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The National Portrait Gallery Archive has recently begun a project to improve descriptions of its Collected Archives. New descriptions, providing greater information on the contents of the archives listed below, are gradually being added to the archive catalogue.

MS 50

MS 50

John Nichols, 1745-1826, printer and author    
John Bowyer Nichols, 1782-1837, printer and antiquary

John Nichols and John Bowyer Nichols correspondence and papers, 1782 - 1837. 2 boxes (408 fols.) ; 42 cm.  Comprises mainly correspondence and some notes, together with printed ephemera, relating to John Nichols' Biographical anecdotes of William Hogarth (1781) and John Bowyer Nichols' compilation from his father's work Anecdotes of William Hogarth (1833).  Typescript list of contents at front of box 1.  Acquired, early 20th century.

See Julian Pooley’s catalogue of the letters relating to William Hogarth accumulated by John Nichols and John Bowyer Nichols, 1753-1837: calendar of letters in the National Portrait Gallery and index (2 ring-binders kept with the Nichols papers).

MS 50


Noel collection of portraits

For portraits from the collection of Lt.-Col. Maurice and Mrs Noel of Minsterworth in Gloucestershire see KRETSCHMAR

MS 91

MS 91


James Northcote, 1746-1831

James Northcote sitters book, c. 1776 - 1830.  1 volume (120 p.) ; 22 cm.  Includes lists of sitters and payments for the years 1776 (pp. 7-8) and 1780 to 1830 (pp. 9-90), measurements of paintings (pp. 2-4), and accounts (pp. 113-114, 117).  Typescript index of portraits with volume.  Purchase, E. Bolleter, 1911.

See Jacob Simon ‘The account book of James Northcote’ The Walpole Society, vol. 58, 1995-1996, pp. 21-125.

MS 91   


MS 137

MS 137

Horatio ('Horace') Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford, 1717-1797

Copy of Horace Walpole's The beauties : an epistle to Eckardt ye painter : manuscript, after 1746.  1 item ; 49 cm.  Poem written by Walpole in 1746 addressed to the portrait painter John Giles Eccardt, d. 1779.  Comprises 1 folio, originally folded into 8 pages, copied in an unidentified hand with marginal notes identifying the 'beauties' mentioned.  Purchase, Hodgson & Co., 1944.       

MS 137

MS 92

MS 92


John Partridge, 1790-1872
Portrait painter

John Partridge sitters book, c. 1823 - 1865.  1 volume (89 leaves) ; 20 cm.  Comprises lists of sitters and payments for the years 1827 to 1861, 1864 and 1865 (folios 1-35v) and other works from 1823 (folios 86-89).  Gift, Mrs Ursula Richmond, 1955.       

See Richard Ormond ‘John Partridge and the Fine Arts Commissioners’ Burlington Magazine, vol. 109, no. 772, July 1967, pp. 397-402.

MS 92   
List of pictures in the possession of John Partridge : manuscript, 1863 - 1870 / compiled by John Partridge.  3 volumes ; 32 cm or smaller.  John Partridge, 1790-1872, portrait painter.  Volume 1 titled 'Pictures in my house & gallery in 1863'; volume 2, 'List of pictures in my possession 1863'; volume 3, '1870 Pictures in my gallery'.  Lists include old master pictures, family portraits, copies by Partridge of old masters and original portraits and sketches by him.  Gift, Mrs Ursula Richmond, 1955.       

See Richard Ormond ‘John Partridge and the Fine Arts Commissioners’ Burlington Magazine, vol. 109, no. 772, July 1967, pp. 397-402.

MS 93-95

Letters to Sir John Clark and James A. Douglas, 1872-1873.  1 box ; cm.  Comprises 13 autograph letters from Clark to Douglas and 25 autograph letters to Clark and Douglas in their capacity as executors of the estate of portrait painter John Partridge and concerning the dispersal of the artist’s pictures after his death.   Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.  Gift,  Colonel Shotto Douglas, 1958. 

MS 194

MS 96

MS 96


Thomas Phillips, 1770-1845
Portrait painter

Copy of the catalogue of the works of Thomas Phillips : manuscript, 1899 / transcribed by James Donald Milner.  1volume (151 p.) ; 18 cm.  Comprises a transcription of Phillips's original notebook, listing portraits painted 1791 - 1843 (pp. 1-108) and other subjects painted 1792 - 1829 (pp. 117-129), with an index of portraits (pp. 131-151).  Copied from the original lent to the Gallery, 1899.

