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Artists, their materials and suppliers

Artists, their materials and suppliers

Artists, their materials and suppliers

This website feature arises out of the interest shown in the directory, British artists' suppliers, 1650-1950.

Contributions are welcome on artists, their materials and suppliers, with a focus on historical rather than purely technical studies. Contact Jacob Simon, National Portrait Gallery, London WC2H 0HE or e-mail to [email protected].


British artists’ suppliers, 1650-1950

By artist

Thomas Lawrence’s studios and studio practice John Singer Sargent’s suppliers of artists’ materials

By period

Tudor Artists or Artisans? Native practices, methods, materials and the context of craft production

By materials

Standard British canvas sizes The artist's porte-crayon

By suppliers’ marks

Part 1, 1785-1831 Part 2, A to D Part 3, Thomas Brown Part 4, Robert and Charles Davy Part 5, E to N Part 6, O to Y Part 7, Reeves & Sons Part 8, Charles Roberson & Co Part 9, George Rowney & Co Part 10, Winsor & Newton canvas Part 11, Winsor & Newton panels Part 12, England outside London Part 13, Scotland Part 14, Picture restorers

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