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Annotated Bibliography of Frame Publications, 1995 to 2018 By country: Australia

Melbourne Journal of Technical Studies in Art, vol.1, Frames, University of Melbourne Conservation Service, 1999, 156pp, 31 illustrations. This first volume of a handsome new periodical is largely devoted to Australian picture framing, with seven articles, listed below, three on Melbourne, one each on Sydney and Tasmania, and articles on the framing of J.M.W. Turner's watercolours and on the care of frames.

Art Gallery of New South Wales, S.A. Parker Framing Works, 2003, 80pp. A guide to the contents of the Parker framing archive, by Paula Dredge, Malgorzata Sawicki, Steven Miller and Lindsay Parker. Including a timeline, glossary, listing of frames by S.A. Parker in the Art Gallery of New South Wales collection, an illustrated listing of labels and stamps used by the Parker business, a listing of the contents of the Parker archive and illustrations from S.A. Parker’s frame catalogue of c.1927-33.

Cant, Elizabeth, 'Entrepreneurship and Picture Frame Making in Nineteenth-Century Australia. Lawrence Cetta and the Quick Profit', The World of Antiques and Art, July-December 1999, pp.44-5. On the career of an Italian immigrant picture frame and looking glass maker in Sydney from 1843 to 1853.

Cant, Elizabeth, ‘Does Gideon Saint have the answer? Pattern books and picture frame making in 19th century Australia', Australiana, vol.21, November 1999, pp.117-20, 11 illustrations. On the possible influence of pattern books on Australian picture framemakers.

Cant, Elizabeth, ‘Gilded Sand and the Decoration of the Nineteenth-Century Australian Picture Frame', The World of Antiques and Art, December 1999-June 2000, pp.40-2, 5 figures plus diagrams. On the work of two 19th-century framemaking businesses in Melbourne.

Crombie, Isobel, Angeletta Leggio and Holly McGowan-Jackson, ‘Framing Nicholas Caire', ABV42: The Annual Journal of the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Bulletin of Victoria, 2002, pp.26-35, 4 colour illustrations, 1 profile diagram. On the reframing of an 1878 crystoleum, ‘Fairy scene at the Landslip, Black's Spur' by the 19th-century photographer Nicholas Caire. The original adapted frame was copied, and its covering of red silk velvet imitated as closely as possible.

Dredge, Paula, ‘Sydney Trade Directories 1843-1932: Carvers, Gilders and Picture Framemakers', Melbourne Journal of Technical Studies in Art, vol.1, 1999, pp.49-80, 7 illustrations of framemakers' adverts and labels. A listing by decade of Sydney framemakers derived from trade directories.

Espinoza, Ana Maria, ‘A Framemaker of Colonial Melbourne: Isaac Whitehead c.1819-1881', Melbourne Journal of Technical Studies in Art, vol.1, 1999, pp.33-48, 12 line illustrations. A survey of the frames of the painter and framemaker, Isaac Whitehead.

Fahy, Kevin, and Andrew Simpson, Australian Furniture: Pictorial History and Dictionary, 1788-1938, Casuarina Press, Woollahra, 1998. A beautifully illustrated survey, with a biographical dictionary [pp.18-138] of furniture makers, framemakers, including many carvers & gilders and framemakers, reproducing makers' labels and stamps; plates 292-316 reproduce picture, print, photograph and mirror frames from c.1835 to c.1920, in plain wood and gilt frames, many by known makers.

Lane, Terence, Nineteenth Century Australian Art in the National Gallery of Victoria, National Gallery of Victoria, 2003. Includes a chapter on the evolution of the gallery, illustrated with images of the interior from various periods, showing frames and hangings. The paintings catalogued include twenty-one illustrated in their frames, of which ten have an identified maker; one is 19th-century French, and one 19th-century British in Egyptian style.

Maddock, Hilary, ‘Picture Framemakers in Melbourne c.1860-1930', Melbourne Journal of Technical Studies in Art, vol.1, 1999, pp.1-32. A listing by decade of Melbourne framemakers derived from trade directories; two firms, Whitehead's and Thallon's, led the framemaking trade in Melbourne; they are treated at more length elsewhere in this volume.

Mulford, Therese, Tasmanian Framemakers, 1830-1930: a directory, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, 1997, 127pp, numerous illustrations. Comprehensive work reproducing many frames, labels, moulds and advertisements.

Newhouse, Claire, ‘John Thallon 1848-1918', Melbourne Journal of Technical Studies in Art, vol.1, 1999, pp.81-98, 10 illustrations and 2 colour details on cover. Well-documented survey of the work of John Thallon, the leading Melbourne framemaker of the 1880s and 1890s, drawing on his framing account book of 1888-1903, surviving labelled frames and a range of other sources.

Payne, John, Framing in the Nineteenth Century: Picture Frames 1837-1935, National Gallery of Victoria, 2007, 288pp, fully illustrated throughout in colour. A survey of 19th and early 20th century frames in the museum's collection, organized by the makers, of which there are 55. Fewer than half of these are Australian, but they include the prolific firm of John Thallon, whose frames in the collection span a period of almost fifty years. Many prominent British Victorian framemakers are also included (Chapman Bros, Dolman, Foord & Dickinson, W.A. Smith, Vokins, etc.). Each framed work is given a full colour image, a colour detail (cutting away to a line drawing of the profile), and, where it exists, a reproduction of the framemaker's label. The text comprises a technical summary and a brief commentary on the ornament, style, maker, history, etc. An extremely useful work, both as a history of the framemakers and as a visual pattern book for the age. The layout and design are exemplary.