Letters from Mary Seton Watts (1849-1938)

Notes: all letters are autograph letters unless otherwise stated; page numbers refer to the pagination in the albums (onto the pages of which letters have been attached); names of correspondents and dates of letters have been standardized for purposes of clarity and do not represent a direct transcription from the letters; correspondence addresses and the extent of individual letters have not been recorded; the use of square brackets denotes uncertain information (mainly dates and a few names).

Donaldson, Rev. Stuart Alexander (1854-1915), Master of Magdalen College, Cambridge, divine and oarsman

- Typed copy of a letter to the Rev. Stuart Alexander Donaldson, 1 October 1899 (Album 13, p. 35)

Mead, Mary Gertrude (later Mrs Edwin Austin Abbey), organiser of the exhibition of Watts's paintings held at the Metropolitan Museum in New York 1884-1885

- Copy of a letter to Mary Gertrude Mead (later Mrs Edwin Austin Abbey), 19 October 1888 (Album 13, p. 87)

Smith, James, of Blundell Sands

- Letter to James Smith, 13 September 1913 (Album 14, p. 30b)

Taylor, J. Scott, of Winsor and Newton

- 4 letters to J. Scott Taylor, including 1 typewritten letter, 1911-1912 and undated (Box 4)

Tennyson, Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron (1852-1928), 1st son and biographer of Alfred Lord Tennyson

- Typed copy of a letter to Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson, 14 February 1902 (Album 1, p. 59)



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