What is a portrait?

How many ways are there to create a portrait? Painting, drawing, sculpting, even Lego! 

Your class will explore how artists use a range of creative tools to represent themselves and other people. Working with an artist, they will respond creatively to portraits on display, trying out different materials and techniques.

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    Zandra Rhodes,    by Andrew Logan,    1989,    NPG 6221,    Photograph © National Portrait Gallery, London
Zandra Rhodes, by Andrew Logan, 1989

Session duration: 90 mins


Primary, key stage 1

This session is for one class of up to thirty students to take part.

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Learning objectives

  1. Use critical thinking and analysis skills to explore portraits.
  1. Explore a range of artists, artistic methods, materials and processes.
  1. Respond creatively to a wide range of portraits on display.
  1. Use creative skills and techniques in portrait making.