Letter from de László to Lady Petrie - 31 January 1933

Letter from Philip de László, dated 31 January 1933, to Lady Hilda Mary Isabel Petrie, asking when Sir Flinders Petrie might be in London for a sitting

31st January, 1933.

Dear Lady Petrie,

I wish to thank you most heartily for your very kind and welcome letter. It is so nice of you to think of our conversation and my suggestion that I might come out and Meet you and Sir Flinders at Gaza. Alas, I have been very busy since we met, and I have been ordered to go to the South of Italy and take an absolute rest for a month, and so to my regret I have to give up for the present my contemplated visit to Palestine. I much hope it is only postponed, however. It is a great disappointment to me, as I hoped to come out and do studies there at the same time.

Will you please let me know when we may expect you here in London again, as I am looking forward to do a study of Sir Flinders.

With our warmest regards to you both.

Believe me,

Yours very sincerely


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