Letter from de László to Alfred Moss - 27th April 1931

Letter from Philip de László, dated 27 April 1931, to Alfred Moss, Honorary Secretary of the Jerome Commemoration Committee, declining an invitation to unveil the copy of his portrait of Jerome

27th April, 1931.

Dear Mr. Moss,
It was with much regret that I was obliged to telegraph you of my inability to accept your and your Committee's kind invitation to present to the Mayor of Walsall the copy of my portrait of Mr. Jerome K. Jerome, and I wish to thank you and your Committee for the honour you have paid me in asking me to make the presentation.
As I informed you, I am already engaged for next Thursday, the 30th, and have also an engagement in Oxford for that evening, and much as I should like to have come to Walsall at a later date, as you suggest, I have to leave during the next few days for Paris for a stay of a few weeks, my usual Spring visit to my Studio there.
I hope the ceremony on the 30th will go off well, and with my renewed regrets,
Believe me,