Changing Impressions - D11103

The British Naval Victors
by Valentine Green, after Gainsborough Dupont, and after Francis Cotes, and after Richard Morton Paye, and after Lemuel Francis Abbott
published 1799
NPG D11103

Changing Impressions:  A Print Conservation Project in Focus

This print commemorates the victories of four of Britain's admirals. Its publication was undoubtedly due to Nelson's victory at the Battle of the Nile. This type of print provides invaluable information for the work of the National Portrait Gallery Archive. Each of the four reproduced portraits is accompanied by details of ownership and location, as well as the name of the artist of the original painting.

Today we must approach such visual documents cautiously. Although Green has here reproduced the National Portrait Gallery's own portrait of Admiral St Vincent (npg 2026; on display in Room 17), he has altered the face to make him appear older than the 1769 original. However, the inscription giving ownership to Mrs Ricketts is helpful in tracing the provenance of one of the Gallery's portraits.