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Andrea Easey

Andrea Easey

Interpretation Editor

Job description

My role as Interpretation Editor involves overseeing the interpretation content for the exhibitions, displays and permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery and some touring exhibitions. This includes planning and commissioning the interactive elements for exhibitions; the Gallery audio-visual guide system and exhibition-specific audio guides. I research and publish in the fields of interpretation – especially using new technology to deliver a better result for the Gallery visitor.


I joined the Gallery in 2006 after working at the National Gallery as a web and communications editor and at the British Museum for twelve years as an exhibition editor. I was the editor of the Museum and Design Group’s quarterly publication, Museum Design, to which I also contributed articles. My studies include a BA (Hons) in the History of Prints and Drawings and an MA in Museum Studies with further post-graduate research into early drawing materials.

Research interests

My research interests continue to be the communication of information in museums and galleries. This has changed with the growth of affordable technology to cover the use of listening posts and audio tours, mobile telephone tours, apps and interactives; the place of text and its strengths and limitations alongside newer technologies.

Recent Publications

‘The  Road to 2012 at the National Portrait Gallery’(with Matthew Lewis), Interpretation Journal, Summer 2012
‘From audio to visual: moving towards better digital interpretation’ chapter in Interactive Galleries: digital technology, handheld interpretation and new media (Museum ID, 2010)
‘An Audio Tour is Available..’, Interpretation Journal, Summer 2008