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9-11 years: Storyboard

Everyone loves watching films. Storyboards have been used for almost 100 years to plan films. Nick Park's animated films all started with a storyboard. Have a go at creating your own, to tell a story. Draw or print out a set of boxes to plan your film, like the one below. Now break down your story into a set of shots and scenes. Each shot will be drawn in one box and each page will make up a scene. Before you start, think:

  • Where does the scene take place?
  • Who is in the scene?
  • What do the characters say?
  • How do they react?
  • What expressions will show this?
  • Are there any props?
  • What happens next?

Family Activities: Playful Portraits

Do, draw and make!

Do, draw and make!

From building dens to food faces – enjoy our Playful Portraits activities and find out about some brilliant people!

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Healthcare Heroes

Activities for children and families inspired by three healthcare heroes from our Collection.

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Learning resources

Downloadable and web based resources to support learning at home linked to art, history, citizenship and literacy.

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