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Heinz Archive and Library, National Portrait Gallery (NPG)

NPG 7/2/2/1 - George Scharf’s Art Treasures-related correspondence, 1856-1857.

NPG7/2/2/4 – George Scharf’s Long Books (LB I-X) catalogued under ‘General Notes’; ten volumes of notebooks compiled in tandem with SSB 43-49 during 1856-1857 – see also Abbreviations under ‘LB’.

NPG7/3/4/2/51-59 – Scharf Sketchbooks 43-49 (SSB 43-49) seven personal sketchbooks compiled during the course of 1856-1857.

NPG7/3/1/12-14 – George Scharf’s personal diaries for 1856-7. These consist of three volumes of ‘Letts’s Diaries’. The first is a single, reasonably well-kept single volume covering 1856 (NPG7/3/1/12). The other two (NPG7/3/1/13) consist of small and large format (NPG7/3/1/14) 1857 diaries, each subdivided into twelve loose monthly folios inserted into cardboard slipcases. NB. Scharf adapted the November folios of the smaller 1857 Letts’s Diary to record entries for 1856 – see the introduction to SSB 44 for further explanation.

NPG7/3/7/2/1/14 – Journal of George Scharf Snr (Scharf’s father), 1852-1859. A single unpaginated notebook which served as the journal and account book of Scharf’s father George Johann Scharf during the last few years of his life, from 1852 to 1859.    

NPG7/3/7/4/1/5-6 – The 1856 and 1857 diaries of George Scharf’s maternal spinster aunt, Mary Hicks (1774-1884).

Manchester Central Library (MCL)

MCL M6/2/6/1-2 - Art Secretary’s Out-Letter Book (Vols. 1 & 2). Nearly six-hundred letters written by Scharf to Art Treasures lenders, dealers, and other interested parties are preserved in two paginated volumes of the Art Secretary’s Out-Letter Books. Out-Letter Book 1 (M6/2/6/1/) covers a five-month period from 25 September 1856 to 8 March 1857, while Out-Letter Book 2 (M6/2/6/2/), which matches it in size, was compiled over just six weeks, between 3 March-18 April 1857.

MCL M6/2/11 – Art Treasures Exhibition, Letters received.


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