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Letter from Mrs Alice Bridgeman - 19 August 1929

Letter from Mrs Alice Bridgeman (née Kleinwort), dated 19 August 1929, concerning several portraits, including that of Lord Haldane

Wierton Place,
Nr. Maidstone
August 19th. 1929

Dear Mr de László,

Very many thanks for your letter - I do indeed love the drawing, & it is much appreciated at home. I enjoy having it enormously & am so grateful for it. Just now it is being framed & I am looking forward to seeing

it finished.

In October the big portrait will be in my drawing room, which has been especially re-decorated so that the picture should hang well. I hope you will come & see it there.

I am sure you enjoy painting the Spanish dancer who must lend herself so well to a really effective picture, she is so different from the usual "portrait"


Just for a day or two I am with the children at a most terrible place, an English South coast seaside town! It is excessively ugly, people and surroundings, the only beautiful thing is the sea itself! Later on I hope to have more opportunity of travelling far away which I long to do. I expect it is my continental blood which makes me feel sometimes I must go abroad!

Yes, I have read

Lord Haldane's life - what a noble one it was, & only now after his death does he receive real appreciation. I see that your portrait of him will be in the National [Portrait] Gallery.
I am now reading a most entertaining book on Henry VIII! A very extraordinary but unpleasant character!

I shall not be in London again till the end of September when we shall be at home for several months - I envy you going to Paris which I love.

All kindest thoughts & much gratitude for the charming drawing, yours very sincerely

Alice Bridgeman