st Bt (1792-1879), Landowner. 1 Portrait

Miss Worsley (active 1912). 2 Portraits

Lady Worsley (active 1948). 2 Portraits

Henry Worsley Worsley-Gough (1874-1957), Lieutenant-Colonel. 5 Portraits

Sir Francis Edward Worsley-Taylor, 4th Bt (1874-1958). 2 Portraits

Sir John Godfrey Worsley-Taylor, 3rd Bt (1915-1952), Son of Sir Audrey Frances Worsley-Taylor, 2nd Bt. 7 Portraits

Henry Worster, Draper (Master); husband of Elizabeth Webb. 4 Portraits

Cecil Charles Worster-Drought (1888-1971), Consultant physician and neurologist. 1 Portrait

Sir Peregrine Gerard Worsthorne (1923-2020), Writer, editor and journalist; Editor of the Sunday Telegraph. 2 Portraits

Irene Worth (1916-2002), Actress. 3 Portraits

Peggy Worth (1891-1956), Actress. 2 Portraits

Geoffrey Christopher Hale Wortham (1913-1967), Major-General. 1 Portrait

Hugh Evelyn Wortham (1884-1959), Journalist and author. 3 Portraits

Lady (Mary) Diana Worthington (née Duncombe) (1905-1943), Wife of William Greville Worthington; daughter of 2nd Earl of Feversham. 10 Portraits

Arthur Mason Worthington (1852-1916), Physicist. 3 Portraits

Frederic Frank Worthington (1889-1967), Major-General. 6 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Luis Worthington (1903-1992), Air Vice-Marshal. 1 Portrait

George Worthington (died 1908), Bishop of Nebraska. 1 Portrait

(Mary) Grace Worthington (née Thomas) (1866-1937), Sister of (Martha) Carey Thomas; former wife of Tom Worthington. 6 Portraits

Harold Worthington, Son of Grace and Tom Worthington. 2 Portraits

Mary ('Pug') Worthington, Daughter of Grace and Tom Worthington. 3 Portraits

Thomas Worthington (circa 1548-1626), Roman Catholic priest and biblical scholar. 3 Portraits

Thomas Stanley Worthington (1905-1973), Cricketer. 1 Portrait

Val Worthington, Son of Grace and Tom Worthington. 1 Portrait

Gertrude Annie (née Hale), Lady Worthington-Evans (died 1947), Wife of Sir (Worthington) Laming Worthington-Evans; daughter of William Hale. 4 Portraits

Sir (Worthington) Laming Worthington-Evans, 1st Bt (1868-1931), Politician; Secretary of State for War. 8 Portraits

Sir (William) Shirley Worthington Worthington-Evans, 2nd Bt (1904-1971), Judge. 6 Portraits

Archibald James Stuart Wortley (1805-1881), Barrister and politician. 3 Portraits

Archibald John Stuart Wortley (1849-1905), Painter. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Wortley, 1st Bt (1591-1652), Poet, royalist army officer and politician; MP for East Retford. 1 Portrait

Sir Henry Wotton (1568-1639), Diplomat and poet. 14 Portraits

Tom. S. Wotton (or Wolton?). 1 Portrait

Frans (Franz, Francis) Wouters (baptised circa 1612-1659), Painter and engraver. 3 Portraits

Wo-Wi-Na-Pe (One Who Comes in Sight), Sioux Indian; son of Little Crow. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wragg (1903-1976), Illustrator. 8 Portraits

Fanny Wragg (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Harry Wragg (1902-1985), Jockey. 1 Portrait

Sir Herbert Wragg (1880-1956), Politician and chairman of Thomas Wragg and Sons Ltd. 6 Portraits

W.J. Wragg (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Mrs Wragg (active 1923). 1 Portrait

Digby Cayley Wrangham (1805-1865), Politician and Serjeant-at-Law. 1 Portrait

Francis Wrangham (1769-1842), Writer and Church of England clergyman. 3 Portraits

Sir Geoffrey Walter Wrangham (1900-1986), Judge. 1 Portrait

Mrs Wrattesby. 1 Portrait

Walter Francis David Long, 2nd Viscount Long of Wraxall (1911-1944), Major and Aide-de-camp to Governor-General of New Zealand. 6 Portraits

George Abraham Gibbs, 1st Baron Wraxall (1873-1931), Conservative politician. 4 Portraits

Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall, 1st Bt (1751-1831), Author of historical memoirs. 1 Portrait

Sir Cecil Wray, Bt (1734-1805), Politician; Captain in the South Lincolnshire militia. 3 Portraits

Charles Wray (1718-1791), Banker and Book keeper to Hoares Bank. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Wray (1524-1592), Judge. 4 Portraits

Daniel Wray (1701-1783), Antiquary. 3 Portraits

John Wray (1779-1837), Missionary to West Indies. 2 Portraits

(John) Cecil Wray (1864-1947), Brigadier-General. 7 Portraits

Vera Wray, Actress. 1 Portrait

Casper Wrede (1929-1998), Film and theatre director. 1 Portrait

Christopher Wren (1589-1658), Dean of Windsor. 1 Portrait

Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723), Architect and scientist. 14 Portraits

Julia Wren, Make-up artist. 1 Portrait

Matthew Wren (1585-1667), Bishop of Ely. 3 Portraits

Percival Christopher Wren (1875-1941), Novelist; author of 'Beau Geste'. 3 Portraits

Henry Burton Buckley, 1st Baron Wrenbury (1845-1935), Judge. 8 Portraits

Bryan Burton Buckley, 2nd Baron Wrenbury (1890-1940), Lawyer. 5 Portraits

Helen Malise (née Graham), Lady Wrenbury (1890-1981), Wife of 2nd Baron Wrenbury; daughter of John Cameron Graham. 1 Portrait

Benjamin Wrench (1778-1843), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Arthur Wrench (1875-1948), President of London Federation of Boy's Clubs. 4 Portraits

Sir (John) Evelyn Leslie Wrench (1882-1966), Diplomat and promoter of the British empire; author and editor of 'The Spectator'. 11 Portraits

Frederick Stringer Wrench (1849-1926), Irish land commissioner. 2 Portraits

Hylda Henrietta (née Brooke), Lady Wrench (1879-1955), Former wife of Sir Frederick Des Voeux, 7th Bt, and later wife of Sir (John) Evelyn Leslie Wrench; daughter of Sir Victor Alexander Brooke, 3rd Bt. 4 Portraits

Charles Leslie Wrenn (1895-1969), Lecturer in English. 3 Portraits

Christopher B. Wrey, Businessman. 2 Portraits

Denys Charles B. Wrey (1915-1991), Captain. 5 Portraits

John Wrey (circa 1797-1872), Clergyman. 1 Portrait

Robert Alderson Wright, Baron Wright (1869-1964), Judge. 14 Portraits

Alice (née Stevens), Lady Wright, Second wife of Sir John Roper Wright, 1st Bt; daughter of Bryan William Stevens. 2 Portraits

Alison Wright, Student, New Hall College, Cambridge. 1 Portrait

Sir Almroth Edward Wright (1861-1947), Bacteriologist. 3 Portraits

Sir Andrew Barkworth Wright (1849-1954), Governor of Cyprus. 4 Portraits

Anne Wright (1929-2023), Founder Trustee, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). 1 Portrait

Arthur Dickson Wright (1897-1976), Surgeon. 1 Portrait

Beetham Wright (active 1860s), Divine. 1 Portrait

Belinda Wright (1929-2007), Ballet dancer. 2 Portraits

Betty Wright. 1 Portrait

William Ambrose ('Billy') Wright (1924-1994), Footballer. 1 Portrait

Bryan Henry FitzHerbert Wright (1934-), Grandson of 8th Viscount of Powerscourt. 4 Portraits

Miss B. Wright, Actress. 1 Portrait

B.F. Wright, Secretary, High Commissioner of South Rhodesia. 1 Portrait

Charles Wright. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Wright (died 1945), Mathematician. 2 Portraits

Sir Charles Seymour Wright (1887-1975), Geophysicist; member of British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913. 5 Portraits

Christopher Wright (1570?-1605), Gunpowder plot conspirator. 9 Portraits

Claire Wright. 1 Portrait

Clarence Wright (1908-1992), Actor. 1 Portrait

Claud William Wright (1917-2010), Deputy Under-Secretary of State. 1 Portrait

David John Murray Wright (1920-1994), South African author and poet. 1 Portrait

Sir Denis Arthur Hepworth Wright (1911-2005), Businessman and ambassador. 1 Portrait

