Third Prize

My Mother and My Brother on a Sunday Evening           
by Borja Buces Renard, 2014
Oil on Canvas  
1600 x 2200mm

Working and living between Madrid and Florida, Borja Buces Renard has painted his mother Paloma and his brother Jaime in the living room of his parents’ house on a typical Sunday when the family would gather and talk. But his portrait has an added poignancy as his father, who had not been able to join them for such Sunday gatherings for some time due to illness, passed away a few weeks after the painting was finished.  For the past four years his father had been suffering from a progressively debilitating multiple sclerosis.

‘Making this weekly event slowly disappear, I wanted to portray this emotion in my painting’, he says, ‘with the image of my father missing and that difficult time for all of us, especially for my mum whom had dedicated herself to taking care of him. Our living room, in which we all spent many evenings together was the place that would best capture that moment. I had painted my mother, father and brother many other times on that same couch, so I was pretty sure about how I wanted to use the light and colour’. The painting, with its powerfully dissolving forms on the edges of the canvas, is dedicated both to the artist’s father, Jose Antonio, and to his mother Paloma.

The Judges’ said: ‘We were drawn to the intensity of the relationship depicted between this couple, which was assumed to be that of mother and son. There was much admiration for the loose, unfinished quality of the painting.’ 

Third Prize: £8,000

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