We are part of the Culture Quarter Programme, a government funded initiative aimed at providing 18-24 year olds with opportunities to carve out a career in London’s arts and culture sector. We work in various departments of the NPG – Kristina Macdonald in the Archive & Library, Michael Scotto in Communications & Development, Sam Maslin in IT, and Ricky Katarincic, Luke Gouldbourne and Cody Clarke in Visitor Services. We collaborated with other CQP members at organisations such as the V&A, Museum, Royal Opera House and Somerset House to curate an exhibition for this project, which will be displayed at Martin-in-the-Fields between the 5th and 23rd of September. We were inspired by Digital Domesday, a product of New Deal of the Mind, which aims to bring archived history into the modern day creative arena and simultaneously provide young people with job opportunities.

It is fitting that the Culture Quarter Programme team chose the 1960s as their focus because this era saw increased vitality in the visual representation of the Gallery, greater public profile and engagement. ‘ – Bryony Millan, Acting Archivist

All of the research done for this project was done at the Heinz Archive and Library. Search the Library Catalogue or the Archive Catalogue online, or get in touch via the Enquiry service, to find out more.

We’d like to thank everyone at NPG for their help, especially the Archive & Library team for all their support and the seemingly endless knowledge they contributed.

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