Denys ('Denny') Justin Wright (1924-1992), Jazz guitarist. 1 Portrait

Diana Margaret Bruce Wright (née Chaloner) (1915-2011), Wife of Ian Melville Wright; daughter of Richard Godolphin Hume Chaloner. 2 Portraits

Hon. Doreen Julia Wright (née Wingfield) (1904-1991), Wife of Fitzherbert Wright; daughter of 8th Viscount of Powerscourt. 6 Portraits

Edward Wright (1912-1988), Painter, typographer and graphic designer; member of the Independent Group. 3 Portraits

Edward Richard Wright (1813-1859), Actor. 4 Portraits

Ernest Beresford Fitzherbert Wright (1875-1942), Justice of the Peace and Major. 2 Portraits

Ethel Wright (1866-1939), Painter. 1 Portrait

Fanny Wright (Mrs Williams) (died 1883), Singer, dancer and actress. 2 Portraits

Francis Wright (1806-1873), Justice of the Peace and Iron and coal producer. 1 Portrait

Fred Wright Jr (1871-1928), Actor. 1 Portrait

Frederick George Wright (1862-1938), Major and locomotive engineer. 1 Portrait

George Wright (active 1844), Member of a deputation to Louis Philippe, 1844. 1 Portrait

George William Wright (1873-1956), Bishop of Sierra Leone and Bishop of North Africa. 1 Portrait

Haidée Wright (1868-1943), Actress. 3 Portraits

Harold Hall Wright (1859-1926), Canon and preacher of Chester Cathedral. 2 Portraits

Howard Newcome Wright. 1 Portrait

Hugh E. Wright (1879-1940), Actor and dramatist. 2 Portraits

Huntley Wright (1869-1941 or 1943), Actor. 7 Portraits

Mr H. Wright. 1 Portrait

Ian Wright (1963-), Footballer. 2 Portraits

Ichabod Charles Wright (1795-1871), Translator of Dante. 2 Portraits

Iris Wright. 1 Portrait

Ivar Newcome Wright. 1 Portrait

Hon. Jane Anne Wright (née Littleton) (1929-), Daughter of Edward Thomas Walhouse Littleton, 5th Baron Hatherton; wife of Charles Piachaud Wright. 3 Portraits

Joe Wright (1972-), Film director. 1 Portrait

John Wright (1568?-1605), Gunpowder plot conspirator; brother of Christopher Wright. 7 Portraits

John Wright (before 1765-1813), Advocate and lecturer on law. 4 Portraits

John Wright (1906-1991), Puppeteer. 4 Portraits

John Charles Wright (1861-1933), Primate of Australia and Archbishop of Sydney, and Metropolitan of New South Wales. 1 Portrait

John Henry Wright (1910-1984), Diplomat; Ambassador to Honduras. 1 Portrait

John Massey Wright (1777-1866), Watercolourist. 1 Portrait

Sir John Roper Wright, 1st Bt (1843-1926), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Sir Johnstone Wright (1883-1953), Mechanical Engineer and businessman, Director of British Insulated Callender’s Cables Ltd. 4 Portraits

John Wesley Wright (1769-1805), Naval officer. 2 Portraits

Joseph Wright (1734-1797), Painter, known as 'Wright of Derby'. 5 Portraits

Joseph Wright (1855-1930), Philologist and dialectologist. 2 Portraits

Judith Wright (1915-2000), Poet. 1 Portrait

J.S. Wright, Member of Glasgow University Liberal Committee. 1 Portrait

Kit Wright (1944-), Poet. 1 Portrait

Leslie Wright (1899-1972), Priest and Chaplain-in-Chief to the Royal Air Force. 3 Portraits

Letitia Wright (1993-), Actor. 1 Portrait

Malcolm Wright (circa 1750-1825), Haberdasher and magistrate. 1 Portrait

Margaret Wright (1931-), Civil servant. 1 Portrait

Sir Norman Charles Wright (1900-1970), Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. 1 Portrait

Olive Wright, Actress. 1 Portrait

Sir (John) Oliver Wright (1921-2009), Diplomat. 1 Portrait

Patience Lovell Wright (née Patience Lovell) (1725-1786), Wax sculptor. 1 Portrait

Patrick Wright (1951-), Journalist and author. 1 Portrait

Paul Wright (active 1951), Director of Public Relations Department, Festival of Britain. 1 Portrait

