Miscellaneous notes and papers

Atkinson, William Blake (fl. 1873-1905), poet and rector

- Manuscript copy of a poem entitled Return of the Dove, enclosed with a letter to Mary Watts, 14 December 1905 (Album 12, pp. 12-13)

Austin, Alfred (1835-1913), Poet Laureate

- Manuscript copy of a poem entitled Love and Death, 1 January 1904 (Album 11, p. 39)

Bryans, Annie J.

- Typed copy of her reminiscences of George Frederic Watts, enclosed with a letter to Mary Watts, 7 July 1905 (Album 12, pp. 30-31)

Burne-Jones, Lady Georgiana (1840-1920), wife of Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, 1st Bt

- 2 notes explaining the circumstances of letters written by George Frederic Watts to herself and her husband, 4 December 1870 and 5 May 1881 (Album 5, pp. 40, 49)

Dilke, Sir Charles Wentworth, 2nd Bt (1843-1911), politician and writer

- Transcriptions of 2 newspaper cuttings, enclosed with a letter to Mary Watts concerning letters from George Frederic Watts, 19 July 1905 (Album 12, p. 80, 87, 97)

Hopkins, Jane Ellice (1836-1904), social reformer

- Note entitled From the life of Ellice Hopkins by Rosa M. Barrett (extract from a paper called 'Good in Exile' an account of Freshwater by G.H.), enclosed with a letter to George Frederic Watts, undated (Album 4, p. 120)

Jekyll, Miss

- Notes concerning appointments, including meetings with George Frederic Watts, 1867-1893 (Album 15, p. 57)

Paton, [J.C.?], schoolmaster at Manchester Grammar School

- Manuscript copy of a message sent to the boys of the Manchester Grammar School by George Frederic Watts, dated 23 November 1903, enclosed with a letter to Mary Watts, 21 July 1905 (Album 13, pp. 102-103)

Strachey, John St Loe (1860-1927), journalist

- Typewritten notes, with manuscript annotations, of conversations with George Frederic Watts, enclosed with a typewritten letter to Mary Watts, 15 July 1905 (Album 14, pp. 41-47)

Watts, George Frederic (1817-1904)

- Miscellaneous manuscript notes, c. 1850-1897, 30 leaves (Box 3)

- Sheet of colour samples, presumably relating to correspondence between Watts and J. Scott Taylor, undated (Album 8, p. 1)

Watts, Mary Seton (1849-1938), 2nd wife of George Frederic Watts

- Manuscript notes on the life of George Frederic Watts, undated, 18 leaves (Box 4)


- Manuscript notes in an unidentified hand about George Frederic Watts, undated (Album 9, p. 14)

- Typewritten notes entitled Notes on a Visit to Mr Watts, at Limnerslease, Guildford, 27 September 1898 (Album 9, pp. 7-13)

- Newspaper cutting of an article entitled The Late Poet Laureate reporting the ceremony at the National Gallery of South Australia on the occasion of the unveiling of a portrait of Alfred Lord Tennyson by George Frederic Watts (Album 1, p. 57)

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