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In collaboration with Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives, Ealing Local History Centre, Museum of Croydon and Wolverhampton Arts & Culture we visualise migration stories from the mid-twentieth century.

Citizen researchers, made up of local community members, explore local and national archives and collections along with their own stories, memories and material to tell the stories of migrant communities from their area.

Supported by an artist, they will create a new artwork that will be shown locally, and eventually will come to the National Portrait Gallery when we re-open our doors.

Projects will take place over three years, until mid-2023, and you can follow the progress by visiting the project pages below.

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Bangladesh 50 years

In Spring 2021, we are commemorating 50 years of the independence of Bangladesh in partnership with Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archive, artist Ruhul Abdin and digital producers Rainbow Collective.

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Ealing Rises Up

In partnership with Ealing Local History Centre Archives and artists Asia Ahmed and Narvir Singh, we investigate stories of those who stood up and resisted racism, and recognise some of Ealing's lesser known figures.

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    Meera Syal,    by Jason Bell,    1 March 2002,    NPG x126122,    © Jason Bell

Punjabi Migration Experience

Together with Wolverhampton Arts & Culture, the photographer Anand Chhabra and Poet Laureate Kuli Kohli, we explore the stories of Punjabi citizens of Wolverhampton who have made an impact on the city.

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    Desmond Dekker,    by Danijah Tafari,    1995,    NPG x76192,    © Danijah Tafari

Croydon’s Caribbean Influencers

Along with the Museum of Croydon, artist Kyam (Camara Pinnock) and Poet Laureate Shaniqua Benjamin, we explore stories of the Caribbean community and influencers who have made an impact on the borough.

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