Peter Wright (1603-1651), Jesuit. 2 Portraits

Sir Peter Robert Wright (1926-), Choreographer; director of Sadler's Wells and Birmingham Royal Ballet. 1 Portrait

Richard Wright (1943-2008), Musician; pianist and keyboardist for Pink Floyd. 3 Portraits

Sir Robert Wright (circa 1634-1689), Judge. 2 Portraits

Robert ('Bob') Hamilton Wright (1924-2005), Managing Member, Tollygunge Club. 1 Portrait

Sir Robert Samuel Wright (1839-1904), Judge and jurist. 1 Portrait

Robert Wallace Wright (1863-1928), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Ronald William Vernon Selby Wright (1908-1995), Church of Scotland minister. 10 Portraits

Rosina Wright (circa 1827-1916), Ballet dancer. 2 Portraits

Sir Royston Hollis Wright (1908-1977), Admiral, Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel. 2 Portraits

Sir Sampson Wright (died 1793), Magistrate. 4 Portraits

Simon Wright (1955-), Engineer; Director of Infrastructure and Utilities, London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority. 1 Portrait

Stephen Carlton ('Stevie') Wright (1947-2015), Musician and songwriter; lead singer for The Easybeats. 1 Portrait

Stuart Pearson Wright (1975-), Artist. 9 Portraits

Sybil Mary Wright (née Lascelles), Wife of Humphrey Mellor Wright; daughter of Hon. George Lascelles. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wright (circa 1561-1623), Roman Catholic priest and religious controversialist. 3 Portraits

Thomas Wright (1711-1786), Mathematician and astrologer. 2 Portraits

Thomas Wright (1789-1875), Prison philanthropist. 1 Portrait

Thomas Wright (1810-1877), Antiquary. 3 Portraits

Thomas Henry Wright (active 1950s), Bishop of East Carolina. 1 Portrait

Wallace Duffield Wright (1875-1953), Soldier and politician. 2 Portraits

Waller Rodwell Wright (1774 or 1775-1826), Civil servant and writer. 1 Portrait

Walter Wright, General. 2 Portraits

Whitaker Wright (1845-1904), Company promoter. 1 Portrait

William Aldis Wright (1831-1914), Literary and biblical scholar. 3 Portraits

William Lockridge Wright (1904-1990), Archbishop of Algoma and Metropolitan of Ontario. 1 Portrait

W. Wright, Doorkeeper. 1 Portrait

W.G. Wright, Lieutenant. 5 Portraits

Master Wright (active 1929), Son of Ernest Beresford Fitzherbert Wright and Lucy Fox. 1 Portrait

Mrs Wright (active 1729). 1 Portrait

Mrs Wright (active 1729). 1 Portrait

Mrs Wright (active 1784). 1 Portrait

Corporal Wright (active 1940s), Soldier in Royal Corps of Signals, 1945. 1 Portrait

Mr Wright, Actor. 1 Portrait

Mary Ann Wrighten (née Matthews, later Pownall) (1751-1796), Singer and actress. 1 Portrait

William Thomas Wrighton (1816-1880), Composer. 2 Portraits

Edmund Harry Paul Garmondsway Wrightson (1919-1972), Lawyer, Queen’s Counsel. 1 Portrait

Hon. Elizabeth Augusta Wrightson (née de Grey) (1803-1875), Wife of Richard Heber Wrightson; daughter of 4th Baron Walsingham. 1 Portrait

Gwendolin Cotterill (née Neame), Lady Wrightson (1883-1964), Wife of Sir Thomas Garmondsway (Guy) Wrightson, 2nd Bt; daughter of George Harding Neame. 4 Portraits

John Wrightson (1840-1916), Professor of agriculture. 5 Portraits

Rodney Wrightson (1916-1992), Lieutenant, Royal Navy; son of Sir Guy Wrightson, Bt. 1 Portrait

S?.N. Wrightson. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Wrightson, 1st Bt (1839-1921), Politician, businessman and writer. 3 Portraits

Angela Grace Wrigley (née Brocklebank) (1908-1985), Wife of John Vincent Wrigley; daughter of Sir Aubrey Brocklebank. 1 Portrait

Arthur Edward Wrigley (1865-1953), Justice of the Peace. 1 Portrait

Dorothy Maud Wrinch (1894-1976), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

