Past display archive
Until 1 July 2001

Bookshop Gallery


Five contemporary artists were given a SINGLE USE CAMERA and invited to interpret the theme of 'Portraiture'. This exhibition explores the relationship between photography and portraiture, as well as the use of photography in the production process. The exhibition consists of the resulting contact 'STRIP' in its entirety as well as developments from it.

The artists invited, John Davies, Graham Dean, Susan Hiller, David Mach and Lisa Milroy represent an interesting cross-section of painters, sculptors and those who work in mixed media / installation, each highly regarded in their area: John Davies for carved wooden heads; Graham Dean for large scale vibrant paintings; Susan Hiller, a fascinating conceptual mix of
installation and imagery; David Mach, using found materials as a base for his sculptures and Lisa Milroy for her detailed paintings. They have all responded individually to the project and have each produced a unique glimpse into the way an artist can and does make use of photography.

Supported by Sky Photographic Services Ltd

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Flash by Graham Dean - © Graham Dean

by Graham Dean
© Graham Dean