Letter from Mrs Mary Catharine Inge - 28 November 1933

Letter from Mrs Mary Catharine Inge, dated 28 November 1933, expressing her admiration of the portrait of Haldane

ST. PAUL'S, E.C.4.
Tuesday November 28th: 1933

Dear Mr. Laszló de Lombos,

I was very sorry not to say Goodbye to you on Saturday evening, but Lady Horner was kindly driving us home, and I did not like to keep her waiting. It was such a very great pleasure to see you again, and I feel I want to tell you how enormously impressed I am with your most remarkable portrait of Professor John. I know him so

intimately, and you have got all his wonderful character in his face. Your portrait lives : it is so intensely alive. I don't think I have ever been more impressed by any modern portrait that I have ever seen. How impertinent this is of me to write to a great Master like yourself, but I love Professor John Haldane & your perfect interpretation of his noble character is supreme. Thank you.

Yours most sincerely
M. Catharine Inge.


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