Sir (Frederick) George Wrisberg (1895-1982), Lieutenant-General. 11 Portraits

Emily Catherine (née Hare), Lady Wrixon-Becher (1834-1916), Wife of Sir John Wrixon-Becher, 3rd Bt; daughter of 2nd Earl of Listowel. 1 Portrait

Constance (née Calthorpe), Lady Wrixon-Becher (1877-1957), Wife of Sir Eustace William Windham Wrixon-Becher, 4th Bt; daughter of 6th Baron Calthorpe. 1 Portrait

Elizabeth ('Eliza') (née O'Neil), Lady Wrixon-Becher (1791-1872), Actress; daughter of John O'Neill. 10 Portraits

Sir Eustace William Windham Wrixon-Becher, 4th Bt (1859-1934). 2 Portraits

John Wrobel (active 1990s-2010s), Manager of the Gay Hussar restaurant, Soho. 1 Portrait

Richard Wroe (1641-1717), Warden of Manchester church. 1 Portrait

John Wrottesley, 1st Baron Wrottesley (1771-1841), Politician; MP and soldier. 1 Portrait

John Wrottesley, 2nd Baron Wrottesley (1798-1867), Landowner and astronomer. 1 Portrait

Arthur Wrottesley, 3rd Baron Wrottesley (1824-1910), Philanthropist, Lord-Lieutenant, Staffordshire and landowner. 4 Portraits

Sir Frederic John Wrottesley (1880-1948), Judge. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Mary Wroughton (née Neeld) (1854-1936), Wife of Philip Wroughton; daughter of Sir John Neeld, 1st Bt. 1 Portrait

John Bartholomew Wroughton (1874-1940), Army officer and barrister. 1 Portrait

Richard Wroughton (1748-1822), Actor and theatrical manager. 2 Portraits

Wulfston (Lupus) (died 1023), Archbishop of York and homilist. 1 Portrait

Charles, Count of Wurmbrand-Stuppach (1866-1924), Captain in the Austrian army. 1 Portrait

Dagobert Sigismond, comte de Wurmser (1724-1797), Austrian General. 2 Portraits

Hermann Wurster (1907-1985), German pilot and aeronautical engineer. 1 Portrait

Louis, Duke of Württemberg (1756-1817), Brother of Frederick I, Duke of Württemberg. 1 Portrait

Philipp, Duke of Württemberg (1838-1917), Son of Prince Alexander, Duke of Württemberg and Princess Marie d'Orléans. 2 Portraits

Sophie Louise of Württemberg-Stuttgart (1642-1702), Second wife of Christian Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth. 1 Portrait

Charles Edward Wurtzburg (1891-1952), Shipping businessman. 5 Portraits

Mary Wyan (Mary Ellen Taylor) (1864-1914), Suffragette. 2 Portraits

Woodrow Lyle Wyatt, Baron Wyatt of Weeford (1918-1997), Politician and journalist. 7 Portraits

Benjamin Dean Wyatt (1775-1850), Architect. 3 Portraits

Mrs Benjamin Wyatt (active circa 1812). 1 Portrait

Sir (Arthur) Guy Norris Wyatt (1893-1981), Vice-Admiral. 3 Portraits

James Wyatt (1746-1813), Architect. 7 Portraits

James Wyatt (1810-1882), Printseller and publisher; son of James Wyatt, Mayor of Oxford. 1 Portrait

Hon. Margaret Agnes Wyatt (née Blades) (1908-1997), Wife of Richard John Penfold Wyatt; daughter of 1st Baron Ebbisham. 4 Portraits

Sir Matthew Wyatt (1805-1886), Architect and builder. 1 Portrait

Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt (1820-1877), Architect and writer on art. 1 Portrait

Sir Myles Dermot Norris Wyatt (1903-1968), Air transport entrepreneur. 1 Portrait

Richard James Wyatt (1795-1850), Sculptor; grandson of James Wyatt. 1 Portrait

Robert Elliott Storey Wyatt (1901-1995), Cricketer. 3 Portraits

Robert Wyatt (1945-), Musician; drummer and percussionist for Soft Machine. 1 Portrait

Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503?-1542), Poet. 5 Portraits

Sir Thomas Wyatt (1521?-1554), Conspirator; son of Sir Thomas Wyatt. 4 Portraits

Thomas Henry Wyatt (1807-1880), Architect. 1 Portrait

Mr Wyatt, Actor. 1 Portrait

Wyatt Wyatt-Paine (1855-1935), Barrister, author and editor of legal text books. 2 Portraits

Sir Jeffry Wyatville (1766-1840), Architect; nephew of James Wyatt. 10 Portraits

Sir Cyril Wyche (1632?-1707), Statesman, scientist and politician; MP for Callington, East Grinstead, Saltash and Preston. 1 Portrait

Sir (Robert) Bruce Wycherley (1894-1965), Director of Abbey National Building Society. 3 Portraits

William Wycherley (1640-1716), Dramatist. 11 Portraits

Jan Wyck (1652?-1700), Painter. 3 Portraits

John Wyclif (Wycliffe) (1324?-1384), Religious reformer and theologian. 21 Portraits

Wilf Wyer (2018-). 1 Portrait

Robert Trotter Hermon-Hodge, 1st Baron Wyfold (1851-1937), Politician and Captain of the Oxfordshire Hussars. 8 Portraits

Frances Caroline Hermon-Hodge (née Hermon), Lady Wyfold (1856-1929), Wife of 1st Baron Wyfold; daughter of Edward Hermon. 1 Portrait

Roland Hermon, 2nd Baron Wyfold (1880-1942), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Sir Charles Lennox Wyke (1815-1897), Diplomat. 2 Portraits

H.C. Wyke? (active 1923). 1 Portrait

John Wykeham, Head of Administration, National Portrait Gallery. 3 Portraits

Sir Peter Guy Wykeham (1915-1995), Air Marshal. 1 Portrait

William Wykeham (1324-1404), Bishop of Winchester and founder of New College, Oxford. 9 Portraits

Maria Wykeham-Martin (1836-1900), Daughter of Charles Wykeham-Martin and Lady Jemima Isabella Mann. 1 Portrait

Ralph Stuart Wykes-Sneyd (1882-1951), Vice-Admiral. 2 Portraits

Martin Wyld (1944-), Painting conservator; Chief Restorer, National Gallery. 1 Portrait

Sir John Wyldbore Smith, 2nd Bt (1770-1852), of The Down House, Blandford. 1 Portrait

Sir (Francis) Brian Wyldbore-Smith (1913-2005), Major-General. 9 Portraits

Sir Edmund Wyldbore-Smith (1877-1938), Director of Suez Canal (1916) and Vice President of British Industries. 4 Portraits

Molly Angela (née Cayzer), Lady Wyldbore-Smith (1917-2001), Wife of Sir (Francis) Brian Wyldbore-Smith; daughter of 1st Baron Rotherwick. 10 Portraits

Arnold Lomas Wylde (1880-1958), Bishop of Bathurst, New South Wales. 1 Portrait

Charles Fenwick Wylde (1867-1946), Lieutenant-Colonel. 1 Portrait

Mrs Charles Fenwick Wylde. 1 Portrait

James Wylde, Clerk. 1 Portrait

John Wylde (1841-1941), Canon of Ripon. 1 Portrait

William Wylde (1788-1877), Army officer. 6 Portraits

William Wyler (1902-1981), Film director. 1 Portrait

Lilian Mary Elizabeth Wyles (1895-1975), Metropolitan Police officer. 1 Portrait

Sir William Fitzthomas Wyley (1852-1940), Director of Midland Bank and colonel. 3 Portraits

Norman Russell Wylie, Lord Wylie (1923-2005), Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland and politician. 1 Portrait

Alexander Wylie (1839-1921), Politician, philanthropist, writer and turkey-red dyer and calico printer. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis James Wylie (1865-1952), Oxford Secretary to the Rhodes Trustees. 2 Portraits

Sir Francis Verner Wylie (1891-1970), Civil servant. 8 Portraits

John Wylie (1790-1852), Army Physician-General. 2 Portraits

Rose Wylie (1934-), Painter. 2 Portraits

Shaun Wylie (1913-2009), Mathematician. 1 Portrait

William Lionel Wyllie (1851-1931), Artist and writer. 2 Portraits

Bill Wyman (1936-), Musician; bass guitarist for the Rolling Stones; founder of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. 38 Portraits