MS 96   


Rupert Potter, 1832-1917

Rupert Potter photographs of Sir John Everett Millais's studio and portraits, 1880 - 1895.  2 boxes ; 37 cm.  Comprises 186 photographs contained in 14 packets: 4 of Millais in his studio (packet 1/14); 28 of the artist's studio (packet 2/14); 56 of portraits of adults (3/14-7/14) and 98 of portraits of children (8/14-14/14).  Gift, J.E. Ladeveze, 1993.       

See also Multi Mimsy for photographs that have been individually catalogued (x131234 – x131250).

MS 168   


Countess Florence Caroline Mary Quadt-Wykradt-Isny, d. 1913   

Settlement of chattels bequeathed by the will of the late Countess Quadt, 21 August 1935 : typescript.  1 item (10 p.) ; 41 cm.  Settlement made between Baroness Wakehurst, the Countess of Dalkieth, Diana Daly, the Duke of St. Albans, Lord Cavendish and Colonel McDonnell concerning 57 works, mainly portraits and busts representing members of the Beauclerk and Dundas families, bequeathed by Countess Quadt and held at Bestwood Lodge.  Purchase, J.L.M. Gulley, 1996.       

MS 54   

Sir Herbert Henry Raphael, 1st Bt., 1859-1924
MP, barrister and trustee of the National Portrait Gallery   

List of prints collected by Sir Herbert Henry Raphael : manuscript, undated / possibly by Sir Herbert Henry Raphael.  1 item (49 leaves) ; 39 x 51 cm.  Relates to an edition of London past and present by Henry B. Wheatley (London: John Murray, 1891), rebound in 9 folio volumes and extra-illustrated throughout with prints, in the Gallery’s reference collection of prints and drawings.  Acquired with the extra-illustrated volumes.  Gift, Sir Herbert Henry Raphael, early 20th century.       

MS 69



Catharine Read, 1723-1778

Portrait painter



MS 31

MS 31


George Richmond, 1809-1896
Portrait painter

George Richmond account book, 1853 - 1893.  1 volume (87 leaves) ; 22 cm.  Inscribed on preliminary page: 'Book No. 2. Geo. Richmond his book. 10 York St. Portman Sq. Jany. 1860. Account of Portraits &c. painted by me from 1852 to - also the annual totals extracted from Book 1 from 1830 to 1852 inclusive. G.R.'.  Purchase, Sotheby's, 2001.       

See Raymond Lister George Richmond (London: Robin Garton, 1981), pp. 150-75.

MS 31   
Extracts from diaries of George Richmond Esq. R.A. : typescript, undated.  1 volume (105 p.) ; 33 cm.  Comprises names of sitters and details of payments, other information about sitters and portraits, personal information and other notes, 1830 - 1893.  Purchase, Sotheby's, 2001.       

MS 30   
Index catalogue of the works of George Richmond Esquire. R.A. : manuscript, 1899.  1 volume (344 p.) ; 33 cm.  Comprises: an alphabetical index of sitters (pp. 2-320); an index of pictures (pp. 322-326); an index of personal entries cross-referenced to pages in copied extracts from diaries (pp. 328-334); a list of copyrights sold (pp. 336-340); and an index of years cross-referenced to pages in copied extracts from diaries (pp. 342-344).   Purchase, Sotheby's, 2001.       
MS 29
Copy of the index catalogue of the works of George Richmond Esquire. R.A., 1899 : manuscript, 1906 / transcribed by James Donald Milner.  1 volume (155 p.) ; 35 cm.  Comprises: a transcription with some discrepancies of pp. 2-230 of original index catalogue (pp. 1-153); a table of prices 1836-1853 for watercolours, children and chalk drawings (p. 155); and 3 pages of notes about additional sitters tipped in at front of volume.

MS 28


MS 98

MS 98


George Romney, 1734-1802
Portrait painter

George Romney studio ledger, 1786 - 1796.  1 volume (64 p.) ; 33 cm.  Headed 'Professional engagements, pictures what time to be finished &c' (p. 4) and 'Account of all pictures sent out & coming in' (p. 5) and contains entries for portraits arranged in date order.  Written in the hand of various studio assistants, 2 of whom identified as Joseph Barker and R. Williams, with 2 notes by Romney (pp. 2 and 4).  Purchase, Sotheby's, 1981, with the aid of the Friends of the National Libraries.        

See W. Roberts ‘Some early Romneys’ Connoisseur, vol. 89, 1932, pp. 364-71.

