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Management today, Management tomorrow - Sitters

Past display archive
10 March - 17 September 2000

Room 37a


Kajsa Leander
by Sarah Dunn
7 January 2000
NPG x88709

In association with
Spencer Stuart



Shami Ahmed (37) ­ Joe Bloggs
He made his name by offering the youth market the right clothes at the right price with this eponymous clothing chain. Ahmed is now spreading the word with his work on several task forces to encourage young entrepreneurs.

Tony Allan (36) ­ The Bank Group Restaurants
He was the man behind the fashionable mega-restaurant Bank and more recently the Southwark eaterie Fish! A second Fish! is set to open in Clapham and Allan plans to take the concept abroad.

Ernst Malmsten
by Sarah Dunn
7 January 2000
NPG x88710

Charles Dunstone (35) ­ Carphone Warehouse
Having spotted the potential of mobiles when most considered them novelties, Dunstone went into the business. He is now the owner of the most successful and prominent high street retailer of mobile phones.

Matthew Freud (36) ­ Freud Communications
The PR legend behind names such as Chris Evans and Geri Haliwell, Freud now has big plans in e-commerce.

Stelios Haji-Ioannou (33) ­ EasyJet
Famous for his brash, no-frills airline, Stelios has recently diversified into warehouse sized internet cafes.

Hugh Osmond (37) ­ Punch Taverns
Osmond first rose to prominence alongside Luke Johnson at Pizza Express. In his latest guise, he is one of the most audacious takeover kings and responsible for revitalising the sagging world of the dark smoky pub.

Reuben Singh (24) ­ Miss Attitude
The young tycoon started clothing company, Miss Attitude, at the early age of 17 and, despite a retail slump, built it into a national chain in just three years, selling out in February 1999 for a reputed £22 million. He is now looking to help set up other young businesses.


Brent Hoberman (31) and Martha Lane Fox (27) ­
This duo pioneered the selling of last minute travel bargains on-line and have expanded their site to include gifts, entertainment and restaurants.

Kajsa Leander and Ernst Malmsten (both 29) ­
Boo is a hip, glossy internet site selling streetwear and sports gear at high-street prices.

Tim Jackson (34) ­ QXL
A former Financial Times journalist, Jackson set up Europe's answer to eBay, which now auctions everything from jewellery to holidays. He became a multimillionaire after floating the business last year.

Mike Lynch (34) - Autonomy
Lynch is the founder and part-owner of the successful quoted Cambridge based e-commerce company, a business that advises others on how to manage the internet.

Charles Muirhead (24) ­ Orchestream
The head of Orchestream is one of those rare internet figures ­ a profitable businessman selling a concrete product ­ in his case, software. Orchestream's programmers help make internet traffic flow better.

John Pluthero (36) ­ Freeserve
Pluthero is the managing director of Freeserve, the first UK company to offer free internet access. After less than a year in existence Freeserve became worth more than its parent, Dixons.

Dan Wagner (36) - Dialog
Wagner founded market analysis and information business MAID in 1985 and has been surfing the wave of the new economy ever since. Now chief executive of digital content and search technology provider, Dialog.


Company stars

Andrew Bonfield (37) ­ SmithKline Beecham
At 36, Bonfield became one of the youngest directors in the FTSE-100.

Rowan Gormley (37) ­ Virgin Direct
The former chief executive of Virgin Direct, the financial services division, Gormley is now busy setting up Virgin Wine, the group's forthcoming direct wine sales arm.

Ian Livingston (35) ­ Dixons
Livingston joined Dixons board in 1997 and a year later became finance director; he is by far the youngest director the group has ever had.

Carl Michel (35) ­ British Airways
Michel stepped down as the head of Deutsche BA to join Bob Ayling's top management team.

Elisabeth Murdoch (31) ­ Sky
Elisabeth Murdoch has risen fast through the ranks; last year she became managing director of BskyB.

Nick Prettejohn (39) ­ Lloyds of London
The head of Lloyds of London, Prettejohn became chief executive in 1998.

Pippa Wicks (37) ­ Pearson
Wicks became financial director of Courtaulds Textiles at the tender age of 30. She is now the managing director of Pearson's new internet training team.


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