Jane Wyman (Sarah Jane Mayfield) (1917-2007), Actress. 2 Portraits

Patrick Carl Wymark (1926-1970), Actor. 1 Portrait

Mrs Wymer. 3 Portraits

Patrice Wymore (1926-2014), Actress; wife of Errol Flynn. 3 Portraits

Marjery Wyn (active 1934), Actress. 1 Portrait

Mary Charlotte (née Moore), Lady Wyndham (1861-1931), Actress and theatre manager; former wife of James Albery, and later wife of Sir Charles Wyndham. 14 Portraits

Anne Wyndham (née Gerard), Wife of Colonel Francis Wyndham. 1 Portrait

Catherine Brouncker Wyndham (née Sharp) (1809-1887), Wife of Hugh Wyndham. 1 Portrait

Sir Charles Wyndham (Charles Culverwell) (1837-1919), Actor and theatre manager. 28 Portraits

Dennis Wyndham (1887-1973), South African actor; husband of Elsie Mackay 'Poppy Wyndham'. 1 Portrait

Emily Wyndham, Actress. 1 Portrait

Fanny Wyndham (née Frances Wilton) (1821?-1877), Contralto. 5 Portraits

Francis Wyndham (1924-2017), Short story writer, editor and novelist. 2 Portraits

George Wyndham (1863-1913), Politician; Under-Secretary of State for War and author. 25 Portraits

Guy Percy Wyndham (1865-1941), Colonel. 3 Portraits

Guy Richard Charles Wyndham (1896-1948), Artist and author. 2 Portraits

Gwen Wyndham, Actress. 4 Portraits

Sir Henry Wyndham (1790-1860), Major-General. 3 Portraits

Horace Cowley Wyndham (1873-1970), Author. 4 Portraits

Joan Wyndham (1921-2007), Novelist. 1 Portrait

John Wyndham (John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris) (1903-1969), Writer. 1 Portrait

Madeline Caroline Frances Eden Wyndham (née Campbell) (died 1920), Wife of Percy Scawen Wyndham. 2 Portraits

Hon. Margaret Blanche Wyndham (1879-1965), Royal courtier; daughter of 2nd Baron Leconfield. 5 Portraits

Percy Scawen Wyndham (1835-1911), Landowner, art connoisseur and Conservative politician; MP for Cumberland West. 3 Portraits

Ursula Constance Wyndham (1913-1995), Writer; daughter of 5th Baron Leconfield. 2 Portraits

Sir William Wyndham, 3rd Bt (1687-1740), Politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer. 8 Portraits

Colonel Wyndham (active 1788), Associated with pugilism; acted as umpire in 1788. 1 Portrait

Grace Wyndham Goldie (1900-1986), Television producer; pioneer of politics and current affairs broadcasting. 1 Portrait

Hon. Valentine Maurice Wyndham-Quin (1890-1983), Royal Navy captain. 1 Portrait

Cerith Wyn Evans (1958-), Artist. 4 Portraits

David Wilkie Wynfield (1837-1887), Painter and photographer. 2 Portraits

William Draper Best, 1st Baron Wynford (1767-1845), Politician and judge. 7 Portraits

Philip George Best, 6th Baron Wynford (1871-1940), Lieutenant-Colonel. 4 Portraits

Samuel John Best, 7th Baron Wynford (1874-1943), Lieutenant. 2 Portraits

Evelyn Mary Aylmer (née May), Lady Wynford (died 1929), First wife of 7th Baron Wynford; daughter of Sir Edward Sinclair May. 4 Portraits

Robert Samuel Best, 8th Baron Wynford (1917-2002), Army officer. 3 Portraits

Anne Daphne Mametz (née Minshull-Ford), Lady Wynford, Wife of 8th Baron Wynford; daughter of John Randle Minshull Ford. 8 Portraits

Peter Wyngarde (1928-2018), Actor. 1 Portrait

Sir Percy Wyn-Harris (1903-1979), Colonial governor, mountaineer and yachtsman. 4 Portraits

Hon. Catherine Wynn (1842-1885), Daughter of 3rd Baron Newborough. 1 Portrait

Hon. Ellen Glyn Wynn (1839-1917), Daughter of 3rd Baron Newborough. 1 Portrait

Harold Edward Wynn (1889-1956), Bishop of Ely. 6 Portraits

Miriam Janet Wynn (née Browne) (1893-1973), Daughter of Mr James Browne, colleague of C.C. Wakefield. 1 Portrait

