Making Art in Tudor Britain - Workshop 2

Making Art in Tudor Britain

Katherine Parr
attributed to Master John
circa 1545
NPG 4451

Abstracts from Academic Workshops (2007-8)
Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

Workshop 2 (November 2007)
Tudor Artists or Artisans? Native practices, methods, materials and the context of craft production

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Artists' Materials in Sixteenth-Century England: Import and Retail Trade
Jo Kirby Atkinson, Scientific Department, The National Gallery, London

Medieval artistic practice: Precursors in medieval paint technology
Marie Louise Sauerberg, Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge

The Technique of English Medieval Wall Painting: 1385-1485, the century leading to the reign of Henry Tudor

Helen Howard, Scientific Department, National Gallery

English Workshops: work in progress on 'Master John' & other 1540s native painters
Sophie Plender, Senior Project Conservator, National Portrait Gallery
Dr. Tarnya Cooper, Curator, sixteenth-century collections, National Portrait Gallery

Decorative painting and plasterwork in houses: the use of copy-books
Dr Tara Hamling, Department of Modern History, University of Birmingham

Furniture and woodwork in Tudor England: native practices, methods, materials and context
Nick Humphrey, Furniture, Textiles and Fashion Department, Victoria and Albert Museum

Elizabethan and Jacobean Painter-Heralds
Dr Elizabeth Goldring, Associate Fellow, Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, University of Warwick

Artists and guilds in London: constraints and opportunities
Ian W. Archer, Keble College, Oxford

Provincial Artisan Networks and the Painter's Occupation
Robert Tittler, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada