A photography project designed to build upon and extend the Gallery’s work engaging young people with portraiture

The project targets hard to reach young people (aged 18–24 years) at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) working in partnership with New Horizon Youth Centre to inspire young people, raise aspirations and support their creative and skills development through creative photography courses.

A black and white photo of a man reclining with one hand resting on his forehead as he looks at the camera
It helped me think outside the box and evolve my skills

Across three short courses, Snapshots aims to strengthen practical skills, raising confidence and self-expression and create pathways for progression into education or employment.

Black and white photo of three police officers
Black and white close-up photo of a girl's head
I enjoyed seeing how people interpreted my photographs in different ways

The first course of the project took place in September 2022. Working with artist Eddie Otchere, participants attended taster sessions to introduce them to Snapshots and explore their interests in portraiture. Utilising 35mm film cameras the young people captured photos responding to themes including friendship, life in London, homelessness and nightlife.

Later in the course, participants took part in practical workshops to develop their film negatives and reviewed their work together to reflect on their approaches, share creative intentions and choose their favourite photographs for display. The course culminated in a celebration of the young people’s work at Somers Gallery attended by friends, family and project partners.

Further Snapshots courses will follow in 2023 and 2024.

I’ll dedicate more time to exploring what and how I can capture different realities with a camera lens.
Black and white photo of a person's shadow on the pavement

Funded by The National Heritage Lottery Fund and Art Fund

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