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MS 55

MS 55


Caroline Amelia Elizabeth of Brunswick, 1768-1821
Queen of George IV

Verses relating to the trial of Queen Caroline : manuscript, September 1820.  1 item (2 leaves) ; 41 cm.  A cropped stipple engraving of Queen Caroline, engraved by James Hopwood Jr. (b. 1795), has been pasted on the first leaf between the verses and the second leaf contains miscellaneous writings.  The leaves appear to have been removed from an album.  Gift, Miss North, 1972.    

MS 55    

For Sir George Hayter’s painting, The House of Lords, 1820, the trial of Queen Caroline (NPG 999) see HAYTER



Margaret Sarah Carpenter (nee Geddes), 1809-1896    
Portrait painter

List of pictures and drawings by Margaret Carpenter from the year 1812 to 1864 with the prices paid for them : manuscript, 1899 / transcribed by James Donald Milner (?).  1 volume (92 p.) ; 18 cm.  Comprises a chronological list of sitters (pp. 1-46) with an alphabetical index of sitter names (pp.49-82).  Copied from a list lent by the artist's son Edward Carpenter in 1899.  
MS 10    



MS 37

MS 37


John Comerford, circa 1770-1832    
Miniature painter in Dublin

John Comerford account book, 1810 - 1828.  1 volume (284 p.) ; 21 cm.  Comprises financial records headed 'State of my pictures' with a list miniatures and prices paid 1810-1828 (pp. 1-45) and 'Account of cases for pictures' 1814 (pp. 91-2). With typescript index of sitters at front of volume.  Gift, A.W. Franks, 1860s.

MS 37    


MS 4

MS 4


Howard (Sydney Musgrave) Coster, 1885-1959
Photographer active London, 1926-1946, 1953-1959.


Howard Coster autograph album, c. 1931 - 1938.  1 volume (116 leaves) ; 30 cm.   Includes a letter from Eric Gill, 19/9/1940 (folio 1); self-portrait sketches by Starr Wood (folio 11), Alfred Hitchcock (folio 31v), Sir David Low (folio 32) and Sidney Dap[...] (folio 36); and a pen and wash drawing by Rex Whistler (folio 42).  Acquired 1960 from Mrs Coster.     

MS 4    

Howard Coster autograph album, 1940 - 1946.  1 volume (178 leaves) ; 25 cm.  Includes 4 loose sheets of autographs inserted between leaves (folios 15, 101, 125, 142).  Volume previously used as a commonplace book titled 'Selections from favorite authors and contributions from favorite friends' by Mary Ann Martens (folios 1-14).  Acquired 1960 from Mrs Coster.  

MS 5    

Howard Coster autograph album, c. 1953 - 1957.  1 volume (102 leaves) ; 31 cm.  Includes 13 loose sheets of autographs inserted between leaves (folios 10, 35, 39, 54, 77, 86, 99).  Acquired 1960 from Mrs Coster.      

MS 3    

Howard Coster sitters book, London, 1926 - 1934.  1 volume (278 p.) ; 24 cm.  Comprises an index of sitters’ names listed alphabetically and subdivided by year.  Gift of Godfrey Argent, 1999.        

MS 22    

Howard Coster sitters book, London, 1953 - 1959.  1 volume (352 p.) ; 23 cm.  Comprises an index of sitters’ names listed alphabetically and subdivided by year.  Gift of Godfrey Argent, 1999.      

MS 23  


John Sell Cotman, 1782-1842
Landscape painter, chiefly in water-colours



Philip Alexius de László, 1869-1937    
Portrait painter, born in Budapest and settled in London, 1907.

Philip de László visitors books, 1899 - 1937 : photocopy, 1981.  2 items (136, 83 leaves in box) ; 30 x 42 cm.  The originals comprise 2 volumes (volume 1 for 1899-1915 and volume 2 for 1916-1937) and contain the signatures of visitors to the artist's studio.  Annotated in a later hand to identify the signatures.  Copy made from the originals in the possession of Damon de László, 1981.        

MS 118

Record sheets listing portraits by Philip de László, undated : photocopy, 1980s.  1 item (280 leaves in box) ; 36 cm.  The sheets record portraits painted by de László, arranged alphabetically by sitter name.  Each entry includes photographer Paul Laib's negative number for that portrait and a copy of his photograph.  Cross-references to de László's sitter book have been added in a later hand.   Photocopied, 1980s.        

MS 119  

Philip de László papers, c. 1892 - 1937. 114 boxes (no box 100) ; 42 cm. Comprises: private/personal correspondence, arranged alphabetically by correspondent, 1892-1916, and thereafter by year, with separate boxes for Hungarian and German, miscellaneous foreign, American and court correspondence (boxes 1-42); portrait correspondence, arranged alphabetically by correspondent (boxes 43-88); press cuttings, arranged chronologically (boxes 89-103); and exhibition correspondence, arranged by venue (boxes 104-115). Gift, The de László Archive Trust, 2005.

MS 167

Correspondence and papers of Philip de László

Photographs of portraits painted by Philip de László, 1903 - 1937.  19 vols. ; 53 cm.  The photographs are contained in 19 albums, arranged chronologically within albums and in overlapping sequences by year between albums.  The earliest album annotated at the front by the artist: 'Record of my works, 1916'.  Albums partially annotated in the artist's hand with sitter name and date of work.  Purchase, J.W. Helder, 1982.       

MS 181

Material relating to the internment of the artist Philip de László (1869-1937) during the First World War [c1909] -1919 Transferred from the de Laszlo Archive Trust in 2011

13 boxes

Boxes 1-9 (folders 1-9; 17-24; 26-30; 36-37): Contents of 'internment trunk' (1909-1919) including correspondence and published material (press-cuttings) (24 files). See section I of box list.

Box 10: Material regarding internment removed from 'Lucy's Trunk' (undated) including correspondence to Philip de Laszlo and Lucy de Laszlo (5 files). See section II of box list. 

Boxes 11-13: Selected material from Christopher de Laszlo's papers ('Green suitcase' and 'letter collection' material). See sections III and IV of box list

For further description of contents see existing box list finding aid created by De Laszlo Trust: 'Archive Material related to de László's internment' (hard copy stored in associated acquisition file).


Samuel De Wilde, 1748-1832
Portrait painter  

The diary of a Regency painter - Sam De Wilde : typescript, c. 1934 / edited by E. De Wilde Holding, with manuscript notes and index slips compiled by Charles Kingsley Adams.  1 volume (7, 90, 17 leaves and 53 index slips) ; 27 cm.  Copy of an unpublished typescript of an edited version of the portrait painter Samuel De Wilde's diary for the years 1810 to 1811 with notes and index slips compiled by Adams when he borrowed the typescript in 1934.  Gift, E. De Wilde Holding, 1935.        

MS 110  


Alfred Guillaume Gabriel, Count D’Orsay, 1801-1852



Dundas family

For portraits of the Dundas family see QUADT-WYKRADT-ISNY