These drawing games are designed to help you make portraits of yourselves and others.

The only tools you will need for these exercises are
A4 paper, a pencil, a mirror or someone to sit for you and an open mind.
Try and fill the entire space of the sheet of paper.

1. Close your eyes and make a drawing in a minute of your face. Don't worry about how it turns out. Enjoy the fun of it.

2. Think of the differences between happy and sad, and how these emotions are reflected in your face. Draw the lines of your mouth shape both ways.

3. Draw your portrait in one continuous line, without taking your pencil off the paper.

4. Slowly move your finger down your face to feel your profile. Draw the shape as you feel it, as if the pencil were your finger. Shade in one side of the line.

5. Draw your face using the side of the pencil so that you don't make a line drawing but rather a tonal portrait.

6. Choose a feature ­ eye, nose, mouth, ear, and draw it so that it fills the paper

7. Draw round your hand, but with the palm side of your hand facing you, back against the paper. Now put your hand lines into your drawing.

8. Choose some objects that reflect you interests. Position yourself in a mirror with the objects in front of you and draw both yourself and the objects.

9. Hold your head with your non-drawing hand and draw your head and hand together as one form.

10. Position yourself in a strong light source. Cover a paper with charcoal and rub it to a smooth grey. 'Draw' back into it with an eraser to draw the lightest parts of your face, then work with the charcoal further to emphasize the darkest parts. Try to avoid making lines; stay with large forms.

11. Draw yourself in relation to someone else.

12. Draw your portrait by starting with the point closest to you, the nose, and going outward. Emphasize the structures, of the whole nose, the eye socket, and whole mouth and chin rather than nostrils, pupils, lips.

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