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Queen Elizabeth II
by John Swannell
November 2001
NPG x125851

Kate Moss
by Corinne Day
NPG P1274

Virginia Woolf
by George Charles Beresford
July 1902
NPG P221

Charles Darwin
copy by John Collier
1883, based on a work of 1881
NPG 1024

Ira Aldridge
after James Northcote
circa 1826
NPG L251

William Shakespeare
associated with John Taylor
circa 1600-1610

John Donne
by Unknown English artist
circa 1595
NPG 6790

King Richard III
by Unknown artist
late 16th century
NPG 148

Anne Boleyn
by Unknown English artist
late 16th century, based on a work of circa 1533-1536
NPG 668

Jane Seymour
after Hans Holbein the Younger
circa 1537
NPG 7025

Katherine Parr
attributed to Master John
circa 1545
NPG 4451

T.E. Lawrence
by Augustus John
NPG 3187

Samuel Beckett
by Tom Phillips
NPG 6467

Jane Austen
by Cassandra Austen
circa 1810
NPG 3630

Queen Elizabeth I
by Unknown English artist
circa 1600
NPG 5175

Queen Elizabeth I
associated with Nicholas Hilliard
circa 1575
NPG 190

Queen Elizabeth I
by Unknown continental artist
circa 1575
NPG 2082

Dorothy Hodgkin
by Maggi Hambling
NPG 5797

Ken Dodd
by David Cobley
NPG 6702

Sir Thomas More
after Hans Holbein the Younger
early 17th century, based on a work of 1527
NPG 4358

Queen Elizabeth I ('The Ditchley portrait')
by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
circa 1592
NPG 2561

Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex
after Hans Holbein the Younger
early 17th century, based on a work of 1532-1533
NPG 1727

Charlotte Brontë
by George Richmond
NPG 1452

John Keats
by Joseph Severn
NPG 58

Seamus Heaney
by Tai-Shan Schierenberg
NPG 6703

Winston Churchill
by Graham Sutherland
NPG 5332

Sir Richard Francis Burton
by Frederic Leighton, Baron Leighton
NPG 1070

Jane Morris (née Burden)
by John Robert Parsons, copied by Emery Walker Ltd
July 1865
NPG x199254

James Joyce
by Jacques-Emile Blanche
NPG 3883

Henry James
by John Singer Sargent
NPG 1767

Lord Byron
by Richard Westall
NPG 4243

John Keats
by William Hilton, after Joseph Severn
based on a work of circa 1822
NPG 194

Oliver Cromwell
by Robert Walker
circa 1649
NPG 536

Robert Burns
by Alexander Nasmyth
circa 1821-1822, based on a work of 1787
NPG 46

Queen Elizabeth I
by Nicholas Hilliard
NPG 108

Thomas Cranmer
by Gerlach Flicke
NPG 535

Queen Elizabeth I
by Unknown English artist
circa 1588
NPG 541

Harold Pinter
by Justin Mortimer
NPG 6185

Seamus Heaney
by Peter Edwards
NPG 6023

John Clare
by William Hilton
NPG 1469

Mary Shelley
by Richard Rothwell
exhibited 1840
NPG 1235

King Henry VIII
after Hans Holbein the Younger
probably 17th century, based on a work of 1536
NPG 157

Lady Jane Grey
by Unknown artist
circa 1590-1600
NPG 6804

Queen Victoria
replica by Sir George Hayter
1863, based on a work of 1838
NPG 1250

Gertrude Jekyll
by William Nicholson
NPG 3334

Ellen Terry ('Choosing')
by George Frederic Watts
NPG 5048

Beatrix Potter
by Delmar Banner
NPG 3635

Anna Zinkeisen
by Anna Zinkeisen
circa 1944
NPG 5884

Ralph Vaughan Williams
by Sir Gerald Kelly
NPG 4829

Fanny Burney
by Edward Francisco Burney
circa 1784-1785
NPG 2634

Judi Dench
by Alessandro Raho
NPG 6671

Mo Mowlam
by John Keane
NPG 6468

Harold Wilson
by Ruskin Spear
exhibited 1974
NPG 5047

The Lobby of the House of Commons, 1886
by Liborio Prosperi ('Lib')
published in Vanity Fair Christmas Supplement 1886
NPG 5256

Winston Churchill
by Graham Sutherland
NPG 5331

King Henry VII
by Unknown Netherlandish artist
NPG 416

Sir Francis Drake
by Unknown artist
circa 1581
NPG 4032

Lord Byron
replica by Thomas Phillips
circa 1835, based on a work of 1813
NPG 142

Horatio Nelson
by Sir William Beechey
NPG 5798

George Eliot
by Sir Frederic William Burton
NPG 669

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