Rowland Tempest Beresford Wynn (1898-1977), Chief engineer, BBC. 4 Portraits

Hon. Stella Maria Glyn Wynn (1908-1977), Former wife of Charles Vivian Jackson, and later wife of Derek Cardiff; daughter of 5th Baron Newborough. 6 Portraits

Winifred Isabel (née Conduitt), Lady Wynn (circa 1876-1951), Wife of Sir Trevredyn Rashleigh Wynne; daughter of Henry Walter Conduitt. 3 Portraits

Sir Arthur Singleton Wynne (1846-1936), General. 7 Portraits

(Sarah) Edith Wynne (1842-1897), Opera singer. 3 Portraits

Frederick Richards Wynne (1827-1896), Bishop of Killaloe, Kilfenora, Clonfert and Kilmacduagh. 1 Portrait

George Wynne (1804-1890), General and military engineer. 1 Portrait

Hon. Nancy Clare Wynne (née Eden) (1918-2012), Second Subaltern (Auxiliary Territorial Service); wife of Edmund Ernest Wynne; daughter of 6th Baron Henley. 4 Portraits

Sir Richard Wynne (1588-1649), Courtier. 1 Portrait

Robert William Wynne (1761-1844), Colonel. 1 Portrait

Sir William Wynne, Judge. 1 Portrait

William Palmer Wynne (1861-1950), Professor of Chemistry. 3 Portraits

Wish Wynne (1882-1931), Actress. 15 Portraits

Miss Wynne, Performer. 2 Portraits

Miss Wynne, Performer. 1 Portrait

Miss Wynne, Performer. 1 Portrait

Gwladys Wynne (Gwladys Edith Sills (née Wynne)) (1887-1964), Actress; wife of Milton Sills. 1 Portrait

Nancy Wynne Bolton (1916-2001), Tennis player. 2 Portraits

John Rosindale Wynne-Edwards (1864-1943), Headmaster of Leeds Grammar. 1 Portrait

John Seymour Wynne-Finch (1845-1906), Major; son of Charles Wynne-Finch. 2 Portraits

Nancy Wynne-Jones (1922-2006), Artist. 1 Portrait

Walter Wynne-Mason (1910-1992), Politician and author. 2 Portraits

Edward William Wynne Pendarves (1775-1853), Liberal politician: MP for Cornwall West. 2 Portraits

Sir John Wynn of Gwydir, 1st Bt (1553-1626), Antiquary. 8 Portraits

Sir Henry Wynn Parry (1899-1964), Judge of High Court of Justice. 3 Portraits

Bryan Wynter (1915-1975), Painter and teacher. 1 Portrait

Monica Wynter (née Harman) (circa 1933-2011), Artist; wife of Bryan Wynter. 4 Portraits

Tom Wynter (circa 1961), Son of Monica and Bryan Wynter. 4 Portraits

Bernard Wyntour (circa 1881-1908), Actor. 1 Portrait

Diana Wynyard (1906-1964), Actress. 35 Portraits

Edward George Wynyard (1861-1936), Army officer and cricketer. 1 Portrait

Emily Elizabeth Wynyard (1752-1832), Sister of the Royal Hospital of St Katharine; daughter of John W. Wynyard. 1 Portrait

Leonard Charles Wyon (1826-1891), Die-engraver and medallist. 1 Portrait

William Wyon (1795-1851), Medallist. 3 Portraits

Stanislaw Wyrozemski, Publications Assistant, National Portrait Gallery. 1 Portrait

Anthony Wysard (1907-1984), Caricaturist. 2 Portraits

(Edith) Delia Wysard (née Mason) (1880-1980), Actress and singer; wife of Walter Wysard. 7 Portraits

John Wyse (1904-1989), Actor. 15 Portraits

Sir Thomas Wyse (1791-1862), Irish politician and diplomat. 8 Portraits

George Wythe (1726-1806), Lawyer; signer of the Declaration of Independence. 1 Portrait

Sir Francis Wythens (circa 1635-1704), Judge and politician. 3 Portraits

Christopher Wyvill (1740-1822), Advocate for parliamentary reform. 1 Portrait

Henrietta Maria Wyvill (née Yarborough), Lady Wyvill (1667-1738), Wife of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 5th Bt. 5 Portraits

Marmaduke D'Arcy Wyvill (1849-1918), Politician; MP for Otley. 1 Portrait

W. George Wheeler, L.P.J. 1 Portrait