MS 97   
George Romney sketch book, c. 1772.  1 volume (134 p.) ; 21 cm.  Comprising pen and ink composition, figure and head studies, together with draft letters (pp. 5-10, 12-14, 17-21, 22-28, 38, 117-120, 125-132) and accounts (pp. 4, 22, 133-134).  Purchase, Christie's, 1994, with the aid of the Friends of the National Libraries.       

MS 98   


Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain)   

Portraits exhibited at the Royal Academy : 1769 – 1904.  [19--].  3 v. ; 27 cm.  Carbon copy typescript list of portraits arranged alphabetically by sitter name and recording date, catalogue number and artist.  Contents : vol. 1.  A-F ; vol. 2. G-N ; vol. 3. O-Z.  Spine title : Portraits at the Royal Academy.  Lists portraits hung at the Royal Academy summer exhibition in the period 1769-1904.  It may have been compiled by Algernon Graves and based on his The Royal Academy of Arts: a complete dictionary of contributors and their work from its foundation in 1769 to 1904 (London, 1905).  The National Art Library holds another manuscript listing sitters by name, which is known to have been produced by Graves.  However the attribution of the volumes in the NPG collection is uncertain as there are some differences in style and level of detail between the manuscripts. Purchase, Sims Reed Rare Books, 2006.       

MS 190 (2006-23231)   


John Ruskin, 1819-1900   
Art critic and social critic

Album of press cuttings relating to John Ruskin.    [1900]    1 v. ; 46 cm.  Album contains illustrated papers and press cuttings relating to John Ruskin, the majority of which are dated 1900 and were published shortly after his death.    Includes an article titled 'The portraits of John Ruskin' by M.H. Spielmann, published in the 'Magazine of Art', January 1891.  With a manuscript index of the papers and cuttings included at the front of the album.  Acquired after 1900.   

MS 187   


John Russell, 1745-1806   
Portrait painter and pastellist

Photographs of portraits by John Russell.  1 v. ; 54 cm.  Album contains 244 photographs mounted on 28 leaves.  The sitters' names are recorded beneath the photographs in an unidentified hand.  Gift, Knight, Frank & Rutley, 1961.        

MS 183 (3724)   


MS 102

MS 102


Francis Owen (‘Frank’) Salisbury, 1874-1962   

Francis Owen Salisbury correspondence and papers, 1937 - 1939.  1 volume (125 p.) ; 32 cm.  Album numbered volume 17 on spine and titled 'Royal procession and Guildhall coronation luncheon, 1937'.  Contains letters, sketches, photographs, press cuttings, and printed ephemera relating to Salisbury's paintings of the Royal Luncheon held at the Guildhall to celebrate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, 19 May 1937 (pp. 1-59) and the Coronation Procession, 12 May 1937 (pp. 75-125).  Purchase, Stride & Son, 1997.
MS 99   

Francis Owen O. Salisbury correspondence and papers, c. 1900 - 1958.  2 volumes (123, 128 p.) ; 32 cm.  Albums numbered volumes 18 and 19 on spine and titled 'British letters'.  Contain letters relating to portraits painted by Salisbury, arranged alphabetically by correspondent: A to M in volume 18 and N to Z in volume 19.  Purchase, Stride & Son, 1997.       

MS 100-101
Francis Owen Salisbury correspondence and papers, 1893 - 1955.  1 volume (83 p.) ; 32 cm.  Album numbered volume 27 on spine and titled 'Honours and elections'.  Contains letters and certificates relating to scholarships, memberships, prizes, awards and honours received by Salisbury, arranged in date order.  Purchase, Stride & Son, 1997.       

MS 102   

Francis Owen Salisbury correspondence and papers, c. 1906 - 1955.  1 volume (1, 107 p.) and 1 envelope ; 32 cm.  Album numbered volume 30 on spine and titled 'Exhibitions in Britain and America'.  Contains letters, notes, photographs, press cuttings and printed ephemera relating to exhibitions of Salisbury's work, arranged in date order, with an envelope containing 16 items of ephemera and 8 letters.  Purchase, Stride & Son, 1997.
MS 103   
Francis Owen Salisbury correspondence and papers, c. 1934 - 1961.  1 volume (123 p.) ; 32 cm.  Album numbered volume 31 on spine and titled 'Letters - own book'.  Contains letters relating to Salisbury's books The art of Frank Salisbury 1936 (pp. 3-71), Portrait and pageant 1944 (pp.72-87) and Sarum Chase 1953 (pp. 91-123). Purchase, Stride & Son, 1997.       

