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Tudor and Jacobean Portraits Database

Anne Boleyn (circa 1500-1536), Second Queen of Henry VIII

Henry Fitzalan, 12th Earl of Arundel (1511?-1580), Soldier and courtier

John Astley (circa 1507-1596), Courtier

Sir Nicholas Bacon (1510-1579), Lord Keeper of the Great Seal

John Bourchier, 2nd Baron Berners (1467-1533), Statesman and writer

William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley (1520 or 1521-1598), Lord High Treasurer

Sir William Butts (1485-1545), Physician and confidant of Henry VIII

Catherine Howard (circa 1518-1542), Fifth Queen Consort of Henry VIII

Sir Thomas Chaloner (1521-1565), Diplomat

King Charles I (1600-1649), Reigned 1625-49

Sir Thomas Coningsby (1550-1625), Soldier

Sir Charles Cornwallis (circa 1555-1629), Diplomat

Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556), Archbishop of Canterbury

Gregory Fiennes, 10th Baron Dacre (1539-1594), Peer

Mary Neville, Lady Dacre (1524-circa 1576), Wife of 9th Baron Dacre

John Donne (1572-1631), Poet and divine

Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset (1536-1608), Poet and Lord Treasurer

Sir Francis Drake (1540-1596), Admiral and circumnavigator

King Edward I (1239-1307), Reigned 1272-1307

King Edward III (1312-1377), Reigned 1327-77

King Edward IV (1442-1483), Reigned 1461-70 and 1471-83

King Edward V (1470-1483), Reigned 1483

King Edward VI (1537-1553), Reigned 1547-53

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603), Reigned 1558-1603

Princess Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia and Electress Palatine (1596-1662), Daughter of James I; wife of Frederick V, Elector Palatine

Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex (circa 1485-1540), Statesman

Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex (1539-1576), Military commander and Earl-Marshal of Ireland

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (1565-1601), Soldier; favourite of Elizabeth I

Gerlach Flicke (active 1545-died 1558), Painter

Richard Foxe (1447 or 1448-1528), Bishop and statesman

Sir Thomas Gresham (circa 1518-1579), Founder of the Royal Exchange

Nicholas Heath (1501?-1578), Archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor

King Henry I (1068 or 1069-1135), Reigned 1100-35

King Henry II (1133-1189), Reigned 1154-89

King Henry IV (1367-1413), Reigned 1399-1413

King Henry VI (1421-1471), Reigned 1422-61 and 1470-71

King Henry VII (1457-1509), Reigned 1485-1509

King Henry VIII (1491-1547), Reigned 1509-47

Henry, Prince of Wales (1594-1612), Eldest son of James I

Sir Edward Hoby (1560-1617), Scholar and favourite of James I

King James I of England and VI of Scotland (1566-1625), Reigned Scotland 1567-1625 and England 1603-25

King John (1167-1216), Reigned 1199-1216

Benjamin ('Ben') Jonson (1573?-1637), Poet and dramatist

Katherine of Aragon (1485-1536), First Queen of Henry VIII

Katherine Parr (1512-1548), Sixth Queen of Henry VIII

Nicholas Kratzer (1487-?1550), Mathematician and astronomer

Sir Henry Lee (1533-1611), Master of the Ordnance

Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (1532 or 1533-1588), Courtier and magnate; favourite of Elizabeth I

John Lumley, 1st Baron Lumley (circa 1533-1609), Politician and collector of art and books

Margaret Tudor (1489-1541), Queen of Scotland

Queen Mary I (1516-1558), Reigned 1553-58; daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon

Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587), Reigned 1542-67

Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu (1528-1592), Courtier and diplomat

Sir Thomas More (1478-1535), Lord Chancellor; classical scholar; author of 'Utopia'; saint; canonised 1935

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk (1536-1572), Potential suitor to Mary, Queen of Scots

William Paget, 1st Baron Paget (1505-1563), Secretary of State and Lord Privy Seal

Philip II, King of Spain (1527-1598), Husband of Mary I

Sir Nicholas Poyntz (1510-1556), Courtier and Sheriff of Gloucestershire

Sir Walter Ralegh (1554-1618), Soldier, sailor, poet and writer

Walter Ralegh (1593-1618), Eldest son of Sir Walter Ralegh

King Richard II (1367-1400), Reigned 1377-99

King Richard III (1452-1485), Reigned 1483-85

Sir Edward Rogers (1498?-1567?), Esquire of the Body of Henry VIII

Oliver St John, 1st Baron St John of Bletso (circa 1520-1582), Courtier and Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire

Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury (1563-1612), Statesman

Mary (née Throckmorton), Lady Scudamore (died 1632), Former wife of Sir Thomas Baskerville, and later wife of Sir James Scudamore

Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586), Soldier, statesman and poet

Sir Richard Southwell (1502 or 1503-1564), Courtier and official

King Stephen (circa 1092-1154), Reigned 1135-54

Henry Strangwish (Strangways) (died 1562), Pirate

Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517?-1547), Poet

Sir Nicholas Throckmorton (1515-1571), Diplomat

Sir Henry Unton (circa 1558-1596), Soldier and diplomat

Pietro Vermigli (1499-1562), Reformer, Theologian and known as 'Peter Martyr'

Sir Francis Walsingham (circa 1532-1590), Statesman

William Warham (1450?-1532), Archbishop of Canterbury

Thomas Wentworth, 1st Baron Wentworth (1501-1551), Lord Chamberlain

King William I ('The Conqueror') (1027 or 1028-1087), Reigned 1066-87

Thomas Wolsey (1470 or 1471-1530), Cardinal and statesman

Sir Thomas Wyatt (1521?-1554), Conspirator; son of Sir Thomas Wyatt