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Card from Alice Balfour - 31 August 1908

Card from Alice Balfour dated 31 August 1908, concerning Wilfrid Ward's request to include a photograph of the portrait of her brother in his book Ten Personal Studies (1908)

(Sta: East Linton, N.B.R., Tel: Stenton)
Aug 31/08

Dear Mr. László,
I am hoping to hear from you about the photograph of my brother's portrait, as to whether Hollyer can produce a better result.  Mr Wilfrid Ward wishes to get a photograph from the picture for his book, but I have refused to give permission to his

(Sta: East Linton, N.B.R., Tel: Stenton)
Sep 14/08

publishers until I know whether the photograph can be made good enough.
I found I could not photograph the portrait when it was being hung here because of all the reflections in the glass.  It looks very well as hung now.
Yours sin[cerel]y
Alice Balfour
I don't know your address, so send this to Dowdenell to be forwarded.


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