MS 104   

Photographs of portraits painted by Francis Owen Salisbury, 1898 - 1960.  40 vols. ; 55 cm.  The photographs, taken by A&C Cooper, are contained in 38 numbered and 2 unnumbered albums (the latter 2 relate to exhibitions 1927-9).  The leaves of the albums are annotated in the artist's hand with sitter name and a typed list of contents is provided at the front of each album.  Gift of the artist’s grandson, Richard Norris, 2006.       

MS 182


John Singer Sargent, 1856-1925   
Portrait painter

Photographs of works by John Singer Sargent.  1 v. ; 52 cm.  Album contains 8 mounted photographs of works by John Singer Sargent.  Upper cover of binding embossed: 'John S. Sargent, R.A.'       

MS 188


MS 115

MS 115


William Seguier, 1771-1843
Artist and first Keeper of the National Gallery

Letters to William Seguier and others, c. 1818 - 1842.  1 volume (14 leaves) ; 28 x 38 cm.  Comprises 26 autograph letters, mainly from artists (folios 1-13), and an authorisation to remove pictures from Windsor Castle, dated 17 January 1824 (folio 14).  Bound into an album with the initials H.W.S.B. stamped on the upper cover, which are thought to be those of Seguier's grandson Henry William Seguier Brown.  Purchase, J.G. Stanton, 1950.       

MS 115


Shirley Charles Llewellyn Slocombe, fl. 1887-1904


Shirley Slocombe correspondence and photographs, including correspondence with sitters, c. 1896-1904.  2 boxes.  Unsorted.    Gift, Richard Ford, 2008.


Colvin Smith, 1795-1875
Portrait painter, based in Edinburgh, 1827-1875

Colvin Smith account book, 1833 - 1869 : copy made from microfilm, c. 1963.  1 volume (134 leaves) ; 21 x 35 cm.  Copied from a microfilm of the original in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  Acquired, 1963.

MS 114   


James Sotheby, 1655-1720
Antiquarian and collector

Copy of the notebooks of James Sotheby, 1674 - 1716 : photographic copy, c. 1939 - 1949.  4 volumes ; 18 x 24 cm.  Includes additional notes by Sotheby’s son James (b. 1682).  Comprises accounts, inventories of property and pictures, memoranda, including an account of a portrait of Sir Thomas More and his family (volume 1, folios 28-35).  Photographed from the originals owned by Colonel H.G. Sotheby, c. 1939-1945 (acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum, 1955).       

MS 105-108   


John Steegman, 1899-1966
Member of staff at the National Portrait Gallery 1929-1945 

John Steegman research papers, c. 1937-1962.  2 boxes ; 37 cm.  Plus 1 card index drawer.  Comprises 9 files of notes and correspondence and a card index of sitters relating to the portrait painter Sir Francis Grant, 1803-1878.   Note: other papers by Steegman are filed in Notes on Artists.  Acquired, after 1966.

MS 120   


Philip Wilson Steer, 1860-1942


MS 112

MS 112


Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, 1899-1969

Sigfrid Henry Steinberg research papers, c. 1935 - 1940.  1 box ; 37 cm.    Comprises drafts, correspondence 1935-1940, and notes relating to a proposed bibliography of the history of British portraiture.  Gift, Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, 1967.       

MS 112

Card index relating to portraits of King George I (1660-1727), undated [c 1930s]. 2 boxes. Steinberg  maintained an interest in iconography and material in the National Portrait Gallery’s archive indicates that in 1937 he was in the course of collecting references to portraits of King George I for a proposed publication on this topic. Gift, Christine Steinberg, 1973.

Note: the material remains in the order in which it was transferred in 1973. Mrs Steinberg wrote at that time that moving and bombing had disturbed the order of the cards and she had not attempted to reorder the contents.

Language: some of the material is written in German.

The collection also includes a small number of b&w photographs of portraits of King George I.


MS 122

MS 122

Surrey, Launcelot   

Portraits of Edward VI : typescript, 1966 / by Launcelot Surrey ; edited by Nigel Surrey.  2 ring binders (79, 52 leaves) ; 27 cm.  Typescript of thesis and catalogue of portraits, edited by the author's son Nigel Surrey, 1966.  Deposit, Nigel Surrey, 1987.

MS 121
Launcelot Surrey collection of photographs and other reproductions of portraits of Edward VI, undated.    2 photograph albums (33, 26 leaves) ; 27 x 34 cm.  Plus 1 folder ; 38 cm.  Collected by Surrey in connection with his thesis and catalogue of portraits titled 'Portraits of Edward VI'.  Deposit, Nigel Surrey, 1987.

MS 122