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Bryan Wharton interview

Bryan Wharton was one of the star photographers of the Sunday Times recruited by the new ownership of Lord Thomson and editorship of Harold Evans. Invited to join the paper in 1964 after four years with the Daily Express - the paper was anxious to inject more dynamism intom its news and pictorial coverage. Cal McCrystal commented on his portraiture: 'Wharton's genius is in drawing out his subject's hidden humours or repressed moods and recording them before the carapace snaps shut again. So far as I am aware, none of his subjects berated him for such intimate exposure. Many joined his formidable string of friends'.

Date: 28 October 2002

Questions for Bryan Wharton

  1. You started working for the Sunday Times in 1964, what was the role of photographs in newspapers then?
  2. Columnist Philip Oakes says that working with you was serious fun and that your
    pictures show it. Are there any from the set at the National Portrait Gallery that
    still make you laugh when you remember how the shots came about?
  3. Can you talk us through what happened with the Germaine Greer photo shoot?
  4. Would it be right to say that your photographs of George Brown and the
    6th Marquess of Bath reveal a mischievous side in your character?
  5. Is that also true of your photograph of Cliff Richard with Mary Whitehouse?
  6. With your photographs of Laurie Lee or Allen Jones, who suggested the
    setting for the portrait?
  7. Do you have a particular favourite portrait photograph you have taken and why is it your favourite?

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