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Isaac Rosenberg
by London Art Studios
circa 1915
NPG P230

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
NPG 4814

Wilfred Owen
by John Gunston
NPG P515

Isaac Rosenberg
by Isaac Rosenberg
NPG 4129

Vanessa Bell
by Duncan Grant
circa 1918
NPG 4331

Aldous Huxley
by Howard Coster
NPG P714

Gertrude Jekyll
by William Nicholson
NPG 3334

T.E. Lawrence
by Augustus John
circa 1929
NPG 2910

Constant Lambert
by Christopher Wood
NPG 4443

Cedric Morris
by Cedric Morris
circa 1930
NPG 5407

Cecil Beaton
by Curtis Moffat, and Olivia Wyndham
circa 1928
NPG x20034

Yvonne Gregory
by Bertram Park
NPG x11824

Anna Zinkeisen
by Anna Zinkeisen
circa 1944
NPG 5884

Doris Zinkeisen
by Doris Zinkeisen
exhibited 1929
NPG 6487

James Joyce
by Jacques-Emile Blanche
NPG 3883

Beatrix Potter
by Delmar Banner
NPG 3635

Winston Churchill
by Walter Stoneman
3pm 1 April 1941
NPG x6140

Ben Nicholson
by Humphrey Spender
circa 1935

Richard Hillary
by Eric Kennington
NPG 5167

Richard Burton
by Daniel Farson
NPG P293

Anna Neagle
by McClelland Barclay
NPG 6054

Agatha Christie
by John Gay
published February 1949
NPG x126501

Francis Bacon
by Reginald Gray
NPG 5135

Harold Wilson
by Ruskin Spear
exhibited 1974
NPG 5047

David Hockney
by Bern Schwartz
5 July 1977
NPG P1183

David Bowie
by David Wedgbury
NPG x47344

Doris Lessing
by Leonard William McComb
NPG 6516

P.D. James
by Michael Taylor
NPG 6361

John Mortimer
by Tai-Shan Schierenberg
NPG 6160

Seamus Heaney
by Peter Edwards
NPG 6023

Harold Pinter
by Justin Mortimer
NPG 6185

Iris Murdoch
by Tom Phillips
NPG 5921

Sir Richard Branson
by David Mach
NPG 6494

Diane Abbott
by Geoff Wilson
April 1992
NPG x76443

Helen Mirren
by Ishbel Myerscough
NPG 6415

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