Management today, Management tomorrow

10 March - 17 September 2000
Room 37a
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In association with
Spencer Stuart

Wealth-creation is making the headlines. A new generation of business leaders is shaping the commercial landscape of the 21st century. Rich, successful and young, they are emerging as masters of the new economic universe.

Management Today, Management Tomorrow ­ a unique partnership between Management Today, Britain's leading business magazine, and the National Portrait Gallery - identifies 21 leaders for the 21st century.

Elisabeth Murdoch, Reuben Singh, Martha Lane Fox and Matthew Freud are just four of the people singled out by Management Today with help from industry experts and global search firm Spencer Stuart.

Rufus Olins, Editor-in-Chief of Management Today, says, 'Although some of them are still in their 20s, these people have already made their mark on British business. They are a new breed of leaders whose management style will dominate the new economy.' The 21 leaders for the 21st century have been divided into three categories: entrepreneurs, net heads and corporate people. The internet is such a revolutionary medium across the business board that netheads have been given their own category.

'They may not create a new type of capitalism, whatever category they fall into', says Matthew Lynn in Management Today, 'but they will certainly help shape the version we already have.'

The four photographers, who were chosen by Management Today and the National Portrait Gallery, are Sarah Dunn, Jake Walters, Trevor Ray Hart and Harry Borden. Mirroring the mood of the exhibition, they are young, talented and among the brightest portrait photographers of the 21st century.

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