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The National Portrait Gallery Archive has recently begun a project to improve descriptions of its Collected Archives. New descriptions, providing greater information on the contents of the archives listed below, are gradually being added to the archive catalogue.


John Giles Eccardt, d. 1779
Portrait painter



Eden Upton Eddis, 1812-1901   
Portrait painter

Photographs of portraits by Eden Upton Eddis.  1 v. ; 42 cm.  Album contains 101 photographs of painted and sketched portraits by Eden Upton Eddis, 2 portrait engravings and 2 photographs possibly of the artist.  The majority are mounted on leaves bound into the album and some of the sitters' names are recorded beneath the photographs in an unidentified hand.  Gift, Miss Helen Binyon, 1970.        

MS 185


King Edward VI, 1537-1553
Reigned 1547-1553



Ebenezer Elliott, 1781-1849
'The corn-law rhymer'

For Neville Northey Burnard's monument in Sheffield of Ebenezer Elliott see JOHNSON

Sir John Huxtable, b. 1930

For Stephen Farthing’s group portrait Historians of 'Past and Present' (NPG 6518) see FARTHING


William Faithorne, 1616?-1691
Engraver and portrait painter


MS 12a

MS 12a

William Stevenson Fitch, 1792-1859
Collector and antiquary of Ipswich

Catalogue of Suffolk portraits : manuscript, mid 19th century / by William Stevenson Fitch.  1 volume (209 p.) ; 19 cm.  Portraits listed alphabetically by sitter within classification: titled persons, members of parliament, military and civil officers, bishops, clergymen, landed proprietors, patrons of livings etc, private individuals, actors and notorious characters etc.  Gift, J.J. Howard, 1860.       

MS 12a   

Catalogue of engraved portraits with prices : manuscript, mid 19th century / by William Stevenson Fitch.  1 volume (180 p.) ; 17 cm.  Majority of portraits listed by engraver’s name, with additional sequences for other prints, and an index of names (pp. 170-177).  Gift, J.J. Howard, 1860.

MS 12b


MS 40

MS 40

William Fleming, MD, 1790-1880
Print collector   

List of prints by Faithorne collected by William Fleming M.D. between 1818 and 1862 contained in two volumes : manuscript, c. 1864 / by William Fleming.  1 volume (16 leaves) ; 17 cm.  Relates to Fleming's collection of 365 engravings by William Faithorne (1616?-1691) in the Gallery’s reference collection of prints and drawings.  Acquired with the Fleming Collection.  Gift, Mrs Mary Stopford (daughter of Fleming), 1931.

MS 40   

The nucleus for a catalogue of the elder William Faithorne's works : manuscript, 1870 / by William Fleming.  1 item (12 leaves in folder) ; 51 x 46 cm. Relates to Fleming's collection of 365 engravings by William Faithorne (1616?-1691) in the Gallery’s reference collection of prints and drawings.  Comprises the final draft with page layouts for Fleming's privately printed catalogue.  Includes a letter from his printer G.R. Griffith, 9/6/1870, concerning proofs and suggestions for printing.  Acquired with the Fleming Collection.  Gift, Mrs Mary Stopford (daughter of Fleming), 1931.       

MS 41   

MS 116

MS 116


Harry Furniss, 1854-1925
Caricaturist and illustrator

Harry Furniss note books, after 1912.  2 volumes ; 21 cm.  1 volume titled 'Some memorable evenings for after dinner reading' and the other titled 'Tales by my grandfather: a writer of autobiographies' containing outlines and ideas for book projects together with other miscellaneous notes.  Gift, Cyril Cohen, 1983.   

MS 43-44

Harry Furniss register of drawings, c. 1885 - 1917.  1 volume (93 openings) ; 39 cm.  Comprises entries, with details of publication and price paid, for 2,536 drawings for the years 1885-1894 (openings 1-85).  A further 201 unpublished drawings (entries numbered 2581-2782) are recorded from October 1917 (openings 86-93).  Leaves apparently extracted from the private ledger of Harry Furniss by Theodore T. Cluse and given by him, 1948.       

MS 116   


Thomas Gainsborough, 1727-1788



Dr Kenneth Garlick, 1916-2009
Art historian

Kenneth Garlick research papers, c. 1950 - 2002. 82 ring binders ; 28 cm.  Plus 1 box ; 41 cm.  Relate to Garlick's published catalogues raisonne of works by the portrait painter Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1769-1830.  Comprises correspondence and notes relating to the artist's work, arranged alphabetically by sitter within medium (61 binders for paintings, 12 for drawings and 3 for pastels) with a further 6 binders for works attributed to the artist and a box of miscellaneous notes.  Gift, Dr Kenneth Garlick, 2002.       

MS 123   

Kenneth Garlick collection of photographs and other reproductions of portraits by and attributed to Sir Thomas Lawrence, c. 1950 - 2002.  16 boxes ; 42 cm.  Collected by Garlick in connection with his published catalogues raisonne of works by the portrait painter Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1769-1830.  Comprises photographs of portraits and some related correspondence and notes, arranged alphabetically by sitter within medium (13 boxes for paintings and 3 for drawings and pastels). Gift, Dr Kenneth Garlick, 2002.       

MS 124   


Count Victor Gleichen, 1833-1891

Photographs of portrait sculpture by Count Victor Gleichen.  1 v. ; 45 cm.  Disbound album contains 97 photographs of work by the sculptor mounted on 93 leaves and a further 10 loose photographs.  The sitters' names are recorded beneath the mounted photographs in an unidentified hand.  Acquired, 1971.

