Audio Tour

For Men Only – Starring MM and BB
by Peter Phillips, 1961
© Peter Phillips

Enjoy a personal tour of the Pop Art Portraits exhibition by listening to the exhibition audio guide. The tour, narrated by Joan Bakewell, features specially recorded interviews with Pop artists, in-depth analysis of key portraits, archive recordings and commentary from art historian and critic Richard Cork and exhibition curator, Paul Moorhouse. The guide is available to hire at the Gallery: Price £3.

Free Download

You can download an exclusive 10-minute taster of the tour in .mp3 format, featuring material only available online, by clicking below.

To save the files to your hard disk, right click (PC) or
CTRL-Click (MAC) the links below and choose "Save target as..." from the menu.

Introduction to the exhibition Download as .mp3
Interviews with artists: Jim Dine, Derek Boshier and critic Richard Cork Download as .mp3
Interviews with artists: Allen Jones, Peter Blake and Gerald Laing Download as .mp3

Mobile phone tour

You can also listen to the audio tour on your mobile phone. For one £3 payment you can access the whole tour, plus the cost of a local phone call.

To access the tour, call 020 7112 1856 (local call rate) and accept the £3 tour charge you will then receive two text messages billing you at £1.50 each. This will appear as a £3 charge on your phone bill or be deducted from the credit on your phone.

Once you have paid the £3 charge you can access as many entries as you want, as many times as you want, for the next 24 hours. You don’t need to be in the Gallery to do this.

To access each commentary, you will need to enter a three digit number starting with 9. Look for the audio guide number beside the headphones symbol on the wall or in the label booklet at the Gallery and simply start it with 9. So, for audio guide commentary 27, you will need to enter 927 on your phone to hear that commentary. If the number has only one digit, you’ll need to key in 90 followed by the number beside the work. So for audio guide number 1, you’ll need to key in 901.

Pick up a Guide in the Gallery when you visit or access it via your mobile phone.

To hear a free sample of the tour, for the cost of a local call, dial 020 7112 1856 and follow the instructions.