Portrait of Fatima

Portrait of Fatima by Jamie Coreth

Portrait of Fatima
by Jamie Coreth
© Jamie Coreth

Jamie Coreth gained a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from Oxford University followed by studying at Florence Academy of Art and the London Atelier of Representational Art. His work has been seen in group exhibitions in London and Italy and was previously selected for BP Portrait Award in 2016, winning the BP Young Artist Award, and 2018.

The portrait is of the artist’s friend, Fatima, whom Coreth met when she modelled for a drawing class he was teaching. Coreth was impressed by her determination to overcome the diffculties she has faced to become an artist. Fatima is now studying painting and portraiture and Coreth says: ‘I wanted to convey her personal strength by posing her in a bold posture with striking colours and contrasting tones.’



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