Floor plans

The portraits are arranged chronologically starting with the Tudor collection on Floor 3 and ending with the newest additions to the Collection on Floor 0. A good way to start your visit is to take the lifts or escalator up to the beginning of the Collection.

Exhibitions are on Floor 0 and Floor 2.

Plan of Floor 4

Floor 4

Dine in The Portrait Restaurant by Richard Corrigan, in The Borthwick Room

Plan of Floor 3

Floor 3
Duveen Wing | Ondaatje Wing

Explore portraits from 1300 to 1850

Tudors: Rooms 1-2
Uniting Kingdoms: Creating a Nation: Room 3
Civil War: Rooms 4-6
Royalty, Religion and Revolution: Rooms 7
The Kit-cat Club portraits: Room 8
Art, Science and Society
: Room 9
Global Britain: Rooms 10-12
Everyday portraits
: Room 13
Temporary displays
: Room 14
Regency, Romantics and Reform: Rooms 15-18

Explore Floor 3
Plan of Floor 2

Floor 2
Blavatnik Wing | Duveen Wing | Ondaatje Wing

Explore portraits from 1850 to 2000 and visit an exhibition

Victorians: Rooms 19-23
Challenging Identities: Room 24
Towards the Second World War
: Rooms 25-27
Making the Modern World
: Room 28

Current exhibition: Taylor Wessing Photo Portrait Prize 2023

Explore Floor 2
Plan of Floor 1

Floor 1
Weston Wing

Explore portraits from 2000 to today

Contemporary Collection: Rooms 29-32

Explore Floor 1
Plan of Floor 0

Floor 0
Duveen Wing | Ondaatje Wing

Explore History Makers Now in Room 33 and visit an exhibition

Current exhibition: The Time is Always Now: Artists Reframe the Black Figure

Ticket and Membership Desk

Exit to Charing Cross Road

Explore Floor 0
Plan of Floor -1

Floor -1
Weston Wing

Eat and drink in the Audrey Green Café

Exit to St Martin's Place

Plan of Floor -2

Floor -2
Ondaatje Wing | The Simon & Mildred Palley Learning Centre

Law Photography Studio
Ondaatje Wing Theatre

Changing Places toilet

Plan of Floor -3

Floor -3
Weston Wing | The Simon and Mildred Palley Learning Centre

Eat and drink in Larry's Café Bar (Weston Wing)

Explore temporary displays in the Spotlight Space

Art Studio
Clore Studio
Mildred Garden

Find facilities

  • Toilets are available on Floors -2, -3, 4.

    Changing Places toilet is on Floor -2. If you wish to use this facility, you will need to bring your own sling.

    Baby-changing facilities are on Floors -2 and -3.

  • The Portrait Restaurant: Level 4, The Borthwick Room

    Audrey Green café: Floor -1, The Weston Wing

    Larry's dining and bar: Floor -3, The Weston Wing

    There is a lunchroom within the Learning Centre on Floor -3 which is accessible to families during family days.

    The Portrait Pavillion café and shop: opposite the Gallery’s new main entrance, at 11a Charing Cross Road

  • Cloakroom: Floor 0