MS 186   

MS 11

MS 11


Sir Francis Grant, 1803-1878
Portrait painter   

List of works by Sir Francis Grant, P.R.A., 1828 - January 1878 : manuscript, 1898 / transcribed by E.C. Grant with later pencil annotations by Sir Charles John Holmes and John Steegman.  1 volume (270 p.) ; 20 cm.  Inscribed on preliminary page: 'Copy of list of pictures by my father Sir Francis Grant, from a manuscript book kept by my mother Lady Grant.  Dec. 1898. (Miss) E.C. Grant.'  With an index of sitters’ names (pp. 150-263) and list of other pictures (p. 266) compiled by John Steegman.  Acquired early 20th century.

See Catherine Wills High Society: the life and art of Sir Francis Grant 1803-1878 (Edinburgh: National Galleries of Scotland, 2003), p. 95.

MS 11   


MS 47

MS 47


George Perfect Harding, 1781-1853
Portrait painter and copyist, specializing in miniatures   

List of portraits, pictures in various mansions of the United Kingdom : manuscript, c. 1804 - 1850 / probably by George Perfect Harding.  3 volumes ; 24 cm.  Portraits copied by Harding are marked.  Each volume contains a list of contents arranged alphabetically by name of house or institution and at the end of volume 3 there is a general index.  The contents and index in volume 3 appear to be in a different hand.  Acquired, 1981.

MS 47   
List of manuscripts and printed books illustrated with drawings of portraits &c. : manuscript, early 19th century / probably by George Perfect Harding.  1 volume (139 p.) ; 24 cm.  Comprises extracts and details of portraits taken from manuscript and printed sources, including a transcription of an account of pictures in the possession of the Crown in the reign of Queen Anne taken from a book given to Horace Walpole in 1775 (pp. 67-138).  Acquired, 1981.       

MS 48   

MS 49

MS 49


Alfred James Hipkins, 1826-1903
FSA and musical antiquary

Alfred James Hipkins scrapbook, c. 1759 - 1863.      1 volume (65 leaves) ; 33 cm.  Comprises miscellaneous newspaper cuttings and printed ephemera relating to historical, royal, theatrical and musical events.  Select list of contents compiled by his daughter at front of volume.  Gift, Miss Edith J. Hipkins, 1930.

MS 49

Francis Hodge, 1883-1949
Portrait artist

Records associated with Francis Hodge (1920-1971)

2 files

A full set of images of works by Hodge have been added to the relevant Artists' Portfolio maintained in the Archive & Library's Public Study Room. Collected archive comprises 1 file of remaining images (duplicate images of works; 4 undated b&w press photographs of works on display (3 stamped 'Keystone')) and 1 file of associated textual archival material (correspondence, press cuttings and undated notes 1920-1971).

Gift, Keith Ransom (executor of Lady Fish nee Dunlop, wife of Francis Hodge), 2016.


William Hogarth, 1697-1764
Painter and engraver



E. De Wilde Holding


MS 138

MS 138



Laurence Gifford Holland, d. 1893
Permanent clerk and assistant to Sir George Scharf, Director of the National Portrait Gallery

Laurence Gifford Holland sketchbooks, 1886 - 1893.  10 volumes ; 21 cm or smaller.  Each volume contains pencil sketches of portraits with notes.  Acquired after 1893.       

MS 138-147

Laurence Gifford Holland notebooks, 1883 - 1893.  4 volumes ; 19 cm.  1 volume titled 'Memo book and diary' contains records of work done each day and other notes, 1883-1888.  2 volumes, titled 'Rough notes' and 'A/C cash curr[en]t', contain accounts and notes on art terms, heraldry, artists, portraits, legacies, bequests and sitters, 1886-1890 and 1890-1892.  4th volume titled 'Notes' contains notes, as above, and loose letters and papers, 1893.  Acquired after 1893.       

MS 148-151   

Sir Charles John Holmes, 1868-1936
Landscape painter and art critic; Director of the National Portrait Gallery 1909-1916 and National Gallery 1916-1928

See Archive Catalogue

See BELL, Charles Francis


Thomas Hood, 1799-1845

For the memorial to Thomas Hood see WATKINS


Alice Hughes, 1857-1939


The eldest daughter of the society portrait painter Edward Hughes, Alice studied photography at the London Polytechnic and in 1891 opened a studio as the first gentlewoman professional photographer. She photographed her first royal sitter, the Duchess of Fife, with her baby, Princess Maud, in 1893. On the expiry of her lease in 1911 she sold her business, and later opened another studio on Ebury Street, where she operated until her retirement in 1927. Hughes worked in platinotype and started the fashion of being photographed in large hats and evening dress in the style of Reynolds and Gainsborough. She specialised in the graceful posing of mother and child groups.

Records associated with Alice Hughes (1899-1936)

1 file (comprised of 14 items)

12 letters of acknowledgement (1899-1936) including references to payments and an annuity to Alice Hughes. Includes letters addressed from Windsor Castle, Gloucester Square, Marlborough House, Buckingham Palace, Portman Square, St James’s Palace. Also a dust jacket of a book "My Father and I" by Alice Hughes (first published in 1923) and an undated postcard featuring a photo of Gower Street, London.

Gift, 2016