In The Room With Nile Rodgers

Meet music legend Nile Rodgers with the world’s first voice interactive digital portrait.

Developed by Forever in association with the National Portrait Gallery, this innovative and compelling experience enables you to virtually ‘meet’ and interact with guitarist, singer-songwriter, record producer, composer and 3-time Grammy Award-winner, Nile Rodgers, from the comfort of your own home. More than five hours of exclusive high-definition footage, allows you to delve deep into the life and works of this remarkable man in a one-to-one encounter that is as close as possible to a real meeting.

Enter the experience below to ask Nile questions and receive answers in real time as he chats intimately about his journey in music. Ask him about his unique contribution to the music industry such as how he worked with David Bowie on the classic Let’s Dance, his work as a legendary songwriter, or what it was like working with superstars like Diana Ross, Madonna or Lady Gaga.

In The Room With Nile Rodgers includes a free encounter where you can ask Nile three handpicked questions - to experience what it's like talking to the music legend himself. You then have an option to access the full experience, which includes more than 5 hours of footage and 350 questions, by registering and paying for a Full Access Pass.

Please note this experience requires audio

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