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Politics and protest

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Herbert Stanley Morrison, Baron Morrison of Lambeth
by Harold Tomlin, for Daily Herald
11 July 1937
NPG x88274

Winston Churchill
published by R.A. (Postcards) Ltd.
circa 1949
NPG x198142

Michael Heseltine
by Rex Coleman, for Baron Studios
30 October 1962
NPG x125713

Sir Edward Heath
by Rex Coleman, for Baron Studios
29 September 1965
NPG x125726

Harold Wilson
by Barry Fantoni
NPG 6788

Michael Foot
by John Walmsley
NPG x6392

Sir Edward Heath
by Barry Fantoni
circa 1972
NPG 6782

Harold Wilson
by Ruskin Spear
exhibited 1974
NPG 5047

Tony Benn
by Bern Schwartz
30 June 1977
NPG P1141

Margaret Eve Hodge
by Markéta Luskacová
NPG x127354

Glenda Jackson
by Trevor Leighton
21 March 1989
NPG x32785

Diane Abbott
by Geoff Wilson
April 1992
NPG x76443

Dennis Skinner
by Geoff Wilson
27 November 1992
NPG x76447

Martin Bell
by Shaun Bloodworth
January 1994
NPG x125120

Yvette Cooper
by Victoria Carew Hunt
NPG x88082

Tessa Jowell
by Victoria Carew Hunt
NPG x88087

Angela Eagle
by Victoria Carew Hunt
NPG x88088

Gordon Brown
by Geoff Wilson
NPG x88359

Charles Kennedy
by Geoff Wilson
17 February 2000
NPG x88358

Mo Mowlam
by John Keane
NPG 6468

David Lammy
by Sal Idriss
NPG x125665

Gerry Adams
by Conrad Atkinson
NPG 6953

Nick Clegg
by Richard Saker
14 May 2009
NPG x134809

David Miliband
by Richard Saker
24 November 2010
NPG x134810

Tony Blair
by Alastair Adams
NPG 6974

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